sabhainlaga, when you check in, can you let me know what to do about /proc not unmounting after chrooting or doing some mcc work on a diskless image.  Worked the first time, but now I go back, and I get a "can't umount, device busy on the /proc mount of the image."  I now can't commit changes or finish the updates due to this.  Haven't found anything at the forums.00:11
sabhainI must be doing something dumb if it's not a common error.00:16
RobertLaptopAnyone around who can help with myth-web I am getting "Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432" even though I have updated php.ini to be higher then 32M yet it keeps reporting the same size anyone know know were that setting is to increase?01:41
gregLRobertLaptop, try in #mythtv-user  The developers hang in there they maybe able to help you01:44
gregLdevelopers of mythweb that is01:45
RobertLaptopMust be something wrong with that since I am the only one in that room.01:45
mtn_biker_mikecan any one help with trouble shooting/ setup a mythtv,01:46
mtn_biker_mike I have a p 4 2.2 ghz soyo MB, Pchdtv Hd-3000 and a Hauppauge hvr 1600 or wintv-HVR-1600, Loaded MythtvUbuntu 8.10,01:46
mtn_biker_mikeno Guide no tv,01:46
mtn_biker_mikewas able to get it to record with no sound.01:46
mtn_biker_mikeCurrent status No Tv blank data on the guide,01:46
SoopaI just installed Mythbuntu 8.10 and am having video problems with my ATI Radeon 700001:52
Soopait doesn't seem to find a video driver01:52
Soopacan anyone help?01:52
RobertLaptopfound it.  mythweb.conf.apache defines a memory limit separte from the standard php file02:00
RobertLaptopso I just need to adjust /etc/apache2/sites-available/mythweb.conf02:00
sabhainanyone know how to unmount /proc within chroot without rebooting?02:48
sabhainfixed it .. using umount -l from within chroot solves it..02:58
Guest53292I'm encountering an "NVP: prebuffering pause" Followed by "NVP: Waiting for prebuffer.." errors  during playback... LiveTV is no problem can anyone help point me towards a solution?03:15
fluvvellHi, I've got Lirc running sucessfully, love the mythbuntu control centre, but its needing a modprobe after I reboot.  Any clues?03:49
dgarrcat /etc/modules for a hint04:03
Shadow____Xanyone know on when mythtv-fixes will hit the repos04:14
Shadow____Xthe slowness of program guide and how unresponsive it is sometimes makes me really hate this amd x2 2350 cpu i am using04:15
rhpot1991Shadow____X: US weekly builds should be working now04:31
Shadow____Xoh yeah04:32
Shadow____Xhow can i update it then04:32
rhpot1991Shadow____X: http://www.mythbuntu.org/auto-builds04:33
Shadow____Xupdating now04:36
Shadow____Xhopefully it is faster04:36
Shadow____Xthat would be nice04:37
Shadow____Xshould i reboot or just restart backend04:43
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MythbuntuGuest66can someone help me hook my frontend to my backend?05:51
MythbuntuGuest66i guess i really need to know how to find out what my username and password for the database are05:53
MythbuntuGuest66is the default username mythtv?05:53
MythbuntuGuest20sorry i accidentally left the room05:54
Shadow__XMythbuntuGuest20, go under /etc/mythtv05:57
Shadow__Xthere will be a fill that says mysql your user name and pass ford the db are there05:57
Shadow__Xyup also your going to need to enable remote connects on the mysql server if the frontend isnt the same machine the backend is on06:02
MythbuntuGuest20by setting the pin to 0000 and changing the IP to a real ip?06:02
Shadow__Xno goto mythbuntu control center and under services enable remote connections to mysql06:04
MythbuntuGuest20i just checked and i aleady had it enabled06:05
MythbuntuGuest20i got my frontend to the watchtv ... etc screen and it says the backend doesnt seem to be running06:06
Shadow__Xmake sure its running06:06
Shadow__Xdoes the backend have a frontend on it06:06
MythbuntuGuest20i just ran mythbackend and it says couldnt bind port... so im assuming its running06:07
Shadow__Xopen mythbackend setup06:07
Shadow__Xthen close it06:07
MythbuntuGuest20top said it is running but i will try that06:08
Shadow__Xif top says its running06:08
Shadow__Xthats fine06:08
Shadow__Xconnect to the mysql database remotely06:09
MythbuntuGuest20do i need to be connecting with 654306:09
MythbuntuGuest20or 330606:09
Shadow__Xleave the ports default06:09
Shadow__Xbut you should put in real ip information in the mythbackend setup06:09
Shadow__Xlike the ip address of the machine06:09
MythbuntuGuest20i did06:11
MythbuntuGuest20it is acting like it is fine and the front end loads without saying "cant connect to db?"06:12
MythbuntuGuest20but when i go to watch tv it tells me it cant find the backend06:12
Shadow__Xcan you wach recordings06:12
MythbuntuGuest20when i go to that it says the same thing06:12
Shadow__Xyou can look at the log06:13
Shadow__Xor run it in terminal06:13
Shadow__Xi have had that problem before but forgot how i fixed it06:13
MythbuntuGuest20where are the logs at?06:15
MythbuntuGuest20i think it thinks its not the master backend server06:17
MythbuntuGuest20it says "adding tv as slave backend server" tv is my hostname06:17
Shadow__Xon the backend make sure the configuration is correct06:18
Shadow__Xin the first step06:18
Shadow__Xthat defines the backends06:18
MythbuntuGuest20it says connecting to
MythbuntuGuest20which i changed06:18
MythbuntuGuest20lemme double check06:18
Shadow__X127.0.0.1 is localhost06:19
MythbuntuGuest20what should my master backend ip be?06:19
Shadow__Xthe ip of the backend06:20
MythbuntuGuest20well i mean should it be a real ip too?06:20
MythbuntuGuest20or localhost06:20
Shadow__Xonly deal with real ips06:20
MythbuntuGuest20thats probably my problem06:20
