stnormalI was so close to installing kubuntu, but I had to do some repartitioning00:07
stnormaland now I can't get the installer to work again00:07
georgethis is not really kubuntu-specific, but how come whenever I used "wget -i FILE.txt" I get an unsupported scheme error message. it says there are no URLs in the file, but there are00:07
ae88925george: because FILE.txt is not a URL00:08
BrianHinstalling Kubuntu on a USB thumbdrive atm, installer is crawling *sigh*00:08
georgewget -i command reads URLs from file though, no?00:08
ae88925yes, but you have to tell it that it's a file with URLs00:09
stnormalhmm... is there a way to put the kubuntu "livecd" on a thumbdrive instead? Although, I wouldn't know how to boot from it with my laptop...00:09
georgehow do i do that? isn't "-i" sufficient00:09
ae88925Oh, you're right00:09
ae88925what are the contents of the file00:09
BrianHstnormal, yes, I'm doing it right now00:09
georgelinks to PDF files00:10
BrianHstnormal, err, actually I'm installing it to the thumbdrive, not the LiveCD part00:10
stnormalahh, i see00:10
BrianHstnormal, and you can boot from a USB flashdrive by setting your BIOS to boot from it00:10
ae88925It's probably telling you that one or more of the URL's is not valid.00:10
arrrghhhso i installed 4.2 b2 yesterday... and it worked fantastic.  but now plasma (the tray) is gone... i can't run it manually either.00:11
ae88925How many lines in the file?00:11
BrianHstnormal, make sure that you dont install grub to the master boot record, unless you want grub installed on your HD00:11
georgeit's odd, because if i just weget that URL, no reading from file, it works. 34 lines00:11
stnormalhmm, i don't know what grub is00:11
arrrghhh!grub | stnormal00:12
ubottustnormal: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:12
stnormalI'm not quite a linux virgin, but definitely a linux noob00:12
stnormalahh, i see00:12
arrrghhhthere's LILO also but imho it's used a lot less.00:12
stnormalyeah, I remember LILO from years back00:12
ingerashuhi everyone00:13
dr_willisTHe Good/bad old days00:13
stnormalso one solution I read about to fix the buffer errors during install is to add "irqpoll" to the boot options, but I'm not sure where I need to add it. Can I add it anywhere before the -- at the end, or is there a specific spot it needs to go?00:14
ingerashucan anyone help me with this problem00:14
ingerashui have ubuntu 8.10 and i play counter strike using wine00:14
ingerashui have no lag but it runs lilke i have00:15
ingerashuhow can i make it run smoother?00:15
arrrghhhuse a native os to run it.00:15
ingerashunot an option00:16
ingerashui only have ubuntu00:16
arrrghhhdual boot00:16
ingerashudont want to install back xp00:16
arrrghhhi have a clean CLEAN windows xp installs for games only00:16
ingerashuso there is no solution?00:17
arrrghhhwell there may be00:17
arrrghhhbut this is not the room to ask for that type of help00:17
arrrghhhuhm, look at the name of the channel.00:17
arrrghhhnot wine or cs...00:17
arrrghhhor whatever00:17
ingerashuwell i run cs in wine, which is in ubuntu00:18
arrrghhhwine is not 'in' ubuntu.00:18
ingerashuits a feature00:18
arrrghhhyes, that's third party essentially00:18
stnormalwhat does sr0 stand for?00:19
stnormalin terms of the devices00:19
stnormalis it the first sata device?00:19
arrrghhhthose are usually hdx or sdx...00:20
arrrghhhand it's normally three letters00:20
arrrghhhlike sdb - sdb1, sdb2...00:20
stnormalI turned off the quiet parameter for the installer00:20
stnormaland my I/O errors follow "Sense Key : Hardware Error [current]"00:21
arrrghhhsoooo is there any way i can run plasma manually?  i don't get it.  i restarted X - everything seems to run OK but no plasma.00:21
ae88925stnormal: sr0 is a symlink to scd0 which is the first scsi CD drive (or SATA, it seems)00:22
stnormalok, that makes sense then... so if my dvd drive and the kubuntu installer don't get along, what are some options for installing kubuntu on my laptop?00:23
arrrghhhusb stick00:23
stnormalnetboot might work, i know kubuntu is fine with my network adapter00:24
arrrghhhit's not easy to setup00:24
stnormalbut i don't think my laptop has any options to boot from anything but the hdd or the dvd drive (i looked through the bios)00:24
arrrghhhi've been trying to get a pxe server running on my server...00:24
arrrghhhunless the laptop is like 7 years old00:24
stnormalnah, it's brand new00:24
arrrghhhi'd bet dollars for donuts it can pxe boot.00:25
stnormali see00:25
stnormalwell, i'll have to do some googlin' to figure out how00:25
arrrghhhthere's a lot of services it depends on00:25
stnormalthe boot menu only has the two options, and the bios is ridiculously sparse00:26
arrrghhhand like i said, i've tried on mine.  i haven't been able to figure out all the idiosyncrasies00:26
stnormalI see00:26
arrrghhhyea laptop bios' usually suck.00:26
stnormalis there any way to boot from a cd and then tell it to install from a USB drive?00:26
arrrghhhyou can't boot from a usb stick?00:26
arrrghhhhave you had one plugged in while in the bios?00:26
stnormalnot as far as I could tell, but I'll give it a shot soon00:27
arrrghhhpretty much any new laptop i've used can boot from usb00:27
arrrghhhwhat kind is it?00:27
jerkfacehello, i noticed that some of the vim help files are not installed. how do i add :help iccf and :help uganda? why wouldn't they be included by default?00:27
jerkface8.0.4.1 by the way00:27
arrrghhhjerkface, i don't think vim is part of ubuntu!00:28
stnormalwell, the installer seems to be working right now00:28
stnormalso i'm going to keep my fingers crossed that it survives throughout the install00:28
arrrghhhis it?00:28
jerkfacereally arrrghhh?00:28
jerkfacei must have installed it myself then :-?00:28
arrrghhhok it is00:28
arrrghhhlol i always used nano00:29
arrrghhhat least it is on mine00:29
=== nathan is now known as Guest82311
jerkfaceprobably i need to install vim-full00:30
arrrghhhyea i didn't even realize ubuntu shipped with vim... i guess any linux distro does huh00:30
arrrghhhit's part of the kernel :P00:31
jerkfacei think part of the Unix spec says you have to have some form of vi00:31
jerkfacenot that linux is unix00:31
dr_willisPosix specs? :)00:31
arrrghhhit's unix-like, get it right00:31
dr_williseven busybox has a vi mode/option00:32
stnormalthat's kind of cool that the liveCD doesn't even touch to the HDD until you decide to install00:32
dr_willisI always keep a swap partition of about 512mb setup on every machine i own.. even the windows only ones.. just in case i need to use a Linux Live cd. ;) they can see/use the swap parttion00:33
arrrghhhthat's the point mestinks.00:33
stnormalgood idea00:33
stnormaldoes linux benefit from a lot of swap even when there's a lot of ram in the system?00:33
arrrghhhso my windows seem to be creating off screen... or larger than my screen.. but the resolution & panning are set correctly... the taskbar seems to be missing, but maybe it's below my viewing area for some reason?00:34
ae88925stnormal: for regular desktop use, I'd say no.  It's more about the applications you run than the O/S00:34
BrianHstnormal, depends on what you're doing00:34
arrrghhhlinux *should* only swap when it needs it.  ie runs out of ram.00:34
arrrghhhor as you start approaching the running out of ram point.00:34
arrrghhhthere's a "swappiness" setting in sysctl.00:35
stnormalunlike windows, where if you turn off the swap file you actually improve the performance because the memory manager is too dumb to use up ram before it starts to touch the swap00:35
arrrghhhbut if you turn off the swap file00:35
arrrghhhand you run out of ram....00:35
arrrghhhor pagefile i should say.00:35
stnormalI turned off the pagefile on my XP machine with only 2GB of ram, and haven't ever run into an issue00:35
arrrghhhthat's good.  just don't try to run too much in parallel lol00:36
stnormalmy CPU would bottleneck that00:36
stnormalit's only got an athlon 64 in it00:36
BrianHwoo hoo, my kubuntu install is almost done . . . 2 hours later.00:36
arrrghhheh you get enough apps running... you could eat that 2gb of ram.00:36
stnormali need to go meet some friends at the bar, but my ubuntu install is only about 30% done...00:37
stnormalI wonder if it's safe for me to leave it00:37
arrrghhhdamnit i want to know where the heck my taskbar went!  and why windows seem to be creating off the screen partially.00:37
eelriverOr leave a memory sieve open long enough00:37
khakanestnormal: i dont htink it will blow up or anything ;)00:37
arrrghhhprobably not.00:37
BrianHarrrghhh, check the monitor settings?00:37
stnormaltrue... but I've never opened up task manager and seen more than a few hundred MB being used00:37
stnormalgranted, I've never opened it up while I was playing a game00:38
stnormalbut still...00:38
arrrghhhBrianH, i did.  resolution & panning is set both to 1440x900.00:38
arrrghhhthe mouse stops at the bottom of the screen like it should...00:38
BrianHhmm, dunno then, KDE?00:38
arrrghhhalt-f1 doesn't bring up the menu either00:38
arrrghhhi thought that key combo should.00:39
BrianHI'm just starting back into the linux scene, so I'm really laying down the WD-40 on the rusty bolts00:39
BrianHI otherwise use OSX, which isn't much differen00:40
BrianHjust more expensive ;)00:40
ae88925BrianH: the price is much different ;)00:40
ae88925beat me to it00:40
BrianHit's a nice glorified BSD system tho00:41
arrrghhhi don't like the interface...00:41
BrianHand the 30" HD cinema display is juicy :)00:41
arrrghhhbut it is pretty damned stable.00:41
arrrghhhi just wish jobs wasn't such a prick about stealing code00:42
ae88925That's obscene.  I'm jealous.00:42
arrrghhhand being completely open about how he does it.00:42
BrianHae88925, I want a 2nd one :)00:42
BrianHarrrghhh, stealing code from?00:42
arrrghhhyea when i set it to a lower resolution it still fills the screen and then some seemingly.  plasma does not seem to be running at all.00:42
ae88925BrianH: what is the resolution on that monstrosity?  My 24" is 1920x120000:43
arrrghhhBrianH, the bsd project!  he openly wrote "haha thanks for the code suckers!" essentially.00:43
BrianHae88925, shitty, 1200x80000:43
arrrghhhlol my 17" is 1920x120000:43
arrrghhhand my 42" is 1920x1080 :D00:43
BrianHyeah, I think something is wrong somewhere, but I don't mind.  The size makes up for it.00:44
arrrghhhthat's what she said?00:44
BrianHheh, nice00:44
arrrghhhthis screen issue is really bothering me tho.  seems to me like a wacky 4.2 b2 bug, that's the only major thing that's changed lately.00:45
BrianHdamnit, installer seems stuck at 94%, "Configuring hardware..."00:45
BrianHaaah, there we go :)00:46
BrianHit better not be installing grub to the mbr . . . *sigh*00:47
BrianHthe whole reason I installed to the thumbdrive is so I can take it places00:48
arrrghhhif you picked create a usb thumb install or whatever00:49
arrrghhhit shouldn't install grub00:49
BrianHwell that's dumb, this article says it will prompt me where to install grub http://principialabs.com/usbuntu-installing-kubuntu-on-a-usb-drive/00:49
BrianHbut it didn't00:49
arrrghhhi don't know if kubuntu has the same installer as the normal ubuntu...00:50
BrianHwell it's @ 96%, maybe it'll ask me when it's done00:50
TurbomammothI mgiht have a lil problem :) , I just installed Kubuntu 8.10, and as I had some "static" problems in my screen, I tried a lot of different setings...00:50
BrianHTurbomammoth, define "static" problems00:50
TurbomammothStatic effects, like the olde screen used to have prior to better days power supplies00:51
TurbomammothOr commonly known as "bad ground"00:52
TurbomammothBUT, my REAL problem appeared when I went to play with the "Effects" of the display.00:52
BrianHwhat does the noise look like?00:52
TurbomammothNow, all is black, and I can't do shite.00:52
arrrghhhdo you have the restricted drivers for your card installed?00:53
BrianHoh, that sucks00:53
TurbomammothI mean, I see the poiter, but it's all.00:53
TurbomammothAnybody have an idea?00:53
BrianHcan you boot to the cli?00:54
TurbomammothBrian, I'm a newb as neewb can be.00:54
TurbomammothWhat's a cli?00:54
arrrghhhctrl-alt-f1 Turbomammoth00:54
BrianHcli = command line interface00:54
TurbomammothCool, I have that00:54
TurbomammothThanks Brian00:55
TurbomammothSi, I've logged on using the cli... what now :) ?00:56
BrianHbrb, I gotta fix this first00:56
TurbomammothNo prob00:57
BrianHdamnit, the installer finished and it installed grub to the mbr, now I'm getting an "Error 21" message and ESC isn't bringing me to the grub menu00:59
qcjn what's KonquerorecQ5ha, is it an application to wor on web page ??00:59
BrianHI had a suspicion it installed grub to the mbr cause it never asked me where to install it01:00
TurbomammothBad thing I guess?01:00
dr_willisI always put grub on my mbr01:00
BrianHdr_willis, I'm installing it on a thumbdrive so I can take it from computer to computer01:01
BrianHany way to remove it from the mbr?01:01
dr_willisBrianH,   I use either unetbootin, or that ubuntu usb-drive tool for that.01:02
dr_willisa thumbdrive normally uses syslinux I thouight.. but i guess it can use grub01:02
BrianHI was followin this article: http://principialabs.com/usbuntu-installing-kubuntu-on-a-usb-drive/01:03
arrrghhhyea every thumbdrive i use i had to put syslinux on it.  i haven't tried the new ubuntu thumb drive installer, i love the idea tho.01:04
dr_willisarrrghhh,  it worked for me.. but i had to do some manual tweaking to get it to use the Nvidia drivers properly01:04
arrrghhhthat's cool.  definitely a nifty feature.01:04
BrianHthumbdrive installer?  I'm just installing it normally right to the thumbdrive.  this won't work?01:04
arrrghhhBrianH, no.01:05
dr_willisBrianH,  it can.. but may not be ideal01:05
dr_willisand it may take some tweaking01:05
arrrghhhout-of-the-box no.  sounds like that ubuntu installer in the livecd works well tho.01:05
arrrghhhcan't get much more out of the box than that haha.01:05
arrrghhhso what can i do to even troubleshoot this plasma/screen problem?  i restarted X to no avail.01:06
arrrghhhhrm and when i turn on my 2nd monitor the cursor is just an X...01:07
Turbomammotharrrghhh, is there a "restore to default" command?01:08
arrrghhhTurbomammoth, in what sense?  there's dpkg-reconfigure -a01:08
TurbomammothAs my install is brand new, I guess it would be simpler for me to restore all to default than to begin to fiddle in the box01:09
=== Danu_Flanders is now known as Danu
=== Danu is now known as Danu_Flanders
arrrghhhwell what changed?  did you install the restricted drivers for your vid card or what?01:10
Turbomammothso, would the reconfigure -a work for me?01:10
arrrghhhuh probably not.  probably a dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg01:10
arrrghhhi think01:10
TurbomammothNah, I just went and played (bad idea) in the built-in screen effects01:10
TurbomammothTransparence and such01:11
arrrghhhyou can't use the built-in screen effects w/o installing a restricted driver01:11
arrrghhhi guess the intel cards *may* work w/o a restricted driver.01:11
TurbomammothLol, now I'll know01:11
ae88925My laptop has intel GPU (if you can call it that) and effects work with free driver.01:12
arrrghhhno 3d acceleration w/o the restricted driver01:12
arrrghhhae88925, intel's drivers are oss01:13
arrrghhhhence why i mention intel :P01:13
ae88925Figured I'd add to the confusion.01:13
arrrghhhgonna restart x brb01:13
maxmahemspeaking of crashes, Kontact is crashing for me on launch. Though I can still run K-mail.01:14
BrianHaaah, I see now, I started a fresh install again and at step 6 theres an "advanced" button I overlooked, where grub installs01:18
prometheus77i just got a new harddrive from ebay how do i redover the files on it01:18
dr_willisyou mean recover?01:18
dr_willisWhy would you want to recover someone else files. :) that may or may not even be on there..01:19
BrianHhe must want their porn01:19
prometheus77i want all of their files01:21
prometheus77how2help me01:21
dr_willisI would say time google on filesystem recovery i guess..01:22
BrianHI hope they were smart and ran several passes of formatting on it01:24
sehveninstalled my grapixcard driver, still desktop cube wont work01:25
=== chauncey is now known as hermokrates
sehvencan anyone help me with desktopcube?01:28
=== hermokrates is now known as hermokrates_
=== hermokrates_ is now known as hermokrates
maxmahemsehven: What kind of graphics card do you have?01:32
sehvenasus 256mb ati..01:32
sehvenasus a9550ge01:33
sehvencheap one01:33
sehvencant get desktop cube to work since install01:33
sehvenand updates01:33
sehvenany ideas?01:35
maxmahemYou probably just need to enable it. Disable any other desktop switching applications and enable desktop wall.01:35
maxmahemThen you are going to need enough desktops to make a cube.01:35
maxmahemexcuse me, enable desktop cube. I think you can configure the keys there as well.01:36
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion01:36
sehvenalready installed ccsm01:37
=== catphin is now known as SiVA_
sehveneven wobble in ccsm dont work for me01:37
SiVA_how can I tell what kind of video card is installed01:37
bazhangsehven, ask in #compiz-fusion01:37
sehvenmax, i have to turn off all desktop switching apps? like alt + tab functions?01:38
sehvenoki siva01:38
SiVA_sehven: oki ?01:38
sehvensorry >,<01:39
sehvenbazhang i mean01:39
BrianHanyone know if the livecd will run faster from a thumbdrive then the CD?01:54
BrianHthe CD crawls on my system01:54
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TurbomammothDefine crawl?02:00
=== Guest59645 is now known as faileas
faileasheya roey02:03
RoeyI'm using Kubuntu 8.10, and I noticed there's no 'scanner' kernel module.  I plug in my scanner (which has worked in previous kernels) and the system just sees it as a regular full-speed USB device (and not as a scanner which xsane can detect).  What gives??02:04
Roeyhey faileas,  long time no see02:04
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:05
RoeyDr_willis: does this have to do with the scanner?02:06
Dr_willisNo it has to do wih me needeing to reinstall grub :)02:06
Dr_willisand not rembering the link.02:06
Roeyoh ok02:07
szrhawaiiDr_willis can i configure the kdmrc file in kate and not do anything else and will that file still be in effect or is there a certain way to conifgure that file02:07
Dr_willisszrhawaii,  configrue it to do what exactly? There are (under kde3 at least) some kdm config tools tha tlet you set most of the settings in there.. for others you had to edit the config02:08
szrhawaiithe one in /etc/kde4/kdm/kdmrc02:09
szrhawaiiand im just trying to configure the color code02:09
szrhawaiiactually i want to change out the color scheme it has02:10
szrhawaiiwith something thats not on the list02:10
Dr_willisive never messed with the colors. try editing it.. restart the kdm service. and see if changes take effect I guess..02:11
Dr_willisbe sure to backup the config :)02:11
szrhawaiido you know where the file is sourcing the color schemes from cause i noticed it has stuff like honeycomb and obsidien and stuff02:12
Dr_willisif its using the old standard from YEARS and years back color names.. theres some x11color text file that defines them02:13
Dr_willisi recall googling for x11 color names, and finding a few nice lists of them all.02:13
szrhawaiiwhere is that file in here02:13
Dr_willissomewhere in /etc/ i recall.02:14
szrhawaiicause i see it on the kdmrc and in the login manager but not in any other file source02:14
szrhawaiiill try etc02:14
Dr_willisX11 R6 rgb.txt 1.1 (1994), 1.2 (2005, excl. 96 aliases)02:14
Dr_willistry locate rgb.txt02:14
Dr_willis255 239 213papaya whip02:14
Dr_willisI really have to wonder where they got the names for the colors.. :)02:17
Dr_willis'lets walk through the grocery store and look for things that match these colors!'02:17
szrhawaiiyeah i tried a search like that02:18
szrhawaiito find the color source files but it came up empty handed02:19
szrhawaiiwhats the command to tell terminal im a superuser its kdesudo right02:19
Dr_willislocate rgb.txt02:19
Roeyhiiiiiiiiiiiii.  Why does this bug still exist in Ubuntu 8.10 for X86_64?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hal/+bug/21156902:19
Dr_williskdesudo is normally used to launch a gui app as the superuser02:20
szrhawaiihow do i tell it to make the session a superuser02:20
Dr_willissudo -s02:20
Dr_willisto get a root shell.02:20
szrhawaiii liked my other terminal in kde 302:21
szrhawaiiit had the option to just click whatever session i wanted instead of typing it02:22
=== gary_ is now known as Guest70731
DaSkreechszrhawaii: you can do that here as well if you like02:25
szrhawaiihow come this standard terminal doesnt have the same options in the gui as the other one in kde 302:26
maxmahemYou could also make a launcher that you could drag your apps to to launch via sudo.02:26
szrhawaiihow do i do that DaSkreech02:26
Dr_williskonsole in kde4 has changed in some ways  compared to the one in kde302:27
Dr_willisYou could make new sessins  that do things like that if you wanted02:27
szrhawaiiyeah i liked the kde 3 one02:27
DaSkreechszrhawaii: In the profiles sesction I beleive02:27
szrhawaiiwhich one is the standard root one02:28
szrhawaiii see a few of them but not the root02:28
Dr_willismake one that runs 'sudo -s' perhaps :)02:29
szrhawaiiin the other one i had a python a root and a standard02:29
Dr_williscombine a usb thumbdrive with bluetooth adaptor.   yea.. thats it...02:30
lovrehi all02:30
Dr_willisoops wrong channel :)02:30
szrhawaiiill figure it out later02:30
lovreis there a plasmoid to check my mail account every few minutes?02:30
maxmahemlovre: You can have k-mail run in the system tray and it will do it.02:33
maxmahemOr Kontact.02:33
DaSkreechlovre: I saw one02:36
lovreDaSkreech: i suppose you dont remember the name02:37
DaSkreechlovre: Mailbox?02:38
DaSkreechlovre: kmail can do that for you though02:38
lovreDaSkreech: ok, thank you02:42
lovreDaSkreech: i found  this: http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=75194&forumpage=0&PHPSESSID=cae02:43
lovreDaSkreech: im not sure how to install it02:43
=== oem is now known as YuJay
DaSkreechlovre: What version of KDE are you using?02:47
ubuntu_hola a todos02:48
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:48
juanantonioubuntu, pincha ubuntu-es02:50
juanantonioo kubuntu-es02:50
lovreDaSkreech: 4.1.302:50
sehvenhow do i restore konsole in menu?02:53
sehvensorry for messing it02:53
sehvenhow do i restore konsole in menu?02:55
DaSkreechlovre: Errrm Not sure. 4.0 and 4.1 don't work the same way02:56
DaSkreechIt says tested on 4.0 you may want to e-mail the authour and ask if they updated it for 4.1 they can tell you how to install it if so02:56
DaSkreechsehven: What do you mean?02:56
sehvenwell send terminal to desktop02:57
sehventhen removed it02:57
sehvennow its not in desktop nor menu02:57
DaSkreechYou sent the terminal to desktop ?02:57
sehvenpanel can have shortcut for konsole02:57
DaSkreechHow did you do that?02:57
sehvenyes as shortcut02:57
