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karlpman ppmtojpeg brings up a man page for pnmtojpeg01:20
karlpanyone else get this?01:20
anderskYes, that's expected.01:21
andersklrwxrwxrwx 1 root root  9 2008-06-02 14:51 /usr/bin/ppmtojpeg -> pnmtojpeg01:21
andersklrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 14 2008-06-02 14:51 /usr/share/man/man1/ppmtojpeg.1.gz -> pnmtojpeg.1.gz01:21
karlpoh all right, nvm01:22
x1250does anyone have a working 3D acceleration (hardware, not software rendering) with xserver-xorg-video-ati? I don't seem able to get it.  LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose glxinfo shows some problems with drmOpenDevice (Open failed). Strange thing is that drmOpenDevice does not fail in Xorg.0.log! Odd stuff.03:31
x1250xorg.conf: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102522/03:31
x1250Xorg.0.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102521/03:32
x1250LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose glxinfo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102518/03:32
x1250AFAICT, it should work. But it doesn't :)03:33
DanaGOh hey, is there any way to get PulseAudio to do arbitrary things on insertion of particular devices?03:49
lucentlike, what?03:49
DanaGSpecifically, I want it to load a module when I plug in a device:03:49
DanaGload-module  module-mmkbd-evdev device=/dev/input/by-path/pci-0000:00:1d.2-usb-0:1:1.3-event-  sink=alsa_output.usb_device_10f5_200_noserial_if0_sound_card_0_alsa_playback_003:49
DanaGWhen I plug in the thing that has both audio device and hid device (meaning it can trigger on either), I want it to run that.03:50
lucentthat's a little over my head :/03:50
DanaGIt's a USB sound card with a HID device.03:50
DanaGI've already done HAL and UDEV stuff to make it readable by all and not grabbed by xorg.03:51
x1250DanaG, no idea if this helps, but I remember that on hardy I picked up a code that disabled my touchpad when inserting a usb mouse. Take a look at the README here: /etc/udev/rules.d03:55
x1250oh, you did it already03:56
DanaGWell, all except for the load-module bit.03:57
x1250DanaG, tried running a script with the RUN+="" syntax? No idea if it would work though :)04:01
DanaGHmm, I wonder if adding root to pulse-access would mean it'd run for all users for that device.04:02
DanaGGranted, it's a 1-user system, anyway.04:02
x1250I don't know, I really dislike pulseaudio; Almost the only thing I know about it is pulseaudio -k :)04:03
x1250SYSFS{idVendor}=="0403", SYSFS{idProduct}=="fe71", RUN+="/lib/brltty/brltty.sh -b bm -d usb:"04:04
x1250see the RUN+= script.sh...04:04
x1250maybe you could load your stuff in a similar way04:04
x1250I'm talking out of ignorance, haven't done it, don't know if it will work.04:05
lucentuh... "gnome" is not installed04:14
lucentthat's weird, something happen in the recent update?04:14
lucentubuntu-desktop not depending on gnome04:14
x1250nah, thats ok. gnome has some other dependencies. Take a look to: aptitude show gnome.04:16
lucentoh yeah04:17
lucentI just noticed that after the recent update, gnome-volume-manager was not installed04:17
lucentwondering if I fix that by apt-get install gnome04:17
crdlbyou don't need that anymore04:18
crdlbit's not installed by default on intrepid either04:18
lucentI'm curious :)04:18
lucentor maybe I am just confused04:18
crdlbnautilus handles it now, or at least most of it04:18
lucentit stopped working and my theme engine is crashing, so I'm overdue for a reboot or log out log back in anyways04:19
lucentprobably not a problem I'm just speculating the wrong way :)04:19
lucentcrdlb: how to configure removable devices though? I don't see an obvious entry in System  | prefs04:22
crdlbopen a nautilus window and go to edit->prefs->media04:23
lucentha, thanks04:24
crdlbstock gnome puts nautilus preferences in the preferences menu but ubuntu removed it to cut down on the number of entries04:24
x1250thats a nice thing to do, it was getting a "little" crowded :)04:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314600 in fglrx-installer "fglrx versions newer than 8.543 cause system hang and panic (dup-of: 313027)" [Undecided,New]04:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 313027 in fglrx-installer "MASTER: fglrx does not support xserver 1.6" [Wishlist,Confirmed]04:47
