techsupporti just did sudo tasksel install lamp, and after a split second it returned no output and got me back to terminal00:00
Deepssudo tasksel --list-tasks00:01
Deepsi tihnk it's lamp-server00:01
Deepslist'll tell you for sure00:01
techsupportmaybe i dont have tasksel ?00:01
Deepstasksel --help00:02
Deepsalthough if you dont have tasksel, it'd error "command not found"00:02
techsupporti have it00:02
Deepsinstead of silently failing00:02
geniitechsupport: You don't do like: sudo taskel install lamp                  you do: sudo tasksel                   then it runns and you use arrow keys etc to select the option of LAMP install00:02
Deepsthe silent fail sounds like a bug btw00:02
Deepsand tasksel install lamp-server will work00:02
Deepsyou dont have to use the curses interface00:02
Deepstasksel --help for full cli syntax00:02
techsupportgenii, ok... but it didnt do anything after i typed sudo tasksel install lamp00:03
techsupportDeeps, yeah that worked00:03
Deepstechsupport: thats because theres no install task called 'lamp', but that silent fail should be considerred a bug i think00:03
geniitechsupport: syntax syntax and  syntax00:03
techsupportblue interface is asking for root user password in mysql00:03
Deepsyou have to define it in that screen00:04
techsupportyes, installing packages.... i love it :)00:04
geniiDeeps: I forgot tasksel had cli options :)00:04
Deepsgenii: ;) nothing wrong with his syntax, just his task option ;)00:05
techsupporti gave up on trying to have ubuntu virtual server at home and finally paid for VPS , and its been great since yesterday :)00:05
techsupporti couldnt stop thinking about it at work today00:05
owhJust for a spanner, can you not use aptitude, with something like this (I forget the exact syntax) aptitude install ^lamp-server00:05
geniiDeeps: True00:05
Deepsthe ^ goes at the end00:05
Deepsapt-get install lamp-server^00:06
geniiowh: There is no metapackage of anything like that00:06
owhSee :)00:06
Deepsto signify it's a task00:06
owhgenii: Uh, aren't all tasksel options a task?00:06
maw_does anyone have a 7.x postgres init script they can share?00:06
ScottKIIRC sudo tasksel $TASKNAME is all you need.00:06
owhScottK, and you'll need tasksel :)00:06
ScottKRight, so just install that first if you don't have it, but I think it's standard.00:08
owhScottK, my point was that you need to install it - but I'll admit that I wasn't all that obvious. Aptitude is everywhere, hence my comment.00:09
ScottKowh: For Intrepid (the one I checked) aptitude is seeded in Standard and tasksel is seeded in Minimal, so they should both be on any Ubuntu system.00:14
owhScottK, cool. Didn't know that.00:14
techsupportcan I create a user for mysql server in phpmyadmin ?00:24
uvirtbot`New bug: #314917 in openldap (main) "package slapd 2.4.11-0ubuntu6 failed to install/upgrade: " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31491700:30
techsupporthow can i create a new user with phpmyadmin ?01:16
Kamping_Kaiserread its doco?01:17
Kamping_Kaiseror poke around until you find the option?01:17
owhtechsupport: Add the information to the mysql table, reload the server.01:17
Kamping_Kaiser(or look under privileges)01:17
techsupportdamn cant find it01:19
owhtechsupport: Define "it".01:21
techsupportowh, the option to create new user01:21
owhtechsupport: Did you not read my comments?01:21
* Kamping_Kaiser breathes deeply01:21
owhKamping_Kaiser: Should I get some o2 for you?01:22
Kamping_Kaiserowh, no, but fitting techsupport's web browser with a search might make help :)01:23
owhKamping_Kaiser: There is that.01:23
techsupportok i'm in my database , under operations i see create new table on tabase , is that what you mean ?01:23
owhtechsupport: No.01:23
techsupportk got it01:24
owhtechsupport: There are a whole lot of tables within the mysql database. If you cannot see those, then you don't have permission to create or modify users.01:24
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faileasi'd like to get openvpn set up on one of the boxes inside my home lan (modem -> router -> server + other boxen). The server has a single ethernet port- and i'm wondering if i can till bridge- the howto on the ubuntu website assumes you're using your server to do DHCP and have a static ip address- neither is the case for me. anyone can tell me what i'd need to change fromhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenVPN ?02:02
jmedinafaileas: read the official openvpn howto02:05
jmedinayou can use a routed vpn with a single nic server02:06
faileasthats the main thing i wanted to check before i dived into it02:07
_dennisterhey channel...having a real problem generating some ssl keys for this new install...a problem i've never seen before02:08
jmedinaand the problem is......?02:09
_dennistererror message when I type in "openssl rsa -in server.key -out server.key" is twofold:02:09
_dennister4103:error:02001002:system library:fopen:No such file or directory:bss_file.c:352:fopen('server.key','r')02:10
_dennisterfollowed by a similar error message about lib:bss02:10
jmedinait says there is no server.key file in the current directory02:11
_dennisterok...thanks for the translation...i have to be in a different directory? eg /etc/ssl?02:12
_dennisteri've never worried about which directory i'm in before when i generated keys02:13
jmedina_dennister: what howto/manual are you reading?02:14
jmedinayou missed the first command the one to generate the private wey02:16
_dennisterlol...how silly of me02:17
_dennisterdoesn't help that the documentation is now split up into different sections02:18
_dennisterjmedina: i started out with https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/httpd.html...but that one doesn't tell you how to generate any keys...right away sends you to the certificates howto02:23
jmedinabut the certificates howto does02:24
jmedinathe httpd only tell you need to create a certificate and a key, I think it is ok02:24
_dennisteryes, and that's where i went, like a dutiful documentation-follower02:24
_dennisteri know from experience that i don't want this user to have to enter a passphrase, so i did for him what i usually do for myself: generate the passphrase-less key by:openssl rsa -in server.key -out server.key....then i get errors and we're right back where we started02:27
uvirtbot`_dennister: Error: "^^" is not a valid command.02:28
_dennisteryou said i missed a step, but which one, and where is it?02:29
jmedinain the "Generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)" section02:29
jmedinaWhether you are getting a certificate from a CA or generating your own self-signed certificate, the first step is to generate a key.02:30
jmedinatyhat one02:30
_dennisterand getting that key is the first step that I'm having trouble with!02:31
jmedinathe the warning about the passprashe and the known problems  and the how to remove the passprhrase with they command you first typed02:31
_dennisteri try to generate the key itself, and i get errors02:31
jmedinawith this: openssl genrsa -des3 -out server.key 1024   ?02:32
_dennistersimilar to that one...further down it says if you want passphrase-less, leave out the des3 switch02:32
jmedinayeap, and what is the problem?02:33
_dennisterand type in: openssl rsa -in server.key -out server.key.insecure...that's what i usually do and it's successful02:33
_dennisterthis time it's not successful...i'm getting errors so can't get a key generated02:33
jmedinabut that is not the usual way, unless you have a pre existing key file named server.key02:34
jmedinaI have never read that howto, but that is the way to do it02:35
jmedina_dennister: sorry I have to go02:36
_dennisterwhat an idiot....02:36
ScottKYou or him?02:37
_dennisterlol...him...i was just gonna apologize to the channel02:38
_dennisterhe was trying to help, really, but sending me in circles and deepening my frustration02:38
ScottKI can understand the frustration (and I've said worse), but we do try to keep things polite around here ....02:39
* ScottK reads the scrollback.02:39
_dennisterand guess what? i've now solved my problem :) despite him leading me astray...yes, and i'm usually ultra-polite, which is why i was going to make the apology to the channel02:39
