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jjessegood evening, i just logged into launchpad on a new machine, was redirected to edge and wasn't asked to login in again, YAY YAY great job guys02:11
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mi3Hello, is there a quick and easy way to connect to Launchpad with Bazaar on a network that blocks port 22 (but can allow other ports, like 443)?06:09
jmlmi3: the only way I'd know of would require a little trickery06:16
jmlrunning an SSH server / portforwarding service on port 443 on an external server that you control.06:17
mi3I think I'll try and ask for port 22 to be unblocked around here06:21
mi3for now :)06:21
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BUGabundohi guys09:31
BUGabundo$ bzr branch lp:gwibber  -Dhpss09:31
BUGabundoPermission denied (publickey).09:31
BUGabundobzr: ERROR: Connection closed: please check connectivity and permissions (and try -Dhpss if further diagnosis is required)09:31
BUGabundoHPSS calls: 1 <bzrlib.smart.medium.SmartSSHClientMedium object at 0x27056d0>09:31
BUGabundomeans anything to anyone?09:31
mrevellmwhudson or jml still around? If so, could you take a look at BUGabundo's message above?09:33
BUGabundothanks mrevell09:34
BUGabundomwhudson: jml: ping09:34
mrevellBUGabundo: They're in Aus. and NZ, so are unlikely to be around right now. abentley will be around later - he's on EST. Alternatively, send a mail over to feedback@launchpad.net.09:35
mrevellWe'll get an answer for you, either way :)09:35
BUGabundoalready debugging it on #bzr09:36
BUGabundoit would seem either a prob with my lp pgp key09:36
BUGabundoor the local config09:36
mrevellah ok09:38
BUGabundoextra detail09:45
BUGabundosome how the key got renamed!!!!!!10:02
BUGabundomine was .ssh/id_rsa.1.pub and not .ssh/id_rsa.pub10:02
BUGabundofiled here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-keyring/+bug/31539810:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315398 in gnome-keyring "ssh key renamed (possibly) after upgrade" [Undecided,New]10:20
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Narugawahi everyone !12:07
mrevellhi Narugawa12:12
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thekornhi, maybe I'm blind, I would like to vote for a review request, but where is thee button?12:57
thekornhttps://code.edge.launchpad.net/~james-w/python-launchpad-bugs/urlerror-reason/+merge/2723 <- is the request12:57
thekornwasn't there a button on the "add comment"-page?12:58
mrevellthekorn: Hmm, good question. Let me check something.13:06
mrevellthekorn: In the reviewer table, where your name appears beneath Brian Murray's, there should be a "Review" link next to the status13:07
thekornmrevell, ok, thanks, found it, too many reply buttons on one page, so I missed that one13:21
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edgimarIs there a way to unsubscribe to emails which come from a team mailing-list if when you joined the team you subscribed to the list?16:48
james_wedgimar: is there an "Unsubscribe" button on the team page?16:50
edgimarNot that I was able to find.16:50
andrea-bsedgimar: you can unsubscribe from the ML here: https://edge.launchpad.net/people/+me/+editemails16:50
edgimarandrea-bs: I looked at this page already, and it only allows me to select the policy for when I join a team, but doesn't let me change the actual status for a given team.16:52
andrea-bsedgimar: you can choose "Don't subscribe", can't you?16:53
edgimarandrea-bs: there are three options, under the "when should launchpad automatically subscribe you to a team's mailling list?", and other than that, I don't see anything pertaining to specific teams.16:55
andrea-bsedgimar: are you sure that you are receiving mails from a mailing list and not from the bug tracker or something?16:55
edgimarPerhaps it is from a bug-tracker.  If so, then I should re-state my question -- how do I turn on/off the receiving of bugs for a team per email?16:56
edgimar(in general, not per-bug)16:56
andrea-bsedgimar: if your team is subscribed to all bugs for a project, then you have to ask the team admin to unsubscribe from the project or to filter mails with your client16:57
edgimarandrea-bs: that's unfortunate.  Any plans to add this feature?16:58
edgimar(since of course some members of a team might like to receive bugs via email, and others not)16:58
andrea-bsedgimar: well, I'm not the right person to ask to, I'm just a LP user :)16:59
edgimarany ideas where to direct the inquiry then?16:59
andrea-bsedgimar: you may report a bug asking for this feature: https://launchpad.net/+filebug16:59
edgimarok, thanks.16:59