DanaGI just love how somebody marked my bug a duplicate of an entirely UNRELATED issue.04:47
* DanaG marks an apple as a duplicate of an orange.04:49
DanaGs/as //04:49
DanaGX.Org X Server 1.5.204:54
* DanaG unmarks dupe.04:56
* DanaG thinks the person who marked it a dupe probably thought, "oh, jaunty + fglrx == dupe", and didn't actually read the report.05:00
tretlehi, I have a 7.1 sound system hooked up to the pc through a 7.1 hd sound card, I cant set the individual settings for the front, side back, sub etc in the new sound applet though05:01
DanaGWhat new sound applet, anyway?05:01
DanaGHandy hint: choose the real sound card device as default mixer, and go to Preferences in gnome-volume-control to enable other sliders.05:01
tretlethe new one in 9.0405:02
tretlebut I cant choose any other one in the preferences anymore05:02
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tretlejust my usb mic on my webcam and what it says is alsa but is obviously pulse05:03
DanaGhmm, go to console and aplay -l (lowercase l)05:04
DanaGthen alsamixer -c# where # is 0 or 1 or 2 or whatever.05:04
tretle**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****05:05
tretlecard 0: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 0: ALC883 Analog [ALC883 Analog]05:05
tretle  Subdevices: 0/105:05
tretle  Subdevice #0: subdevice #005:05
tretlecard 0: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 1: ALC883 Digital [ALC883 Digital]05:05
tretle  Subdevices: 1/105:05
tretle  Subdevice #0: subdevice #005:05
DanaGhmm, then something's up with the gnome-volume-control.05:05
lucentdang, lvm initramfs broke recently05:07
lucentinitramfs is not running "lvm vgchange -ay"05:08
tretlewell I like the new layout, only problem is it tells me its alsa in the preferences but I know its pulse and pulse doesnt have 7.1 compatibility out of box... on the good side though my webcam usb mic finally works and is easy find and set up to boot :D05:08
DanaGoh yeah, handy hint: edit /etc/pulse/daemon.conf and set default-sample-channels=805:09
DanaGOh yeah, and... my USB sound card support 2 channels or 8 channels... but not 6, for some reason.  =þ05:10
DanaGSo I have it set to 6 default, and it goes up to 8.05:10
tretlecool, is pulseaudio supposed to switch the default channels depending on the sound card instead of having people manually change the channel?05:16
DanaGIt mixes stuff to different numbers of channels.05:19
DanaGOh yeah, and handy hint: disable-lfe-remixing05:20
DanaGOtherwise it copies each channel to sub, and becomes too bassey.05:20
lucentinteresting bug... I close the laptop lid and the theme engine crashes05:21
lucentwhat could cause that?05:21
DanaGOn my old laptop, closing the lid made the audididididididididio glitch out, as illustrated by that repeating double letter.  =þ05:28
cowbudlucent: does dmesg show the button entry that is pushed when the lid is closed?05:31
lucentcowbud: why would it be in dmesg?05:39
tretlehmmmm.... changing the default channel from 2 to 6 and 8 doesnt seem to add any more controls to gnome-sound applet or pulse audio manager05:41
lucentcowbud: [ 2836.948789] gnome-settings-[7721]: segfault at 8 ip b720bbeb sp bfc7d930 error 4 in libxrandr.so[b7207000+7000]05:41
DanaGwait, what applet?  The mixer_applet2 has its own "default mixer" setting.05:42
lucentI guess that explains it05:42
DanaGTry running gnome-volume-control05:42
cowbudlucent: well if it is a special button for your laptop it typically would show up in dmesg. That segfault is interesting though, I would file a bug with that trash and put in your model of laptop etc etc05:42
* DanaG is glad to have a serial-over-lan console. 05:43
DanaGIt means I can get stacktraces from kernel panics.  :)05:43
cowbudDanaG: you have it connected constantly?05:43
DanaGYeah, I have console=ttyS0,115200 console=tty0 on boot parameters.05:43
DanaGand I even added a getty to ttyS0.05:43
DanaGIt's AMT Serial-Over-Lan.05:43
cowbudright, so you also have a terminal on it as well?05:44
DanaGI don't always keep another computer connected, but when I find panics, they're often reproducible.05:44
DanaGSo I'll connect the thing, reboot, and then grab it.05:44
