LnsLns: im here00:33
Ahmucknotepad ++00:36
LaserJockLns: heh, talking to yourself again?00:36
LaserJockLns, Ahmuck: have a look at http://www.edubuntu.org/node/6100:37
Lnsah, heh didnt notice that00:37
* Lns only talks to himself on thursdays00:37
LnsLaserJock: node 61 looking slick!!!00:39
LaserJockdo you think a new person would get a good intro from that?00:40
Lnsfor sure!00:41
Lnsyoud have to be pretty strange not to understand that, its very clear and to the point.00:41
LaserJockI'm trying to walk the line between "umm, what *is* it?" and "woah, to much information"00:41
Lnsperfect balance00:42
Lnsand i think it gives ME motivation as to knowing what edubuntu is too =)00:42
Lnseven though ive been working with it since fiesty00:42
Lnserr, dapper even00:42
Lnssince back then, it was an OS, an LTSP installation, apps, themes and more00:43
LaserJocknext step is to do similar stuff to the pages it links to00:47
LaserJockhmm, we also have a Glossary page00:48
LaserJockwe can link up things that are a bit hard to explain to that (Main, Universe, etc.)00:48
Ahmuckyes, i like that site00:55
Ahmuckit's well organized00:55
LaserJockoh bother01:01
LaserJockwhy do we have *3* download pages?01:01
LaserJockI'm confused01:04
LaserJockthey're all similar but slightly different01:04
Lnssounds like 2 / 3 need to go away01:05
LaserJockhmm and we have a FAQ on the website *and* on the wiki01:09
LaserJockok, time to head out01:13
LaserJockI did a quick triage of all the edubuntu.org pages01:13
nothingmanso I'm trying to conjure up what I'm going to do about student files for the future02:44
nothingmanI had been planning on having Active Directory user names and a shared folder for all users02:44
nothingmanshared, but with a subfolder for each student02:45
nothingmannow I'm thinking I'll use thumb drives for the older students, and have them install a minimal OS plus partition for classwork02:56
nothingmanso there03:12
nothingmanand my battery's dying03:12
encompasshi guys, is there any way to do an ltsp setup without pxe boot?13:45
encompassI have an old lappy I want to use as a thin client13:45
encompassfor example, can I do a special install or something?  PErhaps boot from a CD13:46
alkisgencompass: you can boot from a floppy or cd or even from the hard disk. Try #ltsp13:46
alkisgencompass: (or go directly to etherboot.org and download a gpxe disk)13:47
* encompass checks it out13:48
nubaeyeah downloading the gpxe image and writing to cdrom will be your best bet13:53
encompassnubae: so this gpxe doesn't seem to be in ubuntu yet is that right?13:54
nubaewell its not really anything to do with the OS13:55
nubaeits like a mini image that acts like a pxe network card13:55
nubaeso this works for all operating systems... thats why its not in ubuntu... but I guess its not a bad idea to package it up for ubuntu13:55
encompassthat seems to be the answer13:56
nubaethats complicating things, its not that complicated13:57
nubaejust download teh gpxe image, write to cdrom13:57
nubaeand put cdrom in drive :-)13:57
encompassdoes it do the kernel install and grub setup so I don't have to keep using the cd drive?13:57
nubaeset the machine to load from cdrom of course13:57
nubaethat u have to copy over manually13:57
nubaebut to be honest, using the cd is not so bad13:58
nubaeI have it set up like that for a bunch of thin clients13:58
encompasspretty quick I suppose13:58
alkisgencompass: you just download gpxe.lkrn to /boot/ and put the lines "title Boot from network" and "kernel /boot/gpxe.lkrn" somewhere in /boot/grub/menu.lst.14:05
encompassI just found that now14:05
encompasstrying to figure out which pci id I have14:05
alkisgencompass: download gpxe:all-drivers, it contains all drivers and it's in the middle of the list14:05
encompassthere is one?14:06
nubaeoh yeah, thats what I used...14:06
nubaenice quick solution14:06
alkisgLike I write it, with "g" in front: "gpxe:all-drivers"14:06
nubaealkisg: so why edu apps do u use?14:07
alkisgWell... Firefox, OpenOffice, kolourpaint, iTalc... :)14:07
encompassthey need to put that at the top :P14:08
alkisgNothing from the _real_ edu* stuff!14:08
nubaewell italc is in the bundle :-)14:08
alkisgencompass: tell them, #etherboot14:08
alkisgThere are some lessons in the school books about window paintbrush, and kolourpaint is quite similar14:09
