fbcIs there a way of doing a non destructive installation of xubuntu?00:18
guyiomlive running00:21
ahklernerhi room02:29
ahklernerhow would i go about istalling audio drivers02:29
sinboxyour card not recognised out of the box?02:43
spasticteapotDoes anyone here know what to do with a " .run" file?04:08
crimsunit's probably a shell script04:09
crimsunpass it to `file'04:09
spasticteapotHow do I run these?04:13
spasticteapot"bash" seems to works.04:15
omnikillanyone around that could lend an ear? i need a bit of help05:41
omnikilli've got a problem with openssh, it can't seem to find the keys when i run it05:45
ballhello omnikill05:45
omnikilli checked /etc/ssh/sshd_config and is directs them to /etc/ssh for the keys05:46
omnikillbut it always gives me05:47
omnikillCould not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key05:47
omnikillCould not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_dsa_key05:47
omnikillanyone have any ideas?05:47
fbc_How can I browse my local network? Is there an smb client gui included?06:27
voodooxhi ;=)09:24
voodooxsome body here09:25
MaxFrameshello, happy new year11:48
Luke_hello all!12:33
Luke_anyone awake?12:34
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:35
ablomenpeople are awake, but mostly like to answer questions when they know what the question is :)12:36
Luke_is there anyway i can change my hostmask on konversation?12:38
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jarnosIs there a keybinding to switch quickly window of an application? Like Alt-Tab, but for windows of current application.15:42
bad-wirejarnos, ctrl+tab?16:09
jarnosbad-wire: doesn't work here.16:10
sinboxah well sorry, no idea then, maybe someone who knows will come16:11
yotuxis open office a heavy program16:37
yotuxI noticed that it is not installed in xubuntu16:37
sinboxfairly so16:37
yotuxIs that why it was not installed or used by default for xubuntu16:38
charlie-tcayotux: It takes a lot of memory to run smoothly16:38
yotuxI like xubuntu the most seems that fastest to me16:38
charlie-tcaWe use AbiWord and Gnumeric because they are lightweight compared to OpenOffice.org16:39
yotuxthey do the same for the most part16:42
charlie-tcayes, but memory and cpu can be smaller16:43
yotuxthe only thing that I have problems with is crossover office16:44
yotuxand they do not support XFCE with an automatic menu16:44
charlie-tcaI see. Menu issues are being worked on by Xfce.16:45
jxanderwhen i right-click on the menu button from the panel and click on edit menu, i don't get all the menu items, how could i edit the whole menu? where is the menu file located?17:38
rhavennjxander: they're pulled in by the "systems" menu item17:40
jxanderrhavenn: maybe i'm too tired, but i did't understand what you said... where is the systems menu item? i still don't know how to edit the entire menu :(17:43
jarnosjxander: You can add to System menu by adding a submenu named System and then adding an item there.17:46
jarnosjxander: Not very elegant, though.17:47
jxanderbut how do i add an item to multimedia?17:48
Odd-rationalejxander: http://wiki.xfce.org/tips#how_to_add_or_remove_applications_in_the_system_menu17:50
Odd-rationalei think they are working on a better menu editor for xfce 4.6 ...17:51
jarnosjxander: Make submenu called Multimedia and add an item to it.18:02
jxanderjarnos: will it appear in Multimedia with the rest of the items?18:02
jarnosjxander: yes.18:03
jxanderjarnos: thanks a lot, trying right now :D18:03
jxanderjarnos: it did the trick, a bit uglier than gnome, but works... thanks!18:11
jarnosjxander: good :) I have not tried the gnome way. I hope Xfce people get a better way to edit menu.18:15
jxanderare you using gnome?18:16
fbcHow do you lock the screen in xubuntu?18:21
zoredache_you can add a item to bar to lock the screen18:23
zoredache_do an 'add new item' > 'action item' choose 'lock screen' from the drop down18:24
guyiomhi all18:24
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jarnosfbc: ctrl-alt-del18:27
jarnosfbc: or run command xflock418:27
fbcjarnos, thanks18:29
nclifehi. My desktop dissapeared. At least my wallpaper and my docs are gone, just a light blue background is to see. How can I fix this?18:33
zoredachenclife: try pressing alt-f2 and run 'xfwm4'18:33
zoredacheactually, you may need to run xfdesktop18:34
nclifezoredache, I type xfwm4 or xfdesktop inside a terminal?18:35
nclifeah, oh18:35
zoredacheyes, you can run those in a terminal18:35
nclifeokie, gonna try that18:35
nclifedo I have to close everything before to do that?18:35
nclifenice, thank you :)18:37
nclifeanother quick question, I've noted my computer slowing down for the past few days. Is there some way to repair probable broken packages or anything that could ease the processing?18:40
jack_jwheres vinnl18:45
nastyveanyone available to field an easy question?18:48
Paddy_EIREHey may I speak to a channel operator please20:13
MyrttiPaddy_EIRE: you know where to do so20:13
richysuddnely my ubuntu 8.10 plays my video files in wierd colours.. in both vlc and totem20:28
c4nn1b4l_richy wasnt very specific20:40
csc_is there anyone running a live usb with persistence ?21:18
batcoder-7whats the eaisest way to change gtk themes ?21:20
zoredachecsc_: I have installed to a usb...  haven't done a livecd withpersistence though.21:25
TheSheepbatcoder-7: settings->setting manager->user interface21:29
csc_the persistence with usb creator does not work21:35
csc_it's buggy21:35
csc_damn it21:35
nastyvei have a question22:00
nastyveim running ubuntu 8.10 i386 on a desktop and xubuntu 8.10 on a laptop22:00
nastyvethere is a printer attached to the desktop and i'd like my laptop to be able to print from it22:01
nastyveso, if the desktop attached printer has "shared" checked on it, why can't my xubuntu laptop see it?22:01
mib_adzv15y4please help me with http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=103361622:03
mib_adzv15y4I tried uninstalling apparmor profiles or put in complaint mode, did not help22:09
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mib_adzv15y4can I uninstall this kernel hook with rmmod?22:46
retourwhy in my /media I have mounting points with ~? I.e. /cdrom0 AND ~cdrom. Can I delete it?23:23
jarnosretour: With ~?23:27
jarnosretour: no need to delete cdrom items.23:28
retourjarnos: ~cdrom and again /cdrom0. Why? can I delete both and make my own mount point /DVD-ROM23:28
jarnosretour: cdrom is symlink to the other23:29
jarnosretour: and /cdrom is symlink to /media/cdrom23:30
retourjarnos: OK do I need it? Is it generate automatically? Can I create own mount point and delete default ones?23:30
jarnosretour: I don't know. Maybe the default ones are used by some applications.23:31
jarnosretour: Why don't you create another symlink named DVD-ROM (if you really need that)?23:33
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retourjarnos: I like my drive to show its type when mounted on the desktop DVD-RW and second one DVD-RAM - type of drive not media in it. BTW how to create symlink? I tried to see its contents but its empty23:43
jarnosretour: Open terminal, "cd /media", "sudo ln -s cdrom0 DVD-RW "23:53
jarnosretour: in case you want to create link DVD-RW for cdrom023:55
retourthank you!23:56
jarnosretour: but it doesn't change the way the drive shows up in Thunar.23:56
retourI deleted defaults and made my own mounting points. Everything works BUT after inserting media I get " mount: block device /dev/scd0 is write-protected, mounting read-only23:58
retourmount: /dev/scd0 already mounted or /media/DVD-ROM busy23:58
retourmount: according to mtab, /dev/scd0 is already mounted on /media/DVD-ROM.23:58
retourIt tries to automount it twice??23:59

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