sehvenforgot, ryt clik send to desktop or draged it02:58
=== star is now known as Guest39262
sehvenhow do i restore it to menu?02:58
DaSkreechsehven: Which version of KDE are you using?02:58
maxmahemanyone lend a hand getting a webcam to work.03:00
maxmahemSeems to be quite an ordeal.03:01
=== Danu_Flanders is now known as Danu
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras03:02
sehvenhow do i restore kosole to menu?03:04
TurbomammothOkay... serious help needed, tried all I could find, now I'm just depressed.03:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about antidepressant03:05
nazarenotem brasileiros ai03:05
TurbomammothAnybody knows A LOT about displays?03:06
maxmahemWell I'm on the supported list (I have a Webcam Quickchat 092c) and I've run easycam, but no joy.03:06
Xperti need to install a acrobat reader for linux ? which is the package to download ?03:08
crimsunXpert: you'll need to add the medibuntu repository and install the acroread package03:09
crimsunXpert: instructions for adding the repository and installing the package are on the wiki03:09
Xpertadd the medibuntu repository ? what is this ?03:09
Xpertcrimsun:  apt-get said that acroread doesnt exists03:10
Xpertis another name03:10
crimsunXpert: please see http://www.medibuntu.org/03:11
Xpertand the package where i see ─?03:11
crimsunplease follow the directions for adding the repository03:11
crimsunthen you can use adept/apt-get/aptitude to install the "acroread" package03:12
hatoyucrimsun: acroread is not a opensource software03:15
crimsunhatoyu: yes, and...? (i was addressing Xpert's "i need to install a acrobat reader for linux")03:16
DaSkreechsehven: You can right click and use the menu editor to add it back03:16
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.03:17
hatoyucrimsun: goto adobe.com install acrobat for linux03:17
DaSkreechXpert: Why do you need acrobat ?03:17
crimsunhatoyu: it's not my question; tell Xpert.03:17
DaSkreech!ask | Turbomammoth03:17
ubottuTurbomammoth: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:17
hatoyucrimsun: maybe i misunderstanding03:18
crimsunhatoyu: i think you may be03:18
Xpert|DarkSmoke|: to see a tutorial of Kubuntu03:19
Xpertits in pdf format03:19
DaSkreechXpert: Okular can open it03:19
Xpertcrimsun:  the adept doesnt find the package03:19
julianoubottu, do you speak portuquese?03:19
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:19
Xpertjuliano:  #ubuntu-br03:19
Xpertentra la03:19
crimsunXpert: you would need to have added the proper medibuntu repository03:19
Xperti ve entered that website crimsun but i dont know what to install03:20
crimsunXpert: in any case, there likely is Free software that can open your presentation03:20
Xpertthere are several sources there03:20
TurbomammothDaSkreech, okay this one's for you. I've just installed Kubuntu V8.10 on mah laptop (quite recent). When I first installed, I had a "noise" in my screen (which later resolved iself), but I tried to FIX it. And I played in the display settings. Now, my screen is black and I can't see shoit03:20
ubottuPlease watch your language, attitude and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!03:20
TurbomammothAnyway, thanks a bunch.03:22
DaSkreechTurbomammoth: Ok back again. can you tell me what video card?03:29
=== oem is now known as YuJay
DaSkreechOh :(03:30
sehvenhow do i unload compiz?03:31
Xperti need to install ark03:31
Xpertbut adept doenst search it03:31
Xpertwhat to do03:31
Dr_willis!info ark03:31
ubottuark (source: kdeutils): archive utility for KDE 4. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.1.3-0ubuntu1~intrepid1 (intrepid), package size 220 kB, installed size 820 kB03:31
jimmy51_homeXpert: terminal, apt-get install ark03:31
DaSkreechXpert: Adept is a little broken right now03:31
DaSkreechXpert: Follow jimmy51_home03:32
jimmy51_homeDaSkreech: i gave up on my nvidia card for now03:33
jimmy51_homei think the integrated video + nvidia card was too much03:33
jimmy51_home(too much for linux to handle without me becoming a kernel module and xserver conf wizard, anyway)03:34
* mr--t- thinks he will need a sudo with that03:37
DaSkreechjimmy51_home: What were you trying to do?03:37
jimmy51_homethe wife is going to have to deal with lame integrated graphics until i get her a pci card that is better supported03:37
jimmy51_homeDaSkreech: i was trying to use an FX5200 instead of the onboard graphics03:37
Dr_willisHmm.. what would cause a  dmesg error -->   [150587.576056] usb 1-1: reset high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 203:37
Xpertnobody knows ?03:37
Xperti need the name of the package of acrobat reader for install03:38
Xpertanyone ?03:38
jimmy51_homethe drivers kubuntu wanted to use failed, the driver from nvidia.com failed, and i ended up giving up03:38
Dr_willisIm watcihng some vidoes  on a machine.. and every so often it hangs.. for a few sec.. and i notice that message in 'dmesg'03:38
jimmy51_homeXpert: you can search at the terminal03:38
craver_just download the binary from Adobe03:38
craver_sudo apt-cache search acrobat03:38
Dr_willisI though medibuntu had the acrobat reader pacakges03:38
Xpertjimmy51_home:  my apt-get dont support search atribute03:38
jimmy51_homeXpert:  if you want to find say, firefox.... you would run "apt-cache search firefox"03:38
Xperti dont know why03:38
Dr_willisacroread - Adobe Acrobat Reader: Portable Document Format file viewer03:38
Xpertive tryied this already03:38
jimmy51_homeXpert:  apt-cache search, not apt-get03:38
Dr_willisIt pays to learn the commands. :)03:39
Dr_willis apt-cache search acrobat03:39
Xpertwhats the difference ?03:39
Dr_willisone searches.. :)03:39
Dr_willisone dosent.03:39
jimmy51_homeso.... apt-cache search acrobat to search03:39
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)03:39
craver_apt-cache searches your local cache03:39
jimmy51_homeand if it shows up as acrobat-reader, to install you would run "sudo apt-get install acrobat-reader"03:39
craver_so if it might be out of sync you might want to do a apt-get update03:40
jimmy51_homesudo runs it as an admin03:40
DaSkreechjimmy51_home: What's wrong with it?03:40
Xpertappeared several packages03:40
jimmy51_homeDaSkreech: with the stock driver, i enabled the restricted driver, restarted, and X didn't load.  i was stuck with text and had to go to CTRL ALT F5 to do anything03:41
craver_install the one that matches your environment03:41
jimmy51_homeXpert: are you trying to install a PDF viewer?03:42
Dr_willisacroread - Adobe Acrobat Reader: Portable Document Format file viewer03:42
Dr_willis!info acroread03:42
ubottuPackage acroread does not exist in intrepid03:42
Dr_willisits a medibuntu package Im pretty sure03:42
jimmy51_homeXpert: if you are, kubuntu already hasone.... okular03:42
Xpertjimmy51_home:  yes03:42
Xperti ll see03:42
Xpertjimmy51_home:  in mine it isnt configurated...03:43
jimmy51_homeXpert: it's under K->Graphics03:43
DaSkreechXpert: you don't have okular?03:43
Xpertyes it have03:43
mr--t-could he use kpdf?03:43
Xpertbut where is it ,?03:43
jimmy51_homeXpert: K->Graphics->Okular03:43
craver_on mine03:43
jimmy51_home(as in.... click the K button, select graphics, and click on okular03:44
DaSkreechjimmy51_home: What was the error?03:44
jimmy51_homeor run it from the terminal as craver_ just said03:44
DaSkreechmr--t-: kpdf is dead03:44
jimmy51_homeDaSkreech: i don't remember...  i remember a seg fault03:44
jimmy51_hometons o' numbers03:44
jimmy51_homeDaSkreech: and at that point.... i gave up03:45
Xpertif its installed why wheni downloaded the file .pdf it asked for search the program to open ?03:45
DaSkreechXpert: your filetypes need looking at03:45
Xperti cant see where is okular in the K menu03:45
craver_sudo apt-get install okular03:45
jimmy51_homemake sure you have it03:45
DaSkreechXpert: click the file when it asks type in okular and press enter03:45
Dr_willisYou did install kubuntu 8.10 ?03:45
jimmy51_homeapt-cache policy okular03:45
Xpertcraver_: its installed03:45
jimmy51_homethen click on the K button, then click on graphics03:45
jimmy51_homethen click on Okular PDF viewer03:46
craver_in 4.2 it's just called Document Viewer03:46
Xpertnow i saw ty03:46
jimmy51_homeah, i always set for classic menu03:46
jimmy51_homethe new one is very boggy to me03:47
nonewmsgskmail somtimes works great and sometimes it tells me there's no mail when there is03:47
craver_how do i get classic view?03:47
craver_i don't like the gigantic menu in 4.203:47
jimmy51_homecraver_: right click on it03:47
jimmy51_home(make sure widgets are unlocked, right click on the K button, and there should be something that says switch to classic)03:47
Xpertwhich is the okular path ?03:48
jimmy51_home(OR.... remove the K menu widget and add a classic K menu widget in it's place)03:48
craver_ah.. thanks03:48
craver_so much better03:48
jimmy51_homethat was a deal break for KDE4 and me03:49
DaSkreechnonewmsgs: i does intermittent checks I think03:49
DaSkreechXpert: /usr/bin/okular03:49
DaSkreechXpert: you can find the path by the command which03:49
nonewmsgsi try to do force check and it still gives me no love03:49
DaSkreechso <which okular>03:50
jimmy51_homewell, my pacers are approaching the 4rth quarter and dunleavy's back.  i better get in there and watch03:50
jimmy51_homegood night fellas03:50
maxmahemokay, I think I have buggered up my webcam configuratino somehow, any hints on how to fix it?03:51
DaSkreechmaxmahem: how buggered?03:52
maxmahemwell it doesn't work, but the documentation indicates it should.03:52
maxmahemI think sudo possibly ran out in the middle of an install script.03:52
maxmahemI got a lot of message about how it couldn't write to a read only disk.03:53
DaSkreechmaxmahem: Which disk /03:53
DaSkreechAnd sudo doesn't run out03:54
DaSkreechlinux doesn't work like that03:54
maxmahemI'm guessing its the only reason I could figure I got the message I got.03:54
maxmahemI don't recall the directory, but the config script gave me a lot of errors while it was trying to rm files and dev new ones (or something like that).03:55
Dr_willisuse 'sudo -s' and run the script from there...03:55
maxmahemIt flew by real fast.03:55
Dr_willis script  > script.log  :)03:55
=== lorito_ is now known as kyux
maxmahemok figured out what the error was.04:02
maxmahemI was apt-getting camstream and when it went to create video4linux special files in /dv/video* it instead said "udev active, devices will be created in /dev/.static/dev/04:03
maxmahemEvery command after that failed.04:03
maxmahemrm, mknod, makedev, all failed due to a Read-only file system04:05
maxmahemdo I need to remove it, chmod that directory to readable, and tryagain?04:05
maxmahemer writeable04:06
Dr_willisdepends on the filesystem.. and what else is going on04:06
Dr_willisI dident think one normally used mknod much these days.. or makedev04:06
* maxmahem shrugs.04:07
stnormalI've got a pretty newbish linux question...04:07
Dr_willisI was thinking  mos tof the time when a module gets loaded.. the proper /dev/ entries should be created as needed04:07
stnormalI just downloaded a flash player installer (I avoided the .deb one since there's not an x64 version, and just grabbed the tar.gz one). I extracted the files, but I can't figure out how to actually install it04:08
DaSkreechstnormal: Ask it04:08
DaSkreechstnormal: What are the files in there?04:08
DaSkreechis there a README file ?04:08
stnormalthe files are flashplayer-installer (looks like C code), and libflashplayer.so04:09
stnormalI'm guessing the installer is some kind of script, but I dont' know how to run it04:09
DaSkreechstnormal: What's the installer ?04:10
DaSkreechthe name of the file04:10
stnormalthat's the name of the file04:11
Dr_willisI have no issues with using the flash from the kubuntu-restricted-extras package on my 64bit machine.04:11
DaSkreechstnormal: ok good04:11
Dr_willisso its not 64bit.. big dea. ;)04:11
stnormalwell, if it will work with firefox, I don't care04:11
stnormalhow do I install it?04:11
DaSkreechfrom the terminal cd into the directory04:11
DaSkreechthen type sh flashplayer-installer04:11
maxmahemI'm thinking maybe I need to figure out what is making udev active, stop it, and try again.04:11
stnormalahh, that'll work04:11
stnormalthat's what i was looking for :)04:11
maxmahemWon't the i386 code not work if he's running 64 bit kubuntu?04:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about udev04:12
stnormalyeah, this one didn't install either04:12
maxmahemDarn, neither do I.04:12
Dr_willismaxmahem,  i hear there is 64bit flash in beta testing.. but not tried it.04:12
stnormali was talking to a friend earlier who said he could just recompile a lot of 32bit packages and they would work even if distributed binaries didn't04:13
DaSkreechstnormal: try ./flashplayer-installer if it's executable04:13
stnormaloh, no, it worked DaSkreech, but it told me that it was incompatable with my hardware04:13
maxmahemDr_willis: Thats what I heard as well, its one of the main reasons I went for i386 instead of 64.04:14
DaSkreechOh. Oh dear04:14
maxmahemhmm... messing around with udev seems to be something way beyond my comfort level.04:15
stnormalDr_willis: Do you use firefox? I just want flash content to work in firefox. If the kubuntu-restricted-extras package installs firefox extensions, I'll just use it04:15
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!04:17
Armagguedesis there a client that works well with kubuntu to connect to other computers running some variant of ubuntu?04:17
Dr_willisstnormal,  i install kubntu, i enable medibuntu, i install kubuntu-restricted-extras  and flash worked...04:17
Armagguedesremote desktop stuff04:17
Dr_willisNot sure if medubuntu is needed :) but i always enable it04:17
craver_i'm using Firefox 3 on Ubuntu 8.10 x86_64 with KDE 4.2 and i've got Flash and JRE working fine.04:17
* Dr_willis seconds craver_ 's statement04:18
stnormali don't know how to do any of that stuff. I should find a tutorial04:18
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org04:18
Dr_willisenable medibuntu = takes 2 min.04:18
Dr_willismedibuntu has codecs and other bits you proberly want04:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about krdc04:18
Dr_willis'kubuntu-resticted-extras' i think will grab flash, java, and other bits like fonts and stuff04:18
stnormalahh, i see04:18
maxmahemArmagguedes: there is krdc, which is a remote desktop client, I haven't tried it out myself though.04:19
stnormalwell, it doesn't look like my audio hardware is working04:19
stnormalso I have to figure that out first04:19
Armagguedesi see04:19
stnormali get sound, but it repeats like it's skipping04:19
Armagguedesdo you know if it works with ubuntu or xubuntu?04:19
Dr_willis!info ubuntu-restricted-extras04:20
ubottuubuntu-restricted-extras (source: ubuntu-restricted-extras): Commonly used restricted packages. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 25 (intrepid), package size 4 kB, installed size 32 kB04:20
Dr_willis!info kubuntu-restricted-extras04:20
ubottukubuntu-restricted-extras (source: ubuntu-restricted-extras): Commonly used restricted packages. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 25 (intrepid), package size 4 kB, installed size 32 kB04:20
maxmahemI'm sure it will work on ubuntu if you install it overe there with the necessary kde libs.04:20
Armagguedesalso, how do you update from 8.04 to 8.10?04:21
maxmahemsudo apt-get install krdc should do it.04:21
Armagguedesdo-release-upgrade -d > this is for jaunty04:21
DaSkreechArmagguedes: what are you trying to do?04:22
Armagguedesi'm erasing jaunty alpha204:22
Armagguedestoo slow04:22
Armagguedesso i'm going back to 8.04, but i have no CDs left to burn 8.1904:22
stnormalso, can you guys recommend a good tutorial for someone who's new to linux, but is reasonably good at figuring things out?04:26
DaSkreech!upgrade | Armagguedes04:28
ubottuArmagguedes: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes04:28
craver_what are people using for email... Evolution (Outlook Connector) won't work with our Exchange 5.5 server :(04:29
stnormaldo people use konquerer?04:30
DaSkreechstnormal: Umm. What do they want to learn04:30
craver_i've never used konquerer04:30
DaSkreechstnormal: I do. Don't know if that helps04:30
stnormali was just curious. It seems ok, but I love firefox04:30
DaSkreechI know04:31
ArmagguedesDaSkreech, cheers mate04:31
maxmahemI have been trying to, but subtle things about its interface keep putting me off.04:31
DaSkreechdamn you firefox and your extensions04:31
stnormalanyhow, I'm just feeling a bit overwhelmed by linux04:31
DaSkreechArmagguedes: You don't need krdc on Ubuntu04:31
DaSkreechYou just need a Server04:31
stnormalbut I need/want to use it04:31
DaSkreechcraver_: look into Openxchange04:32
stnormaland it'd be nice if I could find some good resources to go to before just asking people for help04:32
DaSkreechstnormal: hang around here is a good tip04:32
bucketheadstnormal: The easiest way is just to wallow in it and ask questions. Google helps too.04:32
stnormali see04:32
DaSkreechYou pick up thigns from other people breaking stuff and you have easy access to people who are probably intereted in the same things you are04:32
bucketheadOver time you'll start to understand the architecture and what is going on. (Think the matrix, Eventually you just see blonde, redhead, etc..)04:32
stnormalmakes sense04:33
bucketheadI think i've been working with linux for 15 months now, I'm starting to wade into bash and ruby scripting to solve a program. I'm sure these guys are having a good chuckle as I crash into every beginner program ever invented, but i've learned alot so far.04:33
craver_was using Zimbra but our CEO had problems with his calendar syncing. before i had a chance to fix it I was forced to install Exchange :(04:34
bucketheadsolve a problem, not a program.. sorry.04:34
stnormalalright, so where would I start in trying to diagnose what's wrong with my sound? I looked at the hardware compatability chart, but it wasn't listed yea or nay04:34
stnormaland i don't see anything like a device manager04:34
DaSkreechcraver_: Booo Get it working with Zimbra on the stealth04:35
bucketheadhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting <- its for ubuntu, but its a good start.04:35
DaSkreechbuckethead: crash into every beginning program ? :)04:35
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP304:35
DaSkreechstnormal: check if your hardware is muted. That happens sometimes04:36
maxmahemOr if your speakers are unplugged!!! I was going mad trying to figure mine out until I realised that...04:36
stnormalnah, it plays sound, but it just plays the first half a second over and over again04:36
DaSkreechmaxmahem: Whooot!04:36
bucketheadDaSkreech: Crash into every moron mistake.. find * in f doesn't work!04:36
DaSkreechha ha :)04:37
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:37
Armagguedesif i have 3GiB ram (4GiB actually but 1GiB is not addressed -32bit system), how much swap do i need to make the system hibernate?04:37
bucketheadstnormal: onboard sound?04:38
stnormalyeah, it's a laptop04:39
wizardslovakwell swap should be twice i believe04:39
bucketheadHm. The suggestion of swapping sound cards won't work then, eh?04:40
stnormalwell, in the audio settings it apparently detects the right hardware04:40
stnormalis there any way to check to see if there's a more up to date driver or something?04:41
wizardslovaki am getting error "no propriwtary drivers are in use on this system" and show my graphic card, when i click "Activate" nothing happens, what should i do?04:41
bucketheadDoes the source of the sound matter? (amarok, firefox, games, kopete, etc?)04:41
DaSkreechArmagguedes: 1/2 that04:42
stnormalit doesn't seem like it04:42
DaSkreechArmagguedes: Old skool rule of thumb is twice your RAM shoudl be your swap. It bottoms out about 2GB though. if you want to be sure then 3 Gb Or 3.504:43
stnormalthat's part of the reason i was trying to get flash installed, so i could listen to stuff in firefox04:43
stnormalhmm, now amarok isn't even making any noise04:43
Armagguedesi can't afford a lot of space tho04:44
DaSkreechArmagguedes: I would guess 2GB would be ok04:44
Armagguedeshm ok04:44
Armagguedesthanks mate04:44
DaSkreechhi sehven04:45
sehvenelo das04:45
=== kousotu is now known as Saik
sehvengot prob :p04:45
DaSkreechOf course you do04:45
=== Saik is now known as Saiki
sehvenneither kwin or compiz is working04:45
DaSkreechsehven: you started kwin ?04:46
DaSkreechsehven: tpe kwin --replace04:46
sehveni get error04:46
bucketheadstnormal: What do you get in response to 'sudo alsamixer'04:46
sehvenx error (error: bad request[1]04:47
stnormala mixer opens04:47
stnormalit looks fine to m04:47
sehvensame goes for compiz -replace04:47
stnormalso how do i install the kubuntu-restricted-extras ?04:47
bucketheadnothing is muted? levels are ok? (That step was mainly to ensure that alsa could find your sound card)04:48
DaSkreechsudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras04:48
sehvenpanels not working T_T04:48
stnormalhah, i just missed the install04:49
stnormalbut yeah, nothing's muted, levels are ok04:49
sehvenwhat do i do now?04:49
bucketheadSo what happens if you run alsamixer without the sudo?04:49
stnormalerr, hold on a sec04:50
stnormali suppose i could open a second konsole04:50
maxmahemYou can open another tab on konsole04:50
maxmahemQuite a nice feature.04:50
stnormalsame thing as when i used sudo04:50
stnormalexactly the same04:50
bucketheadYou aren't going to want to hear this.. I'm out of supergood ideas.04:51
maxmahemI don't think you should have to be root to run alsa mixer04:51
DaSkreechsehven: logout press ctrl+E then login04:51
bucketheadmaxmahem: If there is a permissions problem in /dev/snd...04:52
maxmahemah, well maybe then, I honestly know very little, I only try to contribute the little bit I know.04:52
maxmahemI have a feeling I'm mere keystrokes away from messing up my own /dev myself.04:53
bucketheadThere may or may not be a benefit to 'sudo apt-get remove --purge alsa-base' I would hold off on that unless someone else thinks its a good idea.04:53
bucketheadYeah, I'm vaguely amazed I haven't crashed more.04:53
stnormalwell, I had this sound problem most of the time when I was using the liveCD04:54
maxmahemOkay is there a way to back-up /dev before I try and run a chmod to make the whole thing writeable?04:54
crimsunstnormal: please run http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh04:54
bucketheadIs your laptop reasonably common? Has anyone else reported trouble or lack thereof on your model?04:54
Armagguedeshow is KDE4.2beta2 working in intrepid?04:54
stnormalI have an HP dv4 series, but i couldn't find any info about it for any distro04:55
craver_anyone here using a Belkin N1 Vision access point?04:55
maxmahempretty good over here. A lot of nice improvements to the pannel.04:55
stnormalkubuntu was friendly with my network adapters, so I chose to install it04:55
maxmahemand other aspects of the plasma system.04:55
