MersaultQuickie Question: How does one change channels on the hdhomerun? A friend and I were discussing options for hd tuners, and says it's an irblaster type situation to change channels on the hdhomerun00:09
erbmy sound (AC'97) works fine in Ubuntu 8.10, but it doesn't work in Mythbuntu. I checked alsamixer and all the volumes are up00:11
erbi noticed pulseaudio was running on Ubuntu and its not running on Myth so I installed it with apt-get but theres no process running and /etc/init.d/pulseaudo start does nothing00:11
superm1erb, pulseaudio can cause some problems with mythtv which is why it's not installed by default on mythbuntu00:26
superm1pulseaudio wouldn't likely make it "start" working00:27
tgm4883_laptopmustangg, no, like this00:47
tgm4883_laptopmaybe Zinn doesn't like us00:47
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tgm4883_laptop!%bugs% | mustangg00:49
Zinnmustangg: Bugs can be filed here https://bugs.launchpad.net/mythbuntu00:49
mustanggwell it is quite the finicky thing..01:12
rhpot1991zinn slow?01:18
tgm4883_laptopno, it's his bug tracker I think01:19
tgm4883_laptoprhpot1991, I think we just need to rename the bug definition01:20
rhpot1991ah I bets I know whats up01:20
rhpot1991bug 28249801:21
ZinnBug 282498 in mythexport (Ubuntu) "package mythexport 1.0.3-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided, Fix Released] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/28249801:21
rhpot1991conflict in commands01:21
tgm4883_laptopthats what I was thinking01:21
rhpot1991any bright ideas?01:21
tgm4883_laptopwe rename !bugs to !bugtracker01:21
rhpot1991that works01:21
tgm4883_laptopOccam's razor01:22
mustanggif I make a change in the db with phpmyadmin, do I need to commit changes in some way to see the result in the Front end of myth?01:22
rhpot1991I'm gonna have to tweak the regex I think01:22
tgm4883_laptopmustangg, you should just have to exit mythvideo and reenter it I think01:23
mustanggshoot, that means there is some other thing going on as well. I deleted from the db those entries but I get again when I return to the video manager.01:24
rhpot1991some backend stuff might get cached IIRC01:25
tgm4883_laptopmustangg, depending on how many movies you have, you might just try emptying the table01:26
tgm4883_laptopthe empty command would drop and recreate the table, so you will have a fresh mythvideo table I thinks01:26
rhpot1991delete from <table>;01:27
rhpot1991should kill them all01:27
mustanggwell that sounds worthwhile. one sec.01:27
tgm4883_laptoprhpot1991, he's in phpmyadmin01:27
mustanggseems I should be able to. Just to clarify before: I should delete the whole table (entries) for the videometadata ..?01:28
tgm4883_laptopmustangg, you don't want to just drop the table, as then you wouldn't have the table anymore.  You could Empty the table, which would drop it and recreate it01:31
tgm4883_laptopessentially deleting everything in the table01:31
mustangghmm, according to phpmysql I successfully deleted just "those"entries but I still see them in mythvideo.01:31
rhpot1991try restarting your backend01:32
rhpot1991sudo /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend restart01:32
mustanggcrud still there.   ok well I have a few good ideas now, so I'll bang around a bit and get back to you guys. thanks a lot.01:34
erb16:26 < superm1> erb, pulseaudio can cause some problems with mythtv which is why it's not installed by default on mythbuntu01:43
erb16:27 < superm1> pulseaudio wouldn't likely make it "start" working01:43
erbi'm not positive on the differences for audio other than pulseaudio when comparing ubuntu to mythbuntu01:43
erbi just know that sound works fine in ubuntu 8.10 but not at all in mythbuntu 8.1001:43
erbhow can i ensure that mythbuntu always keeps my refresh rate at 60hz? when I boot the box up while its connected to s-video xwindows takes 10 years to start01:52
erbthe screen goes all crazy and what not01:52
erbi need it to know it can't be anything other than 1024x768 @ 60hz01:52
superm1erb, well do some tests using basic tools like aplay to make sure youre audio works with that02:35
superm1erb, before you get to X the bios controls the boot res02:36
