sochi, i packaged the fonts of the android mobile platform, could someone review them? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ttf-droid01:49
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vorianLaney: are you about?02:31
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savvasdarn, aptitude 0.5.0 didn't make it with its fancy aptitude-gtk gui in ubuntu :\03:03
persiasavvas, Should it have?03:05
savvaspersia: I don't have anything to back it up except for the wish to try it out - so probably no :)03:06
persiasavvas, Try it out in a PPA.  If you come up with a convincing reason, it could be a candidate.03:06
persiaThat said, it's fairly core, so time is of the essence.03:06
savvasyou're right, I'll do that!03:07
savvaspersia: come to think of it, it should wait for another release and a proper review - there's a dependency on apt-xapian-index package that looks quite interesting03:14
savvasI'll give it a go in my ppa though, maybe I'll find something radical :)03:17
persiasavvas, Good catch.  We'll certainly catch it for autosync for jaunty+1.03:18
serialordermicrosoft sure is creative... oh wait I have seen this model before: http://news.zdnet.com/2424-9595_22-256995.html03:31
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* ScottK runs python3.0 for the first time.05:08
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fabrice_spHi, I've used requestsync to request a sync for icu4j package (bug #314615), and Package Archive admin has been directly subscribed, without the sponsorship step.05:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314615 in icu4j "Please sync icu4j 3.8.1-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31461505:50
fabrice_spIs there a problem? (the -s flag doesn't work in requestsync)05:51
persiafabrice_sp, There've been a few bugs reported against requestsync.  You might try tweaking the code to point at staging.launchpad.net, and fiddle a bit to determine if you've found one.05:52
fabrice_spok persia. And about the bug? Will P-A-a reject the request as no sponsorship has been done?05:53
persiaOr ignore it.  I'd recommend subscribing the sponsors now.05:54
fabrice_spthanks for the ack, persia ;-)06:19
fabrice_sp(and there is a bug in the launchpad interface, as according to syncrequest, I am a member of ubuntu-dev) :-S06:19
fabrice_spMorning iulian06:20
iulianHiya fabrice_sp.06:20
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binarymutanthi all, just wondering if someone could point me to some Ubuntu ruby policy, I've read Debian's policy and can't seem to find Ubuntu's06:46
dholbachgood morning06:46
persiabinarymutant, In practice, they are identical.06:47
binarymutantthanks persia :)06:48
liwbinarymutant, I don't know much about Ruby, but generally, unless Ubuntu has documented doing something differently, you can assume that Debian's stuff applies to Ubuntu as well06:48
binarymutantokay thats what I thought, just making sure thanks :)06:48
fabrice_spgood morning dholbach06:57
dholbachhiya fabrice_sp06:58
didrocksgood morning o/07:05
dholbachhi didrocks07:06
didrockshi dholbach :)07:16
_rubenthis probably not the best place to ask but dont know any better place .. when i use debmirror to create a local mirror, why do some packages get deleted when there's a new version available, and others do not (keeping old versions around which could come in handy)07:52
liw_ruben, do you have more than one release ("distro") in the mirror? if so, the old versions might be in those08:06
_rubenliw: true, but the downloaded list output by debmirror tends to be a fair bit larger than the deleted list08:07
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\shmoins and happy new year :)08:16
thekornhi \sh! happy new year to you too08:38
socgood morning, i packaged the fonts of the android mobile platform, could someone review them? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ttf-droid09:47
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Laneyvorian: hi10:05
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slytherincalc: I was trying to analyze the build failure for jaxme. What I am not able to understand is that the function names mentioned in the error don't even exist anywhere.13:20
vorianLaney: I was just trying to catch you on irc before i responed to your reportbug bug13:56
Laneyvorian: Oh ok, I'll post a thread13:57
Laneywe should still update to the new version whatever happens, as the default (bugs.debian.org) SMTP server is broken apparently13:58
ScottKLaney: There isn't a good default we can put there.13:58
LaneyWhy can't we use Debian's default?13:59
ScottKOh.  Actually that might work.13:59
ScottKHistorically the problem has been that any generic mail server you put in there would need to be an open relay.13:59
Laneythe point is that Debian recently changed their default and we still have the old one13:59
Laneybut I accidently started a discussion which now blocks my upload :(14:00
ScottKWhat bug are we discussing?14:00
Laneybug 31455614:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314556 in reportbug "Please merge reportbug 3.48 from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31455614:00
Laneysee Don Armstrong's change14:00
vorianI feel some would have strong feelings both ways14:05
vorian(that's too much use of feel)14:05
slytherinis the server used by requestsync an open relay?14:07
mgdmI would hope not...14:08
Kalidarndoes anyone know how the RELEASE.gpg file is made14:08
Kalidarnit looks like a detached clearsigned signature14:08
Kalidarnive tried making my own for sha1s but... i havn't been able to14:08
Laney288     # get server address14:08
Laney289     mailserver = os.getenv('DEBSMTP')14:08
Laney290     if mailserver:14:08
Laney291         print 'Using custom SMTP server:', mailserver14:08
Laney292     else:14:08
Laney293         mailserver = 'fiordland.ubuntu.com'14:08
mgdmOh, I was taking open relay to mean you could relay to anywhere from anywhere14:09
slytherinmgdm: I meant without auth, from a ubuntu.com address, to any address.14:10
Kalidarnim wondering how that was created14:10
Kalidarnit's obviously a clearsigned detached signature of http://mirror.internode.on.net/pub/ubuntu/releases-DVD/8.10/release/MD5SUMS14:10
slytherincalc: found the reason for jaxme FTBFS.14:11
mgdmslytherin: eeek!14:11
mgdmslytherin: that's basically the same thing14:11
LaneyI don't think it works like that14:11
Laneyit probably relays from anywhere to LP/ubuntu/canonical14:12
ScottKSo we changed it to default to report to Debian?14:12
ScottKThis is a very bad idea.14:12
StevenKKalidarn: Look at the --detach-sign to gpg14:12
Kalidarnyeah i tried that14:12
Kalidarnit didnt clearsign though14:12
StevenKKalidarn: Then you want -a, too14:12
LaneyScottK: No, the default is to die unless you configure bts=debian14:12
Laneydie with a message pointing to ubuntu-bug14:13
Kalidarnthanks StevenK14:13
Kalidarnthat did work :)14:13
Kalidarnsign i am  newb ;)14:13
ScottKLaney: isn't bts=debian the default?14:13
LaneyScottK: The configuration process will set you up to bts=debian, sure, but the patch we've applied kills it before you even get that far14:14
ScottKLaney: I don't see that in your debdiff.14:14
Laneyif not self.options.bts or self.options.bts == "ubuntu":14:15
Laneybts isn't configured by default, so it bombs out there14:15
Laneyor if the user previously had it set to "ubuntu"14:15
ScottKI see.14:17
LaneyI just wonder if it should allow you to carry on instead of sys.exit(1) in the unconfigured case (for bts=ubuntu I agree that this is probably correct)14:18
ScottKLaney: Since you have the package that it's wanted to file the bug against and ubuntu-bug is installed by default (I'm pretty sure) why not just fire it off in this case?14:21
ScottKOr try anyway.14:21