g_anyone know when the kernel update is expected to drop?04:55
wizardslovaki am getting error "no propriwtary drivers are in use on this system" and show my graphic card, when i click "Activate" nothing happens, what should i do?04:55
Armagguedesok good04:56
Armagguedesthanks maxmahem04:56
stnormalthat alsa-info.;sh didn't work04:57
stnormalit said alsa-info.sh: 285: [[: not found04:58
crimsunstnormal: you need to run it using bash04:58
maxmahemOh, crimsun have every told you you are the man? Cause you are. You rock dued.04:58
wizardslovakhow do i make dcube work?04:59
mooglinuxrunning a 2.2ghx athlon64 and having some slight hesitation here and there on the neon nightlies. is that kde being buggy or is my proccessor finally underpowered?04:59
mooglinuxtho i will say that things are definatly snappier on the 4.2 beta than in 4.104:59
maxmahemMight just be the those nightlies, don't the debut stuff slow you down?05:00
stnormalcrimsun: Isn't that what I'm doing when I type "sh [filename]"?05:00
maxmahemIt's very snappy over here on a similar system.05:00
stnormalinto a terminal, i mean05:00
DaSkreechg_: Kernel Update?05:01
crimsunstnormal: no, you're telling it do use /bin/sh, which is /bin/dash not /bin/bash05:01
crimsunto use*05:01
stnormaloh, i think i get it05:01
DaSkreechwizardslovak: It's in KDE 4.205:01
stnormalthere we go05:01
DaSkreechmooglinux: Nightlies have debug turned on by default they are probably writing out logs05:02
wizardslovaki just installed kubuntu so i believe its 4.105:02
DaSkreechwizardslovak: read the topic05:02
wizardslovakDaSkreech: which topic?05:03
DaSkreechwizardslovak: here in the IRC chan05:03
mooglinuxso how would i disable debugging? since im not savvy enough to make use of the logs anyway05:04
wizardslovakwell sorry for noob question but i dont see any05:05
maxmahemNot sure, it might require a recompile.05:05
DaSkreechmooglinux: Doesn't matter if you can. If something crashes the logs will be sent for the bug report05:05
crimsunstnormal: it should have generated a url.05:05
DaSkreechThe people reading it can use it very well05:05
stnormalyeah, I'm just trying to figure out how to get the URL over here05:05
DaSkreechwizardslovak: type /topic05:05
mooglinuxso just using it and doin nothing else and im providing feedback?05:05
DaSkreechIf something breaks yes05:05
stnormalerr, paste.ubuntu.com/10202305:06
stnormalmy keyboard seems to be acting kind of wonky05:06
mooglinuxwould it be better to use the packages from the kubuntu experimental repo or the neon nightlies?05:07
crimsunstnormal: your 'PCM' is zeroed.05:07
stnormalI wasn't sure what PCM was, so I left it at zero05:07
crimsunstnormal: if you'd like sound to be audible, you don't want it to be zeroed.05:08
wizardslovakin ubuntu faq there is no word about dcube05:08
maxmahemmooglinux: I'm running that over here at it seems pretty good. Though I am eagerly awaiting the RC 1 release which should be out pretty soon now I think.05:09
stnormalalright, i'm still running into the same problem now... audio skips and then stops playing05:09
DaSkreechmooglinux: Depends on what you want05:09
crimsunstnormal: can you be more detailed in your description of the symptom?05:09
DaSkreechstnormal: PCM is wav it's what makes sound05:09
DaSkreechwizardslovak: What's Dcube ?05:09
stnormalit's like the first quarter second of the sound file just keeps repeating a couple times a second05:10
wizardslovakwhen you change desktops it looks like cube05:10
ubottuCompiz-Fusion (and the older Compiz and Beryl) are window managers that employ the "composite" extension of X to draw windows using graphics cards' 3D hardware. They can additionally provide "desktop special effects" (such as the "cube") by means of plug-ins. Join #compiz-fusion for help and support with advanced features. See also « /msg ubotu compiz » and « /msg ubotu effects »05:10
mooglinuxplasma has that too now05:11
wizardslovakwell i have some problems with my graphic card05:11
maxmahemonly in 4.205:11
wizardslovaki cannot activate it05:11
maxmahemI don't think its in 4.105:11
mooglinuxtho the only ways it seems to allow you to activate it is by a screen edge... prolly should offer more ways to activate the effects05:12
maxmahemthere is a keyboard command scripted to it by default umm..05:12
wizardslovaki was looking for that keyboard command05:13
maxmahemit you just want to show it off or something.05:13
wizardslovakit doesnt work05:13
mooglinuxmmm, no go, guess its not set05:13
maxmahemwizardslovak: you need to either upgrade to 4.2 or install compiz fusion, head over to #compiz-fusion for help with that.05:14
wizardslovaki am there but noone answers05:14
crimsunstnormal: hmm05:14
crimsunstnormal: does the sound continue to act up in such a manner?05:15
stnormalwell, the only thing i've been able to test it on are the sounds that play when kubuntu loads or shuts down05:15
stnormaland the demo file that comes with amarok05:15
stnormalone time on the livecd the sound DID work right when I was shutting down05:16
stnormalbut I have no idea what was different05:16
crimsunstnormal: could you add `dmesg' output to pastebin?05:16
mooglinuxthat does remind me. my previous track key does not work with amarok now05:17
DaSkreechwizardslovak: are you on KDE ?05:17
DaSkreechWhat version ?05:17
wizardslovaksorry  mand i just migrated from suse05:18
wizardslovakwell i believe its 4.105:18
DaSkreechwizardslovak: No issues :)05:18
DaSkreechwizardslovak: in any app that is not konversation do help -> about KDE05:18
wizardslovakwell its says "k desktop enviroment Release 3.5.10"05:19
stnormalis there an easy way to copy the output from a konsole to the clipboard?05:19
=== hatoyu_ is now known as Hato
mooglinuxwhy does kde override the hardware numlock? bios sets it as on at boot but kde ignores that and treats it as off, even tho the keyboard light is on05:20
qcjni 've changed to Ubuntu, i wanted to changed some things with kate, and it says error, something about utf-8 to iso??something05:20
qcjnin kde05:21
DaSkreechwizardslovak: That is NOT konversation :)05:21
wizardslovaknah i used help from kaffeine player05:21
DaSkreechstnormal: highlight it, paster it or redirect it to a file05:22
maxmahem_stnomral: copy and paste?05:22
stnormalthere's no "select all" kind of function?05:22
DaSkreechqcjn: what's the error?05:22
mooglinuxi think it depends on what program you ask. conquerer tells me im on 4.1.96, but amarok 2 says 4.1.305:22
DaSkreechstnormal: not particularly05:22
DaSkreechwizardslovak: Oh. Umm I guess not kaffiene either then :)05:23
stnormali'm going to have to figure out how to disable the click on my touchpad05:23
stnormalthat's starting to get annoying05:23
qcjndon't remember exactly, but it sid it can't save, like can't utf-8 to iso something05:23
maxmahem_type kwin -v that should tell you.05:23
wizardslovakok now i used konqueror and its "kde 4.1.3"05:23
mooglinuxrun "kwin -v"05:24
mooglinuxlike maxmahem_ said05:24
wizardslovakkde 4.1.3 kwin 3.005:24
wizardslovakqt 4.4.305:24
maxmahem_Yeah, the cube isn't in that version of kwin, if you want it you need to instal compiz.05:26
wizardslovakok so i am learning ubuntu command "apt-get install compiz"??05:27
wizardslovakright or wrong?05:28
mooglinuxprolly want compiz-fusion05:28
maxmahem_or compiz-kde05:28
maxmahem_and you should probably pick up ccsm as well, in fact there is a nice 'desktop effects' package in adept that will do it all for you.05:29
wizardslovakso what command should i use05:29
mooglinuxyou want ccsm, definatly05:29
mooglinuxsudo apt-get install compiz-kde ccsm05:29
wizardslovak"couldn't find package ccsm"05:30
mooglinuxjust get compiz-kde then05:30
maxmahem_it's called up compiz-configuration-setting-manager or something IIRC.05:30
maxmahem_google it.05:30
crimsunstnormal: try this:05:31
=== maxmahem_ is now known as maxmahem
craver_sudo apt-get install desktop-effects-kde compiz-kde compizconfig-settings-manager05:31
crimsunstnormal: echo options snd-hda-intel position_fix=2|sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base05:31
mooglinuxcompiz-settings-manager probably. it was renamed from ccsm05:31
crimsunstnormal: after that, you'll need to reboot05:31
craver_may want to add fusion-icon and emerald also05:31
craver_although the emerald-themes seem to be gone :(05:32
maxmahemyeah that aplet that lets you switch managers is a good idea, compiz doesn't always play nice with kde.05:32
stnormalk, i'll let you know how it worked...05:32
wizardslovakcraver_:  ok install complete05:32
wizardslovaknow what?05:32
mooglinuxtheres a couple emerald themes kicking around. im using one now since i havnt found a metacity theme with semi-transparent decorations05:32
craver_run ccsm05:33
maxmahemIt should be on your menu now as well.05:33
wizardslovakok i got it05:34
wizardslovakin desktop section i enabled desktop cube and rotate cube05:34
maxmahemmooglinux: are you having any problems running compiz with kde? because it messed up my window decorations.05:35
maxmahemand I'm getting a package conflict preventing me from installing compiz-kde now as well.05:35
wizardslovakbut i stil dont know where or which are keyboard commands or keys for it05:35
maxmahemthe key commands for it are listed in there in ccsm where you configure it. You can configure those as well.05:36
mooglinuxive never used compiz on kde, just under gnome05:36
stnormalno luck, crimsun05:36
craver_all the keyboard commands can be found in ccsm05:37
craver_you can also create your own05:37
mooglinuxmessing up the window decorations is common under gnome too. you have to change the window decorater. metacity --replace or some similar command05:37
crimsunstnormal: sudo sed -i 's/position_fix=2/position_fix=1/' /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base05:37
crimsunstnormal: afterward, reboot again05:37
Daskreech2wizardslovak: Ha ha they got you to install compiz?05:38
wizardslovaknow i am looking for key to rotate05:39
Daskreech2mooglinux: metacity is the window manager05:39
craver_center mouse key for me05:39
Daskreech2wizardslovak: alt+ctrl+left/right05:39
craver_make sure you make your desktop size 4 instead of 205:39
craver_then you can unfold it too05:40
wizardslovakwhere to change desktop size?05:40
craver_under general05:40
mooglinuxim actually starting to see why kde wanted their own compositer instead of compiz lol05:41
craver_General --> Desktop Size05:41
wizardslovakhorizontal or vertical?05:41
Daskreech2mooglinux: Compiz is horrible05:41
wizardslovakhorizontal i changed to 4  vertical is 105:41
Daskreech2wizardslovak: that works05:41
mooglinuxits improved alot. used to require sacrifices at the full moon. it is a troublemaker tho05:41
wizardslovakright/left you mean byt arrows?05:42
Daskreech2mooglinux: It's not a product it's a lab05:42
craver_yes, a couple years ago it was hell to setup05:42
Daskreech2wizardslovak: yes05:42
craver_you had to have exactly the right video chipset05:42
wizardslovakdoesnt work05:42
maxmahemmeh, kde's compitising isn't perfect. I'm still getting odd white boxes painted on my screen (trailing my focus) from time to time.05:42
maxmahemwizardslovak: seriously, go to #compiz-fusion they can help you with all that.05:43
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wizardslovakok i know what might be problem05:43
wizardslovakat the begining i saw that my graphic card wasnt activated05:43
Daskreech2not running compiz ? :)05:43
Daskreech2oh ok05:43
wizardslovaki clicked on active and nothing happened05:43
wizardslovakmaybe i should download/update video driver?05:44
maxmahemThe hardware updater is your best bet, but it can be kind of flaky at times.05:44
stnormalhmm... now kubuntu isn't loading05:44
maxmahemit might take it a couple tries to get it installed, and you will have to reboot x afterwards.05:45
wizardslovakok downloading and installing driver05:46
wizardslovaklets see what happens05:46
stnormalalright, it looks like I still have the same problem05:47
wizardslovakerror" a fatal error occured.aplication KMix crashed and caused the signal 6 (sigabrt)"05:47
=== fernando is now known as Guest11802
wizardslovaki will restart pc and will see05:48
wizardslovakbe back05:48
crimsunstnormal: ok, did you change the position_fix= parameter? if so, what did you change it to?05:49
mooglinuxisnt the 2.28 kernel sopposed to have some nice new features?05:49
stnormali typed in exactly what you had up there05:50
=== _2 is now known as Agent_bob
crimsunstnormal: ok, sec05:51
wizardslovakok back05:51
wizardslovakok now i see my card is activated05:52
crimsunstnormal: sudo sed -i 's/position_fix=1/probe_mask=5/' /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base05:53
crimsunstnormal: (reboot, as per usual)05:53
wizardslovakwell ctrl+alt+right/left doesnt work05:53
mooglinuxtry middle clicking, the mouse wheel05:54
stnormalshould it be echoing anything back to me after I'm typing these things in?05:54
crimsunstnormal: not the sed commands, which are done "in place" (hence the -i)05:55
stnormali see05:56
mooglinuxmost commands dont say anything if they complete successfully05:56
Agent_bobstnormal the sudo "could ask for passwoed"  but the sed -i will edit the file silently05:56
Agent_boberr sorry crimsun beet me to that05:56
rahmadsome body, help me!05:56
rahmadi have problem to  install flash plyaer for my web browser05:57
stnormalit seems to be getting better crimsun05:58
stnormalit's like... instead of just repeating the same first part over and over again, it progresses through the file, repeating random bits over and over again05:58
Agent_bobrahmad kinda depends on the ubuntu version,   lsb_release -r05:59
rahmadi am using kubuntu 8.1005:59
mooglinuxinstalling flash-plugin-nonfree should do the trick06:00
crimsunstnormal: heh. ok, now you need: sudo sed -i 's/probe_mask=5/probe_mask=5 enable_msi=1/' /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base06:02
stnormalhah, alright06:02
wizardslovakit worksssssssssssss06:04
wizardslovaki am happy06:04
crimsunstnormal: i need to catch some shuteye for work today, so good luck. catch me in about 18 hours if you still need assistance.06:05
Agent_bobrest well crimsun06:05
wizardslovaki will be going to bed06:06
wizardslovaknite people06:06
Agent_bobnight wizardslovak06:06
stnormalheh, I've got two monitors hooked up to my PC, and then my laptop. I keep trying to move my mouse across my monitors to control stuff on my laptop06:08
stnormalalright, i'll probably be back06:10
=== Daskreech2 is now known as DaSkreech
mooglinuxjust curious, ¿uʍop ǝpısdn pɐǝɹ noʎ uɐɔ06:10
DaSkreechmooglinux: Yes new kernel is sweet06:10
mooglinuxso what has everyone so excited about it DaSkreech ?06:11
DaSkreech!flash | rahmad06:11
ubotturahmad: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash06:11
DaSkreechstnormal: You can do that06:11
DaSkreechmooglinux: GEM Ext4 are the top two06:12
DaSkreechmooglinux: http://kernelnewbies.org/Linux_2_6_2806:12
DaSkreechGreat lil site06:13
mooglinuxfound that just before you said anything about it lol06:13
stnormalwell, my PC is a windows box, and my laptop has linux on it06:13
DaSkreechstnormal: Makes no differenec06:14
mooglinuxaww, only intel i915 works with GEM right now06:15
wizardslovakone more question06:16
wizardslovaki was trying to get media player working on wine but i am getting lots of errors, and cant stop them06:16
wizardslovakshould i use kill wine?06:17
DaSkreechHi wizardslovak :)06:17
mooglinuxwhy not use totem or vlc or one of the many other excellent linux players?06:17
DaSkreechwizardslovak: Wait. What?06:17
wizardslovaki wanna stop wine06:17
wizardslovaki am getting lots of errors06:17
stnormalyou can get media player classic native in linux, can't you?06:17
wizardslovakwhen i click close ok "ok" it wont close06:17
rahmadi have download flash! but i can't install !06:18
wizardslovaki know i am using kaffeine but i wanted allplayer06:18
DaSkreech!flash | rahmad06:18
ubotturahmad: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash06:18
DaSkreechallplayer ?06:18
Agent_bobcan't kill name   you can use  killall name   or you can kill `pidof name`06:18
wizardslovakok so i  need id of wine06:18
wizardslovakhow to check it?06:18
wizardslovakjeez i already forgot all the commands i used in suse06:19
eelriverps aux | grep wine06:19
Agent_bobpidof wine06:19
Agent_bob!find pidof06:19
ubottuFile pidof found in manpages-es-extra, manpages-it, manpages-ja, manpages-ko, manpages-pl (and 1 others)06:19
DaSkreechwizardslovak: what's allplayer ?06:20
DaSkreechkillall wine works06:20
stnormalcan you open up a console and type "jobs -l"?06:21
Agent_bobi still like killall best for things like that, where you probably only have one instance running06:21
DaSkreechWHy yes I can!06:21
wizardslovaki did type "jobs -l" and nothing06:21
wizardslovakallplayer is media player , really good one06:22
DaSkreechAgent_bob: Really? I would think you would want it for multiple instances06:22
DaSkreechwizardslovak: What's that good about it?06:22
Agent_bobstnormal it doesn't tell me anything but i can type it06:22
wizardslovakwell its much easier to use it06:22
wizardslovakbut now i ot lots of error and i need them gone06:22
wizardslovakkill all wine ids and still errors are up06:22
Agent_bobDaSkreech have you scanned the man page on killall ?    it's suposed to be cleaner than kill pid   in most cases06:23
DaSkreechwizardslovak: What errors?06:23
DaSkreechAgent_bob: I don't care. It's faster :) I don't want to find 5 pids and kill them one at a time06:24
wizardslovakerror ,runtime error 216 at 0043E72D06:24
wizardslovakbutton "ok" but when i click nothing happens06:24
DaSkreechAnd ou are sure it's a wine issue ?06:24
wizardslovakits shows wine symbol06:25
Agent_bobDaSkreech of course.    it's perfect if you want to kill every instance of blah   but for example if my new build of bash hangs i obviously don't want to killall bash   ;/   on the other hand if i run something in qemu and it hangs (or wine)  then killall is perfect for those things that you both can and want to bring down every instance of ...06:26
DaSkreechAgent_bob: Yeah .. obviously :)06:27
Agent_bobpidof is handy to06:27
ChrisHi, I think I've broken something badly in package land: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102046/ Would someone tell me how I can restore this to a state where I can install packages and it not complain?06:28
Agent_bobheh, i remember when you could  "sudo kill -9 1"   and the kernel would panic  :)))06:29
Agent_bobah man,  forgot i was lagging so bad.06:30
wizardslovakok now i am out06:30
wizardslovaknite again06:30
DaSkreechChris: try install python-qt406:30
DaSkreechwizardslovak: Fixed it?06:31
ChrisDaSkreech: thanks, but I just get the same error as per lines 20 through 4106:31
ChrisI had googled for the underlying symptom of "short read in buffer_copy (backend dpkg-deb during `./usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/PyQt4/QtCore.so')06:32
ChrisAnd various suggestions were dpkg -i --force-all <deb file> and removing the deb file and trying again. Neither of these helped.06:32
Agent_bobChris you need to purge the python-qt4* file in your package cache06:33
DaSkreechChris: You removed the deb file ?06:33
ChrisAgent_bob: meaning removing /var/cache/apt/archives/python-qt4*? yes06:33
Chrisyes, if I remove it, it just faithfully redownloads it, then complains with the same error06:33
Agent_bobone way.   as root,   apt-get clean ; apt-get install -f06:33
ChrisI'll try that06:33
Chrisdownloading python-qt4...06:34
ChrisI switched back to the default mirror in case my local mirror was causing problems, so it's rather slow.06:34
Chrissame error, as expected06:35
Chris(I might add, this was after attempting to install kubuntu-desktop)06:36
Agent_bobpastebin the output of    dpkg --configure -a06:36
Agent_bobChris it looks like a bad package "python-qt4" to me,  you can "fix" the rest of those errors with  ( dpkg --configure -a --force-all )   and file a bug report on the "python-qt4" package   then as soon as a fix is out, do the apt-get clean ;apt-get install -f    again.   but!   it might be more comfortable to just remove the offending package until a fix is out ( apt-get remove --purge python-qt4 )06:41
DaSkreechChris: try pull the deb file from packages.ubuntu.com ?06:42
Agent_bobChris also as DaSkreech mentioned, and/or specify a different version of the package.06:42
Agent_bob!info python-qt406:42
ubottupython-qt4 (source: python-qt4): Python bindings for Qt4. In component main, is optional. Version 4.4.3-1ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 4770 kB, installed size 19564 kB06:42
Agent_bobexample might be something like   apt-get install python-qt4-4.4.2     not sure about the subversioning06:43
Chrisok, thanks06:44
ChrisI'll give that a try06:44
Chrisby the way, your --purge suggestion does nothing, since it's not installed.06:45
Agent_bobthat gives you at least 4 options   maybe you will find one that you like,   but please do file a bug06:45
Chrisok, 1 down, 3 to go :)06:45
Chrisand yes, I'll file a bug06:45
Christhough I'm worried I brought this on myself, and it's not a package fault06:45
Agent_bobthe error message says its a package error  "short read in package python-qt4"    unless your network is chopping the file up and loosing some of it....06:46
Chriswouldn't the package system perform some kind of checksum/hash on the deb before attempting to unpack it?06:48
Chrisshort read to me implies it's not long enough (premature EOF), which seems odd. Even a network problem would result in a TCP/IP failure, and not once it gets to reading the completed file.06:49
Chris(though I'm merely speculating on the error message semantics)06:49
Chrishmm, I might rerun it using strace to see what it's actually doing06:49
szrhawaiiso does anyone knoe how to make profiles in terminal06:50
DaSkreechszrhawaii: #kde will probably help as well06:51
szrhawaiiDo you know how to make one of my profiles a root one06:51
szrhawaiiis it /root/bin/bash instead of /bin/bash06:52
ChrisI've downloaded python-qt4_4.3.3-2ubuntu4.1_i386.deb manually from mirrors.kernel.org/ubuntu , and it is the same file as the one I already had in /var/cache/apt/archives06:52
DaSkreechszrhawaii: Umm no06:54
DaSkreechszrhawaii: More like /bin/bash sudo -i06:54
szrhawaiioh ok06:54
Agent_bobDaSkreech ?   did i miss something?   bash wont execute sudo    it's not a script.06:57
DaSkreechShould run it as a command thought06:58
DaSkreechMight need to give it a path >_<06:58
Agent_bob /usr/bin/sudo: /usr/bin/sudo: cannot execute binary file06:59
Agent_bobfrom command #   /bin/bash sudo06:59
Agent_bobthat probably wasn't what you meant though.  anyway   sudo -i   is the command06:59
Agent_bobsudo -i ;sudo su - ;su - #if you have unlocked the superuser account, else only the first two will work.07:01
Agent_boboh and, sudo bash -li07:01
Agent_bobheh i have this system so wierded out, that only superuser can run sudo and if superuser does  sudo -i  they become root which is not superuser   ;/  ;\   ;|07:06
