ZinburAdeman it deals with the installation of said games with the tar file... I'm goin to the games channel ty for your assistance00:00
jp_sfAdeman: to add to the license you already paid with your computer ... microsoft tax at work ...00:00
sinboxthen again, the topic is in portuguese Zinbut but I joined it no problems00:00
IceBall|unjustice|, !info cups00:00
IceBall!info cups00:00
ubottucups (source: cups): Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - server. In component main, is optional. Version 1.3.9-2ubuntu4 (intrepid), package size 2088 kB, installed size 11020 kB00:00
Ademanjp_sf: yeah, I was contemplating hounding lenovo for a rebate but I've gotten the impression it'd be a really hard sell...00:01
jp_sfAdeman: it would00:01
faileasAdeman: actually their recovery solution is one of the best windows based ones i have seen. very simple and straightforward00:01
IceBall|unjustice|, hope that helps :P00:01
jp_sfdatta: ?00:01
techsupporthow can i prevent ubuntu server 8.10 to turn  of monitor after inactivity ?00:01
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|unjustice|IceBall: I think there is a dependency I am lacking...will check00:02
=== Wolowitz is now known as DrunkY
Ward1983does some good soul feel like helping me out by trying to compile gephex and see whats wrong? i searched for a solution for about a day and i'm simply out of options for linux :(  -  www.gephex.org00:02
IceBall|unjustice|, ok00:02
jp_sfdatta: anyway: when you open volume control click Edit click preference then check the line-in and micophones, you should then have a new tab in the open volume window where you can define the input source00:02
pdtpatri3kfaileas you are right ..we use ibm at work here and dells and i tell you .. IBM makes it very easy whereas dell - well thats another story00:02
Ademanfaileas: I won't make any assumptions, but do you know if the recovery partition is capable of operating on its own? (i suspect it is, seems logical for a recovery partition...)00:03
dattathaks jp_sf i will try that right now00:03
faileasAdeman: sort of. it needs a specific bootloader, which you can restore from a cd. I STRONGLY recommend making those backup disks though.00:03
Ademangrub couldn't handle it?00:04
Ademanand I'll take that advice00:04
IceBallWard1983, whats that? :P00:04
faileaspdtpatri3k: one reason that other than netbooks, and gaming boxen, i'm a thinkpad man ;p. ;p00:04
Ward1983IceBall, www.gephex.org00:04
IceBallWard1983, kk00:04
Ward1983IceBall, live video tool00:04
IceBallWard1983, ah kool00:05
faileasAdeman: not as far as i know.00:05
* nitrohax waves00:05
zetterhow can I hide my ISP?00:05
nitrohaxanyone know how to get the user list up?00:06
Ward1983IceBall, i used/compiled it before a few times without much problems, but now i keep getting crap00:06
IceBallWard1983, whats the error/problem?00:06
nitrohaxsince this wasn't sp hard to set up i'm going to try using slackware. bbiab00:06
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sinboxhow would you cut a connection via it's IP address?00:07
* tyta_linux says HI #ubuntu00:07
crdlb!cloak | zetter00:07
ubottuzetter: Many Ubuntu IRC channels prohibit access from !proxies such as TOR due to a high level of abuse. You can however obtain a hostmask cloak: see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks00:07
faileassinbox: on a lan?00:08
ZinburCould someone direct me to a guide on how to install/unzip properly files ending in tar.bz2 because I seem to be having a devil of a time finding one or installing it properly00:08
Ward1983IceBall, several people have seen the pastebin and they said its impossible to find out whats wrong unless they compiled it themselves and took a look into the code00:08
|unjustice|IceBall:does the tar.gz get unpacked into /etc for cups files?00:08
fr500how can i make telepathy-haze work in ubuntu?00:08
faileasdon't use the ip address, get mac address filtering up and block the MAP00:08
tyta_linuxI'm trying to install a program, but i dont know how00:08
hadriansdeathhello, I would like to try ubuntu from a lice cd if possible00:08
IceBallWard1983, hmm00:08
Ward1983IceBall, i can dig up the pastebin for you if you want but im going for a smoke first as i really really really need it atm00:08
IceBall|unjustice|, yeah /etc/ up to the cups dir i think00:09
crdlbhadriansdeath: the standard desktop install cd is a live cd00:09
tyta_linux"create a new file (as root) in ......"00:09
IceBallWard1983, Ok, np00:09
hadriansdeathdanke, I will just download the iso00:09
unopZinbur,  tar jxf file.tar.bz200:09
Zinburunop is that a program?00:10
IceBall|unjustice|, you can access the CUPS interface through youre browser btw00:10
unopZinbur, tar is a program - but that is a command-line to use tar00:10
dreamyhello everyone00:11
Zinburunop So I would type that into the terminal window in order to install the file with the appropriate file name of course00:11
tyta_linuxhow do you create a new file (as root) in a specific location?00:11
Ward1983IceBall, found it: http://pastebin.com/m7b9d87d400:11
Ward1983IceBall, brb gonna smoke00:11
IceBallWard1983, ok00:11
jribtyta_linux: why would you need to do that?00:11
tyta_linuxbecause its the first step in the howto00:12
kebomixhello , anybody plz help me to setup windows live on thunderbird 200:12
cappicardheya. im getting unable to enumerate usb device on port X: and it's my keyboard. intrepid. it's a compaq keyboard. SDM4540UL00:12
unopZinbur, a .tar.bz2 file is simply an archive like a .zip file  -- your archive could contain anything.00:12
unop!source | Zinbur00:12
ubottuZinbur: You can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html00:12
dreamybtw. does anyone know how to install linux from the hard disk ?00:12
jribtyta_linux: gksudo gedit location_of_file_here00:12
unop!build > Zinbur00:12
ubottuZinbur, please see my private message00:12
dreamycorrection. how to install xp from the hard disk. i mean00:12
tyta_linuxso in my case gksudo gedit /etc/apt/souces.list.d ?00:13
unopdreamy, i think that's a question to be asked in ##windows00:13
w00b3how do i add old backed up tomboy notes to a new computer?00:13
dreamyok. sorry...00:13
_2yes. hi.  i was just looking around on a server box i have and noticed that the cd trays are no longer ejectable, there has been a hardware change that probably caused this; i removed an ide hd and installed an scsi hd, and both the scsi and ide cdrom drives are affected.   anyone have thoughts on this ?00:13
failureis it mounted?00:14
jribtyta_linux: no00:14
pdtpatri3ktyta_linux what are you trying to do? edit your sources list?00:14
IceBall_2, go into youre bios and see if it detects the hardware00:14
jribtyta_linux: gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list.d/iplist00:14
tyta_linuxim trying to install ipblock00:14
BlackCowI have this ancient machine i am trying to resurrect, its got 256 mb of RAM, what do you guys recommend i run on it, is ubuntu to much for it?00:14
_2failure the bios on that box doesn't "detect" anything, you have to set everything by hand.00:14
IceBallBlackCow, xubuntu00:15
unopBlackCow, perhaps but it will still run albeit not comfortably.00:15
_2failure that's the reason i always set all but the boot disk to "not present"00:15
tyta_linuxwhy xubuntu for blackcow?00:15
IceBall_2, then i would think its a mobo issue00:15
Zinburunop I think I understand how to use apt get but would that command work in the terminal for files that cannot or are not supported on apt get?00:15
IceBalltyta_linux, becauser its faster for users with lower end systems00:15
w00b3could anyone please tell me how to add old backed up tomboynotes in a folder to a new computer??00:15
_2IceBall ya would huh00:16
BlackCowyeah, im not going for any frills, im guessing watching any video is out of the question on it tho right?00:16
unopZinbur, sorry, pay no attention to that message - see the private message ubottu sent you - it has instructions on building software00:16
unavailableBlackCow: puppy linux?00:16
Zinburunop ty for your assistance00:16
IceBall_2 if u got some spare pocket change go get a cheap ASUS mobo, never had a prob with one00:16
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unopBlackCow, not really - multitasking would be slightly painful tho00:16
IceBallBlackCow, no you still could00:17
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help00:17
jp_sf_2: what a dmesg | grep CD gives you ?00:17
_2IceBall no spare change.00:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about vodka00:17
danorouExcuse me, I have been unable to use my ATI 4670 card on Ubuntu00:17
BlackCowhmm that would be nice, maybe ill give xubuntu a try, if thats to much ill try something like puppy linux, thanks00:17
IceBall_2 then i rec trying to find a bios update00:17
IceBallBlackCow, np00:18
crayvecmy http.config is blank in apache200:18
w00b3could anyone please tell me how to add old backed up tomboynotes in a folder to a new computer??00:18
failurew00b3 what does google say?00:18
_2jp_sf http://pastebin.com/f544cf04700:18
unopcrayvec, httpd.conf  you mean?  yes .. everything's been moved to  apache.conf00:18
w00b3failure: jack00:19
ae88925On Hardy, usb flash drives stop mounting after a while.  It works again after a reboot, but then stops again.  Anyone have an idea?00:19
crayvecThanks unop00:19
jp_sf_2: a scsi CDROM ? You said ide no ?00:19
_2IceBall your recomendations are noted.  thank you.00:19
jinja-sheepw00b3:   Hint:  It's somewhere in your ~/ directory.00:19
IceBall_2, np, good luck00:19
_2jp_sf i said both,  and the pastebin says both.00:19
Laderiuswhere is my natilis directory located?00:19
w00b3jinja-sheep, no kidding00:19
fbcIs there a way of doing a non destructive installation of xubuntu?00:20
ae88925fbc: You mean install Xubuntu on Ubuntu?00:20
D--apt-get install xubuntu-desktop ?'00:20
fbcae88925, does it matter? I really want to install xubuntu over ubuntu while retaining the home diectories00:21
LaderiusIm trying to figure out where my scripts directory is for Nautiiilus and am having no luck, any suggestions?00:21
ae88925Do what D-- said.00:21
D--fbc: apt-get install xubuntu-desktop && apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop && apt-get autoremove00:21
_2fbc yes, but it's not reccomended.  you can manually mount the target fs on /target at the partitioning stage of the install and go that way,  so it is possable, i have done so.00:21
crayvecSo i should be editing "000-default" with <VirtualHost XX.XX.XX.XX:80> as my external IP?00:22
failuresudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install  xubuntu-desktop && apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop && apt-get autoremove00:22
D--that will install al xubuntu packages, remove ubuntu, and then remove all ubuntu packages not part of xubuntu00:22
kebomixhow can i install windows live account on thunderbird 2 ?!!!!!!!!!!!00:22
timmydi just installed a fresh 8.10 installation and after like using X for 20 minutes my mouse buttons don't work anymore00:22
D--fbc: if you put /home on its own partition -like you should have-, then you could also just reformat and install xubuntu ont he rest, then mount /home without formatting00:23
IceBalltimmyd, does the mouse move>?00:24
mnkebo: /attach irc://irc.mozilla.org/Thunderbird00:24
timmydIceBall, yeah it moves but it can't click on anything00:24
IndyGunFreakkebomix: is windows live pop3?.. if so, just plug it in like a normal pop 3 account00:24
timmydxev doesn't show any mouse button events i think00:24
neil_dnew problem with my ubuntu, when gnome starts it seems to be using my home directory, not the Desktop directory.  what is wrong how do I fix it?00:24
IceBalltimmyd, ok is it usb or ps2?00:24
fbcD--, I've done a apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop but it did not remove things like openoffice and things like that.. I only wanted to leave the base xubuntu load.00:24
themiddlemanhey guys, im in the process of mounting a second hard drive at my wine virtual c drive (since its rather large) should i use a filesystem other than ext3?  im using wine for games mainly, maybe i can get some extra performance?00:25
_2jp_sf were you finished with me ?00:25
timmydIceBall, usb, i tried plugging in and out and that didn't change it00:25
crayvecWould it be this <VirtualHost *:80> if my ip was dynamic, I also have ddclient installed?00:25
IceBalltimmyd, hmm, should auto work, does it work when u load up the livecd?00:25
jp_sf_2: no garantee but I will try grip00:25
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fbcI have so much stuff using gnome binaries left over from ubuntu, that I might as well have ubuntu  installed.00:26
timmydIceBall, it did, and it was even working fine five minutes ago but it seems to stop working after a while00:26
fbcD--, I have so much stuff using gnome binaries left over from ubuntu, that I might as well have ubuntu  installed.00:26
roccity_fbc, you can go to http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce00:26
jp_sf_2: there is something with eject doing IOCTL and then try ioctl SGIO00:26
IceBalltimmyd, Ah ok, have u tried pluggin it in a differant port? Is it in a hub?00:27
jp_sf_2: and grip doing the inverse or something like that, I haven't done yself but I have seen somebody doing it00:27
roccity_fbc that will remove all gnome settings and give you xfce back00:27
roccity_I have used it before works ok00:27
fbcroccity_, aweseome thanks!!!!00:27
roccity_just paste the commands into a terminal and reboot00:27
travis_can sum 1 help me with rar for linux please, thanks00:28
jrib!rar > travis_00:28
ubottutravis_, please see my private message00:28
timmydIceBall, yeah it just moves but won't click00:28
timmydseems like an ubuntu 8.10 bug00:29
IceBalltimmyd, is it in ahub?00:29
roccity_travis_, whats wrong?00:29
timmydno, it's directly in a port on the mobo00:29
jp_sf_2: what eject -rv is telling you ?00:29
neil_dnew problem with my ubuntu, when gnome starts it seems to be using my home directory, not the Desktop directory.  what is wrong how do I fix it?00:29
IceBalltimmyd, wow, must be a bug, go to the forums and try searching or ask someone esle, i have no clue :P00:30
timmydIceBall, do you know what changed in the HAL/xorg interaction?00:30
travis_can sum 1 guide me through setting up winrar thanks, i need help directly from sum 1 not a link00:30
mnemonic76I suddenly have problems mounting partitions... it may have something to do with the installation of MythBuntu... but I need help getting this straight.00:31
_2jp_sf  eject: unable to open `/dev/scd0': No such device or address00:31
dr_willisneil_d,  ive seen others in here with similer issue.. You may want to check the forums00:31
IceBalltimmyd, i dont think anything affecting usb00:31
jribtravis_: did you read the link ubottu gave you?  it doesn't help you unless you read it.00:31
nitrohaxhi quick question relating to the x-chat that comes with ubuntu00:31
travis_yes i did00:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about winrar00:31
dr_willisneil_d,  i think theres some gconf setting that controlls that. but i dont rember the details.00:31
bastid_raZormnemonic76; you don't use winrar in ubuntu you use rar..00:31
ubotturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free00:31
IceBall!info usb > timmyd00:31
dr_williswine winrar.exe works :)00:31
ubottuPackage usb does not exist in intrepid00:31
jribtravis_: so you've installed the package it tells you to install?00:31
nitrohaxi'll come back later00:32
_2jp_sf  http://pastebin.com/f3c9ef8c200:32
mnemonic76bastid: sorry, I asked about mounting.. someone else asked about rar00:32
_2jp_sf full output   ^00:32
themiddlemannitrohax, just ask00:32
RythumHi, I'm facing some troubles with RAID.. I have the following warning.. "one or more logical drives contain a bad stripe:controller 1", what can I do to check if everything is ok with the disks?00:32
bastid_raZormnemonic76; oh, sorry.00:32
ravenor_How do I change the default program for opening a certain type of file? (ex: Evince to Adobe Reader)00:33
jrib!defaultapp | ravenor_00:33
ubotturavenor_: To change the default application for a filetype in Nautilus, right-click on a file, select Properties -> Open With, and then change the setting.00:33
_2jp_sf i'll reboot the box and mess with the scsi card settings.  it may have a conflicting address00:33
jp_sf_2: it's lame but I think your mother board  can't see your CDROM00:33
_2jp_sf that's what i just said sort of.00:33
jp_sfjp_sf: it might have assigned the same one but usually BIOS avoid that especially if you didn't force it manually00:33
valroshey is there a good notepad++ alternative, or perhaps a lightweight html editor00:34
mnemonic76Here's the scenario: /dev/sda1 is ext3 called BIGBOI and /dev/sdb1 is NTFS and called FATMAN. They both worked fine for months (out of the box) by going to Places>00:34
benovici need to send a mass mailing with personalised messages - what tool can i use in ubuntu?00:34
ardchoillevalros: geany00:34
_2jp_sf usually bios is involved,,,, not the case here.00:34
ardchoille!info geany00:34
ubottugeany (source: geany): A fast and lightweight IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.14-1ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 2047 kB, installed size 6064 kB00:34
eseven73valros: Bluefish maybe00:34
jribtravis_: the link ubottu gave you does not tell you to install winrar00:34
travis_jrgp, i installed the rar package the one for linux of rarlabs00:34
jp_sf_2: I know this what you were thinking too, I don't see anything else00:34
valrosk ill lookem both up00:35
travis_jrib: jrib00:35
rbilfor years, I've edited xorg.conf to make changes. how is this done now with Hardy?00:35
jribtravis_: do you have https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression opened in your browser?00:35
mnemonic76Something happened, and I started getting several different messages. So I followed the ntfs-3g guide, backed up fstab, fixed it. it worked again.00:35
travis_jrib: yes00:35
valrosis geany in the repositories?00:35
dr_willisvalros,  yes00:35
travis_jrib: now what00:36
eseven73!info geany00:36
ubottugeany (source: geany): A fast and lightweight IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.14-1ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 2047 kB, installed size 6064 kB00:36
dr_willis!info geany00:36
ubottugeany (source: geany): A fast and lightweight IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.14-1ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 2047 kB, installed size 6064 kB00:36
jribtravis_: what does the third bullet point in the Rar section say?00:36
_2jp_sf so i'll reboot it and see what the scsi card's tool can find.   the mobo bios is totally worthless in this case but the expansion card has it's own programming.00:36
eseven73dr_willis: :P00:36
mnemonic76I logged out and still ok, rebooted and still ok, rebooted again and now I get "You are not privledged to mount BIGBOI" and "Invalid mount option when attempting to mount the volume 'FATMAN'."00:36
jp_sf_2: yes first things you should have a scsi controller at least displaying the CDrom and your HD00:36
travis_jrib: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories?action=show&redirect=AddingRepositoriesHowto00:36
rbilxorg.conf is now generated, so where is that stuff saved now?00:37
_2jp_sf hdds plural   think server tower00:37
jribrbil: huh?00:37
_2but yeah00:37
jp_sf_2: the bios is worthless becase it takes order from the controller so if your controller is not setup right yes it is not gonna work most SCSI controller have an interface00:37
travis_jrib: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories?action=show&redirect=AddingRepositoriesHowto ugh now00:38
jp_sf_2: all I can said is that on Dell rack poweredge servers I can go through the scsi controller at the boot time to check the status of the scsi connections00:38
rbiljrib: most of xorg.conf now (in Hardy) is saved elsewhere00:38
_2jp_sf zactly00:38
Dexidoes anyone know of a way to set my extra mouse buttons as a keyboard hotkey?00:38
jribrbil: no.  xorg.conf is /etc/X11/xorg.conf.  Input device configuration though has moved to .fdi files.  See wiki.ubuntu.com/X00:39
travis_jrib: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories?action=show&redirect=AddingRepositoriesHowto ugh now00:39
_2ok i'm off to fix it now.  chow00:39
admin-lacavezeveusing zevenos I can't add a new user whY?00:39
jribtravis_: huh?00:39
jp_sf_2: and usually CDrom show up with a interface address that maybe you can see if it is shared by any other hard disk00:39
jp_sf_2: I would do a reboot too00:39
travis_jrib: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories?action=show&redirect=AddingRepositoriesHowto thats the 3rd bullet dowm limk00:39
alex-82hi, I just deleted a bunch of semi-random packages using synaptic, thinking I was eliminating bloat. When I rebooted all I got was the desktop image, mouse cursor, and the startup sound. I right clicked on the desktop, created an empty folder, double clicked to get to nautilus, ran terminal through that then loaded xchat... so what should I do now? sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop ?00:39
jribtravis_: no it's not, that's a link in it.  But that's not what the bullet point says00:39
jribalex-82: sure00:40
travis_jrib: i still dont get it.00:40
jribDexi: xbindkeys or imwheel should work00:40
exodus_MSfor x in *.txt; do strings $x > ${x}_; mv ${x}_ $x; done00:40
exodus_MSfor x in *.txt; do strings $x > ${x}_; mv ${x}_ $x; done00:40
jribtravis_: copy and paste the text that is the third bullet point00:40
Dexijrib: packages?00:40
jribDexi: yes, they are both in the repositories00:41
Dexijrgp: thanks00:41
jp_sf_2: eject -vr is verbose and can tells you right if it sees a CDrom00:41
usr13alex-82: What window manager are you using?00:41
justrelaxzini just reformatted an external hard drive to ext3 and could use some help00:41
alex-82usr: gnome00:41
kebomixany body here help me to setup windows live account on thunderbird plz ?00:41
jribjustrelaxzin: help with?00:41
fuzeboxsoftwareAnyone here know how to setup the debugging for phpeclipse?00:41
alex-82hmm I should probably find the synaptic history00:41
exodus_MSjrib: did you get my mesage from earlier?00:41
bonhofferanyone know how to open xlsx files with open office00:41
LaderiusQuestion: Im trying to install a mount ISO script, i have the actual script loaded however i need to ass an ISO folder inside mnt and it says i cant because im not the owner, how do i get access?00:41
justrelaxzinit reformatted fine but now i can write anything to it00:41
justrelaxzinit says i dont have permissions to write to that destination00:42
travis_jrib: #00:42
travis_    *00:42
travis_      Package unrar-free is available in the Universe repository.00:42
jribexodus_MS: did now.  Thanks, I didn't know that00:42
FloodBot1travis_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:42
the_squircleHi everyone. My boot splash screen displays for a few seconds (when the bar is bouncing back and forth), but then it goes to verbose mode, starting with "Locating files required to boot..." is there any way I can reset my OS loading screen?00:42
usr13alex-82:  /var/log/dpkg.log00:42
admin-lacavezeveanyone... any luck to add a new user with ZevenOS???00:43
jribtravis_: isn't it: "To add support for rar version 3, install the unrar package from the Multiverse repository"?  Anyway, have you done what that says?00:43
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bonhofferso i have a xlsx file -- want to open it on ubuntu00:43
LaderiusQuestion: Im trying to install a mount ISO script, i have the actual script loaded however i need to ass an ISO folder inside mnt and it says i cant because im not the owner, how do i get access?00:43
MoLE_I'm having difficulty getting a fully functioning gwibber going on a hardy system, anyone here successfully running it?00:43
exodus_MSjrib: cool, I know you tried to help last night by pointing me to #vi, thought you might be curious, thanks for your help00:43
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the_squirclebonhoffer: use OpenOffice 3.0+00:44
techsupporthow can i set in putty so that when i right click the selected text it would give me the option to copy the text , instead of copy pasting it00:44
jp_sfbonhoffer: you have to go through an extra step something called odf-converter developped by Suse00:44
bonhofferthe_squircle, thanks00:44
bonhofferjp_sf, thanks00:44
Zinburis lunar linux a Separate OS or is it a program for installing a specific type of file?00:44
* the_squircle praises novell (and then slaps himself)00:44
alex-82usr13: thanks00:45
jp_sfbonhoffer: but I would think too that OO 3 is able to open them as the_squircle said00:45
phixxorwhat is the best way to tranfer files that are sitting right next to each other, but are connected wirelessly to a router? I'm thinkin some kinda cable00:45
LaderiusQuestion: Im trying to install a mount ISO script, i have the actual script loaded however i need to ass an ISO folder inside mnt and it says i cant because im not the owner, how do i get access? (/mnt/ISO does not exists, please create it and run the script again)00:46
phixxorWhat is the best way to transfer files betweet computers that are sitting right next to each other00:46
the_squirclejp_sf and bonhoffer: the people at OOo say 3.0 beta can.00:46
jrib!permissions > justrelaxzin00:46
ubottujustrelaxzin, please see my private message00:46
Laderiusphixxor, ftp00:46
bastid_raZorphixxor; scp00:46
jp_sfthe_squircle: ah they are wonderfull those people at OO00:46
jribjustrelaxzin: you need to apply proper permissions to the mounted partition (ie you use chmod/chown appropriately on the mount point with the partition mounted).  See ubottu00:46
the_squirclephixxor: ftp/scp/NFS/afp/smb/tftp... anything network based00:46
Laderiusbastid_raZor, whats scp?00:46
the_squircleLaderius: secure copy00:46
jribphixxor: I would use the wireless network...00:47
phixxorLaderius, bastid_raZor, alright, but is network really the best? The transfer speed doesn't seem that fast00:47
the_squirclejp_sf: they sure are.00:47
Laderiusphixxor, enable full duplex :)00:47
Laderiuscan someone help me00:47
LaderiusQuestion: Im trying to install a mount ISO script, i have the actual script loaded however i need to ass an ISO folder inside mnt and it says i cant because im not the owner, how do i get access? (/mnt/ISO does not exists, please create it and run the script again)00:47
the_squirclephixxor: if you have FireWire (iLink or IEEE 1394) it's pretty fast.00:47
phixxorLaderius: never heard of it00:47
the_squircle!anybody > Laderius00:47
ubottuLaderius, please see my private message00:47
bastid_raZorphixxor; if you don't want to open the box and add the drive to your box then scp would probably be fast and easy00:47
Dexijrib: i got imwheel, but im stupid and cant find the config00:47
admin-lacavezeveabout mine???00:48
jribDexi: you create it: ~/.imwheelrc00:48
bastid_raZorLaderius; sudo mkdir /mnt/ISO00:48
phixxorbastid_raZor, alright. sounds good. I just thought since they both have ethernet there might be a way to connect an ehternet cable to each00:48
Laderiusphixxor crossover cable00:49
Laderiusphixxor i think anyways :)00:49
bastid_raZorphixxor; scp will use ethernet .. scp file file username@ip:location00:49
the_squirclephixxor: you don't need a crossover cable if one of the cards is auto-sensing00:49
the_squirclephixxor: just a regular cable00:49
Dexijrib: can you guide me on how to make it? im not really familiar with creating things :p00:50
jribDexi: gedit ~/.imwheelrc00:50
Laderiushow do i login as admin/root to edit a folders permissiosn?00:50
jribtravis_: did you sort it out?00:50
jribLaderius: what folder?00:50
phixxorok, well one is a macbook. is that autosensing? if so, great! I can connect them and scp00:50
benovici need to send a mass mailing with personalised messages - what tool can i use in ubuntu? (its for good!)00:50
Dexiok thanks00:50
usr13alex-82:  THe synaptic package manager has "History" in the dropdown menu.  File -> History00:50
the_squircleLaderius: sudo chmod <permissions> <folder>00:50
Dexiill go find syntax and all that online. :p00:50
the_squirclephixxor: yes, macs are auto-sensing00:51
usr13alex-82: Just found that. It will more than likely show removed packages as well as installed ones.00:51
the_squirclephixxor: but if you have a firewire cable, the MB is a lot faster at that00:51
neil_dI am trying to change Gnome from using the Home directory instead of the ~/Desktop directory, the gconf desktop_is_home_dir is false... but it is still displaying the wrong directory :( help00:51
woliwhere can I see a list of graphic cards supported by ubuntu intrepid ibez?00:51
Laderiusthe_squircle and to fix this error /mnt/ISO does not exists, please create it and run the script again00:51
bonhofferlooking for how to install OO on 8.10 -- google has some conflicting answers00:51
jribneil_d: check ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs00:51
dr_willisbonhoffer,  you mean the latest OOo?00:51
phixxorthe_squircle: Ok, I have a firewire cable, but I think the other computer doesn't have a fw port. that's odd though, I always thought Ethernet was faster than firewire00:52
bonhofferOOo 3.000:52
the_squircleLaderius: what?00:52
bonhofferthat can open xlsx00:52
cperrin88Hello, I'm having a sound poblem. My onboard soundcard plays on the internal speakers aswell as on the headset I plugged in00:52
jribbonhoffer: don't know what the status is, but check the bugs about it on bugs.ubuntu.com00:52
Laderiusthe_squircle: when i try and add an ISO folder to mnt folder i get that error,00:53
alex-82usr13: thanks, I was looking for that. Actually I found the files which are in /root/.synaptic/log/ .00:53
the_squirclephixxor: 100 base TX is 10MBps, FireWire 400 is 40MBps... but Gigabit is 100MBps00:53
neil_djrib: the    XDG_DESKTOP_DIR="$HOME/"   I presume this is wrong ?00:53
jribneil_d: yep00:53
bastid_raZorLaderius; use sudo00:53
usr13alex-82: Ok, very good...00:53
the_squircleLaderius: sudo00:53
phixxorthe_squircle: got it. thanks00:53
Laderiusthe_squircle, bastid_raZor: the command would be sudo /mnt/iso/  ?00:54
phixxorthe_squircle: and wireless networks (g) are 5mb/s about, right?00:54
bastid_raZorLaderius; sudo mkdir /mnt/ISO *(be sure to note case sensitive)00:54
Laderiusbastid_raZor thanks much00:54
usr13alex-82:  sudo ls -ltr /root/.synaptic/log/00:54
quantumkennyHello, does anyone know of a good count-up timer for Compiz/widgets layer00:54
neil_djrib: thanks00:54
the_squircleLaderius: I know absolutely nothing about mounting ISOs... i didn't even know you could do it!00:55
andresmhshut, I just removed my well configured gnome panel, is there a way I can recover it?00:55
jribneil_d: no problem00:55
woliis the nvidia geforce 8600M GT supported in 8.10 ??00:55
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.00:55
Guest88728I installed a 32-bit-pakage of a programm (this was necessary). Now a 64-bit-pakage (the one for wich I needed this 32-bit pakage) is reporting a dependency error. How can I mark the pakage as installed to avoid dependecy-errors?00:55
bastid_raZorLaderius; if it is looking for /mnt/iso then you need to make sure it is lowercase if it wants /mnt/ISO make sure you make it uppercase00:55
the_squircleLaderius: just follow bastid_raZor's instructions :P00:55
jribwoli: yes00:55
Laderiusthe_squircle i found a natulis script to do it :D. want the link?00:55
the_squirclewoli: i'm using one and I love it00:55
the_squircleLaderius: I'd love it :)00:55
usr13Laderius: the_squircle mount -t iso9660 -o loop,ro /home/somebody/foobar.iso /mnt/cdrom00:56
Laderiusthe_squircle, bastid_raZor: Thanks it works now: the link is (http://g-scripts.sourceforge.net/nautilus-scripts/File%20System%20Management/Mount_Image)00:56
bastid_raZorLaderius; i actually use a script to do the same thing too.. it can also be used to unmount the iso afterwards.00:56
the_squircleGuest88728: you could force install the package using dpkg -i --force-all package.deb00:56
Laderiusbastid_raZor: Which script?00:57
the_squirclethanks usr13 and Laderius00:57
Laderiusbastid_raZor: Maybe the same one im using00:57
usr13Laderius: the_squircle where /mnt/cdrom is a valid mount point, you pick.  i.e.  mkdir /mnt/iso and then use /mnt/iso00:57
bastid_raZorLaderius; a friend of mine wrote it.00:57
the_squircleusr13: I know that much :P00:57
bastid_raZorLaderius; i will give it to you if you want.. but the script you have does the same.. almost00:57
omarcohow can I extract the first character from a variable in bash?00:57
Laderiusbastid_raZor: not sure if mine unmounts tho00:58
Guest88728the_squircle: I did this and it worked. But now the 64-bit-program complains about a missing 64-bit-pakage (the one wich I installed as 32-bit)00:58
bastid_raZorLaderius; one sec and i'll pastebin it00:58
dr_willisomarco,   i would say - check that 'advanced bash scripting guide' it has chapters/sections/examples of that.00:58
ubottuAdvanced Bash-Scripting Guide, obtainable with ${package-manager} install abs-guide, is a quick and comprehensive guide to bash (command line) scripting in *nix systems. It is also viewable via web at http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/00:58
Laderiusbastid_raZor: thanks, will it come as PM?00:58
the_squircleGuest88728: install the 64-bit version of the package it's complaining about.00:58
the_squirclebastid_raZor: if you're PMing it, I'd love it too :D00:58
Guest88728the_squircle:  But isn't the 32-bit version deleted then?00:59
the_squircleGuest88728: Depends. What package is it00:59
sandeepecho 13200:59
rebel_kidis there a quick way to turn gnome on and off? not just flip to CLI but completely turn it off00:59
the_squircleGuest88728: if it's a library, you can have both00:59
sinboxhow can I tell netstat to return result for a specific  port/range?01:00
ikyn_I'm trying to run a .tcl script from my /home/user/ folder, using the command "sudo ./xx.tcl" command. Why is it saying "command not found" ?01:00
Guest88728the_squircle: its "php-zero-ice"01:00
dr_willisikyn_,  you have the first line of the script being the proper #!/bin/whate4ver/tcl line ?01:00
emetAll Florida Ubuntu users, there is a meeting going on in #ubuntu-us-fl01:00
wolithe_squircle, do you happen to have the dell xps m1530?01:00
dr_willisikyn_,  and you have it  chmod'ed to be executable?01:01
the_squirclewoli: MacBook Pro. but i've worked with the XPS.01:01
ikyn_dr_willis: I don't know about the chmod - what would be the command for that?01:01
bastid_raZorLaderius; the_squircle first in cli do .. touch isomount then copy past the contents and chmod 700 isomount then sudo mv isomount /usr/local/bin   http://pastebin.com/f7345d68d01:01
alex-82cool, ok so it looks like I uninstalled gnome-panel. Now I'm looking at some of the alternative panels out there. Need something light with a task list.01:01
dr_willisikyn_,  chmod +x whatever01:01
ikyn_dr_willis: Thanks!01:01
the_squircleThanks bastid_raZor01:01
sandeepIs anyone in toronto?01:01
the_squirclesandeep: I'm in Toronto01:02
mosnocan anyone comment on beagle vs tracker?01:02
bastid_raZorthe_squircle; the script has a little bit of error handling in it so if you do something wrong it will tell you what you're doing wrong.. basically it needs to be run sudo isomount file.iso and it mounts it01:02
rebel_kidis there a quick way to turn gnome on and off? not just flip to CLI but completely turn it off01:02
sandeepHow do you like ubuntu?01:02
the_squirclebastid_raZor: sounds easy enough... but scripts are always nice.01:02
Laderiusbastid_raZor: excuse the noob question but what is cli?01:03
the_squirclesandeep: I used to use OpenSUSE, and I have to say that I like Ubuntu a lot more in many aspects.01:03
sandeepcli is command line interface, like a dos window.01:03
bastid_raZorLaderius; do those commands in a terminal ;) cli is command line input  meaning to do those things in a terminal01:03
Laderiusahh ok01:03
fuxxyrebel_kid, check  out 'runlevels'01:03
the_squircleGuest88728: I can't find anything about php-zero-ice01:03
sandeepI see, I have just recetly acuired an interest in ubuntu, I must say I am quite impressed.01:04
usr13sandeep: As well you should be!  :)01:04
ikyn_dr_willis: if the name of the script is xx.tcl, and it's in my /home/ikyn folder, what would the first line be if I'm running Kubuntu 18.10?01:04
rebel_kidfuxxy, is it in man?01:04
bastid_raZorthe_squircle; Laderius if you notice this script uses /media/iso so that it will appear on the desktop when thinks are mounted. it makes it much easier to find if you prefer using the mouse over a keyboard.01:04
the_squirclesandeep: Welcome to the community!01:04
faileas18.10? ;)01:04
Man23BRsThi people, anyone has some information about bluetooth on ubuntu intrepid? my mobile doesn't sync with de notebook to transfer files. I have read that the bluez protocol stack have been modifyed and has a bug.01:05
the_squircle!hello | Wintre01:05
ubottuWintre: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!01:05
sandeepCorrect, ANY SPECIAL SOFTWARE YOU USE?01:05
WintreIs there some graphical tool for editing UXTerm*charClass in Ubuntu 8.10?01:05
dr_willisikyn_,  scripting basics.. the first like is the path to the executable that runs the script..   ie: a bash script is #!/bin/bash    perl would be #!/bin/perl   and so on01:05
Laderiusbastid_raZor: yesh, when i type in terminal 'touch mount' nothing happends is that right?01:05
the_squircleMan23BRsT: I am using bluetooth fine01:05
Guest88728the_squircle: It just a .so file (php-extension) in the php-folder. I will copy the 32-bit version, install the 64-bit pakage and backup the 32-bit file ;) Thank you anyway01:05