LaneyI don't know. I'll fire off a mail with options later. I guess some people might think that discouraging end-users from using reportbug at all is a good aim14:25
ScottKLaney: Having it end up someplace useful is even better.14:26
* Laney agrees14:28
dholbachwould somebody to give a session at Ubuntu Developer Week about "how to collaborate best with Debian"?14:30
LaneyScottK: Do you think it's a good idea to update reportbug anyway? There's no regression from what's in Jaunty now, and 3.47 could break at any time for people who haven't set up an alternative SMTP host to use14:30
dholbachwe still have some open slots14:30
Laneydholbach: Someone from Debian might be best to do that?14:30
dholbachLaney: best somebody from Ubuntu and somebody from Debian?  :)14:31
Laneywell, yes14:31
LaneyDebian: Here's what we want you to do14:31
LaneyUbuntu: Here's how to do it?14:31
dholbachit'd be great to talk about how to forward patches, which patches, how to use the bts, etc14:32
dholbachhow to link bugs in LP14:32
dholbachwho to talk to14:32
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hanskaScottK: ping15:00
ScottKhanska: Pong.15:12
hanskaScottK: are you one of the bash-completion maintainers?15:13
ScottKhanska: No.15:13
hanskaScottK: sorry then, I was looking for the maintainers, and I saw your name on LP15:13
ScottKVirtually everything in Ubuntu is at least formally team maintained.  I'd suggest looking at debian/changelog to see who's been active on the package.15:13
hanskaScottK: the fact is that Ubuntu guys keep forking an old version of bash-completion15:14
hanskawhile me and other guys have already released newer versions15:14
hanska(the Debian team became upstream a while ago, and now we also have Fedora and Gentoo guys with us)15:14
hanskaso.. I was sending a mail, I'd like to know whom to send it to :)15:14
slytherinhanska: send it to ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com15:16
ScottKEven better subscribe first so it doesn't get moderated.15:16
slytherinhanska: oh wait, the package is in main, so send to ubuntu-devel-discuss@l.u.c15:16
hanskaslytherin: I was sending it to the guy who provided the debdiff, the MOTU who did the actual upload15:16
slytherinthey are called core-dev.15:17
hanskaah, great :)15:17
hanskaslytherin: ubuntu-devel-discuss or just ubuntu-devel?15:24
hanska(I saw also the latter @ l.u.c)15:25
ScottKhanska: devel-discuss and subscribe first so it doesn't get moderated.15:25
slytherinhanska: ubuntu-devel-discuss.15:26
hanskaScottK: I believe that posting through gmane doesn't get moderated either15:26
ScottKOK.  I'd find that suprising.15:26
hanskaSent. Let's see if it arrives.15:27
hanska(otherwise I'll just cancel the post, subscribe and re-send)15:28
ScottKhanska: lists.ubuntu.com does helpfully send backscatter to tell you you're moderated.15:29
hanskaScottK: seems like it arrived, instead. Please check :)15:29
hanska(I believe gmane.org is automagically accepted, since it requests a confirmation mail before sending the *first* mail)15:30
* ScottK hasn't got it yet.15:30
hanskaScottK: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2009-January/006617.html15:31
ScottKGot it now.15:32
ScottKhanska: If you can verify that all the Ubuntu changes are in the current Debian package, you can file a sync request.15:33
hanskaScottK: it's not just a sync request15:33
hanskaScottK: it's about joining forces.15:33
ScottKhanska: I agree that you have a broader agenda, but the narrower purpose is useful too.15:34
hanskain what ways?15:34
ScottKI don't know how much reply you're going to get since no one person is minding the package.15:34
ScottKGetting Ubuntu to use the same as Debian instead of the old one.15:34
hanskaScottK: It's not about *Debian*, did you see who's in the team?15:35
ScottKOnce it's updated, then it's easier to see the use in working with Debian.15:35
hanskawe're Debian, Fedora/RH, Gentoo15:35
ScottKhanska: Yes, but from my perspective as an Ubuntu developer, Debian is upstream.15:35
hanskaScottK: better!. Let me explain15:36
hanskaYou ("generic" you) receive a bug about bashcomp in LP. What are you going to do?15:36
hanskaif the package has been synced from Debian, "fork" an *-ubuntu? version from it, and do the changes there15:36
ScottKLook at it, if I can fix it, upload the fix to Ubuntu and send a patch to Debian in the BTS.15:36
hanskaScottK: no one has ever done that.15:37
ScottKThat's because it's so forked at the moment.15:37
hanskaScottK: I keep receiving Ubuntu Merge-o-matic mails about new uploads, and just keep merging changes from you15:37
hanskait's *annoying*.15:37
hanskabest would be if an Ubuntu core-dev/MOTU/$with_uploads_power was part of upstream15:38
ScottKWhat I'm describing is the 'normal' maintenance approach for packages we get from Debian.15:38
ScottKhanska: Except that that would be everyone.  That's a bit much.15:38
hanskaScottK: we need just *one*!15:38
hanskabtw, that was just a suggestion15:39
ScottKRight, and looking at the history in debian/changelog, except for maybe bryce, I don't know who that would be.15:39
hanskawe're being a cross-distribution group now, and having someone from you guys would be great.15:39
ScottKThe question is who.  In the meantime if it were sync'ed then the odds of people working at least with Debian would go way up.15:40
* DktrKranz could have a look at our bash-completion package to see if it can be synced15:40
hanskaDktrKranz: thank you.15:40
DktrKranzand eventually follow its maintenance15:40
hanskaScottK: I understand Ubuntu's dev model is kinda different from ours15:40
DktrKranzit's in main, so it's quite important because almost everyone uses it15:41
hanskaafter all, we needed just one volunteer (which seems to have shown up :))15:41
ScottKDktrKranz: Agreed.15:41
hanskaDktrKranz: if you see Debian's changelog, you can see we did quite a lot of improvements.15:41
DktrKranzhanska: I see :) I use it every day, so I can beta-test it before Feature Freeze15:41
hanskaDktrKranz: http://bash-completion.alioth.debian.org/15:42
hanskainstructions for bzr ;)15:42
hanskaand -- really -- we would have chosen git, but chose bzr for you *lol*15:42
* DktrKranz likes git...15:43
hanskaDktrKranz: sure, but I didn't know "the Ubuntu guy" would have been some git-fanboy :P15:43
mok0Anyone has time to help me debug an FTBFS? Here: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/illuminator/0.11.0-1/+build/75260915:43
* ScottK looks over at NCommander.15:44
hanskamok0: petsc-dev: Depends: libpetsc2.3.3-dev but it is not installable15:44
mok0hanska: right15:44
mok0uh, wait, I goofed15:44
NCommanderScottK, its just a misidentified depwait15:45
* ScottK should have looked before calling in the expert.15:45
NCommanderfind what package libpetsc belongs do, and fix it :-)15:45
ubottupackage is not a valid distribution ['dapper', 'gutsy', 'gutsy-backports', 'hardy', 'hardy-backports', 'intrepid', 'intrepid-backports', 'jaunty', 'jaunty-backports', 'kde4-ppa', 'kubuntu-members-kde4', 'medibuntu', 'partner']15:45
sochi, i packaged the fonts of the android mobile platform, could someone review them? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ttf-droid15:45
socit's a small, uncomplicated package, nothing big15:46
hanskaMOTU-related question: is it possible to review packages not being a MOTU?15:46
mok0hanska, yes15:46
ScottKhanska: What you can't do is advocate them as ready for upload.  People who know about packaging, but aren't MOTU are encouraged to help out with reviews.15:47
hanskasoc: since you repackaged the tarball, in these days I suggested you to provide a get-orig-source target15:47
hanskabut, well... "This package has no debian/watch file or get-orig-source rule.".15:47
ScottKhanska: "Oh, this should really go into Debian and I can help you get it sponsored there" is a really good comment we like to see.15:47
