rayluAustin`1: nevermind00:00
profXavier<garferi> http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/current/install_flash_player_10_linux.deb00:00
* eseven73 does a dance00:00
profXavier<%mzz> yay .deb00:00
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rwwkole: Menu > Accessories > Terminal00:00
rayluBarridus: eh, sorry00:00
demilord_78right click the panel  <Add to Panel> <Notification Area>00:00
Jack_Sparrowest28, envy off the web or   envyng from our repos.. there is a difference00:00
raylukole: also, alt+f2, gnome-terminal and system > preferences > keyboard shortcuts has an option to open a termianl00:00
Barridusraylu, no prob.  i gather from the link there is no "shortcut" for a path?00:00
BangersI ran a "cp -rf" that failed towards the end, how do I restart it so it continues on from the last file?00:00
rayluBarridus: er, like i said, ~00:00
geniikole: ctrl-alt-f1   but it's more useful to run it under the Terminal as rww says00:00
Barridusthat failed too00:00
est28Jack_Sparrow: : from web00:00
rayluBarridus: you mean in the gui, don't you?00:00
rayluBarridus: heh.00:01
Jack_Sparrowest28, Not good.. and sorry cant help fix it00:01
Barridusmaybe i should have specified00:01
TriBeCa99can anyone help? "mdadm /dev/md1 --add /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc1" is adding the devices as spare, rather than replacing the two missing drives. what do i need to do to get them to replace those drives?00:01
rayluBarridus: there should be a way to bind a key to "nautilus ~"00:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hotkey00:01
ubottuKeyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net - See !Keyboard for changing layouts00:01
jjleenickrud: himm, looking at debmirror source, it looks like it does just fetch these with rsync, so that dir shouldn't be involved... I'll give it a go, though00:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about acpi00:01
Austin`1raylu: well I umount'd the fs and I still froze when touching ~/Desktop/sadfsadf. I suppose that I should reboot and then retry?00:01
est28Jack_Sparrow: yes, but the is no way to turn off desktop effects ? maybe I can uninstal compiz ?00:01
raylu!search acpi00:01
ubottuFound: hdbug00:01
Barridushmmm ok cool, i didn't realize i could do that.  thanks raylu00:01
jjleeI'm using rsync.mirrorservice.org, BTW00:02
nickrudjjlee, ah, I thought you were having issues with simple filling of the apt list, not debmirror00:02
Anacranomest28, if this is a new install and nothing to lose, why not re-install ?00:02
rayluAustin`1: no. i'm thinking this is a hard drive issue00:02
AndreasMadriddemilord_78 ok, that one worked. Thank you.  now even the network thing is back!! Thank you very much. Am a beginner and a noob. Sorry for stupid questions. Now I know for next time.00:02
rayluAustin`1: what you could try is editing your /etc/fstab and replacing "relatime" with "noatime"00:02
Jack_Sparrowest28, you can try sudo apt-get remove compizconfig-settings-manager00:02
jjleenickrud: plus, apt-get falls over if I move that dir out of the way00:02
demilord_78y.w AndreasMadrid :-)00:02
rayluAustin`1: also, perhaps "sudo dmesg | tail" or "tail /var/log/messages" has something to offer00:02
demilord_78I was a n00b 200:03
est28Jack_Sparrow: : thank you ,will try00:03
* TriBeCa99 kills himself00:03
est28Anacranom: : thanks, will see00:03
nickrudjjlee, just the contents, not the dir (I did say the contents of ;)00:03
Jack_Sparrowest28, there is also /join #nvidia but they are a bit slow to answer00:03
ozzloyhow do i get konsole to open links in firefox?00:03
Anacranomest28, i would do a full re-install of 8.10 and if you have to have envy, then do it from the repos, would be cleaner, envy from the web leaves clutter everywhere00:03
ozzloyi don't have kubuntu, just konsole in regular ubuntu00:03
est28Jack_Sparrow: : but what is wronk with envy from web ?00:04
n2diyozzloy: right click them?00:04
Austin`1raylu: that's mostly wlan0 issues. and ppdev000:04
chadeldridgeall .. i need some help with a wireless connection .. i have a iwlagn card but the max i can connect to my router at is 54, however in windows i can connect at the full 300mb ... any ideas ?00:04
Jack_Sparrowest28, envy even from our repos should be considered a last resort00:04
ubottuenvyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk00:04
Austin`1raylu: I have to 'relatime' in /etc/fstab. want me to pastebin it?00:04
ozzloyn2diy: that opens a new konsole with some text browser00:04
est28Jack_Sparrow: : ok, got it00:04
rayluAustin`1: sure00:05
* Anacranom agrees with Jack_Sparrow , and refuses to use envy, ever again00:05
ozzloyn2diy: how do i configure where that menu option points?00:05
Austin`1raylu: http://pastebin.com/m21b9c45400:05
n2diyozzloy: I don't know, it was just a guess, GL.00:05
chadeldridgeenvy is awesome if it works .. if it doesnt its a quick way to a brick :-p00:05
rayluAustin`1: hm...00:05
rayluAustin`1: perhaps i have my distros confused00:05
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ozzloyn2diy: thx anyways ^_^00:05
* est28 thanks Anacranom and Jack_Sparrow for clarification00:06
Austin`1raylu: I'm not good with fstab but 'errors=remount-ro' seems important00:06
rayluAustin`1: that just means to remount the fs readonly if it encounters errors00:06
rayluAustin`1: so you get a recovery shell that's usable. anyway, i'd try http://pastebin.com/d4929683500:06
TriBeCa99before i completely lose my mind here, can someone please give me a hand with mdadm?00:07
kolesooo... whats synaptic?00:07
rayluAustin`1: i doubt it'd make a difference. also, maybe "sudo dmesg | grep sda3" and "grep sda3 /var/log/messages"00:07
raylu!synaptic | kole00:07
ubottukole: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto00:07
Jack_Sparrowkole, Package manager00:07
phpbb3kole, synaptic is the package manager00:08
savvaskole: see for yourself, from the menu System > Administration > Synaptic, similar to Applications > Add/Remove...00:08
n2diyozzloy: I just typed http://www.yahoo.com into my terminal, and right clicking it gave me the option to "open link".00:08
Austin`1raylu: ok. doing mv /etc/fstab /etc/fstab2 and then nano /etc/fstab break anything?00:08
kolehmmm it can't seem to find libdvdread3 in there...00:08
Austin`1raylu: http://pastebin.com/m54495e6600:08
rayluAustin`1: no, it won't00:09
Jack_Sparrow!dvd > kole00:09
ubottukole, please see my private message00:09
ozzloyn2diy: yeah, i know.  when i click that it opens up a new konsole with lynx or something00:09
rayluAustin`1: :(00:09
ozzloyn2diy: does it open in firefox for you?00:09
AndreasMadridbye folks!00:09
cyberjuiceanyone skilled with networking ubuntu and windows on home netwok?  got an issue...00:10
chadeldridgewell it looks like i am now locked at 60mb ... but that is still way too slow for a N connection .. can anyone help ?00:10
Austin`1raylu: reboot now?00:10
KenBW22is a kernel panic the same as a BSOD?00:10
rayluAustin`1: yes00:10
n2diyozzloy: I"m testing it now.00:10
phpbb3gtkhash is in my update list, but it won't install. says it's a size mismatch00:11
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koleits not letting me type my password in my terminal00:12
phpbb3kole, incorrect password then?00:12
KenBW22kole: it doesnt show what you type00:12
Jack_Sparrowkole, It never shows, just type blind and enter00:12
ozzloykole: yes it is.  it doesn't show anything while you type00:12
koleohhh ok00:12
SanketsuAny way to get a quick and dirty text readout of what updates I can do after a fresh install of Ubuntu?00:12
ozzloywow, late on that one00:12
Skippy1981if i install software using sudo, does that mean that it will run under the root account?00:12
phpbb3ahh, I thought he knew that...... my apologies kole00:12
Gneakole: when's the last time you ever saw your password when you typed it into a field?00:12
KenBW22Sanketsu: sudo apt-get upgrade i think00:13
koleim used to asterixessss00:13
phpbb3Sanketsu, yes, it should create an icon on your taskbar, looks like an orange gear00:13
phpbb3click it for a list of updates00:13
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Skippy1981for example if i install apache using sudo, will its threads be owned by root?00:13
KenBW22phpbb3: i think he wants a text list00:13
jribSkippy1981: apache runs as the www-data user00:13
raylu!dvd is For DVD playback, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu#Playing%20Encrypted%20DVDs00:14
phpbb3KenBW22, that list should be sufficient unless he wants copy/pastes.00:14
Skippy1981ok thanks jrib00:14
jjleehmm, switching to archive.ubuntu.com cures the problem.  I wonder what's wrong at mirrorservice.org?00:14
SanketsuWell, like something I can copy and paste and have y'all look at to see what might break my internet capability on my laptop.00:14
AnneShirleyHow do I set up DVD playing in Ubuntu?00:14
jrib!dvd | AnneShirley00:14
ubottuAnneShirley: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:14
SanketsuYes KenBW22, that's what I'm wanting.00:14
rayluAnneShirley: also, see 5 lines above you00:14
chadeldridgei was hoping someone could help with a wireless N issue using the iwlagn driver... seems i cant make it over 60Mb inside linux, but in windows i can get almost 300 ... any idea  ?00:14
phpbb3AnneShirley, use a DVD player on the O/S. open it through the start menu and tell it to read the disc drive00:15
KenBW22Sanketsu: "sudo apt-get upgrade" then00:15
lusepusterHello channel. I have some problems getting my Ubuntu Intrepid laptop working on my in-laws' router. Their windows machine has no probloem, but it seems Autoeth0 doesn't do it. No hole through to the world. Any good suggestions? Writing from their windows machine now.00:15
Austin`1raylu: no change, it still froze00:15
groundupHello, I am having some serious sound problems. About a day ago it all started. Not sure what I did but I was trying to get my headphones to work so I could talk on Skype. It is currently making a static noise that starts as soon as the kernel loads. I can hear sounds under the static slightly and I can change the volume of the static by adjusting the in-gain control under the SigmaTel...00:15
canthus14Quick question: I have a desktop-turned-server. If I uninstall X and GDM, will it still start Apache at boot?00:15
groundup...STAC9205 menu in volume control applet. In alsamixer if I turn the capture device off, I lose all sound. I can't change the master volume there. Although, if I hold the master volume slider in the vol control app at its max volume, I can hear music from banshee for a split second.00:15
SanketsuOk, and it won't do any of the upgrades at that time then KenBW22?00:15
Jack_Sparrowchalcedony, Are you running it under ndiswrapper or does it have true linux driver/support00:15
KenBW22Sanketsu: not till you ok it00:15
n2diyozzloy: Yes, it opened with Firefox, which was already running.00:15
raylulusepuster: ifconfig. do they use a static ip?00:15
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!00:15
rayluAustin`1: i figured00:16
phpbb3AnneShirley, you wouldn't happen to be shirley_mcdermott would you?00:16
SanketsuOk, thanks, I should be back in a few minutes with that list.00:16
rayluAustin`1: all that's left is to blame it on your hard drive00:16
nickrudcanthus14, yes00:16
groundupI am on 8.10 which I just upgraded to from Hardy about 3 days ago.00:16
Austin`1raylu: ill just bear with it, it seems to only be when editing files on the desktop00:16
chadeldridgeJack_Sparrow, were you talking to me .. if so its true support .. not ndiswrapper00:16
rayluAustin`1: did you run "df -hx tmpfs" yet?00:16
Austin`1raylu: on my other partition (8.04) its fine00:16
lusepusterraylu: it seems they use dhcp00:16
canthus14nickrud: THanks.00:16
rayluAustin`1: you should also consider fsck, actually00:16
raylulusepuster: then an "ifconfig" output will help. also, "host google.com"00:16
Jack_Sparrowchadeldridge, ty..  let people know what card/chipset00:17
NewUbuntuDudeyeah!  I fixed my own stinking problem :D00:17
Austin`1raylu: well.. a couple times when it was booting and it wanted to do fsck, I hit skip. I hate to admit it00:17
Jack_SparrowNewUbuntuDude, Congrats00:17
phpbb3NewUbuntuDude, good :)00:17
rayluAustin`1: hehe, i've been there00:17
n2diya good tech. finds there mistakes.00:17
chadeldridgeJack_Sparrow, Sure .. the card is an intel N draft 2 card that is supported by iwlagn driver00:17
Austin`1raylu: ill just run fsck again. eventually00:17
rayluAustin`1: so, df -hx tmpfs00:18
raylun2diy: his P00:18
lusepusterraylu, I do have an ifconfig output but I can't paste it, since there's no hole through. Amy7 specific parts you want me to write off by hand, or it all?00:18
Austin`1raylu: http://pastebin.com/m2036825100:18
raylun2diy: :P. my colon key is broken00:18
ozzloyn2diy: well damn.00:18
raylulusepuster: for now, the ip would be nice. do you have a usb drive or something?00:18
NewUbuntuDudeis there a keystroke to get the compiz cube to appear ?00:18
phpbb3gtkhash is in my update list, but it won't install. says it's a size mismatch, might anyone know how to fix this?00:18
n2diyraylu: Roger that, my mouse button was sticky, talk about a headache!00:19
lusepusterraylu: I also did a traceroute6 google.com, and a ping google.com, and both said "unknown host"00:19
rayluNewUbuntuDude: ctrl+alt+click and drag, ctrl+alt+<direction>00:19
raylulusepuster: well, if host says no, then nothing else is going to work00:19
Jack_SparrowNewUbuntuDude, Noe sec.. you need a bit of config00:19
dD0TMy ubuntu 8.10 just crashed, I guess it was a kernel panic (keyboard led blinking). And hints on where to find information what caused it?00:19
rayluAustin`1: your hard drive is almost full00:19
Jack_SparrowNewUbuntuDude, o to system...pref..advanced desktop effects....  On the first page  put check next to rotate cube and desktop cube.. dbl click general options... up closer to the top...  click on desktop size  and set them to 4, 1 and 1  top to bottom... ctrl+alt+(Left Mouse Button) then move mouse00:20
gogereaver dD0T yep in the logs00:20
rayluphpbb3: pastebin of the install process, please00:20
linxehdD0T: you know the keyboard Led blinking is giving you an error code in morse code ?00:20
n2diydD0T: check your log files in /var/log00:20
chadeldridgeAll i have an Intel 4965agn wireless card and am having issues getting full speed from it inside 8.10.  It is using the iwlagn driver and gets up to 60mb but no higher, i can reach almost 300mb in windows.00:20
dD0Tlinxeh: Didn't know that. Damn00:20
dD0Tn2diy: Well, I know that much ;-) But which of these ;-)00:20
raylu!reisub | dD0T00:21
ubottudD0T: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key00:21
goat123sup guys...I got a problem. Just installed 8.10 from the liveCD (had to install the video card drivers to see all of the install screen because of the resoloution) and I did the automated install and made a 20gb partition for my install00:21
lusepusterraylu, my ifconfig output doesn't contain an IP...00:21
goat123everything went good, no errors, I made sure that the bootloader (grub) was checked during the install00:21
dD0Tubottu: I already hardresetted the machine and rebooted.00:21
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:21
n2diydD0T: Well, your guess is as good as mine!? :)00:21
phpbb3W: Failed to fetch http://repoubuntusoftware.info/./gtkhash_0.2.0-1~getdeb1_amd64.deb00:21
phpbb3  Size mismatch00:21
raylulusepuster: ok. is the wired device eth0?00:21
gogereavergoat123 and00:21
Daemoenhey guys, anyone happen to be familiar with andlinux and know if it will upgrade to 8.04 or 8.10 cleanly?00:21
phpbb3raylu, ^^^^^00:21
goat123install finished, rebooted, no bootloader?00:21
Jack_Sparrowchadeldridge, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=72499000:21
koleok one last problem00:21
rayluphpbb3: repoubuntusoftware.info? wtf?00:21
goat123went right back to XP00:21
groundupSo apparently the MUX channel is controlling the static.00:22
lusepusterraylu: I would think so. What other options are there?00:22
Jack_Sparrow!ohmy > raylu00:22
ubotturaylu, please see my private message00:22
Austin`1raylu: could it being full be a problem?00:22
phpbb3raylu, no idea, it's a copy/paste from the error00:22
gogereavergoat123 thers a few ways to do that00:22
koleim playing a dvd but the audio is super low... any way to fix that? (I have system volumn in mixer cranked)00:22
ubottuPlease watch your language, attitude and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!00:22
Wickedhow do i query what version a package is with apt or aptitude?00:22
rayluAustin`1: it's hard to find nodes to allocate to a file, i believe00:22
rayluAustin`1: resizing ext3 is pretty easy, though... if you have the space00:22
goat123whats the best way? :)00:22
gogereavergoat123 you can install grub from the live cd or using supergrub00:22
Wickedkids in a linux irc room. god help them!00:22
rayluAustin`1: why is it so full, anyway? i'd consider sharing /home between your two installs00:23
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »00:23
dD0TI already peeked at the logfiles in /var/log/ but kern.log, debug and dmesg contain nothing I find suspicious00:23
raylugoat123: do you have multiple drives?00:23
chadeldridgeJack_Sparrow, well thats a big ol crock of poo ... thanks for finding that.  ubuntu is still so far behind with the wireless .. /sad00:23
goat123yeah raylu00:23
rayluWicked: aptitude show00:23
Austin`1raylu: probably because of a few virtual machines I never use. and link me to sharing /home/?00:23
raylugoat123: all internal?00:23
goat123the ubuntu install went on on primary master which the xp install is on as well00:23
Wickedraylu, ah awesome. thanks =)00:23
goat1232 IDE and 3 SATA00:23
rayluAustin`1: not sure of any links. basically, it involves having a separate partition for /home00:24
gogereavergoat123strange it didnt install grub00:24
rayluAustin`1: and mounting /home in fstab. and not formatting /home during install00:24
gogereavergoat123 i would use the super grub cd00:24
operawhere is the china suport00:24
Jack_Sparrowgoat123, there are issues that can come up when you mix ide and sata00:24
rayluphpbb3: /etc/apt/sources.list00:24
n2diy! ch00:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ch00:24
n2diy! cn00:24
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk00:24
raylulusepuster: sudo dhclient eth000:24
raylulusepuster: (sorry for taking so long)00:24
dD0TAlright. I guess I'll wait for the next crash then and look at the errcode. Thanks!00:24
goat123Supergrub? I'll check that out. Will the installation have to be re-done or is there a way to patch the bootloader?00:25
Austin`1raylu: ok, I don't think that that is necessary. deleted all of my stupid Windows machines00:25
NewUbuntuDudestill can't get the compiz cube to show up :(  when I press super ctrl  I see water marks so compiz should be happy, ??? help ! ?00:25
operahow to arrive there00:25
Austin`1raylu: /dev/sda3              45G   21G   23G  49% /00:25
rayluAustin`1: yay.00:25
gogereavergoat123 supergrub installs the boot laoder00:25
Wickedwhoa. it seems the package gallery2 is very out of date......not something i see as good.00:25
Jack_SparrowNewUbuntuDude, Did you follow my guide00:25
lusepusterraylu: Anyway, I would assume the wired device is eth0-. There is no other devices showing up in my ifconfig output than eth0 , lo, wmaster0 and and wlan000:25
gogereavergoat123 or even fixes a bad one00:25
gogereavergoat123 its a live cd00:25
NewUbuntuDudemissed it jack00:25
raylulusepuster: ok. so try that command00:25
Jack_SparrowNewUbuntuDude, o to system...pref..advanced desktop effects....  On the first page  put check next to rotate cube and desktop cube.. dbl click general options... up closer to the top...  click on desktop size  and set them to 4, 1 and 1  top to bottom... ctrl+alt+(Left Mouse Button) then move mouse00:25
goat123I'm lookin at the website right now00:25
raylugoat123: also, gparted exists on your ubuntu livecd00:26
lusepusterraylu: that command = host google.com?00:26
raylugoat123: *grub-install exists on your ubuntu livecd00:26
goat123yeah thats the partition program right?00:26
goat123I've ran it before while messing around witht he LiveCD00:26
raylulusepuster: no, "sudo dhclient eth0"00:26
phpbb3raylu, is there a way to just remove it from my update list?00:26
gogereavergoat123 yea but if itsfailing using ubuntus script probly are not gonna help00:26
rayluphpbb3: yes... /etc/apt/sources.list00:26
lusepusterraylu: Oh sorry, didn't see that00:26
Jack_Sparrowphpbb3, Why is that repo in there anyhow?00:26
goat123ahhh good point gotcha00:27
Austin`1raylu: it still freezes though00:27
rayluAustin`1: :(. fsck, then00:27
phpbb3Jack_Sparrow, it's UUE, does that make a diference?00:27
rayluUUE = ?00:27
Jack_Sparrowphpbb3, what is uue00:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about uue00:27
raylu!search uue00:27
NewUbuntuDudeJack_Sparrow: IT WORKED!00:27
phpbb3ubuntu ultimate edition00:27
NewUbuntuDudeJack_Sparrow: thanks00:27
goat123I'm checking out the documentation here for this now while the image downloads, anything in particular I should know before I try using it?00:27
Jack_SparrowNewUbuntuDude, np00:27
rayluphpbb3: not supported. also, sounds lame00:27
ubottuThe following are some examples of Ubuntu derived distributions that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes, please consult their websites for more information: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), Ubuntu Ultimate00:27
gogereavergoat123 i have a usb hd so i had to use sper grub to put grub on it ubuntu wouldent do it00:28
phpbb3raylu, actually, 'tis really good :P00:28
Jack_Sparrowphpbb3, we dont support the OS you are using...00:28
rayluphpbb3: how so?00:28
techsupportcan I create a user for mysql server in phpmyadmin ?00:28
gogereavergoat123 being i didnt whant it on my primary00:28
Austin`1raylu: yep00:28
Jack_Sparrowphpbb3, Please find the right channel / support for the OS you want to use00:28
phpbb3same O/S, just a nicer skin and a couple extra apps00:28
raylutechsupport: yes00:28
rayluphpbb3: and different repositories...00:28
techsupportraylu, how ?00:28
goat123seemed weird to me that the bootloader didn't work. I've messed with linux a little bit before and my previous experience was it just overwrote the windows loader00:28
raylutechsupport: login as root, go to permissions00:28
gogereavergoat123 i use wingrub00:29
gogereavergoat123 to start my usb drive00:29
phpbb3raylu, it's always used archives.ubuntu before.00:29
rayluphpbb3: like i've said, /etc/apt/sources.list00:29
Jack_Sparrowphpbb3, Your release is not supported here...00:29
phpbb3alright, thank you Jack_Sparrow and raylu00:30
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mas2Im running ubuntu from a laptop but would be pleased to be able to use my tft aswell. What application do I need to install for this to work?00:31
goat123alright now00:31
raylugoat123: i still suggest trying the ubuntu live cd's grub-install first00:31
raylumas2: tft = ?00:31
goat123how would I run that raylu? thats different then the automated script I guess, or what?00:32
mas2raylu: tft monitor00:32
raylugoat123: mount your ubuntu partition, grub-install /dev/your_master_drive_device --root-directory=/media/wherever/00:32
mas2raylu: do you have any suggestions?00:33
groundupI feel like every time I upgrade or fix a problem another one pops up. Ubuntu is really annoying me right now. Might have something to do with the 2 days of static.00:33
raylumas2: graphics card?00:33
raylumas2: do you want both of them or just one?00:33
lusepusterraylu: end of my dhclient output was: No DHCPOFFERS received no working leases in persistent database - sleeping. Does this mean they're not using dhcp after all?00:33
raylu!puregnome | groundup00:33
ltggcan anyone tell this newbie why I have to provide default keyring pswd on every bootup for networking? ...running 8.1000:33
ubottugroundup: If you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 ; sudo apt-get remove kdelibs5 ; sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop »00:33
eseven73How do i force umount a external hdd?00:34
mas2ATI radeon mobility X1300, I use the FGLRX driver.00:34
raylulusepuster: or the dhcp server on the router is being screwy00:34
mas2raylu: ATI radeon mobility X1300, I use the FGLRX driver.00:34
raylulusepuster: did you check the configuration in windows?00:34
n2diyeseven73: unplug it! NO, just joking.00:34
raylumas2: no experience with that.00:34
groundupraylu: I am concerned with the sound issue right now. The KDE thing was just so I didn't have so many packages that wanted to be updated all of the time since I am on a tight budget with bandwidth.00:34
raylueseven73: there's a way to see what's holding io handles00:35
mas2Does anyone know how to get a external tft monitor to work with my laptop?00:35
lusepusterraylu: I'm trying to figure out the setup in win right now.00:35
judgenAnyone ever had the problem with compiz that windows always launches so the titlebar is above the screen.... I mean i can just move the window down with the alt button and drag it. But still annoying.00:35
raylu!sound | groundup00:35
ubottugroundup: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:35
raylugroundup: also, have you poked alsamixer?00:35
lusepusterraylu: but it's hard since they insist on using non standard terminology00:35
linkmaster03How can I view the coordinates of my mouse?00:35
raylulusepuster: no, that makes it _easier_ :P. unless you know what you're doing00:36
groundupraylu: the MUX channel seems to be controlling the static00:36
raylulinkmaster03: xev, i think00:36
lusepusterraylu: makes it easier if it already works - but then again, if it already works, why would you want to tinker with it? [insert ugl;y words about Microsoft here]00:37
_M4rk_how do i create a ftp user on ubuntu?00:38
linkmaster03raylu: thanks i can work with that00:38
Itakuwhat does this mean?00:39
ItakuE: Sub-process /usr/sbin/dpkg-preconfigure --apt || true returned an error code (100)00:39
ItakuE: Failure running script /usr/sbin/dpkg-preconfigure --apt || true00:39
elechey guys i want to find out the options a certain package (pcscd) was compiled with, how do i do that?00:39
ltggcan anyone tell this newbie why I have to provide default keyring pswd on every bootup for networking? ... can I change  this?00:39
jribItaku: it means you aren't providing us with enough detail00:39
groundupokay, so I turned the MUX channel all the way down to mute the static. I realized why I couldn't change the master volume - alsamixergui was open at the same time as alsamixer.00:39
Itakui did sudo apt-get install-reinstall coreutils00:40
groundupStill working on getting headphones to work.00:40
jribItaku: pastebin the whole thing00:40
linkmaster03groundup: good luck i've been trying to get mine to work in ubuntu for a long time and i can't get them to make a peep00:40
Itakunone of my browsers are starting00:41
grounduplinkmaster03: they worked fine 2 days ago so I know they CAN work.00:42
CyBurnetti closed my google sidebar and dont know how to get it back! Any help appreciated.00:42
lusepusterraylu: If i look at the setup of network-manager, it shows some ipv4 settings, but the rest of the system seems to be running ipv6. /me is a bit confused. Also, the field "dhcp client id" is empty. Could that be the reason for my network woes?00:42
Itakuuhm my /bin folder is gone is that a problem?00:42
elechey guys i want to find out the options (specifically from ./configure) that a certain package (pcscd) was compiled with, how do i do that?00:42
jribItaku: probably, yeah.00:42
Itakuhow can i restore it if i cant run any browsers?00:42
mike_Cyburnett try going to tools then toolbars that should work it should give you an option to reopen it00:43
jribelec: read debian/rules after 'apt-get source PACKAGE'00:43
linkmaster03groundup: oh, lucky :(00:43
\KiraIm trying to mount my cdrom of my server through the command line, and having no luck. Mounting cdroms always seems to be a problem with me, anyone want to help00:43
name_nameI think something is messed up with my fstab, when ever I put in a optical disc the OS says I need to be a superuser to mount it00:43
jribItaku: why don't you have a /bin ?00:43
mas2jrib: do you know how to get an external tft monitor to work with an laptop? I got ati radeon mobility x1300, using the fglrx driver and on my laptop I want 1400x1050 and on the external monitor 1680x1050 widescreen.00:43
Itakui think someone deleted it00:43
grounduplinkmaster03: on a laptop?00:43
electy jrib00:44
omarukoi have problems00:44
CyBurnettmike_, Unfortunately the Google Icon is gone as well so I cant do your suggestion.00:44
omarukowith my compiz fusion00:44
Itakujrib, my parents are yelling at me to get off but i have to fix this first is there a way to restore it do i need my cd or something?00:44
omarukocan somebody help me?00:44
mike_o sorry i couldnt help00:44
lusepuster!return > lusepuster00:44
ubottulusepuster, please see my private message00:44
omarukommm thanks00:44
name_namethe line about my optical drive looks like this: /dev/scd0 /media/cdrom0 udf,iso9660 user, auto, ro 0 000:44
name_nameis that right?00:44
linkmaster03groundup: yes00:45
name_namecould someone with a working optical drive and fstab paster theirs?00:45
grounduplinkmaster03: what sound card?00:45
lusepuster!return > omaruko00:45
ubottuomaruko, please see my private message00:45
name_namejust the cdrom line00:45
linkmaster03groundup: HDA intel00:45
jribmas2: have never done so, but maybe wiki.ubuntu.com/X helps00:45
groundupsame here00:45
groundupOn Intrepid?00:45
jribItaku: you need to figure out why first00:45
mas2jrib: thanks00:45
Itakujrib, someone deleted it00:46
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Itakuhow can i get my /bin folder back?00:46
operawho can tell me which translate is can catch word on pdf?00:46
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FatCockHello, does anyone know when ext4 is going to be thrown into mainstream livecd/install cd? Or is there one already out there?00:47
name_nameItaku: cd / ; mkdir bin00:47
omarukosomebodye help me00:47
lusepusterWhat is the DHCP client mentioned in network-manager translated to windoze-speak...?00:47
omarukoi have problems with my compiz fusion00:47
Itakuyeah funny joke00:47
Firkynot trying00:48
jribItaku: why would someone delete it...00:48
FloodBot2Firky: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:48
Itakusomeone hacked me00:48
Itakui just need to know how to get it back00:48
omarukosomebody help me i need help with my compiz fusion00:48
LtLlusepuster: dynamic host control protocol = dhcp00:48
lusepusteropera: do you mean you want to convert a Microsoft Word file to PDF?00:48
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion00:48
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:48
name_namewho here has a optical drive that they can put stuff in an not have to mount it as root?00:48
jribItaku: that doesn't make sense.  You aren't being honest with me.  That makes it impossible to help you00:49
GneaItaku: you didn't have a backup in place?00:49
ItakuGnea, no00:49
gogereavername_name everyone00:49
FatCockanyone know the status of ext4 with ubuntu?00:49
gogereavername_name lol00:49
GneaItaku: eh, boot a livecd, back stuff up onto a usb drive and reinstall00:49
LtLItaku: /bin/ has/had approximately 114 files in it.00:49
name_namecould one of you paste the line in you fstab about it00:49
GneaItaku: or...00:49
name_nameI broke mine some how00:49
Itakujrib, for the 3rd time, someone deleted it because they hate be and hacked me through ssh server00:49
lusepusterLtL: yeah, but I need to find out why my UBuntu box doesn't work with a special router, when the win machine connected works fine. And Windows uses non-standard terminology00:49
Itakuand i cant open the cd tray00:49
Itakubecause it cant find the bin folder00:49
Gnea!recover | Itaku00:49
ubottuItaku: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel00:49
Itakui cant open my browser00:50
gogereaverItaku open the try befor the os starts00:50
nickrudFatCock, check #ubuntu+1. Plus, your nick is overly suggestive for this channel -> think disney G rated00:50
name_nameItaku: shhhssh00:50
gogereaverItaku reinstall00:50
Itakushut up name name00:50
GneaItaku: perhaps you should consider not getting people to hate you00:50
LtLlusepuster: is dhclient running? is the router set as a dhcp server?00:50
jribItaku: load a live cd and copy the essentials from there.  Be careful who you give ssh access to in the future00:50
GneaItaku: like telling them to shut up - that's a sure-fire way to not make friends00:50
Itakujrib, my cd tray wont open because /bin is gone00:50
operalusepuster. i mean i need a tool can translate some word english-to-chinese, in pdf00:50
eriscohow do I test the NAT mode of the network I am connected to?00:50
name_namelol you gave someone ssh access, why would you do that?00:51
FatCocksorry my english not too good00:51
Gneaerisco: open a web browser.00:51
gogereaverItaku open it wile pc is powering up00:51
jribItaku: turn your computer off.  Boot it up, go into bios, eject your tray, reboot00:51
GneaFatCock: /nick somethingelse  <-- try that00:51
nickrudFatCock, you need to change your nick to a less offensive one. Seriously00:51
lusepusteropera: you will probably have to copy-paste the text from the pdf to pure text and then see what tools are on the net - maybe google translate...?00:51
FatCockwhy offense?00:51
Gnea!guidelines | FatCock00:51
name_namesome ppl here are vegan00:51
ubottuFatCock: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines00:51
LtLlusepuster: i noticed raylu helping you, did you ifup eth0 after sudo dhclient eth0?00:51
Guest89106is there a way to run xchat in terminal mode00:52
nickrudFatCock, sexual nature. Last bit of explanation, last warning00:52
GneaFatCock: you could always ask #freenode why it's offensive00:52
gogereaverGuest89106 no but bitchx is a nice termel irc00:52
rascal_is_heremy friends computer does not as internet , but my computer has , how do i transfer software installed on my sys to his comp00:52
lusepusterLtL: yeah raylu seems to have disappeared. iufup? how do I use that?00:52
rwwGuest89106: nope. There are command-line IRC clients, though, like "irssi" or "weechat".00:52
SanketsuOk, I'm back and have my list.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/101959/   I'm trying to figure out what on that list would break my internet connectivity completely from a fresh install of Intrepid.00:52
operai will read a book about ubunt. but my enlishi is very poor.00:52
eriscoGnea, then what?00:52
LtLlusepuster: sudo ifup eth0  depending on what ifconfig says00:53
GneaItaku: if i were you, i'd go with the livecd+backup method.. and quit pissing people off while you're at it00:53
Gneaerisco: browse the web. if you can, then NAT is working00:53
name_namerasal: get both machines next to each other, connect with a crossover cable and give them both static IPs like and then ftp whatever you need00:53
lusepusterLtL: Hmm... And that might help even if dhclient does not yied anything?00:54
eriscoGnea, I want to know what mode it is in though. ie moderate, open, or strict00:54
allymariei use ubuntu but not enough to remember how to work the terminal.....where do i find source tree00:54
allymarieam trying to fix gnutella00:54
LtLlusepuster: if you getyour ip address via dhcp, then dhclient is required00:54
Gnea!terminal | allymarie00:54
ubottuallymarie: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal00:54
name_namecould sure use a /etc/fstab pastebin..yum yum00:54
Gneaerisco: you're using xbox lingo... that's not how we look at nat here00:55
lusepusterLtL: that is the core of my problem. The windows setup seems to use pure dhcp (they don't call it that, but it acquires addresses automatically). But when using dhclient, no DHCPOFFERS come up.00:56
eriscoGnea, I know I am using xbox lingo :P00:56
allymarieam trying to fix gnutella and have followed the steps up until "run from top of sourse tree"00:56
eriscoGnea, I did research on NAT but couldn't really find how those terms translated00:56
gogereaverlusepuster you using a cable modem00:56
jriballymarie: how is gnutella broken?00:56
jriballymarie: and what steps exactly are you following?00:57
eriscoGnea, so I am not particularly sure what to look for. I am running through two networks and I want to know which one has the NAT problems, or both00:57
rayluopera: there is a pdftotext tool; it'll save you the copy/pasting time00:57
lusepustergogereaver: was that a question? ;)00:57
allymarieancient version 96.4 won't connect00:57
gogereaverlusepuster yra00:57
abstractEntityhi I need some help00:57
sudobashso i guess no one got my pathetic cry for help about the RTL8187 aka RTLHELL problem where I was connected to a hotspot but couldn't ping router or anything but my own IP.... well I found if you associate your self to the essid with iwconfig ie sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid hotspot.... then the internet would cut on for about 5 seconds and then be lost again... Well if you do this before you use the GUI wifi assistant then the connection will be stab00:57
sudobashle... any ideas as to why RTL8187 drivers are so sketchy or is maybe a conflict?00:57
abstractEntitywhich is the default permission of dir Trash00:57
jriballymarie: what version of ubuntu?00:57
raylulusepuster: sorry about disappearing :P. reading scrollback, i have no idea00:57
Gneaerisco: it's all right here: http://forum.teamxbox.com/showthread.php?t=451043  they refer to what ports are being forwarded00:57
LtLlusepuster:  /etc/resolv.conf should have a domain and nameservers listed, usually generated by network-manager00:58
jribabstractEntity: delete it and then delete something in nautilus00:58
Guest89106is linux terminal more powerful then macs00:58
gogereaverlusepuster if using a cable miodem without a roughter you need to power cycle them when you install a new os it will then toss out the ip00:58
rayluGuest89106: i could answer that, but it wouldn't be the answer you're looking for00:58
