jarnosretour: I don't understand how hardware abstraction layer can know about your mount points once you deleted the default ones.00:14
retourjarnos: creating own mount points I remember from other distros with folder /mnt in ubuntu everything is different00:23
jarnosretour: In Xubuntu mounting of cdrom is automatic by default; you can control it in Removable Drives and Media settings.00:35
jarnosretour: When you changed mount point names in /media, did you also change contents of /etc/fstab accordingly?00:41
DeadZ0neI need some help regarding OpenSSH and getting my buddy to log-on. I have Apache2 running and just want him to beable to log in and be able to edit web pages things. How do i go about doing this?01:47
DeadZ0nei have googled and the pages that i have found are not telling me how to get things started.01:48
zoredachecreate an account for him (adduser) from the command line, install openssh-server if you haven't already, open any firewalls for port 22, make sure he has access in /var/www by changing permissions01:56
batcoder-7i plugged in my mp3 player02:22
batcoder-7it is not reconizing / automatically mounting it02:22
slimindiehi all02:22
batcoder-7does xubuntu not do that ?02:22
slimindiedumb question: what screen resolution will the livecd of xubuntu start up in?02:23
=== domo is now known as Guest39566
slimindiei only ask because i was trying to set xubuntu up as a home theatre pc, and the resolution it started in was incompatible with my tv (ubuntu 6.06 lts started in 1024x768, which seemed to work ok)02:25
Guest39566good morning/afternoon/evening!  i am working on installing xubuntu on my laptop that has an external monitor hooked up next to it for two screen goodness.  is it possible to edit xorg.conf to use a virtual desktop resolution?  i'm currently stuck with just the laptop monitor working.  thanks : )02:27
Guest39566i copied over a working xorg.conf file from ubuntu, but restarts of X and the system do not seem to get it to take.02:29
slimindieGuest39566: i don't have the answer unfortunately, but a friend of mine is having the same problem (his laptop running xubuntu will only output to the laptop screen, whereas ubuntu 7.10 outputted to the laptop screen and hdtv with no problem)02:30
slimindiei'm thinking that multi-monitor support is not included in xubuntu for some reason.02:30
Guest39566hmm, how odd.  darn, i really wanted to go to the lighter cleaner xubuntu.  well i appreciate it slim, thanks!02:31
ObsidianXhey folks, when i try and boot up to xubuntu it hangs on the splash screen and doesn't continue booting until i press (and hold) a key on the keyboard02:32
slimindieGuest39566: no problem, sorry i couldn't be more helpful02:32
ObsidianXits a similar effect as the "idlehalt" flag available in darwin02:33
ObsidianXi just don't know if there's an equivalent kernel flag for linux02:33
juanantonioHello. I want to know how fast xubuntu 8.10 can run on a 800 Mhz 256 Mb or maybe more RAM computer02:38
slimindiejuanantonio: "fast" is rather subjective...02:39
juanantonioWell, yes, I know02:39
juanantonioI mean, will run faster XP, 2000 or Xubuntu? I have Xubuntu and Kubuntu on this PC and I am delighted with both of them02:40
slimindierule of thumb: if the hardware is decent (runs standard ubuntu any faster than molasass), xubuntu will be snappy.02:40
slimindiexubuntu should run the fastest fo those choices due to xfce being such a light-weight wm.02:40
juanantonioand Xubuntu with LXDE desktop, even faster02:41
DeadZ0neok so i created my buddy an account to login with. you said to open up port 22 on any firewalls. is that something that i need to configure within my box or on the router itself? Another question, is it possible to change the default port to something less default? I know then i will have to open that port that i change it to. /var/www is the apache file right?02:41
slimindieyou'll probably notice a benefit from adding more ram, but the benefit from a faster processor will be less noticable unless you're crunching numbers or converting video or something.02:42
juanantonioI am trying to have some old PCs I got from friends working as servers or downloading dedicates02:43
juanantonioYes, I can get 128 Mb more RAM PPC 100, being total of 384 Mb RAM02:43
