crimsunjbarnes: thanks for the heads-up. we probably want to use update-initramfs instead; i'm checking the logic to make sure it does the right thing when -u is used.01:20
crimsunjbarnes: otherwise we need (duplicated) logic in installkernel :/01:21
jbarnescrimsun: oh I haven't tried update-initramfs... I mainly just want my kernel "make install" to work :)01:29
crimsunjbarnes: yes, i've modified the debianutils source package; i just want to make sure -c is the right thing01:31
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tjaaltonthe recent kernels fail to detect my disks on install07:24
tjaalton-4.5 was fine07:25
tjaaltonfiled bug 31499207:54
ubot3Malone bug 314992 in linux "jaunty: installer fails to find the disk, worked with -4.5" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31499207:54
cjwatsontjaalton: might be a d-i bug after all (I notice given the comment about ATA modules you made in the bug). I commented13:25
rtgcjwatson: fallout from config changes?13:27
cjwatsonrtg: just needed to rebuild the installer, as otherwise its kernel and the module udebs it fetched at runtime were skewed. no big deal13:33
rtgcjwatson: cool. I think I'm about done making big config changes.13:35
tjaaltoncjwatson: it's still the same13:53
tjaaltonshould've mentioned that on the bug..13:53
tjaalton(ie. it's what I used, and no different from ubuntu8)13:54
cjwatsonhmph, ok13:54
cjwatsonwill have to poke about13:54
cjwatsonI'm diving down a series of ext4 rabbit-holes today13:55
tjaaltonis it usable on the alternate installer yet?13:55
cjwatsonno, working on it.13:55
cjwatsonpartman-ext3, partman-partitioning, parted, klibc ... it's a little bit complex13:57
tjaaltoncjwatson: hum, actually now I can see the disks after all, but I see that parted_devices has segfaulted14:06
tjaaltonso maybe I didn't have ubuntu9 when I thought I had (used se.a.u.c.. silly me)14:12
cjwatson*parted_devices* segfaulted?14:14
* cjwatson blinks14:14
cjwatsonthat program is 91 lines long, not a lot of room for madness14:14
tjaaltonyep, partman-lvm finished probing for lvm, and then boom14:14
cjwatsoncan you run 'anna-install strace-udeb' and strace it?14:15
cjwatsonjust run it with no arguments14:15
cjwatson/dev/sda1 on /target type ext4 (rw,relatime,errors=remount-ro,barrier=1,data=ordered)14:16
cjwatsonnot far now14:16
tjaaltoncjwatson: ok, and post the strace somewhere?14:17
tjaaltoncjwatson: ok here you go http://users.tkk.fi/~tjaalton/foo/parted-devices-strace14:23
cjwatsontjaalton: ok, thanks, bit of a head-scratcher but I'm looking at it ...14:39
cjwatsontjaalton: anything unusual about /dev/mapper/rootvg-root that would save me time if I knew about it?14:46
tjaaltoncjwatson: shouldn't be.. what if I wiped it and tried again?14:46
cjwatsonlet's not destroy the evidence eh?14:47
tjaaltonok :)14:48
tjaaltonit was installed using some earlier jaunty installer, can't remember if it was before christmas14:48
tjaaltonthe vg has four lv's (tmp, swap, root, var)14:48
cjwatsonwhat does 'dmsetup table' say?14:49
cjwatsonmaybe 'dmsetup table /dev/mapper/rootvg-root'14:49
tjaaltonbut just dmsetup table shows an entry about multipath14:50
tjaaltonoh right.. gah14:51
smb_tptjaalton, You have multipath hw? :)14:51
tjaaltonsmb_tp: I do, but not this box :/14:51
tjaaltonso looks like enabling multipath breaks if trying to install a normal box.. I'll try without14:52
smb_tpDoes our multipath use on disk metadata to coalesce the devices ?14:52
smb_tpThat would be quite odd. Oh, hm, wasn't there somewhere a bug about changed scsi_id arguments...14:55
smb_tpGos it seems long time ago. IIRC there was a dry-run argument to multipath and you could increase debug level with -v#14:57
tjaaltoncjwatson: so it was "d-i disk-detect/multipath/enable" which broke it after all14:57
smb_tpThat way you would see the callouts done and the results14:57
cjwatsonhm, still bad that libparted segfaults14:57
cjwatson(one moment ...)14:58
cjwatsontjaalton: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102202/ might fix it; I'll put that in my next parted upload15:00
tjaaltoncjwatson: ok, I'll try it once it's out15:01
smb_tptjaalton, Just to be sure, what line did dmsetup target put out with multipath?15:03
smb_tpIt would be bad if that could cause normal disks to get grouped15:03
tjaaltonsmb_tp: one moment, I'll enable it again15:03
tjaaltonsmb_tp: it did "steal" the devices, meaning that rootvg-* were all empty15:04
smb_tpHm, might be the problem from the past that lvm normally does not scan dm devices15:05
tjaaltonsmb_tp: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102204/15:07
smb_tpAh ok15:07
tjaaltonhmm, I wonder if I could install it anyway15:08
smb_tpSo enabling multipath put all disks into multipath groups (so it potentially can add more paths later). But its only one target so thats good. The problem is likely that lvm avoids scanning device-mapper devices since tis could be its own.15:09
smb_tpDoes pvscan -vvv give clues?15:09
tjaalton/dev/mapper/rootvg-root: Aliased to /dev/dm-4 in device cache15:12
smb_tpBut nothing of actually scanning for metadata?15:13
