lifelessI'm friendly and helpful? damn, must have had enough caffeine00:01
fullermdAnd you have a pleasant outlook, too.00:01
abentleyjam: ping00:23
smoothiceIs there any way a bazaar branch can be pushed over SSH to a folder on a web server that is being served by Apache and have coders be able to run the branch directly over Apache?00:32
NfNitLoopsmoothice: Yep!00:32
NfNitLoop it does that by default.00:32
smoothiceNfNitLoop: it does? I just tried...00:32
NfNitLoopjust do:   cd yourrepo; bzr push sftp://yourserver/path/to/web/dir/00:33
fullermdYes.  You push over SSH to a folder on a web server that is being served by Apache and coders will be able to run the branch directly over Apache.00:33
NfNitLoopsmoothice: then have someone bzr branch http://yourserver/path/to/that/dir00:33
smoothiceI added index.php to the repository and then pushed... although it isn't showing up in my sftp client or apache either...00:34
NfNitLoopsmoothice: by default, it only creates a .bzr directory, not a working copy.00:34
NfNitLoopand your web server may hide .hiddenDirectories00:34
smoothiceSo... how do I make it make a working copy?00:34
fullermdDo you mean "run the 'branch'", or "run the branch"?00:34
smoothiceWhat's the difference?00:35
NfNitLoopexecuting 'bzr branch', or executing the code within that branch.00:35
NfNitLoopfullermd: I think he means run 'bzr branch'.00:35
fullermdYou can use checkout to make a WT on it.  Later pushes won't update it, though.00:35
fullermdI think he actually means executing the code within the branch.00:35
fullermde.g., bzr push as a deployment mechanism.00:35
NfNitLoopoh.   smoothice: which is it? :)00:35
smoothiceI'd like to be able to run the latest revision using Apache00:36
fullermdWhich it isn't.  If you actually have ssh (not sftp) access, you can use the push-and-update plugin to hack around it.00:36
fullermdThere's also a bzr-upload plugin; I'm not sure of the details of how it works or what server-side support it needs.00:36
smoothiceSo in other words it isn't possible?00:37
fullermdWell, those are two mechanisms that can probably give you the same end result.00:38
fullermd'push' qua 'push' won't do it, no.00:38
smoothiceThe upload plugin seems fairly straightforward to install...00:39
NfNitLoopOr, if you have ssh access, just ssh to the web server and do a 'bzr pull'.00:39
fullermdI _think_ the upload plugin does all the work client-side, and just needs a transport (like sftp) to blat the files on the server.00:40
fullermdThe rest of the options (like push-and-update, what NfNitLoop just said, and various other related permutations) all rely on having bzr server-side.00:40
smoothiceI have a vps... so I was just finding out the best way for me to keep track of this PHP project I'm working on while also being able to run it directly.00:40
fullermdWell, for me, my VCS basically never has anything to do with my deployment mechanism.  So, if you ask _me_ the best way, it would be "nothing to do with bzr".  That may be less helpful if you aren't me though  :p00:43
smoothiceyeah... I'm not using it for deployment though... this is my private apache server and deployment is on shared hosting somewhere else..00:44
fullermdWell.  It [sounds like it's] still a deployment question, just not the ultimate deployment.00:46
smoothiceyeah... ok :)00:46
smoothicewell thanks for your help; I guess bazaar won't work this time around :)00:46
fullermdOr it could be just a setup/move, in which case ignore me  :)00:46
fullermdOh, it works great for the VCS part.  With the mentioend accoutrements, it can roughly do the deployment side.00:47
fullermdWhether that roughly is apparently smooth or really rocky would depend on details of just how you end up doing things.00:47
fullermd(and there are better people around than me to ask about them; I just know that they exist and seem to work well for some people)00:48
* nDuff wanders off to Nuclear Taco Night; will check email for any feedback on the patch now and again, but latency on revisions will be significant.01:28
lifelessnDuff: thanks for doing the patch01:31
lifelessnDuff: enjoy your tacos01:31
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* igc lunch02:14
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mwhudsonspiv: hello03:56
mwhudsonspiv: this looks a little odd to me:03:56
mwhudson^[..>>> bzrlib.branch.Branch.open('http://bzr.malept.com/bazaar-overlay')03:56
mwhudsonb = _03:56
mwhudson>>> b = _03:56
mwhudson>>> b._ensure_real()03:56
mwhudsonTraceback (most recent call last):03:56
mwhudson  File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?03:56
mwhudson  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/bzrlib/remote.py", line 1362, in _ensure_real03:56
