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whiteasac: we had CVE-2008-2810 marked as windows specific, but you have it in the changelog. Can you comment on it? :)09:26
white /in the changelog/in the iceape changelog/09:26
whiteasac_: we had CVE-2008-2810 marked as windows specific, but you have it in the iceape changelog. Can you comment on it? :)10:00
asac_white: yes. its not directly affected on linux for us, but the patch is good to have in case someone wrote an extension for url shortcut support10:06
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whiteasac: what did you test in iceape?10:17
whiteasac: http/https looks ok10:17
asacwhite: as much as i can ;)10:17
whitei'll try ftp now, then downloading some bigger archives10:17
asachttp:/https ... ajax sites10:17
asacas usual for browser10:17
asacsame for mail i tested for icedove10:17
whitei finished the advisory text for iceape btw10:17
asacwhite: can you stresstest iceape too a bit?10:18
whiteasac: define stresstest? :)10:19
asacwhite: like what i suggested ;)10:21
asacsame tests as for firefox ... same as for icedove10:21
whiteasac: for iceape everything except arm arrived10:23
whiteasac: for icedove i am waiting for s390 and arm10:23
whiteasac: if no regressions occur during testing today, i plan the release for tonight10:23
asacwhite: thanks. would be grewat if you could test a iceape a bit too.10:27
asacwhite: i will prepare xulrunner asap10:27
whiteasac: two issues that occured to me while checking iceape13:54
whiteasac: could you please double check that patches for  MFSA 2008-39 and MFSA 2008-48 are included?13:55
whiteasac: i can't find the bugnumbers in the series file and the code mentioned in the bugreports doesn't seem to be applied13:55
asacist that in there?13:57
asac(thats -38)13:57
asacfor -3913:57
asacerr -49;)13:57
asaciceape-1.0.13~pre080614i$ quilt applied | grep 433610_attachment_335479.patch13:58
fta2please, use better names for those patches, add a few words of description13:59
asaciceape-1.0.13~pre080614i$ quilt applied | grep 43903413:59
asacno ;)13:59
asaccant do that13:59
asaceven if i could it wouldnt really help a lot. you have to lookup the sec issue anyway i guess13:59
whiteasac: thanks for clarifying, so all is good :)14:00
fta2asac, just xxx_attyyy_mfsa1234.patch is already an improvement14:04
asacfta2: we do patches ahead of mfsa assignments14:15
fta2asac, bug 31002015:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 310020 in firefox "firefox - pointer blinking when over a link (dup-of: 312353)" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31002015:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 312353 in xorg-server "improper mouse hover behavior with links" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31235315:10
fta2oh, the bot now displays dupes :)15:11
asacdid that forever?15:14
asacfta2: yes its fixed isnt it?15:15
* asac has to upgrade15:15
fta2donno, my X is on hold15:16
asac195 upgraded ;)15:16
asacfta2: i can tell you soon15:16
asacguess 10 minutes ;)15:17
asacbtw, besides from that i dont have any bad issues15:17
asacbut i wam on ati ... so who knows ;)15:17
asacoh new kernel too15:17
asaci am quite happy that i moved to a fast german ubuntu mirror15:18
asacarchive.ubuntu.com was unbearable for me over the last month's15:18
asac(when looking back from todays perspective)15:18
fta2i dl on archive.u.c at my top speed at home. ~7Mbps15:19
asacfta2: so if we would want to put our patches/packaging in hg.mozilla.org and gluelessly integrate that with mozilla, what would we do? ... probably similar to nss/nspr, just that we pull the debian/ dir on the fly from the right branch?16:08
asace.g. MOZ_CO_DISTRO=jaunty16:09
asacwould look in a jaunty/1.9 branch16:09
asacor something16:09
asacfor 1.9 trees16:09
asaci guess we could keep using our bzr then ... and pull debian from bzr16:10
asacor maybe just say: MOZ_CO_PROJECT=browser,jaunty,intrepid :)16:11
asacand --with-distro-packaging=jaunty,intrepid16:11
asacfor configure16:11
asacand --with-distro-patches=jaunty,intrepid16:12
asacmore likely16:12
asacnot sur how much sense it makes to integrate real packaging ... but patches might be good16:12
asachmm ld segfault :/16:24
BUGabundofta: ping17:33
BUGabundofta yesterday FF fix works! can have both broswers17:33
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asac_the_bumberbumb asac17:43