ScottKhanska: That's a good comment as most MOTU would reject a package that didn't have one or the other.15:48
hanskaScottK: IANADD, still in NM, so I can't really sponsor anything ;)15:48
sochanska: imo it is not possible to get an original tarball by an automated script15:48
hanskasoc: why not?15:48
ScottKRight, but if you're on a team in Debian that has willing DD's ...15:48
soci wrote the url to download the latest version into the control file15:48
sochanska: i can't download it via wget15:49
socuscan doesn't work15:49
socno possibility to get the right version15:49
hanskasoc: there are other ways too. Let me give a look at the package15:49
socok, one problem after another:15:49
soca) android uses some weird webgit system, you can download the files, but only via a real browser ... some wierd redirect i guess15:50
hanskais ./debian/bug/ an Ubuntu-specific layout?15:50
ScottKsoc: Can you check it out using git?15:50
socit is made for reportbug15:50
hanskasoc: ACK. That could be useful for us too, I believe.15:51
socb) to get the version of the fonts, you have to open them in fontforge and read the version, no way to handle this automatically15:51
hanskaus == Debian15:51
ScottKhanska: No.  I've seen that in other font packages.15:51
socScottK: that might be possible, but doesn't solve the whole problem15:51
hanskaScottK: never saw that in any Debian package15:51
ScottKsoc: Sure it does.  You can use git in your get-orig-source rule.15:51
socthe biggest problem is the version info, which is only inside the font file itself15:52
ScottKhanska: I think I have, but I wouldn't swear to it.15:52
hanskahowever soc, reviewing your package ;)15:52
socScottK: how can i download single files via git?15:52
ScottKsoc: Right, then you toss in some awk and sed magic, stir, and presto, new package.15:52
socor do i have to clone the whole repo for it?15:53
* ScottK is almost completely git ignorant.15:53
socScottK: so should i just hardcode the version myself?15:53
broonieYou have to clone the whole repository.15:53
socouch ... ok15:53
socand after that i have to clean up the whole mess again?15:53
ScottKsoc: Hard coding is almost always the wrong answer.15:54
socScottK: so how should i get the version number?15:54
socreally, the version is only available inside the font file ...15:54
* ScottK would have to look at the file and is actually trying to do $WORK currently.15:54
brooniestrings or some font-specific utility that can parse the metadata both spring to mind.15:55
socget-orig-source is a normal bash-file?15:55
socbroonie: do you know a utility that can do that?15:55
ScottKsoc: See plasmoid-kbstate for a package with an svn oriented get-orig-source that works.15:56
ScottKThat'll at least point you in the right direction.15:56
ScottKYou might even be able to convince JontheEchidna to help you.15:56
ScottKSince he's like trying to get approved to be a MOTU and all right now.15:56
ScottKhanska: Look at ttf-sil-scheherazade for a package in Debian that has the bug dir.15:59
socbtw, what's the idea of that get-orig-source?16:00
hanskaScottK: I'll do, thank you16:00
hanskasoc: almost completed the review :)16:00
ScottKsoc: It exports the head of the svn trunk and makes a tarball out of it.16:00
socin general i mean16:01
socafaik, even if the developer uses that script to get exactly the same files again, his tarball won't have the original hash, because of the gzip timestamps16:01
ScottKIn general it's to automate fetching a new upstream when you can't just download the tarball.16:01
ScottKRight, you don't do it every time.  Just for new upstream version/snapshot/etc.16:02
socmhh, but it won't fetch a new upstream version, i thought it should get the original source used to package these files?16:02
ScottKNow get the upstream source for the next version.  The idea is to make package updates easier.16:03
ScottKIt's just make -f path/to/debian/rules get-orig-source.16:03
mok0soc: reviewed!16:03
broonie./debian/rules get-orig-source even16:04
hanskamok0: argh :P16:04
hanskabeaten on time16:04
socok, i guess i just write a script which fetches the latest version of the files and name the package ttf-droid_LOOK-IN-THE-FONTS-METADATA-FOR-VERSION-NUMBER.orig.tar.gz16:04
mok0hanska: you probably have some stuff I missed :-)16:04
pmjdebruijnsoc: I don't think that the plan16:04
pmjdebruijnsoc: there's a watch file for that16:04
pmjdebruijnsoc: packages are not ment to be built dynamically16:04
soccan i use git in that watchfile?16:05
pmjdebruijnnot sure16:05
mok0soc: don't they distribute a tarball?16:05
pmjdebruijnsoc: packages are always built on a concrete upstream release16:05
mok0soc: at some point in the future, packages will be created directly using the git repo16:06
pmjdebruijnsoc: ttf-droid_1.2+git20090107.orig.tar.gz ?16:06
socthese are the fonts used in the android phone, i guess they will never do a font-release16:06
socpmjdebruijn: the "1.2" part is the problem..16:07
pmjdebruijnsoc: isn't there a version number in the metadata16:07
socpmjdebruijn: yes, that's the version from the font's metadata16:07
pmjdebruijnuse that16:07
soci don't know if there is a command line application to extract that metadata16:07
pmjdebruijnthat should correspond to a release number if any...16:07
pmjdebruijnsoc: why would you need a command line application for that?16:07
mok0soc: see my comments @ REVU16:08
socpmjdebruijn: how should i get the version then?16:08
mok0soc: I think that makes up for the watch file16:08
pmjdebruijnsoc: use fontforge?16:08
pmjdebruijnsoc: you only need to look it up onc16:09
pmjdebruijnsoc: check git, lookup the version, tarball it, call it ttf-droid_FONTVER+gitREVISION.orig.tar.gz16:11
pmjdebruijndoes git have revisions? or just dates?16:11
maxbit has revisions, but they have no ordering, so are not suitable for version numbers16:11
pmjdebruijnthen i'd stick with checkout date I guess16:12
mok0soc: also please note that defoma is going away soon16:12
hanskamok0: eh ehm.16:13
hanskamok0: "- Homepage: field should be changed to Vcs-Git: (because it is actually a VCS browser page) " -- this is WRONG16:13
mok0hanska: I know, see next comment :-)16:14
hanskamok0: Vcs-* fields are meant for *packaging* VCS's, not upstream code's! ;)16:14
mok0hanska: uhh16:14
hanskamok0: no, lol :D16:14
hanskaalso Vcs-Browser is for packaging repo16:14
ScottKmok0: He's right.16:14
hanskamok0: :)16:15
mok0I need to read up on policy16:15
hanskasoc: I reviewed your package too.16:15
socpmjdebruijn: afaiu, everytime i download the fonts, i have to look up the version in fontforge, not only once16:16
sochanska, mok0, pmjdebruijn: thanks!16:16
hanskasoc: I'm trying to write a get-orig-source for you, if you don't mind.16:16
socsure, i would be absolutely happy about that16:19
socthe git line is most probably git clone git://android.git.kernel.org/platform/frameworks/base.git16:19
socwho is dpaleino? is that you, hanska?16:20
ScottKsoc: It is.16:20
hanskasoc: yes16:20
mok0hanska: just to add to the existing confusion... :-)16:20
hanskamok0: I'm a picky Debian guy, lol :P16:21
socah ok, regarding: "- the long description seems taken from some kind of online journal -- are you allowed to do it? If no, please rephrase it properly, or do it yourself; "16:21
* liw wonders about the choice of "hanska" as a nick16:21
socit's from the press release, i assumed that would be the right way16:21
hanskaliw: just "invented" it somehow (who remembers!) about 15 years ago, or so16:21
socat least that text has printed "PRESS RELEASE" on the top...16:21
liwhanska, are you aware that it's a word in Finnish, meaning glove?16:21
hanskaliw: no, really :)16:22
mok0I think you are allowed to use press releases freely16:22
socmok0: you said that defoma is going away, what will happen to that?16:22