ScottKWhat was it?02:41
_dennisterit was the genrsa step i hadn't done...the way the howto is written now (and it was also this way in the past) is a problem02:41
ScottK_dennister: Please file a bug against ubuntu-doc so we can get it fixed.02:42
_dennisterok, it's not really a bug though...it's really a simple logical-order problem02:43
_dennisterand i seem to remember that I have to reveal my identity and all sorts of stuff like that to file bugs02:43
ScottKIf the documentation led you astray, IMO, it's a bug.02:44
ScottKAnd assuming you are actually Simon Breton it's not like you're particulalry hiding out here.02:44
_dennisterthe way the documentation is, will work for people, but following it to the letter means that people will be stuck with a passphrase and apache won't load at boot02:45
_dennisterand i'm not simon...simon is a 12-year-old gifted kid i'm building this server for :-)02:45
ScottKRight, so at least a warning note or something.02:45
* ScottK hears a dog throwing up and goes to investigate.02:46
_dennisteri'll consider geting another wiki name or something...yes, it does bother this english major when documentation can be better and more logically-organized02:48
ScottK_dennister: If it's actually a problem for you to file the bug, then just pastebin me what should go in it and I'll file it.02:49
_dennisterScottK: thank you. i will; should take me about 5 minutes02:55
_dennisterScottK: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m7173edb5 perhaps i've been repetitive, but that's my style: paragraphs and leaving no room for misunderstanding if i can help it. edit as you will :-)03:21
ScottK_dennister: Thanks.  I'll look it over.  Being painfully clear is fine.03:22
_dennisterno probs. i actually like to contribute, but i think more women would contribute and become members of the community if some anonymity options were available, but we're all discouraged from giving handles, men and women alike03:26
Bangers2ubuntu-vm-builder doesn't accept my "--firstboot" paramters, except it appears throughout some documentation04:27
Bangers2am i missing something?04:27
jmarsdenBangers2: Did you install python-vm-builder, or the older ubuntu-vm-builder ?  And which script are you actually running?04:31
jmarsdenBangers2: If you install python-vm-builder, and use its vmbuilder script, --firstboot should work as documented, at least it seems to here for vmserver VMs.04:34
Bangers2Im using hardy with ubuntu-vm-builder package04:35
Bangers2does my older script doesnt actually support the --firstboot?04:35
jmarsdenI only started using VMs recently (in Intrepid) so I don't know the answer to that.04:37
uvirtbot`New bug: #314952 in samba (main) "samba update filed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31495204:46
peepsaloti'm using reading a man page over ssh in putty and instead of apostrophes I see an "a" with a caret over it.  anyone know why this is?04:55
jmarsdenpeepsalot: Probably Putty is not Unicode-capable but your TERM setting and locate tell the remote system to use Unicode, or the reverse...04:58
* ScottK hands peepsalot manpages.ubuntu.com04:58
jmarsdenWell, that's a workaround... it won't really solve the underlying issue :)05:00
peepsaloti should set putty to UTF-8?05:00
jmarsdenpeepsalot: Make sure you have not defined LESSCHARSET to something interesting, play around a bit ... does  LANG=C man man  work fine, for example?05:01
jmarsdenpeepsalot: If the remote host is using UTF8, yes.05:01
peepsalotthe remote host is a fresh ubuntu 8.10 server install05:01
peepsaloti'm not sure how to tell what it's using05:01
jmarsdenecho $LANG05:02
peepsalotah ok, utf-8 it is05:02
jmarsdenIf that includes the string UTF-8, then that is a big clue :)05:02
peepsalotyeah looks like the apostrophes are showing now05:04
peepsalotthanks guys05:04
jmarsdenGood, you've got it fixed.  No problem.05:04
peepsalotbeen running linux on desktop for years, but this is my first headless server to admin.  got lots to learn. like how to use screen, which i've been meaning to learn for a while now05:07
Kamping_Kaiseronce you can attach,detach, and create new screens, you know enough to get around ;)05:08
peepsalotyou guys use mc much?05:12
jmarsdenNot me... but if you used Norton Commander back in the days of MSDOS on 286s, you'll probably like mc :)05:13
Chipzzjmarsden: putty IS unicode capable05:13
jmarsdenChipzz: Yes, but apparently UTF-8 was not enabled by default on peepsalot's version of it.05:14
Chipzzpeepsalot: http://anti.teamidiot.de/nei/2007/02/irssi_putty_screen_unicode_utf/05:14
Chipzzthat's about putty / screen / irssi05:14
Chipzzbut may be able to help you05:15
Kamping_Kaiserwhy use putty instead of a strait ssh connection?05:17
jmarsdenKamping_Kaiser: If the local PC is running Windows, with no Cygwin, maybe?05:17
Kamping_Kaiserjmarsden, i took "been running linux on desktop for years" to mean "I'm not currently sitting at a doze box"05:18
jmarsdenMany people have more than one desktop machine... peepsalot, help us out... are you running Putty under Windows, or under Linux?05:19
peepsalotit's windows.  there's no problem to help with at the moment though.  :-)05:20
Alysumhello I have a 10GB disk but when I mount it and do df it says it's 4GB, how can I increase the fs please?05:20
Alysumshould I use tune2fs or something?05:20
Kamping_KaiserAlysum, has it been partitioned ?05:21
peepsalotKamping_Kaiser, i am on a windows box at my work.  i have all ubuntu boxes at home though05:21
jmarsdenAlysum: Are you confusing the size of a partition with the size of the disk?  Do you understand the difference?05:21
Kamping_KaiserAlysum, you could check with "sudo fdisk -l"05:21
Alysumwell does any of you know/use amazon web services S3?05:21
Kamping_Kaiserpeepsalot, :) I've done the 'doze at work for admining servers' thing before. it sucked a lot.05:21
AlysumI have a snapshot of a 4GB volume which I put on a 10GB volume05:22
Alysumparted /device show that it's 10B05:22
Kamping_Kaiserah, now thats the cause.05:22
peepsalotKamping_Kaiser, doesn't seem so bad really.  as long as I've got ssh, whats the difference?05:22
Alysumdf -h shows 4GB05:22
jmarsdenAh, OK.  You would need to do something like boot from CD and then use a partition resizer to resize the 4GB partition05:22
Kamping_Kaiserpeepsalot, workspaces, keyboard shotcuts, tools to do quick local checks of scripts, etc, etc05:22
jmarsdenIs this a local machine to you?05:22
Alysumno no Im using console on a remote server :)05:22
jmarsdenWow, then I think you messed up; I do not know of a good way to resize the running root partition...05:23
Alysumare you sure it needs resizing since parted shows 10GB already? I assume thats the size of it but FS doesnt know that05:23
Alysumno its a mounted secondary one05:24
Alysumno worries here05:24
Alysums an ext3 one btw05:24
Alysumsomething like xfs_grow is probably what I need05:25
Kamping_KaiserAlysum, as long as you can unmount the partition to do the resize offline, your ok05:25
jmarsdenCan you umount it?  If so then you can do that and use ... what is it called... e2fsresize or something like that...?  Let me try and find it...05:25
Alysumyes I cna unmount it and all but looking for the utility name, ta05:26
jmarsdenhttp://www.howtoforge.com/linux_resizing_ext3_partitions # has info using resize2fs but you haev to downgrade the fs to ext2 first, which is awkward, and the info is a bit old...05:28
ChipzzAlysum: why did you mention tune2fs when you're using xfs?05:28
Chipzzoh wait05:28
Chipzz"something like xfs_grow"05:29
jmarsdenChipzz: Yu would use tune2fs to disable jounralling (ext3 -> ex2) before using resize2fs05:29
AlysumIm ext305:29
Chipzzjmarsden: he confused me with: 06:25 < Alysum> something like xfs_grow is probably what I need05:29
Alysumyes thats a bit odd downgrading to etx2 lol05:29
Kamping_Kaiserthe only real difference is the journal05:29
AlysumIm also confused with why parted shows 10GB05:30
hadsYou should be able to online resize with ext3 these days shouldn't you?05:30
Alysumparted is a partition editor right05:30
jmarsdenhads: I'm not sure, is the online resizing stuff all safe now?  It might be...05:31
