cprovScottK: ehe, basically that we should and we know how to fix soyuz P-a-s parser00:32
cprovScottK:  ignoring binary-lines (possibly converting entries for single-binary into source ones)00:33
* cprov realizes his version doesn't fit very well in English either :(00:34
ScottKcprov: Thanks.  I thought that MIGHT be what he was saying, but I really couldn't tell.00:51
ScottKcprov: While your fixing, it'd be nice to expose the copy of P-A-S you are using to the web.00:51
ScottKIt'd make troubleshooting easier (if Ubuntu/Debian P-A-S might be out of sync).00:52
cprovScottK: yes, that's a good point and it's in our plans.00:52
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andresmujicahi, anyone knows about a forums launchpad integration spec?02:26
andresmujicai wonder how hard would it be to create something like this02:26
andresmujicaalso on top of launchpad.02:27
andresmujicaspecifically bugs..02:27
andresmujicaso we can check trends mixing the flow of information from forums and bug reports02:28
tmurderto get a link to anther bug in a comment, do i just type the number06:43
spivtmurder: "bug NNNN" works, yeah.06:43
johnembHi... I'm having trouble viewing/browsing the source code of launchpad projects.. E.g. http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mysql/mysql-server/mysql-6.0/files   "Sorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server.". I've been having this problem almost constantly since 6 months ago... what's up with that?07:46
thumperjohnemb: it is a problem with loggerhead.  It does work periodically with large trees, and work is in progress to make it better.09:13
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johnembthumper: ok thanks... periodically in my experience is probably around 1% of the time. Any idea of ETA of fix? (As I mentioned, I've seen this issue since I first started using Launchpad months ago)09:17
thumperjohnemb: it is much better for smaller projects09:17
thumperbut mysql is "largish"09:18
thumperjohnemb: I'm hoping it'll be getting better over the next several months09:18
johnembyes, that does not help me very much, as I work with mysql a lot ;)   OK, that ETA was kindof vague, but it helps to know that someone is working on it... thanks09:20
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dholbachis it possible to merge teams somehow?10:44
dholbachI'd like ~ubuntu-motu to be merged into ~motu.10:44
bigjoolsmrevell: ^10:46
mrevellthanks bigjools10:47
mrevelldholbach: hey there10:47
dholbachhiya mrevell├╝10:47
dholbachhiya mrevell10:47
dholbachoops :)10:47
mrevelldholbach: Could you please file a request at https://answers.launchpad.net/answers?10:47
mrevellThat way the admins can see the request is really from you10:47
bigjoolsWhat is there not to trust about Daniel :)10:48
dholbachmrevell: ^10:48
bigjoolscurtis is on duty later10:48
dholbachrock on!10:49
dholbachthanks guys!10:49
mrevelldholbach: I've assigned it to the LOSAs, shouldn't take long to be done.10:49
dholbachmrevell: do you know who might be a able to hold a session about TTD or your LP Hacking/Review workflow at Ubuntu Developer Week?  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Prep ? :)10:50
mrevelldholbach: Hmm, not sure. I can put a request on the launchpad list10:51
dholbachthat'd be nice10:51
dholbachwe still have 3 open slots for UDW and I'm sure it'd interest a bunch of people10:52
mrevelldholbach: Have you asked Steve A to do anything? If he has time, he could lead a great session, I'm sure.10:52
dholbachmrevell: no, not yet - which topic do you reckon?10:53
mrevelldholbach: Dunno :)10:53
dholbachI can ask him anyway10:54
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dholbachhiya danilos11:15
danilosdholbach: hey11:15
danilosdholbach: happy holidays11:16
danilosdholbach: how's it going?11:16
dholbacherr? happy holidays?  :)11:16
dholbachgood good is it going - how are you?11:16
danilosdholbach: well, the ones coming in a year or so :)11:16
dholbachwoohoo! :)11:17
danilosdholbach: awesome :)11:17
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savvaswhen people are done with a translation (.po files), where do they upload that file?11:34
henningesavvas: go to the page for that po file (an url ending with +translate) and choose "upload a file" from grey menu bar.11:36
savvashenninge: the horizontal grey one?11:37
henningesavvas: if no pofile for that language exists yet, go to the template (a url containing a +pots) and choose "upload a file". The file's name should be the language code, like de.po.11:38
* henninge looks11:38
henningesavvas: yes, but firefox is not translated in launchpad afaik11:39
henningesavvas: we just import from the upstream project and only change in launchpad if there is something Ubuntu-specific.11:39
savvasi see, thanks :)11:40
henningesavvas: for more background information look here https://help.launchpad.net/TranslationsImportPolicy , here https://help.launchpad.net/Translations/StartingToTranslate and possibly here https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/rosetta/+faqs11:48
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savvashm... I have a weird problem. I've set Tamil as a preferred language to test something, and now launchpad appears English and I think tamil (some words)12:54
savvasI removed tamil and now it still contains english and some tamil words12:54
savvasok, cleared cache, everything's ok now :)13:00
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f4_hi. I created a release and added a changelog but it doesn't shows up want's going on?15:19
f4_the description field works15:20
sinzuif4_: where is the release?15:27
f4_sinzui, here https://launchpad.net/ispees/1.1/1.1rc115:31
f4_what you see is in the description field, not in changelog15:31
sinzuif4_: interesting, I just looked at the RDF from the same page. I see your change log15:33