soca, good16:22
hanskamok0: I suppose that too -- but you might never know.16:22
ScottKmok0: Depends on what the license of the press release is.16:22
mok0soc: I don't know, but it seems that way from d-d16:23
mok0soc: debian-devel mailing list16:23
hanskamok0: I can confirm that. defoma is outdated, undermaintained, $bad_adjective_here16:23
socbut how will font configuration work then?16:23
mok0may no fonts in lenny+1? :-P16:24
hanskamok0, soc: there was some ongoing project on replacing it (I admit I hacked it a bit too), but nothing concrete yet16:24
hanskamok0: that's called squeeze! :P16:24
mok0hanska: oh yes.16:24
soci don't understand "- the long description seems taken from some kind of online journal -- are you allowed to do it? If no, please rephrase it properly, or do it yourself; "16:24
mok0hanska: what Toy Story animal is that?16:24
socoopps, wrong line sorry16:24
hanskamok0: wikipedia -->16:25
soc i don't understand " - you forgot the boilerplate (s) -- it’s just ONE upstream author! ;) "16:25
hanskasoc: minor issue ;)16:25
hanskasoc: "Upstream Author:" instead of "Upstream Author(s):" :)16:25
socah ok16:25
soc" - you state that Droid is a trademark of Google Corp. Are you allowed to use it in the package name, the descriptions and so on? "16:26
socthat's a very good question ...16:26
mok0hanska: a 1970's English New Wave band??16:26
hanskasoc: we in Debian had many problems with trademarks *cough* firefox *cough*16:26
ScottKhanska: That's because of restrictions in mozilla's code license.16:27
mok0hanska: ah, those little cute aliens16:27
hanskamok0: yep16:27
hanskaScottK: the MPL doesn't talk about "Firefox" or "Thunderbird" or "The world with the fox around it"... that's a general-purpose license16:28
hanskaScottK: the fact is, Mozilla Corp. has trademark over those things -- thus can enforce it / prohibit anyone at will to use those.16:29
hanska-- and same could do Google.16:30
sochanska: mhh, so should i rename the package to something stupid?16:30
hanskasoc: no, just ensure you can16:31
hanskasoc: example, mail the author and ask him :)16:31
socwhich author?16:31
socgoogle bought the whole copyright from Steve Matteson ...16:31
hanskasoc: then contact Google! :)16:32
socmhh, is there a email address where i get an answer in the next few years?16:32
hanskasoc: eheh, good question.16:32
soci always thought, that a trademark is no problem as long as it doesn't restrict your rights?16:32
socbecause then debian couldn't use Linux for instance16:33
hanskasoc: yes, as long as the holder does not enforce you not to use it16:33
hanskasoc: but then neither Ubuntu, Slackware, Gentoo, ...16:33
socbut that debian problem was that to use the trademark, mozilla wanted specific conditions to be met16:34
socthis isn't the case here, afaiu16:34
hanskasoc: however, I'm probably being too picky. Ask an ubuntu dev, maybe in Ubuntu this are different16:34
hanskasoc: did you read any condition anywhere?16:34
sochanska: no, no conditions16:34
hanskasoc: wait, I'll try to look in upstream's homepage16:35
socand normally, poeple are allowed to use trademarks, as long as they don't dilute that brand's image16:35
hanskasoc: you can't suppose things.16:35
socbut i want to make sure, that the package can be used in ubuntu _and_ debian16:35
hanskasoc: that's great :)16:36
ScottKAFAIK, trademark isn't a problem unless it's known to actually be a problem.16:36
socso solving that problem is necessary16:36
mok0soc, btw, you should include the files NOTICE, MODULE_LICENSE_APACHE2 and README.txt16:36
socScottK: ah ok, thanks16:36
soconly in the source build?16:37
hanskasoc: http://www.android.com/branding.html16:38
hanska03/ Android Custom Typeface16:38
hanskaThe custom typeface may not be used.16:38
hanskaI suppose that's a problem.16:38
hanskabut then again:16:39
hanskaFor applications, you can use 'Droid' as part of the name if the application adheres to the Developer Content Policy.16:39
hanskaPolicy being http://www.android.com/market/terms/developer-content-policy.html16:39
mok0hanska, it says nothing about "droid"16:39
hanskamok0: right, sorry, the fonts are under APL-2 nevertheless16:40
hanskahowever, that's the link we looked for16:40
ScottKThere is also http://www.google.com/permissions/index.html16:40
ScottKWhich says to me that you may need a new name.16:40
mok0"Android" can be used as a descriptor16:40
hanskaScottK: the link I gave before says the contrary16:41
hanskaThe word 'Android' may be used only as a descriptor, 'for Android'. If used with your logo, 'for Android' needs to be smaller in size than your logo. First instance of this use should be followed by a TM symbol, 'for Androidâ„¢'.16:41
hanskaFor applications, you can use 'Droid' as part of the name if the application adheres to the Developer Content Policy.16:41
* ScottK goes back to $WORK.16:41
socso is it now ok to use "droid" or not?16:41
mok0apt-cache search google|grep google16:41
mok0A whole bunch of packages have the word "google" in them16:42
hanskasoc: who knows :/16:42
socso should we invent some stupid packagename now?16:42
hanskamok0: http://www.google.com/permissions/guidelines.html16:42
socfedora is packaging it as droid16:42
hanskathat says you must fill in a form for permission, blablabla... not suitable for Debian :/16:43
hanskasoc: I suggest you to go with ttf-droid16:43
socis that ok for debian?16:43
* hanska dubious16:43
hanskathe fact is, there are two links/documents saying opposite things16:43
hanskaand both are kinda "official"16:44
socimo opinion the more specific one counts16:44
mok0hanska: for example, libgoogle-perftools-dev  comes from Debian16:44
socand that is the one in the font directory ...16:44
hanskamok0: I did your same apt-cache line, and there are packages with "google" inside16:44
mok0hanska: /me thinks you're being paranoid here16:44
socok, then i'll package it as ttf-droid16:45
hanskamok0: probably, but you don't know debian-legal guys :D16:45
hanskasoc: go :)16:45
socand if someone complains, we need a stupid name16:45
socor should i choose ttf-android-fonts?16:45
hanskamok0: I could ask debian-legal, or search there16:45
mok0hanska: I'm sure they could have a 100-thread flamewar about it :-P16:45
socwould that be safer?16:45
hanskasoc: neither16:45
hanskasoc: ttf-android-fonts would have the same problems ttf-droid has.16:46
hanskaso, just go ttf-droid :)16:46
mok0soc: go for ttf-droid16:46
socthanks for the advice16:47
soci'll upload a new package in a few minutes16:47
mok0In any case, droid is not a trademark they own16:47
mok0soc, but be sure to include _all_ files from the git repo in your tarball16:48
hyperairmok0: got time for a review? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=codelite <-- you've reviewed it before, and i've fixed a lot of stuff since then16:49
mok0hyperair: ok16:49
hyperairmok0: thanks16:49
socmok0: i thought it was ok to copy them into the right files in debian ...16:49
mok0soc: no, they have to remain in the tarball as well, because that is distributed as part of the source package16:50
socah ok16:50
mok0soc: people could go to packages.ubuntu.com and download only the tarball16:50
socah ok16:51
socis it allowed at least to clean up these files a bit?16:51
socdo i have to put the ahem.ttf, android.mk, fonts.xml in there too?16:51
mok0soc: yes, just do that to make things transparent16:52
mok0soc: then the tarball is an exact copy of the git repo16:53
socbut the ahem.ttf is missing an license16:54
socthat is just some file to test the platform's hinting16:54
mok0soc: hmm16:55
hanskasoc: do a repackaged tarball16:55
socmhhh, i guess i just take README, NOTICE and MODULE_LICENSE_APACHE2 to be safe16:55
hanskasoc: yes, but you have to specify what you removed16:55
sochanska: what is a repackaged tarball?16:55
socor what do i have to do for it16:56