asacfta: what did you do to fix bugabundos two profile issue?18:50
ftaasac, i don't have time to dig into the code and apparently, you didn't want to help. As it was a really annoying bug indeed, i just reverted my changes to return to my old ugly hack, as mentioned in the commit logs.19:01
BUGabundofta: do you know of any bug with apt:// working (or rather NOT working) with FF ?19:27
BUGabundoand yes, apturl is installed!19:27
ftaBUGabundo, yes, only ff 3.0 is registered into apturl, not 3.1/3.219:29
BUGabundobut it didn't work for me with 3.019:29
ftait supposed to work fine with 3.019:30
BUGabundoI need to test it again then19:30
BUGabundo: 819:31
BUGabundonow it worked!19:31
BUGabundogot the popup!19:31
BUGabundodidn't work before!19:31
ftabug 20728119:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 207281 in xulrunner-1.9 "[hardy beta] firefox3b4 does not recognize apturls (apt://) (dup-of: 203538)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20728119:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 203538 in apturl "Don't work with Firefox3 beta5" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20353819:54
ftaBUGabundo, that was the bug i fixed early last year19:56
ftai can fix apturl in my ppa for 3.1 and 3.2 but i doubt mvo will want the patch20:09
ftabeta & alpha20:11
BUGabundoso you just patch it for final release ?20:11
BUGabundoshould there be a bug open to track it?20:11
BUGabundowith a milestone?20:11
fta3.2 is just in my ppa, so no way. 3.1 is in universe so it's probably possible20:12
BUGabundofta what do you think of the idea of creating lp/~ubuntu-mozillateam-project ?20:13
BUGabundoand file bugs for that project?20:13
ftawhat for?20:13
BUGabundobecause USERS PPAs don't have BTS20:13
BUGabundoif there was a project for the mozilla team20:14
ftai will not help20:14
BUGabundowith its own branch code, and BTS20:14
BUGabundoand the PPA20:14
BUGabundoinstead on your own user account20:14
BUGabundowould be better!20:14
BUGabundoI can create it, and make you or someone else admin!20:14
ftawe have ~mozillateam already20:14
BUGabundoand ask LP admin to copy the source from your account20:15
BUGabundonot team.... project!20:15
BUGabundoteams don't have BTS either120:15
BUGabundohumm /me re-read! I inserted a '~' too much!20:16
BUGabundowhat do you think fta?20:17
ftaI can't handle too many bugs, no time, and no interest either. I just push to my own ppa because it's convenient for me (i control what is in there, in opposition to a shared repo) and i don't force anyone to use my stuff.20:19
ftaso i just ask people to come here if they want to complain20:20
BUGabundoah ok20:20
BUGabundoI was just about to create it at https://staging.launchpad.net/projects/+new20:20
BUGabundobut since I don't seem to like the idea20:20
ftamy branches are shared, all in ~mt, even if i'm the only contributor20:20
BUGabundoI guess there is no need for you20:20
BlackHawkdo you give any support about thunderbird here? (I'm running ubuntu and this error just happens there ...)20:21
ftaBlackHawk, not me in particular. depends of what you need. support is officially in #ubuntu but they may send you here.20:24
BlackHawkwell ... #ubuntu gets flooded with messages :D and my specific problem is a localhost-error with the webmail-extension20:25
ftai'm not the guy for that, but ask, maybe asac or someone else will help20:26
BlackHawkok :) thx20:31
BlackHawkok ... I know sth new: Thunderbird can't start my localhost-server20:42
BlackHawkin the statusbar it says "connecting to localhost..."20:42
BlackHawkbut that didn't finish yet (and I don't think it will)20:42
armin76asac: the patch didn't work :/21:06
asacBlackHawk: i am afraid, but we cannot really support extensions here21:22
asacarmin76: not sure which patch21:22
BlackHawkasac, I understand that ;) no prob^^21:30
armin76asac: the sigbus patch21:51
asacarmin76: long time ago ... pointer?21:52
armin76asac: i told you yesterday: i have a new patch that fixes the sigbus done by one of the gentoo sparc devs21:55
armin76you slacker!21:55
[reed]armin76: attach it to bugzilla?22:20
[reed]request review?22:20
[reed]or are you just being a bum?22:20
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asacarmin76: fail23:30
armin76[reed]: uh? before you reconnected i told asac that it didn't work :P23:33

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