eriscoGnea, thanks00:58
Firkydo you enter00:58
abstractEntityjrib i don't understand00:58
mike_hey i downloaded a game and put it under some linux run thing how do i delete it00:58
Gneaerisco: there's also this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=53879600:58
rayluGuest89106: ubuntu does have more shell commands and more updated versions of them than os x00:59
lusepustergogereaver: it does indeed seem like it's a cable modem not a router (blush)00:59
name_nameI could really use someone /etc/fstab pastebin, that would be great, thx.00:59
jribabstractEntity: drwx------ 6 jrib jrib 4096 2008-11-05 08:53 /home/jrib/.local/share/Trash00:59
Ward1983how do i stop the networkmanager in 8.10?00:59
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jribname_name: why?...00:59
abstractEntityjrib mine is drwx------ 2 is it ok?00:59
kitchename_name: someone elses fstab won't help you much since ubuntu uses UID00:59
jribabstractEntity: yes00:59
omarukosomedy help me00:59
abstractEntitythank you00:59
name_namejrib: my cdrom line is messed up00:59
allymariehttps://gtk-gnutella.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/gtk-gnutella/trunk/gtk-gnutella/README.Debian .............this is the site i found to fix gnutella but have hit a road block with "source tree"00:59
gogereaverlusepuster then do a power cycle pc off modem unplugged for abought a minut them power up the modem and start linux00:59
Ward1983how do i stop the networkmanager in 8.10 please?01:00
abstractEntitywhat does it mean the number 2?01:00
tokyoaheadhi all... Iconnected an external LCDto my Laptop and would like to switch between displays, and run a different resolution on each (no expanded monitor on both screens)... how do Ido that?01:00
gogereaverit should give out a ip01:00
abstractEntityjrib what does it mean the number 2?01:00
linkmaster03allymarie: that's for compiling the program, are you sure that's the help document you want?01:00
jribabstractEntity: number of links01:00
lusepustergogereaver: I only poartly understood that message. power cycle pc off modem unplugged, what does that mean axactly...?01:01
allymariei searched how to fix gnutella and others have done the steps and it works...i just can't remember how to do all the commands01:01
gogereaverlusepuster just that01:01
name_namekitche: UID's aren't used for optical drives.01:01
gogereaverlusepuster thats a power cycle01:01
allymariei don't use the terminal much...and forget easily...last time i checked in here was june01:02
Ward1983jesus is this thing unstoppable or something? :s how do i stop the networkmanager in ubuntu 8.10 please?01:02
kitchename_name: yes I know but you didn't say anything about optical drives maybe you did earilier but I don't tend to check my logs unless someone says my name when I m deattached01:02
LtLlusepuster: shut down your box and your modem/router and fire it all back up starting with modem - router - computer01:02
eseven73I need to mount my external hdd to /media/external but its locked or something heres the 'df -hT' http://paste.ubuntu.com/101961/  and heres the 'mount' http://paste.ubuntu.com/101962/  the external is the one listed in df -hT as /dev/sdc101:02
gogereaverlusepuster unplug modem turn of pc wait a minut plug in modem wait for it to reconnect power on pc and start linux01:02
bazhang!give me a test01:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about give me a test01:03
name_namekitche: lol, sorry. but would you mine posting the cdrom0 line of your fstab?01:03
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godsynplease help : CIFS mount not allowing touch. Message returned is "touch: setting times of `synstore/hi': Not a directory"01:03
gogereaverlusepuster cable modems need this done when installing a new os otherwise they whont give out a ip adrees01:03
omarukosomebody help me u.u01:03
Firkyomaruko, whats the problem ?01:03
lusepustergogereaver: I appreciate yopur help but that answer really did not explain anything... You mean, power off the pc and then unplug the cable modem, thenm plug in the cable modem and turn on the pc? Or should I onplug the cable modem from tyhe wall or from the computer?01:04
rxsHi ! I am using ubuntu 8.04 w/ xfce . I wish to compiz. I have a thinkpad T43 w/ ati x300 64MB graphics card. I use opensource ati drivers. Every thing works fine. I have been able to use dual display with an external monitor connected at 1680x1050 etc .. but when I try to use compiz or elisa with the external monitor, a part of the xternal monitor display is screwed.... anyone willing to help / talk about similar experiences ?01:04
jriballymarie: did you find a bug on bugs.ubuntu.com?01:04
Sanketsuhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/101959/   I'm trying to figure out what on that list of updates would break my internet connectivity completely from a fresh install of Intrepid.  Anyone want to help me out?01:04
gogereaverlusepusterfrom the wall01:04
allymariei found the info @ bugs.luanchpad.net01:04
dougemdAnyone know why I can access matt.colyer.name server from my Mac, but my ubuntu box will name resolve the name? Both are on the same router.01:04
jriballymarie: link01:04
omny_devidoug - could be cause dns isnt setup right on ubuntu01:05
dougemdAnyone know why I can access matt.colyer.name server from my Mac, but my ubuntu box will NOT resolve the name? Both are on the same router01:05
lusepustergogereaver: thanks. Also, I'm not installing a new OS, just using another box. I can just do the same thing back when the Windoze box is going back in use...?01:05
omny_devidoug - can you ping an ip but not the name?01:05
AnneShirleyHow do I play m4a's?01:05
dougemdomny_devi: I check the hosts file and there's nothing in there.01:05
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gogereaverlusepuster same thing its a difrent mac adress the modem needs to find01:05
omny_devidoug - try to ping a ip address.01:05
dougemdomny_devi: I'll grab the ip from the mac and ping it from the ubuntu box. hold one.01:06
ubottuJaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.01:06
mas2How can I set a highter resolution to my external monitor? It doesn't get detected in Screen Resolution but it works if I boot up with the external monitor on. I use a laptop and a tft monitor as external. Works if I use the FN + screen change key so I can switch between dual, only laptop, or only tft monitor but it uses the laptop resolution.01:06
AndyCAre there any tutorials on what to do after a fresh install of Ubuntu?  This is for a beginner.01:06
omny_devidoug - thats all internal, good to start, after that try and ping an external ip01:06
jribAndyC: help.ubuntu.com01:06
lusepustergogereaver: thanks a bunch, I'm onna try that out - now is time for a nice little whole-in-the-wall restaurant. Thanks for your help again, everybody!01:06
gogereaverlusepuster when using aroughter you dont ned to do this01:06
dougemdomny_devi: pings the ip without a problem01:06
Milos_SDHi all... I have a problem importing photos from Canon A560 with gphoto2 on 2.6.28 kernel that I compiled, but on ubuntu generic kernel it is working. What can be the problem? :S01:06
lusepustergogereaver: no, exactly. I never used cable modem before, and mistook it for a router. But I hope this works. Thanks, and bye!01:07
gogereaverlusepuster it should01:07
gogereaverlusepuster done it myself when i didnt have a roughter01:07
gogereaverlusepuster always worked01:07
rxsmas2: what ubuntu version are you using ? graphics card type and can you give the output of uname -a ?01:07
allymariei searched the problem thru ubuntu search, and tried a link that sounded just like my problem and ended up at bugs.launchpad.net.....the got command lines to fix it at https://gtk-gnutella.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/gtk-gnutella/trunk/gtk-gnutella/README.Debian01:07
dougemdomny_devi: I can ping (matt.colyer.name) from my Mac w/o issue and the DNS request goes out. My ubuntu box can ping, but can not resolve matt.colyer.name.01:08
jriballymarie: can you link me to the bug report please?01:08
rxsHi ! I am using ubuntu 8.04 w/ xfce . I wish to use compiz. I have a thinkpad T43 w/ ati x300 64MB graphics card. I use opensource ati drivers. Every thing works fine. I have been able to use dual display with an external monitor connected at 1680x1050 etc .. but when I try to use compiz or elisa with the external monitor, a part of the xternal monitor display is screwed.... anyone willing to help / talk about similar experiences ?01:08
allymarieyes...just s ec01:08
dougemdomny_devi: does your box resolve the address?01:09
mas2rxs: I use Ubuntu 8.10. I got a ATI Radeon Mobility X1300 card and uses the FGLRX driver. I want 1440x1050 on my laptop and on my external 22 tft samsung I want 1680x1050. Will write uname - a and post01:09
mas2rxs: Linux tlaptop 2.6.27-9-generic #1 SMP Thu Nov 20 21:57:00 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux01:09
Man23BRsTdougemd: compare the file /etc/resolv.conf from the two systems. you can test name resolv with the program nslookup in cli. type nslookup <name.domain>01:09
eseven73I need to mount my external hdd to /media/external but its locked or something heres the 'df -hT' http://paste.ubuntu.com/101961/  and heres the 'mount' http://paste.ubuntu.com/101962/  the external is the one listed in df -hT as /dev/sdc101:09
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jrib!who | allymarie01:09
ubottuallymarie: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:09
allymariesorry jrib....https://bugs.launchpad.net/hardy-backports/+bug/24805501:10
jriballymarie: there are .debs in the first post01:10
ubottuYou can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.01:10
rxsmas2: I have not used 8.10 much , but I figure you do not have a /etc/X11/xorg.conf .. do you ? and what do you use for dual head support ? I mean what command do you use ?01:10
allymariejrib...have copied these to terminal...but unsure what source tree means01:10
jriballymarie: one sec, phone01:11
allymariejrib..thanks for the help01:11
mas2rxs: I don't use a command for that. As default It booted with dual and to switch between dual, laptop or external I use the laptop FN + KeyForSwitchScreen key. So it works fine just that I need to change the resolution but it hasn't been detected in Screen Resolution so I can set it.01:11
allymariejrib...i don't use ubuntu enough to remember everything :P01:12
dougemdMan23BRsT: I checked the resolv.conf. I am using DHCP on my LAN and both resolve.conf's are identical.01:12
linkmaster03allymarie: source tree is the lowest directory of the source code01:12
linkmaster03allymarie: highest*01:12
linkmaster03allymarie: it's the folder that has everything else inside it01:12
allymarielinkmaster...but i don't know what that means....or where to find it...sorry01:12
rxsmas2: can yu open a terminal and type aticonfig and see if that command exits ?01:13
linkmaster03allymarie: are you even compiling from source?01:13
KuninAnyone have experience getting the MX Revolution mouse working in Hardy?01:13
rxsmas2: you should get a big list with all possible coommands that can follow01:13
Man23BRsTdougemd: when you try to resolve one name, what is the error? timeout?01:13
mas2rxs: yes It worked.01:13
allymarielinkmaster03: im so lostnow01:13
jribKunin: yes...01:13
mas2rxs: but there has to be a GUI way for doing this? not to hard code the xonf ?01:13
linkmaster03allymarie: why are you looking at that readme01:13
=== sean is now known as Guest49053
jriballymarie: did you download the .deb for your arch listed in the first comment?01:14
linkmaster03allymarie: by reading i think you have a .deb01:14
rxsmas2: can you type the following in a terminal : cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:14
dougemdMan23BRsT: For a ping it immediately returns ping: unknown host matt.cloyer.name. I don't the ubuntu box is even sending it on to the DNS01:14
LuXorhey guys tell me a good download manager01:14
Dexihey guys every once in a while my sound from the java web plugin fails and my CPU heats up a good 15c...01:14
linkmaster03allymarie: which means you just double click that .deb on your desktop to install it01:14
mas2rxs: what should I do next?01:14
Kuninjrib: All I can get is the basic left/right click (no middle), Wheel up/down, Buttons 8/9 (the arrows) and that search button (remapped to open home folder)... but I can't get the wheel tilt right/left or the thumb(media?) wheel at all01:15
allymarielinkmaster03:  i don't have a deb on my desktop01:15
jribKunin: are you using evdev?01:15
rxsmas2: ati uses a different way of configuring dual heads n is not compatible with xrandr. I think the gui uses xrandr ... let me look for more info01:15
mysterycHello :)01:15
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!01:15
mas2rxs: thanks cool01:15
eseven73I need to mount my external hdd to /media/external but its locked or something heres the 'df -hT' http://paste.ubuntu.com/101961/  and heres the 'mount' http://paste.ubuntu.com/101962/  the external is the one listed in df -hT as /dev/sdc101:15
rxsmas2: if you get any result , can you pastebin that and put the link here ?01:15
Kuninjrib: I was at one point... I think xorg is using auto right now01:15
LuXorsomebody will give me a good download manager or no?01:15
linkmaster03allymarie: download it like jrib said01:16
jribKunin: you need to use evdev01:16
Sanketsuhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/101959/   I'm trying to figure out what on that list of updates would break my internet connectivity completely from a fresh install of Intrepid.  Anyone want to help me out?01:16
allymarielinkmaster03: download what?01:16
mas2rxs: from the xorg.conf or the aticonfig?01:16
rxsLuXor: download manager ? you could use the firefox extension or opera comes with one :)01:16
name_nameLOL LOL I FIXED'ED IT01:16
rxsmas2: from cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:16
LuXor<rxs> no, i need a download manager01:16
tekstacy'lo all01:17
dougemdMan23BRsT: so nslookup returns the address. Something on the ubuntu box side is preventing the .name extension from being sent to the DNS server01:17
name_name RXS lrn2wget01:17
jribKunin: search help.ubuntu.com for the mx1000 guide, it will be similar01:17
dougemdMan23BRsT: does ping matt.colyer.name work for you?01:17
allymarielinkmaster must of gotten frustrated with me....lol01:17
dr_williseseven73,  err.. it does look like its mounted to /media/external to me..  - perhaps clarify the whole problem to the channel.01:18
karlpwhy doesn't ubuntu have ngspice?01:18
jriballymarie: look at the first comment on the bug report.  ARe you there?01:18
Kuninjrib: Will do, thanks01:18
Man23BRsTdougemd: yes.01:18
rxsyeah i would say something based on wget .. like kget01:18
jribKunin: I have the same mouse, so poke me if you're stuck01:18
name_namethx for all the help #ubuntu01:18
karlpi'm having to compile it because there's no ngspice package01:18
dougemdweird. I'll recheck my resolve.conf files. I have to be point to a different DNS somehow.01:18
dougemdMan23BRsT: thanks for the nslookup tip01:18
mas2rxs: http://www.nomorepasting.com/getpaste.php?pasteid=23284 is what I get from running cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:18
eseven73dr_willis:  i get this error when trying to 'ls -A' or 'dir' ls: reading directory .: Input/output error01:18
Kuninjrib: I probably will, after my last wireless mouse/keyboard died I when and I got the MX5500 Revolution... without checking first to see if it works01:19
P4C0hello guys, I have laptop with only floppy drive and I will like to install ubuntu on it... the network card is a pcmcia linksys (pcm100) what will be the best way to install it? floppy or network (it currently has windows xp)?01:19
allymarieyes am looking at it.....jrib...lol01:19
karlpanyone know why ngspice is not in ubuntu repositories?01:19
bazhang!install | P4C001:19
ubottuP4C0: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:19
eseven73dr_willis: and it doesnt show any files in any of my filemanagers either01:19
jriballymarie: do you see the "WORKAROUND" section?01:19
allymariejrib yes01:19
karlpafaik, it's free as in beer and free as in freedom01:19
rxsmas2: looked at it ... now can you do this in a terminal : glxinfo | grep render01:19
dr_williseseven73, sounds like the drive filesystem has errors. I would suggest unmounting the drive and filesystem checking the drive. (with fsck)01:19
tekstacyAre there any issues with Ubuntu on64 bit? Is flash fixed?01:19
allymariejrib...that link comes back 404 not found....but found another link further down that worked01:19
dr_willistekstacy,  flash works for me here on 64bit01:19
omny_deviteks - flash is fixed01:20
allymariejrib...not the first one01:20
jriballymarie: what arch are you on?01:20
rxsmas2:  if the result is 3 -4 lines please pastebin it01:20
eseven73dr_willis: it wont let me umount and yes i did have some file system errors when i booted so that could be it01:20
mas2rxs: then I get direct rendering: Yes, OpenGL renderer string: ATI Mobility Radeon X1300 ( was 2 lines)01:20
allymariejrib....at the launchpad.net one01:20
dr_williseseven73,  boot live cd.. fsck from that if all else fails.. or force the unmount.01:20
tbrockhey guys, is there a problem with flash-nonfree? my firefox constantly turns black and unresponsive and its very very slow when displaying any sort of flash01:20
tbrockanything i can do to fix this, or is this a known problem01:20
omny_devii think the 64 but works even better than the 3201:21
jriballymarie: what is the output of 'uname -m'01:21
P4C0bazhang, yes, I already did that... I'm asking about what will be the safest way to do it... I can do it with floppies (if the sarge floppy image doesn't detect my network i will be in troubles)... installing it inside windows seems a bit strange...01:21
gogereavertbrock thats normaly in the extras package01:21
Milos_SDHi all... I have a problem importing photos from Canon A560 with gphoto2 on 2.6.28 kernel that I compiled, but on ubuntu generic kernel it is working. What can be the problem?01:21
tbrockgogereaver, what do yu mean01:21
eseven73dr_willis: ok ty,01:21
allymariejrib..in my terminal right01:21
bazhangP4C0, sarge is debian01:21
jriballymarie: yes01:21
eriscois there any way to test if a port is being forwarded successfully by my router?01:21
rxsmas2: sounds good .. so you are using the ati's prop fglx drivers01:22
P4C0bazhang, yes... did you read the link that you pasted me?01:22
gogereavertbrock ubuntu restricted extras01:22
mas2rxs: yes.01:22
gogereavertbrock that comes with flash and java01:22
P4C0bazhang, floppy installtion: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/WithFloppies it says sarge there...01:22
rxsamas2: and they are working fine , can you take a look at this now http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Configuring01:22
FergatROnHi,  I just installed Ubuntu 8.10 i386 on my new Dell Studio desktop, but after I install it, my keyboard and mouse don't work.  I can do ctrl+alt+f1 on the gui login screen, but nothing else works.  I also did what was suggested on the releasenotes page to no avail.01:22
tbrockgogereaver, sorry i'm not understanding01:22
bazhangP4C0, this is  ubuntu support only #debian for their support01:22
illmortalHey has the Icons content changed directory in Ubuntu 8.10?01:22
tbrockI installed flash-nonfree, and you are saying that i should not have because it is a restricted extra01:22
TBotNikAll: Is there a WebMaster channel where you can discuss java, javascript, PHP and others, with how they all work together, without someone trying to tell you "Against the rules" for this discussion?01:22
allymariejrib in dont see that anywhere..."unmae -m"01:23
Man23BRsTdougemd: only this domain name presents problem in resolution?01:23
dr_willisTBotNik,  gee.. thats a 'broad' range of topics. :)01:23
bazhangTBotNik, there are java php etc channels yes01:23
P4C0bazhang, ... do you have anything good to say or are you just trolling around?01:23
gogereavertbrock it comes in the extra package set installing it alone is a bit dated01:23
rxsmas2: did you do anything similar ever ?01:23
* usser hehe01:23
Morpheus972Bonjour Tout Le Monde !!! :)01:23
jriballymarie: just go to a terminal, type 'uname -m' without the quotes, and hit enter01:23
tbrockgogereaver, ah, so i should uninstall and then install ubuntu-extras01:24
tbrockwhat is the exact package name?01:24
gogereavertbrock ubuntu-restricted-extras yep01:24
allymariejrib i68601:24
bazhangubuntu-restricted-extras tbrock01:24
jriballymarie: ok, you want the i386 deb then.  Get that one01:24
mas2rxs: no I didn't use any commands. I only thought it was weird that it didn't was detected in screen resolution but I was able to use it (wrong resolution but still). Have only used Ubuntu for 2 days now.01:24
FergatROnHi,  I just installed Ubuntu 8.10 i386 on my new Dell Studio desktop, but after I install it, my keyboard and mouse don't work.  I can do ctrl+alt+f1 on the gui login screen, but nothing else works.  I also did what was suggested on the release notes page to no avail.01:24
gogereavertbrock that will also install java01:24
mas2rxs: Should I be able to fix my problem with the link you sent to me?01:25
allymariejrib....and how would i go about that one?01:25
allymariejrib...geez, i am a headache01:25
jriballymarie: it's a link, you click it...01:25
tbrockok, i don't seem to see how this is any different than just installing it on its own, why is that dated?01:25
rxsmas2: yes... I have a lappie with a ati x300 card. I was suffering with FGLRX for long and then decided to use the opensource drivers and life is easy now ...01:25
Kuninjrib I followed those directions, so now using evdev, but still no luck (xev and xbindkeys do not register those buttons/wheel)01:26
jribKunin: you restarted X?01:26
allymariejrib..but where is this magical link?01:26
FergatROnHi,  I just installed Ubuntu 8.10 i386 on my new Dell Studio desktop, but after I install it, my keyboard and mouse don't work.  I can do ctrl+alt+f1 on the gui login screen, but nothing else works.  I also did what was suggested on the release notes page to no avail.01:26
jriballymarie: in the bug report in the WORKAROUNDS section01:26
Kuninjrib yes, ctrl+alt+bksp01:26
mas2rxs: so I can use aticonfig commands and they edit the xorg.conf for me? And this works because I got an ATI card and using FGLRX ?01:26
allymariejrib....sorry but this has been going on for months just trying to get my gnutella to work01:26
tbrockgogereaver, i'm cool with java, but i just wanted to know why the other way, with just one package is outdated, it should be the same01:26
rxsmas2: the opensource drivers are pretty stable and everything works great for me ... unless ur a avid gamer and need very great 3d accel .. I would recommen them01:26
illmortalGuys, where's the "start" icon in Ubuntu 8.10 I checked .icons and there's nothing in it01:27
rxsmas2: yes...01:27
jriballymarie: do you understand what you need to do now?01:27
allymariejrib...that link says its not found when i click on it01:27
jribKunin: did you verify it is using evdev by reading /var/log/Xorg.0.log01:27
mas2rxs: FGLRX is not an open source? what should I use insteed?01:27
rxsmas2: the aticonfig has to be done on a terminal as root as it edits the xorg and puts in appropriate sections ...01:27
TBotNikbazhang: Yeah, of no help at all, have industrial strength IE problem and no one know how to fix, but all thumping their chest pretending.01:28
mas2rxs: I see, do I have to run it as a root or can I use sudo ?01:28
jriballymarie: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/g/gtk-gnutella/gtk-gnutella_0.96.5-1build1_i386.deb01:28
rxsmas2: yes u can use sudo01:28
Kuninjrib ah, missed an error... can't open /dev/input/by-id/usb-Logitech_USB_Receiver-event-mouse01:28
bazhangTBotNik, for testing?01:28
mas2rxs: but I don't have to change driver? I can do this with FGLRX?01:28
rotarychainsawgot a big problem guys01:28
allymariejrib....finally..thank you...now after i download that what do i do?01:28
allymariejrib...thanks you01:28
jriballymarie: double click on it01:28
rxsmas2: this aticonfig thing works only with fglrx driver .. okay before you do anything .. let me give you a link, so that you can understand the setting perfectly .. please hang on01:29
allymariejrib...open with archive manager?/01:29
jriballymarie: no, install gdebi01:29
gogereavertbrock acully the set downloads it from flash directly and configurs it for ubuntu01:29
rotarychainsawI can't login anymore. gdm segfaults when I put in the right password, the CLI login segfaults as well01:29
tbrockgogereaver, ok, cool01:29
gogereavertbroc non-free is a older deb package01:29
mas2rxs: thanks! if it's to any help for you to help me :) I want 1440x1050 for my laptop and 1680x1050 for my external.01:30
TBotNikbazhang: Main script wouldn't work for test, so created sample.  #javascript guy says have to loose the [] in the $var[] PHP arrays, but nothing works at all then.  At least with those in FF and Safari run it fine, but IE is clueless.01:30
tbrockgogereaver, bummer that it isn't maintained01:30
tbrockgogereaver, ok right when i installed it it took away my battery icon on my laptop01:30
tbrockthere are other people talking about this in the forums01:30
allymariejrib dependancy is not staisfiable01:30
wfireI am having a problem during installation if anyone can help01:30
tbrockgnome power manager got borked01:30
allymariejrib...is that because of the other work i did in the terminal01:31
jriballymarie: k, guess you can't use that then.  No, it's not your fault01:31
Kuninjrib: amusing... I had a slightly different named file in that directory, so I changed xorg.conf to match... now my mouse doesn't go left and right, only up and down (as is normal movement)01:31
allymariejrib...well that makes me feel better that it's not ME LMAO01:31
huntersugacan anyone help me with games here?01:31
jribKunin: you mean just dragging the mouse?  weird indeed01:32
rxsmas2: I get that .. can you please look at this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver , I can tell you quickly how to do it with a few commands / give you a modified xorg file that you can replace .. but that wont help in the long run ...01:32
wfiremy system seems to reboot seemingly for no reason when I reach 22 percent of software install during installation any ideas01:32
jriballymarie: let's go back to the README.Debian.  What step are you on?01:32
allymariejrib....it's just strange that on my administrative side gnutella won't connect but on my boyfriends side...not an admin...it works...hows that for awesome01:32
huntersugai need to run a windows games in ubuntu......01:32
Kuninjrib: quite, gave me a good laugh though.... Xorg.0.log shows 2 related errors, unable to parse RelAxis 0 as a map specifier and AbsoluteTouch: DIGI_Touch does not exist01:33
bazhanghuntersuga, check the appdb01:33
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help01:33
pinksterHi, I'm having trouble with my ethernet connection. It had been working but is no longer.01:33
bazhang!appdb | huntersuga01:33
ubottuhuntersuga: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help01:33
allymariejrib....have built dependencies and need to build...step 201:33
jribKunin: oh, pastebin your xorg.conf?01:33
jriballymarie: what is the output of 'pwd'?01:33
rxsmas2: that article should clarify all your doubts :)01:33
allymariejrib? pwd?01:33
Kuninjrib: that won't be easy with the mouse like this01:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bc01:33
rxspinkster: do you use network manager ?01:34
jribKunin: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:34
jriballymarie: when I surround a word in '', it means it is a command01:34
mas2rxs: thanks. but should I really use that last you sent me? I'm not a gamer but if it works with fglrx maybe it's bad using the open source? the article says it's not as fast.01:34
huntersugabazhang: appdb not found01:34
=== osxdude_ is now known as osxdude
bazhanghttp://appdb.winehq.org huntersuga01:35
mas2rxs: because it sorta works now, I have dual display at the moment. Just that I need to add a higher resolution to it.01:35
=== mitch_ is now known as Guest23627
pinksterrxx: is that the application in System->Preferences->Network Connections?01:35
Kuninjrib: sweet, never knew about that... http://pastebin.com/f2c8480d301:35
dmanhello folks, if I made a change to my x.org file and didn't back it up and now can't reinstall the video drivers, do I only have the choice to reinstall intrepid?01:35
Kuninhaving a second machine makes this stuff a little easier, heh01:35
allymariejrib...ahhh...oh ok.../home/allison01:35
jribKunin: get rid of HWHEELRela...blablah line01:35
rxsmas2: I would recommend the opensource driver, the speed difference will be perceived largely only while gaming ... if you are not gaming, I would recommend the use of opensource radeon drivers01:35
jriballymarie: ok, did you download the gtk-gnutella tarball already?01:36
kolewhat would be a good sidebar for linux?01:36
huntersugabazhang: thanks i am an absolute noob01:36
wfireI can run the ubuntu 8.10 live off the cd but when I try to instal it reboots always around 22-26% during software install, any ideas01:36
mas2rxs: because it's easier to config or what is the main benefit?01:36
allymariejrib...you just keep confusng me...have no idea what a tarball is01:36
rxspinkster: what version of ubuntu are you using ? can you prove the output for the command uname -a ( you type this in a terminal ) , what desktop are you using ? gnome or kde  or xfce ?01:36
Kuninjrib: done, mouse still the same01:36
jriballymarie: sorry.  Step did you download the source for gtk-gnutella?01:36
allymariejrib..i feel as tho i know nothing about pcs now...lol01:36
jerrodi cant add anything because it says this, what do i do about it           E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.01:36
jerrodE: _cache->open() failed, please report.01:36
jribKunin: did the errors go away in Xorg.0.log?01:37
bazhangjerrod, run that command with sudo01:37
Kuninjrib nope, same two01:37
allymariejrib....i duno01:37
Guest23627i made my own video card01:37
rxsmas2: easier to config, works well with new kernels, is " opensource " , follows the xrandr standard and u can config display using a gui :)01:37
jriballymarie: download the tar.bz2 from https://sourceforge.net/project/platformdownload.php?group_id=446701:37
jriballymarie: to your Desktop01:37
jerrodwhat command01:38
FergatROnHi,  I just installed Ubuntu 8.10 i386 on my new Dell Studio desktop, but after I install it, my keyboard and mouse don't work.  I can do ctrl+alt+f1 on the gui login screen, but nothing else works.  I also did what was suggested on the release notes page to no avail.01:38
jerrodwhat command01:38
pinksterrxs: I'm using 8.10, 64-bit. Output of uname -a is01:38
mas2rxs: xrandr is a gui tool for chaning resolutions and such?01:38
rxsFergatROn: so do you get to the login screen and it just hangs there ?01:38
Angiehow do i download an entire website with all directories01:38
bazhangjerrod, sudo dpkg --configure -a01:38
jribKunin: is /dev/input/by-id/usb-Logitech_Logitech_BT_Mini-Receiver_000761CD51CE-event-mouse the only logitech related thing you have in /dev/input/by-id/?01:38
jribAngie: wget01:39
Kuninjrib: does the mouse work better OOB in intrep?  I've put off the upgrade since last time it took days to get things back to normal01:39
mas2rxs: i guess I will give it a try. I can always change back to fglrx if it doesn't work well with my compiz effects and such.01:39
FergatROnrxs, yes. i get to the login screen and the mouse/keyboard doesn't work.01:39
Kuninjrib: no, I have two others01:39
jribKunin: intrepid uses evdev by default, yes01:39
allymariejrib...tab.bz2 or tar.bz2.asc.....or just click on the 96.501:39
FergatROnrxs, thanks for attempting to help.01:39
mas2rxs: thanks alot for your help! it's been very helpful! appriciate it01:39
pinksterrxs: Linux david-laptop 2.6.27-9-generic #1 SMP Thu Nov 20 22:15:32 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux01:39
jriballymarie: tar.bz201:39
=== Guest6249 is now known as Styles
jribKunin: try a live cd out first01:39
earthmeLonGood day everybody!  I successfully set up a SOCKS5 proxy using SSH tunneling on my system.  I was wondering if anybody could help me have it connect on startup :D01:40
Kuninjrib: last time was just issues with hamachi/synergy and my four monitors01:40
rxsmas2: no .. u will then use the screen resolution tooi in the system preferences tab in gnome to change resolution01:40
dmando you need a complete reinstall if you screw up your x.org file?01:40
=== rachel is now known as Guest64859
earthmeLondman  you could revert to a backup if you made one :D01:40
rxsFergatROn: can u do cnt+alt+del ?01:40
jribdman: no, you just make a new one01:40
Kuninjrib: also have an event-kbd and a -mouse, in addition to the -event-mouse01:40
rwwdman: You shouldn't need one, no. What's stopping you from editing it and fixing it? Do you need a copy of the default xorg.conf?01:41
rotarychainsawany CLI gurus in here?01:41
jribKunin: I have event-mouse in my old xorg.conf01:41
rww!anyone | rotarychainsaw01:41
ubotturotarychainsaw: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:41
FergatROnrxs, i didn't try that, but i am able to do ctrl+alt+f101:41
karlpman, compiling from source failed. dunno why.01:41
mas2rxs: do you think it will detect my both screens there? because it don't now.01:41
dmanI don't have a backup, and somehow it screwed my video drivers, trying to reinstall the drivers creates more issues oddly01:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about spice01:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ngspice01:41
allymariejrib...alright is on my desktop01:41
rxspinkster: can you go back to ut network settings and see if the ethernet has a - in front of it ( roaming mode ) ot a tick mark ?01:41
jerrodthanks! itreally helped and worked01:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about circuits01:41
ubottuXRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1201:41
karlpyeah, you good for nothing bot01:41
jriballymarie: go to your terminal and run 'cd ~/Desktop'01:41
bazhangkarlp, /msg ubottu please01:42
pinksterrxs: how do I go to ut network settings?01:42
rxspinkster: if it is not in roaming mode , network manager cannot configure it01:42
=== jr_ is now known as john183
allymariejrib ok01:43
rxsthe same way you mentioned lastime01:43
mas2rxs: gonna give it a try thanks!01:43
rxsmas2: np ... give it a try .. you can always go back to fglrx01:43
bazhang!info xcircuit | karlp01:43
ubottuxcircuit (source: xcircuit): Draw circuit schematics or almost anything. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.6.135.dfsg-1 (intrepid), package size 547 kB, installed size 2736 kB01:43
jriballymarie: then do 'tar xf  gtk-gnutella-snapshot.tar.bz2'  you can avoid typing all that out by just doing gtk<TAB><TAB>01:43
wfirewell I will try my prob later, thanks anyway01:43
rxsmas2: should you have some issue .. I will tell you how to configure ur xorg.conf with a extra like caled virtual and things will be fine01:43
allymariejrib k01:43
karlpbazhang: that's not even close to the same thing01:44
karlpbazhang: and yes, i already have that01:44
bazhangngspice is found in xcircuit karlp01:44
karlpno it's not01:44
rxsFergatROn: try cnt+alt+del .. does it restart you X session ?01:44
karlpi would know01:44
jriballymarie: what does 'ls -d gtk*' say now?  Use pastebin01:44
dmanif I reinstall intrepid is there a way to save the desktop settings etC?01:44
allymariejrib gtk-gnutella-snapshot  gtk-gnutella-snapshot.tar.bz201:44
pinksterrxs: how do I go to ut network settings?01:45
Kuninjrib: Tried using the -mouse one, seems I can move the mouse again, but new errors in Xorg.0.log01:45
jriballymarie: now run 'cd gtk-gnutella-snapshot'01:45
blacklemon67I can't get php to work in 8.401:45
karlpbazhang: try installing xcircuit. and find me the ngspice binary on your computer. you will not find it. it's not packaged with ubuntu. but there are at least 3 or 4 different simulation frontends... all useless without the backend -- spice or ngspice01:45
rxspinkster: what are yu sing gnome or kde ?01:45
pinksterrxs: gnome01:45
karlpbazhang: and gnucap's crap (pun intended). it's just like other gnu tools -- non-standards compliant and riddled with 'extensions'01:45
allymariejrib...an den01:45
jribKunin: note I used -event-mouse, not sure if that is different.  What errors?01:45
dmanAlso, is there a problem installing intrepid on an xternal hd?01:45
jriballymarie: you are now at the top of the source tree01:45
Kunin(EE) ioctl EVIOCGBIT 0 failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device01:46
Kunin(EE) Logitech MX Revo: cannot load bits01:46
Kunin(EE) PreInit returned NULL for "Logitech MX Revo"01:46
karlpi'm forced to use this old binary from 1986: spice 2g6. it works but it's sooo lacking01:46
rxspinkster: do you see a box in the right hand top corner that looks like a computer ? when you hover your mouse on it it shuld say network manager01:46
blacklemon67I can't get php to work in 8.04. Apache works, but running a .php file executes a download of that file.01:46
jribKunin: hmm.  Anything wrong with the mouse?   Do the extra keys get seen in xev?01:46
karlpblacklemon67: you need to edit your httpd.conf01:46
jrib!lamp > blacklemon6701:46
ubottublacklemon67, please see my private message01:46
karlpblacklemon67: add a typehandler (google it), there are millions of examples01:46
Kuninjrib: Mouse works as it did before, still no extra keys01:47
pinksterrxs: ok, so I should go to edit connections?01:47
jribblacklemon67, karlp: you don't need to edit any files, just follow the trouble shooting guide ubottu gave you01:47
dmananyone using the g9?01:47
allymariejrib...so far so good....now to step 301:47
rwwblacklemon67: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP#Troubleshooting%20PHP%20501:47
rxspinkster: left click on it and say manual config01:47
