nothingmanhi, all00:10
Lnshey nothingman00:14
nothingmanwhat's new tonight?00:15
nothingmanI had forgotten that the dev meeting was at 6, sorry00:15
nothingmanwas doing dishes; fixing cousin's laptop00:15
Lnsheh, im fixing my cousins pc too00:22
LaserJocknothingman: hopefully in a bit I'll have meeting minutes out00:23
nothingmanstupid AT&T and their "3G real soon now..."00:23
nothingmanalrighty, thx00:24
Lnsnothingman: ack..at&t suuuuuuuuuuucks00:47
Lnsi wouldnt wish their services upon my worst enemy00:47
LaserJockI've had AT&T for cell and internet service for years00:49
Lnsi did too, for years00:54
Lnsand finally got fed up with it all :p00:54
Lnsnow im with comcast and t-mobile and i couldnt be happier00:54
Lnsno dropped calls, no voicemails without my phone ringing, no crappy dsl service00:55
Lnsthats just mho though ;)00:55
nothingmanLaserJock: link to those minutes?01:19
LaserJocknot yet :(01:20
LaserJockI had to write an interview first01:20
nothingmanwith who?01:23
LaserJocksomebody who likes to interview Ubuntu developers01:27
LaserJocksent me an email so I figured I better write back :-)01:27
crimsunfor hall-of-fame? =)01:29
LaserJockno, no01:30
LaserJockI don't dare dream of being in the HOF ;-)01:30
LaserJockcrimsun: I don't think they let us old-timers in there01:33
crimsunLaserJock: i'm just going to chuckle when i see your name in the big interview lights01:33
crimsunmeanwhile i'll plug away in the dark =)01:33
LaserJock"lol, what's the freak doing on there?" is that how it's gonna be ;-)01:34
LaserJock"I though you  had to ... you know ... do something"01:34
* LaserJock ends his bddebian impersionation01:34
crimsunexcept bdd is a big DD now01:35
bddebianStill a lamer :)01:35
crimsunwhatever, the real lamers have no upload rights anywhere =)01:35
LaserJockcrimsun's just too cool for upload rights :-)01:36
bddebianhah, exactly :)01:38
LaserJockus mortals actually *need* permission01:38
LaserJocknothingman: http://laserjock.wordpress.com/2009/01/07/edubuntu-meeting-minutes-2/02:15
LaserJocknubae: around?02:24
nothingmanthx, LaserJock!02:25
jpedrozaHey all. I just picked up a copy of Ubuntu and the Edubuntu addons. I wanted to use it for my daughter, who is 4, is that an appropriate age for the os?03:26
LaserJocksbalneav: around?04:49
nubae1LaserJock: can u mentor me for doing some package management work?05:13
LaserJockI think that might be possible :-)05:13
nubae1I figure u can do with some help, so I'll do my best, I've been following the motu podcasts, I guess that should help05:14
nubae1u have something easy I could tackle?05:15
LaserJockright now we're fairly updated with the core packages05:18
LaserJockwe could look at bugs or look at some Universe packages or even look at updating something beyond Debian05:19
LaserJockwell, I got a list of our teams (the ones we want anyway) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JordanMantha/Edubuntu/Teams05:20
nubae1so beyond debian, u mean package something from source thats not yet in ubuntu/debian?05:21
LaserJockI think what we might want to do is create an Edubuntu Council team and make that owner of all the teams05:21
LaserJocknubae1: well, update an existing package to a version that's newer than what Debian has05:22
nubae1ah ok05:22
LaserJockwe are up-to-date as far as Debian is concerned (except moodle)05:22
LaserJockbut some packages (like probably gcompris) have newer version available than what's in Debian05:22
nubae1oh... I c...05:23
nubae1is moodle a difficult one, is that why its not updated?05:23
LaserJockit's somewhat difficult I think, a lot more to think of than a generic desktop app05:23
LaserJockbut I haven't had a chance to look at it05:24
LaserJockwhich means sort of nobody has looked at it05:24
nubae1isnt the testers team kinda like buqsquad?05:25
LaserJockthere's also a few moodle bugs that should be looked at05:25
LaserJockno, the testers team should be just testing Edubuntu apps out05:26
LaserJockthey would *file* bugs05:26
nubae1ok, for review like05:26
nubae1a good area for newcomers to contribute to05:26
