jng1thanks for the info on notification.. something that quite interests me01:03
jng1like the idea of using dbus to do something like the dashboard idea: http://www.nat.org/dashboard/01:05
jng1+ notification is part of all that01:05
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pochushould you see seb128, please tell him I reported bug 31494503:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314945 in libproxy "MainInclusionReport for libproxy" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31494503:49
karthik_hey i need the source of ubuntu desktop05:47
karthik_plz help me05:47
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jmarsdenkarthik_: It's all in the repositories... use apt-get source to download packages one by one or use a mirroring solution like apt-mirror if you have the bandwidth and disk space to grab everything...06:10
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slomomvo: feel free to upload gnome-codec-install to experimental whenever you want :) when do you plan to get it into ubuntu btw?08:09
mvohey slomo08:10
mvoslomo: I put some outstanding issues on the wiki page (few) when they are resolved I will upload to ubuntu (or request a sync)08:10
mvoslomo: hopefully this week though, not sure if I can make that :)08:11
slomowhich wiki page?08:11
mvoits partly outdated, it says I had trouble with the version in experimental (which is true, but svn is fine obviously)08:12
mvobut the implementaton section is accurate08:12
slomomvo: to use it on debian/sid you need to install all gstreamer packages from experimental btw ;)08:12
mvosmallish stuff as well, exit codecs as symbolic constants (EXIT_SUCCESS, EXIT_INSTALL_INCOMPLETE, EXIT_INSTALL_COMPLETE, ...)08:13
mvoI need to figure out which one is which first :)08:13
mvoslomo: aha, thanks. that might explain my troubles08:13
slomowhat is the totem BBC plugin doing with codec installation?08:14
mvoI don't know yet :) cjwatson mentioned that it needs to be ported08:14
slomohm, i hope it simply uses gstreamer for installing codecs... then everything will work without changes ;)08:15
mvoslomo: cool, I check it out today and maybe come back with silly questions to you :)08:15
slomoseb128: hi :) could you sync gstreamer0.10, gst-plugins-base0.10, gst0.10-python, gst-plugins-bad0.10, vala from debian/experimental? some of them might still be in incoming or somewhere between incoming and the pool though ;) also you might want to merge (or sync?) gtk 2.14.708:42
seb128slomo: hey, will do the syncs when those are on the mirrors, right I will consider GTK, I'm not sure yet because I might do the 2.15 update directly08:43
slomook, thanks :)08:44
seb128thank you for doing those updates and asking syncs ;-)08:44
didrockshi everyone08:45
seb128hey didrocks08:45
didrocks(and ping mvo as requested) :)08:45
didrocksseb128: everything's fine? :)08:46
seb128pitti: about bug #314945, it blocks some of  the GNOME updates, one being the new gvfs which fixes the samba issues we have since hardy08:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314945 in libproxy "MainInclusionReport for libproxy" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31494508:46
seb128pitti: just pointing that we need to get that resolved or GNOME is stucked in jaunty08:46
seb128didrocks: just starting my day so yes ;-)08:47
didrockshehe :)08:47
pittiseb128: right; my only concern is disabling WPAD, but we can fix that later, too08:49
seb128pitti: whatever you want as long as we can get libproxy used by GNOME ;-)08:49
slomomvo: tim said that the totem BBC plugin currently relies on the list of codecs to be in that gdbm database... needs porting to the codecs inside the package metadata :)08:49
slomois it possible with cdbs to detect if the build is arch-only? :)08:53
pittiseb128: bug updated, promoted for now08:58
seb128pitti: danke!08:58
mvoslomo: aha, thanks. I have a look. I hope it does not do this check on every startup otherwise parsing the packagelist will become a issue with speed08:58
huatsmorning everyone09:11
crevettegood morning everyone09:12