rxspinkster: now do you see a - in front of all devices ?01:47
earthmeLonGood day everybody!  I successfully set up a SOCKS5 proxy using SSH tunneling on my system.  I was wondering if anybody could help me have it connect on startup :D01:48
pinksterrxs: I'm not getting an option for manual config by right clicking01:48
Kuninjrib: wondering if it's because my model seems different from the ones in most tutorials I've see, (devices has mine as ending in c, where all the tutorials ended in b)01:48
rxspinkster: left click01:48
pinksterrxs: That was a typo - I'm not getting an option for manual config by left-clicking01:48
pinksterrxs: left clicking shows Wired Network / Auto etho / VPN Connections01:49
rxspinkster: what are the option you get on left clicking ?01:49
karlpso why isn't ngspice in the repositories?01:49
karlpthere's not even the old (1999) spice3f501:49
pinksterrxs: and the Auto eth0 bubble is grayed out01:50
rxspinkster: brb01:50
pinksterrxs: ok01:50
karlphaha, i'm calling the 1999 binary old but i'm stuck using the 1986 one right now01:50
karlpsee kids, old =/= bad01:50
allymariejrib...wow..it's doing alot of stuff..lol01:50
karlpthough... it is pretty bad01:50
allymariejrib..thank you for your help....01:50
jriballymarie: no problem01:50
=== mitch_ is now known as Guest1466
rxspinkster: can you open a terminal and type ifconfig and paste the results in pastebin ?01:50
allymariejrib...when it is thru i can move onto the next command?01:51
jtajikarlp: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/24650601:51
jriballymarie: as long as there are no errors, yes01:51
jerrodi cant add anything because it says this, what do i do about it           E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.01:51
Area52If i wana change some settings on my router from my friends house can i set up an https proxi on my ubuntu server from telnet or webmin and umm im lost from there ... can anyone suggest an ideas for getting this done from remote01:51
kitchejerrod: run the dpkg command like it says01:51
bazhangjerrod, run that command with sudo01:51
jriballymarie: the instructions in that file won't work in step 3 for ubuntu.  Just ask me when you get there01:51
Guest1466i made my own video card01:52
rxsArea52 : doesnt your router have a remote admin tab ?01:52
dmanok, So I changed my x.org file to get my new g9 mouse working, after rebooting I got errors that it couldn't load the desktop and somehow I picked the option to change my xorg file to the New/Default one.  Now my video drivers won't install properly to allow for 3d - anyone?01:52
dmanlooks like I'm using a super simple xorg file now01:52
Area52ya but its not enabled thats why im trying to use the server to bounce a https off it so it will see lan01:52
dmanand have no backup01:52
jerrodGuest1466, cool01:52
Guest26415Hey all.. how do i connect VolumeUP/down with Master channel? at the moment its connected to PCM for whatever a reason01:53
rxsArea52: can you not enable it ?01:53
goat|lappyrxs: you cannot enable remote access remotely :-P01:54
_dennistergood evening channel :-) issue of the day is generating ssl keys to secure this apache server...no matter what i do I get an error message saying there's no bss_file or lib:bss file01:54
jribKunin: are you using -event-mouse now?01:54
rxsArea52: yes .. and you cannot do router port forwardig for telnet / ssh / https redir either remotely :P01:54
earthmeLonI successfully set up a SOCKS5 proxy using SSH tunneling on my system.  I was wondering if anybody could help me have it connect on startup :D01:54
Area52not from here im on the other side of town so i dont have access to it from here but my server gives me access just fine ... so can i install a https proxi01:54
Kuninjrib: no, just -mouse, -event-mouse caused my mouse to not work correctly01:55
_dennisteranyone available to help with this apache/ssl issue? yes, i'm following the documentation, have done this many times before, but I haven't seen this issue come up before01:55
_dennisterDr_willis: nice to see u :-)01:55
dmandoes compiz add anything to the x.org file?01:55
ksierksi just installed fedora 10 and i don't have any sound... can anyone help?01:55
goat|lappyArea52: i would suggest setting up an ssh tunnel to your server, and forward your web traffic through there, but i cant say how to do it exactly,  there are tutorials for that01:55
Area52i have access to my ssh telnet and webmin to my server behind the router i want to access but to access the router i need to make that router think that the  server is sending the info01:55
rxsArea52: if you already have a ssh forward setup in the router and can ssh into the machine on the other side of the router using ur homes global ip, I would suggest using ssh with X forwarding, start firefox on the remote machine and edit ur router config as if you are at home behind it :)01:56
_dennisterdman: from my very limited knowledge of compiz, yes01:56
bazhangksierks, #fedora for that01:56
FergatROnHi,  I just installed Ubuntu 8.10 i386 on my new Dell Studio desktop, but after I install it, my keyboard and mouse don't work.  I can do ctrl+alt+f1 on the gui login screen, but nothing else works.  I also did what was suggested on the release notes page to no avail.01:56
dmanthanks _den01:56
_dennisteror at least it used to, way back when i did take a stab at it01:56
Area52thats the problam its server ... does firefox run on a server with no gui01:57
dmankk....lost my x.org data so I'm wondering if I just need to do a fresh install01:57
rotarychainsawIs there a file that lists all the packages installed on a system?01:57
_dennisterFergatROn: are they usb?01:57
=== wobblyw1 is now known as wobblywu
dmansince so many things seem to link themselves to it01:57
FergatROn_dennister, yes usb only01:57
allymariejrib...i don't see anything about errors....01:57
rxshey .. u will getthe firefox on ur machine locally .. but would be the firefox on that machine .. u will have a x forward .. it can even be a headless machine and just needs firefox installed01:57
Area52cool thanks01:59
goat|lappyArea52: you can skip DNS stuff, but that should work01:59
kaytyou bunt oo01:59
linxehArea52: I use firefox on headless machiens01:59
jriballymarie: sure01:59
_dennisterFergatROn: k, usb is often the issue itself...i've been having a prob with an old ps/2 keyboard, so that's about the extent of my googling on the subject...most problems with keyborads occur when they are usb-based01:59
LtL_dennister: apt-cache search bss  ...shows up some SSL libraries that may be useful.01:59
karlpoohboontwo is how i pronounce it01:59
kaytI have two questions01:59
jerrodok,wellnowit says this, what do i do E: Unable to write mmap - msync (28 No space left on device)01:59
jerrodE: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.01:59
jerrodE: _cache->open() failed, please report.01:59
goat|lappyi'm with karlp on the pronunciation02:00
jribKunin: you're restarting X each time right?  Are you on a different computer?02:00
kayt1. Which is better, KDE or Gnome02:00
kayt2. Which is better, Beryl or COMPIZ02:00
rxsArea52: yes you can ...02:00
karlpwhat a useless question02:00
Quagmirewell I got xchat completely purge from system and reinstalled. Its working great now, but ...when I ran a locate command it brought back the .xchat2 folder, but I can nt see it in nautilus? Is there a file permission that I need to change in order to see it in Nautilus?02:00
jribjerrod: "No space left on device"02:00
allymariejrib..install complete02:00
karlpwhat the hell does better mean?02:00
goat|lappy!best | kayt02:00
ubottukayt: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.02:00
Dr_williskayt,  1 - it depends.. 2 - it depends.02:00
dmanI think which is better depends on what you do/need02:00
SoopaI just installed Mythbuntu 8.10 and am having video problems with my ATI Radeon 700002:00
bazhangkayt, please stop02:00
Soopait doesn't seem to find a video driver02:00
Kuninjrib: yes, restarting X each time, I have two computers and using the second one for xchat02:00
_dennisterLtL: yes, I did that, as I did do some googling before coming into the channel, but that doesn't help me yet :-)02:00
Soopacan anyone help?02:00
FloodBot2Soopa: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:00
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore02:00
kaytLinus torvalds says that KDE is better02:00
bazhang!ot | kayt02:00
ubottukayt: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:00
rxsKayt: please stop02:01
Dr_williskayt,  Beryl has been merged into compiz fusion.02:01
karlpsomeone ban the troll02:01
Dr_willisKayt - this is linux. Use whatyou want.. end of discussion.02:01
josh_It wont open Hardware drivers for me02:01
jribKunin: not sure then.  I didn't have those issues.  All I can suggest is to try a live cd of 8.10 and see if you have better results02:01
LtLQuagmire: ctrl+h i think, to see hidden dirs in nautilus02:01
insaneinsideI've been having numerous problems with ubuntu since "upgrading" to Intrepid.  Number one:  when I open the lid and the computer resumes from suspend, it immediately suspends again.   This is on an X41 Thinkpad.02:01
Guest1466how do u install firefox on a headless02:01
dmanreinstall or other options of I screwed my x.org file?02:01
dmansounds gross02:01
allymariejrib...install complete....anything else?02:01
jriballymarie: try it out02:01
dmanI'm not that kind of a person - I don't like my files that much ;)02:02
QuagmireLtL ...you da man! Thanks02:02
Kuninjrib: Xorg.0.log does show it finding 13 mouse buttons02:02
_dennisterDr_willis: would you be able to help me with this ssl problem? having trouble generating keys02:02
kaytDoes wine support vista applications yet?02:02
kevin_hi all02:02
jribdman: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg   will give you a fresh xorg.conf02:02
allymariejrib...should there be a new gnutella icon on the screen or click on the deb one02:02
Kuninjrib: then says configured 18 buttons02:02
exodus_msGuest1466: what would you view firefox with ?02:02
Dr_willis_dennister,  proberly not.. ive never really bothered to do more then just run those ssh-keygen commands to make my keys and away i go.02:02
dmanwoot - jrib thanks!!02:02
jribKunin: that's good, but it only moves vertically?02:02
bazhang!appdb | kayt02:02
ubottukayt: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help02:02
allymariejrib...or just open my old gnutella02:02
Dr_willis_dennister,  ive rarely had a problem with ssh other then me not reading the docs enough. :)02:02
Kuninjrib: right02:03
jriballymarie: not sure.  Try clicking the one in your menu02:03
Awsoonnon the mini.iso image how can I change the repository that packages are downloaded from? I tried 'tab' and 'enter' as well as just typing the url that I wanted.02:03
insaneinsidei'm actually thinking of just leaving Ubuntu for something better, like, i dunno, Vista or something.. ;)  but if anyone has any cute ideas about why Intrepid is so craptastic for suspend on my X41, i'll lend an ear...02:03
lorenzohi, is there any software that allows real time effects under ubuntu? maybe ardour? thanks02:03
_dennisterDr_willis: yeah, i generally don't have a problem either...02:03
jerrodhow can i take space off w/out using synaptic or add/remove programs, and theyre all linux prgrams from synaptic02:03
RoeyI noticed there's no 'scanner' kernel module.  I plug in my scanner (which has worked in previous kernels) and the system just sees it as a regular full-speed USB device (and not as a scanner which xsane can detect).  What gives??02:03
RoeyI'm on 8.10.02:03
karlpinsaneinside: if you do, definitely try arch. especially on a laptop02:03
_dennisterdman: do you have any backups of your xorg.conf file? you probably do02:03
RolcolI'm having problems connecting to and creating ad-hoc networks.02:03
Baz_hi, where is the ubuntu "device manager" to see all my installed hardware and drivers?02:03
rxsjerrod : your question is not clear02:03
bazhangjerrod, from the terminal sudo apt-get remove packagename02:03
karlpinsaneinside: ubuntu drains my battery faster than any other distribution except for gentoo02:04
usr13jerrod: remove some personal files from /home02:04
josh_Im trying to open hardware devices to install a video driver and it wont open what should i do?02:04
allymariejrib...it's the 96.6 version but not connecting just yet02:04
usr13jerrod: You don't have another HD?02:04
kaytIs the current version of Ubuntu stable or should I go for the second latest release?02:04
jerrodwhats tht02:04
_dennisterdman: of course, if you really want to reinstall the whole thing, go ahead...i'm just suggesting there are probably backups of the xorg.conf file in your system so you don't have to reinstall the whole bloody thing02:04
EdgeX-kayt, I'm using 8.10 at the moment and it's been bug-free so far02:05
jribkayt: releases are always stable.  8.10 is the latest release02:05
pinksterrxs: sure, http://paste.ubuntu.com/101977/02:05
rxsBaz_ : do you wnat to see just the restricted drivers or all hardware02:05
insaneinsidekarlp: yeah, it installs a bunch of extra cr- er, stuff... :) i'm usually a Debian luser.02:05
exodus_msBaz_: if you want a gui of your listed device hardware etc try sudo apt-get install sysinfo02:05
Baz_rxs: all hardware02:05
josh_Im trying to open hardware devices to install a video driver and it wont open what should i do?02:05
allymariejrib..it's the new version but it won't connect02:06
rxspinkster: can you type sudo dhclient eth0 in a terminal ?02:06
Baz_exodus_ms: awesome i'll try02:06
kaytjrib: really? So you've never updated then have all this stuff that randomly doesn't work?02:06
rsquarekayt: I haven't had any problems with it. I'd recommend 8.10 over 8.04 because a lot of sound issues are fixed.02:06
jribjosh_: run 'jockey-gtk' in a shell02:06
jerrodReading package lists... Error!02:06
jerrodE: Unable to write mmap - msync (28 No space left on device)02:06
jerrodE: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.02:06
jerrod       is what it says now02:06
jriballymarie: firewall?02:06
FloodBot2jerrod: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:06
insaneinsideexodus_ms, Baz_: i think hal-device-manager is installed by default on ubuntu02:06
sudobashkayt ubuntu really only has bugs with special devices like some wifi ( which can be made to work many times), Ipods, TVtuners, and stuff like that02:06
Guest1466whats the linux version of explorer02:06
jribjerrod: I told you already.  Your hard drive is full02:06
allymariejrib...maybe...how do i check that?02:06
rxsBaz_ : in a terminal type : sudo apt-get install sysinfo , that will instal sysinfo ... and you should see all details in Gnome : applications --> system --> sysinfo02:06
goat|lappyGuest1466: nautilus?02:07
jriballymarie: sudo iptables -L02:07
sudobashsome card readers do not work but since 8.10 everything is coming together it seems like02:07
kaytI've had no trouble with wireless or ipods. Mostly trouble with graphics cards.02:07
jerrodi no, but cant open synaptic to remove them02:07
_dennisteranyone available to help me with this ssl problem? can't generate keys02:07
goat|lappyGuest1466: for gnome at least02:07
insaneinsidesudobash: only, huh?  yeah, repeatedly suspending after resume is because of my iWifiPodTuner, eh? :P02:07
jribjerrod: try 'sudo apt-get clean' to get some space02:07
DexiDoes anyone know why java plugin sound may be failing, causing my CPU to rise in temp 15 degrees C02:07
josh_jrib how do I run that exactly sorry im noob to ubuntu02:07
sudobashI would expect that the next release in april to work with much more devices02:07
allymariejrib input, forward and output..accept02:07
jriballymarie: no rules?02:08
earthmeLonUhm, I mount an sftp server to my computer and transfer many large files to my pc.  Is there any way to have it resume downloads instead of only two options: OVERWRITE and SKIP.  It's annoying having to browse through MANY MANY files and check filesizes v_v02:08
lfaraoneHow can I check whether my wireless etc will work properly in a lappy before I buy? (searching the forums for the spesificis has not been fruitful)02:08
pinksterrxs: the result was NO DHCPOFFERS received / No working leases in persistent database - sleeping02:08
jribjosh_: just open a terminal and type in the command02:08
jrib!terminal > josh_02:08
ubottujosh_, please see my private message02:08
rxsDexi: are you sure its java ? or do you have some flash videos running ?02:08
sudobashwell lets see the RTL8186 wifi devices cuts me off every 5 seconds where i have to do: sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid hotspotessid02:08
Baz_rxs, exodus_ms: thanks thats exactly what i was looking for!02:08
allymariejrib..i guess not...don't see anything about rules02:08
sudobashand there are repeated bugs with many wifi02:08
Dexirxs: im positive its java. games on pogo.com02:08
jriballymarie: pastebin the full output02:08
corey_hi im have trouble with my usb modem it connects and everything runs fine and then randomly it disconnects from the computer (/dev/ttyusb1) any help on how to fix this??02:08
pepperjacklfaraone https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/  and of course a livecd at best buy or whatever02:08
jtajiearthmeLon: I would use rsync02:09
goat|lappylfaraone: check out ubuntuhcl.org i think02:09
jerrodnow what, it does this  jerrod@jerrod:~$ 'sudo apt-get clean02:09
Guest1466my computers at 110 degrees02:09
allymariejrib Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)02:09
allymarietarget     prot opt source               destination02:09
allymarieChain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT)02:09
allymarietarget     prot opt source               destination02:09
allymarieChain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)02:09
FloodBot2allymarie: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:09
allymarietarget     prot opt source               destination02:09
jribjerrod: press ctrl-c and try again without the quotes02:09
usr13Guest1466: Linux version of explore?  Well, knoquerer if your using KDE or nautilus if you use gnome.02:09
lfaraonegoat|lappy: thanks.02:09
earthmeLonjtaji  thanks for the suggestions.  There are directories and files where I grab stuff from that I do not want.  Is this going to try to sync the entire directory?02:09
kaytHey, has Ubuntu overtaken every other distro as the most used one yet?02:10
Kuninjrib: Looking through the log, it looks like it's not accepting the MX as the default pointer...02:10
jribkayt: we like to keep this channel dedicated to ubuntu support only since it is so busy.  Mind moving your discussion over to #ubuntu-offtopic?02:10
allymariejrib Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)02:10
allymarietarget     prot opt source               destination02:10
jtajiearthmeLon: there are exclude options02:10
corey_hi im have trouble with my usb modem it connects and everything runs fine and then randomly it disconnects from the computer (/dev/ttyusb1) any help on how to fix this??\02:11
RolcolI'm having problems connecting to and creating ad-hoc networks.  Can someone help?02:11
jriballymarie: use paste.ubuntu.com next time please.  It's not a firewall issue.  Create a new user and see if it connects02:11
Guest1466quit flooding ally02:11
jerroddoesnt work02:11
jribjerrod: be more specific...02:11
jrib!who | jerrod02:11
ubottujerrod: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:12
rxsPinkster:Can you check if your ether connection is plugged in properly ?02:12
allymariejrib..sorry...i caught hell from floodbot too....not sure how to create new user02:12
usr13Rolcol: What kind of wifi devices are you using?02:12
jriballymarie: system -> administration -> users and groups02:12
rxsThat page is full of flash :)02:12
earthmeLonjtaji  I really like the way I have it set up with nautilus or whatever.  Wish it had better functionality :\02:12
Orminany one online?02:12
allymariejrib... a new ubuntu user...ahh..i thought you meant hnutella user02:12
Rolcolusr13: 02:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02)02:12
omarukosomebody help me02:12
omarukoi need help02:12
Guest1466hi ormin02:13
omarukoi have problems with my compiz fusion02:13
lfaraoneHow is Ubuntu's compatability with intergrated graphics?02:13
pinksterrxs: everything looks to be connected correctly02:13
lfaraone!helpme > omaruko02:13
ubottuomaruko, please see my private message02:13
OrminGRUB loading, please wait...02:13
OrminError 202:13
goat|lappylfaraone: good mostly,  intel is very good02:13
kaytomaruko: maybe you should try buying a mac or something02:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about 1helpme02:13
ubottuAvoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience02:13
Ormin!help grub02:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about help grub02:13
usr13Rolcol:  iwconfig eth0 mode Ad-Hoc02:13
goat|lappylfaraone: i have intel integrated graphics, and every release has worked flawlessly02:13
allymariejrib...add a new user (myself) as an admin or just a suer02:13
omaruko!help omaruko02:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about help omaruko02:13
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:13
Baz_i installed a new dlink xtreme wireless adapter on my desktop and now ubuntu completely freezes when it connects to the network... I would like to disable the driver from the command line in recovery mode then boot back in to try a different driver - how do i delete my wireless driver????02:14
jriballymarie: either is fine.  admin won't hurt02:14
usr13Rolcol: iwconfig eth0 essid dogfoot02:14
lfaraonegoat|lappy: ah, thanks.02:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about error202:14
usr13Rolcol: etc...02:14
Ormin!error 202:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about error 202:14
lfaraone!botabuse > Ormin02:14
ubottuOrmin, please see my private message02:14
bazhangOrmin, see the grub link02:14
josh_thx jrib02:14
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Rolcolusr13:  Error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06) : (\n)   SET failed on device wlan0 ; Device or resource busy.02:14
erossI just need some quick help, please PM me if you have to - what does it mean to add SITE NOSTRIP to the TCP stack, and does that work for SENDING or PUTting the file via FTP as well as getting?02:14
corey_some help me plz02:14
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RolcolI'd have to disable NetworkManager, right?02:14
usr13Rolcol: That is if your wifi NICs support ad-hoc mode.02:14
jribcorey_: ask a question02:14
eseven73Dr_willis: Ok i booted from a live cd I ran fsck it reported 'clean' heres the log of fsck http://paste.ubuntu.com/101981/02:14
corey_hi im have trouble with my usb modem it connects and everything runs fine and then randomly it disconnects from the computer (/dev/ttyusb1) any help on how to fix this??\02:14
rxsBaz_: exact model number ?02:15
Baz_rxs: dwa-55202:15
usr13Rolcol: Yes, I suppose network-manager will need to be dissabled first02:15
Orminany one know what this Grub Error 2 is? /msg me so much going on in the room02:15
pinkster_Is anyone here?02:15
allymariejrib....i'll try it on the new user...thanks for the help will be back if nothing happens..:) thanks again..happy new year02:16
Baz_no-one here02:16
jriballymarie: same to you, good luck02:16
exodus_msOrmin: this room is always full, also, keeping your questions and possible solutions in the room allows others to possibly benefit02:16
bazhang!grub | Ormin read these links02:16
ubottuOrmin read these links: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:16
Nekosanwhite screen in remote desktop viewer ... any ideas?02:16
keeviecan anyone help with audacity recording? i get this Error while opening sound device. Please check the input device settings and the project sample rate. when i try02:17
pinksterrxs: was working on router and disconnecte, everything looks to be connected correctly02:17
Rolcolusr13:  actually wait... I've tried it through the command line but the device I was testing it with wasn't a computer computer.  It was my android phone.  I suppose it doesn't support ad-hoc.  I have another computer I can try connecting.  I'll try the command line approach and get back to you.  Thanks!02:17
exodus_ms!details > Ormin02:17
ubottuOrmin, please see my private message02:17
jerrodjib thamks!   i can do stuff now02:17
rxspinkster: do you see two blinking lights where the wire connect to the pc ?02:17
usr13Rolcol: And I really don't know how to dissable network-manager, other than to just uninstall it.02:18
rxsBaz_: so when u start the machine it frezes ?02:18
Rolcolusr13:  /etc/init.d/NetworkManager stop ?02:18
rxsBaz_:have you looked at this ? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=51810902:18
usr13Rolcol: Ok, very good.02:18
allymariejrib...yes works great on other desktop....thank you for your help02:18
pinksterrxs: no , I'm not sure if it has any such ligthts02:18
allymariejrib appreciate it02:18
jriballymarie: you might want to try to rename the dot directory that gtk gnutella uses in your original account then02:19
Guest1466my computer has been running unusally hot lately02:19
Dr_futurehello, I'm new to GNU/Linux world generally and Ubuntu specifically, I installed it without any difficulties,but for now, I want to learn it, what are the good sources for that purpose?02:19
allymariejrib....what does that mean? dot directory?02:19
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rxspinkster: the two light next to the ethernet adapter female on ur system, where the cable from the router / switch / modem , calle dthe activity lights have to blink .. else try disconnecting and reconnecting the wire on both ends02:20
Baz_rxs: the machine starts fine, i type my login, ubuntu loads fine. Then the wireless ntwork starts to connect, the networking doohicky in the system tray starts to spin around then just as it feels like it connected, everything freezes, including keyboad and mouse02:20
lorenzohi guys, any good audio editor for ubuntu? in particular, i need both real time effects and mp3 importing. Neither Audacity nor ardour do that; ReZound I dont know, it'd crash on me everytime. . Any ideas? thanks a lot.02:20
Baz_rxs: looking at your link02:20
jriballymarie: 'mv ~/.gtk-gnutella/ ~/.gtk-gnutella.old' should do it.  It's just a directory that starts with a dot.  Those are hidden by default, so you can't see them in nautilus without going to View -> Show hidden files02:20
Dr_willisAudacity  can import mp3's   .. no idea on the real-time stuff. :)02:20
Guest1466110 degrees for 9 days02:20
Kuninjrib: While I research this... you happen to have the MX5500 keyboard as well?02:20
allymariejrib...still not sure what you mean02:21
jribKunin: nope02:21
bazhanglorenzo, what about rosegarden02:21
aSt3raLhow do i install and run fgl_glxgears02:21
jriballymarie: it's ok, I gave you the command to run on your original account02:21
aSt3raLi dont see it on a repo02:21
rxsBaz_: can you just stop the connection when the network thing spins by unclicking the enable network ( right click on the rotating thing )02:21
lorenzobazhang, havent tried it, thanks. do you think it suits my needs?02:21
allymariejrib..will use that desktop for tunes and other stuff and try to leave my admin for just admin02:21
pinksterrxs: well the light on my router indicating that the wired connection is working is on, but I'm not sure my computer has a light indicating ethernet status02:21
dmanany way to save your desktop settings before a reinstall?02:21
Baz_rxs: hehe i tried but i'm not fast enough02:21
bazhanglorenzo, worth a try at least; thought ardour would do though02:22
jriballymarie: okay, but the command I gave you may just resolve the issue so you don't need to do that02:22
rxspinkster: can you try anther wire ?02:22
allymariejrib...okay...what was that command again and it goes in the terminal?02:22
lorenzobazhang, ardour is ok, but it wont let me import mp3 which is a problem for me because i do that a lot when working with audio.02:22
joejchow do i add a hardrive to virtualbox?02:22
Baz_rxs: annoyingly the card doesn't have an off switch02:23
jriballymarie: 'mv ~/.gtk-gnutella/ ~/.gtk-gnutella.old' in a terminal on your original account where gtk-gnutella is not working02:23
eseven73whats a good rescue cd? I got filesystem errors, but when i try to run fsck it says the hdd is 'clean' :/02:23
rxsBaz_: okay .. they before you login , go to a pseudo terminal , login and then type sudo killall NetworkManger02:23
exodus_msDr_future: --> http://tldp.org/ https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Intrepid02:23
Kunineseven I just use a live cd when I have problems (ubuntu or knoppix)02:23
allymariejrib...that did it....wow...thanks so much...i always get great help here....i really appreciate it :D02:24
jriballymarie: no problem02:24
rxsBaz: and then try to login ... I would assume removing the card is not an option , after that login as usual ( u have to go to the login screen by typing cntr-alf f7) and then used the restricted drivers thingie to uninstall the driver for the card02:24
allymariejrib.....thanks again...have a happy new year and a good night02:24
Baz_rxs: is pseudo terminal through 'recovery' mode in the grub menu?02:24
eseven73Kunin: i tried the ubuntu live cd but like i said it just says 'clean' but yet when i boot into it normally it gives file system errors and refuses to do anything till i press ctrl D02:25
rxsno .. when you come to the login screen type cntr+alt+f102:25
OinknessHey... I'm trying to work with Kompozer but whenever I click on the menu for "View" or something similar, and hover over one of the options that opens a sub-menu, the program closes out.... It does this every single time. I can't choose View > Show/Hide > because as soon as it goes to open the sub-menu it closes out. Can anyone help me out with this error?02:25
Baz_rxs: ah02:25
rxsBaz_:no .. when you come to the login screen type cntr+alt+f102:25
marabouti recently installed Hardy  and have had a few problems with track pad and/or screen freezing. Is there an app or command I can type to run some diagnostics?02:25
Kunineseve73: maybe the disc is fine and the issue is software... in whcih case, use the live cd to backup your stuff and reinstall02:26
pinksterrxs: same results with a different wire02:26
aSt3raLanyone know how to install and run fgl_glxgears02:26
OinknessI realize my question isn't really about ubuntu itself but it is a ubuntu program that lets you edit HTML source and see a graphical preview, so any help would be really appreciated -- can't use Dreamweaver02:26
eseven73Kunin: yeah im thinking thats what im going to have to do too. :(02:26
aSt3raLim trying to test this gpu02:26
dmandoes reinstall completely wipe the existing desktop settings etc?02:26
jigpehello my desktop icons in ubuntu 8.04 gnome was gone..if I use kde I have an icons..how to to get back the icons and the menus in gnome?thanks in advance :)02:27
dmanor will it attempt to keep them02:27
OinknessMy desktop has no icons, only a wallpaper... :O02:27
Kuninjrib: Live cd 8.10 does have it all working...02:27
bazhangdman, do yo have a separate home partition or not02:28
Baz_rxs: that worked! I am in!02:28
rxspinkster: can you try if that wire works with anyother machine ? if so , try "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart" and again the "sudo dhclient eth0", if it doesnt work, restart ur system if possible02:28
jigpe0inkness : i don't have desktop icons and menu in gnome :(02:28
bazhangdman, yes?02:28
rxsBaz_: good for you02:28
jribKunin: that's probably the easiest solution then02:28
eseven73Kunin: i think you meant that for jigpe :)02:28
dmanif I don't have a separate home part, then it won't eh?02:28
jigpeKunin : so I will download 8.10?and install it?02:28
bazhangdman, correct though you can backup /msg ubottu backup for more info02:29
Kunineseven73: Nope, jrib he was helping me with an issue02:29
wfireI can get the live cd to run, but when I go to install it reboots at 22-26% with no explenation, any ideas, thanks in advance02:29
dmanwoot, thanks!02:29
Kuninjrib: yeah... as long as my other stuff works02:29
bazhangdman, what is the issue btw02:29
jigpeKunin I don't have problem in 8.04 except for the desktop icons and the menu they're gone02:29
flacohi, in ubuntu .10, where is the X config file?02:29
rxswfire: gui isntall or text install ?02:29
Flannelflaco: same place it usually is (yes, mostly empty is correct)02:29
jigpe8.10 is more stable than 8.04?02:29
wfiretried both, niether worked02:29
orly_owlhow do i mount a cd extra? nothing comes up in dmesg when i insert the CD02:30
wfireeven tried 6.06 and kubuntu02:30
jribKunin: the only really annoying bug I've found on 8.10 is that GNOME won't remember your session, check the release notes for more (see !notes)02:30
Flanneljigpe: No, older releases are as a guideline, more stable02:30
jigpeso this is a bug that's why I have no icons and menu in gnome 8.04?02:30
flacoFlannel, /etc/X11/xorg.org ?02:30
wfireand the net install of debian, all reboot in the same spot02:30
wfirereally confused02:30
Kuninjrib: BAH... testing to see what special buttons on the MX5500 keyboard works... apparently the power button does02:30
wfirechecked the ram and the harddrives, both good02:30
rxswfire: system specs ? or what it was doing while it rebooted ? do you remember the last reported operation on screen ?02:30
Flannelflaco: yep02:30
bazhangwfire, alternate cd as well? did you md5 the iso02:30
flacoFlannel, I'm asking because this is my xorg.conf: http://dpaste.com/106607/02:31
jigpeFlannel : this happens when I switch to kde environment.desktop icons and menu are gone if I switch to gnome02:31
wfiredidn't do the md5, will do that, but I also tried the alternate and burned at slowest speed02:31
Kuninjrib: Know if intrepid fixed the issue (I think it was a kernel one though) where massive numbers of connections (like having a ton of torrents going) causes a hard lock?02:31
jribKunin: no idea02:31
Flannelflaco: Correct.  Its all done automagically now.02:31
EDinNYmy spam filter went crazy!  how can I clear the db in bogofilter?02:31
wfirewill go do the md5 real quick to double check02:31
Baz_rxs: excuse my retardation but how do i get to the restricted drivers thinggy02:31
Guest64230Hello, I have a strange problem with graphics card drivers: I made ubuntu use a restricted driver for my graphics card, and it messed up the whole gui--completely white after I login to ubuntu. So I started up in recovery mode, and choose to try and restore the X system. Now I have my gui back, but it's very very slow, and buggy, any ideas how to get the previous settings back ?\02:32
flacoFlannel, :S and there is no way to get the "old style" ?02:32
rxsBaz_: nothing retarted , but whats ur desktop gnome or kde ?02:32
wfiresystem spec - pentium 4 2.4 Ghz with 1 gig ram and 80 gig and 40 gig hd02:32
Nekosanwhite screen in remote desktop viewer ... any ideas? ubuntu 8.10 .. works from the other direction fine02:32
bazhangwfire, also do the disk integrity check; alternate works sometimes when live cd with boot parameters specified fails02:32
Flannelflaco: I believe whatever you stick in there (presumably the old stuff) is honored.02:32
Baz_rxs: gnome02:32
Flannelflaco: But, I haven't really kept up on the new X, someone else likely knows more.02:32
wfiredick integrity check, I didn't see that option02:33
rxsGuest64230: what graphics card do you have ?02:33
Kuninjrib: there a fix for the need to remove teh usb key on reboot for this mouse to work?02:33
bazhangwfire, sounds like a bad burn or corrupt iso02:33
ubottuUbuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) release notes can be found here: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/81002:33
rxsBaz_: system-->Admin-->Hardware Drivers02:33
wfirebazhang I thought that too but it does it on 4 didn't releases02:33
Baz_rxs: oh i tried that and only got nvidia wanting to upgrade to 17702:33
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rwwFlannel: that's correct from my experience. I have a bunch of stuff in xorg.conf, and it all seems to override the autodetection properly02:34
jribKunin: don't know, doesn't happen here02:34
wfirewill do the text only and hope to see what it is doing when it reboots02:34
rxsGuest64230: sudo apt-get install --reinstall libgl1-mesa-glx libgl1-mesa-dri02:34
jigpehow to configure the desktop icons and menu in gnome?icons and menu are gone..02:34
bazhangwfire, failing that, could be poor quality media; the alternate would be worth a try imo02:34
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rxsBaz_: can you tell me how you instal the card in the first place ?02:34
Baz_rxs: and that "no propriety drivers are in use on this sytem"02:34
rwwjigpe: do you still have a panel?02:34
wfirebe back in a bit with hopefully more info02:34
wfireoh and thanks02:34
ObsidianXis there an equivalent linux kernel flag to darwin's idlehalt?02:34
Baz_rxs: like i do all my other hardware, stuck it in the computer and let ubuntu take care of the rest! :)02:34
jigperww : I see nothing but desktop picture.no icons and no menus02:35
ObsidianXmy system doesn't boot up unless i'm either moving the mouse around or holding a key during bootup02:35
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rwwjigpe: hrm. Does Alt-F2 work (it should pop up a "Run Application" window)?02:35
rxsBaz_: did ubuntu say anything in specific about the wireless card / ask to install any new software / drivers ?02:35
jigperww but If I switch to kde, I can click the icons and the menus.02:35
jigperww nope no alt f202:35
OinknessDo I need to say a special command to submit a question?02:35
jigperww no reply if I press that keys02:36
Guest81512rxs : I have an asus 600pro (I'm the former Guestxxxx)02:36
rwwOinkness: nope, just go ahead and ask it, preferably all on one line, with as much info as you think is required02:36
eseven73Oinkness: no just ask02:36
wesolekhello, do you know how I can install compiz or compiz-fusion (not sure what the difference is) on xubuntu intrepid? My synaptic or apt-get install doesn't have all the libs and I don't know where to get them from.02:36
