Hobbseehm.  very cool ftbfs page - it's grown colour!00:02
sabdflHobbsee: url?00:06
Hobbseesabdfl: http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/00:06
sabdflthat is nice00:07
* ScottK waves at sabdfl and says thanks for the +1 on clamav micro-version updates.00:07
* directhex waves at sabdfl generally00:07
LaserJockHobbsee: it is pretty nice looking00:08
sabdflnp ScottK00:08
sabdfllong list00:08
LaserJocklots of armel :-)00:09
* Hobbsee is looking at the failed to upload ones00:09
ScottKhppa isn't so happy either.00:12
LaserJockno, I noticed that00:12
LaserJockhasn't hppa been around for a while?00:13
directhexyeah, but nobody tests on it because they have no simple means to do so00:13
directhexthey just wait for build fail messages from assorted archives, and often ignore them as unreporducible00:13
ScottKLaserJock: Also there's a soyuz bug that causes kde4bindings to get skipped on hppa currently, so the entire rest of the KDE stack is FTBFS.00:15
ScottKThat's several handfuls of them.00:15
HobbseeNCommander: are you planning to merge across firebird2.0 again, to make it installable this time?00:15
HobbseeScottK: oh?  what soyuz bug?00:16
ScottKHobbsee: Bug 31195200:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 311952 in soyuz "Packages-arch-specific blocking of a single binary blocks the entire source package" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31195200:16
LaserJockScottK: interesting00:17
ScottKI don't get Medium, but that's just me.  I guess building packages isn't an important function for Soyuz.00:17
HobbseeScottK: well, they can't mark *everything* critical.00:18
Hobbsee& high00:18
Hobbseewell, they could, but it wouldn't be so useful.00:19
LaserJockthat implies it's useful now ... :-)00:20
HobbseeNCommander: ignore that.  merged it myself.00:28
HobbseeNCommander: OTOH, it would be nice if you actually went back and fixed build failures for packages that failed across the board, after your changes.00:40
NCommanderHobbsee, actually, I was going to request firebird 2.0 be removed, it didn't fail to build, it just failed to upload00:42
Hobbseethat counts, i'm sure :P00:43
Hobbseeso it can be removed?00:43
Hobbseeit seems debian's designing it to be coinstallable00:43
* TheMuso should look at powerpc FTBFs later.00:43
NCommanderbrb, need to run to the store00:44
* NCommander needs a torx screwdriver00:44
HobbseeNCommander: or at least, it counts when it's due to a packaging bug, not a soyuz bug.00:45
cjwatsonjames_w: shame there's no interface to binary publishing records in the LP API yet00:46
james_wcjwatson: indeed.00:47
cjwatsonjames_w: I knocked up a similar lpmadison prototype for Ubuntu the other day, but shelved it for the time being as it's not all that useful with just sources00:47
cjwatsonbut source publishing is a fairly recent addition so I imagine it's on the cards ...00:48
* directhex hands NCommander his xbox moddin' screwdriver set00:49
borschtyhi, i just noticed, that in jaunty using the intel driver there is an entry missing in /proc/mtrr, but i'm not sure if this a bug or an intentional behaviour (with that new memory management stuff going on etc)01:06
borschtyadding the entry back gets the ttys working again (those were broken before) and lets glxgears run two times as fast01:07
borschtywhat confuses me a bit is that when i restart xorg by quitting gnome the entry gets removed again, so would that be a xorg driver issue?01:09
borschtyreg04: base=0x0b0000000 ( 2816MB), size=  256MB, count=1: write-combining01:10
borschtythats the entry btw.01:10
rootarddoko__: how much work would it be to incorporate the OpenSolaris .sh files (from jdk-distros) into the sun-java6 source package?01:38
RoeyThis bug still exists in Ubuntu 8.10 for X86_64:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hal/+bug/21156902:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 211569 in hal "xsane won't start unless run as root (Epson Perfection 1240)" [Medium,Fix released]02:20
NCommandercalc, I summon thy!02:22
Roeycalc:  whoah, where did you go all these year??02:23
StevenKNCommander: Er, thee02:25
* NCommander pulls the source package02:25
ScottK-desktopNCommander: Even if you have the source package, it's still thee.02:31
calcNCommander: eh?02:39
calcRoey: huh?02:39
Roeycalc:  hey02:39
Roeyremember me?02:39
calcRoey: yea iirc from debian-kde?02:39
Roeyyes yes02:39
RoeyChris what's up??? I didn't know you do Ubuntu now02:40
calcRoey: yea i switched to using ubuntu around sept 200402:40
Roeyahh interesting02:40
calcRoey: then started working on ubuntu june 2007 on OOo02:40
Roeyand you don't use KDE then?02:40
calcnot anymore, no02:40
calci'll have to see how kde 4 shapes up over the next few releases :)02:41
RoeyI was almost ready to give up on this02:42
RoeyI went to the release party in California last January02:42
Roeymet a whole bunch of devs02:42
NCommandercalc, cool, that worked.02:42
Roeythe "known" names etc.02:42
NCommandercalc, any idea when OOo in main will be fixed?02:42
Roeyoh, since you're here, Chris, couldja help me with this02:43
RoeyThis bug still exists in Ubuntu 8.10 for X86_64:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hal/+bug/21156902:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 211569 in hal "xsane won't start unless run as root (Epson Perfection 1240)" [Medium,Fix released]02:43
calcNCommander: in jaunty?02:44
calcNCommander: once the last two build-depends are fixed, two FTBFS from them for conversion to default-java02:44
calcactually xom iirc FTBFS in general even without conversion02:44
NCommanderdavidm, fixed already02:44
NCommanderdavidm, or at least they're built.02:45
NCommandersorry, calc02:45
StevenKcalc: But you want stlport4.6 on i386, which is in universe, and has been since dapper02:45
calcRoey: cool, i was in california last month at UDS :)02:45
* Roey high-fives calc02:45
calcStevenK: ugh ok, i'll have to beat on that for i386, didn't notice it since i use amd64 here02:45
NCommandercalc, I can look into fixing the issues02:46
calci'm making a 1:3.0.1~rc1-2ubuntu1 build right now02:46
Roeycalc:  do you work for Canonical now?02:46
calcNCommander: there is a mir for the packages02:46
StevenKcalc: According to NCommander, we had a change to not use stlport4.6 since Hardy02:46
calcNCommander: bug 30579002:46
calcStevenK: yea but in the sync to debian got dropped probably since 2.4.1 -> 3.0 was a lot of changes in the rules file02:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 305790 in suitesparse "MIR - move to main for openoffice.org 3 build-depends" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30579002:46
calcStevenK: rules file is somewhere north of 3500 lines :-(02:47
* StevenK shivers02:47
NCommandercalc, I can look at fixing it02:47
calci'm sure i can fix up the stlport issue for i38602:47
NCommandercalc, I'm fairly sure where I need to go to disable STLPORT usage02:47
calcNCommander: the xom package randomly fails on amd64 at least02:47
NCommanderdefine randomly fails02:48
calcNCommander: it built for me so i uploaded it, then it failed on buildd, tested on my machine failed, i changed the deps a bit it built, uploaded to buildd where it failed again, heh02:48
calcbuilding inside a chroot02:48
NCommanderSo it builds fine on your machine, and going boom in a chroot?02:48
calcNCommander: it built twice on my machine failed once and failed both times on the buildd02:48
calci haven't worked on it in a while though02:49
StevenKcalc: It's because crested and yellow hate you02:49
NCommandercan you define the failure for me?02:49
calcNCommander: er i don't recall where it failed its in the build log though02:49
* NCommander grabs the source package02:49
calcNCommander: last time i looked at it was before my christmas vacation02:49
NCommanderxom is universe ....02:50
calcNCommander: yea i was converting to default-java to get it moved into main02:50
NCommanderOh, so its going to main once you can fix this failure bug, right?02:50
NCommanderany objections if I take a swing at it?02:50
calcNCommander: no problem from me :)02:51
calcNCommander: i had ~ 12 other packages to do at the time so didn't look at it too long but it looked really odd the way it was failing02:51
NCommandercalc, that's impressive02:52
NCommandercalc, your compiler getting stuck in an infinite loop02:52
NCommandercalc, is xom VCS packaged, or can I just fire into universe once I get it building?02:53
calcNCommander: not sure if there is a vcs for it, i just grabbed it with apt-get02:54
davidmStevenK, send me an update before you drop off tonight, I have a status meeting with woei tomorrow.02:56
ScottKIf anyone is interested in getting experience with Ubuntu processes, apparently libtest-warn-perl needs a MIR so libnet-ssleay-perl will build.02:56
maxbI'm writing a script that I hope can become part of people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/ reporting. Does that machine have filesystem level (read) access to the ubuntu archive, or should the script download files via http?02:59
cjwatsonmaxb: (a) yes it does (b) don't worry anyway, we'll adjust it as needed03:00
cjwatsonmaxb: (actually the stuff that shows up on people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/ is mostly run on the master archive system and rsynced/scped over03:01
maxbok then, there's a script in lp:~maxb/+junk/ubuntu-archive-reporting for consideration. Should I send mail/bug somewhere?03:02