Kamping_Kaiserhads, i think it depends on th version of the tools you have available. you probably could in a modern ubuntu system, but i'd still be a bit wary of it05:31
jmarsdenAlysum: Yes, but there is a difference between the size of a partition and the size a filesystem thinks it is.05:31
jmarsdenYou have a 10GB partition now, it seems... but your FS has info in it saying it is a 4GB filesystem.05:32
hadsYeah, I don't use ext3 for data partitions so I'm not sure.05:32
Alysumjmarsden yes05:32
Kamping_Kaiserext4's hit mainline now. wonder how long until we get a room full of people who had to use the bleeding edge coming in with busted filesystems05:33
Alysumsurely there must be an easy tool for etx fs05:35
jmarsdenI'm not seeing anything beyond ext2resize and resize2fs in my Googling so far...05:35
Kamping_Kaiseri think resize2fs is where its at05:36
jmarsdenYes, that's what it looks like from here too.05:36
jmarsdenAlysum: So, man resize2fs and go from there.  The man page for Intrepid says it can handle ext3 directly now, and also do so onlinenow05:37
jmarsdenI'd suggest doing it offline if you have that option, it feels safer to me...05:37
jmarsdenoffline as in with the fs unmounted05:38
Alysumresize2fs did it05:39
Alysumthanks guys05:39
jmarsdenGood :)  No problem.05:39
Kamping_KaiserAlysum, did you go ext3 offline resize or ext3 online?05:40
Alysumresize2fs /dev/sdh 10G05:42
Alysumresize2fs 1.40.8 (13-Mar-2008)05:42
AlysumFilesystem at /dev/sdh is mounted on /mnt/s3; on-line resizing required05:42
Alysumso online :)05:42
jmarsdenSo it "just worked" online... good to know.05:42
Zombie_GazApache2 question for anyone: how would I create a custom 404 error page? I've tried to research via web with no luck.05:51
peepsalothrm, this cups guide does not seem very thorough.  I don't know what I'm doing here.  https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/cups.html05:52
peepsaloti've never had to set up cups before05:53
hadsZombie_Gaz: ErrorDocument05:54
hadsI didn't remember that off the top of my head but found it by googling "apache custom 404"05:54
Zombie_Gazright. so in apach2.conf i have... 'ErrorDocument 404 /missing.html'05:55
Zombie_Gazso it should pull missing.html for a 404, right?05:55
peepsalotis there supposed to be a web interface for cups admin?  if I try to access the cups server i get a 403 forbidden.  this guide doesn't say much about how to configure cupsd.conf05:58
Chipzzany bash/screen experts here?06:05
jmarsdenChipzz: bash yes, screen not so much... ask your real question...06:07
peepsalotwoo, got cups going.  had to login from links locally, and use the web admin to allow remote web access, hehe06:08
peepsaloti'm not an expert, but I just read a tutorial on screen, so it's fresh in my mind :-P06:09
Chipzzjmarsden: I'm trying to get an extremely weird combination of bash prompt and the shelltitle sceen feature to work06:12
Chipzzjmarsden: you would need to be an expert in both to really help here I suppose06:13
jmarsdenYou can always ask and see .. what is your real question?06:13
Chipzzjmarsden: take a look at http://chipzz.safehex.be/docs/screenrc06:34
Chipzzthe 4 lines after: ### Window titlebar ###06:35
Chipzztrying to get that to work properly with the stock ubuntu .bashrc file, and running into weird issues06:35
Chipzzcase "$TERM" in06:35
ChipzzPS1="${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}""\\u@\\h:\\w\$ \ek\e\\" ;;06:36
Chipzzbut replacing the first set of "..." with '...' doesn't06:36
jmarsdenChipzz: The "" around $TERM?  Then TERM won't be expanded...06:37
Chipzzthe "" around ${debian_chroot...}06:37
jmarsdenOK, by my could that is the second set of "" in what you posted here... but the same applies I think, if you make them single quotes the ${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)} will try to be expanded at runtime not at .bashrc execution time.06:39
ChipzzI'm aware of that06:40
Chipzzplease read the rest of your stock .bashrc file06:40
Chipzz#if [ "$color_prompt" = yes ]; then06:41
Chipzz#    PS1='${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}\[\033[01;32m\]\u@\h\[\033[00m\]:\[\033[01;34m\]\w\[\033[00m\]\$ '06:41
Chipzz#    PS1='${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}\u@\h:\w\$ '06:41
Chipzz(commented out in my case)06:41
jmarsdenAhem, my .bashrc is very much non-stock :)  But I'll find the stock one...06:41
Chipzzthe stock .bashrc also delays that expansion till runtime06:41
Chipzz /etc/skel/.bashrc I suspect06:41
Chipzzthe defhstatus/shelltitle combo is a neat trick btw :)06:42
Chipzz*if* you get it to work06:42
Chipzzit shows the running command inside of screen in your windows titlebar06:42
jmarsdenSo you are saying that your version fails to work unless you use single quotes?06:45
jmarsdenHmmm.  I wonder if using screen effectively evaluates the stuff "twice" in some fashion?  But anyway, if it works with single quotes, use them and all is well, right??06:47
Chipzzit works with double quotes06:48
ChipzzI possibly want to get this upstream (in the ubuntu screen-tricks package/stock bashrc)06:48
Chipzzthere probably is a reason why they're using single quotes06:48
Chipzzso I'ld like to not deviate from that06:49
jmarsdenI'm confused, are you trying to get them into a .screenrc file -- or does the screen-tricks package somehow update the default .bashrc???06:50
jmarsdenStuff in .screenrc is being interpreted by screen, stuff in .bashrc is interpreted by bash... it's not surprising their approach to quotes differs, is it?  or am I misunderstanding?06:51
Chipzzjmarsden: both06:52
Chipzzthere's 2 parts to getting this to work06:53
Chipzzfirst involves .screenrc, which I would like to get into the screen-tricks package06:53
Chipzzsecond involves .bashrc, which I would like to get into the relevant package06:53
Chipzzanyway gtg, ttyl06:55
jmarsdenGood luck on the second part :)  Hmm.  OK.06:55
Scixgood morning from norway :)07:20
ScixI've installed openLDAP server on a Ubuntu Server 8.10.where can i find the sldap.conf file? In 8.04 it was in /etc/ldap/07:21
hadsIt's moved to cn=config07:23
henkjanScix: starting from ubuntu 8.10 openldap uses cn=config for its configuration07:24
henkjanScix: check https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/openldap-server.html07:24
ScixOK, tank you :)07:24
nomingziw3m => light-weight browser for CLI, so I can use "Tab" to jump from link to another, but how do i jump backward to previous link (I have tried to use Shift+Tab but it won't work) please advise, thanks10:14
henriquelmHello there11:17
henriquelmHow can I check which version of openldap I have installed?11:18
JGJonesWhat's a good directory server to use these days on which distro?11:54
JGJonesie Fedora Directory Server?11:54
sommerJGJones: I like openldap on ubuntu :)12:07
ScottKsommer: Would you please take a look at Bug 314951?  I gather it's in your area (Server Guide).13:34
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 314951 in ubuntu-doc "SSL certificate generation docs could be clearer" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31495113:34
maswanHm. If anyone would happen to be sitting on a couple of opteron 2384s on hardy, I'd much appriciate an "openssl speed rsa4096 -multi 8" output (assuming dual quad core for number of -multi). :)14:24
ballAnyone here using software RAID?14:35
ball_ruben: at what RAID level?14:39
ballIs RAID 5 the most demanding in terms of CPU load?14:40
ballJeeves_: any thoughts on RAID 5 Vs. RAID 1+0 ?14:42
Deepshigher risk of data loss in raid 514:42
Deeps(only 1 redundant disk)14:43
ballhello jfontan14:43
jfontanhow's it going?14:44
ballDeeps: I suppose data loss resulting from two drives failing in RAID 1+0 depends on the drives the fail14:44
balls/the fail/that fail/14:44
balljfontan: not too bad thanks.14:44
ballJust thinking about RAID.14:44
Jeeves_ball: cpu is not very noticable14:44
Deepsball: indeed, whereas 2 disks fail in raid5 and you're done14:44
ballIs RAID 5 easier to grow?14:45
Jeeves_ball: No clue14:46
ballThanks Deeps14:47
maswanraid6 for data (raidsets of 8-14 disks)14:48
Deepsaye thats what i'd do for that quantity of disks14:49