Baz_rxs: nothing, it went really smooth - i was happy. Stuck in the card, booted up and there was the network manager with all the wireless networks listed02:36
rxsGuest81512: can you try this and reboot your system ?  sudo apt-get install --reinstall libgl1-mesa-glx libgl1-mesa-dri02:36
rwwjigpe: sounds like your GNOME configuration is majorly messed up and it isn't starting properly. Would you like instructions on resetting it back to defaults?02:36
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rxsBaz_ did you do any kernel updates after that ?02:37
OinknessOk... Well I'm trying to use KompoZer for HTML editing but the program closes itself out whenever I try to open a "sub menu"... Like View > Show/Hide > from the menu bar makes it close out, for example... Any way to fix this so I can use the program without fear of it closing?02:37
rxsGuest81512:  what is the graphics card ..if you have no clue .. does ur machine say nvidia or ati anywhere on the top .. like lables etc ?02:38
[1]bluerxs : ok, I'll try that.02:38
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion02:38
[1]blueNo, it's not Nvidia, it's asus 600pro02:38
[1]blue(i'm the former guest xxx)02:38
jigperww : sure. if I do that, I can still have my bookmarks there?and my files there in the desktop before?02:38
Baz_rxs: i built my system from parts yesterday, installed ubuntu 64bit alternate (because I have motherboard RAID) an then i realised i forgot to buy a network card so i never got online or updated anything. Then I got my card stuck in and began talking to you...02:39
rwwjigpe: bookmarks as in Firefox bookmarks?02:39
jigperww : yup firefox bookmarks02:39
gordtzI have a Dell 1907fpt monitor that isn't being recognized/config'd during install.  I have been to just about every place I can imagine and have been unable to resolve my display problem.  It defaults to 800x600 when it's capable of 1280x1024.  a little xorg.conf help (if that's correct) would be much appreciated.02:39
rxs[1]blue: then please follow these steps : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver02:39
OinknessI could come back when it's not so busy. ;D02:39
rwwjigpe: yeah, all your files and firefox settings will be there. Any configuration changes you've made to GNOME will be lost, though.02:39
usr13gordtz: What display adapter?02:39
jigperww : including the upgrades I've made?02:40
gordtzyou mean video card?02:40
rxsBaz_: awesome ! so you just have a wireless card and no wired card ?02:40
usr13gordtz: New install?02:40
Baz_(anyone know how to get rid of the irc status msgs of enetering room, quitting etc. in PIDGIN?)02:40
usr13gordtz: Yes what video card?02:40
rwwjigpe: upgrades meaning what? system upgrades through the Update Manager?02:40
Guest1466my computer usally runs at 20 degrees and for the last 9 days its been running at 110 what could be causing this02:40
gordtzthe video card worked fine when my sceptre was hooked up to it02:40
rwwBaz_: there's a plugin for it. Tools > Plugins or something like that. Called "Hide Join/Part Messages"02:40
wfiremy md5 hash is good, gonna try to see what it is doing when it reboots by running text only be back in a bit, thanks everyone02:40
Baz_rxs: actually i have 2 wired cards built-in to my motherboard but no wired network - disable them?02:41
Baz_rww: ahh, great, thank you02:41
jigperww : when I install ubuntu 8.04, I choose gnome. system upgrade - like I click the updates near in the clock and double click it then download the updates02:41
gordtzit's a s3verge of some older variety02:41
rxsGuest1466: can you do "top" and see what is eating processor ?02:41
usr13gordtz: Waht does lspci say?02:41
rwwjigpe: nope, they'll all still be there. The only thing that'll get reset is GNOME configuration stuff, like desktop background, screensaver, panel customizations, etc.02:41
gordtznot sure what lspci is.  help?02:42
jigperww : aahh ok.its okay dude02:42
keeviesomething is wrong with my audio settings, can anyone help me? sound record says :"Your audio capture settings are invalid. Please correct them in the Multimedia settings."02:42
rxsBaz_: okay ... can you open a terminal and type ifconfig and paste bin the results ? or if you cannot paste bin .. tell me what you see .. like eth0 lo atho eth1 etc02:42
gordtzoo. ran the lspci command and have to pause to read02:43
usr13gordtz: lspci |grep VGA02:43
Kuninanyone know if it's possible to install an NVIDIA driver when running a live cd?02:43
OinknessWell KompoZer crashes, so if anyone knows of a decent substitute for Dreamweaver in Ubuntu, I would totally appreciate it!02:43
Kuninfor the version of ubuntu running off the live cd02:43
Baz_rxs: just lo02:43
Baz_rxs: but i did killall networkmanager02:43
gordtzvga compatible controller: s3 inc. 86c325 [ViRGE] (rev 06)02:44
keevieKunin: not really, i dont think so02:44
NetGearNewbPlease help!  I installed Linux Ubuntu on my computer but the internet doesn't work I am using a NetGear wg111 USB02:44
Jack_SparrowKunin, Look into persistent usb02:44
FlannelOinkness: try the version in the PPA: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kompozer02:44
Dr_willisKunin,  its sort of possible.. but can be a pain.02:44
usr13gordtz: Just hid your xorg.conf file and your system will re-write it for you.02:44
zigzaganyone know about remastersys02:44
FlannelOinkness: Oh, only older versions of Ubuntu, nevermind.02:44
Dr_willisKunin,  since the live cd may reboot if you restart the X server.02:44
Kuningrumble, just want to make sure upgrading to 8.10 won't break my four monitors (which requires a specific NVIDIA driver)02:44
rxsBaz_: okay let me get this straight, can you go to system --> prefs --> Network Config and tell me what you see there ?02:44
gordtzhow so?02:44
usr13gordtz:  sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak02:44
refeferhey guys, I'm looking to create a user group that only allows a friend to use an ssh connection as a socks 5 proxy, but not to be able to execute anything or do anything on the system.  any ideas?02:45
FlannelKunin: What are you looking to upgrade to 8.10 for?02:45
usr13gordtz:  Ctrl-Alt-Backspace02:45
jigpehow to reset back from its default?02:45
Dr_willisKunin,  i used that usb-thumbdrive maker tool and  had troubles with that and the nvidia drivers even.. the live cd/x config stuff just did not want to use the nvidia drivers.. kept dfaulting to the  vesa ones02:45
Baz_rxs: there i see eth0, eth1 under wired02:45
Kuninflannel: Because I went out and got a new mouse (MX Revolution) and no matter what I do I can't get it to function right in 8.04, but it works perfectly in 8.1002:45
NetGearNewbCan someone help me with my internet problem?02:46
OinknessThanks Flannel, not too sure what PPA is but I'm checking out this page. ;D02:46
Baz_rxs: and then "Auto Xoose" under wireless. "Xoose" is the network name02:46
FlannelOinkness: I think its all old, unfortunately.  Have you checked for bug reports against it?02:46
rxsBaz_: do you see a - or tick mark infront of those names ?02:46
usr13NetGearNewb: Yes02:46
NetGearNewbPlease help!  I installed Linux Ubuntu on my computer but the internet doesn't work I am using a NetGear wg111 USB02:46
Guest1466what should i look 4 rsx02:47
tehhaxI'm trying to get sound working on a new dell laptop.  I've downloaded and built the latest version of alsa.  Its documentation doesn't show any match for my cards codec, does that mean its unsupported?02:47
refeferNetGearNewb, I had that usb drive and it sucked majorly.  Does it work ok in windowS?02:47
Kuninanyone use (or know of problems with) synergy and/or hamachi on 8.10?02:47
NetGearNewbYes it worked fine in windows.02:47
gordtzdropped into low graphics mode with options to run in low, reconfig, or troubleshoot.  been here before.  what do you suggest?02:47
Baz_rxs: no, but to be perfectly specific it says "Auto eth1      never" then "Auto eth0      never"02:47
OinknessHaha Flannel, I opened the bug reports thing through Kompozer and the first thing on the list was someone talking about the submenu crashes just like I'm having02:48
rxsGuest1466: what is the top most process and what is it cpu percentage ?02:48
Hilikushey guys, i want to install and ldap client to manage my contacts and synchronize with thunderbird, the problem is that i also want a web client to be able to access my contacts from a web interface, what program do you guys recommend?02:48
FlannelOinkness: Check the report itself, there may be a tempoary workaround02:48
tehhaxanyone here familiar with alsa module configuration?02:48
Jack_Sparrowtehhax, try /join #alsa02:48
jigpehow to reset to gnome default?02:48
OinknessIt hasn't been resolved or anything, no comments02:48
rxsBaz_: okay , get that, can you open a terminal and type "sudo ifup etho"02:49
rxsBaz_: "sudo ifup eth0"02:49
gordtzusr13:  ??02:49
Baz_rxs: hmm, "ignoring unknon interface eth0=eth0"02:49
Jack_Sparrowjigpe, Resetting gnome will not get you back to the base install of ubuntu. it will just reset gnome settings to original02:50
rxsBaz_: try "sudo dhclient eth0"02:50
jigpeJack_Sparrow : yes that's what I meant. how to?02:50
Jack_Sparrowjigpe, one sec02:50
gordtzusr13:  keeps cycling back to "How would you like to reconfigure your display?"02:51
Jack_Sparrowjigpe, To Reset All of Gnome: http://linuxfud.wordpress.com/2007/02/14/how-to-reset-ubuntugnome-settings-to-defaults-without-re-installing/       In terminal type:         rm -rf .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity02:51
NetGearNewbCan anybody solve my problem?  refefer?  usr13?02:51
Baz_rxs: lots of writing then dhcpdiscover on eth0 to port 67 interval 802:51
Baz_rxs: and it eeeps going02:51
rxsNetGearNewb: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=96887402:51
usr13NetGearNewb: Connect to wired network, install ndiswrapper.02:51
Baz_rxs: the only error'ish statement is "wmaster0: unkown hardare address type 801" written twice02:52
usr13jigpe: rm -rf .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity02:52
illmortalCan someone assist me in getting my GUI back to normal? I installed this: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=57819#02:52
illmortaland now my panels are missing, as well as title bar and GUI is over all messed <,<02:52
Guest1466rxs? what could be making my machine get hot i know my hardwarrs fine02:52
rxsBaz_: can you plug the network cable in the other port and try the same ?02:52
jigpethanks guys02:53
rxsBaz_: then modify the command from eth0 to eth1 and try both ports if it doest yet connect02:53
Jack_Sparrowillmortal,  To Reset All of Gnome: http://linuxfud.wordpress.com/2007/02/14/how-to-reset-ubuntugnome-settings-to-defaults-without-re-installing/       In terminal type:         rm -rf .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity02:53
NetGearNewbrxs and usr13:  I did connect to a wired network and install ndiswrapper.02:53
Baz_rxs: there is no network cable plugged... the wired ports are on the motherboard - my new dlink card is for wireless02:53
NetGearNewbit doesn't do anything02:53
Baz_rxs: hehe02:53
Baz_rxs: if i completely disabled eth0 and eth1 it would be fine02:54
rxsGuest1466: Can you open a terminal and type top ?02:54
Guest1466i did02:54
rxsBaz_: okay .. you have ethernet ports , 2 of them and a wireless card on ur machine.. right ?02:54
Baz_rxs: ya02:55
Oinknessyeaaah.... kompozer crashes whenever i try to do pretty much anything, so I am thinking I am going to need a different program02:55
OinknessCan anyone sort of teach me how Wine works? x_x02:55
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
OinknessI like using ubuntu but I need dreamweaver x_x02:55
Jack_SparrowOinkness, /join #winehq02:55
rxsGuest1466: in the line below the PID , CPU like .. what is the CPU % of the first process ?02:55
Oinknessthanks Cap'n02:55
Oinknessand thanks to flannel for help earlier ;]02:56
rxsBaz_: now you wish to connect you machine to the internet using wires or wirelesssly ?02:56
Flannel!wine | Oinkness02:56
ubottuOinkness: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help02:56
Guest1466rxs i did top is running02:56
Baz_rxs: wirelessly with my new dlink card02:56
FlannelOinkness: that wiki page walks you through a lot of it (all the non-application specific stuff)02:56
rxsBaz: can you please connect a wired cable and connect your machine to the internet ?02:56
Kuninif I make a tar of everything under / (except home, that's mounted elsewhere and backed up) then do an upgrade I *should* be able to just untar that all to roll back if something goes wrong... right?02:57
rxsGuest1466: can you please  briefly describe what you see ?02:57
NetGearNewbHow do I connect to the internet with NetGear wg111 and ndiswrapper02:57
Baz_rxs: it would be very laborious and difficult as i would have to move the machine to another room along with a monitor etc.02:57
Jack_SparrowKunin, Make one like that and one of just /home02:57
Baz_rxs: are u suggesting i need updates?02:58
rxsBaz_: yes02:58
wolineed help partitioning.02:58
wolii need to resize an unextended partition that windows vista uses.02:58
cwilluKunin, the --one-file-system option to tar will keep it on a single filesystem (i.e., it'll automatically ignore /proc, /home (in your case), anything mounted in /media, etc02:58
Guest1466xorg xchat xfum4 thunar excetera02:59
Baz_rxs: the old catch22, need wireless to get the updates, need updates to get wireless02:59
rxsBaz_ if you do so, the machine will recognize the card and automatically install the appropriate drivers .. yes it sounds like a vicious circle .. but its the easiest  way to get done02:59
cwilluKunin, you'd have to do the restore from a livecd, and might have to do a grub recovery (straightforward), but aside from that, yes02:59
Baz_rxs: i will do it!02:59
rcguzon_this is a bit off topic, but does anyone know url_regex in squid02:59
Baz_rxs: and i will rpeort back... wish me luck!02:59
Jack_Sparrowcwillu, that is a cool option that I didnt know, do you have a link02:59
rxsGuest1466: if xorg is the one that appears on the top , what do u see under the cpu colum ?02:59
rxsBaz_: goodluck !03:00
cwilluJack_Sparrow, man tar, then type '/filesystem'03:00
Jack_Sparrowcwillu, I have been exculding all of that manually03:00
cwilluJack_Sparrow, '/file-system' rather03:00
tenXrcguzon_: i could look it up on an existing setup in a basic style if that helps03:00
cwilluJack_Sparrow, silly man :p03:00
cwilluJack_Sparrow, pretty much every command with a recursive option also has a one-file-system option03:00
rxsGuest1466: looks like ur cpu is not being overworked... can you check ur hardware . I mean if fans are doing fine ?03:01
cwilluJack_Sparrow, for cp, it's -x (or the long --one-file-system as well)03:01
rcguzon_tenx, mine doesnt seem to work, ive tried every variant of it03:01
woliJack_Sparrow: hi, could you help me with this in the #ubuntu-classroom?03:01
tenXrcguzon_: in my setups i deny access to several self listed domains and it works. is that comparable?03:01
Guest1466all fans working03:01
rxsGuest: how are you measuring the temp ? using gnome applets ?03:02
Kuninon a live cd, how do I mount as r/w?03:02
Jack_Sparrowwoli, No sorry, I am settling in with the wife and starting dinner03:02
rcguzon_tenx, in my case i only want to block youtube and red tube03:02
mankashanybody has seen  invalid compressed format(err=2) system halted when booting kernel03:03
[1]BlueHello, I'm back with the graphics card driver issue. Reinstalling libgl-mesa-* doesn't seem to help03:03
rxs[1]Blue: in a terminal type : "glxinfo| greap render" and paste the result in pastebin03:03
rxs[1]Blue:"glxinfo| grep render"03:04
tenXrcguzon_: hold on i'll launch ovpn to a setup03:04
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209803:04
rxsKunin:what are you trying to mount ?03:04
Jack_Sparrowmankash, What kind of an install are you running?03:05
rcguzon_tenX, ok03:05
Kuninrxs: A physical drive03:05
rxsKunin: I get that, but is it a nfst / Fat 32 ( like windows drive ) or a ext3 drive ?03:06
Guest1466rxs could it  be a rootkit03:06
rxsGuest1466: yes could be ..was suspecting and  reading up on that to help you ...03:06
cwilluKunin, mount /mount/point -o remount,rw03:06
Kuninrxs ext303:06
tenXrcguzon_: as far as i see you'll have to place a dot in front. example entry: .*youtube.*03:07
Wickedi created a samba share using the right click menu in nautilus and i can see the shares i set up..but i cannot browse or mount or use them03:07
ohzieIs there any way to make aptitude install a deb and look in repos for the dependencies?03:07
rxskunin: as " sudo mount -t ext3 /dev/NameofDrive /mountpoint"03:07
refeferanyone have any ideas about setting up an extremely limited user account?  I want a user for an ssh proxy, but with no other execution rights03:07
tenXrcguzon_: reviewing this fact from a regex point of view i cant really see why03:07
tenXrcguzon_: but it seems to work03:07
cwillurxs, Kunin, if it's already mounted ro, you don't need to respecify the type or the device03:08
Daemoenhey guys, running andlinux (ubuntu in colinux), the default setup is ubuntu 6 if memory serves... i upgraded to 7.10, worked fine, upgraded to and now it no longer allows me to login, rather, it no longer does the default login03:08
Daemoendefault setup is root with no password03:08
maraboutquestion reagarding accessing my network. I am surfing wirelessly but I cannot see the other computers or printer on my network. How can i fix this?03:08
Daemoenanyone happen to know what would have caused this?03:08
[1]BlueWhich pastebin should I use?03:08
cwillumarabout, some wireless routers don't transmit multicast packets over the wireless link (typically if they're provided by a company that also provides iptv services, as it would end up broadcasting the video)03:09
cwillumarabout, mdns/avahi works over multicast03:09
nonewmsgsi have a weird problem.  my optical mouse (usb) turns itself off every day or so.  with hardy it was less frequent and unplugging it and replugging it fixed it.  with intrepid i have to do a full reboot03:10
rcguzon_tenX, i know, its quite frustrating you know, hehehe, oh well03:10
tenXrcguzon_: well in regex of course .* followed by a domain expression will block every string preceding any char and youtube.* afterwards03:10
maraboutcwillu: this is myhome network. I am not familiar with mdns/avahi as I am coming from a Mac OS X environment.03:10
cwillunonewmsgs, /etc/init.d/udev restart might bring it back :/03:10
=== fudet[halted] is now known as {
qqxhow do you install the D-Bus library?03:10
cwillumarabout, avahi == bonjour03:10
[1]BlueOK, it's pasted03:10
cwillumarabout, it's used in ubuntu by default to find local machines and the ilke03:10
tenXrcguzon_: actually it does make sense but i didnt construct it by myself03:10
rxs[1]blue:link ?03:10
=== _ is now known as Guest77494
maraboutcwillu: how can I access it?03:11
lainbut he has to reboot .... i think he will not have a shell after that03:11
[1]Bluehttp://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m2f264f86 (true, that would be helpful ;) )03:11
tenXrcguzon_: seems to be regular regex in url, what is your problem/case?03:11
cwillumarabout, define 'other computers or printer'03:11
nonewmsgsthank you cwillu i will do that for now but i think im going to invest in one of those minidin conectors03:11
cwillumarabout, is it windows or mac stuff?03:12
qqxdoes anyone know how do you install the D-Bus library?03:12
nazrafhi guys does anyone have any experience with opencv, i can not access my camera using the cvCreateCameraCapture(0); function, I am preety sure it is not the code, i have used various working sample codes, for some reason i can not access my camera, the camera works and i have tried different cameras any idea??????03:13
maraboutcwillu: 2-3 pcs (via ethernet) two macs (wireless) and a printer being shared via usb03:13
rxs[1]Blue: okay .. you have lost direct rendering ... thats the issue ... it should have looked like what I have pasted http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m492e5a2803:13
rxsnazraf: pl == python ?03:13
cwillurxs, pl=perl03:14
nazrafrxs no im using c03:14
LogomachistI asked this earlier but my problem still isn't fixed so I'll ask again:03:14
LogomachistGrub doesn't kick in after installing Ubuntu. What can I do? I tried "install-grub" but the command wasn't found. I tried Auto Super Grub Disk for Windows but that didn't do anything.03:14
[1]BlueOK. How does one activate direct rendering ?03:14
qqxdoes anyone know how to install the D-Bus library?03:15
rxsqqx: install  libdbus-1-3      libdbus-1-dev  pakages03:15
vantraxLogomachist, on a live cd open a terminal and run sudo grub03:15
Jack_SparrowLogomachist, How many drives03:15
nazrafrxs could the problem be with ubuntu not releasing the camera03:15
rxsnazraf: I have exp using opencv for video capture using python but not c .. I am sorry03:16
Baz_1rxs: it wasn't actually too bad getting my comp hooked up in the other room but the wired network wont even work!03:16
nazrafrxs however the camera works on ekiga03:16
rxsBaz_1: brb03:16
maraboutcwillu: pcs and macs but Macs are always connected03:16
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Baz_1rxs: okay03:16
cwillumarabout, what are the names of those machines?03:16
Guest1466rxs i have to shutdown for a bit my machine is at 300 degrees03:16
nazrafrxs k no probs thank you03:16
rxsnazraf: cud be .. I have had issues with both skype and my code connecting to teh camera at the same time ..03:16
LogomachistJack- one drive03:17
nazrafrxs how could i check?03:17
rxsnazraf: kill ekiga and try03:17
cwillumarabout, try opening a terminal and running (with the name of a mac machine for <name>): ping <name>.local03:17
Jack_SparrowLogomachist, windows installed first or after ubuntu03:17
[1]BlueIs it not too dangerous to go to such extremes as sudo apt-get remove --purge xorg-driver-fglrx ?03:17
nazrafrxs k ill try03:17
Baz_1all i want in life is for linux to have enough market share the manufacturers have to make drivers!03:17
rxsGuest1466: I am sorry03:17
Baz_1how much market share do u think that would be? 20%?03:17
=== kc8tad is now known as rrittenhouse
Logomachistsudo grub will do what?03:17
rxs[1]Blue : no03:18
LogomachistWindows is installed first03:18
Jack_Sparrow!ot > Baz_103:18
meoblast001hi... where can i pick up the soundfonts used in WMP for midi and how do i install them to timidity?03:18
ubottuBaz_1, please see my private message03:18
tenXLogomachist: su the doings of grub03:18
rxsBaz_1: critical mass :)03:18
Jack_SparrowtenX, Please dont suggest su03:18
trelebIs there a way to force Easytag to remember the window position I leave it in when I close it?  It has three windows and I have to drag them to the correct size every time I open it.03:18
[1]BlueOK, so I'll try removing the fglrx package...03:19
tenXJack_Sparrow: in that case it was not my intention03:19
tenXJack_Sparrow: but why?03:19
gordtz I have a Dell 1907fpt monitor that isn't being recognized/config'd during install.  I have been to just about every place I can imagine and have been unable to resolve my display problem.  It defaults to 800x600 when it's capable of 1280x1024.  been through several iterations of ctl+alt+backspace after renaming xorg.conf, no joy.  consistently rebuilds same low graphic generic settings.  i get the impression there's a manual a03:19
rxs[1]Blue: please follow the steps given in that page.. those are time tested ubuntu instructions :)03:19
Jack_SparrowtenX, sudo or gksudo are the better way to have root access or sudo -i etc03:19
maraboutcwillu: got an "unknown host" response but I am wondering if this is because I put a space between the words in the computer name?03:19
rxsBaz_1: can you try that dhclient thingie ?03:20
Jack_Sparrowgordtz, what release version of ubuntu03:20
nazrafrxs same problem cvCreateCameraCapture(0); wont work03:20
cwillumarabout, no03:20
LogomachistTenX, I'm a noob. How will sudo grub on a LiveDVD get it working on a hdd?03:20
gordtzJack_Sparrow: 8.10 desktop03:20
cwillumarabout, if the name of the machine is marabout-desktop, then you'd type ping marabout-desktop.local03:20
badfish69what's a good program to look at exif data?03:20
rxsnazraf: cameras have a light , does that come up ?03:20
Jack_SparrowLogomachist, windows installed first or after ubuntu03:20
LogomachistXP installed first03:20
[1]Bluerxs : yep, that's what I'm doing, but it just seems scary to remove packages like that after what happened earlier !! :)03:20
Jack_Sparrowgordtz, what video card chipset03:21
nazrafrxs no light on this one03:21
Jack_SparrowLogomachist, do you have a pastebin of sudo fdisk -l  ?03:21
maraboutcwillu: the other computer is "Brother D's Computer" which is what I typed in. It is here right next to me, on and connected to the net03:21
nazrafrxs butit does work on ekiga03:21
kettuprklso so here i am with my first successful ubuntu installation :)03:21
tenXJack_Sparrow: for me as a console user aware of my doings, i always launch up a console further raising my privileges to root context executing every system related command that way03:21
LogomachistJack, I don't even know what that is. A file?03:21
cwillumarabout, on the mac, open a console/terminal, and type 'hostname'03:21
vantraxLogomachist, the livecd lets you edit local files, sudo grub loads the grub terminal and you can find and repair grub, or install it if it is missing03:21
cwillumarabout, use the name that spits back at you03:21
rxs[1]Blue: you are just removing the closed source drivers completely and reinstalling the opensource ones ... thats all you are doing and it affects just the graphics card .. you have the same card as I have in my lappie and you will be fine :)03:22
vantrax!grub | Logomachist03:22
ubottuLogomachist: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:22
thomasiteHello. I have a problem with fonts. Recently, I copied numerous ttfs into the fonts folder. When I restarted the laptop, letters in the login screen do not appear as letters anymore but boxes. How do I uninstall those fonts? Thanks!03:22
Jack_SparrowLogomachist, do you have a pastebin of sudo fdisk -l  ?           tells us what partitions you have and where tings are03:22
tenXJack_Sparrow: and you know what? first thing i do on every ubuntu install is 'sudo passwd root' abolishing restrictions03:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about nooroot03:22
FlanneltenX: That's fine if you want to do that, but please don't recommend it here.03:22
ubottuWe don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)03:23
Baz_1rxs: ok, I plugged the wire into eth0 then ran sudo dhclient eth0.... the result is similar to before - anything specific u are looking for?03:23
tenXFlannel: i wont, that wasnt my intention03:23
gordtzJack_Sparrow: VGA compatible controller: S3 Inc. 86c325 [ViRGE] (rev 06)03:23
kettuprkloh i installed my ubuntu thru wubi, so i should now be able to delete this without having GRUB haunting me afterwards03:23
maraboutcwillu: it gave me "adsl-068-209....." ending in bellsouth.net    My service provider...03:23
rxsBaz_1: you should get a line that says .. connected to blah blah ... with ip so and so03:23
Baz_1rxs: it said no dhcp offers03:23
Jack_SparrowGodTodd__, that will probably be best to keep in vesa-vga mode..03:23
circsSomehow I've lost synaptic from my system->administration menu how would I get it back?03:24
nazrafrxs when i do ls /dev/viedo* video0 comes up when the camra is plugged in03:24
tenXFlannel: educating new ex-windows-users to account and privilege seperation via ubuntu by default is a good step03:24
WingardMy Xorg.conf seems to be being ignored by X11, any suggestions?03:24
cwillumarabout, not sure then03:24
Baz_1rxs: no working leases in perisstent database03:24
FlanneltenX: True, but by recommending someone use su, you were recommending something that wasn't going to work.03:24
rxsBaz_1: hmm get that .. you wires etc god ?03:24
rxsnazraf: mind trying vlc and seeing if it can capture video from that port ?03:25
cwillutenX, removing the root password as the first thing you do is leaving yourself wide open to be rooted03:25
tenXFlannel: i never recommended it to anyone, its a misunderstanding i feel tired to roll up again03:25
maraboutcwillu: could I ping the user name of the user account I am logged in under?03:25
gordtzJack_Sparrow: VGA compatible controller: S3 Inc. 86c325 [ViRGE] (rev 06)03:25
nazrafrxs sure what is vic03:25
rxsnazraf: I have seen that I can get video from devices that vlc too can capture from :)03:25
cwillumarabout, no, it needs to be the host name03:25
tenXcwillu: and why is that? dont come up with basic knowledge now.03:25
rxsnazraf: vlc : media player, to install "sudo apt-get install vlc"03:25
Jack_Sparrowgordtz, got it.. but I am ready for a break.. someone will help, just have patience03:26
Baz_1rxs: i tried different wires and different ports on the router just in case03:26
woliJack_Sparrow: are you available?03:26
nazrafrxs k thank you ill do that now03:26
gordtzthank you03:26
FlanneltenX: I'm not going to press it further; you understand the issue.03:26
Baz_1rxs: i also rebooted with the wire connected, just in case03:26
bpat1434Hello, I'm trying to get a static wireless IP address for my ubuntu server; however, when I restart networking it complains "SIOCADDRT: File exists" and then says it failed to bring up wlan0.  I've got this as my /etc/network/interfaces: http://paste.ubuntu.com/101997/03:26
tenXFlannel: thank you :)03:26
Jack_Sparrowwoli, Not really, it is about that partition..03:26
cwillutenX, the point of privilege separation is to prevent apps running in the context of your user from being able to do things as root03:26
woliJack_Sparrow: 'tis03:26
rxsBaz_1: Ah .. iteresting ... I am lost man :(03:26
tenXcwillu: zZzZz03:26
cwillutenX, if root has no password, then any security bug in firefox now becomes a root exploit03:26
Baz_1rxs: its a gangster new evga motherboard for the core I7 cpu - maybe not yet properly supported?03:27
tenXcwillu: do you want me to comment even a piece of that?03:27
cwillutenX, go right ahead, just spare me the 'ubuntu doesn't have enough market share to worry'03:27
rxsBaz_1: it shld have come up ... I mean u shld recive a dhcp address ...but ..one last try .. can you try sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart03:27
Flannelcwillu: that's not an issue at hand.  The one at hand has been resolved however.03:27
Jack_Sparrowwoli, trying to resize sda1 ?  vista ?03:27
Baz_1rxs: i really appreciate all the help man - maybe try the motherboard driver from the provided cd thru ndiswrapper??03:27
woliJack_Sparrow: its vista... it comes with a lot of partitions that i want to wipe out, but i am scared to do it.03:28
rxsBaz_1: I dont think that willhelp :(03:28
Baz_1rxs: trying it, brb03:28
woliJack_Sparrow: this is my brand new computer, nothing is installed..03:28
Jack_Sparrowwoli, Are you trying to end up with a dual boot or what03:28
rxsBaz_1: good luck03:28
woliJack_Sparrow: correct;;03:28
tenXcwillu: i will not criticize any politics. and i have already stated that basic sudo based usage for newbies in ubuntu is a good idea. talking about people knowing their biz.03:29
maraboutcwillu: perhaps I can do it in reverse, i.e. look up the host name of the (ubuntu) computer to see if the Mac will recognize it and kind of back track from there...?03:29
[1]BlueJust to make sure : when I type lspci I get "05:00.1 Display controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV380 [Radeon X600]" as my graphics card. So in the xorg.conf file I should have "PCI:5:0:1", is that right ?03:29
rxs[1]Blue:  are you back?03:29
Jack_Sparrowwoli, have you pastebin'd your fstab as it is now03:29
FlanneltenX, cwillu: We're all on the same page, no need to preach to the choir.  Thanks.03:29
woliJack_Sparrow: could we talk in ubuntu classroom?03:29
WingardI have an nVidia GeForce 6200, the drivers are installed correctly, and I added a modeline to xorg.conf that should make the default resolution 1600x1200, but when I boot I end up in 1024x768 and the Screen Resolution utility in System > Preferences doesn't allow me to go past 1024x768. How do I fix this? It's getting kind of annoying.03:29
kettuprkl-hee my first indepentedly installed program thru terminal03:30
tenXFlannel: :) he wanted to go for it i never gave him a reason03:30
rxs[1]Blue: did you modify your xorg.conf ever ?03:30
starndoes anybody know if Bus 001 Device 008: ID 0979:0227 Jeilin Technology Corp., Ltd would work on linux? its one of them cheap walmart cameras by sakar03:30
Jack_Sparrowwoli, Briefly..03:30
Kuninjrib: you still here?03:31
WingardWell fine then, back to google.03:31
jribKunin: yep, what's up?03:31
=== { is now known as |||
Kuninjrib: wondering if you tried HIDPoint at all for logitech stuff03:31
nazrafrxs sorry i got dc03:31
Logomachist1) Did my pastebin help any?03:32
Logomachist2) Once I've sudo'd grub on the command line, what next?03:32
nazrafrxs how do i strem video from my camera on vlc03:32
[1]BlueNo, actually, never03:32
Ward1983is there a solution for this? http://github.com/albanpeignier/rivendell-debian/tree/master/tickets/20081113-1226573081-intreprid-pamrd-libpam.txt03:32
jribKunin: no, don't even know what that is03:32
starndoes anybody know if i can use my sakar digital camera as a webcam on ubuntu 8.10 like you can in xp/vista03:32
gordtzdoes anyone have a working Dell 1907fpt monitor who would share their xorg.conf file?03:32
rxsnazraf: i think its in file menu .. something line open .. file .. stream and there you can say /dev/video103:33
[1]BlueThat's why I'm so unsure about this... :)03:33
SoopaHi everyone03:33
nazrafrxs oh  k ill do03:33
[1]BlueBut I'll just do it all and see what comes out03:33
=== moses___ is now known as kerm|t
Kuninjrib: ah, apparently it's supposed to be another way to get logitech crap (like the MX Revo) to work, but I had no luck in hardy with it03:33
SoopaCan someone help me get tv-out working with a Radeon 7000?03:33
marabout!hello | Soopa03:33
ubottuSoopa: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:33
rxs[1]Blue: yes .. then just go ahead03:33
jribKunin: I've used revoco to configure how the scroll wheel works though03:33
SoopaIt works fine when connected to a CRT, but not through s-video03:33
rxsSoopa: using open source or fglrx driver ?03:34
Soopait's a PCI card if that helps03:34
Sooparxs: how can I tell?03:34
mylogicthere isn't a command called domount that I don't know about that this freaking virtualbox faq is talking about, is there?03:34
rxsSoopa: in a terminal: glxinfo | grep render03:34
TriBeCa99can anyone tell me how much of a performance hit i'd take for installing ubuntu onto an ancient 8GB IDE drive instead of my raid10 array? and just use the raid10 array for /home03:35
Sooparxs: OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Radeon 20061018 x86/MMX+/3DNow!+/SSE2 NO-TCL03:35
nazrafrxs i did ls /dev/video* in terminal and i got /dev/video0 , so i used:    /dev/video0 in vlc and nothing came up??03:35
rxsnazraf: fwiw , I have not been able to use opencv inthose cases using python :(03:36
Kuninjrib yeah, I saw that... but also see bug reports that my MX Revo won't be recognized (my product id shows as c71c instead of c71b)03:36
marabouthow can I check to make sure my machine is recognizable to any existing network?03:36
nazrafrxs so you think it may be the camera??03:36
jribKunin: oh, c51a here03:36
TriBeCa99i'm going through such hell trying to get ubuntu up and running on a raid10 array that i'm seriously considering installing to an old POS drive and just using the array for data03:37
rxsSoopa: xrandr --addmode S-video 800x60003:37
rxsxrandr --output S-video --mode 800x60003:37
Ward1983Kunin, mine works nice out of the box :s03:37
Kuninjrib: Yeah, figuring that's why everything I tried in hardy didn't work03:37
rxsnazraf: cud be :(03:37
nazrafrxs sily question does vlc stream any images from stereo cameras?03:37
=== _ is now known as Guest49599
rxsnazraf: not that I know of03:38
LtLnazraf: try this in a terminal: mplayer -cache 128 -tv driver=v4l:width=640:height=480:outfmt=i420:device=/dev/video0 -vc rawi420 -vo xv tv://03:38
Sooparxs: okay, done03:38
rxsSoopa: works ?03:38
nazrafrxs ok then ill have to find another camera then k thank you very much03:38
Kuninward1983 must be nice03:38
nazrafrxs have a good day!! bye03:38
hackmanmust be nice03:38
Sooparxs: nope03:38
LtLnazraf: intrepid broke my camera so i resort to that03:38
Sooparxs: nothing happened03:39
ChreestopherI am a complete noob when it comes to linux and I have recently rebuilt an old computer that i wish to install xubuntu on so i can learn the os. I installed with wubi and i am having a hard time getting some things done even when i follow the tutorials step by step, does anyone feel like helping a complete noob who is dieing to delve into linux?03:39
nazrafLtL k ill try that03:39
rxsSoopa: have did you give both the commands ?03:39
gordtzMonitor resolution defaulted to 800x600 on Dell 1907fpt with adapter= VGA compatible controller: S3 Inc. 86c325 [ViRGE] (rev 06), about to go crosseyed trying to get 1280x1024@60hz to work.  The S3 worked fine with a similar Sceptre monitor.  The dell isn't being recognized.  help?03:39
rxsnazraf: you too03:39
Sooparxs: both commands?  sorry, I only saw the xrandr one03:39
nazrafrxs thanks03:39
nazrafLtL i did that but i get a fuzzy green screen03:40
rxsSoopa: in a terminal : xrandr --addmode S-video 800x600 ; xrandr --output S-video --mode 800x60003:40
Baz_rxs: i figured it out - you won't beleive what it was!?03:40
rxsBaz_: enlighten me !03:40
nazrafLtL do you know why it could be?03:41
Sooparxs: that didn't work03:41
Baz_rxs: there was only one other thig to check - the router - turns out my roomate had enabled mac filtering like a bastard03:41
LtLnazraf: you need to google that model and use a proper module. intrepid rendered my ov511 module useless in vlc03:41
Sooparxs: the screen flashed, but that's all03:41
