serialorderi updated a po file but when I rebuild the package those updates are not included. I don't think the mo file is being remade. Anyone have any ideas on how I could fix this?00:49
jmarsden|workserialorder: If you think the mo file *should* be being remade, then you'll want to read the Makfile(s) involved and find out why that is not happening, and perhaps edit debian/rules a little to make sure that *does* happen during your build target?00:54
jmarsden|workHowever, I'm not sure if the whole "Ubuntu does its own translations" deal comes into play with things like this... if it does, I know nothing about how all that works!00:55
ScottKjmarsden: That all happens on the buildds.  For local build tests it shouldn't come into play.00:56
jmarsden|workOK, then the answer for serialorder is "read and understand your Makefiles, I think.00:56
jekilhow i can use dh_desktop?01:02
pochuyou only need it if you ship desktop files which define MimeTypes01:03
pochuuse it as "dh_desktop -p$package"01:03
pochuin binary-install, IIRC01:03
pochuright, binary-install/$package01:04
directhexdoes some poor bugger produce modules for Intel's x-fi sound cards for the ubuntu kernel? afaik they're far from entering mainline alsa01:06
socdirecthex: x-fi is from creative i thought ...01:11
directhexsorry, i meant them01:11
directhexi need more sleep, it seems01:11
jekilpochu: and i must put my .desktop in /debian ?01:18
jekilpochu: sorry, obviously yes01:20
pochujekil: and forward it to upstream if appropriate :)01:26
pochujekil: note that dh_desktop won't install the desktop file, you need to use dh_install or whatever to install it to /usr/share/applications/01:26
pochudh_desktop will take care of calling update-desktop-base in the post{inst,rm}01:27
jekilpochu: thanks01:27
jekilplease sameonecan review/advocate? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=444801:29
pochujekil: in debian/changelog, you should only put one changelog entry, and set the distribution to jaunty01:32
pochujekil: the Homepage in debian/control should go in the source stanza (where Standards-Version is)01:33
pochujekil: I don't have time for a full review, but the package looks good :)01:35
jekilpochu: fixed and uploaded, thank you for your help01:50
pochujekil: you're welcome. good luck with it!01:50
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pochujames_w: hi :) that ppamadison script looks useful, I think it'd be suitable for u-d-t03:55
ScottKTheMuso: Is speakup enabled in our Intrepid kernel?  I gather it was in Gutsy and then dropped in Hardy.04:11
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TheMusoScottK: No its not. It was in edgy and feisty, and dropped for gutsy, and never to return, at least if I have anything to do with it.04:20
ScottKTheMuso: Really?  OK.  I was just talking to someone who was going to use Fedora instead because of the lack.04:21
TheMusoMeh good for them.04:21
ScottKTheMuso: Is there a wiki page or something we have on what to use instead?04:21
TheMusoThey can use bad code all they want for all I care.04:21
* ScottK doesn't know about it at all.04:21
TheMusoScottK: Not really, wiki stuff for accessibility is lacking in that area.04:21
TheMusowell wiki stuff for accessibility is lacking, period.04:22
TheMusoScottK: Unfortunately speakup last I checked suffers from bad code quality, and doesn't perform well on SMP systems or under heavy system load, as well as talking to serial ports directly, and not going through the needed kernel subsystems.04:23
ScottKTheMuso: OK.  When I tell them no, what do I tell them we use instead?04:24
TheMusoScottK: We use gnome-orca, which is a screen reader for the GNOME desktop.04:25
ScottKTheMuso: Thanks.04:25
TheMusopochu: yes04:25
pochuah, he already asked :)04:25
pochuTheMuso: right, I didn't read your last message :)04:26
TheMusopochu: Right.04:26
StevenKOrca certainly seems more pleasant than speakup04:28
StevenKBut you can't really compare user and system level code04:28
TheMusoStevenK: Yep.04:28
* pochu waves good night04:31
agent47ahi... i'm a noob trying to to help with Bug #293722 found here:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manpage-repository/+bug/293722  .  I finished with the editing ctorrent.sgml .  I am using the workaround to build the binary without signing it: "debuild -uc -us"  But I don't know how to build the source.  debuild -S barfs with a fatal error "debsign failed".04:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 293722 in ctorrent "Bad manpage for ctorrent" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29372204:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 293722 in ctorrent "Bad manpage for ctorrent" [Low,Triaged]04:34
ScottKagent47a: debuild -S -us -uc04:36
agent47alooks like debuild is run under debian subdirectory but debdiff runs in the package root directory.  is that typical?04:39
ScottKdebdiff diff debian package defined by two .dsc files you give it.04:40
ScottKIt doesn't matter so much where you run it.04:40
ScottKAnyone got a patch system how to for Debhelper 7?05:09
ScottKOK.  I give.  I'm tired anyway.05:11
ScottKGood night all.05:11
jmarsdenGoodnight ScottK05:11
crimsunScottK: http://joey.kitenet.net/blog/entry/dh_implementation/05:13
ScottKcrimsun: Looking.  Thanks.05:13
crimsunScottK: sql-ledger is an interesting example if you're looking for integration with, say, quilt05:21
ScottKcrimsun: Thanks.05:21
* ScottK looks05:21
carandraughi everyone! I'm making my first package so I'm following the instructions in the ubuntu wiki with the program hello. In one of the steps, they mention to remove the *.ex, readme.debian, dirs, docs and info files from the debian directory. They say that's because the program's not complicated but the files can be needed for some packages. How do I know whether I should or should not remove them?05:33
hyperairwhat are you packaging?05:34
carandraughyperair: I plan on package rubyripper in the future for a PPA. For now, I'm experimenting with the program hello, which they recommend in the tutorial05:35
hyperairi see05:35
hyperairokay, rubyripper doesn't have an init.d service right? so at least init.d.ex can be removed05:35
