genii/back (mostly)00:01
Seeker`non-JS people?00:02
nickrudsecret code only known by the initiated00:02
nickrudthat's too obvious, gotta be more obfuscated ;)00:04
ubottuIn #ubuntu, raylu said: !dvd is For DVD playback, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu#Playing%20Encrypted%20DVDs00:14
geniiOK. /away again :)00:21
gastocan I ask Ubuntu questions here?00:23
nbeeboif ur banned on #ubuntu i dont know00:23
gastocool, so I got grounded00:23
Seeker`how can we help you?00:23
gastoI need some help on Nvidia drivers00:24
Seeker`gasto:this si not a support channel00:24
gastomy Geforce 6200 card is not working for video00:24
Seeker`gasto: please ask in #ubuntu00:24
Seeker`nbeebo: how can I help you?00:24
nbeeboanyway, i want my ban on #ubuntu-offtopic to be gone..00:24
gastoehm, I tried, but it seems I was redirected here00:24
nbeebodidnt work :S lol00:25
Seeker`gasto: you'll need to speak to ikonia, doesn't look like you'll be unbanned soon00:26
nbeebowhat can i do? been banned for 2 weeks something dont know00:26
Seeker`ikonia: you about?00:27
gastoanyways ikonia seems non responsive00:27
gastoI sent here a greeting00:27
gastono response00:27
Seeker`gasto: come back tomorrow then00:27
gastothat´s sad, I don´t get support on IRC, I don't get support on ubunguforums.org, tell me is it really a community based OS? naaaaa cut the crap, be real00:28
Seeker`nbeebo: You have been banned 8 times in the last 5 weeks00:29
gastoall ya want is $$$ for the support, then say it, and stop pretending it is community based, and change the fcking name00:29
nickrudgasto, ljl is on european time, try during daytime then. Besides, you worked for your ban. 00:29
Seeker`nbeebo: sorry, kicked or banned00:29
gastoI worked for support, and you contributers work to ban people not to help out in troubleshooting00:29
Seeker`nbeebo: by 6 different ops00:29
nbeebowhat has that do with it? 00:30
nbeeboso if it were 5 it wouldnt be any problem?00:30
Seeker`the last ban was 4 days ago00:31
nbeeboon #ubuntu-offtopic?00:31
nbeebothought it was 2 weeks lol00:31
Seeker`are you sure you are banned from offtopic?00:31
nbeebowait ill try again00:32
Seeker`nbeebo: looks like you were being particularly offtopic00:33
Seeker`it was topyli that banned you I think00:33
Seeker`gasto: please leave the channel and come back tomorrow00:33
bazhangnbeebo, what is the rush to get back in there?00:33
bazhangnbeebo, you are well aware why you were banned in there, correct?00:34
nbeebo1: personal00:34
bazhangnbeebo, no00:34
nbeebo2: yes but not needed 1 week +00:34
nbeeboor how long it has been00:34
Seeker`nbeebo: it has been 4 days00:34
Seeker`i;ve told you that already00:35
nbeebook 4 days00:35
bazhangnbeebo, you were asked repeatedly not to continue, warned on many occasions, yet continued nonetheless00:35
nbeeboyeah but u wasnt sure offtopic so i gussed so technical problem...00:35
nbeebonot that i can remember, give me an example... or something close00:35
bazhangnbeebo, so your ban will *not* be lifted any time soon, as you seem to think you are some sort of victim here, which is most certainly not the case.00:36
nbeebou seem to think u know people well...00:36
nbeeboanyway since ur here ill be back in a day or two, ur so hostile00:36
bazhangnbeebo, perhaps the long respite from #ubuntu-offtopic will refresh your memory.00:36
nbeeboyeah yeah00:37
bazhangnbeebo, and please refrain from making comments in #ubuntu00:37
* nickrud offers bazhang a cookie00:38
bazhangthanks nickrud !00:39
Seeker`gasto: please leave00:39
bazhanghe still seems (nbeebo) to maintain that he was somehow a victim00:39
bazhang!idle | gasto 00:39
ubottugasto: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.00:39
gastoOK, bye00:40
Moniker42gasto: please stop cycling or you will be banned00:41
Moniker42well that seemed to work :)00:42
nickrudit's that staff cloak, it has some heft to it00:43
nickrudbrocaded satin, most like ;)00:43
FlannelOh, maybe its a forward02:18
ubottuIn #ubuntu, raylu said: !x is The X Window System is responsible for graphical output. To restart X, press Ctrl+Alt+Backspace or type << sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart >> in a console.03:56
ubottuIn #ubuntu, raylu said: !resolution is To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution03:57
