itnet7Bug #31449401:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314494 in samba "Cant install samba" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31449401:43
itnet7I have a question about the handling of this bug if someone has a second :-)01:43
crimsunask away01:45
itnet7Thanks crimsun, this wasn't really a bug, I just pointed the reporter in the right direction and solved their issue, how should I set the status? I am thinking Invalid because it wasn't really a bug, right?01:46
Ryan52I didn't actually look at it, but maybe convert it to a question?01:48
crimsunno, it's a bug01:48
crimsunthe package needs to handle nonexistent files gracefully01:48
crimsuni.e., the action "remove" should not fail, and one should not need to "purge" to workaround the failure proceeding the "remove" action01:49
itnet7oh, Should I then check to see if that same thing happens when I try removing samba, then confirm it, basically commenting what you just said about gracefully handling file removal if I have the same results as the reporter?01:50
Ryan52well, no. I doubt that you'll be able to reproduce it.01:51
Ryan52you should ask the submitter for more debugging information.01:51
Ryan52or let a maintainer deal with that :)01:52
crimsunitnet7: if you can reproduce it in a fully updated install (or vm), that would be great01:52
crimsuni'll it to my TODO this evening01:52
crimsuni'll add it* (...)01:52
itnet7Thanks to you both...  I will bring up a vm and see If I can duplicate it too01:55
andresmujicawhy don't we have  virtualbox ready images?01:59
andresmujicathe ones i've seen are vmware....02:00
andresmujicaand they seems forgotten...02:00
andresmujicait would be helpful...02:00
Rocket2DMnof what? ubuntu installs?02:00
andresmujicaalthough vmbuilder is pretty nice...02:01
andresmujicayeap.. for reproducing bugs...02:01
Rocket2DMnthat would be nice, i use vbox, though i want to switch to vmware sometime i think02:01
andresmujicahave you tested 2.1?02:01
Rocket2DMni never got intrepid to run in a vm though02:02
andresmujicathe networking part is perfect.. all the vbox0, br0 hassle is gone!!02:02
Rocket2DMnno i havent, im excited about the networking stuff though02:02
Rocket2DMnno more bridging02:02
andresmujicayeap! i was testing it today and it can use wlan0 or eth0, and that's pretty nice02:03
Rocket2DMnis 2.1 in backports?02:04
andresmujicathe bad side of vms is the space consumption...02:04
Rocket2DMnah, its only in jaunty02:04
andresmujicai've got my disk full because of them..02:04
andresmujicai'm using virtualbox repo, so i've got the puel..02:04
Rocket2DMni dont have more than a handful of VMs, and i have plenty of space to go around02:05
Rocket2DMnim still in hardy on this desktop, too02:05
Rocket2DMni wasnt sure my nvidia card would play nice with intrepid and dual head02:05
andresmujicaohh, i've got the servers in hardy (well there're some still in dapper thou) and desktop with intrepid02:05
Rocket2DMncool, ive needed a stable setup on this box, it's too much of a pain dealing with upgrades when you gotta drag along nvidia drivers and vbox ose modules and whatnot02:06
Rocket2DMnthey kept throwing upgraded kernels at hardy, too02:07
andresmujicafor the modules try woth dkms02:09
andresmujicait's great!02:09
andresmujicathere's a tiny bug with 1.6.6 you need to purge the package02:09
andresmujicaafter that every time you update your kernel it would auto compile the new modules02:09
Rocket2DMn1.6.6 of what? dkms?02:09
andresmujicavbox 1.6.602:10
Rocket2DMni have 1.5.602:10
andresmujicaa file was left at /var/lib/dkms that made the vbox's modules auto compilation fail..02:10
andresmujicathat's the good thing of vbox it's a nice piece of software, stable you don't feel the urge of upgrade02:11
Rocket2DMni havent used dkms at all, i probably should learn02:11
andresmujicaif i'm not wrong it's already at hardy...02:11
andresmujicals /var/lib/dkms02:11
Rocket2DMni just need to do an intrepid upgrade sometime, i suppose i'll get to that soon and pray that the nvidia stuff works ok02:14
andresmujicaaround vbox 1.6.something they are using dkms, so it would put some vbox dirs on that..  but it's better to go directly to 2.102:14
Rocket2DMnthey should backport 2.1 to intrepid02:15
andresmujicahttp://albertomilone.com/wordpress/?p=212  (for nvidia thing  don't know how updated is the info thou)02:16
Rocket2DMnthanks, i use his EnvyNG in Hardy b/c the drivers in the repos failed and so did a manual install02:17
Rocket2DMngonna go afk for a bit, catch ya later andresmujica02:19
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dholbachgood morning07:00
thekorngood morning bugsquad07:39
macothekorn: hiya07:41
thekornhello maco07:42
YoBoY#314919 should be set to 'Wishlist'09:45
andresmujicadholbach: ping10:52
dholbachandresmujica: pong10:52
andresmujicahi dholbach, how are u?10:52
dholbachgood good - how 'bout you?10:52
andresmujicanice, thks... but i've messed with my 5-a-a-day10:52
andresmujicai've changed my launchpad login10:52