Shadow____Xhey superm1 i got my permissions and samba permissions figured out03:16
Shadow____Xthanks for the help03:17
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dhimiter!pvr usb203:19
ZinnSorry I don't know about pvr usb203:19
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Shadow____Xif you are looking for help for a specific tuner either ask here or look in the mythtv wiki03:20
erb18:35 < superm1> erb, well do some tests using basic tools like aplay to make sure youre audio works with that03:48
erb18:36 < superm1> erb, before you get to X the bios controls the boot res03:48
erbaudio doesn't work in any player in mythbuntu but works out of the box in ubuntu03:48
erbalso my bios loads perfectly fine on the TV03:48
erbits when it gets to loading linux when things go haywire03:48
erbi'm just not sure how to make sure X knows its always 1024x768 @ 60 because it seems like it auto senses modes first even though i've set the resolution in catalyst control center03:49
superm1erb, i'm assuming you are comparing the same release of mythbuntu to ubuntu in terms of audio right?  i'm not sure what else to recommend that would differ between the two05:30
superm1Shadow____X, good to hear05:49
Shadow____Xhave you used dvb utils before05:49
Shadow____Xis dvb scan better than the built in mythtv scanner05:50
Shadow____Xand if so i ran the scan have a channels.conf but once i imported it it left me with channels withno freqids05:53
superm1i've used them before, buti  had better luck with the mythtv scanner05:56
Shadow____Xhmm but why would it stick me with channels with 0 freqids05:56
Shadow____Xalso once i importanted it it scanned the channels05:57
MythbuntuGuest85I live in the U.S. Which channel guide service should I use?06:27
superm1MythbuntuGuest85, schedules direct06:27
superm1you can set up an account at schedulesdirect.org06:28
superm1they have a 7 day trial available, roughly 20 a year after that06:28
MythbuntuGuest85perfect... will i have to add them manually?06:28
MythbuntuGuest85or will they autoupdate every couple days?06:28
superm1every day it updates06:31
superm1on it's own06:31
d0netsFNanyone have a g1?06:32
MythbuntuGuest85well worth the 20 bucks06:32
d0netsFNremotedroid + myth = orgasmic06:32
d0netsFNmythbuntuguest85 you can also pay 5$ for 2 months06:32
d0netsFNi did that for now since im not sure where i will be or what tv service i will have then06:32
MythbuntuGuest85off the top of you head, what is the next best free version of this. (i am making a mythbackend + xbmc frontend for my mom. do i need two account with schedules direct?)06:33
MythbuntuGuest85this install says i will lose many schedulin features without schedulesdirect. what features?06:34
superm1you can use EIT data if it's a digital OTA source06:35
superm1which would mean that you only get about 2 days of data, and no episode or first air date data06:36
superm1you'll get re-recordings of shows when they are syndicated06:36
DoodzHey peoples... just installed Mythubuntu .. can't get captured card to be recognised. My capture card works fine in Kaffeine... its a Gigabyte U8000 Hybrid (digital/analog)11:26
DoodzHey peoples... just installed Mythbuntu .. can't get captured card to be recognised. My capture card works fine in Kaffeine... its a Gigabyte U8000 Hybrid (digital/analog)11:29
NixonI think you will have to install a couple files there Doodz, I'm not familiar with your device but google hit a ton of info try searching for gigabyte u8000 mythtv12:01
jaypeteySo, my dilemma: I downloaded the Mythbuntu 8.10 Desktop ISO, ran it, and got a Kernel Panic error. I've run across it before, and simply downloaded the alt install instead. I now realize that my kernel panic was most likely due to memory failure, and have since gotten rid of my bad stick of ram. Anyway though, I've run the alt install, and get it to the optional installation components (the one after the base system install). If I check a12:52
lagayour message didn't go thru after "If I check a"12:57
