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adityaganyone there ?10:04
randaadityag: ?10:06
adityagranda: in here for a membership10:07
dholbach@schedule berlin10:09
ubottuSchedule for Europe/Berlin: 08 Jan 13:00: Ubuntu Mobile Team | 08 Jan 14:00: Desktop Team | 08 Jan 15:00: Ubuntu Java | 13 Jan 22:00: LoCo Council | 15 Jan 01:30: Forum Council | 19 Jan 23:00: IRC Council10:09
dholbachadityag: it seems like there is no membership board meeting scheduled right now10:09
dholbachadityag: which board did you apply with?10:10
adityagdholbach: Membership/RegionalBoards/AsiaOceania10:10
adityag but i still have to add my name there10:10
dholbach06-January-2009, 09:00 UTC was the last meeting10:10
dholbachnot sure when the next one is10:11
MaWaLeadityag : you have to add your apply on the WiKi page for the next meeting10:11
adityagMaWaLe: i am just editing it, just below yours10:12
MaWaLead affiliate to this wiki page so on every change you'll be notified10:14
adityagMaWaLe: so did you attend it ?10:14
MaWaLeyes adityag10:14
adityagok good...10:14
MaWaLeand and i'm delayed to the next meeting10:15
adityagMaWaLe: when is the next meeting ?10:15
MaWaLestill not mentioned10:16
MaWaLebut i think there will be one the next week10:16
adityagMaWaLe: ok, is this your profile ? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Wajih10:19
MaWaLeadityag : you have to update your personal wiki page and to prepare a brief introduction to introduce yoursel during the meeting10:20
MaWaLeyes : it's mine10:20
adityagMaWaLe:  i have done it10:20
MaWaLebut it's not the best example to have :)10:20
MaWaLegood luck adityag10:23
adityagthanks.........same 2 u10:24
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=== ubottu changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Current meeting: Ubuntu Mobile Team Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 08 Jan 13:00: Desktop Team | 08 Jan 14:00: Ubuntu Java | 13 Jan 21:00: LoCo Council | 15 Jan 00:30: Forum Council | 19 Jan 22:00: IRC Council
MootBotMeeting started at 06:00. The chair is davidm.12:00
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]12:00
* ogra waves12:00
* NCommander waves 12:00
davidmhello, the Mobile Team Meeting is started. :)12:00
* StevenK shores12:01
NCommanderI read that as snores12:01
NCommanderanyway ...12:01
davidmwelcome to the first meeting of 2009, I hope everyone had a good end of year.12:01
loolWow it's really late for StevenK12:01
ograpersia, ?12:01
StevenKMeh, 11pm12:01
persiaogra, ?12:01
StevenKIt was the same time at the end of last year, too12:02
loolTo everybody I didn't have the occasion to wish a happy new year: happy new year12:02
davidmYea, and it's 0600 where I'm sitting so no fair grumping, I'd much rather be up at 23:00 then 06:0012:02
* Hobbsee hands davidm a keg full of coffee.12:03
davidmAnyway on to the agenda at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Meeting/2009/2009010812:03
* StevenK isn't grumbling, just tired12:03
davidmThank you Hobbsee, I'm needing that at the moment :)12:03
loolActually we had actions from 200812:04
davidmlool, I was just about to ask that.12:04
ograbah, thats so last year12:05
davidmI need to get mootbot a better home so logs can be reached easier12:05
loolnot on the wiki; need to dig log12:05
lool[action] lool to grab the UMPC image and test.12:06
loolI did that12:06
loolspecs by12:06
lool[action] lool, StevenK, persia, ogra to update their specs by Jan 8th12:06
StevenKI need to talk about the UMPC image, too12:06
davidmAh found them12:06
loolSorry, back for a sec to UMPC image: I filed a bunch of bugs, there were a bunch of issues we need to address12:06
ogrameh, i havent finished the touchscreen one yet ... (will do so before the weekend)12:06
loollog is http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2008/12/18/%23ubuntu-meeting.html12:06
ogra(teh BOF discussion was dumped in though, just needs proper formatting)12:07
loolConcerning specs, I didn't work on them; I'm afraid I misplanned working on them over the holidays and was sick on Mon and Tues and didn't have time to do them this week; I expect I'll do them by next week or earlier along with other tasks12:07