usr13sandeep: Lots01:05
the_squircle!caps | sandeep01:05
ubottusandeep: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.01:05
Laderiusbastid_raZor: or is it sudo touch mount01:05
ikyn_dr_willis: I'm a scripting newbie - thanks again!01:05
the_squircleGuest88728: If it's just a .so, you can install both01:05
dr_willisikyn_,  you may want to go read some tcl tutorials then.01:05
Laderiusbastid_raZor: sorry i meant isomount01:06
sandeepiI'm so sorry.01:06
WintreI just updated .Xresources, but I wonder if there's an easier way to do that01:06
the_squirclesandeep: just network security tools and Java IDEs. (Why someone in Toronto?)01:06
bastid_raZorLaderius; you are correct touch isomount works. in cli if you do something correctly you get no output if you mess up you then get errors.01:06
sandeepnetwork secrrity is fascinating for me too. What;s your email?01:06
bastid_raZorLaderius; now open isomount with a text editor and c/p the script01:06
Laderiusbastid_raZor: good to know, its my first week with linux and im trying to learn everything i can01:07
the_squirclesandeep: Sorry... I don't give that out.01:07
toddloAnyone know anything about Dell notebooks and sound problems in 8.10?01:07
ritohow hard is it to install a home server stuff...using CLI...01:07
ritoWintre, hi there there :)01:07
ritoWintre, no idea, sorry01:07
ritohow hard is it to install a home server stuff...using CLI...01:07
FloodBot1rito: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:07
ritoWintre, I am a worker here,....please dont cause trouble ok : )01:07
sandeepmay I give you mine?01:07
bastid_raZorLaderius; it takes a bit to learn, just stay positive and you'll be fine01:07
jribrito: stop01:07
Wintre"please dont cause trouble ok"?01:07
usr13ikyn_: I'll bet you'll find this site interesting:  http://www.intuitive.com/wicked/wicked-cool-shell-script-library.shtml01:07
Laderiusbastid_raZor: after i sudo touch isomount where will i find the file to open?01:07
geniirito: sudo apt-get update&& sudo apt-get install tasksel && sudo tasksel            ...select LAMP install01:08
the_squirclesandeep: If you want a good way to get in touch with me, i'm usually on Freenode in one channel or another.01:08
Laderiusbastid_raZor: or do i gedit touch isomount01:08
bonhofferOK. so installed OOo 3 -- but xlsx still has the filter selection window -- any thoughts?01:08
sandeepI will try it out , thanks.01:08
bastid_raZorLaderius; you don't need to use sudo but that is okay.. you'll need to edit it with root permissions. which did you use sudo or just touch isomount?01:08
the_squirclebonhoffer: did you install the extra package?01:09
ikyn_dr_willis: it was the chmod +x problem, nothing in the script. Thanks again :)01:09
cachedHow do I find which program is hogging up alsa?01:09
Laderiusbastid_raZor: i used both expecting an output01:09
renderohello, is it necessary reboot after doing a modprobe ?01:09
the_squirclebonhoffer: odf-converter01:09
bastid_raZorLaderius; type ls -al isomount and tell me what it says.01:09
the_squirclerendero: nope01:09
sinboxhow can I tell netstat to return result for a specific  port/range?01:09
tiyowanhi folks.01:10
dr_willissinbox,  you have checked the netstat man pages?01:10
Laderiusbastid_raZor: -rwx------ 1 k4rm4 k4rm4 0 2009-01-06 18:07 isomount01:10
the_squircle!hello | tiyowan01:10
ubottutiyowan: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!01:10
Laderiusbastid_raZor: isomount is green01:10
sinboxdr_willis, nope only netstat --help01:10
bastid_raZorLaderius; okay, you can edit it with gedit isomount .. you don't need to worry about chmod'ing the file after you c/p the script just move it with sudo mv isomount /usr/local/bin01:10
the_squirclebastid_raZor: Just a general question not related to this... does a folder have to have any specific permissions to be mounted to?01:11
bonhofferthe_squircle, round two -- i thought OOo could do it01:11
urchini m selling a hp e-pc do you went to by it sinbox?01:11
jribWintre: yes?01:12
WintreWho is this rito individual?01:12
Wintre*rito*> What do you mean "don't cause trouble"?01:12
Wintre*rito* intresting.01:12
Wintre*rito* You came here to cause trouble. This is a support room.01:12
the_squirclebonhoffer: OOo can do it.. with that extra package ;)01:12
bastid_raZorthe_squircle; it needs to be executable and readable01:12
jribWintre: I don't know.  I assumed bot, but he stopped01:12
the_squirclebastid_raZor: 555?01:12
bastid_raZorthe_squircle; 777 for just a folder for mounting things01:12
sinboxurchin, wot?  short answer = no, I don't buy computing equipment  ;-)01:13
WintreImagine. Yet another moron on IRC.01:13
the_squirclebastid_raZor: What will mount do if there are files in the folder you're trying to mount to? (I'm assuming fail)01:13
Laderiusbastid_raZor: okay, did that now how do i confirm it works01:13
the_squircleWintre: :O morons on IRC? WHAT?01:13
bastid_raZorthe_squircle; you really shouldn't mount it that way. use an empty folder01:13
overridexanyone here set up the buttons of a bluetooth headset to execute commands on ubuntu 8.10?  I have the audio part working, just not sure what I should be looking at as far as setting up the buttons01:13
bastid_raZorLaderius; have you moved the file?01:14
the_squirclebastid_raZor: don't worry... I wasn't planning to. Thanks a bunch!01:14
Laderiusbastid_raZor: sudo mv isomount /usr/local/bin01:14
Laderiusbastid_raZor: yep01:14
kuyaba-tokis it possible to have windows and ubuntu in one partition?01:14
jribkuyaba-tok: wubi01:15
the_squirclebastid_raZor: will isomount only mount isos, or will it do bin/cue/nrg too?01:15
bastid_raZorLaderius; okay, now sudo isomount /path/to/file.iso and it will mount or give errors01:15
jribkuyaba-tok: or virtualization I guess01:15
SherlawkDragoncan anyone tell me a good Windows Emulator for Ubuntu?01:15
overridexSherlawkDragon: virtualbox01:15
wash-hastedi use Sun XVM virtual box01:15
SherlawkDragonrndmtngnt> Wine kinda... doesn't work01:15
SherlawkDragon(and yes, that's the best explaination I can give...)01:16
bastid_raZorthe_squircle; i've never attempted to use it to mount anything other than an iso.. feel free to let me know if it works01:16
jribSherlawkDragon: what do you want to use it for?01:16
SherlawkDragonoverridex> will look01:16
the_squirclewill do.01:16
overridexSherlawkDragon: virtualbox is cool, as long as you're not trying to game in it01:16
Laderiusbastid_raZor: bah got errors, one sec01:16
SherlawkDragonI want to run VB apps and stuff01:17
Laderiusbastid_raZor: You must be root or an admin to use /usr/local/bin/isomount. and a string of notfounds01:17
PrivateRolfI'm looking for  someone who has a very basic (if not fresh) installation of Ubuntu with all repositories enabled to help me test a script. Does anyone meet the criteria?01:17
LaderiusPrivateRolf i have a fresh install01:17
bastid_raZorLaderius; use sudo ;)01:17
kuyaba-tokjrib: which one do you recommend?01:17
SherlawkDragonI have windows programs on my computer that I want to run (the Windows was Vista, and I downloaded that update that was corrupting Vista systems)01:17
PrivateRolfAlright, I will Private Message you in a minute, Laderius.01:17
GokulI'm having this issue where the netwrok manager on my Ubuntu 8.10 shows only the wireless network i'm connected to and does not display all the other available wireless connections01:18
jribkuyaba-tok: why do you want to have both on the same partition?01:18
Laderiusbastid_raZor: HA! amazing01:18
SherlawkDragonmostly I just need something that will run windows apps (that works better than Wine, which doesn't really work)01:18
kuyaba-tokjrib: i do not want to repartition my disk01:18
bastid_raZorLaderius; to mount you need sudo to unmount simply type isomount and it unmounts.01:18
Laderiusbastid_raZor: nice thanks alot01:18
Gokulanyone have any suggestions as to how I could fix it?01:18
overridexSherlawkDragon: virtualbox will work for you, though you do need a windows cd to install into it01:18
tiyowanPrivateRolf: I've got a month old install; what kind of script is it?01:18
gogereaversherlawkdragon well thers not mutch etter then wine other then using something like vmware or dule booting01:18
bastid_raZorLaderius; glad i could help. it shows the mounted iso on your desktop too.. that should help in locating it if you like gui apps beter.01:19
kuyaba-tokjrib: ill try wubi then, thx..01:19
SherlawkDragonsee, I HAVE Windows Vista, it came on here, but the OS corrupted itself01:19
jribkuyaba-tok: personally, I don't trust wubi.  I would install ubuntu and virtualize windows.  That should work fine as long as you don't need to play games on windows01:19
gogereaverSherlawkDragon sounds right01:19
SherlawkDragon(personally, I wouldn't have taken Vista)01:19
rndmtngnt_SherlawkDragon: which windows program you need to get to work?01:19
Barridushmmm, i can't enable desktop effects suddenly (don't know the cause01:19
SherlawkDragonA VB app01:20
Barridushow can i get an error code or message?01:20
Laderiusbastid_raZor: yeah its awesome thx01:20
PrivateRolfTiyowan: It's a sort of idea I have going. What this script will do will resolve dependencies for Transmission 1.42 source, build it with the options I've specified, then remove the source package and its extracted directory, and the development dependencies.01:20
wash-hastedsun xvm virtualbox runs every windows app i try and i use it to compile c++ code using dev c++01:20
ArrPirateI have my home directory on another partition and that's great for when I reinstall ubuntu or I want to try a different flavor of linux... but I don't like having to reinstall my favorite programs. Is there a way I can make it so that specific programs get installed when I reinstall ubuntu?01:20
gogereaverSherlawkDragon vb is one thing linux doesent play well with even with wine01:20
rndmtngnt_SherlawkDragon: .net?01:20
SherlawkDragonmaybe I just need the VB DLL for Wine..01:20
Barridusi'm just getting a graphical "desktop effects could not be loaded"01:20
GokulI'm having this issue where the netwrok manager on my Ubuntu 8.10 shows only the wireless network i'm connected to and does not display all the other available wireless connections01:20
SherlawkDragonno, just VB I think, let me see...01:20
Barridusis there a terminal command to enable it so i could see the specific error?01:20
kuyaba-tokjrib: well, i want some...01:21
gogereaverGokul its not supposed to01:21
the_squirclebastid_raZor: where is isomount available? it isn't in any default repos...01:21
valroscrap i screwed up ccsm, changed a keybinding and now instead of the mouse interacting with whatevers in the window it treats the whole window as the title bar, all i can do is move them around01:21
gogereaverGokul it should only list them in the network manager when you scan for new ones01:21
SherlawkDragonnevermind, I thought I had the source, but don't01:21
rndmtngnt_Im sure .net can be installed and run under wine but think you problems maybe be best asked in the wine or lookup the mono channels01:21
valrosi can access the terminal, can anyone help?01:21
jribvalros: use your keyboard to fix it in ccsm?01:21
bastid_raZorthe_squircle; my friend wrote it ..01:21
Gokulgogereaver: how do i scan for new ones then?01:22
tiyowanPrivateRolf: Neat. I'm curious as to what extra options are there that you need to compile the package with. pm me. Sounds interesting.01:22
the_squirclebastid_raZor: aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh01:22
valrosnavigation with the keyboard? tab arrows and enter?01:22
the_squirclebastid_raZor: i'll try everything and let you know how it goes.01:22
SherlawkDragonwhat's the Wine channel?01:22
sinbox!clone | ArrPirate,01:22
SherlawkDragon#Wine is blocks01:22
ubottuArrPirate,: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude --disable-columns --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate01:22
overridexSherlawkDragon: #winehq i think01:22
bastid_raZorthe_squircle; i'm always online so if i dont' respond feel free to pm me. i'm soon to leave for work, now.01:22
the_squirclesure :)01:23
valrosany way to rollback changes in ccsm?01:23
gogereaver Gokul KWifiManager  is one i knoe of01:23
=== freeflowcauvery is now known as masturbatingmonk
gogereaverthe one ubuntu has by defult just does it auto01:24
nbeeboanyone know if nokia n96 install cd works on ubuntu?01:24
=== masturbatingmonk is now known as freeflowcauvery
gogereaverbest one it can find01:24
Gokulgogereaver: it seems obvious that at any time, i'd like to switch from one wireless connection to another one. not having the list of available connections makes it fdifficult to do so01:24
gogereaverKWifiManager gives a list01:24
Gokuli'm using gnome and prefer not to install kwifimanager if i can avoid it01:25
=== Charitwo is now known as o_q
gogereaverisudo apt-get install wifi-radar01:25
IndyGunFreakGokul: easiest way I've found to do it, is wicd.. google it, it has an Ubuntu repository available.01:25
=== mn is now known as mn_away
Gokulsurely there's got to be some way of listing all the avilable wireless connections using the network-manager applet01:26
overridexGokul: left click on it01:26
gogereaverGokul wifi0radio is a nice gui01:26
IndyGunFreaki still like wicd better than all fo em01:26
gogereaverit will scan and even tell you if there open or not01:26
usr13 Gokul If you right click on the little network-manager up there, you will find the list. (I don't remember exactly, don't have my laptop running right now), but just fish around and you should find the list.  I'm pretty sure it is there.01:27
l337ingDisorderCan anyone help with printing? I used the ubuntu alternate installer to install a command-line-only Ubuntu. I'm trying to set up CUPS to print to a printer that is shared on a windows machine and it seems to configure properly with the .PPD file but once configured, it can't print... just says "Connecting to (hostname)"01:27
overridexno one here using a bluetooth device's input buttons?01:27
Gokulthat *IS* the problem. before i connect, it lists all of them but once i connect to one of them, the lists seems to dissapper after a few mins01:27
gogereaverGokul well its supposed to do that01:28
gogereaverGokul if you disconnect the list should come back01:28
nbeebohow mount n96?01:28
* dr_willis wonders what a n96 is01:28
usr13Gokul: Well, someone suggested kwifimanager, maybe you could just install that..?01:29
boot_loopanyone ever use CVS and know what it's for?01:29
gogereaveror wifi-radar01:29
jribboot_loop: yes, why?01:29
gogereaverthers a few apps that do that01:29
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ubottucvs is the Concurrent Versions System, the dominant open-source network-transparent version control system; it helps to manage releases and to control concurrent editing of source files among multiple authors. See: https://www.cvshome.org/01:29
usr13gogereaver:  Gokul Yes, I remember, that's the way it works.  It shows list of available APs only when you disconnect.01:30
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=== kayetanadmin is now known as something132
=== marsha is now known as mdg
something132hey i am having this sound problem01:31
something132can someone help me01:31
usr13Gokul: kismet01:31
the_squircle!anyone | something13201:31
ubottusomething132: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:31
Jack_Sparrowsomething132, We have asked you repeatedly to stop spamming us with enter hits.01:31
nbeebohow to mount n96?01:31
gogereaverheh dont make the ops angry01:32
usr13 Gokul Kismet is an 802.11 wireless network sniffer. See:  http://linux.softpedia.com/get/System/Networking/Kismet-327.shtml01:32
sinboxdr_willis, I have now read the netstat man pages and am (not so) glad to report that it has not answered my question unfortunately01:32
RaizeHi, quick question. How do I go about dropping down to the plain terminal prompt from X?01:33
something132my sound card is detected not playing any sound and i have had 2 people who could not solve it can someone help me with this01:33
usr13sinbox: What are you trying to do?01:33
jribRaize: why?01:33
RaizeNeed to install some nvidia drivers, the installer requires that X not be running01:33
something132NEED HELP01:34
jribRaize: use system -> administration -> hardware drivers01:34
jrib!nvidia > Raize01:34
ubottuRaize, please see my private message01:34
something132forgot caps lok on01:34
dr_willisRaize,  I do hope you have tried the Drivers in the repos first? and if those failed - tried the Envyng tool?01:34
mezquitaleSomethief, I suggest you go to the #alsa room, if nobody can help you there then your soundcard isnt supported, you will have to look for gnubien or wishie01:34
dude7064in Ubutntu how can I do administrative tasks with the GUI ?? for example editing restricted files ??? I know in command it can be done with sudo,, what bout the gui ??01:34
Jack_SparrowRaize,  clt-alt-f2, login. run  sudo invoke-rc.d gdm stop. do your nivida stuff, using sudo. sudo invoke-rc.d gdm start to restart X . ctl-alt-f7 to get back to gui, if needed01:35
usr13something132: Might be useful info here:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=31438301:35
mezquitalesomething132, , I suggest you go to the #alsa room, if nobody can help you there then your soundcard isnt supported, you will have to look for gnubien or wishie01:35
sinboxusr13 just trying to get netstat to return result for all the connection to a single local port, but it is not anything urgent anymore now01:35
dr_willisand hope the nvidia drivers from nvidia.com work :)01:35
overridexdude7064: gksudo gedit <filename> would do it01:35
RaizeLets see if the first idea works real quick, brb01:35
=== rachel is now known as Guest89870
usr13 sinbox netstat -aptn01:37
usr13netstat -aptn01:37
usr13netstat -aptn01:37
FloodBot1usr13: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:37
nbeebohow to mount my nokia n96 in ubuntu?01:37
usr13sinbox netstat -aptn will tell you open ports and what program has them open.01:37
colton_is there a cshapr channel?01:39
justizindoes anyone know of a good tutorial on setting up a 32-bit build environment in an amd64 system?  howabout lpia?01:39
ubottuhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot use this to build 32 bit environments on a 64 bit box01:39
sp0wnnbeebo - I don't know anything about the nokia n96, but you may want to try typing "dmesg" from a shelll to see what shows up01:39
mavsman4457I can't get my laptop running ubuntu to detect my monitor, what can I do?01:39
* justizin has a feeling setting up lpia will be more like a cross-compiler, but yeesh, rebuilding kernel on the netbook takes 10+ hours! :-P01:39
usr13 sinbox netstat -tp  show network connections [-t=tcp -p=PID and name of the program01:39
justizinthanks Jack_Sparrow01:39
sp0wnnbeebo - you may also want to try lsusb to see what it says (again, from the command line)01:39
sp0wnthen google based on what you find01:40
sinboxthat is easier to read indeed usr13, next question (or actually the previous ne) was what would you use to kill one of those connection to the port in question but not the other ones/?01:40
nbeebosp0wn, thank you, ill try01:40
techsupportanyone here familiar with a service provider that lets you pay for a ubuntu server?01:40
sp0wnbest of luck :)01:41
techsupporti forgot what its called01:41
nbeebosp0wn, its found01:41
=== mn_away is now known as mn
nbeebosp0wn, Bus 003 Device 008: ID 0421:0039 Nokia Mobile Phones01:41
=== rebel_kid|zZzZ is now known as rebel_kid
altus-dominushey guys'01:41
sp0wnso maybe you need a module for it...01:41
ari_stressmorning all, beautiful day! :)01:41
overridextechsupport: like a virtual server or hardware?01:41
sp0wnthere might be a driver that you can download...01:41
sp0wntry lsusb as well, to see what you find01:42
usr13sinbox: Kill the application that is accepting the connection is the preferred method.  But if you want to block the port, you  can do that as well, but would need to use iptables command to do that.  The simplier method is to just stop the application.01:42
overridexwww.dyndns.com has virtual servers that run ubuntu01:42
techsupportoverridex, like a virtual server yeah , to pay for an entire box01:42
altus-dominusneed help.. just installed ubuntu 8.10 did all my updates and installed compiz-fusion, when I apply compiz i do not get any window borders i tried emerald --replace nothing happens.. can anybody please help out01:42
techsupportoverridex, virtual box that is01:42
overridextechsupport: yeah, depends what you need i guess - the virtuals are dyndns.com are on pretty high end hardware on really fast connections01:43
spreeI want to rescan by USB bus. All my USB devices suddenly stopped working and i want to "reset" it01:43
spreei don't want to reboot01:43
sp0wnnbeebo, maybe try the instructions here http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/discussions/board/message?board.id=connectivity&message.id=18974 - they seem to be on the right path01:43
sinboxOK thanks usr13 but the app is a streaming audio server, I just needed to kill one connection, I'll go and read more on iptables as firestarter wouldn't let me do it01:44
gogereaverspree just disconnect evrything01:44
gogereaverspree should reset it01:44
usr13sinbox: To kill the application, simply use: kill <pid#here>01:44
nbeebosp0wn, thank you very much01:44
erosswhen using FTP, how do I use SITE NOSTRIP01:44
sp0wnur welcome, good luck01:44
gogereavernbeebo lol did you get sound workin01:45
techsupportoverridex, thanx, i mean VPS , do you know of any other provider cheaper than dyndns.com ?01:45
nbeebogogereaver, nooope..01:45
Dexican anyone help me with resizing my current partiton?01:45
usr13sinbox: firestarter should block the port for you.  (But that is all firestarter will do, is block the port.)01:45
gogereavernbeebo its soooo easy01:45
nbeeboDexi, if ur in it, not possible01:45
sinboxcan't kill the app usr13 or all the connection get lost, I just had one rogue sourece connected and couldn't contact the [deleted expletive] person who had left it running streaming silence01:45
linxeheross: try "quote site nostrip"01:45
sp0wnnokia much more important than sound =P01:45
Dexinbeebo, but i couldnt resize it from SuSE install without formatting... :(01:45
gogereavernbeebo just go to capture in the voulm manger01:45
usr13sinbox: You can specify port number (in firestarter).01:45
gogereavernbeebo and unmute the speaker icon01:45
overridextechsupport: i knew someone who used a cheaper one... trying to remember the name of it01:45
Dexido i need to do it from bios?01:46
sp0wngogereaver - I had that same issue on a Asus 900A Eee PC01:46
gogereaversp0wn yesterday he was trying to capture sound from the card01:46
gogereaversp0wn vs a mic01:46
anteayawhat is the bash command to display relevant system information?01:46
altus-dominusanyone please ?01:47
sp0wngogereaver - On the Eee you had to unmute the capture to get OUTPUT to work!01:47
dr_willisanteaya,  what info?01:47
gogereaversp0wn yep01:47
anteayadr_willis, system information for bug reporting, my os01:47
dr_willisanteaya,  not sure ther eis 1 command for that01:47
gogereaversp0wn ho wait01:47
gogereaversp0wn oh01:48
gogereaversp0wn that means recording from it might not work01:48
anteayadr_willis, I'm pretty sure there is, I've just forgotten it, thanks anyway01:48
EmericaI'd like to launch Xine via command line over ssh but it seems that Xine is looking at my session and cannot open the display, is there a way to load scripts or applications over ssh as if they were being run from the client machine itself? I'd prefer not to use a remote desktop. X11 forwarding has come up in my searches but everything after seems to forward to the remote machine or is remote desktop based.  Tanks for your time01:48
sp0wngogereaver - that's probably true01:48
overridextechsupport: sorry, i can't remember, and i'm not seeing anything familiar on google01:48
sp0wngogereaver - I haven't tried to use it for recording or video conference or anything01:48
AnneShirleyHow do I disable the drums at the login screen?01:49
jribEmerica: just set the DISPLAY environment variable appropriately01:49
overridexanyone use a bluetooth headset and have the button mapped to do something?01:49
sp0wngogereaver - but I suspect that you're right, the module isn't mapping the interfaces correctly01:49
nbeebogogereaver, this is my current settings.. http://data.fuskbugg.se/skalman01/-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Screenshot.png01:49
jribAnneShirley: system -> administration -> login window -> accessibility01:49
DexiAnneShirley: system>preferences>sound01:49
Dexior that01:49
EmericaJrib: Ive tried, fglrxinfo on the main machine is :0.001:49
Dexii mean session preferences lol01:49
AnneShirleyOk. Thanks!01:49
jribnbeebo: please don't do that01:49
AnneShirleyI'm about to install Ubuntu. Should I get 8.04 LTS or 8.10?01:50
syncxwhat could be the error with this - virtual memory exhausted: Cannot allocate memory01:50
syncxmake[1]: *** [bg.o] Error 101:50
Dexihands down01:50
gogereavernbeebo in the device drop down menu you would be able to slect capture01:50
gogereavernbeebo thats what you wanna unmute should be a speaker icon01:50
AnneShirleyIt's alot better, huh?01:50
DexiAnneShirley: in System>Preferences>Sessions theres a "Gnome Login Sound" checkbox, thats what i meant01:50
josher4AnneShirley: 8.10. It is WAY better...01:50
Dexiyes it is a lot better :)01:50
sp0wnnbeebo - you're looking at the Volume Manager or what not... for the hard drive... try the speaker icon01:50
jribAnneShirley: LTS means you only need to upgrade every 3 years instead of every 18 months.  If that's not an issue for you, then go with 8.1001:50
* overridex wonders why his "PC Speaker" shows up under /proc/bus/input/devices01:51
gogereaversp0wn thast the manager he whants01:51
AnneShirleyOk. I'll shoot for 8.1001:51
gogereaversp0wn you can enabkle sound capture from there01:51
syncxany one to help?01:51
sp0wngogereaver oh yeah?  that's weird, then01:51
nbeebojrib, i cant link? ???01:51
AnneShirleySome people say that 8.04 is more reliable. Is that true?01:51
syncxvirtual memory exhausted: Cannot allocate memory01:51
syncx[08:51] <syncx> make[1]: *** [bg.o] Error 101:51
syncxwhat should i do with that error?01:51
nbeebogogereaver, that is done isnt it..01:51
jribnbeebo: link to sane URLs01:52
DexiAnneShirley: i dont think its reliable at all01:52
gogereaversp0wn not relly switching from a mic to soundcard is always a bit tricky01:52
gogereavernbeebo i ment01:52
nbeebojrib, im not breaking any rules so please dont go off topic01:52
mavsman4457I can't get my external monitor to work with my laptop, what can I do?01:52
AnneShirleyOk. I'm with everyone else. I'm going to install 8.10.01:52
josher4AnneShirley: Go with 8.10, it is more reliable.01:52
nbeebosp0wn, when u click on the speaker icon that is what shows01:52
jribnbeebo: just don't create a url like that next time.  There's no need to spam the channel with a hundred '-'01:53
gogereavernbeebo in device manager on that windows01:53
gogereavernbeebo switch the device to capture01:53
gogereavernbeebo it should say like hda capture01:53
martin__hey guys01:53
nbeebojrib, i didnt make that, filename was maybe 15 signs01:53
jribnbeebo: you're missing the point01:54
nbeebogogereaver, ok ill try01:54
sp0wnmavsman4456 - if you have an nvidia card, try "sudo apt-get install nvidia-xconfig" from a shell (command prompt)01:54
AnneShirleyjosher4: Hello.01:54
josher4AnneShirley: Lmao, I was saying it to martin but Hello!01:54
sp0wnmavsman4456 then click on System | Administration | NVidia X Configuration Manager01:54
gogereavernbeebo from there you can switch the recording input i did this myself yesterday01:54
AnneShirleyjosher4: How are you doing?01:55
gogereavernbeebo you should only see 2 icons your speaker and mic01:55
josher4AnneShirley: Well, and you?01:55
AnneShirleyAnd doing fine, thank you!01:55
josher4AnneShirley: That is good01:55
eriscohow do I share an Internet connection on Ubuntu?01:55
nbeebogogereaver, theres 2 options one is ALSA PCM other is monitor source, rest is the same, capture etc01:56
nbeebogogereaver, i cant use sound yet no speakers, so i cant test01:56
eriscoI am connected to a wireless network that provides me with Internet, and I am connected to a wired network that I want to provide Internet to. how can I accomplish this in 8.10?01:56
EmericaJrib: solved.01:56
AnneShirleyjosher4: Are you a Ubuntu expert?01:56
dr_willis!ics | erisco01:57
ubottuerisco: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php01:57
gogereavernbeebo looks like its your option window on your setup01:57
gogereavernbeebo inout source01:57
gogereavernbeebo input01:57
eriscodr_willis, thanks01:57
josher4AnneShirley: Lol. no. I'm just getting started. Windows and Mac expert though. Linux: Not so much01:57
savvasAnneShirley: ask your question, someone will probably know the answer01:57
josher4AnneShirley: Though I have read up on it01:57
AnneShirleysavvas: I have no problem.01:58
nbeebogogereaver,  there is 2 of those 'input source" , both with the options - mic, front mic, line and cd01:58
savvasAnneShirley: then... why do you want an ubuntu expert? :)01:58
josher4savvas: She is just wondering...01:58
AnneShirleyjosher4: I'm getting started on Ubuntu. Have experience on Fedora and openSUSE.01:58
savvasah, kinky :p01:58
AnneShirleysavvas: I just wanted to know.01:58
gogereavernbeebo then it looks right01:58
josher4AnneShirley: Some on Fedora01:58
nbeebothis isnt a dating channel all..01:58
savvasno offense, AnneShirley :) Welcome aboard!01:59
nbeebogogereaver, hm ok, which should i choose?01:59
eseven73lol nbeebo01:59
gogereavernbeebo it should grab any sound01:59
AnneShirleysavvas: Thanks!01:59
martin__yall got the cube going?01:59
gogereavernbeebo mic with the speaker unmuted in recording looks correct01:59
AnneShirleyjosher4: I have experience on XP and Vista, and some OS X 10.301:59
josher4AnneShirley: Nice01:59
nbeebogogereaver, but which options with those input source stuff, line mic mic boost or cd? line?02:00
josher4AnneShirley: What made you come to Ubuntu?02:00
gogereavernbeebo just turn off the mic you dont whant it capturing both02:00
ubottuSome things are inappropriate for #ubuntu. Controversial topics, which often turn into flame wars: war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, questionably legal activities, suicide are not for here. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy)02:00
gogereavernbeebo it doesent relly matter02:00
jribjosher4, AnneShirley: please use #ubuntu-offtopic for chat, #ubuntu is dedicated for support02:00
eriscodr_willis, I have to do setup on the client as well?02:00
AnneShirleyjosher4: Looks like we're getting in trouble...02:00
nbeebogogereaver, but it doesnt work, tried with sound...02:00
gogereavernbeebo its a old trick with soundcards02:00
josher4jrib: So sorry. Wont happen again02:00
gogereavernbeebo humm maybe it just doesent support it02:01
dr_williserisco,   not messed with that in ages.. i dont recall much setup needed on the client end..  Perhaps set the gateway/dns to be the ics server..02:01
gogereavernbeebo i have a capture option in alisa02:01
nbeebogogereaver, NooooooOoOoo.... maybe do it in another way, within the system not the soundcard02:01
eriscodr_willis, I have zero ability to setup anything on the client. its DHCP or nothing02:01
nbeebogogereaver, alsa* just so u wont type that again..02:01
lomezhi, i just installed ubuntu on a new laptop, i have it installed on my desktop as well02:02
dr_williserisco,  no idea then.  of course you could set up a dhcp server :)02:02
gogereavernbeebo that lets me switch  my input fro my mic to master/pcm02:02
nbeebogogereaver, ok02:02
* overridex dances02:02
lomezhi, i just installed ubuntu on a new laptop, i have it installed on my desktop as well02:02
lomezwhen i plug in an external hd, it displays thi02:02
eriscodr_willis, is this easier with firestarter?02:02
eseven73!enter | lomez02:02
ubottulomez: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:02
eriscodr_willis, I tried firestarter in the past but it completely screwed up iptables and I couldn't connect to anything anymore02:02
dr_williserisco,  no idea.  firestarter does the exact same 'commands' it just has a gui to them..02:02
lomezsorry eseven7302:03
eriscodr_willis, and I couldn't find anyway to set iptables back to the default02:03
gogereavernbeebo im a acer one fan lol not  eepc02:03
dr_williserisco,  'sudo iptables --flush' i recall. :)02:03
nbeebogogereaver, uhm ok lol02:03
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).02:03
eriscodr_willis, will this remove important things I need though?02:04
lomezit says bad fs, cannot mount02:04
jacobcreamwhy isnt Amarok working??02:04
lomezor badsuperblock02:04
gogereavernbeebo you could always run a cable from the sound card to line in its cheap and easy02:04
dr_williserisco,  it fluses out/removes all existing iptables rules that you have setup..   check iptables docs/guides to see how it works..02:04
jacobcreamevery time i try to play some music : it says "Audio output unavialble the device is busy"02:04
lomezeven when i type sudo mount /dev/sdc1, it doesnt work02:04
sztomiis there a deb package for QGtkStyle?02:05
gogereavernbeebo all you need is a pice of 4m audio cable and a ipod head phone spliter02:05
dr_willislomez,  you may want to give a full proper mount command with all needed options.02:05
gogereavernbeebo so you dont need to kep removing it02:05
eriscodr_willis, firestarter is freezing on me02:06
eriscodr_willis, whenever I try to select a list of devices it freezes for a few seconds02:06
lomez dr_willis thanks, i just want the external hd to automatically mount wheni plug it in, it does that on my desktop ubuntu install02:06
dr_williserisco,  i never use firestarter.. so no idea. could be its doing some scanning/work02:06
=== Quagmire is now known as QuagmireisUbuntu
ZemusHey everyone. :) I realize this is a little off topic, but could anyone recommend an open source alternative to Ghost, for drive imaging? I will award internets. ^.^02:06
eriscodr_willis, it is running very very slow02:06
savvasZemus: have you tried www.osalt.com ?02:07
dr_willislomez,    check output of 'dmesg' command befor/after you plug it in and look for error messages.. Mount it manually with the proper options if needed..02:07
=== QuagmireisUbuntu is now known as QuagisIgnorant
Zemussavvas: no, I'll check it out. Do you have experience with it?02:07
lomezdr_willis, can you explain those proper  options02:07
lomezim kind of an ubuntu noob, so i dont really understand. it just works on my other ubuntu install, but im willing to do any kind of work to get it going her02:08
savvasZemus: it's a site that proposes alternatives to windows/closed-source applications :)02:08
dr_willislomez,  theres tons of guides on mounting drives inder linux. basics - 'sudo mount /dev/DEVICENAME /media/mountpoint  -o OPTIONS THAT DEPEND ON YOUR FILESYSTEM02:08
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QTParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap02:08
ZemusOh, heh, I see that. Thanks, savvas, I'll check it out. :)02:09
nbeebogogereaver, hmm back.. yeah maybe i should, but what u mean with the ipod part?02:09
nbeebogogereaver,  oh now i see02:09
savvasZemus: the application clonezilla http://clonezilla.org/ has been suggested a few times by others. maybe give it a try02:09
lomezdamnit new keyboard, sorry, its not partitioning a new install though02:09
nbeebogogereaver, i think i have one, or i can buy one at computer store02:09
=== ryanCH is now known as MoonshineBear
gogereavernbeebo yea cuple bucks at walmart02:09
gogereavernbeebo for both parts02:10
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gogereavernbeebo just run the 4mm cable from the soundcards output to line in02:10
jhalsteadI have a 28GB tar file.  it's so large Archive Manager seams to be hanging.  I'd like to open it in terminal or something to delete the biggest file.02:10
gogereavernbeebo the splitter lets you conect your speakers to02:10
nbeebogogereaver, pretty expensive to pay 1000 dollars for a trip to walmart.. lol02:10
gogereavernbeebo well any store02:11
Zemussavvas: thanks02:11
nbeebogogereaver, yeah i know, im logical thinker...02:11
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nbeebogogereaver, ok thanks and buy all try that tomorrow02:11
gogereavernbeebo yea then line in is capturing all sound output02:12
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gogereavernbeebo old tv cards used this trick02:12
ZemusWhoa, savvas, clonezilla looks fantastic, thanks very much! :)02:12
nbeebogogereaver, k ill try right away then.. lol02:12
mikkrMy VPS isn't booting properly after upgrade. Here's the log message from syslog http://pastie.org/354342 .02:13
gogereavernbeebo heh just rember splitter first lol02:13
mikkrseems to be something with dbus02:13
gogereavernbeebo on the output02:13
phrostbiteIs there a myspace only im client that works with ubuntu?02:13
erossdoes anyone have a cintiq and using it on ubuntu?02:13
Ademanwhy would you want myspace only?...02:14
cachedCan someone help me set up sound?02:14
phrostbiteI don't know because its the only one i use maybe? Actually I am more curious then anything.02:14
Vigohrostbite: boards syas Pidgeon does02:15
myk_robinson'sup, everyone02:15
phrostbiteI know but it doesnt seem to want to show all of the people on my myspace that have myspace im02:15
myk_robinsonWondering if anyone here has any advice for improving USB transfer rate in Intrepid.02:15
