wolilook, this is the thing03:30
wolii want to install ubuntu in my brand new vista system03:30
wolibut it comes with a lot of small partitions03:30
woliwell 3, but thats still too much for a brand new system03:31
woliand i want to know which partitions could I wipe out.03:31
wolido you have vista?03:31
Jack_Sparrowso the first problem is the 4 primary partition limit.03:31
woliis there one actually?03:31
Jack_Sparrowyou will need to create an extended partition and create logicals inside that03:31
wolioh i want that03:32
Jack_Sparrowno I dont use vista.. and I wont let my frineds do vista03:32
wolibut there goes my other problem, the os partition, which occupies the 90% of the hdd is not inside the extended...03:32
woliif i want to resize it, i need to turn off the 'round to cylinders option03:32
Jack_Sparrowhow big is the extennnded and what is on it now03:32
wolii dont know what that is, and if its evil or if its not03:32
Jack_Sparrowwoli, best to break partitions on cylinder boundaries03:33
wolithe extended is 2,50GB big and only a fat partition called MEDIA DIRECT is on it...03:33
Jack_Sparrowhow big is the extended and what is on it now03:33
Jack_Sparrow2.5 gig   extended only03:34
wolimy hdd is 500 gb big..03:34
woliis it a big problem?03:34
Jack_Sparrow2.5 gig extended is worthless03:34
woliit is03:35
wolii can resize it, can't i?03:35
Jack_Sparrowmake sure it has nothing you need.. and delete it   and the extended, then resize your vista partition03:35
woliwhat happens if i turn the 'round to cylinders option' off?03:35
Jack_Sparrowthen crerate a new extended with two ext3 and one swap03:35
Jack_Sparrowwoli, why are you needing to do that03:36
wolii am an order freak..03:36
Jack_Sparrownot a good idea.. you will waste space03:37
woliwill i?03:37
woliwell, i managed to do it rounding cylinders... i just unchecked it and checked it again... it worked...03:37
Jack_Sparrowdefrag vista, twice... before you resize03:37
wolithe problem is now i have 3 unallocated separate partitions03:37
woliok i will...03:37
wolido i still need to, even when being able to do it rounding to cylinders?03:38
Jack_Sparrowuse gparted .. the gparted livecd would be my choice but you can run it from ubuntu livecd, there are occasionally issues whickh is why I use the standalone gparted03:39
Jack_Sparrowwoli, on a new system I doubt you need to defrag, but safer to do it.. twice03:39
woliwell, i am in the live session, with gpa7rted03:39
wolibut ok, i will return with defraing done...03:40
Jack_SparrowOk, so you have the basics of what you need03:40
wolii will just erase the recovery partition, or should i leave it for now?03:40
Jack_SparrowI will NOT be here03:40
woliyou will not?03:40
Jack_Sparrowleave the recovery partition03:40
woliJack_Sparrow: why?03:40
Jack_SparrowI told You I was leaving and could only give you a couple minutes03:41
wolilook, i will only use vista for games and other software03:41
woliok, ill look for somebody else then03:41
Jack_Sparrowleave the recovery partition..03:41
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