loolpersia: I think you reviewed a bunch of specs; do you mind if I ask you for help in finding which ones I still need to look at?12:08
loolOh right, there was [action] persia to grab unclaimed specs and update those.12:08
loolMight be why12:08
persialool, Not at all.  I'm nearly done with the overview review, and would be happy to send you a list of things to do, although probably in 15-18 hours.12:08
* ogra would be grateful for something like that as well ... the only one i can clearly say it's mine is the touchscreen thing12:08
* persia accepts action to task all open specs12:09
davidmHA found mootbot log updated agenda12:10
NCommanderAs an aside, all the specs that were discussed during UDS have now been drafted12:10
persiaAt least initially.  I know I haven't completed at least 10 of the ones I wrote.12:11
ograNCommander, all ?12:11
loolI added actions at the top of the current meeting12:11
NCommanders/all/the mobile ones/g12:11
looldavidm: Ah seems we were two :à)12:11
ograhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyTouchscreenHandling is definately not done12:11
ogra(i would know that :) )12:11
* NCommander inserts foot in mouth and turns left12:12
davidm[action] persia to send reminders to all on spec issues.12:12
MootBotACTION received:  persia to send reminders to all on spec issues.12:12
loolWow we wrote exactly the same text12:12
davidm[ACTION] ogra to finish the touchscreen spec  ... (will do so before the weekend)12:12
MootBotACTION received:  ogra to finish the touchscreen spec  ... (will do so before the weekend)12:12
loolpersia: Cool thanks; 15-18 hours is fine12:13
loolpersia: I'll block on that and sit idle until I get it12:13
davidmlet me set a belated topic12:13
davidm[topic] Action Items from Dec 18th, 200812:13
MootBotNew Topic:  Action Items from Dec 18th, 200812:13
persialool, Erm.  Don't do that.  I was planning to sleep some of those 15-18 hours.12:14
davidm[topic] lool to move UNR text to wiki page.12:14
MootBotNew Topic:  lool to move UNR text to wiki page.12:14
* ogra guesses lool was joking 12:14
loolI'm searching for the URL, but it's done12:14
davidmlool, great12:14
loologra: Ah you can see the plans in the plans12:14
loolIt was https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UNR/jaunty-integration and was merged in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Specs/JauntyUNR12:15
lool(I actually only had to poke bfiller who had already done the work of listing work items on a wiki page)12:15
ograDVD ??? !12:15
davidm[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UNR/jaunty-integration12:15
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UNR/jaunty-integration12:15
ograareally evil12:15
davidm[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Specs/JauntyUNR12:15
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Specs/JauntyUNR12:15
persiaogra, DVDs are good, because they contain *lots* of langpacks.12:16
loologra: i'd skip to Modification Details for the list of things we'll actually work on right now12:16
davidmOK lool are you happy with the pages?12:16
ograpersia, DVDs are the most horrid to test12:16
looldavidm: It's a good start; we'll update it / discuss it during implementation12:16
persiaI suppose.12:16
loologra: I think they meant .iso12:16
ograsimply because tehy are so huge12:16
ogralool, i dont care about the image format, but about the size12:17
loologra: We can build both of a DVD and an ISO12:17
looland a CDROM sized ISO I mean12:17
ograah, good12:17
StevenKCan we?12:17
StevenKWho was going to break this news to me?12:17
persiaAnyway, there are handy ways to test DVDs: the testing team has some automation that can be leveraged.12:17
davidmlool just did12:17
StevenKThat so doesn't count12:17
davidmStevenK, ^^12:17
StevenKYou chickens12:17
ograpersia, doesnt make them smaller12:17
loolIt's an option; these requirements were set by OEM folks; we can go back to them and tell them we're building a CD ISO for now, and would like to discuss the option of a DVD with them12:17
persiaogra, Actually, they use rsync, which makes the download smaller, but we're digressing.12:18
loolAs in: is it a typo, do you really need it, why etc.12:18
persiaAnd "who will be testing it?"12:18
davidmyes we are digressing12:18