andresmujicaand now there's 2 me on the stats page...10:52
dholbach2 you?10:53
dholbachlike two entries of yours?10:53
andresmujicaand andres.mujica10:54
andresmujicathe new lp is andres.mujica10:54
dholbachah, here's what you can do:10:55
andresmujicai've just managed to reconfigure .5-a-day within my hme, so i can report again..10:55
* andresmujica takes note10:55
dholbach - copy all the bug number of your  ~/.5-a-day-<old name>/data  to  ~/.5-a-day-<old name>/data   and in the new directory run  bzr commit -m "merged old bug numbers"; bzr push10:56
dholbach - try to delete the old branch in code.launchpad.net/~<new lp login>10:56
dholbachif that doesn't work out, just forget about the old one :)10:56
andresmujicaok let me try...10:57
andresmujicacopy from old name to new name, right?10:57
dholbachcopy the bug numbers of the one file to the other one10:57
andresmujicaok, it seems it's done..11:03
andresmujicahey, where's the debugging procedure for hibernate (suspend to DISK) ??11:34
andresmujicaoo oh i've found it..11:47
torkianohello all17:27
torkianoanyone can mark bug 214439 as triaged?17:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 214439 in xserver-xorg-video-tdfx "Quake engine games freeze if video settings changed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21443917:28
hggdhtorkiano, why triaged? the bug is still in status new; also, the last entry states "... I think ...", which does not sound, to me, as being a confirmation18:12
bdmurraycyril__: hello20:05
cyril__I make some work on bug 298592, but i don't know how to propose more work on this bug20:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 298592 in kdebase-workspace "KDM can't use language choosen in systemsettings" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29859220:05
bdmurrayI'm bring it up in #kubuntu-devel20:06
bdmurrayjames_w: What is the workflow for your merge proposal in Launchpad?21:10
james_wbdmurray: from the link in the email you can write a review and vote on it21:12
james_wif you are happy with it then you can merge as normal21:12
james_wthen edit the merge proposal to change the status to "merged"21:12
james_wyou do that by clicking the edit link next to the status, near the top of the page21:12
james_wit's a lot better than it was, but it's still not quite there21:13
james_wthough if you merge and push to launchpad it may mark it as merged automatically, I can't remember21:13
bdmurrayneat, and how did you request the merge proposal?21:14
james_w"Propose this branch for merging" or similar on the branch page21:17
james_wI believe you will be able to do it via email soon21:17
james_wand through the API one day21:17
greg-gahhh, "one day" ;)21:21
bdmurrayyes, "one day" is on my calendar but it keeps moving21:21
greg-gI know what you mean! It keeps hopping around, just out of my reach.21:22
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LimCoreit would seem that all main media players in ubuntu 8.04 fail epically when trying to play media, because of bugs in playlist implementations21:47
LimCoreI find this highly embarassing.  Is it possible to make some meta-bug and therefore resolve it with higher priority (not just one program fails, but all that could do given task)21:47
greg-gLimCore: it would make most sense to report specific application bugs. no need for a metabug21:50
greg-gmetabugs tend to be overlooked by the people who actually do the fixing21:51
greg-gthe prefered first step would be to submit (or find) a bug with steps to reproduce in launchpad and then also the upstream's bug tracker (since they are the ones who actually know the code of the application)21:52
LimCoreehh ok21:52
greg-gdoes that not make sense?21:53
LimCoreit makes21:53
LimCorebut volounteers alone seem to not always give expected result in timely maner21:53
greg-gI don't think that contradicts anything I said above21:54
greg-gif there is an issue, please report it21:54
LimCoreok I will21:54
Rocket2DMnany chance i can get another triager to have a look at my bug 313567 for me?21:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 313567 in linux "[Jaunty] Suspend/resume restarts X session" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31356721:55
Rocket2DMnit would be a shame if that behavior made it through to jaunty release21:56
hggdhRocket2DMn, is this on Jaunty?21:56
Rocket2DMnsomebody tagged it as regression-potential, it is indeed a regression21:57
hggdhhum. I will give it a go, and see if it I am also affected21:57
bdmurrayRocket2DMn: regression-potential means it is in a regression in the development release21:58
Rocket2DMnah, news to me thanks bdmurray21:58
Rocket2DMnbtw bdmurray i just gave ubuntu-bug a test (it exists in hardy, not just intrepid).  i'll update my guide when the forums are stable21:59
Rocket2DMnany luck hggdh >22:00
hggdhno, I resumed without even being asked for password22:00
hggdhon the other hand, I got a kernel oops22:00
hggdhlet me see what was the oops22:00
