naught101I networkmanager not connecting to wireless AP for everyone right now?00:09
crimsunworks fine locally.00:10
naught101ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlan0: link is not ready00:23
naught101that mean anythihng to anyone?00:23
nbeebowhat big changes will it be in 9.04??00:52
nbeeboa.k.a. major changes00:52
crimsuntake a look at the blueprints targeted for 9.0400:53
nbeebohmm sorry forgot to look on topic text00:53
bazhang!blueprints | nbeebo01:08
ubottunbeebo: Want to suggest or discuss ideas of a future project/feature?  With Launchpad you can track blueprints (feature specification summaries) from discussion through review, approval, and implementation.  See https://blueprints.launchpad.net/01:08
Roey I'm using Kubuntu 8.10, and I noticed there's no 'scanner' kernel module.  I plug in my scanner (which has worked in previous kernels) and the system just sees it as a regular full-speed USB device (and not as a scanner which xsane can detect).  What gives??02:10
crimsunRoey: check that you have the necessary packages installed, e.g., libsane-extras02:58
crimsunbut -- why are you asking in #ubuntu+1 for an 8.10 issue?02:58
crimsun(in 9.04, as of scott's latest udev update, things have changed)02:59
Roeyoh, ok03:00
Roeycrimsun:  because #ubuntu updates way too quickly for anyone to notice my message03:00
Roeycrimsun:  how do you know /so/ /much/ /stuff/03:01
crimsunhuh? i know very little.03:01
Roeycrimsun:  it's as if you've touched on every corner of debian and Kubuntu03:01
Roeycrimsun:  thanks for letting me know it's changed in Jaunty though03:03
crimsunspeaking of which, don't resume-from-*, upgrade udev, suspend-to-*, and expect resume to pick up03:13
crimsunyou'll just get the old journal replay and normal boot03:14
crimsun(as i discovered to my chagrin. Not that it's particularly surprising.)03:14
crimsungrr, suspend-to-disk is completely broken on encrypted disk now05:56
* x1250 thinks FF is cpu hungry.12:47
robin0800dolphin now crashing if network icon clicked since this mornings update17:19
joe-maccan anybody here help me with what seems to be a simple request, i just need to add a udeb, more specifically, the partman-auto-raid udeb to my install tree... i can't figure how to get the install to recognize that udeb being there, so the raid slices are never made19:39
joe-macand i can't really figure why partman-auto-raid isn't in the install tree to begin with, but that's neither here nor there, i need this functionality to work19:39
Cpudan80Hello all19:41
Cpudan80Quick question that I posted to #ubuntu-dev -- but figured Id post it here too19:41
Cpudan80I need to add a few debs from Jaunty to my Intrepid installation19:41
Cpudan80How can I do that?19:41
dashuaI just updated from Intrepid.  Does anyone know how to get sound preferences back?  It seems to be missing.19:53
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DanaGAh, I've  been exploring EFI stuff, and I've realized that a LOT of sites seem to think EFI ≡ Apple.22:11
DanaGThus, they provide efi binaries that are "fat" binaries... and won't load on non-fruit (heh) systems.22:12
x1250I wonder why I had libgnomedb3-bin installed. Its priority is optional, from universe/misc. I really don't remember installing it (read: I didn't install it). Do you guys have installed?23:22
crimsuni don't23:30
crimsuni don't have any of the libgnomedb stuff installed23:30
crimsunjust grep your aptitude or dpkg log23:42
x1250right, silly me.23:47
crimsunalternately, you can use aptitude to remove that package, and it will display information regarding autoremoval23:48

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