cjwatsondoes anyone have /proc/cpuinfo from an lpia system handy?11:52
cjwatsonI'm working on bug 29167011:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 291670 in base-installer "LPIA installer missing kernel" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29167011:52
persiaI have a collection of those.  I can attach them to the bug if you like.11:52
persiacjwatson, I've attached two I had handy, which were very similar.  I'll attach at least two others, I just have to dig them up.12:01
persiaStevenK, I think mine are different than yours (different hardware), so it might be interesting to push those two, just to show variance.12:03
StevenKMy Q1 isn't running lpia currently12:03
persiaintrepid live image?12:03
StevenKGood point12:07
cjwatsonpersia: thanks12:08
StevenKcjwatson: Booting my Q1 to also add to the bug12:09
StevenK(Helping you so I don't feel bad when I bug you after the meeting :-)12:09
cjwatsonthe kernel installation script is going to be really simple, so there's not much possible variance - don't put too much effort in12:09
persiaThere's two classes of chips that get a real lpia kernel: A1xx and Atom.  Everything else probably should have lpiacompat.12:10
persiaSince lpiacompat doesn't ship in the image, this will generate another bug, but that can be worked around differently.12:10
cjwatsonah, in that case I would like to have a sample of A1xx, Atom, and something that requires lpiacompat12:11
cjwatsondoes -lpia boot on non-A1xx/Atom chips?12:11
cjwatson(at least in theory)12:11
persiaDoes anyone have one of the Via EeePCs, or another C7M device in the channel?12:11
cjwatsonbecause if it does, then I can just fall back from -lpiacompat to -lpia if available12:12
cjwatsonfallbacks are good12:12
persiaFor some chips, maybe.  Depends on the instruction set on the chip.  Also, no guarantees that it will continue to do so as lpia evolves.12:12
persialpiacompat is for chips that can't run lpia kernel, but can run lpia userspace.12:12
cjwatsonyou guys should instruct me on what to do here12:13
persiaThe VIA c7M is the most popular example.12:13
persiaHow about I get the rest of the data you need to write the shims, and update the bug?12:13
cjwatsonpersia: ok, yes please. BTW, if there's something in 'flags' in cpuinfo that I can use for the detection, that would be better than working off model names12:14
persiaI don't know of something for that.  I'll see if I can chase down a better answer from the kernel folk.12:15
cjwatsonStevenK: what am I going to be bugged about later? :)12:16
StevenKcjwatson: livecd-rootfs, which will take about 15 seconds, and also about the ubuntu-mid daily fail12:16
loolGrrr build logs disappearing from librarian, and I sent them in a Debian bug report as a reference13:21
loolpersia: I have a VIA C7 and I found its power adapter13:22
loolIt's been on the way to my desk for weeks now to push me into booting it13:22
persialool, Excellent.  Could you post /proc/cpuinfo to the bug?13:22
loolYeah, just finishing what I have in progress first13:22
lool(need to write an USB key for it and all)13:23
loolHmm the MID image says Could not find kernel image: linux to me15:04
loolOn my VIA C715:04
loolPerhaps it's screwed15:04
* lool rsyncs and tries again15:06
loolSuckage, even with the latest version15:12
loolInteresting, it only boots once into syslinux, the second time it's boot failure15:17
loolIt seems this device is very picky15:19
loolI kind of don't know what I'm booting actually since I don't get the boot.msg15:20
loolAh perhaps with a fat1615:24
loolYES \o/15:27
loolStupid old crap15:27
loolpersia: Ah this is a VIA C3, Nehemiah15:30
loolcjwatson: Did you have any interest in this?15:30
loolcjwatson: (/proc/cpuinfo)15:30
loolI'm in the initramfs and running a lpia kernel on it15:30
loolAFAICS, lpiacompat isn't needed15:30
loolWhat I have in cpuinfo: vendor_id is "CentaurHauls" model name is "VIA Nehemiah"; that's about all15:31
cjwatsonlool: go ahead and attach it15:48
loolNot really attached but done16:00
mcgrofumpc and mid do not use conman?18:55
mcgroflool: IIRC Via Nehemiah requires CONFIG_X86_GENERIC or something like that18:57
loolmcgrof: Should I understand from your comment that it's not turned on in the lpia kernel or that I will see breakage?19:00
mcgroflool: I am not sure if it is or not enabled, check, but if its not I would expect your kernel to oops early as I ran into that same issue a while back when debian decided to remove that config option from their 686 kernel images19:04
loolmcgrof: At least I can tell you I successfully load the kernel and an initramfs and run busybox in it19:10
mcgroflool: oh mine was VIA Nehemiah19:13
loolso is mine19:13
loolmcgrof: That's what I have as well19:13
mcgrofoh then yeah it was CONFIG_X86_GENERIC that needs to be =y19:14
mcgrofunless hpa fixed this somehow in recent kernels19:14
loolI guess it's set in lpia19:14
mcgrofI thought he wasn't though19:14
n_8hello all.  i have a quick question if someone would be so kind to help me with19:17
n_8i am running ubuntu-mobile with the hildon desktop as a second session for use as an in car computer19:17
n_8i wrote an app utilizing adobe air that will run just fine under gnome, however will not launch one i am logged into the hildon desktop19:18
n_8is adobe air compatible with ubuntu-mobile/hildon 19:19
looln_8: I don't know why it wouldn't work, but you should be able to run anything you run under GNOME under hildon, perhaps with more components running19:34
looln_8: Perhaps you're missing packages; check error messages in your .xsession-errors19:34
n_8ok i will do that19:34
n_8thank you19:34
n_8one more quick question19:35
n_8is there anything other than changing the .desktop file to get it to show in hildon?19:35
n_8a particular application i mean19:35
loolDepends of your version, is it the intrepid one?19:36
loolIt's using Categories to select what to show19:36
looln_8: But yeah, it's just tweaking the OnlyShowIn and Categories in the .desktop file19:36
n_8im using 8.0419:37
loolIt's also the case in 8.04, but with different combinations19:37
n_8ok thank you19:37
loolmcgrof: x86_generic=y in intrepid's linux-lpia lpia config19:43
looland lpiacompat as well19:43
mcgroflool: nice19:43
vit1251hi all20:35
vit1251i am have intersting about Ubuntu Mobile20:36
vit1251can I install this on my PDA?20:36
vit1251what i neet to do this?20:36
n_8ok so i got the app to run by going into the terminal and using ./23:32
n_8but why will the icon not launch the app?23:32
n_8xsession-error says: attempt to exec invalid entry23:33
n_8any ideas?23:33

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