hyperairbasically you have to know what each of the .ex files is for and figure out if the functionality is required in your pacakge05:36
carandraughyperair: hmm.... can you give a me a link where I can read more about that, please?05:36
hyperairheheh i don't think i managed to find anything of that sort. i sort of guessed what each one is for05:37
hyperairusually the contents of the file tell you what it's for05:37
hyperairin some kind of comment or whatever05:37
carandraughyperair: I see. I'll try to look inside the file then. Thanks05:38
jmarsdenman dh and man all of the dh_ tools should help you learn about this too05:38
hyperairyeah that too05:39
hyperairbut i didn't read the dh_ manpages until very recently05:39
dholbachgood morning07:00
iulianG'morning Daniel.07:01
dholbachhiya iulian07:01
nelleryhi dholbach07:03
dholbachhiya nellery07:03
nellerydholbach: thanks for bringing up the issue with the developer applications!07:04
dholbachnellery: we've been talking about it for a long time and I'm fairly happy with the proposal, I believe it will fix a lot of the issues that we see today07:05
dholbachI haven't dug into the discussion yet today07:05
nellerydholbach: it all looks good07:07
nellerymy only concern is that applicants may not be able to make it to the meetings07:07
nellerydue to time zone restraints07:07
dholbachnellery: the plan was to rotate times and have it every 14 days07:08
dholbachif that does not work out and there's very special requirements for meeting, I'm sure we can adjust with a one-off meeting or still discuss on the mailing list or something - we're going to be flexible07:08
dholbachbut the majority will be able to make it, I think07:08
nellerydholbach: great, that would probably work out well.07:09
nelleryThanks again07:09
dholbachno worries07:10
didrocksmorning everyone!07:14
dholbachhi didrocks07:15
Hobbseedholbach: you'd be able to get quorum, while meeting at a different time?07:46
dholbachHobbsee: quorum is a necessity07:48
Hobbseedholbach: I realise that, but i'm asking if it's actually going to happen, if you're meeting at a non-european-friendly time.07:49
Hobbsee(although I realise that you'll mostly hold it in european timezones, but there will still be exceptions)07:49
dholbachwe will need to make sure - the meeting does not make sense otherwise07:49
persiaWell, it mostly must be in a European-freindly timezone, because a majority of the current councillors are in Europe.  That said, there's 14-18 hours of Europe-freindly timezones.07:50
Hobbseepersia: indeed.07:50
Hobbseepersia: i'm just asking in the case of australians, or similar people07:50
dholbachfor the special cases I'm sure we can work something out07:51
Hobbseepersia: which is going to be directly during european night, in a lot of cases (11pm - 10am local, perhaps)07:51
persiaTrick is more balancing others: there are two, mostly diametrically opposed, slots that ought work for all MC members, although I'll admit neither is particularly ideal in Australia.07:51
dholbachas I said in the mail: we're going to be flexible, if there's no way around using the mailing list, we use it07:51
jekilplease sameonecan review/advocate? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=444808:35
evocallaghanI'm having problems getting X to start on my distro I'm building, #xorg seems dead and #ubuntu is full of just end users. So sorry to ask in here as a last resort08:46
evocallaghanOK here goes,08:46
evocallaghanX fails to start saying it can't find fonts 'fixed'08:47
evocallaghanNow the fonts exist in /usr/X11/lib/X11/fonts just fine08:47
evocallaghanmkfontdir /usr/X11/lib/X11/fonts ; /usr/X11/bin/xset fp+ /usr/X11/lib/X11/fonts ; /usr/X11/bin/xset fp rehash08:48
evocallaghanHowever this fails saying that xset can't open a display08:48
evocallaghanAny ideas please?08:48
quadrisproanyone on bug 188561?08:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 188561 in macchanger-gtk "Close button of GtkAboutDialog doesn't work" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18856108:48
persiaevocallaghan, If you can replicate with Ubuntu, you're better off filing a bug.  If not, I'm not sure how we might help.08:50
evocallaghanHmm, I would have though there would be some skilled people in the area of xorg here that is all08:50
evocallaghanpersia: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=7604608:54
evocallaghanSo it happens on ubuntu as well08:55
evocallaghanI will try to purge fonts like it says08:55
evocallaghannope :(08:58
agentblue9i want to upgrade to the dev version from 8.10.  i'm still not sure how to do it ater looking at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/UsingDevelopmentReleases ..  any hints greatly appreciated.09:21
persiaagentblue9, First off, thanks for testing, but expect things to break.09:29
persiaTry running `update-manager --devel-release`09:30
agentblue9persia: thanks.  -d will also do, right?09:30
agentblue9persia: is it of any importance to do the 8.10 updates first before going to jaunty?  this is a fresh ubuntu 8.1 from cd.09:31
hyperairdosen't matter09:32
agentblue9hyperair: thanks!09:32
hyperairyou're going to be upgrading past that anyway09:32
agentblue9ic, i'm going to click the Install Updates button now.  ;)09:32
hyperairi think you should be clicking "Upgrade"09:33
hyperairat the top09:33
hyperairif you intend to upgrade to 9.04 that is09:33
agentblue9hyperair: ah!  you're right.09:33
persiaagentblue9, I'd recommend doing the updates, in case someone already fixed an upgrade path issue, but it may not matter.09:34
hyperairpersia: upgrade path issue?09:34
persiahyperair, Sometimes there's an issue upgrading a set of packages from one release to another.  Sometimes this can be fixed by an SRU.  Where possible, these are done.09:35
persiaMost of the upgrade path testing assumes application of available updates before upgrade.09:35
hyperairi see09:35
agentblue9persia: hmmm... i've already clicked upgrade.  oh well09:36
hyperairyou can always cancel09:36
agentblue9ah... it gives a chance to cancel now.09:36
hyperairit'll roll back the changes09:36
agentblue9so tempted to go forward.09:36
stefanlsdagentblue9: btw, have you read the release notes?09:37