hanskawhat's the version number now?16:56
socVersion 1.00 build 11216:56
hanska1.00~b112, right?16:56
hanskathen, make it 1.00~b112+dfsg-116:56
socwhat's dfsg?16:57
hanska"dfsg" meaning Debian Free Software Guidelines16:57
mok0hanska: that's a tilde right?16:57
socdebian free software guidelines?16:57
hanskamok0: yes16:57
socwhat does that mean?16:57
socthat it has been verified to confirm?16:57
hanskasoc: yes. It's a common practice in Debian to mean that the package had something non-free, which has been removed16:57
socah ok16:57
hanskasoc: so, you're removing ahem.ttf -- say that in debian/README.source16:58
mok0hanska, soc, except the version should be -0ubuntu1 and not -116:58
hanska(or README.Debian, or whatever)16:58
hanskamok0: right, I'm a Debian guy, remember :)16:58
hanskasoc: you'll end up with 1.00~b112+dfsg-0ubuntu116:58
hanskahow ugly :)16:58
soclol :-)16:58
mok0hanska: it's so it will be superceeded when the package comes to Debian16:58
mok0hanska: the ubuntu* part means there are ubuntu changes16:59
hanskamok0: yep16:59
hanskaI know how dpkg --compare-versions works ;)16:59
hanska(or was it just --compare? Bah!)17:00
mok0hanska: sorry17:00
hanskamok0: for what?17:00
mok0hanska: didn't mean to lecture you17:00
hanskamok0: are you kidding?!17:01
hanskamok0: I'm fine! :)17:01
mok0hanska: ok cool17:01
mok0hyperair: I have to go -> dinner, not finished reviewing, but I will just submit the 1 comment I have so far17:12
hyperairmok0: okay thanks17:12
LucidFoxWow. Looks like I have been using Intrepid with the Hardy kernel all along, and only realized it today when an update introduced version mismatch to the NVIDIA drivers17:13
mok0hyperair: looks almost ready though17:13
mok0hyperair: I see nhandler is ready to advocate too17:13
socok, new try17:14
hyperairmok0: yeah.17:14
mok0later, guys!17:14
socok, that will take some hours i guess ... 11k/2091k ...17:15
ScottKhanska: In Intrepid and Jaunty we have a apparmor profile for clamav that prevented (until today) signature updates in user directories.17:16
ScottKhanska: So with your clamtk maintainer hat on I wanted to let you know it's fixed in Jaunty so it should work now.17:16
hanskaScottK: I was just upgrading clamtk to 4.08! :)17:19
hanskaScottK: thank you, though.17:19
ScottKhanska: The clamtk upstream contacted me and wanted to know why it worked everywhere except on Ubuntu.17:20
hanskaAh. Yeah, we had some issues too on Debian, and hopefully we fixed those17:20
hanska(wrong perms on signatures database)17:21
ScottKI tested with your 4.07-1 package and it seemed fine.17:21
hanskaScottK: I'm preparing 4.08-1 now, I'll ping you when it's ready17:23
ScottKI've put in to get 4.07-1 backported to Intrepid, so that should get some more real world use.17:23
hanskaThank you Scott.17:24
hanskaScottK: is it ok to you if I switch to dh7-debian/rules ?17:25
socScottK, hanska: i uploaded a new one17:25
socshould appear soon17:26
hanskasoc: busy right now, will have a look later :)17:26
ScottKhanska: That would cause me some complications for backports, but I'll manage.17:26
hanskaScottK: I can just stay with dh6, it's not a problem.17:26
ScottKhanska: Actually 6/7 are equally problematic for me.17:27
hanska5? :)17:27
ScottKI want to, eventually, get all the way back to Dapper.17:27
ScottKDon't worry about it though.17:27
hanskauhm, ok... also because in Debian I have dh6 since 3.0317:27
hanskaok, going dh7 then, sorry.17:28
ScottKYes and you've got dh7 in b.p.o too.17:28
maxbbut:  debhelper | 7.0.13ubuntu1~hardy1 | hardy-backports | source, all  <--- doesn't that make it ok?17:28
* ScottK looks at jdong to go ahead and backport dh7 to Gutsy and Dapper.17:28
maxbevidently I can't tell the difference between hardy and dapper17:28
socshould i name my original package ttf-droid_1.00~b112+dfsg.orig.tar.gz now?17:34
=== ember_ is now known as ember
pmjdebruijnin the past I requested a sync request for ufraw for jaunty, which was passed...17:55
pmjdebruijnhowever there a new version again, which I'd like to have synced again... should I file a new bug report? or just comment on the old one?17:55
Laneymake a new one please17:55
ScottKpmjdebruijn: If the sync for the existing bug has already been done, you have to make a new one.  If it were still pending, you could edit the existing bug.17:55
socok, new upload: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ttf-droid17:59
pmjdebruijnScottK: are Please sync ... request periodically checked?18:01
ScottKpmjdebruijn: You need to subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors to get a MOTU to review.18:02
pmjdebruijnScottK: I didn't previously do that?18:06
sebner!sponsorship | pmjdebruijn18:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sponsorship18:06
ScottKpmjdebruijn: Dunno.  You should have if you didn't18:06
pmjdebruijnok, subscribing now18:06
pmjdebruijnthanks for your help18:07
slytherinwhat does it take to join u-u-s team if I am already a motu?18:07
ScottKslytherin: Asking.18:08
slytherinoh. I thought there was some procedure.18:08
ScottKThere is. That's it.18:10
persiaslytherin, You want to be UUS?  I'll do it now if you do.18:15
slytherinpersia: I have been thinking for some time. But it doesn't make sense to do it now as I have many things in TODO list.18:16
persiaOK.  Just let any of the admins know, and they'll add you when you want to join.18:16
slytherinpersia: sure.18:16
persiaAlso, you might want to merge https://launchpad.net/~onkarshinde-ubuntu :)18:17
slytherinpersia: Seeing that page first time. :-)18:17
slytherincalc: did you see my reply about jaxme build failure?18:26
ScottKslytherin: It doesn't hurt to go ahead and join.  It doesn't get you any extra bugmail.18:27
socpmjdebruijn, hanska, ScottK: i tried to fix all comments, is this ok now? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ttf-droid18:27
slytherinScottK: Right. But then I may get distracted. :-D18:27
oojahHi, I've got some queries on handling man pages when packaging. First off, I'm not really sure about how the make install rules of a package to install a man page and the dh_installman complement one another. If I've got a package that installs example.1 to /usr/share/man/man1/example.1 then how does dh_installman come into things?18:28
broonieoojah: dh_installman is a more specialised version for man pages - you should use it in preference to manual dh_install of man pages.18:31
ScottKoojah: Did you try "man dh_installman" - Somewhat ironically, that's where you should probably look.18:31
oojahYeah, man dh_installman all makes sense, but what if the man page installation is already handled in the debian/rules install target like "$(MAKE) install DESTDIR=$(CURDIR)/debian/trafshow18:35
calcslytherin: here?18:36
slytherincalc: yes18:36
calcslytherin: you said something about finding out why jaxme ftbfs?18:36
slytherincalc: yes, I had added comment on the cat-all MIR bug.18:36
calcheh iirc rt.jar causes build failures on OOo as well unless you use a patch18:38
calcslytherin: did you see anything about why xom randomly ftbfs?18:38
slytherincalc: No. The error says stack overflow. And it is failing on i386 machine as well. So nothing arch specific.18:39
slytherincalc: jaxme and xom are the only packages remaining to be fixed.18:39
calci managed to build xom most of the time on my machine, it occassionally ftbfs, but i have no idea why it only happens sometimes18:41
calcwould that be a bug in it or the jdk?18:41
slytherincan't really say18:42
calcbut it seems to ftbfs every time on the buildd18:42
calcif i could manage to make it fail often i could test it on debian to see if it is something wrong with or jdk, but it works for me most of the time so it would be hard to verify18:43
calci'm preparing OOo 3.0.1-2ubuntu1 packaging atm, but will try to beat on those two after i am done18:46