ubottuIn ubottu, raylu said: gnome is GNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu. Their IRC channel is #gnome on irc.gnome.org:6667. To install GNOME from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type << sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop >> in a !terminal.04:23
FlannelWhy would we send someone to a gnome channel?04:26
nickrudI've done it for people looking for detailed gimp help04:27
FlannelRight, but we certainly don't need it in that factoid04:31
nickrudtrue. He's been offering many changes, look above04:34
bazhangthat kshlmstr bot seems to be from kaushal, though he has yet to reply04:35
Flannelnickrud: the previous two is a separation of the current factoid.  I'm not really sure its necessary either.04:35
nickrudyes. He's reacting to specific questions from users, and offering modifications to match those needs04:36
nickrudheh. my finger's still sore, can't type as fast as before ;)04:39
rotarychainsawUser Koodhz sent me a PM trying to get me to forkbomb. for shame05:25
FlannelHowdy rotarychainsaw 05:25
FlannelWas it part of a conversation or what?05:26
rotarychainsawnah, I was asking how to set ownership od my home folder05:26
rotarychainsawand he sent a pm05:26
FlannelAlright, thanks for letting us know.  I'll look into it.05:26
rotarychainsawbut I know what all those crazy characters mean haha05:26
ubottuIn ubottu, raylu said: firefox is https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion for the latest version of Firefox, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins for plugins. << mv ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla-tmp >> may fix Firefox.05:34
ubottufirefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins05:34
Flannel"Random command can magically fix unknown problems!"05:34
FlannelMmmm... can someone troll right now?  I've got some frustration pent up.06:18
nickrudlol Flannel you should have been around when ubotu was open, and those had to be fixed on the fly :)06:29
FlannelI was around06:30
Flannelwell, not as an admin, but since it was open.... I fixed plenty of stupid factoids06:30
nickrudah, I missed seeing you then. But then I wasn't around for a year and I forgot a lot of nicks during that time06:31
nickrudso you should just let those flow by you. they'll be amusing reading for people when they wake up 06:32
FlannelDang.  Now I wish I had given tenX a warning prior06:56
* jussi01 dances!!! I finally got a house :)08:12
Flanneljussi01: Nice08:27
Myrttijussi01: a house?09:12
Myrttia full house?09:13
jussi01Myrtti: apartment == house in my vocab09:13
Myrttia flat then09:13
jussi01house == place to live09:13
jussi01Myrtti: http://www.igglo.fi/building/31017409:14
Myrttijussi01: lucky bastard09:15
jussi01Myrtti: Oma Sauna :)09:17
jussi014th floor09:17
jussi01and city center - couldnt be happier09:17
Myrttidie and go to hell (or to your Oma Sauna) you, gloat you09:18
Myrttithen again...09:18
Tm_Tjussi01: Myrtti: so when you two come to see our little princess?09:18
MyrttiTm_T: hopefully not this month :-D09:19
jussi01Tm_T: might be a while for me. got a lot happening in life atm09:19
* Myrtti pokes her boyfriend about the planetickets09:20
Tm_Tjussi01: smells like what happening here09:20
* Tm_T is searching new home and income09:21
FlannelTo where?09:55
Tm_Tto furryland09:55
jussi01to crazyville? :P09:55
* jussi01 huggles Myrtti09:55
MyrttiWarboys, Cambridgeshire, UK.10:00
FlannelThat question makes me leery10:37
Myrttiwhat question?10:46
* Myrtti is confused10:46
FlannelSomeone asked how to get a list of the registered users of ubuntu, but he mean on his box10:47
* Myrtti sings11:33
Myrttijussi01: my dear lovely wonderful cute jussi0112:21
* Myrtti blinks her eyes and smiles broadly12:21
jussi01what do you want from me?12:23
jussi01Myrtti: ^12:23
Myrttiwhen are you going to Oulu again?12:23
Myrttior, are you there already?12:23
Myrttihttp://www.verkkokauppa.com/popups/prodinfo.php?id=31811 <-- because12:23
jussi01you want...?12:24
MyrttiI bought a Nokia BH-103 before Christmas12:24
Myrttibut when I had a fever, my mum stashed it away from the paws of her kitten12:24
Myrttiand we rummaged the whole place upside down, and couldn't find it12:25
topyliis it pink?12:25
Myrttino :-<12:25
jussi01right.... where is verkko kauppa?12:25
MyrttiKirkkonummi? lolwhat12:26
topylitry not to get mugged while shopping for ping bluetooth things12:26
jussi01Myrtti: do they not have a nice postal service?12:27
jussi01kirkkonummi is ages away...12:27