Deepswith a hotspare14:49
* ball isn't even sure what RAID 6 is14:50
ballPerhaps I predate it :-)14:50
yann2raid 5 with 2 spare disks instead of 1 :)14:50
ballAh, I was about to ask about that.14:50
maswanwell, 2 parity disks, not spare14:50
yann2sorry yes14:50
ball...thought that was still RAID 514:50
yann2you can have raid 5+1 which would be raid 5 with a spare :P14:51
maswanyann2: ehm. or you could mean a mirrored pair of raid5:s with 5+114:51
yann2oh am I saying bullshit14:52
yann2yes I think you are right14:52
ballyeah, to say "5+1" for RAID 5 with a hot spare is confusing.14:52
ballI thought that, but wasn't going to say anything ;-)14:52
yann2ok sorry I'm afk again then ;)14:52
ballhello jjesse14:54
jjessehello ball14:55
ballhello Shanix_15:17
Shanix_ball, hi15:17
Steve[cug]hey everyone15:29
Steve[cug]I have a question about NFS in a HA environment15:29
Steve[cug]I have setup heartbeat to fail NFS over and setup fsids in /etc/exports for the nfs kernel server, however when I fail over I get Stale NFS file Handle errors.  if I remount everything looks great however.  Any thoughts?15:29
zulmathiaz: the mysql-5.1 package needs some work, like the root password stuff hasnt been backported amongst other things16:12
zulmathiaz: but we should add  a BIG FAT WARNING to it though16:12
nyarlaAny roundcube webmail users here? Beware. There is a vulnerability disclosed recently which has been actively searched by bots for a week. My apache server is reporting such attacks every 20 minutes today.16:15
mathiazzul: warning about what?16:16
zulmathiaz: thats its not really supported by the ubuntu server team just yet16:17
zulthat its not as polished as the mysql version in main (ie: apparmor etc)16:17
mathiazzul: well - it's in universe16:18
zultrue im just building it locally before uploading it16:18
kizerI am trying to make a script that will email me information16:24
kizerwhat command would I use to be able to do that16:25
jackiekizer: you can use cron for that. With cron you can scedule a script to send the email16:31
kizerwell, I don't know the command for having an email sent16:36
ivokscroatian CERT released a document with analysis of ubuntu security16:37
penrodgot a "simple" question : is there a documentation on the ./configure parameters for PHP on 8.04 somewhere - looking but not finding it......16:38
ivoksconclusion was that users should try ubuntu cause of very good security records16:38
ivokspenrod: ? you are compiling php?16:39
* ball shudders16:39
penrodyes -16:39
ivokspenrod: you don't like php from ubuntu packages?16:39
penrodreason being i need a previous version16:40
ivoksapt-get source php516:40
ivokscheck out debian/rules file16:40
jdstrandivoks: \o/16:41
ivoksjdstrand: ;)16:41
ivoksjdstrand: everything was green or '100%'16:41
ivoksjdstrand: better than opensuse, fedora and vista16:41
ivokswell, that's their conclusion16:41
ivoksit's a 20 pages long document16:42
kizerDoes anyone know how to email from command line?16:44
ivoksmutt ; mail16:44
ballDoes US come with "mail"?16:45
ivoksjust type mail and hit enter16:45
kizerI'm sorry, I'm not familier with "mail"16:45
ballcat cabbage.txt|mail -s Cabbages ball@cyberspace.org16:45
kizerhmm.. I think that's what I'm looking for16:45
ivoksball: i'm not sure, but it's in mailutils package16:45
ballivoks: thanks.16:46
kizeryeah I'm getting mailutils via apt-get16:47
jackiekizer: you can use sendmail for sending mail.16:49
greenflyuse "mail" unless you need to do something fancy, then you might want to look into something like mutt16:53
jdstrandivoks: cool :) now with mdeslaur here, we will hopefully do even better16:55
keesivoks: do you have a URL for that report?  :)17:03
Zombie_GazzaWhy would ssh only work on my ip address and not my hostname... when httpd works on both ip and hostname?17:05
Zombie_Gazzaerp sshd i mean17:06
jmarsdenZombie_Gazza: Check that both /etc/hosts and your DNS server have correct info for your host?17:06
Zombie_Gazzain /etc/hosts17:07
Zombie_Gazzawould i add a line with the ip# to point to my hostname?17:07
keesivoks: http://www.cert.hr/filehandler.php?did=357 ?17:07
Zombie_Gazzaie; to this.com17:07
jmarsdenZombie_Gazza: Yes... but it should be there already; if not look for one saying myhostname.whatever  and change the to the real IP; I don't know how that one gets there but have seen it on some Ubuntu desktop machines17:08
Zombie_Gazzathat's what's in there17:08
Zombie_Gazzajust to mne17:09
jmarsdenLeave the alone, if there a one as well?17:09
jmarsdenYou want something like:
jmarsden172.17.17.100black.jmarsden.org black17:10
orogorhi here17:11
Zombie_Gazzayea, there is17:11
orogoranyone knows if there s a gui for lvm2 management ?17:11
jmarsdenZombie_Gazza: I need to leave for work... OK, edit the oen and leave the localhost alone.17:11
Zombie_Gazzado i need to resrtrart?17:11
Zombie_Gazzaor should that just do it.17:11
frojnd_hello there17:13
frojnd_I've been trying to establish connection for 2 days now with ubuntu server but somehow I don't have that luck to do it17:14
=== frojnd_ is now known as frojnd
jmarsdenZombie_Gazza: Restart sshd, no need to restart the whole machine17:14
frojndI've checked cables, even bought a new lan card17:15
frojndand I still can't ping nor router nor anything17:15
Zombie_Gazzajmarsden: I have    dante.taxreligion.com dante in my /etc/hosts file... i did a ssh restart.17:16
Zombie_GazzaYet, still... can't resolve hostname.17:17
orogorfrojnd, interface is up has an ip , etc ...?17:17
jmarsdenZombie_Gazza: Your server machine is directly on the public Internet?  No firewall in the way, no NAT, or anything like that?17:17
frojndorogor: I've set  /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/resolf.conf17:18
Zombie_GazzaThere's a router.17:18
Zombie_GazzaBut I have an exception for the port17:18
frojndorogor: than /etc/inint.d/network/restart17:18
kizerfor some reason mail doesn't seem to be playing nice with my gmail acount17:18
jmarsdenZombie_Gazza: The IP address in /etc/hosts needs to be the local IP of the server, not the public one.17:18
frojndorogor: but light won't turn on on the switch when ubuntu boots17:18
Zombie_GazzaI'll try that.17:19
kizerit says  "mail delivery failed"17:19
orogorfrojnd, hardware issue , check cable, try with another pc17:19
Zombie_Gazzassh: Could not resolve hostname dante.taxreligion.com: No address associated with hostname17:20
DeepsZombie_Gazza: on the machine, try `host dante.taxreligion.com`17:20
frojndorogor: I've changed cables and card17:21
DeepsZombie_Gazza: on the same machine you're trying to ssh from17:21
frojndon the second card the light is on on the switch17:21
Zombie_Gazzathat gives me my public hostname17:21
Deepsyep, if it cant resolve, the problem's with your dns configuration on that machine17:21
Zombie_GazzaHost dante.taxreligion.com.freeshell.org not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)17:21
orogorfrojnd, so now you have the light ?  or there s 2 card one with a light one without ?17:22
Deepsyou need to edit your resolv.conf17:22
Deepsat a guess, you have a line in there: domain freeshell.org17:22
frojndDeeps: I can't even ping my router...17:22
Deepsif so, remove it17:22
frojndbbl in 40ins17:22
Zombie_Gazzaoh wow17:22
Deepsfrojnd: i wasn't talking to you, i was talking to Zombie_Gazza, sorry.17:22
Zombie_Gazzaon the host i'm trying to ssh FROM17:23
jmarsdenZombie_Gazza: Sounds like hosts file now OK, DNS not yet... I need to go, Deeps can help you from here...17:23
Deepshosts file was never the problem, heh17:23
Deepson the host you're trying to ssh from, yes17:24
Zombie_Gazzai need to edit?17:24
Deepsyou should try a `host dante.taxreligion.com`17:24
Deepsif that cant resolve, with the error as you described above17:24
Deepsyou need to edit the /etc/resolv.conf file17:25
Deepsat a guess, you have a line in there: domain freeshell.org17:25
Zombie_Gazzaedit /etc/resolv.conf on MY machine?17:25
Deeps3rd time17:25
Deepson the machine you're trying to ssh from, perform `host dante.taxreligion.com`; if it cant resolve, the problem is with the dns configuration of that machine.17:25
Deepsand you'll need to edit the resolv.conf17:26