MythbuntuGuest20ok now it seems like it wants to play. when i hit watch tv it goes to a black screen06:28
MythbuntuGuest20after that it put a show in my recordings menu but said it was empty06:28
ZinnSorry I don't know about blank06:30
MythbuntuGuest20i didnt install the ati drivers on the backend machine06:30
ZinnIf you try to watch tv and are greeted with a blank screen and a return to the menu then please check the permissions on your recording directory.  It should be owned by mythtv:mythtv, have permissions of 775, and not be inside your home directory06:30
MythbuntuGuest20can it have 777 permissions?06:30
hadsSure that will be fine06:31
MythbuntuGuest20i forgot, how do i add ownership? chown? i always just do chmod 777 cause i am the only user on my machines06:31
hadsBad prcatice :)06:31
hadschown user:group /path/06:32
MythbuntuGuest20sweet thanks06:32
MythbuntuGuest20was i looking at the right thing that was sayings the default directory was /var/lib/mythtv/recordings ?06:36
MythbuntuGuest20i was looking under storage groups > default06:36
hadsSounds right, that's probably not you're problem then.06:37
MythbuntuGuest20well under live tv there was no group or directory set06:37
MythbuntuGuest20just under default06:38
MythbuntuGuest20does my backend need video drivers installed?06:39
MythbuntuGuest20or do i need to enable any of these codecs?06:39
MythbuntuGuest20ffmpeg seems kind of crucial06:40
MythbuntuGuest20hauppauge pvr-15006:41
hadsNaw, a 150 encodes mpeg by itself and mythtv has it's own copy off ffmpeg built in.06:42
hadsAnd you will only need video drivers if you want to run a frontend.06:42
MythbuntuGuest20so all seems like it should work06:43
MythbuntuGuest20under storage directories > live tv, do i need to have anything in there? there are no directories in that.06:43
hadsIf there's nothing there it will just use the default.06:44
ZinnMythbuntuGuest20: Please watch your language.06:45
drfozcan anybody help me with mythvodka?06:54
Nixonhey, whoever told showed me the command line to ddrescue thank you it works like a charm, I don't know what I was doing before, but now I can rip my dvd's off to my backend09:05
ak2534So, does anyone know how frequently and by what criterias the mythbuntu bugreports are being handled?10:09
ak2534I have bug #303549 still untouched even though it was created 2008-11-2910:09
ZinnBug 303549 in mythbuntu "Technisat Cablestar 2 PCI support dropped in Mythbuntu 8.10" [Undecided, New] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/30354910:09
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EnoxAnyone have a guess what "Screens found, but none have usable configuration" might be with the NV driver?15:51
AntharianGood morning all...15:57
superm1Enox, look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log*15:59
Enoxsuperm1- Okay, lemme boot it up and check that file.15:59
AntharianHas anyone played with booting two separate platforms from tftp and mythbuntu?  I would like to optimize the kernel for my amd64 frontends and my VIA cpu front ends.15:59
AntharianI can't seem to find any unique pxe substrings to tell what cpu each platform is... any ideas?16:00
superm1Enox, it's two files, that's why i left the *16:02
superm1it might be the .old version or the current version16:02
EnoxAnything in particular I'm looking for?16:02
EnoxFailed to initialize the NVIDIA graphics device PCI:1:0:016:03
Enox(EE) Screen9s) found, but none have usable configuration.16:03
EnoxVGA compatible controller: nVidia Corpriation GeForce 8400 GS (rev a1)16:05
superm1Enox, nothing more detailed on there?16:05
EnoxLemme stuff it on a webpage :)  1 sec16:06
superm1i'll be back in a bit, so i'll take a look then. just leave the link herre16:06
Enox^^ Try that :016:08
Anthariandoes anyone know how to grab the vendor-class-identifier during the PXE boot process?16:10
Enoxsuperm1- Any insights?16:11
superm1Enox, try to modprobe nvidia and see if you can16:21
superm1no problemds16:22
Enoxlsmod -> nvidia 6909268 016:22
superm1and dmesg shows no errors?16:22
EnoxLemme check16:22
superm1whats xorg.conf look like?16:23
EnoxI rmmmod'd it16:23
EnoxThen modprobed it again16:23
EnoxGot NVRM: Loading NVIDIA UNIX x86 Kernel Module 177.8216:23
superm1yeah that's fine16:24
EnoxLooks like: http://www.L93.com/tmp/xorg.conf.txt16:24
EnoxI'm rather glad networking works ;)16:24
superm1yeah pretty straightforward16:25
superm1so walk through this then: http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/177.82/README/chapter-08.html16:25
superm1that's what they are referring to16:26
Enoxsuperm1- None of the problems listed on that page seem to be similar to mine.16:29
superm1tge first one?16:29
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Enoxsuperm1- "...does not appear to be receiving interrupts generated by the NVIDIA graphics device" ?16:32
EnoxGrepping for interrupt produces no results16:32
Enoxsuperm1- I've read each of the problems, none come close to matching my no screens error.16:34
EnoxI haven't had problems with X in years.16:37
EnoxIs it better to just install myth on a normal distribution or something?16:38
* Antharian fights with dhcpd and vendor-class-identification16:39
* Antharian loses16:39
EnoxAm I required to select screen resolutions anywhere during setup?  It almost seems like it doesn't know which resolution to pick.16:39
AntharianEnox: what is your output device (monitor/tv) hdmi/dsub/dvi16:40
EnoxIt's a normal DVI computer montir.  Syncmaster 225BW16:40
Antharianany chance the EDID is not being detected correctly?16:41
EnoxThe 8400GS card(silent) has DVI & VGA outputs.16:41
EnoxWhat's EDID? :)16:41
AntharianExtended display identificatin data16:41
Antharianbasically is is what eliminates all the old ModeLine bits.16:41