Myrttijussi01: "available only in Oulu store. Items on the store shelf can not be ordered to be delivered by mail"12:27
jussi01well if thats the case when I get to oulu...12:28
jussi01whats the address of the oulu store?12:28
MyrttiKaakkurinkulma 412:28
jussi01in kaakuri...12:29
Myrttiif you know anyone else who'd have business there, I don't mind if they get it, I'll pay to their account12:29
jussi01Myrtti: Have you thought to contact Mikko from red innovation?12:29
Myrttihttp://myrtti.jaiku.com/presence/51649633 *cough*12:34
ubottuziroday called the ops in #ubuntu (lolwutbot)12:35
topyliMyrtti: ooh public question, evil12:39
topylinobody can reply like "@myrtti no wai"12:40
Myrttitopyli: also the fact that I can't remember his IRC nick and I have a splitting headache12:41
elkbuntuseems like the bot was a gentoo'er12:42
topyliMyrtti: no no, jaiku is more effective, good choice. you get it done :)12:42
Tm_TMyrtti: who's nick?12:43
MyrttiMoo something12:44
Tm_Tatleast in freenode12:44
Myrttinot online I see12:44
Tm_TMyrtti: actually currently moo--- too12:45
Tm_Tmikko the säätösetä12:45
topyliMyrtti: join #vapaakoodi or be square12:46
* Myrtti pokes bluesmoke 14:21
Myrttimagic touch.14:23
MyrttiI haz it14:23
* Pici hides from magic Myrtti 14:28
Dave2oh dear14:35
adaptrJack_Sparrow: so, "darnit" is now considered insufferably subversive ?15:41
Jack_SparrowWell<adaptr> darnit .. looked like  damit so I      I sent you an ohmy..   In no way does that justify your response in the channel of ... <adaptr> Jack_Sparrow: oh FFS, try to act like you have a clue what PC is15:42
adaptr"looked like" ? are you FIVE ?15:42
adaptryour response was in no way justified by ...well, whatever, if you took the trouble to /lastlog me for 5 minutes you might see me actually helping people out15:43
Jack_SparrowEven if not profanity it was spam15:43
adaptryou're trying to justify your response now ? in what way is "darnit" because I misnicked someone SPAM ?15:43
adaptryou're the spam police too now ? thnak god you don't get anywhere near my mail servers15:44
ubottuSeveas called the ops in #ubuntu (Hsilamot bot. Ban the bugger)16:25
bazhangadaptr, please dont idle as per the channel /topic16:42
bazhang!idle | adaptr 16:49
ubottuadaptr: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.16:49
ubot3In ubot3, tavish said: This is an autoreply: I am currently not available. Please leave your message, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.16:50
ubottuIn ubottu, tavish said: This is an autoreply: I am currently not available. Please leave your message, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.16:50
jussi01oh dear... [19:02:12] <#oxygen:Fujisan> Nightrose I WISH YOU WERE MY STALKER I THINK YOU ARE CUTE17:00
Tm_Tjussi01: slap Fujisan hard and repeatedly17:01
Tm_TI got a new haircut17:13
bazhangany one else having trouble with bt login? I get a sqlite database error17:23
Picioh no17:23
bazhangno troubles?17:23
bazhangor 'oh no', troubles17:24
PiciNot working for me either17:24
Picijussi01, stdin: ping17:24
jussi01Pici: pong17:24
Picijussi01: <class '_sqlite.DatabaseError'>: attempt to write a readonly database 17:25
PiciI can't remember if this is the same error that we got with the locking issues when seveas hosted it.17:25
stdinone sec17:26
jussi01stdin: :)17:26
stdinhmm, may take slightly longer than a second...17:34
bazhangadaptr, please dont idle here.17:37
bazhang* [gazotem3] (n=Administ@c-68-32-160-66.hsd1.dc.comcast.net): purple  <--five different gazotems just joined17:45
stdinjussi01, Pici, bazhang: it's back up17:46
bazhangstdin, thanks! :)17:46
stdinwas actually a simple fix, if non-obvious: s/#!/usr/bin/python2.4/#!/usr/bin/python/17:47
stdinexcuse my regex17:47
bazhangnow *9* gazotems17:49
ubottuThe operation succeeded.17:49
bazhangSorry, bantracker has been shut down for anonymous users due to server load17:58
bazhangjust now17:58
stdintake off the sess= bit, it should still know you from the cookie18:02
stdinelse I'll copy over the database again18:02
bazhangokay thanks18:02
ubottuThe operation succeeded.18:06
bazhanghmm. maybe give it a bit of time18:07
stdinbazhang: should be up-to-data again now18:25
bazhangstdin, sorry for the headaches to you18:25
stdinit's ok, debugging is fun :p18:26
bazhangfeanor, how may we help you18:27
feanorприятнава времени суток18:27
bazhangfeanor, #ubuntu-irc not here18:27