maxberm, and I should probably document it better too03:02
cjwatsonmaxb: mail ubuntu-archive@lists.ubuntu.com please03:02
StevenKcjwatson: I've removed you from the changelog in livecd-rootfs, since umpc is going away. (In bzr)03:03
* maxb will sleep now, go over it adding comments, and then send mail tomorrow03:03
StevenKcjwatson: If I pastebin my diff, will you sanity check it? The changes are mostly harmless03:04
cjwatsonStevenK: not now (bed), maybe later03:04
* StevenK checks what time it is in London. 03:05
* maxb is being somewhat nocturnal :-)03:06
davidmGuys have a look at: https://arm.wiki.canonical.com/Home/Freescale and add drivers and what not that you think we need please.03:06
cjwatsonmaxb: why not use python-apt for version comparison?03:06
davidmNM wrong channel03:07
cjwatsonapt_pkg.VersionCompare I believe03:07
cjwatsonmaxb: you could use it for stanza parsing too03:07
cjwatsonanyway, bed03:07
maxbaha. the apt apidoc is a bit... nonexistent03:08
maxbI don't think using it for stanza parsing is an option, if I'm reading the .bz2 files (which is all I have locally)03:09
maxbI'll investigate a bit more, anyway03:09
NCommanderThings you DON"T want to see during apt-get dist-upgrade:03:21
NCommanderRemoving xserver-xorg ...03:21
* ion_ recommends aptitude03:22
calcStevenK: ok i got stlport removed from build-dep for new packages i am working on03:38
=== ember_ is now known as ember
calcis there a way to clear the apt cache in synaptic, a user needs help doing it, but i don't use synaptic04:36
calcthere download seems corrupt04:36
calcer their04:36
calci just told them the apt-get way04:41
karthik_hey i need the source of ubuntu desktop05:47
karthik_plz help me05:47
TheMusokarthik_: What package from the Ubuntu desktop do you want source for?05:51
karthik_TheMuso: libwnck and the packages which we use for switching workspaces05:52
TheMusokarthik_: Ok I don't know what packages are used for switching workspaces, but you can fetch the libwnck source package by running "apt-get source libwnck" which will download the source package for you, providing you have a deb-src line in /etc/apt/sources.list.05:53
TheMusoNote that I am not sure that is the exact source package name, you will have to check.05:53
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pittiGood morning06:52
LaserJockmorning pitti06:55
=== tkamppeter_ is now known as tkamppeter
dholbachgood morning07:00
* pitti dist-upgrades and hopes that the new udev won't break the world07:01
dholbachpitti: it's all going to be good :)07:01
dholbachpitti: the changelog looked "this has potential to break everything" too :)07:01
pittiargh, "No space left on device" -- see, udev broke everything!!!11!!07:04
pittimvo: wishlist: make sudo apt-get autoclean work while apt-get dist-upgrade is in progress07:05
pittiStevenK: if you process NEW today, can you please look at calibre? I uploaded it, so I can't NEW it myself07:25
StevenKpitti: Certainly07:25
tjaaltonpitti: about bug 314772, mountnfs.orig is not listed in conffiles, so does dpkg still handle it as one?08:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314772 in sysvinit "superfluous /etc/network/if-up.d/mountnfs.orig in initscripts" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31477208:46
pittitjaalton: oh; hm, one needs to check /var/lib/dpkg/status for that09:04
pittitjaalton: do you have an affected system/09:04
tjaaltonpitti: yes, dpkg --status initscripts doesn't list the file as a conffile09:05
pittitjaalton: so you have the file, and if you upgrade, it goes away?09:05
tjaaltonpitti: heh, I should probably try :)09:06
tjaaltonpitti: yep, vanished09:07
pittitjaalton: ok, thanks; bug updated, please upload09:07
tjaaltonpitti: thanks, done09:10
tjaaltonpitti: heh, so the version was wrong (older than in the archive). I'll just use ubuntu45.1 then09:19
loolpitti: Ah too bad, I started reviewing libproxy as well09:19
loolpitti: I found a couple of packaging issues though http://paste.ubuntu.com/102088/09:19
loolAll easy to fix09:19
pittilool: I didn't give it a big review, just a shallow lintian-like check, to unblock GNOME in jaunty09:19
pittilool: oh, good points; please copy them into the MIR09:20
loolI'm doing that09:20
seb128lool: the am maintainer thing doesn't work nowadays, does it?09:23
loolseb128: I don't understand09:24
seb128lool: what do you mean by "wrong order"? what revision did you review? I ran autoreconf to update the patch in the current revision09:24
seb128lool: <@lool> No AM_MAINTAINER_MODE09:24
loolseb128: The patch starts by configure then patches configure.ac09:24
loolSo there's a chance that configure.ac gets a newer timestamp09:24
seb128hum right09:24
loolAnd appears newer and triggers a rebuild of configure09:24
loolYou can't patch-in AM_MAINTAINER_MODE, so the autoreconf should be a separate patch09:25
loolAlso the patch(es) should be numbered, but that's minor09:25
loolIn fact I was about to simply go fix the package instead of listing the issues09:25
seb128what do you mean by " can't patch-in AM_MAINTAINER_MODE"?09:25
seb128I'm interested because I've similar issues on gvfs09:25
loolIf you add AM_MAINTAINER_MODE in a patch, you will have an issue in distclean where the configure.ac will have been updated and cdbs runs distclean with the patches unapplied09:26
loolYou can add AM_MAINTAINER_MODE in a patch if you are careful to distclean with the patches applied09:26
seb128it seems AM_MAINTAINER_MODE doesn't do anything nowadays09:26
seb128or I got something wrong09:27
loolIt should work09:27
seb128gvfs has a 01_maintainer_mode.patch and a autoreconf change09:27
seb128but the configure claims not knowing about the option09:27
seb128and I think somebody told me the maintainer mode is deprecated in the new autotools version09:27
loolOk; let me finish dealing with libproxy and I'll have a look and see if I see anything obvious09:27
seb128ok thanks09:28
loolI wasn't aware of its deprecation09:28
seb128I'm not sure if that's true but I think somebody told me that09:28
loolautomake 1.10 had some fixes for AM_MAINTAINER_MODE; I would expect it's still supposed to work09:29
seb128lool: http://people.ubuntu.com/~seb128/gvfs_1.1.3-0ubuntu1.dsc http://people.ubuntu.com/~seb128/gvfs_1.1.3-0ubuntu1.diff.gz http://people.ubuntu.com/~seb128/gvfs_1.1.3.orig.tar.gz09:34
seb128lool: if you want to look at the new gvfs, you probably want to disable the webdav option to try to build it, it requires new libsoup using libproxy which is not available yet09:35
seb128"libtool: Version mismatch error.  This is libtool 2.2.6, but the09:39
seb128libtool: definition of this LT_INIT comes from libtool
seb128libtool: You should recreate aclocal.m4 with macros from libtool 2.2.609:39
* seb128 kicks libtool09:39
seb128I ran autoreconf what else do you want!09:39
Mithrandiryour soul09:41
seb128not going to happen no ;-)09:43
* seb128 kicks libtool harder09:44
seb128doko_: there? you changed gstreamer to "Don't run the testsuite on hppa (hangs the hppa ubuntu buildd, libraries are required as build dependencies)."09:52
seb128doko_: what do you mean "libraries are required as build dependencies"09:52
seb128that's the only ubuntu change we have09:53
seb128did you open a debian bug about that?09:53
mvowhat is the magic to drop all disk caches (for simple benchmark purposes)? to see how fast a operation would take on a freshly booted system10:01
elmoecho 3 /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches10:03
elmoecho 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches   # even10:03
loolISTR Behdad blogged about a way to hide the cache from processes hmm10:04
loolI don't recall the specifics10:04
mvothanks elmo10:04
loolcan't find it10:08
loolMust have dreamed it!10:08
apwso who owns debootstrap ...10:47
pittiapw: closest maintianer is probably cjwatson10:47
apwpoor colin10:47
apwand how about apt10:47
apwhim too?10:47
loolNo, mvo rather10:48
apwahh ta10:48
loolasac: Hey10:53
loolasac: You already discussed this with seb128, but I need to understand the decision to push to Debian10:54
loolasac: Hmm let me read the ubuntu-desktop backlog first10:54
sianiswe need your opinion10:57
loolasac: I read yesterday's discussion; I didn't find a reason for disabling mozjs, but I might have missed it10:57
sianishow english users like to reed remaining time in apt / synaptic?10:57
asaclool: reason is that mozjs isnt a real lib because upstream doesnt have a ABI/API policy10:58
loolasac: I think it's required for .pac support; when I started using GNOME, it was a big feature missing from the picture: .pac support needed js support and that was overkill for gnome-vfs10:58
sianisnow this is like: 1h5min32s10:58
asacand hence we cannot use it in main10:58
asaclool: upstream is working on improving that for js. i think debian tracks the ABI/API on their own. we dont do that10:58
loolOk, so there's a real Debian/Ubuntu difference here; hmm I guess I could lsb-release check and add a configure flag10:59
asacso it might be ok to have in debian (though it definitly puts a risk on sec updates)10:59
sianis1h 5min 32s is better? Or 1 h 5 min 32 s is better? Or Is the actually good?10:59
asaclool: do you have a debian chroot or something at hand?11:00
loolasac: Ah then it's probably a good motivation to disable that support in Debian for now11:00