EnoxIt's a relatively new monitor16:41
EnoxI've used it with an older version of Ubuntu on another computer with no problems.16:41
EnoxA much older version of Ubuntu :)16:42
AntharianMine is too... but I had issues with it and had to drop back to a modeline command to get it to work16:42
EnoxAny way to test EDID ?16:42
Antharianwhen I upgraded to newer nVidia drivers, this problem came around16:42
Anthariancare to try my xorg.conf?16:42
Antharianis your monitor capable of 1920x1080?16:42
EnoxLemme check16:42
EnoxThat's maximum & native.16:43
Antharianhmmm... my xorg.conf may not work... you need to find the video timings for your specific monitor16:43
EnoxI figured for testing I'd set up Myth to work with a normal computer monitor and over the air signal16:43
Antharianhow familiar are you with the xorg.conf layout?16:44
EnoxI haven't had problems with X in like.. 8 years..So I haven't really done anything with it in that time.16:44
EnoxIt's all worked pretty magically.16:44
AntharianEssentially there are two lines to add to the xorg.conf16:44
Antharian1 - in the "Monitor" section16:44
Antharian2 - in the "Screen" sections16:45
Antharianin the monitor section: ModeLine "1920x1080" 148.35 1920 2008 2052 2200 1080 1084 1089 1125 +HSync +VSync16:45
Antharianin the "Screen" section:     SubSection     "Display"16:46
Antharian        Depth       2416:46
Antharian        Modes       "1920x1080"16:46
Antharian    EndSubSection16:46
EnoxIf I remember correctly the sync values have to be specific to my monitor, right?16:46
EnoxLemme do some web searches and see16:46
Antharianso doing a google search on modeline and your monitor name may yield some good results16:46
EnoxDoes myth have to run at any other resultion besides 1680x1024 ?16:46
Antharianit will scale itself correctly16:46
EnoxAhh cool.16:47
Antharianwhat is the exact make/model?  I don't mind doing a bit of googling while I hope for someone to come up with PXE boot solutions for me ;)16:47
EnoxSyncmaster 225BW.  I found a page that suggests it may have higher than 1680..But newegg says 1680 so I'm trying to see which is correct.16:48
Antharianmodeline  "1680x1050@60" 147.14 1680 1784 1968 2256 1050 1051 1054 1087 -hsync +vsync16:49
Antharianis that the one you found as well?16:49
EnoxI found that but I think it's wrong.16:49
EnoxAt least.. the 1920x part is wrong.16:49
EnoxCan LCDs be damaged by driving them at the wrong hsync/vsync ?16:49
EnoxI remember CRTs could be16:50
AntharianI can't speak for your milage, but I know as I tweak mine and get things wrong, the display just tells me invalid signal16:50
EnoxOkay I added the montiro section16:51
Enox...monitor section lines.16:51
Antharianthen in the subsection for display inside the "screen" add the "Modes "1680x1050@60" line.16:52
Antharianor as many of the modes you are willing to add into the system.16:53
EnoxWhat's the easiest way to try out the new config?16:53
EnoxOh wow16:54
EnoxI think it's working. :)16:54
EnoxI connected my HVR-1600 to a antinnea for testing16:55
Anthariannow fix my PXE boot question ... :-O16:55
EnoxThis seems like a reasonable way to test right?16:55
Antharianyou may even try the 1920x1080 settings16:55
Anthariansee what you get16:55
EnoxX config files sure have gotten simpler over the years16:56
EnoxLast time I messed with one it was...much larger.16:56
Antharianwell, they still can be... depends on how new the hardware you have is.16:56
EnoxNewer is better or worse? ;)16:56
Antharianhaha... 6 of one half a dozen of the other16:56
Antharian:-!freaking PXE16:57
EnoxShould it say stuff about VESA in my Xorg.log ?16:57
EnoxAhh.. I think I'm not using the nvidia driver, lemme try and reboot.16:58
Antharianhmmm? maybe... there are VESA standards for screen blanking and such16:58
Antharianthere also may be a few extra tweaks for the card itself16:58
EnoxI'm able to rmmod nvidia (lol)16:58
EnoxLemme try a reboot16:58
Antharianin your "Screen" section make sure that the Device specified is the same one that loads the "nvidia" driver16:59
Antharian Driver         "nvidia"16:59
EnoxDoes x64 myth work just as well as x32 by the way?16:59
Antharian    VendorName     "NVIDIA Corporation"16:59
Antharian    Option         "UseEDIDFreqs" "FALSE"16:59
Antharian    Option         "UseEDIDDpi"   "FALSE"16:59
Antharian    Option         "ModeValidation" "NoEdidModes"16:59
Antharian    Option         "ExactModeTimingsDVI" "TRUE"16:59
Antharian    Option         "AllowDDCCI" "FALSE"17:00
Antharian    Option         "UseEDIDFreqs" "FALSE"17:00
Antharian    Option         "ModeValidation" "NoVesaModes, NoDFPNativeResolutionCheck, NoVirtualSizeCheck, NoPredefinedModes"17:00
EnoxA few years ago some codecs didn't work with 64-bit..Musta fixed that.  It was just with xine.17:00
Antharianthat's what I've been using for over 6 months now and have been quite happy with it17:00
EnoxHmm, problem parsing the config file17:00
EnoxLemme see what I messed up17:00
AntharianAre there any tools in Mythbuntu to look at the detailed logs of DHCP?  I need to see what the vendor-class-identifier is reporting back from my diskless stations.17:02
EnoxIt's saying Modes isn't a valid thing to have in Section "Screen"17:03
Antharianit's not in the screen section17:04
Antharianit will be in the subsection "Display"17:04
EnoxAhh.. so I have to add a totally new section17:04
EnoxOr is it a subsection of Screen?17:04
Antharianright subsection of screen17:04
Antharianerr: ie17:05
AntharianSection "Screen"17:05
Antharian    Identifier     "Screen0"17:05
Antharian    Device         "Device0"17:05
Antharian    Monitor        "Monitor0"17:05
Antharian    DefaultDepth    2417:05
Antharian    SubSection     "Display"17:05