agentblue9i think i went right past those.09:37
stefanlsdagentblue9: have a look here - http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/jaunty/alpha209:38
stefanlsdagentblue9: known issues.  nvidia / ati may be a problem09:38
agentblue9stefanlsd: d'oh09:38
agentblue9i have a really old nvidia geforce209:38
persiaagentblue9, Doesn't likely matter that much.09:39
stefanlsdagentblue9: well, more specifically the propietry drivers may be a problem.  the opensource stuff should be ok, although you may not have accel09:39
agentblue9ic... then i'm not too worried.09:40
hyperairno accel means no compiz09:40
hyperairanyway is DRI2 getting into jaunty, or has it already gotten in?09:41
hyperairhmm looks like it's already in09:42
agentblue9hyperair: compiz with flash 9 makes my firefox grey-freeze randomly in hardy.09:42
hyperairwait a sec09:44
hyperairare you upgrading to intrepid or jaunty?09:44
agentblue9hyperair: talking about a different system.09:44
stefanlsd-d must be jaunty09:44
agentblue9upgrading from intrepid to jaunty.09:45
agentblue9i wonder if freenx will work with jaunty09:50
mok0hyperair, in codelite, what is the empty directory /usr/share/codelite/plugins/resources/ for?09:56
hyperairfor plugin resources09:57
mok0hyperair: that are installed later?09:58
mok0hyperair: ok09:58
mok0hyperair: advocated10:07
mok0Oh, it'd be nice if dget would be called on a .dsc file when it's clicked in Firefox. Anyone know how to do that?10:09
hyperairno idea10:11
hyperairmaybe a plugin10:11
hyperairshould be functionality added to ubufox perhaps? =p10:12
hyperairmok0: thanks10:12
hyperairfor advocating i mean10:12
mok0hyperair: Thanks for _your_ work! :-) Now you need one more advocate10:12
hyperairi'll wait for nhandler =)10:12
hyperairafter two advocates come along, is there anything else?10:13
directhexmok0, dget's a bit commaand-liney for the console isn't it?10:13
mok0hyperair: no, usually the 2nd advocate uploads the NEW queue.10:13
directhexbah, for firefox10:14
mok0directhex: yeah I guess10:14
directhexmok0, if there were a gdebi-esque tool for dsc, then you could just associate the file type10:14
mok0hyperair: the archive-admin might reject it if issues are found10:14
hyperaira GUI dget?10:14
directhexmok0, i'd knock one together in c#, but i suspect people would eat my kidneys10:14
mok0directhex: I would :-P10:15
directhexhyperair, broadly useless, but yes, something to say "this is part of a source package, i'm getting the other bits, dawg, fo'shizzle"10:15
mok0directhex: All the gui needs to do is to ask for a place to put the pacakge10:15
hyperairmok0: don't you think a bash script + zenity would do?10:15
mok0hyperair: err, I don't know zenity...10:16
hyperairwait, dosen't dget only work on urls?10:16
mok0hyperair: yes10:16
directhexhm, true10:16
hyperairyeah so you can't associate a script with the filetype10:16
directhexokay, write an extension for it then. go go gadget xul!10:16
hyperairheh i have no idea how to use xul10:16
mok0The person writing such an extension would be a regular hero in the Debian/Ubuntu world...10:17
quadrisprodoes anyone wanna have fun with a ffmpeg FTBFS? :D10:23
quadrisprobug #311180 , it's waiting for a sponsor10:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 311180 in mediatomb "FTBFS with new ffmpeg in jaunty" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31118010:24
mok0quadrispro: I'll take a look10:25
quadrisprothank you mok010:25
mok0quadrispro: you are Allesio?10:26
quadrispromok0: yes10:26
mok0quadrispro: you patched configure?10:27
mok0quadrispro: why do you need to do that?10:27
Laneyffmpeg doesn't care for compatibility10:28
mok0quadrispro: it should be regenerated from configure.ac10:28
quadrispromok0: ah right, I can prepare a new debdiff10:29
mok0quadrispro: of course that means editing debian/rules10:29
quadrispromok0: thanks a lot, i'm workin on it :)10:31
slytheringeser: persia: Get ready for another circular build dependency problem . :-) - Enjoy the conversation here http://lists.debian.org/debian-java/2009/01/msg00001.html10:42
mok0apt really ought to detect circular dependencies and either ignore them or complain10:43
directhexyay, circular!10:43
directhexwhen in doubt, bootstrap-binary it & pray for forgiveness?10:43
quadrispromok0: i have a question10:45
mok0quadrispro: go ahead10:45
* directhex prepares his stock reply - "no, it shouldn't be purple; see a doctor"10:46
quadrisproI think setting --with-ffmpeg-h in debian/rules isn't very helpful, because in aclocal the search path contains ffmpeg/, and this isn't correct (the correct path for avformat.h is 'libavformat/')10:47
quadrispromok0: s/aclocal/configure.ac10:48
persiaslytherin, This is only a one-time thing, right?10:48
persiamok0, Sometimes you need them.  For example, gcc.10:48
mok0quadrispro: you've fixed it in configure.ac so you need to run autoreconf in rules10:48
slytherinpersia: I hope. I haven't look through all the maven related packages. I am filing the sync requests as I build them successfully in pbuilder.10:49
mok0quadrispro: that should regenerate aclocal as well10:49
persiaslytherin, If it's a one-time bootstrap for the package, it can usually be done by request.  If it's an each-time bootstrap, it needs re-engineering.10:50
mok0quadrispro: I don't think you need --with-ffmpeg because the header files are in the standard place10:50
quadrispromok0: I didn't want mention aclocal, I talked about configure.ac :)10:50
quadrispromok0: yes, it's right10:50
slytherinpersia: I am tired of bootstrapping. I will see if I can built the package with some modification. Similar to what we did in case of jboss.10:50
quadrispromok0: so, isn'it necessary change configure.ac?10:50
quadrisprois it?10:50
mok0quadrispro: I don't think so10:51
persiaslytherin, Even better, of course :)10:51
mok0quadrispro: it's much easier if you can avoid it10:51
slytherin´╗┐In that process I had a conversation with Torsten yesterday and found out that we need to sync some packages from experimental for the packages in unstable to build. :-) One of those package was not even uploaded to experimental till yesterday.10:51
quadrispromok0: mmm, ok10:51