LaserJockthe bugsquad is bug triage, tracking, and squashing05:26
nubae1are the bugs usually upstream or package related?05:27
LaserJockmost often upstream05:28
LaserJockone of the things we gotta do is send them upstream05:29
LaserJockthat's a big part of the Bugsquad05:29
nubae1then upstream sends a fix and bugsquad triages05:30
LaserJockwell, often it trickles down05:30
LaserJockdepending on the bug we may just send it on to Debian and let them deal with it05:31
LaserJockother times we'll talk to upstream directly and either get a patch from them (if it's important) or wait for them to release a new version with a fix05:31
nubae1so either we find a bug and send directly do debian, or upstream, in which case upstream?05:32
LaserJockin which cases do we send it upstream?05:34
LaserJockthere are a few reasons we might do that05:36
LaserJock1) the Debian maintainer is unresponsive or hostile05:37
LaserJock2) if it only affects Ubuntu for some reason05:37
LaserJock3) if we have a good releationship with the upstream (like they hang out here or on the mailing list)05:37
Guest62686 Does someone here know how ldm/ltspfs creates the socket /var/run/ldm_socket... to enable usb device to be mounted ?14:27
RichEdGuest62686: try asking in #ltsp14:31
Guest62686That's what I'm doing too, but I think there are here some people able to answer here if nobody does in # ltsp14:59
sbalneavMorning all15:39
highvoltagewhere's mr laser19:02
nubaegreets highvoltage19:02
highvoltagehey nubae19:04
Lnshey nubae, highvoltage19:06
nubaehi Lns19:07
highvoltageLns: I was just thinking of you19:07
Lnseither of you two using openpoffice presentation for slideshows?19:07
Lnshighvoltage: uh oh, good thoughts i hope ;)19:07
highvoltageI've used it often19:07
Lnsnubae: have you had it lock up before when viewing the slideshow?19:08
Lnshighvoltage: ^^^19:08
highvoltagenever with me before19:08
highvoltagealthough I haven't used Impress with OOo 3 so much yet, it may have newer issues that I haven't encountered yet19:08
nubaeno me either actually... seems to work quite well19:08
highvoltageLns: is it always under the same conditions?19:09
Lnsim getting reports from one school that everyone on a tc that tries to view the slideshow (minus maybe 1) locks up19:09
Lnshighvoltage: different users, different slideshows, different thin clients (same hw though)19:09
highvoltageLns: ah, I suggest you find out what they mean with "lock up"19:09
highvoltageis it a temporary lock up? or do the machines freeze solidly?19:09
Lnshighvoltage: as in ctrl+alt+backspace lock up19:09
Lnsnot solid, they can get back to login w/key combo19:10
nubaeah so net connection is still there19:10
highvoltagebut the network connection may die temporarily. I'd still check the network, and that there's enough ram in the server19:10
Lnsthis is the only app that does it19:11
nubaeis it a powerpoint file?19:11
Lnsthe network is great, server has 8gb ram19:11
Lnsnubae: no, natively created in ooo19:11
highvoltageyes, hmmm.19:11
Lnsi remember a bug a while back here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openoffice.org/+bug/9054319:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 90543 in openoffice.org "Fiesty OpenOffice Impress crashes upon starting SLIDESHOW" [Undecided,Fix released]19:12
highvoltageLns: does this occur with that same file on a standalone machine as well?19:12
Lnsmaybe its not really fixed19:12
highvoltageLns: and how much RAM does the clients have? do you have swap over nbd enabled?19:12
Lnshighvoltage: 128mb, and yes19:12
highvoltage(sorry for all the 'obvious' questions, but it's usually a good idea to just go through them)19:13
Lnshighvoltage: ubuntu member? Im not sure19:14
Lnsprobably not, i have an lp acct'19:14
Lnsill brb have another issue (qb2k8 this time) to tend to19:15
highvoltageLns: ah19:16
Lnsback, kinda19:18
Lnsweird, i cant reproduce the crash on my own ltsp network19:54
alkisgLns, maybe the bug is related to the graphics card driver19:59
Lnsalkisg: i was wondering that, these are HP T series thin clients which are supposed to have no issues20:00