Antharian        Depth       2417:05
Antharian        Modes       "1920x1080"17:05
Antharian    EndSubSection17:05
Antharianmake sense?17:05
EnoxGot it, lemme give it a spin.17:05
AntharianMake sure the Device pointed to (in my case, Device0) points to the nVidia driver section17:05
tgm4883_laptop!pastebin | Antharian17:07
ZinnAntharian: when pasting more than 5 lines of data please use http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com so you don't flood the channel.  Then please post the link in the channel.17:07
Anthariantgm: sorry17:07
tgm4883_laptopnp, future reference17:07
dmananyone know if there's a problem w/myth running w/ an old nvidia 280 sd card17:08
dmanI've heard of conflicts17:08
EnoxSigh.  Same screens problem.17:10
EnoxHow hard is it to install Myth onto a normal linux distribution?17:11
AntharianEnox: there may be other options still missing17:11
EnoxI feel pretty confident I can install a normal linux dist and X will work..Just wondering if the subsequent Myth install would be harder or easier than this X stuff.17:12
Antharianthe updates are definitely nice to have with mythbuntu... if you can stick with that, over all you will be much happier.17:13
EnoxI just can't believe X doesn't work.17:13
AntharianYeah, mine is specific to this LCD.  If I move it to my JVC or my Sony, all is good.17:14
Antharianhave you tried a newer driver?17:14
EnoxIs one hard to install?17:14
AntharianSUPER Easy17:14
Antharianwhat is your card again?17:14
EnoxVidia 8400GS17:15
EnoxSorry NVidia :)17:15
EnoxHow can I kill off X so i can run the NVIDIA thing?17:22
Antharianlog in17:22
Antharianbecome root17:22
Anthariansudo su -17:23
EnoxI did that so far :)17:23
Antharianrunlevel 117:23
Antharianor runlevel S17:23
EnoxRunlevel command doesn't work17:23
Enoxsays "unknown"17:23
Antharianoops lied to you17:24
EnoxTried init 117:25
EnoxWell that failed.17:26
EnoxWhat's the X process called?  It isn't X.17:26
EnoxI can just killall it17:26
Antharianinit 117:26
EnoxThat brought X up, somehow.17:27
Anthariannot, gdm will just restart it17:27
EnoxAnd my CA-F1 stuff just goes to messed up screens now17:27
Antharianyou can also do17:27
EnoxSo i can kill gdm ?17:27
Antharian /etc/init.d/gdm stop17:27
EnoxI'll try that after the reboot.  init 1 did bad bad things17:28
Antharianyou may have to ssh into the box17:28
Enoxkillall xinit works ;)17:34
EnoxNow it's saying there's no valid nvidia GPU on the system . . .17:38
Anthariandid you already reboot after the driver install?17:39
EnoxOut of curiosity.. Is there a reason I can't 'watch TV' with the limited graphics?17:39
EnoxResolution & such seem fine.17:39
AntharianI think the XVideo extensions are not available with the VESA driver.  it would probably be pretty poor quality... but who knows.17:39
EnoxIt doesn't do anything when I do watch TV17:40
EnoxThe CPu is pretty good and such, shouldn't need the acceleration from vcard.17:40
AntharianI have a AMD X2 Dual Core 4000+ in mine and watching it without XVideo extentions is not possible.17:41
Antharianif your CPU is stronger, then perhaps you will have good luck.17:41
EnoxI'd just kinda like see..something. :)17:42
EnoxAny guess why watchtv doesn't do anything at all?17:42
Anthariandid you set up and recognize your tv card?17:42
Antharianthen scan for channels?17:42
EnoxI didn't scan for channels17:42
EnoxMaybe I need to do that.17:43
Antharianthat would do it17:43
EnoxHow does one scan for channels? :)17:45
Antharianexternal program17:49
EnoxAhh cool.  Was looking around in the frontend.17:49
Enox1General 2Capture Cards 3Video Sources 4Input sconnections 5Channel Editor 6Storage Directories17:52
Antharianprobably need to go through all of them at some point or another17:52
Antharianbut typically going in order is best17:53
EnoxI have.. My capture card is in ther and such17:53
EnoxI just dont see a 'scan' option17:53
EnoxThere's a channel editor..But it seems to want to add individual channels17:53
Antharianhang on...17:54
Shadow__Xdid you do number 317:56
Shadow__Xyou have to for channels17:56
EnoxYes.. schedulesdirect is in there17:56
Shadow__Xwhat type of course is it17:56
EnoxListings Grabber:  North America (schedulesdirect.org) (Internal)17:57
EnoxNo data direct lineup selected17:57
EnoxOh wait.. perform EIT scan?17:57
EnoxDo I need a lineup selected?17:58
Shadow__Xwhat type of tuner do you have17:59
EnoxConnected to an analog antinnea for now17:59
Shadow__Xthere we go17:59
Shadow__Xalright so dd you goto schedules direct and pay for the service18:00
EnoxI haven't paid.. I'm on my 7 day trial18:00
Shadow__Xalso you know in a month there wont be any analog service if you are in the use18:00
EnoxBut I have an account and such18:00
EnoxYes, I'm aware.18:00
Shadow__Xyou couild t ry scanning atsc with that antenna18:00
EnoxI'm sure I'll connect Myth to cable by then.. I just figured this would be simpler for now.18:00
EnoxHow do I scan atsc?18:00
tgm4883_laptopum, you will need an atsc antenna18:01
tgm4883_laptopa digital antenna18:01
Shadow__Xwell you take the cable forom the antenna and move it from the analog input on the 1600 to the digital one18:01
EnoxOne can't scan analog?18:01
Shadow__Xtgm4883_laptop, i thought you just need a uhf and vhf antenna18:02
Shadow__Xi used one of those and atsc worked fine18:02
EnoxAhh.. so an analog antinnea works fine for digital?18:02
Shadow__Xi even got fm18:02
tgm4883_laptophe asked how to scan atsc18:02
tgm4883_laptopwhich is digital OTA18:02
EnoxI just want to watch anything18:02
Shadow__XEnox, yeah the antenna doesnt change you just need a digital tuner18:02
EnoxAhh okay I have a digital tuner18:02
Shadow__XEnox if you area has atsc then you should be able to see it18:03