Sooparxs: I have my CRT connected along with my TV03:41
nazrafLtL what do you mean by a proper module?03:41
rxsSoopa: terminal: xrandr and paste result in pastebin03:41
Sooparxs: TV is standard-def s-video03:41
rxsokay try Soopa: in a terminal : xrandr --addmode S-video 800x600 ; xrandr --output S-video --mode 800x600 --right-of VGA-003:42
Baz_rxs: no to see if the wireless would have worked all along - my goodness i'm going to kill him if it would have03:42
LtLnazraf: in a term type lsmod this is a list of installed modules, your camera needs a kernel module that works03:42
rebel_kidthat was a fun trip, but im back to the wonderful world of ubuntu for my desktops... just spent an hour configuring xorg on debian (when ubuntu works out of the box) and 2 hours trying (without success) to get WPA working..... its good to be home03:42
Sooparxs: http://pastebin.com/m7bfe615f03:42
rxsBaz_: gosh !03:43
nazrafLtL k ill do that03:43
LtLnazraf: if your camera is supported at all that is.03:43
maraboutcwillu: you still here. I think I found the address to the machine in question03:43
rxsSoopa: in a terminal : xrandr --addmode S-video 800x600 ; xrandr --output S-video --mode 800x600 --right-of VGA-003:43
nazrafLtL what am i looking for? the camera worked with ekiga03:44
happy_what is a good proxy to speed up internet connection?03:44
Soopa sudo xrandr --output S-video --mode 800x600 --right-of VGA-0xrandr: screen cannot be larger than 1600x1200 (desired size 1824x768)03:44
LtLnazraf: it did work you say?03:44
chrisawWhat would be the most minimal/customizable way to install Ubuntu? I need to save space on my eee ;)03:44
rxsSoopa: you need to add a virtual section in your xorg.conf and restart ur xsession ...03:44
un_davehi, i have a spare low spec'd system, and want to use it in my lounge to power a simple monitor, which would cycle through some network stats, server stats, and possibly a slideshow of a few pictures. can anyone suggest some good applications to help me out?03:45
Sooparxs: okay, how do I do that?03:45
nazrafLtL the cmera worked on ekiga so i can stream video fromit03:45
rxsSoopa: can you paste cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf in pastebin ?03:45
Dr_willischrisaw,  there are some EEE specific variants in the works i hear.03:45
nazrafbut i cant get video from it on opencv03:45
LurkersAun_dave, Conky?03:45
Sooparxs: yep, just a sec.. thanks for your help, btw!03:45
LtLnazraf: so the camera does work, just in ekiga?03:45
WingardI've learned that Ubuntu 8.10 hates nVidia cards. Good thing I have a Windows XP disk on hand.03:45
Baz_rxs: wireless working fast and flawlessly out of the box!! hahahaha! Man i feel bad having wasted your time but without all the thorough stuff you checked that I wouldn't have known i would have never suspected the router03:45
chrisawDr_willis, yeah...even the most minimal ones have GNOME....fills up the drive :P03:45
nazrafyes so far jut in ekiga03:45
LurkersAWingard, Using Envy drivers of OSS drivers?03:46
nazrafLtL yes so far in ekiga only03:46
rxsBaz_: np .. glad you are online !03:46
Sooparxs: http://pastebin.com/m76acbfed03:46
WingardLurkersA: Using proprietary drivers, the problem is that X11 doesn't want to read xorg.conf.03:46
nonewmsgs+j #kubuntu03:46
un_daveLurkersA: conky would be good for just on a desktop, but i want something fullscreen, and a slideshow of pics is possible03:46
LtLnazraf: well, its got a module loaded i assume, it just doesnt work in other programs, you on intrepid?03:46
qqxcould anyone solve this cryptic error?:http://paste.ubuntu.com/102004/03:47
un_daveLurkersA: it wont have a keyboard/mouse attached, so you wont need to be able to see the desktop03:47
qqxcould anyone solve this cryptic error?: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102004/03:47
nazrafLtL pardon me im a nube what is intrepid?03:47
LurkersAWingard, Odd, have you tried 'sudo nvidia-settings' and writing the xorg.conf through there?03:47
LtLnazraf: 8.10 ubuntu, the latest version03:47
nazrafLtL yes03:48
WingardLurkersA: Tried that twice, then tried using dpkg-reconfigure, which didn't give me any monitor/display config, just language and keyboard.03:48
rxsSoopa : have added the lines to your xorg.conf http://pastebin.com/m2183d5dd03:48
LurkersAun_dave, Not sure then. Conky would have been the first choice, mad it fullscreen, but there is bound to be a piece of software for what you want03:48
LurkersAWingard, GFX card model?03:48
WingardLurkersA: GeForce 6200.03:48
un_daveLurkersA: yeah, it seems like something common, but i cant find it!03:48
LtLnazraf: my cam worked fine until the upgrade, hopefully they'll fix it. you are in the same boat without a workaround.03:48
Dracie_hi i can't seem to setup my .mac (mobileme) email to work with ubuntu, does anyone know a resource that has the setup information i will need?03:48
Dracie_hi i can't seem to setup my .mac (mobileme) email to work with ubuntu, does anyone know a resource that has the setup information i will need?03:48
Dracie_oops sorry03:48
LurkersADracie_, How do you mean? evolution won't connect to it?03:49
rxsSoopa: do this ; use your favorite editor ; open xorg.conf in sudo mode and add those 4 lines I have added or replace the old one with new one ,,,03:49
qqxcould anyone solve this error please?: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102004/03:49
=== _acyd_ is now known as acydlord
MeshezabeelWhy does the search feature in Synaptic not pick everything up that is searched for?03:49
Dracie_LurkersA, I am using thunderbird and unlike the mac version there isn't an option to setup a .mac account03:50
LurkersAMeshezabeel, Are you using search or filter?03:51
nazrafLtL k so you think its adriver issue03:51
Sooparxs: okay, cool, thanks03:51
LtLnazraf: yes i do03:51
chrisawso anyone have any ideas?03:51
LurkersADracie_, Try looking on the website of mobileme for a configuration for thunderbird03:51
Sooparxs: now I should restart X?03:51
WingardLurkersA: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102005/ This is my xorg.conf, notice anything blatantly wrong? I also tried adding a modeline, but that just horribly broke things.03:51
Dracie_LurkersA, thx03:51
rxsdid you add those virtuallines ? if so .. restart x and then type those xrandr commands and you should be good to go03:52
nazrafLtL so should i gram a logitech camera and find the latest driver for it on the logitech website? and see if that works?03:52
kapucan someone here help me to understand how to connect to an irc network. I want to connect to client.oz.org03:52
LurkersADracie_, http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1625?viewlocale=en_US#thunderbird03:52
rxsSoopa:did you add those virtuallines ? if so .. restart x and then type those xrandr commands and you should be good to go03:52
qqxcould anyone solve this error please?: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102004/03:52
MeshezabeelLurkersA: I am using the Quicksearch box in the tool bar of synaptic03:52
Sooparxs: yep, I added those lines.. now how do I restart X?  Reboot?03:52
nazrafLtL i ment grab03:52
WingardSoopa: Press CTRL + ALT + Backspace03:52
Dracie_yeah i looked at that, i was hoping there was a more clear cut article, but i'll look at that again03:53
Dr_willisSoopa,  alt-ctrl-backspace, or restart the gdm service03:53
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LurkersAMeshezabeel, That never works for me either, try clicking 'Search' and using that03:53
maraboutif I want to connect my ipod to my machine (hardy) is there an app that will support playing the files on it?03:53
LtLnazraf: the best way is use a camera the kernel recognizes and has a module for, otherwise an update will come along and break a self-installed driver. but you can try.03:53
rxsSoopa : logout and login again03:53
ToadlipsAnybody wanna help a poor fool get through a Ubuntu 8.10 installation gone bad?03:53
MeshezabeelLurkersA: the quick search always used to work properly in the previous versions of ubuntu.03:53
=== |Folken| is now known as Dysanders
Meshezabeelit seems broken in 8.1003:53
Soopathanks Wingard, Dr_willis, and rxs.. brb03:53
LogomachistToad what went wrong?03:53
nazrafLtL so if a camera works as plug and play thats better?03:53
LurkersADracie_, I can't see anything immediately obvious sorry03:54
LurkersAMeshezabeel, Intrepid 8.10?03:54
ToadlipsI went for the gusto and attempted 7800GT SLI and FakeRaid03:54
WingardLurkersA: So you don't see anything wrong in my xorg.conf? Odd, why the hell won't anything read it?03:54
rxsWingard: Screen      0  "Screen0" 0 0 , can you remove the tab between Screen and 0 ?03:54
Dracie_LurkersA, its fine... just sorta drives me nuts, google has such nice setup docs compared to apples03:54
MeshezabeelLurkersA: yes03:54
ToadlipsThe guided Partition Manager crashed, so I hit reset and did it manually03:54
ToadlipsAfter the installation completed, I logged in and I can move the mouse around,03:55
LtLnazraf: in a perfect world, no proprietory drivers are needed, but its no perfect world. if the hardware is ubuntu supported, it just works03:55
raylu!x | rxs03:55
ubotturxs: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution03:55
maraboutDracie_: do you know whether MobileMe is using a POP or iMap server?03:55
Wingardrxs: I'll try that, one moment.03:55
Toadlipsbut then the screen completely freezes and theres a little garbage03:55
ToadlipsI can still move the mouse, though03:55
raylurxs: ignore that. ctrl+alt+backspace03:55
LurkersAMeshezabeel, It seems to be specific to 8.10 unfortunately, just avoid the quick search bar03:55
MeshezabeelLurkersA: okay, thanks03:55
nazrafLtL k ill see what i can do, thank you very much for your time i really appreciate it!!!!03:55
LurkersAWingard, No, but then again it isn't my specialty03:55
nazrafLtL have a good one!!!03:55
LtLnazraf: you too.03:56
qqxcould anyone solve this error please?: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102004/03:56
ToadlipsI assume it's a graphic driver issue, but I can't do that get-apt thing in text recovery mode because my Eth0 is disabled or something?03:56
LurkersADracie_, The Mac documentation I linked you to seem pretty good03:56
rxsSoopa: yes I would do ctr-alt-backspace03:56
LurkersAMeshezabeel, No Prob03:56
raylu!x is The X Window System is responsible for graphical output. To restart X, press Ctrl+Alt+Backspace or type << sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart >> in a console.03:56
IceBallHello, when I try to shut down, system freezes at shutting down ALSA, any ideas?03:56
raylu!resolution is To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution03:56
Toadlips7800GT (x2) SLI, nForce4 chipset, 2x FakeRaid level 0....03:57
rxsraylu: thansk for clarifying03:57
Sooparxs: that didn't work :(03:57
Sooparxs: just flickered the screen for a second again03:57
EdgeX-Do any of you have any recommendations for a dock?03:57
rayluIceBall: is there an alsa in /etc/init.d?03:57
koleI'm in love with ubuntu :)03:57
WingardBe right back03:57
IceBallraylu, let me chek quick03:57
Pookygah, automount, keeps mounting a drive as readonly, anyone know why that happens?03:58
Baz_kole: backoff ubuntu's my girl03:58
rayluPooky: tell us about the drive :D03:58
ToadlipsLogomachist, can ya help me?03:58
rxsSoopa: did you get the same error like last time ? that is the screen size requested is larger ?03:58
Area52hey i have an off topic question ... i am at a remote location and i need to add a torrent downloader to a vista box ... can anyone recomend a good easy torrent app03:58
koleThis is my first foray into linux03:58
FlannelArea52: #ubuntu-offtopic03:58
koleI have seen the light!03:58
Pookyraylu: usb, drobo03:58
Sooparxs: I didn't get any error message03:58
Area52cool thanks03:58
maraboutDracie_: take a look at this link: 'http://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=658662" It seems to discuss what you are looking for. Let me know...03:58
rayluPooky: drobo = ?03:58
TC1USB sound problems: I need to type "amixer -c5 cset numid=2 100%" to activate the left channel at every boot up. Anyways to make it permanent?03:58
rxsSoopa: can you pastebin results for xrandr again ?03:59
rayluPooky: oh, a brand03:59
IceBallraylu, yes, there is alsa-utils03:59
Dr_willisTC1,  /etc/rc.local script is one way.03:59
Sooparxs: Sure, for the two commands I just did?03:59
rayluIceBall: i wonder what happens if you try "sudo invoke-rc.d alsa-utils restart"03:59
Pookyit's a propietary soft raid, raid 5  or something03:59
IceBallkk 1 sec03:59
rxsSoopa: just type xrandr and paste the long result03:59
chrisawWhat would be the most minimal/customizable way to install Ubuntu? I need to save space on my eee ;)03:59
qqxcould anyone solve this error please?: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102004/03:59
Pookythe drive was mounting fine, I disconnected, and now, it only mounts as read only04:00
raylu!eee | chrisaw04:00
ubottuchrisaw: Information about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC04:00
Area52thank you all for the information ... and i appolagize for the off topic comment ... thank you again04:00
Area52see ya later04:00
Baz_chrisaw: with a desktop?04:00
IceBallraylu, shoudl i wait for updates to finish? Just installed on a new system04:00
ToadlipsHow can I get the Eth0 up & running from the recovery console? :)04:00
rayluPooky: what is the output of mount? is it mounted right now?04:00
chrisawhmm, Baz_ ?04:00
Wingardrxs: That caused a parsing error and now I'm on 800x600. So you basically made it worse.04:00
Sooparxs: http://pastebin.com/m49f4bf1a04:00
rayluIceBall: probably a good idea, if you're updating from a fresh install04:00
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution04:00
Pookyraylu: it's automounted at the moment, let me unmountandmanually remount04:00
rayluPooky: er, no04:00
rayluPooky: that's what i want04:01
TC1Dr_willis: tks! And that is before the "exit 0" line, right?04:01
rayluPooky: and what happened to your spacebar?04:01
IceBallraylu, yes, ok ty for the help, saved the code04:01
Sooparxs: It says s-video is disconnected, but it's not.. :\04:01
chrisawraylu, the default livecd installation is too large for the drive04:01
rxsWingard: I had suggested the change in line 6 ... is that what you did ?04:01
Baz_chrisaw: you can install it just command line but i'm guessing that u want a desktop04:01
chrisawah, yes Baz_ , but probably not a DE04:01
Pookyraylu: it's gimpy, one side is kind of loose.04:01
chrisawmaybe LXDE04:01
LogomachistToad, sorry, I don't know anything about your prob.04:01
Pookyraylu: so it's takes 3x the force to get a space on the right hand side as it does the left04:02
rxsSoopa: did you try this  Soopa: in a terminal : xrandr --addmode S-video 800x600 ; xrandr --output S-video --mode 800x600 --right-of VGA-004:02
Dr_willisTC1,  since exit 0  exits the script.. :) thats a YES...04:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about local04:02
marabout! ping04:02
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore04:02
Dracie_marabout, it works thanks04:02
ToadlipsCTRL-ALT-BS won't work for me....04:02
rayluPooky: oh. fun04:02
rayluchrisaw: too large for the... hard drive?04:02
Wingardrxs: Yes, I changed line 6. It caused a parsing error when I restarted X and my xorg.conf is now gone.04:03
chrisawraylu, yes :(04:03
maraboutDracie_: so I assume MobileMe is using an Imap server?04:03
ubottuIn an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key04:03
rayluchrisaw: that site doens't mention anything about that... how big is your hard drive?04:03
TC1Dr_willis, tks.04:03
Dracie_marabout, it can use pop3 but you have to contact mobileme support to enable it - i like imap more anyways04:03
=== Blu2 is now known as [2]Blue
chrisawraylu, 2 GB04:03
maraboutDracie_: yeah me too04:03
Dracie_marabout, you use .mac too?04:04
raylumarabout, Dracie_: so does the rest of the sane world04:04
rxsWingard: no nothing is gone , please do cntr-alt-f1 , go to pseudo terminal , then use nano to give the space again and then do sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart04:04
Sooparxs: okay, maybe I had a typo.. that sort of worked04:04
Dracie_raylu, well said lol04:04
Sooparxs: but now all the TV does is flicker04:04
LogomachistCan anyone help me manually install grub? Someone suggested I "sudo grub" on the command line, but then what?04:04
raylurxs: to save a second: invoke-rcd = /etc/init.d/04:04
Baz_chrisaw: i have an eee and xubuntu runs very nicely on it - u need to get into usb drives and sd sticks to give yourself another 40gb - it will be a painfull road trying to squeeze mb's out of your 2gb04:04
raylurxs: *invoke-rc.d04:04
Dracie_Logomachist, you need to do sudo grub-install /dev/(device)04:04
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:04
maraboutDracie_: No but I am a Mac user. I traded a friend an old iMac (G3) for an everex Laptop so I decided to check out Ubuntu with it...04:05
rayluchrisaw: um... i don't think there's really any way to install ubuntu in that with a gui04:05
rayluchrisaw: i'm sure you could, but you're going to run into issues later04:05
Baz_chrisaw: the sd card is especially nice cuz u pop it in and leave it there for ever - make it your /home folder - bam instant 8gb04:05
ToadlipsAnybody know what the best way would be to install a driver on an unstable Ubuntu installtion?  Recovery Console?04:05
rxsSoopa: so all that the tv does is flicker ? and no stabe image ? can you move your mouse to the screen ?04:05
Dracie_marabout, cool, get debian on there... better mac support i think04:05
=== nosbig_ is now known as nosbig
qqxcould anyone solve this error please?: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102004/04:06
Pookyraylu: so I do mount -t hfsplus /dev/sdc2 /media/drobo -o gid=1001 ... and it mounts fine, but the filesystem is still read only04:06
LogomachistThanks Dracie. Now it says "Could not find device for /boot: Not found or not a block device."04:06
rayluBaz_: at 2gb, i'd be putting most of my system on that card too04:06
Sooparxs: oh!  I can move my mouse to the right and it shows up, but yeah, it just flickers.. no stable image04:06
cowbudqqx: yeah go in and edit it :) that is what I did04:06
chrisawraylu, well eeebuntu already installed, but I only have 135 MB free...I wanted something without a DE, but I know it will be able to fit on 2 GB confortably, if a full DE like GNOME fit.04:06
rayluPooky: hfsplus ...?04:06
rxsSoopa: I think there s some sync / refresh rate issue .. I cannot help more .. I am sorry ..04:06
rayluPooky: isn't that a mac thing?04:07
Dracie_chrisaw, read about compressing some of your fielsystem04:07
maraboutDracie_: still trying to get a handle on Ubuntu not sure if I want to add another dimension to this learning experience I've been having...04:07
cowbudqqx: change it to:     fd = open (filename, O_WRONLY | O_CREAT, 00644);04:07
Dracie_marabout, debian isn't that much harder04:07
gordtz1any news?04:07
Pookyraylu: it's the filesystem typically used on a mac, yes04:07
rayluchrisaw: um, that sentence made no sense, sorry04:07
rayluPooky: why...?04:07
Sooparxs: okay, no problem.. thanks for everything :)04:07
chrisawDracie_, yeah, I've done that with windows, what's the ubuntu way?04:07
Pookyraylu: hrm?04:07
rxsSoopa: np04:07
Baz_whats a DE? esktop Edition?04:07
Toadlipsrsx, might you be able to help me as a consolation? :)04:07
chrisawraylu, eeebuntu (with gnome) installed fine04:07
rayluPooky: why do you have a usb drive formated as HFS+?04:08
rxsToadlips: go ahead04:08
chrisawBaz_, desktop environment...gnome or kde04:08
ToadlipsMy installation went OK, but the screen freezes after a few seconds with some random garbage on the screen04:08
maraboutDracie_: Probably not it just took way too much time to get Ubuntu isntalled on this machine due to the video card (driver) issues. Dont think I want to relive that again. For example:04:08
Pookyraylu: because I primarily have macs, with a small handful of linux boxes, for things like file sharing and such04:08
ToadlipsI'm running SLI, so I assume that's part of it...I just don't know how to download drivers when the install won't give me enough time!04:08
ToadlipsUnless you think it might be something else!04:09
rxsToadlips: okay .. so you have installed the os and you are start the machine as usual .. yes ? and what is the os u have installed ?04:09
marabout"anyone on the forum have anything good to say about via chrome9 hc igp driver and Ubuntu?"04:09
Baz_chrisaw: ah... so whats not a DE and not command line?04:09
ToadlipsYep, Ubuntu 8.10, and I can always log in just fine.04:09
Dracie_marabout, oh... the worst video driver issue i had was gentoo live 2008.1 set my X with radeon drivers which doesn't work with my card04:09
ToadlipsI can also move the mouse, but CTRL-ALT-BS no workie...04:09
Sorcererbobhow many of you do support on the forums too?04:09
Dracie_so X wouldn't start unelss i changed it to vesa04:09
qqxcowbud: edit what?04:10
rayluPooky: according to http://sourceforge.net/projects/linux-hfsplus, this project has been dead since 200304:10
chrisawBaz_, generally known as a "window manager"...fluxbox, wmii, dwm, ratpoison.04:10
rayluPooky: and i believe it's a read-only deal04:10
rayluPooky: http://www.ardistech.com/hfsplus/ is beta but supports non-journaled writes04:10
Dracie_i think you can read write to hfs04:10
rxsToadlips: so you can logon and things work, okay .. are using Nvidia drivers ?04:10
Toadlips2x 7800GTs...some others seemed to have some driver issues with the same setup, but I can't even download the drivers to try my luck...04:10
ToadlipsNo, I'm using whatever the OS originally came with....04:11
cowbudqqx write-catalog.c at the line that is reported in the error04:11
Pookyraylu: oooooh, I bet someone turnedon journaling04:11
rayluPooky: wait, ew. they both named their drivers "hfsplus." that's annoying04:11
rxsBaz_: xfce is good too04:11
WingardWell, this is great.04:11
rayluPooky: no, you should be able to mount a journaled filesystem without journaling support04:11
Dracie_Wingard, whats great04:11
qqxcowbud i have no idea what you're talking about :(04:11
WingardNow I'm stuck on 800x600, xrandr won't read xorg.conf's Modes line, and my Windows XP disk doesn't want to work.04:11
rxsToadlips: can you see if the system suggests any closed source NVIDIA drivers as part of the restricted manager ?04:11
maraboutDracie_: no such luck here with vesa or openchrome. Had to do a text based install with Hardy alternate CD then do update via terminal/console all the while my  by hands were being held these great chaps on the forum...04:11
WingardUbuntu has to be the worst distro yet.04:11
Baz_rxs: xfce is considered a DE or WM04:12
[2]BlueBack with the drivers issue : upon logging out, I got a "low graphics" interface that wanted me to choose my screen from a list, as well as a driver for the graphics card (did I mess up the xorg.conf, or is that normal?) I then logged in again, this time it was not slow and buggy as it was before (great!) but the resolution was at 800x600 and I couldn't get it higher. After a full reboot, the resolution is normal again, direct renderi04:12
rayluchrisaw: still waiting on you to finish explaining04:12
marabout*by these great chaps04:12
ToadlipsIt did recommend that on my initial boot, but since then I cannot download anything -- the system freezes first :(04:12
rxsWingard: please wait .. dont bad mouth04:12
karlpWingard: eh, imho, it's not the best for pretty much anything, but it's up there. certainly not on the low end of the list anyway04:12
cwillurxs, I was just going to add him to my ignore list :p04:12
cowbudqqx: then you probably shouldn't be doing what you are doing there04:12
karlpWingard: it has a package manager that works at least.04:12
ToadlipsI never actually had the chance to download the drivers before it all crapped out on me...04:12
Dracie_hmm well with debian etch i installed gnome on my imac g3 just fine04:13
Dracie_so i dunno04:13
rxsBaz_ xfce - DE , xfwm - wm04:13
qqxcowbud i want to configure BlueZ and this is a prerequisite04:13
Wingardkarlp: For me, it's the lowest, considering in it, xrandr can't manage to read xorg.conf. And most distros have a package manager that works.04:13
rxscwillu: go ahead... :)04:13
rayluPooky: try mounting it as "hfs" instead of "hfsplus"04:13
Dracie_the thing with debian is its actually supporting officially Powerpc so you can except better a better install04:13
chrisawraylu, sorry.  basically I know I can get a comfortable install going on just 2 GB, but I need to do a minimal install, and from there add fluxbox or LXDE...and I'm thinking about 1, 1.5 GB used then.04:13
cwilluWingard, xorg doesn't use modelines anymore, if you have an old xorg.conf file (pre xrandr1.2) you'll need to rework it.  Far simpler than it used to be though04:14
cowbudqqx: it seems more like you want to install it from source which is a bit different04:14
ToadlipsRsx, do you think I need the official NVIDIA drivers?  If so, how can I patch them in when I can't use the gui?04:14
Dracie_chrisaw, do a compressed /usr filesystem04:14
qqxcowbud just pm me04:14
Dracie_you'll save so much space04:14
rxscwillu,[2]Blue: if [2]Blue had correctly followed https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver , he shouldnt have issues04:14
maraboutDracie_: Linux is still a new world for me so I want to tread slowly. My intention is to get my children used to using Ubuntu/Edubuntu as well the Mac & PC so I'm concentrating on Ubuntu for now.04:14
Pookyraylu: it tells me it's the wrong fs type04:14
Wingardcwillu: I tried both adding Modes "1600x1200" "1280x1024" "1024x768" "800x600" to the end of the Display subsection in the Screen section and using a modeline. Neither worked.04:15
chrisawDracie_, yeah, but how to do so?04:15
Pookymeh, this has been working  for 3 months, and suddenly now it's borked :/04:15
Dracie_marabout, good idea, is there a big difference with edubuntu than ubuntu?04:15
rayluchrisaw: i _think_ the alternate cd lets you install desktop edition without a DE04:15
cwilluWingard, pastebin your xorg.conf, tell us which card you're using, and what resolution you want04:15
Dracie_chrisaw, check out www.eeeuser.com - all the documentation you'll need04:15
rayluchrisaw: no idea if there's an eeebuntu alternate, though04:15
DaveDixonIIwhere can i download the default GNOME theme?04:15
maraboutDracie_: do you know of any resources for mac users entering into the Linux/Ubuntu environment. It may be easier to get some work down by mimicing the OS X environment in the beginning04:16
Wingardcwillu: This is the current broken xorg.conf: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102014/ I have an nVidia GeForce 6200 and I (rather obviously) want to run 1600x1200.04:16
chrisawraylu, yeah, I figured I'd pop in the alternate CD now and do the array.org custom kernel later...but I'm not seeing any customization options, even on the expert install. Maybe I should try the netinstall?04:16
gordtz1cwillu; can you help with my xorg.conf config?04:16
cwilluWingard, running nvidia's 177 driver?04:16
WingardCwillu: Yes.04:17
qqxcould anyone solve this error please?: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102004/04:17
qqxcould anyone help me solve this error please?: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102004/04:17
cowbudask again I don't think we saw it04:17
maraboutDracie_: not to sure as I erased it off the computer when I first got it but it seems like a wonderful resource for learning and my children are all doing on line school (k12.com)04:17
ToadlipsThere are a lot of "buffer io" errors on bootup, but they flash by so fast I can't really tell what they are during the text mode bootup04:17
cowbudor solved it for that matter04:17
rayluchrisaw: maybe... no experience with eeebuntu here, though04:17
cwilluWingard, http://pastebin.com/f11d379af is my xorg.conf with an nvidia, although you can drop the twinview line obviously04:18
chrisawraylu, ok, thanks for the help anyway :)04:18
Dracie_marabout, there is a project to make a linux machine look like a mac graphically04:18
wfireoh man, I finally got ubunut all loaded and then I ran the updates and when I rebooted all it comes up with is GRUB, can someone tell me what that is?04:18
cwilluWingard, stick that one in, and then run nvidia-settings04:18
chrisawraylu, I',m in the standard alternate install now, not the eeebuntu one04:18
rayluchrisaw: oh04:18
rxswfire: do you see any lines in grup ? i mean kernels as boot options ?04:18
Dracie_marabout, i would do a dual boot ubuntu and mac os x system04:18
Baz_if i just install programs is there a reason to include the (Source Code) repos?04:19
wfireno it just says GRUB04:19
PookyDracie_: I hate running ubuntu on a mac04:19
wfireand repeats it if I let it sit04:19
wfireshould I just reinstall04:19
cwilluBaz_, not really, it won't break anything04:19
rxswfire: try a cntr-c then ...04:19
maraboutDracie_: meaning install OS X (10.5) onto this laptop (everex stepnote NC1502)?04:19
maraboutPooky: Why is that? What happens?04:19
cwilluWingard, once you have nvidia-settings open, go to "X Server Display Configuration", and tweak it from there04:20
rayluPooky: woah. http://linux.die.net/man/1/hfs04:20
cwilluWingard, nvidia's driver doesn't support xrandr 1.2 extensions, but uses its own lines that are similar.  nvidia-settings will get you started (in fact, running it as part of your session will restore the settings even without an xorg.conf file, as long as the nvidia driver itself is being used)04:20
DaveDixonIIAmazing how everyone else recieves support. :(04:21
wfireweird I shut it off to take out cd, now it works fine04:21
[2]BlueI followed the instructions from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver, it seems to work fairly well (and the direct rendering works) but it doesn't seem like it's the same driver as before since "fancier" things ask me to update the driver to xorg-driver-fglrx where as before it didn't.04:21
Wingardcwillu: nvidia-settings doesn't like to work for me, all it allows me to change is Panning, which doesn't really do much other than make things not work.04:21
rxsDaveDixonll: whats up ?04:21
Pookymarabout: for me, it's just support for all the weird mac hardware.  smc controls and such were bonked the last time I tried it, so I could either be carrying a jet engine or a lap cooker.04:21
rayluDaveDixonII: try the gnome irc channel04:21
DaveDixonIIThe channel is?04:21
Pookyraylu: interesting, I'll check it out04:22
Baz_how dangerous is it to enable intrepid-backports updates04:22
rxs[2]Blue: okay .. can you pastebin glxinfo | grep render ?04:22
Toadlipsrxs, is there any way that I can force the official nvidia drivers on an initial installation?04:22
=== osxdude|laptop is now known as osxdude|l
maraboutrxs: on boot up should one see the command or go immediately to a desktop (gui)? as I get a command line interface on mine (hardy)04:22
Wingardcwillu: Aaand...What do you know, it doesn't work. I click Detect Displays and it doesn't do anything, and due to the whole 800x600 things I can't get at any buttons.04:22
rxsToadlips: give me a sec ... can you tell me where you are now ? do you have a gui to work with ?04:23
Dracie_marabout, look at the private chat i initiated04:23
[2]BlueNow it says "yes" for direct rendering04:23
=== onats1 is now known as onats
maraboutPooky: I see04:23
ToadlipsNo gui -- freezes before I can do anything after logging in04:23
maraboutDracie_: will do04:23
rxsmarabout: okat .. so ur struck on a commandline ?04:23
nickrudDaveDixonII, if you have gnome-themes installed you have the official gnome themes04:23
DaveDixonIInickrud: sudo apt-get install gnome-themes04:24
cwilluWingard, oh, okay.  You're running under vesa right now04:24
rxs[2]Blue:please write my id and a : before you type text to me .. I will miss it else04:24
nickrudDaveDixonII, yes. That gives you clearlooks, glider, crux, mist & industrial04:24
cwilluwinferno_, pastebin /var/log/xorg.0.log04:24
Toadlipsrxs: No gui - recovery console OK04:24
[2]BlueOops, ok ! :)04:24
Wingardcwillu: Vesa?04:24
cwilluWingard, pastebin /var/log/xorg.0.log (winferno_, sorry)04:25
cwilluWingard, yes, failsafe mode04:25
maraboutrxs: no i boots up to command line then  I think "quick splash" its called? asks for my password (encrypted HD) then give me the (gui) log in screen. I'm new so I am not sure what to expect exactly04:25
rxs[2]Blue: okay ..it seems fine .. u shld be able to run even compiz or compositing in xfce this way04:25
DaveDixonIInickrud: gnome-themes is already the newest version. :(04:26
Wingardcwillu: cat: /var/log/xorg.0.log: No such file or directory04:26
cwilluWingard, Xorg.0.log04:26
rxsToadlips: nvidia support right ?04:26
tyta_linuxwhat is the command to delete my ip table?04:26
rayluDaveDixonII: http://www.gnome.org/support/04:27
Toadlipsrxs: nvidia 7800GTs, yep.  Get garbage on screen.  Can't do anything because the screen freezes.  Mouse still moves though!04:27
kshlmsterWelcome b0xxy! You have achieved a new peak of 1283 users for #ubuntu!04:27
DaveDixonIIAll this for a simple theme in the nibbles pictures. :(04:27
Wingardcwillu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102019/04:27
jribkshlmster: please turn that off04:28
rxscwillu: can you tell Toadlips what nvidia closed source driver you use ? may be the command to install it in terminal using "apt-get install ____"04:28
kshlmsterWelcome aprilhare! You have achieved a new peak of 1284 users for #ubuntu!04:28
kshlmsterWelcome ce_ucul! You have achieved a new peak of 1285 users for #ubuntu!04:28
aprilharewoohoo go me!04:28
qqxcould anyone solve this error please?: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102004/04:28
cwillurxs, 177, although I'm actually using 180 out of a ppa to get around a window decoration distortion bug04:28
Toadlipsrxs: I think my main problem is that when I'm in recovery mode, Eth0 doesn't work...04:29
raylutyta_linux: iptables -F04:29
cwilluWingard, one sec, people bugging me04:29
tyta_linuxthanks raylu04:29
kaushalwhen i do dpkg -l mysql it does not list04:29
raylutyta_linux: of course. also, "man iptables" should help04:29
marabout!hello | kaushal04:29
ubottukaushal: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!04:29
kaushalis there a way i can find out04:29
Toadlipsrxs: Is there a command to initialize eth0?  I tried ifconfig up04:29
nickrudkaushal, try dpkg -l '*mysql*'04:29
cwilluWingard, are you around in a couple hours?04:29
aprilharequestion: i have a graphics card that I want to shutdown whenever it gets over a critical temperature. problem is, it's whenever I'm playing a game that prevents gksudo from taking over. is there a way to force shutdown I don't know about that doesn't require su or sudo?04:29
tyta_linuxmy iptables keep me from accessing gmail04:29
jribqqx: why are you compiling gettext?04:30
Wingardcwillu: Probably not, by then I'll probably have thrown this computer out of the window.04:30
aprilharethe command i was trying was gksudo "shutdown -h now"04:30
DaveDixonIIThis is the theme i want: http://live.gnome.org/Nibbles?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=nibbles.png04:30
rayluaprilhare: sudo should be sufficient for shutdown04:30
[2]Bluerxs : well, yes, it runs fast, but I think it's still missing something since if I choose "Normal" from the "visual effects" tab of the "Appearance Preferences" it won't do it, but instead says I need to update the driver to an accelerated ATI one (more precisely "xorg-driver-fglrx"), the exact driver that caused all the trouble. Where as before I installed that driver (and messed everything up) I could choose the "Normal" or even 04:30
DaveDixonIIthe blue border, thats it04:30
qqxjrib because thats what the stupid instructions tell me to do04:30
aprilhareraylu, problem is i can't enter the password :)04:30
kshlmsterWelcome kronen! You have achieved a new peak of 1286 users for #ubuntu!04:30
kshlmsterWelcome LuYu! You have achieved a new peak of 1287 users for #ubuntu!04:30
kshlmsterWelcome Cueball! You have achieved a new peak of 1285 users for #Ubuntu!04:30
aprilharethe game prevents me accessing04:31
rayluaprilhare: i know :P i believe poweroff doesn't require root priveleges04:31
Dexiwhats the linux unrar program?04:31
jribqqx: what stupid instructions?  gettext is in the repositories04:31
bazhangkaushal, are you running a bot?04:31
jribDexi: unrar04:31
aprilharei'll try that raylu thanks04:31
Dexithat easy?04:31
kaushalnickrud, what does un means04:31
Dexiwow i feel dumb04:31
qqxjrib why didnt  you tell me that04:31
kaushalun  mysql-server-4.1                  <none>                            (no description available)04:31
Toadlipsrxs: I can't get into the Gnome failsafe mode...04:32
nickrudkaushal, no action pending, not installed04:32
LogomachistCould someone scroll up and find the last error I pasted>04:32
rxsToadlips: yes ; sudo dhclient eth004:32
nickrudkaushal, the text above provides the key04:32
LogomachistBooted into Windows and now I forget what went wrong.04:32
Toadlipsrxs: Thanks!!! I'll try it!!!04:32
rxs[2]Blue: brb04:32
nickrudkaushal, the rest means there's no installation candidate;04:33
cwilluWingard, okay, nvidia's driver is doing something stupid (presuming it worked before).  nvidia-settings, under resolution, (probably set to auto), if you click that, does it list a couple hundred different resoltuions?04:33
kaushalnickrud, thanks04:33
maraboutnickrud: how can I confirm that my machine is visible on my home network?04:33
bazhangkaushal, was that your bot04:33
kaushalnickrud, is there a documentation on this04:33
[2]Bluerxs : ok, thanks !! :)04:33
rayluLogomachist: 10:06:03 Logomachist> Thanks Dracie. Now it says "Could not find device for /boot: Not found or not a block device."04:33
nickrudkaushal, the text just above the un (the lines pointing to each letter) is the documentation04:33
rayluLogomachist: sounds like you provided totally wrong arguments to grub-install04:34
kronen__ca parle français ici.?04:34
raylu!fr | kronen__04:34
nickrudmarabout, hm, I'm not a networking guy04:34