Lnshard to debug from console because oo-impress detaches after launching20:00
LaserJockLns: can you help me for a sec with US age-grade level mapping?20:05
LnsLaserJock: sure, did RichEd give you the wikipedia link i sent him?20:05
Lnsthat explains all of them =)20:05
LaserJockno, I didn't get that, can you give me the link?20:06
Lnsthis isnt the one but it might link to the other countries too - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/School_grades_(US)20:07
LaserJockawesome, thanks20:07
LaserJockshould have thought of wikipedia20:07
Lns;) i found it from google20:07
LnsLaserJock: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Educational_stages20:08
LaserJockLns: I'm trying to figure out where the primary/secondary line would be int he US20:13
LaserJock*in the20:13
Lnshmm, you dont normally hear the wordage pri/sec here20:14
Lnsnot in my area anyway20:14
Lnsnormally elementary, middle school/junior high, then high school20:14
LaserJockno, but it's what we're going to use for Edubuntu because it's more universal20:14
LaserJockI'm trying to figure out how to map them20:14
LaserJockI was thinking of doing Primary = grades 1-6 and Secondary = grades 7-1220:15
Lnselementary school is K-6, middle is normally 7-8, high is 9-1220:15
Lnsin some districts middle/junior high is 7-920:15
LaserJockright, I need K20:15
LaserJockso I think if we squish middle into high20:16
Lnsmakes sense20:16
LaserJockwe get Primary = K-6 and Secondary = 7-1220:16
Lnsmiddle/junior is really more "serious" school20:16
LaserJockright, you start dividing into subjects20:16
Lnsthat makes sense20:16
Lnsand different teachers instead of just one20:16
LaserJockthat seems like a logical dividing line for apps20:17
Lns7+ probably wouldnt want things like gcompris and friends20:17
LaserJockyou move away from 1 app that does a lot to more individual, subject-specific apps20:17
Lnsyeah. might be good to separate artwork too20:18
Lnsi got feedback from an after school club that kids older than 12 didnt like the "childish" artwork in edubuntu20:18
LaserJockonce we have these preschool, primary, secondary, tertiary designations and metapackages down20:21
LaserJockit'll be easy to add in appropriate artwork/themeing20:22
Lnsmost definitely20:24
Lnsi think things will really start to move in the right direction when we have that20:24
Lnspeople will have more sense of "this is good for ME" type mentality20:25
LaserJockfirst we gotta figure out how to do all the packaging/seed work to get this going20:29
Ahmuckr u going to have a local type of app menu for each designation?20:41
Ahmuckby user or by mac address?20:42
LaserJockwell, we'll have to see how that works out20:44
nubaesounds far too complicated right now20:44
LaserJockwe do want to do local app menus but I'm not sure how that's going to get implemented20:44
LaserJockstgraber might have some idea20:44
Lnsis that even in edubuntu scope?20:45
nubaeso 50% of olpc got laid off...20:45
Lnsomg :(20:45
nubaemassively talented people... real shame20:45
nubaesugar is not completely on its own, officially20:45
Lnsthere needs to be some sort of non profit org. that can pay people like this, with donations from the community20:46
LaserJockwell, I'm really uncertain if it's going to live20:47
Ahmuckit's not a bad thing really.  they will find jobs.  more importantly, they will funnel eitehr into propietary software or oss20:47
LaserJockI think OLPC may be dead, it's been heading that way for quite some time20:47
nubaeyeah, its no news to me, its just sad for the people laid off20:48
nubaemany of them quit really good jobs to go work for the cause20:48
nubaeand now their out in the cold with 2 days notice20:48
Ahmuckhow do you list that on a resume.  got fired from a failing company?/20:48
nubaeI wonder what will happen with the existing deployments world wide... doesn't look like they'll get much support anymore from the mother organisation20:50
LaserJockI saw morgs got laid off from Sugar :(20:50
nubaeeveryone did20:50
nubaethere have been no sugar paid employees for 3 months20:50