davidmany actions from this right now?12:18
ograthe initial plan was to just modify the umpc image to be unr12:18
StevenKI'm working on it12:19
loologra: And that's how we will start; at some point we need to reconcile OEM's expectations with our implementation12:19
StevenKIt's how I have started12:19
looldavidm: Don't think so, apart of implementation of the UNR spec12:19
ograi'd like us to stick with that since all other stuff will put a lot extra work up we dont have the manpower for12:19
lool(Which doesn't need an action)12:19
davidmOK then lets move on12:19
StevenKThe seeds, the meta packages and the tasks have all changed12:19
davidm[topic] StevenK to sort out seed changes12:19
MootBotNew Topic:  StevenK to sort out seed changes12:19
persiaIt has a spec.  Specs will become actions, once I assign them :)12:19
loolStevenK, ogra: Let's bring up DVD with bfiller and others and see whether it's a firm option12:19
looldavidm: You could action that12:20
StevenKNext is livecd-rootfs and cdimage scripts12:20
loolSince there's a lot of contention on the DVD issue12:20
davidm[action] lool to  bring up DVD with bfiller and others and see whether it's a firm need12:20
MootBotACTION received:  lool to  bring up DVD with bfiller and others and see whether it's a firm need12:20
ogralool, i dont see us having the manpower to do any DVD work, but well12:20
loolAh I knew it would fall on my head12:20
loolStevenK, ogra: i'll make sure you're in this discussion though12:20
davidmogra, we can ask for help from OEM if DVD is critical for them for some reason12:20
loologra: let's not discuss this until we're sure we do one or why we need one12:21
davidmStevenK, are you happy with seeds at this point?12:21
StevenKdavidm: At this point, yes.12:21
davidmOK moving on then12:21
ograthe packages need proper autostart files etc ...12:21
StevenKdavidm: As soon as we have a installable image, I'll become unhappy, since I'll have to change them a lot12:22
ograbut thast for "until FF"12:22
davidm[topic] persia -> I'll move the mobile-applications to a wiki page, and send email expecting people to update it for the next meeting12:22
* NCommander has some info on d-i's status on ARM12:22
MootBotNew Topic:  persia -> I'll move the mobile-applications to a wiki page, and send email expecting people to update it for the next meeting12:22
* persia was an abject failure12:22
davidmcarry over that action then persia ?12:22
persiaI put it on the agenda for today though, hoping we could assign people to each app.12:22
loolI'm worried about this whole thing, even more so with one person per app12:23
persiaWhy more so with one person per app?12:23
ograwhat would you suggest instead ?12:23
loolWell we'll do a frankenstein thing with random apps12:24
persiaWe each test the alternatives over the next week, and we have the answer at the next meeting?12:24
ograwe do have one already12:24
StevenKSo we call Ubuntu Frankenstein and Ubuntu Frankensmaller12:24
StevenKI'll make the seed changes now12:24
StevenKI think we need one guy to do a 5000 foot view12:25
loolIf you ask people here what mail app they prefer you'll get 4/5 different responses, same for photo viewing or text edition; I expect it will be somewhat the same in the MID case, even if everybody knows we're not biased12:25
loolSince we're basically not investing as much time on the MID image this cycle, why do we want to reconsider all apps this cycle?12:26
HobbseeI believe the solution is "just use emacs for everything, and save space"12:26
lool(sorry for asking fundamental questions on this spec  :-/)12:26
davidmlool, that is a valid poing12:26
davidmlool, that is a valid point that is12:26
persialool, I'm not happy with my MID.  I'd like to have a reasonable set of apps, and be happy.12:26
* ogra agrees with lool12:27
loolpersia: I'm not happy with it either, and I can see that this is generally needed, but also a lot of work; I also think splitting it amongst various people will result in a different but almost equally bad result12:27
Hobbseelool: well, won't it be somewhat limited by the fact that various of the options won't fit on the screen anyway?12:27
loolHobbsee: Sure12:28