seb128lut crevette huats09:17
crevettesalut seb12809:18
huatshello seb128 and crevette09:18
crevettesalut huats09:19
mvoslomo: porting the bbc stuff looks straightforward, Tim did a very nice job with that code it seems09:28
sorenmvo, asac: Which one of you is the right person to talk to about the firefox plugin finder thingie?09:30
sorenSpecifically about adding a new mozilla plugin and having that plugin finder know about it.09:30
mvosoren: for the server side asac09:32
sorenOk. Is that all it takes?09:33
sorenI.e. is there a client side part to it as well?09:34
slomomvo: that's good :)09:34
seb128didrocks: did you work on the other updates I gave you some days ago?09:35
mvoslomo: startup will be a bit slower though :/ I will see how much impact it makes09:35
slomomvo: why does it needs this at startup already?09:36
mvoslomo: that was the nice bit about the gdbm cache, it is blazing fast09:36
mvoslomo: not sure yet09:36
didrocksseb128: yes it's done, mvo will review it when he will have some time :)09:38
seb128ok good09:38
didrocksit's already uploaded in ~desktop-team bzr branch, IIRC09:39
mvodidrocks: doing it now (I need to work on totem anyway for the bbc plugin stuff but I will upload your stuff first)09:39
asacsoren: i already answered your question yesterday?09:40
didrocksmvo: ok, thanks, do not hesitate to ping me09:40
asacsoren: thought i did so in -devel09:40
sorenasac: Oh, you did? Sorry, i didn't notice.09:40
* soren goes to look at logs09:40
asac22:23 < asac> soren: yes. just add the headers09:41
asac22:24 < asac> soren: (if its a plugin) however, will not appear in plugin finder service until i  update the plugin db09:41
sorenasac: Yes, just found it. Weird... Irssi didn't hilight it for me.09:41
asacdoest that answer your question?09:41
sorenWell, it probably did, but it wasn't in the away log this morning.09:41
asacno problem09:42
sorenasac: Almost. Do you regularly update the db or should I ping you when I do this? I have two packages I need to do this to and I've only done one of them so far.09:42
asacsoren: ping me. i usually dont do that during alphas in a development release09:42
asacbut if you want to test i can run the updater for you ;09:43
sorenOh, that would be neat.09:43
sorenI need to update the pfs url thing in firefox, right?09:43
asacno ... that should be correct (iif you use ubufox)09:43
asacwithout ubufox it wont work that great anyway09:43
asacmy pfs.datasource.url starts like http://people.ubuntu.com/~asac...09:44
asacso if you have that it should probably be right09:44
sorenIt says 8.10 in both of them?09:45
asacah right ;)09:45
sorenHeh :)09:45
asacyeah you are right. you will have to make that 9.04 for testing09:45
* soren updates09:45
asacsoren: well. atm 9.04 doesnt exist yet in the db09:45
asacso you will get results fom gutsy i think :/09:46
sorenHeheh :)09:46
asacso better keep 8.10 until you pinged me ... until i ran the updater09:46
sorenIt falls back to Gutsy if it gets an unknown version?09:46
asacsoren: yes. because gutsy was the first release that had that feature and i didnt pass a version i think09:46
asacor it gives you zero results ;)09:47
asac(blindly running a sql statement)09:47
asaci cant remember right now ;)09:47
sorenOk :)09:48
sorenasac: Thanks. I'll ping you later when I've uploaded the other one. Probably today.09:48
sorenasac: Oh, one other thing: walters over in #ubuntu-devel said to just generate the application id for the plugins. I just want to check with you if that's right.09:51
huatsseb128: regazrding the gnome-keyring problem : upstream has made new commit in their trunk that revert the changes that with the issue09:51
seb128did they reply to your email?09:51
asacsoren: application id?09:52
huatsapparently he hasn't the time to investigate it09:52
huatsright now09:52
huatsthat is why he reverted it09:52
sorenasac: The XB-Npp-Applications header.09:52
asacsoren: those are the application ids of the apps that provide the plugin host09:52
asace.g. seamonkey, firefox, et al09:52