alkisggpaint sucks though14:09
encompassalkisg: yeah, gimp is better :P14:09
nubaetoo complex14:09
alkisgIn the first class of secondary education, when they learn about the mouse etc14:09
nubaeok... so u think gpaint should be replaced by kolourpaint?14:09
nubaethere is also tuxpaint14:10
alkisgencompass: gimp isn't good for young kids... tuxpaint is better, but suffers in performance in ltsp environment14:10
alkisgnubae: absolutely!14:10
encompassoh, yeah, out of context I suppose14:10
encompasswhat about video and things? does ltsp handle where in that respect?14:10
alkisggpaint should be burned and thrown out of the window14:10
nubaeok... well, now is the time to push these things through... kolourpaint seems stable to you?14:10
encompassfor example, miro?14:10
nubaein edubuntu we use Kino14:11
alkisgkolourpaint is 1000% more stable than gpaint14:11
nubaeok ok... good to know... I'll lobby for it then14:11
alkisgand edubuntu already has kde apps, so no problem there14:11
nubaeno not at all, can u check see if its in main?14:11
nubaeah its in universe14:11
nubaewell, still not a problem14:12
alkisgnubae, it's kolourpaint414:12
alkisgAnd it's in main14:12
nubaePackage: kolourpaint14:13
nubaeSection: universe/kde14:13
nubaePriority: extra14:13
nubaeoh the other must be kde314:13
alkisgCanonical provides critical updates for kolourpaint4 until May 2010.14:13
alkisgBut you're right, it's not in main14:13
nubaeit is or it isnt now?14:14
nubaeno its in main14:15
nubaeyou were right14:15
alkisg!info kolourpaint414:16
ubottukolourpaint4 (source: kdegraphics): simple image editor for KDE 4. In component main, is extra. Version 4:4.1.3-0ubuntu1~intrepid1 (intrepid), package size 939 kB, installed size 2220 kB14:16
alkisgI forget about ubot3, it knows stuff! :)14:16
nubaeok, so thats an easy switch... just change the seed14:16
nubaeI'll write a mail to teh list, see if anyone objects14:17
nubae+1 in it ;-)14:17
alkisg!info stardict14:18
ubottustardict (source: stardict): International dictionary. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0.1-4ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 13 kB, installed size 60 kB14:18
alkisg!info vlc14:20
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.9.4-1ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 1628 kB, installed size 3616 kB14:20
alkisgvlc is good for streaming video in ltsp classrooms14:20
encompass!info ubottu14:20
ubottuPackage ubottu does not exist in intrepid14:20
nubae!info vlc14:21
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.9.4-1ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 1628 kB, installed size 3616 kB14:21
nubaethat will be hard...14:21
alkisgYeah... :/14:21
nubaeanything similar?14:22
alkisg!info wine14:22
ubottuwine (source: wine): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (Binary Emulator and Library). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.1-0ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 7330 kB, installed size 54492 kB14:22
nubaeit will be in main by Jaunty though14:22
alkisgwine? good! :)14:22
nubaelots of discussion about that on the ubuntu-devel list14:22
nubaeI want blender back in14:23
alkisgblender is great, but difficult for education on any level :(14:23
nubaeyeah I used it for after school classes14:24
ubottumplayer is a media player. It resides in the mutiverse repository and can easily be installed via applications -> add/remove. For codecs try !codecs14:24
nubaeit was so much fun14:24
alkisgBah...all the good players are multiverse for the codecs14:24
nubaebut the good thing is that starting with Jaunty we can bend the rules a bit14:24
nubaeand put stuff like that in14:25
nubaejust wont be on the cd14:25
encompassok, ok, I am close here... I get the ethernet card to load, it get's a dhcp set addy14:26
encompassnow is it ready for lstp at this point?14:26
alkisgSo if someones installs edubuntu-desktop from the cd it will ask to download stuff from the internet?14:26
alkisgencompass: yes, as I client. Now you need the server14:26
nubaealkisg: no14:28
nubae2 options, either the ubuntu education cd14:28
nubaeand if u want extras14:28
nubaethen edubuntu-primary or edubuntu-secondary, or whatever14:29
nubaebasically they are bundles of all the software we choose to promote that are not in main14:29