DeadZ0ne   thats how much ram this computer has02:44
slimindieunless you're getting that ram for free, i would bump it up to at least 512mb (provided it has the capacity)02:44
juanantonioMaybe I can get it for free, but all the hard work comes to this PC02:45
zoredacheDeadZ0ne: by default there isn't an enabled firewall on ubuntu... if you have a broadband router you would need to probably setup a port forward there...  Depending on the router, you could forward any port to port 2202:45
slimindiei'd bump it up then.02:45
juanantonioso that was the reason of my question. No need for something more than some music, Transmission and aMule02:46
slimindietransmission will benefit from increased memory for sure.02:47
juanantonioYes, i Know, hehehe. All BT-clients love eating more and more RAM02:48
juanantonioI had the idea of replacing Thunar with PCMan File manager from LXDE02:49
DeadZ0neThat helped02:50
DeadZ0nenow i am able to telnet from my vista to it but then i get a protocol mismatch02:51
juanantonioCan you tab browsing with Thunar? I didn't find the option02:51
zoredacheDeadZ0ne: if you want to ssh from a windows box you should probably be using Putty...03:02
zoredacheDeadZ0ne: also checkout winscp, and filezilla for ssh-based file transfer03:02
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Chreestopherhello everyone...03:30
ChreestopherI am extremely new to ubuntu , and linux in general.. I have some questions and would really appreciate it if someone could help me out with understanding some basics, if anyone is interested in helping me out please let me know... I really need some help and i know its bassic stuff but I have looked in the documentation and cant get the answers i need03:32
Chreestopheranyone arround their box?03:33
Odd-rationaleChreestopher: just ask. :D if someone know the answer, they will respond...03:33
culinarianI'm mucking around with 7.10 on an ibm thinkpad 760xl and after the initial install (took a while but apparently finished successfully) ; reboot ... /dev/disk/by-uuid/ [uuid #??] does not exist. Dropping to a shell! I'm not familiar with the BusyBox shell and very inexperienced otherwise. Any ideas?04:28
spasticteapotDoes anyone here know how to get the sound to work under xubuntu?05:11
DeadZ0nehave you checked the sound options05:48
DeadZ0neand the volume is not muted?05:49
spasticteapotYes...it's some weird ubuntu problem.05:49
spasticteapotApparently, you have to run something whenever you want to play it.05:49
spasticteapotyou'd have thought they'd have made it a package by now.05:49
kattollikisdcan someone here help me out... how to find the wallpaper that xubuntu-8.04 have whent I install it? :S05:52
kattollikisdcan someone here help me out... how to find the wallpaper that xubuntu-8.04 have whent I install it? :S06:07
kattollikisdIm looking for the wallpaper that Xubuntu 8.04 have whent you install it, someone know were I can find it? :S06:22
kattollikisdthanks anyway06:25
spasticteapotDoes anyone here know how to run a ".x86" file?06:35
maxamillionpretty sure that file extension doesn't have a common runtime and that someone just renamed the file06:36
maxamillionspasticteapot: can you open it in a text editor?06:36
spasticteapotIt says it's an "ELF 32-bit executable".06:37
spasticteapotpbweb.x86: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.0.0, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), stripped06:37
maxamillionspasticteapot: ah, ELF we can do06:37
spasticteapotOh, good.06:38
maxamillionspasticteapot: chmod +x nameOfFile06:38
maxamillionspasticteapot: ./nameOfFile06:38
maxamillionboth in the command line06:38
maxamillionand you should be good to go06:38
spasticteapotI thought I'd already done that....06:38
maxamillioneh, happens to the best of us06:39
spasticteapotAny chance we'll see an Enemy Territory package for Ubuntu?06:39
maxamillionno idea, i'm a fedora developer06:39
spasticteapotThen what are you doing in Ubuntu?06:39
spasticteapotI thought that Fedora was just the free-beer consumer version of RedHat?06:40
maxamillionused to develop for xubuntu for a while because i'm a fan of xfce ... loooong story, but i left the dev team but hang around because i like the people06:40
spasticteapotMe, too.06:40