loolasac: I could reboot into Debian11:00
asaclool: just check whether libmozjs is packaged in a separate package and shipped with version in /usr/lib11:00
asaclool: well. the risk is not on your package, but on the xulrunner package11:00
asaclool: i think its safe for you to keep it11:00
loolYou mean we might discover that it broke ABI without changing SONAME or something?11:01
asaclool: if upstream breaks abi/api in a sec update it means that we need to push a new package into stable-security11:01
pittithekorn: hello! can I ask p-lp-bugs to use staging?11:01
asaclool: the burden is on xulrunner package ... so :)11:01
asaclool: do you know what feature gets disabled?11:02
loolISTR galeon was in a similar situation11:02
thekornpitti, hi, yes you can,11:02
thekorn>>> from launchpadbugs.lpconstants import HTTPCONNECTION11:03
thekorn>>> Bug.set_connection_mode(HTTPCONNECTION.MODE.STABLE)11:03
pittiah, cool11:03
loolasac: the mozjs plugin which is used for .pac11:03
loolYou might be able to use .pac without js, not sure, but I expect it's used with js most of the time anyway11:04
asaclool: pac ... is that automatic proxy thing?11:04
lool.pac is basically a 3 lines js script saying something like "if ip address is in this range use proxy foo, otherwise direct"11:04
loolasac: Yes11:04
loolIt might be possible to test URLs in the .pac too (if domain is local then direct)11:04
StevenKthekorn: Does s/STABLE/EDGE/ work too?11:05
thekornStevenK, yes11:05
asaclool: ok. my point is: disable it everywhere to force upstream to either complain more at mozilla about fixing their abi/api issue11:05
asacor to notice that they should use something elsee11:06
apwi am correct in thinking that packages in main may not depend on packages in other realms like universe11:06
asaclool: i know that spidermonkey folks want to fix that abi/api issue. they just werent aware of that. what they need now is more people complaining so they assign proper priortiy to it ;)11:06
cjwatsonmaxb: see germinate, it does this11:07
cjwatsonmaxb: (stanza parsing using python-apt from bz2 input)11:07
loolasac: Ok; I guess I see your point; my view on the topic is that I have no idea what this lib is going to gain us, the only thing I know I ever cared about is .pac and it wont work if we don't enable js, but then I don't use PAC personally11:08
cjwatsonapw: that is correct11:08
cjwatsonapw: although we often deal with that by promoting packages from universe to main; it depends on the situation11:08
cjwatsonapw: what's up? (debootstrap)11:08
asaclool: yeah. thats why i think that libproxy folks have to know about the issues. maybe they will reconsider their decision to use mozjs then11:09
apwhmmm, yeah debootstapping jaunty is failing, it looks like udev depends on libvolume-id1 which seems to be universe11:09
loolasac: Do you know of any alternative?11:10
cjwatsonhm, really? ok will investigate11:10
cjwatsonI was sure I NEWed that into main11:10
cjwatsonoh, I bet -2 arrived in the Window Of Confusion11:10
apwlibvolume-id1 |      136-2 | jaunty/universe | amd64, i38611:10
asaclool: not sure what they need exactly11:11
loolasac: Simple JS evaluations11:11
apwthat sounds like a bad place, is that the gap between waking and the first coffee?11:11
asaclool: do you have the source again?11:11
loolasac: Grab libproxy from the archive and see src/plugins/mozjs.c (the package is small and the plugin is small)11:11
cjwatsonapw: fixed for the next publisher run; ETA about 1pm for visibility in the archive11:11
pittithekorn: hm, I get a launchpadbugs.exceptions.LaunchpadURLError: ("message: unknown error"), but it does try to talk to staging11:12
cjwatsonapw: do you care enough about a quick explanation? :)11:12
apwheh ... i always like amusing stories11:12
loolJS_DefineFunction(self->ctx, global, "dnsResolve", dnsResolve, 1, 0); (to call into C from JS) and others then they run pacutils.js11:12
thekornpitti, is your cookie valid for staging?11:12
pittithekorn: I just freshly exported it11:12
pittiso it should be11:12
loolThey call FindProxyForURL() in the .pac which I understand can use the pacutils.js lib11:13
pittithekorn: .staging.launchpad.net TRUE / TRUE 1234556 staging Bla.Bla11:13
cjwatsonapw: the component (main, universe, etc.) that a package lands in is determined by "overrides" set by archive admins; when a new package, i.e. one whose name currently doesn't exist in the archive, arrives then archive admins have to override it to the correct component11:13
cjwatsonapw: now, I did get this right when I first processed it11:13
mvolool: do you happen to know if debian has the totem bbc plugin too? (I assume not but want confirmation :)11:14
thekornpitti, it worked this morning, can you show me some code you are workng on11:14
cjwatsonapw: unfortunately, there was a second upload in between my initial override and the point when that first upload was fully processed into the archive11:14
pittithekorn: I instantiate a BugList object, too; I'm not using it AFAIK, but maybe I need to do that there, too?11:14
loolmvo: I don't think so11:14
cjwatsonapw: I waved that through without particularly checking it11:14
loolmvo: checking11:14
apwahh yes, like you have to NEW all our kernel packages every time cause of the name changes11:14
loolmvo: oh we do11:14
apwso basically someone uploaded -1 and -2 in that two hour window11:14
cjwatsonapw: but there's a window where the override is not really quite entirely applied, due to a Soyuz bug; if a new version arrives in that window, it'll show up with the older default overrides, i.e. universe11:14
pittithekorn: http://people.ubuntu.com/~pitti/tmp/launchpad.py -> current code11:15
loolmvo: Added 2008-12-06 by sjoerd11:15
apwand so you see it the second time instead of it going magically tot he right place11:15
loolin experimental11:15
pittithekorn: ded 2008-12-06 by sjoerd11:15
thekornpitti, you have to do it for both objects, it's not global11:15
pittithekorn: http://pastebin.com/f137de67c -> my current diff11:15
apwcjwatson, your world is a painful spikey place to live11:15
asaclool: i will think about it - guess a few days11:15
mvolool: thanks, I check it out11:15
loolasac: Thanks11:16
mvolool: pac> this is a feature request for apt as well, what is the plan there? libproxy?11:16
pittithekorn: still the same if I do that on BugList, too11:16
loolmvo: We're discussing the fact that we disabled mozjs which is required for .pac in libproxy11:16
apwcjwatson, the effect of the error was most unexpected.  apt-get fails to install things it can install just because it also cannot install some older package which i don't even care about11:16
mvolool: aha, ok11:17
cjwatsonapw: yeah, apt likes its world to be consistent and gets rather upset when it isn't11:17
cjwatsonapw: debootstrap probably left you with a system of installed packages whose dependencies weren't resolved11:17
cjwatsonat which point all bets are off as far as apt's concerned11:17
apwyes ... it did11:17
apwwhats mad is that unrelated dependancy trees are no longer installable11:17
apwbut i guess thats apt-get stupidness11:18
apwcool ... worked round it11:18
pittithekorn: if you have a ~/.lpcookies.txt, the script should just run for you, too (if you have python-apport installed)11:18
cjwatsonapw: enable universe in sources.list, apt-get update, apt-get -f install11:18
cjwatsonshould resolve it11:18
loolasac: There's a webkit plugin which does JS too it seems11:18
loolmvo: So actually webkit is still built and should work11:19
mvoapw: or just apt-get install -f (that will remove the packages that it can not make happy)11:19
loolBut webkit is another issue in ubunut11:19
loolseb128: ^11:19
pittithekorn: (launchpad.py updated)11:19
dholbachjames_w: regarding the bash-completion thing: shall we wait for the new version to be released and sync then? or shall I upload the merge?11:19
loolSo we probably don't lack full .pac support in Ubuntu right now, if we install libwebkit11:19
cjwatsonmvo: removing udev probably not so good though11:20
pittithekorn: I disabled the writing functions again and just downlaod a bug report; works on production, excepts on staging11:20
seb128lool: right11:20
mvocjwatson: *cough* I missed that udev was the bad one11:20
james_wdholbach: I'm not sure, I don't know when they plan to release the new version.11:20
thekornpitti, ok, pulling latest apport now,11:20
pittithekorn: the one in intrepid should suffice11:20
dholbachjames_w: right-o - I'll upload the merge then11:20
mvocjwatson: it will probably make you type "Yes I know what I am doing and I want to do it and I don't care that you (apt) thinks its not a good idea, really!"11:20
james_wdholbach: I think two years worth of improvements is probably worth having noew11:20
pittithekorn: I just changed launchpad.py (above URL)11:20
mvo(before it lets you removing that)11:21
* mvo thinks that bzr-handle-patch is *love*11:21
asaclool: http://code.google.com/p/google-gadgets-for-linux/source/browse/trunk/extensions/smjs_script_runtime/gen_libmozjs_glue.sh ;)11:21
cjwatsonmvo: udev isn't *actually* essential :)11:22
asacmaybe i can reduce that to symbols that are known to be stable11:22
apwmvo, in this case it wasn't willing to, but i thing it would have had to remove ubuntu-essential or similar11:22
dholbachjames_w: the first hunk of the patch - where does it come from? is it from the qdbus thing too?11:23