alkisgnubae: what will the edubuntu-desktop package be called?14:29
nubaehmm, probably edubuntu-desktop14:29
nubaeand the cd will be called ubuntu-edu-addon14:30
alkisgSo, what will the edubuntu-primary etc packages have that edubuntu-desktop won't have?14:30
nubaeso the desktop will include ubuntu-edu-addon and all the edu packages we choose from universe14:30
nubaeno, edubuntu-primary, edubuntu-secondary are there for users who want just certain age groups14:31
nubaethe metapackage is edubuntu-desktop14:31
alkisgBah, I'm really newbie to be talking about packaging!!! :)14:31
nubaeright now, we have a set of metapackages that describe what is in them14:32
nubaefor example, edubuntu-young14:32
nubaeedubuntu-desktop currently contains all the sub metapackages14:32
alkisgSo edubuntu-desktop will contain both primary and secondary14:33
nubaeand the add on cd is called edubuntu-addon14:33
alkisgAnd what of the "canonical supported" package? How will that be called?14:33
nubaeedubuntu-desktop will contain everything14:33
alkisgThat doesn't sound like a package... :)14:33
nubaeso ubuntu-edu-cd14:34
alkisgAh, like kde-edu, I get it14:34
nubaeyeah... the point is that only that specific metapackage is supported14:34
nubaeeverything else, is edubuntu14:34
nubaebe it artwork, uni packages, documentation14:34
alkisgOK, I got it. So edubuntu-desktop will depend on ubuntu-edu,14:35
alkisgbut edubuntu-primary will *not* depend on ubuntu-edu14:35
nubaethere might be something like ubuntu-edu-primary, etc too14:35
nubaebut that is just gonna be complicated14:36
nubaeactually, maybe edubuntu-primary should contain ubuntu-edu-primary as well as whatever else14:36
alkisgYes... but anyway if the cd has an installer similar to what it already has now, one can only install the apps he/she wants.14:36
nubaeyeah I'm talking the repository now though14:38
nubaeas there will be no cd other than ubuntu-edu14:38
alkisgAaaaaa, I didn't see that coming! :)14:39
encompassalkisg: a shizzle, I can't control my dhcp client, as I am on a wippies connection... any ideas on how to get around this?14:39
encompassdhcp server I mean14:39
alkisgencompass: could you rephrase that without using shizzle and wippies? :) I didn't get all the words...14:39
encompasswippies is a linux based router that I use for my internet access14:40
encompassthe shizzle is a swear I suppose14:40
encompassI have only limited access to it14:40
alkisgOK, so what's the problem with the dhcp server?14:40
encompassit's on the router14:40
encompassdon't I need that on the pxe server?14:40
encompassltsp server I mean?14:40
alkisgYou may have 2 dhcp servers, it's doable14:41
nubaewell... u should really only have one14:41
alkisgYou just need to tell the linux dhcp server that "gpxe:priority=1", to have greater priority for gpxe to use it14:41
nubaebut if there on different interfaces it dont matter so much14:41
alkisgencompass: do you want my dhcpd.conf? I have 2 dhcp servers at school (1=router), and it works fine...14:42
encompasssend it over14:43
encompassor if you need an email that would work too14:43
alkisgencompass: you may also copy the /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/vmlinuz & initrd from the ltsp server to your laptop, and directly boot the kernel and give it a manual ip address without even using gpxe14:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pastebot14:43
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)14:43
alkisgencompass: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102764/14:46
alkisgOf course you'll have to change the IPs14:46
alkisgranges etc14:46
nothingmanhi, all15:15
nothingmanhaving some major trouble15:15
nothingmanmy wireless is my internet-facing interface, my ethernet is my client-subnet-facing interface15:16
nothingmanI have my IP set on that interface as, netmask
nothingmanI can pastebin my dhcpd.conf if that's helpful15:16
nubaefirst what is teh problem?15:18
nothingmanI get no DHCP address on the clients15:18
nothingmanmy server here is my laptop, and I'm always switching between networks with it15:19
nubaeok.. but the clients can start loading at all?15:19
nubaeor nothing?15:19
nothingmanI mean, they go through PXE but get no address15:20
nubaeok, so lets start at the begining then... the wireless interface is internet side and is called eth0?15:20