cowbudno n8 option on your console line eh05:44
DanaGI just wish the amtterm didn't write to stdIN... so I could pipe the dang thing.05:44
DanaGOnly oddity: sometimes the port seems to get bogged down, and stalls a bit.05:45
DanaGI must be using it a bit too fast. =þ05:45
DanaG115200 is what it is.05:45
DanaGOne time I moved console=ttyS0 to the end, so stdin and stdout were there instead, and then booted single... and fixed stuff.05:46
DanaG... then resumed, and thought nothing of it when the getty popped up.05:46
DanaGI then realized I wanted another console on the thing... and went to connect to my ssh server on it... and then realized.... the network interfaces were down.  =þ05:47
tretleyeah gnome-volume-control is the gnome panel applet I'm talking about05:47
DanaGSOL (Serial-Over-LAN) works, too.05:47
DanaGmixer_applet2 is the panel applet; gnome-volume-control is the full mixer utility.05:48
tretlestuck with one volume slider een though I have a 7.1 system and have pulse audio set to 8 channels05:48
DanaGlook in the preferences menu.05:48
DanaGAnd make sure the selected device is the real sound card, not the pulseaudio volume control.  Then again, on mine, I don't have independent sliders on the USB sound card, either.05:48
DanaG( oh yeah,  too -> no matter what state the OS is in)05:49
tretlethe preferences shoes all the inputs but they dont show up in gnome-volume-control05:49
DanaGThe pavucontrol gives per-channel volume controls for me instead.05:49
DanaGCheckmarks decide what the app shows and hides.05:49
DanaGCheck them all, and hit OK.05:49
tretleits also called HDA Nvidia(alsa mixer even though I think its using pulse audio, if not then pulse audio has disapeared from preferences05:50
tretlenot installed05:52
cowbudso install it?05:53
tretlebut id like to use pulse05:53
tretleif i can get it to work05:53
DanaGwhat does alsamixer -c0 on terminal show?05:53
DanaGIf there are volume controls there... you should be able to check them in Preferences in gnome-volume-control.05:54
tretlea picture is worth a thousand words05:58
tretleno check box's05:59
tretleIts also wrecking my head as Im not sure whether its alsa or pulse labelled as alsa05:59
DanaGoh... you have to open the MIXER first.06:00
tretleIf you have per application volume control in gnome-volume-manager does that mean its pulse?06:00
DanaGOh, what the heck?  The "Open Volume Control" NO LONGER WORKS!06:00
tretleright click and preferences06:01
DanaGThat's broken.06:01
DanaGI just checked on mine.06:01
DanaGThat's really, really stupid.06:01
tretleare you using pulse?06:02
DanaGBut I usually like to still have my real device mixer available.06:03
DanaGCan't select input source with pavucontrol, after all.06:03
tretledoes the preferences dialog report it as being pulse audio or alsa like mine?06:03
DanaGI have mine set to HDA Intel (Alsa mixer)06:04
DanaG** (gnome-volume-control:18574): WARNING **: Failed to acquire org.gnome.VolumeControl06:04
DanaG** (gnome-volume-control:18574): WARNING **: Could not acquire name on session bus06:04
DanaGAaaaah, so that's the answer.06:04
DanaGgnome-volume-control is broken.06:04
tretlekind of relived thats its not a hardware specific issue and its being reported as alsa else where too06:05
DanaGHeh, the sound preferences thing in the Preferences menu... offers not much.06:07
DanaGAnd it shows "HDA Intel - ADI198x Analog" twice. =þ06:07
DanaGAnd it shows "HDA Intel - ADI198x Analog" twice. =þ06:07
* DanaG "double-posts" to be funny. =þ06:07
DanaGBut this lack of mixer controls sucks.06:08
DanaGLovely... unplugging the USB sound card... killed PA daemon.06:10
tretleindeed, the lack of channel detection with pulse kind of sucks also06:10
DanaGHeh, no battery warning sound, either.06:11
DanaGAnd no way to choose which devices get what app.06:13
DanaGer, transpose devices and app, and reverse plurals.06:14
DanaGwhich apps get which devices.06:14
tretlewell i hadnt noticed that because I only have two available including the webcam... in an ideal worl though you should be able to choose to send streams to each individual speaker in a 2.1 5.1 or 7.1 system06:15
tretleDanaG - so you can control all output devices from pavcontrol but not gnome-volume-manager?06:23
DanaGpavucontrol has some controls; alsamixer has the most.06:43