cjwatsonubuntu-minimal is not Essential: yes either11:23
mvocjwatson: aha, right - its kind of essential but not Essential: yes :)11:23
dholbachjames_w: nevermind11:23
cjwatsonyeah, it's not to the level where you would need special tools to put it back if you removed it11:23
thekornpitti, which version of py-lp-bugs are you using, the one in trepid or from trunk11:24
cjwatsonwhich is the point of essential11:24
pittithekorn: current jaunty (Version: 0.3.1)11:24
pittithekorn: same as in intrepid; let me try trunk11:24
thekornpitti, worked for me, https://bugs.staging.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gzip/+bug/8904011:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 89040 in gzip "[apport] gunzip crashed with SIGSEGV in read()" [Undecided,Invalid]11:25
thekornwith the version in lp:python-launchpad-bugs11:25
pittithekorn: thanks for trying; I get the same error with trunk, so it's probably a cookie problem then11:26
dholbachjames_w: uploaded, good work11:26
thekornpitti, did you ever thought about moving to launchpadlib soonish? ;)11:26
pittithekorn: heh, in fact I did, and I reported bugs againts launchpadlib for everything that's missing in order to move to it11:27
loolseb128: I don't have time to look at gvfs right now, and I'll probably wait until it's buildable11:27
seb128lool: ok, no hurry, thank you11:27
pittithekorn: does p-lp-bugs store cookies or other cache information somewhere, which I could try and delete?11:27
james_wdholbach: rock. thanks.11:28
thekornpitti, no, not by default, just if you run Bug.connection.save_cookie()11:28
thekornbut I think you don't11:28
pittino, I don't11:29
pittithekorn: I logged out and back in, and refreshed my cookie again, no help11:29
pittithekorn: ok, nevermind; I'll just test on production then, *shrug* (it's not much)11:30
thekornpitti, oh wait, there is ~/.python-launchpad-bugs.conf11:30
thekorn with cookies, weird11:30
pittiremoved, but still the same crash11:31
asaclool: is the webkit js plugin  packaged individually or in the main lib?11:31
pittithekorn: it was regenerated, this time without any cookies11:31
thekornpitti, it should only be there when you run the testsuite, will try to find out why this file is there later today11:32
pittithekorn: right, it does write cookies for lp and edge, but none for staging11:33
pittithekorn: does your staging cookie look similar to mine?11:34
pittii. e. it's ".launchpad.net ... edge" vs. ".staging.lauchpad.net ... staging" for me11:34
thekornpitti, sorry, I'm using a FF3 sql cookie11:34
pittithekorn: right, I generated it with cookies-sql2txt11:34
asaclool: k found it11:35
pittithekorn: can p-lp-bugs use sqlite now?11:35
thekornpitti, yes, just use the sql one11:35
pittithekorn: ok, that didn't help11:36
Babypitti: ping!11:39
pittihey Baby11:39
pitti(it feels so weird saying that...)11:39
Babypitti: I made some corrections to the copyright file, I plan to upload it to NEW this afternoon, will that be OK for you? :)11:40
BabyNEW -> Debian11:40
pittiBaby: sure11:40
Babycool :) great then!11:41
pittiBaby: I need to fix the packaging to use dh_installudev, so that we can sync it to Ubuntu, too (and also because it's cleaner), but that's my only TODO item right now11:41
pittiBaby: I can do that after the initial upload, too11:41
pittiBaby: please just use dch -r/debcommit -r when you upload, and push11:41
Babywill you be online this afternoon?11:43
pittiBaby: yes, barring lunch break11:43
Babycool, I'll try to do it when I have you online then :)11:44
thekornpitti, I just has a quick look at apport's launchpad.py, I think the only two things missing in the API are removing attachments and an API for +storeblob13:15
thekorndid you already file bugreports for these?13:15
=== giskard_ is now known as giskard
nnullwhy is the inputbox for remote desktop limited to a 8char string?.. seem's silly.. as anything that small is rather crackable?...13:41
doko_seb128: I don't expect any uses of gstreamer on hppa, but the libaries are needed as build dependencies for other packages. I don't see the tests failing in debian13:42
seb128doko_: any idea why the debian buildds would work fine and the ubuntu ones have issues there?13:43
seb128doko_: should we try to sync the current version to see if that's still an issue?13:43
doko_seb128: I don't think so, did succeed in Debian before the update as well. there's a kernel patch pending for other threading issues, not sure if/when this will be applied.13:46
doko_lamont: ^^^13:46
lamontseb128: what's the failure?13:47
lamontthe biggest diff is NPTL crack, generally13:47
seb128lamont: dunno, doko did disable the gstreamer0.10 testsuite on hppa because it hangs the ubuntu buildds apparently13:47
seb128lamont: that's the only diff we have on debian and syncing that package would be nice13:47
doko_look at the build logs for the failed builds13:48
seb128lamont: the same package builds fine on debian hppa apparently13:48
doko_lamont: I mean the issue mentioned in http://bugs.debian.org/50955513:48
ScottKdoko_: Do you have any plans for Python 3.0 support in python-central this cycle?13:49
seb128lamont: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/18941051/buildlog_ubuntu-intrepid-hppa.gstreamer0.10_0.10.21-4_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz13:49
doko_ScottK: yes13:51
fastaAfter an upgrade to 8.10 pthreads is not being found by ld anymore, even though libc6-dev is installed. When I run ld in verbose mode, I see that it never tries to find it in /usr/lib/. I can only assume that you changed that. Did you and if so, why and what's the solution to the problem?13:52
lamontit's possible that kyle fixed some of the bugs and the ubuntu kernel is lacking said fixes13:52
ScottKdoko_: Great.  One of my Python module packages just released a new upstream with Python3.0 support and I'm interested to get it packaged.13:52
lamont2.6.26-bpo.1-parisc64-smp is what's on the debian buildd13:52
lamontand I _KNOW_ we don't have that on the ubuntu buildds13:52
lamontdoko_: though, to be fair, I'm not far from just saying "let's make intrepid the final release of ubuntu/hppa"13:53
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=== iron is now known as _iron
lamontdoko_: but I need to go do the research and see how much archive traffic hppa has been getting (and subtract out buildds and developers-fixing-bugs-for-the-buildds from the list) to see what, if any actual use/demand there is for it13:55
directhexwho are the real-world "market" for hppa ubuntu?13:56
doko_lamont: how far do you need to be pushed?14:03
lamontdirecthex: the hppa port was done "because we (for a very small definition of 'we') can, and without any business rationale" or words to that effect when we (fabbione and I) announced the sparc and hppa ports14:14
lamontand the suspicion is that 99% of the hppa packages being fetched are: 1) buildds, 2) devs fixing bugs found by the buildds, and 3) mirrors14:15
lamontI'd give it more nines, but I'm not sure we're past 100 unique IPs, either...]14:16
mok0It's actually useful to see if code compiles well on hppa and sparc14:16
ghostcubehi folks me again and i wanted to ask again why only kubuntu isnt shipping jackd xine-lib support14:16
lamontmok0: yes14:16
ghostcubeits the only kde4 based distrie not doing this14:16
lamonthppa is big-endian, and can be made bitchy about alignment issues, etc.14:16
lamontghostcube: that sounds like a #kubuntu question14:17
ScottKghostcube: #kubuntu-devel might be a better place for Kubuntu questions.14:17
ghostcubeits a xine-lib problem14:17
directhexdon't sun ship sparc servers with ubuntu?14:17
ghostcubenot kubuntu related14:17
Riddellghostcube: because jack isn't in main14:17
ghostcubethey send me here14:17
ghostcubeRiddell, i heard this tghe last time too but it cant be that ubuntu is taken this out even if debian and suse ship it14:18
* lamont defers to Riddell 14:18
ghostcubei dont want to change the distrie only for this14:18
mok0ghostcube: pls explain the problem14:18
ghostcubeok xine-lib normally has an build in jackd output support since 1.1.3  so you can set jackd as an audio output source inside the systemsettings of kde 414:19
ghostcubebut it seems that ubuntu has taken this out for a problem in gutsy14:19
directhexlamont, IMHO it's hard for contributors to get fired up about an arch they will never ever see. how do you test something on hppa or arm, without a full-on package upload to the archive? you end up with only porting specialists caring14:19
mok0ghostcube: do you know why?14:20
mok0ghostcube: Is there a bug report or something?14:20
ghostcubeand i can show u a screenshot from debian and suse where it works i have been to #kde asking for this they told me that this works but only on ubuntu or kubuntu not14:20
ghostcubemok0, yes14:20
ghostcubemoment if i can find it14:20
Riddellreally, it's not a bug, we don't support jack that's all14:21
mok0Riddell: so it's been taken out on purpose?14:22
ScottKOne of the defining features that differentiates *buntu from Debian is to pick one particular tool for a job and focus support on that and not try to support the world.14:22
ScottKJack isn't the one we picked.14:22
directhexmoar sound daemons!14:23
Riddellmok0: yes, jack isn't in main14:24
pittithekorn: at least for storeblob, yes; I also filed something else14:24