Agent_bobhowto test if a function name is already set "shell grammer" ???07:13
sgrahamgrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is there a way to force module-assistant to look in a different location for source code?07:35
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Agent_bobi suspoze that this would be considered unsafe ?  -rwsr-xr-x 1 0 0 664084 Jan  8 01:45 /bin/bash07:48
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bazylhi everybody ;)07:55
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=== ubuntu is now known as ctux
ctuxlittle help needed07:57
ctuxi downloaded kubuntu 8.1007:57
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
ctuxthere is kde KDE 4.2 Beta 2 released too and the kubuntu website says i have to add an experimental repo to get it07:58
ctuxso do i keep the main kde 4 repo and experimental both enabled or disable the main kde4 repo?07:59
ctuxany suggestion ?07:59
ctuxAgent_bob: wont create any conflict?07:59
Agent_bobbut i would suggest, neither, and use kde3     my suggestion07:59
ctuxAgent_bob: i want kde3 myself but that is not in official repos i guess08:00
ChrisAgent_bob: if you recall my previous issue.. so how would I get the system to a state where I can actually install other, unrelated packages? will I need to re-install the whole system?08:00
ctuxi saw an unofficial repo for it though08:00
Agent_bobchris  the --force-all i mentioned should do that.08:01
ctuxAgent_bob: are you getting kde 3 packages from that unofficial repo too?08:01
ChrisAgent_bob: it doesn't08:01
Agent_bobchris you can also manually remove all the non-configured packages08:02
Agent_bobchris what error message are you getting now ?08:02
Agent_bobctux i'm still using dapper.08:02
ChrisThe following packages have unmet dependencies: apport-qt: Depends: python-qt4 but it is not going to be installed08:02
Chris(and 7 other packages)08:02
Chrishow do I manually remove those?08:02
Agent_bobchris apt-get remove <add the eight names here>08:03
Chrisagent_bob: thanks, that resolved it08:04
Agent_bobchris you will want to watch closely the package list when installing things now, to note whether or not you are "redoing the same faulty package"08:05
ctuxi wonder if anybody using kde 3 on 8.1008:07
ChrisAgent_bob: naturally, thanks08:07
ctuxAgent_bob: http://forum.kde.org/how-get-kde-kubuntu-10-t-11996.html08:09
DaSkreechAgent_bob: Dapper???08:11
ctuxDaSkreech: may i ask you about kde3 on 8.10?08:13
ctuxdo i keep the official repos and add the one for kde 3?08:13
ctuxhe says add this one08:13
ctuxthe maintainer of kde 3 repo08:15
ctuxi will install from mini iso08:15
ctuxbut wanna be sure regards the repo08:15
Agent_bobyes dapper   LTS ya know08:15
DaSkreechctux: There should be a PPA repo08:19
ctuxok thanks08:20
DaSkreechctux: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=96369508:23
ctuxDaSkreech: thanks, this is what i was looking for indeed08:25
aftertafmorning all :)08:25
aftertafanother beautiful day in the world of the free (as in beer)08:25
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tomato_안녕들 하세요08:36
BullHornsanybody developing on ubuntu here?08:36
Hatohow can i auto insmod a ko driver when the server restart08:36
tomato_I`m user08:36
jussi01!bum | Hato08:37
ubottuHato: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto08:37
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jussi01BullHorns: several. what do you need?08:38
tomato__다들 어디 사는겨08:38
BullHornsI want to join the development team if possible, 9 years c/c++08:38
tomato__영어로만 말하네08:38
aftertafHato: or add it to the modules list08:38
jussi01BullHorns: head on over to #kubuntu-devel :)08:39
aftertaf at /etc/modules08:39
aftertafBullHorns: and yeah, nice initiative . . . . :D08:39
BullHornsthanks jussi0108:39
jussi01tomato__: what languge do you need?08:39
Hatoaftertaf: can you give me a example :my driver name is shdpci.ko at my home dir08:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kr08:41
ubottuFor Korean help, /join #ubuntu-ko08:41
aftertafHato: what do you type to load it with modprobe or insmod...?08:42
Hatoaftertaf:  insmod08:43
Hatoby manual it's successed08:43
aftertafwhats the full line you type?08:43
aftertafsudo insmod [xxx]08:44
Hatoaftertaf: yes08:44
aftertafwhat do you type instead of [xxx] ?08:44
Hatoi type insmod /xx/xx/xx/shdpci.ko at /etc/moudle but it's not use08:46
aftertafhave you tried "sudo insmod shdpci" without the .ko ?08:46
Hatono let me try it08:46
Hatoaftertaf:  maybe you missunderstanding me . I successed insmod like sudo shdpci.ko but it's manual when the server restart I must insmod again,I want to at the moudle automatic08:49
aftertafi do understand . . . .08:49
Hatoaftertaf: and the /etc/moudle is so clean and i donot know how to type it08:49
aftertafbut can you use insmod on the file without the .ko extension?08:49
Hatono it tell me no such file\08:50
aftertafok :(08:50
aftertafwhat is this file anyway?08:51
Hatoa cti pci card driver08:51
Hatothe third company support08:52
aftertaftype just the name of the file in /etc/modules08:57
aftertafnot the path to it08:57
aftertafmaybe it is not in the correct folder also....08:57
aftertafthird party driver maybe not for ubuntu, but a different GNU/Linux distribution08:58
aftertafwhat is its full path?08:58
Sarasvatianyone here?09:02
ActionParsnipno one at all09:06
Agent_bobnot me09:06
aftertafim here09:06
aftertafwhile being here, too.09:07
DarkSmokehey guys09:07
DarkSmokeis there a way to update alsa09:07
DarkSmokeon kubuntu09:07
DarkSmokewithout compiling..09:07
ActionParsnipDarkSmoke: sudo apt-get upgrade09:08
DarkSmokeno dude, not like that, a version that is not in kubuntu09:08
Agent_bobif it's a .deb you can use the package manager   else.  not really09:08
solariesI have a really strange problem: Since the latest kubuntu 8.10 my mouse click is indeterministically disabled when using xinerama09:11
ActionParsnipsolaries: do you use compiz?09:12
Agent_bobspeeking of,  is there a way to make xorg itself accept keyboard input for things like twm or blackbox  without a mouse ?09:13
solariesbut it does not seem to work with xinerama09:14
ActionParsnipsolaries: its compiz, ive seen it do this09:14
ActionParsnipsolaries: read the last post here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/9091809:18
ActionParsniponce again, compiz is garbage09:18
solariesbut how can one disable it?09:19
solariesonly found that compiz button which I have to click each time I log in09:20
=== ubuntu is now known as thiagoo
thiagoohey guys09:20
thiagoois there a linux partition manager09:20
solarieshttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/90918 says that it is always this way. In my case it happens from time to time.09:20
solariesand it is left _and_ right click disabled then09:21
ActionParsnip!gparted | thiagoo09:22
ubottuthiagoo: gparted is a !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php09:22
thiagoothank you09:22
ActionParsnipsolaries: its a compiz thing it can kill mice09:22
aftertafthiagoo: or parted, if you feel hardcore ;)09:22
SlimeyPeteparted is for weenies09:22
thiagooi just need to delete a partition which windows does not see but linux does09:23
SlimeyPetereal men use fdisk ;)09:23
thiagooweird huh09:23
aftertaflol SlimeyPete :)09:23
SlimeyPeteactually in all seriousness I do use fdisk, but that's only cos I've not got around to playing with parted09:23
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Hatoaftertaf:  let me try it .the driver is build for ubuntu09:26
=== KennethP_ is now known as KennethP
=== jojo__ is now known as Repolete__
griswaldhas anyone here used Ubuntu Ultimate Edition? if so did you like it?09:32
Tm_Tgriswald: no, and I would recommend to stay as far as possible from it09:33
griswaldwhy is that?09:33
Tm_Tit's ugly pile of hacks that makes us devels cry09:33
* jussi01 concurs with that09:33
Tm_Talso it means immediately voiding any warranty from ubuntu09:33
Tm_Tno, seriously, it's dangerous09:34
jussi01ie. no support here09:34
jussi01is it possible to run a 32 bit program on 64bit?09:34
Tm_Tjussi01: is09:34
Tm_Tbut, mmmmh, I forgot the package you need atleast09:35
jussi01Tm_T: is it just ia32libs?09:35
ActionParsnipjussi01: you need ia32 libs, then you can install 32bit packages all you like09:35
jussi01ActionParsnip: if I have that, can I run a single 32bit binary?09:35
ActionParsnipjussi01: absolutely, if you run the file command against it, the system knows its 32bit and will use 32bit libs09:37
griswaldTm: could you explain alittle more on what make UE so dangerous? and since Ubuntu is Open Source how can they have a warranty?09:37
Tm_Tgriswald: as in community support09:37
Tm_Tgriswald: also if it breaks something, or if something breaks after using it, you blame them and them alone09:38
jussi01ActionParsnip: hrm, so I just install ia32libs and run the program as normal, correct?09:38
Tm_Tgriswald: anyway, how it works, is very very dangerous, it forces package installs without any smart way to tell if it's safe09:38
Tm_Tgriswald: and much more09:39
ActionParsnipjussi01: you got it09:39
ubottuAutomatix is no longer developed or supported by its creators and is not recommended, supported, or needed by Ubuntu. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubottu WorksForMe »09:39
jussi01ActionParsnip: Super! thanks09:39
Agent_bobso does this look right to zero out a partition table ?  "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda bs=1 skip=445 count=64 "09:39
JohnFluxAgent_bob: why? :)09:40
griswaldwhat does that mean forces package installs? like software that should be able to run with certian hardware is being forced to run?09:40
Tm_Tgriswald: no, installing stuff in a way that might mean removing whole system under it09:40
Agent_bobJohnFlux umm because i don't use partitions but lilo builds a blank partition table when you install it to MBR,  and not that that hurts anything, just that i don't like having a blank partition table on a partitionless disk.09:42
griswaldok i uderstand now. but it really doesnt pose a threat to the hardware in the sytem does it?09:42
Tm_Tgriswald: well, perhaps not, unless you're very unlucky (:09:42
Tm_Tgriswald: I cannot tell, nor care, that wouldn't make it much worse really09:43
griswaldi see09:43
Tm_Tall those ultimatix, ultimate etc stuff are not supported by Ubuntu in anyway09:44
Tm_Tso if you use them, use their support09:45
Tm_Tand now I stop talking about this before I bite my tongue off09:45
griswaldwell for me being deployed i got tired of windows crashing over here in afghanistan. so a buddy of mine recommend ubuntu. and after some reading i found UE. it was perfect for what i needed. having almost no access to the internet, it had everthing i needed to get up and go.09:45
JohnFluxAgent_bob: wait what?09:45
JohnFluxAgent_bob: you want to have a partionless disk?09:45
Agent_bobJohnFlux umm because i don't use partitions but lilo builds a blank partition table when you install it to MBR,  and not that that hurts anything, just that i don't like having a blank partition table on a partitionless disk. <<< i have no partitions.09:46
Tm_Tgriswald: still, and no, you will not advertise it here09:46
JohnFluxAgent_bob: but you still have a filesystem?09:46
Agent_bobJohnFlux of course09:46
griswaldsorry just making conversation. didnt mean to advertise09:46
JohnFluxAgent_bob: hmm, what makes you think that this is possible?09:46
Tm_Tgriswald: I know, just mentioned (:09:46
JohnFluxAgent_bob: the fdisk man page says that linux doesn't allow that09:46
Agent_bobJohnFlux the fact that i've been using linux on hda for several years was my first clue that it would work  LOL09:47
ActionParsnipAgent_bob: any advantages of that?09:48
Agent_boband i can't help if there are errors in some man page.  file a bug against fdisk/man909:48
JohnFluxAgent_bob: what's the purpose?09:48
jarohi there. I'm going to replicate system onto another disk. I'm deciding whether I should clone partition with dd or just copy files with cp.09:49
Agent_bobActionParsnip no.  it's a big disadvantage, in that, every time you mention it, you have thirty people telling you it can't be done.09:49
Agent_bobJohnFlux preferance.09:49
jaroI'd like to know wheter cp is suitable for filesystem replication09:49
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Agent_bobjaro cp -A09:49
Tm_Tjaro: if you do it from device to device, too09:49
ActionParsnipAgent_bob: ive heard of it but never bothered as ive got stuff to do09:49
Tm_Tor hmm, evil09:49
Agent_bobActionParsnip i first started when i was cramped for disk space,  it seemed wise to use every byte i could,   then kinda liked the novalty of it, and kept using partitionless disks from that point on.09:51
JohnFluxAgent_bob: in the old days, disks would skip the filesystem as well09:52
JohnFluxAgent_bob: the fun of writing a zip file directly to /dev/hda  :-)09:52
Agent_bobActionParsnip i'm talking about when i installed linux on a lappy with a 210m hdd  i needed all 210m of it... :)09:52
ActionParsnipgentoo :)09:52
JohnFlux210MB is small? hah.09:52
muxomorHallo all, could you help me with such a problem: i had an nvidia card, installed for it proprietary driver. Then i  unplugged it, and put an ati card, modified xorg.conf for using ati  open-source driver (Card Radeon 9200 SE, RV280 based). Now i dont' have 3d, glxinfo says "Error: couldn't find RGB GLX visual". Xorg.0.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102102/09:52
jaroI would probably also use cp -xa to prevent copying mounted subdirectories09:53
Agent_bobJohnFlux it is for a modern linux install09:53
Agent_bobJohnFlux ubuntu warty took 180m minimal09:53
muxomortis strange - direct rendering is disabled, acceleration erenabled, and in the end it tolds me about missing nvidia x driver09:53
=== ubuntu is now known as thiagooo
thiagooowhat was the hardcore partition manager someone suggested here10:01
thiagoooi have a partition which just wont delete10:01
thiagoooits crazy10:01
Agent_bobthiagooo cfdisk ?10:01
aftertaffdisk or pated ;)10:01
thiagooosudo apt-get install cfdisk?10:01
Agent_bobthiagooo sfdisk is hardcore.10:01
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-Away
aftertafwhat does sudo fdisk -l show?10:02
thiagoooim running off a livedisk10:03
Agent_bobcfdisk > fdisk > sfdisk > edit by hand your partition table with a hex editor10:03
thiagoooit didnt show anything10:03
JohnFluxAgent_bob: according to the people in ##kernel, the cost of using a partition table is only 512 bytes10:04
Agent_bobJohnFlux yeah, and ?10:04
JohnFluxAgent_bob: hardly seems a worthwhile saving on a 210MB hard disk ;-D10:05
JohnFluxAgent_bob: of course, the 'coolness' is still there10:05
Agent_bobJohnFlux when free space is less than 1m every byte counts10:05
JohnFluxAgent_bob: 1 million what?10:06
thiagooothis is crazy10:07
thiagooothis this recovery vista partition that the sony support installedin my hard driver10:07
thiagoooand i just cant get rid of it10:07
thiagoooany ideas?10:07
=== rysiek|pl is now known as rysiek
=== rysiek is now known as rysiek|pl
Agent_bobthiagooo if you want to lose all data   zero the disk and start from scratch.10:08
JohnFluxthiagooo: sudo fdisk  -l    showed nothing at all?10:08
Agent_bobthiagooo as root    cat /dev/zero > /dev/hda #example only.  (and it will take it a little while to write a "zero byte" to every bit of the disk.  <use with the expectation of losing all data on the entire hd, not just a partition.10:10
JohnFluxAgent_bob: can you tone down the crazy a little bit :-D10:10
thiagoooAgent_bob: im fine with loosing everything10:11
thiagooothanks for that bit of information10:11
JohnFluxAgent_bob: the fact that he can't even get fdisk to work is worrying10:11
Agent_bobJohnFlux that's not crazy.   if he wants to erase the disk that' s a good way.10:11
aftertafthiagooo: if you run parted ? does it show anything?10:11
thiagooosudo apt-get install parted?10:11
Agent_bobshould be installed10:11
JohnFluxAgent_bob: people don't always want what they ask for10:12
aftertafis installed normally10:12
thiagoooAgent_bob: can u explain again how to zero the disk10:12
JohnFluxthiagooo: you should cooperate with aftertaf10:13
Agent_bobJohnFlux  then they shouldn't ask for it.    the attitude of "we have to protect the stupid common people form their selves" has always kinda tic'd me off.10:13
aftertaf:) lol10:13
JohnFluxAgent_bob: well you should protect people from their selves10:13
thiagoooJohnFlux: what are you on about man?10:13
aftertafok . . . . . .10:13
Agent_bobJohnFlux no,  i shouldn't and wont.10:13
JohnFluxAgent_bob: if someone says "I've got a partition that won't delete" that should start raising alarm bells10:13
JohnFluxAgent_bob: not getting you to use cat to solve it10:14
thiagoooaftertaf: sorry for not answering, i can run parted but i cant delete the partition from there either10:14
aftertafthiagooo: you want to wipe the whole disk? do what bob said : cat /dev/zero > /dev/yourdisk10:14
aftertafthia no pb :)10:14
Agent_bobthiagooo repeting, as you requested.    as root    cat /dev/zero > /dev/hda       #example only.  (and it will take it a little while to write a "zero byte" to every bit of the disk.  <use with the expectation of losing all data on the entire hd, not just a partition.10:14
thiagoooaftertaf: the unalocatted space shows as 140 gb but it is actually 160 gb10:14
thiagooothe recovery partition the sony support was 20 gb10:15
Agent_bobi would want the extra 20g too, if it were me.10:15
thiagooothe partition is nothing anyway10:16
thiagoooits all in chinese and ive told everytime i send my laptop to support that i want english10:16
thiagoooi live in china btw10:16
thiagooohence why i want it delete10:16
thiagoooit has no use to me10:16
aftertafafter the dev zero... any risk that disk is totally unuseable?10:16
thiagoooaftertaf: is there?10:16
thiagoooAgent_bob: sorry, im not that comfortable with linux so im not that sure on how to do what you wrote me10:17
aftertafbob, if he uses parted and writes a new partition table, will that also free it up ?10:17
Agent_bobaftertaf i have never seen it.  and have zeroed many.   that's no promice that there wont be one tho10:17
JohnFluxaftertaf: right10:17
JohnFluxaftertaf: but it's still a worry that he can't get fdisk to work10:18
JohnFluxthiagooo: do you know what a console is?10:18
thiagooohow do i get to work johnflux10:18
thiagoooinstall it through sudo apt-get?10:18
JohnFluxwhere you can type commands10:18
aftertafthiagooo: open a console and type this : "sudo cat /dev/zero > /dev/hda"   if hda is the disk you want to liquify10:18
Agent_bobaftertaf wrong,10:18
aftertafAgent_bob: argh you're right10:19
Agent_bobsudo and redirrection doesn't work right.10:19
JohnFluxwe know have crazy people trying to get him to zero every byte on the disk10:19
aftertafredirection ;)10:19
Agent_bobyou could tee it though10:19
aftertafgood luck, i'm going to apt-get hoover_the_house10:19
Agent_bobJohnFlux and even crazier trying to keep him from it...10:20
JohnFluxAgent_bob: oh good grief10:20
* aftertaf isnt crazy, just riddled with flu :)10:20
thiagoooJohnFlux: what should i do then man10:20
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)10:20
aftertafthiagooo: you have no data you want to keep, so wipe the disk10:20
thiagooothank you10:21
aftertafor write a new partition table.10:21
thiagoooyes i have no data i want to keep10:21
JohnFluxaftertaf: how is that an 'or' thing?10:21
aftertafgood luck all :)10:21
JohnFluxwhat exactly does zeroing the device accomplish?10:21
aftertaftotal wipeage10:21
JohnFluxhe's still going to have to write a new partition table10:21
Agent_bobsudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda count=10 ;sudo gparted    :)))10:21
JohnFluxI bet that this whole problem comes down to that he simply didn't run gparted as sudo10:22
JohnFluxor some trivial problem like that10:22
Agent_bobtechnecally it should be gksudo gparted    or kdesudo qtparted10:23
Agent_bobbut from a live CD you can't mess up permissions in your home anyway.   reboot clears all.10:23
thiagoooso zeroing the bytes has no problem except wiping the whole disk?10:25
thiagoooJohnFlux: this is for you btw http://paste.ubuntu.com/102109/10:25
JohnFluxthiagooo: okay so install util-linux10:26
JohnFluxthiagooo: or try just running 'fdisk'10:26
JohnFluxi'm sure the live cd comes with fdisk install10:26
thiagooonop :/10:26
JohnFluxthiagooo: okay so apt-get install util-linux    like it tells you10:27
=== popey_ is now known as popey
JohnFluxthiagooo: the live cd comes with gparted or something right?10:28
thiagoooJohnFlux: yes10:28
thiagoooJohnFlux: and gparted also does not see that partition10:28
mooperdHi!, Can i downgrade kubumtu 8.10 to kde3.510:28
thiagoooall it shows right now is an unalocatted space of 140gb10:29
thiagoooAgent_bob: sudo cat /dev/zero > /dev/hda gives me permission denied10:29
JohnFluxthiagooo: and what does it say about the rest of the disk?10:30
thiagoooubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo cat /dev/zero > /dev/hda10:30
thiagooobash: /dev/hda: Permission denied10:30
Agent_bobthiagooo i told you it would,  "redirrection" is not affected by sudo.10:31
thiagoooJohnFlux: i just told you the only thing it shows is an unalocatted space of 140gb10:31
thiagooonothing else10:31
Agent_bobsudo -i  then run it.10:31
thiagoooim running it off a livecd so what would be the password?10:31
Agent_bobhense the   as root;   cat /dev/zero > /dev/sda  #example...10:32
Agent_bobpassword ?10:32
thiagooohow do i go as root then10:32
Agent_bobdoes the live CD now have a password ?10:32
Agent_bobsudo -i10:32
Agent_bobsudo -i  # this makes me root10:32
thiagooocat: write error: No space left on device10:36
thiagooothis is what it gives back10:36
Agent_bobthiagooo pretty quick,  but that should do it.  :)10:37
Agent_bobthiagooo assuming you selected the correct device node   "sda" for example.10:37
thiagooosudo cat /dev/zero > /dev/hda10:38
thiagooothis is what i wrote10:38
Agent_bobthiagooo i don't know if your hdd will show as hda or sda  might try both   which ever doesn't exist it will let you know.10:42
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Guest99464just curious, anyone know of an easier way than re-encoding the .cps file kwin produces when you do an image capture, and if there's a native way to view it?10:43
=== Guest99464 is now known as faileas
shiv_jWhy is kde4 so slow. I have 4GB RAM, 2.2 Ghz Dual core10:43
bvalek2shiv_j: driver problems10:44
bvalek2i have 512 MB ram, with 2GHz Celeron P4, and KDE4 is smooth10:44
bvalek2i installed the NVidia closed-source driver10:45
shiv_jbvalek2: nt really because I have gnome installed along and it blazes. I removed desktop effects. Still my mouse is slow to move. It takes forever to open a folder10:45
* faileas had KDE running decently on a celeron M 1.something, on a system with 320 mb of ram at one point ;)10:45
shiv_jbvalek2: I have nvidia installed on gnome side. Do I need to redo for kde?10:46