mok0quadrispro: unless of course configure stops the build10:52
mok0quadrispro: Going to lunch so I'll be afk for a while-10:53
StevenKquadrispro: They aren't under ffmpeg any more10:53
quadrisproconfigure stops the build10:53
quadrispromok0: ah ok, bye ;)10:53
mok0StevenK: That's what he's fixing10:53
StevenKWhich package?10:53
StevenKSince I worked a bunch on the ffmpeg stuff10:53
quadrisproStevenK: hi! mediatomb10:53
StevenKHm. I didn't see that one on the list10:53
quadrisproStevenK: bug 31118010:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 311180 in mediatomb "FTBFS with new ffmpeg in jaunty" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31118010:54
quadrisproStevenK: I think it's needed change configure.ac, not debian/rules...10:54
quadrisproStevenK: the change to configure file has to be dropped from my patch, but it seems working fine10:55
quadrisproi'm working on a new debdiff10:56
StevenKquadrispro: I've not looked at mediatomb10:56
stefanlsdIf we have a merge and the only change is debian fixed the ubuntu1 bug, do we always request the sync or just say its not required?12:01
Laneystefanlsd: I wouldn't at this point, it doesn't gain us anything (autosyncing is off anyway)12:03
stefanlsdLaney: kk. which point would we?12:03
Laneybefore DIF it would make sense as then we automatically benefit from Debian's changes12:04
directhexand assuming debian hasn't been frozen snice before intrepid12:05
stefanlsdheh. cool. thx12:05
Laneystability release!12:05
directhexLaney, jauntiness and stability are opposites!12:06
directhexLaney, a jaunty hat might fall off at any moment!12:06
* Laney walks the jaunty walk12:07
directhexhats can also be dapper12:08
* directhex thinks ubuntu should switch to a hat naming scheme, since it seems to already be hat-friendly12:08
* Laney -> lunch12:08
directhexunhelpfully, i find no hat types starting with "J"12:09
* StevenK has too many hats12:09
directhexare any of them jaunty and/or dapper?12:11
StevenKdirecthex: I can go through them, if you want ...12:20
directhexnah, sounds like effort12:20
StevenKdirecthex: Meh, I point you at the teams I'm on in LP12:22
directhexhm, netbook remix. i know who to bug if my wife has issues, then12:24
mok0quadrispro: did StevenK fix the ffmpeg thing for you?12:25
StevenKOh, drat12:26
quadrispromok0: no, I'm working on it :)12:26
mok0quadrispro: ok great12:26
maxbJaunty currently has mercurial 1.0.1, but 1.1.2, a new upstream feature release exists. Any opinions on whether it makes sense to try to get the new version into Jaunty at this point in the release cycle, or not?12:46
persiamaxb, How stable is 1.1.2?  How much would it improve the experience for users?  Are there other packages affected that need updating?12:46
maxbSeems stable in my experience, and has already had a couple of point releases, so the inevitable teething troubles of a new feature branch should be worked out. There are new features in core, and there are extensions which require the new version. It's mostly compatible - rdepends would need testing, but likely wouldn't need updating.12:51
jekilplease sameonecan review/advocate? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=444812:52
oojahmaxb: 1.0.2 is listed as having security fixes at least.12:53
maxbthe security fixes have been backported by debian, but you have a good point, there are relevant bugfixes in 1.0.2 if 1.1.x is deemed too much of a change12:56
mok0jekil: This is really a bug fix12:56
mok0jekil: you should create a bug on LP and attach a debdiff to it12:57
jekilmok0: so, the updated packages don't use revu system?12:57
mok0jekil: no12:57
jekilmok0: ok, thanks12:58
mok0jekil: if you need help with the debdiff etc just ask here. Remember to close the bug in changelog12:58
jekilmok0: and after uploading the debdiff in the bug (thats already opened, i upload this to revu to close it) i must notify someone/somewhere?12:59
mok0jekil: you close it in changelog by having this construct: (LP: #xxxxxx)13:00
jekilmok0: all already done in the package uploaded to revu..13:00
mok0jekil: then you subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors13:00
mok0jekil: ah13:00
jekilmok0: ok, the subscription to ubuntu-universe-sponsors is the point that i miss13:00
mok0jekil: that will put it on u-u-s's Bug page13:01
mr_pouitStevenK: could you please close LP bugs when you fix them? :(13:01
persiajekil, Also, there's no benefit to pushing it to REVU if it's just an update to an existing package.13:01
mok0jekil: then it will be processed13:01
StevenKmr_pouit: Yeah, you keep filing them, and I keep not looking13:01
mr_pouitStevenK: no, I stop filing them :p13:02
jekilmok0, persia: thank you, i am sorry, i haven't understand the workflow, now it's ok, thanks13:02
mok0jekil: NP. The process could be described better13:03
mok0jekil: please archive the REVU upload then13:03
jekilmok0: yes, now i archive. thanks for your help13:06
jekiloh, if try to archive i get a taceback from revu http://pastebin.com/d77d27b7913:10
mok0jekil: Hmm. Worked for me13:20
mok0jekil: perhaps you don't have permission?13:20
mok0jekil: anyway, problem solved (although the revu software seems to have a bug)13:21
anakronHI all13:21
anakronHi persia13:23
persiaHey anakron13:23
AnAntAnyone knows what 8.04.2 will be released ?13:43
persiaAnAnt, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule is the document to watch.13:45
persiasubscribe to that, and you'll see when the various point release dates are confirmed.13:45
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quadrisprodevfil: ciao! bug 18856114:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 188561 in macchanger-gtk "Close button of GtkAboutDialog doesn't work" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18856114:06
devfilquadrispro: ok14:06
mok0Any C++ fans around?14:10
ScottKmok0: I'd guess your odds are better on #kubuntu-devel.14:10
mok0ScottK, I can try there14:11
DktrKranzpersia, probably I figured out that pbuilder issue I faced some days ago, it seems related to pkgbinarymangler (I use it in my default pbuilder configuration)14:12
persiaDktrKranz, but pkgbinarymangler should be on the buildds too: is it just a conflict between pkgbinarymangler and some pbuilder internals?14:13