EnoxOkay.. so I switched the connection18:03
EnoxBut I'm back to how do I scan?18:03
Shadow__Xin video source did you create a new one18:03
superm1Shadow__X, most cable providers are still providing analog at least tho18:03
EnoxOkay I'll create a new one.18:04
Shadow__Xsuperm1, so would you suggest he try analog first18:04
superm1i've not ready of the conversation18:04
superm1i just saw that one line that analog goes away in a month18:04
superm1so i wanted to throw that bit in :)18:04
Shadow__Xah yes18:04
Shadow__Xwwell i like how all the commercials are trying to scare people18:05
Shadow__Xits only broadcast18:05
EnoxSo what am I supposed to put for channel frequency table?18:05
Shadow__Xyou can put default18:05
Shadow__Xor us broadcast18:05
EnoxOkay.. That's what I had in there18:05
Enoxis data direct lineup required?18:05
superm1Shadow__X, i imagine cable providers will eventually switch too - that's a lot of extra bandwidth for them.  i'm just hoping that when they do, they opt to open the digital up more rather than enforce a requirement for boxes18:05
EnoxI'll probably subscribe to Brighthouse cable because they have clear QAM(i heard)18:06
Shadow__Xsuperm1, well if comcast taught me something is that it will give alot of qam then slowy take it away18:06
superm1Shadow__X, haha. that's too bad18:06
superm1like a tease18:06
Shadow__Xyeah superm1 i was all excited to get qam and then18:06
Shadow__Xsorry buddy i tricked you18:07
EnoxMy video source has no data direct lineup, default freq table18:07
EnoxI'm still back to not know how to scan anything18:07
Shadow__XEnox what is the 4th menu18:07
superm1Shadow__X, did you call and complain to get it back?18:07
Enox4. Input connections18:07
Shadow__Xsuperm1, i am going to today they also took away nbc hd and abc hd18:07
EnoxI have: V4L /dev/video0 Tuner 1 / S-Video 1 / Composite 1 / SVideo 2/Compsosite 218:08
superm1wow that's rough18:08
superm1!language | Shadow__X18:08
ZinnShadow__X: Please follow the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and watch your language.  You can find more information here: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct18:08
EnoxI need to set video source18:08
Shadow__XEnox the hvr 1600 is mpeg encoder so no v4l only mpeg18:08
EnoxAnd then scan :)18:08
Shadow__Xalso Enox you need to use the digital side18:08
EnoxSo I shouldn't be using V4L ?18:08
EnoxI'm not sure how to use anything else..18:09
Shadow__Xits a mpeg encoder like the 150s18:09
EnoxIt's finding channels I think :)18:09
Shadow__Xin step 2 make a dvb tuner18:09
EnoxIt has a mpeg encoder.18:09
Shadow__Xsuperm1, yeah i know just am angry at comcast they alsocreated a 250 gb downoad cap18:09
superm1maybe time to switch to uverse at that point18:10
superm1or fios (if either is available for you)18:10
EnoxWatch TV goes to a black screen18:11
EnoxWhich is an improvement...sorta.18:12
Shadow__XEnox did you scan for channels18:15
Shadow__Xsuperm1, yeah except fios isnt avaiable around me yet18:16
Shadow__Xand its not all that bad i can record over firewire on certain channels on my box18:16
EnoxI changed to DVB now re-scanning channels18:16
EnoxI'm getting nothing at all so far.18:16
EnoxI got some things when I was V4L.18:16
Shadow__Xare you scanning us broadcast18:16
Shadow__Xand terrestial18:16
Enoxdefault, that is18:16
EnoxI'll try us-broadcast.18:16
EnoxScan on default found nothing18:17
Shadow__Xuse us broadcast and under scan select the terrestial or w/e18:17
Shadow__Xalso dontselect v4l18:17
Shadow__Xuse mpeg18:17
EnoxI select DVB18:18
EnoxSo I should use mpeg ?18:18
EnoxScan is producing nothing again.18:18
Shadow__XEnox there are 2 tuners on the 160018:18
EnoxIt's scanning ATSC channels18:19
Shadow__Xone is analog a mpeg encoder one is digital dvb18:19
Shadow__Xthats what i am saying18:19
Shadow__Xok good scan away18:19
EnoxMy ancient antinnea is connected to the digital side(it's longer)18:19
EnoxAbsolutely no signals18:19
Shadow__Xwhats your general area i am pretty sure there is a antenna website18:20
Shadow__Xalso try o the analog side18:20
EnoxI got some stuff on the analog side..I think I'll go back to that.18:20
EnoxDo i need to select UHF or VHF or anything?18:21
EnoxThe antineea has a selection18:21
Shadow__Xoh you cant  do both18:21
EnoxApparently not :)18:21
Shadow__Xhmm well i dont really know the complete answer to that18:21
EnoxI'll just switch back to analog18:21
EnoxI got signals there18:21
Shadow__Xdo that18:22
EnoxI just want to watch _something_ before I go struggle with why X isn't work.18:22
Shadow__Xwhat provider do you have18:22
EnoxThis is OTA18:22
EnoxI have directTV as well but I'm not messing with that yet.18:22
EnoxIf I can watch pretty much anything it'll be encouraging ;)18:22
EnoxOkay for analog.. I want MJpeg capture card or  mpeg-2 encoder card?18:24
Enoxmpeg-2 encoder card fails to probe18:24
Shadow__Xyou need to enter thec ards location18:24
Shadow__Xhow many tunder cards do you have18:24
EnoxHVR-1600 has a analog & digital..so 218:24
EnoxI got it to prove by specifying /dev/video018:25
Enoxprobe, that is18:25
EnoxYay it's finding channels.18:25
EnoxAny guesses why Watch TV goes to a black screen for 30 seconds then returns to the menu?18:31
EnoxIt doesn't seem to give me a channel seletion ability18:31
tgm4883_laptopEnox, logs18:31
EnoxWhat file do I look in?18:32
ZinnMythTV logs are stored in /var/log/mythtv/   You can use mythbuntu-log-grabber from the Applications menu or via command line to automatically post the most relevant logs to our pastebin.18:32
MythbuntuGuest20I have an issue with Mythstream, trying to set it up in mythfront end, it just exits out to the Desktop when I select it.  The only thing I notice is that it does not have a graphic icon like the other selections.18:33