mwhudson    if self.repository._real_repository is None:03:56
mwhudsonAttributeError: 'KnitPackRepository' object has no attribute '_real_repository'03:56
mwhudsondoes it look odd to you?03:56
spivWhich bzr version?04:03
* spiv hmms04:05
spivRemoteBzrDir.find_repository() returns a non-RemoteRepository.04:08
spivThat seems... bad.04:08
spivOh, hmm!04:09
mwhudsonspiv: hope you're having fun, i have to disappear :)04:11
spivmwhudson: so I think it's a server config issue04:11
spiv(that the client doesn't handle gracefully)04:11
spivmwhudson: there's a smart server at /bazaar-overlay but not /04:11
spivSo there is no accessible RemoteRepository for that RemoteBranch04:12
spivmwhudson: is there a bug about this?04:12
lifelessgroupcompress works again04:25
lifelessI'm seriously inclined to just revert the "BzrVsGit" change05:00
lifelessigc: ^ what do you think05:01
* igc reads it05:02
mlhThat they have a use TortoiseGit is not irrelevant for lots of people05:04
lifelessthats true05:05
lifelessits not really appropriate to have a git biased page on the bzr website05:06
lifelessneutral is ideal05:06
lifelessthe lp integration stuff wasn't about generic public hosting; there are other public hosting sites that lp for bzr05:07
mlhyeah the rest of the stuff seems unduly uhm05:08
mlhwhats the word? contentious?05:08
spivmlh: "citation needed", perhaps ;)05:08
lifelessbiased :) that was the intent expressed by the changelog of the author05:08
mlhgeez unsubscribe him/her05:13
mlh"This make the bazaar guys fall their jaws." ?!05:13
lifelessthey are also wrong05:15
lifelessas what they reference has no relationship to disjoint repository merges05:15
lifelessI think this is a case of an uninformed advocate going nuts05:15
igcI agree that most the changes don't actually improve the accuracy/usefulness of the document05:17
nDufflifeless, I don't think enjoying the tacos is quite the point at Nuclear Taco Night; I think it's more watching the new people trying to actually eat one. :)05:17
mlhfall their jaws -> sounds like an attempted translation from German maybe of 'make their jaws drop'05:17
igcFor example, bound branches are more than just commit+push05:18
lifelesspoolie has already done one revert05:18
igcthe reference to http://cournape.wordpress.com/2008/10/30/going-away-from-bzr-toward-git/ adds value I guess05:19
igcmost of the rest seems to miss the original points being made05:21
lifelessigc: I'm not sure it does; its not entirely accurate as a blog, and well there are plenty of folk posting in both directions05:21
lifelessjml: btw, 'bzr help commit' can show you stuff about commit.05:22
pooliei'm not saying it was all wrong, but i'm not interested at the moment in picking through it to correct it if he's basically trying to bias it05:22
jmllifeless: noted. :)05:22
igclifeless: agreed on both fronts, but the blog article was pretty balanced I thought, if not fully accurate05:22
igcpoolie: thanks for the revert05:23
igcnDuff: just posted a review of your patch BTW05:25
nDuffigc, thanks05:27
fullermdOuch, my jaw!06:06
mwhudsonspiv: only https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-bazaar/+question/5607806:08
spivmwhudson: ta06:10
* fullermd mutters.06:22
fullermdDoes it bug anybody else that 'reconfig' isn't a builtin alias?06:22
spivfullermd: it hasn't yet.06:23
spivfullermd: I mean, it hasn't bugged *me* yet06:23
spivfullermd: but now that you've planted the idea in my brain, perhaps it will ;)06:23
fullermdHm.  Does it bug anybody else that you're not sending me certified checks?  Also a pony?   8-}06:24
spivfullermd: ok, those definitely aren't bugging me :)06:25
fullermdWhat a cruel, heartless world   :(06:25
fullermdOK, let's pretend I don't know python.  What's the difference between @classmethod and @staticmethod, and why would they differ on methods that are apparently called in exactly the same way?06:41
spivstaticmethod isn't passed the class.06:42
spivi.e. staticmethod is basically a function that exists in a class's namespace rather than a module's namespace.06:42
fullermdGot a minute to explain why the difference in a specific place to me?06:44
fullermdreconfigure.py.  @static to_checkout vs. @class to_lightweight_checkout06:44
fullermd(and a number of other @static's and @classes, but those are right next to each other.06:44
fullermdI guess the klass(bzrdir) is SORTA the same as Reconfigure(bzrdir)?06:44
spivfullermd: it's the same in the absence of subclassing, yeah.06:46
fullermdIs there some reason to prefer one over the other?  And/or do you know of a reason there's the inconsistency across the methods there?06:47