DktrKranzpersia, probably. I'll try to reproduce two build logs, one without it and one with it, just to see difference. I'll try to debug something with pdebuild, then14:14
quadrisprothanks for the upload, devfil14:22
operawho can tell me how to join ubuntu-cn14:36
opera who can give me a link14:36
opera i can't find it in the list14:36
savvasopera: you mean #ubuntu-cn ?14:37
operadiscuss ubuntu in chinese14:37
savvasopera: type: /join #ubuntu-cn14:37
savvasand press enter14:38
operabut ,every time i join it through other give a link ,and how can i join it  own?14:39
directhex<savvas> opera: type: /join #ubuntu-cn14:39
rhpot1991_laptopany motu-srus around?14:45
mok0 /join #ubuntu-cn14:56
bddebianHeya gang15:04
slytherinany archive admins around?15:12
socmok0: hi, i fixed the things you mentioned in the comments, would you like to review it again?15:38
mok0soc: sure15:39
mok0soc: I took a look earlier, actually.15:40
mok0soc: what I wrote about the Vcs-* fields was not correct15:41
mok0soc: in debian/control15:41
socyes, the next comment mentioned that15:41
mok0soc: I suggest you move these refs to README.Debian15:41
socatm it looks like that:15:42
socHomepage: http://www.ascendercorp.com/pr/2007-11-12/15:42
socVcs-Browser: http://android.git.kernel.org/?p=platform/frameworks/base.git;a=tree;f=data/fonts15:42
socVcs-Git: git://android.git.kernel.org/platform/frameworks/base.git15:42
socis that right now?15:42
mok0soc: no, those fields are reserved for packaging repos15:43
socpackaging repos?15:43
mok0soc: yes, developers are starting to keep their packaging work in VCS15:43
socah ok15:43
socremove all three?15:44
socinto README.Debian?15:44
mok0soc: no, only the VCS-* lines, but put the URLs in the README.Debian file15:44
socah ok15:44
mok0soc: I think the homepage field is ok15:45
mok0soc: another thing I wandered is: what is the debian/bug directory for?15:45
socok, i'll upload again15:45
socoh, cool, i have really fast internet today15:46
mok0soc: debian/bug/presubj looks like info that should also be in README.Debian15:46
socmok0: i think that is somehow used with reportbug15:47
mok0soc: ah15:47
cody-somervilledholbach, I have e-mails in the moderation queue for ubuntu-motu and motu-council I think15:49
dholbachcody-somerville: only one for ubuntu-motu15:50
cody-somervilleok, thanks15:50
cody-somervilleCan you add that e-mail to auto accept?15:50
dholbachjust listadmin'ed that mail through15:51
dholbachthe next time I'll do it15:51
dholbachcody-somerville: thanks for giving that session about xubuntu15:52
cody-somervilledholbach, np15:55
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savvasWhere do we place man pages? In debian/binaryname.8.man ?15:59
voriansavvas: yes, but no need for the .man part15:59
savvasah great, thanks :)16:00
vorianno problemo16:00
voriansavvas: you will also need to use dh_installman in rules16:03
savvasI know vorian, I have it set in rules to cycle through all dh_ commands :)16:06
vorianah, ok then :)16:06
vorianjames_w: did you want to look at the sugar-hulahop merge?16:16
mok0soc: advocated16:19
vorianjames_w: i'll leave it be for now16:24
socmok0: thanks!16:26
james_wvorian: I've reviewed it, I just popped out to get lunch before testing16:35
james_wvorian: thanks for checking16:35
vorianno problem james_w :)16:35
stefanlsdjames_w: do those libev changes seem sane?16:36
socmhh, cloud someone advocate http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ttf-droid again?16:36
james_wstefanlsd: haven't had chance to look yet, sorry16:36
soci fixed the optional things mok0 mentioned16:37
stefanlsdjames_w: np. not sure who the libtool experts are to check...16:37
james_wstefanlsd: yeah, do you know why AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR et al were needed?16:43
james_wdid it just bail out with AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR unset?16:43
stefanlsdjames_w: trying again16:46
stefanlsdjames_w: those options were given by the autoreconf tools16:48
stefanlsdjames_w: it does build without it - but get this libtoolize: Consider adding `AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR([m4])' to configure.ac and libtoolize: rerunning libtoolize, to keep the correct libtool macros in-tree.16:50
james_wstefanlsd: hmm, yeah, "consider"16:50
james_wI think it looks good though, let me test etc.16:51
stefanlsdjames_w: kk. tried without the mkdir m4 and it fails.  the autoreconf man page says it replaces the steps that we're being run.16:52
james_wstefanlsd: do you have a debian chroot around?16:54
socpmjdebruijn: hi, could you advocate my package? mok0 advocated it, but i fixed the optional things he mentioned and reuploaded it again17:00
stefanlsdjames_w: not atm. something i actually wanna get thou. will get one.17:08
james_wthere's also a couple of "warning: ignoring return value of 'write', declared with attribute warn_unused_result" if you feel like patching17:10
james_wstefanlsd: patch works fine on Debian, please forward it there.17:15
stefanlsdjames_w: thanks. will look at warning and forward to debian.17:18
james_wstefanlsd: uploaded, thanks for your contribution17:19
stefanlsdjames_w: thanks for the help!17:19
slytherinany archive admins around?17:26
pmjdebruijnsoc: sorry, I'm not a MOTU17:38
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socah ok18:15
RainCTUhm.. Which package do I need if I want to install KDE4 but without all the kubuntu-desktop stuff? (And, should I install from Intrepid or is there some more up2date PPA?)18:51
JontheEchidnakde-core should install a minimal installation18:57
JontheEchidnathe latest stable release is in intrepid-updates18:57
JontheEchidnawith KDE 4.2 betas being here: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-experimental/+archive18:57
ogzyhi i have a deb related question,  I had installed directfb libraries from the hardy repo, but now i want to install the new release and will either compile from source manually or create the deb file, first wuestion is, how can i install to the same path of the previous version, i think the configure script should be run with prefix /usr right?, second question do i have to recompile other programs that are compiled directfb enabled before after19:00