ghostcubeScottK, jackd is needed for musicans ok so i know this i just change my distrie to make music with the jackd support on debian14:25
ghostcubeif this is what u want no prob14:26
ScottKghostcube: Ubuntu Studio supports Jack.14:26
ScottKFor exactly this reason.14:26
ghostcubenot working14:26
ghostcubeits not an studio or kubuntu prob the lins are the same14:26
ghostcubei tried it14:26
ghostcubeui cant check jackd into phonon audio sources with xine backend14:27
ghostcubethats fact14:27
persiaghostcube, It's a known bug, and the main reason it's true is because we chose to support firewire audio with jack in preference to supporting the xine backend.14:28
persiaFor 9.04, this may no longer be a binary choice, and it can be resolved.14:28
persiaTesting on this is not yet complete.14:28
ghostcubepersia, thx for the answer14:28
ghostcubeits not that i want to blame anyone ion here you do a great job14:29
pittithekorn: I also filed a bug about using it in unauthenticated mode for public read-only operations14:30
pittithekorn: for some strange reason I can't actually find the bugs I filed ATM, though :/14:30
ghostcubepersia, as i see this screen i tried all to get this done :) and as no one could help the only chance was to get an answer here : http://dot.kde.org/1170773239/1170778900/1170862970/1170863051/kcmphonon5.png14:31
persiaghostcube, It's deliberately disabled.  It will be enabled if/when we can be confident of security support for the entire stack on which it depends.14:32
ghostcubepersia, thx it would be a great thing for all the ones doing music on kde with ubuntu studio libs  :) thx and bye folks14:33
thekornpitti, ok, cool, I've also found bug 302824, but I think I've already done something like this with the API,14:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 302824 in soyuz "Need API for listing the current package versions in a particular distroseries" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30282414:51
thekornwhen I find it I will add a comment to this bug14:51
pittiah, they got moved to the particular LP components, not launchpadlib any more14:52
cjwatsonthekorn: can't you do it with archive.getPublishedSources? that takes a distro_series parameter14:53
cjwatsonyou can only get source package versions, not binary14:53
thekornright, I've done:14:54
thekorn[i.source_package_version for i in u.main_archive.getPublishedSources(exact_match=True, source_name="apport", distro_series=ubuntu.current_series)][0]14:54
pittithekorn: neat; could you post that to the bug report?14:56
pittithekorn: thanks!14:57
mterryHello! Any grub people in the house?  If I modify the grub package to add a new kernel option (add to defoptions in update-grub script), how do I make that new option active when update-grub runs during post-install?  update-grub seems to prefer existing menu.lst options.15:03
stefanlsdWould anyone mind checking if the debdiff - http://launchpadlibrarian.net/21011138/debdiff-jaunty-1  is a sane fix for a libtool error using autoreconf (never used it before...)15:15
ograwow ... so i have a usb disk i manually mounted as root and untarred something on ... while that was running i plugged another usb disk into the same usb hub ... this caused the first disk to be remounted under /media/disk ... and indeed trashed my untar process15:25
ograpitti, ^^^ ever heard of something like that ?15:25
ograintrestingly the first mount was never really unmounted15:25
pittiugh, "re"mounted?15:26
pittino, never heared that15:26
ograwell, mounted15:26
pittiwell, it was mounted before, wasn't it?15:26
ograand the devicename changed15:26
ograi mounted /dev/sdb1 to /home/ogra/tmp15:27
ograthen plugged in the second disk to the same usb hub15:27
ograand suddenly had a /dev/sdc1 (which in fact was sdb1 and now was mounted to /media/disk)15:27
ograand a /dev/sdd1 on /media/disk-115:28
pittiogra: what does dmesg say?15:28
ograadditionally the terminal my tar xzvf was running in spilled I/O errors like mad15:28
pittiogra: it sounds like if the first one suffered a temporary power loss or so15:28
ograit has an external power supply15:29
pittican you pastebin your dmesg?15:29
ograpitti, http://paste.ubuntu.com/102215/15:31
pittiogra: you have a disconnect at line 23, way before detecting the new drive15:33
ograwell, but that was caused by plugging in the second drive15:34
pittiogra: that was the hub, I presume; line 47 is the actual (old) sdb15:34
ograi could exactly see the tar errors starting the second i plugged it15:34
pittiwhich just went with the hub, I GUESS15:34
ograweird ...15:34
pittiright, I don't doubt that15:35
ograso dont buy intel hubs :P15:35
pittiit looks like pluggin gin the second disk disconnected the first one15:35
ograactually that was a free giveaway ...15:35
fbondHi, what recent Hardy update might've killed a colleauge's nvidia setup?15:36
cody-somervillefbond, not sure but I've heard other people complaining as well15:40
apwdefine killed?15:40
fbondapw: He's getting xorg log message that indicate that the a compatible kernel module can't be found ... ?15:41
fbondcody-somerville: Is there a package I can recommend he downgrade?15:41
fbondI've never dealt with the nvidia stuff so I'm short on answers.15:41
apwi woudl file a bug in launchpad with the errors you are getting15:41
fbondI get people in #ubuntu saying he should install the vendor driver.  Sounds like a bad idea to recommend that to a newbie...15:42
apwoh ... do you have to go into the hardware thing and reenable 'binary drivers' every time you get a new kernel.  i think someone said that to me once15:42
cody-somervilleslangasek, It appears that there may be a regression. radix and fbond are both reporting issues with nvida after an update.15:43
superm1apw, no you shouldn't have to15:43
fastaWho decides whether any given piece of code goes into Ubuntu?15:43
superm1did lrm for hardy perhaps just not get onto the given mirror at the same time as the kernel perhaps?15:43
radixcody-somerville: I just had to reboot before I could restart X15:43
pittiapw, fbond: no, it should auto-upgrade15:44
apwfasta, the maintainers of the package in question15:44
radixcody-somerville: presumably because the new X driver was put into place before the kernel module was there, or something15:44
fbondI understand my colleague has rebooted already.15:44
fastaapw: and when does someone qualify for being a maintainer?15:44
apwgenerally through the motu process15:45
apwjust interested in how it works or trying to get something into a package?15:45
ubottumotu is short for Masters of the Universe. The brave souls who maintain the packages in the Universe section of Ubuntu. See  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU15:46
fbondOkay, so packages hit proposed and the changelog dates are mostly accurate.  But the changelog doesn't get updated when they move to -updates?  How can I tell when a package was released to -updates?15:48
apwfbond, pages of that form exist for every package and i think that contains the info you want15:50
fbondapw: From what I can tell the relevant packages haven't been updated recently.  I'm really lost as to what might have caused a regression.15:52
cjwatsonfbond: the associated bug reports are usually updated when a package moves to -updates15:53
fbondcjwatson: Okay.  All of this makes tracking down "what update occured recently that might've broken feature X" a bit difficult.15:53
fbondBe nice to have an RSS of SRUs...15:54
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kirklandRiddell: hiya, could you have another look at screen-profiles, and see if the COPYING file I added to the tarball is sufficient?16:10
Riddellkirkland: I approved it yesterday16:12
Riddellit's probably in binary new now16:12
kirklandRiddell: rock on! thanks ;-)16:12
Riddellaccepting binaries16:13
loolpitti: Re: MIRs, any opinion on promoting packages requiring special hardware (#309635)16:19
pittilool: as you said, if a maintainer has the hw, that's fine (and if we don't want it, we should rather drop multipath-tools as well); however, dendrobates- might enlighten us whether we want to support it?16:21
dendrobates-pitti: the plan is to support16:24
dendrobates-pitti: the plan is to support  FC cards connecting to a SAN16:24
pittidendrobates-: that translates to "multipath-tools"? (NB that I have no clue about those things)16:25
pittidendrobates-: so if we have the tools, having installer support as well certainly makes sense then/16:25
dendrobates-pitti: we do not have installer support yet.16:25
looldendrobates-: We're discussing promoting the installer support16:25
pittidendrobates-: I think that's what bug 309635 talks about16:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 309635 in partman-multipath "Please promote partman-multipath, multipath-udeb and multipath-tools-boot to main" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30963516:26
looldendrobates-: The question is whether people will be able to test it / support it16:26
dendrobates-lool: more is required for installer support, but yes we are working with EMC to make sure we can test an support them.16:27
pittidendrobates-: so what would you advise? wait with the MIR until we have full commitment/capacities/equipment?16:27
dendrobates-pitti: is there any harm in promoting it now?16:28
fbondcody-somerville, apw, et. al.: Issue resolved.  I can't say this is an Ubuntu regression.  User was installing some 3rd party packages that *may* have interfered with deps causing him to lose l-r-m.16:28