spivAnd given that the Reconfigure class isn't subclassed, nor intended to be AFAICT, there's not really any reason to prefer classmethod over staticmethod (or vice versa).06:47
fullermdSo it's probably just "however $WHOMEVER felt like writing it"?06:47
spivThe reason why you'd use classmethod generally is if you expect subclasses to matter.06:48
spivE.g. a .empty_clone method might make sense as a classmethod.  It doesn't depend on instance state, but you expect a to get back an object of the same class, not the base class.06:49
spiv(But it's a shame there's no way to say "this is a method that is only on a class, not on an instance", and vice versa)06:49
spivWell, I guess there is the latter.06:49
spivfullermd: so yeah, I think with that code it's "whatever $AUTHOR felt like".06:50
spivThat module/class is a bit weird, IMO.06:52
spivI'm not sure why Reconfigure.to_checkout and/or Reconfigure(...).to_checkout were chosen as APIs rather than module-globals.06:53
fullermdI'm getting that feeling.  But I figure it's more the interface between me and the code...06:53
spivMy guess is there's a minor amount of premature generalisation there.  It's not a big deal.  Just pretend the @*method functions are module globals, basically.06:53
fullermdIt does seem pretty abstract.07:01
vilahi all07:02
* fullermd waves at vila.07:03
* vila waves back07:05
igchi vila - some more reviews for you today. Hope they help.07:06
vilaigc: They always do !07:18
fullermdY'know that feeling you get, when you think "Hey, I can fiddle with reconfigure for 10 minutes before I go to bed"?08:23
fullermdYeah.  It don't work like that.08:23
igcnight al08:27
igcall, that is08:28
* fullermd hopes that's right.08:42
fullermdI don't feel confident I understand all those corners in Reconfigure   :|08:42
nDuffhrm; Branch(local_src_path).sprout(local_tgt_path, stacked=True) is failing with TypeError: sprout_read_locked() got an unexpected keyword argument 'stacked'11:18
fzhow do i add keyword support to bazaar?11:43
* nDuff switches to using BzrDir.sprout(), and all is well.12:08
nDufffz, wait a few months.12:08
nDufffz, seriously, though, there's ongoing work that's prerequisite to keyword support which will be going in as part of the EOL translation support.12:09
nDufffz, out of curiosity, what's your use case?12:10
EarthLionbzr st12:11
EarthLion  concrete/blocks/autonav/ added:12:11
EarthLion  blocks/autonav/12:11
EarthLion bzr mv --after concrete/blocks/autonav/ blocks/autonav/12:11
EarthLionbzr: ERROR: Could not move autonav => autonav: concrete/blocks/autonav is not versioned.12:11
EarthLioni don't see what it means there12:11
EarthLionit is version as it shows that it has been removed12:11
EarthLionthe help for bzr mv tells me that --after is used --after        Move only the bzr identifier of the file, because the file12:12
EarthLion                 has already been moved.12:12
EarthLionwhich is exactly this situation12:12
EarthLionanyone have any ideas why this would be saying this?12:12
fznDuff: I'm moving from svn to bzr and just go used to having the keywords, I don't really have a need for it :)12:14
* nDuff makes a much belated trek home and to bed.12:15
awilkinsEarthLion: The doh because you've realised that the file has been removed from the inventory so it's not versioned anymore?13:25
awilkinsEarthLion: I would rather like "--after" to notice that, I ran into it yesterday13:25
EarthLionawilkins: doh because i couldn't seem to get it to work13:27
EarthLionawilkins: could you define what you mean by inventory?13:27
awilkins"The list of files that Bazaar currently cares about"13:28
awilkinsHave you uncommitted to get to this point?13:28
awilkinsThe commit has implicitly removed the file from the inventory because it was missing13:29
awilkinsThat implict removal is not undone by the uncommit13:29
awilkinsSo you have to revert the file before you move it13:29
awilkinsThere was a plugin for auto-move-stuff somewhere13:30
vilapqm is playing with my nerves... now it seems my submissions are just ignored (at least when they were wedging it I knew they were taken into account...)13:52
vilalet's summon the LOSAs...13:53
vilaspm, mthaddon: Is pqm reachable by mail right now ? (and thanks for un-blocking it this night)13:54
hsn_itsnt there some work in progress for speedup bzr check operation? it is slow - about 10k revision/hour13:59
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awilkinsmarkh: Ping?14:37
vilalooks like pqm is back, thanks $WHOEVER14:44
jamnDuff: ping15:08
vilaI rejoiced too early, pqm receives my submissions and... drop them on the floor ? I get no feedback, neither success nor failure :-/15:18
vilaspm: ping15:19
vilajam: do you know how to contact some LOSA other than spm ?15:24