spasticteapotIt's a nice interface.06:41
maxamillioni think each distro has its place in the world, i've found my personal preference is fedora ... but each distro exists because different people have different opinions about what's important to them and how they like things to be done06:41
maxamillionyes, xfce is quite clean and refreshing06:41
spasticteapotI remember not so long ago when nothing quite seemed to work properly.06:42
maxamillioni also use gnome ... used to mix it up with kde but kde4 still has a long way to go06:42
spasticteapotOf course, under GNOME, my computer wouldn't really run at all.06:42
spasticteapotLearning Linux on a PIII-500 has a few downsides.06:42
maxamillionnothing worked properly in fedora? ... that's possible, i didn't really respect the distro as a whole until about release 6 ... and its continued to get much better as time has gone on06:43
maxamillionnaw, linux is the only platform for a p3 500mhz these days06:43
spasticteapotI haven't really tried Fedora - it was XFCE was bugtastic.06:43
spasticteapotmaxamillion: Blustery Badger (or whatever it was) + GNOME made my system slow to a crawl.06:43
maxamillionfedora in my opinion is a solid distro and i like they way they do things06:44
spasticteapotI'm one of the very few Linux afficionados who is not a hardcore power user.06:44
maxamillioni also like how every desktop environment doesn't spawn a new distro, it just makes a different "spin" of the install image06:44
spasticteapotI like Ubuntu because I'm very lazy.06:44
maxamillioni like gnu/linux in general because i'm very lazy06:44
maxamillionpackage management spoils me and anything i have to do more than once i can automate06:45
spasticteapotIronically, though, I make money as a techie - although my primary skill is not in computing, but in explaining things very slowly in a calm, reassuring voice.06:45
spasticteapotYou'd also be amazed at how many people will pay you to deal with tech support for them.06:45
spasticteapotTalk about the "hidden costs of outsourcing!"06:46
maxamillioni'm a redhat enterprise linux administrator for the university i am currently attending, so i admin by day and develop by night ... somewhere in there i am working on my undergraduate degree in computer science06:46
maxamillionpeople don't like to deal with people ... that's kinda what it boils down to and if you are good at it or atleast aren't bothered by it then there is a lot of money to be made06:47
spasticteapotI thought I'd grow up to be a programmer or electrical engineer, but found out that I was both hated it and was terrible at it.06:47
spasticteapotI'm hoping to become an automotive journalist.06:47
maxamillioninteresting change in career path06:48
spasticteapotI can write funny things if I work at it.06:48
spasticteapotThe major problem, IMO, with consumer review journalism today is that the manufacturers have a death-grip on the reviewers.06:48
maxamillioni actually greatly enjoy software development ... currently reading a book on linux kernel development so that i can work to contribute back to the core of the operating system that we know and love :)06:49
maxamillionthat is quite true of most review industry06:50
spasticteapotFor example, if the LA Times calls the Honda Limburgermobile smelly, Honda will pull advertising. The editor, therefore, cannot permit the reviewer to make any negative comments, or even to directly compare it to similar cheese-based cars in case the one reviewed least favorably pulls advertising.06:50
spasticteapotEven Consumer Reports stopped saying nasty things about Bose after they threatened to sue.06:50
spasticteapotI'm a senior in high school (woo!) and, hopefully, have the ability to weasel through a communications major.06:50
maxamillionits all rigged06:50
maxamillionspasticteapot: where you planning to go to college?06:51
spasticteapotmaxamillion: Not necessarily.06:51
spasticteapotmaxamillion: A year of community college, then off to who knows where - preferably someplace local and cheap. UW-whitewater or UW-milwaukee, maybe.06:51
spasticteapotOn the subject of consumer journalism...have you ever heard of Jeremy Clarkson?06:51
maxamillioncool cool06:52
maxamillionno ... doesn't ring a bell06:52