DanaGI use flash->onboard stereo speakers06:43
DanaGand music / movies / games -> offboard surround06:43
cowbudDanaG: you cna set that shit up to do that?06:52
DanaGwatch the overuse of profanity -- try to reserve it for exclamations, not for use as nouns.  =þ06:53
DanaGAnyway, you can use pavucontrol to do that.06:53
DanaGSet one (onboard) as default, and then right-click an app and move it to another device.06:53
DanaGThat way, if a web site plays audio, I just mute it.  Nice.06:54
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BUGabundogood morning10:08
BUGabundois anyone seeing new bugs about ssh keys?10:08
BUGabundomaybe gnome-keyring ( ?10:08
BUGabundo_workmy ssh key got renamed some how today, and I couldn't access bzr.lp10:09
tawmasI'd need someone who could confirm if they can still reproduce bug https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hal/+bug/31537311:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315373 in hal "nautilus segfaults on insertion or removal of removable media" [Medium,Confirmed]11:45
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pwuertzdo you know whats the status of the nvidia driver in 9.04? is there a supported package in the repository or I have to install it by myself?12:07
vegapwuertz: packages.ubuntu.com12:13
vegaand sure it is in the repository, but don't know what you mean by "supported"12:14
vegaubuntu cannot support binary restricted packages12:14
pwuertzvega: by "supported" I mean "does ubuntu support the installation of the binary drivers"... because http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/jaunty/alpha2 says that due to the xserver upgrade the binary drivers do not work yet12:18
pwuertzand by "do you know whats the status of the nvidia driver in 9.04" I meant "is this problem fixed yet?"12:20
vegaok, don't know then as i'm using os drivers12:24
vegais the bug report closed?12:24
vegaseems not, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/30841012:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 308410 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-180 "Latest Xorg removes nvidia driver ... conflicting xserver-xorg-video-4" [Medium,Confirmed]12:25
cordencan't wait to have this version ;)12:30
Nicekiwi9how can i upgrade from kubuntu 8.10 to 9.04 alpha 2?12:30
cordendoes somebody tried updating 8.04 to 9.04?12:31
cordenjust asking ;)12:31
pwuertzah I see.. thanks vega12:32
BUGabundo_workNicekiwi9: update-manager -d12:33
BUGabundo_workcorden: I did upgrade12:33
BUGabundo_workeven before Alpha 112:34
Nicekiwi9that dosent work, im in Kubuntu12:34
cordendoes 9.04 damage your 8.04?12:34
cordencurrently using 8.04, no plans to use 8.0412:35
cordeni mean 8.1012:35
SwedeMikeI tried upgrading 8.10 to 9.04, fonts were screwed up, tried to fix it, couldn't, so I reverted using a backup. fresh install of 9.04 worked better, though12:35
cordencurrently using 8.04, no plans to use 8.1012:35
cordeni guess i need to download 9.1012:36
mvowhen going from 8.10 to 9.04  it is a full upgrade, no going back (except for installing a backup or installing a new)12:36
cordeni hope the next LTS will come out soon12:36
cordenbut i guess it would be 10.0412:37
cordendownloading jack12:39
Nicekiwi9=( dose no-one know?12:41
tiyowanHi. :)13:26
tiyowanI just had a small question about the upcoming Jaunty. Do you any of you folks have any info whether there's any chance that we can get ATI DRI2 running on it?13:27
grapz_Anyone know when nvidia-glx-180.22 package will be available for Jaunty? (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-180/180.22-0ubuntu1)15:37
MTecknologyIs Jaunty supposed to have any features added to it15:44
MTecknologybetter question - roadmap - sorry, I'll go to google15:45
MTecknologyhrm - I didn't realize how far off it still was... I guess I'll stick with 8.10 :P15:46
Pici9.04 = April15:46
MTecknologyya, I was thinking 4 was next month... idk why15:46
* MTecknology runs off to reinstall system from scratch15:47
mphillMTecknology: probably not. GNOME hasn't changed much at all over the last 12 releases or more. I'm sure 3.0 will be a joke.  At least KDE had some balls when they came out with 4.0  (fyi I'm a GNOME user).16:44
steven_Hi everyone.16:46