Deepson that machine17:26
Zombie_Gazzaok. but I don't own that machine... ;)17:26
Zombie_Gazzaso i guess this really isn't my problem at all.17:26
Deepsthe problem's with the dns configuration on that machine17:26
Zombie_Gazzai just have a shell that i'm sshing from to test my ssh17:26
Zombie_Gazzahere's the thing tho...17:27
Zombie_Gazzaeven when i use Putty via win i can't access my machine17:27
Deepsdebug1: Connecting to dante.taxreligion.com [] port 22.17:27
Deepstimes out17:27
jdstrandkees: thanks for the url. can you translate it for me?17:27
Zombie_Gazzait's not on port 2217:27
Zombie_Gazzatry port 960017:27
Deepsconnects fine here, RSA key fingerprint is 02:a4:ac:c1:cb:e5:fe:46:13:95:71:4c:84:ad:7b:eb.17:28
Deepsso your ssh server is fine17:28
Deepsyour ssh clients however, is where your problems are, i'm afraid17:28
Zombie_Gazzawell then why can't i access it from both my windows machine at work and from my other shell account./17:29
Deepstry to resolve the hostname on the machines17:29
Deepstry to connect via IP directly if the hostname doesn't resolve17:29
Deepsif you can connect via IP directly, then the problem's DNS on those machines17:29
Zombie_GazzaI CAN connect via IP.17:29
Zombie_Gazza(on the shell account)17:29
Deepsthen you have DNS issues there17:29
Zombie_GazzaI CAN'T connect anyway via windows.17:30
Deepssounds like firewalling on the windows machines17:30
Deepswork blocking outbound 9600/tcp17:30
Deepsfrom my local windows machine, local linux machine and remote linux machine i can get that RSA fingerprint from your sshd17:30
Deepsso the problem is not with your sshd17:31
Deepsand i can resolve the hostname correctly so your dns server on the domain is fine17:31
Deepsdepending on when you added the dns record, you may find that some machines have cached the result17:31
Deepsin that it gets an old ip, or no ip at all, in the machine's local dns cache17:32
Zombie_GazzaWhat if I changed the port recently?17:32
Zombie_GazzaIt was 22... now it's 9600.17:32
Deepsport has no relation to A records17:32
Zombie_GazzaI think the windows machine is b/c of a firewall like you said.17:33
Zombie_GazzaI'll look into that.17:33
Zombie_GazzaBut why would my shell not like the hostname?17:33
Zombie_GazzaI mean... it worked two days ago. I know DNS hasn't changed since then.17:33
Zombie_GazzaYou're awesome... it was the firewall. I still had the old port in the exception.17:35
Zombie_GazzaI'm still confussed about the shell though.17:36
zulmathiaz: mysql-5.1 uploaded17:45
mathiazzul: awesome!17:46
zulit will still need a lot of work to beat into shape though17:46
keesjdstrand: I think it says, "Ubuntu rocks!"  :)17:48
mathiazzul: what else is required?17:49
zulmathiaz: there is a list of things that need to be done hold on a sec17:51
ScottKzul: Great to hear.17:51
zulmathiaz: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/102264/ + apparmor and ubuntu changes17:52
zulit uses lsb_release to determine the distribution so we dont have to worry about somethings17:54
ScottKzul: Riddell accepted 5.1 for you.17:58
zulmathiaz: php 5.2.8 is out i think it would be good for jaunty since debian is still at 5.2.6 still17:59
martin__anyone here gotten Sieve/Dovecot/Postfix working on 8.10?   it looks so straight forward, but for some reason its just not picking up my sieve scripts18:00
mathiazzul: right - seems like 5.2.8 has a lot of bug fixes over 5.2.618:01
mathiazkirkland: about screenbin - is it possible to specify your own AMIs?18:06
kirklandmathiaz: not at the moment, but as soon as I get the code in a bzr branch, i will accept a patch to do so :-)18:07
Riddellzul: I take it this means mysql should build in jaunty now?  I was told it didn't at UDS itme18:09
zulRiddell: it does now yes18:13
mathiazRiddell: right - a compiler flag had to be added18:13
frojndOk... I'm back18:14
LamoHope its ok to ask this here. I have a LAMP server on a Intrepid laptop I have setup for testing software so I don't break my real server. I installed bugzilla3 on it and it seems to work up until the point of logging in. The bugzilla main page comes up but won't accept any usr/pass. My account info should be the info for bugzilla3 database right?18:14
frojndI've two lan cards in the computer, if I do lspci I can see both and the light on the switch turns on only if I connect cable to the second one. I've set up /etc/network/interfaces but I don't know if I did it right for this new lan card. How can I check if the card that cable is currently on is eth0 or eth1 or what18:19
frojndAnyone here pelase ?18:20
frojndI'm trying to connect server to the internet for 2 days now18:21
ballfrojnd: are you using the same cable to test both NICs?18:22
frojndball: yes18:22
ballIf you don't get a link light with one NIC, but you do with the other, I would regard with suspicion the card that isn't giving you a link18:23
frojndball: i0m not sure that the original card is not working since the light turns on when restart but when booting to ubuntu it turns off18:24
ballSame chipset on both cards?18:24
frojndball: just a sec to check...18:24
frojndball: the original card worked before on that computer but after upgrading to 8.10 not..18:25
frojndit was clean install18:25
frojndball: one is ralink and one is realtek18:26
ScottKIf you didn't uninstall the Hardy kernel, you might try booting into that and see if it works then.18:26
frojndthe one that is on board implemented is raling and thi is the one that won't turn on when in ubuntu18:27
frojndScottK: it was a clean install18:27
frojndhow can I check if the card is on ?18:28
frojndthe new one18:28
ballfrojnd: I don't know how to configure network adaptors on Ubuntu Server.  Mine "just worked"[tm]18:29
frojndball: good for you18:31
ballfrojnd: someone here probably knows though18:33
ball(and I need to find out anyway)18:33
=== djiezes is now known as djiezes_afk
frojndwhat do I hae to put in the nameservers ?18:35
frojndbeside Ips..18:35
frojndsearch ???18:35
frojndhow do I find out what is my ???18:36
frojndu know like;18:36
frojndsearch mydomain.example18:36
frojndwhat is "mydomain"18:36
joe-machas anyone gotten partman-auto-raid working?18:37
frojndor how can  Ifigure it out is this the name before @ in my shell ?18:37
ballfrojnd: your ISP should know.18:37
joe-maci noticed the udeb is MIA from the installer18:37
frojndball: ah u don't get it18:37
joe-macso i dropped the udeb in its proper place, but it's not recognized. guessing i need to rebuild the initrd or something18:37
ballfrojnd: I was answering your DNS question18:38
frojndis my domain linux-z4in ? if in terminal is zzoe@linux-z4in:~>18:38
frojndball: I know what are my dnss :)18:38
frojndjust don't know hwat is my domain name18:38
ballI don't know either.18:39
joe-macpartman-auto-raid, anybody, somebody's got to be using it18:40
frojndball: hostname command shows it18:41
frojnddamn it18:43
frojndunknown host www.google.com18:43
frojndunknown host which is my router..18:43
frojndthis is driving me crazy18:43
ballfrojnd: did you set a default gateway?18:44
frojndball: yes18:44
ballAre you using DHCP?18:44
frojndno static18:45
frojndball: I have static IPs18:45
ballWhat IP address did you give that interface?18:46
ballLooks reasonable to me.18:48
frojndcan someone please here me out that know the interfaces18:53
orogorhi here18:58
orogori have some problems with lvm2 can anyone help me ?.18:58
kizerI'm sorta a noob at servers and I'm trying to secure a small one at home19:07
kizercould anyone give me some tips?19:07
martin__what you trying to do? :)19:07
ballkizer: turn everything off and then turn on just the things you need on just the interfaces that you need.19:08
kizersecure the ports19:08
kizerwell, I did a simple port scan from a client machine19:08
ball(e.g. if your new server is going to stream video around the house, have it do that on the LAN port, not the Internet line.)19:08
kizerso far the only port that showed up were the ones that I opened19:08
zoopsterfrojnd: we're all ears for your problem, but your interfaces file is dead on19:08
ballkizer: what do you have open?19:09
kizerssh, apache (port 80) and ftp19:09
kizeroh and webmin19:09