spasticteapotHe's employed by the BBC, who receives funding primarily from its' viewers.06:52
spasticteapotAs such, he can get away with anything...and does.06:52
spasticteapotHe's been called the "rudest man in Britain".06:52
maxamillioni think the internet is the outlet for those such things06:53
spasticteapotHe once had the Prime Minister of Malaysia write a formal complaint about his statements on the quality of Malaysian cars...and his smashing up one outside a dealership.06:53
maxamillionlike engadget with technology ... they say what they want, when they want, about who they want and nobody says anything06:53
maxamillionoh nice06:53
spasticteapotOnce, after gossip rag magnate had rude things written about him in his tabloids, he punched him in the nose!06:54
spasticteapotmaxamillion: No, not really. Unless you're obscenely famous (e.g. Anandtech) you're guaranteed to lose advertising dollars if you write scathing reviews.06:54
maxamillionanyhoo ... gotta hit the sack, i gotta be up early in the morning ... day job and all06:55
spasticteapotI've been trying to install Enemy Territory with no luck.06:57
sourceopenarena FTW!07:13
JuanantonioHello. Can anyone help me with Thunar?11:26
JuanantonioI mean, can't I tab browsing with it?11:28
TheSheeptry PCMan if you really think you need tabs11:28
JuanantonioOk then, in fact I have PCMan, it is really cool11:29
JuanantonioI don't need to tell Xubuntu that default explorer is PCMan instead of Thunar, do I?11:31
TheSheepno, just use pcman11:32
JuanantonioOk man, thanks very much11:33
JuanantonioTheSheep, just one question: I installed Kubuntu and then xubuntu desktop, and sometimes, Xubuntu shoots me some errors concerning non installation of gnome. Should I have installed instead of Kubuntu-Xubuntu, Ubuntu-Xubuntu?11:35
TheSheepJuanantonio: can you be a little more specific about the errors?11:35
TheSheepJuanantonio: xubuntu-desktop should be self-contained11:36
JuanantonioFor instance, when I try to change user, I can't switch throug Exit x menu, but through Ctrl+Alt+Fn, as Gnome is not installed and KDM rules and not GDM11:37
Juanantoniothis is the error11:37
JuanantonioBut the thing is, everything works fine despite some error messages11:39
TheSheepI suppose xubuntu wasn't tested etensiely with kdm11:40
TheSheepso there are details like that11:41
JuanantonioYes, I undestand is more gnome-like than KDE-like11:41
JuanantonioI am testing extensively as I want to resurrect some old PCs, and I am sure that X with PCMan and some LXDE features can run well11:42
Juanantoniowell, not well but fast ;)11:43
JuanantonioI will have to ask you then for NFS network filesharing, I have no idea, directly zero11:45
JuanantonioCan you send me a link to a little tutorial of filesharing in Linux, if possible in Spanish?11:48
TheSheepI don;t know any, but I would check out the wiki and the forums11:48
JuanantonioOk. According to your experience, is it difficult?11:49
TheSheepno, but my opinion is biased11:49
TheSheeptbh I just use scp most of the time11:50
TheSheepall it needs is a running ssh server11:50
JuanantonioAh, ok. I herad of it, yes11:50
arualaviJuanantonio, search in http://es.tldp.org/ :)11:51
JuanantonioAnd NFS between X and K or Samba between XP or Vista and X?11:51
JuanantonioOk, my friend11:51
JuanantonioWhat's kernel last version?11:53
TheSheep!info linux-image-generic11:54
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (intrepid), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB11:54
arualaviTheSheep, how do you know what ubottu knows ?11:56
JuanantonioI have Hardy, will I receive the kernel updates or there is apoint where I can't update it any more?11:56
arualaviJuanantonio, you will receive bug or security kernel updates, but no new kernel version in hardy.11:57
JuanantonioAh, ok. And how can I update it?11:58
sinboxupgrade to 8.1011:58
arualaviwell I don't know, maybe using backports11:58
JuanantonioIs this the only way?11:59
arualaviJuanantonio, why dou you want upgrade the kernel?11:59
JuanantonioOk, I will tell you. I am back some minutes, I'll be back immediately11:59
JuanantonioI do not want, it is just curiosity ;)12:00
TheSheep!bot | arualavi12:06
ubottuarualavi: Hi! I'm #xubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots12:06