jammthaddon is another one to contact, but they are the only 2 that I know of15:25
vilaSame here ;-/15:25
vilaWas I blacklisted ? :-)15:26
vilaI even change my public branch from lp to http...15:26
jelmeris anybody else seeing their info() output being printed to stdout when running the testsuite?15:38
jamvila: Are you sure you aren't sending from a loom or 1.9 format branch?15:41
jamI *thought* they upgraded the PQM's bzr to support 1.9, as statik asked me if that was okay a while back15:42
jamBut the times I've seen "drop on the floor" were generally because of not recognizing the source format15:43
vilajam: I'm still in pack-0.92 /branch6 for my integration branch15:43
jamjelmer: IIRC we only use "note()" in bzrlib, but I see in trace.py "info = note"15:43
jamOtherwise, no I generally don't see it.15:43
vilaRHAAAAA, put my lp URL back and it's accepted 8-(15:44
jamjelmer: In bzrlib.tests.TestCase.setUp we call _startLogFile() which calls "push_log_file()" though I think those are only for mutter()15:44
jamhmm... I haven't really tracked down the code that is supposed to suppress it15:45
vilajelmer: where are these info() calls ? In the test or in the code ?15:45
jelmereven run_bzr() causes output on stdout for me15:45
jelmerjam: ah, so maybe I'm just not running that anymore15:46
jamjelmer: so part of the bzrlib.tests.TestCase setUp is supposed to suppress writing to stdout/stderr etc15:46
jelmerjam: thanks, that was indeed the problem16:04
danserI guess the answer is 'no', but does bzr have a function like 'svn propset svn:mime-type text/html' for serving a file with an html mime type on launchpad?16:29
jelmerdanser: no, sorry16:30
danserjelmer: ok, no need to apologise :-)16:30
jamdanser: Launchpad explicitly doesn't allow exposing a lot of file types16:31
jambecause it doesn't want to be used as a generic hosting site16:31
jameg, upload a project with all of your images, and then refer to it from your website, making LP use the bandwidth16:32
dansersounds logical to not support that indeed16:32
vilajelmer: I just landed a patch on bzr.dev that allows writing credential stores as plugins16:54
jelmerah, cool16:55
vilaan example for '.netrc' is provided, you should be able to write one for svn16:55
vilalet me know if you need help16:55
jelmerthanks, will do16:55
vilaWe may at least be able to handle those 401 errors :)16:55
LarstiQwill this help with when authentication.conf has the right credentials, but bzr-svn tries to use the (missing) svn credentials?16:56
jelmerLarstiQ: bzr-svn should already be trying to use authentication.conf16:57
LarstiQjelmer: then I guess I should file a bug16:57
jelmerLarstiQ: please do :-)16:58
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vilaLarstiQ: This will help when svn itself knows the credentials and can provide them to bzr (i.e. authentication.conf will be able to say: for these sections, ask svn)17:56
LarstiQvila: hmm17:56
jamvila: ping18:06
vilajam: pong18:07
jamHey vila, I'm trying to smooth out some of the rough edges of stacked branches18:08
jammostly because I'm going to try dogfooding LP, and right now it is pretty painful to just do "bzr push"18:08
jamThe first thing I was going to do is fix it from re-opening the connection multiple times18:08
jamAnd I wanted to check with you how you were testing that sort of thing.18:08
vilabzrlib.tests.commands (there is a TODO about renaming it)18:09
jamIs it only possible to test at that level?18:11
jamFor example, I know that doing Branch.open(really_a_stacked_branch) connects 2 times18:11
jam(ATM, doing "bzr push lp:///" connects 4 times for a new branch)18:12
vilaYou can use the ConnectionHookedTransport in transport_util I think to test at lower levels but...18:13
vila.. no but, the idea is that it register itself as 'hooked:' so that you always get the right king of transport (and ensures you don't escape from the scheme (at least that's the idea)18:14
vilano more king since 1789 on this side of the sea18:14
vilaBut if you set up a stacked branch it should be quite easy to simply do the same kind of tests that already exist18:17
vilaThe painful part is using pdb  since they are nearly blackbox tests the output is redirected...18:17
vilaahhh, I knew I left some instructions:18:19
vila        # Note: uncomment the following line and use 'bt' under pdb, that will18:19
vila        # identify all the connections made including the extraneous ones.18:19
vila        # import pdb; pdb.set_trace()18:19
vilaat the end of transport_util18:19
vilajam: so basically you write a nearly blackbox test, set the breakpoint, find the offending connection, add possible_transport in the call chain and you're done :)18:20