nomadlogic_being seeing this kernel warning/trace on some of our servers, wondering if anyone else has seen this:19:10
ballftp's probably a bad idea.  I don't know Webmin19:10
kizerwell the FTP is login only19:10
nomadlogic_google didn't turn anything helpful up19:10
kizerI'm also trying to port forward my server19:10
kizerbut I don't know how to test it with my network19:10
frojndzoopster: what do u mean ?19:11
kizerif it's connecting to the internet19:11
ballkizer: port forward from your router to your server?19:11
frojndzoopster: what info do u need to help me ?19:11
=== djiezes_afk is now known as djiezes
kizerBall: I believe thats the config19:13
ballkizer: what?19:13
kizerport forward from router to server19:13
zoopsterfrojnd: what you showed as your interface file is dead on...and the details you showed earlier today is absolutely correct from an interfaces perspective.19:14
zoopsterfrojnd: you had mentioned that the switch port was not lighting up...did you resolve that?19:14
kizerI only allowed port 21-20, 80-80 and 22-2219:14
frojndzoopster: yes I've put in a new pci card.. the light is on now19:14
frojndzoopster: I also changed eth0 to eth1 in interfaces assuming "new" card is eth119:15
frojndzoopster: result is still the same: host unknown19:15
zoopsterfrojnd: the only other suggestion I have is 1) verify you can ping your gateway then 2) verify you can ping another IP address beyond that gateway19:15
zoopsterfrojnd: that is another problem...let's make sure you can ping IP addr's first19:16
frojndzoopster: I can't ping nothing... NOTHING :S19:16
frojndhost unknow19:16
kizerOne thing that might be screwing things up is, even though I set my router to port forward I also have dsl modem19:17
frojndzoopster: any ideas ?19:18
ballkizer: I's use sftp rather than ftp19:18
ballkizer: That's what I have at home: [DSL modem]----[router]---[host]19:18
ballI have ssh forwarded from the router to my host.19:19
ballkizer: do you use static IP or DHCP on the LAN?19:19
kizerI can access the server from within the network19:20
ballokay good, that helps19:20
ballWhy are you using ftp btw?19:20
kizerso I was able to test that the ports that I wanted were open and everthing else was closed19:20
kizerSo I could grab files of the server when not at home19:21
kizerthat's wouldn't be a problem though.. would it?19:21
ballkizer: you can do that through your SSH port, less insecurely19:21
ballkizer: are you connecting from a Windows machine?19:22
kizerall linux19:22
=== djiezes is now known as djiezes_afk
kizerI'm ssh'd into the machine rightnow19:22
nemoegoI'm having trouble getting samba shares set up using ebox to work: when i try to access the share, i continue to get a password prompt19:22
ballkizer: great!  Linux is bound to come with an sftp client19:23
ball(or have one easily installable)19:23
ballnemoego: so type your password for that share.19:23
mlopezqcnemoego, you want to access without beeing asked for a password?19:24
zoopsterfrojnd: the only ideas I have are to do a ifconfig and post the details to pastebin - need to see if you have any traffic first on which interface19:24
zoopsterfrojnd: you can use mii-tool -v to see what is linked and it's status19:25
zoopsterfrojnd: you can use ethtool if you wish...I think they are both installed by default19:26
nemoegomlopezqc: ball: i type the correct password, and get the password prompt again19:26
nemoegoi think that ebox by default configures the server to use openLDAP19:26
frojndzoopster: mii-tool -v says: eth1: negotiated 100baseTx-FD, link ok than is some product info basic mod enabled, basic status ok19:27
zoopsterfrojnd: ok...good19:28
zoopsterfrojnd: ifconfig eth1 shows traffic?19:28
frojndzoopster: just dropped: 104343419:29
zoopsterfrojnd: you see rx/tx stats that are something other than 0?19:29
zoopsterfrojnd: dropped=1043434?19:29
frojndzoopster: no everything is 019:34
zoopsterfrojnd: interesting...so there is no communication at all on that interface even though it is connected to the switch...odd.19:35
uvirtbot`New bug: #315190 in samba (main) "package samba-common 2:3.2.3-1ubuntu3.4 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1p" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31519019:35
zoopsterfrojnd: any errors in your syslog?19:37
mlopezqcnemoego, yes but did you set de password first?19:39
orogori got some issue with lvm , it doesn activate at boot time and interrupt boot process,anyone has an idea about that ?19:40
nemoegomlopezqc: yes, I created the user and gave that user permissions to the share using ebox19:40
mlopezqcnemoego, how did you create de user?19:41
nemoegomlopezqc: using the 'add user' option in the 'users and groups' section of ebox19:41
mlopezqcnemoego, I have never used ebox but consider that samba usually don't use the OS authentication system19:43
mlopezqcit uses its own database19:44
mlopezqcwhen I'm going to add a user to samba I use smbpasswd from the command line19:44
nemoegomlopezqc: yeah, that works if you are using the built-in samba users backend, but this is using ldap19:46
nemoegomlopezqc: i can see that the user exists by typing smbldap-usershow [username], but i think there is some problem with samba communicating with slapd...19:47
mlopezqcnemoego, I think the same19:48
mlopezqcmaybe you should see in the ldap logs if you are getting requests from samba19:50
nemoegoyeah, looking now19:50
Tim__Reichhartcan anybody tell me why I cant ping my server anymore from internal ip?19:57
=== djiezes_afk is now known as djiezes
Tim__Reichhartcan somebody tell me how to hide the my directory's in httpd.conf20:37
zoopsterTim__Reichhart: that's pretty basic stuff that a simple search will find - simply put a index.html in the directory20:41
kirklandmathiaz: okay, screenbin published at lp:screenbin20:50
kirklandmathiaz: feel free to branch and patch against that, with AMI selection fu20:50
* andol looks up what screenbin is...20:53
andolHmm, seems potentially really useful.20:53
martin__hot darn it - anyone here good with Sieve scripts? ...I am trying to delete blatant spam ...but whenever I put something in place, everything goes straight to inbox :/21:08
RediXeAny idea's: Got a client who right now has his domain mail.blah.com pointing to an exchange server. What are my options for migrating that domain to my ubuntu server with causing the least about of downtime?21:11
martin__set up all his users etc first ...then change dns?    if you can run them both in parralel21:11
RediXeHe has 2 users on that exchange server21:12
martin__I know nothing abotu exchange, guessing its not a standard mail format?21:12
RediXeI really have no idea as I don't know either. I just know he wanted this done yesterday so to speak21:12
martin__I did it recently from solaris - set everything up - kept running rsync to keep mail dirs in sync ... then shut down old_server, and switched dns ...users didnt even notice :P21:12
RediXeSo he makes it rain $$ and I have to figure this out lol21:13
gclericdid some say exchange?  I know a little...what's the issue?21:13
jjessechances are the client will loose old mail?21:13
jjesseunless you stand up new mail server and forward everything to the new server from the exchange21:13
jjessejust a thought21:13
RediXeYeah, have to migrate the mail over too21:13
martin__surely they can be exported somehow, then importanted into some kind of standard21:13
martin__if you forward, remember to fiddle with headings, or they all loose date stamp ..and maybe to/from21:14
martin__gcleric: did you actually have a trigger on the word 'exchange' ;-) ?21:15
gclericno... I can not tell a lie I saw exchange and did not read scrool back. =)21:16
martin__hehe - RediXe look what a quick google found (not tested, just found)  http://www.howtoforge.com/converting_outlook_pst_to_maildir21:16
martin__exchange can export to pst ... so that should pretty much take care of it21:16
martin__hehe - RediXe look what a quick google found (not tested, just found)  http://www.howtoforge.com/converting_outlook_pst_to_maildir21:25
martin__so I guess that takes care of the converting of mail ...since you can export to pst from exchange21:26
RediXeI got it :) thanks though21:26