nubaebut sugar has a strong community presence20:50
Lnsat least we have that20:51
Lnsnow its up to us, the meta-company!20:51
LaserJockperhaps if we can get Sugar into Edubuntu proper we can help them out20:52
nubaehehe, indeed, I think to keep things like sugar alive, they'll need to be integrated in distros themselves20:52
nubaeLaserJock: right20:52
nubaethey've done a tremendous job with collaboration, nothing comes close to what is possible right now through their interface20:52
Lnsand you know that better than anyone nubae :) seems like its up to us to pick up the pieces, before m$ comes across a clone and makes it better :p20:54
nubaeLaserJock: I have to go through the process of renaming all the instances of edubuntu-addon to ubuntu education cd on the website20:56
nubaeI'm wondering if at the same time its not an idea to clarify what edubuntu is20:57
nubaenow that we have a clearer picture20:57
nubaeshould I write something up and then have u look over it?20:57
LaserJockI'm trying to figure out how to the same with the download pages20:57
LaserJockI really want to keep the amount of text low20:57
LaserJockwhat page do you want to put the clarification on?20:58
nubaewell we could 2 bullet points: edubuntu = community and selected universe maintained edu packages20:58
nubaeubuntu-edu = canonical supported edu apps in main20:58
Lnsi find it strange still that we're still using 2 different names20:59
nubaeyeah but now at least we have a definition for what each one is20:59
nubaebefore it was like, well edubuntu is the community that makes ubuntu-edu21:00
nubaethat made little sense to me21:00
LaserJockI'm not sure that people will understand the difference21:00
nubaewell, if we make it clear that the distinction is in the packages21:00
LaserJockwhat do people need to know?21:00
nubaethat should be clear21:00
Lnsi think we're off to a good start though, for sure21:01
nubaeso we list the packages under their respective names21:01
LaserJockI'm not sure the distinction needs to be end-user visible21:01
LnsLaserJock: that is true21:01
nubaeit does if ubuntu plans on using the ubuntu-edu brand name21:01
Lnsfor most intents, users wont see edubuntu community stuff anyway unless theyre searching for specific things online21:01
LaserJocknubae:  that's Ubuntu's issue and takes place on ubuntu.com/education21:01
nubaeyeah, but we are talking about the online website ;-)21:01
LaserJockI think the only thing we need to do is addon -> Ubuntu Education CD21:02
nubaewell, it certainly needs to be clear that ubuntu education are the officially supported packages21:02
nubaeto cover our asses21:02
LaserJockwe shouldn't really be talking about packages on the site though21:03
nubaeapplications then21:03
LaserJockwe should talk about software and application bundles21:03
LaserJockand those are either supported or not21:03
LaserJockwell, or however we want to call it21:03
* LaserJock doesn't like "supported"21:03
nubaeok how about official and unofficial?21:04
nubaetoo grey I guess21:04
LaserJockwell, that's no good because Universe is an official repo21:04
nubaemain and recommended21:04
Ahmucki'd luv to particpate today, but i'm not feeling well :(21:05
nubaeor base and recommended21:05
LaserJockthe best I can think of at this point, even though I'm not fond of it, is Canonical-supported and community-supported21:05
nubaeyeah thats the clearest21:05
LaserJockeven though basically right now it's all community :-)21:05
nubaeor maybe ubuntu supported and edubuntu supported21:05
LaserJockI don't think that'll work but it's a good thought21:06
LaserJockthe problem is that Edubuntu is going to be supporting it all21:06
Lnsarent there any other projects that do similar things we can get ideas from?21:06
LaserJockLns: not really in Ubuntu21:06
Lnswell, anywhere really21:06
LaserJockI can't think of any other distro that does it how we do21:07
Lnswhat about k-12 linux?21:07
LaserJockFedora used to with Fedora Core and Fedora Extras21:07
nubaeubuntu studio kinda does it21:07