kfogelHas anyone seen a bug like ths before?  http://paste.lisp.org/display/7329318:21
vilakfogel: It looks like you didn't commit the last time you merged so diff reports the pending merges18:29
kfogelvila: a-yup18:30
kfogelvila: still getting it through my head that "sync me up with mainline" is a commit like anything else18:31
vilakfogel: It still occurs to me from time to time :18:31
vilakfogel: It still occurs to me from time to time :)18:32
jamvila: just as an aside, you may like this command:19:40
jam        import traceback19:40
jam        traceback.print_stack()19:40
jamIt is essentially "bt" from pdb, but without actually stopping for pdb19:40
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vilajam: yummy ! Add that to the comment ;-)20:15
jamI never saw the comment other than what you pasted here :)20:16
kfogelThis keeps throwing me: 'bzr send -o -' shows me a bundle for the change(s) I just made, but my log messages are not (humanly) visible in the bundle.  Is this expected?20:18
Peng_kfogel: Yes.20:20
kfogelPeng_: Do you happen to know if it's a deliberate design decision or just the way things fell out?20:20
kfogel(It seems odd that bzr shows the diff but not the log message.)20:21
Peng_kfogel: Sorry, I don't know why the bundle format was designed that way. The docs might.20:21
Peng_kfogel: If you just want to diff against another branch, I'm sure there are better ways...20:21
vilakfogel: the diff is targeted at reviewers, you're supposed to add your own cover letter and that's not the same intent at the commit messages20:22
kfogelvila: *nod*20:22
vilakfogel: I share your feeling though, now that you mention  it, the commit messages may help write the cover letter20:22
kfogelYeah, can see that one both ways.20:22
kfogelI agree a cover letter is necessary!  But once I've read the cover letter, I usually want to read the log messages.20:22
kfogelOr rather,20:22
kfogelA better way to say that is: I *never* want to read a diff without also reading its log message.  Period.20:23
kfogel(Well, perhaps that's exaggerating a bit, but only a bit.  It has to be a truly trivial diff for me not to want to see the log msg along with it.)20:23
vilabunble buggy presents the commit messages: http://bundlebuggy.aaronbentley.com/project/bzr/request/<4966598F.8040109%40arbash-meinel.com> for example20:23
kfogelvila: that's good20:24
kfogelvila: but your earlier point is exactly what's happening to me right now -- my own commit message would have been helpful for writing the cover letter.20:24
spmvila, jam, there are 3 LOSAs: mthaddon, herb and myself. fwiw...20:24
vilaherb ! The missing one ! :-)20:26
vilaspm: what are your TZs ?20:26
spmvila: West coast USA, East cost USA, East coast Australia respectively. So pinging me at 2.30am isn't likely to get an immediate response :-)20:27
vilaspm: Now I know :-)20:30
spmheh :-)20:31
vilakfogel: so try 'bzr log -rsubmit:.. --short'20:37
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kfogelvila: thx20:38
jamspm: well, mthaddon wasn't directly here, and I hadn't heard of herb before. Besides, we still got a response :) (just a bit later)21:09
spmjam: heh21:09
nDuffjam, ACK21:30
nDuff...pardon the latency, was sleeping.21:31
jmljam: thanks for the Branch.open patch!21:42
jamnDuff: sleep is for the weak :) At least, sleeping when I'm awake is.21:43
jamI was just hoping for some more background on your patch, but I worked it out. And its been merged.21:43
jamjml: Did you see the follow up? (Which fixes other cases for 'bzr push' at least?)21:43
jmljam: yeah. it's great.21:45
jmljam: one step closer to the day when pushing up no revisions takes about as long as an SSH connect :)21:45
vilajam: Looks like my review and your followup crossed on the wire, I think my vote (and remarks) still apply or you want a re-review ?22:14
vilajam: rhaa, you reply just arrived22:15
vadi2How can I convert an svn repository into a bzr one? "bzr svn-import <svn location>" does not seem to work.22:16
Peng_vadi2: Define "does not seem to work".22:17
spivvadi2: what error does it give?  (paste it into http://rafb.net/paste)22:17
vadi2It performs the import successfully, without an error, however the repository created is rather empty. While the real svn one has data in it22:18
Peng_vadi2: It doesn't create working trees by default. Run "bzr co" inside a branch.22:19
vadi2aha :)22:19
jmlwhen's 1.11 due out?23:04
igcjml: rc today23:04
jmligc: cool.23:04
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poolieigc, would i be right in thinking the best hg->bzr converter is through fastimport, and that it should be pretty solid on both sides?23:32
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