cjwatsonthis is why multipath isn't on by default in the installer, I guess :)15:16
tjaaltonyeah, I need to isolate the preseed option for the relevant hw :)15:17
smb_tpIt definitely looks nt well tested15:17
smb_tpThe main problem is that partitioning a multipath device does not work. So you have to set up partitions before and then let multipath detect those...15:20
smb_tpThis is not the issue here, though15:20
tjaaltonsmb_tp: multipath installation works fine :)15:21
tjaaltonI've got one BL406c here..15:21
tjaaltongrub doesn't support multipath yet though, but it only needs one small patch (bug filed too)15:22
smb_tpI only worked with ESS6K/8K before. :)15:22
smb_tpTo clarify: multipath installation that work: with or without lvm and for which release?15:23
tjaaltonactually, it's without lvm15:24
tjaaltonthere were some problems with lvm, mostly about it being unable to clean up an existing lvm setup15:24
tjaaltonon jaunty15:25
tjaaltonsome packages should be promoted to main too, now I need to enable universe udebs15:25
smb_tpIs it more than libvolume-id1 ?15:26
tjaaltonoh, and udev fails to init the devices properly, I need to run kpartx by hand in initramfs15:26
tjaaltonhmm, libvolume-id1 isn't installed on that system15:27
smb_tpAbout lvm, you might try to add "types = [ "device-mapper", 1 ]" to /etc/lvm/lvm.conf and see what happens on vgscan15:28
tjaaltonwell it's not using lvm atm15:30
smb_tpNot sure this hit you as well, but we found this to be in universe this morning, but it should be in main by now15:30
smb_tpOh, that was meant for the system where multipath steals the volumes15:31
smb_tpThe kpartx problem might be in udev. There should be a online event which should trgger the kpartx. Historically it was an add event but that caused race conditions15:33
tjaaltonso what should I expect after the vgscan? dmsetup table still shows the same as before15:34
sorenvgscan looks at block devices for lvm superblocks. I don't think device-mapper gets told about them until they're activated.15:35
smb_tpSigh, might be jsut not enough then. I am a bit rusted here. It could have been a combination of this and filter rules. 15:36
smb_tplvm reads the start of the devices- If yu have multipath you get a device-mapper device that is not controlled by lvm15:36
tjaaltonmultipath-udeb and libaio-udeb were the ones that should be moved to main for multipath support to work OOTB15:38
smb_tpI remember you had to be careful that way. The rules had to exclude the nodes created by lvm otherwise you got strange problems when trying to remove lvs15:38
tjaaltonlibaio1-udeb that is15:38
smb_tpAh, ok. So that is different to our temporary problem this morning15:42
tjaaltonI don't see why the udebs are in universe when the rest of the packages are in main15:42
smb_tpThat might be something to ask cjwatson.15:44
smb_tpWith respect to the vg which is stolen. I might have been misleaded here. From your log I see that mpath0 is scanned inedeed. But sure kpartx was not run, so we only get the full disk and that does not yealt the metadata15:45
smb_tpSo the solution might be to try after running kpartx -a for it. Which should give a mpath0p115:46
tjaaltonthis is inside the installer, the kpartx problem is when it boots up15:46
smb_tpBut still you only have mpath0 which is the whole disk. And the lvm data is on sda215:47
tjaaltonyeah, so that's why it fails to remove it?15:48
smb_tpFail to remove what? Sorry got lost15:48
tjaaltonit installs lvm on top of multipath fine if I remove the existing lvm setup first15:49
cjwatsontjaalton: which udebs?15:49
tjaaltoncjwatson: multipath-udeb, libaio1-udeb15:49
cjwatsonwell, partman-multipath is in universe too ...15:50
tjaaltonah, that too :)15:50
smb_tpIf you install on top of mpath0 You end up using the disk just without any partitions. Works for the normal disks as long as you don't have IBM zSeries15:50
cjwatsondid anyone ever write a MIR for it?15:50
tjaaltoncjwatson: let me check15:51
cjwatsonif that gets promoted we can promote multipath-udeb and libaio1-udeb at the same time15:51
tjaaltoncjwatson: no MIR wiki, but I've filed bug 309635 (and forgot about it already)15:52
ubot3Malone bug 309635 in partman-multipath "Please promote partman-multipath, multipath-udeb and multipath-tools-boot to main" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30963515:52
cjwatsonand lool asked a question there by the looks of things15:53
tjaaltonit got lost in the d-i bugfolder15:55
* tjaalton needs to change the filtering priorities15:55
tjaaltonwell, it's perhaps enough to keep it in universe for now, but without grub support it's useless :)15:56
loolUpdated the bug; happy to revisit when we have a group of people with hardware to support the package16:02
loolcjwatson: Or did you care for other reasons about multipath?16:02
cjwatsonlool: only because tjaalton's asking for installer support and appears to have hardware necessary to test it16:03
cjwatson(and has been contributing installer tweaks)16:03
tjaaltontbh I don't know for how long I have the hw16:05