ubottukronen__: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr04:34
rxsToadlips: sudo aptitude install nvidia-177-*04:34
Semplehey guys04:34
Wingardcwillu: Well, I'm atleast on 1024x768 now. How do I fix this silly Vesa thing?04:34
raylurxs: installing nvidia-glx should install the latest04:34
Toadlipsrsx: Thanks!!  I just discovered the Failsafe Terminal, and eth0 is kickin'!!!04:34
nickrudrxs, Toadlips that's nvidia-glx-17704:34
Toadlipsrxs: I'm gonna try that!04:35
cwilluWingard, I was wrong on that, it is running on nvidia (not vesa), but nvidia's driver isn't detecting things.  I'm currently reading documentation04:35
FrozenFireHello. What would be the most popular application available in the Ubuntu repositories for editing AVI (XVID) video? I want to extract a few clips from some AVIs.04:35
p07r0457hello everyone.  can anyone point me towards a resource to get a PCI-E ATi Radeon HD2600XT working?04:35
Toadlipsnickrud: Thanks, I'll make that change!04:35
cwilluWingard, it didn't list anything higher than 1024x768 though?04:35
WingardCwillu: Nope.04:35
rxsToadtips: yes try sudo aptitude install nvidia-glx-17704:35
maraboutnickrud: oh  well I'mnot having probs with it I just thought you might now a command to do it  so I could check it status04:35
rayluFrozenFire: video editing isn't exactly a popular or painless activity. google showed me a few04:35
raylumarabout: ping it from other machines?04:36
adam7!wireless > adam704:36
ubottuadam7, please see my private message04:36
rayluadam7: you can just /msg the bot04:37
maraboutraylu: tried that and only got its network address "192......" my other machines are not seeing it though...04:37
rxs[2]Blue: paste here cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf  | grep composite04:37
peepsalotwhat is a transitional package?04:37
ericjungwhen i do "ls -l" I know that "d" means directory but what is "b"????04:38
Flannelpeepsalot: When a package changes names between releases, the next release will have a package (transitional package) with the old name04:38
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:38
Flannelpeepsalot: so people with the old package name (gaim) upgrade to the new gaim (transitional) which depends on pidgin, so they now have pidgin04:38
nickrudpeepsalot, that transitional package will depend upon the new package, making sure the new one gets installed when upgrading to the new release04:39
Toadlipsrxs: I'm downloading that driver even as we speak!04:39
rxsToadlips: you will have to restart your machine once the installation completes04:39
cwilluWingard, Option "ConnectedMonitor" "string"04:39
Wingardcwillu: What should the string be?04:39
cwilluWingard, thinking out loud04:39
Wingardcwillu: What04:40
epictetushow do I swtich from compiz to metacity in 8.10?04:40
cwilluOption "UseEdidFreqs" "No"04:40
nickrudepictetus, alt-f2  metacity --replace  should do it04:40
cwilluWingard, use that, otherwise edid overrides what you put in the xorg.conf file04:40
shogbinHi, I am trying to set up a ppp dialer in 8.10 - does the user need to be added to any groups to allow access to the modem?  Right now, the gnome-ppp (wvdial) just hangs.04:40
Wingardcwillu: What section should I add it into?04:40
cwilluWingard, device section I think04:40
ChrisDavazMan I always have trouble setting up SCIM on Ubuntu04:40
epictetus nickrud: is that permanent?04:41
BeepIIare there any monitors that are *not* compatible with linux/ubuntu?04:41
raylushogbin: you can find out by running it as root04:41
cwilluWingard, there's also Option "ModeValidation" "NoEdidModes"04:41
shogbinraylu: I have not set up access or unlocking of root account yet04:41
Wingardcwillu: Restarting X and seeing what happens.04:41
nickrudepictetus, yes, until you do  alt-f2   compiz --replace04:41
rxsshogbin: i think its dialout04:41
ChrisDavazBeepII, just about any VGA monitor should be...04:41
raylunickrud: i think compiz starts up for him because he turned on desktop effects...04:42
ChrisDavazBeepII, you may have issues with monitors that has special interfaces04:42
raylushogbin: so gksu...04:42
Dracie_IMO compiz =< metacity04:42
Dracie_metacity has its own compositor04:42
BeepIIDoes that qualify as special interfaces?04:42
nickrudraylu, yes. This is just another method of switching to none; faster04:42
Dracie_just need to know how to start it04:42
raylunickrud: ?04:42
aprilhareraylu, you're wrong poweroff requires root04:42
rayluaprilhare: oh :(04:42
[2]Bluerxs : "cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf  | grep composite" displays nothing04:43
nickrudraylu, system->prefs->appearances effects tab.04:43
rxsBeepll: shld work04:43
Zyclopshey, we use ubuntu for all the machines in our office, and we are about to get a server.  Should i just setup the server the same way i setup the office machines?04:43
epictetusthanks dude04:43
BeepIIsweet.  thanks04:43
Wingardcwillu: Still in 1024x768 and unable to go higher.04:43
rxs[2]Blue : can you pastebin cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:43
Dracie_Wingard, go into a terminal and do xrandr and tell me if it has any higher rez's listed04:44
cwilluOption "ExactModeTimingsDVI" "boolean"04:44
cwillu    Forces the initialization of the X server with the exact timings specified04:44
cwillu    in the ModeLine. Default: false (for DVI devices, the X server initializes04:44
cwillu    with the closest mode in the EDID list).04:44
FloodBot2cwillu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:44
nickrudcwillu, cwillu cwillu ;)04:44
Dracie_hi Zombie_Gaz04:44
afallenhopeHey I'm the following wlan0: CTS protection enabled (BSSID=00:1e:c7:a1:03:21) and it continuously happens over and over in my dmesg ... is there a way to stop it04:44
* cwillu looks around and whistles04:44
cwilluhmm, did I do something nickrud? :p04:44
Wingardcwillu: So, any other ideas?04:45
cwilluWingard, Wingard, zless /usr/share/doc/nvidia-glx-177/README.txt.gz might give you some clues04:45
nickrudcwillu, probably your good twin :)04:45
rayluaprilhare: /etc/shutdown.allow http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=13496804:45
p07r0457anyone can offer some assistance with an ATi Radeon HD2600XT?04:45
cwilluWingard, appendix B is all the xorg.conf entries04:45
=== kousotu is now known as Saik
rxsp07r0447: go ahead04:45
=== Saik is now known as Saiki
cwilluWingard, type /Appendix B to search, and n/N to find next/previous04:45
cwilluWingard, that spam I had above might be relevant as well04:46
p07r0457rxs> thank you.  I am unable to get the ati drivers working.  any guides that you know of online that will get me hardware acceleration and DVI output?04:46
cwilluOption "ExactModeTimingsDVI" "boolean"04:46
silv3r_m00nhi there04:46
Toadlipsrxs: Oh, snap!!  I have no more gui!!04:46
raylu!avi | p07r045704:46
ubottup07r0457: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:46
raylu!ati | p07r045704:46
[2]Bluerxs : this isn't quite as I modified it, but after it asking me to choose a monitor from a list (in "low graphics" mode when I logged out) and after a reboot, I guess it must have added things : http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d7828d6c204:46
silv3r_m00nwhat is the difference between sudo su root;command and sudo command ?04:46
ubottup07r0457: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:46
rxsToadlips: brb04:46
tenXToadlips: what a feeling that must be.04:46
Toadlipsrxs: I'm at a command prompt now, even on normal boot!04:47
ToadlipstenX: I take it you like the CL? :)04:47
afallenhopeHey I'm the following wlan0: CTS protection enabled (BSSID=00:1e:c7:a1:03:21) and it continuously happens over and over in my dmesg ... is there a way to stop it04:47
tenXToadlips: Champions League?04:47
ToadlipstenX: Oh, the command line!04:47
raylu!pastebinit | Toadlips04:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pastebinit04:47
raylu!info pastebinit04:47
ubottupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10-1 (intrepid), package size 9 kB, installed size 88 kB04:48
tenXToadlips: :D what a wordplay04:48
rayluToadlips: use that ^ and show us /var/log/Xorg.0.log04:48
rxsp07r0457: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu04:48
Toadlipsraylu: I'll try it! :)04:48
p07r0457ubottu > thank you for the link.  I have read that page, but it does not appear to address the HD2x00 series cards.04:49
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:49
=== lipsin_ is now known as lipsin
rxs:) lol04:49
Snakeubottu: help04:49
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots04:49
tonyyarussoHas anyone used stereo bluetooth audio devices with 8.04?  The documentation seems woefully inaccurate.04:49
rxsToadlips: did x try to start and crash or .. neer did ?04:50
p07r0457rxs > thank you, that seems to have some relevant information.  I will definitely read it!04:50
Wingardcwillu: Nothing here is useful.04:50
rxstonyyarusso: okay ... so trying a2dp ?04:50
WingardAnd why the hell won't this XP disk install?04:50
djweezyanyone know what the default battery monitor app is in ubuntu04:51
rxsWingard: we are sorry ..sometimes due toa  rare combination of hardware .. things just dont work ..04:51
djweezyim using fluxbox and just want a little icon in my dock04:51
bazhang!give me a test04:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about give me a test04:51
* kshl_m gives me a girl guide04:51
LogomachistRaylu, what would the correct arguments be for grub install?04:51
rayluLogomachist: that depends on where you want to install it to. what is your hard drive layout?04:52
tonyyarussorxs: Yeah.  Although SCO help would be appreciated too.04:52
eseven73Whats the difference of #Ubuntu and #Ubuntu-unregged?04:52
karlpbazhang: was that the sole reason that person was _banned_?04:52
Toadlipsraylu: My pastebin...WORKED!!!!!!!!!  http://pastebin.com/fbe5f19504:52
raylueseven73: nickserv registration04:52
rxstonyyarusso: i have used a2dp quite well.. but sco + skype has alwyas been a pain ... if you need a2dp.. I can help04:52
eseven73raylu: im registered though04:53
tonyyarussorxs: The weirdest thing is that in the gnome bluetooth properties, under services: audio, there is no Add button; only remove.  Both buttons exist under the input service though.04:53
raylueseven73: then you're not identified04:53
=== gustavo is now known as pelao91
Toadlipsrxs: X never seemed to start at all.  I pasted something at http://pastebin.com/fbe5f19504:53
pg_queshello I am having trouble installing mysql and postgres on my ubuntu server04:53
Meshezabeelhow do I run an Elf binary on Ubuntu?04:54
rxsToadlips: (EE) No devices detected.04:54
pg_quesit is a server with many hard drives raid 1004:54
eseven73raylu: am too: 20:53 -NickServ(NickServ@services.)- You are already logged in as eseven73.04:54
Toadlipsrxs: Umm...hmm...is that bad?04:54
raylueseven73: well yes... that's why you're here04:54
pelao91how can i change the sounds in the system04:54
pg_quesI install it but when I try to start them it always fails and gives me a code(1)04:54
eseven73raylu: it says #ubuntu-unregged04:54
raylueseven73: no, that's part of the channel modes04:54
pelao91how can i change the sounds in ubuntu hardy04:55
=== abchirk__ is now known as abchirk
eseven73ah, raylu ok04:55
=== abchirk__ is now known as abchirk
marabout i went to change the screen saver(s) in Hardy and my screen froze - can anyone tell me what might have caused that?04:56
justin_Meshezabeel, all Linux binaries are elf.04:56
tonyyarussorxs: also, knowing how to get AVRCP set up would be nice.04:56
cwilluWingard, #nvidia might be able to help more, there'll be something in that file I pointed you at, but I don't know the exact options you need.04:56
pg_questhe warning that I get is this04:56
raylumarabout: if it happens frequently, consider replacing gnome-screensaver with xscreensaver04:56
pg_ques * The PostgreSQL server failed to start. Please check the log output:04:56
* cwillu mutters at Wingard about the joys of proprietary drivers :/04:56
pg_ques2009-01-07 23:56:20 EST LOG:  could not load root certificate file "root.crt": no SSL error reported04:56
pg_ques2009-01-07 23:56:20 EST DETAIL:  Will not verify client certificates.04:56
pg_ques2009-01-07 23:56:20 EST LOG:  could not bind IPv4 socket: Cannot assign requested address04:56
FloodBot2pg_ques: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:56
pg_ques2009-01-07 23:56:20 EST HINT:  Is another postmaster already running on port 5432? If not, wait a few seconds and retry.04:56
Meshezabeeljustin_, okay, well how do I run it? If I double click on it, it doesn't open, if I try running it with ./binaryname it says "No such file or directory"04:56
kronenca parle francais ?04:57
cwillukronen, #ubuntu-fr04:57
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr04:57
rxstonyyarusso: open termina, avrcp ... one step at a time, put the head set in pairing mode; and type hcitool scan04:57
pg_quessry about that04:57
LogomachistRaylu: I have a C drive w/ 4 partitions: 2 for XP and XP's recovery partition, a logical partition for programs, and an ext3 partition I installed Linux on.04:57
rayluLogomachist: calling your drive "C" is a mistake :P04:57
tonyyarussorxs: 'k, and then?04:57
rxsToadtips: can you just for kicks type sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start04:57
justin_Meshezabeel, what file are you trying to run? Where did you get it?04:58
rxstonyyarusso: do you see ur BT headset listed ?04:58
erossi wonder, are there french and italian moderators too in those channels04:58
rayluLogomachist: how many hard drives do you have? not partitions. "sudo fdisk -l"04:58
tonyyarussorxs: yeah, for this one.  (some other devices don't work there, but we'll deal with thsi for now)04:58
Logomachist2 drives. One for data the other for programs.04:59
justin_Meshezabeel, you tried running it from the command line? Were you in the same directory as the file?04:59
rayluLogomachist: ok, what are their device names? fdisk will still help you here04:59
Meshezabeeljustin_ yes04:59
Toadlipsrxs:  It just says "Starting GNOME Display Manager..."04:59
maraboutraylu: after the first time it happened I haven't gone back to try it. I have the via chrome9 hc igp driver so i am hesitant about doing anything that will alter the screen/display settings if you know what I mean...04:59
pelao91how can i change the sounds in ubuntu hardy04:59
rxstonyyarusso: fair enuf.. now .. can you copy the 6 byte mac address and type sudo hidd -c macaddress04:59
Meshezabeeljustin_ it is opensong from: http://opensong.org/d/downloads05:00
rxsToadlips: type control-c and kill that if it continues to hang05:00
LogomachistI'd have to boot up into Linux to run fdisk, but by memory the ext3 partition is "sdc4"05:00
raylupg_ques: how did you install pgsql?05:00
idea4gudwhat's the equivalent for alt+ctl+del  in ubuntu and kill a program05:00
Toadlipsrxs:  It actually didn't hang...it went back to the command prompt!05:00
raylupg_ques: which package? i'd consider reinstalling it05:00
pg_quespackages postgresql postgresql-8.305:01
ogahyellowhello, I was using gparted to move a partition and lost power. Now the drive shows errors under GParted, and I don't know what to do to recover my data05:01
pg_quesI tried05:01
rayluidea4gud: ctrl+esc, top, ps -e, pgrep, kill, killall05:01
Toadlipsraylu: That pastebinit is pretty cool.  Thanks for that!05:01
rayluToadlips: no problem05:01
idea4gudthanks raylu:05:01
rxsToadlips: interesting . I wish I could help .. but I am completed wornout ... very tiered .. have to get abck to school 7 am tomorrow and its 11 now , hungry ..05:01
raylu!fsck | ogahyellow05:01
ubottuogahyellow: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot05:01
pg_quesand libpq05:01
raylupg_ques: "i tried" = you tried reinstalling already?05:02
raylu!who | pg_ques05:02
ubottupg_ques: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:02
OmnipotentEntityhey, does anyone know the best way to dump the contents of a file into your copy-paste buffer?05:02
Toadlipsrxs:  you have been plenty of help!  I appreciate it!  I've got the eth0 working now, so I should be able to download something! :)05:02
Meshezabeeljustin_ I ran the command: "file opensong" it came up with this information: "opensong: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.2.0, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), stripped"05:02
rayluOmnipotentEntity: why?05:02
Meshezabeeljustin_ I wonder if the problem is because I am using Ubuntu amd6405:02
pg_quesraylu: yes I tried reinstalling it and it didnt work same problem05:02
Toadlipsrxs:  Have a good night!  I'm gonna troubleshoot nvidia drivers now! ;)05:02
rxsToadlips: np ...best wishes05:02
Saikihow do you reinstall pacages?05:02
LogomachistRaylu- do you want me to switch to Linux?05:02
raylupg_ques: oh, no idea then. haven't used pgsql much05:02
justin_Meshezabeel, maybe it should still work. what does: "ls -la opensong" return05:03
rayluLogomachist: oh...05:03
maraboutraylu: how do I replace gnome-screensaver with xscreensaver and how will i know if i should?05:03
OmnipotentEntityraylu, I'd like to copy the output of a program and paste it somewhere, but it's too unwieldy to copy the output from the terminal.05:03
pg_quesSaiki: I used apt-get purge and then apt-get install05:03
rayluLogomachist: you can't install grub from windows anyway...05:03
rxstonyyarusso: how are you doing ? any progress.. i want to go offline shortly05:03
ogahyellowthe issue was it was a usb drive, so it lost power yet the computer (laptop) did not.05:03
SaikiI don't want to purge them05:03
pg_quesraylu: same thing happened with mysql05:03
rayluLogomachist: and sdc4 implies you have an sda and sdb. perhaps you're forgetting about a usb drive or something?05:03
Meshezabeeljustin_ -rwxr-xr-x05:03
tonyyarussorxs: yeah - just keep giving steps and I'll let you know if they don't work05:03
pg_quesraylu: for mysql I installed mysql-server and mysql-client05:03
rayluOmnipotentEntity: you can redirect the output of a program to many places. again, can you be more specific about where you're pasting it?05:03
OmnipotentEntityraylu, a webpage05:04
rayluOmnipotentEntity: a... pastebin?05:04
OmnipotentEntityin this case yes.05:04
raylu!info pastebinit05:04
ubottupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10-1 (intrepid), package size 9 kB, installed size 88 kB05:04
justin_Meshezabeel, so it is excutable. when running from the command line does it give any output at all05:04
OmnipotentEntityraylu, is there a general solution though?05:04
raylumarabout: you'd have to poke the screensaver changer again. and you can just install xscreensaver05:04
rayluOmnipotentEntity: probably. one sec05:04
=== Ward1983 is now known as Ward1983sNewNick
rxstonyyarusso: I need feedback ... thats when I can help you ... anyway .. after that ... your gnome bt applet has to ask for password ... and u need to follow steps here after that http://wiki.bluez.org/wiki/HOWTO/AudioDevices, the initial two steps are to password pair the headset with ur system .. the passcode is normally 1234 or 0000 for Jabra05:05
=== Ward1983sNewNick is now known as Ward1983
[2]Bluerxs : yes, thanks a lot for the help !05:05
rayluOmnipotentEntity: i think you can use "program | xsel --clipboard"05:05
Meshezabeeljustin_ it simply says: "no such file or directory"05:05
maraboutraylu: as in "apt-get install xscreensaver" ?05:06
raylumarabout: yes. apt-cache search xscreensaver first, because there are a few other packages with extra tasty screensavers05:06
rxs[2]Blue: good luck ...05:06
justin_Meshezabeel, it it says that then it's not finding the file05:06
raylumarabout: er, make that tasty extra screensavers05:06
Meshezabeeljustin_, I just installed ia32-libs to see if that would help, it seems to now detect the program, but I get errors saying: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS6405:06
OmnipotentEntityraylu, thanks a million. :)05:06
rxstonyyarusso: signing off for the day .. goodluck05:07
rayluOmnipotentEntity: learned something new myself :D05:07
tonyyarussorxs: 'k, thanks05:07
maraboutraylu: extra tasty sounded better :)05:07
raylumarabout: heh05:07
jesus_hi, I've just intalled realplayer and wanted to listen to the bbc.co.uk radio, program (even though I had all restricted codecs it didn't play) but still I got a message saying I need to instal realplayer (which's already installed) Any ideas or suggestions¿05:09
maraboutraylu: hmm typed in "apt-cache search xscreensaver" but not response from terminal...05:09
Meshezabeeljustin_ it can now find the file, but these are the errors I now get: http://pastebin.ca/130325605:09
raylujesus_: could i get a link to the program?05:09
jesus_real player¿05:09
raylumarabout: o.0. try "aptitude search xscreensaver"05:10
raylujesus_: er, the radio program05:10
jesus_there you are05:10
raylujesus_: ewwwwww05:10
raylujesus_: here i was expecting an internet radio stream05:10
maraboutraylu: "o.0" ?05:11
justin_Meshezabeel, it seam like the file was linked to 32bit libraries and you ave a 64 bit system05:11
jesus_i dont have access, if I had I would've copied and pasted to the real player gui05:11
raylumarabout: it's a face :P05:11
Saikihow do you reinstall packages, without purging?05:11
raylujesus_: try http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio3/ram/r3g2.ram in your media player05:11
Meshezabeeljustin_ so does that mean I'm hooped?05:12
rayluSaiki: remove, install?05:12
tritiumSaiki: sudo apt-get install --reinstall <package>05:12
EDinNYhow do I restart sound?05:12
jesus_yeah, it works..05:12
Saikitritium: I don't know the package names though05:12
tritiumSaiki: what is it you want to reinstall?05:12
jesus_what I dont understand it's how it doesnt work directly from the browser....05:12
spasticteapotDoes anyone here know how to get sound to work under Enemy Territory?05:12
rayluSaiki: shouldn't that have been your first question, then?05:12
Saikitritium: spanish language support in Xubuntu hardy05:13
* EDinNY just wants to reststart sound without rebooting05:13
raylujesus_: what would you expect from a site that requires real player?05:13
EDinNYwhat is sound daemon called?05:13
tritiumEDinNY: pulse-audio05:13
jesus_raylu... yeah that's right...05:13
maraboutraylu: am I bit of a newbie. anyway got some info spit at me regarding (gl mesa) screen hacks for xscreensaver...?05:13
jesus_a pity the bbc got the best classical music ever05:13
justin_Meshezabeel, it might be difficult. I haven't had much experiece with 64bit systems. you'll some how need to install the 32bit lib files05:13
raylumarabout: video card?05:14
refeferaight mates, how can I get hibernate working on this bloody machine05:14
EDinNYtnx "sudo ./pulseaudio restart"05:14
shogbinAll right, I was able to use wvdial to start a ppp connection to a dial-up provider.  I needed to tell wvdial to use the local conf file and not read the /etc/wvdial.conf file.  It seems that gnome-ppp automatically uses the /etc/wvdial.conf file which is why gnome-ppp is not connecting for me.05:14
raylurefefer: swap space, ram?05:14
jesus_thanks anyway05:14
rayluEDinNY: no ./05:14
refeferraylu, 13gbs of swap, 4gbs of ram05:14
Meshezabeeljustin_ yeah, I thought that is what ia32-lib was supposed to take care of, well it seemed to take care of part of it, but not all of it.05:14
raylurefefer: overkill?05:14
LogomachistI'm back.05:14
jesus_I mean, thanks a lot rayly05:14
refeferraylu, god knows05:14
jesus_I mean, thanks a lot raylu05:14
LogomachistRaylu, you were saying?05:14
EDinNYstill does not work...rebooting05:15
raylujesus_: np :P sory i wasn't able to get it working in your browser, but it's better in a media player anyway05:15
rotarychainsawGuys, I need help with file permissions. I need a way to change the owner of a bunch of files/folders in my home folder from root to me.05:15
refeferraylu, I do a lot of research on the machine which requires large datasets, so...05:15
maraboutraylu: the dreaded: "via chrome9 hc igp"05:15
rayluLogomachist: oh05:15
rotarychainsawThen set the permissions so GDM doesnt complain05:15
Dr_willisrotarychainsaw,  just a moment...05:15
rayluLogomachist: sudo fdisk -l05:15
raylurotarychainsaw: chown -R $USER:USER ~05:15
raylurotarychainsaw: chown -R $USER:$USER ~05:15
refeferany thoughts for the rest?05:15
Dr_willisrotarychainsaw,  argh0- i cant find my script that does it.. :) it basicially is wiaht raylu  says - with some extra bits.05:16
raylurefefer: oh. well, no idea, sorry05:16
raylurefefer: suspend and hibernate have always been hit or miss05:16
refeferraylu, yeah, so I've gathered05:16
rotarychainsawDr_willis, ok let me see here05:16
justin_Meshezabeel, I did find http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=435940, so it's possible05:16
refeferstrangely suspend works fine05:16
Dr_willisrotarychainsaw,  do not get 'permissions' confused with 'ownership' also :)05:16
raylurefefer: congrats05:17
rayluDr_willis: he hasn't. gdm requires that you own your home directory05:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about CTCP-PING05:17
Flannelmarabout: Can we help you?05:17
maraboutFlannel: wondering what a ctcp-ping request was05:18
earthmeLonHey guy, it seems I'm not gettin nick highlights in my msg/query windows, but it *is* working for #chans.  Any idea what's going on?05:18
earthmeLonIm using IRSSI*** sorry05:18
rayluLogomachist: so yeah... you have 3 hard drives05:18
rayluLogomachist: and the first two look a little... strange05:18
rccuearthmeLon: why would you want nick hilights in queries05:18
Meshezabeeljustin_ thanks very much for your help! I'll see what I can do with that link.05:19
earthmeLonrccu  if someone is trying to get my attention05:19
raylurccu: perhaps he wants beeps05:19
Alysumhello I have a 10GB disk but when I mount it and do df it says it's 4GB, how can I increase the fs please?05:19
=== sleepy_cat is now known as dragon_flam
earthmeLonrccu  I have a script that makes my computer beep and sends the msg and nick to libnotify so I can see, as well05:19
raylu!gparted | Alysum05:19
ubottuAlysum: gparted is a !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php05:19
maraboutFlannel: do you know what that is?05:19
eseven73earthmeLon: /help hilight05:19
Alysumnah parted says it's 10GB already so its not here the pb05:19
eseven73earthmeLon: oh its a script? hmm open the script in a text editor, usually theres instructions for running the script05:20
rayluearthmeLon: i think you need to set activity_hilight_level to include MSGS05:20
rotarychainsawraylu, thanks for chown, seems to be ok. You know what home folder should be set to permission wise? 644 I think05:20
raylueseven73: the script works, hilighting in msgs doesn't05:20
rccuearthmeLon: have you added `/hilight yournick` ?05:20
raylurotarychainsaw: rwxr-xr-x05:21
sumithello i have problem when i update my apt-get by sudo apt-get update05:21
earthmeLonrccu  raylu eseven73 My highlights work in channels, just not queries.  I think raylu is on the right track05:21
Flannelmarabout: Its nothing to worry about.  You got it from freenode yes?05:21
liyeHello guys, anybody get HDAPS worked on thinkpad?05:21
eseven73earthmeLon: yes theres a millions settings if you type /set05:21
rayluearthmeLon: rccu is too. if you turn off /wn05:21
raylueross: er...wait05:21
rccuearthmeLon: have you added `/hilight yournick` ?05:21
ScottG489I'm trying to get files from ubuntu into XP in VBox. I'm trying through the network but I get this error when I try to move the files "Operation not supported by backend". Do you know why its saying that error message? Or is there any other way to get the files to the virtual machine besides over the internet?05:22
rayluearthmeLon: if you turn off hilight_nick_matches and turn /hilight yournick, you'll have queries too05:22
earthmeLonrccu I say again: My highlights work for chans05:22
LogomachistThe first 2 are mirrored RAID drives05:22
maraboutFlannel: yes05:22
raylu!who | Logomachist05:22
ubottuLogomachist: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:22
sumit hello i have problem when i update my apt-get by sudo apt-get update Err http://in.archive.ubuntu.com feisty/main Packages05:22
sumit  404 Not Found [IP: 80]05:22
eseven73ScottG489: in the vbox settings did you enable filesharing?05:23
rayluLogomachist: oh... i suppose the boot loader needs to be on sdc, then05:23
rayluLogomachist: you're on a livecd?05:23
rotarychainsawraylu, Thanks thats 755 I think. Everything looks good. Youre the man05:23
raylurotarychainsaw: o.0, no need to convert it to octal05:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Tab?05:23
earthmeLonraylu  thanks.  Thanks for all of your suggestions.  using /hilight <foo> worked05:23
ubottuYou can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.05:23
maraboutFlannel: just trying to make sure no one is trying to hack into my stuff. Know what I mean...05:23
rccuearthmeLon: /set hilight_level PUBLIC MSGS DCCMSGS05:23
Flannelmarabout: right, its just something that happens everytime you connect from freenode-connect05:23
provo1need help please, I have something weird happening, after I delete a file or directory and deleting files with nautilus the files are being put into a hidden folder as ".Trash-0/"05:24
earthmeLonYeah, rccu I /set hilight_level all and /hilight meLon and now it's working05:24
tenXubottu: when i forget my girlfriend's name i press tab05:24
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:24
maraboutFlannel: never saw it before tonight, but thanks05:24
rotarychainsawAlso Koodhz sent me a PM trying to get me to forkbomb. BAN! :)05:24
Logomachistraylu: Like this?05:24
raylu!trash | provo105:24
ubottuprovo1: The location of Trash has changed since 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash05:24
eseven73no one updated my !tab request :(   *Pokes the ops*05:24
rayluLogomachist: yes :D05:24
rccuearthmeLon: I hate you05:24
sumit hello i have problem when i update my apt-get by sudo apt-get update Err http://in.archive.ubuntu.com feisty/main Packages05:24
sumit hello i have problem when i update my apt-get by sudo apt-get update Err http://in.archive.ubuntu.com feisty/main Packages05:24
sumit  404 Not Found [IP: 80]05:24
FloodBot2sumit: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:24
Flannelrotarychainsaw: #ubuntu-ops for user complaints05:24
earthmeLonlol, rccu I had to do BOTH for it to work <33305:24
rayluLogomachist: so, are you on a livecd?05:25
sumitFloodBot2, Ok05:25
provo1i just ran this command to get rid of everything "sudo rm -dr .Trash-0"05:25
Logomachistraylu: I am05:25
Flannelsumit: Feisty is EOL, you need to upgrade to gutsy (and then to hardy).05:25
Flannel!upgrade | sumit05:25
ubottusumit: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes05:25
ScottG489eseven73: yea Im pretty sure they are05:25
justin_sumit, does "ping in.archive.ubuntu.com" show that the dest is reachable?05:25
raylutenX: ...05:25
eseven73ScottG489: ok because it is not enabled by default05:26
sumitjustin_,  its pinging05:27
rayluScottG489: if it comes down to it, you could always run an openssh-server and get an sftp client on xp (filezill)05:27
maraboutcan anyone help me to conect to a printer this is being shared via usb on a Mac?05:27
tenXraylu: ?05:27
raylutenX: your last comment05:27
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows05:27
tenXraylu: gf?05:27
raylutenX: yes05:27
unixhad a question about syncing an ipod with linux any music i put on is not recognizable through teh ipod05:27
tenXraylu: ah ;)05:28
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod05:28
sumitubottu, i am going to upgrading05:28
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:28
unixshould i conveert to m4a beforehand or what?05:28
eseven73is raylu  a bot? he's answering like 20 questions at once05:28
cowbudunix: install amarok and be done with it WHAT05:28
eseven73j/k raylu :P you the man05:28
tenXraylu: wow, ubottu obeys your commands. your a man of powers05:28
justin_sumit, can you post /etc/apt/sources.list to pastebin05:28
raylui guessed at those last two, actually05:28
sumitjustin_, dest is reachable05:28
sumitya sure05:29
sumitjustin_, ya sure05:29
spionlalai got an Iso here i already burned in Windows and which generally works, MD5Sum correct etc!05:29
Flannelsumit: You need to move your sources to http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu (the upgrade page gives an example), then you'll be able to05:29
spionlalaBUT im unable to open it in Ubuntu, i get this in isomaster for example: "First volume descriptor type not primary like ISO9660 requires "05:29
rayluLogomachist: ack, sorry. mount sdc405:30
=== GodTodd__ is now known as GodTodd
Braveyardhi guys...this is my first post...i got a problem with my firefox..and i am totally new to linux..05:30
rayluLogomachist: also... fdisk is complaining about the layout of sdc in general...05:30
qqxcan anyone please explain to me why im getting this error???????????::: configure: error: gtk+ >= 2.10 is required05:30
karlpbecause you need gtk+ > 2.1005:31
rccuqqx: because you do not have gtk+ new enough version05:31
k4hjqqx, O_o05:31
Braveyardmy firefox closes itself, 30min. ago i have installed ubuntu on my system05:31
ScottG489raylu: yea someone else suggested that. I got ssh on this computer, but how to I use that to transfer files to the vm?05:31
qqxgtk comes with ubuntu05:31
rccuBraveyard: that's an Ubuntu feature. it's just for security to close web browser once in a while05:31
sumitjustin_, pasted05:31
qqxit is required for gnome and used heavily05:31
rayluScottG489: not ssh, sshd. install openssh-server and connect to it from the vm05:31
Flannelrccu: Please don't make stuff up.05:31
Braveyardrccu: what r u serious?05:32
k4hjrccu, rofl05:32
=== izau is now known as sdfsdf
sumitFlannel, actually right now i cant upgrade ... so i am thinking about another solution if i do not get any thing else then i will upgrade05:32
justin_sumit, is there a reason your using: in.archive.ubuntu.com? what location is that?05:32
Tobby-Osloanyone know how i can watch network traffice on how much i have used? KDE4,networkmanager 0.7 og uses cellphone 3g ttyacm0?05:32
=== sdfsdf is now known as jkiukiuliuui
spionlalaIf we had that feature in Windows noone would have Viruses05:32
qqxcan anyone please explain to me why im getting this error???????????::: configure: error: gtk+ >= 2.10 is required05:33
Teknoyou must install development libs for gtk+05:33
Braveyardmy firefox closes itself, 30min. ago i have installed ubuntu on my system05:33
hmli'm running ubuntu; with vmware + windows on top of ubuntu. I need a way to share a folder on my windows machine & access it on ubuntu. what is the easiest way to achieve this?05:34
qqxwhere do i install development libs05:34
rayluBraveyard: try "mv ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla-bak"05:34
sumitjustin_, i dont know about location n no any reason its just repository05:34
rayluqqx: look in the repositories for gtk-dev05:34
Tobby-Osloanyone know how i can watch network traffice on how much i have used? KDE4,networkmanager 0.7 og uses cellphone 3g ttyacm0?05:34
Tobby-OsloI'm on cellhpone and paying by the KB:(05:35
Logomachistraylu: Umm, what exactly do I type- "mount -t /dev/sdc4" ?05:35
eseven73Tobby-Oslo: ntop or iptraf05:35
rayluqqx: i think you want libgtk2.0-dev. what are you installing, anyway?05:35
qqxraylu there's nothing but a bunch of prefixed garbage05:35
rayluLogomachist: cd /media05:35
Meshezabeeljustin_, well it seems to work if I replace the /usr/lib/ 64-bit libraries with 32-bit libraries, but it does not seem to want to pull the libraries from /usr/lib32, I know that replacing the libs in /usr/lib will undoubtedly bork other stuff05:35
rayluLogomachist: sudo mkdir sdc405:35
eseven73iptraf rocks05:35
rayluLogomachist: sudo mount /dev/sdc4 sdc405:35
unixcan anyone explain to me howto sync with an ipod between amarok?05:35
Logomachistsudo mkdir sdc405:36
Zombie_Gazis there a specific channel to ask apache / httpd questions in?05:36
rayluLogomachist: heh. welcome to linux05:36
FlannelZombie_Gaz: this one will work, you can also try #ubuntu-server.  If it's an in depth apache question (about its internals, etc) you may try #apache05:36
maraboutcan anyone help me access a mac network using hardy?05:36
qqxthere's no such thing as " libgtk2.0-dev"05:36
justin_Meshezabeel, yeah, overwriting /usr/lib/ with 32bit versions would kill your system.05:37
Zombie_GazMy apache2 server is running fine... but when I restart it I get two errors... one is 'determine the server's fully qualified domain name05:37
unixtrying t sync between amarok and ipod dont know where to start complete newb needing help05:37
saler:), wt happened if i execute apt-get install ubuntu-desktop is change my OS from server to desktop !!!!!!!!05:37
unixtplease pm or message me something useful ;p05:38
Zombie_GazMy apache2 server is running fine... but when I restart it I get two errors... one is 'determine the server's fully qualified domain name'. Not really worried about that. Other one is that it '(13)Permission denied: make_sock: could not bind to address
Tobby-Osloeseven73, thank you, unfotunaly none of those are installed, and 5mb is 10euro on my 3g:(05:38
Zombie_Gazsorry about the double there05:38
Meshezabeeljustin_ is there some sort of path setting that I should be adding the /usr/lib32 to?05:38
FlannelZombie_Gaz: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP#Troubleshooting%20Apache gives instructions on solving that05:38
Logomachistraylu: Now what?05:38
jkiukiuliuuiqqx: man, you are so fucked...I have been tryed to install that and now I get it.05:38
Zombie_GazFlannel: thanks... you mean the 'can't determine server fully domain' or the bind?05:38
k4hjhttp://www.fi.muni.cz/~xliska/img/windowmaker-linux.jpg << how can i display those terms in the background showing the logs05:38
Flanneljkiukiuliuui: Please watch your language05:38
rxsZombie_Gaz: sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart05:39
rayluqqx: http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/libgtk2.0-dev05:39
qqxjkiukiuliuui, what?05:39
tenXZombie_Gaz: not sure about that error.. but to me it sounds like a faulty site config05:39