LaserJockall other distros just have a single level repository21:07
LaserJockwe have a 2-tiered system21:07
Lnsi think "community supported" and "canonical supported" is a good idea21:08
nubaethey have multimedia production specific21:08
nubaeand general21:08
LaserJockthe problem that I have with community/canonical supported is it's really irrelevant and untrue21:09
nubaeyeah its just a way to make the ubuntu-edu brand name work21:09
LaserJockCanonical supported indicates that Canonical is soley responsible for the apps, that they produce it all, etc.21:09
LaserJockwhich just isn't true21:10
nubaehow about main supported and universe supported21:10
LaserJockthat's fairly meaningless to people21:10
LaserJockwe're trying to explain it to people who don't know what main and universe are21:10
Lnsmain/extras wont work either? ive seen that in a lot of apps/bundled metapackages21:10
nubaeor base and extras21:11
Lnsand just explain in the descriptions of the packages21:11
LaserJockso here's where Ubuntu explains the components at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/ubuntustory/components21:12
nubaeYeah the easiest way that people will get this is by directing them to the app lists21:12
alkisg"Canonical supported" to me (=newbie) means the same as in Synaptic Package Manager: the apps with the sign that says "Canonical provides critical updates for package-name until some-date". I like this description (ubuntu-edu = canonical supported and edubuntu = community supported), it's very clear21:12
LaserJock"The main distribution component contains applications that are free software, can freely be redistributed and are fully supported by the Ubuntu team."21:12
nubaehere is list A (with explanation on page about support), here is list B21:12
LaserJockalkisg: right, except I have *real* issues with that statement and I feel Canonical has been very insensitive to the community by using it21:13
nubaeit doesn't reflect who *really* supports it21:13
alkisgOK, but that's a general problem, not with just edubuntu...21:14
LaserJockit assumes that the roughly %50 of Ubuntu Core Developers who aren't employed by Canonical don't exist21:14
LaserJockalkisg: yep21:14
nubaewe could call it that and just put in a disclaimer saying: but right now the edubuntu community is the sole supporter of all the edu packages in edubuntu21:14
LaserJockthat's just confusing21:15
Lnsits most compatible though21:16
nubaehow about saying, apps that canonical is responsible for21:16
LaserJockbut they aren't21:16
nubaewell not in practice21:16
nubaebut in theory they are :-)21:16
LaserJocknot really21:16
Lnshow about "apps that canonical thinks its responsible for" =p21:16
alkisgThe next thing that was clear to me was the main/universe repository thing, it's something I learned very early in my Ubuntu-time. It doesn't matter if they're called "packages" instead of "applications", teachers can tell the difference.21:17
nubaeyeah I think so too21:17
nubaeand if they dont understand its quick to explain21:17
LaserJockreading the ubuntu.com description it looks to me like it should be "fully supported" and "community supported"21:18
alkisgOK, the word "community" also provides good insight on the differences21:18
LaserJockthe point of Main is it being fully supported, not *who* is supporting it21:19
nubaeyeah that actually sounds the best till now21:19
LaserJockit's still a tad weird because for us "fully supported" = "fully supported by the Edubuntu community"21:20
LaserJockbut I don't think we're going to find anything perfect ;-)21:20
nubaeno, and thats still kind of true21:20
nubaewe support apps in main more than those in universe21:20
LaserJockthat's what I'd like to get across to users21:20
LaserJockMain == stuff we're really investing time into21:21
nubaewell I think that full and community sound good21:21
nubaethere is no canonical in there either21:21
LaserJockUniverse == stuff we think is useful but can only spend a limited amout of effor on21:21
nubaeso it could be regarded as fully supported by the edubuntu team21:21