gogereavernbeebo heh sometimes if you cant get softwhere to do it thers always a way to get the hardware to02:15
myk_robinsonI get roughly 2-3MB/sec, and that is not even stable02:15
phrostbiteone of my friends is online right now and has myspace im open and it doesnt she they are online and it doesnt show me online.02:16
joejchow do i convert a .tivo in ubuntu?02:16
gogereaverjoejc throw it out and use myth tv02:16
Vigophrostbite: it is not an official site, but someone did it, http://www.ubuntu-unleashed.com/2007/09/setup-myspace-im-with-pidgin.html02:17
myk_robinsonphrostbite: i came in late, what IM client are you using?02:17
phrostbiteI downloaded kopete but that does not have myspace im02:17
phrostbiteThanks vigo for the link and myk I am using pidgeon02:17
Vigophrostbite: looks like Pidgin can handle it02:17
boxif im hosting a site with ubuntu and i created a index.html on another machine would i upload it to /etc/httpd ? or where02:17
nbeebogogereaver, yep.. but really everything is technical.. even atoms o_O02:18
eseven73phrostbite: you can press tab after typing like 'myk' then it fills in the entire name for you :)02:18
phrostbiteYeah it can. Maybe I need to troubleshoot as to why its not picking up my friend who is logged in.02:18
phrostbiteoh thanks eseven73 :)02:18
myk_robinsonbox: it can be in several places.. For example, i host sql-ledger for my business on one of my machines, and the location is /usr/local/sql-ledger02:18
phrostbiteI am still really knew it not only irc but ubuntu in general.02:18
joejcis there any way to convert a .tivo file in ubuntu?02:19
myk_robinsonbox: i believe the locatin of sites gets defined in a file in apache, i think its httpd.conf02:19
Vigophrostbite: as I stated that link is not official Ubuntu, but there are some on the Forums also02:19
* Dam-man Laba ryta.02:19
gogereavernbeebo better off just using cds thow being it will recored all that way even game sounds02:19
phrostbiteVigo, thank you for the link I am reading it right now.02:20
usr13joejc: This looks interesting:  https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/script-to-automatically-convert-video-files-using-ffmpeg-610874/02:20
CircsHowdy, I can't get wifi working on my mini 9, dell is being little/no help. could some help if possible?02:20
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:20
usr13Circs: What wifi card is in it?02:21
usr13Circs: What does lspci say about it?02:21
cachedwhy isn't pulseaudio dying when I kill it?02:21
gogereavernbeebo if just using cd playback it wil only steam the music on the disk02:21
myk_robinsonCircs: please pastebin the results of    sudo lshw -C network02:22
Circsusr13: Broadcom BCM4310 USB controller rev 0102:22
nbeebogogereaver, yeah for now, but since ive seen live screencast as if the webcamera took it  but it wasnt, and each program uses a different port for sound so tou speak, so if i find a super leet haxxor i think its possible.. lol02:22
nbeebogogereaver, different sound port*02:22
myk_robinsonCircs: are you on it now? are you able to get an Ethernet connection?02:22
Circsmyk_robinson: yes it gets a wired connection02:22
gogereavernbeebo with the line in lead setup i said any output on your pc can be recorded02:22
myk_robinsonif so, have all updates been run? What does the restricted driver manager say about it?02:23
gogereavernbeebo no hacks nedded02:23
techsupportmaybe can anyone recommend me a VPS service provider in U.S. East ?02:23
phrostbiteI don't know if this is an ubuntu question but we recently got verizon internet and on there computer they have a shared folder. Well is there a way to have that folder so i can access it from my laptop and put stuff into the shared folder?02:23
gogereavernbeebo dont knoe why your softwhere doesent have that option02:23
nbeebogogereaver, yeah... .. but trying to broadcast internet radio through a game.. but maybe u can do that with mounting a directory/folder as a cd...02:23
joejchow do i make a script?02:24
usr13Circs: You sure it's not working?02:24
Circsmyk_robinson: can't do that atm, but i can tell you what i see02:24
Circsusr13: yes02:24
myk_robinsonCircs: nevermind about the lshw, you already provided the chipset. Have you run all updates?02:24
Circsmyk_robinson: yes02:24
myk_robinsonthat chipset should pull a driver through the restricted driver manager.. Hang on a sec.02:25
gogereavernbeebo acully that would  mean you need brodcastong softwhere that supports mp3 playback02:25
usr13core2troll: See:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=18517402:25
myk_robinsonCircs: its quite a read, but here is a 24 page thread on the topic:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=963978&highlight=broadcom+431002:25
myk_robinsonI will browse it and see what I can scope out02:25
PrivateRolfDoes anyone know how to get GPGs for Launchpad?02:25
gogereavernbeebo i only knoe how to do that with shoutcast and some winamp plugins02:25
Circsmyk_robinson: it has 8.04 though02:26
Serachtanyone tried running office 2007 with WINE?02:26
myk_robinsonoh. I had that same chipset on a laptop running 8.04 too, had to jump through some hoops, but documented it02:26
nbeebogogereaver, hmm yeah.. but ill take that later on02:26
PrivateRolfSearacht: No, but if you buy Crossover, some of the profit goes to developing WINE, as it is a WINE port.02:26
gogereavernbeebo never did it in linux but i bet icecash can do it02:26
myk_robinsonCircs: i wil look for the doc i made, i got to where I could get it working in three minutes from a clean install.. be right back02:26
PrivateRolfAnd Office 2007 has official, commercial support by Codeweavers.02:26
Vigophrostbite: seems so, your choice what program to use, is very possible though, let me look around at the MANs here.02:27
Circsmyk_robinson: You are a HERO02:27
myk_robinsonCircs: dont count your chickens before they're hatched :)02:27
phrostbiteOk sweet thanks, vigo.02:27
Circsmyk_robinson: Lol02:27
cameron_i cannot get my joypad to work02:27
usr13Circs: Forget that URL I sent.... too old02:27
cameron_the directional pad on the joystick moves the mouse to each corner02:27
Serachtalso is the intel x3100 still black listed in compwiz?02:27
cameron_trying to play snes9x with a joypad02:27
Jack_Sparrowcameron_, HAve you looked to see if it is in the supported hardware list02:27
Circsmyk_robinson: BRB getting internet toot he mini 902:28
csanai dont know where else to ask,does anyone know of a channel where people help with networking?i02:28
inntegrahi guys good nite to u all again with my problem02:28
myk_robinsonCircs: check this, carefully follow the directions, and pay particular attention the part regarding the Hardy bug fix   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx/Feisty_No-Fluff02:28
cameron_i have used it with snes9x before, its a gravvis gamepad pro which is a kernel module, but kde4 is taking focus of it it seems02:28
inntegrai have no sound i have installed xubuntu 8.10 and my audio is: lspci | grep udio02:28
inntegra00:14.2 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc IXP SB4x0 High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)02:28
inntegracan somebody help me on this pls???02:29
joejchow do i make a script?02:29
Vigophrostbite: looks like Wine or some Emu that would interface with it would work, WINE is for windows,, I saw on the forums that someone used ,,wait a sec,,,,02:29
jribjoejc: usually you open a text editor and start typing.  What kind of script?02:29
myk_robinsonCircs: I dont have my old doc, but I think i can skim this page and get you a Cliffs Notes-like version real quick02:29
Don_Miguel!patience | inntegra02:30
ubottuinntegra: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines02:30
joejcjrib, bash script i think02:30
phrostbiteI need to look up how to use wine. I noticed people talk about it alot.02:30
circsmyk_robinson: Sorry about that02:30
rww!wine | phrostbite02:31
ubottuphrostbite: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help02:31
csanai dont know where else to ask,does anyone know of a channel where people help with networking?i02:31
inntegrai dont know what do you mean with my atitude but i am asking in a proper way sorry if you felt offended02:31
gogereaver nbeebo icecast and darkice would give you what you need to stream live02:31
phrostbitethanks rww for the link I will look at it right now.02:31
rwwphrostbite: that should about cover the basics02:31
myk_robinsoncircs: I will have directions for you in just a few more minutes, typing it up02:31
circsmyk_robinson: I'm now on the mini 902:31
jribjoejc: well basically, you make the first line read "#!/bin/bash" and then enter commands line by line.  You don't seem that comfortable doing this.  Why do you want to?02:31
PrivateRolfAnyone know how to authorize launchpad PPAs?02:31
myk_robinsoncircs: the wifi is BCM4310 rev 01? The revision is VERY important02:31
titefuzzis this a help channel?02:31
titefuzzjust read topic02:32
circsmyk_robinson: It is, and now I can pastebin whatever you need02:32
Vigophrostbite: is a secure site, but yes, look like it can and has been done,,,02:32
Vigophrostbite: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2008-October/161147.html02:32
joejcjrib, i found a script in text formate and i want to use it02:32
titefuzzI am running wine and use a program that primarily uses the clipboard to grab copied data from a webpage.  Is there some fix for wine and the clipboard ?02:33
TriBeCa99anyone know how to copy ALL the data off a partition, including the entire OS, to another partition?02:33
ahklerner! audio drivers02:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about audio drivers02:33
myk_robinsoncircs: while I'm typing, please obtain the driver by typing this into a console          wget ftp://ftp.us.dell.com/network/R174291.exe02:33
TriBeCa99i'm told it can be done with a LiveCD, but I can't figure out how to do it with the Ubuntu LiveCD02:33
Barriduscan i make a script just by creating an empty file and putting commands in it?02:33
jribjoejc: be more specific.  What does the script do?  Running random scripts you find but do not understand is a great way to compromise your system02:33
gogereaverneebo http://www.gnuware.com/icecast/chap_09_04.html02:33
Vigophrostbite: on the forums says Samba,,,http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-150635.html02:33
mike_HI, Can anyone help me install STARCRAFT on my ubuntu system? I have the iso's only and dont even know where to being02:33
Barridusok cool, thank you02:34
jribBarridus: yes.  You should make the first line "#!/bin/bash" or whatever interpreter you want02:34
phrostbitevigo thats exactly what I needed. I appreciate it very much. You all that have done an excellent job helping me.02:34
Barridusok that's handy too02:34
Jack_Sparrow!games > mike_02:34
ubottumike_, please see my private message02:34
Barridusany particular character between commands?  or just enter02:34
Vigophrosbite: my pleasure02:34
Jack_Sparrowmike_, See also !appdb02:34
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP302:34
jribjoejc: just put the script somewhere, make it executable, and then execute it by providing its path02:34
ArrPirateis there a way to make it so a grub option has a password on it?02:35
joejcso what do i save it as?02:35
jribBarridus: just enter is fine.  You should check out the guides on tldp.org02:35
mike_i think i can get it, i just dont know which program i need to use to mount it...02:35
Barridusok i'll go there, thanks :D02:35
myk_robinsoncircs: be sure that from here on out you address me directly. I am not looking at pidgin at present, but if i'm directly addressed, I will hear it  thanks02:35
HectorThere are way too many users here.02:35
circsmyk_robinson: Not a problem02:36
Barridusi am quickly acquiring a vast array of useful bookmarks, you guys are great02:36
ArrPirateI have dual boot windows and ubuntu and I'd like to know if there's a way to make it so you have to put in a password to select the windows option in grub, if that's at all possible02:36
pwnedulongtimeanyone know how to remove orphaned gconf keys?02:36
VigoArrPirate: Grub is pass locked by default, then there are screen locks and stuff that can be atou activated or manually invoked02:37
myk_robinsoncircs: do you have the driver done yet?02:37
keelowwhat is the best ssh client for x windows02:37
myk_robinsoncircs: i'm almost done with the document for you02:38
CShadowRunUbuntu has ndiswrapper built in now, right?02:38
circsmyk_robinson: Yes it's done02:38
pwnedulongtimekeelow: ssh02:38
essialanyone here familiar with autotools02:38
myk_robinsoncircs: cool. Just need to modiy one part real quick to match the new driver file. Used to be a zip, i think i need to use cabextract to get the contents02:39
travis_hello guys how do i install this theme heres the link: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Silver?content=9637002:39
ArrPiratewhen I install something through Synaptic it often installs all the dependencies as well, but then I uninstall the main thing and at least some of the dependencies stay behind and I can't remember what file go to what... is there a solution for this that I'm missing?02:40
Dexican someone explain the ~/.file thing to me? what does the ~ represent?02:40
funkyHatArrPirate: use aptitude instead02:40
ZemusDexi: it's an abbreviation of the directory path that you're in.02:40
Jack_SparrowDexi, /home/$USER02:41
essialdEXI: ~ means home02:41
myk_robinsoncircs: you got pretty fast internet? I will need to sendspace you some files. Had to use Wine to get the data out of the file from Dell02:41
Dexiok so i have ~/.xchat2 but i cant find that folder in the file browser02:41
VigoAptitude is supported now?02:41
essialI have a problem with firefox starting in a restored (not maximized) state that fills the entire window, making it impossible to move -- this happens on a regular basis, anyone else have this problem?02:41
circsmyk_robinson: 5meg02:41
Jack_SparrowDexi, .means hidden02:41
essialDexi: press ctrl+h02:42
circsmyk_robinson: Also i followed this little bit here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx/Feisty_No-Fluff#Step%201:%20All%20BCM43xx%20-%20Install%20NDISWrapper%20and%20Blacklist%20Native%20Driver02:42
tritiumVigo:  it was never not supported02:42
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP302:42
eriscoI have my shared internet partially working. my client machine complains about DNS though. how do I configure this part?02:42
Dexioh jesus02:42
VigoOk, thank you02:42
Dexihaha ok so can i put that . in front of whatever i want without messing up anything?02:42
essialDexi: yes02:43
essial.whtaever doesn't hide it in general, but most graphical file browsers hide files/folders that start with .02:43
ChrisDavazRecording audio from my external microphone is incredibly faint (barely audible) no matter how high I set the sensitivity on the mixer.02:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about volume02:44
savvas !you-ask-too-much :p02:44
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:44
travis_hello guys how do i install this theme heres the link: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Silver?content=9637002:44
pwnedulongtimenever understood the logic behind hiding ~/. directories...since that's where the user configs live for most apps02:44
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP302:44
ArrPiratefunkyHat: Wow! Seems that does exactly what I wanted! However, the interface is kinda not my thing. Are there better GUI front ends?02:44
savvasArrPirate: for what?02:45
essialtravis_: in general you extract the tar, go to it in a console, and do: ./configure     make   then sudo make install02:45
essialbut check to make sure there isn't a .deb for it02:45
ArrPiratesavvas: aptitude02:45
travis_Essial it comes with a xml and lots of pictures02:45
ahklernerhey how do i get the volume control app02:45
savvasArrPirate: tried system > administration > synaptic or applications > add/remove... ?02:46
essialtravis_: try dragging the tar.gz to the apperances dialog02:46
Vigotravis: I think I saw that in Synaptic,,,maybe an apt-get or whatever?02:46
travis_essial: it says its not a valid the,e02:47
ArrPiratesavvas: It doesn't remove the dependencies sometimes02:47
myk_robinsoncircs: sorry , had a call from a roofer..02:47
myk_robinsoncircs: do yo uhave wine installed?02:47
essialah menu theme02:47
LaderiusWhen i minimize my windows they just dissappear how can i et em back?02:48
Laderiusthey dont stack on the taskbar02:48
circsmyk_robinson: No02:48
ZemusLaderius: no, they are gone forever02:48
travis_essial: what do i do02:48
LaderiusZemus, oh, how would i minimize and keep em02:48
myk_robinsoncircs: this will save me an upload.. Please run form console:   sudo aptitude install wine    or, do you have a Windows machine nearby?02:48
essialI think its for an app called GnoMenu, a seperate application from normal gnome02:48
travis_ Essial k hold02:49
travis_ill try02:49
essialagain not 100% sure though02:49
sagredoHi linux friends - how may I see the hard drives my machine has?02:49
lazyPowerAny linux skype users in here?02:49
VigoLaderius: Do you have a bottom taskbar or whatever is called?02:49
circsmyk_robinson: Installing wine atm02:50
savvasArrPirate: yeah, you can head to synaptic > lower right corner, Status > check "Installed (local or obsolete)" and " Not installed(residual config)"02:50
eriscoI have my shared internet partially working. my client machine complains about DNS though. how do I configure this part?02:50
leoechevarriasagredo: use the command 'fdisk -l' in root mode02:50
Laderiusvigo yep02:50
travis_It dont work02:50
leoechevarriahaya there02:50
Laderiusvigo when i minimise firefox it just dissappears02:50
eriscoright now I am using dhcp3 for DHCP. will this collide with dnsmasq?02:50
myk_robinsoncircs: when that is done, run    winecfg       then report back, please02:50
savvasArrPirate: sorry, lower left corner :)02:51
circsmyk_robinson: ok02:51
VigoRatso, I am on winders now or I could trouble shoot that with you,,,how many Virtual Desktops are running...or the lil fancy window witcher things?02:51
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travis_hello guys how do i install this theme heres the link: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Silver?content=9637002:52
myk_robinsonanyone: how do i initiate private chat?02:52
marcelopltHi guys, i needs helo to install Gkrelin on ubuntu02:52
myk_robinsonnvm, got it02:52
Jack_Sparrowmyk_robinson, /msg nick  but ask first02:52
Laderiusvigo any windows i minimise they diaappear02:52
marcelopltim very lammer02:52
ArrPiratesavvas: No, what that in fact does is tell me if there are uninstalled programs with residual config files still in my home directory02:53
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VigoLaderius: Maybe remove or replace the bottom tray. Then size it up the way you prefer.02:54
LaderiusVigo, could it be settings in compfuisn or w/e02:54
Serachthttp://ubuntuforums.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=98668&d=1231071844 -- in the screenshot here, what is the application docked to the right called?02:54
savvasArrPirate: residual config files are NOT for the ones in your home directory, but the residual config files in the /etc/ directory.02:55
sagredoOops. Okay, now that I've run fdisk -102:55
sagredoI see 3 different drives, how do I know which drive has which?02:55
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hobbes006hi guys, i am trying to learn how to start firefox from terminal without my terminal "freezing" with the firefox process. if i simply type "firefox" in gnome-terminal, firefox launches but my current terminal is frozen because it runs firefox processes. how do i launch firefox from terminal without my terminal freezing?02:56
VigoLaderius: Administrative> Themes ...I think,,or Preferances> whatchamacallit02:56
sagredohobbes006: might want to try firefox&exit02:56
graphite_Does anyone know anything about the new nvidia driver update 177.82?02:56
macvrhi all.... i need advice on REinstalling ubuntu 8.10...  i'm having some problems so i thought i'd reinstall it...i have a separate home and / partition , what things would change what would remain same?02:57
VigoLaderius: move them to the top!02:57
savvasArrPirate: if you're still looking for a fancy gtk gui for aptitude: http://algebraicthunk.net/~dburrows/blog/entry/aptitude-0.5.0-released/ - have fun compiling :)02:57
hobbes006sagredo: that works. nice :)02:57
cperrin88Hey, can someone tell me how to prevent my inboard soundcard from playing sond over my internal speaker AND my headset? The soundcard uses the snd_intel8x0 module02:57
sagredohobbes006: welcome :)02:57
Vigoladerius: that would sole that ,,,for now02:57
hobbes006o wait02:57
hobbes006but that shuts down my terminal :p02:58
sagredohobbes006: yeah :P02:58
hobbes006how do i do this and yet KEEP my terminal02:58
sagredohobbes006: I don't know any other way of doing it, maybe someone else does...02:58
eriscoI am having a hard time getting DNS working on an internal LAN02:58
jfkhey guys, I only have sound in some applications (not at all in firefox, but just fine in totem and rhythmbox)  pulseaudio is installed where should I start?02:58
eriscocan anyone assist me in diagnosing the problem? I am having a hard time getting DNS working on an internal LAN02:58
ArrPiratesavvas: I have no problem compiling02:58
Vigo! aptitude02:58
ubottuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. Like other APT front-ends, it can install/remove packages and their dependencies (on Dapper and earlier, however, only aptitude keeps track of unused dependencies). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptitudeSurvivalGuide02:58
ZemusArrPirate: that is an awesome screenname, my friend.02:58
DexiSeracht: that looks like it would be a widget, part of "The Widget Factory"... whatever that is02:59
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spencergot a question, how to toggle from totem-gstreamer to totem-xine?? gstreamer always mess up my hue... :(02:59
hobbes006figure it out :)02:59
ArrPirateZemus: Thanks. I like it because it makes people assume I'm male and I get less grief but this channel doesn't care about gender02:59
hobbes006firefox&exit -> terminal closes, firefox launches02:59
ZemusZOMG a womun u  wanna cyber beb lol02:59
travis_hello guys how do i install this theme heres the link: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Silver?content=9637003:00
hobbes006firefox&disown -> terminal stays, firefox launches03:00
ZemusArrPirate: Oh yes, and there's plenty more where that magic came from.03:00
ra21viin ubuntu cli only mode, how can I list all those services which are running03:00
jfkanybody feel like helping out with a sound problem?03:00
hobbes006 sagredo: firefox&disown works just the way i need it to :)03:00
ActionParsnipra21vi: ps -ef03:00
ubottuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org03:00
z28hobbes006: firefox &03:00
spencerwhat is the sound prob jfk?03:01
ra21viActionParsnip: that doesnt only print services, but all the programs03:01
jfkSigmatel 92xx digital output03:01
ra21viActionParsnip: I meant to say services which are defined in /etc/init.d/03:01
jfkhave sound in totem03:01
jfkand rhythmbox03:01
pwnedulongtimejfk: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound03:01
jfkbut not out of firefox, and master sound control does nothing03:01
android60I get a message whenever i first boot saying something about  "Your BIOS doesn't leave a aperture memory hole" / "This costs you 64 MB of RAM"03:01
savvasArrPirate: Take a look at http://packages.debian.org/experimental/aptitude - it might save you some time03:01
ra21viand how can I disable like PostGreSql to run automatically03:02
android60im on a laptop with 4gb using 64 bit ubuntu and video card is set to 256mb03:02
ra21viI can do that using sysv-rc-conf, but the system I need to operate doesnt has that installed03:02
techsupportdoes anyone know of VPS provider around virginia or in virginia ?03:02
rww!ot | techsupport03:03
ubottutechsupport: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:03
ActionParsnipra21vi: top may show it03:03
ra21viActionParsnip: oho, I need to write one script which will export the list of all services that are running... so how can you do with top03:03
ra21visomething like Redhat/fedora used to have, like $services status03:04
ZemusWrong window everyone, sorry.03:04
ActionParsnipra21vi: top -n 1 > ~/topoutput.txt; gedit ~/topoutput.txt03:05
ActionParsnipra21vi: -n 1 does 1 refresh before ending03:06
con-manI LOVE LAMP03:06
ra21viActionParsnip: ok thanks, you didnt understand what I really want03:06
Laderiusfixed the issue i was having now i dont have any top bars, the ubunut ones that have the - square and x03:06
ActionParsnipra21vi: that shows all runing tasks when you run the command03:07
Jack_SparrowLaderius, compiz --replace          from terminal03:07
ra21viActionParsnip: first of all, i clearly stated that operations are to be performed in console mode. so there is no option to start gedit03:07
ActionParsnipra21vi: nano then03:07
ra21viand i dont want the list of those other suffs03:07
davitHello I was wondering if someone could tell me how the change permissions for a folder through terminal03:07
ActionParsnipra21vi: can you rephrase then please03:07
ra21viActionParsnip: i know that, or may be vi or emacs03:07
LaderiusJack_Sparrow: thanks!03:08
ActionParsnipdavit: man chmod03:08
ra21viI need list of services defined in init.d that are currently running,, didnt i say that before03:08
davitactionparsnip: ma chmod 777?03:08
davitactionparsnip: man chmod 777?03:08
RedcardOkay.  Odd question.  I'm installing Ubuntu on Vista, and resizing the Vista partition.  I've messed up , haven't I?03:08
ra21vidavit: man chmod only03:08
ActionParsnipdavit: i wouldnt use 777 unless necessary03:09
FrozenFireDoes anyone know how well CPU autoclocking is supported in Ubuntu? I have autoclocking turn on in my BIOS, but I have to wonder if it's actually working when running Ubuntu.03:09
ra21viRedcard: Installing on vista, using wubi03:09
ActionParsnipdavit: its not very secure03:09
Jack_SparrowRedcard, Actually, that is a much better choice that wubi.. from inside windows03:09
tyler_dRedcard: first mistake... vista.... second, resizing the partition... don't think it will like that 2 much03:09
Redcardtyler_d: The computer came with it, didn't have a real choice.  So how long does the resize typically take?03:09
davitactionparsnip: I need to use it to access a external drive im not being let to use or move any of them03:09
vickinha_nitQue tiPO De GeNte aiNDa eNtRa aQui¿?03:09
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:10
Dam0hello, i just got a second ip address from my provider. now i want to setup a webpage on my ubuntu ststem how do i do this?03:10
ActionParsnipdavit: how are you mounting it? try using UIDs etc to set permissions03:10
tyler_dRedcard: my concern would be what utility are you using to resize the partition?03:10
vickinha_nitoi amigos03:10
Redcardtyler_d: Guided install.03:10
tyler_dRedcard: as windows vista is pretty picky about how big it thinks it is....03:10
ActionParsnipdavit: http://www.hafenscher.net/wiki/index.php?page=Mount_USB_stick_read_and_writable_for_users03:10
davitactionparsnip: It automounts when I connect it, and when i right click on drive to change permissions says they cannot be found03:11
RedcardIt seemed to recognize it was vista, and left the loader.  I'd assume (and probabbly incorrectly) that it would have popped a warning if it thought it shouldn't be done03:11
CaneToadI have a Ubuntu install but the GRUB bootblock is erased.  What's the best plan of attack to reinstall grub for it?03:11
tyler_dRedcard: with guided it should take maybe maybe 5 minutes03:11
ActionParsnipdavit: i'd check the options its mounting with03:11
Redcardtyler_d: It's a guided resize.  It's had the "Please wait" message up for about 30 minutes03:11
con-manI LOVE LAMP03:11
ActionParsnipcon-man: I LOVE CARPET03:11
dwidmannHmm, I've changed video cards from an nvidia card (it died) an ati card, and I'm trying to figure out how to set it up so I have the right resolution on my monitors, anybody have a sample xorg.conf or 2 that I might find useful?03:12
tyler_dRedcard: thats scary, hopefully someone will confirm my course of action... restart, and ensure that vista is still in tact before trying again03:12
davitactionparsnip: How can i check it03:12
philDam0: pop open a terminal (applications -> accessories -> terminal) and type    sudo apt-get install apache2           then just put your website files in /var/www03:12
eriscoI cannot get DNS to resolve on a box on my internal LAN. Internet is shared from this computer, acting as a gateway, to the Internet. how can I start troubleshooting?03:12
tokyoaheadhi guys... is it a good idea to install a higher version of wine than the default? It seems very old (1.0.1) as opposed to the current (1.1.12)03:12
ActionParsnipdavit: run mount on its own03:12
RedcardAnyone want to confirm tyler_d's suggestion?03:13
RedcardDon't worry, won't blame ya. :)03:13
davitactionparsnip: /dev/sda1 on / type ext3 (rw,relatime,errors=remount-ro)03:13
ActionParsnipdavit: are you logged in as yourself?03:14
RedcardOh well, live and let die :)03:14
davitactionparsnip: yes03:14
travis_hello guys how do i install this theme heres the link: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Silver?content=9637003:14
ActionParsnipdavit: good, then you should be ok03:14
_dennisterhey channel, finally got my xorg.conf using my video card properly, now totem doesn't crash when starting a commercial dvd, but vlc does crash with a dvd with these settings...lol...vlc doesn't crash while playing a flash video, so it's dvd-specific03:14
_dennisteranyone know why this might happen?03:15
spenceranyway to force the v4l2 to use xine instead of gstreamer?? really not a big fan of gstreamer at all!03:15
ActionParsnipdavit: thats your / partition, not the mounted drive03:15
spencerit just somehow messed up all my stuff after my last update03:15
ActionParsnipdavit: you usb drive wil be /media/<something>03:16
omarcoCan I make my shell script do an specific action when it receives a "ctrl+c"?03:16
=== vickinha_nit is now known as barbie_cullen
x_hi there03:17
=== x_ is now known as mr_sukor
ActionParsnipomarco: it'll stop, ctrl+c == break03:17
davitactionparsnip: the folder is /media/disk03:17
ActionParsnipdavit: so what does mount say about that mounting?03:17
\kiraleonut: Your test worked03:17
titefuzzI am running wine and use a program that primarily uses the clipboard to grab copied data from a webpage.  Is there some fix for wine and the clipboard ?03:17
davitactionparsnip: /dev/sdb1 on /media/disk type ext3 (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=hal)03:18
Jack_Sparrowtitefuzz, /join #winehq03:18
ActionParsnipdavit: thats cool, ext3 is nice and friendly03:18
eriscocan anyone help me get DNS resolving on my internal network? I am not sure how to diagnose the problem at this point. I simply cannot reach the world wide web03:18
titefuzzty Jack_Sparrow03:18
omarcoActionParsnip: Only more elaborate programs can control what to do if the user presses "ctrl+c" (e.g. removing lock files)?03:18
\kiraIf I set up a tunnel, can I send more than one application through that tunnel? So rather than setting up a tunnel for xchat, then one for firefox, could I just put them both through the same tunnel?03:18
tyler_derisco: what does traceroute show you as your gateway?03:18
kitche\kira: yes03:19
tyler_derisco: alternately from term what does `route` show ?03:19
werdnumomarco: sure they can.03:19
\kirakitche: cool, thanks03:19
werdnumYou need to trap SIGINT03:19
davitactionparsnip: Its not allowing me to change or edit any files on the drive03:19
eriscotyler_d, execute these on the gateway?03:19
werdnumwhich I have no idea how to do in shell scriptish03:19
ActionParsnipdavit: i'd try sudo chmod -R 755 /media.disk03:19
_dennisterlol...spoke too soon...totem did play the dvd, but now is crashing just like vlc03:19
omarcowerdnum: but lowly shell scripts can't do that, can they?03:19
eriscotyler_d, the internal network uses HDCP03:19
ActionParsnipdavit: i'd also chown to files to your username if it intends to be a permanent fixture03:19
eriscotyler_d, HDCP*03:19
eriscotyler_d, DHCP** :P03:20
eriscotyler_d, IP addresses get assigned correctly. however, DNS does not resolve.03:20
davitactionparsnip: Cool the chmod fixed it03:20
eriscotyler_d, I have been following this: http://bigbrovar.wordpress.com/2008/12/18/how-to-share-your-internet-connection-on-ubuntu/03:20
ActionParsniperisco: can you ping IPs?03:20
goat|lappyerisco: so you can visit
davitactionparsnip: How do I use chown03:21
tyler_derisco: in a terminal paste `route` and tell me the output please, if its over 2 lines please use pastebin03:21
ActionParsnipdavit: sudo chown -R <yourusername> /media/disk03:21
_dennisteri'll be back in a few minutes folks...03:21
davitactionparsnip: Ok03:21
ActionParsnipdavit: -R == recursive03:22
eriscotyler_d, http://pastebin.ca/130205003:22
con-man!I love map | con-man03:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about I love map03:22
tyler_derisco: from the term does `ping yahoo.com` resolve? or just sit there?03:22
davitactionparsnip: Thanks youve been only one that bee able to help I been looking for a week03:22
eriscotyler_d, it just sits there03:23
ActionParsnipits a common command dude, im suprised03:23
eriscotyler_d, do you want these executed on the gateway or a computer in the internal network?03:23
spenceranyone can help me with my v4l2 issue?03:23
davitactionparsnip: Everyone else has been telling me to repartionin and stuff03:23
tyler_derisco: what do you mean by "on the gateway"?03:23
mr_sukorwhat thats03:23
eriscotyler_d, my computer is acting as the gateway to the internal network03:24
\kirahow could I trace the route a tunnel takes?03:24
spencerthat's the video 4 linux lib03:24
eriscotyler_d, as I posted the link, I am trying to share an internet connection coming over wifi with a wired network03:24
davitactionparsnip: I remembered chmod from servers i had but couldn't remember he command03:24
tyler_d\kira: install trace route03:24
kitcheerisco: by chance did you set the dhcpcd server to pass the dns servers along as well or no?03:24
ActionParsnipdavit: no need, just take ownership03:24
\kiratyler_d: I have it installed....03:24
Jack_SparrowFirst, check the ownership: Open a terminal and type cd /media ...then type... ls -la ...then, do the following, replacing “yourPartition” with the name of the partition (e.g. /sdb1)... sudo chown -R username:username /media/yourPartition  (On a live system you must create a user name first) followed by... sudo chmod -R 755 /media/yourPartition ... Finally, check to see if it worked by doing another ls -la to verify the permissi03:24
Jack_Sparrowons are set03:24
spencermr_sukor: it allow programs like amsn to use webcam.03:24
ActionParsnipdavit: should have read the man pages03:24
tyler_derisco: you need to set the gateway back to your router, judging from your post it should be
mr_sukori'm using pidgin03:24
\kiratyler_d: Im wondering how I could trace the route a tunnel on a port takes, rather than the traditional way it does it (not sure how)03:25
mr_sukorand still wait for the webcam option03:25
eriscokitche, well, in /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf there is a configuration option to specify the DNS server, and it is correct03:25
ari_stresstyler_d: why ubuntu by default install traceroute6 and not the usual traceroute?03:25
spencermr_sukor, don't hold your breath on it.03:25
ActionParsnipmr_sukor: i dont tyhink pidgin likes webcams, amsn does if you are using msn protocol03:25
spencermr_sukor, not a big fan of the whole situation with that.03:25
eriscotyler_d, that command was run on my computer though, not from a computer on the internal network03:25
Jack_SparrowActionParsnip, That factoid covers  it correctly right03:25
eriscotyler_d, should the gateway not be which is the address of this computer?03:26
kitcheari_stress: it installs both03:26
davitactionparsnip: thanks again03:26
spencermr_sukor, the lead developers of pidgin pretty much say they don't care.. we'll do it whenever we feel like it..03:26
mr_sukorthanks spencer03:26
eriscotyler_d, am I making sense?03:27
ari_stresskitche: no, i don't have ordinary traceroute by default, only traceroute6, strange03:27
mr_sukordo u know how to install amsn by using command prompt?03:27
K_DallasGood evening! Do I need to perform extra tasks for installing Ubuntu on a Vista system? (there are enough partitions for Ubuntu). This is the first time I dual boot vista with anything. XP has always been all right. Thanks03:27
omarcoIs it possible to control what a shell script would do if it receives a "CTRL+C" (e.g. removing a pseudo lock file)? Or is that only possible with more refined programs?03:27
Jack_Sparrowmr_sukor, sudo apt-get install amsn03:27
=== jewel is now known as minus18_pundit
ActionParsnipspencer: as is the case with any project03:28
snowveilwhat command do I use to list all hard drives currently connected to my system?03:28
spenceranyway, can someone help me with my v4l2 issue?03:28
ActionParsnipsnowveil: sudo fdisk -l03:28
mr_sukoris ubuntu have software like virtual drive?03:28
Jack_Sparrowsnowveil, sodu fdisk -l03:28
snowveilthanks :)03:28
\kiraK_Dallas: yes, there is extra steps to take to avoid not being able to boot into windows, or not being able to boot into ubuntu, or deleting windows by accedint. I personnally, have never done dual boot and wouldnt know, but i do know there is alot of well written tutorials online (google)03:28