fbondThanks all!16:28
pittidendrobates-: is there any harm in promoting it later, when we can actually test it?16:28
pittidendrobates-: promoting it now means to commit to it without being able to really support it, etc.16:29
loolpitti: Do you happen to know when multipath-tools was promoted?  I didn't find the MIR in a quick google16:29
pittilool: ages ago; that was a fabbione-ism16:30
dendrobates-pitti: we can test it now,  Ettienne is going to emc in a couple weeks to start working.16:30
pittidendrobates-: ah, that's my primary concern16:30
pittithekorn: hm, seems I get this LaunchpadURLError in the retracer, too, on production; also sometimes from my own box16:33
pittithekorn: so I guess it's not related at all to p-lp-bugs in the end16:33
sorenIt's kind of hard to test installer stuff that isn't in main, isn't it?16:34
loolsoren: tjaalton wrote "They are available to test if universe udeb support is preseeded" I understand from that that one can use universe udebs16:36
sorenI see. I did not know that.16:37
pittithekorn: any idea why this happens? http://paste.ubuntu.com/102228/16:40
pittithekorn: (indeed there is no /home/ubuntu-archive/.python-launchpad-bugs.conf in the chroot, but there shouldn't be; I set an explicit cookie file)16:40
thekornpitti, sorry, connot look at it right now, will look at it later today16:41
pittithekorn: no problem; thanks a log!16:41
thekornnp. please post all tracebacks you get16:42
pittithekorn: I have no clue about the LPUrlError, but this one at least looks fixable16:42
slytherinCan any archive admin please process bug 315081. It will clear solve least one other FTBFS.17:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315081 in maven-ant-helper "Please sync maven-ant-helper 4 (universe) from Debian experimental (main)." [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31508117:30
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Riddellzul: is this mysql intended for main or universe?17:54
superm1pitti, ping.  regarding bug 314547, it sounds like hal might have started emitting events for some keypresses.  do you know of this functionality sneaking in one of the last RC's in jaunty, or possibly of a configuration option that got added to enable and disable it?18:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314547 in gnome-power-manager "notification daemon shows two popups for fn-f3 event" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31454718:24
superm1bryce, or perhaps is that (^) a side effect of X not taking an exclusive hold on the device anymore?18:32
brycesuperm1: it's possible18:35
superm1if that's the situation, then i guess the proper solution is that gnome power manager shouldn't be intercepting the keypress anymore, but just listening for the dbus event18:36
superm1and for all other apps that start doing the same thing18:37
RainCTmvo: Hey18:52
RainCTmvo: Anything new regarding apturl? (By the way, there are one or two patches -from other people- in Launchpad)18:53
mvoRainCT: hello! let me check on them18:55
mvo(the patches)18:55
RainCTmvo: bug #304950, bug #30492518:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 304950 in apturl "Bind translation domain of glade file" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30495018:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 304925 in apturl "Description expander is not translatable" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30492518:57
RainCTmvo: Do you know if there's anything new on the policykit/packagekit front, or do you have any plans for a future version?18:58
superm1pitti, bryce, yeah i'm pretty sure that's what it is. i'm thinking more apps will start to react similarly.  i'm not sure how many different dbus events HAL knows how to send, so i dont know what apps will be affected19:02
joe-machey guys i was wondering if someone in here could possibly help with a preseed/d-i question? i'm trying to preseed raid, but partman-auto-red19:05
joe-macraid*'s udeb is missing19:05
joe-maci tried dropping it in with the other partman-auto-* udebs, to no avail. i am guessing i need to modify something. could someone opoint me to the doc this is outlined in or if simple enough tell me what to do19:05
brycesuperm1: it sounds right, I'm also a bit uncertain as to how it all should work, but dbus feels like the way forward19:06
slangasekfbond: any luck figuring out what package changed to break nvidia?  as you note, none of the "relevant" packages have been updated recently on hardy19:07
superm1bryce, yeah i'm looking, and tons of the hotkeys i've got act that way (play, pause, stop, volume, brightness) where they send dbus events from hal and also keypresses to X19:07
slangaseksuperm1: hal emitting events for keypresses> well, if it's on a ThinkPad, see the hal changelog, yes19:09
fbondslangasek: I believe this was caused by a 3rd party package with interesting dependencies.19:09
fbondslangasek: No regression suspected.19:09
superm1slangasek, these are on dells19:09
slangasekif it's not a ThinkPad, I have no idea what changed that would affect it19:09
slangasekfbond: ah19:09
superm1slangasek, at some point bryce mentioned (maybe only to me, i dont remember  the context), that X doesnt hold an exclusive grab to keyboards anymore19:10
fbondslangasek: l-r-m had been removed.19:10
superm1so other apps (such as HAL) would allow to do stuff with the input device19:10
slangaseksuperm1: hmm, could be - and users wouldn't have reported this problem, the way it was reported for ThinkPads, if X were handling those keypresses19:11
superm1bryce, do you remember where that change was made regarding exclusive grabbing?  Is there anyway that upstream would be able to detect it's presence, so they know whether an app should grab keys or not?19:12
slangasekeew abstraction violation19:12
slangaseksuperm1: what we really want to do is fix it so X isn't generating keysyms for those keys19:13
pittisuperm1: I didn't change any particular hal configs, no19:13
slangasekthere's no reason for a single event to be propagated via both hal and X19:13
pittisuperm1: but I noticed that suddenly F9 to F11 now control mute/volume in jaunty; but that got changed recently, something in latest GNOME?19:14
superm1slangasek, well the problem is some applications don't actually listen for the dbus events and some do i think19:14
slangasekdoesn't matter?19:14
slangasekanything that doesn't listen for the dbus event needs fixed19:14
pittisuperm1: AFAIK, hal does not send any key related d-bus events at all; the only thing that it does is to poke updated keysyms into the kernel table19:15
slangasekpitti: not true19:15
superm1yes i agree there, but that list needs to be made before this change is made for X19:15
pittislangasek: oh? seems I still didn't understand it then19:15
superm1pitti, it's a recent thing for jaunty.  look at some of the logs in the bug i pointed above19:15
slangasekpitti: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hotkeys19:15
loolFolks, I just got a rejection in my ppa that "The source imagemagick - 7: is already accepted in ubuntu/jaunty", but rmadison doesn't list it and I don't see it on -changes19:15
slangasekhal-addon-input is still part of the design, it processes key events and produces dbus signals19:16
pittioh, right, that19:16
loolAnd I don't see it in http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/i/imagemagick/ either19:16
slangasekyou don't see -1ubuntu2 on a Debian mirror? :-)19:17
loolErr http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/i/imagemagick/19:17
loolslangasek: :)19:17
loolEPASTE from my script19:17
slangaseklool: I don't see it in the done or accepted queuest, either; I'd suggest asking the LP folks19:17
loolslangasek: Ok thanks19:17
pittislangasek: I thought h-addon-input was the thing that writes the hal-info keymaps into the kernel?19:17
slangasekthe soyuz folks, specificall19:17
slangasekpitti: it may do that, as well - hal-setup-keymap is the component that actually does the poking, I don't know if that's invoked by hal or by hal-addon-input19:18
mvoRainCT: patches applied, thanks! I check the remaining ones19:18
pittislangasek: ah, ok; I crawl back into my hole now19:19
slangasekpitti: anyway, the fact that some events are meant to be received by all sessions via dbus, and some events are meant to only be received by the current session via X, is covered in one of mjg59's blogs19:20
slangasekI unfortunately don't have that integrated into the hotkey documentation in the wiki yet :P19:20
superm1ah this is the reason that suspend and hibernate keys started working in jaunty properly now too then19:20
slangasekoh no, yes I do.  http://mjg59.livejournal.com/99754.html linked from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hotkeys/Architecture19:20
RainCT(OT, if someone knows an easy way to put something with transparency and the like on the desktop -preferably with Python, and without using gdesklets or other stuff like that- or knows some page with info on this matter please tell me)19:20
RainCTmvo: No problem. Remaining ones?19:21
mvoRainCT: remaining open bugs19:21
mvoRainCT: the unconfirmed ones, just checking if there is more that can be fixed before I upload19:22
pittiargh, what the heck happened to the mixer applet?19:22