bazhangwell still getting the above locked down message; just have to be careful of what bans I clear/future bans :)18:51
bazhangany guidance on how long to leave extreme racist/hateful spam bans?18:51
jussi01LjL: please check your revision of !clones - people were complaining about the --disable-columns not working19:15
jussi01and now, Im off to bed19:15
Picijussi01: He was here for that discussion iirc19:16
jussi01he was?19:16
jussi01not that I remember, but yeah19:16
PiciI remember pinging him about it19:16
jussi01anyways, bed ->>19:16
LjLyes i was19:17
LjLbut i did nothing about it19:17
LjLit can be fixed by mangling it (because extended options aren't supported by the version of aptitude that's currently in ubuntu)19:17
LjLor it can be fixed by just reverting it and not caring about the automatically installed pakages list19:17
PiciYou could wait until Jaunty, I believe those options are in that version of aptitude19:18
LjLPici: but the factoid isn't really supposed to be for only one version of ubuntu19:18
nickrudwould someone who's cloning even worry about the fact that the automagic isn't carried over? That seems to be effectively a base install for that person19:25
thththello, guys19:58
ththtwhat's wrong with http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi ?19:59
theunixgeekelkbuntu: it's been over 48 hours :)19:59
Piciththt: We're having some technical difficulties with the sqlite database.20:00
theunixgeekI would like to be unbanned from #ubuntu-offtopic . A few days back (more than 3 days), elkbuntu said to wait 48 hours until I could be unbanned. I have still not been unbanned.20:00
theunixgeekPici: could you help? :)20:01
nickrudtheunixgeek, elkbuntu should be around in a few hours. We can't access the database to verify and unban20:02
theunixgeekok, thanks nickrud 20:02
ththtdb works. thanks to all )20:06
topylinice EULA: http://www.flickr.com/photos/doctorow/3179331509/20:08
topylididn't take a very good look at which channel i'm on though :\20:19
elkbuntunickrud, i'm here for half a minute and will be back in 9-10 hours or so, not 'a few'. he's supposed to demonstrate that he realises he has to abide by the CoC first, as the last time we spoke he said he knew it, but felt he had the right to repeat/flood because answers were not instantaneous20:51
nickrudelkbuntu, thanks (and a few hours was mostly: not gonna happen now ;)20:52
Jack_SparrowWhoever came up with UPS.. I could kiss them..22:00
MezJack_Sparrow: why?22:01
Tm_TJack_Sparrow: please no, I have a wife here already22:01
Jack_SparrowI had a problem with my jacuzzi, I told my my neighbor to go kill the power.  Laying in a puddle of water I pull the panel cover and as always test the connection and I hear my alarms go off22:02
Jack_SparrowHe killed my computer room22:02
MezJack_Sparrow: oh, I thought you meant the shipping company22:02
Jack_SparrowNo the other kind of ups.22:03
MezI should probably get one of those22:04
* Mez hates taht BOFH hasnt been updated in ages22:05
Jack_SparrowNOt to mention if I didnt practice safe handling he could have killed  me.  50 amp 220 isnt forgiving especially if you are laying on wet ground22:05
MezI search for UPS on ebay, get fishnet stockings22:05
Jack_SparrowMez, West coast usa by chance22:06
Jack_SparrowI have one or two extras that need fresh batteries22:06
MezJack_Sparrow: ??22:06
Mezno, UK#22:06
Jack_SparrowCost more tha it is worth to ship it22:07
Mezlooking @ http://linkpot.net/outstay/22:08
Jack_SparrowI find them at surplus houses here all the time22:09
Jack_Sparrow$10 - $2022:09
ubottuIn ubottu, nemesis said: I want to see is information hack23:27
ubottuwobblywu called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()23:43
Flannelkayt needs a looking at23:44
FlannelThanks Mez23:47
Meznp, tis my job23:47
ubottuThe operation succeeded.23:51
Jack_Sparrowbt is down?23:52
Jack_SparrowI needed to mark.. <MariusAZ> marko-_--: Like, get the niggah off of it?23:52
Mezwhat channel?23:53
Mez@mark #ubuntu <MariusAZ> marko-_--: Like, get the niggah off of it?23:53
ubottuThe operation succeeded.23:53
Mez@mark #ubuntu MariusAZ <MariusAZ> marko-_--: Like, get the niggah off of it?23:53
ubottuThe operation succeeded.23:53
Jack_SparrowI tried to go in manually and it is empty for me23:54
MezSorry, bantracker has been shut down for anonymous users due to server load23:54
Mezjussi01: FIX!23:54
Jack_SparrowMez, ty23:54

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