ActionParsnipmr_sukor: you can mount isos in a stock system03:28
snowveilk, dev/sdc03:29
snowveilhow would I format it?03:29
mr_sukordo u mean extract it?03:29
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.03:29
spencerActionParsnip, well, yeah, but there's enuf demand, and gaim-vv does have a startup framework.. it's a good start on getting it done.03:29
RedcardWow.  I'm amazed that worked.03:29
Jack_Sparrowsnowveil, gparted03:29
K_Dallas\kira> well, I only meant extra steps due to vista being vista otherwise have done dual boot with xp, linux, ...03:29
ActionParsnipmr_sukor: you can mount it just like you mount cd drives03:30
minus18_pundithow can install the packages i have downloaded through Add/Remove. i coudn't install the packages last time due to a power outage. i've downloaded almost 140 packges.03:30
spencerActionParsnip, and don't get me started with their decision on moving to monotone as the version control.. it just make it that much less friendly to start hacking the project...03:30
\kiraK_Dallas: oh, I see. I wouldnt think there would be any extra steps, but im not the person to ask, I tried vista on a friends computer and will never go near it again.03:30
Dracie_hi, how do i get mozilla's firefox "All Downloads Are finished" dialog from covering up my gnome panel03:30
ActionParsnipspencer: i just use stuff, i dont care for any politics03:30
Jack_Sparrowminus18_pundit, are they all from our repos..03:30
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude --disable-columns --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate03:30
mr_sukorsome of windows game cant play well in ubuntu?03:30
ActionParsnipmr_sukor: the system will see the iso or the physical cd as the same03:30
savvasminus18_pundit: you go to Applications > Accessories > Terminal and execute: sudo apt-get -f install03:30
mr_sukorany ideas?03:30
ActionParsnip!appdb | mr_sukor03:30
ubottumr_sukor: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help03:30
K_Dallas\kira> ok, thanks. I continue googling ;)03:31
Jack_Sparrow!appdb > mr_sukor03:31
spencermr_sukor, goto winehq and take a look.03:31
ubottumr_sukor, please see my private message03:31
RedcardFound what I did :P  Sillyness.03:31
jessid!lan | jessid03:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lan03:31
ActionParsnipmr_sukor: theres also cedega which is paidfor software as well as crossover office (also nonfree)03:31
spencermr_sukor, search for the app, they will tell you if it's playable.. i play WoW everynight with my Ubuntu 8.10...03:31
\kiraK_Dallas: well, someone else on here might know, the only reason I pointed you to google in the first place is because I thought you were asking alot of a more basic question03:31
jessid!intranet > jessid03:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about intranet03:32
RedcardSo how many partitions should I create since I get to do this manually?03:32
spencermr_sukor, sometimes you may have to copy some files from your XP c:\windows\system32 to your .wine folder tho.. just check winehq from more info on what you wanna do03:32
Jack_SparrowRedcard, at least 303:32
K_Dallas\kira> that is all right. I am really googling and there is no shame in it :):) Thanks again03:32
Jack_SparrowRedcard, / = root  /home  and a swap at minimum03:33
ActionParsnipRedcard: you'll need a / and /swap at least, i'd suggest a sepearate one for /home too03:33
\kiraK_Dallas: no problem, good luck :)03:33
RedcardJack_Sparrow: Okay.. none of these will be at beginning of the disk.03:33
snowveilif I want this drive to be readable to both windows machines and linux, will ext2 work fine, or should I stick with fat32?03:33
minus18_punditsavvas: it installed something bbut those were not what i have downloaded last night03:33
dawany idea why Banshee would be failing to play everything in my music directory? It's all .mp3's without any form of DRM03:33
Jack_SparrowRedcard, You will probably need to create an extended partition to hold logicals if you go over 4 partitions03:33
ActionParsnipdaw: have you instaled mp3 codecs?03:33
dawoh ... well .. that would be a good reason ..... what package would I look in for those?03:34
\kirasnowveil: you cant read ex2 file systems in windows without additional software, and I would recommend fat32 if it needs to be used constantly by both operating systems. I guess it depends on how much each OS will be using it03:34
ActionParsnip!codecs | daw03:34
savvasminus18_pundit: if the packages were downloaded or not completed, the add/remove downloader will continue from where it left. So you go back to Applications > Add/Remove and check again what you wanted :)03:34
ubottudaw: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:34
Jack_Sparrowsnowveil, Just to clarify...  you cant install ubuntu on fat or ntfs03:34
\kirasnowveil: also (in case I miss-understood your question, you cant install linux on fat or ntfs03:34
snowveilthanks \kira , it's mostly for occasional transfers from my system to a friend's03:34
kc8pxyJack_Sparrow:  not even w/ wubi?03:34
savvasdaw: install the package named ubuntu-restricted-extras :)03:35
\kirasnowveil: No problem :)03:35
snowveilcorrect, this is a portable drive :)03:35
Jack_Sparrowkc8pxy, No03:35
QuagmireHello Jack_Sparrow ...I have a no new laptop that is all but 100% compatible with Ubuntu, but on to my question. I'm just not happy unless I'm trying to do something with a little challenge involved. I have executable text file that I brought over from my windows pc and I want to open it.03:35
Jack_Sparrowkc8pxy, Wubi does not install to an ntfs it creates a lvm03:35
kitchekc8pxy: since wubi installs inside of a image which has the ext* filesystem inside of it03:35
yoyit2is there any way to get a TrendNet TEW-444UB to work with ubuntu?03:35
Jack_SparrowQuagmire, setup vbox03:35
ActionParsnipyoyit2: what is it?03:36
mr_sukorjack : why my ubuntu font rendering keep changing?03:36
QuagmireJack_Sparrow,  Hmmm just look for the software and install?03:36
yoyit2ActionParsnip: its a usb wifi stick03:36
\kirain the terminal, the command 'ls', what does the color of a directory with a blue backgroun and white text mean?03:36
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox03:36
kc8pxykitche: Quagmire  just run it via wine :)03:36
Jack_SparrowQuagmire, Use synaptic and look up virtualbox03:36
ActionParsnipyoyit2: ok then run lsusb, it will give you an identifier you can websearch for03:36
Jack_SparrowQuagmire, Depending on what type of exe.. even dosbox might work03:37
yoyit2ActionParsnip: in terminal??03:37
kc8pxyQuagmire:  do you want to run windows inside your linux, (virtualbox) or run it "natively" (wine) ??03:37
ActionParsnipyoyit2: always in terminal03:37
spencerActionParsnip, i'm always having issue with gstreamer on the color being negative.. do you have any lights to shed???03:38
yoyit2ActionParsnip: so just type in "lsusb" or "sudo lsusb"??03:38
rwwJack_Sparrow: Wubi doesn't create an lvm. It creates a loopback file system inside a file in the ntfs partition. I think you got your L-jargon mixed up ;)03:38
ActionParsnipyoyit2: lsusb03:38
ActionParsnipyoyit2: you dont need sudo for every terminal command03:38
Jack_Sparrowrww, thanks'03:38
yoyit2ActionParsnip: ok so it says "now firmware"?03:38
Jack_Sparrowrww, I wont use or recommend it since it was part of a crash that wiped out my ntfs and windows03:38
yoyit2ActionParsnip: **no03:39
yoyit2ActionParsnip: any other ideas?03:39
ActionParsnipyoyit2: can you give a pastebin of lsusb03:39
ActionParsnip!paste | yoyit203:39
ubottuyoyit2: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:39
minus18_punditi want to back all my downloaded package through aptoncd. but aptoncd only shows 350 mb sized packages. i have downloaded 10 times more then that. how can have all my packages llisted in aptoncd?03:39
kc8pxyrrw: it makes a file to be a loopback ext3 fs, and simply loads the fs loopback from within the ntfs it can ntfs-3g??? :)03:39
QuagmireJack_Sparrow, there are a bunch of them to choose from (virtualbox) which one is likely the better one for me? 8.10 32 bit version installed03:39
yoyit2ActionParsnip: can you send me a link03:39
ActionParsnipyoyit2: ubottu just gave you it03:39
rwwkc8pxy: that sounds like an accurate description, yes03:40
GalaxorHi.  I've got a thinkpad R61.  One day, my computer lost the ability to suspend when I close the lid.  Instead, it ... freezes?  How do I go about restoring this or at least debugging it?  I shut the computer, and the "sleep light" never starts blinking, and the fan never turns off.  When I open it back up, I've got a blank screen and the only thing I can do is forcibly shut off the computer.03:40
rwwkc8pxy: I don't recommend it either, I just know quite a lot from when I used to use it.03:40
candiveHi all, Help please, hooked pc to 42 inch plasma changed resolution mistake . now i cannot change screen res back too big for my screen. what is command in terminal to change resolution back to 1154x864?03:40
ubottuFUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) is a !kernel driver that allows non-root users to create their own filesystems. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filesystem_in_Userspace for more on FUSE.  Some examples of filesystems that use FUSE are !ntfs-3g, sshfs and isofs. A full list of Filesystems that use FUSE is here:  http://fuse.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/FileSystems03:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gstreamer03:40
spenceranyone can help me on configuring gstreamer?03:40
savvasspencer: what do you mean?03:41
QuagmireI'm not trying to run windows ...I just have a executable text file that I'm trying to get open03:41
Jack_SparrowQuagmire,  I installed virtualbox-ose virtualbox-ose-source vboxgtk and virtualbox-ose-guest-utils03:41
kc8pxyrww: doesn't that mean that if a user screws the windows, with an unclean shutdown, you will have a read-only ubuntu fs(AT BEST)??03:41
savvasQuagmire: text files open with Applications > Accessories > Text editor03:41
ActionParsnipyoyit2: http://paste.ubuntu.com03:41
spencerthe hue is stuck with a value of 0, and cannot be changed so the movies are at best looking like a negative image03:41
earthmeLonI drag and drop an item onto AWN but it doesnt add the launcher/shortcut.  Any tips?03:41
wolidoes anybody own an xps m1530 laptop with intrepid ibex?03:42
yoyit2ActionParsnip: it should be there03:42
ActionParsnipyoyit2: paste text in there, hit paste, give us the page yu go to03:42
yoyit2ActionParsnip: just pasted it03:42
rwwkc8pxy: I think that might be the case, yes. Not sure, though.03:42
woliI want to know if it is a 64-bit or 32-bit system..03:42
ActionParsnipyoyit2: we need the new address you go to03:42
Jack_SparrowQuagmire, vbox will have you install windows inside vbox..  Is the file something that I can test for you03:42
yoyit2ActionParsnip: haha, my bad... http://paste.ubuntu.com/101447/03:42
minus18_pundithow can a back up all my downloaded packges using aptoncd. aptoncd isn't showing all the packages. it just shows a total of 350 mb. but i have download 10 times more then that03:42
savvasspencer: have you tried with some other players except totem (Movie Player)? Like mplayer ?03:42
ActionParsnipyoyit2: thanks03:42
rwwwoli: what CPU/processor does it have?03:42
* kc8pxy puts another undeline under "DO NOT DO THIS" next to wubi on his personal checklist.03:43
dewaardMy performance is really off and I think that is due to graphics issues. While memory use is low (I have several GB of free RAM) and the CPU isn't very busy either the interface is slow and often hangs for a few seconds before an action is performed (like opening a new tab in firefox). Also, video playback is rusty. I have an nvidia 8800 GT with the nvidia-glx-177 driver (I've tried downgrading to 173 but didn't help). I've tried several03:43
dewaardthings so far,  including browsing the logs, but no luck yet. Does anyone have any pointers as to where I could look for a solution?03:43
wolirww, is Core 2 Duo enough?03:43
ActionParsnipyoyit2: looks like it uses ndiswrapper03:43
spencersavvas, anything that uses gstreamer as the video lib will have the same issue.. but if i switch to totem-xine and it works perfect..03:43
rwwwoli: Yeah. All Intel Core 2 processors can run either 32-bit or 64-bit; your choice.03:43
ActionParsnipyoyit2: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-684611.html03:43
spencersavvas, did some google search, some people have the issue the other way around.03:43
wolirww, which do you recommend me?03:43
xavieranHow can I stop ubuntu from doing a disk check at bootup?03:43
mr_sukorjack sparrow : why my font rendering keep changing itself?03:43
Jack_Sparrowxavieran, Not a good idea03:43
savvasminus18_pundit: Whatever aptoncd shows, that's what you've downloaded (unless you've used the apt-get autoclean or apt-get clean command, which would remove all downloaded cached packages). Unfortunately with the power outage it means some data was lost.03:44
xavieranJack_Sparrow:  I disk check when I want to... not when my computer wants to...03:44
savvasspencer: no idea, sorry :\03:44
rwwwoli: 1) How much memory/RAM does the computer have? 2) Do you use it for specialized stuff like scientific computation, high-end video editing, etc?03:44
QuagmireJack_Sparrow, you sure can test it out ...its a tiny file03:44
Jack_Sparrowxavieran, It is ill advised to turn it off03:44
dewaardI think it might not be the driver but the window manager that isn't working properly, but I'm not sure how to prove or disprove that.03:44
wolirww, it has 4gb ram, and the toughest things I use are 3D games.03:45
ActionParsnip!ndiswrapper | yoyit203:45
Jack_SparrowQuagmire, Find a place where I can grab it online03:45
ubottuyoyit2: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:45
rwwxavieran: it's not recommended, but you can turn it off by opening /etc/fstab and changing the last option on each line from 1 to 0.03:45
spencersavvas, i'll try other gstreamer codec and see if that helps :(03:45
mr_sukorjack sparrow : why my font rendering keep changing?03:45
kc8pxyxavieran:  tune2fs -c 0 /dev/of/root, but i second Jack_Sparrow.  it's not wise for most users.03:45
xavieranThanks rww03:45
wolirww, is 64-bit faster?03:45
CaptainMorganwoli, of course03:45
xavierankc8pxy:  I know what I'm doing, don't worry :)03:45
earthmeLonTo add items to AWN, create a launcher somewhere other than the desktop, then drag and drop it onto AWN03:45
woliWhat are the cons of using 64-bit?03:45
ActionParsnipCaptainMorgan: only in certain cases, not always faster03:46
CaptainMorganespcially woli if you're using 3d03:46
rwwwoli: You probably won't notice much difference. The only thing is that most 32-bit Operating Systems (including Ubuntu by default) can't address more than 3.something GB of memory.03:46
ActionParsnipwoli: encoding music etc is much faster03:46
epoxyI have a Ubuntu 8.04 box locking up on my a lot lately. It locks and the keyboard lights flash. I have looked in all logs, but there is -nothing- logged that shows failure.  any ideas on what I should look at?03:46
Jack_Sparrowkc8pxy, Famous last words03:46
CaptainMorganActionParsnip, of course, why did you feel the need to educate me?03:46
wolirww, how much ram can 64bit systems address?03:46
savvaswoli: you're stuck at blazing speeds, fast programs and very good performance - other than that, maybe your java won't work properly03:46
ActionParsnipCaptainMorgan: its not automatically faster in all cases03:47
=== lacita_ is now known as quilr
rwwwoli: way, way more than you'll ever have.03:47
Greencoat1982can someone point me to the 64 bit ubuntu room?03:47
CaptainMorganActionParsnip, did I say it was?03:47
=== quilr is now known as lacita__
rwwGreencoat1982: there isn't a separate 64-bit room. Do you have a support question?03:47
wolirww, lol.. that sounds pretty evil03:47
savvas2^64 bytes :)03:47
rwwwoli: it's several thousand GB, I think03:47
kc8pxywoli:  last time i checked, my amd64 kernel compiles showed 64GB adressable  as an option.03:47
CaptainMorganActionParsnip, he brought up 3D, hence my response03:47
ActionParsnipCaptainMorgan: (03:45:42) woli: rww, is 64-bit faster?03:47
ActionParsnip(03:45:55) CaptainMorgan: woli, of course03:47
CaptainMorganActionParsnip, and what is the problem?03:47
ActionParsnipCaptainMorgan: oic, my bad03:47
ActionParsnipCaptainMorgan: apologies03:47
CaptainMorganActionParsnip, cheers03:48
PeoplesAdvocateOk this is my problem, i keep forgetting on how to add my ssh keys to the authorized_keys file. I have my keys in  username/.ssh/mykey.pub i want to put it in authorized_keys to use when i log in on from remote client. How do I add it to log in  as username@host?03:48
mintsoupyoutube redirects to the french version of the site on this computer running ubuntu and no others on my network.  why is it doing this terribly annoying thing and how can i fix it (I am in the US..)03:48
ActionParsnipCaptainMorgan: are you from teh UK03:48
minus18_punditsavvas: amarok, audacity, etc are installed. llike these, many installed software are not being listed in aptoncd03:48
woliwhat, besides java malfunction, is bad about 64bit ubuntu?03:48
Greencoat1982yes I just upgraded my mother board and cpu toa amd64 athlon 5600 and I want to upgrade my os to 64 bit too, however it won;'t recognize any boot cd's03:48
CaptainMorganActionParsnip, that kind of convo will be in ubuntu-offtopic ;)03:48
ActionParsnipwoli: in my experience, thats it03:48
NEWK2Hey, I just installed Ubuntu on my brothers laptop but WiFi doesn't work. What's the deal?03:48
candiveHi all, is there a command in terminal to restore my screen resolution to 1152x86403:48
rwwwoli: Flash, Java, Wine, and everything else work fine for me on 64-bit Ubuntu. Some people have problems with them though.03:48
ActionParsnipCaptainMorgan: on my way03:48
Greencoat1982I've already made sure my bios is in the right boot order03:48
wolirww, which is your processor?03:49
ActionParsnipCaptainMorgan: its a qq03:49
Koleok.. finally taking the leap to linux... now I want to install it on a laptop... will I have any driver issues (my wifi, graphics card etc)?03:49
rohitsensationfor wifi update your ubuntu03:49
rwwwoli: Intel Core 2 Quad Q660003:49
kc8pxyGreencoat1982:  what does it say when you try a 64-bit installer cd?03:49
NEWK2It's the latest one!03:49
kitcheKole: depends on your hardware the laptop has03:49
NEWK2It's 8.1003:49
rww!hcl | Kole03:49
ubottuKole: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection03:49
wolirww, that sounds like some sort of satanic apocalyptic thing03:49
wolirww, how many ghz?03:49
rohitsensationonce u update ur ubuntu it will give u options for non gnu drivers just instal them ur wifi will work03:50
Greencoat1982nothing the cursorjust blinks and then goes to grub03:50
rwwwoli: 2.4Hz per core03:50
Kolethanks rww - so it SHOULD detect automaticly though?03:50
NEWK2Bad ass!03:50
CaptainMorganKole, time will tell... but how will you know if you don't take the plunge? But before doing so, review the HCL03:50
NEWK2I'll try that03:50
rwwKole: depends on your hardware03:50
FloodBot1NEWK2: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:50
kitcheNEWK2: probably the wifi is not supported fully if at all03:50
CaptainMorgan!HCL | Kole03:50
ubottuKole: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection03:50
unavailablerww, is that anything like an optigigadualcorepro?03:50
savvasminus18_pundit: as said, with the power outage some data was probably lost. It's not my nor your fault. If you want to downlaod them again, just purge the installed packages and reinstall03:50
kc8pxyGreencoat1982:  can you force it int eh bootorder to NOT boot, unless from cd?03:50
rohitsensationna all wifi are supported03:50
KoleI just know very little about linux... other then what ive done on my eeepc03:50
rohitsensationur must be  a broadcom wifi harware03:50
kitcheCaptainMorgan: no need to give him that twice now :)03:50
Greencoat1982do you mean with bios?03:50
rohitsensationits definately supported i'm currently using it03:51
Koleim kind of excited and frighteend at the same time :P03:51
CaptainMorgankitche, ? that was a courtesy03:51
Greencoat1982I have the boot order set to the dvd rom03:51
rwwKole: I'd recommend grabbing an Ubuntu LiveCD and booting from it. If it works on there, it should work after you install it.03:51
Jack_Sparrow!training > Quagmire03:51
ubottuQuagmire, please see my private message03:51
woliKole, thats just about normal.03:51
KoleId rather take the full plunge03:51
kitcheCaptainMorgan: just that was given a few minutes before you did it just don't want to scare people away03:51
Koleits what i do03:51
Greencoat1982ah I see what you mean I';ll go try and be back in a few mniutes03:51
woliKole, you might wanna learn right about partitioning03:51
CaptainMorgankitche, didn't see that.. oops03:51
Kolei know partitioning03:52
yoyit2Isusb is for 8.10 right?? so what is it for 8.04????????????????????/03:52
PeoplesAdvocateOk this is my problem, i keep forgetting on how to add my ssh keys to the authorized_keys file. I have my keys in  username/.ssh/mykey.pub i want to put it in authorized_keys to use when i log in on from remote client. How do I add it to log in  as username@host?03:52
Kolethats not a problem03:52
ActionParsnipKole: if its not natively supported you can use ndiswrapper + xp driver03:52
woliKole, I can give you council, if you need.03:52
CaptainMorgankitche, given to him?03:52
unavailablekole   just wait till you decide to go to #ubuntu+1 ...03:52
woli!who | Kole03:52
CaptainMorgankitche, oops :)03:52
ubottuKole: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:52
rohitsensationndiswrapper is complicated03:52
Kolehave to partition to use windows ;)03:52
ActionParsnipyoyit2: same thing, its the same in all *nix's03:52
luckyoneI am having issues with my HD display "filling the entire screen", there are black bars around my desktop on my display03:52
ubottuYou can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.03:52
yoyit2ActionParsnip: cuz it says "comand not found"03:53
unavailablekole I just had to battle with a homebuilt nvidia-glx-177 that uninstalled xorg and wouldnt let me apt-get remove it03:53
mr_sukorcaptain : before this i'm using samsung printer after that i'm using hp laserjet03:53
mr_sukorbut the hp wont work as samsung03:53
mr_sukorany idea?03:53
ActionParsnipyoyit2: lsusb (ell ess you ess bee)03:53
dawminor irritation -- my ubuntu splash screen disappears and I get a string of information about what services are being started up. Is this normal or did I break something?03:53
Koleso how much of a partition should i give ubuntu?03:53
CaptainMorgansorry.. mr_sukor are you talking to me? I don't see a captain listed...03:53
mr_sukoryes captain03:54
rww!tab | mr_sukor03:54
ubottumr_sukor: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.03:54
Koleim asking anyone in general :)03:54
mr_sukorCaptainMorgan: yes03:54
CaptainMorganmr_sukor, please use tab complete if your client allows it... and secondly I missed your original question, please repeat(with tab completion :))03:54
unavailablekole give it what you are comfortable with.03:54
CaptainMorganmr_sukor, thanks03:54
Kolewhats the min it needs?03:54
yoyit2https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessBroadcastSystem ActionParsnip03:54
kitchedaw: can be normal if you press a button during bootup but yes that information it shows you is what linux really looks like when booting03:54
unavailablekole but if you're not using vista to partition it, I would suggest defragging in windows03:54
yoyit2ActionParsnip: but some of it i dont get03:54
mr_sukorCaptainMorgan: so can i solve that?03:54
minus18_punditsavvas: is there anyother way to back up installed software? i want to include the codecs, the drivers.03:55
yoyit2ActionParsnip:  sudo iwconfig ath0 essid "my network" mode Master enc off03:55
KoleIm gonna partition as I format03:55
yoyit2ActionParsnip:  ath0 doesnt wotk03:55
ActionParsnipyoyit2: if you run the first command you will reduce security on your system03:55
rwwKole: 4GB, including swap space. I'd recommend at least 8GB, plus space for any other stuff you know you'll need space for (music, etc.)03:55
unavailablekole aah.  i gave mine 2003:55
CaptainMorganmr_sukor, please re-ask or rephrase the original question - with as much detail in one line as is permissible03:55
savvasKole: 8GB at least, you'll be more than fine with 15GB root ("/"), 2GB swap and the rest to your /home03:55
ActionParsnipyoyit2: if you havent configured the wifi you won't have an ath003:55
Kolewhat if I just give it everything?03:55
Kolefull 160 gig?03:56
mr_sukorCaptainMorgan: my printer didnt work after i change to the new printer03:56
unavailablekole why not??03:56
yoyit2ActionParsnip: k.... REALLY new to ubuntu, but how do i get this to work?? i really need a walk through03:56
unavailablekole  if you dont care about windows03:56
ActionParsnipyoyit2: for your usb adapter you need to use ndiswrapper + the xp32 or XP64 driver03:56
rwwKole: that would work too. Mine has 237GB right now and is using about 4% of it03:56
PeoplesAdvocateKole:you can but what if you want to reinstall the os? you will lose all your home stuff03:56
Kolemore space for music and movies03:56
ActionParsnipyoyit2: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper03:56
unavailablekole you may wish to look in to seperating / and /home03:57
KoleIve been using this as a work/home computer... but screw it, im gonna make it an only home computer and use the comp they give me at work03:57
CaptainMorganmr_sukor, we're going to need a little more detail than that.. but being vague in the answering, maybe check to see if it's set to default.. and by "didn't work" what didn't actually work? did it not print? did it not power on? etc03:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about detail03:57
Ademanegad, my brand new lenovo has a stuck pixel...03:57
akioCaptainMorgan: try this: non-standard mode setting for a framebuffer console (1024x600) on a 945gm - I have run gtf and cvt but I don't know where that information is useful. need guidance!03:57
* unavailable wonders if anyone can point out the goods of seperating / and /home 03:58
unavailablefor kole03:58
mr_sukorCaptainMorgan: before this i'm using samsung, and its work perfectly03:58
PeoplesAdvocateKole:if you have the whole hard drive this is what i did (/boot, /, /home, swap03:58
* CaptainMorgan is getting strange interference in here...03:58
mr_sukorCaptainMorgan: then i buy a new one, HP laser jet03:58
ActionParsnipunavailable: create and format a partition, add its line to /etc/fstab to mount it as /home03:58
CaptainMorganakio, huh?03:58
CaptainMorganakio, why do I need to try that/03:58
mr_sukorCaptainMorgan: but this laser jet wont print anything03:59
ActionParsnipunavailable: then copy the data over to the partition for the existing users03:59
bd0117792having /home on a separate partition is good if you re-install...it keeps your settings and everything03:59
akioCaptainMorgan: you said to put as much info into one line as possible, i tried03:59
rohitsensationwhich laser jet do u have03:59
CaptainMorganmr_sukor, so go back to samsung if that's your fancy... does the HP get recognized at least?03:59
Koleoh i forgot to ask03:59
mr_sukorCaptainMorgan: i've set it to defaut and insert the correct driver.. do u have any idea?03:59
savvasmr_sukor: HP model and number?03:59
Kolehow much script work is involved with ubuntu... or is it totally graphical?03:59
akioCaptainMorgan: I am trying to get textmode to work on a 1024x600 screen03:59
minus18_pundit is there anyother way other then aptoncd to back up installed software? i want to include the codecs, the drivers.03:59
CaptainMorganakio, but I don't recall talking with you, kindly.. so I'm not sure as to your problem04:00
mr_sukorCaptainMorgan: yes it recognize as well04:00
unavailablekole depends on what you use it for.04:00
CaptainMorganakio, that's an area I'm not familiar with, but I'm sure someone else will help you ;)04:00
mr_sukorsavvas: hp laser jet 102004:00
Kolewell im a writer ( commercials etc) I do web design and want to use it for music and videos04:00
unavailablekole mostly graphical but can get into the CLI04:00
unavailablekole and plus the CLI is fun04:00
CaptainMorganmr_sukor, so it's recognized.. did you check the cabling?04:00
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal04:00
mr_sukorCaptainMorgan: yes i've check it all04:01
akioCaptainMorgan: who would you suggest?04:01
jp_sf!search help04:01
ubottuFound: frostwire, tty, java-#kubuntu, moblock, help, binarydriver, burners, usplash, themes, keyboard04:01
Dracie_anyone here use mobileme?04:01
CaptainMorganakio, repeat the original question every 5-10 minutes, since this channel moves fast - but not shorter than that04:01
savvasmr_sukor: is it connected on your machine through USB?04:01
jp_sf!search frostfire04:01
CaptainMorganmaybe even 15 minutes04:01
KoleIm kind of sad that I wont be able to use chrome anymore :P04:01
akioubottu: framebuffer04:01
ubottuInformation about changing your framebuffer modes in GRUB can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrameBuffer#grub04:01
CaptainMorgandepending on movement04:01
mr_sukorsavvas: yes by USB04:02
ActionParsnip!gnutella | jp_sf04:02
ubottujp_sf: Gnutella clients: GTK-Gnutella (GTK, stand-alone), gifTui, giFToxic (GTK, based on giFT), Apollon (KDE, based on giFT), mldonkey-gui (GTK, based on MLDonkey), KMLDonkey (KDE, based on MLDonkey), !Limewire, !Frostwire (Java, not in the !repositories) - See also !P2P04:02
kitcheKole: sure you would be able to but no clue why you would want to anyways04:02
Kolewell its only windows right now04:02
unavailable!medibuntu | kole04:02
ubottukole: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org04:02
Koleill just be happy with firefox04:02
mr_sukorsavvas: i use the same way as i connect the samsung before04:02
savvasmr_sukor: your printer is supported: http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/models/laserjet/hp_laserjet_1020.html - go to Ubuntu menu Applications > Accessories > Terminal and execute: sudo hp-setup04:02
DetraHey ... I have on this computer installed anthy direct (japanese input) and firefox ... But suddenly yesterday, everytime I turn on anthy, firefox freezes ... It has never done that till now ... any has an idea why and how to fix it ?04:03
savvasmr_sukor: It will ask you for your password, type it there and press Enter04:03
unavailablekole  for multimedia applications you may wish to see medibuntu and  the like04:03
techsupporthow can i install man package ?04:03
techsupportto read manuals04:03
savvasmr_sukor: then allow it to download from the internet an add-on or firmware.. whatever it calls it, that should fix it04:03
mosnowhat is default in ubuntu: beagle or tracker?04:03
Kolewell i assume ubuntu comes with an mp3 and basic video player?04:03
mr_sukorsavvas: ok thanks :)04:04
dawKole actually, as I just found out, it does not. mp3 is a restricted format so you have install the codecs, they aren't there by default04:04
DetraHey ... I have on this computer installed anthy direct (japanese input) and firefox ... But suddenly yesterday, everytime I turn on anthy, firefox freezes ... It has never done that till now ... any has an idea why and how to fix it ?04:04
techsupporthow can i update ubuntu server 8.10?04:04
savvasmr_sukor: np :)04:04
Kolecodec easy to find?04:04
unavailablehey techsupport you ever figure out that problem with the node not seeing a specific share?04:05
dawKole sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras04:05
savvasKole: Applications > Add/remove... > Show "all AVAILABLE applications" > Search: ubuntu restricted extras04:05
techsupportunavailable, nope04:05
unavailabletechsupport: well i still havent figured out how to get my vista to see my xp either...  ubuntu sees it fine though04:06
vasslerHello, Just installed ubuntu 8.10, cannot get internet connection04:06
erossdoes anyone know about using QUOTE SITE NOSTRIP for FTP, please PM me04:06
mlopezqckole: easier than easy, just try to play something with a codec you dont have and ubuntu will search it for u04:06
Koledaw - and thats it?04:06
savvasKole: tick the checkbox next to it and apply changes, that should provide you with enough restricted stuff to view/listen to your media :)04:06
Kolewhy is it restricted?04:06
NEWK2ok, now what exactly do I have to do again?04:06
vasslerAny idea ideas?04:06
unavailableKole: not opensource04:06
dawKole -- it is not a true free format04:06
techsupportunavailable, my vista sees my xp fine04:06
darkhamsome mpd user?04:06
nitrohaxhello can anyone help me with a dvd player question?04:06
techsupportunavailable, i didnt have to do anything04:06
spasticteapotDoes anyone know how to run a " .run " file?04:07
mlopezqcvassler: how do you normally connect?04:07
unavailabletechsupport: mine did at one time, but then i had to lock down my pc's04:07
spasticteapotI downloaded Enemy Territory, and don't know what to do with what I downloaded.04:07
Koleohhh ok04:07
unavailabletechsupport: guess i did too good of a job huh?04:07
savvasKole: because it's restricted, no source and patent protected/copyrighted/whatever. :)04:07
dawKole - the explanation is found here: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/ubuntustory/philosophy04:07
DetraHey ... I have on this computer installed anthy direct (japanese input) and firefox ... But suddenly yesterday, everytime I turn on anthy, firefox freezes ... It has never done that till now ... any has an idea why and how to fix it ?04:07
* spikebike wonders if he will regret migrating from ubuntu 32bit desktop to ubuntu 64bit desktop04:08
spikebikeso far the java plugin has been the most painful04:08
mr_sukorsavvas: my printer processing but it wont print04:08
NEWK2ok, I just installed Ubuntu but wifi doesn't work04:08
Koleis there a good rocket dock like program for ubuntu?04:08
savvasspikebike: which one? the sun java plugin from Applications > Add/Remove... works fine :)04:09
NEWK2someone said something about updating it, but what exactly do I do?04:09
spikebikesavvas for 64 bit?04:09
jp_sfKole: most of the MP3 player are unlicensed  and infringing different patents04:09
savvasspikebike: er.. no :p but it might work04:09
Kolerocket dock isint mp304:09
DetraHey ... I have on this computer installed anthy direct (japanese input) and firefox ... But suddenly yesterday, everytime I turn on anthy, firefox freezes ... It has never done that till now ... any has an idea why and how to fix it ?04:09
Koleit just displays icons of the programs you have04:09
spikebikesavvas ya, I don't think that works yet04:09
darkhami would compile gmpc 0.17.0 in ubuntu intrepid and compiling i've a message of libglade-2.0 needed. nothing in synaptic, i've downloaded this in gnome site, but compiling i've an error04:09
darkhamsomeone can help me?04:10
savvasspikebike: never tried it on 64-bit (never had to)04:10
spikebikehttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1016014 that one is the one I'm trying now04:10
spasticteapotHow much of a headache would I be in if I wanted to install 64-bit ubuntu?04:10
worldcitizen!ask | darkham04:10
ubottudarkham: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:10
nitrohaxcan anyone tell me why when i try to play advd it tells me it can read from source?04:10
dawNEWK2 can you hook up your computer to the internet or only have wifi?04:10
savvasmr_sukor: shut down your printer - then shut down your computer. Power on your printer and power on your computer. Check it then.04:10
NEWK2daw: yes04:10
NEWK2It's online with a cable  right now04:10
DetraHey ... I have on this computer installed anthy direct (japanese input) and firefox ... But suddenly yesterday, everytime I turn on anthy, firefox freezes ... It has never done that till now ... any has an idea why and how to fix it ?04:10
dawNEWK2 go to System->Update Manager and get all the current updates installed04:10
NEWK2that's it?04:11
erossspikebike - 64bit is looking better and better, my only complaint is freebasic doesn't compile 64bit code, and if you want to develop in 32bit it's best to have a 32bit partition04:11
dawNEWK2 sorry System->Administration->Update Manager04:11
NEWK2that's actually what i was gonna try04:11
mr_sukorsavvas: warning: hp-testpage should not be run as root.04:11
NEWK2I'll try that04:11
spikebikeeross or a 32bit virtual machine ;-)04:11
mr_sukorsavvas: is this the problem?04:11
dawNEW2k well, if it's just an update issue, that'll get you updated, but if it's more than that there may be other things you'll need to do04:11
savvasmr_sukor: hold a sec04:11
ian_1975can some one help me04:11
erosstrue, but 32 vm doesn't support opengl, does it?04:11
spikebikeflash however "just worked"04:11
spikebikeeross yes04:12
DetraHey ... I have on this computer installed anthy direct (japanese input) and firefox ... But suddenly yesterday, everytime I turn on anthy, firefox freezes ... It has never done that till now ... any has an idea why and how to fix it ?04:12
dawNEWK2 you might also try: sudo apt-get install wireless-tools04:12
savvasmr_sukor: execute this command in terminal: sudo adduser $USER lp04:12
manzurhello my friends i get this error when turning off my computer, why? http://www.ubuntu-es.org/index.php?q=node/7731404:13
savvasmr_sukor: and this command: sudo adduser $USER lpadmin04:13
mr_sukordaw : what is the best way to make a partition for my ubuntu?04:13