slangaseksuperm1: which keys are the ones registering double-events?  it's possible that they don't belong on dbus at all because they should only be applied to the current session?19:24
superm1slangasek, right now only battery, but with a newer gnome power manager, it would be battery, suspend, hibernate19:25
slangasekright, I guess those are all reasonable to have over dbus19:25
superm1what are examples of ones that shouldn't be on dbus at all?19:25
slangasekmedia keys19:25
slangasek(I think)19:26
slangasekor volume keys; you don't want multiple sessions all trying to adjust the mixer19:26
superm1hm i kinda can see that - but what if you had multiple media players?19:26
slangasekapps can also listen for X events non-exclusively, I believe19:26
slangasekthe X/dbus dichotomy is only about "current session" vs. "all sessions"19:26
tedgI believe that the new GPM now looks to console kit to ensure that it's in the current session before acting on HAL events.19:27
tedgI screwed up the packaging, so it's not packaged yet.19:27
slangaseksuperm1: also, g-s-d grabs a number of X events and turns them into dbus signals anyway :)19:27
slangasekbut on the session bus where they belong19:28
superm1slangasek, yeah i think i like that model the best anyho19:28
jdstrandkees, mdeslaur: fyi-- I added README.multipurpose-vm to qa-regression-testing. The idea behind it is to have a multi-purpose server VM that other VMs or tests can interact with19:35
jdstrandkees, mdeslaur: this came about with my thunderbird testing, where I wanted to test pop3(s), imap(s), smtp, tls, etc19:36
jdstrandkees, mdeslaur: it just documents the email stuff for now, but I plan to add bind9 today, and kerberos and ldap when I have a chance19:37
jdstrand(read: 'not today' ;)19:37
jdstrandkees, mdeslaur: it focuses on hardy for now, because a) it isn't meant to be what is being tested and b) it's LTS19:39
jdstrandkees, mdeslaur: please add to it if appropriate19:39
Cpudan80Hello all19:40
Cpudan80I need to pull down a few packages from Jaunty repos19:40
jdstrandkees, mdeslaur: it would be particular nice to have the whole VM somewhere too, but somehow I think LP/bzr isn't the most efficient way to deal with a 4G binary blob19:40
Cpudan80Into my Intrepid installation19:40
Cpudan80How can I do that19:40
pittithekorn: ok, it seems that http_connection.py, line 342, calls self.__config.save(), which unconditionally writes the file; I guess I can get away with just mkdir'ing /home/ubuntu-archive/ in the chroot19:41
jdstrandkees, mdeslaur: though a preseed/FAI/kickstart thingy could be very cool...19:42
calcdoko_: ping19:48
thekornpitti, yes this might me the easiest solution, but I always thought that writing to this config file is disabled by default and has to be enabled explicitly19:49
doko_calc: contentless pong19:49
pittithekorn: I guess I just locally patched it out in the earlier chroots, and forgot19:49
yao_ziyuanthe latest QtCurve 12/29/2008 (http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=40492) is so good that i recommend it be the default theme in ubuntu and kubuntu19:50
calcdoko_: have you used db bahn before?19:50
doko_calc: db bahn?19:50
calcdoko_: german train service (i think?)19:51
doko_calc: sure, it's *working*19:51
pittiunless they have to check their ICEs...19:51
calcok, my question is there anything special with respect to luggage?19:51
calci will be going between berlin and hamburg after the sprint19:51
pitticalc: no limitation19:51
pitticalc: you just have to find some space for it and not leave it in the aisle19:52
pitticalc: they have some special areas where to store bulky luggage, too19:52
calcok i won't have much just a plane carryon plus small backpack19:52
pittithekorn: ok, now I'm back to the LaunchpadURLError with "unknown error" on +editstatus19:59
thekornpitti, can you please post me the traceback, when does it happen, when uploading an attachment?20:00
thekornoh, editstatus20:00
pittithekorn: see bug 30054820:01
ubottuBug 300548 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/300548 is private20:01
pittithekorn: it actually set the status, and added the attachments, an attached the comments20:01
pittibut then it crashes20:01
pittithekorn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102325/20:01
thekornwait, it's a huge comment, if seen this in ubuntu-dev-tools recently20:03
pittithekorn: I'll cut it in half, all the -dbgsym packages shouldn't appear in the comment anyway20:04
rootarddoko_: I've tried using the sun-java6 source package as a base for the OpenSolaris .sh files. The source now "builds" but fails to produce a sun-java6-bin deb package20:05
pittithekorn: the size of the comment matters? or is it the combination of adding a comment, attachments, and status changes?20:05
rootardany pointers on where this might be failing?20:05
rootarda debian/sun-java6-bin directory is created and populated20:06
thekornpitti, bug 311289 comment #4 has a reproducer for +file-bug, let me try if it also "works" for comments20:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 311289 in python-launchpad-bugs "requestsync --lp is crazy (opens multiple bug reports)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31128920:07
pittithekorn: that might be true, it's the first time I add comments of that size20:09
pittihm, anyone who knows python's subprocess pipe handling?20:12
pitti$ python -c "import subprocess; subprocess.call(['cat', '/nonexisting'], stderr=subprocess.STDOUT)" > /dev/null20:12
pittithis should theoretically redirect cat's stderr to python's stdout and thus I shouldn't see any output20:13
pittibut I do see cat's error message on stderr20:13
sebnerpitti: mind sponsoring some mono-* rebuilds?20:13
pittisebner: I'm currently a bit overloaded, I'm afraid, so not right now20:13
sebnerpitti: kay, np20:13
pittibah, if I set "stdout=sys.stdout", it works; I thought that were the default anyway..20:16
cjwatsondoesn't really work, drop the >/dev/null to see the new error20:17
cjwatsonoh, stdout=sys.stdout not stderr=sys.stdout20:17
pitticjwatson: I tried that, seems to work fine20:17
pittiright, stdout=sys.stdout, stderr=sys.stdout blows up20:18
pittibut stderr=subprocess.STDOUT properly merges them20:18
cjwatsonI think that stderr=subprocess.STDOUT means "capture to the same file handle as stdout, but only if stdout is being captured rather than passed through20:18
sianiscjwatson: can you commit bug 293356?20:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 293356 in scim ".desktop file doesn't contain translation domain info" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29335620:18
cjwatsonsianis: no20:18
cjwatson(well, I can, but why me?)20:18
sianiscause you have right20:18
cjwatsonso do several dozen others20:19
sianisand you are the last person in the changlog20:19
cjwatsonsianis: the proper way to do it is to subscribe ubuntu-main-sponsors, not to hassle individuals20:19
pittisianis: please subscribe ubunt-main-sponsors20:19
cjwatsonthen it goes into a queue where people who are in the mood to do sponsorship right now can do it20:19
cjwatsonrather than somebody who's about to head off and do other things for the evening :-)20:20
sianisok, thank you20:24
=== RainCT_ is now known as RainCT
pittithekorn: in another bug it already crashed in the Bug() ctor already: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102338/20:30
pittithekorn: it looks like this intermittently happens in LP itself?20:30
Babypitti: hi! :)20:30
pittiBaby: hello20:31
Babyare you very busy?20:31
pittiBaby: actually yes, I'm afraid, but don't hesitate to ask20:32
Babyoki, I'm gonna upload the package, but I'm not sure how to update the bzr repo after that20:32
pittiBaby: dch -r will change UNRELEASED to "unstable"20:33
pittiBaby: then you debuild20:33
Babyaha oki :)20:33
Babyand after that I push?20:33
pittiBaby: and then finally "debcommit -r", which will commit the UNRELEASED->unstable change with a standard comment, and add a tag for the version number; then just 'push'20:33
Babysorry, commit and push?20:33
Babyoki :)20:33
Babythanks :)20:34
pittiBaby: "debcommit -r" is essentially: bzr commit -m 'release as 0.1.2-3'; bzr tag 0.1.2-320:34
pittibut easier to use20:34
thekornpitti, these tracebacks are ugly, I wish py-lp-bugs could be more verbose there, but I think this looks like "internal server error" or samoething20:34
pittiBaby: (and also works with svn, cvs, and whatnot)20:34
Companypitti: are there plans to make dbgsym packages contain sources, so that i know more than that the code crashed in gtkrange.c:124220:34
Babythanks pitti, that should be enough :)20:34
Companypitti: in a way that doesn't involve lots of manual labor?20:34
pittithekorn: that happens after while count < self.__attempts: apparently? I. e. after three failed attempts?20:35
thekornpitti, yes, exactly20:35
pittiCompany: I don't currently plan that, they would get even bigger that way20:35
pittiCompany: I have a feature for including source in apport, it's just not currently enabled20:35
pittithekorn: it looks like the same happened to me locally with staging; maybe it is a tad slower than production and thus times out more easily20:36
Companypitti: i want it for my own debugging - and i'd be happy with some apt config that would make it auto-download/delete sources and put them somewhere sane20:36
pittithekorn: is there any knob I could turn to increase the timeout?20:37