calcthe current debs are broken and users are filing lots of bugs about them so it would be helpful to get them at least in the ppa asap18:47
slytherincalc: Let me know which solution do you prefer for jaxme so that I can fix and upload it.18:47
calcslytherin: option 2 sounds like it might be easier for you to do?18:47
calcslytherin: option 2 won't actually break anything will it?18:48
slytherincalc: not really.18:48
calcyea that would probably be best then18:48
slytherinOk. It will be done in an hour or so.18:49
calcthanks :)18:49
calcthen i just need to determine whats up with xom, heh :)18:50
calcbut its better if we don't fix them both before the new OOo is uploaded anyway18:51
calcthat way i won't kill the buildds with two builds in a row18:51
slytherinbut will OOo build without those two? As the build seem to have failed because of jaxme and xom.18:52
slytherinOh. I understood. You mean if we fix the packages right now, OOo will get built and then it will be rebuilt after you upload new version.18:53
calcbetter to be stuck in depwait until i upload the new version18:53
calcthe new one will be stuck at depwait but then i can determine what is wrong with xom18:54
slytherinfine. let me know when you upload new version.18:54
calcso it will only tie up the buildds for one day instead of two :)18:54
slytherinI will keep jaxme ready.18:54
calcyou can go ahead and upload jaxme when you are done with it, xom is broken too so will keep it at depwait18:54
slytherincalc: there is no patch system. should I patch the sources inline?18:59
calcslytherin: is it cdbs?19:00
slytherincalc: no, debhelper19:00
calcslytherin: i guess patching inline is ok then, but make sure to document what you did in the changelog :)19:01
khashayarI'm still trying to get a hang of how to proceed when I create packages for new upstream releases. Is this good it: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess?19:09
khashayarIn this case, qtractor-0.3 was recently released, but only 0.2.1 is in jaunty (and debian, fwiw).19:10
slytherinkhashayar: you need to file a bug, attach the .diff.gz to the bug and subscribe appropriate sponsors team.19:11
calcactually debdiff would probably be better19:11
calcbut agreed for the rest of the process :)19:11
calckhashayar: debdiff is a program that takes two diff.gz and makes a diff of them19:12
calcthat way the sponsor can more easily tell what you have changed in the packaging19:12
khashayarI thought debdiff was only used when one updated a package with the same orig.tar.gz. No?19:12
james_wDktrKranz: I filed a sync request for bash-completion, did you get to look at it yet?19:13
calckhashayar: i might be wrong but i think it works across orig.tar.gz as well, if the output looks wrong then just go with the diff.gz :)19:13
calcits been a while since i have used debdiff19:14
DktrKranzjames_w, not yet. I was planning to dig through ubuntu bug reports to triage them a bit and try to reproduce them with current Debian version, but please go ahead :)19:14
khashayarAlright, thanks a lot. I'll see where it gets me.19:14
james_wDktrKranz: I was doing some of that now, but I'm about to break for today, so there's plenty more19:15
james_wthere's also a bunch of fixes sat in bzr as well19:15
calckhashayar: the process is the same except if debdiff works (can't recall) then you just run that at the end after you get your new diff.gz19:15
DktrKranzjames_w, cool. I'll do some in the next days (likely on weekend)19:15
khashayarcalc: Alright, I'll try that.19:16
slytherincalc: khashayar: I think we stopped using debdiff for new upstream versions long time.19:18
khashayarslytherin: alright, so I'll attach the diff.gz. It looked much better anyway :-)19:19
calcslytherin: ah ok19:19
calckhashayar: its usually really obvious if debdiff blew up on a diff :)19:20
calcthinking back i probably tried to use debdiff in the manner i was stating above when it blew up ;-)19:20
slytherinkhashayar: previously you also needed to install interdiff when you were submitting diff between two upstream versions. But as I said we do not use that process anymore.19:20
calcbut its been a long time since i've updated a new upstream release of a package that way19:20
calci mainly stick to beating on OOo19:20
directhexwheeee, openjdk for a mere 30 meg on disk19:22
slytherindirecthex: what?19:24
directhexslytherin, IKVM.OpenJDK.dll!19:25
slytherinah. :-)19:26
slytherindoes it work well?19:26
directhexslytherin, i suspect this release (0.38) is a big step up from the release in the archive (0.34) which was based on classpath19:26
soci treid to fix all problems which were mentioned in the comments and reuploaded it. someone interested in reviewing it? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ttf-droid19:27
directhexslytherin, in real terms? no idea. ought to be reasonably functional for command-line apps. the AWT implementation is apparently only PoC19:27
persiadirecthex, You got it to work?  Nice!19:28
=== bluesmoke is now known as Amaranth
directhexpersia, not only work......... lintian-clean!19:28
slytherindirecthex: Is it getting included on CD? Or is that a jaunty +1 plan?19:28
directhexslytherin, nah, not my place to dictate what goes on the cd. i just thought it was an interesting project19:28
persiaI doubt ikvm will end up as the default JDK19:28
directhexslytherin, it's certainly a bit slimmer than a regular openjdk install19:28
persiaSupposedly, Java will get refactoring with Java 7, but that's not for a bit yet.19:29
directhexi'll have a little play in a sec, just gotta add README.source to the docdir19:29
directhexpersia, what kind of refactoring possible whilst maintaining backward compatibility? java's much less segmented than CLI19:30
directhexstick an "is" in the middle of that somewhere if you like19:30
persiadirecthex, I'm fuzzy on the plan, but my loose understanding is that much of what is now the "JDK" will instead become "modules" that are essentially libraries, so you'd have a dependency map, and only pull the parts you need.19:31
persiaI imagine one could define a "legacy" module that pulled all the old default APIs.19:31
directhexpersia, so learning from mono, then? excellent.19:31
directhexpersia, AFAIK IKVM 0.40 was doing something like that by itself - http://weblog.ikvm.net/CommentView.aspx?guid=f5cd40bc-d6ff-4fa1-8c0b-33a07f7ef96719:33
persiadirecthex, ikvm is the forefront of experimentation :)19:33
AmaranthIKVM is our one hope for a single VM for all this stuff :P19:34
directhexAmaranth, i thought that was Parrot!19:35
AmaranthEveryone is targeting the CLR these days19:35
directhexAmaranth, i think CIL is better designed for multi-language use than java bytecode. it's easier to inject weird languages into it19:36
* slytherin plans of creating a meta-package ubuntu-mono-desktop that pulls in as many mono apps as possible. :-D19:36
directhexslytherin, wait a sec, are you trying to beat my score for attacks-on-boycottnovell? :o :(19:37
AmaranthWe're soon going to have Javascript, Python, Mono, Java, and Ruby in our desktop19:37
AmaranthIt's going to suck19:37
directhexAmaranth, i'll package ironruby once it's got a tarball release19:37
Amaranthdirecthex: Different API19:38
slytherindirecthex: nope. that honour is yours. :-P19:38
Amaranthdirecthex: It's not a drop-in replacement for ruby, is it?19:38
AmaranthI know IronPython isn't a drop-in replacement for Python19:38
directhexAmaranth, i think it is. it's being used to run tests19:38
directhexipy can drop-in for simple things, but nontrivial stuff you're right19:39
AmaranthThat's because Python is "batteries included"19:39
AmaranthEven then, GTK# is not a compatible replacement for pygtk or the ruby binding19:39
directhexhow about php-gtk2? :o19:40
superm1jdong, ping.  Any ideas on the VLC, patches for vdpau, how they're looking?19:42