MythbuntuGuest20ihave 8.1018:34
EnoxRingBuf(/var/lib/mythtv/records/1003-2009108133039.mpg) Invalid file (fd-1) while opening18:34
EnoxThat looks like what's going on.18:34
tgm4883_laptopEnox, post the logs to pastebin18:34
tgm4883_laptopEnox, if you use mythbuntu-log-grabber it will just give you the link you need to post to us18:37
tgm4883_laptopMythbuntuGuest20, same thing to you18:37
tgm4883_laptopBut I gotta run, so hopefully someone use can help out18:37
MythbuntuGuest20when you going to be back tgm?18:38
tgm4883_laptophours later18:38
tgm4883_laptopdepends on how long this job takes18:38
MythbuntuGuest20gotcha, well if no one helps me i'll come back for you cuz your l33t18:39
Enoxqtgm4883_laptop- http://www.L93.com/tmp/mythfrontend.log.txt18:39
MythbuntuGuest20i think he's gone Enox18:42
EnoxOops.. Try without .txt.. Just use .log18:42
EnoxI forgot to add the .txt and apparently it wasn't required anyway18:42
MythbuntuGuest20Ya but Enox isnt he gone?l....Unless someone else is looking at your logz?18:43
EnoxI tried to select hardware that would be easy with Myth..I dont know why this is so difficult to get working.18:43
MythbuntuGuest20It is way eaiser with mythbuntu18:44
EnoxI have mythbuntu.. My nvidia video driver wont work, live tv wont work.18:44
MythbuntuGuest20as long as you have compable hardware it shold work18:44
EnoxI have a nvidia card, I have a HVR-1600 card.18:45
Shadow__XEnox, what video card do you have18:45
EnoxThose seemed to be well supported18:45
Shadow__XEnox, it would be easy aslong as someone does some reading18:45
EnoxGeForce 8400 GS (rev a1)18:45
EnoxShadow- The X problems seem to be quite strange.18:45
Shadow__XEnox, what x problem18:45
EnoxI've set up quite a few Linux system.. I literally haven't had this kind of issues with X for over 8 years.18:45
EnoxNVidia driver fails to work.18:46
MythbuntuGuest20Is it correct driver?18:46
Shadow__Xi just got something like that too install the nvidia setting manager18:46
EnoxThe version coming with Myth said there were screens available but none were compatible18:46
EnoxThe newest version said I dont have a compatible card18:46
EnoxThe compatible card is...very strange.18:46
MythbuntuGuest20ya beatz me18:46
EnoxI mean it's a cheap card.. Silent and such.18:46
Shadow__Xthat doesnt sound right18:46
EnoxFunny thing is dmesg shows the card :)18:47
Enoxbefore messing with the messed up x problems18:47
EnoxI just wanted to watch something on TV to encourage me.18:47
EnoxAnd even that fails.18:47
EnoxThough I did at least get it to scan channels.18:47
Shadow__XEnox install the nvidia setting manager18:47
EnoxThat from nvidia's site?18:48
superm1apt-get install nvidia-settings18:48
EnoxAlready have it18:49
EnoxApparently it comes with and is installed by default.18:49
Shadow__Xso goto it18:49
Shadow__Xeither in the xfce menu or type nvidia-settings18:49
EnoxAhh yes, I tried that before.18:50
Enox"You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.."18:50
EnoxKinda a catch-22.. I can't get the NV X driver working18:50
MythbuntuGuest20would someone be able to help me with my ir blaster setup? It's probably an ID10T error. ;)18:50
EnoxSo i can't use that.18:50
Shadow__Xdo the command it tells you18:50
Enoxk.  Did that as root18:51
EnoxLemme reboot18:51
Shadow__Xyou odnt need to reboot18:51
Shadow__Xit tells you to restart x18:51
EnoxWhen I tried restarting X it seemed to go into the 'low graphics' X I'm currently able to run18:52
EnoxUsing control-alt-backspace18:52
EnoxThis takes a little longer but at least I'm sure it's trying the right stuff18:52
Shadow__Xhmm do a cold start18:52
EnoxThis is after a warm start---18:52
Enox(EE) NVIDIA(0) Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module!18:53
Enox(EE) Screen9s) found, but none have a usable configuration.18:53
EnoxBack to the original error.18:53
EnoxSaid pleasure make sure there is a supported NVIDIA GPU in this system18:53
EnoxAnd that the nvidia device files have been created properly.18:53
EnoxIf I can get watch TV to work I'll probably install normal ubuntu and see if X works on there18:54
EnoxI can't imagine there being any problem with the hardware, to be honest.  It's a pretty simple system18:54
ak2534So anyone know how to get one mythbuntu bugreport some attention?18:54
ak2534This one has been lying around untouched since end of Nov.18:56
ak2534bug #30354918:57
EnoxI think live TV might be somehow confused and trying to use the broken DVB thing.18:57
ZinnBug 303549 in mythbuntu "Technisat Cablestar 2 PCI support dropped in Mythbuntu 8.10" [Undecided, New] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/30354918:57
Shadow__XEnox, you can take away the video source from dvd18:57
EnoxSo if no video source is configured to use it.. it shouldn't be used, right?18:58
EnoxAhh wait.. It's input connections18:58
EnoxIs there any way to kill off a single input connection?18:59
Shadow__Xyou can delete it in 218:59
EnoxI have "Delete all capture cards on myth1" and "Delete all capture cards18:59
EnoxSo i have to delete them all?19:00
EnoxEh watever.. killed em all19:00
EnoxLivetv still fails, guess that wasn't it.19:04
EnoxBackend error is MPEGREC(/dev/video0) Error: error reading from: /dev/video019:05
EnoxMaybe I specified the wrong device?19:06
Shadow__Xcould be19:06
EnoxIt detected a HVR-1600 when I specified /dev/video019:07
EnoxIt just wasn't auto filled in for me like V4L and such19:07
Shadow__Xdid you select it as tuner19:07
Shadow__Xand it it under mpeg219:07
EnoxMPEG-2 encoder card (PVR-x50, PVR-500)19:07
EnoxVideo device: /dev/video019:08
EnoxProbed info: Hauppauge HVR-1600 [cx18]19:08