persialool, It's just testing the candidates to see how they work in jaunty, and whether they fit on the screen.12:28
persiaI'm not suggesting people go and recode stuff or anything.12:28
loolIt's some "research" of possible apps12:29
persiaFor most of them we have a list of 3-4 candidates from UDS.  It's just testing those.12:29
loolOk; is there a list of things to check / test for them as well?12:29
loole.g. finger-friendly12:29
davidmlool, I agree and I don't want to invest too much time on this, we don't have the cycles, but I'm willing to invest some amount of time.12:30
persialool, There's a short "requirements" list, yes.12:30
loolI think a couple of hours of everybody's time to try out apps is fine, as long as we keep it documented in a safe place12:30
loolMy personal fear is that a better solution would be to package new stuff which isn't in the archive, or improve some existing stuff12:31
loolSay, what if there's a cool maemo.org project of a new foo app and it would be the winner would it be in our archive12:31
ograwe should not lose the overview12:31
ograbut surely not invest to much time12:31
StevenKWell, let's document stuff at least12:31
persiaI don't want new stuff.  Just testing.  Some of the stuff we have doesn't work at all well, and we can just toss it out.12:31
davidmit's really late in cycle to import anything, but documenting things it OK with me.12:32
loolOk, let's start with this research of in-archive apps as a first step then12:32
davidmpersia, can you take the action to drive this, ie: list of things to check for each category?12:32
loolI agree it's useful, albeit probably not enough to chose the best apps for MID12:32
persiaSure.  It will be in the spec tomorrow.12:33
persiaWhat I want now is people to volunteer for each class.  I'll name a class, and someone say "Me".  First always wins.12:33
loolWe're talking of 14 categories; I expect some 20-30 apps to test and we're 7 not counting davidm12:33
loolSome probably longer than others12:33
persiaRIght.  So everyone gets two.12:33
davidm[action] persia to pull together a list of things to check for MID Application Selection.12:33
MootBotACTION received:  persia to pull together a list of things to check for MID Application Selection.12:33
loolI'll take calendar12:34
persiaI'll take the ones nobody else wants.12:34
looland text editor12:34
davidm[action] lool to look at calendar12:34
NCommanderI'll look at file managers12:34
MootBotACTION received:  lool to look at calendar12:34
NCommanderand ... instant messager12:34
StevenKI don't remember the categories12:34
davidm[action] lool to look at text editor12:34
MootBotACTION received:  lool to look at text editor12:34
loolStevenK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Meeting/2009/2009010812:34
davidm[action] NCommander to look at file managers12:34
MootBotACTION received:  NCommander to look at file managers12:34
NCommanderDisclaimer: I don't actually have a device that can run MID, so all my testing will be in a KVM image12:34
* ogra takes on screen kbd12:34
davidm[action] NCommander to look at instant messager12:34
MootBotACTION received:  NCommander to look at instant messager12:34
StevenKFeed Reader12:35
StevenKBook Reader12:35
davidm[action] ogra to look at on screen kbd12:35
MootBotACTION received:  ogra to look at on screen kbd12:35
ograand alarm clock12:35
NCommander[action] StevenK to look at Feed Reader12:35
davidm[action] StevenK to look at Book Reader12:35
MootBotACTION received:  StevenK to look at Book Reader12:35
ograthe uglyness bothers me since a while12:35
persiaStevenK, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Meeting/2009/20090108 has the categories12:35
StevenKNCommander: Needs to be davidm saying it12:35
davidm[action] ogra to look at alarm clock12:35
MootBotACTION received:  ogra to look at alarm clock12:35
loolArgh we're not 7 but 6, I counted amitk on the agenda12:35
NCommanderStevenK, I thought action was a general command, oh well.12:35
davidm[action] StevenK to look at Feed Reader12:36
MootBotACTION received:  StevenK to look at Feed Reader12:36
NCommanderWhat''s left?12:36
ograi was planning to look into fennec ...12:36
davidmamitk is not here12:36
loolI'm removing amitk from the agenda; he's only invited here and not present these weeks anyway12:36