nubaethat wording has the closest relation to reality21:22
* nubae just realises he has repeated what Laserjock wrote above...21:22
alkisgSo main = canonical AND community supported, universe = only community supported. Just put that on a web page and use the names "main" and "universe" in all other places... :)21:22
alkisg(it took me quite some time to understand that main was also supported by the community... :))21:23
nubaeyeah the support thing has had many of us baffled, even those who have been using ubuntu for years21:23
LaserJockI would say something like "The Ubuntu Education CD is fully supported by Canonical and the Edubuntu community. Commercial support may be purches from Canonical for the applications found on the Ubuntu Education CD"21:24
LaserJockI think that's basically all we need to say, right?21:25
nubaeyep, but we should mention that the other apps are only edubuntu community supported21:25
LaserJockand then maybe "The Edubuntu application bundles are supported on a best-effort basis by the Edubuntu community"21:25
alkisgand also shortly define what edubuntu is! :)21:25
nubaecool, well I copied that into a text file and I'll use it in the website21:26
nubaewow, irc can actually be productive at times... :p21:26
LaserJockso we need to figure out where to put that stuff21:27
nubaeI can try and really slim down the pages, but it should be mentioned in at least download and applications21:28
nubaewhich is what most people are hitting21:28
LaserJockI'm thinking maybe front page21:28
alkisgWell, until it's cleared on people's minds, I'd say the start page is a good place to put them!!!21:28
nubaeyeah front page too21:29
Lnsand package descriptions where applicable21:29
LaserJockI think essentially we're focusing the definiton of "Edubuntu" down pretty well onto these application bundles21:30
nubaeright now we have this line which should be replaced with what we just cooked up: Edubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with community based support.21:30
nubaeLaserJock: yeah its the glue...21:30
LaserJockhighvoltage: ping21:30
alkisgnubae, "Edubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system" ??? You lost me again...!!!21:31
nubaethats what needs to be replaced21:31
alkisgAh, ok21:31
nubaethats currently on the page right now, along with big edubuntu promises21:31
Lnsi think the promises need to be taken out as thats covered with ubuntu21:31
alkisgAh, politicians and companies... never keep promises21:31
nubaeI think we can take away the Edubuntu Promise21:32
Lnswe need to really focus our wordage on whats specific to us21:32
nubaeLns: right21:32
nubaeok, let me go hack at the front page and show u guys a draft21:32
LaserJockhang on a sec21:33
Lnscool..i'll update the wiki after thats done to reflect the same21:33
LaserJockwell, go ahead but I'm working on a mission statement here21:33
LaserJockI think we can boil all this down into a clear single statement of what Edubuntu is21:33
LaserJock"Edubuntu is an education-focused project to bring the freedoms and spirit of Ubuntu to children, parents, students, teachers, and schools"21:34
nubaeI think we should leave the first line in though, Ubuntu is ancient African word, blah blah21:35
Lnsshouldnt we focus more on the fact that edubuntu community brings educational apps, games and artwork themes to ubuntu?21:36
LaserJock"Rather than an entirely seperate operating system, the Edubuntu community gives you the ability to easily install the best the open source software world has to offer educational users"21:36
LnsLaserJock: how about "The Edubuntu community provides the best open source educational software to Ubuntu"21:38
LaserJock"Edubuntu's objective is to create an integrated and usable computing experience for educational users by enhancing Ubuntu with an educational layer of applications, tools, content, and themes"21:39
Lnserr, well grammar could be fixed21:39
LnsLaserJock: i like that last one a lot21:39
LaserJockI'm just tossing stuff out here, braindumping21:39
Lnsi think the last one is the best description21:39