ogzyinstalling the new release19:00
RainCTJontheEchidna: thanks19:00
RainCTJontheEchidna: What do you recommend, intrepid-updates or the PPA? (/me wants to see cool stuff)19:01
JontheEchidnaimo the betas are just as stable as the stable release19:01
JontheEchidnaand in a few day's we'll have the first RC :D19:01
RainCTokay, I'll install the beta then19:02
slicerHi. Will packages in debian experimental/unstable to automatically merged to Jaunty? .. If so, how often does that happen?19:06
ScottKslicer: Packages are automatically sync'ed from Unstable if there are no changes to the package in Ubuntu in the first part of the release cycle (we're past it for Jaunty).19:08
ScottKThe last sync was ~25 December19:08
ScottKPackages with Ubuntu changes have to be manually merged.19:08
ScottKPackages from Experimental never get into Ubuntu automatically.19:08
slicerScottK: Ok, since we're now past the first release cycle, does that mean I have to request a package sync? It fixes a "cant-install" bug report in the package. (The package being "mumble").19:10
ScottKslicer: yes.19:10
jpdsslicer: There's a "requestsync" script in ubuntu-dev-tools to do just that (if you don't know).19:12
slicerjpds: I do, but it requires gpg signing, and I don't have my key here.19:13
Laneyslicer: Not if you use --lp19:14
jpdsslicer: There's an --lp flag which does not need gpg, it uses launchpadbugs and cookie file auth against Launchpad.19:14
slicerAha :) That I didn't know. Thanks!19:14
POXScottK: I saw your name in python-storm's changelog, do you want to maintain it in Debian? (Ubuntu's Maintainer is set to a mailing list)19:40
ScottKPOX: Not really.  I don't remember what I did to it, but it's not a particular interest of mine.19:41
POXor anyone wants to maintain it? I can sponsor (although I use SQLAlchemy only)19:41
* directhex flogs a cpu on ebay19:41
woody86Can anyone help me out? I already setup a PGP with launchpad, but I've reinstalled Ubuntu on my comp, is there any way to get my PGP back on this comp, or do I have to just create a new one?19:41
* ScottK thinks perhaps mok0 is interested in it, but he's not here right now.19:41
Laneywoody86: Did you keep the private key?19:42
woody86Laney- I know it's not on this comp, let me check my main rig, brb19:43
hyperairdoes anybody know if the compiz fusion stackswitch plugin will enter ubuntu?19:48
woody86Laney-  I saved the output of when I made the PGP key, and it has the fingerprint and everything, but I'm not sure which part is the pgp key19:53
woody86Laney-  there's one part that says:19:54
Laneywoody86: It starts with -----BEGIN PGP PRIVATE KEY BLOCK-----19:54
woody86Laney-  oh, the key block? yes I have that too19:54
Laneygood, you can import that into gpg/seahorse19:55
woody86ok, thanks :) any easy way to do that?19:55
Laneyfile->import in seahorse should do it19:55
woody86ok, have to transfer those text files...19:56
woody86Laney-  wait, the only thing I have is the PGP Revoke file, and it's not letting me import that20:12
Laneynot surprising20:12
woody86Laney-  now, I created a new PGP, how can I replace the one on LP with this new one?20:13
woody86or is there an easier way to import my old one onto my camp?20:14
jekili have fixed a bug, uploaded debdiff to bug report, and subribed ubuntu sponsor for universe to the bug (https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/obextool/+bug/133748), anythink alse? i must only wait now?20:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 133748 in obextool "Obextool don't have menu entry" [Wishlist,Fix committed]20:16
fabrice_sp_jekil, don't put Fix commited as status. Better Confirmed20:24
=== RainCT_ is now known as RainCT
fabrice_sp_also, mark the debdiff as patch20:26
quadrisproanyone on bug 311020?20:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 311020 in gnusound "Fails to find ffmpeg headers" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31102020:27
fabrice_sp_jekil, and unassign yourself20:27
fabrice_sp_and then wait20:27
=== fabrice_sp_ is now known as fabrice_sp
maxbIs there any easy way to find rdepends for a jaunty package if you don't have a jaunty install handy?20:35
jekilfabrice_sp: thanks20:41
fabrice_spyou're welcome ;-)20:41
ScottKmaxb: If you have a Jaunty pbuilder, use pbuilder login and use apt-cache rdepends from there20:43
fabrice_spmaxb: or setup a chroot environnement20:44
maxbI should probably set up a jaunty pbuilder for later, true. (At the moment I was just wanting to check whether an NBS is depended on)20:46
superm1cody-somerville, rhpot1991_laptop has been trying to get an SRU through for mythexport for some time now, he's had my okay with the changes.20:57
* cody-somerville nods.20:57
cody-somervillesuperm1, I worked with him earlier. I'm hoping we can get it approved ASAP.20:58
superm1cody-somerville, okay cool great.20:58
slaytonis there anyway to tell if the diff.gz obtained by running apt-get source contains any changes besides the debian dir? like changes to the source and20:59
directhexand a cluebat for people not using a patchsys!21:00
Laneyslayton: lsdiff -z foo.diff.gz21:02
pochunvidia-graphics-drivers-180 (180.22-0ubuntu1) jaunty; urgency=low21:11
pochu* New upstream version.  First "stable" driver in 180 series. (LP: #315169)21:11
pochusuperm1: ^ is "stable" meant to be ironic? ;)21:11
pochuhey sebner :)21:11
superm1pochu, it's supposed to draw emphasis at least :)21:12
* sebner winks pochu 21:13
sebnersuperm1: still not compatible with new xorg, right?21:14
superm1sebner, it works with the new xorg, but you need IgnoreABI still21:17
sochanska: hi, could you review/advocate my package? i did some optional refinements and uploaded it again, so i lost mok0 advocation :-/21:19
hanskasoc: err... I'm not a MOTU/core-dev/...21:19
hanskasoc: I don't even use Ubuntu ^_^21:19
socah ok :-/21:20
hanskaI could review your package though, and write my comment :)21:20
socdamn ... i only have one day, then i'm away for the whole week ...21:20
socthat would be nice of course21:20
soci have 0 advocations again, so i can do reuploads as much as i want :-)21:21