ograso i might take web browser as well12:36
davidm[action] ogra to look at web browsers12:36
MootBotACTION received:  ogra to look at web browsers12:36
loolI'll take address book as well then12:37
davidmogra, I'm interested in just how good fennec is, please let me know what you think as you play with it. :-)12:37
loolThere might be some overlap with email or instant messenger obviously12:37
davidm[action] lool to look at address book12:37
MootBotACTION received:  lool to look at address book12:37
persiaLeftovers are Document viewer, Photo Viewer, Media Player, and Onscreen Keyboard?12:37
* lool long week ahead12:37
ograi tried eth recent release on maemo and it still sucks a bit but improved12:37
persiaCould someone else take one of those?12:37
davidmpersia, ogra took Onscreen Keyboard12:38
loolpersia: onscreen was taken by ogra12:38
StevenKogra has Onscreen Keyboard?12:38
loolNCommander: You need to say it too12:38
davidmso persia are you willing to take on: Document viewer, Photo Viewer, Media Player?12:38
NCommanderogra, has the onscreen keyboard? ohnos!12:38
persiaGreat.  I get Document Viewer, Photo Viewer, and Media Player then.  Lots of books and movies.  Hurrah!12:38
ograpersia, and i have the onscreen keyboard12:39
davidm[action] persia to review Document viewer12:39
MootBotACTION received:  persia to review Document viewer12:39
davidm[action] persia to review Photo Viewer12:39
MootBotACTION received:  persia to review Photo Viewer12:39
davidm[action] persia to review Media Player12:39
MootBotACTION received:  persia to review Media Player12:39
StevenKAt least persia won't ask me to look at elisa12:40
davidmOK are we done with this topic for now?12:40
persiaYes.  That was it.  Thanks.12:40
* davidm can't wait to see the mootbot log for this one ;-)12:40
StevenKI think my poor Q1 is still cooling down from trying to run it12:41
davidmOK then on to current business12:41
davidm[topic] status12:41
MootBotNew Topic:  status12:41
davidm[topic] StevenK's status12:41
MootBotNew Topic:  StevenK's status12:41
ograasleep ?12:42
davidmapparently we have terminally overheated StevenK's Q112:42
loolLet's go back to him later; we'll soon get his AR too12:43
Hobbseeogra: looks like it.12:43
davidm[topic] lool's status12:43
MootBotNew Topic:  lool's status12:43
* davidm grins12:43
loolGeneral catchup done; finishing a SRU and then will be done for intrepid stuff12:44
loolCurrently high on the TODO are specs and some canonical work items12:44
loolThat's about it; I have a good overview of tasks to accomplish; let me know if you need something urgently from me and I didn't ack it12:45
davidmOK thanks lool12:45
davidm[topic] ogra's status12:45
MootBotNew Topic:  ogra's status12:45
ogradumped BOF notes into the touchscreen spec, no further mobile related work, did hardware enablement for some specific arm HW which doesnt belong into this meeting ...12:45
ograand sitting as well :)12:45
* davidm 10k people out of work and we have ogra for humor12:46
loolStevenK has some connectivity issues with freenode, will be back shortly we hope12:46
ogratahts it for this week from my side :)12:47
StevenKI'm here12:47
davidmAh OK12:47
davidm[topic] StevenK's status12:47
MootBotNew Topic:  StevenK's status12:47
davidmbringing back StevenK status12:47
StevenKI did armel stuff after UDS before breaking up, I've mostly been working on moving UMPC to UNR12:48
davidmStevenK, thanks, anything else to add?12:49
davidm[topic] NCommander's status12:50
MootBotNew Topic:  NCommander's status12:50
NCommanderI drafted a couple of the UDS specs for the mobile, which I'm running through Steve12:50
NCommanderBefore Christmas, I also managed to get MID semi-working on ARM (I think the issue with gnome-settings-manager has been resolved, so it probably will work should I take another stab at it)12:51
NCommanderThat's all I got.12:52
NCommanderoh wait12:52
NCommanderI would also like to join the ubuntu-mobile team :-)12:53
davidmAh, we need to vote on that I think, correct persia?12:53
StevenKDenied. Next!12:53
* StevenK grins evilly12:53
* persia digs up the records for the policy12:53
persiaRight.  Applicants need to have contributed some stuff, and then need to get votes from current team members.12:54