nubaewe shouldn't put too much big wording in though... educational layer, computing experience...21:40
Lnsnubae: how bout this: "duuurrrrrrrr" =p~~~ j/k, sorry, that just came out of nowhere21:40
Lnsim in a very sarcastic mood21:41
nubaeI just think we could say integrated experience... with educational applications, tools....21:41
LaserJockok so21:42
Lnshow about "Edubuntu's objective is to create a customized experience for educational users by enhancing Ubuntu with educational applications, tools, content, and themes"21:42
Lnsmaybe not mentioning educational twice21:43
Lnsmaybe replace second educational with specific21:43
LaserJock"Edubuntu's objective is to create an integrated and usable experience for educational users by enhancing Ubuntu with educational applications, tools, content, and themes"21:43
nubaeyeah that sounds great21:43
Lnsi like the "enhancing ubuntu" part the best21:44
Lnssums it all up21:44
nubaewe then need to specify that we make the ubuntu education cd and provide community supported edu apps21:44
nubaeand that followed by the support stuff21:45
LaserJockok, here's how I'd go21:45
LaserJock1st would be statement above21:45
LaserJock2nd "Ubuntu is an ancient African ..."21:45
Lnsdo we really need to have that though?21:46
LaserJock3rd "Edubuntu seeks to bring the freedoms and spirit of Ubuntu to children, parents, students, teachers, and schools"21:46
nubaewell, not everyone that hits edubuntu.org has been to ubuntu...21:46
Lnswell they'd have to eventually if they want to use it21:46
LaserJocksure, but I don't think it really hurts?21:47
Lnswhy not just link to ubuntu's site from the first statement so they can get that as well?21:47
LaserJockwe do21:47
Lnsdont want to be redundant21:47
nubaebut it fits with what is said after about freedom and spirit21:47
nubaesort of bolsters it21:47
LaserJockthat's what I was sort of thinking21:47
Lnsi guess..i dunno, i just think thats better suited in ubuntu specifically but not our project, though we do share the philosophies21:48
LaserJockI think it's important that we are clear that we are a part of the larger Ubuntu community21:48
LaserJockwe're not a 3rd party repo of addons21:48
LaserJockfor instance21:48
LaserJockwhich I think people might think with the "enhancing Ubuntu" in the first sentence21:49
nubaeok after 3 we need specifics on the ubuntu cd and edubuntu applications21:49
LaserJockok, right21:49
nubaeand 5 could then be ubuuntu education cd is fully supported by canonical... blah21:49
Lnsi think thats really too much..we could describe our project in a much simpler fashion than 5 lines21:50
LaserJockwell the main description is that first sentence21:51
nubaewell we definetly need to explain what we are producing... and that hasnt been said yet, line 5 is about support21:51
LaserJockwe then just sort of unveil what that means21:51
Lnsoh ok21:51
LaserJockI think we can do that via formating21:51
nubaeyeah thats what I'm doing.. just paragraphing nicely21:52
LaserJockI'm not sure if we want to get into too many details about app bundles21:52
nubaeno... just we produce A and B21:52
nubaeand then explaining the support paragraph that u came up with21:52
LaserJockwell, especially since the app bundles don't exactly exist right now ;-)21:53
LaserJockok, so we can explain the Ubuntu Education CD real quick and link to the download page21:53
nubaewell I think we should link to the applications too21:54
LaserJockthen say for the next release "9.04 due to be released in April of 2009" we will adding application bundles21:54
nubaeits not linked yet... just a preview page22:02
LaserJocknubae: mind if I tweak it?22:07
nubaenot at all22:07
LaserJockhmm, got a tad bit of a snag22:20
nubaewhich is?22:20
LaserJockwith pre-Jaunty vs. Jaunty22:20
LaserJockI think we can use the "application bundle" wording for our current setup (edubuntu-desktop and edubuntu-addon-*)22:21
LaserJocknubae: how's this http://www.edubuntu.com/node/61 ?22:34
LaserJockLns: still around?23:22
* LaserJock feels lonely23:34

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