JuanantonioI'm back again12:13
JuanantonioThings is, in my system the main installation is Kubuntu and I am not very sure of updating KDE 3.512:14
Juanantonioand may be if I update Xubuntu, Kubuntu will be updated too12:14
sinboxit probably will be12:15
JuanantonioOne question, if I update, will everything I have in the PC be saved and recovered once updated?12:16
JuanantonioThe thing that annoys me the most is that I have everything customized to will, including Compiz12:21
Juanantonioand maybe if I update, I will have to restart configuring everything12:23
raevolhey guys, just installed xubuntu on a cli fresh system using --no-install-recommends, and i don't have the settings gui for gtk :[ anyone know what the package is?13:28
sinboxnope, out of interest what does --no-install-recommends actually do?13:29
raevolit doesn't install the recommeded packages, like abiword and gimp and gnome-games13:32
sinboxok, good to know if I decide to reinstall, not too sure how you go about getting a CLI only system from the alternate CD though, guess I'll have to read the manual to find out13:35
raevolat the moment i don't recommend it, having to hash together a lot of things by hand :(13:36
sinboxwell, I wanted to try that and put fluxbox but the alternate CD just put ubuntu with gnome on my old underpowered laptop straight away :/13:38
raevolaaah there we go, sudo apt-get install xfce413:45
jarnosWhat determines the time how long time system does not ask password after you give password for sudo?14:32
sinboxI think it's 5 minutes by default14:35
jarnossinbox: This seems to force it ask every time: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/linux-security/78651-force-sudo-re-ask-password.html#post40388614:38
jarnossinbox: but there was not the former kind of line in my /etc/sudoers.14:38
sinboxsorry got to run out, maybe someone else can help you14:40
DarkTanhow i do lock my destops with out loggin out?16:47
jarnosDarkTan: xflock416:55
sunshineI'm using 8.10 with xfce 4.4 but after reinstallation of the nvidia driver i could not login to xfce.17:20
sunshinekde 4 is working now but normally nearly unusable17:20
sunshineI see the splash screen but there is no desktop appearing17:20
sunshineand then it falls back to kdm17:21
sunshineany obvious suggestions?17:22
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sunshineno ideas?17:36
=== tuna-fish is now known as tuna
The-KernelI wonder, is there a good CLI version for virtual hosting like virtualbox?20:10
The-KernelVirtual Machines*20:11
mchelen1after unplugging and plugging in again my network cable, xubuntu thinks there is no network connection, what should i do?20:29
The-Kernelopen up the terminal20:30
The-Kerneltype in "sudo /etc/init.d/network restart"20:30
mchelen1ok will do, one sec20:31
The-Kernelsudo /etc/init.d/networking restart20:31
mchelen1ok great, that seems to be working, thanks!20:35
Arthranguys, any idea what Zubuntu's driver support is like for old Toshiba laptops?20:45
wubrgamerhey guys21:22
wubrgamerwhich version of XFCE does xubuntu current use?21:22
arualaviwubrgamer, 4.4.221:25
wubrgamerso they are two versions behind current21:25
arualaviyou're welcome21:26
arualavicurrent stable xfce is 4.4.321:26
theGAXmanHey can anyone tell me how to change the name of my wireless interface from eth1 to wlan0 on Hardy?21:29
Shaba1Sorry those messages were not intended fo this forum21:57
robilewhat is the parameter for "find" to NOT search in case sensitive mode?22:41
rhavennrobile: man find   should get you there22:42
The-Kernelfind /look/in/here/ -name what.youre.looking.for22:43
ubottu-name is not a valid distribution ['dapper', 'gutsy', 'gutsy-backports', 'hardy', 'hardy-backports', 'intrepid', 'intrepid-backports', 'jaunty', 'jaunty-backports', 'kde4-ppa', 'kubuntu-members-kde4', 'medibuntu', 'partner']22:43
robileThe-Kernel, i know but thats case sensitive22:43
rhavennfind /dir -iname22:43
ubottu-iname is not a valid distribution ['dapper', 'gutsy', 'gutsy-backports', 'hardy', 'hardy-backports', 'intrepid', 'intrepid-backports', 'jaunty', 'jaunty-backports', 'kde4-ppa', 'kubuntu-members-kde4', 'medibuntu', 'partner']22:43
robileahh k thx22:43
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