loolI think you need a couple more months as a MOTU before joining the mobile team -- nahh just kidding, I'm +112:54
persiaSo, votes from current team members (LP: ~ubuntu-mobile)12:54
StevenKThat could draw blood, lool12:55
davidmdavidm, +112:55
persia+1 from me: the architecture-neutral stuff was great.12:55
loologra is writing vertically now12:55
loolxrandr to the rescue12:56
StevenKOh, sigh12:56
NCommanderlool, that's an improvement, last night my LCDs were upside down to make my world right side up12:56
* StevenK retroactively slaughters ogra 12:56
* ogra bleeds on the floor12:56
loolSo I think we have enough +1s12:56
StevenKAt least he didn't do /\nm\ne\n12:56
loolAnd still two status reports to fit in 4 minutes12:56
davidmOK works for me, NCommander welcome to the team12:56
davidm[topic] persia's status12:57
MootBotNew Topic:  persia's status12:57
* StevenK shifts NCommander out of Zope context12:57
persiaOh, I've just been reading specs, determining what needs to be done, and who's likely to care.  I fixed a couple specs that people whined about specifically.12:58
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davidmpersia, anything else?12:58
davidm[topic] davidm's status12:59
MootBotNew Topic:  davidm's status12:59
davidmI've been reading specs and in meeting with other teams to update specs12:59
davidmgetting ready to present Ubuntu Mobile at LCA12:59
davidmand that's it for now'12:59
davidmwe are out of time13:00
MootBotMeeting finished at 07:00.13:00
davidmthanks everyone13:00
looldavidm: thanks for chairing13:01
=== ubottu changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Current meeting: Ubuntu Java Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 13 Jan 21:00: LoCo Council | 15 Jan 00:30: Forum Council | 19 Jan 22:00: IRC Council
persiaAnyone here for the Java Meeting?14:03
slytherinpersia: yup. :-)14:04
persiaOK.  No special agenda this week (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JavaTeam/Meeting)14:05
persiaRoadmap then.14:06
persiarobilad isn't here, so we'll skip that part (really not expecting much progress until the Maven stuff is complete anyway).14:06
persiaslytherin, How is MoveToUniverse going?14:06
ludoviccI'm working on the Maven stuff ;-)14:07
slytherinpersia: not much to do there except jboss for which I have logged the bug already.14:07
persiaslytherin, So we're basically caught up with Debian at this point, and to get further requires real research on the copyright state of things?14:07
slytherinpersia: we are almost caught up with Debian. Whatever packages are remaining are not high profile packages.14:08
persiaOK.  Are you expecting to move ahead of Debian, or work with Debian on MoveToMain, and then keep up-to-date?14:09
slytherinAs of now I just plan to get in sync with Debian.14:11
persiaOK.  Anything blocking?  Need any help?14:11
slytherinnothing blocking. I will bug some archive admin for jboss bug. But that's it.14:12
persiaOK.  Next, is Maven.14:12
persialudovicc, As Koon is away today, could you give us a quick precis of status on that effort?14:12
ludoviccI'm working with Debian (Torsten Werner) to build Maven projects in Debian14:13
slytherinludovicc: I didn't know you were involved. :-)14:14
ludoviccTorstern has released a 0.1 version of maven-debian-helper, which contains cdbs rules for Maven14:15
persiaAre you using the bootstrap guide from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JavaTeam/Specs/MavenSupportSpec or another resource?14:15
ludoviccthis version is still a bit rough, as it requires patching Maven pom files14:15
ludovicccurrently it's using Torsten's specs, defined here http://wiki.debian.org/Java/MavenBuilder14:16
ludoviccas I have implemented something which was more around the lines of MavenSupportSpec, I'm trying to merge both ideas together14:17
persiaAny big issues, or just a lot of little things on a per-package basis?14:18
ludovicccurrently software built with Maven is deployed to /usr/share/maven-repo14:18
ludoviccthe issue is with packages which were not built with Maven in mind, we need to include them somehow in the Debian Maven repository14:19