savvasmr_sukor: then do as I told you, power off printer then computer, then power them on04:13
DetraHey ... I have on this computer installed anthy direct (japanese input) and firefox ... But suddenly yesterday, everytime I turn on anthy, firefox freezes ... It has never done that till now ... any has an idea why and how to fix it ?04:13
manzurhello my friends i get this error when turning off my computer, why? halt: unable to iterate IDE devices: no such file or directory04:13
erossdoes an FTP server need to be set up with a SITE NOSTRIP on installation, to be able to use the site nostrip option?04:13
vasslerMy friend just installed ubuntu 8.10, cannot get internet connection configured right.. any ideas?04:13
manzurdo u know?04:13
vasslerIts a laptop computer04:14
Zombie_Gazver Zombie_Gaz04:14
manzurhello my friends i get this error when turning off my computer, why? halt: unable to iterate IDE devices: no such file or directory04:14
mr_sukorsavvas: x@x-desktop:~$ sudo adduser $user lp04:14
mr_sukoradduser: The user `lp' already exists.04:14
mr_sukorx@x-desktop:~$ sudo adduser $user lpadmin04:14
mr_sukoradduser: The group `lpadmin' already exists.04:14
FloodBot1mr_sukor: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:14
mlopezqcvassler: he connects with an analog modem?04:14
nitrohaxi've looked all over the help site for ubuntu still hasn't helped me. can nay one help me with a  dvd problem04:14
DetraHey ... I have on this computer installed anthy direct (japanese input) and firefox ... But suddenly yesterday, everytime I turn on anthy, firefox freezes ... It has never done that till now ... any has an idea why and how to fix it ?04:14
savvasmr_sukor: i said $USER - case sensitive04:14
bazhang!give me a test04:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about give me a test04:14
manzurbazhang: hello my friends i get this error when turning off my computer, why? halt: unable to iterate IDE devices: no such file or directory04:15
DetraHey ... I have on this computer installed anthy direct (japanese input) and firefox ... But suddenly yesterday, everytime I turn on anthy, firefox freezes ... It has never done that till now ... any has an idea why and how to fix it ?04:15
savvasbazhang: A test eh? What is the first artery that exits the heart? :P04:15
pdtpatri3kDetra .. you might want to uninstall and reinstall it04:16
pdtpatri3kbut before you do that .. run sudo apt-get update first04:16
pdtpatri3kand then continue04:16
mr_sukorsavvas :  what is the best to make a partition on 20GB HDD?04:16
Detrapdtpatri3k, I tried both uninstalling ff and anthy and reinstalling both ... Didn't help ...04:17
spikebikecool works04:17
manzurhello my friends i get this error when turning off my computer, why? halt: unable to iterate IDE devices: no such file or directory04:17
* spikebike recommends http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1016014 for 64 bit folks wanting java plugins04:17
temppyDetra: try creating another user account, and see if it works there04:17
unavailablethe first septal branch04:17
savvasmr_sukor: using gparted: sudo apt-get install gparted ..and then go to System > Administration > Partition Editor04:17
savvasmr_sukor: if the hard drive is in use by the system, then you won't be able to partition it, you have to use and boot from the Live CD for that04:18
unavailable!hello | ian_197504:18
ubottuian_1975: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!04:18
ian_1975Ineed help04:18
DaveDixonIII cannot see the bottom of my Ubuntu when i Java VNC.04:18
Detratemppy, Well, it works with everything else ... its only ff that freezes ...04:19
unavailableDaveDixonII: you mean the bottom of the workspace?04:19
mr_sukorsavvas: i'm trying to set it as boot, home and to store some file04:19
DaveDixonIIunavailable: I can see everything except the bottom bar.04:19
JoesephHi. I'm thinking about setting up a simple ssh server for my ubuntu machine. I'd like to use it to download files while I am on a remote windows desktop.   Is this what ssh should be used for?04:20
temppyDetra: mk, I figured that04:20
ian_1975can anyone help04:20
temppy!ask > ian_197504:20
ubottuian_1975, please see my private message04:20
Detratemppy, so you would still recommend to try another user ?04:21
mr_sukorian_1975: what help04:21
DaveDixonIIJoeseph: SSH allows you to control your computer via terminal only04:21
mr_sukorian_1975: about what04:21
ian_1975I am tring to connect with a network irc.pitbull-chat.com04:21
ian_1975but I cannot04:21
tuntunHi. My scanner (Canon MPC200) is detected with "sane-find-scanner", but xsane does not detect it. What must I do?04:21
mr_sukorian_1975: use the command as u use in irc04:22
ian_1975I dont know irc04:22
JoesephDaveDixonII: What are you trying to tell me?  I realize that transferring files would be done via terminal.   I was just wondering if ssh would be the most secure and practical use for what I want to do.04:22
unavailableian_1975: your on irc...04:22
ian_1975no aa web chat,04:22
ra21vihow do i know in which level I am in04:22
ian_1975but want to connect via xchat04:22
unavailableirc://irc.pitbull-chat.com  ?04:23
unavailable^^click it04:23
mr_sukorian_1975: i think irc is the same thing like webchat04:23
ian_1975nothing happens when i click04:23
DaveDixonIIunavailable: ?04:24
DaveDixonIIunavailable: I can see everything except the bottom bar.04:24
savvasian_1975: open that url/link in your internet browser04:24
eseven73anyone know the channel for Puppy linux? i went to #puppy but theres only 2 users04:24
z28Joeseph: install openssh-server on ubuntu, and run puTTY and pscp from windows to control ubuntu and or transfer files. ssh includes scp, pscp is a windows scp port.04:24
mr_sukoreseven73: there's 3 including u04:25
kc8pxyi know this question will send red-flags a mile high, but i can't seem to get it working on my own.04:25
tuntunHi. My scanner (Canon MPC200) is detected with "sane-find-scanner", but xsane does not detect it. What must I do?04:25
mr_sukorhi tuntun04:25
mr_sukoras savvas04:25
eseven73mr_sukor: well a min ago there was 2 users me being the 3rd :/04:25
mr_sukorask savvas04:25
pyraki need help deciphering this statement:  "  1. Make sure ghc (or ghc.exe) is in your PATH environment."04:26
darkhamsome mpd user?04:26
pyrakPATH environment?04:26
darkhamand gmpc user?04:26
nbeebothere exists so many jerks in this world04:26
Joesephz28: Thanks, I'll try to find a portable putty (so I can run it off of my flashdrive, and access my computer from anywhere).04:26
bazhangnbeebo, ??04:26
savvaseseven73: http://www.puppylinux.org/wiki/archives/old-wikka-wikki/categorydocumentation/puppylinuxirc04:26
darkhamplease query me04:26
albechI am still experiencing the 'flicker' in 8.10 that is described in this thread: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24/+bug/164589 but the fix mentioned here that fixed it for me in 7.10 and 8.04 where editing /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia-kernel-nkc refer to a file that doesnt exist.. Any ideas?04:26
eseven73ty savvas04:26
unavailableDaveDixonII i have no clue honestly04:26
unavailablepyrak: path is a systemvariable04:26
ispmikeeseven73: try #puppylinux04:26
pyrakunavailable, so how do i alter it?04:27
pyrakjust "PATH = '/path/and/stuff' ?04:27
kc8pxyI'm trying to get aircrack-ng to work, and when i follow the howto's, it keeps telling we that it can't put my atheros card can't be put in monitor mode. I've personally put this card in master mode to use as a WAP, so i know it SHOUDL be able to do this also..   is there something ubunt-specific that is goofing me here?04:27
=== GodTodd_ is now known as GodTodd
nirivenkc8pxy, ndiswrapper?04:27
romegaHi, my sound isn't working on applications / volume mixer.  It's an onboard USB chip that works when I modprobe snd-usb-audio and do a speaker-test but no GUI app seems to be able to use it04:27
unavailablepyrak  http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-969.html04:27
Joesephspeaking of encryption, is it safe to login in on any computer if the private key is kept on a flashdrive, instead of on a single computer?04:27
Joesephusing ssh04:27
histokc8pxy, Does that cards drivers support packet injection?04:28
unavailablekc8pxy: which atheros card?04:28
mlopezqcjoseph: of course04:28
brianhermankc8pxy are u a ham radio opperator04:28
rwwalbech: just create the file. The only reason why there are multiple files in /etc/modprobe.d is to make things easier for the package manager04:28
histoJoeseph, nothing is safe04:28
pdtpatri3kyeah until you lose the flash drive04:28
unavailablebrianherman: ???04:28
techsupporthow do i delete a user in terminal04:28
pdtpatri3kyou might want to get something like Iron monkey where the flash drive itself is encrypted04:29
brianhermanham radio04:29
pdtpatri3ktechsupport userdel04:29
rwwJoeseph: not really. A compromised computer could just copy the private key off the USB flash drive and keylog your password04:29
Joesephrww: Would they have to be in possesion of my flash drive, or the computer I used it on?04:30
techsupportpdtpatri3k, how do i add user and give him root priviliages ?04:30
z28Joeseph: putty on windows and ssh is encrytped. windows software here: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html04:30
kc8pxy05:07.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR5212/AR5213 Multiprotocol MAC/baseband processor (rev 01)04:30
kc8pxybrianherman:  yes.04:30
albechtrying that.. brb after reboot04:30
pdtpatri3kdid you get that techsupport?04:30
rwwJoeseph: just the computer you used it in. In general, you shouldn't use your private key on any computer you don't trust04:31
mlopezqcjoeseph: if you are going to put your private key on a Flash drive you must be carefull about who can use it04:31
kc8pxyunavailable: 05:07.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR5212/AR5213 Multiprotocol MAC/baseband processor (rev 01)04:31
savvasJoeseph: just keep your password to have 10+ characters with letters, numbers, dashes, underscores and asterisks and you should be fine :)04:31
unavailablekc8pxy: cus the atheros 9k does support it and I have had it working in intrepid04:31
mlopezqcJoeseph: anyway there is the passfrase04:31
eseven73ispmike: thanks at least theres 24 users in that chan :)04:31
brianhermankc8pxy:w9bjh is my call sign04:32
pyrakunavailable, so i04:32
kc8pxyQSO :)04:32
pyrakunavailable, i don't see the $PATH definition in there04:32
techsupportpdtpatri3k, pm please04:32
pyrakunavailable, is it possible that it's not defined yet?04:32
brianhermankc8pxy:my dad is an extra04:32
mlopezqcJoeseph: private key protects private keys04:32
[TiZ]Hi. My brother's Sansa e250 is mounting read-only. How do I make it stop doing that?04:33
Cpudan80pyrak: what are you trying to do?04:33
PytlaskHeya, quick question. While reading about crontab, I found several different explanations for the priority of allowance. In the default ubuntu distribution Intrepid Ibex, what happens if neither cron.allow nor cron.deny are in the /etc folder?04:33
kc8pxybrianherman:  I'm a 5wpm extra :)04:33
pyrakCpudan80, http://www.haskell.org/soe/software1.htm, and specifically, add something to my path var04:33
pyrakwhich is step 104:33
Cpudan80pyrak: for permanent purposes?04:33
brianhermannow you dont need anything anymore04:33
Cpudan80pyrak: ie. through logouts/reboots04:33
brianhermanno more code04:33
pyrakCpudan80, yeah, i think so04:33
kc8pxyunavailable:  i'm using hardy.04:33
pdtpatri3ktechsupport did you get my message?04:33
Joesephrww, mlopezqc: so If I use a computer that I trust not to be searched through by a cracker, a private key on my flash drive would only be a problem if I lost my flash dirve? But in that case, couldn't I just reset my private key?04:33
unavailablepyrak: open terminal then type echo $path04:34
[TiZ]I need to make it so that the sansa mounts with write access. Can anyone help?04:34
Cpudan80pyrak: so you need to edit .bashrc in your home directory04:34
pyrakCpudan80, well, i'm not sure if this value only is used by the install script, or if its used by the program itself later04:34
pdtpatri3ktechsupport if not then user useradd to add the users and then to give the user root permissions then you would add them to the /etc/sudoers file04:34
dawI'm going to guess I know the answer to this, but: is there a silverlight v2 plug-in for mozilla on linux? I would guess "No," but want confirmation04:34
Cpudan80pyrak: oh let me look04:34
vandenHi. I cannot get my printer working with 8.10. I had been running 7.10 and had it working. A bare-metal install of 8.10 and ubuntu cannot find my HP laserjet 5MP. A google cast no light. Little help?04:34
nirivendaw: no, but look into moonlight, the linux version, i thinkt it uspports 1.0 of silverlight04:34
buckydentnot that i know of.  rumors its in developent04:34
pyrakunavailable, yeah, i got some paths, separated by colons04:35
mauricio_vanden: did you check linuxprinting.org?04:35
dawthanks niriven04:35
savvasvanden: go to Applications > Accessories > Terminal and execute: sudo hp-setup04:35
unavailablepyrak: i didnt.....04:35
Cpudan80pyrak: nah it looks like you only need it for the install04:35
pyrakit's very possible that i don't need to actually do anything for step 1, i guess04:35
Cpudan80pyrak: so you would just do ...04:35
vandenmauricio_: no, just the community docs and googling ubuntu + printer model. Will try04:35
pyrakunavailable, ^^that was my output04:35
savvasvanden: it will ask for your password, you type it in and press enter, and follow the intructions04:35
Cpudan80export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/GHC04:36
nirivendaw, acutally it look slike theres a moonlight 2.004:36
techsupportwhen i do useradd someuser , it snot even prompting to specify password for new user04:36
Cpudan80Do NOT forget $PATH in there!!!04:36
Cpudan80That is very important!!!04:36
darkhamsome mpd user?04:36
darkhamplease query me04:36
kc8pxyunavailable: mind helping me through it?   http://slexy.org/view/s2aSdkLSg304:36
savvastechsupport: try: adduser user04:36
darkhamsome mpd user?04:36
pyrakCpudan80, ok, trying now04:36
pdtpatri3ktechsupport when you do useradd .. there are many options that go with it .. type man useradd at the terminal to see a manual of how to use it04:36
nirivendaw, so, answer is yes :)04:36
vandensavvas: Thanks. Didn't use hp-setup on the last install, but I'll give it a go.04:37
droopsta915why does rhythmbox music player, play my albums from last to first? Can I fix this?04:37
pdtpatri3kand to have it prompt for a password you would type password <username>04:37
pyrakCpudan80, i believe the path i want to add is /usr/lib64/ghc-6.8.2, does that look right to you?04:37
brianhermanthats weird04:37
dawniriven, i'm astounded, but happy :)04:37
savvasvanden: a lot of things changed since 7.10 :)04:37
unavailablekc8pxy: it was over 4 months ago that I had it working... my memory is shot because i also finished a sem at college.04:37
Cpudan80pyrak: ummm /usr/lib/ is already in your path I think04:37
Cpudan80pyrak: if you just install ghc from the repos, it should be in your path04:38
savvasvanden: also, when you're done execute this command (one line): sudo adduser $USER lp; sudo adduser $USER lpadmin04:38
Cpudan80pyrak: Its in the repositories04:38
Cpudan80pyrak: sudo apt-get install ghc04:38
pyrakCpudan80, yes, that's what i did04:38
savvasvanden: then power off your printer, power off your computer and then power them on again. it should work now04:38
nirivendaw, Wait, no, haha, 1.0 only. Sorry about that, heres the link. http://www.go-mono.com/moonlight/04:38
Cpudan80pyrak: then its in your path already04:38
pyrakCpudan80, ok, so it looks like i don't need to do anything for step one?04:38
vandensavvas: No doubt. :-)   hp-setup is failing to detect the printer. It was like that with system-config-printer and the cups web interface, too.04:38
nirivendaw, 2.0 is in progress (to support silverlight 2.0).04:38
=== awesome is now known as Guest65382
Cpudan80pyrak: yes04:39
Cpudan80pyrak: you should be good04:39
dawniriven my heart is crushed . . . but thanks for the link and info! :)04:39
savvasvanden: 5L you said right? is it connected through USB or LPT (whatever is called that serial port)?04:39
konzepthey i need help with my drivers. I have a webcam that i have no idea how to get the drivers for.... its an "in-sight webcam ic455c"04:39
nirivendaw, only a matter of time, 2.0 is alpha stages.04:40
vandensavvas: LJ 5MP. LPT port. (It is probably older than USB printers ;-)04:40
Cpudan80konzept: plug it in - it'll prob work04:40
Guest65382may someone guide me with DHCP issue04:40
pyrakCpudan80, hm, actually it looks like some problem has been miraculously solved.  perhaps the opengl package that i had installed needed a hibernate to kick in or something04:40
Cpudan80woohoo DHCP!04:40
pyrakthanks for all the help, Cpudan8004:40
Cpudan80np pyrak04:40
pyraki'll ping you again if i hit another wall :)04:40
kc8pxywhat package is wlanconfig a part of?04:40
Guest65382just intalled xubuntu 8.10 and no net connection04:41
savvasvanden: well, it should be supported: http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/models/laserjet/hp_laserjet_5mp.html04:41
Cpudan80Guest65382: how do you know its a dhcp issue?04:41
unavailablekc8pxy: have you tried http://www.aircrack-ng.org/doku.php?id=madwifi-ng04:41
Guest65382during install there was a dhcp issue that i just bypassed04:41
vandensavvas: Yeah, I figured it would be. I managed to get it going back with one of th 6.n releases. Worked fine with 7.04 and 7.10. :-(04:42
compengiwhat's the way to restrict user UIDs being exposed to others? 'top' and 'ps' can be restricted on BSD systems by passing '0' to 'security.bsd.see_other_uids' in src/etc/sysctl.conf. what can be done for linux?04:42
Guest65382i dont know for sure it is dhcp04:42
pyrakCpudan80, pm04:42
Cpudan80pyrak: go ahead04:42
Cpudan80Guest65382: open a terminal, type dhclient04:42
savvasvanden: two suggestions: 1) Check your bios for serial port settings, it should be bi-directional 2) check your cables, one by one, maybe you missed something, or a pin is broken.. stuff like that happen :)04:43
kc8pxyunavailable: that doesn't seem to be an issue yet   it's missing a command, it seems.04:43
Guest65382unknown hard ware address type 80104:43
techsupporthow can i archive a directory in terminal ?04:43
Guest65382cant create /var/lib/dhcp3.......................04:44
pdtpatri3ktechsupport use tar to archive04:44
savvastechsupport: shouldn't you be answering questions instead of asking? your nickname says techsupport :)04:44
Cpudan80Guest65382: sudo dhclient04:44
Laderiusanyone familiur with ktorrent web ui, ive set it up but dunno how to connect04:44
Cpudan80forgot that it needs root04:44
vandensavvas: The cable check I will try for sure. I don't know that I know how to check for bidirectional serial port settings. But, since it is the same box with the same bios as worked with 7.10, that rules that out, no?04:44
epoxytechsuperfreak, tar -cf foo.tar /path/to/stuff  ... or tar -czf foo.tar.gz /path/to/stuff04:44
Guest65382now it says password for (myusername)04:45
wesouleranybody use piwik?04:45
pdtpatri3ktechsupport just type man tar ... you will get a better idea of how its used04:45
vandensavvas: Oh, and it is a parrallel not serial port interface.04:45
Guest65382do i type in my password?04:45
savvasvanden: correct, I tend to forget those stuff, as I don't use them anymore - but I've set up a laserjet 5L in november :)04:46
savvasGuest65382: you type it in and press Enter04:47
techsupportpdtpatri3k, so how can i archive a directory with all its subdirectories ? just use tar /directory ?04:47
Guest65382send packet: network is down04:47
TriBeCa99anyone familiar with slax? i need it to get my ubuntu install working properly (don't ask) and slax is hanging during boot04:47
Dexihey guys xchat is pretty bare. anyone familiar with getting sensors to output in a sysinfo script?04:47
Laderius ktorrent webui failed to launch php executable? any help04:48
Cpudan80techsupport: tar -cvf myTarFile.tar /dir/to/tar04:48
Guest65382No DHCPOFFERS received04:48
vandensavvas: Well, thanks for the help. I thought it might be the cables. I was hoping to get something obvious I'd not tried. But, hp-setup seems useful. Ciao!04:48
savvastechsupport: http://www.google.com/search?q=how%20to%20archive%20tar%20directory http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/5/create-a-tar-archive-of-a-directory/  http://www.cs.duke.edu/~ola/courses/programming/tar.html04:48
pdtpatri3ktechsupport to archive you would use something like tar -cfz filename.tar.gz /etc/apt04:48
Guest65382no working leases in persistant database - sleeping04:48
Cpudan80Guest65382: your DHCP server is ... not working04:49
hadriansdeathI cannot increase my screen resolution over 800*60004:49
LaderiusI suppose my setup is a little different than others as I am not mainly using KDE but am using Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid) 64 bit desktop edition.04:49
LaderiusThe webui seems to load up the login screen but after I login, no matter what port I use, it fails with.04:49
LaderiusHTTP/1.1 Internal Server Error04:49
LaderiusFailed to launch PHP executable !04:49
LaderiusI grabbed Ktorrent from the Ubuntu Add/Remove programs repository and am using version 3.1.2. Guess I've stuck with Ktorrent because it's the best torrent client that I have found so far...would love to have a nice webui like the windows uTorrent. Any help is appreciated.04:49
FloodBot1Laderius: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:49
pdtpatri3ktechsupport i havent used tar in a while so you might be better off using "man tar" as they have plenty of examples04:49
Dexiholy crap04:49
konzeptcan i use windows drivers for my webcam? and how04:49
Cpudan80konzept: no.... just plug it in - it should work04:49
Guest65382what is eth0?04:49
eseven73Laderius: deluge-torrent is nice04:49
Cpudan80konzept: its probably supported04:49
DexiGuest60051: thats your ethernet cord04:49
Cpudan80Guest65382: your network card04:49
Cpudan80or well04:49
Cpudan80The first one04:50
hadriansdeathCan anyone help me with screen resolution?04:50
wesoulerkonzept:i used a windows driver in eeebuntu.04:50
Dexihadriansdeath: that happened to me once, did you just install ubuntu?04:50
Cpudan80hadriansdeath: reconfigure xorg04:50
hadriansdeathjust installed04:50
Laderiuseseven73 does it have a webui for mobile?04:50
Guest65382should that be recognized upon install04:50
* hadriansdeath as in idiot child to quote firefly04:50
anthonyI just installed ubuntu yesterday =D04:50
eseven73Laderius: not sure really04:50
Guest65382b/c i dont think it was04:50
TriBeCa99anyone familiar with slax? i need it to get my ubuntu install working properly (don't ask) and slax is hanging during boot04:51
anthonytotally ditched windows04:51
konzeptits pluged in and nothing04:51
hadriansdeathhow do I reconfigure xorg?04:51
Laderiuseseven73, i will pass i like ktorrent and ive seen it configuired properly before04:51
eseven73Laderius: i know opera has a nice torrent client built in and theres a Opera for mobile04:51
Cpudan80konzept: what program are you using04:51
Cpudan80konzept: try ekiga04:51
Laderiuseseven73, aye however my mobile device is an ipod touch :P04:51
alex-82I have Ubuntu (gnome), is it possible to replace nautilus as the default file-manager? I am wondering if I can completely remove nautilus from the system.04:51
Laderiuseseven73, ipods dont allow the use of oprea04:52
eseven73oh nvm i forgot how restrictive apple is they prolly dont have a Opera heh04:52
anthonymy mobile device is an ipod touch as well04:52
anuare there mathematic illustration drawing tools ?04:52
Guest65382is my Network Card perhaps ported wrongly?04:52
supernoobi'm trying to set up a local server so I can play around with a website i'm setting up04:52
supernoobi've isntalled lamp-server and phpmyadmin04:53
Cpudan80Guest65382: possibly, is it something weird?04:53
supernoobbut i can't make lampserver activate04:53
anuare there mathematic illustration drawing tools ?04:53
Cpudan80supernoob: you dont need to make it04:53
supernoobi go to localhost/phpmyadmin and get a 40404:53
kholerabbican I have two language spellchecks installed for ubuntu (i.e german and english words)??04:53
TriBeCa99ok i'm starting to go crazy here, and i haven't gotten a response to my last few questions04:53
Cpudan80supernoob: what happens when you go to http://localhost04:53
wolican I run a live session from a usb drive?04:53
sabotK, here's the deal, my installation froze halfway, so I had to restart, now I have this dead 20gb partition with a failed ubuntu installation on it, but I cant get my installer to simply re-install onto there, how do I do that04:53
supernoob"it works!"04:54
TriBeCa99anyone knowledgeable willing to chat with me in PM to help work out my problem?04:54
TriBeCa99i think there's a few ways to solve it, i just keep running into a wall no matter which route i try04:54
supernooboh you know what? i think i need to give phpmyadmin the root password for mysql04:54
supernoobhow do i do that?04:54
Cpudan80supernoob: no you dont04:54
TriBeCa99all i'm try to do is get ubuntu up and running on a software RAID10 partition04:54
alex-82sabot: why not reformat that partition?04:54
Cpudan80supernoob: err maybe you do.... anyway - fix the 404 first04:54
Guest65382the DHCPDISCOVER on eth0 to port 67 [then there were different intervals such as 20,13,1....after which the send packet said network is down04:54
Cpudan80supernoob: hold on04:54
sabotalex-82, reformat to what?04:55
Dexiugh. i hate when im helping someone and they dont use !who and i never know they said anything, and they leave because they think theyre being ignored04:55
CheesyWeaselsometimes i cant hear mp3s through any program or audio from an mp4 file. i restart and its fixed but it happens really often04:55
supernoobcpudan80: "Not Found. The requested URL /phpmyadmin was not found on this server."04:55
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:55
ubottuYou can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.04:56
abstortedmindswhat's a good gui app for converting an avi to a dvd iso so I can burn it04:56
alex-82sabot: if you're installing from the CD then you have the option to specify the partitions. If you do so then you will wipe the disk, or part of the disk. So you would lose your partial installation and start from scratch04:56
sabotI have a windows installation partition that I cannot lose04:56
FiReSTaRTis there anyone for whom the 177 nvidia driver didn't fix the suspend issue?04:56
MoLE_I'm having difficulty getting a fully functioning gwibber going on a hardy system, anyone here successfully running it?04:56
FiReSTaRTi mean the brand spankin new driver update04:56
anthonyi have a question, anyone willing to help me one on one? Its about KDE 4.1 On Ubuntu 8.1004:56
Cpudan80supernoob: Open a terminal and type the following: cd /var/www; ln -s /usr/share/phpmyadmin phpmyadmin04:56
CheesyWeaselsometimes i cant hear mp3s through any program or audio from an mp4 file. i restart and its fixed but it happens really often04:56
Guest65382upon plugging my internet cable in it tries to acquire network address to no avail then says disconnected from network04:56
Cpudan80supernoob: sorry ehh04:57
alves_rnis anyone using a SATA I HD?04:57
Cpudan80supernoob: Open a terminal and type the following: cd /var/www; sudo ln -s /usr/share/phpmyadmin phpmyadmin04:57
FiReSTaRTCheesyWeasel : sometimes the browser may mess up your sound.. try closing the browser and see if that fixes it04:57
eseven73speaking of !Tab I updated it last night can an op please look into that when/if they get a chance? :)04:57
sabotalex-82: If I simply delete the partition and have it as free space, can I install onto that?04:57
CheesyWeaselFiReSTaRT: browsers not open04:57
FiReSTaRTCheesyWeasel: worth a shot.. fixed the problem for me.. also close every app that plays sound04:58
alex-82sabot:  yes because the ubuntu install will reformat it anyway. There are a number of possible formats but ext3 is the most common.04:58
wolican I get assistance with booting a live session from a usb?04:58
Guest65382How can I configure my eth0 port properly?04:58
CheesyWeaselFiReSTaRT: thats not it.04:58
sabotalex-82: Okay, Im going to delete it, then go through the installation and make sure I have the correct settings, I need to select manual partition Im guessing04:58
CheesyWeaselwhat packages should i have from synaptic to ensure proper mp3 playback?04:59
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:59
savvasCheesyWeasel: ubuntu-restricted-extras04:59
alves_rnMy sata I hd is writinting at ~ 40MB/s.  Is this good?04:59
eseven73why does it take an hour to unzip a 7zip file? (granted its 1.5 meg file but still) this is just painfully slow04:59
TaiNTeD_RaGEPeople I cant shut down my comp or open terminal or anything it all just goes white, I cant shut down by clicking power nothing comes up, I tried ctrl + alt + delete no luck04:59
Cpudan80TaiNTeD_RaGE: CTRL+ALT+BCKSPC05:00
trippsok my sound completely disappeared for no apparent reason. Was listening to music on audacious, tried to play a youtube video, and nothing. No sound anywhere. No system sounds, mp3, anything. Ideas?05:00
alex-82Guest65382: type cat /etc/network/interfaces in the terminal, then take a look at what it tells you05:00
Cpudan80Should fix it05:00
CheesyWeaselsavvas: thanks. installing now.05:00
supernoobcpudan80: ok, i'm at /var/www$05:00
supernoobnow what05:00
CheesyWeaselsavvas: hopefully this will do it05:00
alex-82Guest65382: the main settings are in that file, the dns settings are in /etc/resolv.conf05:00
Cpudan80supernoob: you typed that command?05:00
Cpudan80and it asked for your password?05:00
Cpudan80so now you should be able to go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin05:00
savvasCheesyWeasel: usually it does :) if not, install also: gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mp305:01
LogicalDashI installed Tor and its suggested packages, anon-proxy and mixmailer. Now apt-get is trying to send all of its requests through Localhost port 4001. How do I make it stop?05:01
Guest65382auto lo05:01
CheesyWeaselsavvas: that did it.05:01
Guest65382iface lo inet loopback05:01
CheesyWeaselsavvas: thanks a bunch05:01
savvasnp ;)05:01
LogicalDashI have since uninstalled all this stuff...05:01
savvasyay, I got in a quit message :p05:01
sabotalex-82, im at the partition portion of the installation, using guided (automatic) just frees some of my windows partition and still has 17gbs of unused space, I want to use the unused space, do I need to format the freespace onto its own ext3 partition (Im being detailed because I cannot screw this up)05:02
supernoobcpudan80: i don't know if this is normal or not...when i reload the webpage it pprompts me to dl a file called "default"05:02
hadriansdeathHow do I reconfigure xorg to display 1024*1280 resolution, I installed ubuntu using wubi05:02
titefuzzoh yeah05:02
titefuzzthat reminds me05:02
Cpudan80supernoob: this is why the lamp package needs to be taken offline05:03
Cpudan80supernoob: hang on05:03
ra21vihow do i change into another opened channel in irssi05:03
alex-82sabot: I can't tell you exactly what to do because I can't see exactly what you are looking at. But yes, if you can reformat the free space that would be the right thing05:03
alex-82sabot: your windows install is isolated from the free space05:03
Guest65382secondary question: anyone think Xubuntu 8.10 alt will run better on 2002 gateway box 1.8ghz 377RAM vs. Ubuntu 5.10 (which is where i am coming to you from :-)05:03
supernoobcpudan80: thanks for the help. mind if we move to PM? my connection kicks in and out, and i'm worried your messages will get buried05:03
dr_willisra21vi,  the irssi homepage has a quick start guide.. I belive ya can use alt-1 through alt-#05:03
ra21vii mean how to move better opened room in irssi05:03
pmhyany tools for ext3 file recovery on a disk img whose partition table has been lost and the disk partially overwritten?05:04
trippsno sound from flash sites like pandora either. is there a way to restart the sound system or something?05:04
ra21vidr_willis: uh,i tried that before, it switches between gnome-terminal's tabs05:04
savvasGuest65382: probably yes, xubuntu will use much less resources05:04
ra21vimeans i will have to be in single tab to irrsi get that event05:04
Cpudan80supernoob: sure - fire away05:04
sabotalex-82: I think this is the last thing, when creating the partition, what do I select as "mount-point"?05:05
Guest653822002 BOX is my only connectable comp until i get this DHCP fixed on my HP DV6000 laptop05:05
dr_willisra21vi,  try running irssi in a normal xterm perhaps.. or rxvt . or disable the shortcuts in gnome-terminal.05:05
alex-82sabot: /05:05
alex-82sabot: '/' signifies the root directory05:06
Guest65382I dont know how to troubleshoot the porting of my DHCP05:06
Guest65382the network card05:06
sabotpartitioning now then, hope this works, thank you :)05:06
ra21vidr_willis: yes05:06
angusI have wifi card issue05:06
wolican anybody help me setup a live usb with ubuntu intrepid ibex?05:07
ra21vidr_willis: ok, ctrl+n works for next05:07
sabotFYI: In the future, hibernation should be disabled during installation, the whole thing freezes if it happens05:08
savvaswoli: System > Administration > Create a USB startup disk (I think)05:08
wesoulerhello , i have a  Vmware  problem,but #vmware is no response. there is a VirualMachine ping host return is  success,but failed to ping gateway.what's wrong with vmware or host or router?05:08
wolisavvas, I don't have that in my menu.05:08
angushow to ask the system to detect the wifi card?05:08
=== Guest65382 is now known as Eatdrums
wesoulerbut i see the gateway's MAC, use ip neigh show05:08
rccudo you mean teh getaway's mac05:09
Moddington2_newbie here, I need to install a few libraries, such as SDL_image and libgl, how can I install/find them?05:09
savvaswoli: you said you have intrepid ibex, right? run this from the terminal: usb-creator05:09
Eatdrumsdoes changing my MAC address in eth0 change the porting?05:09
techsupportwhen i type screen i get error Cannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/0' - please check.05:09
wolisavvas, I did not. I want to create a live usb that will install intrepid ibex in my computer.05:10
wesouleryep. got MAC but failed with ICMP05:10
mlopezqchey, anyone knows why when I config a tap device with ifconfig it automatically gets an ipv6 address05:10
wesouleri think there is some problem in Layer 305:10
savvaswoli: and you have which operating system?05:10
EatdrumsHow do I get Xubuntu to recognize my DHCP network card?05:10
wolisavvas, 8.0405:11
wolisavvas, I will use the usb to install it on a laptop.05:11
LogicalDashEatdrums, DHCP is not a kind of network card, it's a protocol used to give IP addresses to devices05:11
lwizardlanyone here using a apple g4 and get ubuntu to install ?05:11
LogicalDashEatdrums, what kind of network card do you really have? Tell us what's on the label05:11
zyrorlhey does anyone know how to downgrade a particular update pushed through automatic updates?05:12
zyrorlthe latest pulse audio upgrade fubared up my audio05:12
flacohello, someone can help me?? the sound is not working, is a Intel Corporation 82801JI (ICH10 Family) HD Audio Controller05:12
LogicalDashzyrorl: if you haven't restarted since, you can use the Force Version command in Synaptic05:13
savvaswoli: download this and install it: http://fr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/u/usb-creator/usb-creator_0.1.10~hardy1_all.deb05:13
zyrorlits all crackly and stuff. i checked the bug reports, its been reported but not really sure how to use the alternatives would rather downgrade it05:13
LogicalDashzyrorl: otherwise you'll have to track down an old version of the package05:13
zyrorldoes ubuntu auto uninstall it?05:13
Paddy_EIREwoli, what are you looking to do.. install from usb flash or run a persistent flash os05:13
aaahey guys when i'm doing upgrade u know the message that pop ups asking me if i want to install new menu.lst or keep curant one what sould i do?05:13
zyrorlor remove the old package?05:13
wolisavvas, ok, perfect. I have another option, the ubuntu documentation says that I can install a live usb creator from the live cd just by inserting it in my machine... how do I do it?05:13
woliPaddy_EIRE, just install05:14
LogicalDashzyrorl: uh, when you specifically tell ubuntu to install an older version of a package, it will uninstall the newer version05:14
Paddy_EIREwoli, oh... what stage are you at exactly05:14
woliPaddy_EIRE, stage 005:14
phyrfoxGreetings. I just installed the latest version of ubuntu, and seem to have screwed up the x login screen.05:14
racecar56oh noes05:14
zyrorli have restarted since, thats how i found my audio was fubar05:14
Paddy_EIREwoli, ok.. want some help.. or has someone got you covered?05:14
phyrfoxSpecifically, the font is about 1/3 the size of my screen, and I can't seem to fix it. And I somehow seem to have set it up for remote login type stuff.05:15
woliPaddy_EIRE, why don't we go to the ubuntu classroom along with savvas and you two help me out?05:15
Paddy_EIREwoli, yeah I will do05:15
savvaswoli: there are a lot of guides about that process on the internet, let me find one05:15
techsupportwhen i type screen i get error Cannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/0' - please check.05:15
angusLinksys WUSB54G05:16