spitfire__mphill: KDE4 is more broken than vista.16:47
spitfire__I wouldn't like to see that happening to gnome.16:48
MTecknologymphill: I don't use Gnome on that system. It's a cli system built from the minimal cd16:48
MTecknologymphill: I want to just start using 8.04 but there's no minimal cd for it...16:50
MTecknologyI don't use things like evolution, eog, ekiga, etc and I like not having them after I install :P16:51
MTecknologyor is there a way to do that from the alternate install cd?16:51
spitfire__MTecknology: why not remove that after install?16:52
spitfire__Search help on debian-installer, ubuntu alternate cds are based on it.16:52
MTecknologyspitfire__: because I don't know what all the extras that are installed are16:52
spitfire__if you want to remove all gui-related stuff remove libgtk :P16:53
MTecknologyspitfire__: so you're saying make a minimal cd off the daily build?16:53
spitfire__and all dependencies will follow.16:53
spitfire__MTecknology: daily?16:53
spitfire__I didn't mention daily.16:54
spitfire__You can try whatever version you want.16:54
MTecknologyI like that remove libgtk idea16:54
spitfire__Uninstalling libgtk, and qt should pull everything down.16:54
spitfire__don't forget qt.16:54
spitfire__I dont know what;s the package name16:55
MTecknologyoh - please don't ask me why I try to make the smallest installation I can w/ my laptop that has a 250GB HD... I'm obsessed w/ speed, battery life, size on that thing. Every other desktop/server I use a regular install16:56
MTecknologyI suppose I like fewer updates to packages too...16:57
spitfire__"I suppose I like fewer updates to packages too..." what do you mean?16:58
MTecknologyless packages installed, less packages that get updates17:00
spitfire__you can block updates :P17:01
spitfire__MTecknology: but bloching updates on alpha is a BAD idea.17:02
MTecknologyblock updates?17:02
MTecknologyIt's like I said though - it's an obsession that I limit to my laptop. It'd take a lot to keep me from playing w/ it in this way :P17:03
mphillUbuntu only has ~650 meg live installers17:07
spitfire__mphill: yo're talking about daily-live?17:07
spitfire__or what?17:07
mphilli don't know17:07
mphilljust trying to read things that were said early and piece it together17:08
MTecknologyI'm burning a daily alternate right now17:08
mphillMTecknology: what are you trying to accomplish?17:08
MTecknologymphill: smallest, leanest, fastest ubuntu installation possible17:09
mphillmaybe JeOS?17:10
mphillor debbootstrap17:10
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD17:11
MTecknologyPici: not available for 9.04 yet ;)17:11
MTecknologyI'm already burning though ;)17:11
PiciMTecknology: Install 8.10 minimal and upgrade then17:12
MTecknologyPici: I was going to install the alternernate of 9.04 and remove libgtk and everything qt17:12
mphillwow, 10 megs, thats pretty damn small17:14
mphilleven debian business is like 40 megs17:14
MTecknologyso - which is better.....17:15
mphilloh no. distro wars17:15
MTecknology8.10 upgrade from minimal cd - or 9.04 cli install removing all gtk apps17:15
MTecknologyor will the cli install give me the exact same thing??17:17
mphilli think if you remove gtk there is still going to be a bunch of stuff left over17:17
mphillthere are tons of things that go into ubuntu that do not have GTK as a dependency17:17
MTecknologywill the cli install give me any of that gtk stuff though?17:18
PiciMTecknology: You mean the Alternate CD?17:18
PiciThat installs everything that the Desktop CD does.17:18
MTecknologythe "Command Line" installation option from it17:18
PiciI'm not sure17:18
MTecknologyMy guess is the minimal cd dloads everything to come up with a cli install17:19
MTecknologymphill: do you know?17:20
mphillIf the minimal just does net install I think it would ultimately be the same.17:22
mphillbut the installer should ask you what you want to install, select absolutly nothing17:22
MTecknologyAlrighty, thanks for the help17:24
MTecknologyI'm excited to start playing w/ 9.04. I just hope there aren't any issues like last time where aptitude full-upgrade tried to remove a good portion of the system17:25
MTecknologyIs it bad that I trust Ubuntu enough to be essentially stable enough to use on the only system I have for school 3 months before the release?17:27