RediXeI mean I got the link the first time*21:26
martin__wasnt sure, followed by a crash messaqge form you ;-)21:26
RediXeHaven't actually done anything yet. I barely got the mail server on our end up and going and I don't even know if it's right. Trying to learn so much in so little time :)21:26
martin__hehe, its fun21:27
martin__you going virtual with mail?21:27
RediXeI really have no idea - I followed a guide on setting up a server: http://morison.biz/technotes/articles/41  I really don't know anything about mail servers21:28
martin__mail servers are fun :)21:28
martin__(especially now that I finaly got my sieve script to work)21:29
RediXeI did that just playing around then Boss walked in and told me that one of the clients has a 2 user exchange server and said we need to migrate him to our server :P21:29
martin__you get paid for this? ..you lucky son of  .... hehe21:29
RediXelol yeah I love this job21:29
martin__is the server going to support several domains?21:29
RediXemy main roll is programming in C++ with wxWidgets21:29
RediXeThere is a good chance it might21:30
martin__then set it up right before you port anyway - there is a lot of personal preference here, but I like using a SQL backend for that21:30
RediXeDid you check out the link? Can you glance over it and give me any opinions on it?21:31
martin__this here howto is writen for debian, but you can easily use it on Ubuntu - it contains everything you need: http://workaround.org/articles/ispmail-etch/21:31
RediXeOur client lives about a 45 min flight away so we might be flying up to him21:31
RediXetomorrow night21:31
RediXeso kind of need to learn fast :P21:31
martin__I looked  ...  there is a lot of personal preference in the mail world ;-)   I dont like cyrus very much - I much prefer dovecot21:32
* hads likes dovecot21:32
martin__but that doesent mean cyrus is up for the task ... discussing mail software is almost like discussing linux flovors ;-)21:32
martin__if you set up a server with that howto, you would be well scaled for growth21:33
RediXeWell, I really hope this place grows because then I get paid more :D21:34
martin__2 mail users is really very very little, makes it pretty easy to fiddle with stuff like passwords and whatnot21:35
martin__(aka, just tell them to reset it ;-) )21:35
RediXeYeah, well that's what our client has who really knows nothing about computers21:35
=== ivoks_ is now known as ivoks
RediXeAlright, time to figure out how to undo what I have already done on the server :P21:37
martin__you should be set then    a) set up the mail server the way you like it (keep virtual in mind)   b) set his users up    c) export/import the pst files   d) shut down old server  e) repoint DNS21:37
RediXeWhile DNS is updating though I assume we have down time and Emails sent during that time get lost?21:37
RediXeincoming emails will be lost21:38
martin__mail takes care of that pretty well21:39
martin__smtp will retry for a few days21:39
martin__set the DNS poll to pretty low before you throw the switch21:39
martin__no mail should get lost (but it might get delayed)21:40
RediXeI think delay can be lived with - it's losing mail that would be bad :P21:40
kjurkiccant you set up linux box on DNS first, as secondary mail server, let propogate for a day or so before you pull plug?21:40
martin__even if something got lost (say..if you accidently did a boo-boo ;-) )  the sender would get notified that the mail did not go through21:41
kjurkicMX record or some such21:41
ivoksthere's always TTL21:41
* martin__ defies TTL ! 21:42
ivokseven though you DNS isn't working, if you domain has big enough TTL, other DNS servers won't ask your server for information, they'll use 'cache'21:42
ivoksi'm missing 'r' in those 'you'21:43
ivoksand s :)21:43
martin__but if you looking to switch DNS fast -  set the TTL low, so they will poll frequently  ...and you will have less of a downtime21:44
martin__just remember to set it back up again afterwards, and be a good internet citizen21:44
ivoksDNS switch is something you prepare for days21:45
* martin__ just discovered his sieve script was deleting good mail as well - !#($&#$21:45
ivokslowering TTL before the swtich21:45
martin__Anyone got a working sieve that deletes spam based on score?  (say, anything above 10)   I fail21:46
stiv2khello has anyone had experience setting up roundcube on Ubuntu 8.10 server edition?21:57
stiv2kI can't seem to figure out how to configure the database.21:57
ivoksstiv2k: sudo apt-get install roundcube-mysql22:06
stiv2kivoks: i think that's what I'm missing22:06
stiv2kivoks: now what?22:07
stiv2kivoks: i have a 'roundcube' database and a roundcube MySQL user with a password set (from a previous version of roundcube, when Ubuntu called it roundcube-webmail)22:08
stiv2kcan I use that or should I start over22:08
ivoksuse old one22:08
stiv2kivoks: I don't know how to tell roundcube to use it...plus I don't ever recall setting the password for the roundcube user but apparently there is one22:09
ivoksyou had roundcube before or this is a fresh install?22:09
stiv2ki had it before22:10
stiv2kthen when I upgraded to intrepid, it broke22:10
stiv2kbecause of all these changes22:10
stiv2kroundcube-webmail -> roundcube22:10
ivoksyou upgraded from which version?22:10
stiv2kivoks: from hardy22:11
stiv2kivoks: ?22:14
joe-macif i have a .udeb file and i want the debian-installer to recognize it, waht do i preseed??? i just want one single udeb file recognized by the debian-installer, that's it. someone has to know how to do this.22:15
ivoksstiv2k: in hardy, the name of the package was also roundcube-webmail22:15
stiv2kivoks: i never had that package installed22:15
stiv2kivoks: it worked perfectly though22:15
stiv2kivoks: honestly, I don't know what happened, lol22:15
ivoksit's basicaly the same version22:16
ivoks0.1-rc2 and 0.1.122:16
ivokswhat's the error roundcube displays?22:17
stiv2kivoks: I know, but *Ubuntu* changed how they package it or something22:17
ivoksnow, it didn't22:17
stiv2kUnable to connect to the database!22:17
stiv2kPlease contact your server-administrator.22:17
ivokswell, is your database running?22:17
ivokswhich database do you use?22:17
stiv2kivoks: absolutely22:17
stiv2ksomething had to have changed, i never remember these /etc/roundcube/debian-db.php or /etc/dbconfig-common/roundcube.conf existing before22:19
ivoksthey were there in hardy too22:19
ivoksi'm looking at roundcube@hardy right now22:19
ivoksso, read from /etc/roundcube/debian-db.php22:19
ivoksand try connecting with that user and password to your database22:20
stiv2kim thinking I need to set dbc_install='true' in /etc/dbconfig-common/roundcube.conf22:20
stiv2kand then run dkpg-reconfigure roundcube22:20
ivoksdon't touch that file22:20
stiv2kivoks: i tried, it doesn't work22:20
ivoksstiv2k: then you fscked something22:20
stiv2kivoks: that file creates the /etc/roundcube/debian-db.php file it says22:21
ivoksthe easiest thing to do22:22
ivokswould be 'mysql -u root -p mysql'22:22
joe-macdear god, please, somebody tell me how to add a single udeb to the installer without building a whole new cd22:22
stiv2kivoks: what would that do22:22
JamesK89Anybody familiar with Samba? I went to #Samba but everybody appears to be idle..22:23
ivoksGRANT ALL PRIVILEGES TO 'username_from'debian-db.php'@'localhost' ON dbname_from_debian-db.php.* IDENTIFIED BY 'password_from_debian-db';22:23
stiv2kthe password in the debian-db.php file is empty22:23
stiv2kthis is what it looks like22:23
ivoksstiv2k: then dpkg-reconfigure roundcube-mysql22:24
joe-macJamesK89: shoot22:24
stiv2kivoks: that doesn't do anything22:24
stiv2ksteve@galatea:~/websites/cfaba/app$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure roundcube-mysql22:24
JamesK89Sorry, joe, my attention was elsewhere22:26
JamesK89Basically I'm trying to add a Windows machine to a Samba domain, and everything seems to work except22:26
JamesK89that when it calls smbldap-usermod it fails and the reason appears to be that it replaces the $ in the NetBIOS name with an underscore22:27
JamesK89But smbldap-useradd and smbldap-userdel don't do that22:27
JamesK89So it adds the machine, tries to usermod it, and then removes it because usemod fails22:27