Agent_bobthiagooo i jsut tested,  if the device node was correct the message is "cat: write error: No space left on device"  and if the device node is incorrect the message is "bash: /dev/hde: No such device or address"    so you hit it the first time  :)10:46
* Agent_bob couldn't use hda or sda in the test as he has both.10:47
bvalek2shiv_j: i dont know how KDE4 works, but probably it is not aware of your NVidia driver. yes, try the install in KDE4 too, it wont harm anything (it will say in the worst care, that its already installed, and do nothing)10:47
thiagoooi wrote it again with sda10:47
thiagoooand its still working10:47
thiagoooand my laptop made some noise10:47
thiagoooit still hasnt got back into root@ubuntu10:47
Agent_bob!tab | thiagooo on then the first time you just filled up your ram.  you can rm /dev/hda to free some ram.10:48
ubottuthiagooo on then the first time you just filled up your ram.  you can rm /dev/hda to free some ram.: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.10:48
faileasAgent_bob: i thought the newer kernels all use sdX ?10:48
Agent_bobfaileas i didn't ask what version of live CD he had.10:49
thiagoooits still not back to root@ubuntu where i can write something10:50
Agent_bobfaileas i suggested both hda and sda at different times and expected him to find out which he had...10:50
Agent_bobthiagooo it will take a while.10:50
thiagoooi just ran gparted to check the partition10:53
thiagoooand it is taking so long to scan10:54
thiagooostill scanning10:54
thiagoooprobability a messed up my device?10:54
Agent_bobshouldn't until run a partitioning tool while the zeroing process is going on.10:54
ctuxanybody know if kde3 repo for intrpid is down? i get error that it has been permanently moved10:55
thiagoooit was done10:55
thiagooowasnt it?10:55
Agent_bobctux the link you posted earlier said it was moved10:56
Agent_bobthiagooo did gparted finish scanning ?10:56
Tm_Tctux: there is no repo for it, IIRC10:56
thiagooon ope10:56
thiagoooi closed it10:56
ctuxyes Agent_bob thats what happened with me when i added it to my apt.sources list10:56
Agent_bobTm_T there was an unofficial one he was using10:57
Tm_TAgent_bob: was10:57
Tm_Twhat I know, there's no one anymore, but I might be wrong, as usual10:57
Agent_bobthiagooo did the cat command return "no space left on device" ???10:58
ctuxAgent_bob,: this works though10:59
thiagooowhen i wrote with hda yes11:01
Tm_Tctux: interesting, looks ok11:01
thiagooowhen i write with sda nothing comes b ack11:01
ctuxTm_T: yes11:01
thiagoooand it changes to ubuntu:cat11:01
Agent_bobthiagooo no.  rm /dev/hda ;cat /dev/zero > /dev/sda  # that's the one you want.  the hda didn't exist and you created it with the >.11:02
Agent_bobthiagooo and it will take several minutes to zero out a disk.   so run it and go get a coffee or something.11:03
thiagoooroot@ubuntu:~# rm /dev/hda ; cat /dev/zero > /dev/sda11:04
thiagooorm: cannot remove `/dev/hda': No such file or directory11:04
Agent_bobthiagooo that's oke.11:04
thiagoooam i done?11:05
thiagooowhats the next step11:05
Agent_bobwait until it says "no space left" and returns to  root@host/~11:05
thiagooohow long11:06
thiagoooshould it last11:06
Agent_bobseveral minutes.  i can't say exactly the speed of the hdd and the size of the hdd dictate the time to write zeros to every byte of the hdd   so  160G * ${B/S} = T11:07
Agent_bobthiagooo the next step, when the time comes, is to install linux as usual.  using entire disk in the partitioning step of the install11:09
Agent_bobsome like to reboot between these two processes.   it might not be a bad idea, but shouldn't be needed.11:10
chakie_workis it possible to install intrepid with disk encryption?11:19
thiagoooits still going agent bob11:19
chakie_worki can't find any option for it in the 32 nor 64 bit versions11:20
Agent_bobthiagooo give it time.11:20
Agent_bobseems like it took almost an hour on the 200g i just did a few weaks ago11:21
thiagooook then11:21
thiagoooit returned this right after i typed it11:22
thiagoooi might have typed something in accident after right?11:22
Agent_bobyeah you probably used the uparrow or something11:22
thiagooono harm there?11:23
thiagooook to use kopete while its doing it?11:23
Agent_bobit's the terminal telling you it dosent understand your key strokes.   and yes it's ok to use any non-hard-disk app.11:24
chakie_workthe installation docs talk about encrypted disks and encrypted LVM, but there are no options related to that in the installer11:24
chakie_workpebkac or docs snafu?11:25
chakie_workthe docs say this about the manual partitioning: "The main setting is Use as:, which determines if the partition will have a file system on it, or be used for swap, software RAID, LVM, an encrypted file system, or not be used at all"11:29
chakie_worki have no options there apart from the basic filesystems like ext3, xfs, swap11:29
Agent_bobubottu encrypted11:30
ubottuFor information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory11:30
Agent_bobchakie_work hmmm not what you want i guess.   sorry11:31
chakie_workAgent_bob: no, i need whole disk encryption11:33
chakie_worki've now tested kubuntu and ubuntu, both 32 and 64 bit versions11:33
chakie_workas the 64 bit versions don't according to the docs have anything related to crypto11:34
Agent_bobchakie_work well i'm not familear with disk encription so if no one else in here speeks up. you might ask in #ubuntu  because the installer (ubiquity) is common in all *buntu's11:35
chakie_workAgent_bob: well, yes, that's true. i'll try there11:36
swpermanI'm having trouble setting up a VPN on kubuntu... i've installed network-manager-pptp, but when i try to add a new one, name field and ok button are disabled. it says "no configuration interface for the vpn service ppp. check installation".. any clue?11:38
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=== ubuntu is now known as thiagooo
thiagoooAgent_bob: my sda hd is still shown as 149.06 gb12:24
thiagoooand gparted does not show anything else except the unalocatted 149.0512:24
Agent_bobthiagooo did you reboot ?12:28
thiagoooand gparted does not show anything else except the unalocatted 149.0512:31
thiagooobut ya12:32
thiagoooi did12:32
Rioting_pacifisthow can i find out whats using my entropy12:42
thiagoooAgent_bob: ?12:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about amule12:46
Agent_bobdid you reboot after the zeroing of the disk thiagooo ?   some reccomend that,  although i have never had too it can't hurt anything12:47
thiagoooAgent_bob: do you know about any bootable partition managers?12:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gpartedCD12:48
Agent_bobhmm google for  gparted CD12:49
DarkSmokehey guys12:49
DarkSmokeif i have alsa installed on kubuntu12:49
DarkSmokethe default one12:49
amerigoi have a question .... amule tells me that the folder in which it download files is /home/user/.amule/incoming/"files" but if i go in /home/user there's no folder /.amule12:49
DarkSmokeand i compile and make install a newer version in /usr/local12:49
DarkSmokewhich one will be used?12:49
amerigohow i can find it?12:50
leifis there some plugins to konquer12:50
silv3r_m00nhi there12:54
silv3r_m00nin kde openoffice.org the toolbars , menus all vanish12:54
silv3r_m00nhow to fix this ?12:54
dwidmannhmm, anybody know from where krunner gets its path?12:57
=== nicolas_ is now known as Bou
wesleyhi i would like to know if its possible to install other os via usb, like booting the iso from usb13:01
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate13:01
JohnFluxdwidmann: for finding programs?  probably just the PATH variable13:03
dwidmannJohnFlux: if only ...13:03
wesleyAgent_bob i dont wanna install ubuntu i know how to do that, bu i am wondering can i install a other os also via usb13:04
Agent_bobdefine other os please13:05
Agent_bobor short answer is "yes"13:06
wesleymore can i not say because that would not fit in the guidelines13:07
Agent_bobmore can i not help cause i am "Agent" bob13:08
wesleyi only need to know if you can boot a iso so it acts as cd ( i know this can inside ubuntu, but then will osx not install )13:08
Agent_boblike i said the short answer is yes.   i can't walk you through it though for the same reason you stated. ...  plus one.13:10
JohnFluxthiagooo: oh really, clearing the whole disk to zero didn't help?13:10
JohnFluxwhat a surprise.13:10
Agent_bobthe guide for installing ubuntu from usb stick should work as a patern to learn from tho13:11
Agent_bobJohnFlux you forgot the </irony>  ^13:11
JohnFluxthiagooo: 160 * 1000^3 / 1024^3 = 149.0113:13
wesleyAgenr_bob i going install osx on a intel atom, but according to aple that illigal, but they ship intels :s13:13
JohnFluxthiagooo: I think that your 160GB hard disk really is just 149GiB13:13
JohnFluxthiagooo: 160 gigabytes = 149 gigibytes13:15
Agent_bobhe said 140g before, must have gained 9g13:15
JohnFluxAgent_bob: or he just 'rounded'13:15
Agent_bobor the restore partition was taking up 9g  wouldn't that be wierd tho13:16
knioletwesley: installing osx on non apple hardware kinda sucks, not only is it a pain in the butt, a lot of hardware doesn't work right, especially video cards since there are generally only drivers for video cards that apple puts in their hardware13:16
wesleykniolet, i found a intressting tut and, my hardware is new and everthing is backed up, so why not give it a try13:17
wesleymay i post it here ? i bet not ?13:18
knioletpost what here?13:18
knioletthe tutorial13:18
knioletbetter not to13:19
knioletwesley: besides os x sucks lol i have a macbook and after 2 months of mac os, i reformatted the drive and installed linux on it13:20
wesleykniolet, i have a Iphone, but i cant say that osx sucks, i kind of liked it, only works different13:23
wesleyi have a imac standing here btw, i use a mac keyboard now13:25
knioletto me it's like linux, but broken lol personally i'd take kde4 over osx anyday (though thats just personal preference of course)13:25
wesleyno sorry kwin is still not perfected, but i like kde4 to13:26
xbmchi people13:27
=== xbmc is now known as ^Manu
^Manui have a few questions regarding display drivers..13:27
wesleykwin looks slow sometimes13:27
^Manui just tried to build the latest version of the intel display driver from source.. it looks like it went according to plan, but now the 3d performance is REEEEALLLY slow..13:27
^Manulike 1fps type slow..13:28
^Manuhow can i see the versions of my drivers and stuff?13:28
wesleyhave you run glxgears ?13:28
^Manuall those glx tools say "Can't open display :0.0"13:28
wesleyps its not recommend to build the intel driver from source13:28
^Manuwhy not?13:28
^Manuthe current binary doesn't support my hardware..13:29
wesleyits not supported, if you build then grab the source code from ubuntu13:29
^Manualso, previously, before i started messing with it, when i tried to run some 3d apps, it crash saying you need opengl 1.3, running 1.2.. or something..13:29
^Manuwell can i fix it somehow? just reinstall the ubuntu drivers?13:30
^Manuit all appeard to go according to plan.. just that the 3d went to tell..13:30
^Manuhow can i see what version drivers are running?13:30
^Manui have no idea about linux.. don't even know how to print the running services :/13:31
^Manusurely theres a short command to show my driver version?13:32
^Manui don't even know if the driver i built is running..13:32
Agent_bob^Manu where to start...    man man    man intro     man ps      press ctrl+alt+esc might help too...13:32
^Manui'm maned everything so far..13:33
Agent_bobglxinfo | grep -i driver13:33
wesleyi suggest report a bug, i did it yesterday to, i also have my ? if ubuntu uses the reight drivers, and if intel performance like it shoul13:33
^Manuglxinfo doesn't work13:34
^Manu"unable to open display :0.0"13:34
wesleyi only get about 40 fps so thats kind of slow, but i dont kow about those thuff13:34
Agent_bob^Manu from within the running gui ?13:34
^Manui don't really care about the fps, but 1fps implies a software raster..13:34
^Manui thought that was odd too.13:35
^Manutheres obviously a display, or i wouldnt have windows and everything.13:35
Agent_bobhmmm   what does    xhost +LOCAL:  #say to you ?13:35
^Manusame thing13:35
wesleyi have running kwin here, and sometime its needs to repaint the window, strange is this doessnt happing in Windows aero13:35
amijaiI have a usb stick I manage to curropt13:36
amijaiI want to re-format it as vfat, but I do not know how to find which device it is13:36
amijaiit shows up in lsusb but does not mount automatically13:37
Agent_bob^Manu something not normal there.   mounted nosuid ?   running these commands from a different user account within the gui ?     using debian rather than ubuntu ?    other things i didn't think of ???13:37
^Manui can't see a list of versions of running services?13:37
wesleySo i and many others believe that intel gma is performing slow13:37
thomas__I'm interested a photodatabase for intrepid, any suggtions?13:37
^Manuoh, runnung from root :/13:38
Agent_bobhmmm   what does    sudo xhost +LOCAL:  #say to you ?13:38
^Manusorry! that was silly of me!13:38
^Manuthe same shell i was using the compile the drivers :/13:38
Agent_bobyou really shouldn't compile as superuser.13:38
amijaihow do I find out which device I should use for the mount command?13:38
^ManuOpengl renderer string: Software Rasterizer13:39
Agent_bobamijai what are you mounting ?13:39
^Manuthat's not good...13:39
^Manui suppose that's because i didn't build the mesa driver too..13:39
^Manui couldn't get it to build :(13:39
Agent_bobamijai i missed what you were trying to mount... could you repete13:40
wesleyhere runs desktop effects, but getting low framrates, i believe thats a bug13:40
=== corvus_ is now known as CorvusE
^Manuso i'm a bit screwed :(13:45
jannoTTIs there a way to make Konsole work in Kdevelop?13:47
amijaibob: I want to know what is the device (under /dev) for the usb stick13:47
amijaiI plugged it in but it does not mount automatically13:47
amijaiI just want to ron mkfs.vfat to the device13:48
Agent_bobamijai ok that's going to be a variable of /dev/sd?   you can find out with the command  dmesg | grep -E 'sd. '  # i think13:48
amijaiforgot that one!13:49
Agent_bobamijai note that the whole device is sd? but if partitioned the partitions are   sd?#   where ? is a letter and # is a number13:49
Agent_bobamijai a variable of /dev/sd?   you can find out with the command#   dmesg | grep 'sd: '  # < correction13:51
Agent_bobwell i still did it wrong,,,13:52
Agent_bobamijai a variable of /dev/sd?   you can find out with the command#   dmesg | grep -e 'sd.: '  # < correction #2 and that one does work.13:52
Agent_bobamijai you can see partition information with    sudo fdisk -l     or venella  fdisk -l /dev/sd?   if you have read access to the device nodes13:54
=== sjuntunen is now known as taavi
Agent_boband if you don't have,  then   cat /proc/partitions    sould still work.13:55
dstarI've got a laptop with an ATI graphics processor (Radeon HD 3100M). Anyone know how I can swap between the LCD and an external monitor on the fly? I haven't had much luck...13:58
^Manuwhat is pkg-config?13:59
amijaithanks bob - that was it! got it!:-D13:59
dstarGoogling hasn't helped either.13:59
Agent_bobamijai welcome,  always -gt 1 methoods of feline epidurmal removal.14:00
amijaianother question14:00
amijaiI would like to create a bootable dos disk from the usb stick and use it to update my bios14:01
amijaiI have no floppy14:02
^Manuwhy the f*** won't kde remember the state of the taskbar whenever i restart?14:02
^Manuit completely re-organises the taskbar every time...14:02
amijaiis there a way I can get an msdos boot image (*.img) and use dd?14:02
DarkTani'm currently using Xubuntu, but I also want to use KDE, do i just use "sudo apt-get install KDE" or is there more to it?14:02
^Manulike it puts the clock in the middle, and the 'K' on the right and messes everything else around too.14:02
Agent_bobamijai one way would be to dl a bootable floppy image and dd it to the usb stick   then mount the stick and put the needed files there and reboot...14:03
amijaibob - that is exactly what I want to do14:03
amijaido you know where I can get / create such image?14:04
Agent_bobamijai google for   bootdisk download   or  bootdisk image     either should hit several14:05
Agent_bobamijai freedos would probably work for that14:08
amijaibob: I got the image, can you plz tell me the syntax for dd?14:10
amijaiI thought: dd if=dos.im of=/dev/sdg114:11
amijaifreedos is what curropted the stick to begin with14:12
Agent_bobamijai i think you'll have to put the image dirrectly on the device rather than trying to put it in a partition.  i.e.   dd if=file.img of=/dev/sdg14:14
Agent_bobamijai that way at boot time the bios will see a floppy drive/disk  rather than a partitioned/hdd with a funky partition that it doesn't know what to do with...   :)14:15
amijainow, when I plugged it again - it mounted automaticaly and shows all the dos system disk files!14:17
amijaigot to go14:17
Agent_bobok.  well i'm out for a while,   you're welcome.14:17
Agent_bobshalom #kubuntu14:18
DarkTanso, anyone know how to install KDE from within Xfce?14:18
PiciDarkTan: kubuntu-desktop is the metapackage that holds all of the KDE stuffs14:19
DarkTanok, so using sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop will install it? is there any this else i have to do with it? afterwards?14:21
Bouit everything goes fine, no :) then choose KDE session at login screen14:22
craver_what's a nice media player for KDE?14:22
craver_i've used mplayer from the command line for years, i think it's time to use something different14:23
DarkTanok thx14:24
Boucraver_: kaffeine14:25
DarkTanthe two that come with it are pretty good, Amarok for the music....K[something] for everything14:25
DarkTanyeah, kaffeine14:25
Boubut Amarok for music certainly :)14:25
* DarkTan uses Amarok under Xfce too14:26
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ActionParsnipyo yo yo14:28
^Manuso, how do i show the version of my video driver?14:28
^Manui REALLY want to see the version of my video driver :(14:29
ActionParsnip^Manu: what video card do yu use?14:29
ActionParsnip^Manu: dpkg --l | grep xserver | grep intel14:30
^Manuah, .. good good, thx :)14:31
^Manuthis is interesting then... this version should support my sound hardware.. but the sound is still not working :(14:31
^Manuso i need to build alsa against the video driver source or something?14:31
^Manusurely alsa can get the HDMI synk from the video driver at runtime?14:32
ubottuDaca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro14:36
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!14:37
menace82hello everybody...14:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about plasma14:38
=== menace82 is now known as menace_82
ubottuFor help debugging your program, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProcedures14:38
^Manucan anyone please tell me why the F*** kubuntu can never remember teh taskbar layout?14:40
^Manuit rearranges the taskbar completely every time i restart..14:40
dabearso don't restart?14:41
DarkTansave before restarting14:41
ubottuLearn more about Ubuntu Mobile at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded14:45
ActionParsnip^Manu: maybe you havent got write access to your plasma config file14:47
^Manuwhere does that live?14:47
ActionParsnip^Manu: when you turn off, click to save your session. I'll find where the file lives14:48
^Manuclick to save my session?14:48
^Manuit doesn't save the state of the taskbar whenever i finsh modifying it?14:48
robin0800^Manu: settings advanced session14:49
nHawkdoes any know why there is keyboard lag in intrepid ibex and not in hardy heron?14:54
nHawkany one*14:54
ActionParsnipnHawk: bad settings14:54
nHawkActionParsnip: default settings are bad ? :S14:54
ActionParsnipnHawk: usually, defaults suck14:55
nHawkActionParsnip: can u suggest me some ideas?14:55
^Manuin settings advanced session manager, what am i interested in?14:55
ActionParsnip!keyboard | nHawk14:55
ubottunHawk: To switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard (GNOME) - KDE: K -> System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout (KDE) - Xfce: see https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/xubuntu/desktopguide/C/switch-keyboard-layout.html - See also !Shortcuts14:55
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nHawkok let me try that :)14:58
robin0800^Manu: let it save your session ....you could also try to lock the taskbar15:00
^Manui've locked the taskbar, it doesn't respect that.15:11
^Manuand theres no option to save my session, there's only "restore previous session", which is selected/15:12
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
^Manuhow can i check my alsa version?15:17
IppatsuMan^Manu: dpkg -l | grep ' alsa'15:18
ActionParsnipIppatsuMan: you can grep -i alsa too (-i == case insensitive) ;)15:19
IppatsuManActionParsnip: all packages have lowercase names, so that's not necessary :)15:20
ActionParsnipIppatsuMan: its just habit for me15:22
IppatsuManit's a habit for me too :)15:23
ActionParsnipIppatsuMan: i keep meaning to alias it but never bother15:24
SiVA_I installed the ati fglrx drivers and it screwed my x server. How do I get it back?15:32
ActionParsnipSiVA_: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg15:33
SiVA_I tried that, but it didn't work15:34
SiVA_how can I stop the KDE window manager from the console, and then restart it?15:34
=== fernando is now known as Guest3297
craver_sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart15:35
craver_depending on your version15:35
SiVA_when I start it, my screen flashes a few times and then it eventually starts but it's really slow15:36
ActionParsnipSiVA_: that will set your xorg.conf back to defaults, theres also the repair x server in the recovery menu of grub15:36
SiVA_it was working fine until I installed those damn ati drivers15:36
SiVA_actionparsnip I will try that15:37
SiVA_(recovery mode) ... trying that15:37
ActionParsnipSiVA_: esc when grub loads15:38
ZehavaI need to run sed through and entire directory and remove 1 string every instance it is found, is this possible?15:39
SiVA_ati driver install did something whacky to my system15:40
SiVA_xfix didn't work15:40
ActionParsnipZehava: find -name *.txt -exec sed <somestuff {} \;15:41
ActionParsnipZehava: will execute sed <somestuff on all *.txt files for example, {} means the filename found (absolute path)15:41
ActionParsnipZehava: i'd look into find exec, its damn powefulf15:42
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP315:43
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org15:44
flipflophi.  The "end" key on my laptop is not working under KDE.  How can I fix it?15:46
ActionParsnipflipflop: does it create an event in xev? do you have the correct keyboard layout set?15:47
flipflopi dunno15:48
flipflophow do I check the xev thing?15:48
flipflopah, I got it.. yea, xev registers the end key15:49
ZehavaActionParsnip thanks15:49