andrea-bsedgimar: oops: https://launchpad.net/launchpad/+filebug16:59
vadi2I have two emails registered with launchpad, and it's mistaking the user from who I sent the emails. Is it possible to make launchpad stick to one email only?17:18
beunovadi2, you decide which of the two is the default17:20
beunovadi2, in your profile page, click on "change details"17:22
beunoand then, "Email settings"17:22
vadi2got it17:23
mrevellNew podcast episode! http://news.launchpad.net/podcast/launchpod-15-launchpads-going-open-source18:15
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flavourbarry: As help contact can you let me know ehther it's possible to rename an LP site?19:10
LarstiQflavour: LP site? Do you mean a project?19:11
barryflavour: do you want to rename a launchpad team or project?19:11
flavourbarry: Both, but the Project is most important19:13
flavourI already changed the name on the page, but the URL should change too really19:13
barryflavour: you should open a question on launchpad for this: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/19:17
flavourRight...it is possible then?19:17
flavourOr tou're not sure?19:17
barryflavour: a launchpad administrator (which i am not) can make the change for you19:17
flavourok, thanks19:17
flavourI'll post there & see what happens :)19:17
barryflacoste: i'll make sure the question is assigned to the right person.  paste the question url here when you've added it19:18
barryflavour: ^^19:18
barryflacoste: nm!19:18
flavourbarry: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/5687119:20
flavourI see others have asked this in the past...must be fairly common ;)19:20
barryyeah.  unfortunately it's not something that you as project owner can do thru the web19:22
barryflavour: also, i don't believe the old urls can be forwarded19:22
flavourok, np19:24
flavourNot too big a deal just now19:24
flavourWhich is why I put it inbrackets19:24
beunobarry, isn't that what salgado did?19:56
beunowith project aliases and such?19:56
barrybeuno: oh, you're right. how do you set up an alias?19:56
beunoI have no idea  :)19:57
salgadobarry, ask one of the LOSAs19:57
barrysalgado: an alias has to be set up by a losa?19:57
barrysalgado: cool.  flavour's question should work for him then19:58
salgadogotta go now19:58
soci just wondered if there is a plan to improve the profile page a bit?20:09
soccurrently i use it as some sort of todo list ...20:09
socbut afaik there is no support for tables and so on ...20:09
jturneyI'm having a problem using my PPA; the dput succeeds, but then nothing happens; I've almost certainly made the package wrongly... but I don't get any clue what's wrong20:11
bigjoolsjturney: how long ago did you upload?20:11
jturneyI tried a few days ago20:12
jturneyI tried again a couple of times in the past couple of hours20:12
beunosoc, yes, we are working out on how to provide personal dashboards20:13
socbeuno: that's very good to hear20:14
socmost people argue, that i could do the same thing with a desktop application20:14
socbut i'm often on different computers, so haveing one single place for my todo list, bugs, translations, packages would help enourmously!20:14
sochaving some table support an being able to color the table background would be enough for me ...20:15
beunoyeah, I feel the same way about desktop apps20:15
beunowell, I'm not sure if we're thinking about the same thing20:15
beunoa ToDo list would revolve around bugs/blueprints/code20:16
beunonot arbitrary lists20:16
soc"ToDo list" might not be the right word ...20:17
socat the moment i have mess like that: https://launchpad.net/~soc-krg-nw20:18
asabilhi all20:19
asabilis there any admin here able to create a meta project ?20:19
beunosoc, well, what will make it easier for you, is our inline-editing with ajax. So you will just click, edit, save.20:21
matsubaraasabil, ask in https://launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion. please provide the name of the meta project you'd like and the names of the projects that would be under it20:21
asabilmatsubara: already done20:22
jturneyHow long might I expect to wait for the mail with the .changes file at the moment, then?20:22
matsubaraasabil, it's assigned to kiko and he's on a sprint. Likely that he'll take care of that next week20:23
asabilok thanks20:23
socbeuno: that sounds great!20:24
beunosoc, that's actually one of the features that will land first  ;)20:24
socglad to hear that20:42
maxbjturney: If your uploaded .changes is not signed, or is not signed with the right pgp-key, I think you currently get no error email (because in that case launchpad doesn't actually know who did the upload)20:47