hanskaok, url?21:22
hanskasoc: reviewing21:23
slaytonwhat entry do I need to make in the foo.intsall file if if I want to rename a file after its compiled? I tried using changing "debian/tmp/usr/bin/foo" to "debian/tmp/usr/foo debian/tmp/usr/bar" but then when I run dpkg -c i see /usr/bin/bar/foo21:31
ScottKhanska: I think Bug 314843 is worth forwarding upstream, but a quick look didn't turn up an upstream bug tracker.21:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314843 in clamtk "clamTK should include scheduling options" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31484321:31
hanskaScottK: yes, the "upstream bug tracker" is upstream's mailbox ;)21:32
ScottKhanska: Right.  I'm that way on stuff I do too.  Would you be up for forwarding it?21:32
hanskaScottK: sure, just a moment, I'm a bit busy right now21:32
hanskathank you for pinging me, though.21:33
ScottKhanska: No rush.21:33
pochuslayton: you can't with dh_install AFAIK.21:35
slaytonpochu: what would be the proper way of trying to rename the file?21:36
pochuLIMITATIONS dh_install cannot rename files or directories, it can only install them with the names they already have into wherever you want in the package build tree.21:36
=== ivoks_ is now known as ivoks
pochu^ that's from the dh_install(1)21:36
pochuslayton: you an use mv in debian/rules21:36
slaytonok great I'll try that out21:37
slaytonpochu: I  tried that and now I'm getting a missing seperator error21:42
slaytonpochu: is there a specific place where I need to add the line? or do I need to use different syntax? I tried just adding the mv /src/foo /dest/bar21:42
hanskasoc: done21:46
pochuslayton: you want something along "mv debian/tmp/usr/bin/foo debian/tmp/usr/sbin/foobar"21:53
pochuslayton: so relative paths21:54
sochanska: ah ok21:54
sochanska: a) i will remove that forgotten file ...21:55
socb) what's the difference between that ttf-droid.install file and the instructions in rules?21:55
hanskasoc: about debian/bug/* ?21:55
socc) i got told that i should rename install and defoma-hints to ttf-droid.install and ttf-droid.defoma-hints21:56
soccould i not just move this instruction from install to the rules?21:56
hanskasoc: that's an useless suggestion -- it's just in case you add another binary package in future21:56
socah ok21:56
hanskasoc: it would be better if you moved the lines in rules to the .install :)21:56
socah ok21:56
hanskasoc: you could add something like21:56
sochow should that look then?21:57
hanskadebian/bug/script  /usr/share/.../21:57
hanskadebian/bug/presubj  /usr/share/.../21:57
soci haven't really understood the different syntax between install and rules21:57
hanskainstall is called by dh_install21:57
hanska(check its manpage)21:57
socah ok21:57
socso the rules should look like this?21:57
socinclude /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/debhelper.mk21:58
socand the rest goes to install?21:58
hanskasoc: yes, but you're using "-D" in the install lines, so you should ensure that the dirs get created first21:58
hanska(dh_install doesn't do that)21:58
hanskasoc: you can then add a debian/dirs file with /usr/share/bug/ttf-droid/ inside, and stop21:59
hanskasoc: uhm, I suppose I wasn't that clear.21:59
Laneydh_install does create dirs21:59
socmhhh there is no source.lintian-override on my system ...22:00
socweird ...22:00
hanskaLaney: thought it didn't22:00
soconly the right one, source.lintian-overrides22:00
Laneydirs is only for making empty directories22:00
hanskaLaney: not fully true22:00
hanskaLaney: however, are you sure'22:01
hanskalet me try :P22:01
hanskaLaney: \o/22:02
sochanska: running debuild instead of debuild -S creates some files in the debian dir, should i delte them again?22:02
hanskaLaney: maybe I was just remembering some old debhelper compatibility :)22:03
socfor instance ttf-droid.postinst.debhelper22:03
hanskasoc: "debuild clean" is your friend22:03
socand ttf-droid.prerm.debhelper22:03
socshould i include that file?22:04
socor does debuild include that file in the package automatically?22:04
hanska# Automatically added by dh_installdefoma22:05
hanskadebuild clean should remove it.22:05
hanskathen you just do "debuild"22:05
sochanska: ok, thanks22:08
socso what about that rules file now?22:08
socshould i move things again between rules and install or should i leave it as is?22:09
hanskasoc: move the install lines in debian/ttf-droid.install22:09
hanskasoc: just ensure that the script is +x22:09
hanska(and you'd have to do that in rules)22:10
socinstall should have +x?22:10
hanskasoc: "the script" --> debian/bug/script22:10
socah ok22:10
socmhh ok, so how should install look like?22:10
socwould that be ok?22:11
socand the directories are created automatically?22:11
socand rules just:22:12
socinclude /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/debhelper.mk22:12
socbtw, should the orig.tar.gz include the debian diretory already?22:13
socor is this added via the diff.gz?22:14
maxbNo, the orig.tar.gz should include upstream's files only22:14
socah ok22:14
tbielawagreetings all22:32
tbielawahas anyone had problems with python distutils escaping fakeroot and attempting to write to the local file system? I haven't had any luck getting it to play nice22:35
terliI need help making users accept a license in my .deb file22:35
terlicould I get a quick rundown on the required steps?22:35
socterli: shouldn't you do that on the first start?22:36
terlino, I want them to click next, check the box, and install.22:36
tbielawaI believe you need to work with debconf http://www.fifi.org/doc/debconf-doc/tutorial.html22:36
socstalling the installation process is considered by many people as annoying ...22:36
terliWell this package is more annoying when you have to accept the license on the command line22:36
socterli: hu? now i couldn't follow you ...22:37
terlijust be brief.22:37
terliI've got my DEBIAN/copywrite and DEBIAN/config file ready22:38
terliI mean /control22:38
socterli: copyRIGHT i assume22:38
terliyes that too, it's been driving me nuts googling debian copywright and needing copyright22:38
tbielawaterli, check out the debconf link I pasted above. It's more involved than a brief IRC description could help you with. but fairly straightforard22:39