SkefvI have gotten Kubuntu on my eee-pc and i need some good wlan application that works well with kde and is user friendly, can you help me?15:50
ActionParsnipZehava: id make a test bunch of files to check your syntax, or backup the data before you run the command15:50
ZehavaActionParsnip thanks, I have all of this backed up on a thumb drive and another directory on the pc it's self15:51
jpedrozaSkefv: I use the default KNetworkManager for managing wlan15:51
SkefvI think its too hard to use when you need to write in ipadresses for it15:52
Skefvi would like some application to search for wlans15:52
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Saizokusorry, i got a bluescreen (yes i am on windows) can someone review if i got any help? Thanks :)15:58
SkefvAnd again. :o16:03
Zehavahow can I install a java jdk and/or jre to read globaly in kubunut?  I need the newest one that isn't in the apt list yet16:11
DaSkreechSkefv: You are Saizoku ?16:12
DaSkreechZehava: Get it from Sun then16:12
DaSkreechwhat's the problem ?16:12
ZehavaI am downloading it, and I have the jdk already, but java -version still shows the old one, how do I get the system to recognize it?16:13
DaSkreechYou probably need to have it in your path16:14
Zehavaand i"m not sure how to add that16:14
ZehavaI was told and showed a GUI that I"m suppose to use to do it a few weeks ago but I've reinstalled since then and didn't write down the name16:15
jojo__i don't see in ubuntu 8.10 one wlan but in 8.04 i'm see it, it's only in this wlan the rest of wlan are correct16:15
=== bunj is now known as YuJay
ubuntuis super Ubuntu supported the same as Ubuntu or is this a different org16:17
DaSkreechDifferent Organization16:19
DaSkreechZehava: Where did it install to?16:19
jojo__i don't see in ubuntu 8.10 one wlan but in 8.04 i'm see it, it's only in this wlan the rest of wlan are correct16:19
jojo__please help16:20
Zehavait just extracts to a directory in my home at the moment16:20
ubuntui wonder will Ubuntu adopt some of these same features16:20
craver_what do you mean you can't see it?16:20
jojo__in wicd or knetwork not appear16:21
jojo__sorry for my english16:21
DaSkreechZehava: Ah well .. Umm do you want that to be accessible by your entire system?16:22
prometheus77sorrymyspacebarkeyisbrokenok ?16:22
DaSkreechprometheus77: lol. What do you want on it?16:23
prometheus77i want to pack it full of the pinguinz16:23
simon_im in desperate need of some help before im forced to put vista back on :(16:28
ZehavaDaSkreech yes I would like to have my jre and jdk accessable by the entire system without having to put in the full path at every use.  Would be great16:28
jpedrozasimon_: No one can force you to put Vista back on.16:28
DaSkreechprometheus77: Make a good sized /home partition then16:28
DaSkreechsimon_: ask16:28
DaSkreechZehava: Edit your $PATH in ~/.bashrc16:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about path16:29
DaSkreechDumb bot16:29
DaSkreechdr_willis: Can you walk Zehava through adding a ~/dir to his $PATH16:29
DaSkreechassuming that Zehava is a he :)16:29
simon_i have an ati card ive followed every damn guide i can find yet i cannot get World of Warcraft to work under wine it loads but the graphical tearing is unreal its unreadable yet it worked fine when i had gentoo on ?16:29
ubottuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php16:30
DaSkreechsimon_: May want to upgrade to the latest Wine. Also ask in #winehq They probably have a bot just to answer that question16:30
DaSkreechMaybe two >_>16:30
dr_willisedit .bashrc - and put the proper line in there. :)              at the end.. export  PATH=~/bin:"${PATH}"16:31
craver_i miss BaLtHoR :( RIP16:31
ZehavaYes I"m a he16:31
simon_lol just seems wierd how i managed to get it working fine in gentoo but the person im doing this for can't use it as its too complicated :P16:31
simon_right off to wine hq il give u an update :-)16:33
craver_how can i disable the screen saver from command line?  power management crashes in KDE 4.2 so i can't disable it there.16:35
SkefvDid you come up with some help for me? =o16:35
SkefvAnd can i change wallpaper in kde? =o16:36
=== luiz_ is now known as apow
BlueGI upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10 only to find that the video driver no longer works with processors lacking SSE support and KDE will no longer start. any suggestions?16:36
BlueGFix the nvidia driver somehow? Downgrade? Would installing an alternate DE possibly get the system working for now?16:38
dr_willisalternative desktop - is a good thing to test out.16:38
dr_willisdepending on your needs. You may just want a different window manager.16:39
BlueGdr_willis: any suggestions? What package should I try installing?16:39
BlueGlike xdm or gdm as opposed to kdm?16:39
dr_willisthose are just login managers.. not desktops16:39
BlueGoh, I guess kwin is the window manager16:40
dr_willissudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop   for the 'xfce' desktop,,, ubuntu-desktop for gnome16:40
dr_williswindow managers... fluxbox, jwm, icewm,  openbox, are all popular16:40
dr_willisalternative file managers - rox-filer, thunar,  gentoo,16:41
dr_willisI tend to use jwm + rox-filer on my low end systems :) or my high end systems wheni want somthing quick16:41
Skefvso there are no other application for wlansurfing?16:46
* dr_willis isent sure what wlansurfing is.16:47
Skefvi meant16:48
SkefvAn application to scan for wlan and connect to wlan16:48
SkefvKnetworkmanager doesn't really fit me :p16:49
dr_willisI tend to use gnome. :)16:49
dr_willisTsting out EEEbuntu on my AcerAspireOne at the moment16:49
HappySmileManAnyone know if there are KDevelop packages for Kubuntu yet?16:50
HappySmileMan(KDevelop4 that is)16:50
=== julian_ is now known as _Ju|ian_
Skefvdr_willis, i got eeebuntu with kde installed16:50
Skefvon my eeepc :)16:51
dr_willisI wonder why they made their own launcher.. instead of using Matchbox for the desktop.. but i guesss 'matchbox' is tooweird of a Desktop for most peoples needs.16:51
dr_willis!info matchbox16:51
ubottumatchbox (source: matchbox): base environment for resource-limited systems. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:4 (intrepid), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB16:51
=== willian is now known as willian_
biagidpI've got two monitors working in 8.10 using xinerama, but my second monitor doesn't show a desktop background and the application on that screen dont show on the taskbar.  Does anyone know how to fix this?17:22
sehvenguys i placed "." before a file name17:26
sehvenhow can i access it?17:26
sehvenfound it ^^17:28
DaSkreechsehven: Welome to Unix :)17:33
jezza1One problem with it thoujgh DaS.  DOENS RUN WOW VERY WELL lol17:34
sehventhx das17:34
DaSkreechjezza1: Sounds like a problem with WOW :)17:34
DaSkreechopensource WOW and in 6 months it will get sorted17:35
* DaSkreech waves at secondlife17:35
jezza1naw works on my windows partition. just not my Kubuntu or my ubuntu17:35
sehvencan konversation fileserve?17:35
DaSkreechFileserve ?17:36
DaSkreechYou mean transfer files? Or act as a permanent server ?17:36
sehvenyea like mirc+omen+autoget thing17:36
sehvenperma server17:36
DaSkreech/me shrugs17:36
* sehven always gets my music from irc17:36
awryhey everybody17:37
awryanyone have any tips for downgrading bluez on intrepid?17:37
awryi believe i need to compile bluez3 from source, then recompile whatever package(s) contain solid, correct?17:38
awrywhich would be one or more kdebase-* packages?17:38
sehvengot prob with audio tho17:39
sehvenno sound comes out from big speaker17:40
awryanyone know which kdebase-* package(s) need recompiled?17:40
sehventho its connected with small speaker, same jack17:40
titanix88hello! I am having trouble with ekiga. Can anyone help?17:43
DaSkreechawry: For bluetooth?17:43
titanix88It looks like I cannot register. Im sure I got right username and password.17:44
g_my firefox just became broken lastnight after a kubuntu nightly update with kde 4.2 beta 217:44
g_anyone else experience this?17:44
g_all of my bookmarks are no longer visible17:44
DaSkreechg_: Hmm ?17:45
awryDaSkreech: yes, for bluetooth/solid17:45
DaSkreechawry: What version of KDE ?17:45
awrymy understanding is bluetooth is integrated into solid17:45
awryDaSkreech: 4.2b217:45
DaSkreech#kde or #solid17:45
g_Daschreech and my homepage was reset to this mozilla.org page17:45
ubuntuah, kohomada kattiya?17:46
ubuntubaratama chat wage ne?17:46
DaSkreechKDE doesnt have anything to do with Firefox so I'm not sure unless your profile changed17:46
awryDaSkreech: it's a (k)ubuntu packaging question more than a kde/solid question17:46
awrye.g., which ubuntu package contains solid?17:46
ubuntumagulak katha karanawa17:46
ubottuJoin #ubuntu-ph for tagalog17:46
DaSkreechI think17:47
ubuntuoi, umbalata mawa penne nadda?17:47
DaSkreechubuntu: taglog ?17:47
ubuntucant u see me?17:47
g_daschreech well my homepage is still set to google in my preferences in firefox but it sends me to mozilla.org so that's pretty weird it happened after lastnights updates17:47
DaSkreechubuntu: Yes but I dont know which language17:47
ubuntuah... sorry its..17:48
DaSkreechg_: Check your profiles17:48
ubuntukamak nadda?17:48
DaSkreechubuntu: Which country? :)17:48
g_Daschreech how do you check a profile and where is the profile?  kde?17:48
sehventhats not tagalog17:49
mkhola a todos!!17:49
DaSkreechsehven: What is it?17:49
sehvenmalaysian i  guess17:49
mkalguien que me pueda echar una mano??17:49
DaSkreechmk: hola Espanol?17:49
=== mk is now known as Guest13294
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.17:49
ubuntuponna rala... mama yanawa... BYe!!!17:49
Guest13294si DaSkreech17:49
ubuntuane pako, mata owa therenne na huthige putho17:50
g_Daschreech how do you check a profile and where is the profile?  kde?17:50
DaSkreechubuntu: bye! Um mama yanawa17:50
DaSkreechubuntu: Which language?17:50
=== Guest13294 is now known as Mkel
DaSkreech!es | Mkel17:50
ubottuMkel: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.17:50
ubuntugon hutho katha karapan English walin17:51
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup17:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about narf17:51
ubuntumona bluetooth da? ai Wifi nadda umbala gawa? :P17:52
g_Daschreech how do you check a profile and where is the profile?  kde?17:52
ubuntumonawada umbala oya kiyawana kunu harupa?17:52
ubuntuin India ehema nam na17:52
DaSkreechg_: What craver_said17:52
ubuntukawda hutho danne17:53
ubottu#ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India17:53
DaSkreechubuntu: /join #ubuntu-in17:53
ubuntuno no... its not an Indian17:53
DaSkreechthen it is .... ?17:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about zu17:54
ubuntuits different. I just are there anyone can understand my language, means I checked are there anyone chat in my country17:54
ubuntu* I just check17:54
g_Daschreech I dont know what !narf means, I'm not really in the mood for stupid games Im just going to delete it17:54
DaSkreechg_: What?17:55
DaSkreechg_: Run firefox from the command line with --ProfileManager17:55
oimhi everone17:55
ubuntuhi paka17:55
DaSkreechubuntu: Ok but you can find a room with people that speak your language17:55
g_Daschreech I already deleted it Im going to start fresh17:55
DaSkreechubuntu: even if someone here spoke then you could not talk here17:56
ubuntuno I don't, its Kubunto default IRC chat17:56
oimi want to upgrade amarok to 2 but it is imposible to find the package17:56
ubottuAmarok is an audio player for Linux with an intuitive interface. The latest version is 1.4.8 (1.4.3 for Dapper LTS). Packages are available for Kubuntu at www.kubuntu.org See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Amarok17:56
DaSkreechoim: a) it's on www.kubuntu.org b) why do you want to upgrade ?17:57
oimDaSkreech: to use new version17:58
g_Daschreech ok Ive reinstalled firefox but its still broken, this sucks17:58
DaSkreechoim: You know it has less features ?17:59
g_Daschreech there is no profile to change its just on default17:59
DaSkreechg_: It's probably using a new profile instead of your old one. Is there a set of directories in ~/.mozilla ?17:59
DaSkreechg_: That's what I mean it made a new default17:59
oimDaSkreech:  i know it has more features :)18:00
ekHi, all. I have an interesting problem that I can't seem to fix.18:00
ekI rebooted my Kubuntu 8.04.1 machine today to have it mount all file systems read-only every time I boot.18:01
oimi do what is writing there http://www.kubuntu.org/news/amarok-2.0. but it is impossible to find package. what is wrong18:01
ekI've tried running fsck on /dev/sda1 from an install disk and everything reports fine.18:01
ekI've even removed the errors=remount-ro from the /etc/fstab file and still get a read-only file system every time I boot. Is there something I'm missing?18:02
apowwell, show us dmesg.18:02
g_Daschreech there's just the default profile in there18:03
g_Daschreech should i move that profile away from in there?18:04
awryanybody know what happened to ubuntuforms?18:04
awryforums, that is18:04
niklauzis there a way to put more than one irc command on one line?18:04
niklauz " ; " maybe?18:04
g_Daschreech lol this is getting better and better I can't even do a search anymore with firefox in google, it wont let me18:05
ekapow: http://www.purplehat.org/~ek/dmesg.txt18:06
g_Daschreech how do you move a file in linux?18:06
g_Daschreech I cant do a web search to find out how18:06
dstarHey, my external LCD monitor is ghosting slightly to the right... is there any change that's an X problem, or is it going to be hardware?18:06
=== niklauz is now known as nick1
apowek: nothing wrong with your dmesg.18:08
apowwell did you try a remount?18:08
apowmount / -o rw,remount18:08
ekapow: Yes. The remount works although it still won't fully start.18:08
ekAnd, if I reboot, it goes into read-only again.18:09
apowwhat do you mean "won't fully start"18:09
ekapow: Well, if I go into recovery mode and run the remount then go back to "normal boot" or whatnot, I never get an X server anything.18:09
dstar(I.E., do I need to look at a new monitor/cable?)18:09
ekapow: My guess is due to /var and such still being read-only.18:10
apoware you, by any chance, using a hand-compiled kernell?18:10
ek... which I can't remount.18:10
apowoh you cant? why?18:10
ekapow: No. Nothing like that. The system is 100% default.18:11
apowok, and why can't you remount /var18:11
ekapow: Not sure. The /var partition isn't listen in the /etc/fstab.18:11
apowoh wait18:11
apowdo you actually have a /var partition?18:11
apowor is it simply under / ?18:11
ekNope. Should be part of /18:11
apowthen /var cannot be ro if / is rw.18:11
apowrun these: touch /testfile; touch /var/testfile18:12
ekapow: That's what I would think also.18:12
apowsee those files actually get created18:12
apowafter you remount of course.18:12
* Mekzholan looses the K-Menu and other programms (Firefox, Thunderbird) from the controllbar after shutdown and restart. :( Can anybody help me?18:12
ekHrm. Seems to work now. That's strange as it wouldn't let me write to /var after a remount earlier.18:13
ekNow, if I go into "normal boot" everything seems to work okay.18:13
ekHowever, I'm wondering if it will choke on the next boot again...18:13
adamsI have a pcmcia sound card because my onboard card doesnt work, but I cant seem to unmute the pcmcia card. Its an audigy2 z5.  How do I disable the onboard sound driver18:13
apowtry it right now.18:13
ekapow: I am. One moment...18:13
=== PocketIRC is now known as LazersX
ekapow: Right back to read-only...18:14
LazersXKubuntu boots up to a prompt.18:15
ekapow: Strange thing is, there was no bad shutdown or anything previous to this. I simply shut the machine down normally to check the RAM type...18:15
ekRebooted into issues.18:15
ekMight be related to some updates or something though.18:15
MekzholanDoes anyone know where the system settings for the controllbar are stored?18:15
apowdcop test from command line18:15
LazersXHold on.18:15
apowek: really weird.18:16
LazersXdcop not found?18:17
g_daschreech now it says firefox is already running and you must first close it, I uninstalled it and reinstalled it18:17
nicolas_Mekzholan: controlbar?18:17
=== nicolas_ is now known as Bou
apowwhat happens is that upon booting your / is mounted root-only18:17
BouMekzholan: you mean the panel at bottom?18:17
apowafterwards some process remounts / as rw18:17
g_dude this is crazy18:17
MekzholanBou: yes, the bar at the bottom18:17
apowthis process is probably borking18:17
apowor the caller18:17
LazersXSo what do I do?18:17
BouMekzholan: right-click, "add panel"18:17
g_does anyone know how to totally remove firefox?18:17
MekzholanBou: the thing with the K-menu that's constanty disapparing after reboot for me :(18:18
LazersXAnyone got help?18:18
BouMekzholan: :( not sure I can be of any help about it18:18
LazersXIt boots into busybox, not X.18:19
Mekzholaneven google doesn't show many similar problems :(18:19
apowek: check the file /etc/init.d/checkroot.sh18:20
LazersXI installed it from windows, though.18:21
apowcheck the line rootmode18:21
apowek: found it?18:22
g_Hey mmy firefox is totally broken, this is super freakin crazy18:23
g_I remove it and reinstall it and it still saysits running18:23
apowkillall -9 firefox; killall -9 firefox-bin18:24
g_I changed the default profile to default.old and that's when things really got messed up18:24
LazersXIm on the grub edit menu.18:24
dstar...hardware. Great. Well, at least I remembered I had a spare monitor.18:24
g_apow it says no process killed18:24
LazersXEh, well, Kubuntu fails.18:24
* LazersX uninstalls.18:24
apowg_: ps -ef | grep firefox18:25
LazersXThanks for not helping. Bye.18:25
g_6348  6322  0 11:25 pts/1    00:00:00 grep firefox18:27
ekapow: Hold on a sec...18:30
ekI went for a smoke break while I let it choke on the LDAP auth (Due to no network) and now it seems to have booted normally.18:30
jpedrozaI am having an issue with Intrepid where I lose the ability to click with the mouse. It only seems to happen with dual monitors enabled with my Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT.18:30
ekI couldn't watch to see if it was doing any checks due to the LDAP retry every 1 second.18:30
ekI'll reboot now to see if its fixed.18:30
apowread what i said about checkroot.sh18:30
jpedrozaHas anyone else seen this?18:31
kkkduifjalsddis there a tool which can search a word is many pdf files?18:31
jpedrozaA restart of X fixes the no-click issue18:32
ekapow: Ah. Thanks. I'll take a look.18:32
g_apow that command just gave me some numbers18:33
g_apow is there anything that I should do next?18:33
g_Im going to reboot18:34
adamsdoes kde4 still use alsa?18:35
DarkSmokedoes kubuntu has a GUI to configure disks ? i forgot to use the swap partition during install.. lol18:35
DarkSmokewait it is being use by ksysguard is saying no space available18:38
DarkSmokehmm :S18:38
g_MY firefox is officially destroyed, does anyone know how to totally remove it?18:39
khakaneapt-get remove firefox18:39
g_that wont do it, there's still settings that are saved18:40
DarkSmokego to your home directory from konsole18:40
khakanerm -rf /etc/firefox-3.0/18:41
DarkSmokeand do rm -rf .firefox18:41
DarkSmokeand rm -rf .mozilla18:41
khakanei dont think there is a .firefox, its in .mozilla18:41
g_I just went to apt get remove firefox and it says firefox is not installed18:41
ekapow: The checkroot.sh script is there.18:41
g_I dont know about you guys but this seems malicious18:42
g_this is pretty messed up for some random bug18:42
g_this happened lastnight and hti is weird18:43
DaSkreechg_: Sorry lots of calls here18:45
g_daschreech its cool, I suppose whenever anyone gets a chance to show me how to totally remove firefox I would be very grateful18:47
apowek: ok, how about the rootmode line?18:55
apowek: does it state "rw"?18:55
ekapow: Yes. rw.18:55
apowthen i don't know what else could you do18:56
apowI'd suggest running checkroot.sh start by hand18:56
ekapow: It might also be an LDAP issue.18:56
apowbut I don't know the side effects.18:56
ekapow: Okay. I'll give that a shot as well.18:56
apowoh wait18:57
apowluiz@sekishusai:/home$ mount18:57
apow/dev/sdb2 on / type ext3 (rw,relatime,errors=remount-ro)18:57
apowwhat's the output of your mount command?18:57
ekWell, completely b0rking the machine /CAN/ be done. I'm not using it for anything at the moment.18:57
ekapow: I'll paste. Hold on a tick...18:58
ekapow: http://www.purplehat.org/~ek/mount.txt19:00
apowkde is opening OO writer for txt files19:01
apowyour / is mounted rw19:01
apow99% certain this is a LDAP issue then.19:01
apowas root, type id -a19:02
ekExactly. That's what made me think the same.19:02
apowas your sudo-enabled local user, type id -a as well19:02
ekAs soon as I'm finished with this work, I'll test some more stuff.19:02
ekapow: http://www.purplehat.org/~ek/id-a.txt19:03
ek^ id -a output.19:03
apowdo you have a LDAP user named ek as well?19:04
ekYes. That's the user I'm logged in with now.19:05
ekThere is no local "ek" user.19:05
ekI used a local "admin" account earlier when troubleshooting.19:05
ekThere must just be something mis-configured somewhere.19:06
g_anyone know how to completely remove firefox, Ive used synaptic to do it and it didnt work.19:06
apowensure that you are a member of those: groups=4(adm),20(dialout),24(cdrom),25(floppy),29(audio),30(dip),44(video),46(plugdev),107(fuse),109(lpadmin),115(admin),125(sambashare)19:06
ekapow: Okay. Thanks.19:11
ekg_: You can try: sudo apt-get remove firefox19:11
=== peter_ is now known as Retep
g_ek that doesn't work mit says it doesnt exist19:16
ekg_: What exactly remains that shouldn't be there? The executable and everything?19:18
g_ek configuration files19:21
g_ek if i remove it and reinstall it, firefox is still totally completely horribly messed up19:21
vito_buonasera! chi mi può dare una mano con ilkde di 8.10 bloccato?19:24
Pici!it | vito_19:24
Mamarok!it | vito_19:24
ubottuvito_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)19:25
ekg_: Oh. Do you want to start from scratch then?19:25
yao_ziyuanwhen compiling QtCurve for KDE4 i used: ~/Desktop/QtCurve-KDE4-0.60.0/build$ cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr ..19:25
yao_ziyuani also have QtCurve for KDE3 sources. how do i compile it?19:26
yao_ziyuani'm in kubuntu 8.10.19:26
g_ek yes I do indeed19:26
ekg_: As the user you run Firefox as, type: rm -rf ~/.mozilla/19:27
connihola cual es el canal en español soy nuevo19:28
ekThat will wipe Firefox's slate completely clean. It will need to regenerate new files upon it's next start.19:28
g_wow that totally worked!!19:29
connihola alguien que me ayude19:29
g_ek thanks your the best man19:29
yao_ziyuani'd just ignore KDE319:29
hyper_ch!es | conni19:29
ubottuconni: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.19:29
imadwots up ?19:30
imadnothing else matter$19:30
ekg_: Welcome.19:31
Koordinhi i have kubuntu 8.10 : how can i write an unicode char knowing his code ?19:46
galaadSorry, I don't understand what you want19:47