mphilli think you can do an install .17:31
MTecknologyext4 is available......17:32
* MTecknology is struck w/ curiousity17:32
MTecknologyI've been using reiserfs for a few resons... 1. ext3 takes a heck of a long time w/ disk checks 2. reiserfs gives me significantly better battery life 3. i forgot the other reason17:33
mphillmy mom is running jaunty17:33
MTecknologyHow will that compare w/ ext4?17:33
mphillfsck is like 2 to 20 times faster17:34
MTecknologyand w/ battery consumption?17:34
MTecknologyany benchmarks yet?17:34
mphillphoronix.com does i think17:36
mphillfrom what i recall it wasn't earth shattering17:36
MTecknologyearth shattering better/worse ?17:37
MTecknologylooks like better17:37
ccookeI'm looking forward to 9.04 because it should be the first release where 64-bit on the desktop is a truly viable option17:40
MTecknologyI have a 64bit system17:41
MTecknologyPhoronix is a pretty awesome site....17:41
MTecknologyvery detailed w/ this comaprison17:41
ccooke(The native 64-bit flash and java plugins mean I don't have to muck around with a 32-bit browser when I need to log into vendor websites for work)17:41
MTecknologyI already don't do that - but the ia32libs are there17:43
MTecknologyanyway - Ext4 over ReiserFS is the decision17:43
ccookeMTecknology: Two points: 1) What article are you looking at? 2) ia32libs will let you run a 32-bit browser, but it isn't integrated into Ubuntu. It won't update properly with the rest of the system.17:44
ccookeFor my work laptop, I want it to *work*. Reliably, and the way I need it to. That means logging into vendor websites that make heavy use of flash interfaces (mostly sorted for 64-bit with nspluginwrapper) and java applets (utterly broken in 64-bit)17:45
MTecknologyI know that feeling17:45
MTecknologyIt's nice to only need to worry about GoDaddy now17:46
MTecknologyI work at a Hy-Vee instead of w/ computer. I just couldn't handle the pricks I was working with17:46
MTecknologylong story - I should write a blog about it17:47
ccookeWhy do you worry about GoDaddy?17:50
ccookeMTecknology: ext4 looks like a clear winner over reiserfs, according to that17:50
ccookeah, yes. I avoided them due to hearing too many horror stories.17:50
MTecknologyya, I found others that say rfs is still a contendor - but we'll see17:51
MTecknologywhat do you use?17:51
MTecknologyI hate godaddy17:51
MTecknology9.04 offers the option to encrypt your home directory w/o pass - seamless encryption17:52
MTecknologyccooke: I might be up for switching to what you use for dns17:53
ccookeMTecknology: register.com are okay. I'm probably going to switch to my own servers shortly, though17:54
ccookeBut I'd have to say I've never had a single complaint against register.com - been using them since about 2002.17:55
ccookeAnyway. I need to go catch a train :-)17:55
MTecknologyccooke: thanks for that web addy17:56
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KuaeraHello; I was wondering the status of the koffice-data-kde4 package conflicting with kde-icons-oxygen, as I would like to test KOffice 2.18:25
c_kornich bekomme diesen fehler http://img2.abload.de/img/unbenanntsu93.png mit dieser konfiguration: http://img2.abload.de/img/unbenannt-1nt6d.png hab ich da was falsch gemacht?18:26
c_kornder fehler kommt nicht, wenn ich nicht verschlüssele18:26
c_kornich benutze übriens die aktuelle jaunty daily18:27
TheInfinityc_korn: this is an english channel18:27
c_kornoh, sorry18:27
c_kornI was redirected here from a german channel :P18:27
TheInfinityc_korn: i know. i'm in this german channel :p18:28
c_kornusing the jaunty daily I get this error http://img2.abload.de/img/unbenanntsu93.png when I use this configuration: http://img2.abload.de/img/unbenannt-1nt6d.png the error does not occur when I don't use the encryption18:29
steven_Hi everyone,I'm runnining Kubuntu Jaunty Jackalope Alpha2.I'm having a problem with Pulseaudio.I'm not getting any sound.My soundcard is a Creative Audigy 2 ZS,I have been to my Windows XP Professional partition,but there are no problems there.18:34
steven_I can see that paman is showing my soundcard,and pavumeter is showing that sound is playing,but I can't hear anything.18:35
c_korndid anyone use ext4 in the current daily build?18:39