EnoxDefault Input: Tuner 119:08
EnoxIt of course fails utterly.19:09
Shadow__Xlook in the logs19:10
EnoxTrying to look in the backend logs for any suggestion of what's going on19:10
EnoxThere's a "not ivtv driver???" line19:11
EnoxShortly after changing from None to WatchingliveTV19:11
Shadow__Xhow did you setup the 160019:12
Shadow__Xand is it a 1600 or a 180019:12
EnoxMPEGREC(/dev/video0) Error: select timeout -ivtv driver has stopped responding.19:12
EnoxIt's a 160019:12
EnoxI set it up as a MPEG2 encoder19:12
EnoxAntinnea is connected to the analog side19:12
Shadow__Xhow did you install it19:12
EnoxIn a PCI slot?19:12
Shadow__Xwhat version of mythbuntu are you running19:13
Shadow__Xno software side19:13
EnoxThe latest stable version.. 8-something I think19:13
EnoxI downloaded it last night19:13
Shadow__Xdid you do all the updates19:13
EnoxI believe so.. let me do a quick update and see19:13
Enoxntp & ntpdate want to update. :)19:14
EnoxNow that they are done, no upgrades want to be done.19:14
EnoxIf I use V4L that just ruins mpeg acceleration, right?19:16
EnoxI could try that and see if it does anything.19:17
EnoxI just want to see anything work at this point.19:17
EnoxEven if it's choppy.19:17
Shadow__Xyou can try but that wont deliver diserable results19:17
EnoxIt can't be worse :)19:18
EnoxIs the HVR-1600 well supported?19:20
EnoxI got the impression it was before buying it.19:21
Shadow__Xits supported19:24
Shadow__Xafew months ago it was beta drivers19:24
Shadow__Xbut i have been using it for months19:24
Shadow__Xno issues19:24
jdugganguys, what's the minimum disk space mythbuntu frontend requires?19:27
jdugganah site says 2gb19:27
jduggani want to isntall it onto a usb pen whichis exactly 2gb19:28
jdugganwonder how well that will work ;P19:28
EnoxShadow__X-Okay so... Is this just a case of me not knowing what I'm doing?  Because nothing seems to work.19:32
EnoxX fails, live tv fails19:32
EnoxOr at least the NV driver fails19:33
EnoxI'll try a normal Linux distribution next to try and prove out the hardware19:33
Shadow__Xyeah its a case of setting stuff up19:36
Shadow__Xbut  dont worry we all hit bumps along the road19:36
Shadow__Xiwould help more but i am having an issue as well19:36
EnoxI'd feel better if anything worked right..But it's 100% failure.19:36
EnoxI'll toy with it a little then install normal linux on it and see if that fails.. if it does I'll feel better and return some hardware or something19:37
EnoxOn a side note.. The hauppauge remote that cane with my HVR-1600.. Is that supported under myth?  If so what's it called?  I didn't see anything similar on the list.19:41
Shadow__Xi bought the one with the mce remote19:48
EnoxDoes it say Hauppauge! on the bottom?19:48
Shadow__Xits a windows mce remote19:49
EnoxAhh.. Oh well.  No idea what this thing is exactly then.19:49
Enoxis there an easy way to tell if I should be using /dev/video0 or something else?19:50
EnoxActually nevermind.. Let me just go buy some blank CDs and try some other versions.19:51
neothecat_i hope this is not OT, but has anybody tried connecting a game console (e.g. ps2) a using it through mythtv?20:05
superm1neothecat_, likely wont be playable with any mpeg encoding tuner20:06
superm1if you have a framegrabber, it might be doable20:07
neothecat_i tried it using tvtime, and there is no lag, like i have read elsewhere, but it looks horribile.  everything is very fuzzy.20:08
hadsYeah it probably just not a good idea in general20:11
neothecat_guess i should have researched this first.  the only reason i bought the card was to use my ps2 through my desktop.  thanks for the help...20:12
dmanon install of myth, should I change the mysql5 password, or leave blank?20:24
dmaneh, left it blank20:25
dmancan you leave it blank, or is it required to change?20:28
dmanb/c it looks like the install is stalled on the password portion for Mysql20:28
dmanlooks like the install crashed - arghhh20:29
dmananyone have any idea why I can't (after install) get into mythtv etc - it won't run at all20:48
dmanwon't even killall20:48
dmankillall mythtv is correct ya?20:49
hadsmythtv isn't the application (sortof), I would guess you are after mythbackend or mythfrontend, and on Ubuntu mythbackend.real or mythfrontend.real20:58
mustanggHello folks. Can anyone provide a definitive reason for the following error while dvd ripping:  "DVDISOCopyThread dvd device read error"21:11
mustanggI think Ie managed to rule out in-thread solutions ->permissions, permission, defective drive and copy-protection.21:14
jphillipmustangg I'd say copy protection21:28
jphillipor damaged disc21:28
mustanggjphillip: think you may have it. I _just_  finished changing the  drive to a brand new one and the same situation. but after about 10 other dvdÅ› - it works now..21:31
mustanggI was just sure I had retried one of the discs which gave those errors.. :(21:32
mustangg jphillip: is there something I can do about it?21:34
jphillipwell different drives can read different data sometimes21:35
jphillipused to be refered to as sheeps back a few years ago, dunno if its the same now21:35
jphillipmustangg don't use the internal ripper for that, let me recommend gddrescue21:35
jphillipruns from a terminal: ddrescue /dev/dvd/ <iso file> <log file>21:36
dollopDoes mythbuntu have better support for displaying to HDTVs than plain ubuntu? I'm having trouble getting a consistent signal to the TV.21:40
lagadollop: should be about the same.21:45
dollopAny advice on where to find a solution?  I only get a signal through DVI to TV if the monitor is connected to VGA also.21:49
dollop*VGA connected at startup21:50
jphillipdollop prob your TV not doing EDID nicely21:53
jphillipI have one that does and one that doesn't21:53