Koordinlet's say i want to write the char unicode 8866, how can i enter it ? on windows it was Alt + 8866 then release Alt ; but on kubuntu 8.10 i don't know how to do19:48
galaadHave you search on google?19:49
Koordini've seen several ways to do it, but none works19:49
galaadSorry, I don't know19:50
Koordinctrl + shit + code does not work ; for ctrl + shit + u there is a problem because i've set another shortcut ; but i can't find where i can set the shortcut for the unicode chars19:51
Koordini've searched in "Keyboard & Mouse"19:51
galaadand there's nothing?19:51
Koordini did not find19:52
galaadI've the same result19:53
galaadtry to find on the doc's website19:53
galaadI don't know sorry19:53
galaadIt's a very good question^^19:53
resnohello all. i am trying to add ssh on my kubuntu install, and i cant find the program in the add/remove software list.19:53
Xperti need help19:54
Xperti ve installed rpm package but it dont run normally19:54
resnoxpert: what is the problem?19:54
Xpertrpm -ivh filename ? is the command to install a rpm file ?19:54
Xperti need to install a rpm file19:54
Xpertbut i got rpm from apt-get install rpm19:54
Xpertand now it is suckking19:54
resnoxpert: you said it doesnt run normally?19:55
Xperti will show the error ooone moment19:55
khakaneew rpms in ubuntu19:55
Xpertkubuntu i m using19:55
Xpertrpm is a red hat system file isnt ?19:55
khakaneok, how about.. ew.. rpms in debian based linux distros..19:55
resnohello all. i am trying to add ssh on my kubuntu install, and i cant find the program in the add/remove software list.19:56
PiciRPMs should not be installed in Ubuntu.19:56
khakaneresno: you could apt-get install ssh19:56
Piciresno: The client or the server? or both?19:56
resnopici: server19:56
Xpertresno:  it says for me install alien19:56
Xpertwhat is this ? a package ?19:56
Piciresno: khakane's command will install the server and client19:56
Xperterror in /var/lib/rpm19:57
resnook that will work for me!19:57
Xpertdatabase cant be opened19:57
PiciXpert: What software are you trying to install?19:57
resnopici: thanks, kgakane!19:57
Xpertsmth like acrobat reader19:57
Xpertwhat may  i do ?19:58
Picikpdf or okular should be able to open it.19:58
XpertPici when i downloaded the file .pdf showed a screen saying "open with"19:58
Xpertokular is instaled19:58
Xpertbut where are the file to me path it ?19:59
Xperti dont know nothing about linux19:59
PiciXpert: /usr/bin/okular19:59
Xpertok i ll try19:59
Xpertall the prograns of the system are in /usr/bin ?19:59
PiciXpert: Many, but not all.20:00
Xpertand where are the others ?20:00
Xpertin /lib ?20:00
=== micke is now known as Omar_santana
PiciNot usually.20:00
Xpertwhere then ?20:00
Pici`which okular` should show you the location20:00
Piciecho $PATH will tell you where binaries generally could be20:01
Xpertok okular runned now ty20:01
Xpertbut now i want to learn isntall a rpm file20:01
Xperti ve got the rpm package20:01
* Pici sighs20:01
ubottuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)20:01
XpertPici:  alien is the name of the package ?20:02
Pici!info alien20:02
ubottualien (source: alien): convert and install rpm and other packages. In component main, is optional. Version 8.72 (intrepid), package size 102 kB, installed size 276 kB20:02
Xpertok ty20:02
PiciXpert: Yes, but if the install fails or does other weird things we cannot help you20:02
resnobots are very helpful ;)20:02
Xperthow can i force my cd rom to eject ?20:03
craver_sudo eject20:04
=== don is now known as Guest32753
craver_BaLtHoR was the greatest bot ever.20:05
Xperti need help20:06
Xpertcrash when installing alien20:06
Xpertit says for me put the cd of kubuntu 8.10 and press enter i put and nothing happens20:06
resnoxpert: they told you earlier they cant help you with it!20:06
Xpertsame error20:06
resnopici said it earlier...20:07
Xperti have one doubt20:08
Xpertwhen i use the command su for root20:09
Xperti put my keyword and it say authentification failed20:09
robin0800its sudo20:09
Xperthow can i exit from root20:09
Xpertbut for what uses su ?20:09
resnorobin0800: whats the diff between sudo and su?20:09
resnosu is when you are running a command? sudo is for login in a root?20:10
robin0800sudo is kde and ubuntu version of su20:10
Xperti wanna have permission of root only20:10
Xpertbut when i take a su and it says authenfication failed20:10
Xpertisnt weird ?20:11
resnoxpert: is your password right?20:11
Xpertit shouldnt root me ?20:11
Xpertwith sudo i can root and install everything20:11
Xpertbut when i try only su for root forever it dont runs20:11
khakanewhy not try something like20:12
khakanesudo bash20:12
PiciXpert: use sudo -i20:12
Pici!sudo | please read20:12
ubottuplease read: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)20:12
XpertPici:  it said invalid option20:12
khakaneXpert: sudo bash20:13
PiciXpert: Just sudo -i20:13
=== rob is now known as Guest47973
khakanewil drop you to root bash20:13
Xperti m using the bush20:13
Xpertsudo -i runned20:13
Xpertnow how to exit from root ?20:13
Guest47973i deleted two big files (2gig total) but i still only have 34meg free space, nothing in trash20:14
resnoi think its funny... your name is xpert, but you are not an expert at all...20:14
khakaneresno: ;)20:14
=== Guest47973 is now known as _rob_
Xpertresno: i m not a pc xpert ;s20:14
resnoxpert: what are you an xpert of?20:14
ye||owXpert: strg+d20:14
Xpertwhat is strg ?20:15
Xpertstring ?20:15
Xpertresno:  in Math20:15
faichele"Strg" would be the "Ctrl" key in English...20:16
faicheleAnd "Ctrl + D" is the escape sequence for a shell logout.20:16
faicheleAt least for sane shells like bash.20:16
Xperti m learning much here20:16
Xpertbut i cant install alien grrr20:17
Xperti m nervous20:17
Xpertshould i try adept ?20:17
resnoxpert: if takes time. try doing some research for alien online.20:17
Xpertok i ll20:17
faicheleWhat do you need alien for with Kubuntu?20:17
_rob_i deleted two big files (2gig total) but i still only have 34meg free space, nothing in trash, where did the space go?20:17
resnofaichele: he wants to run rpms.20:17
PiciPlease use the software repositories before installing from source or RPMs.20:18
resno_rob_: was it truly deleted?20:18
ubottuA general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents20:18
_rob_resno: i cant see them in file manager20:19
faicheleI agree with Pici; if you can, stick with the Kubuntu repositories.20:19
resnohe wants to go off into uncharted water, to make whatever program work.20:19
resno_rob_: it was a file and not a software correct?20:19
_rob_resno: yeah it was files20:20
resno_rob_: how did you go about deleting them?20:21
vito_on KDE 8.10 startup, when i have to input password, i cannot do everyting, no type and no move mouse pinter..20:21
_rob_pressed delete.....20:22
vito_until tha last shutdown it works20:22
Xpertwhat is a reposithory ?20:22
PiciXpert: Please read  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement20:23
resnoxpert: installing it through your programs install thing.20:23
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ubottuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories20:24
resno_rob_: have you tried searching to see if it is indeed deleted?20:24
faicheleAdd the "universe" and "multiverse" repositories; what you don20:24
rodutNeed wireless help were do i turn?20:24
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs20:24
faichelet find as Kubuntu package there doesn't exist.20:24
dr_willisfor a start.. depends on the exact issue rodut .20:24
rodutthnx will check20:25
rodutdr_willis - I can not find my wireless, new to kubuntu.20:26
resnorodut: do you see a gear in the bottom right hand corner?20:26
dr_willischeck that restricted-drivers tool to see if you need to install any extra drivers/firmware for it.. You may need to track down what chipset your wireless card is also.20:27
rodutI've change from wpa2 to wpa personal sercurity on my router though i read that it is not supported..?20:28
rodutthnx dr_willis20:28
rodutwill try that20:28
resnorodut: that would have little to do withthis. we first need to find if your chipset is supported.20:28
Xpertwhich is the path of gedit please ?20:28
rodutAtheros i think it is20:29
resnoxpert: why do you need the path?20:29
Xpertto open sourceslists in /etc/apt/sources.list20:30
Xpertto try see the problem with alien20:30
resnoxpert: oh, you are still working with alien.20:30
Xperti want to learn20:30
=== isaac_ is now known as isaacj87
rodutCan i disable my network connection an activate again, in some way?20:31
Xpertit can be always helpfull in the future20:31
resnoxpert: why would you want to learn about something that is not supported? and is not useful for this distro?20:31
resnorodut: is it an internal or external wifi?20:31
Xpertcuz in the future im thinking in changing to mandriva20:31
Xpertmandriva is the fusion of which distributions ?20:32
Xpertconnectiva ?20:32
Xperti m brazilian i guess that will be good for me20:32
Dario_Andreshi Kubuntu people... is there a package which provides debug symbols for the qtnetwork module ? thanks20:33
=== jacques is now known as Guest55268
resnorodut: do you see the icon that shows the eternet connection?20:34
rodutany time a try to type sudo apt- get something it allways respond sudo:unable to respond host rodut, why?20:34
dr_willisrodut,  have you changed your hostname recently?20:34
ubottuUse hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname  and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly. Alternatively, use the gui at System > Administration > Networking on the "General" tab20:35
rodutI have i white icon bottom left corner like a small switch thingy20:35
dr_willisunable to 'resolve' host rodut   perhaps tis saying?20:35
rodutyeah , thats correct sry i ment that20:36
dr_willisYour host's actrual hostname and /etc/hosts file some how are not in sync20:36
dr_williswhich is why i asked if you have changed your hostname20:36
rodutNo havent changed20:36
resnorodut: the error is saying that arent the same.20:37
Bundestrojanera friend is using 8.10 on a system with an Radeon 7000, the problem is, he can't set a resolution higher than 800x60020:37
ubottuUbuntu 7.04 installs multimedia codecs automatically. For older versions of Ubuntu, or if you can't use the automatic installer, see https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - For multimedia applications, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultimediaApplications20:37
rodutAlright, any ideas how to fix it?20:37
ubottuUse hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname  and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly. Alternatively, use the gui at System > Administration > Networking on the "General" tab20:38
Bundestrojanerresno: was the video for me?20:38
resnobundestrojaner: no.20:39
Bundestrojanerbut any ideas for the problem?20:39
rodutThe p20:39
rodutroblem i20:39
Bundestrojanerwould the proprietary ati-driver fix this?20:39
resnoit could be20:40
Bundestrojanerhe installed a package named "catalyst" but it didn't change anything20:40
resnoit might be restricted, so check that.20:41
Bundestrojanerresno: what might be restricted?20:41
Bundestrojanerand how?20:41
Bundestrojaneri'm using gentoo, so i know not much about kubuntu20:41
dr_willisrodut,  the bot has been saying what to do to 'fix' it. :) but i have to wonder how it got changed..   You need to edit the   /etc/hostname  and /etc/hosts, OR try the networking tool.20:41
resnothe driver. using a driver that is not "supported". you have to enable it.20:42
PiciBundestrojaner: run jockey-kde to install the proprietary video drivers in Kubuntu20:42
resnopici: thanks, i dont know the commands. i just know what it might be.20:42
rodutOkey thanks...20:42
BundestrojanerPici: simply sudo jockey-kde ?20:42
PiciBundestrojaner: just jockey-kde  should take care of it... or kdesudo jockey-kde20:43
BundestrojanerPici: and that's all? my friend is a real beginner on linux...20:44
Bundestrojanerit's for an ATi20:44
PiciBundestrojaner: It should let you know if theres a driver available to be installed or not20:44
The-CompilerHow can I move a panel in KDE4 from the top to the bottom?20:45
craver_upgrade to 4.1 or 4.220:46
craver_much easier to customize the desktop20:47
_rob_resno: how would i search to see if its deleted?20:52
BundestrojanerBtw: what's the difference between kdesudo and sudo?20:52
Pici!kdesudo | Bundestrojaner20:53
ubottuBundestrojaner: In KDE use « kdesudo <program> » (or « kdesu <program> » for Feisty and earlier) to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! | See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to find out why20:53
PiciExplains it clearer than I can20:53
resno_rob_: do you remember the file name?20:53
resno_rob_: i am not sure what to do.20:55
_rob_resno: it was 2 folders, with one big file in each20:56
_rob_cant find with file manager or ls20:56
_rob_the files are "gone" but it seems to not freed the space20:57
resnoyou checked to see if it was in the trash?20:57
_rob_trash is empty20:57
_rob_never went there20:57
_rob_i guess cuz it was too big20:57
resnowell, i dont know where it went. or what to do. ill have to leave it to the more advnaced ppl20:58
heapycan someone please help out regarding mplayer, and streaming videos from the internet? - m trying to stream from lfc.tv (asf, or wmv) but mplayer doesnt like it. I have installed w64codec's, any ideas lads?21:00
_rob_you tried vlc?21:00
heapyi would prefer to keep wiv mplayer, if there is a way to do it rob lad21:01
marco2265Sorry for my english, i have a problem with window's colors: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/102352/21:01
contrastGreets, everyone...21:02
contrastAnyone know of a way to adjust the color scheme for KDE3 apps running under KDE4? qtconfig-qt3 has proven useless for this (unless I'm missing something).21:03
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thiagooodoes k3b burn isos?21:05
thiagoooi cant burn anything running it off a livecd though can i21:05
contrastthiagooo: not if you only have one disc drive... unless you want to run off a live usb instead. ;)21:06
thiagooohow do i run things off a live usb  though21:09
thiagoooif its a boot application21:09
thiagooolike a partition manager21:09
thiagooocan it have other stuff saved in the usb drive too?21:09
heapybbs lads, trying an update21:09
shbis anyone else having problems with the xserver just randomly locking up in kde 4.1 ?21:10
=== DS-Away is now known as DarkSmoke
_rob_havin to reboot every couple of hours21:10
OrbJinzoare you using a laptop?21:10
shbati radeon 140021:10
OrbJinzoand getting a check battery error?21:10
shbif I look on tty7 this is always there21:10
shbthe xorg.log says something about a loop21:11
thiagooocontrast: how do i run boot thing off a usb? can it have other stuff saved on it, too?21:11
OrbJinzoits a known issue with the current kernel21:11
OrbJinzodo a uname -r for me21:11
shbany work arounds?21:11
shbI tried restarting everything21:11
shband the lot21:12
shb....I sshed to my laptop from my server.21:12
OrbJinzothe fix is booting in with a different kernel verison21:12
contrastthiagooo: google unetbootin - that's probably the easiest solution. as for having other stuff saved on your flash drive, i imagine that wouldn't be a problem - just use gparted to set one partition for the live cd image and another for your other stuff.21:12
contrastthiagooo: i could be wrong on that last part though - never tried it, but it seems like it'd work.21:13
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OrbJinzobut sbh21:13
OrbJinzowhich kernel are you running?21:13
thiagooocontrast: thank you21:14
contrastthiagooo: np21:15
chrisaustinHello All, a quick question, is there any way to get kubuntu to display the login screen after a user goes idle?  Instead of just locking the current session?21:15
dr_willisYou want the user tobe forced to logout after idle for so long?21:18
shbOrbjinzo: sorry I was on another channel21:20
bollullerabuenas noches21:20
cow_2001i've already asked that on #ubuntu and realized maybe this is a better place to ask such a question. trying to run kopete on wmii results in a process of kopete running in the background but no kopete window showing up.21:20
BazBazhowdy, I installed BASKET NOTES on my gnome desktop and konqueror, korganizer, knotes and a lot of other kde stuff came along for the ride. I understand that BASKET is a kde app but does it have to bring all those other apps - can't i just bring in the kde library?21:21
bollulleragood morning21:21
shbOrbjinzo: 2.6.27-9-generic is my kernel21:21
cow_2001bollullera: :)21:21
chrisaustindr_willis: Well, not su much, I'd like to preserve the session, but have the login screen displayed on idle timeout so that other users could log in21:21
OrbJinzothats the verison.21:21
contrastBazBaz: what program did you use to install it?21:21
OrbJinzoyou have to boot into another verison of the kernel21:21
BazBazcontrast: add/remove21:21
shbI have to download another first :D21:21
bollulleracow_2001 ;)21:22
dr_willischrisaustin,   ask in #KDE - it may be doable/ or allready a feature that just needs to be enabled..   I'd hate to think what issues that may cause with removeable media, and other  things. :)21:23
jpedrozaEvening all. I was just handed a Verizon wireless USB modem. Is anyone using the usb modem with Verizon under Kubuntu?21:23
contrastBazBaz: go to Synaptic -> Preferences -> uncheck "Consider recommended packages as dependencies.21:23
contrastBazBaz: after that, try uninstalling basket and installing it again.21:24
BazBazcontrast: interesting... doing it...21:24
isaacj87jpedroza: I just googled it, seems like it should just work21:25
contrastthat's one terrible default setting. :-\21:25
jpedrozaisaacj87: The modem is detected, but what app would I use to actually connect?21:25
isaacj87jpedroza: yikes, I don't know...does networkmanager understand it?21:26
jpedrozaThere it is21:26
jpedrozaisaacj87: Yep, it shows up in there21:26
BazBazcontrast: i still see em listed as dependencies - do u know if they are?21:26
isaacj87jpedroza: cool. :)21:26
contrastBazBaz: they shouldn't be. not according to apt-cache show basket21:27
contrastBazBaz: did you reload after changing the setting?21:27
BazBazcontrast: ya... strange21:27
BazBazcontrast: i was thinking of installing it from the downloadable online version anyways since it is a higher version21:28
contrastwhere's that?21:28
BazBazcontrast: is there a way to manually add all kde libraries without requesting a specific software?21:28
thiagoooif i want to install kubuntu manually, what partitions do i have to create in my unalocatted space?21:30
_rob_a main an a swap i think21:31
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QtParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap21:31
KRFthiagooo ^21:31
thiagooothank you21:31
contrastBazBaz: not really sure tbh. kdelibs4c2a might be the package you need, not sure though...21:32
contrastBazBaz: let's try this...21:32
contrastBazBaz: got a terminal open?21:32
jimmy51_what would be a good PCI video card for me?  i'm running kubuntu 8.10 on an intel board with 945 chipset + GMA 950 integrated video (sucks).  I'd like to enable 3D and compiz and light 3d games.  I have a FX5200 but X server pukes with it21:32
contrastBazBaz: sudo apt-get autoremove --purge basket21:32
contrastBazBaz: that should get rid of basket along with all the other stuff add/remove pulled in with it21:33
chrisaustindr_willis, thanks, I'll check there21:33
_rob_jimmy51_: fx5200 should be fine, u got right drivers installed?21:33
Zeelot3khey guys, I just installed kubuntu 8.10 and the new beta 2 of kde 4.2 but my sound in firefox flash apps doesnt work...anyone know why?21:33
dr_willisbecause flash is annoying ? :)21:33
BazBazcontrast: that is done21:34
Zeelot3kactually no audio works right now...but if I reboot it works21:34
contrastBazBaz: sudo apt-get install basket21:34
_rob_because your volume isnt turned up? open mixer and check levels/channels21:34
jimmy51__rob_: i enabled the restricted driver kubuntu 8.10 suggested, which failed.... and also downloaded the latest 173.14.xx driver from nvidia.  that failed too.  it actually wanted to recompile a module but always failed.21:34
dr_willisHmm.. boot up.. test sound..  play some stuf.f.. then play some flash.. see if flash is some how crashing things?21:34
Zeelot3k_rob_:  no that's not it21:34
BazBazwhen i do apt-cache show basket it shows less dependencies than in synaptic (maybe i needed to restart it or something) but it still shows kontact21:35
BazBazcontrast: "kaddressbook kdebase-runtime kdebase-runtime-bin-kde4 kdelibs-bin21:35
BazBaz  kdelibs4c2a kdelibs5 kdepim-kresources kdepimlibs5 kmail knotes kontact21:35
BazBaz  korganizer libkdepim4 libkholidays4 libkleo4 libkpgp4 libksieve4 libmimelib421:35
BazBaz  libphonon4 phonon phonon-backend-gstreamer"21:35
contrast!pastebin | BazBaz21:35
ubottuBazBaz: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)21:35
BazBazya sorry21:36
jimmy51__rob_: i suspect it's something to do with the fact that the integrated video is impossible to disable and the nvidia driver wants to be the king21:36
BazBazi didn't know there would be line breaks21:36
jimmy51__rob_: but i'm not sure.  it seg faulted though.21:36
_rob_jimmy51_: can you not disable integrated in the bios?21:36
contrastBazBaz: no konqueror this time?21:36
BazBazcontrast: i'm not sure if that was there the last time21:37
jimmy51__rob_: nope.  the only options are Init First: (Auto, PCI, or integrated)21:37
BazBazcontrast: but no21:37
BazBazcontrast: here is the whole writeup: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102366/21:38
BazBazcontrast: are the suggested applications what we tried to disable in synaptic21:38
BazBazwhat is the tiniest kde app21:38
contrastyou could try downloading the source tarball and see if there are any options for disabling kde/kde-pim integration in the configuration script at build time.21:38
BazBazcontrast: hmm, interesting approach21:39
contrastBazBaz: no, suggested is lower priority than recommended21:39
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=== Hari_Seldon is now known as seldon
contrastBazBaz: sometimes i find myself scratching my head until it bleeds in response to the ubuntu packaging god's dependency decisions.21:39
contrastBazBaz: situations like this are when the benefits of source-based distros like gentoo make themselves apparent.21:40
=== seldon is now known as hari__
BazBazcontrast: hehe21:40
contrastAnyone know of a way to adjust the color scheme for KDE3 apps running under KDE4? qtconfig-qt3 has proven useless for this (unless I'm missing something).21:40
OrbJinzoGentoo is fun if you have a couple days to waste.21:41
Zeelot3kok so sound does work for me but amarok doesnt play any sound and flash seems to have no sound in firefox, what can this be?21:41
Zeelot3kplease can anyone help?21:41
contrastZeelot3k: did you already try System Settings -> Sound (or Multimedia)21:42
jpedrozaZeelot3k: Have you checked in kmix that all volumes are unmuted?21:42