ludoviccmy idea currently is to create a dependency map, following the model of JPackage, and it maps the Maven structure (groupId/artifactId) to the location of the jar in Debian14:20
ludoviccso I will add this dependency map to maven-debian-helper, and this should solve the issue with building packages mixing Maven and non-Maven built packages14:22
persiaOn a per-package basis, or generally?14:22
persiaWould that need updating for each new Java package introduced?14:22
ludoviccper-package, but only for new packages which are built with Maven14:23
ludoviccthere will be some duplication, but it's better than upgrading all existing packages to include support for Maven14:24
persiaOK, so Maven-built packages that depend on legacy packages need glue, but everything else can be left alone, and the glue is added only based on the build-dependencies of the new package?14:24
persiaOK.  That's workable.  You're discussing this with Torsten?14:25
ludoviccyes I am14:25
ludoviccTorsten has already released quite a few new packages, you can see them here14:26
ludoviccdeb http://people.debian.org/~twerner/ ./14:26
persiaExcellent!  These are in experimental already?14:26
ludoviccyes, or maybe even in unstable, I don't remember exactly14:27
ludovicchow can we get those new packages in Ubuntu Jaunty, once they are in Debian?14:27
slytherinsome of them are perhaps in unstable, some in experimental. I am filing sync bugs for them as and when they can be built in pbuilder chroot for jaunty.14:28
persialudovicc, Anything else outstanding?  Any blockers?  Do you need help?14:30
persialudovicc, ?14:31
ludoviccno blockers, but I will need other people to test and build new Maven packages when  maven-debian-helper is more advanced14:31
ludoviccalso, it would help if somebody could package the remaining Maven plugins, there are > 20 of them, plus what can be found on other places (mojo.codehaus.org)14:32
slytherinludovicc: sure once the complete tool chain is in Ubuntu.14:32
persiaOK.  When you get to that point, please let us know: there's a few Java packagers that might be able to help.14:32
ludoviccI will need help to move the tool chain to Ubuntu, as I don't know how that process works14:33
persiaMostly just requires sync requests.14:34
ludoviccwhere do you file them?14:34
persiaslytherin, Could you walk ludovicc through the process after the meeting?14:34
slytherinpersia: sure.14:35
persiaOK.  Next up: dropping Sun Java 5.14:35
persiaslytherin, did you finish drafting the spec for that?  I don't see a link yet.14:35
slytherinpersia: I never started. :-(14:35
persiaDo you still have time to do it, or do you need someone else to do that?14:36
slytherinI don't mind if someone else takes over.14:36
persiaOK.  I'll write up a spec for that, and push it through the approvals process.14:36
persiaI'll also accept assignment for the Roadmap item.14:37
persiaDo you know of any specific packages that will break without it?14:37
slytherinNo. All the packages which use sun specific APIs seem to build/run fine with openjdk.14:38
persiaExcellent.  I like it when I inherit easy work :)14:38
persiaOK.  Next up: open discussion.  Anyone have anything else they want to add?14:39
slytherinnothing from my side.14:39
persialudovicc, ?14:39
ludoviccis there a plan to upgrade the Java IDEs to their latest versions?14:40
ludoviccEclipse 3.4 and Netbeans 6.514:40
ludovicc(big task!)14:40
persiaI think everyone is hiding from eclipse, from what I've heard.14:40
persiaI'll check on netbeans now.14:40
slytherinAFAIK, few people from debian-java are working on Eclipse. But debian-java moves very slow these days with regards to sponsorship.14:42
persiaIndeed: the netbeans crew is working on netbeans 6.5 packaging, and so we should be good.14:42
ludoviccnice to know!14:42
ludoviccno more questions at this point14:43
persiaOK.  Until next week then.  Thanks all.14:44
ludoviccah, where is this Netbeans team?14:44
persiaDistributed.  I think most of them are in Prague and Petersberg, but I'm not 100% sure.14:45
ludoviccok, so the Sun developers are actually taking care of packaging the IDE, not the Debian community14:47
persiaWell, the NetBeans Community, but yes.14:47
ludoviccok, thanks. See you14:47
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