* sinzui looks at some other releases15:33
f4_other releases avec nothing filled 8-)15:34
sinzuif4_: I see the change log never shows up. Let me see why15:35
f4_-avec +have btw :)15:38
sinzuif4_: The only place the changelog will ever appear is in the RDF. I'm going to file a bug to start a discussion about the purpose of this data. I see many projects do use the field15:42
f4_i just went to see https://launchpad.net/bzr/1.1/1.1rc1 (bzr is my "template" for my project :) ) there is a changelog but bot visible, the thing is i'm pretty sure i've seen a bzr changelog in the past few days15:46
f4_hm i might have seen this one actually https://launchpad.net/bzr/1.2/1.215:46
sinzuif4_: I was looking at https://edge.launchpad.net/bzr/1.9/1.9rc1. The changelog is only referenced in the add/edit form and in the RDF. nowehere else. bzr always adds a changelog15:47
f4_in 1.2 it is in description and changelog15:48
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sinzuif4_: I reported https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-registry/+bug/31511815:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315118 in launchpad-registry "What is the purpose of ProductRelease.changelog?" [Undecided,New]15:51
f4_ok thanks for taking a look :)15:54
kiko__sinzui, I think it is useful, just not being made useful so far16:06
sinzuikiko__: So do I. Since we are working on releases and series right now, we have a opportunity to make this information more visible16:06
kiko__sinzui, yeah. I'd love to have a "make a release" action and we could even calculate release status and the other stuff releases does for our own releases16:09
sinzuikiko__: right, bugs and blueprints closed for the milestone should be incorporated into a changelog16:09
kiko__would make our release announcements very fun16:10
sinzuikiko__: I suspect I should be exempted from release announcements; my language is often not appropriate for the public.16:11
kiko__sinzui, the public needs to learn to appreciate art16:14
sinzuikiko__: I say the same thing to my children.16:15
rockstar...and inappropriate language.16:15
sinzuirockstar: I cannot stop my children will learn obscenity.  The best I can do is teach them how to do it right16:16
rockstarsinzui, essactly!16:17
rockstarsinzui, I recall a scene in Boondock Saints where the f-word is used as an adjective, noun, verb and adverb.  That's how it's done right.  :)16:18
sinzuirockstar: yep16:18
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petI was wondering what the spec for https://blueprints.launchpad.net/soyuz/+spec/soyuz-lintian-reports was, but I cannot access the "Full details"18:42
sinzuipet: let me look. We are migrating our spec to a public wiki as needed. I'll move it if it doesn't contain security info19:45
petthanks sinzui19:46
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sinzuipet, the spec is just a brain dump. I had to create a few pages before I could move the spec. I updated the blueprint to point to https://dev.launchpad.net/Soyuz/Specs/LintianReports20:00
petreally appreciate your effort, thanks!20:00
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kfogelA friend of mine complained that he couldn't add tags to a bug when entering the bug, only could add tags by editing the bug later.  I searched to see if there was already a bug about this (it turns out there is, but more on that in a moment).  One of my searches was for "tags", like this:20:37
kfogelThat search failed to find this bug, however:20:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 312885 in malone "Cannot adds tags when creating a bug report" [Undecided,Invalid]20:37
kfogelDo bug searches not turn up 'invalid' bugs by default?20:37
kfogelThe only reason I found the bug is that I entered a new bug about this, and in the automated dup search after I clicked submit (which *rocks*, by the way), malone found 312885.20:38
kfogelSo whatever search powers malone has, I want them too! :-)20:38
mwhudsonkfogel: yeah, i think closed bugs are not found by the default search21:34
kfogelmwhudson: mrmrm21:35
mwhudsonwhich makes sense ... some of the time :)21:35
kfogelmwhudson: I can see some reasons why that might make sense... but also many (perhaps more?) reasons why it's suboptimal.21:35
kfogelwe're saying the same thing at the same time21:35
* kfogel waits for mwhudson to say that too...21:36
kfogelmwhudson: this boils down to an interesting question: a bug submitter does not realize, until *after* they click submit, that the entry interface is actually a search interface.21:36
mwhudsonif you're using the entry interface to search for bugs, something is wrong, i agree21:36
kfogelIf they knew that, then even responsible submitters would realize they don't have to do a dup search manually first (which, of course, is what both James and I did, because hey, this isn't our first rodeo, right?)21:36
kfogelmwhudson: no, I'm not saying that21:37
kfogelI think it's great!21:37
mwhudsonyou can search for closed bugs from the advanced search page21:37
kfogelJust the submitter should *know* that this interface is going to do the dup search for them.21:37
mwhudsonah right21:37
james_wI thought the submission page showed closed bugs, unlike the default general search21:37
mwhudsonjames_w: yes, it does21:37
kfogeljames_w: you mean the submission page post-submit?  yes, it does21:37
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asabil_hi all23:44
asabil_sinzui: ping ?23:45
sinzuihi asabil_23:49
asabil_hi sinzui, you just answered my question on lp, but the meta project doesn't seem to be available yet23:49
sinzuiasabil_: Oh I misunderstood your question. Yes it can be people-project. An admin needs to do the remaining steps23:51
asabil_oki thanks23:52
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