wesoulerhello , i have a  Vmware  problem,but #vmware is no response. there is a VirualMachine ping host return is  success,but failed to ping gateway.what's wrong with vmware or host or router? i shutdown the Firewall yet.Anybody can help me?05:16
angusfor somehow, system didn't show I have a wifi card05:16
savvasby the way woli, why won't you use usb-creator? it allows you to insert the live cd and does the job for you05:17
wesoulerangus: try iwconfig ?can you see something?05:17
erossanyone use a cintiq on ubuntu05:17
aaaguys can u tell me when i do upgrade of my ubuntu system it's asking me if i want to keep curant menu.lst or get new one i guess what should i do?05:18
Kuwagoanyone know a free shell for ubuntu?05:18
angusyes, I have done that but it just show I have wired lan card, which is unplugged05:18
Cpudan80free shell ?05:18
dr_willisKuwago,  clarify what you mean.05:18
Cpudan80all shells are free05:18
fghfaaa: update, its your grub (boot) menu list05:18
=== Moddington2_ is now known as Moddington2
Cpudan80as in dont have to pay05:18
Flannelaaa: Did you make any manual changes to it?05:18
Flannelaaa: What'd you change?05:19
Kuwagoa telnet public free shell05:19
=== fghf is now known as k0tar3l
savvaswoli: here are some good guides for reference: http://www.ryancloke.com/ubuntu-804-hardy-heron-live-usb-how-to/ http://www.pendrivelinux.com/usb-ubuntu-804-persistent-install-from-linux/05:19
aaabecuase i have to change (1.0) to (0,0) to boot ubuntu05:19
Cpudan80Kuwago: telnet is a program...05:19
Flannelaaa: Ah, ok.  Well, go ahead and let it install a new one, and then afterwards go bcak and re-change that05:19
Cpudan80Kuwago: sudo apt-get install telnet05:19
aaaok thanks05:20
dr_willisI would hope any free 'shell' providers would be using ssh to allow access to their shell service..05:20
erosswhat is telnet05:20
pdtpatri3kcpudan80 why u telling him to install telnet?05:20
angusthe system didn't show I have a wifi adapter05:20
dr_willisThen again - i cant imagine why anyone would want to off free 'shells' on their servers to anyone...05:20
Cpudan80pdtpatri3k: well he wanted it!05:20
savvaseross: check wikipedia for that :)05:20
nickruddr_willis, they're out there, just not as common as they once were05:20
dr_willisCpudan80,  hes wanting a shell provider.. for running bots and things i imagine05:21
dr_willisnickrud,  yea. :)  i imagine they are just as handy as they always were.. :P05:21
Cpudan80well that wasnt clear05:21
savvaseither way, he did point him to the right direction :P05:21
Barridusanyone here use "netbook-launcher"?05:21
Kuwagoyeah I know telnet is a program but I'm looking for a shell to login into that's free05:21
Cpudan80oh I see what you mean05:21
Cpudan80you want free computing05:21
phyrfoxAnyone know how to fix the font size of the x login screen? I seem to have a font way too big to do anything.05:21
Cpudan80Hard to come by05:22
Cpudan80night all05:22
FloodBot1Cpudan80: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:22
dr_willisKuwago,  google i guess is our friend. I would check for 'free shell ssh service'05:22
Cpudan80Speak for yourself floodBot :-P05:22
erossah it's pc remote without security05:22
dr_willisKuwago,  and avoid telnet, learn to use ssh05:22
ramblingturtlehello everyone is there a specific channel for eee ubuntu i am having problem with sd card wanting to mount only with sudo same with ipod 4th gen nano all i want is the devices to mount for all users without sudo privelages05:24
phyrfoxIsn't that a /etc/fstab thingie? Mounting devices automagically?05:24
dr_willisramblingturtle,  you could make specific fstab entries for the devices with the proper options.  if they are vfat/fat/ntfs filesystem. you may need to install/run the ntfs-config tool05:24
dr_willisphyrfox,  hal handles the 'auto mounting' of decvices not listed in fstab. :) so the 2 are 'similer' but different aspects of the same job.05:25
joejcis there a mac desktop environment?05:25
Kuwagook thanks dr_willis I'll look into ssh05:25
dr_willisjoejc,  theres 'make my gnome look like a mac' sites/tweaks05:25
phyrfoxWell, I was close. I'm fairly new to Linux more or less.05:25
titefuzzis there a program where i can mount a physical windows drive?05:26
ramblingturtledr willis could you perhaps point me in the direction of a howto05:26
phyrfoxWhich is why I'm rather annoyed that I fubar'ed my login screen so quickly.05:26
titefuzzinstead of creating a virtual05:26
dr_willisramblingturtle,  install/run the ntfs-config tool for starters..  then theres the ntfs-3g tool/docs that exist05:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about windoes05:26
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft Windows, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents05:26
dr_willisramblingturtle,  assuming the deices are using a windows filesystem05:26
Naicamine i just did a reinstall on my debian server and i cant ping it by hostname from a ubuntu machine. by ip, it pings fine tho05:26
joejci found xpde that looks and kinda works like xp is ther anything like tha, that looks like mac instead?05:27
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE05:27
MoLE_I'm having difficulty getting a fully functioning gwibber going on a hardy system, anyone here successfully running it?05:27
ramblingturtledr_willis they are both fat32 file systems.05:27
dr_willisjoejc,  theres 'make my gnome look like a mac' sites/tweaks thats about it05:27
dr_willisramblingturtle,  most of the tips to get ntfs going also apply to fat32. They just need to get mounted with the proper options. either via the fstab. or  the proper hal tweaks. (which i think that ntfs-config tool also handles)05:28
epoxyum.  why does an Ubunutu upgrade always "successfully finish".. only to render the systems full of surprises on the next reboot?  Seems to be a reoccurring theme with my girlfriends install as well as MANY clients.'05:28
phyrfoxWell... I guess i'll be back. Maybe a reboot will clear my problem up, I guess.05:29
devdavaddoes anyone know how to remove a daemon from running at startup?05:29
devdavadI want to remove mysql from runnig at startup because I don't always use it05:29
rcguzonhello everyone05:29
Teknosudo apt-get install sysv-rc-conf && sudo sysv-rc-conf05:29
dr_willisdevdavad,  theres several 'sysv' config tools in the repos that let you configure that in a semi-gui way. ;)05:29
devdavaddr_willis, thanks I'll look for some05:30
dr_willisdevdavad,  such as the one Tekno  mentio0ned05:30
rcguzondoes everyone know what to do with hal-mtab, it cannot be read when i insert my flash drive05:30
dr_willisI rember why i normally still just mount all my removeable media - manually :)05:30
rcguzoni tried googling it but i found no clear answer05:30
Kuwagoanyone know why there are inconsistencies when using gparted and fdisk for creating two FAT16 partitions on a USB flash device05:31
rcguzoncannot read from ./hal-mtab05:31
rcguzoncannot read from ./hal-mtab anyone out there with an idea how to rsolve05:32
NEWK2I just installed Ubuntu on my brothers laptop, but the wifi doesn't work. someone told me to update it, but it still doesn't work. Is there anything else I can do?05:33
=== Kuwago is now known as kuwago
gralcodoes GCC have line numbering?05:33
rcguzoncannot read from ./hal-mtab anyone out there with an idea how to rsolve05:34
hellhoundcan anyone explain what virtualbox or virtualization is?  I do not understand what it is for but I keep reading about05:35
dr_willishellhound,  it lets you run a machine.. inside a machine. :)   and do all sorts of neat tricks05:35
dr_willishellhound,  or run several machines inside  a real machine.05:35
Set_what does ubuntu use for full disk encyrption?05:35
rcguzonhellhound, like running xp, fedora inside ubuntu05:36
hellhounddr_willis:  thank you but what are the advantages of doing this instead of using wine05:36
rcguzoncannot read from ./hal-mtab anyone out there with an idea how to rsolve05:36
kuwagohellhound you can run another distribution or Ms windows on top of ubuntu05:36
dr_willishellhound,  wine runs windows apps.. not the windows OS..05:36
eseven73Set_: try truecrypt its really nice05:36
samrockscquestion: I've decided to take a peak at opengeu...from what i understand the installation is that similar to ubuntu(which i know, opengeu is ubuntu), how do you start the installer from livecd with ubuntu05:37
kuwagoI've been using Virtualbox for over a year, it's great05:37
Set_is that what ubuntu uses in the alternate install cd?05:37
dr_willissamrocksc,  theres an icon on the desktop normally.05:37
EatdrumsHow can I get Xubuntu to recognize my DHCP network card05:37
jp_sfhellhound: http://www.ubuntu.com/servervirtualization05:37
Eatdrumsif you answered this I missed it05:37
jtajiSet_: dm-crypt/lvm05:37
rcguzoncannot read from ./hal-mtab anyone out there with an idea how to rsolve05:37
hellhounddr_willis:  I have windows on one harddrive on my computer and ubuntu on another and dualboot between the two in order to play games.  so with virtualbox will it allow me to open this windows installation without having to dualboot?05:38
Eatdrumsmy terminal send packets: network is down05:38
kuwagoHellhound Virtualbox is great for tryinh out other distro flavor of Unix or Linux and other OS's05:38
samrockscdr_willis, i'm using the 8.04 and they don't have any icons on the desktop with this one05:38
EatdrumsHOW may I configure my network?05:38
dr_willishellhound,  thats one  not very good way to use it... since windows will  basicially think its been moved to a totally new machine.. and vbox/vmware will NOT make full use of your 3d video cards for games.. (but that isbeing worked on)05:38
dr_willissamrocksc,  check the menus then I guess.05:39
kuwagoHellhound you don't have to dual boot with Virtualbox05:39
jp_sfrcguzon: what is the problem ? you have a problem with a flash drive ?05:39
rcguzonjp_sf, yupz05:39
wolidid amd invent the 64bit system?05:39
jp_sfrcguzon: you cannot unmount it ?05:39
rcguzoni cant mount it05:40
samrockscdr_willis, i'm gonna try to just do the install like a standard ubuntu installation, do you know if theres a command you can use at boot to start it?05:40
rcguzonjp_sf, i cant mount it05:40
tritiumkuwago: with some exceptions.  For example, the free version doesn't support USB.  He may need a USB device only supported on Windows.  (Logitech Harmony comes to mind.)(05:40
=== [_ZaN_] is now known as WeSkErSaMa
mkerhellhound, it won't open *that* windows installation, you have to install it in virtualbox itself. and I'm not sure you'll be able to play games just like that in it. probably performance loss05:40
regeyaI dunno.  Did amd beat intel to the x86_64 punch or sometihing, woli?  I can't remember.05:40
dr_willissamrocksc,  for opengeu? not really. I found that ubuntu variant. a bit useless.05:40
minisuperbuenas noches05:40
woli!es | minisuper05:41
ubottuminisuper: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:41
kuwagodr_willis Virtualbox 2.10 now has 3D accelration for playing 3D game05:41
dr_williskuwago,  for some games in some cases.. from what ive read...05:41
minisuperok muchas gracias05:41
rcguzonjp_sf, do you have any idea how to do this05:41
samrockscdr_willis, i've never used ubuntu, always used gentoo with e17 heh, what do people normally do for ubuntu :/05:41
lanoxx_can anyone explain me what i dont have alsaconf, eventhough i got alsa-utils installed?05:41
dr_willissamrocksc,  you could always install e17 in ubuntu if you like it.05:41
jp_sfrcguzon: it is usually a problem with fstab05:42
samrockscdr_willis, :P i am way to lazy to download it haha05:42
hellhoundmker:  dr_willis hummm i am ignorant sorry but I still do not understand why someone would not just use wine.  why would someone want a full windows system in their buntubox05:42
mkerRegel, the specific architecture was created by amd and that's why it's called amd6405:42
dani_hey hey ubuntu world!!05:43
dr_willissamrocksc,  i found most of these E17-ubuntu-merger/spinoffs to be.. lacking in any real reasons for me to use them vs a 'normal' ubuntu install. :)05:43
dr_willishellhound,  wine runs WINDOWS apps. it will not run a linux disrto, or BeOS, or CPM or DOS. or any other OS.. it runs APPS. not the whole OS.05:43
samrockscdr_willis, yeah this is rather aggravating05:43
mkerhellhound, wine isn't perfect, sometimes you need the real thing05:43
dani_how do i change the color font of my panel clock? or is there another panel clock applet i could replace it with? huh?05:44
rcguzonjp_sf, im a noob at ubuntu, do you know how to fix it?05:44
dr_willishellhound,  I use vurtialbox to run Linux in virtualbiox.. under Vista. :)   You dont have to run windows in it.05:44
kuwagohellhound not just windows but with Virtualbox you can operated two distro's at the same time if you have dual monitors, it's great05:44
omnikillanyone able to help me with openSSH?05:44
lastenthi, I have a problem with a video, when a watch it on VLC, Totem or MPlayer I get a green strip, but when I watch it on Kaffeine everything is normal05:44
tritiumlanoxx_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=5294105:45
dani_its a codec problemo dude05:45
alex-82dr_willis: speaking of spin-offs. I really like rox-filer and I was wondering how to replace nautilus with it. I think I understand how to deal with the desktop, but I'm wondering about situations where nautilus is the default file-manager. Like for instance, if I right click on a downloaded file in firefox and say 'show in folder', it will open nautilus. Any ideas?05:45
kuwagoI have even just installed Window 7 Beta for testing on Virtualbox05:45
samrockscdr_willis, i found the icon! It's because they turned off efm :P05:45
dr_willisalex-82,  just install rox-filer and  on the proerties of a folder. I think you set what the default app is. But not all the gnome menus will lauinch that by default even if you do it.05:45
rcguzonkuwago, where did you get a copy of windows 705:45
jp_sfrcguzon: I'm not so sure I think I would delete the dbus/pid and reconfigure hal05:46
hunshadHi a;;05:46
hellhoundmker:  dr_willis: kuwago: ok i can see now that if you want two OS's or have to keep windows for something.. virtualization is better than rebooting... LOL now you have me wishing they could get games to work on the virtual os :)05:46
alex-82dr_willis: is nautilus a dependency of gnome?05:46
kuwagofound it as a torrent using Deluge05:47
dani_how do you change clock font color?05:47
jp_sfrcguzon: it is a USB flash drive you are trying to access ?05:47
dr_willishellhound,  games are the least  common use for the thing. :)05:47
dani_are there any clock applets for panels?05:47
Dude_hi.. hw do u install zippys webcam05:47
rcguzonjp_sf, it is a flah drive im trying to access05:47
mrhHi all05:47
Set_i have an erection05:47
akioHello, I need some help with a framebuffer.05:47
dani_hey is there face recognition for linux login?05:48
hellhounddr_willis:  true05:48
jp_sfhellhound you have also cooperation instead of virtualization see andLinux05:48
Set_o snap05:48
Set_wrong chan05:48
Teknodani_: that would be cool :D05:48
dani_im arriving05:48
rcguzonjp_sf, "I'm not so sure I think I would delete the dbus/pid and reconfigure hal" i think im not good enough with this one05:48
jp_sfrcguzon: do you have a lot of USB connection to the box that is having a problem ?05:48
omnikillanyone want to help me with my openssh problem?05:48
sumitakio, what help ?05:48
ramblingturtledr_willis: thank you i will search through the wiki for a refresher on mount commands... it has been awhile05:48
dr_willisomnikill,  state the problem to the channel and see who answers.05:49
crayvecOMG its taken me 3 days to configure Apache2, ddclient on Ubunto 8.1005:49
akiosumit: I need to set the framebuffer to a non-standard video mode, 1024x600-60@3205:49
dani_la la la la means i love linux05:49
rcguzonjp_sf, only the mouse i guess, this is a laptop im using, so there are a few maybe inside05:49
jp_sfrcguzon: well you have a few kewords in what I said, but I don't really know your configuration05:49
akiodr_willis: next time use webfs05:49
omnikillsshd can't find the keys which i made sure are in /etc/ssh but it still gives the following errors05:49
omnikillCould not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key05:49
omnikillCould not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_dsa_key05:49
omnikillanyone know enough about openssh to help?05:50
rcguzonjp_sf, ok thank you05:50
jp_sfrcguzon: what I would do is I would do a sudo dbus-demon --system05:50
nbeebokernel updates isnt critical are they? can i disable update manager stuff if it isnt?05:50
mrhI get "Reading package lists... Done" then "Segmentation faulty tree... 0%" whenever I try to install an app from the CL05:50
nbeeboi mean, if u cant*05:50
dr_willisomnikill,  check the ssh logs. If the keys exist. the permissions on the keys may be  incorrect.05:50
wesouleromnikill,you must create one05:50
jp_sfrcguzon: (don't do it) I would delete the /var/run/dbus/pid05:51
jschallwhat directory are my private keys stored in?05:51
crayvecWould Bind clash with ddcleint?05:51
jp_sfrcguzon: then I would sudo dpkg-reconfigure hal05:51
akioWho is the monster Linux guru in here?05:51
omnikillwesouler, the keys are already there05:51
rcguzonjp_sf, ok ill give it a try05:51
hunshadI have a question: i want to install a ubuntu system on a usb  key, but i don't know witch image .iso i must recover? It is a Desktop CD image or Low-Power Intel Architecture MID USB image?05:51
jp_sfrcguzon: then I would reboot05:51
jp_sfrcguzon: and hopefully you should not have any problem05:52
nitrohaxanyone know of a reason why a blue tooth mouse would work, then after a restart lose pairing and not pair up again?05:52
wesouleromnikill,it's must have +r05:52
lanoxx_tritium, thank you, i read it, so how do i get sound running then, i guess my installer for the sound drivers is not much use without alsaconf05:52
kuwagorcguzon try this if your flash drive don't mpunt. Type in terminal:05:52
kuwagosudo gedit /etc/fstab05:52
kuwagoAdd an # to the line below:05:52
kuwago/dev/sdb1 /media/cdrom0 udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec 0 005:52
kuwago....or it may look like this05:52
kuwago/dev/sdc1 /media/cdrom0 udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec 0 005:52
akioecho "Mmmkayy" | festval --tts05:52
FloodBot1kuwago: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:52
jp_sfrcguzon: and first I would try the solution of kuwago05:53
joejcis it possible to get a virtual machine on a network?05:53
kuwagook will do05:53
dr_willisjoejc,  they can do most anything a real machine can.. and some things they cant. :)05:53
joejcok how do i get my virtual xp on my network?05:53
mrhOuch, I have been dropping by to ask this question since yesterday05:53
rcguzonkuwago, what do i do next?05:54
omnikillwesouler, according to the file manager, they already have read and write permissions on them05:55
hunshadHi all, i must install a ubuntu system on a usb  key, but i don't know witch image .iso to diwnload? It is a Desktop CD image or Low-Power Intel Architecture MID USB image? http://releases.ubuntu.com/intrepid/05:55
zirodayHi, for some reason sftp throught the gvfs module copies files across at ~1.8kbs compared to scp which can do it at ~450, any ideas?05:55
crayvecHi can someone tell me if this site is working, I.ve spent the last 3 days configuring apache2, ddclient on Ubuntu 805:57
crayvecIm not spamming just going blind trying to see if ive done the config right05:57
dr_willisjoejc,  follow the virtualbox docs.. and it should  basicially see the virtual nic and auto-dhcp and get on.05:57
dr_willisjoejc,  i do NOT suggest using virtualbox or vmware to run a 'preinstalled on a diffreent hard drive' (ie real) windows install.05:58
c-0-r-ehi... i need help with compiling...05:58
joejcim not05:58
c-0-r-eaircrack-ng.c:5127: error: ignoring return value of ‘pipe’, declared with attribute warn_unused_result05:58
ohziejoejc, Yes, what dr_willis said. Don't do that.05:58
crayvechttp://smcsorl.homelinux.com/   nothing special just need to see if it can be reached from outside my network05:58
ohziecrayvec, Yes.05:59
joejci was going to but it was quicker to just install xp05:59
crayvecOh cheers thanks05:59
crayvecBreath now05:59
Ademanany non-programmers have resources they used to learn bash scripting?  (totally newbie friendly stuff)05:59
c-0-r-ei need help with compiling aircrack-ng.c:5127: error: ignoring return value of ‘pipe’, declared with attribute warn_unused_result06:00
tritiumAdeman: sudo apt-get install abs-guide, and then read through it06:00
dr_willisAdeman,  read/bootkmark that abs-guide.. :) then reread it a few days later.. then again a week later...06:01
tritiumlanoxx_: not sure what your specific issue is, but check !sound06:01
scientes2im having trouble getting grub to work on my vmware install06:01
Ademanthanks both of you, although it's not actually for me... I've been programming in c++ for 6 years and python for 3... :-p06:01
scientes2i use grub-install from a live cd but it doesnt work06:01
silv3r_m00nhi there06:02
scientes2even when i do it from inside a chroot inside of the target disk with dev and proc mounted06:02
silv3r_m00ni installed kde ... and the kde desktop works fine....what is this kdm ?06:02
scientes2it reports no errors but grub cant frind the disk06:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kdm06:02
scientes2it is scsi06:02
phixxorhey, I'm trying to assign a fixed IP for my ethernet network. WHat is the proper command for this?06:02
dr_willissilv3r_m00n,  kdm is kde's replacement for gdm06:02
Ademansilv3r_m00n: it's the kde display manager, it serves the same purpose as gdm06:02
scientes2you dont need both it doesnt really matter which one you use06:03
silv3r_m00nwhat is gdm ?06:03
scientes2its the thing that logs you in06:03
Dracie_gnome display manager06:03
Ademansilv3r_m00n: when you type in your username and password, that's gdm06:03
Dracie_manages your graphical X sessions06:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gdm06:03
Ademanunless you're at a terminal... lol06:03
Dracie_!help gdm06:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about help gdm06:03
dr_willis!info wdm06:03
ubottuwdm (source: wdm): WINGs Display Manager - an xdm replacement with a WindowMaker look. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.28-3ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 399 kB, installed size 1264 kB06:03
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
Dracie_!info gdm06:03
ubottugdm (source: gdm): GNOME Display Manager. In component main, is optional. Version 2.20.8-0ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 1926 kB, installed size 15984 kB06:03
dr_willisthes others also.06:03
Dracie_!info powernowd06:03
ubottupowernowd (source: powernowd): control cpu speed and voltage using 2.6 kernel interface. In component main, is optional. Version 1.00-1ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 26 kB, installed size 136 kB06:03
lanoxx_!sound | lanoxx06:03
ubottulanoxx: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP306:03
silv3r_m00nAdeman: i have both gnome and kde installed and i login thru a gnome login .... if i install kdm which login shall i get ?06:04
* dr_willis laughes at the bots06:04
Dracie_i hate powernod i use cpu-freqd with more easy06:04
silv3r_m00ni mean which type of login screen06:04
Ademandid ubottu just get banned?06:04
dr_willissilv3r_m00n,  it will switch to kdm then.. you can easially change iot back06:04
=== sleepy_cat is now known as c_webkit
silv3r_m00ndr_willis: where can i find that particular setting ?06:04
Ademanlanoxx_: by the way you can find things out by /msg ubottu <whatever>   so that you avoid getting ubottu banned from the channel :-p06:05
dr_willissilv3r_m00n,  sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm06:05
scientes2silv3r_m00n: you set kdm to start instead of gdm06:05
scientes2your rc2.d etc scripts06:05
lanoxx_Ademan, ok thx06:05
scientes2to not set it permanately you can /etc/init.d/gdm stop then /etc/init.d/kdm start06:06
dr_willisscientes2,  thats the hard way. :)  easier to dpkg-reconfogure it06:06
lanoxx_so ALSA is not configured, it got removed by the sound installed setup file which i downloaded from asus06:06
dr_willisscientes2,  actually that wont work - since both script check to see whats the default. and theone thats not set to be default will just exit.06:06
=== jakerive1 is now known as jakeriver
dr_willisscientes2,  at least i think it still does that.06:06
scientes2that seems like unneccirally breaking stuff without rewason06:07
scientes2but yeah dpkg-reconfigure sounds better06:07
scientes2but probably does exactally what i said06:07
dr_willisscientes2,  its not breaking stuff without reason.. both kdm and gdm can be started and only the one thats set to be default will actually run, as a sanity check.06:07
scientes2no the sanity check is if the other is *started*06:08
akioHello, I have one of them-there fancy netbooks, need to know how I can get a 1024x600 framebuffer console. Any ideas?06:08
scientes2ie anything taking the screen06:08
FlynsarmyWhen will archive manager ever get support for drag-extracting into folders that are in 'list view' ?06:08
scientes2you can actually run both at the same time06:09
brain187has anyone tired powerdvd yet06:09
=== DrunkY is now known as DRNK-E
brain187or would like to06:09
dr_willisakio,  theres often specific forums for each brand netbook. you could try the 'vga=ask' option in the menu.lst and let it show what modes it sees06:10
jwaldoAnyone have a Conky script for displaying IRC messages? Google and #conky turned up no results06:11
mezquitalewhat e-mail client do you recommmend for GNOME?06:11
rndmtngntanyone got a link to a good guide to performance tweaking ubuntu 8.10?06:11
LurkersAjwaldo, Have you checked man conky?06:11
dr_willisjwaldo,   you would proberly have to  do some work for that.  find an irc client that  can print text/channel messages to a file.. and have conky tail the file.06:12
lanoxx_is there a way to atleast get my old sound driver back to work again?06:12
dr_willisjwaldo,  the conky homepage also has a lot of neat scripts but i doubt if what you are asking is a 'trivial' thing.  well its sort of trivial.. but not  super-trivial :)06:12
brain187dose anyone on here buy anything from the online store06:12
jp_sfbrain187: the ubuntu one ? yes I did06:12
Khisanthyou could just turn on logging in the IRC client :)06:13
jwaldoThat's what I figured. This should be interesting. . .06:14
alex-82conky has the functionality to exec a shell command and display the result06:14
LurkersArndmtngnt, Try Ubuntu Tweak, it is on GetDeb06:14
alex-82if you just tail the log file then it woudl be fairly simple06:14
akiodr_willis: so far I only have one page that is close enough to what I'm looking for that I have found by googling.06:14
nbeeboconky can do almost anything text vice06:15
=== QuagisIgnorant is now known as Quagmire
rndmtngntLurkersA: thanks the ubuntu tweak site seems to be down :(06:16
lanoxx_can anyone help my getting my sound back to work?06:17
kuwagoThen save the file and try plugging in your USB flash drive06:18
LurkersArndmtngnt, http://www.getdeb.net/app/Ubuntu+Tweak06:18
LurkersAsite -is- up :)06:18
wesoulerit's work well06:19
eweb100Hay, Anyone know anything about CHEESE webcam tingie?! iT Crashes every time i open it up06:19
eweb100i see the gnome loader06:19
dr_williseweb100,  it works for me.. grandson loves it. :)06:19
eseven73grandson? O.o how old are you?06:20
eseven73i thought i was old06:20
eweb100Ya well when i click on it i go boom.. and it crashes06:20
eweb100eseven73: how old are you?06:20
eseven7335 :)06:20
LurkersAeweb100, Whats the output from terminal?06:20
LurkersAstart it from xterm06:20
eweb100lurkersa, one sec06:20
eweb100lurkersa, you mean do cheese --sync?06:21
LurkersAeweb100, Just the normal launch command, I assume it is just 'cheese'06:22
eweb100lurkersA. http://paste.ubuntu.com/101494/06:23
regeyawhoa whoa whoa, is someone calling 35 'old'?06:23
eweb100regeya, well when you have a 13 year old in the room...06:24
eweb100lurkersa, ello?06:25
LurkersAeweb100, Looks like a GStreamer plugin issue, have you tried reinstalling GStreamer?06:25
eweb100lurkersa, no i will thanks06:25
regeyaoh, I see...surprised to see that dr_willis has a grandson...sorry, I hadn't scrolled up enough and konsole didn't refresh properly apparently06:25
* regeya remembers that a grandma of a classmate was in her late 30s when he was in junior high...06:26
eweb100lurkersa, is GStreamer a package? because apt-get can't find it06:27
LurkersAeweb100, Should be, wait a tick06:27
eweb100lurkersa, no problem thanks!06:28
jim_peweb100, its multiple packages depending on the codecs it includes. like gstreamer-good / bad/ ugly etc06:28
LurkersAeweb100, Yeah, it's there, in the universe repos06:28
dr_willishes 2 :)06:28
FlynsarmyWhen will archive manager ever get support for drag-extracting into folders that are in 'list view' ?06:28
LurkersA^^ what jim_p said as well06:28
dr_willisGrandson has allready ruined one laptop with a bottle of soda.. almost got a 2nd one today06:29
LurkersAi get it through "Add/Remove Programs"06:29
eweb100jim_p; lurkersa, so what would be the correct act to take? to reinstall it06:29
dr_willisFlynsarmy,  try click/shift click farther down the list?06:29
jim_peweb100, because i lost the conversation, what is the problem with gstreamer?06:29
eweb100jim_p,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/101494/06:30
LurkersAjim_p, http://paste.ubuntu.com/101494/06:30
jim_peweb100, do you have gstreamer-properties?06:31
eweb100jimy_p, Total noob here...? how would i find out if i did06:31
jim_peweb100, open a terminal and type             gstreamer-properties                      a window should come up06:32
eweb100jim_p, An error occurred while loading or saving configuration information for gstreamer-properties. Some of your configuration settings may not work properly.06:33
eweb100jim_p, dout thats good..?06:33
jim_peweb100, :| did it open though?06:33
eweb100jim_p, ya that is the error code i got06:33
eweb100jim_p, when i opened it06:33
brain187anyone know about the codec pack they sell?06:34
jim_peweb100, go to video tab, and select v4l as your prefered video device06:34
jim_peweb100, *video input device06:34
DigitalFizis there a place where you can check out linux games, maybe a site with ratings and stuff?06:35
jim_pbrain187, do you want to buy it instead of using the medibuntu repo?06:35
jim_pDigitalFiz, http://www.linux-gamers.net/06:35
thorsten11anyone using an ssh app on the iphone and able to access your server or remote pc?06:35
DigitalFizty jim_p06:35
wesoulerIs any software like Blackberry manager in ubuntu?06:36
=== LBSources is now known as LBSources-
MoLE_I'm having difficulty getting a fully functioning gwibber going on a hardy system, anyone here successfully running it?06:36
eweb100jimy_p, Video for Linux (v4l): Could not get/set settings from/on resource.06:37
eweb100jimy_p, Please?06:37
thorsten11wesouler: i would like an answer to that too :)06:37
vasyokCan anybody help me about mounting?? I have usb_DataTraveler(Kingston,2GB). When I mounting it, ubuntu writes:"mount:block device /dev/scd0 is write-protected, mounting read-only". Is it possible to mount this usb device with read-write options??06:37
lanoxx_is there anyone how can help with me with my sound issue?06:37
=== LBSources- is now known as LBSources
jim_peweb100, do you have synaptic?06:38
eweb100jimy_p, yes06:38
xelectroxhi, can anyone help me with a konversation question?06:38
sfer21!ask | xelectrox06:39
ubottuxelectrox: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:39
vasyokI'm dummer06:39
=== _sigterm is now known as sigterm
jim_peweb100, open it and look for eny package starting with gstreamer. remove them and reinstall06:39
xelectroxwell i wasn't sure as it's not about ubuntu, rather it's program in ubuntu.06:39
xelectroxi need to run more than one command when joining an irc network, like the command to identify my nick, and a command to join a channel via bot invite. how would i use multiple commands in konversations command area?06:40
eweb100jim_p, there is a hudge list whitch is the master?06:40
eweb100jim_p, ok got ya06:41
jim_peweb100, let me look06:41
=== pipegeek_ is now known as pipegeek
=== c is now known as Charitwo
hobotquestion: I am trying to isntall g++-3.4 using apt and I cant seem to find the package, so i googled the issue and it looks like some other people were having the same issues, but their threads were closed06:42
hobotany idea where I should start?06:43
vasyokuse gcc 4.206:43
hobotwell I am not sure if that is supported by the software06:43
vasyok Can anybody help me about mounting?? I have usb_DataTraveler(Kingston,2GB). When I mounting it, ubuntu writes:"mount:block device /dev/scd0 is write-protected, mounting read-only". Is it possible to mount this usb device with read-write options??06:43
vasyoki'm Russian06:44
pipegeekI installed qdvdauthor on intrepid, and all the dialogs and menus are blank---it's not just that the text is the same color as the background, as submenus are visibly empty (not enough room to contain items).  This only happens when it's run within a gnome session.06:44
vasyokand i'm 13 years old06:44
pipegeekAny idea why that might be?06:44
jim_pgstreamer0.10-alsa  gstreamer0.10-esd   gstreamer0.10-gnomevfs  gstreamer0.10-lame  gstreamer0.10-plugins-base gstreamer0.10-plugins-good  gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly  gstreamer0.10-x06:44
pipegeekvasyok: is it possible that there's a write-protect switch on the device, which is in the wrong position?06:45
dpreache1hello all06:45
jim_peweb100, this is what i have06:45
vasyokpipegeek: no, i haven't it06:46
dpreache1anyone knows which package works best to transfer files to and fro a windows mobile 6.1 device (htc touch p3452)06:46
multidexhi room!06:46
eweb100jim_p, ok06:46
pipegeekvasyok: with what filesystem is the volume formatted?06:46
vasyokpipegeek: vfat3206:46
pipegeekwell, that is rather odd, isn't it06:47
pipegeekAnd you *can* mount it and write to it under windows06:47
unopvasyok, /dev/scd0  - does not sound like a usb device, sounds more like an optical device06:47
unopvasyok, make sure you have the right device.  fdisk -l  # should help06:48
pipegeekunop, I'm a doofus06:48
vasyokunop: it's USB device06:48
sumit__ Hi,  while installing  xchat it ask dependencies of python I am using Ubuntu 8.10 at my home PC now how can i install it06:48
pipegeekvasyok, I think you might be using the wrong device06:48
pipegeekhow do you know?06:49
unopsumit_, how are you installing xchat there?06:49
mezquitalecan someone recommend a PCI Express video card that will work with ubuntu???06:49
eweb100jim_p, i just am reinstalling everything that starts with gstreamer06:49
vasyoki formatted this device06:49
binarymutantsumit_ dependecies are taken care of with synaptic and apt06:49
lanoxx_/lib/modules/2.6.27-9-generic/kernel/ubuntu/misc/media/snd-bt-sco.ko <---- i have the modules for sound, but sound is not working, does anyone know what do do?06:49
pipegeekvasyok, I would guess the usb device actually looks something like /dev/sdb106:49
sumit__unop, sudo apt-get install xchat06:50
unopsumit_, show us the output of that command - on a pastebin06:50
pipegeekdon't know why the format worked, but /dev/scd0 refers to the first scsi cd/dvd drive06:50
jp_sfpipegeek: type eject /dev/scd0 the cdrom would eject06:50
sumit__binarymutant, ya but dont ubderstand why it is not taking depndeies it self06:50
LurkersAmezquitale, 8600GT06:50
vasyokpipegeek: it is a usb flash driv06:50
phixxor_irssihow do I switch tabs in terminal with the keyboard?06:51
vasyokit's not HDD06:51
phixxor_irssilike switch between tabs06:51
unopphixxor_irssi, ctrl+shift+t ?06:51
phixxor_irssiunop: naw, that made a new one06:52
mezquitaleLurkersA, have you tried it on ubuntu?  That is the best price for an NVIDIA card, the rest are more than $10006:52
binarymutantsumit_sudo apt-get install xchat, then hit y to accept the installation of dependencies06:52
jp_sfphixxor_irssi: ctrl + pagedown or up06:52
pipegeekvasyok, I don't know what happened there.  It's possible the same physical device is being exposed through two device nodes, and when you access it as /dev/scd0, it treats it as a cd (ie, read-only).  Do dmesg | grep usb, and see if you see a device name there06:52
phixxor_irssijp_sf: thanks06:52
LurkersAmezquitale, Never had a problem with it and I've been using it for years06:52
phixxor_irssijp_sf: also I just found it... it's right under the tabs menu... heh, sorry06:52
pipegeekI only say it's possible because I don't know otherwise ;)06:52
jp_sfphixxor_irssi: true06:53
phixxor_irssithe real problem I wanted to ask about, is what does this ping error mean? Ping: sendmsg: operation not permitted06:54
kiasanthis it possible to do a full install across a network?06:54
TyGRusWhen I am logging into Gnome, it halts, and the menu bar etc. do not show up... I can just see the desktop. Any thoughts? Where can I check the logs for this?06:54
jp_sfkiasanth: yes kickstart06:55
unopkiasanth, sure06:55
kiasanthnice, where do I look for that?06:55
unop!netboot | kiasanth06:55
ubottukiasanth: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate06:55
TyGRusI can right click and create folder06:55
kiasanthsweet, thanks guys and bots06:56
yoyit2ok so im trying to install "DVD Encoder OGMRip" fro add/remove. when i try to install it it says it cant be installed, and to open Synaptic package maneger. what do i do there??06:57
LurkersAyoyit2, Try searching it is synaptic06:57
TyGRusHmm, in fact, it seems launcher (Alt+F2) is not working either06:57