superm1jdong, nvm, i dont see it in normal git trees at all, so probably not ready yet19:45
directhexdpkg-source: info: building ikvm in ikvm_0.38.0.2+dfsg-1.diff.gz19:45
directhexi do wish this build didn't need >1 gig of ram19:47
directhexdoes openjdk do that?19:47
slytherindirecthex: you mean build of openjdk? or builds using openjdk?19:53
directhexslytherin, building openjdk19:54
slytherindirecthex: never tried. :-(19:54
directhexslytherin, ikvm calls javac, with a seemingly required 1.5 gig reserved, to build its openjdk dir19:54
Amaranthooh zero punctuation got a new video player19:54
Amaranthit's widescreen, even though the video isn't19:54
directhexi.e. -J-Xmx1536M19:54
directhexAmaranth, probably escapist-wide19:55
slytherindirecthex: is that much ram really needed?19:56
directhexslytherin, "free" says yes :(19:56
directhexslytherin, i'm 11% into swap, and i have 2 gig19:56
directhexslytherin, and i tried slashing the number, with no success19:57
* directhex watches his gnome-system-monitor graph climb again19:57
directhexslytherin, it peaks at 1020 meg used on my system, but better safe than sorry when settnig limits - just look at freecol19:59
slytherinhow do I make uscan do the repacking of upstream source as well if I have get-orig-source target in debian/rules. What will be the option to be passed to uscan?20:01
Amaranthooh i said that in the wrong channel20:01
Amaranthooh i feel stupid now but it was funny and you should all watch it so...20:01
directhexslytherin, the trivial example: http://paste.debian.net/25480/20:07
directhexslytherin, can you suggest a command-line java app in the archive to test?20:07
slytherindirecthex: how about bsh? It is shell for java based scripts.20:08
slytherinpersia: any help about that uscan problem?20:09
directhexslytherin, you've found a bug for me. how helpful!20:10
slytherindirecthex: What bug?20:10
directhexslytherin, more problems with signed assemblies. not the first i've had with ikvm.20:11
directhexikvm-    String default_awt_peer_toolkit = "ikvm.awt.NetToolkit, IKVM.AWT.WinForms, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=13235d27fcbfff58";20:11
directhexbloody jeroen20:12
directhexslytherin, sure bsh is X-less? the stack trace is full of java.awt20:14
slytherindirecthex: must be some non-essential functionality.20:15
slytherinlet me find some other application.20:15
slytherindirecthex: how about ant. :-D20:17
directhexroot@mortos:/usr/share/java# ikvm -jar ant-launcher.jar -version20:18
directhexUnable to locate tools.jar. Expected to find it in /.virtual-ikvm-home/lib/tools.jar20:18
directhexApache Ant version 1.7.1 compiled on November 10 200820:18
persiaslytherin, which problem again?20:19
persiaOh, I see.20:20
persiaJust put uscan --repack in the get-orig-source rule.  Works for .zip, .bzip, .tbz, .tbz2, .tar.bz220:20
slytherinpersia: When I do uscan I want the upstream tarball to be modified and repacked. I have get-orig-source target in rules file but don't know how uscan will use it20:20
persiaThe problem with that it that it's not the same checksum that way: you probably want to do it manually with gzip -9nf20:21
directhexhm. who feels like filing a bug against quilt? i'm enormously busy20:21
slytherinpersia: it is a different case here. upstream provides a .jar and I have to also remove some .class files while repacking.20:21
persiauscan doesn't use the get-orig-source target: it needs to be called by `debian/rules get-orig-source`20:21
persiaOften the get-orig-source target includes a call to uscan.20:21
directhexUsage: quilt [--trace[=verbose]] [--quiltrc=XX] command [-h] ...20:22
directhex       quilt --version20:22
directhexCommands are:20:22
directhex/usr/bin/quilt: line 42: column: command not found20:22
sochi, i wouldn't be so annoying normally but my holidays are almost over and i want to get that package finally in, so that i can sleep well again ... http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ttf-droid might be worth a look :-P20:22
slytherinpersia: but even after that it will not retrieve new upstream version, will it?20:22
persiaslytherin, You should construct the get-orig-source rule so that it does get the new upstream, edit as needed, and produce the orig.tar.gz.20:24
directhexpersia, sounds like ikvm!20:24
slytherinpersia: currently it extracts upstream version from latest changelog entry. How to I modify it to get new upstream version?20:24
persiaslytherin, OK.  Construct a watch file such that uscan --force-download grabs the latest .jar.20:26
persiaThen call uscan in your get-orig-source rule, and use the downloaded .jar as the basis for your .orig.tar.gz creation20:26
slytherinhmm, will have to take a look.20:27
slytherinpersia: looks like the solution is to move the repack code to orig-tar.sh which gets called when get-orig-source is called.20:31
persiaI suppose.  I'm not a big fan of having get-orig-source call shell scripts: I prefer to just do it in make, but that could work.20:31
slytherinanyway, I am too tired to try any of that.20:33
persiaUnderstandably: it's rather late :)20:35
slytherinyes, I am I am trying to fix jaxme for last 1 hours.20:37
Laneysiretart: Hey, have any insight on the transcode ftbfs? bug #31110220:48
ubottuBug 311102 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/311102 is private20:48
Laneybug #311202 sorry20:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 311202 in transcode "FTBFS with new ffmpeg in jaunty" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31120220:48
* siretart looks20:49
siretartLaney: looks like transcode needs to be updated for the new version ffmpeg. have you checked if  there is a new upstream available?20:50
Laneythere is20:51
siretartit seems the version of transcode we ship is pretty old. try updating it to 1.0.7 and see if that helps20:51
hanskaScottK: 21:36 <BTS> clamtk 4.08-1 uploaded by David Paleino <d.paleino@gmail.com> http://packages.qa.debian.org/clamtk20:54
slytherincalc: jaxme is taking too much time to fix. :-( I will look into it tomorrow.21:03
calcok no problem :)21:03
LaserJockhi all21:29
LaserJockanybody feel like a little packaging fun?21:29
quadrisproanyone on bug #311023?21:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 311023 in idjc "FTBFS with new ffmpeg in jaunty" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31102321:42
quadrispro1bobbo: are you around?21:45
bobboquadrispro1: yep21:45
quadrispro1bobbo: great! I have a bug for you :)21:45
quadrispro1bobbo: bug #311023 (we have some issues with quadr-o-matic, it doesnt want build anything for jaunty...)21:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 311023 in idjc "FTBFS with new ffmpeg in jaunty" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31102321:46
Laneymuhahaha ffmpeg21:47
bobboquadrispro1: I'll have a look21:48
quadrispro1thank you!21:49
bobboquadrispro1: mind if I msg you?21:51
quadrispro1bobbo: no problem :)21:52
* persia likes to see discussions about packages in-channel, so others can learn or comment: of course, if it's not package-related, ignore this :)21:53
Laneyyay for transcode building21:58
Laneysiretart: Would you mind reviewing/tweaking/uploading if I provide the .diff.gz on a bug? I'm not totally confident with this package...21:59
bobbopersia: hehe, not packaging related, don't worry21:59
Laneyor anyone else?21:59
Laneyoh, rats, it failed anyway21:59
bobboIf we rebuild a package with no Ubuntu changes (*-1build1) then want to make changes to it in Ubuntu, should the version number be *-1ubuntu1, or do we need to mention the old rebuild?22:00
Laneywhy can't you do both?22:01
sebnerbobbo: -1ubuntu122:01
bobbosebner: ok, thanks :)22:01
LaneyI don't see why that version cannot contain the last changelog entry22:02
* Laney suspects he misunderstands the question22:02