asacsoren: so if your plugin installs itself in the firefox, seamonkey and thunderbird plugins dir09:53
asacyou have to add the application if for those apps there09:53
huatsseb128: so I think the right way will be to do the same revert he did in a separate patch in our package09:53
sorenasac: Oh.09:53
asaclet me get the list for you09:53
sorenasac: Good thing I asked :)09:53
seb128huats: ok09:54
huats(basically it is just the configure.in and the Makefile.am to modify... )09:54
huatsI'll do that09:54
seb128didrocks: good work on the totem update ;-)09:57
sorenasac: It installs into /usr/lib/{xulrunner-addons,mozilla,firefox}/plugins10:00
sorenasac: I think I found it: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/pages/appversions10:04
sorenasac: Totem, for instance, lists: ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384, 92650c4d-4b8e-4d2a-b7eb-24ecf4f6b63a10:06
soren...which AFAICS maps to Firefox and Seamonkey.10:06
sorenShould I just copy those?10:08
asacsoren: you are on track ;) ... so depending on where you link the plugin to, you add the apps there (though for now just ffox matters)10:08
asacsoren: usually yes.10:09
asacsoren: just ensure that it your plugin package also works in seamonkey ... then its fine10:09
asacsoren: what plugin is that?10:10
sorenasac: mozilla-virt-viewer10:10
sorenIt should work. I believe Debian uses it with seamonkey.10:11
sorenOh, or do you mean whether it installs the  proper symlinks?10:11
asacsoren: how many Xb-Npp headers do you have now? 3 or 5?10:13
sorenApplications, mime-types and... er..10:13
asacsoren: look at gnash or swfdec or flashplugin... there are two more10:14
sorenGlancing at the totem plugin again, it has Seamonkey's app id in the xb-npp-applications header, but doesn't put any links into the any directory with "seamonkey" in it?10:14
sorenI'll look at Gnash.10:14
asacsoren: seamonkey looks at /usr/lib/mozilla ...10:15
sorenOh, gnash only puts it in a ubufox dir?10:15
asacsoren: only those that use alternatives system need to go there10:16
sorenasac: Ah, gotcha.10:16
asac(because ubufox can switch plugins for mime-types on the fly)10:16
* asac thinks that he has to document the latest state10:17
asaci think its all hidden in some old spec atm10:17
sorenI couldn't find anything resembling documentation. All Google would give me was changelog entries mentioning xb-npp headers or something similar.10:18
asacyeah. its in the initial ubufox spec i think ... but thats the best place to hide it10:19
sorenHeh :)10:21
didrocksseb128: thanks a lot :-)10:29
didrocksand thanks mvo for having sponsored them ;)10:31
crevette_heay new gtk-vnc10:33
crevette_vinagre can be updated10:33
tseliotRiddell: my work for kdebase-workspace is ready. I have a patch which will preserve the current functioning if my "dontzap" package is not installed (as I have yet to upload it to jaunty)11:59
tseliotRiddell: shall I create a debdiff or use a bazaar branch?12:00
Riddelltseliot: great, I'm likely updating that package today for the new RC12:00
Riddelltseliot: you can use the bzr branch lp:~kubuntu-members/kdebase-workspace/ubuntu12:00
Riddellmake a diff from that or another branch I can merge if you like12:00
tseliotRiddell: ok, I'll use that bzr branch as a base12:01
crevette_seb128, gedit-plugins fails to build on hppa (http://launchpadlibrarian.net/21008459/buildlog_ubuntu-jaunty-hppa.gedit-plugins_2.25.2-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz) due to lack of python-gnome2-desktop, what is the needed action ?12:32
seb128crevette_: don't bother about hppa12:33
crevette_but it keeps bother me :)12:33
seb128half of GNOME doesn't build usually, that's not an issue in your upload, but probably the gnome-python stack being outdated or something12:33
seb128need somebody who cares about hppa to look at it12:34
seb128well you can track the hundred GNOME packages not building if you want12:34
pittiseb128: look at bug 315049, last comment :)12:47
ubottuBug 315049 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/315049 is private12:47
seb128pitti: waouh, that's cool ;-)12:49