terryxprinter problem...there was a processing document.....06:57
TyGRusterryx: ?06:58
terryxtygrus, when i give print command, its says print error..06:58
phixxor_irssiwhat does this ping error mean and why does it happen? Ping: sendmsg: operation not permitted06:58
TyGRusterryx, oh, sorry, I am seeking help myself here, lol . i cant help much :(06:59
histophixxor_irssi, looks like you don't have access to ping07:00
unopphixxor_irssi, probably no route to the destination or firewall blocking traffic via that route07:00
yoyit2LurkersA:  ok, well im REALLY new to ubuntu, and i have NO clue of what to do in there07:00
LurkersAterryx, Which print error?07:00
histophixxor_irssi, its denying the replies07:00
sohailhow do you add a menu entry when writing a deb package for [k]ubuntu07:00
eweb100Can somone help me with CHEESE? it crashes when ever i open it!07:01
histoyoyit2, does it give an error as to why it can't be installed?07:01
eweb100Help pl0x?07:01
sohailwhat is CHEESE07:01
terryxlurkera, in ubuntu printer install automatically..right?07:01
histoyoyit2, you can search for ogmrip thats the name of the package07:01
eweb100sohail, webcam07:01
eweb100sohail, thing07:01
LurkersAyoyit2, There should be a search button at the top, click it, search the name of the program in the box, when it returns the results, look for that program, right click on it, select 'install' and click the green tick at the top07:01
macvrhi all, i'd like to install ubuntu in another partition , in the same harddrive , could this be done? i.e 2 roots in the same drive but different partitions? each time i could use a different 1 ?07:01
histoyoyit2, or you can opne a terminal and "sudo aptitude install ogmrip"  with out quotes ofcourse07:01
LurkersAterryx, most of the time :D07:02
yoyit2histo: it just says it confilcts with another program07:02
histoyoyit2, ahh well using synaptic or other means won't install it either. YOu have to resolve the conflict07:02
terryxlurkera, so as my printer..all are fine...but today i got an printer error, now i can;t print anything...07:02
LurkersAterryx, so you have used them before in ubuntu?07:03
yoyit2histo: how would i do that exactly?07:03
pipegeekIf vasyok shows up again, perhaps someone would be so kind as to direct him to #ubuntu-ru or #linux-russian07:03
terryxlurkera, yes...and print many file..the error comes today..07:03
LogomachistI installed Ubuntu but Grub isn't kicking in like it is supposed to.07:03
pipegeekdidn't get the chance before he logged off07:04
LurkersAterryx, Have you changed anything on the computer lately07:04
syahrilexecuse me ! how to set enable usb using virtualbox ose?07:04
LogomachistHelp? I'm trying to duel-boot WinXP and Linux.07:04
LurkersAsyahril, VirtualBox only addresses 2 USB devices07:04
terryxonly updates07:04
LurkersAterryx, Can you post the error?07:04
LurkersALogomachist, Does GRUB show up at all?07:05
macvrhi all, i'd like to install ubuntu in another partition , in the same harddrive , could this be done? i.e 2 roots in the same drive but different partitions? each time i could use a different 1 ?07:05
LurkersAsyahril, That is generally your mouse and keyboard07:05
unopmacvr, sure07:05
syahrilSo, How to share my folder from real machine in virtual machine07:05
terryxlurkera, well no big error, i tried to print empty page, and its says...print error...there was a problem processing document..<document name>07:06
thorsten11Logomachist: is ubuntu the only os on the drive?07:06
LurkersAI don't know if VirtualBox can do that07:06
iffan4evermacvr: you can07:06
LurkersAsyahril, I don't know if VirtualBox can do that07:06
macvrunop: how would the setup respond then? would i have an option in grub?07:06
LogomachistNo, I also have WinXP07:06
syahrilthank LurkersA07:06
LurkersAterryx, Does it do the same for a document with something on it?07:06
unopmacvr, grub should detect the already installed OSes and add entries automatically07:06
terryxlurkera, yes07:07
LurkersAsyahril, No problem, you can always try VMWare Player :D07:07
syahrilVMWare is free or Commercial?07:07
LurkersAterryx, Odd.... Have you tried restarting the printer?07:07
unopmacvr, but why would you want to install ubuntu twice?07:07
macvrunop: ok... the thing is i'm having problems with 8.10 , so i want to install 8.10 in another partition and check if that works? would i have any conflicts?07:07
LogomachistGrub wasn't showing up, but I found a seperate Windows installer for Grub and now it does show up, but don't start Linux, only generates errors.07:07
* BruceChang bows07:08
Ahadielsyahril, It's possible to share a folder with Virtualbox07:08
LogomachistIn other words, there's a Grub entry on the WinXP boot menu.07:08
thorsten11Logomachist: i tried a dual boot with vista/ubuntu.  could never get networking capabilites but grub sure took control.  Hmm thats quite a pickle07:08
LurkersAsyahril, Player and server are free and are good products, Workstation is ~$500 but is well worth the cost in my opinion07:08
Ahadielsyahril, In your VM's window, go to Devices => Shared Folders07:08
unopmacvr, the only conflicts would happen if both installs shared the same partitions/filesystems - just make sure that isn't the case07:08
brain187what are you problem with810?07:08
thorsten11Logomachist: grub should be what shows up and you pick from it07:08
unopmacvr, it's just like dual-booting two different operating systems07:09
BruceChangbrain187: hello. Do you know how to use generic IDE driver to install Ubuntu?07:09
LogomachistYeah I looked online and that's what the tutorials say should happen.07:09
terryxlurkera, now see, i have delete the printer..and turn off then on it, then when i on it its showing printer added07:09
LurkersALogomachist, Try booting with a live cd and running the command "install-grub"07:09
macvrunop:  ok ... could u check this out if u have any ideas? how to resolve this?  http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=6448335&postcount=1 <<< if this is solved i wouldnt have to reinstall!07:09
terryxlurkera, now i try to print...07:09
thorsten11Logomachist: i hate to suggest this, but you may want to delete the partition and start from scratch again. might have been an error in the installation07:09
LogomachistSo I start a terminal and select type "install-grub"? Do I have to be in a certain directory?07:10
LurkersAterryx, It fix it?07:10
phixxorhey if I have two computers on a network, and one has already downloaded updates, would I have to download them twice? (cause computer #2 would have to download 209 updates otherwise)07:10
BruceChangHello. May I know how to use generic IDE driver to install Ubuntu 8.10?07:11
terryxlurkera, no....before i have done that...but don't know what happens this time?07:11
LurkersALogomachist, That should be the command, It worked for me last time, other option is 'Super Grub Disk' which can fix it for you.07:11
brain187bruse see pm07:11
LogomachistThorsten11- I already did that. This was my second time installing Ubuntu, no different from the first.07:11
LogomachistWhat's Super Grub Disk?07:11
LurkersAit is a grub rescue cd07:11
thorsten11Logomachist: did you create the partition from xp?07:11
brain187bruce you there07:12
LurkersALogomachist, http://www.supergrubdisk.org/07:12
LurkersAit is a small live cd07:12
LogomachistI did, it's using a ext3 filesystem.07:12
LurkersAterryx, What sort of printer is it?07:13
unopmacvr, what does  cat /proc/swaps  #give you?07:13
syahril<Ahadiel> thanks07:13
terryxhp..all in one 561007:13
opera_it is my  first irc07:13
kevinwme too07:13
LurkersAterryx, Is the correct driver selected in the 'Printer' config under System?07:13
macvrunop: /dev/ramzswap0                          partition5178445640100    /dev/sda6                               partition35503240-107:13
thorsten11Logomachist: try what LurkersA suggested, seems to have worked there. I have never had a problem like that lol, if anything, grub seems to have taken control of my hardware :)07:13
jp_sfopera_: it is ok to look07:14
bullgard4What information is stored in /sys? 'man 7 hier' does not mention /sys. 'man 7 hier' is dated  2001-09-07. /sys probably has been created later.07:14
jtierhow can I reconfigure locale ? I am gettings all kind of errors all over http://pastebin.com/me0a402707:14
terryxlurkera, how to check?07:14
SmokeyDhey ppeople. Are there xen disk images of Ubuntu hardy server available for download somewhere?07:14
opera_i don'T know07:14
SmokeyDI seem to remember seeing them somewhere07:14
LogomachistThanks for the help. I'll give it a try and see how it goes. ^_^07:14
LurkersAterryx, System -> Administration -> Printing07:15
terryxlurkera, now?07:15
LurkersAterryx, yeah07:15
SmokeyDI can of course create an empty disk image and install ubuntu on it, but It would save time if the images already existed07:15
opera_what is the topic here07:15
terryxlurkera, i mean done...now?07:15
jp_sfjtier:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales07:16
LurkersAterryx, By 'Make and Model' is the correct name shown?07:16
jtierjp_sf: i get this error http://pastebin.com/me0a402707:16
unopmacvr, do you have the s2disk or pm-utils packages installed?  can you check?07:16
terryxlurkera, yes same as before..07:17
LurkersAterryx, Hmmm, odd. Well I'm not sure sorry, printers aren't really my forte, try posting a request in UbuntuForums07:17
unopbullgard4, /sys is a vritual file system containing kernel specific information mounted as a filesystem07:17
DannyHi every one07:17
jp_sfjtier: sudo apt-get install language-support-en07:17
macvrunop: k.. pm-utils is installed...07:17
terryxlurkera, thanx anyway...07:17
bullgard4unop: Thank you for explaining.07:18
codeshahGuys, I am sort of stuck, Gnome seems to have crapped out on me, in that it will start but I cannot use the launcher or the menu system... the menu system does not load ant Alt+F2 does nothing07:18
DannyI do not know how to play my dvd07:18
LurkersAInstall libdvdcss207:19
codeshahhow can I check what's happening?07:19
LurkersAyou can get it from the medibuntu repositoies07:19
unopmacvr, hmm, i'm really not sure what this could be down to -- try reinstalling  acpi apm and pm-utils07:19
unopmacvr, what actually happens when you try and suspend / hibernate?07:19
macvrunop: it just locks screen instead!07:20
opera_who can talk with me07:21
LurkersAopera_, What is the problem?07:21
opera_i don't know what i do07:21
jp_sfopera_: /join #ubuntu-offtopic07:21
mikeifyinganyoen wanna help out a debian user? Xd07:22
LurkersAopera_, What happened?07:22
macvrunop: i reinstalled pm-utils and tried...! now i get a weird response!> vlc has prevented hibernate from working: playing some media... but i'm not playing anything!07:22
Slartmikearr: probably most of the people in #debian.. or is it somehow ubuntu related?07:22
Slartmikeifying: probably most of the people in #debian.. or is it somehow ubuntu related?07:22
unopmacvr, check if vlc is running .   ps aux | grep -i vlc07:22
Slartsorry mikearr07:23
mikearrnot a problem :)07:23
mikeifyingslart: not sure seen a problem similar to mine in an ubuntu forum post07:23
mikeifyingslart: so figured some here could help me07:23
macvrunop: oo    606  0.0  0.0   3236   804 ttyp1    S+   12:53   0:00 grep -i vlc <<<<<<<i got this response07:23
unopmacvr, nothing else?07:24
Slartmikeifying: you might as well describe the problem07:24
macvrunop:  nope07:24
unopmacvr, strange - try again07:24
macvrunop: i tried killall vlc> but it said no process to kill!07:24
Rollieim ubuntu newb so i need some step by step help07:24
LurkersARollie, What is the problem?07:25
Rolliei need to reformat my windows drive07:25
mikeifyingso has anyone had trouble getting sound from flah ??07:25
Rollieand set up wireless connection07:25
Rollieand do what i need to do to play steam games and all that07:25
terryxlurkera, i got one thing here...its says could not read xref table..error07:26
Rolliealot of things are blocked or something it seems07:26
mikeifyingrollie: setup steam07:26
mikeifyingrollie: what kinda of wireless card do you have?07:26
Rolliethe kind where i steal ppls internet07:27
LurkersAmikeifying, Yeah, try 'sudo alsa force-reload'07:27
opera_i want study linux , ,but don't how start07:27
Slartmikeifying: well.. there used to be some kind of flash library for fixing the sound.. don't know if it's needed anymore though07:27
Slartmikeifying: it was called libflash something..07:27
mikeifyingslart: ill look into it07:27
BruceChangLurkersA: Hello.07:27
mikeifyingrollie: do you know what driver it takes?07:27
LurkersAmikeifying, Yeah, try 'sudo alsa force-reload'07:28
LurkersABruceChang, Hi07:28
Slartmikeifying: apart from that flash has been surprisingly well behaved lately07:28
Rolliei can load up da cd hold on07:28
opera_who can give me a book about linux07:28
mikeifyingslart, i have a feeling its this non-free plugin i have to use haha07:28
LurkersAopera_, Bookstore?07:28
BruceChangLurkersA: Can I install Ubuntu with the option of using generic IDE driver?07:28
opera_which one07:28
Slartmikeifying: I use that too.. on 64 bit..07:29
mikeifyinglurkersa, says alsa is not a calid comand07:29
LurkersAmikeifying, Odd, I know there is some form of clash with ALSA and the non-free flash07:29
LurkersABruceChang, Not sure sorry07:29
mikeifyingslart: yeah my on board souncard went bad so im using a usb soundcard, i get sound out of mplayer for my mp3s but not out of my browser07:29
terryxanybody....i got printer problem...its says could not read xref table..error07:30
EdgeX-How do I find out what dev node is being assigned to my cdrom drive?07:30
BruceChangLurkersA: It's OK thanks.07:30
Rollieim pretty sure they got newer drivers07:30
Rolliethat i can dl07:30
mikeifyinglurkersa, yeah ive been reading onit trying to find a sollution07:30
BruceChangIs there anybody teach me " Can I install Ubuntu with the option of using generic IDE driver?"07:30
mikeifyingrolie: i can help you if its a bcm driver other wise im at a loss buddy07:30
LurkersAmikeifying, the command I provided fixes it for me and the majority07:30
macvrunop: any ideas?07:31
FlannelBruceChang: What do you mean?  Are you having trouble installing?07:31
mikeifyinglurkersa: yeah says the command doesnt exist lol07:31
BruceChangFlannel: Yes...The IDE is not recognized because it's new chipset07:31
FlannelBruceChang: How do you know that IDE isn't recognized?07:31
mikeifyinglurkersa, bash: alsa: command not found07:31
macvrunop: u there?07:32
BruceChangFlannel: I am stopped at initramfs07:32
mezquitaleanyone knows if PCI-Express 2.0 is backward compatible with a PCI Express x16 slot??07:32
mikeifyingmy alsaconf doesnt even list the card but when i run  cat /proc/asound/cards i see it there07:32
EdgeX-How do I find out what dev node is being assigned to my cdrom drive?07:33
mikeifyingrollie: got that driver yet?07:34
kattmanHow can i reinstall broken files with the 8.04 cd07:34
afallenhopehey.. is there a replacement for NetworkManager in Ubuntu 8.04TLS? because. I keep getting disconnected every 15 mins (as you can tell)07:36
macvrunop: u there?07:38
halyconDoes anyone know a good program to use to remove duplicate photos?07:38
Max_PowersDoes anybody know, if I downloaded a folder with many files, and some files were complete, and others were not, and I stopped downloading it, how I can tell which files are complete?07:39
Rolliejeeze you have to go through a bunch of shit to get this stuff to work07:39
Rollieill stick to windows07:39
jussi01!ohmy | Rollie07:40
ubottuRollie: Please watch your language, attitude and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!07:40
Rolliekids using linux07:40
yoyit2how do i get ogmrip to output .mp4 for my ipod??07:40
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anuhow to let g++ support Unicode ?07:41
=== mitch is now known as Guest34175
afallenhopehey.. is there a replacement for NetworkManager in Ubuntu 8.04TLS? because. I keep getting disconnected every 15 mins (as you can tell)07:41
pixelatedrollie, everyone uses linux in my house including the kids... and i have several ethernet cards (pci) that wont work in windows07:41
yoyit2how ogmrip to output mp4???????????07:42
anuor how can all compilers install in Ubuntu support Unicode ?07:42
rcguzonupdate on my problem07:42
jussi01!repeat | anu yoyit207:42
ubottuanu yoyit2: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience07:42
FlannelRollie: That page is old.  It's likely that the information on that thread isn't accurate anymore.07:42
mikeifyingrollie: what type of driver does the card take07:42
mikeifyingrollie: because if its a bcm drive ill have it up and runnign fast07:43
SmokeyDhey people. WOuld it be possible to install ubuntu hardy over ssh on a machine (actually xen virtual image) if that machine has been booted with an ubuntu install cd and ssh is running on it?07:43
rcguzonif you ever encounter the "the cannot read ./hal-mtab" problem, just delete the /media/.mtab-hal and /media/mtab-lock07:43
Flannel!install | SmokeyD07:43
ubottuSmokeyD: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate07:43
rcguzonit solved my problem07:43
FlannelSmokeyD: the first link gives a good deal of creative methods for isntall.  Check there07:43
FlannelSmokeyD: I know there are some over ssh, not sure re: xen etc07:44
mkerRollie, you won't get more help for threatening to go back to windows, you do what you want to do. We're not paid to help, we're just regular people. Everyone is here because we like Ubuntu and we want to help people out if we can.07:44
Lamerionquestion : chgrp -R new_group /home/user/directory what does this do in ssh07:45
Guest34175i'm running ubuntu as a vm and i cant get the image to use the whole screen07:45
Rolliemker: i wasnt threatening, i was wining because im n00b07:46
LogomachistI tried "install-grub" and it didn't work.07:46
LogomachistAny more ideas?07:46
LogomachistI'm looking at that Super Grud disk thing now.07:47
Rolliemikeifying: http://drivers.softpedia.com/get/NETWORK-CARD/OTHER-NETWORK-CARDS/Netgear-MA101-Driver-24.shtml07:47
Rolliethis one07:47
unopLamerion, change the group of all objects in that directory ?  just like when not used over ssh07:48
Deadboysi have a problem07:48
Deadboysi changed my ssh port and reset the ssh service now i cant log in via ssh07:48
Deadboysits not even giving me an option to attempt to login just timing out when i try07:48
JaZ969Can somebody help me get my microphone to work, if I unmute any capture/recording settings they auto re-mute themselves.07:49
Lamerionunop : how about if i wanna add a usergroup to a particular directory07:49
jussi01Deadboys: so youve tried loggin in with the new port? (I assume so)07:49
Lamerionsame command?07:49
phixxoris there an official "tips to speed up ubuntu" page?07:49
Deadboysjussi01 i have07:49
Rolliemikeifying can you help y/n07:49
unopLamerion, you cannot do that- you can only specify which group owns a directory.  is that what you mean?07:50
mikeifyingrollie: im looking07:50
onatsanyone here familiar with vinagre?07:50
jussi01Deadboys: and you have no physical access to the machine?07:50
Deadboysnone at all07:50
Deadboysits a dedicated server07:50
mkerphixxor, not that I know of but if you're using Gnome and your computer is old maybe you can try XFCE instead (a.k.a. Xubuntu)07:50
jussi01Deadboys: tried a normal ssh login? (if the change didnt take)07:50
Lamerionunop: if group A owns directory, how can i allow access to group B to ftp his directory?07:50
mkeronats, just ask what you want to know and you'll get an answer if someone has it.07:51
Deadboysive tried to connect via port 22 and it wont even allow me07:51
Lamerionunop: kinda confused at this07:51
Deadboyswhen i try with the new port connection times out07:51
Deadboysand it doesnt even promt me for username or password07:51
jussi01Deadboys:  Id say you need to call the service provider then07:51
phixxormker: thanks. is it that much of a difference?07:51
sujianyone know what is rpath07:51
mkerLamerion, set the permission for "others" as access files maybe? Isn't that 'default' though?07:51
jussi01!info rpath | suji07:51
Deadboysthats what i was thinking jussi01 just thought there might be some solution07:51
sujiwhat is the use of rpath in linux07:52
mkerphixxor, I don't know, it's supposed to be a bit like Gnome but made to be lighter. Give it a try :)07:52
unopLamerion, the simple way - create a new group i.e. group C  whose members are both Group A and B - and set group C as the group for the directory07:53
mkersuji, http://www.google.com/search?q=rpath07:53
Lamerionhmm getting there ,maybe i should describe the case abit.07:53
onatsmker,  i want to be able to access my active desktop at home (ubuntu 8.10), using a windows machine07:54
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
nbeeboanyone know what the size of wine is? how many mb?07:54
afallenhopehey.. is there a replacement for NetworkManager in Ubuntu 8.04TLS? because. I keep getting disconnected every 15 mins (as you can tell)07:54
afallenhope http://pastebin.com/d5164f260 <-- that's one issue I have07:54
Lamerionso i have a top directory that has a sub directory both owned by A, so if i want B to be able to access A's subdirectory through ftp only i must07:54
Rolliealso how do you enable permissions to everything imstead of being locked out all the time07:55
Lamerioncreate C that has A & B ? and set owner to subfolder?07:55
unopLamerion, correct07:55
* Lamerion ponders... thanks unop07:55
unopLamerion, you could use ACLs instead - but i don't think they are standard with ubuntu07:56
anui use "sudo apt-get install unicode" there are error msgs : "perl: warning: Setting locale failed.07:56
anuperl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:  LANGUAGE = (unset), LC_ALL = (unset), LC_CTYPE = "zh_CN.UTF-8", LANG = "en_US.UTF-8"  are supported and installed on your system... Setting up unicode (0.9) ...07:56
mkernbeebo, aptitude show wine07:56
Lamerionwee bit too far fetched for a newbie like me now =)07:56
* bobbie4 screams in frustration07:56
=== mitch is now known as Guest21530
afallenhopethat's another issue:dhcdbd: message_handler: message handler not found under /com/redhat/dhcp/07:57
unopanu,  try.   sudo dpkg-reconfigure locale07:57
JaZ969Amarok says your output device is already busy: xine parameters, help please?07:57
FireFox||Anyone has experience with ubuntu on a Dell Studio XPS ? (435MT) / Will this work out of the box?07:58
nbeebomker, hmm worked thanks07:58
nbeebo55.8 mb07:58
histoFireFox||, try the livecd and find out07:58
histoFireFox||, thats what its for07:58
afallenhopehey.. is there a replacement for NetworkManager in Ubuntu 8.04TLS? because. I keep getting disconnected every 15 mins (as you can tell)07:59
anuunop, thanks :) i will try07:59
afallenhopethat's another issue:dhcdbd: message_handler: message handler not found under /com/redhat/dhcp/07:59
FireFox||histo: thank you histo, I wasn't thinking clear :)07:59
mkerFireFox||, try googling the model and "ubuntu" and see what comes up. If you don't find anything useful look up the specific hardware, like the graphics card, network card and so on. Or just try the live cd like histo said :)07:59
afallenhope http://pastebin.com/d5164f260 <-- that's one issue I have07:59
simardI want to setup a VPN server on my ubuntu computer, which one should I use ? openvpn, openswan, pptp-linux, etc ?07:59
onatssimard, i suggest openvpn07:59
afallenhope!vpn | simard07:59
ubottusimard: From more information on vpn please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Gaming_VPN_Using_PPTPD07:59
ubottunetworkmanager is an application to make (wireless) networking Just Work. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/NetworkManager08:00
anuunop , it said "/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: locale is not installed"08:00
Rolliemikeifying: thanks for trying bro, its ok08:00
pixelatedFireFox||, also even if the livecd doesnt work your machine may work with an install from the alternate cd (this machien i am on work work with livecd but runs fine when installed from alt cd)08:00
simardthank you08:00
unopanu,  sorry, typo.   sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales08:00
anuoh :) thanks08:01
pixelatederr doesnt work with live cd...08:01
simardonats, of course if I would happen to need windows compatibility I should use pptp ?08:01
=== hmhou is now known as horise
anuunop , i think it works :) thank you08:02
coreyhi i have a usb modem connected at /dev/ttyusb1 and i continuously auto disconnects on me (bumped) i dont know why or how to fix it, i am running ubuntu 8.10 and anyone who can help please feel free08:02
onatssimard, there's an implementation of openvpn on mac and windows08:02
kiasanthis it possible to change the partition to ext3 and remove windows without a boot cd etc?08:02
onatsmy machines (ubuntu, mac osx, and windows) can connect one click + password to my home vpn08:02
ohziekiasanth, fdisk08:03
anuoh no , it still doesn't work08:03
kiasanthohzie, it's the same partition I boot from08:03
anu(process:6253): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library.08:03
anuUsing the fallback 'C' locale.08:04
ohzieOh, no.08:04
ohzieNot that I'm aware.08:04
ohzieYou have to buckle down and reboot afaik08:04
afallenhopehey.. is there a replacement for NetworkManager in Ubuntu 8.04TLS? because. I keep getting disconnected every 15 mins (as you can tell)08:04
afallenhope http://pastebin.com/d5164f260 <-- that's one issue I have08:04
afallenhopethat's another issue:dhcdbd: message_handler: message handler not found under /com/redhat/dhcp/08:04
sujianyone please,how to know system kernal version in system and uptime08:04
simardonats, oh I see, thanks08:04
afallenhopesuji, time uptime08:04
afallenhopeand kernel uname -a08:05
afallenhopeas root08:05
pixelatedsuji, uname and uptime08:05
afallenhopesudo uname -a08:05
afallenhopeand uptime08:05
unopafallenhope, sudo?08:05
pixelatedafallenhope, what distro is installed on that machine?08:05
afallenhopeyeah... didn't mean to use sudo08:05
kiasanthohzie, I have no problem rebooting, but my pc won't read it's cd drive for some reason08:06
afallenhopepixelated, I have Ubuntu 8.04.... as I mentioned about 50 times08:06
sujiya how to know uptime08:06
debbshi guys08:06
ohziekiasanth, that's very unfortunate. :[08:06
ohzieI know that on uh08:06
afallenhopehttp://pastebin.com/d5164f260 <-- that's one issue I have08:06
afallenhopehat's another issue:dhcdbd: message_handler: message handler not found under /com/redhat/dhcp/08:06
ohziepartitionmagic for windows, you can set a variety of tasks to perform on your boot drive, reboot, and it does them08:06
afallenhopeit's caused by the network manager08:07
ohziebut I've never seen that for linux08:07
anuwho knows how to let Ubuntu support Unicode :)08:07
mkerohzie, gparted08:07
ohziemker, Really?08:07
mkerohzie, oh, maybe not. sorry, just replied after reading "partitionmagic" :)08:07
=== kb is now known as Guest18073
ohziemker, :)08:07
unopanu, make sure you have a UTF locale installed and use that locale08:07
mkerohzie, what things do you want done?08:07
kiasanthguess I'll just open her up and try and make the cd drive work08:07
sujiuptime is not come pa:08:08
ohziemker, kiasanth wants to repartition his boot drive.08:08
anuhow to install UTF locale upop ? :)08:08
unopanu,  sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales  # :)08:08
coreyhi i have a usb modem connected at /dev/ttyusb1 and i continuously auto disconnects on me (bumped) i dont know why or how to fix it, i am running ubuntu 8.10 and anyone who can help please feel free08:08
opera_who come from china08:09
kiasanthmker: I installed ubu from windows and it installed it in the NTFS partition WITH windows, I wanna make ubu the only OS and on EXT308:09
anuperl: warning: Falling back to the standard locale ("C").08:09
anulocale: Cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale: No such file or directory08:09
anulocale: Cannot set LC_ALL to default locale: No such file or directory08:09
FloodBot1anu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:09
unop!cn | opera_08:09
ubottuopera_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk08:09
sujihow to know  uptime in my system08:09
mkerkiasanth, do you want to remove everything? (like if you have a backup of what's important or don't care about anything on the computer)08:09
unopsuji, uhh.  use the uptime command08:09
unopanu,  maybe you need.   sudo aptitude reinstall locales08:10
sujiwhat is the uptime command08:10
Flannelsuji: go to a terminal and type 'uptime' then hit enter08:10
unopsuji,  open up a terminal.  type   uptime08:10
sujisry i got it08:10
* bobbie4 bashes his head against the wall of sheer frustration08:10
kiasanthmker: I don't care about anything on the PC08:11
kiasanthmker: but I can't boot from CD08:11
anuterminal shows :   http://paste.ubuntu.com/101521/ ?08:11
Fracturedanyone use mt-daapd?  everytime i restart my box, i have to manually rescan the database to get songs listed, nothing shows up otherwise08:11
mkerkiasanth, hm, but the cd drive works right? If you put a cd in you can read it?08:11
betothHas anyone encountered a disk DNE reference when connecting a SATA drive?08:11
kiasanthmker: Nope08:12
kiasanthmker: the PC in question seems to kill CD Drives08:12
anuunop : can you help me ?08:12
kiasanthmker: I have a pile of 5 or 6 dead drives from using them in that pc08:12
betothFor some reason my OS disk reference is lost when I connect an SATA device08:12
anuunop : i want to compile in UTF in g++ :)08:13
mkerkiasanth, crazy! take a look here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation#Installation%20without%20a%20CD08:13
bobbie4why me? I bought a Turtle Beach usb audio device for two reason. 1 http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Matrix:Vendor-Turtle_Beach said it was supported. 2) I really need the SPDIF interface. To make a long story short, Linux recognizes the device and can use it with the <TEST> buttons on the Sound Preferences screen. But that's it. No matter what I do I can't route audio to it, I can't even find a switch for the SPDIF output. I'm going to cry in a08:14
FloodBot1bobbie4: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:14
bobbie4Paste? I typed that whole thing.08:15
eseven73bobbie4: i think after 3 lines or something like that FloodBot1 starts hissing :)08:15
bobbie4oh, okay. I wish my audio would hiss.08:16
mayailhow to know the system time through terminl08:17
mayailsystem date also08:17
mkermayail, date08:17
eseven73I disabled PulseAudio to get mine working bobbie4 , actually i uninstalled it heh08:17
opera_i will go home .thanks everyone,bye08:18
bobbie4okay, eseven73 how does one uninstall Pulse Audio?08:18
bobbie4if you don't mind telling me08:18
eseven73hmm i did it using synaptic08:18
evowill_bobbie4, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=97363708:18
SpAcI just did apt-get install gnome-desktop-environment thinking it would complete a similar install to the CD, however it didn't seem to include as much as I expected. For example, no browser, or the human theme. Is this normal?08:19
=== TwoD is now known as TwoD_asleep
eseven73!away > TwoD_asleep08:19
ubottuTwoD_asleep, please see my private message08:19
anuanyone knows how to install Unicode in an English Ubuntu :)08:20
=== TwoD_asleep is now known as TwoD
evowill_SpAc, you are probably looking for the package ubuntu-desktop08:21
SpAcevowill_, oh... so would there be much difference between gnome-core and gnome-desktop-environment?08:22
mayailhow to copy file from another system to my system. i use ssh command but it only use to see the files but how to copy them08:22
debbswhere can i find an updated sources list for feisty - mine is messed and has to be edited and reset08:22
hischild_laptopmayail, use sftp. It's based on ssh, so it uses the same username and password, but you use nautilus to connect.08:23
nucc1who is the "web-user" on ubuntu? the one apache runs as...08:23
evowill_SpAc, yes08:23
hischild_laptopnucc1, it's exactly as you say, it's the user apache uses to run the webserver. This is so it doesn't run as root which starts it.08:23
EdgeX-How does ubuntu go as far as printer support08:23
nucc1hischild_laptop: I want to iknow the "username"08:23
rwwmayail: "scp username@address.of.remote.system:/path/to/remote/file /path/to/destination/file". Or, Places > Connect to Server > Service type: SSH.08:23
hischild_laptop!printer | EdgeX-08:24
ubottuEdgeX-: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows08:24
nucc1hischild_laptop: so that I can assign ownership of a folder to it :)08:24
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories08:24
SpAcevowill_, I'm guessing gnome-desktop-environment has some extra apps where as gnome-core is just the bare basics08:24
hischild_laptopnucc1, add yourself to the owners group is probably much easier. Besides, the web user needs to have read access and in case of php that needs to write, also write access.08:24
evowill_SpAc, Exactly08:24
betothIf on bootup I get the message "Gave up waiting for root device," how can I specify the root device and restart the OS?08:25
eseven73bobbie4: any luck?08:25
khaimeneed help with tightvnc, i have the tightvnc server running on my ubuntu box, and i have the client running on my windows box....how can i configure my tightvnc server on my ubuntu box so that when i connect using the tightvnc "viewer" on my windows box i see the "desktop"  ?    i do not see the desktop..i only see a console window08:25
nucc1hischild_laptop: and what is the group name?08:25
rwwdebbs: Support for Ubuntu Feisty ended in October. I'd bet that your sources.list is "messed up" because its repositories were moved to old-archive.ubuntu.com recently.08:25
bobbie4eseven73:  I'm working though the instructions right now08:25
bobbie4hopefully it will work08:25
SpAcevowill_, then ubuntu-desktop is the whole enchilada08:25
evowill_SpAc, yes, it is what you would see in the liveCD08:26
rwwdebbs: old-releases.ubuntu.com **08:26
hischild_laptopnucc1, in a terminal go to the folder where you have stored the files  and type this --> ls -l08:26
hischild_laptopnucc1, it'll show you the user and group owning them.08:26
mayailhow to know my port number in my system08:27
rwwdebbs: See http://jacob.steelsmith.org/content/upgrade-ubuntu-feisty-post-end-life for a replacement sources.list file, and information on upgrading to a supported version of Ubuntu.08:27
evowill_debbs, if your sources.list is really messed up, you might want to have a look at http://www.ubuntu-nl.org/source-o-matic/08:27
eseven73bobbie4: also if you do not wish to permently remove it, you could always try sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio stop (Maybe the gurus in here can confirm that command) It's been ages since ive had to do it08:27
nucc1hischild_laptop: /var/www seems to be owned by root...08:27
rwwdebbs: (except change references to "edgy" to "feisty)08:27
coreyhi i have a usb modem connected at /dev/ttyusb1 and i continuously auto disconnects on me (bumped) i dont know why or how to fix it, i am running ubuntu 8.10 and anyone who can help please feel free08:28
hischild_laptopnucc1, 1 more folder down08:28
coreyplease someone help me i droped out again08:28
rwwevowill_: that link appears to be out of date08:28
SpAcevowill_, personal question: would I be ok with just gnome-desktop-environment or will it eventually lead to  me pulling my hair out?08:28
nucc1hischild_laptop: I want to find out who the web user is, so that I can make a folder owned by that user, to avoid having to make it world-readable. am I making sense?08:28
=== rndmtngnt is now known as rndmtngnt|afk
evowill_rww, wow, yea it's gone, time to unremember that link.08:29
hischild_laptop!afk > rndmtngnt|afk08:29
* eseven73 hands SpAc a wig just in case08:29
ubotturndmtngnt|afk, please see my private message08:29
hischild_laptopnucc1, yes, 1 second, a server is bugging here.08:29
nucc1hischild_laptop: I'm not a beginner with this stuff, if that helps. I've looked in "users-admin" but can't find anything helpful08:29
evowill_SpAc, I will send you a PM, as it really all depends on what you want to accomplish.08:29
bobbie4eseven73:  newbie question, how do i make a directory? is it  md ~/backup/pulseaudio/    ?08:31
=== five_ is now known as Guest22377
hischild_laptopnucc1, ps aux | grep apache shows that mine runs as www-data leading me to believe that creating a folder with that ownership should be sufficient for what you want.08:32
nucc1hischild_laptop: just saw that. I had to go check "show all" in gconf to make user-admin to display all :(08:33
hischild_laptopnucc1, i gotta go for a bit. GL =)08:34
terryxanybody can solve my printer problem...????????08:34
TazbobuSomething is wrong with my firefox.. when I click on links normally I can hit the back button to go to the previous page.. now no matter what link I click on the back button is grayed out...08:35
simulationi have a trouble about dyndns update client "ddclient" i have config my ddclinet but it cant update the ip address of my host :S08:35
terryxanybody can solve my printer problem...????????08:36
abhishekterryx: what is the problem?08:36
sfer21simulation: what's the error? have you started it with the "ddclient" command from terminal? have you set it as a cron job, if you want it to update all the time?08:36
terryxabhshek, indian-indian bhai bhai...error could not read xref table08:37
sfer21what kind of an error is that? :S08:37
simulationsfer21 i have solved my problem thank you.08:37
abhishekterryx: install the printer drivers again08:38
sfer21simulation: that's okay08:38
terryxtell me the steps08:38
