crimsunfta: pa side should be better now; i'll send the source up to my ppa00:02
crimsunfta: i'm inspecting the alsa-{lib,plugins} side tonight00:02
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crimsunfta: please see if pulseaudio_0.9.13-2ubuntu5~ppa1 in my jaunty ppa help01:44
crimsunfta: i don't expect things to be fully resolved, but it should be better01:45
asachmmm so we should document the plugin finder service/switcher stuff10:21
asacwe should integrate that in the -dev package i think11:28
asacseems like the iceape update was the sec update with the most CVEs ever ;)11:32
asac[reed]: so monitoring the tinderbox for two days now i came to the conclusion that its always burning when i want to push :(12:15
asachmm ... have binary firefox linux releases been tar.gz14:07
asacseems so14:07
asacjcastro: re gwibber ... how do you forward bugs?18:34
asacjcastro: for me the long to short url feature is more or less essential18:34
jcastroasac: it's on lp just just file it under gwibber18:35
asacjcastro: however, that only works if the text you are typing + the long url is shorter than 140 ... e.g. type 70, past url with 6018:35
jcastroasac: long to short is in preferences18:35
asacdoesnt work ... even though shortening would work18:35
asacoh ... thought it was enabled18:35
asaclet me check18:35
jcastroit has a small bug where when you paste and it shortens but after the cursor and it doesn't scroll but that one is known18:36
BUGabundogood evening asac fta and the rest of the ppl in here!18:36
asacjcastro: all fine. thanks. should definitly be default18:36
jcastroI'll let him know18:36
asacor maybe make that "auto shorten if text would exceed"18:36
jcastrohe just wants to get the account information into gnome keyring and he will release a tarball18:37
asaccould be quite funky: like the url is always full when it fits ... and gets auto shortened when you type and hit the 140 bound18:37
jcastrohe's aware of the jaunty deadlines18:37
BUGabundohey asac yesterday I was getting that annoing wifi timeout on an unprotected network! :(18:37
BUGabundothought it was fixed!18:37
asaccool. lets see how much candy he can still provide18:37
asacdefault would be good quick solution though18:37
asachi BUGabundo18:37
BUGabundoI know .. OT18:37
asacBUGabundo: are you running NM 0.7 final packages from PPA?18:38
BUGabundoI think I have the archive version18:38
BUGabundolet me check18:38
asacso the intrepid/jaunty default?18:38
asacplease check18:38
asacotherwise try those18:38
BUGabundo  Installed: 0.7~~svn20081018t105859-0ubuntu218:39
BUGabundo  Candidate: 0.7~~svn20081018t105859-0ubuntu218:39
BUGabundo  Version table:18:39
BUGabundo *** 0.7~~svn20081018t105859-0ubuntu2 018:39
BUGabundo        500 ftp://darkstar.ist.utl.pt jaunty/main Packages18:39
BUGabundo        500 ftp://archive.ubuntu.com jaunty/main Packages18:39
BUGabundo        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status18:39
asacBUGabundo: ok try ppa version (~network-manager)18:39
BUGabundowill do next time I get a place where I can test it again...18:41
BUGabundowhere I'm right now (WPA2 entreprise) current driver works great... I better not mess with it!18:41
BUGabundobut I guess I can download a deb from the PPA to install in case I have no wifi then.... lol18:42
BUGabundoasac: what is the apt-get parameter to just download the PPA NM? I don't to install it right now!19:12
BUGabundofound it --download-only19:12
BUGabundohumm NM is being kept back!19:16
BUGabundomaybe some dep missing!19:16
[reed]asac: hah, then ping me :)19:35
[reed]asac: and I can push for you19:35
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wikzfta: Hi, is it enough if I have a project.conf file in debian/mozclient ? here is my conf file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102332/ and my rules file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102334/20:21
wikzwhen I do a get-orig-source, it says make: *** No rule to make target `.../spicebird-0.7/debian/spicebird.conf'.  Stop.20:22
wikzasac: ^^20:35
asacwikz: you probably need to ship debian/spicebird.conf22:31
ftawikz, yes, the .conf is enough, the .mk was useful when everything with hosted inside m-d, now, it could be inside debian/rules too22:34
asacfta: maybe its easier (template wise) to put that in an isolated debian/ file?22:34
* fta should not type after n pints of guiness22:35
ftawikz, do you have MOZCLIENT_PROJECTDIR := $(CURDIR)/debian/mozclient ??22:36
ftaas i mentioned in the README, you need to isolate the .conf as $(MOZCLIENT_PROJECTDIR)/patches would be considered by mozclient, and then, if it's not isolated, there's a confusion with debian/patches22:37
ftai recommend MOZCLIENT_PROJECTDIR := $(CURDIR)/debian/mozclient. It could be anything but $(CURDIR)/debian (empty means $(CURDIR)/debian)22:39
asacfta: what would mozclient do with those patches? (if not isolated)? apply after checkout?22:40
ftasee ff3.0, $(MOZCLIENT_PROJECTDIR)/patches is used by quilt to patch mozilla/client.mk for ex22:42
asacfta: is there a special stae where this is applied?22:43
asace.g. first checkout mozilla/client.mk22:43
asacthen apply patches22:43
asacthen the rest?22:43
ftaso for, it's only implemented for cvs, and when MOZCLIENT_WANTPATCH is set22:45
ftait's $obj->get_client()22:46
ftaall other VCS have that method but it's not doing anything22:47
asaci would prefer if we would have clearly defined stages where patches get applied22:50
asacof course not urgent ;)22:50
ftause case?22:51
asaclike MOZCLIENT_CHECKOUT_PHASES=getmozclient,getfulltree,wipenobinonly22:51
ftaimho, it's not useful neither before, not afterward22:51
asacMOZCLIENT_CHECKOUT_PHASE_getmozclient = some command22:51
asacfta: after first stage its useful for client.mk (ffox)22:52
asacafter its definitly useful22:52
asace.g. i could produce patched origs22:52
ftaimho patched orig is not right, it's no longer orig, such patches should be in the packaging22:53
asacif you want to maintain a derivitive and so on it might make sense22:59
ftaplease file a wish bug, so i don't forget23:00
Sekhemtyhi to everyone!23:15

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