sebner1) you have a debian package22:02
maxb-1ubuntu1 rather than -1build1ubuntu1, I expect22:02
vorianin your case, since the last version was debian 7.7-1, then yes, it should be 07.7-1ubuntu122:02
sebner1) -122:03
sebner2) -1build122:03
sebner3) -1ubuntu122:03
Laneybut 3) contains changelog entries from 2) and 1)22:03
sebnerLaney: sure22:03
quadrispro1bobbo: it's ready22:05
quadrispro1hi sebner22:05
maxbWhilst we're on the topic of versions - the PPA guide says to increment the revision and append ~ppaN - but what does that mean for a synced debian package without ubuntu changes?  Would 1.0-1 become 1.0-2~ppa1 is wrong if a -1ubuntu1 is made. So, would the hypothetical best ppa version be 1.0-1ubuntu0~ppa1 ?22:05
* sebner winks quadrispro1 22:05
maxberm, sorry for the grammar failure above :-)22:06
persiamaxb, Personally, I'd recommend using -0~ppaX where X increases for PPA versions of unpackaged code.22:07
LaserJockonly if there isn't a -1 though, right?22:07
persiaFor PPA versions of packaged code, I'd think using ${existing-version}+ppaX would be safest.22:07
persiaLaserJock, For unpackaged code.22:07
LaserJockif 1.0-1 already exists you'd want 1.0-1~ppaX I'd think22:07
persiaNo, I'd want 1.0-1+ppaX, to sort above 1.0-122:08
maxbBut, you want the ppa version to be greater than the existing version but less than any future one22:08
=== quadrispro1 is now known as quadrispro
persiamaxb, Right.  It's a gamble, but since + has a very low sort value, there's a good chance that you're safe using +ppaX to an existing package.22:08
maxbpersia: interesting... and probably saner than what https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA#Versioning recommends22:09
persiamaxb, Perhaps you'd like to update that page?  It's just a wiki.22:09
LaserJockpersia: your right about ~ vs +, my bad22:09
Laneydeja vu?22:09
LaneyI swear we had a similar conversation before (r.e. ppa versioning)22:10
persiaActually, I don't like + so much anymore.22:10
persia`dpkg --compare-versions 1.0-0ubuntu1 gt 1.0-0+ppa1 && echo true` doesn't give the result I want.22:10
persiaI'm not sure why though.  'u' should be higher than '+'.22:11
maxbargh, I was following the same misconception as you. But actually, the sort order is ~ digit alpha other22:12
persiaOh, bother.22:12
persiaIn that case, I suppose -00ppaX might be safer.22:13
persiaand dpkg --compare-versions agrees with that.22:13
maxbI'm fairly sure that 00 will behave identically to 022:13
persiaOh well.  -0ppaX then.  Still sorts lower than -0ubuntuX or -1, and I'm not interested in non-Ubuntu non-Debian upgrade path conflicts right now.22:14
persia(and yes, 0ppa1 and 00ppa1 are considered identical)22:15
ScottKhanska: Did you file a sync request?22:29
directhexpersia, i got a swing hello world app running in ikvm, but i can see why they call the awt implementation proof-of-concept22:31
directhexpersia, it's not particularly usable22:32
persiaikvm is *all* proof-of-concept.22:32
ScottKhanska: If so, what's the bug number?22:34
directhexpersia, how many of the 20k or so source packages in the archive aren't?22:46
directhexpersia, isn't linux just a filler kernel until hurd is ready? ;p22:46
sebnerhurd \o/22:46
LaserJockdirecthex: I thought it was until the python kernel was ready? ;p22:47
directhexLaserJock, never used perl-linux?22:47
persiadirecthex, Umm...  But ikvm is *even-more-so*22:49
KIAazehi, I'm trying to package an application using an unpackaged library22:54
KIAazeto do this, I tried creating a local apt repo as indicated here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto#Building%20With%20Local%20Packages22:55
KIAazebut I get this error when running dput:22:55
KIAazeSuccessfully uploaded packages.22:55
KIAazeNot running dinstall.22:55
KIAazemini-dinstall [-1215132784] ERROR: Unable to install "/var/cache/archive/mini-dinstall/incoming/hello_1.0_source.changes"; adding to screwed list22:55
directhexpersia, it's still worth having, IMHO. it's an interesting package23:00
directhexpersia, and it enables you to use java libs (albeit with an unpleasantly large dep on IKVM.OpenJDK.dll) in CLI apps, which is neato23:01
LaserJockquick sanity check, are the nvidia drivers shipped on the CD?23:04
oojahI don't suppose anybody would consider reviewing the package I just uploaded, ralcalc? It's a quick to use command line calculator. I would leave it to get processed in due course, but I'm sure I've commited every packaging sin under the sun so thought I should give myself more time to fix it. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ralcalc23:05
socsomeone interested in reviewing http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ttf-droid ? it's a small package, with all fixes from the comments23:08
superm1LaserJock, on the DVD23:09
LaserJockoojah: the packaging looks pretty good on quick inspection23:09
superm1they're not installed, but the packages are there23:09
LaserJocksuperm1: but they aren't on the CD?23:09
superm1LaserJock, no they're not23:09
superm1you have to use jockey to turn them on23:10
superm1CD is quite filled23:10
LaserJocka friend of mine is trying out Ubuntu for the first time and I told him they were on the CD23:10
LaserJockhe's got no internet23:10
superm1well that makes it more difficult23:10
LaserJockhe's also using gutsy23:11
LaserJockI think I'll tell him to maybe get the Intrepid DVD or something23:11
superm1in gutsy the kernel module is on the CD, but the driver isn't23:11
oojahLaserJock: I guess that's a good start :)23:11
Laneyoojah: Remove the boilerplate from rules23:11
Laneyoojah: Do readme.txt and ChangeLog get installed in /usr/share/doc/ralcalc?23:12
oojahLaney: ChangeLog I remember for certain, readme.txt I can't remember. readme.txt is all covered in the man page though tbh.23:13
LaneyIt might be nice - I know I sometimes go to http://localhost/doc/<package> to see what's what23:13
Laneyyou should just be able to put it in debian/docs23:15
oojahDo I need to worry about http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/report.py/legal?upid=4445 ?23:16
Laneynot if that's listed in copyright23:17
Laneyoojah: Run lintian over your binaries too and see if anything comes up23:20
Laney(I don't know if it will, it's just a good check to do)23:20
oojahGood point, I only ran it on the sources.23:21
LaneyI always forget23:21
pochupbuilder runs it for me23:22
pochuon every build23:22
jmarsden|workoojah: It's not a packaging issue, but... wouldn't something like   function = () { echo "scale=8; $@" |bc -lq ; }  # get you more power than ralcalc and the same "easy" UI, using bc underneath?  What is the intended user base for ralcalc on Ubuntu?23:24
oojahjmarsden|work: A valid question :)23:26
jmarsden|workSo... you're packaing it just to learn packaging, basically, not because ralcalc is actually useful?23:27
oojahI find it most useful because I always do calculations with a variety of SI prefixes.23:27
oojahI use it all the time and others have found it useful enough from my ppa to blog about it and do translations.23:28
oojahI doubt it'll ever have a huge user base, but there you go.23:28
jmarsden|workFair enough; I think I'll stick to bc, and use units when I am dealing with stuff than needs units (so I can ask what 8 megafurlongs per fortnight is in meters/second ;)23:29
* LaserJock <3 units23:30
oojahIt's a common conversion that one.23:31
directhexmy car gets 80 rods to the hogshead, and that's the way i like it!23:38
Laneydpkg-deb: building package `transcode' in `../transcode_1.0.7-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb'.23:51
oojahI've done a new upload to fix what you suggested (and the lintian run on the binary!) and am now off to bed. Thanks very much for your comments everyone.23:56

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