pitti(bug goes to invalid)12:49
pittiseb128: btw, I stopped all retracers on ronne, since as soon as this apport is uploaded, I want to setup my shiny new cron-based crash-diggers12:50
seb128pitti: the retracing just before that was mostly correct though, did we say we just want to do that when the stacktrace is a ?? collection?12:50
seb128pitti: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/21008801/Stacktrace.txt12:51
pittiseb128: I can probably make it a little less picky12:51
pittiseb128: right now it must be perfect12:51
seb128pitti: having one function having ?? is frequent, not sure why12:51
pittisince I don't currently have a function that says "good enough"12:51
pittibut I'm happy to create one12:51
seb128well if you detect outdated packages that's worth asking a retracing anyway12:51
seb128but it happens that even with the good packages installed you have the first function being a ??12:52
seb128could be stack corruption or something12:52
pittiright, or just missing symbols12:52
seb128anyway that's a good start we can do adjustement as we notice issues12:52
pittioh, hang on12:52
seb128good work ;-)12:52
* seb128 hugs pitti12:52
pitti    def has_useful_stacktrace(self):12:52
pitti        '''Check whether this report has a stacktrace that can be considered12:52
pitti        'useful'.12:52
pittiI *knew* I did that before12:52
seb128you use that for the retracing failed or worked thing no?12:53
pittione-line patch :)12:54
seb128good ;-)12:54
* pitti tests again12:55
pittisorry for the bug spam you'll get due to this12:55
pittiI guess I'll unsub you again12:55
pittiargh, I can't; you need to do that yourself12:56
seb128that's alright, easy to mark as read ;-)12:56
asacsoren: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Plugin ... does that make a bit sense?13:06
asacsoren: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Plugins ... does that make a bit sense?13:06
* soren looks13:06
sorenasac: It seems a bit odd that one of the application guid's you have in the example (from Gnash) isn't on the list just below it.13:11
sorenTWo of them, actually.13:12
sorenThe example: Xb-Npp-Applications: ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384,92650c4d-4b8e-4d2a-b7eb-24ecf4f6b63a,aa5ca914-c309-495d-91cf-3141bbb0411513:12
sorenOnly the first is in the list immediately below.13:12
asacinteresting point ;)13:12
asacok the list is bogus/incomplete13:13
asaci didnt remember that seamonkey has a new id (vs. old mozilla suite)13:13
asacsoren: now its better ;)13:14
sorenMuch :)13:17
sorenasac: I've uploaded my two plugins. They should be published and everything by now.13:20
sorenLaunchad concurs.13:20
tseliotRiddell: here's my branch: lp:~albertomilone/kdebase-workspace/dontzap and here's the commit: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~albertomilone/kdebase-workspace/dontzap/revision/413:27
tseliotRiddell: let me know if there are problems with my patch ^^14:22
seb128vuntz: do you still work on gnome-session?14:39
seb128vuntz: did opensuse got complains about the session storing btw? ;-)14:39
vuntzseb128: funny that you're talking about it now14:40
vuntzseb128: I'll try to start this today14:41
seb128ah cool14:41
seb128vuntz: I've also issues about autostart things not started but I'll try to update gnome-session before bugging you about that ;-)14:43
seb128vuntz: the new gnome-volume-control applet for example14:43
seb128.xsession-errors has timeout errors about those14:43
seb128lool: do you know why some debian packages are relibtoolized to workaround a rpath issue on amd64?14:45
seb128lool: or rather do you know what the issue is exactly?14:46
seb128ie gvfs14:46
loolseb128: I think redhat still carries patches to its libtool so tarballs released from fedora/redhat hosts might contain problematic ltmain.sh14:46
seb128lool: how do we notice the issue?14:47
seb128ie, what effect does it have?14:47
seb128we used to not relibtoolize gvfs and got no complain that I know about14:47
loolIIRC think they force the lib dir to be lib64 on x86-64; you could search for that snippet14:47