dollopSounds likely - It goes through an AV receiver on the way.  I'll check connected direct to TV.  Can I override that requirement through xorg.conf?21:57
perilousapricotis there a wiki on how to make the transcoding work? from a stock 8.10 install, it doesn't :(21:58
perilousapricotit's like the defaults are configured, but kinda aren't22:00
mustanggjphillip: from reading about that tool on debian.net it sounds like quite the jaws-of-life for computer media22:10
mustanggis there any way to integrate it into myth - mytharchive sounds like a good place for it..22:12
Shadow__Xperilousapricot, under setup change the default trancoding profiles22:22
perilousapricotshadow_x I see the place, but I don't understand what any of the options mean22:23
perilousapricotare there reasonable defaults somewhere I could just plug in?22:23
Shadow__Xperilousapricot, dont use rtjpeg22:24
Shadow__Xuse mpeg4 for al of them22:25
perilousapricotcrap, now I can't find it, where is the config for the transcoder?22:28
Shadow__Xwithin mythfrontned22:29
Shadow__Xyou should also read the manual22:29
perilousapricotshadow__x, I'd like to help out and put in some sensible defaults that work without futzing with that, would I look to submit a patch to mythbuntu or upstream?22:31
Shadow__Xuh dont know22:31
Shadow__Xthat should be mythbuntu22:31
perilousapricotI think it'd be helpful to at least have the packages installed that the default myth transcode profiles need22:32
Shadow__Xi believe rtjpeg isnt preferable22:32
Shadow__Xi dont see aything wrong with the end user needed to read a bit and learn about what they are setting up22:33
Shadow__Xi understand for ease of use though22:33
perilousapricotshadow__x I see what you're saying about reading up on things, but I don't think it's unrealistic to make sure the defaults actually.. work22:34
Shadow__Xi guess22:35
Shadow__Xit is ubuntu22:35
Shadow__Xit should just work right22:35
perilousapricoti mean, if you're making a liveCD out of it, I'd think you'd want it to work with the least configuration possible22:35
Shadow__Xyou can use the livecd as a frontend22:35
Shadow__Xnot a backend22:35
perilousapricotright, but you get what i'm stabbing at22:35
Shadow__Xshouldnt be a bad patch22:36
perilousapricotI'm torn about upgrading to myth 0.2222:37
superm1perilousapricot, if you've got a card that support vdpau, i just tried vdpau, it's nice :)22:37
Antharianwhat benefits does .22 give over 21+fixes?22:38
perilousapricotsuperml: did you hear me asking in #mythtv-users22:38
superm1perilousapricot, for most patches, submit them upstream directly and then ask us to pull it back after upstream accepts it22:38
superm1perilousapricot, no just above i saw you asking22:38
superm1Antharian, QT4 based and vdpau are the two big things i see22:38
perilousapricotsuperml: cool, I'm gonna put in a couple different mpeg defaults and maybe a couple h.26422:38
Antharianvdpau in myth, not must mplayer?22:39
perilousapricotlooking at the screen shots, it seems slicker overall22:39
superm1Antharian, yup it's in myth 0.2222:39
superm1on our trunk builds repo22:39
Antharianthat's kinda sweet22:39
perilousapricotlooks like I'm gonna be hunting for a geforce 9000 in AGP22:39
Shadow__Xsuperm1, is it worth upgrading to that yet22:39
perilousapricotit's 9000+, right? not 8000+?22:39
superm1perilousapricot, actually some 8k cards too22:39
Shadow__Xi read the wiki it should support 8000022:40
Shadow__Xwould that work on a 840022:40
superm1Shadow__X, i'm not upgrading my production setup yet22:40
Shadow__Xah alright22:40
Shadow__Xjust testing22:40
superm1Shadow__X, i just experimented on a laptop of mine with a 9xxx card22:40
Shadow__Xah ok22:40
AntharianIs there any hope of AMDXvBA in myth 0.22?22:40
Shadow__Xlook at mister money bags22:40
superm1Shadow__X, it's a work computer22:41
Shadow__Xi am kidding22:41
superm1Antharian, not likely.  AMD hasn't published an API yet22:41
Shadow__Xi need a new laptop myself22:41
Shadow__Xcurrent one has a ati x1400:(22:41
AntharianShadow_X: you got me beat by a land slide... mine has an ATI Mobility Radeon 920022:42
Shadow__Xits also a c2d22:42
perilousapricotmythbuntu 9.04 will be 0.22? or wil it miss the cycle?22:43
lagaperilousapricot: we don't know yet. don't bet on it22:43
Anthariananyone know if this Motherboard will support VDPAU : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1681313135522:44
perilousapricotI might just bone my box and upgrade to 0.22, it's the beginning of the semester, having TV that works is the last thing I need22:45
mustanggjphillip: do you know what size the gddrescue output file should be typically ?22:50
perilousapricothmm, are all geforce 8400's compatible with vdpau? I found one on newegg for $50, and I have some credit leftover with them I don't mind burning22:51
Shadow__XAntharian, its 8000 series22:54
Antharianso only the 8x series will have VDPAU?22:56
Shadow__Xand up22:56
MythbuntuGuest33hey,p4 2.0ghz 512mb wintv go plus, soundblaster, etc.23:00
MythbuntuGuest33currently 8500dv -no luck b/c no driver support23:00
MythbuntuGuest33so i give up after many hours :).  however, want to buy a new tv out card (agp 4x )23:00
MythbuntuGuest33any recommendations ?23:00
MythbuntuGuest33seems as though the 440mx nvidia there are issues, etc. so last thing i want to do is purchase an nvidia card to replace my ati that doesn't work either hehe23:01
MythbuntuGuest33ideally want to install 8.1023:01
AntharianARG!  I have two motherboards still in the boxes with AMD690 chipsets on them... I really wish ATI/AMD would suddenly make the video acceleration available23:13
MythbuntuGuest23tgm4883 = tgm_laptop?23:59

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