rayluLogomachist: sudo grub-install /dev/sdc --root-directory /media/sdc405:39
rayluLogomachist: oops05:39
rayluLogomachist: sudo grub-install /dev/sdc --root-directory=/media/sdc405:39
Zombie_Gazrxs: no05:39
razerI'm dual ubuntu and kubuntu I want to delete the kubuntu partition is there an easy way to do this?05:39
justin_Meshezabeel, there is a lib path search but I think that only works when compiling.05:40
saler), wt happened if i execute apt-get install ubuntu-desktop is change my OS from server to desktop !!!!!!!!05:40
Tobby-Oslorazer, gparted05:40
rxssaler: yes .. what do you wnat to do ?05:40
tenXrazer: of course you can simply access and format it05:40
Logomachistraylu: That produces the error "mkdir: cannot create directory `/media/sdc4/boot': No such file or directory"05:40
qqxjkiukiuliuui, what have you been trying to install?05:41
razerTobby-Oslo, how do I fix GRUB?05:41
salerrxs, i have ubuntu server i wot gnome on it05:41
Tobby-Osloin KDe 4.1 there is a meny for grub setting05:41
rayluLogomachist: huh? does ls /media/sdc4 show anything?05:41
rxsSaler: sudo apt-get install gnome05:41
FlannelZombie_Gaz: the FQDN05:41
Tobby-Osloso if razer got kubuntu, use that one...05:41
Tobby-Oslobrb, 3g cellphone out of money:P05:42
justin_sumit, is this a new install? did the problem happen recently or did it never work?05:42
rxssaler: can you give output for uname -a05:42
Braveyardraylu, no use, on more thing...when i was installing ubuntu..i have to skip come files because of an error05:42
jkiukiuliuuiqqx, libgtk, glib....this stuff...they there are in synaptic...05:42
Logomachistraylu: Err, no. Maybe I missed a line. Let me check.05:42
Zombie_GazFlannel: echo "ServerName localhost" | sudo tee /etc/apache2/conf.d/fqd05:42
salerrxs,k,on moment05:42
razerTobby-Oslo, so i can do it from inside kubuntu, I'll try it thanks05:42
Zombie_GazFlannel: that works... your awesome05:42
rayluLogomachist: yep05:42
FlannelZombie_Gaz: with the n05:42
qqxjkiukiuliuui, how did you find them then?05:43
rxsZombie_Gaz: ur server has to bind to
Braveyardmy firefox closes itself, 30min. ago i have installed ubuntu on my system05:44
unavailableyah, mine (with the old drivers)  kept freezing up and bsod'ing .05:44
sumitjustin_, no its old one, as such i do not have any problem to install packages by apt-get but problem comes when i update my apt-get . i am sending you my update output on pastebin.com look ...05:44
rxsBraveyard: after the new install did you update ubuntu ?05:44
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows05:44
Braveyardrsx, during the installation i have to skip come files because of an error..05:45
tenXcups is like an own OS looking at its specs05:45
karthik_can any help me where can i get the source code of ubuntu-desktop05:45
rxsBraveyard: can you recollect what file syou skipped ? else can you use update manager and update ur os now ?05:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about libnotify05:46
qqxhow do i install the libnotify package05:46
LogomachistWasn't in the right directory when I entered mkdir. Just fixed it and attempted to mount as you instructed. Still getting an error though: "Could not find device for /media/sdc4/boot: Not found or not a block device."05:46
sumitjustin_, sent05:46
salerrxs,uname -a ,linux 2.6.22-16-38605:46
Braveyardrxs, i don't remembers the files now, may be 6-7 files, how can i recover them, what ido?05:47
rxsKarthik_:  can you be more specific ?05:47
salerrxs,uname -a ,linux 2.6.22-16-38605:48
rxsBraveyard: open terminal and type: sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade05:48
kattollikisdCan Someone here can tell me how can I find the wallpaper that Xubuntu 8.04 have whent I install it? IS pritty cool the picture05:48
ScottG489raylu: ill try that05:48
Braveyardrxs, can i do it from update manager..?05:48
rxssaler: okay ... i see that you have the regular kernei .. but u just want the server kernel with gnome right ?05:48
Zombie_GazAnother question... again on apache2: how would I create a custom 404 error page?05:48
HectorNetsplit. D:05:48
jkiukiuliuuiqqx, open synaptic, then click devlopment libraries, then click fast search and write libtgtk. then there will be libgtk2.0 click on it and accept any dependencies and install....did you get it?05:48
tenXkattollikisd: i will sell it to you05:48
rxsBraveyard: yes05:48
karthik_rxs:yeah i'm doing some programing related to ubuntu desktop features related to workspaces... before that i'm interested in knowing how it is implemented in ubuntu actual source code..05:48
* raylu loves /lastlog05:49
Braveyardrxs, u think that solve thr problem?05:49
kattollikisdtenX, jejeje I don't know how I gonna give you the $$... but cool05:49
tenXkattollikisd: good price, dont worry ;)05:49
qqxwhere the h*ll is developement libraries?05:50
razerusually the first ubuntu istanll partitions your hard drive as 1, 5 and 7 right?05:50
rxsBraveyard: try .. it might05:50
kattollikisdtenX, jajaja.... the question is "How I gonna give you the $$? " :P05:50
Logomachistraylu: (repeating this b/c I think you missed it) Wasn't in the right directory when I entered mkdir. Just fixed it and attempted to mount as you instructed. Still getting an error though: "Could not find device for /media/sdc4/boot: Not found or not a block device."05:50
rxsSaler: can you go ahed and install gnome the way I specified ?05:50
razerI can't figure out which partitions belong to which install05:50
justin_sumit, well from what i see. http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/feisty/ doesn't exist on the server.05:50
tenXkattollikisd: but hey i dont know. it shouldnt be hard to find though. got no ubuntu desktop system in reach to look it up for you05:50
Zyclopsis there a list somewhere of the characters you are allowed to use in the usernames in ubuntu?05:50
justin_sumit, that's why you're getting the error05:50
salerrxs, k05:50
Zyclopsbecause i tried .-_ and they are all not alloweed05:51
kattollikisdtenX, jejeje :P  thanks man :P05:51
rxsSaler: sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop ; apt-get install gnome05:51
salerrxs , :)05:51
justin_sumit, you could use a different mirror by changing your sources.list, I'll post one.....05:51
rayluLogomachist: could you paste the grub-install command you're using?05:51
razerwhich partitions do I delete to get rid of this dual boot?05:52
rayluLogomachist: and yes, i missed it. you didn't put my name in there :P05:52
qqxwhere the h*ll is developement libraries?05:52
qqxhow do i install the libnotify package05:52
rayluqqx: what are you compiling?05:52
qqxoh nevermind got it05:52
Logomachistraylu: sudo grub-install /dev/sdc --root-directory=/media/sdc405:52
rxskarthik_: so you wnat to work with gnome workspace ?05:52
karthik_rxs: yeah05:53
rayluLogomachist: is there a /media/sdc4/boot?05:53
LogomachistThere is05:53
lechamp10why terminal looks blank and I cannot see the text05:53
tenXkattollikisd: payment still pending.. scandolous!05:53
Logomachistraylu: There is.05:54
rxsKarthink: you can download sources directy in your ubuntu box using apt-get05:54
Baz_my computer is randomly freezing after some use - is there anyway to find out what is the culprit through ubuntu - or whether it is maybe some driver in ubntu?05:54
sumitjustin_, which one should i use05:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about suspend05:55
rayluLogomachist: hm... maybe i've forgotten05:55
rxsKatrthik_: sudo apt-get source name)fPackage05:55
rayluLogomachist: sudo grub-install /dev/sdc --root-directory=/media/sdc4/boot/05:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hibernate05:55
Toadlipsrxs: what are you doing awake?05:55
tenXBaz_: issues like that will never have a general solution05:55
lechamp10! weather  los angeles CA05:55
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:55
raylu!find suspend05:55
ubottuFound: suspend2-userui, tuxonice-userui05:55
tenXubottu: ah cmon05:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ah cmon05:55
Logomachistraylu:  "Could not find device for /media/sdc4/boot//boot: Not found or not a block device."05:56
tenXDexi: he still has much to learn05:56
rxsToadlips: its my Bday Today Jan 8th .. so my frnds woke me up again :)05:56
kattollikisdtenX, jejeje  :P05:56
justin_sumit, hold on I'm pasting it05:56
DexitenX: yeah it appears so. but he is pretty good. lots of useful info.05:56
karthik_rxs: could u tell where can i get the source files05:56
ubottuRetrieve information on a package: !info <package>05:56
rayluLogomachist: right... that's what i thought. you don't need the boot or the trailing slash. i'm confused now05:56
Baz_tenX: i know and its making me sad, but maybe i can start by looking at some logs or running some commands to see what the computer was trying to do before freezing?05:56
Toadlipsrxs: Happy birthday, then!  :)05:56
Logomachistraylu: lol. That makes two of us.05:57
lechamp10how to fix terminal that does not work, text could not be seen05:57
tenXBaz_: does it freeze using linux only?05:57
rxsToadtips: so thought will add some karma :)05:57
rxsToadtips: thanks05:57
Baz_tenX: haven't tested windows05:57
rayluLogomachist: whta's in /media/sdc4/boot?05:57
tenXBaz_: and how does it freeze05:57
=== tyler_d] is now known as tyler_d
qqxraylu: or anyone : im trying to install BlueZ firmware: http://www.bluez.org/download/05:58
tenXDexi: he's good, but virgin.05:58
salerrxs, E:dpkg was interrupted,u must manually run dpkg --reconfigure -a error  after apt-get install gnome05:58
qqxhow do i do it?05:58
LogomachistDirectories "boot" and "grub"05:58
DexitenX: wtf...05:58
tenXDexi: ubottu05:58
Dexitenx: yeah i got that part, lol05:58
rxssaler:  sudo dpkg --reconfigure -a05:58
rayluLogomachist: oh... you should probably rm -r the boot in boot05:58
sumitjustin_, ya sure take u time05:59
lechamp10fix terminal??05:59
tenXDexi: i'm glad ;)05:59
rayluLogomachist: do you have any stage1 files in there?05:59
rayluLogomachist: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=50467805:59
rxskarthik_: brb05:59
justin_sumit, pastbin thinks it's spam! trying another place05:59
RoastedQuestion for you Amarok users. What output engine are you using? Autodetect? Alsa? Pulse?05:59
tenXDexi: i never pay attention to virgins05:59
Baz_tenX: its the purest freeze you could imagine, i am would working on something then the mouse and keyboard and OS stop responding, the image freezes wherever it was at - there are no sounds or msg's or anything05:59
DexitenX: then start ignoring me06:00
sumitjustin_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/06:00
justin_sumit, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/102041/plain/06:00
qqxraylu: or anyone : im trying to install BlueZ firmware: http://www.bluez.org/download/06:00
tenXDexi: i'll try hard. you arose my attention06:00
qqxhow do i do it?06:00
raylujustin_: note that he's on feisty...06:00
RoastedNobody uses Amarok?06:01
salerrxs,unknown option !!06:01
Logomachistraylu: I found this webpage earlier when I searched the inet. The steps in post #2 (http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?s=f4d3075d112506fa769ddf59975af81d&p=3049326&postcount=2) didn't fix the problem. Will continue reading thge posts after it.06:01
DexitenX: I hope thats all i arose.06:01
rayluqqx: bluez is in the repositories...06:01
tenXBaz_: hmm ever tried booting the machine console based? could the crash relate to video driver issues?06:01
rxssaler: sudo apt-get -f install06:01
qqxraylu are all of the blueZ packages in the repositories?06:01
justin_raylu, I changed it to feisty06:02
rayluqqx: no idea. never used it. take a look06:02
MrNazcan software raid5 arrays have 6 disks providing n-1 capacity with n+1 redundancy? ie, can you have a 6 disk array with 5 disks' capacity ?06:02
Baz_tenX: i would love to be able to test that out, thing is i cant reliably reproduce it without just using it for like 10 mins06:02
raylujustin_: oh.06:02
Baz_tenX: is that a clue?06:02
tenXDexi: you should feel decorated. your reaction leaves me puzzled06:02
salerrxs, same error message for dpkg06:02
Guest96429Hi everybody.. i need my mic to be standard input device.. how do i configure that?!06:02
qqxhow do i install this firmware06:02
qqxwhy does ubuntu have to be so difficult06:03
rayluMrNaz: you can have 4 disks' capacity, i believe06:03
rxssaler: sudo apt-get install -f06:03
tenXBaz_: i cant tell but i'd try "text mode"06:03
=== Guest96429 is now known as Soorlag
RoastedUbuntu is not difficult. It's just different.06:03
SoorlagHi everybody.. i need my mic to be standard input device.. how do i configure that?!06:03
salerrxs,same as before06:03
Baz_tenX: maybe i should call geek squad :-006:03
rxsRoasted: what evrsion of ubuntu are u using ?06:03
Roasted8.10 64 bit06:03
rxssaler; gimme a few min06:03
rayluBaz_: and ask them to install firefox. for ~$4006:04
tenXSoorlag: if anyone in here can tell you with backgrounded info i will be that guys slave06:04
maraboutraylu: about switching from gnome to xscreensaver after i do the "apt-cache search...." what's next?06:04
Roastedwhy do you ask, rxs?06:04
raylumarabout: just install it06:04
rxsRoasted: does pulse-audio work for you ?06:04
raylu!arabic | ksa-2406:04
ubottuksa-24: For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية06:05
SoorlagtenX k, im Using Hardy, Alsamixer and have SoundBlaster 5.1 running06:05
qqxcould anyone help solve this riddle? http://paste.ubuntu.com/102042/06:05
rxsRoasted: else use alsa .. works ...06:05
sumitjustin_, thanks ... i am trying with it06:05
maraboutraylu: ok will try it06:05
Roastedrxs - I assume pulse audio works. I mean, I never did anything to change my sound settings.06:05
rayluqqx: again, it's in the repositories. aptitude search bluez06:05
rayluRoasted: a very bad assumption06:06
qqxraylu, again the BlueZ firmware is not in the repositories06:06
Roastedrxs - the only thing I did was I have to select my PCI sound card to be used in Ubuntu, because I leave my onboard card activated since Vista lovlingly doesnt support my PCI sound card. So I essentially use onboard for Vista, PCI sound card for Ubuntu. Only trick is I need to select it when I boot up.06:06
tenXSoorlag: unfortunately i cant be really helpful. i've played around with linux sound, sound daemons, also, oss a lot but never discovered a path to travel06:06
rxsRoasted: PA has been a bit odd in 8.1006:06
rayluqqx: yes it is06:06
Roastedraylu - then how do I figure out if pulse audio works? I mean, why is that a bad assumption? My sound worked. It was fine. I had no problems. SOMETHING obviously worked.06:06
RoastedI just don't understand why I had to change my output engine in Amarok just now.06:06
rayluRoasted: oh. it used to work :P06:06
tenXSoorlag: it worked out for me but still is a ridicule. imho sound support for linux is an inside job06:07
rayluRoasted: i said it's a bad assumption because it doesn't work out of the box for some people06:07
rxsRoasted: paste output for terminal: asoundconf list06:07
bc_Hello friends.06:07
Roastedraylu - all of my sound settings (except capture) are auto detect, soooo...06:07
Logomachistraylu: Looking at the webpage, I think I should be typing: "cp /usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/* /media/sdc4/boot/grub ". Is that correct?06:07
bc_I have a quick question about installing Ubuntu.06:07
SoorlagtenX but defining standard input shouldn be that difficult (i hope)06:07
rayluLogomachist: i think so. never done it myself :P06:07
qqxraylu what is it in medibuntu or something?06:07
RoastedCMI8768 and Intel06:07
RoastedIntel is onboard, CMI8768 is my PCI Sound card06:07
raylu!info bluez06:07
ubottubluez (source: bluez): Bluetooth tools and daemons. In component main, is optional. Version 4.12-0ubuntu5 (intrepid), package size 362 kB, installed size 1232 kB06:07
bc_Is it possible to install it over the top of an existing Linux installation while it's running?06:07
rayluqqx: so... no. it's in main06:08
bc_Gotta boot up the LiveCD?06:08
bc_Yes to me?06:08
Roastedyou can upgrade it while its running, but not do a fresh install06:08
Roastedbc - yes06:08
tenXSoorlag: sorry - i had a shitty soundcard and that might have been the matter - but i always ran into trouble exactly with input06:08
bc_ah, ok.06:08
raylubc_: ubuntu requires a format of /06:08
raylubc_: i suppose it may be possibly possible with gentoo...06:08
bc_I'm trying to get off RHEL 5 because I'm sick of rpms and dependency hell.06:08
Baz_tenX: is there some obvious things i can look for in the logs?06:08
ScottG489How do I see what my internal IP address is in ubuntu?06:08
Logomachistraylu: That gives me " cannot create regular file `/media/sdc4/boot/grub/xfs_stage1_5': Permission denied"06:08
tenXSoorlag: i dont understand a lot about sound devices and standards06:09
bc_I don't mind formatting /06:09
tenXBaz_: ifconfig?06:09
bc_I mean, I'm going to hose the whole box.06:09
raylubc_: you might be more comfortable with fedora, then06:09
rayluLogomachist: of course. sudo06:09
koleI try to format as much as possible... keep things clean06:09
bc_No no, I'm going to be putting my RHEL stuff in a VM.06:09
raylubc_: why..?06:09
tenXBaz_: internal meaning?06:09
qqxraylu what packages are it06:09
RoastedWhen I select my sound inputs to be pulseaudio sound server and hit test, I hear sound. but amarok set to pulseaudio does not play sound.06:09
LogomachistOk that seems to have worked.06:09
rayluqqx: it = ?06:09
Baz_tenX: i was thinking the system logs... how would ifconfig help06:09
bc_Would I be able to mount the ISO file (assuming it's on a non / partition) and install in a running system?06:10
Soorlaganyone? i need to have my microphone as standard input Device.. how do i define this? cant find anything on the net.06:10
qqxthe firmware06:10
bc_It's a headless system is why.06:10
bc_And hooking up a monitor would be a pain.06:10
tenXBaz_: sry i read the wrong line!06:10
raylubc_: installing on a headless system is generally not recommended for any distro06:10
bc_I've got NoMachine NX setup on the redhat box already, and I'm just wanting to install over top of that.06:11
CyBurnettI have about 8 Window selectors on my lower panel (Ubuntu with Gnome desktop). Anyone know How to remove them please?06:11
bc_I know with Gentoo you can do that.06:11
qqxraylu what packages are the FIRMWARE06:11
tenXScottG489: ifconfig if its not yet answered06:11
RoastedSoooo is it normal I have to use Alsa output engine on Amarok?? ...06:11
Baz_tenX: heh06:11
ksa-24I have a problem in communication, but wired to void06:12
tenXBaz_: you on an apache issue or do i mix up things?06:12
Flannelbc_: Why are you interested in doing it while its running?06:12
bc_Because I don't want to have to hook up a monitor to the thing.06:12
Baz_tenX: i'm the guy whose computer randomly freezes after a random amount of use :)06:12
tenXBaz_: sorry :)06:12
bc_Flannel: in other words, convenience.06:12
rayluqqx: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/156133/comments/406:13
tenXBaz_: got distracted and the alc guy is starting to take over again.06:13
Flannelbc_: Ah, you can install via ssh easily enough: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation#Server%20and%20network%20installations06:13
* raylu was wondering about that06:13
eseven73something raylu doesnt know? O.o that cant be! ;)06:14
bc_I'm thinking I could probably do something similar to this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromKnoppix06:14
VozivHey, I have a really newbie question, what exactly is a nameserver? I know what it's function is, but is it like BIND9 or just a dns server?06:14
LogomachistThe next command to grub results in error "Error 22: No such partition"06:14
Logomachistraylu: The next command to grub results in error "Error 22: No such partition"06:15
VozivAnd if that's the case, when setting up domains on my webserver, would I be pointing the nameserver to localhost?06:15
tenXVoziv: dns server resolves ips to dns06:15
tenXVoziv: and the other way round06:15
rayluLogomachist: er, what would that be?06:15
ksa-24هل يوجد احد ؟06:15
akahige1after installing some Intrepid updates and rebooting, I'm getting a boatload of errors while booting that say "unable to enumerate usb device"... can anyone tell me what gives...?06:15
Logomachistraylu: "grub> root (hd0,0) "06:15
VozivtenX::: What would be the other way around?06:15
eseven73!english | ksa-2406:15
ubottuksa-24: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat06:15
rayluksa-24: is #ubuntu-arabic not helping?06:15
RoastedSoooo is it normal I have to use Alsa output engine on Amarok?? ...06:16
tenXVoziv: dns being a domain like example.com - human readable06:16
ksa-24No one06:16
rxsRoasted: yes its normal to have alsa ... I use alsa and works fine and use asoundconf / asountconf-gtk to switch between my USB based card and onboard card06:16
rayluVoziv: dns to ip...06:16
tenXVoziv: the other way, not as common, to tell what dns name a certain ip stands for06:16
Roastedrxs - I just dont see why I was autodetect before and it worked and now I NEED alsa to work...06:16
rxssaler: so .. u still have issues06:17
rayluLogomachist: in your case, it'd be root (hd2,3)06:17
Logomachistraylu: Ah ok06:17
rxssaler: can you please paste bin your error ?06:17
VozivtenX::: Sorry I think I typed that wrong, seting up the domain, I'm using ISPConfig, a variation of cpanel, and to add a dns entry, it's asking for a nameserver for the domain. It's requesting for the Domain name, ip address, and then NS1 and NS2, and an email, so I'm trying to figure out what to put for NS1 and NS2 since this is my own server, I don't have dedicated nameservers06:17
rxsRoasted: pulse audio keeps me wondering at times06:18
tenXVoziv: i'd think you should use nameservers given by your provider?06:18
Roastedrxs - I don't really understand the point of it. Everybody told me it's so you can run youtube/amarok (or whatever) at the same time.  Yet, I never had ANY problems with Alsa at all.06:18
Roastedthen you have other people who swear by OSS which it sounds like theyre starting to go proprietary anyway...06:19
raylutenX: his provider is himself...?06:19
proqesiwhat is the lua equivalent of parseInt?  such that parseInt("a 5") => 5?06:19
Logomachistraylu: I assume I need su privileges, right? Because when I don't have them it doesn't work.06:19
tenXVoziv: administering your domain/host, changes should appear there06:19
rayluproqesi: how does "a 5" -> 5?06:19
Flannelproqesi: Try #lua06:19
tenXraylu: ?06:19
rayluLogomachist: to run grub? yes06:19
mrhHi everyone06:20
LogomachistGreat. Now I'll reboot and see if it worked.06:20
raylutenX: i get the feeling he's hosting himself on a second level domain06:20
LogomachistWish me luck ^_^06:20
VozivtenX::: I am my provider, which is why I'm wondering if the BIND9 server would be the appropriate choice, I don't have my own dedicated nameserver06:20
tenXraylu: sounded like a hosting issue to me06:20
Vozivthe local BIND9*06:20
huwenfenghow can i commit my changes to the repository in svn ? i06:20
rayluhuwenfeng: svn co06:20
Flannelhuwenfeng: svn commit -m "message"06:20
rxsRoasted: the pulse audio confusion is one reason why I have stayed away from latest greates ubuntu on my primary machine + also add the xorg issues...06:20
proqesiI'm sorry.  my client seems to have autojoined #ubuntu  :(06:20
huwenfengOK, good06:20
Flannelproqesi: No problem06:20
rxsRoasted: pulse audio in theory is a very interesting method with amoving buffer window kind if you will06:21
qqxwhat went wrong here anyone? http://paste.ubuntu.com/102043/06:21
salerrxs,new message after rebooting <username> not in the sudoers file >> sudo apt-get install gnome , i will try to added to sudoers ,06:21
Roastedrxs - it sounds like pulse audio is for more top end stuff, but can also be used for everyday stuff for the typical user. Regardless, it's based on alsa from what I understand, and alsa is still easily usable and whatnot.06:21
proqesiraylu: parseInt("a 5") => 5, because it knows the difference between a number and a char06:21
mrhWhenever I try to install or remove an app from the CL I get: Reading package lists . . . Done and then Segmentation faulty tree . . . 0% and that's it06:21
Flannelsaler: type 'groups' is admin listed?06:22
mib_5860bsoqHi .. when I do apt-get update .. i see this at the end06:22
mib_5860bsoqW: GPG error: http://wine.budgetdedicated.com hardy Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 58403026387EE26306:22
RoastedI have had far less issues with intrepid than with any other distro or release of ubuntu in itself, so I'm quite happy with it. I'm just not understanding the full mentality behind the "requirement" some people have for pulse audio.06:22
rayluproqesi: to mean, that's insane. that should throw an error06:22
mib_5860bsoqwhy? and how do i fix it?06:22
raylumib_5860bsoq: why are you using budgetdedicated.com as a repository?06:23
tenXVoziv: in that case you'll have to define an * dns server. damn i am missing the word.06:23
mib_5860bsoqumm .. i dunno06:23
rxsRoasted: to me pulse audio was a drastic inclusion in unbuntu .. they should have waited ....06:23
Flannelmib_5860bsoq: You don't have the GPG key for the wine repository.  It's not the end of the world (except the packages that come from there won't be verified, and could potentially be tampered with).  You need to addthe wine package key to your keyring.  The winehq site should have instructions.06:23
raylumib_5860bsoq: could you pastebin /etc/apt/sources.list?06:23
Dr_willisfor the latest wine.06:23
Flannelraylu: That's not necessary.06:23
ksa-24wireless to void06:23
tenXVoziv: a dns being consulted in case your bind doesnt know the answer06:23
salerrxs,Flannel , i type groups i found my user in the list06:23
proqesiraylu: no, it works fine06:23
Roastedrxs - I heard fedora supports pulse, so I'm sure it was some sort of "keep up with everybody" movement.06:23
* raylu sees06:24
jmd9qs_anyone know a good channel for audio/video support?06:24
spasticteapotHow do I run a ".x86" file? It's ./fubar.x86 in the command line, right?06:24
Vozivso like configuring the nameservers on the server itself, so it can query an external NS?06:24
Roastedrxs - but like I said, I just dont get how I was autodetect and BAM, now I need alsa. Unless I WAS alsa and it somehow reset itself to autodetect, which I cant see happening. Ah well.06:24
Flannelsaler: right, but do you see 'admin'?06:24
tenXVoziv: exactly06:24
Flannelmib_5860bsoq: http://www.winehq.org/download/deb  the second part (trusting the repository) will solve that issue06:24
VozivtenX::: Alright, I'll get right on it, thanks for putting up with me :)06:25
salerFLannel,i found adm06:25
ksa-24im wireless to void06:25
rxssaler: are you able to  gain admin preveliges ?06:25
tenXVoziv: no problem, wonder if that nonsense could be any help06:25
Flannelsaler: That's not the same.  Is this the same user that you created during the install?06:25
mib_5860bsoqok thx Flannel lemme give it ashot06:25
VozivtenX::: I'll let you know how I make out06:26
salerFlannel , icreate "ad"06:26
Flannelsaler: Right, so this is a new user?06:26
tenXVoziv: as for my small setups with bind - i succeeded setting up bind for the systems to be defined but still defined a nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf06:26
=== leonut is now known as leonut2
idea4gudhow do i check available wireless networks06:26
=== leonut2 is now known as leonut
Flannelsaler: Right, you'll need to log out, go to your old user, and do sudo adduser ad admin (where 'ad' is the username of your new user)06:27
mrhany ideas anyone?06:27
Dracie_idea4gud, are you using gnome?06:28
tenXVoziv: through distribution given root domain servers, bind probably works its way06:28
raylumrh apt-get or aptitude?06:28
Logomachistraylu: It worked! I have my first Linux distro up and running.06:28
mrhraylu: apt-get06:28
idea4guddracie : yeah i am using network manager06:28
LogomachistMuchas gracias. You're amazing.06:28
eseven73!yay | Logomachist06:28
ubottuLogomachist: Glad you made it! :-)06:28
idea4gudif that what you refer to06:28
tenXmrh: why apt-get?06:28
raylumrh: have you tried aptitude, then?06:29
VozivtenX::: alright, I'll keep that in mind, is it in resolv.conf or net?06:29
mib_5860bsoqFlannel: ok tt worked .. I got the key for budgetdedicated and installed it06:29
rayluLogomachist: what he said.06:29
mib_5860bsoqFlannel: thanks06:29
mrhtenX: all I know right now06:29
peepsalotwhat is the advantage of aptitude over apt-get?06:29
mrhraylu: no, I haven't06:29
Flannelpeepsalot: there is none06:29
Flannelpeepsalot: aptitude will give you a TUI if you run it with no arguments.  So if you prefer a GUI and only have ssh, you can have one06:29
U-b-u-n-t-uanyone know a good vid converter for ubuntu?06:29
rayluFlannel: i thought aptitude kept track of automatically installed dependencies?06:29
raylupeepsalot, Flannel: also, don't forget about the super cow powers06:30
tenXmrh: okay. back in the days i used apt-get. at one point one was told to use aptitude. presently apt-get seems to be more encouraged. for whatever reasons06:30
Flannelraylu: apt does too now.06:30
rayluFlannel: oh. but apt-get lies about its super cow powers06:30
rayluFlannel: clearly a bug.06:30
Flannelraylu: Clearly offtopic ;)06:30
rayluit's related :(06:31
mrhtenX: I see. Also, when I try to open synaptic through the GUI it opens up and crashes (shuts down) a second later06:31
tenXin between aptitude was said to resolve dependencies better06:31
usr13mrh: I dono but, From: http://www.deanlee.cn/linux/apt-get-segmentation-faulty-tree/  "rm /var/cache/apt/*.bin"06:31
tenXmrh: as for me i'd never use a GUI for that06:31
mrhusr13: thanks, I am looking at that, I had tried google already but had not come across that06:32
salerFlannel,fatal open /etc/postfix/main.cf no such file or directory06:32
Flannelsaler: Er... When you did adduser?06:32
shamshow can i gzip a file with gzip command?06:32
rxssaler: ?!06:32
Flannelsaler: Which command did you do exactly?06:33
mrhtenX: I like the CL but still mostly use the GUI06:33
spasticteapotDoes anyone here know how to run Enemy Territory?06:33
spasticteapotOr at least how to run a .x86 file?06:33
Flannelshams: You usually use tar in conjunction with gzip, is that what you want to do? tar and zip? or just zip?06:33
salerFlannel,rxs ,sudo adduser ad admin06:33
Flannelsaler: Please pastebin the command and the output you get06:34
ksa-24rxs (wireless to void)06:34
tenXmrh: the ubuntu/debian systems i use are servers without X :)06:34
salerFLannel ,k06:34
LurkersASUPA COW POWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!06:34
VozivHmm, when configuring BIND, what is the www IN A
Voziv"www IN A
rxsksa-24: can you describe your issue ?06:34
FloodBot2Voziv: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:34
shamsFlannel: only gzip without tar06:34
mrhtenX: cool!06:34
mrhI am going to try the solution in the link that USR13 kindly provided06:35
VozivIs the an IP o.o06:35
tenXmrh: yeah i like aptitude/apt-get comfort. for my own desktops i use gentoo06:35
rxstenx: i like emerge better :)06:35
Flannelshams: Just gzip [file]06:35
raylutenX: then perhaps you would be interested in adding colors to aptitude?06:35
SoorlagHI all.. ive a problem: my micro is only recording when its turned to be heard.. if i mute it it does not work.. why is that?06:36
roger_i right click in nautilus and there is option to create archive, maybe that be lil easier way, just an idear06:36
=== dragon_flam is now known as c_webkit
rxsSoorlag: where do you mute and unmute ur mic ?06:37
tenXrxs: so do i but maybe i have not read into aptitudes man pages deep enough. determining to run specific versions of a package i just love the files in /etc/portage06:37
ksa-24rxs(wireless to void since it never installed the system (ubuntu)06:37
Soorlagrxs alsamixer06:37
shamsFlannel: this comman gzip current file. i want keep current file then create a gzipped copy06:37
rxsSoorlag: commandline ? or the gui :(06:37
tenXraylu: yeah sure! as long as its not more than 16 colors? ;)06:38
Soorlagrxs gui06:38
ksa-24rxs (wireless to void since it never installed the system (ubuntu)06:38
rxstenX: yes, i like portage and ebuilds .. but I dont have the patience to build gentoo from scratch and my desktop has been abused much :) .. hence start with sabyon pod and recompile impotant libs :)06:38
rxsSoorlag: are you comfortable working with terminal ? then I can help you quick06:39
Soorlagrxs kinda06:39
Soorlagrxs should be fine06:39
rxsSoorlag: start a terminal and type alsamixer06:39
tenXrxs: sabyon pod?06:39
Soorlagrxs jop06:39
mrhI shall be back06:40
rxsSoorlag: good .. now do you see mic ?06:40
Soorlagrxs this is where i mut/unmute06:40
Eber__guys... i'm running 8.10... i can't install curl-dev... when i hit apt-get install culr-dev it says the package doesn't exists... what do I have to do?!?06:40
Soorlagrxs thought thats kinda an gui06:40
=== Eber__ is now known as Eber
Dr_willis!find curl06:40
ubottuFound: curl, libcurl3, libcurl3-dbg, libcurl3-gnutls, libcurl4-gnutls-dev (and 19 others)06:40
rxsSoorlag: do you see mic boost ? press m to mute unmute it .. and use arrow keys tomove about .. and use tab to go between different sttings .. out in and both06:41
tenXDr_willis: still an authority that man..06:41
Dr_willisEber,  i woudl guess ya got the package name wrong..   try an apt-cache search curl ?06:41
rxsSoorlag: yes kind of gui .. but its better organized than the alsa-mixer-gui ...06:41
rxstenX: yes sabyon pod06:42
tenXrxs: not "yes", what is it? ;)06:42
rxsksa-24: is ur system detecting ur card ?06:42
nickrudEber, you need libcurl3-gnutls-dev06:42
Soorlagrxs hm.. thatb does not quite solve the problem06:43
rxstenX: Sabayon is a gentoo derivative as u already know, and the pod is a thin version of sabayon which normally comes loaded with all the apps and about 12 gigs when expanded ..06:43
Ebernickrud: uhmm, right! i'll try that!06:43
Soorlagrxs its just less loud, but still not recording when muted06:43
tenXrxs: thx for that info, i didnt know. dont care too much about distro variations.06:44
ryanCHi cannot believe how buggy and bad looking KDE 4 is now :(06:44
rxsSoorlag:.. wait .. and do you see other places that mentions mic ? do you see 00 over mic or a green colored space ?06:44
Ebernickrud: can i get libcurl4 ? i seems that it is the only one available...06:44
Dr_willis  thin  12 gigs06:44
Dr_willisHmm.. thats a odd definition of thin. :)06:44
tenXrxs: never have the time for that06:44
Soorlagrxs 0006:44
nickrudEber, hm? intrepid? I have libcurl3-gnutls installed (very vanilla installation)06:44
ryanCHeverytime i end X11, it starts back up, how do i prevent it from doing so?06:44
rxstenX: I like my distro thin ~ 3- 3.5 G max.. hence always go from the thinnest and build over ... so the pod when installed is about 2 G06:45
Dr_willisryanakca,  thats kdm/gdm restarting X.. stop the kdm/gdm service06:45
Flannelsaler: what's with all of the blank lines?06:45
rxsSoorlag : so its not MM on any of them ...06:45
ryanCHDr_willis: with the "ps" command?06:45
tenXrxs: and yes of course i could have googled it. but in conversation i only do so if it hits my personal interest. like your reaction to politely respond and to not flame me for my laziness06:45
Soorlagrxs  no..06:45
Flannelsaler: Are they in the terminal output?06:46
daltonwhats up people this is my first time running linux  its ok once u get used to it06:46
Dr_willisryanCH,  no..    i do sudp /etc/init.d/gdm stop06:46
tenXrxs: but 2G? is that considered slim nowadays?06:46
rxsSoorlag: n the top .. are u in Playback  or capture or ALL ?06:46
salerFlannel,no,just sendmail .....................................06:46
rxstenx: kind of ...06:46
Flannelsaler: Oh, also... you need to log out and log in with your original user.  Not ad, but whatever you made during the install.06:46
ryanCHDr_willis: ok06:46
=== c_webkit is now known as dragon_flam
Ebernickrud: i'm getting 3 :)06:46
Soorlagrxs tried eeverything.. mute Mic in playback results the same06:46
rxstenX: most of these distros seem to take atleast 6 G06:46
salerFlannel,i create one user "ad" nothing else06:46
nickrudEber, strange that. 4-dev does depend on libcurl3-gnutls06:47
Ebernickrud: i was able to install 3!06:47
daltoncan anyone hepl me out installing  adobe flash ?06:47
Flannelsaler: Er, ok.  You created it during the install?  What have you done since then?  usermod? played with users and groups? what?06:47
maraboutraylu: I installed that xscreensaver and now when I log in their is a dialog box asking me to enter a password for the "default keyring to unlock" what is that all about?06:47
nickrudEber, good :)06:47
Ebernickrud: now i'll try to compile php once more :D06:47
nickrudEber, why not just install php5 from the repos?06:47
rxsSoorlag: can you raise the volumes on the mic... one of them should feed the mic sound back to speakers and there is one that chooses between external and internal mic06:47
Ebernickrud: trying to set it up to lighttpd...06:48
Eberand learning...06:48
matipeople..who knows nice network monitoring tool for linux other than etherall...the one that can analyze Netflow packets, SNMP traps etc ?06:48
tenXrxs: hmm i cant tell. when i install a distro its mostly a server version without X and additional software. dunno how much it takes but for sure not a lot06:48
Flannelsaler: Did something go wrong during the install? did it finish without errors?06:48
nickrudEber, and why not use the lighttpd from the repos ?06:48
rxsksa-24: what card do you have .. do you have any idea ?06:48
ksa-24rxs: (Admitted to the private)06:48
nickrudEber, ah, learning. never mind me then06:49
salerFLannel ,installation complete without error06:49
daltoncan anyone help me install adobe flash ?06:49
Ebernickrud: i guess i got lighttpd from the repos... but i couldn't make php to work with it already...06:49
LtLdalton: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree06:49
Flannelsaler: Alright, well... just to be sure and so I know what we're dealing with.  Please pastebin the output of `groups`06:49