seb128since I seem to not be able to get the current version building after autotools update I'm near of dropping the debian patch for now14:47
seb128I'm not sure what practical issue it creates14:48
seb128not something users notice apparently14:48
seb128or we would have received bugs about that in intrepid I guess14:48
loolseb128: objdump -x =nautilus | grep RPATH on my amd64 box still gives   RPATH                /usr/lib14:48
seb128since we used to no relibtoolize14:48
loolseb128: I can tell of one painful issue with it: LD_LIBRARY_PATH doesn't work any more14:48
loolBecause RPATH has precedence over it14:48
loolAnd a single RPATH on /usr/lib and you're using the default system libs again already14:49
seb128ok, that is lower priority than getting the gvfs update uploaded right now14:49
loolseb128: Basically the scale of the problem is huge, I think hundreds of amd64 binaries have this issue, but it's not visible on 32-bits arches14:49
seb128I'll comment the patch for now and have a look to that later14:49
loolSure; you can also use chrpath instead14:50
seb128pedro_: bug #314966 are you sure? what version do you use?15:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314966 in gnome-media "Inverted scroll wheel in new gnome-volume-control" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31496615:10
pedro_seb128: latest one on jaunty15:10
seb128pedro_: the new gnome-volume-control dialog moves on the right when scrolling down on my install15:11
pedro_seb128: works fine for me, tried the same with another user too15:11
seb128pedro_: you have horizontal scales right?15:11
seb128and they move on the left when you scroll down?15:11
pedro_seb128: yes, that's correct15:15
seb128ok, weird15:15
seb128I get the issue here too and it's not likely locale specific15:15
seb128I'll investigate15:15
pedro_the scale there acts just like the icon on the panel, same behavior15:15
seb128the mixer applet does the same15:15
seb128right, which is wrong too15:15
seb128scrolling down on the mouse there move those to the right15:16
seb128which means louder15:16
seb128where down should mean less loud15:16
seb128but if you say that works correctly for you15:16
seb128I'm just puzzled in works differently on your box15:16
pedro_i'm gonna try with another locale as well15:16
seb128I wouldn't have though that was config specific15:16
seb128what gtk version do you have?15:17
seb128brb, restarting session to try the new gnome-session15:18
sorenasac: Can you ping me when the plugin database is updated for Jaunty?15:21
asacsoren: i would suggest that you ping me later week to remind me to update it ;)15:26
asacprobably best if both try :)15:26
sorenWill do :)15:27
crevetteyeah new gvfs, no more problem connecting a ftp15:56
seb128oh, dns seems to be fixed now ;-)16:25
crevetteyou lost DNS ?16:32
seb128crevette: no, but it was not resolving some domains16:33
crevetteseb128, hey teuf is going to work for mandriva16:33
seb128ie I could connect to irc.gnome but not irc.gimp16:33
crevetteah weird16:34
seb128good for him ;-)16:34
seb128what is he going to do there?16:34
crevettenot clear to me16:35
crevetteapparently he will have to fight with perl :)16:35
crevetteand urpmi16:36
huats_seb128: both gnome-keyring and seahors update are in LP17:15
seb128huats_: thanks17:16
huats_avec plaisir :)17:16
huats_seb128: I'll take care of seahorse-plugins too...17:21
seb128huats_: you should remove the autom4te.cache directory in the automake changes17:26
huats_seb128: ok17:27
huats_I'll do that right now17:27
seb128huats_: I can fix it for gnome-keyring don't bother17:27
huats_seb128: ok17:27
huats_In fact I wasn't sure, and that was an extra question that I failed to asked :(17:28
seb128I though you already updated packages which have autoconf patches before17:31
seb128the GNOME packages usually have those17:31
seb128huats_: you also need to update the shlibs17:35
seb128huats_: debian/libgnome-keyring0.shlibs should be set to since the lib has new symbols17:36
seb128let's restart the session to try this gnome-keyring update17:37