loolcjwatson: With your d-i hat on, I wouldn't mind you telling me that it's enough to support it16:05
tjaaltonbut it's all coming from debian16:05
tjaaltoner, mp support that is16:05
loolI don't think this is an extremely strong requirement, but I think we ought to be able to test/fix/support packages in main, and it's not clear to me that it will be possible if we don't have a couple of people with the hardware or shared hardware accessible on request16:07
loolBut I agree the package coming from Debian should already be in a working state16:08
tjaaltonit already works on jaunty16:08
looltjaalton: I mean over time16:08
loolI would expect it to work16:08
tjaaltonlool: sure16:08
tjaaltonall they are lacking (like us) is support in grub, which they'll have in grub2 but not grub116:09
loolWe discussed Grub 2 again at UDS jaunty16:09
tjaaltongot to go now ->16:11
cjwatsonyay, successful ext4 installation16:19
ckingcjwatson: way to go16:20
ckingcjwatson: booting from ext4 too?16:20
cjwatsonext4 / + swap16:21
ckingcjwatson: yay!16:22
rtgapw: fixed your jaunty ABI problem17:39
apwrtg, what did you do?17:58
rtgstarted a new release? I guess that wouldn't have changed the ABI. doh!17:59
rtgnever mind18:00
apwbut that _might_ be my issue actually ... hmm18:00
rtgapw: no, it would still build. you must have added an ABI changing patch?18:00
apwyeah hmmm arr ooo, but it might fix my new problem!18:01
apwwhich is that the module.ignore is not working18:01
rtgapw: thats 'cause its called 'ignore.modules'18:03
apwif (-f "$prev_abidir/../modules.ignore") {18:03
rtghmm, i guess there is also a modules.ignore. how confusing18:03
apwand $flavor.ignore.modules18:04
rtgoh, modules.ignore is a global ignore, not per flavour18:04
rtgapw: seems like it ought to just exit.18:05
apwby doing the new release have you loaded up the abi files too?18:05
rtgyep, but they ought to be the same18:06
apwhas not the name of them changed18:06
rtg4.8 --> 4.918:06
apwso when i have the changelog one element earlier am i not missing the abi or something18:07
* apw isn't sure anymore, more actual testing on going18:07
rtgapw: but you said you're not having ABI issues, you're having module check problems18:07
* apw is scrapping all his results and starting clean rebased on the newrelease and will report back18:08
cjwatsoncking: thanks so much for that grub work, I'd have hated to have to do that - parted was hard enough ;-)19:04
ckingcjwatson: no probs - all I did was coerce in a patch from Quentin Godfroy - so kudos to Quentin really19:07
loolupdate-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-2.6.28-4-generic20:32
loolmkdir: cannot create directory `/tmp/mkinitramfs_YJPCAT/etc/udev/rules.d': File exists20:32
loolIs this known?  I couldn't find it on LP20:32
anderskYes, bug 314879 20:32
ubot3Malone bug 314879 in udev "root on LVM broken since latest udev 136-2" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31487920:32
sconklinI'd like to invite comments on our plan to detect and report suspend/resume failures: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/SuspendResume20:52
jbarnessconklin: looks pretty good, I like the idea of the status file, that should help21:03
jbarnessconklin: one thing I mentioned at UDS was that it would be good if the test-suspend script also tracked time to suspend and time to resume somehow21:03
jbarnesit should be able to calculate the total time using the timer since it knows when the wakeup should occur21:04
sconklinjbarnes: thanks. Doing it this way ends up just being some small hooks between various systems.21:04
sconklinAgreed - the same component writes and destroys that files, so should be able to put timestamps in and throw a delta into the log.21:05
jbarnesnew platforms seem to be much faster... my x200s resumes in far less time than my t61, mostly due to bios improvements I think21:05
sconklinI'll add that to the wiki page and make sure apw sees it, since he's working that side21:06
jbarnesbut I think there's lots of room to improve the kernel too, ideally it should be well under 500ms (about the time it takes to open the lid), so tracking time can help21:06
sconklinThat's very useful information to have.21:06
sconklinwell, here we get into the definition of what "resumed" means. Obviously at 500 mS you're not including wireless connectivity, but probably are including window manager fully usable.21:07
jbarnesthough hopefully your wifi driver doesn't take 1m to re-associate :)21:08
jbarnesif you google around you'll probably find some of the visa/whql platform requirements msft put out recently21:08
jbarnesmight be good to link to them or something21:08
sconklinyeah. The plan is to have this first cut operational by next week, and then see what we need to focus on from there.21:10
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maxbIs anything that linux-backports-modules does special in terms of overriding modules shipped with the default kernel, or does it only work because the modules it ships are not included in the default kernel packages?23:39

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