jturneyI'm specifying the  signing key id  0x7633C10E, which is the one I have configured on launchpad20:52
jturneydput says there is a good signature made with that key when I do the upload20:54
bigjoolsjturney: what maxb said, double check your signatures.20:58
bigjoolsjturney: can I see your dput.cf please21:10
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bigjoolscprov, are you around?21:13
bigjoolsmthaddon: still about?21:19
mthaddonbigjools: yep21:19
bigjoolsmthaddon: aha - can you help jturney see what happened to his missing upload please?  It'll be in the failed upload area on germanium I guess21:20
mthaddonbigjools: he doesn't get a log/email response of that?21:20
bigjoolsmthaddon: no, it's some failure mode that prevents email21:21
bigjoolsusually a key problem21:21
bigjoolsjturney: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/21065116/eJdXmBy38Eh5kNV8KxOKurMoN36.txt21:38
bigjoolsthanks for helping mthaddon21:39
maxbHmm - why doesn't launchpad email the owner of the PPA if it can't deduce an identity from the key?21:39
mthaddonbigjools: np, thx for talking me through it21:39
bigjoolsmaxb: to avoid spamming the innocent21:39
bigjoolswe'll be doing ssh-based uploads in the future which will avoid this problem21:40
jturneyhmm... ok.... so can I simply remove the ~ppa suffix from the changes file?21:42
bigjoolsyou need pidgin-musictracker_0.4.12-2_source.changes21:43
jturneyoh, or is that telling me <arch> is missing21:43
jturneyright :-)21:43
bigjoolsthis warrants a bug report if you wounld't mind :)21:44
bigjoolserm *wouldn't*21:44
jturneyoh, no, thank you :)21:44
bigjoolswe aim to please :)21:44
bigjoolsnow, it's Friday night and I need a beer.  Goodnight all.21:45
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maxbDoes anyone have a rough estimate on the ETA for signed PPAs? Is it days, or weeks?22:45
maxb(and maybe a note could be added to bug 125103 for others to see)22:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 125103 in soyuz "ppa archives are not signed" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12510322:46
barrymaxb: i do not know the eta for that and unfortunately i think the people who might know are all gone for the weekend.  let me ask around though22:49
maxbWell, I don't expect it to happen over the weekend, so I can guess "at least two days" :-)22:49
maxbBut it would be nice to have some sort of indication on whether I should be eagerly checking the keyserver next week, or being patient :-)22:50
barrymaxb: i've been told we're waiting on some new hardware.  i don't have an eta22:52
maxbFair enough - maybe the relevant people could be asked nicely to publish an eta in the bug when it becomes available?22:55
barrybigjools: ^^22:56
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barryhave a good weekend everyone23:15
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IndigoJohi everyone23:42
IndigoJocan anyone help with building a package of mercurial (the DVCS) in my ppa? specifically with getting rid of some obsolete packages23:42
IndigoJopatches, I mean23:42
IndigoJoin the debian/patches directory23:42
ScottKIndigoJo: Are you trying to update to the new version?23:43
maxbIndigoJo: I've done that in my PPA, want to just grab it?23:43
IndigoJooh? you've packaged hg v1.1.2?23:44
IndigoJothat's great23:44
ScottKmaxb: Interested in helping get it into Debian/Ubuntu?23:44
IndigoJojust for future ref, how did you deal with the patches directory full of patches which had already been merged upstream?23:44
maxbScottK: yes, I need to find the time to test it with its rdepends, though23:46
ScottKmaxb: In the Debian Python Applications Packaging Team (PAPT) svn there's a draft package that's being worked on.23:46
ScottKmaxb: You might join #debian-python on OFTC and join into the effort already in progress.23:46
IndigoJomaxb: also, do u want me to add the info about your packages to the mercurial wiki?23:47
maxbIndigoJo: sure, go ahead23:48
ScottKIndigoJo: To answer your question, remove them from debian/patches and debian/patches/series or debian/patches/00list if one of those exists.23:48
maxbScottK: oh, I'm a fool, I checked the packaging svn, but now I realize I should have looked for branches, not just at trunk, what with the lenny freeze :-)23:49
ScottKmaxb: Actually it's not due to freeze it's due to a new person not knowing better.23:49
ScottKmaxb: There's a ML you can follow to (which is how I know).23:49
maxbhuh, indeed there are no branches23:51
ScottKHe merged it into trunk earlier today.23:53
ScottKAt least according to the CIA bot on #debian-python.23:53

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