seb128huats_: you can update the bug if you want to fix those or I can do it for you17:38
huats_seb128: so ?17:41
seb128huats_: so what?17:41
huats_you said : "let's restart the session to try this gnome-keyring update" :)17:41
seb128ah, that works17:41
huats_regarding the other stuffs I'll update the bug...17:42
seb128evolution can use the passwords normally and the ssh agent still works17:42
seb128huats_: ok, no need to test build, just cdbs-edit-patch, clean the directory, edit the shlibs and changelog and update the bug17:42
huats_and I already did bugs with autoconf... but I failed this time to remove he autom4te.cache17:42
seb128huats_: the seahorse update looks correct17:48
huats_seb128:  ok17:48
huats_seb128: I have updated the gnome-keyring bug17:50
huats_I nedd to go17:50
huats_but feel free to tell me if anything else is neede17:51
seb128huats_: ok17:51
huats_thanks for you patience :)17:51
seb128huats_: thanks for your work ;-) go now, I'll comment on the bug if required17:51
huats_thanks :)17:51
seb128huats_: seahorse needs a shlibs update too17:52
huats_I'll do that17:52
crevetteseb128, is there something I can do tonight ?18:02
seb128crevette: http://download.gnome.org/sources/gnome-nettool/2.25/gnome-nettool-2.25.3.tar.gz18:02
crevetteokay, btw I didn't see upload of empathy, does bigon will do it ?18:03
crevetteanyway time to go back home18:06
crevettesee you18:06
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pochuI'm unsubscribing from tracker bugs in Launchpad. Not enough time and I don't really care much about it anymore...20:07
pochuUpstream and Debian maintainer are subscribed to it20:07
tedgNokia's putting a bunch of money/time into Tracker -- I'm hoping it'll have a rebirth.20:21
tedgNot for Jaunty for sure though.20:21
pochuand imendio too I think20:30
pochuor perhaps that's Nokia paying Imendio to work on Tracker :)20:31
dobeyi think nokia contracted codethink to work on tracker20:31
pochuI know Martyn Russell has been working a lot in tracker, and he's from Imendio20:32
pochudobey: maybe codethink subcontracted imendio :P20:33
dobeyno i think nokia just contracts everyone they possibly can20:35
dobeyoh wow, nice20:36
dobeythere are 1344 bugs with the needs-packaging tag :(20:36
dobeyhi crevette20:48
pochuhey crevette20:48
crevettehello dobey20:48
pochudobey: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/qa-needs-packaging-bugs20:48
crevetteheu pochu20:48
crevettepochu: I'm packaging a gnome tarball and I need to update a patch 03_autoconf, how can I do? I should just run autoconf ?20:49
pochucrevette: if it's really only changing configure, that may work (but may not)20:51
pochucrevette: `autoreconf -fiv && rm -r autom4te.cache` always work though, but will update configure, makefiles, libtool etc20:52
dobeywhich you probably need to do anyway, and you may also have to re-run intltoolize20:53
dashuaIs gnome-sound-preferences missing on the latest Jaunty?  Volume control in the new applet does nothing as well.  I just upgraded from Intrepid 64 and it was nearly flawless.  I just wanted to confirm this wasn't an upgrade issue.20:57
pochuI think it's now in gnome-media20:58
pochudashua: what version of gnome-media do you have?21:00
pochuyou need gnome-media 2.25.121:00
dashuapochu: /gnome-media_2.25.1-0ubuntu1_amd6421:00
pochudashua: don't you mean gnome-sound-properties ?21:03
dashuapochu: Yes.21:04
pochuit was in gnome-control-center, but has been removed in 2.25.321:08
pochushould have been added in gnome-utils 2.25.1, but looks like it wasn't21:08
dashuabug 314957 is the closet thing I could find21:08
pochueither it wasn't, or it wasn't shipped in the Ubuntu binaries21:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314957 in gnome-control-center "Jaunty A2 - gnome-sound-properties missing" [Wishlist,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31495721:08
dashuaOk thx21:09
pochuaccording to that it's replaced by the new gnome-volume-control in gnome-media21:09

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