Zeelot3kcontrast:  the sound works fine there21:42
Zeelot3kthe test sound works21:42
Zeelot3kvolume is not the issue21:42
=== mk is now known as Guest8030
contrastZeelot3k: amarok 1 or 2?21:43
thiagooohow do i check my ram in kubuntu?21:43
carolinahola holaaaaaaaaaaaaa21:44
Guest8030hola carolina21:44
Guest8030como estas?21:44
Guest8030aki nadie habla en español21:44
carolinatu de donde soi21:44
Guest8030yo soy de españa y tu?21:44
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.21:44
contrastthiagooo: Alt+F1 -> System -> System Monitor21:45
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khakanethiagooo: type free in a shell21:46
DarkSmokehey guys21:48
resnoive always known linux to be an os which didnt require any restarts... has this changed in recent times?21:48
DarkSmokewhat development packages contain qt make ?21:48
BazBazcontrast: there is a way to compile without pim integration but i still have the problem of not having kde libraries21:49
thiagoooso just double checking21:49
BazBazcontrast: would it work to install kde-desktop but not login to it?21:49
BazBazcontrast: just to have the libs21:50
contrastBazBaz: erm, that'd work, but that's not really the best way.21:50
thiagoooto manually install kubuntu i create a swap partition with the same amout of ram i have and an ext3 partition with the amout of hd i want the kubuntu partition to have21:50
BazBazcontrast: it did feel kludgy21:50
contrastBazBaz: is this the kde3 or kde4 version of basket?21:50
BazBazhmm, another good question - i am looking for the latest or whatever u recommend21:51
contrastBazBaz: pastebin the exact error you get when trying to compile basket21:52
chris_how can i update klamav?? it gives the message "Update Process died unexpectedly! Did you kill it manually?" everytime it starts or i try to update. ive tried searching forums but couldn't find a solution21:53
BazBazcontrast: its very short: configure: error: The important program kde-config was not found!21:53
BazBazcontrast: and then: Please check whether you installed KDE correctly.21:53
contrasthang on...21:53
contrastBazBaz: what version is this again?21:54
contrast# i mean21:54
contrastthiagooo: that's right21:55
thiagooocontrast: thank you21:55
contrastBazBaz: still on it (forgot to install apt-file when i upgraded to 8.10)....21:58
jpedrozaI have a verizon aircard UM150 that shows up, and I can configure it, but it won't connect. Is anyoue using intrepid with a Verizon USB modem?22:00
BazBazcontrast: what are u thinking of using apt-file to do22:00
contrastfinding which package provides kde-config22:00
ubottuwhich is not a valid distribution ['dapper', 'gutsy', 'gutsy-backports', 'hardy', 'hardy-backports', 'intrepid', 'intrepid-backports', 'jaunty', 'jaunty-backports', 'kde4-ppa', 'kubuntu-members-kde4', 'medibuntu', 'partner']22:00
BazBazcontrast: looking inside kde-desktop perhaps?22:00
BazBazcontrast: ah22:00
contrastok, got it (i think)...22:01
contrastsudo apt-get install kdelibs4c2a ... if it doesn't config after that, try installing kdelibs-dev as well. barring that, i'm lost.22:02
BazBazhehe.. ok, trying!22:02
BazBazoh btw, where do u suggest i compile to? I know kde apps have to be with kde or something like that22:03
contrast--prefix=/usr ... on a (very important) sidenote, you know about checkinstall?22:04
trappistcompile to?22:04
BazBazcontrast: no22:04
contrastBazBaz: sudo apt-get install checkinstall22:04
contrastthen whenever you get to the "sudo make install" step of any source-based install, prefix "make" with "checkinstall" - so "sudo checkinstall make install".22:05
contrastBazBaz: this will install the program as a package - much tidier.22:05
BazBazcontrast: oh excellent - so you get the best of both worlds22:06
contrastyep :)22:06
contrastbb in a few, starvin'...22:07
BazBazcontrast: so now when i run "sudo ./configure --prefix=/usr" a whole lot of checking occurs but then i get a couple of warnings/errors at the end: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102385/22:08
BazBazcontrast: ok22:09
starenkahi. anybody knows why kubuntu 8.04.1 booted from flash (made by usb-creator) end up in busybox on Asus EEE 900a ?22:11
contrastBazBaz: sudo apt-get install libqt3-headers. libjpeg-dev appears to be optional.22:15
heapynow then, i have just done a fresh install of hardy kubuntu, and ran the updates. it changed the kernel etc. now hav added medibuntu repo, and its poped up wiv another 209mb of 'updates'. my question, is it sound to install these?22:17
heapyinfact, after added medibuntu, its wanting to update the kernel again to from 24-22. is that right?22:18
* _lumm slaps rhys22:18
rhysno you22:19
heapyam running hardy kubuntu btw22:19
BazBazcontrast: if this works out its definitly worthy iof a blog - i see online lots of people complain about all the unnecessary packages22:25
rhyswelcome back22:29
contrastBazBaz: yeah... i think the worst culprit is firefox - a package i imagine 99% of kubuntu users install. it depends on the entire gnome package management suite, which is beyond retarded.22:29
JontheEchidnaactually that's only because the ubuntu doods now have apt automatically installing recommends22:30
JontheEchidnayou can get around that by sudo apt-get install firefox --no-install-recommends22:30
Digital_PioneerOK... I got the Kubuntu 8.10 DVD, and I want to install it onto a system which doesn't have a DVD drive (old computer) so I moved the HDD temporarily to a system which DOES have a DVD drive, and the HDD I wish to install to is at /dev/sdb. Now what the heck is wrong with the Kubuntu installer that it refuses to install to sdb?? It acts like the only drive in the system is sda.22:30
contrastJontheEchidna: interesting... still dumb though, imo. apt-get != aptitude. sidux seems to be the only distro left that realizes this.22:33
JontheEchidnayeah, quite dumb22:34
robilewhat is the parameter for "find" to NOT search in case sensitive mode?22:41
robinr-iname -ipath etc22:41
robilerobinr, thx!22:47
contrastBazBaz: any progress?22:47
charles__hi everyone22:54
charles__with kubuntu, whatis the difference with ubuntu ?22:56
Dr_willis+KDE - GNOME chakie_work22:57
Dr_willisopps charles__  :)22:57
charles__just that XD?22:57
charles__i have a good PC, KDE is better for me ?22:58
Dr_willisBetter - depends on what YOU want22:58
IppatsuMancharles__: you can't know unless you try it22:58
Dr_willisYou can easially install gnome and kde both. and try them both out22:58
Dr_willismay as well install xfce also22:58
charles__i can install KDE on ubuntu ?22:58
ae88925charles__: apt-get install kubuntu-desktop22:59
charles__(sorry for my questions ... I'm just a new user of linux)22:59
charles__ok i try that22:59
didaci'm new on irc22:59
rhyshi didac22:59
didacthere are any Catalan channel?22:59
didacCatalan language22:59
Homesickno, fuck off22:59
Dr_willischarles__,  of course you can. :) linux is your os  YOUR way23:00
charles__i install kubuntu desktop now23:00
didaconly spanish?23:00
charles__i'm a old user of vista :D23:00
charles__an old*23:00
Dr_willisgiven how vista is not that old... :P23:00
charles__i uninstall it23:00
charles__because of an error xD23:01
ae88925In Linux-time, Vista is ancient23:01
Digital_PioneerVista is crap, no matter how old it is. :)23:01
charles__yeah ...23:01
charles__i want to uses Linux for all my life23:01
charles__its better23:01
Digital_PioneerTrue, true.23:01
charles__no virus, free for all23:01
Digital_Pioneer*Few viruses23:01
charles__yeah, i cant take one ^23:02
Digital_Pioneer*Few, harder to get viruses. ;)23:02
Digital_Pioneer(The joy of package management)23:02
charles__yeah, someone tell me its very hard to have23:02
charles__just tell me23:02
charles__i DL my G15 drivers23:02
charles__and i dont know how to install it23:02
charles__i tried -install file:///home/charles/Bureau/libg15render-1.223:03
Digital_Pioneercharles__: Check Synaptic first.23:03
Digital_PioneerOr Adept...23:03
Digital_PioneerOr whatever Kubuntu uses.23:03
Digital_PioneerPackage manager.23:03
charles__package manager ? where is it xD23:03
* Digital_Pioneer uses APT directly.23:04
Digital_Pioneercharles__: You on KDE 3 or 4?23:04
charles__im using ubuntu for now23:04
charles__i have gnome23:05
charles__and i tried to install KDE,  sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop23:05
charles__like that23:05
charles__but i dont know how its work exactly23:06
Dr_willisat the LOGIN screen theres a menu23:06
Digital_PioneerAhh, OK, you know how to use apt. :)23:06
Dr_willispick kde from the menu :)23:07
charles__no i dont know xD23:07
charles__someone tell me to do that23:07
charles__lol ^23:07
Dr_willisInstall the KDE desktop ------->   sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop23:07
Digital_PioneerWell... You are looking for graphics drivers for an intel chipset, right?23:07
Dr_willisthere ya go.. t will install.. will download a few 100mb of data23:07
Digital_PioneerI would think those are present.23:07
charles__no, i have my drivers installed23:08
charles__not a problem23:08
Digital_PioneerThen what are you looking ror?23:08
charles__for install my G15 drivers23:08
charles__i have files23:08
Digital_PioneerOK, someone enlighten me, what is G15?23:09
charles__that thing23:09
charles__its a keyboard23:09
charles__sorry ^^'23:09
Digital_PioneerIC... Well, what is that file g15composer-3.2 then?23:10
charles__i need to install that ^23:10
Digital_PioneerYou can run `file /home/charles/Bureau/g15composer-3.2` (without the ``) to find out.23:10
charles__i cant run it, its a file23:11
Digital_PioneerRun the command: file /home/charles/Bureau/g15composer-3.223:12
charles__i do it23:12
Digital_PioneerWhat did it say?23:12
charles__nothing appens xD23:12
charles__charles@charles-desktop:~$ file /home/charles/Bureau/g15composer-3.223:12
charles__/home/charles/Bureau/g15composer-3.2: directory23:12
charles__hooo, that is the thing we want ? :o23:13
Digital_PioneerThat's gonna be a source code.23:13
charles__i tell you its a file23:13
Digital_PioneerNo, it's a directory. :)23:13
charles__(im french, sorry, for me file = directory)23:13
Digital_PioneerAhh, LOL23:13
Digital_PioneerWell... First, `apt-cache search g15` I would say...23:14
charles__many results ^'23:14
charles__g15composer - Scriptable command interface to libg15render23:14
charles__g15daemon - Screen multiplexer for Logitech G15 Keyboard23:14
charles__g15daemon-audacious - G15daemon Audacious visualization plug-in23:14
charles__g15macro - A simple Macro recording/playback application for G15Daemon23:14
charles__g15mpd - A simple frontend for the MPD Media Player Daemon, for use with g15daemon23:14
charles__g15stats - a CPU/Memory/Swap usage meter for G15Daemon23:14
charles__libg15-1 - Library for interfacing with the Logitech G15 keyboards23:14
charles__libg15-dev - Library for interfacing with the Logitech G15 keyboards23:14
charles__libg15daemon-client-dev - Development packages for libg15daemon-client23:14
charles__libg15daemon-client1 - Development packages for libg15daemon-client23:14
charles__libg15render-dev - Library for interfacing with the Logitech G15 keyboards23:14
charles__libg15render1 - Library for interfacing with the Logitech G15 keyboards23:14
charles__it's amazing :P23:14
=== charles__ is now known as CharlesTell
CharlesTellwhat i do now ?23:15
Digital_Pioneercharles__: Please don't paste more than 3 lines. ;) If you need to, you can put them all on a pastebin (such as http://rafb.net/paste ) and paste the link here.23:15
CharlesTellok sry :s23:15
Digital_PioneerCharlesTell: `sudo apt-get install g15composer`23:15
Digital_PioneerCharlesTell: NP. :)23:16
CharlesTellits says its not "valable" (in french)23:16
Dr_willisive used the g15 stuff under linux befor. ;)23:16
Digital_PioneerCharlesTell: `apt-cache policy g15composer`23:17
Dr_willisYou may need to update/upgrade and try again...23:17
CharlesTell  Installé : (aucun)23:17
CharlesTell  Candidat : 3.2-123:17
CharlesTell Table de version :23:17
CharlesTell3.2-1 023:17
CharlesTell(sorry if its in french :s)23:18
Digital_PioneerCharlesTell: This would be a good time to use rafb.net/paste ;)23:18
Digital_PioneerAnyways, it's done now.23:18
CharlesTellyes lol23:18
Digital_PioneerCharlesTell: `apt-get update && apt-get install g15composer`23:18
Digital_PioneerOh, bah.23:19
Digital_PioneerCharlesTell: `sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install g15composer`23:19
CharlesTelli do it myself :)23:20
CharlesTellnow ?23:20
Digital_PioneerDid it work?23:20
CharlesTelli dunno xD23:20
CharlesTellits says me yes23:20
Digital_Pioneer`apt-cache policy g15composer | grep Installé`23:21
CharlesTellno response23:21
CharlesTelli think i need to install all23:22
CharlesTelllibg15, libg15render, g15daemon and g15composer23:22
Digital_Pioneer`apt-cache policy g15composer | grep nstall`23:22
marlon_u are23:22
Digital_PioneerCharlesTell: apt will do that for you.23:22
BouCharlesTell: when installing g15composer it should alert you that other packages will be installed automatically23:23
CharlesTellho ... ok :o23:23
CharlesTell(its wonderfull linux xD)23:23
Digital_PioneerYes. :)23:23
marlon_[18:21] <Digital_Pioneer> `apt-cache policy g15composer | grep Installé`23:23
marlon_[18:21] <-- ulitkus has left this server (Remote closed the connection).23:23
marlon_[18:21] <-- jannott_ has left this server (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).23:23
CharlesTellno one is install23:24
CharlesTellits say Installé : (aucun)23:24
CharlesTellaucun  mean nothing23:24
marlon_what are u talking about23:24
BouCharlesTell: what happened after you entered `sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install g15composer` ?23:24
=== marlon_ is now known as marlon__
Bouwhat was the message?23:24
CharlesTellmany things xD23:24
Digital_PioneerCharlesTell: rafb.net/paste23:25
Boupaste them to rafb.net then23:25
Digital_PioneerI don't know French, but that looks successful.23:26
Bouit looks like a succesful instam23:26
Digital_PioneerRun g15composer23:26
CharlesTellyes, i think too23:26
CharlesTellAtteint mean "reach"23:26
CharlesTellhow can i do that ?23:26
Boui'm french by the way23:26
CharlesTellapt-get g15composer ?23:26
Boutype 'g15composer'23:26
CharlesTelllol bou, c'est vrai xD?23:27
Digital_PioneerCharlesTell: No, just run `g15composer`23:27
BouCharlesTell: yes, but english only here ;)23:27
CharlesTellcharles@charles-desktop:~$ g15composer23:27
CharlesTellPlease provide a FIFO filename to read from.23:27
CharlesTellok bou23:27
CharlesTellbou what is mean FIFO XD?23:27
Digital_PioneerDr_willis: OK, he installed it, now you'll have to tell him how to use it. ;)23:27
stshey all23:27
BouDigital_Pioneer: héhé :)23:28
CharlesTelli tell him what xD?23:28
Digital_PioneerCharlesTell: FIFO means First In First Out. It's a virtual file.23:28
BazBazhi guys, I am on gnome but trying to compile a kde app. I did:23:28
BazBaz$ sudo apt-get install kdelibs4c2a23:28
BazBaz$ sudo apt-get install libqt3-headers23:28
BazBazbut when I try to configure the make to the /usr folder (as recommended) I get the error that there  are no KDE headers installed23:28
BazBazAnyone know where the headers would be if I am installing the kde libs like this?23:28
CharlesTellho ... ok23:28
Digital_PioneerCharlesTell: But you shouldn't need to worry about that. :)23:28
CharlesTellok ^^23:29
marlon__hi guys i have my a website23:29
CharlesTellhow i know what g15composer want ?23:29
Digital_PioneerBazBaz: Yes, you need the KDE dev packages too.23:29
ae88925Can anyone suggest a lighter-weight alternative to Konsole (but nicer than xterm)?23:29
BazBazDigital_Pioneer: may ask how i get em :)23:29
Digital_PioneerCharlesTell: I don't know what a G15 is. ;)23:29
CharlesTellits a keyboard xD23:29
Digital_PioneerBazBaz: I would `apt-cache search kdelibs dev`23:29
BouCharlesTell: quit, and try 'man g15composer' for some manual help23:29
CharlesTellhaaaa i have an help23:30
BazBazDigital_Pioneer: there is kdelibs4-dev and kdelibs5-dev, which do u recomend?23:30
=== logan is now known as Guest96416
BouCharlesTell: good luch then..23:31
CharlesTellthx bou xD23:31
Dr_willisDigital_Pioneer,  i dont even rember what he was doing...23:31
CharlesTelli will need it23:31
BouDr_willis: he just installed g15composer23:31
stswhich is the best irc clent for ubuntu?23:32
Bouand now wondering how to use it :)23:32
Digital_PioneerBazBaz: Ehhh, both? :P23:32
Dr_willisg15composer wont do much by itself.. read its docs.. :) its used by other g15 apps i recall23:32
BazBazDigital_Pioneer: hehe, ok23:32
Dr_willisg15daemon - Screen multiplexer for Logitech G15 Keyboard g15stats - a CPU/Memory/Swap usage meter for G15Daemon23:32
CharlesTellvery hard to use23:32
Dr_willisInstall/run those23:32
Digital_Pioneermarlon__: ?23:33
CharlesTelli run g15composer b23:33
CharlesTelland its says Sorry Cant connect to g15daemon23:33
IceBallSomeone, when i test audio in administration using oss, everything works, apps play music etc, but when i try to use a flash player, i.e youtube i get no sound and it crackles?23:33
BazBazsts: i actually like the cleanliness of pidgin irc23:33
Dr_willisI would go get my G15 keyboard.. but this desk is too small for it. :)23:33
BazBazsts: are u looking for DCC and hardcore irc'ing?23:33
marlon__Digital_Pioneer yeah23:33
CharlesTellG15 its amazing, when its work xD23:34
=== marlon__ is now known as marlon_
Dr_willisI use it for quick macros in my MMORPG's mainly23:34
CharlesTellyeah me too23:34
Dr_willisG1 = select and heal #123:34
CharlesTellbut ... i cant launch the macro23:34
marlon_Dr_willis  what game23:34
* Bou suits his geek armor23:34
Dr_willisG13 = selet and BIG heal #123:34
Dr_willismarlon_,  LOTOR mainly23:34
marlon_what that23:35
Dr_willisLord Of the Rings Onlinx23:35
BazBazDigital_Pioneer: after those packages do i go for it again in the /usr dir?23:35
CharlesTellok dr23:35
stsIceBall:  try firefox with plug for flash player23:35
stsyes BazBaz23:36
IceBallsts, it has one, i.e the utube vids load and play, but no sound23:36
CharlesTellwith moniteur, i can do what i want ?23:36
IceBallsts, all sound from alsa crackles, im using oss23:37
BouCharlesTell: moniteur?23:37
BazBazDigital_Pioneer: I get a similar error: in the prefix, you've chosen, are no KDE libraries installed. This will fail23:37
Digital_PioneerBazBaz: After installing those, run configure again.23:37
BouCharlesTell: what do you want to do?23:37
BazBazDigital_Pioneer: thats after the configure23:37
BouCharlesTell: most things can be done via terminal23:37
CharlesTellok, if i want to change directory of place23:38
CharlesTelli can?23:38
Digital_PioneerBazBaz: Yes... You have to find where the klibs installed to.23:38
BouCharlesTell: sure23:38
CharlesTelllike all g15 directories in a special directory23:38
CharlesTellhow can i do it ?23:38
Dr_williswhat are you really trying todo CharlesTell  ?23:38
BouCharlesTell: erm.. it won't work anymore if you do it I think23:38
CharlesTelljust change the place23:38
BazBazsearching my filesystem for 'klibs'... (is there a smarter way?)23:39
CharlesTellmove files23:39
CharlesTellmove files in a directory23:39
BouCharlesTell: moving the one you just installed? of the one that you downloaded?23:39
Dr_willisCharlesTell,  and why are you trying todo this?23:39
CharlesTelljust learn xD23:39
Dr_williswhy did you not use the package manager to isntall the stuff and be done withit?23:39
CharlesTellhard to use ^^23:39
ubottuFUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) is a !kernel driver that allows non-root users to create their own filesystems. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filesystem_in_Userspace for more on FUSE.  Some examples of filesystems that use FUSE are !ntfs-3g, sshfs and isofs. A full list of Filesystems that use FUSE is here:  http://fuse.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/FileSystems23:39
Dr_williswhats hard to use?23:40
BouDr_willis: we made him install it with apt23:40
Dr_willisapt is a package manager. ;)23:40
CharlesTellok !23:40
CharlesTellbut with synaptic i cant add what i want23:40
stsbyeeeee and happy new year with love and pease.....23:40
=== logan is now known as Guest91568
=== karl_ is now known as karl_s
BouDr_willis: but i guess he initiallt downloaded files instead of using apt23:40
Dr_willissynaptic and apt-get should  both isntall the saem stuff and work the same23:41
BouCharlesTell: anyway, you can move the files23:41
BazBazDigital_Pioneer: I found a folder named 'klibc'... is that it?23:41
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions23:41
BouCharlesTell: you can create a directory with 'mkdir'  and check 'man mv' to know how to move it into23:41
CharlesTellok !23:41
CharlesTelli type : mkdir test23:42
BouCharlesTell: now type 'ls'23:42
Bouyou should see the 'test' directory23:42
Dr_willisIt may be time to go track down a BASH/shell tutorial or 2  CharlesTell  :)23:42
CharlesTelli see it23:42
CharlesTelllol yes xD23:42
CharlesTellBASH/shell if different ?23:43
Bou'mv' can be used to rename files or move them, so check the help to know the syntax23:43
CharlesTelli type man mv23:43
CharlesTelli see the manuel23:43
BazBazDigital_Pioneer: I tried /usr, /user/lib, /user/lib/klibc, /usr/lib/kde4 >> all give the same msg "no KDE libraries installed" - what am i supposed to be looking for exactly?23:44
CharlesTelli type : mkdir test2, mv test test223:44
CharlesTellits good ?23:44
Bouwhat do you want to do?23:45
CharlesTelljust move test in test223:45
Dr_willisNow is the time to start reading docs/tutoials :)23:45
CharlesTelli do it :P23:45
CharlesTellyes ^23:46
CharlesTelli will do it :D23:46
Dr_willisYou will learn more that way23:46
CharlesTellthank you very much23:46
CharlesTellto all :)23:46
Bougoing to bed23:46
Bougood night all23:46
CharlesTellDr_willis and Bou ^23:46
CharlesTellgood night23:46
Bouor good morning,afternoon, whatever23:46
CharlesTellits 00:4623:46
BouCharlesTell: you forget Digital_Pioneer ;)23:47
CharlesTelli dont forget him23:47
CharlesTellDigital_Pioneer was the principal xD23:47
CharlesTellbut he left23:47
Itakuhow can i change the clock from 24 hour to 12 hour?23:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lircd23:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lirc23:51
judgenHow do i get my remote to work?23:52
judgenive tried so many guides not23:52
CharlesTellgoodbye all :)23:52
CharlesTellsee ya23:52
fynWhat's the best way to share control of some running applications?  I want to let my gf use amarok and ktorrent.  I know I can use VNC to export the whole desktop, but that's not quite what I want.  There are a bunch of half baked things like shared-app-vnc.sourceforge.net but they don't look up to date, what's the current actively maintained way of doing this?  Maybe nxwindows handles it somehow?23:53
fynAlternatively, what's the best way to remotely control Amarok from OSX?  I've seen web interfaces floating around, any good ones?  Any of them make it into the ubuntu repos?23:55

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