simulationsfer21 problem was about getting ip add from web. thats solved.08:38
simulationthanks ...08:38
terryxabhishek...delete the old printer in system-admin-printing...right?08:38
cplab2-03can i know how to transfer drupal website from one system to other08:38
Deadboysis there a command that i can use to find out what processes are running on my ubuntu server08:39
eseven73!ot | cplab2-0308:39
Deadboysits cli btw08:39
ubottucplab2-03: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:39
rwwcplab2-03: ask in #drupal-support on this server08:39
eseven73Deadboys: top or htop08:39
zirodayDeadboys: as well as ps08:39
terryxeseven73, can u help me again...on printer08:40
Deadboysi typed top and saw it08:40
eseven73htop is nicer than top but you have to install it08:40
Deadboyshow to i exit top?08:40
eseven73ctrl + c08:40
rwwDeadboys: press 'q'08:40
Deadboysthanks eseven7308:40
afallenhopehey.. is there a replacement for NetworkManager in Ubuntu 8.04TLS? because. I keep getting disconnected every 15 mins (as you can tell)08:40
afallenhope http://pastebin.com/d5164f260 <-- that's one issue I have08:40
afallenhopethat's another issue:dhcdbd: message_handler: message handler not found under /com/redhat/dhcp/08:40
eseven73terryx: I'm not a printer person, so i wouldnt be of much help sorry08:41
EdgeX-My printer works on ubuntu out-of-the-box...Great :D08:41
Deadboyseseven73 my top says i have two instances of psybnc running08:41
Deadboysbut i only have one psybnc folder08:41
rwwafallenhope: I seriously doubt that NetworkManager is the source of your problem, but one possible alternative is wicd (see http://wicd.sourceforge.net/download.php )08:41
Deadboyshow can i terminate one08:41
terryxabhishek...delete the old printer in system-admin-printing...right?08:41
bobbie4_omfg Thank you eseven73!!!!!08:42
rwwDeadboys: if they're running under your username, press the 'k' key, then type the PID (far-left number in top's display). If they're running under another user, close top and re-open it with "sudo top"08:42
eseven73lol anytime08:42
bobbie4_why did they include Pulseaudio if so many people are unhappy with it???08:43
afallenhoperww, I googled my issue apparently it's the network manager. it'sa bug.. if you googled hcdbd: message_handler: message handler not found under /com/redhat/dhcp/08:43
eseven73Pulseaudio is nice , but it has to be configured correctly, and rumor has it Ubuntu doesnt set it up right08:43
rwwafallenhope: ah, I see. I guess wicd will work for you, then :)08:43
bobbie4_oh, okay08:44
afallenhoperww, how would I remove network manager?08:44
eseven73I'll prolly catch 9 kinds of hell for saying that, but meh, i say whats on my mind, i dont mince my words. :)08:44
rwwafallenhope: sudo apt-get purge network-manager08:44
afallenhopeoh lol08:45
Deadboysis there any reason why in my top i have several processes of sshd running08:45
evowill_afallenhope, if you are installing wicd, that will remove it for you08:45
rwwDeadboys: yes. ssh makes several copies of itself for various security reasons. It's entirely normal to have a few different processes of it running.08:46
eseven73Deadboys: that's pretty normal, theres like 20 proccesses of Apache2 as well, dont pay any mind to that08:46
Deadboysokay thank you08:46
Tazbobufirefox never gives me my 'back' button anymore.. anybody know a fix?08:46
Deadboysso do you think that i should have left that one instance of psybnc on?08:46
Deadboyssince there was two08:46
Deadboysi already killed it though08:46
Deadboysand im still connected to my bnc08:46
afallenhopekkz thanks guys .. personally which you think is better? network manager? or wicd?08:47
Deadboysso no harm done right lol?08:47
eseven73well you could always restart psybnc08:47
rwwafallenhope: wicd08:47
afallenhopeokay thanks I'll use that then.08:47
terryxhow to update to the latest cups for printer in ubuntu08:47
afallenhopealso it's an issue with the dhcpd08:47
Deadboysi would restart it but id rather not :S08:47
=== Greeny`Away is now known as LIttle_Green
evowill_Tazbobu, you can re-add the back button by right clicking on the navigation toolbar, and choosing customize08:48
evowill_Tazbobu, or you can use Alt + left arrow key08:48
eseven73!away > LIttle_Green08:49
ubottuLIttle_Green, please see my private message08:49
afallenhoperww, does it have an icon on the panel too?08:50
Tazbobuevowill_: no, I can't... it won't let me.. doesn't matter what page I go to or link I click on, it won't ever let me go back anymore08:50
rwwafallenhope: in the notification area? yep08:50
Tazbobuevowill_: and the back button is still there.. just always grayed out08:50
PookyAnyone know if there's a place to get gtk2-engine-smooth for intrepid?08:51
afallenhoperww, haha yeah. okay thanks a lot. I'll try that. HOPEFULLY that'll fix my issue. because right now my network manager tells me I'm connected to "unknown" but really I'm connected to "afhnetwork" lol08:51
EdgeX-!away > EdgeX-08:51
ubottuEdgeX-, please see my private message08:51
rwwEdgeX-: did you know!: you can type /msg ubottu !factoid if you want Ubottu to tell you a factoid, so your investigating isn't visible in-channel :)08:52
evowill_Tazbobu, I sent you a PM08:54
EdgeX-Okay rww, Thanks ;)08:54
ActionParsnipyo yo yo08:55
rwwActionParsnip: wazzzzzup08:56
ActionParsnipim guessing its quiet08:56
ActionParsnipand just to reply in the 90s style. WUZAAAAAAAAAH08:57
ubuntu__z i really need help right now i just installed ubuntu 8.4 but when i restart i got a message that says grub error 208:57
ubuntu__righ now im on live cd08:57
ActionParsnipubuntu__: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/713708:59
ActionParsnipgrub error 2 : "Selected disk doesn't exist"08:59
=== Mud|dev is now known as Mud
ubuntu__i did that already but still giving me that error09:00
ActionParsnipubuntu__: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=15168209:00
chilli0hello all09:00
chilli0i can veiw my webcam in ekoi softphone but not cheese09:00
chilli0why is this09:00
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras09:00
fuzeboxsoftwarei have install phpdesigner 2008 under wine, but the text is kinda screwy, does anyone know why?09:01
chilli0ActionParsnip:  ... it works in one but not the other09:01
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ActionParsnipchilli0: ive zero experience of webcams personally, the factoid may help some09:01
ActionParsnipchilli0: make sure the software is pointing to the correct device09:02
ActionParsnipchilli0: maybe someone else can chime in09:02
HenryHCan someone give me a hand please? I have just installed U 8.10 and it seems to run fine but now I have put a SCSI card in the box and connected it to my scanner and trying to find the scanner using 'XSane Image Scanner' it says "Failed to open device 'v4l:/dev/video0': Invalid Argument. How do I determine what /dev/video0 is?  And how do I get a list of the hardware that U thinks is in the box to compare that with what I think is in the b09:04
ActionParsnipthe fact it works in one system is good09:04
simardI would like to run a "local dns system" on my lan so that instead of refering to my computers as 192.168.1.x on the command line I could provide with some domain name, how can I do that ?09:04
ActionParsnipHenryH: run lspci to get the cards info then websearch from there, you may need packages or to compile drivers for the card09:05
ActionParsnipsimard: if you use their name, youor router will resolve names09:05
fuzeboxsoftwareanyone an expert with wine?09:06
rwwfuzeboxsoftware: the people in #winehq, probably09:06
ActionParsnipfuzeboxsoftware: or try in here, we may be able to help09:06
rwwfuzeboxsoftware: but, if you'd like to ask your question here, we'd be happy to hear details :)09:06
simardActionParsnip, what names ?09:06
ahmedhello room09:07
fuzeboxsoftwarewell, i have install phpdesigner 2008 in wine, but when i try to edit stuff,text/code, it acts weird09:07
ActionParsnipsimard: the names of each system, every system has a netbios name09:07
fuzeboxsoftwareis there anything i can install to help with the prob?09:07
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ActionParsnip!appdb | fuzeboxsoftware09:07
ubottufuzeboxsoftware: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help09:07
ActionParsnipfuzeboxsoftware: is their no opensource equivelant?09:08
mkercan someone see if /lastlog works in xchat? I thought the problem was that I didn't log, but now I do and I even resterted the client. Still doesn't work.09:09
p4rsehi, how to remove a package and all of its dependencies (that are not used by other packages)? i installed the package with apt-get install09:09
rwwfuzeboxsoftware: See http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=10504 , maybe? Looks like some other people got it to work.09:09
HenryHActionP I ran lspci and it said "01:0a.0 SCSI storage controller: Initio Corporation INI-950 SCSI Adapter (rev 02)" amongst a lot of other stuff. does that mean I have the card working or not?09:09
ActionParsnipp4rse: sudo apt-get --purge remove <package to be removed>; sudo apt-get --purge autoremove09:09
rwwmker: works for me. I get a new channel window named (lastlog) with the search results. For example, I did "/lastlog lastlog" and it gave me your message.09:09
p4rseActionParsnip: thanks!09:10
mkerrww, ok good to know that it's *supposed* to work anyway. I'm just getting a blank window.09:10
rwwp4rse: double-check when you run those commands that they don't try to remove more than you want. Depending on your apt-get setup they can be problematic.09:10
ActionParsnipHenryH: it means its identifid itself, websearch forthat name and see how to config it in ubuntu09:10
ActionParsnip!hcl | HenryH09:11
ubottuHenryH: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection09:11
ActionParsnipHenryH: there may be a guide in the hcl09:11
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rwwmker: if it helps you at all, I'm using Intrepid's version of XChat, 2.6.8, and have logging turned off (so I don't keep scrollback between sessions).09:12
mkerrww, oh, I solved it, apparently xchat doesn't do number of rows like irssi which could do "/lastlog lastlog 5" to show the last 5 results.09:12
p4rseis it ok to remove libglib2.0?09:12
p4rsewhats libglib?09:12
rwwmker: ah. So it was searching for "lastlog 5" and not finding anything, I guess?09:12
rww!info libglib2.009:12
ubottuPackage libglib2.0 does not exist in intrepid09:12
HenryHActionP: Thanks I'll do that now.  See you!!  Thanks also to ubottu, I'll follow them up.  Hope I do not have to get a new(ish) SCSI card.09:12
ActionParsnip!info libglib2.009:12
ubottuPackage libglib2.0 does not exist in intrepid09:12
ActionParsnip!info libglib09:12
ubottuPackage libglib does not exist in intrepid09:12
p4rsehmm ok wierd, well i guess i can remove it then?09:12
mkerrww, yeah, thanks for helping, I saw that you didn't say anything about a number so I tried the same :)09:13
ActionParsnipp4rse: id say so, if its orphaned, autoremove will remove it09:13
rwwp4rse: if nothing else requires it, then removing it will be fine.09:13
p4rse!info libglib2.0-009:13
ubottulibglib2.0-0 (source: glib2.0): The GLib library of C routines. In component main, is optional. Version 2.18.2-0ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 752 kB, installed size 1768 kB09:13
p4rseoh xD09:13
p4rsei missed the last part09:14
rwwp4rse: I just checked on my system and it should be fine to remove it. Only thing I have that needs it is vlc, so none of the important stuff does.09:15
p4rseok, thanks09:15
rwwp4rse: you can see if anything depends on a package with "aptitude why packagename", by the way09:15
ActionParsnipwhy is the opposite of apt-get install, apt-get remove and not apt-get uninstall09:16
rwwActionParsnip: 'cause uninstall is too many letters :p. Besides, there's also apt-get purge, which is also an opposite of install09:17
rwwHi szokedemon!09:17
ActionParsniprww: it just makes sense as the opposite word, plus you can tab complete09:17
szokedemonhi rww:)09:18
rwwActionParsnip: back when apt-get was first written, I don't think anyone had gotten around to bash-completion :P09:18
rwwActionParsnip: but yeah, it'd make sense if it were at least an alias for remove09:18
HenryHSeems that there was support for this card in kernet 2.4 but09:18
HenryHnow it's gone09:18
ActionParsniprww: true, just makes me laugh09:18
ActionParsniprww: i aliased clear to cls too ;)09:19
ubottuJaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April -Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion09:24
ActionParsnip!hi | demilord_7809:25
ubottudemilord_78: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!09:25
Sythe_ZNGreets eeps09:25
demilord_78hi sythe_zn09:25
Sythe_ZN:) i'm an almost complete noob here...09:26
Sythe_ZNi wonder if i could pick your brains for a moment?09:26
demilord_78uhmmm so am I09:26
Sythe_ZNlol ;)09:26
ActionParsnippick away09:26
rwwSythe_ZN: Feel free to ask your question without asking to ask your question :)09:27
Sythe_ZNi'm using 5.10 on an old p2 laptop09:27
Sythe_ZNthe issue is id doesn'h have enough harddrive space to install all the packages09:27
rwwSythe_ZN: 5.10 hasn't been supported since 2007, and isn't receiving security updates any more. Have you considered installing a newer version?09:28
ActionParsnipSythe_ZN: try the minimal ubuntu, or alternative install so you only install what you need09:28
ActionParsnipSythe_ZN: how big is your HDD?09:28
demilord_78try use xfce instead of gnome09:28
Sythe_ZNwell the issue is i'm working on a port for a himalaya so i need kernel 2.6.1209:29
crayvecwill cp -a  overwrite a file?09:29
ActionParsnipdemilord_78: he's low on space for packages, not ram09:29
xiolarDoes anyone know howto start the splashy manager (GUI)?09:29
Sythe_ZNit's a 3g drive09:29
ActionParsnipcrayvec: man cp09:29
crayvecthxs ActionParsnip09:29
ActionParsnipSythe_ZN: i'd grab xubuntu or use the alternative cd to install09:30
rwwcrayvec: yes, it will09:30
Sythe_ZNwhen  try a standard install it fails at about 60% of copying ramaining packages09:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mnimal09:30
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD09:30
Sythe_ZNty ty :)09:30
ubottuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork09:30
crayvecCheers rww09:31
Sythe_ZNi'll have a look in a moment09:31
rwwSythe_ZN: hrm. The bare minimum recommended requirements for Ubuntu is 4GB. or RAM. Xubuntu uses less hard disk space, and its bare minimum is 1.5GB.09:31
rww4GB of hard disk space ** sorry09:31
Sythe_ZNyeah i know, but being linux it's customisable... surely i can get to a package selection from a base install tho?09:32
daredevilther1How to  check which deamons are loaded09:32
xiolarAnyone has some experience with Splashy?09:32
xiolarI installed it using the Synaptic PM09:33
ActionParsnip!splashy | xiolar09:33
ubottuxiolar: To select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork09:33
zirodaydaredevilther1: erm what are you looking for in particular?09:33
xiolaryes action i seen that09:33
xiolarbut I cant see the icon to start it :(09:33
Sythe_ZNi don't really need the gui and all the rest... i just need to be able to install ged and be able to mount a usb flashdisk for the moment...09:34
crayvecCool the 2man" option is handy09:34
daredevilther1i want to check in terminal which services are running09:34
ActionParsnipxiolar: does splashy in terminal do anything?09:34
ActionParsnipdaredevilther1: ps -ef09:34
xiolarwhat do I need 2 type?09:34
Sythe_ZNat least with that i can det the initrd working how i want it to09:34
xiolarjust splashy?09:34
xiolarmust it echo someting?09:34
ActionParsnipxiolar: yea, or try splas then press tab a few times09:35
xiolarxiolar@xiolar:~$ splashy09:35
xiolarusage: splashy <boot|shutdown|test> | splashy_chvt <N>09:35
xiolarThats was it echod09:35
ActionParsnipxiolar: http://www.google.com/url?sa=U&start=1&q=http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php%3Ft%3D41709&ei=aXdkSbLsEoyS9QSMoITWCQ&usg=AFQjCNERDjDppjgG-0RUokY4R0CA-w6NAQ09:35
rwwxiolar: Looks like the splashy package has a man page. Try man splashy.09:35
mayailhow to learn  linux commands09:35
phixxordaredeviltherl: you mean using top?09:36
ActionParsnipxiolar: i'd use man splashy, or read that guide09:36
xiolarok thanks so far :D09:36
rick_wIs it normal that the little shutdown window pops _under_ all my active apps when I want to put my machine to sleep? If you're not paying attention for a minute, the whole pc will shut down...09:36
mayaili am the new user of ubuntu09:36
zirodaydaredevilther1: well you can see all the processes with ps09:36
rwwmayail: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal and the links I'm about to have ubottu send you09:36
ActionParsnipxiolar: i dont use splashy but ask.com brought that up in seconds09:36
rww!documentation | mayail09:36
ubottumayail: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com09:36
ziroday!terminal | mayail here are some basics09:36
ubottumayail here are some basics: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal09:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ab09:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about as09:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about asb09:37
zirodaydaredevilther1: what process are you trying to find?09:37
rwwdaredevilther1: to investigate with the bot, please use /msg ubottu !factoid, rather than typing in-channel.09:37
ActionParsnipdaredevilther1: if you try: ps -ef | grep <part of a process name>09:37
ActionParsnipdaredevilther1: you can see details of it09:37
daredevilther1alrite thanks09:38
crayvecDoes anyone know if the phpsheild that comes with PHPmotion is free.09:38
zirodaycrayvec: according to http://www.phpshield.com/, nope09:38
daredevilther1Does anyone knw how to rename removable media09:38
Sythe_ZNyou see, i just need this box for working on this project... if u wanna know more see : http://wiki.xda-developers.com/index.php?pagename=HimalayaLinuxBooting09:38
ActionParsnip!label | daredevilther109:38
ubottudaredevilther1: To rename the labels of your partitions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RenameUSBDrive.09:38
daredevilther1i c them like this DISKVOL109:39
zirodaycrayvec: of course if you release your code under the GPL you don't have to worry abouyt that09:39
daredevilther1No not usb drive09:39
rick_wAnybody on the shutdown window?09:39
crayvecYeah i see that , but i see in the its kinda bundled inside the phpmotion archieve download09:39
ActionParsnipdaredevilther1: a partition is a partition09:39
ActionParsnipdaredevilther1: doesnt matter if its scsi or floppy09:39
daredevilther1renaming regular partation of harddisk09:39
ActionParsnipdaredevilther1: same09:39
zirodaycrayvec: well you need to ask the phpmotion support team about thier product. We do not support that here. Sorry09:39
crayvecSorry was a just a shot in the dark Ziroday09:40
daredevilther1i renamed them in /media but still then i open computer i c them like this DISKVOL109:40
ActionParsnipdaredevilther1: notice how the factoid says "rename the labels of partitions"09:40
ActionParsnipdaredevilther1: thats just the mount point09:40
rwwdaredevilther1: Did you read the link that ubottu sent you? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RenameUSBDrive09:40
ActionParsnipdaredevilther1: the label is what you need to change using that guide09:40
daredevilther1alrite thanks let me read the guide09:41
Sythe_ZNwhile we're on the topic of usb drives, how do i mount a flash drive from bash?09:41
medbSo far no one in #vbox has been responding, but there's a problem with the gpg key for the ubuntu virtualbox repo. I'm always getting an error from it. Is there a newer gpg key? Or a fix of some kind?09:41
ActionParsnipdaredevilther1: in linux, a partition is a partition, whether its usb , sata, pata, scsi09:41
ActionParsnipdaredevilther1: fdisk will just show partitions, its irrelevant where they are accessed as the kernel deals with all that09:42
fuzzy_logichey guys09:42
ActionParsnipSythe_ZN: run sudo fdisk -l09:42
ActionParsnipSythe_ZN: that will show the partitions09:42
daredevilther1i m new new linux thats why not knw so much09:42
fuzzy_logiccan someone give me a url to ubuntu commands?09:42
crayvecI am impressed with Webmin09:42
Sythe_ZNi don't have fdisk installed09:42
fuzzy_logiccan someone give me a url to ubuntu commands?  i am new09:42
mib_dtxrrcjehi .. .Err http://sg.archive.ubuntu.com feisty/main Packages                          404 Not Found09:42
ActionParsnip!webmin | crayvec09:42
ubottucrayvec: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.09:42
mib_dtxrrcjei get this when i run apt-get update  .... Err http://sg.archive.ubuntu.com feisty/main Packages                          404 Not Found09:43
crayvecebox yeah09:43
mib_dtxrrcjewhat should I do?09:43
ActionParsnipSythe_ZN: you should do, its a standard command09:43
ActionParsnipmib_dtxrrcje: are you running feisty?09:43
mib_dtxrrcjeyeah ActionParsnip09:43
Arenlorfuzzy_logic: what commands in particular?09:43
Sythe_ZNstandard as in?09:43
mib_dtxrrcjeActionParsnip: if I could upgrade ubuntu I would09:44
ActionParsnipSythe_ZN: as in its on all systems, its all in lower case, linux is CaSE SenSItivE09:44
mib_dtxrrcjeActionParsnip: but dun know how09:44
Sythe_ZNyeah i know... is it part of the kernel or bash tho?09:44
rwwmib_dtxrrcje: Support for Ubuntu Feisty ended in October and its apt-archive has been moved to old-releases.ubuntu.com. Edit /etc/apt/sources.list and change references to sg.archive.ubuntu.com to old-releases.ubuntu.com. Additionally, seriously consider upgrading or reinstalling to a newer version of Ubuntu.09:45
ArenlorGood Morning/Day/Evening all09:45
rww!upgrade | mib_dtxrrcje09:45
ubottumib_dtxrrcje: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes09:45
ActionParsnipmib_dtxrrcje: you sure it's not:  deb http://sg.archive.ubuntu.com feisty main packages09:45
ActionParsnipmib_dtxrrcje: can you ping the server?09:45
ActionParsnip!upgrade | mib_dtxrrcje09:45
ubottumib_dtxrrcje: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes09:45
crayvecCan ebox be installed into ubuntu?09:45
rwwActionParsnip: see my message. Feisty's packages aren't on the normal mirrors any more.09:45
rwwcrayvec: looks like there's an ebox package. Try that.09:46
rww!info ebox | crayvec09:46
ubottuebox (source: ebox): the eBox platform - Base framework. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.11.99-0ubuntu11 (intrepid), package size 293 kB, installed size 2324 kB09:46
ActionParsnipnew nvidia drivers in the updates today09:47
crayvecNice a package thx rww09:47
Sythe_ZNhmmm oki... well it's monuted, but now i created directories in the mnt folder for mounting into, how can i remove them?09:47
rwwmib_dtxrrcje: oh, I forgot to mention. Feisty isn't receiving security- or any other updates any more, so the old-releases repository won't be updated, even if you do use it.09:47
ArenlorSythe_ZN: rm -rf09:48
ActionParsnipSythe_ZN: sudo rm -rf /path/to/folder09:48
rwwSythe_ZN: check that they're empty and that they're not in the output of "mount", then do "sudo rm -rf /mnt/dirname"09:48
ActionParsnipSythe_ZN: make sure nothing is mounted there09:48
ActionParsnipSythe_ZN: or it will wipe that too09:48
Sythe_ZNah thanx... tba09:48
ActionParsnipSythe_ZN: rm -rf is VERY agressive so watch yourself09:48
mib_dtxrrcjerww: thanks .. update's fixed for nao09:48
LuXorhey someone tell me a packcage for open arena :))09:49
mib_dtxrrcjerww: i need to upgrade this server but i'm not the admin09:49
xiolarLal Read the "MAN" or clowns will eat you09:49
ArenlorSythe_ZN: watch your spaces also, rm -rf / mnt/dir will cause a very bad problem by removing your / directory09:49
rww!info openarena | LuXor09:49
ubottuopenarena (source: openarena): fast-paced 3D first-person shooter. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7.7+dfsg1-1 (intrepid), package size 698 kB, installed size 1620 kB09:49
xiolardid that xD09:49
LinusUEllo every109:49
rwwmib_dtxrrcje: Okay. Just letting you know that upgrading it is a really, really good idea :)09:49
Sythe_ZNthanx :D i'm working on a clean system so a reinstal isn't the eno of the world09:49
Arenlorxiolar: what about info?09:50
Sythe_ZNah ; i'09:50
bmzhow can I tell which version of ubuntu I have?09:50
Sythe_ZN*:) i'll keep that in mind09:50
LinusUuname -r09:50
bmzis there anything in /etc09:50
rww!version | bmz09:50
ubottubmz: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »09:50
rwwLinusU: that's the kernel version, not the Ubuntu version09:50
crayvecYes i did notice Webmin uninstalled phpadmin and repalced it with a boxy looking drab interface09:50
LinusUsorry uname -o09:50
rwwArenlor: please refrain from typing dangerous commands in Ubuntu channels, even if you're only using them as examples of what not to do. It's one of those things that tends to be frowned upon.09:51
LinusUmy fault09:51
Sythe_ZNi generally remove folders with a relative path with the shell in the parent so i don't have to use "/"09:51
xiolarIve had it with splashy, going back to usplash lal!09:51
LinusUdammit that didn't work either, bad me09:51
Sythe_ZNgot it thanx guys09:51
Sythe_ZNnext thing... mounting a loop device09:52
Arenlorrww: sorry about that, just wanted to warn about it, I've done it before09:52
LinusUmount -o loop -t iso9660 /path/to.iso /mount/point09:52
rwwSythe_ZN: sudo mount -o loop <loopback-filename> <mountpoint>09:52
KartagisLinusU, you don't need -t iso996009:53
LuXorrww ok, downloading thanks09:53
LinusUKartagis: sorry, thougt so09:53
bmzis there a bluetooth wizard in hardy?09:53
ActionParsnip!info bluez09:54
ubottubluez (source: bluez): Bluetooth tools and daemons. In component main, is optional. Version 4.12-0ubuntu5 (intrepid), package size 362 kB, installed size 1232 kB09:54
Sythe_ZNi run "mount -o loop initrd.img mnt/initimg" but i get an error saying device or resource busy...09:54
Arenlorbmz: I think System > Preferences > Bluetooth is in Hardy09:54
LuXor<ActionParsnip> remember me ? :P i have finally connected to internet09:54
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ActionParsnipLuXor: awesome dude, ndiswrapper do you?09:55
Sythe_ZNit gives me the same error regardless of which loop device i point it to tho09:55
bmzArenlor: that is just preferences, no way to pair a device09:56
ActionParsnipSythe_ZN: can you pastebin the command and the error please09:56
Sythe_ZNi'm guessing the initrd is ext3, correct me?09:56
ActionParsnip!paste | Sythe_ZN09:56
ubottuSythe_ZN: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)09:56
silv3r_m001hi there09:56
Arenlorbmz: http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/bluez-gnome09:57
rwwHi silv3r_m001!09:58
Arenlorhello silv3r_m00109:58
=== sleepy_cat is now known as c_webkit
silv3r_m001i am facing this issue with my networking... when booted into windows the internet works fine but in case of ubuntu it sometimes doesnt work and i have to restart 1 or 2 times09:58
silv3r_m001why this difference ?09:58
ActionParsnipsilv3r_m001: try sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart09:59
silv3r_m001yah did it 100 times09:59
Arenlorsilv3r_m001 there are many possibilities, what driver do you use, and what is your chipset?09:59
silv3r_m001its an intel motherboard09:59
FireFox||silv3r_m001: i7 core chipset?10:00
rwwFireFox||: asking confusing, irrelevant questions probably isn't the best way to help ;)10:01
Arenlorsilv3r_m001: what wireless card do you have?10:01
rwwsilv3r_m001: wireless network or ethernet? also, copy the output of "lspci" and "lsusb" terminal commands to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ and give us a link to the pastebin page. Those commands will tell us what card you have.10:01
FireFox||rww: Sorry, I just was interested in the problem. I realise that the qustion is irrelevant but it might be interesting if that was the chipset10:02
silv3r_m001its ethernet10:02
silv3r_m001lan internet10:02
silv3r_m001FireFox||: where can i see the chipset name10:03
silv3r_m001in kinfocenter in which tab shud it be ?10:03
silv3r_m001its a 1.7ghz p4 may be intel 810 or 815e something like that10:04
rwwsilv3r_m001: open a terminal and type "lspci;lsusb" and copy the output you get to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ , then give us a link to the page it creates. The chipset name is in that output.10:04
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silv3r_m001its here10:06
silv3r_m001and the thing is i have 2 broadbands... 1 of them works always fine and the other 1 sometimes stops working and i have to restart... but in windows it always works fine10:07
ActionParsnipsilv3r_m001: you have an ATI Technologies Inc Rage XL10:08
silv3r_m001thats the graphcis card10:08
silv3r_m001the ethernet cards are intels10:09
rwwActionParsnip: the ethernet cards are lines 11 and 12 of that output10:09
Arenlorsilv3r_m001: so one of your ports always works while the other has intermittent problems in Ubuntu, but is fine in Windows correct?10:09
ActionParsniprww: oh i thought this was a vga issue10:10
silv3r_m001Arenlor: yah10:10
Ethoswhats the command to delete all contents of a folder?10:10
silv3r_m001Arenlor: the one which makes problem is a local internet , its on a shared ip ... means the isp put my computer on their LAN10:10
silv3r_m001rm -rf *.*10:10
Ethosthanks mate10:11
EdgeX-Internet Hacking code?10:11
iLogichey.. does anyone know why my wlan0 interface doesn't stop when I do a /etc/init.d/networking stop?10:11
rwwEthos: rm -rf *10:11
Arenlorsilv3r_m001: what release of Ubuntu do you have?10:11
Ethosexcellent thanks rww10:11
silv3r_m001Arenlor: 8.04 hardy10:11
mars_i have a problem with grandr. i have a macbook with ubuntu 8.10. when i plug in a monitor and use grandr. i get one of two options.10:12
mayailanyone know how to install adodb reader in ubuntu10:12
mars_either i get a mirror of my screens where my monitor has a high resolution. or i get dual monitors with low resolution (which looks awful)10:12
ActionParsnip!pdf | mayail10:12
ubottumayail: pdf is the Portable Document Format created by Adobe; viewable in GNU/Linux with xpdf/kpdf/okular/evince, and also adobe reader (free download, but closed source)10:12
ActionParsnip!info acroread10:13
ubottuPackage acroread does not exist in intrepid10:13
TwoEqualsTenmayail, you mean acrobat? You can install it from medibuntu.10:13
ActionParsnip!info adobereader10:13
ubottuPackage adobereader does not exist in intrepid10:13
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org10:13
smoppyI'm trying to capture video over a Canon MV750i camcorder through the USB cable (i have no 1394 card on my laptop). By googling i found that 99.9% of users uses the Firewire port with kino or dvgrab but i didn't found a way to use the USB connection, yet.10:13
Arenlorsilv3r_m001: do you use DHCP with the LAN?10:13
smoppyDoes anyone have an idea if is it possible to capture video from a VCR through USB?10:13
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silv3r_m001i put the ip mask and gateway myself10:14
TwoEqualsTenmayail, enable the repo for medibuntu, then install acroread.10:14
ActionParsniprww: it needs the e100 module10:14
mars_anyone knows how to get different resulotions with dual monitor and grandr?10:14
rww!medibuntu | mayail10:14
ActionParsniprww: http://hardware4linux.info/component/31408/10:14
ubottumayail: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org10:14
EdgeX-How does ubuntu go compatibility-wise with TV capture cards?10:15
Arenlorsilv3r_m001: What exactly is occurring when it stops working?10:15
rwwActionParsnip: I wandered off to do something else. silv3r_m001's the one with the problem :)10:15
silv3r_m001Arenlor: no pings ... host not found10:15
silv3r_m001can resolve server10:15
ActionParsnipsilv3r_m001: you need the e100 module10:16
silv3r_m001e100 ?10:16
silv3r_m001whats that10:16
Arenlorsilv3r_m001: sounds like DNS maybe10:16
demilord_78kernel driver module10:16
ActionParsnipsilv3r_m001: its a module file you need to download or compile10:16
demilord_78sudo modprobe e10010:16
Arenlorhe has it10:16
silv3r_m001ActionParsnip: can it be done thru synaptic ?10:16
Ethoswhats the easiest way to copy the entire contents of 1 folder to another?10:16
Ethoscommand wise10:17
EthosCP something :D10:17
demilord_78man mv10:17
ActionParsnipsilv3r_m001: try the modprobe as demilord_78 says to see if yuo have it already10:17
mcorpcp -r10:17
demilord_78cp is copy10:17
silv3r_m001but i dont understand it works fine 80% of the time... it stops either when the computer is booted and has to be rebooted10:17
demilord_78mv move10:17
ActionParsnipEthos: man cp10:17
mcorpsorry cp -R10:17
EdgeX-How does ubuntu go compatibility-wise with TV capture cards?10:17
silv3r_m001ActionParsnip: how to modprobe ?10:17
Arenlorsilv3r_m001: you have e100 already10:18
silv3r_m001Arenlor: so what next10:18
silv3r_m001is that the default behaviour10:18
ActionParsnipsilv3r_m001: like demilord_78 said10:18
cwilluEdgeX-, look up mythbuntu10:18
Ethoswhich one :D10:19
cwilluEdgeX-, not specifically to install it, but whatever it supports, ubuntu will by definition also support10:19
Arenlorsilv3r_m001: when it goes down, can you ping an IP address? Or is the problem only with pinging a domain?10:19
silv3r_m001Arenlor: i can ping my ip... but the gateways ip >> destination unreachable  and for others host not ofund10:19
EdgeX-Thanks cwillu10:20
ArenlorEthos: to move something use mv, to copy something use cp10:20
EthosI need to copy the contents of the folder10:20
Ethosso another folder, not the folder itself10:20
=== dichtbijzee_ is now known as dichtbijzee
EdgeX-cd folder && cp * /somewhere/lol10:20
ActionParsnipEthos: where exactly are you copying from / to10:20
Ethosvar\www\html\backup (contents of) to var\www\html :)10:21
rwwEthos: cp -R /var/www/html/backup/* /var/www/html/10:21
silv3r_m001hi there... i use this kate and quanta plus and they create too many backups files with this ~10:21
silv3r_m001how can i delete them ?10:21
rwwsilv3r_m001: have you checked in their preferences? GEdit does the same thing by default and has an option to turn it off (which I have >.>); dunno if those programs are similar. As far as removing them, see http://soft.zoneo.net/Linux/remove_backup_files.php10:22
chilli0rebel_kid: rawr10:23
ActionParsnipEthos: you could use gksudo nautilus and copy it with gui10:23
Ethosno gui :D10:23
silv3r_m001ActionParsnip: Arenlor : any idea on that lan internet issue10:23
ActionParsnipEthos: wise man10:23
Arenlorsilv3r_m001: so you can ping yourself but not any other IP? It definitely sounds like DNS to me10:23
silv3r_m001is it some problem with the isp which windows is able to tackle and ubuntu doesnt10:23
dichtbijzeehi. I set up an old compaq e500 with the alternate cd 8.10, I had no network at the time so i chose to configure it later. now i do have network. but ifconfig shows no eth0 while /etc/network/interfaces does.10:24
silv3r_m001Arenlor: even if its a dns issue then i shud be able to ping the ip of my gateway10:24
silv3r_m001it appears as if on some boots ubuntu is not able to bring up that interafece10:24
rwwArenlor: If pinging IP addresses is failing, it has nothing to do with DNS. DNS resolves hostnames to IP addresses; it isn't used if the computer already /has/ the IP address.10:24
ActionParsnipEthos: sudo cp -R /var/www/html/backup/* /var/www/html10:25
ActionParsnipEthos: i'd make a test folder first10:25
ActionParsnipEthos: and run a similar command10:25
ActionParsnipEthos: make sure it does exactly what you need10:25
rebel_kidim having a bit of trouble with 8.10, it picks up my wireless network and i enter the code, it attempts to connect and then brings me back to the wireless password dialog, when i check show password it gives me something like b30f9e16fe771c1eaeec8b83eab9eec315882dc3dd924b144a61abe7a66c59b1 which is definitely not my password10:25
Arenlorsilv3r_m001: do you get anything in the system log?10:26
Ethosthanks ActionParsnip :)10:26
chilli0rebel_kid:  i had that two , just delete it then put in urs again and it should work10:26
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Arenlorrebel_kid: actually that IS your password10:26
rebel_kidchilli0, i did that... i do troubleshoot :)10:27
rebel_kidarenlor, hashed or something?10:27
chilli0rebel_kid:  its ur password10:27
Arenlorrebel_kid: what card are you using, a broadcom 43xx?10:27
rwwrebel_kid: yeah10:27
rebel_kidarenlor, not sure, its built into an hp laptop10:27
silv3r_m001Arenlor: where can i get the system log10:27
dichtbijzeelooks hashed to me, my 4895agn does that as well10:27
chilli0rebel_kid:  hp eww10:27
demilord_78hp is ok, acer is :-<10:28
Arenlorsilv3r_m001: System > Administration > System Log10:28
VSpikeMy old ATI card is an X850 (or R420 core) - I am currently using a newer nVidia card but was just wondering about the state of ATI drivers now.  AIUI there are radeon, radeonhd and fglrx drivers, is that correct?  But does radeonhd support my older card?  Will it ever? And what state is it in at the moment?10:28
rebel_kidchilli0, i didnt buy it... trust me i would never buy something with a made for windows vista sticker on it :)10:28
ActionParsnipdemilord_78: acer man eee pc10:28
ActionParsnipno tats asus10:28
rebel_kidArenlor, any advice?10:28
=== ndndn is now known as blbla
ActionParsnipacer have the mini one or something10:28
chilli0rebel_kid:  i was gonna say, u were having a go at me for getting one with windows on it lol10:28
VSpikeActionParsnip: acer aspire one10:28
demilord_78no acer uses empowering technology wich is evil10:28
ActionParsnipoh only lots10:29
ActionParsnipibm ftw10:29