JamesK89Like this is what happens:22:28
JamesK89smbldap-useradd -w "jwinnt$"22:28
joe-macescape the $ or put it in single quotes22:29
stiv2koh come on22:29
JamesK89smbldap-usermod -g "Domain Users" "jwinnt_" gave 122:29
JamesK89smbldap-userdel "jwinnt$"22:29
stiv2kivoks: i reconfigured it, it generated a mysql password and everything22:29
stiv2kbut I still get this22:30
ivoksso, debian-db.php has all the data now?22:30
JamesK89I tried that, for the hell of it, but it appears as though that smbldap-usermod is getting it with an underscore to begin with22:30
stiv2kivoks: $basepath, $dbserver, and $dbport are still empty, i assume it's using default values for those22:30
ivoksthat's ok22:30
stiv2kbut yes22:30
stiv2kit generated a random password for the roundcube user and stuff22:31
ivoksnow create a user with that password in mysql22:31
ivoksand allow it full access on roundcube's database22:31
stiv2kthe user is already created22:32
stiv2kit's been there22:32
stiv2ki guess the password might not be the same22:32
stiv2kis it hashed? or can I just copy the string I see in $dbpasswd22:32
ivoksright, change the password in mysql22:32
joe-machmm i'm at a loss JamesK89 i've only added samba machines to windows domains, not this way. in the actual ldap directory, is it right?22:32
stiv2kivoks: we have global priviledges: USAGE22:33
stiv2kgrant: No22:33
ivoksGRANT ALL PRIVILEGES TO 'username_from'debian-db.php'@'localhost' ON dbname_from_debian-db.php.* IDENTIFIED BY 'password_from_debian-db';22:33
ivoksdeinstall phpmyadmin, please22:33
stiv2ki have phpmyadmin22:33
stiv2ki think it worked22:33
stiv2ki have never seen the 'server' drop box there before though22:34
JamesK89Well the LDAP is working perfectly, to my knowledge, with Webmin, OpenVPN and Samba but for some reason when it calls the "set primary group script" it replaces the dollar sign with an underscore but not with the other scripts as far as I can tell.22:34
ivoksyou have to configure roundcube22:34
stiv2ki just configured it22:34
ivoks go to /etc/roundcube and dig in22:34
stiv2ki thought you were talking about dpkg-reconfigure22:34
stiv2ki do remember specifying 'localhost' for the IMAP server22:35
JamesK89I'm completely mystified. I would have posted on the Ubuntu Forums but they appear to be down last I checked22:35
stiv2kthough it said if I only specify one server it will force that one and not allow a selection22:35
ivoksit's 11:30PM here and I don't intend to power on my brain any more22:36
stiv2kit's ok, ivoks22:36
owhstiv2k: phpmyadmin uses PHP, last time I looked, the code that determines what databases to access was stored in an array. I suspect that if you have a single parameter in a second entry, you'll see a pop-up menu. That is expected behaviour.22:36
JamesK89The output from the machine's log:22:36
JamesK89cat /var/log/samba/log.jwinnt22:36
JamesK89[2009/01/08 14:38:35,  0] groupdb/mapping.c:smb_set_primary_group(312)22:36
JamesK89  smb_set_primary_group: Running the command `/usr/sbin/smbldap-usermod -g "Domain Users" "jwinnt_"' gave 122:36
JamesK89[2009/01/08 14:38:35,  0] passdb/pdb_interface.c:smb_delete_user(419)22:36
JamesK89  smb_delete_user: Running the command `/usr/sbin/smbldap-userdel "jwinnt$"' gave 622:37
owhJamesK89: No pasting here. Use pastebin22:37
stiv2kowh: I suspect you might have misinterpreted my predicament22:37
stiv2kowh: the select box I am talking about is at roundcube, not phpmyadmin... http://webmail.stiv2k.info22:37
RediXeHow do you remove postfix so you can do a fresh install? I apt-get remove postfix it went find and then tried to reinstall and I didn't get a chance to go through the config that it has22:38
owhstiv2k: I just noticed the comment about never having seen a pop-up for servers before. I was commenting on why that is.22:38
stiv2kowh: just want to make sure we're on the same page here22:38
owhRediXe: You don't need to remove it at all.22:38
RediXeowh, well too late there :P22:38
owhRediXe: dpkg-reconfigure postfix22:38
RediXeowh: thx22:38
owhRediXe: To answer the actual question, how do you remove it for good -- aptitude purge postfix -- this will also remove config files.22:39
RediXeowh: thank you :D22:39
owhRediXe: But as I said, that's a tad overkill -- almost akin to fomatting the hard-disk and reinstalling the OS because your trash is full :)22:40
RediXeowh: lol, well i used one guide and now trying to swap to another one but can't format or I would have :P22:43
owhRediXe: The server guide is a good place to start.22:43
RediXeowh: Yeah, I really need more time but need this up and running asap :P22:44
stiv2kcannot get the drop down box to go away22:57
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lukehasnonameok you jerks23:09
lukehasnonameI decided to use Ubuntu server as my server host23:09
lukehasnonameinstead of Opensolaris23:09
lukehasnonameI'd better be happy23:09
owhlukehasnoname: Excellent choice :)23:09
ScottKYou sound happy.23:09
stiv2klukehasnoname: jerks?!?!?!?23:09
owhScottK - no wheeties this morning perhaps?23:09
stiv2klukehasnoname: you're a jerk23:09
ScottKSimmer down.23:10
owhstiv2k: Settle down, lukehasnoname has a strange sense of humour - I doubt he was insulting you.23:10
erichammondlukehasnoname: I've been using Ubuntu server for a number of years and am very happy.23:10
owhI'll give him points for eliciting a response though :)23:11
stiv2kowh: ScottK: sorry23:11
owhstiv2k: On IRC it's best to assume you misunderstood before you get insulted, it helps your heart-rate :)23:11
stiv2ki know what it's like to be insulted because of the distro I use though :p23:12
stiv2kpeople are always like "ooh I'm installing Fedora that shit BETTER be good or else"23:13
lukehasnonameI was really excited about using Opensolaris... but I'm going to fall back for the moment and learn how to work Linux raid via command line and some other things before tackling Osol23:13
owhlukehasnoname: I've lost most of my excitement for Sun after visiting their "Open Storage" workshop in which I was presented with an "open" solution that was unsupported as soon as I actually did anything with it - but if I treated it as a closed device I'd get support.23:15
owhlukehasnoname: Besides, you can boot a Ubuntu server CD and install RAID right from the installer :)23:15
lukehasnonameowh: I have to wonder how Ubuntu's support would be with a recompiled kernel and a few system tweaks23:15
owhlukehasnoname: That depends on what you were asking.23:16
owhlukehasnoname: Besides, Ubuntu support and Canonical support are two different animals.23:16
owhlukehasnoname: And mdadm is a simple command to use to manage RAID :)23:16
lukehasnonameSun would equal Canonical when talking about pro support23:17
lukehasnonameowh: ZFS is soooo awesome, though. In any case, I might end up going Osol anyway, for the sake of using ZFS. I haven't tried messing with RAID outside the installer, but I'll be reading the mdadm man pages to figure out some stuff23:17
lukehasnonamealso, Ubuntu has massive repos and better package naming scheme23:18
lukehasnonameHell, I might go FreeBSD23:18
owhlukehasnoname: I was going to write: "Not so much", but actually I don't really know. I'd expect it to be completely different. Given that lots of Canonical staff are littered throughout Ubuntu, there is much better integration.23:18
owhlukehasnoname: Now you're just trolling :)23:18
lukehasnonameowh: FreeBSD got me into the non-windows world23:21
lukehasnonameconsidering it's completely open source, fairly well documented, and used by some really big companies... that, and its filesystem hierarchy is > linux, IMO23:22
lukehasnonameI like its very extensive use of /usr/local23:22
owhlukehasnoname: My personal feelings on the subject are "horses for courses". Ultimately the best tool for the job. Where stuff is stored is like choosing between emacs and vi, or Mac vs. PC.23:23
lukehasnonameIt's like using file folders vs. a well written database >_>23:27
lukehasnonameIN OTHER NEWS my server moves 200 CFM23:27
lukehasnonameany reason kvm_amd module would fail to load on a VM enabled proc?23:48
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