socyes, english is not that nice language regarding the pronounciation ...22:40
maxbterli: The sun-java6 source would be the example to look at22:40
terliit's only 40 mb22:40
terlionly going to take me 3 hours and piss my gamer siblings off stealing their bandwidthz22:40
terliI'll look for it.22:41
sochanska: new upload: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ttf-droid22:44
terlihttps://jdk-distros.dev.java.net/svn/jdk-distros/trunk/linux/ubuntu/sun-java5/debian/rules << at least 1000 million lines22:44
hanskasoc: that's fine to me22:46
tbielawaterli. the link I posted earlier is a straight run through. You should check it out22:46
hanskasoc: however, you can make debian/rules even shorter22:46
hanskasoc: do you know/use debhelper 7?22:46
terlitbielawa: I don't know jack diddly, but I want a gtk screen to show the license22:47
socyes, i use it in that package i guess22:47
hanskano, you're using CDBS22:47
hanska#!/usr/bin/make -f22:47
hanska        dh $@22:47
hanskathis is your debian/rules for dh7.22:47
socmhh weird ...22:47
hanskatry :P22:47
socbut i use dh_installdefoma for instance?22:48
socand i include /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/debhelper.mk22:48
hanskauhm, wait, seems like defoma isn't in the standard dh run22:48
hanskasoc: stick with cdbs then :)22:49
tbielawaterli, I don't know if you're trying to write something for a personal project or to get into the repos. If you're aiming for the repos then use debconf, and when you use something like synaptic it will present you with a gui screen for your answer.22:49
terliits a proprietary deb file for all ubuntu revisions22:49
terliI'm packaging my own parallels installation22:49
sochanska: do you know some motu who could review my package?22:49
soci'm away after tomorrow and i would like to get it done before ...22:50
terlican I just get a decent example22:50
hanskasoc: nope, sorry. I'm here just to help new contributors, and not really into Ubuntu at all :)22:50
socah k ...22:50
tbielawaThe link provided has code examples included. Try going through it and then come back if you are cought up on any part of the process and we'll be able to help more :)22:50
socterli: you can't rely on gtk, because that is not installed on every system ...22:51
terliits not any good.22:51
terlisoc: I just want a gui.22:51
terlijust a bloody gui22:51
socthen use debconf22:51
socit will scale to the software available22:51
tbielawaexactly, soc22:51
terliI just want to take /DEBIAN/copyright and use it to present a single window with the copyright and a checkbox at the bottom correlating with a boolean variable indicating acceptance. the user has to scroll through it first.22:52
socif you run it with the commandline, it will use the commandline, if you run it via synaptic, you will get an gtk box and so on22:52
socdebian/copyright is not meant for that22:52
soccopyright is no script22:52
socit's just a single textfile22:53
terlicopyright is just a text file!22:53
terliI want to use the text file as the source for the copyright, is just what i was saying.22:53
socah ok22:53
tbielawaterli, I don't think there's much more we can say. We've told you exactly what to do at this point.22:53
terlino, you've pointed me to the temple of debian22:53
terli*eyes cross*22:53
terli*begins mumbling in ancient scripts as pidgin crashes*22:54
soctry to find a package which does what you want22:54
soctry maybe adobe reader or flash or something22:54
tbielawaso no suggestions for python distutils escaping fakeroot? daaang :(22:55
ScottKtbielawa: What exact problem are you having?23:08
ScottKBecause no, I haven't had it.23:09
tbielawaScottK, I'm running a typical "python setup.py install" as a build action. Building with -rfakeroot.23:10
tbielawaI expected fakeroot to contain what happened to my debian/package/ folder, but it's attempting to still install an init script into my root filesystem.23:10
tbielawa(good think I don't package as root)23:11
ScottKNote that fakeroot doesn't make a chroot, it just fools the system about is it root.23:11
ScottKI think that's as expected.23:11
james_wtbielawa: fakeroot protects you, the setup.py is broken23:11
james_wtbielawa: if you pastebin it we can probably spot the problem23:11
tbielawaI can patch setup.py and remove the leading "/".23:12
tbielawaI'll pastebin. thanks for helping. brb23:12
* ScottK needs to run off anyway.23:12
tbielawaI must run as well. ScottK, thanks for tipping me off to the subtility of fakeroot. Now I don't feel bad patching the setup.py23:17
tbielawahttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/102418/ but there it is if anyone wants to dissect it :)23:18
james_wtbielawa: probably just the leading / as you say then23:20
james_wnormally the issue is re-implementing part of install() and forgetting self.root23:20
terli*exits the temple of debian in long shoddy robes covered in scratches and torn in many places*23:20
terlinow how to get my package to reference the script for debconf?23:21
terliits just not working23:28
terlisoc, I wrote my script, how do I make the preinst reference it23:28
socterli: sorry, erli, i'm the wrong man, i started packaging 2 days ago :-)23:37
sochi ... i could need someone to advocate my package ... http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ttf-droid23:39
terliwell I started packaging today23:42
maxb<terli> now how to get my package to reference the script for debconf?  <-- what does that mean?23:49
terlipatented software needs a copyright.23:51
terliand I'm going to force it to display at installation time, since the user *is* using a deb file for it.23:51
maxbyes... you said that earlier23:52
maxbBe I don't understand the specifics of what you are asking about23:52
terliI've been told to use debconf for it23:52
terliit's not working at all.23:52
terliI wrote a .templates, a .config file, and attempted to alter preinst23:52
savvashave you set up the rules file terli ?23:54
maxbterli: have a look at a minimal example that I wrote for myself: http://jabberwock.vm.bytemark.co.uk/~maxb/debconfdemo/23:55

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