pittiCompany: I think we should rather make the source links more sane, so that apt-get source'ing into /usr/src or so would DTRT20:37
* slangasek snorts at edge. "Your languages: Inuktitut, Spannish, Yiddish"20:37
thekornpitti, sorry, not that I know of20:37
pittislangasek: I *knew* you were good at foreign languages! :-)20:38
Companypitti: should i file a bug about it? (and if so, which package?)20:38
slangasekpitti: those aren't the languages I selected. :)20:38
slangasekmeshuggene edge!20:38
pittiCompany: not sure whether it's doable with the GNU debug links in ELF; but file it against pkg-create-dbgsym for now20:39
pittithekorn: can I raise the default value of attempts=5?20:40
slangasekah, strangely it was showing me those languages because I wasn't logged in. errr?20:40
thekornpitti, no, unfortunatly not20:41
james_wpitti: thekorn: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~james-w/python-launchpad-bugs/urlerror-reason/revision/17220:42
james_wthat might make the error you are getting more clear20:42
james_wlaunchpad does like to refuse connection from time to time though, often with 50220:43
pittiyesterday it worked like charm, and today it's so totally misbehaving20:43
LaserJockcjwatson: is people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson still the canonical branch for debian-cd in Ubuntu?20:43
pittithekorn: the network connection from ronne is utterly slow in general (don't know why), so that might contribute to it20:45
james_wstaging is also a single machine as I understand it20:46
thekornpitti, my problem right now is: I can't reproduce any of these bugs, so it is hard to debug20:46
pittithekorn: right, and I'm more and more convinced that it's not a p-lp-bugs problem anyway; thanks a lot for your help!20:46
thekornpitti, np, the problem of py-lp-bugs is that is such a hard to debug, non verbose, hackish beast... so thanks for using it ;)20:50
pittijames_w: AttributeError: 'exceptions.AttributeError' object has no attribute 'reason'20:59
james_wpitti: huh21:00
thekornAttributeError, wtf? - then it's py-lp-bugs21:00
james_wthat's my fault, sorry21:00
pittithekorn: it just tries whether e.code exists, if not, it's "unknown error"21:00
james_wit overwrites the original error when it catches the AttributeError, should have seen that21:01
pittijames_w: oh, of course21:01
pittijames_w: I'll rename it21:01
james_wfixed in my lp branch21:01
pittijames_w: you just removed the ", e" in the inner except?21:03
pittiright, now loggerhead caught up21:03
* pitti turns the crank again21:04
pittibut I bet these are just ordinary LP timeouts21:04
Babypitti: I've made some modifications and added the man pages that were missing, I still don't know how to solve one of the lintian warnings with cdbs21:06
BabyW: calibre: desktop-mimetype-without-update-call /usr/share/applications/lrfviewer.desktop21:06
pittiBaby: ah, needs call of dh_desktop, I figure21:07
pittiBaby: that'll cause postinst code to call update-desktop-database21:07
Babyit should give the same error for calibre.desktop too, I guess21:08
Babyin any case, with cdbs I don't have a clue where to put the dh_desktop21:08
pittiBaby: should go into binary/calibre::21:09
pittiI wonder why cdbs doesn't just call it21:09
pittiBaby: ah, gnome.mk and kde4.mk call it automatically21:09
pittiBaby: but the latter doesn't exist in Debian21:09
Babyah I see21:09
pitti(and would be more appropriate for a Qt program)21:10
pittiBaby: so please add21:10
pitti       dh_desktop21:10
pittithat should do21:10
Babydh_desktop or dh_desktop -pcalibre ?21:10
pittiBaby: right, your's21:10
Babyoki :)21:10
pitti    * message: The read operation timed out21:11
pitti    * url: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/30302221:11
pittithekorn, james_w: ^21:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 303022 in libjpeg6b "rhythmbox-metadata crashed with SIGSEGV in decompress_onepass()" [Undecided,New]21:11
pittithekorn: so not your fault :) but maybe merge james_w's branch, it's nice for debugging21:11
james_wpitti: ouch21:11
* pitti hugs james_w21:11
* james_w hugs pitti21:11
james_wno launchpad love for apport21:11
* thekorn hugs pitti , gottseidank21:11
thekornand james_w21:11
pittimeh, I just finished the implementation for unbreakable-retracer, and now LP crashes underneath me...21:12
Babypitti: duploading21:19
Babyshit, I did the debcommit before adding the new files21:21
pittithekorn: in a way I hoped it was something we could circumvent in p-lp-bugs; now I'm quite at loss :/21:24
thekornpitti, yeah, right :( seriously switch apport over to lplib, it is a lot faster these days, and maybe more stable21:27
thekornmaybe I should start an apport branch21:27
pittithekorn: I guess that's what I'll have to do in the end21:28
pittithekorn: I just can't use it on the client side, since it insists on login credentials, but on the server side it should be quite alright21:28
slangasekjames_w: is there a sane way that we could make bzr builddeb automatically set a "right" -v option to dpkg-buildpackage when doing a merge from Debian via bzr?21:30
james_wslangasek: it could guess, but it's not going to be reliable, so it's perhaps best not to rely on it21:31
james_wat least I can't think of a reliable algorithm21:32
* slangasek nods21:32
thekornpitti, right, anonymous  "read-only" login would be cool21:33
james_wit's easy to work out what the -v and -sa should be if you know it's a merge though21:33
slangasekunfortunately, that means that presently I lose out on the benefit of MoM's auto-generated genchanges script for packages that I'm merging via bzr, and consequently often fail at passing the correct -v myself21:33
slangasekjames_w: so if there were an option like 'bzr builddeb --is-merge' or something?21:33
james_wit could do it21:34
james_wI'm leaning more to restructuring the way it works though, we keep hitting things like this *all the time*21:34
james_woften there is nothing stopping you from just using debuild or whatever though21:36
=== ivoks_ is now known as ivoks
slangasekjames_w: does debuild automatically exclude .bzr?21:44
slangasek<-- lazy21:44
ScottKlazy/trying to be efficient.21:44
james_wslangasek: debuild does21:44
james_wslangasek: I *think* dpkg-buildpackage might even now21:45
slangasekScottK: yes, laziness is a virtue, I didn't mean to imply anything different ;)21:45
ScottKOK, just trying to clarify.21:45
pittislangasek: debuild -i21:45
pittislangasek: and -I.bzr for excluding them from built tarballs (native packages)21:46
* pitti uses alias debuild='debuild --preserve-envvar PATH -i -I.bzr -I.svn -I.shelf'21:46
superm1pitti, environment variable form: DEBUILD_DPKG_BUILDPACKAGE_OPTS="-i'(?:^|/).*~$|(?:^|/)\..*\.swp|DEADJOE|(?:/CVS|/RCS|/\.svn|/\.deps|\{arch\}|\.arch-ids|\.arch-inventory|\.bzr|\.bzrignore|\.shelf)(?:$|/)' -ICVS -I.svn -I\{arch\} -I.arch-ids -I.arch-inventory -I.bzr -I.bzrignore -I.shelf"21:46
superm1someone posted that at some point21:46
slangasekpitti: the part where I have to type extra options afterwards is the part that annoys me :)21:47
pittislangasek: which is why I'm using an alias :)21:47
slangaseks/type/configure on all my systems/, then21:47
slangasekif everyone agrees it's the only sensible thing to do, we should make it the default21:48
slangasekwe have the source ;)21:48
pittislangasek: well, you are in -core-dev, upload a fixed default :)21:48
tjaaltonI've noticed that dpkg-buildpackage no longer excludes .git in jaunty21:51
slangasekI guess dpkg-buildpackage has no way to override a -i or -I option once set, though, so it's not the appropriate place to make the change?21:51
slangasek(nor dpkg-source)21:52
pittithekorn: argh, while installing launchpadlib as normal user in a small development chroot, I appreciate how easy it is to use/install p-lp-bugs...21:54
pittithekorn: launchpadlib doesn't seem to work at all on ronne's restricted network access; bummer22:01
calccool the OOo bugwatch lp stuff got fixed today it seems22:07
calcall of my bugs status got updated22:07
pittiI got a flood, too22:08
pittigood night everyone22:10
* pitti gives up and hopes that ronne will behave better tomorrow22:10
pochu'night pitti22:11
cjwatsonpitti: there's a sensible default now if you just say -I22:29
slangasekcjwatson: passing that to dpkg-buildpackage?22:29
cjwatsonwell, -i -I22:30
* slangasek nods22:30
cjwatsonLaserJock: yes22:30
LaserJockcjwatson: k, thanks22:30
slangasekkirkland: could you provide a transcript of a session showing bug #305882?22:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 305882 in ecryptfs-utils "ecryptfs private wrapped passphrase with wrong password during password change" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30588222:32
slangasekthe description ("attempt to change", "actually change") is somewhat unclear to me22:32
kirklandslangasek: sure, setting it up now23:26
kirklandslangasek: hmm, i actually was unable to reproduce 305882, when trying just now ... i marked it "Incomplete", providing a transcript, and asking the reporter to do the same23:45
slangasekok :)23:45
kirklandslangasek: my apologies for slinging blame :-)23:46
slangasekoh, I don't doubt that we have other bugs there and I accept total blame for them - I just would like to not be trying to fix them blindly :-)23:46
kirklandslangasek: fair enough!23:47

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