hggdhinteresting: this is where I got the oops: 42665666020700222:01
hggdhComponent: resume devices22:01
Rocket2DMnwhere are you pulling the oops from? kern.log?22:01
Rocket2DMnah k22:02
Rocket2DMnwhoa X got all messed up wheni resumed this time, WHAT is going on!22:02
Rocket2DMni like how TTYs come and go on that laptop, sometimes they work sometimes they dont22:02
* LimCore cleans room22:03
hggdhRocket2DMn, I am no expert on suspend (*never* supended before): are you expected to re-authenticate?22:03
Rocket2DMnhggdh, normally it is like a locked screen, it just wants your password22:04
LimCore(sorry, wrong window)22:04
Rocket2DMnwhats happening here is that X session is restarted, so i have to login all over again22:04
hggdhI go *no* request:22:04
hggdhso you get a GDM restart, I get my session as it was22:04
Rocket2DMncheck your power options22:04
hggdhand a koops22:04
Rocket2DMnyeah youre supposed to get your session back, just as you left it22:05
hggdhYes, I expect I would get the session as it was, but I also expected to have to authenticate22:06
hggdhRocket2DMn, what is you kernel package version?22:07
* hggdh is running 2.6.28-3-generic ... 2.6.28-4.9 fails to load22:09
Rocket2DMni had the problem all through jaunty as long as i remmeber22:10
hggdhah, got apport kicked on the koops22:10
hggdhreporting it22:10
Rocket2DMni was hoping to get my bug triaged, i reported it last weekend22:11
Rocket2DMnsince i cant really triage my own bug :(22:11
hggdhweird... apport states problem cannot be reported, because linux-image-2.6.28-3-generic is not a genuine Ubuntu package22:11
hggdhnow THAT is surprising22:11
Rocket2DMnlol, file it against linux22:11
hggdhyes, but I am losing apport's auto upload of problem data. This is ridiculous22:12
bdmurrayhggdh: it might be because your kernel is not up to date22:21
Rocket2DMnbdmurray, any idea about my suspend/resume bug?22:22
hggdhbdmurray, I can understand if this is the reason but: (1) the message is misleading; (2) I cannot boot with current -422:22
hggdhhum. Will try another boot on current, JIC22:23
bdmurrayRocket2DMn: looking22:24
bdmurraycan you add your menu.lst file to the bug?22:28
hggdhyay, I drop straight into BusyBox on 2.6.28-422:33
bdmurrayyour kernel isn't trying to resume from suspend22:33
bdmurray## e.g. defoptions=vga=791 resume=/dev/hda522:34
bdmurray# defoptions=quiet splash22:34
hggdhno, this is on a full reboot22:34
Rocket2DMni dont understand bdmurray , i did two installs of jaunty22:35
Rocket2DMnyou just listed 2 comments22:37
bdmurraySorry, I was confused about suspend vs hibernate22:40
bdmurrayThe output of dmesg after resuming from suspend might be helpful22:41
bdmurrayRocket2DMn: also have you seen https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingKernelSuspend ?22:42
Rocket2DMno_0 i swore that was attached already, lol, ill get that right away22:43
Rocket2DMnyeah i know about that page, thanks22:43
Rocket2DMnyou want me to do that stuff on the wiki page or just get the dmesg?22:44
Rocket2DMnah i had the dmesg.txt file i just neve ruploaded it22:47
Rocket2DMnalright bdmurray , i uploaded dmesg, i havent done the wiki page stuff yet22:48
Rocket2DMnthanks for sticking through this22:48
bdmurrayIts probably really an X bug22:51
Rocket2DMni thought it might be, i filed it under linux b/c it is suspend resume though22:51
Rocket2DMni discussed it in here before i filed it i think22:51
Rocket2DMnbdmurray, would you make a note on the bug of your analysis and change the package as necessary?  it would be nice to have a more professional opinion on the report so that the X guys don't think i'm crazy22:53
bdmurrayRocket2DMn: you could ping someone in #ubuntu-x and see what they thing22:54
Rocket2DMnk, i'm in there now bdmurray , thank you22:57
Rocket2DMnwe'll see if anybody bites22:57
woody86how can I mark a bug as 'wishlist'?23:38
crimsunyou need to be in bugcontrol23:39
crimsunwhich bug?23:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315248 in vlc "vlc does not have a Report a bug button" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:40
woody86how can I do that in the future?23:40
crimsunyou need to join bugcontrol23:40
woody86ah, how can I do that? :)23:41
crimsunsee the topic23:41
crimsunDocumentation: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs | If you have been triaging bugs for a while, please apply to https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-bugcontrol/23:41
woody86crimsun-  ah, thanks again :)23:45
woody86out of curiosity, would you guys mark this one as 'Wishlist' too? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/31526323:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315263 in ubuntu "New Package Music Organizer" [Undecided,In progress]23:55
bdmurraywoody86: yes, it's a bit improperly formatted too.  it should be tagged 'needs-packaging' and the title should actually have [needs-packaging] in the front of it23:59

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