jaypeteyIf I check nothing, it only gets to 2%. So I began to wonder if it was possibly a hard drive failure, and replaced the HDD. No go. I am now downloading Mythbuntu 8.04.1 and hoping that it was something to do with the Intrepid build, but am simply wondering if anyone else has any bright ideas for why my system is worthless? -Sorry for the length12:58
lagajaypetey: try the desktop cd13:01
lagathe alternate disks aren't really working13:01
jaypeteywell, my hardy download is done now. i'll give the alt a try, but i've read some bad things about intrepid in my research on my problems... so i ask, is the juice worth the squeeze? or should i just go with hardy? (i might add that i plan on using a wiimote as my remote control, and MythPyWii isn't hasn't been updated for intrepid, but i doubt that will keep it from working.13:08
jaypeteyerr, i'll give the desktop a try i mean13:09
jaypeteywow, i really should check for typos before i hit enter. that one was bad.13:10
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d0netsFNhey yall17:19
d0netsFNin ubuntu i had alot of fonts built in17:19
d0netsFNwith mythbuntu they werent installed17:19
d0netsFNis there a package that i can install to get a bunch of fonts?17:19
d0netsFNi apt-cache searched but theres like 09802384092834082304982039480238423 packages with font in the title17:20
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davedomI am having a problem with mythtv and cx18 driver17:45
davedomcx18 seems to work fine when I cat /dev/video1 and play it back17:46
davedombut I get no audio within mythtv17:46
davedomto get audio from cx18 and mplayer, i have to set the audio rate to 48000 using v4l2-ctl17:47
davedomit seems mythtv sets it to 32000 and I have no idea how to change that17:47
dmanok, I made a change to my x,org file for my G9 mouse....didn't make a backup (doh!) and now although I reactivated my nvidia drivers, compiz isn't working.  Any ideas?17:58
dmanit's as though I'm in no 3d mode17:58
dmando I need a complete restart or should logout be fine?17:59
davedomas far as restarting X to use the new driver?18:00
davedoma logout should work18:00
davedombut I always tend to ctrl-alt-backspace to make sure I kill it18:00
dmanx was screwed up, so I tried to change it back but it looks like a generic file now....with none of the original info18:01
dmanI did ctrl-alt-backspace as well18:01
davedomhave you looked in /etc/X11?18:02
davedomdepending on what you used, it may have backed it up once18:02
dman<---super-newb to linux :)18:03
davedomso it might have something a little less generic there18:03
dmannope..nada there...just the generic file.  So what are my best options?  Do I have to reinstall?18:05
davedomits prolly the easiest :/18:06
davedomyou could try uninstalling the nvidia drivers18:06
davedomthen reinstalling18:06
davedomusing synaptic18:07
dmanOuch!  That'll teach me to think I know what I'm doing18:07
dmanwill try that then18:07
mustangghello all.:::..  Some feedback about the db "ghost entries" problem I had yesterday for those who helped me - turns out those "ghost" entries were actually the names of poster files. I  rm 'd the actual files and suddenly the db was ghost free..18:14
mustanggand I think that explains why the sql route suggested by a few folks here didn't work. Would anyone know if there is any dynamic elements to populating those lists?18:21
mustanggThe lists of videos in Video manager that is.18:21
MythbuntuGuest20what tuner cards are recommended that are basically plug and play, I am looking to buy one and would like some recommendations please. Thanks in advance19:55
jphillipMythbuntuGuest20 HD or SD?20:02
hadsI use a Technotrend S-1401 myself20:15
inteliwasphow can i tell what diver version i would have for cx18 cards?20:29
dan2what's the keystroke in a movie that I can use to add audio delay20:50
hadsdan2: You can through the menu, "m"21:52
mnemonic76I only get a blue screen on LiveTV and Recorded Videos playback on my frontend. This works fine on the backend/frontend.22:10
neoneddyAnyone here doing HD content? specificly 1080i from over the Air ?22:14
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mnemonic76I have audio for live tv/recordings on my frontend, but only a blue screen... how can I troubleshoot this?23:55

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