nubaecheck /etc/default/dhcp3-server and make sure its pointed to the correct interface15:22
nothingmanwireless is called eth115:23
nothingmanand that I checked15:23
nothingmanit's set to eth0, the wired connection15:24
nubaeu checked dhcp is feeding eth0 ?15:24
nothingmanand yes, dhcpd.conf is set for that subnet15:24
nothingmanwant me to pastebin15:24
nubaeu have a firewall running by any chance?15:24
nubaethats u're dhcpd.conf?15:28
nubaewell there isn't even an image to grab15:28
nothingmanit was overwritten once by firestarter, which I've not started on this machine15:28
nothingmanyeah, I know15:28
nothingmanI need to get the DHCP part going first15:29
nubaetheres no root path15:29
nubaewell no, u need to do it correctly15:29
nubaethe file is totally screwed up15:29
nubaeu want me to paste mine so u can see?15:29
nothingmanyeah, sure15:29
nothingmansorry, I replaced it with a backup15:44
nothingmannow it works fine15:44
LaserJocknubae: ping16:14
LaserJockRichEd: ping16:15
RichEdLaserJock: pong16:16
LaserJockRichEd: couple things, 1) do you need anything from me on the US grades mapping? Lns said he sent you a wikipedia link that looked pretty useful16:17
LaserJockso K-6 = Primary and 7-12 = Secondary16:17
LaserJock2) yesterday we worked on a new edubuntu.org homepage, could you take a quick look: http://www.edubuntu.org/node/6116:18
RichEd2) give me a coupla mins ... to check out the page16:19
RichEd1) I think we have enough on the grade mapping for me to do a guideline for the package description16:20
RichEdWe'll go with something like: Pre-School Year16:20
RichEdWe'll go with something like:16:20
RichEd* Pre-School / Kindergarten { which is universal)16:21
RichEd* Primary = Grade / Year / K1-616:21
RichEd* Secondary = Grade / Year / K6-1216:21
RichEd* Tertiary = College / University16:22
RichEdAs you can see the age mapping is pretty diverse ... with Denmark +3 years and England -1 !16:22
RichEdA teacher or parent should know the school level of their kid ... so age is not so NB16:23
LaserJockRichEd: do you think it would be worth putting up a webpage version of that spreadsheet?16:23
LaserJockor is that too patronizing16:23
RichEdLaserJock: yep ... I will do a wiki page and then someone can prettify and move to edubuntu.org16:23
LaserJockk, cool16:24
RichEdI think it is of interest ... for teachers ... so say a US teacher can see what age his class maps to in Sweden16:24
LaserJockyeah, I hadn't thought of that. It might help with the community helping each other16:25
LaserJocksort of a "public service"16:25
RichEdyep ... school peering / exchange projects etc16:25
RichEdwe wouls also like to move to: does your school want to link to other schools ... add your degtails here16:26
RichEdNote also that Gavin McCullogh suggested (in Sevilla) as I mentioned briefly in the meeting that Adult education is an issue in some countries ... like Adult literacy for low income people16:26
RichEdalso similar need in Africa16:26
LaserJockyeah, I'd like to think about that some more16:26
LaserJockI don't have so much experience with the kidos16:27
RichEdWe should keep an eye out for Adult oriented stuff - they do not want to see "rubber duckies" when learning to read ... typing etc. is also an adult skill16:27
RichEdwe can look at that for 9.10 maybe ... extend to category 516:27
LaserJockcool, I even got a bite from my meeting minutes blog post http://laserjock.wordpress.com/2009/01/07/edubuntu-meeting-minutes-2/16:35
Ahmuckgood morning17:23
LaserJockhi Ahmuck17:24
LnsFYI: http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=97906 is new OOo Impress Slide Show pixmap issue URL18:34
ubottuOpenOffice.org bug 97906 in Presentation "Starting "Slide Show" caches pixmap data excessively, crashing thin clients" [Defect,Unconfirmed: ]18:35
nothingmanhi, all18:43
LaserJockhi nothingman!18:44
Lnshey nothingman18:57
LaserJockRichEd: we've got quite some work to do to get Add/Remove to reflect reality :(19:13
LaserJocknubae: let me know when you've got a few minutes to talk about edubuntu.org21:04
Ahmuckhas edubuntu addressed internet filtering?23:57
LaserJockwell, sorta23:58
LaserJocksome time ago we worked on a easy to use, adaptive content filter23:59
LaserJockthe problem with content filtering is that it's usually difficult to set up for a regular user23:59

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