Ebernickrud: i'm a totally noob on *nix systems... trying to learn something by hitting my head on the wall a lot of times :P06:49
nickrudEber, I've never used that web server myself, but I'll never stand in the way of someone mucking about for learning purposes.06:49
Ebernickrud: :D06:50
tenXLtL: where you knew the flash package answer right away - is the current ubuntu package up to date fixing the latest security issues?06:50
rxstenX: simple ubuntu server + xubuntu desktop + basic essentials ( of course thats debatable ) = 3.5 G06:50
Fuzzyhey guys i have a test, how much i love a linux... what is your favorite animal? :D06:51
tenXrxs: wow thats tremendous.. as i mentioned i dont install any gui stuff06:51
kamasomebody help me06:51
viktorkAZcan someone give me a command to check which ubuntu version i am using?06:51
nickrud!ot | Fuzzy06:51
ubottuFuzzy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:51
LtLtenX: it's as up to date as the repo's have.06:51
nickrudviktorkAZ, lsb_release -a06:51
Fuzzyhey guys i have a test, how much i love a linux... what is your favorite animal? :D06:52
nickrud!ask | kama06:52
ubottukama: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:52
tenXLtL: ha ;) of course. i meant the current adobe state of the art06:52
kamai have 2 hdd one with os and the other one with ubuntu06:52
dalton<LtL> thanks you06:52
edwardchuajhHi guys, I am having trouble with my friend's Synaptic package manager on Ibex06:52
nickrudFuzzy, this isn't the chat channel, try #ubuntu-offtopic06:52
maraboutcan anyone help me I'm getting a dialog box which says: "the application 'nm-applet' (usr/bin/nm-applet) wants access to the default keyring but it is locked" but it wont go away even after I enter my psswrd.06:52
FlannelFuzzy: Try #ubuntu-offtopic06:52
edwardchuajhon mine, if i search for keywords like "gnome-do" or "xchat" the packages appear int he list below06:52
LtLtenX: i doubt its the latest greatest.06:52
kamabut when change to ubuntu I need install but in process tell me instal y the same hdd of Wos06:53
edwardchuajhhowever on his, nothing appears and the list of packages present is always very limited06:53
tenXLtL: so do i and thats why i ask you :)06:53
edwardchuajhcan anyone offer some advice?06:53
Flannelsaler: Alright.  You're going to have to reboot, and at the GRUB menu (right after the POST screen, you may have to hit escape to see it) choose a "recovery console" option.  Once you've got that, you'll get a root prompt.  Type 'adduser ad admin' and then type 'init 2' (both without quotes) and then log in again and try to sudo.06:53
nickrudedwardchuajh, try system->admin->software sources , and make sure the first 4 on the first tab are enabled06:53
nickrudedwardchuajh, main, restricted, universe and multiverse06:54
LtLtenX: Version:
edwardchuajhnickrud: yep, they're all selected06:54
tenXLtL: thx for your effort06:54
viktorkAZdo you guys recommend me to get 8.10 version? what is the difference compared to hardy ?06:54
edwardchuajhnickrud, his comp just had ubuntu 8.10 installed on it hrs ago so we havent messed with much yet06:54
nickrudedwardchuajh, compare the outputs of sudo apt-get update on both machines.06:55
edwardchuajhnickrud: however, the programs do turn up in the Add/Remove Software option instead06:55
marabouthelp recovering from xscreensaver install anyone?06:55
tenXviktorkAZ: the difference is that your schlaeng will grow more and more06:55
FlannelviktorkAZ: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/810overview  that's a list of noteworthy changes.  If you don't see anything you can't live without on there, you may consider sticking with Hardy due to the fact that it's an LTS.06:55
FlanneltenX: Please stay on topic and family friendly.06:55
nickrudedwardchuajh, hm, add/remove works from a separate, fixed database iirc.06:55
maraboutdefault keyring dialog box and connect to internet after xscreensaver install06:55
vegahmm, openssl was just upgraded and now this thing wants to reboot, why?06:56
viktorkAZLTS is long term service?06:56
tenXFlannel: i tried so hard06:56
FlannelviktorkAZ: Long Term Support, yeah.  Three years on the desktop instead of 18 months.  And you can upgrade straight to the next LTS release06:56
nickrudedwardchuajh, brb06:56
MindVirusHey. I'm running dual monitors with two different screens on one video card. Is it possible to composite? When I try running compiz, it tells me that:06:56
MindVirusXlib:  extension "RANDR" missing on display ":0.0".06:56
viktorkAZthanks a lot06:56
MindVirusAny suggestions?06:56
rxsedwardchuajh: can you pastebin $ cat  /etc/apt/sources/list06:57
mrhusr13: Thanks! It worked.06:57
daredevilthereHey alll06:57
daredevilthereGood morning / evening06:57
edwardchuajhrxs: ok pls hang on06:57
daredevilthereCan we view pictures in terminal06:58
marabout!hello | daredevilthere06:58
ubottudaredevilthere: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!06:58
mrhI had been about to reinstall, it had been my third time here and no one had answers06:58
vegacan anyone explain why ubuntu needs to be rebooted after updating openssl?06:59
Flanneldaredevilthere: Yes.  Try out libcaca, sudo apt-get install caca-utils, then cacaview [image]06:59
Kuninhow do I disable a restricted driver in CLI?06:59
daredeviltherethanks Flannel06:59
edwardchuajhrxs: no such file or directory hmm06:59
marabouthow do I uninstall xscreensaver or am i stuck with it?06:59
LtLedwardchuajh: /etc/apt/sources.list07:00
daredevilthereWell do bash scripting has sockets support.i mean connecting over the network07:00
tenXKunin: CLI?07:00
LtLtenX: command line interface == cli07:00
rxsedwardchuajh: shoot ... my bad typo .. try .. cat /etc/apt/sources.list07:01
tenXLtL: your abbreviations will leave me puzzled07:01
Flannelsaler: adm isn't the admin group.  admin is.  If admin doesn't exist, once again, are you *sure* that your install finished withut any errors?  You installed from a CD that was verified to have no defects, etc?  These sorts of issues generally appear on bad installs.07:01
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto07:01
Freelance-Javahi, I need to set access to certain programs in ubuntu, like they be kept running for all users, but except root no body can stop or restart them07:01
mrhThanks everyone, at least THAT worked right tonight, I mean, the wife just left me a few hours ago07:01
daredevilthereHow to check which program is consuming how much memory in terminal07:02
tenXKunin: there is a file in /etc/modules.d called blacklist or so07:02
edwardchuajhrxs: i think i found the issue. when scrolling through the "All" list, i see all the packages there and i can mark them for installation07:02
Flanneldaredevilthere: `top` is an easy way07:02
salerFLannel,  there is no defect in the cd i am sure07:02
anom01yhow do I figure out if my video card is ati or nvidia ?07:02
edwardchuajhrxs: BUT when i type it in Quick Search, weird entries show up instead, as in differently from the results on my Ubuntu07:02
Flannelsaler: Is this an Ubuntu (or one of the officially supported derivatives) install?07:02
Paddy_EIREdaredevilthere: top is a great way.. although I find htop to be much nicer.. If you want to try htop type in a terminal 'sudo apt-get install htop"07:03
LtLanom01y: in a terminal type lspci07:03
rxsedwardchuajh: np07:03
sgrahamok im going nuts here..i have a logitec webcam. im following the dir's off of a page that is prety straightforward on how to do this.  I install the source for gspca and run module-assistant.  Module assistant says it has everything it needs but yet it still errors. with the following07:03
salerFlannel, it is from ubuntu official website07:03
bingungajacan i change my login name and password in ubuntu ? anyone can guide me please07:03
anom01ywow it is a ati07:04
edwardchuajhrxs: so is there anyway I can fix the "broken" quick search on my friend's Synaptic?07:04
Freelance-Java hi, I need to set access to certain programs in ubuntu, like they be kept running for all users, but except root no body can stop or restart them07:04
rxsedwardchuajh: are u running 8.10 ?07:04
sgraham scripts/Makefile.build:46: *** CFLAGS was changed in "/usr/src/modules/gspca/Makefile". Fix it to use EXTRA_CFLAGS.  Stop.07:04
edwardchuajhrxs: yes, both my friend and i are07:04
daredeviltherebingungaja: use passwd command07:04
Flannelsaler: Alright.  Well, I can set you up with an admin group, and add you to it, and we can verify that your sudoers is correct.  However, this seems to be a botched install, and there's no telling what other problems you may run into.07:04
Paddy_EIREdaredevilthere: excuse my bad puntuation that would be "sudo apt-get install htop" without quotes07:05
rxsbingungaja: do u want to change just the password or both username and password ?07:05
daredeviltherePaddy_EIRE: No problem07:05
christozgreetings, i want to uninstall Ubuntu's file-system but also to keep the home directory witch is on a separate partition , what should i do?07:06
rxsedwardchuajh: i am sorry ... I dont have a 8.10 right now to help u with that .... in 8.04 it acts differently is what I gather07:06
LtLbingungaja: you can change password, but not username.07:06
rxschristoz: is that home being shared with some other linux distro ?07:06
daredeviltherebingungaja: use command usermod07:06
tenXchristoz: dd if=/dev/zero the partitions to be deleted?07:06
daredeviltherethat would help07:06
edwardchuajhrxs: thanks alot anyway =)07:07
christozyes it is shared with other distro07:07
rxsedwardchuajh: np07:08
LtLdaredevilthere: thanks, bingungaja, i was wrong sorry.07:08
nickrudchristoz, what do you plan on doing with the ubuntu partition?07:08
nickrudedwardchuajh, I read back, and see you weren't talking about the package lists per se. I ended up turning off tracker (the indexer) completely in 8.1007:09
maraboutcan anyone help me figure where my HD space has gone. I'm missing about 15gb07:09
daredevilthereLtL: No problem i m still learning all the commands i use07:09
slim__Hi Ubuntu. How can I change my mouse cursor? The options are not where they're supposed to be in the mouse menu.07:09
nickrudmarabout, is that about 5% of the total space?07:09
tenXmarabout: man du07:09
LtLdaredevilthere: i totally forgot usermod, doh07:09
daredevilthereLtL: Oh07:09
rxschristoz: you can .. just install ubuntu / in a separate partition and .. mount the home as home while installing .. but do not mark as format the drive07:09
edwardchuajhnickrud, so will that help?07:10
rxsmarabout: have you tried looking with gparted ?07:10
maraboutnickrud: no more than that. Contents is using 3gb free space is 64gb HD total is 8007:10
nickrudedwardchuajh, by turning off the tracker, I meant disabling that quick search completely07:10
Kuninwhat version of Xorg does 8.10 use?07:10
slim__How can I change my mouse cursor style?07:10
bingungajarxs: both username and password07:11
christoznickrud, i was womndering if it is possible to extend the home's partitions adding to it space from the unistalled partiotion where the ubuntu's filesystem is now exists07:11
maraboutrxs: no I have not I need to check if it is installed on my system unless it is installed by default (in Hardy)...07:11
bingungajadaredevilthere: how can i do it ?07:11
RonPauljumping right in here:  what can i use to mount .img files?07:11
christoz(i know my english are poor)07:11
rxsmarabout: if not install using $sudo apt-get install gparted07:12
LtLslim__: X.Org X Server 1.5.207:12
daredeviltherebingungaja: sudo usermod --login NEW_LOGIN07:12
rxs!gparted | marabout07:12
ubottumarabout: gparted is a !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php07:12
edwardchuajhnickrud: how do i go about doing that?07:12
bingungajadaredevilthere: let me try it first07:12
nickrudchristoz, sure, you can use gparted to delete the ubuntu partition, move the home partition, then extend the home to the rest of the space07:12
edwardchuajhnickrud, i tried reinstalling synaptic but the "quick search" is still broken07:12
maraboutactually the weird things is that contents size keeps growing. It was 3gb now its at 4.1gb and I have no files whatsoever except the (hardy) install07:12
slim__LtL:  what does that mean?07:12
LtLslim__: sorry wrong nick07:12
bingungajadaredevilthere: do i need to restart with this ? and this change both login and password ?07:13
daredeviltherebingungaja: if u do not understand c its help usermod --help07:13
nickrudedwardchuajh, two different things07:13
LtLKunin: 8.10 uses X.Org X Server 1.5.207:13
edwardchuajhnickrud, oh?07:13
daredeviltherebingungaja: no this changes just the login name than use passwd command to change the password07:13
LtLslim__: i answered you instead of someone else.07:13
nickrudedwardchuajh, yes. The quick search bar is run by tracker, which is a disk indexing program. synaptic is a package manager07:14
bingungajadaredevilthere: ok i try it first, thx07:14
nickrudedwardchuajh, anyway, system->prefs->sessions , untick tracker and tracker applet07:14
daredevilthereHey guys how to mount by invoking fstab so it mounts all partations again07:14
nickruddaredevilthere, sudo mount -a ?07:15
rxsmarabout: perform : sudp apt-get clean ; sudp apt-get autoclean07:15
daredeviltherenickrud: thanks07:15
Flannelrxs, marabout: autoclean after clean is redundant07:15
rxsmarabout: my bad typo; perform : sudo apt-get clean ; sudo apt-get autoclean07:15
ksa-24اين الدعم العربي07:15
bingungajadaredevilthere: sorry, what's the exact syntax to see usermode help ?07:15
nickrud!sa | ksa-2407:15
ubottuksa-24: For the Saudi Arabia team : /join #ubuntu-sa : للانظمام الى قناة الفريق السعودي - For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية07:15
daredeviltherebingungaja: usermod --help07:16
RonPaullooking for a program that will play .vob files.  anyone got one?  PM if you like07:16
nickrud!cn | selangel07:16
ubottuselangel: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk07:16
bingungajadaredevilthere: thx07:16
edwardchuajhnickrud, hmm unchecked those, do i need to restart anything?07:16
rxsRonPaul: mplayer should play ...07:16
nickrudedwardchuajh, no, just a login/out should do it07:16
rxsFlannel: thx .. yes .. when all archives are removed with clean there are no old archives to be removed07:17
nickrudvlc definitely plays vob's07:17
maraboutrxs: that is in addition to gparted or is that before or after installing gparted?07:17
edwardchuajhnickrud, ok thanks will try that07:17
marabout**is that07:17
ksa-24No one07:17
nickrudedwardchuajh, but that simply disables the quick search, not fixes it. Just to be sure you know07:18
nickrudksa-24, arabic?07:18
ksa-24No one07:18
rxsmarabout: gparted will let u see how ur disk is being used... the clean stuff was for cleaning extra archives as u said ur disk space increased with no additional software07:18
daredevilthereHey guys whn i mount my partations my hd click sounds how do i check whts wrong. i means in system logs07:18
edwardchuajhnickrud, how can i search for apps in synaptic then?07:18
nickrudedwardchuajh, alt-f07:19
ksa-24<nickrud> no one07:19
nickrudksa-24, I'm some one :)07:19
maraboutrxs: yes all I have done was the hardy install That is why I was concerned about so much space being used.07:19
ksa-24<nickrud> #ubuntu-arabic07:20
nickrudksa-24, ah, I see07:20
rxsmarabout: plain hardy will be about 3 - 3.5 G07:20
Tobby-OsloRonPaul, tried mplayer?07:20
akahige1after installing the latest round of intrepid updates, I'm finding that using my usb mouse causes the desktop and various apps (like smplayer) to jitter... anybody seen anything like this? anything I can do to troubleshoot it?07:21
maraboutrxs: ah snap my screen just froze. good thing I on this with another computer. Are there any known problems with xscreensaver and hardy
MindVirusWhere is the default wallpaper stored for Ibex?07:21
wfirejust to see what is out there, anyone prefer anything better than nx nomachine07:21
rxshardy is what I am running ... I have not had any issues with screen07:22
edwardchuajhnickrud: i found a fix! apparently my friend had to run "sudo update-apt-xapian-index" and its a common bug documented in ubuntu.. i just foudn the fix07:22
edwardchuajhnickrud, thanks for your help!07:22
nickrudedwardchuajh, that's new to me, thanks. Wonder why it wasn't run automatically ....07:23
maraboutrxs: well i could be that darn via chrome9 hc igp that's on the machine I'm using conflicting with all kinds of stuff...07:23
edwardchuajhnickrud, yea, thats what a lot of users were complaining about on the forum i found07:23
edwardchuajhnickrud, new users shouldnt have to run such a line to get it to work07:24
rxsmarabout: cud be07:24
nickrudedwardchuajh, yep.07:24
maraboutrxs: doesn't ctrl+alt+backspace get me out?07:24
MindVirusWhere is the default wallpaper stored for Ibex?07:24
rxsmarabout: should unless u have a hard lock ...07:25
nickrudMindVirus, /usr/share/backgrounds07:25
rxsksa-24: can you try in a different server07:25
maraboutrxs: nothing gives wont respond to any command...?07:25
rxsthis server does not have aubuntu arabic07:26
edwardchuajhnickrud, thanks! seeya!07:26
rxsmarabout: can you try if you can ssh to the syste and perform a remote shutdown ?07:27
simplenewbWhat packages are needed to connect to a windows share? I accidentally removed the packages yesterday when I was removing bluetooth file sharing.07:27
nickrudMindVirus, that's wrong. Those are legacy ones, and one is even misnamed ;)07:28
kaushalnickrud, hi again07:28
maraboutrxs: I can attempt but I will need a little guidance to accomplish that if you would be so kind...07:28
Kuninhow do I rebuild a basic xorg.conf?07:28
kaushalwhen i do apt-cache search ant07:28
tigercatjri need help setting up dial-up, pretty please?07:28
kaushalit shows up the entire list07:28
Paddy_EIRE!enter | kaushal07:28
ubottukaushal: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:28
nickrudkaushal, hi. Got your autoresponders under control?07:28
rxsmarabout: did you ever install ssh on that machine ?07:28
kaushalits difficult to search it07:29
nickrudkaushal,  sudo dpkg-reconfigure -pcritical xserver-xorg will recreate a default07:29
sfuentesis there a way to change your password if you forgot it? I'm logged in but when I use passwd its asking me for my current password. Is there  a way around this?07:29
rxssfuentes: do you remember root password ?07:29
nickrudsfuentes, boot into recovery mode, go to the console, and run   passwd <username> (for example, sfuentes)07:29
nickrudsfuentes, then type exit, and continue normal boot07:30
sfuentescool. thanks guys07:30
maraboutrxs: not that I recall although i did the alternate CD text-based install which seemed to add a lot of things one of which enable me to update via the command line - so I am not sure it is there...07:30
rxskunin : sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg07:30
Kuninrxs thanks07:31
Kuninanyone know why I can't install the Nvidia driver (169.12) that I was using fine in Hardy under Intrepid?07:31
* nickrud has a love/hate relationship with tab completion07:31
rxsmarabout: then u dont have it ... do this .. just press the power button for a 2-3 secs .. it will start a shutdown process and halt cleanly07:32
peepsalothow do you get a mount to show up at the top level on the left navigation of nautilus?07:32
tigercatjrneed help setting up dial-up.  tutorials say to go to system>administration>network ...but there is nothing that says network in that menu.07:32
_anui use gedit : it reports following Warning : " Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C libraryUsing the fallback 'C' locale."07:32
nickrudKunin, it wasn't included in intrepid07:32
crdlbKunin: intrepid has 173 and 17707:32
rxssyste-->admin-->network configuration07:32
maraboutrxs: ok I thought I might have to do that. anything special I need to do upon the reboot or just let it go straight to the gui?07:33
tigercatjri see network tools07:33
rxsmarabout: let it boot .. nothing special07:33
Kunincrdlb: which don't seem to support this legacy card I need... I have the 169.12 driver (had to manually install it with every kernel upgrade), why does it fail to let me manually install it in 8.10?07:33
nickrudtigercatjr, that must be old ... system->prefs->network configuration07:33
_anuplease help !07:33
rxstigercatjir: system-->prefercences-->network configuration07:34
crdlbKunin: intrepid provides four versions which combined support all nvidia cards07:34
rxsnickrud: yes its old i think :)07:34
Kunincrdlb: All four of them repeatedly crashed xserver07:34
rxs_anu:whats with that ?07:34
_anurxs : gedit report locale warning07:35
sgraham grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is there a way to force module-assistant to look in a different location for source code?07:35
_anurxs" it didn't report that07:35
Eberguys, i'm trying to compile php5 here but i've stumbled on MySQL... i just instaled mysql-server with apt-get but i can't find the header files...07:36
rxs_anu:how are u opening gedit ? from command line ?07:36
rwwEber, why are you compiling PHP5? It's available in the repositories...07:36
nickrudEber, apt-cache search mysql | grep dev07:36
nickrudrww, he's mucking about, just learning ;)07:36
Eberrww: trying to learn... and will set it up for lighttpd server07:37
_anurxs : i open it from terminal command line07:37
Ebernickrud: hey, tks again :D07:37
click170How do you check which drivers are installed for your video card free/proprietary?   There used to be a 'Restricted something' in one of the System menues but its not there anymore07:37
rwwnickrud, Eber: ah. That'll teach me to ask annoying questions right after I join the channel. Good luck :)07:37
rxs_anu:okay .. after the warning , does it function properly ?07:37
macoEber: libmysqlclient15-dev ?07:37
StarnestommyEber: you might need libmysqlclient-dev07:37
nickrudEber, that technique will give you about 90% of any headers you need07:37
Eberrww: tks man :)07:37
rxsclick170: glxinfo| grep render07:37
_anurxs : yes , but i want it don't warn that :)07:37
[Spooky]Anyone knows how i can acess my block list in Emesene?07:38
_anurxs : i want to set charset of Ubuntu to URF07:38
Ebermaco, Starnestommy and nickrud tks, i'll try tha out =D07:38
_anubut failed07:38
rxs_anu: :) ...I think its a deprication issue07:38
click170rxs: Isnt there a GUI app for it anymore?  Im trying to help a friend of mine who is.... resistant to use the command line, despite my frustration07:38
rxsclick170: ubuntu version ?07:38
crdlbKunin: in that case, you'll need to talk to nvidia about their buggy driver or continue using hardy :/ 169.12 is probably not compatible with intrepid's kernel and/or xorg07:39
macoclick170: its called Hardware Drivers in newer versions07:39
intr80_I have an old Ubuntu 7.04 box.  It seems the sources.list is out of date or bad: apt-get update gives 404s.  Is there any way to fix this without needing a fresh reinstall?07:39
Kartagishello. what are the permissions of /root/ in a typical installation?07:39
MindVirusintr80_, change everything to intrepid.07:39
_anursx : how can i solve this error , i am perfectit :)07:39
macointr80_: 7.04 reached end of life a few months ago. the repos have been dismantled. please upgrade to a supported release.07:39
_anuperfectionist :)07:39
Flannelintr80_: Yeah, move the repos to http://old-archives.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ and you'll be able to get feisty stuff.  ONce you're up to date, you can follow the upgrade instructions at the link Ubottu gives07:39
Frijoliedoes AppArmor still come installed by default in Intrepid?07:40
Flannel!upgrade | intr80_07:40
ubottuintr80_: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes07:40
macointr80_: dont do what MindVirus said though. you cant skip that far ahead.07:40
FlannelMindVirus: That's a bad idea.07:40
MindVirusWhy's that?07:40
rxs_anu: UTF8 ?07:40
_anurxs : yes it was07:40
macoMindVirus: no skipping releases on upgrade *except* for jumping from one LTS release to another LTS release07:40
intr80_thanks all07:40
MindVirusThat's what I did last upgrade I didn't have the auto-upgrader.07:40
intr80_I should be able to handle that07:40
FlannelMindVirus: Because upgrades are only tested (and transitional/etc packages provided) one release at a time.07:40
nickrudMindVirus, release -> release is supported, not release -> 3 releases later07:40
MindVirusAhh, right.07:40
rxs_anu:http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/16440/ , good info to start from07:40
nickrudMindVirus, ah, good on you. Manual fixes are you :)07:41
_anursx : i want to install Chinese input on English.UTF8 , it cause that problem07:41
maraboutrxs: booted up. now it wont let me in... says password is incorrect. Funny as sometimes it will show the password i typed in in plain text. Weird!07:41
rxs_anu: do you have this installed language-support-input-zh07:42
rxsmarabout: cn you login in through the pseudo terminal ?07:43
_anurxs : i asked Ubuntu-cn , but problem still remains07:43
qetuosfhkwow there's a lot of people in this room I've not been here before. I'm interested in getting some help07:43
qetuosfhkHere's the problem. I find files to be not visible in Nautilus, but visible from the terminal. Also quite a few of my files are have permissions screwed up. With '?' in permissions, users and groups. If you try and do anything with them you get a Stale file handler error. Also these are in my home folder, so I don't know how to umount that, because it seems there must always be a file open from that folder. Any ideas?07:43
rxs!language-support-input-zh | _anu07:44
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:44
r3al_anybody can help with aircrac-ng?07:44
mld|dudeHey, someone here who could help me out with some interface-mapping?07:44
=== mld|dude is now known as dude
=== dude is now known as dude`
_anurxs : i just want to install chinese support , not making my system chinese :)07:44
r3al_anybody can help with aircrac-ng? PM me please07:44
rxs_anu: that is the Input methods metapackage for Chinese, http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/translations/language-support-input-zh07:44
maraboutfinally let me in but I am getting the  "enter password for default keyring to unlock" dialog box - do tell me about psuedo terminal though for any future needs please.07:45
maraboutrxs: this box started showing up after the xscreensaver install07:45
rxsmarabout: pseudo terminal is a terminal that u can invoke by pressing cntr+alt+f[1-6]07:45
dude`I just want to understand the basics of it, can't get it to work when trying a simple example07:46
_anurxs : i am using 8.1007:46
rxs_anu: then look for the same in intrepid07:46
_anurxs : let me try07:46
huwenfengoh, i got a problem. my system is using python2.4, you know that. the Debian etch, and my project on django is all done in python2.5. now i want to deploy it with apache, and mod_python. but the mod_python is only work with python2.4, so , how can i figure this out?07:47
king1. What tool allows me to create diagrams from scratch for mysql databases?07:48
king2. One that converts the diagram relationships to mysql code.07:48
king3. One that converts the code (tables and their relationships) to a visual diagram07:48
maraboutrxs: have you ever seen a dialog box which states: "enter password for default keyring to unlock" 'the application 'nm-applet' (/usr/bin/nm-applet) wants access to the default keyring, but it is locked'   ?07:48
ksbalajiwhere can I get help on firestarter firewall settings?07:48
roy-bangkok혹시 한국분이 계실까?07:48
kingksbalaji, Alt-f2 firestarter07:48
rxsmarabout:its common .. it is the gnome keyring that stores all the password for ur wireless n/w etc07:48
ksbalajiking, thanks.07:48
Flannelking: look into Umbrello07:49
dude`guess not :o07:49
jaapvisserhuwenfeng: python 2.5 is in the intrepid repository : sudo apt-get install  python2.507:49
kingFlannel, Alright, Have you used / recommend it / others?07:49
Flannelking: I've used it, but not for SQL07:49
maraboutrxs: it wont go away. i have entered my password numerous times and it wont go away. Unless it is asking for the password (WPA-phrase) to my home network...?07:49
Flannelking: Its a pretty standard UML editor thing.07:50
roy-bangkok아무래도 한국분이 없겠군07:50
LukaszDo you know any way of changing the default icon size in Ubuntu?07:50
kingLukasz, I bet there is a setting in gconf-editor for that!07:50
kingmarabout, Try using a old user password that you had set.07:51
Ward1983i keep having trouble with libmidi.a when compiling stuff, im on 64bit 8.10, what am i missing? :s07:51
Lukaszking, Just as I guessed, thanks :)07:51
kingLukasz, :)07:51
rxsmarabout: its not your password but a differnt password that you would have given gnome key ring .. do you remember any such ?07:51
maraboutrxs: dont remember giving gnome key ring any password but I did change my password earlier today via the terminal. Bit strange since the new psswrd works for log in...07:52
rxsmarabout: have u hence unlocked the keyring ?07:53
Flannelrxs, marabout: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkManager#Automatic%20Keyring, use the second ('how to reset the password') to set it to something known (presumably your login password)07:53
kingrxs, Why does the gnome-keyring password not update when the user changes the log-in password. Is that a bug?07:53
kingFlannel, Is that a bug?07:54
Flannelking: Nope07:54
maraboutrxs: yes I put in the old one.07:54
Lukaszking, A whole bunch of settings I can find here.07:54
_anurxs : thank you it worked :)07:54
kingFlannel, Shouldn't it update when the user changes the log-in password?07:54
maraboutking: my thoughts exactly...07:54
rxs_anu: np07:54
rxsKing: no ..07:54
UbuntuUser_hi all07:54
Flannelking: Not necessarily.  There's no guarantee they'll be the same.  There's plenty of reasons to have your keyring password be different than your login password.07:54
rxsFlannel king marabout: yes .. i have them both different .. helps ...07:55
ksbalajiI have firestarter installed. I wish to know how many other firewalls are running in my system. Also, can someone suggest the best firewall for Ubuntu Hardy? - In terms of easy usage, configurability, effectiveness.....07:55
kingFlannel, But the use case is this. The user is asked just one password when he installs the system. Then later, when he changes his log in password, the keyring password (which he doesn't remember setting differently) still remains the old one.07:55
_anurxs : but the chinese i type was messed up :)07:55
rxs_anu: was or is ?07:56
kingLukasz, You could take help of find and look for 'icon' 'size'. Probably somewhere in 'nautilus' sections.07:56
pairishDoes the gnome-bluetooth applet work to configure bluetooth headsets?07:56
_anurxs : is now :)07:56
rxs_anu: what do you mean by messed up ? tell us more07:56
UbuntuUser_i`ve problem: i`ve got ubuntu 8.10 as windows aplication installed (wubi) and the space on the disk is over. can i remove something what is not necessary?07:56
_anurxs : was cannot type :)07:56
saleranyone/anybody know Unmet dependencies07:56
sidney__is super ubuntu any easier to use07:57
rxspairish: http://wiki.bluez.org/wiki/HOWTO/AudioDevices07:57
_anurxs : it shows in unknown fonts when i type Chinese in gedit :)07:57
aardvaarkirc.freequest.net #popmm07:57
pairishI looked their but after following the directions the device still is not usable by alsa07:58
maraboutFlannel: "E:   Package libpam-keyring has no installation candidate"....?07:58
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
rxspairish: did the device get paired with ur system ?07:58
Flannelmarabout: You likely don't need to install it, just reset the password.07:58
pairishyeah but I can't send any audio to it07:58
UbuntuUser_can i remove previous kernel versions?07:58
ksbalajisidney__, thanks you asked. I was also about to ask about this. Any users?07:58
A[D]minShow i can grep all files inside one directory and put the output in a file ?07:59
adam7A[D]minS: grep pattren * > filename07:59
sidney__hope it's more user friendly07:59
emmadihow to activate cam in linux in lenovo laptop07:59
_anurxs : it just type out european chars out while it showing correct Chinese in input tool07:59
asterisxkcan someone help me with printing?07:59
adam7!ask | asterisxk08:00
ubottuasterisxk: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:00
asterisxkcdroot # lpr lpr: Error - scheduler not responding!08:00
ksbalajisidney__, I understand that it is DVD live booter with extra applications loaded and updated monthly.08:00
Baz_i've been debugging my computer freezing problems for hours no and i think i isolated the issue to my dlink dwa-552 wireless network adapter08:00
bingungajai try to change my username  -- sudo usermod -l hendri admin --- but it stated user admin does not exist ---- why is that ??08:00
maraboutFlannel: sorry got turned around. Was I supposed to do the "echo...: command as well? Also you are referring to 'resetting' the  keyring passwrd yes? I do not know how to accomplish that...08:00
rxs_anu: dunno .. I m lost08:01
_anurxs : i just install lang-zh-support , the input tool is ok , but the result it typed out is a mess.08:02
Baz_it doesn't even work on vista 64-bit?? Is that even possible that dlink didnt make 64bit drivers for windows? Anyways, can anyone recommend an awesome wireless network adapter that works flawlessly on 64-bit ubuntu?08:02
_anujust east european chars08:02
A[D]minSadam7,  i am not looking for specific word/thing...i want to gerp all contains of files and put it in a file08:02
adam7bingungaja: *does* user admin exist?08:02
adam7A[D]minS: you mean you want to put a bunch of files in one file?08:02
ksbalajiWith super ubuntu, someone mentioned that regular updates is messy. We have to install and do a bit of tinkering to enable updates.08:02
A[D]minSadam7 yes08:02
adam7A[D]minS: that's not grepping :) cat * > fileename08:03
sidney__ksbalaji maybe i'll just download and play around for awhile08:03
bingungajaadam7: no, i want to change hendri to admin (login name)08:03
Kuninhaha, the 96 series one is working...08:03
_anurxs : like ??o?08:03
TrenterNewbie Question:  I have Ubuntu 8.10, how do I change the look of the desktop, for example changing the bouncyness of windows and 3d cube effects08:03
adam7bingungaja: ah, swap the order so it's usermod -l admin hendri08:03
Lou_Is there a way to start x-chat-gnome from the console with a command to join several channels?08:03
_anurxs : i can't copy them in mIRC08:03
Baz_Trenter: look for compiz configuration manager08:03
adam7Trenter: system -> prefs -> appearance -> visual effects08:03
rxs_anu: i get what your sayin .. brb08:03
mib_ggaaciaj@Newbie  you should try ubuntu studio08:04
_anurxs : thank you :)08:04
Kuninnow, I have 4 workspaces with a switcher on my task bar, for some reason intrepid only had two so I increased it to four... how do I make it smaller (it's now twice the size it was in hardy, on the task bar)08:04
maraboutrxs: now that I am back in the machine I guess I should install ssh for future problems? would that be "apt-get install ssh"  ?08:04
mib_ggaaciajfor better appearence08:04
Trenterubuntu studio?08:04
ksbalajisidney__, yeah! your opinion then will be of much use here!08:04
bingungajaadam7: thx, what should i do if i want to change the password too ?08:04
rxsmarabout: yes08:04
adam7bingungaja: sudo passwd username08:04
LukaszI wonder if it's possible to achieve the command name when launching application from the Gnome menu..08:04
sleepy_catnew song by backstreet boyz08:05
rxs_anu: install  xfonts-intl-chinese08:05
bingungajaadam7: thx08:05
mib_ggaaciajyaa , its appearance is awesome08:05
ksbalajisidney__, one information - you get hold of a latest superubuntu torrent file and then download. It will be faster than from a single site.08:05
maraboutrxs: okay will do. Didnt fully get the keyring psswrd thing but it sounds like for security purposes it might be a good idea to have different psswrd for log in and for keyring. Is that about right?08:05
jaapvisserLukaz: don t know exactly what you mean but you can hit : ALT + F2 and type the name of a program to launch it08:06
sidney__ksbalaji_. just hope it's worth the trouble of removing a hard drive to install a dvd08:06
TrenterBaz: There ain't compiz configuraton manager in synaptic package manager08:06
adam7marabout: yes, but you will then have to enter both the login password and the keyring password on login IIRC08:06
adam7Trenter: there is08:06
adam7Trenter: compizconfig-settings-manager08:06
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!08:07
rxsmarabout: yes logging into ur user will not unclock key ring automatically08:07
ross`can someone help me please i booted my computer nad it said error 22 patition not found so i used a live cd to boot into the system how do i run update-grub08:07
ross`i mean when i run taht command sfrom my ubuntu live cd08:07
ksbalajisidney__, since it is live bootable, you need not remove your existing OS. Check up the site info before installing. Sorry I forgot the site link.08:07
sleepy_catnew song by backstreet boyz08:07
ross`it doesnt work because the /boot/grub isnt the same as /media/disk/boot/grub08:07
sleepy_catnew song by backstreet boyz08:07
sleepy_catnew song by backstreet boyz08:07
sleepy_catnew song by backstreet boyz08:07
FloodBot2sleepy_cat: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:07
adam7!ot | sleepy_cat08:08
ubottusleepy_cat: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:08
ross`can someone help me08:08
maraboutrxs, adam7: you mean inputting both passwords at the gui log-in at the beginning or one at the log and the next at the keyring dialog box08:08
adam7marabout: the second one08:08
adam7marabout: you'll enter one at the login window and another in the keyring password box08:08
rxsross': wats up ?08:08
ross`rxs: when i boot my router it says error 22 partition not found08:09
ross`so i stuck in a live cd to go in and fix the problme08:09
adam7ross`: when you boot your router?08:09
ross`and now im in a bash window08:09
adam7your router has a cd drive?08:09
fretless-just installed ubuntu.. so far not unimpressed08:09
ross`adam7: my router is a compaq evo with 2 nics</