_MMA_BHSPitLappy: Don't you have a Bamboo tablet?01:02
_MMA_nm. "DigiPro"01:04
_MMA_BHSPitLappy: Might help: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TabletSetupWizardpen01:08
BHSPitLappy_MMA_, what makes you think I have $99 to spend on a tablet?  :P01:35
_MMA_There's nothing to make me think you don't.01:35
_MMA_And besides, there's always Ebay.01:36
BHSPitLappy_MMA_, I'd have sprung for the Bamboo if I could, but I nabbed the cheap Chinese crap01:49
BHSPitLappy$35 dolla01:49
BHSPitLappy_MMA_, have you used that driver?03:26
BHSPitLappynever mind, I goofed.03:29
BHSPitLappy_MMA_, hooray, it works03:40
BHSPitLappyI'll add my model to that list03:40
_MMA_And to answer your previous question, no. I'll only buy Wacom because they just work.03:42
BHSPitLappyI'd buy wacom too, if 1) The prices were a lot lower or 2) I actually needed a good tablet04:04
BHSPitLappyone of the two04:04
BHSPitLappy_MMA_, my first gimp+tablet+linux drawing!  And it's a children's book! http://img370.imageshack.us/my.php?image=treelu2.png04:07
BHSPitLappyI like the person who commented on the /Incoming/Jaunty/AlphaBackgrounds page that the submissions weren't polished enough08:24
kwwiiluisbg and _MMA_ at the same time, must have just gotten out of bed together13:59
_MMA_kwwii: mmmm.....13:59
* _MMA_ loves harry Spanish geeks.13:59
kwwiihe is only half-spanish iirc14:00
kwwiithe islanders aren't really spanish, you know14:00
kwwiiI think he is half african or such14:00
_MMA_kwwii: Actually, I just rebooted my bip IRC proxy server we're both connected through.14:00
_MMA_(openssl update)14:01
luisbgI'm african sized where it matters14:01
luisbgthe rest of me is spanish14:01
kwwiioooooh, the part we all love to love!14:02
luisbgthe same one14:04
luisbglove and caress14:04
* savvas pulls the courtains for minors ;p14:05
luisbgsavvas, :P14:06
savvasnow we all know which address to attack to get back at _MMA_: cpe-071-070-203-016.nc.res.rr.com :P14:06
_MMA_bring it.14:07
savvasdoes anyone know if there's going to be anything fancy about inkscape in jaunty?14:08
savvasnew features etc?14:09
luisbgno clue14:09
_MMA_savvas: Nothing will be different. Unless they really hurry on alot.14:11
_MMA_I'd just run SVN. Really easy to compile.14:11
savvasI'm still waiting for those how-to steps you promised! :)14:14
_MMA_1 sec14:15
_MMA_savvas: That *should* work on a clean install. Makes a checkinstall deb.14:17
_MMA_When you get to the checkinstall questions, let me know.14:18
savvasthanks _MMA_ :)14:23
savvasI know to do it from here on :P14:24
savvasthis is great, there should be a way to make a package that follows inkscape's svn, hmm..14:25
_MMA_savvas: The "make -j 2" part is specific to me. I have 2 core. So change that to suit.14:25
_MMA_savvas: tedg is already working to get the Inkscape testers PPA back up.14:25
_MMA_kwwii: *PLEASE* unsub the various art teams from bug 99508. It's an nVidia issue.18:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 99508 in human-theme "Titlebar incorrectly drawn with geforce 5/6/7, compiz and human-theme" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9950818:30
_MMA_(there are dupes)18:31
kwwii_MMA_: yeah, I should do that18:38
kwwiior someone else should :-)18:38
_MMA_Can I?18:39
* _MMA_ didn't think he could.18:39
kwwiiI think anyone on the team can, or?18:53
kwwiiwhat do you think of that?18:55
kwwiia pic for the nightly inkscape build launchpad page18:56
* _MMA_ clicks18:58
_MMA_Inkscape logo feels a little big. But that's just personal pref.18:59
kwwiiI will probably change the logo a bit to make it fit19:00
kwwiiprobably something more like http://sinecera.de/moon-inkscape1.png19:28
kwwiiand with that, I am off to band practice19:28
_MMA_Rawk out!19:34

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