Kuaerasteven_: I also have that issue, actually18:40
steven_I haven't used the ext4 from the daily builds,but I have enabled it from reading the Ubuntu forums.I have it both on my root and home partitiions.It is working nicely.18:41
steven_Hi Kuaera,I'm glad I'm not alone.18:42
KuaeraIt seems like a new issue, too. I know I wasn't having problems in Intrepid, and shortly after jumping to Jaunty, I didn't use my linux boot for about a month18:43
c_kornsteven_: ok, but I have a problem when I set up the partitions as encrypted. can you please have a look at this? http://img2.abload.de/img/unbenanntsu93.png http://img2.abload.de/img/unbenannt-1nt6d.png18:47
steven_Hi Korn,I'm sorry but the dialog box is in German,I can't read what it is saying.From what I can tell,it does look serioous.18:50
c_kornsteven_: sorry I forgot that :P18:54
DanaG"  * debian/control: Drop padevchooser(Recommends) and pavucontrol (Suggests) completely - functionality has been subsumed by jaunty's gnome-volume-control."  -- OH REALLY?18:56
DanaGI don't THINK so.18:56
c_kornI will translate it: An error occurred while trying to install the kernel on the target system: Kernel package: "kernel-generic" Check "/var/log/syslog" or the virtual console 4 for more information18:56
DanaGCan you move different apps to different devices with the gnome volume control?  No.  Can you control individual speakers with the gnome volume control?  No.18:56
DanaGSo no, it really is NOT the same functionality.19:00
c_kornsteven_: oh, I think I found it: "stdout: No space left on device"19:00
c_korn8MB are not enough for /boot :P19:00
c_kornwhat size is appropriate for /boot ?19:00
steven_No worries Korn,I would try a program called partedmagic,I think it might be able to help you.I read this thread to get my ext4 working,even though I'm using Grub2:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1033163&highlight=ext419:01
c_kornI need /boot in an unencrypted volume because the others are encrypted19:01
steven_Ok guys,I'll have to leave,I'll be back soon,bye.19:09
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MTecknologyok - I need a little help finishing up my installation.19:20
MTecknologyI launch things like nm-applet and gnome-power-manager and they seem to launch ok - but I never get the icon in my tray19:21
MTecknologyThe only error from nm-applet is ** (nm-applet:3977): WARNING **: No connections defined19:22
jng1MTecknology: assume you have a notification area in your panel?19:22
jng1i managed to delete mine once.. very confusing19:23
MTecknologyya, it's there19:23
MTecknologyI'm using lal for my dock19:23
MTecknologyI guess I forgot to install that :P19:24
TukonHi all19:31
Tukonwill jaunty include qt 4.5???19:32
MTecknologystrangeseraph: hi19:36
strangeseraph:) I'm not testing the alpha because I'm not a linux expert or anything. But I want to know more about it. I couldn't get 8.04 to work on this laptop, but the 8.10 released fixed whatever bug had been present to prevent my laptop from running. Just want to make sure it keeps running in future releases.19:38
MTecknologystrangeseraph: when it gets closer to release time there will be a lot of blogs about the changes19:39
MTecknologyfor me - so far there's been more hardware support, extremely fast boot time, and so far everything is working for me19:40
MTecknologyjust need to remember19:40
ubottuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/19:40
MTecknologywell - I'm gonna run off19:43
MTecknologyeh - nvm19:43
emetstrangeseraph: 9.04 will have OOo 3, ext4 support at install19:44
emetprobably much faster boot time19:44
emetbut that's all I know about it19:44
strangeseraphnice :)19:44
emetit might have support for a few more webcams 8.10 didn't support out of the box too19:45
MTecknologyemet: ya - about 1/10 the boot time19:45
emetbut right now it's a pretty early alpha so most of the features aren't really even finalized yet19:45
* DanaG hates the arrogance of gnome devs who assume their volume control supersedes pavucontrol.19:45
emetMTecknology: cool19:45
MTecknologyemet: I'm gonna run it on my production system...19:45
MTecknologymy laptop - only system I have for school :P19:46
* ccooke wonders if he should migrate his home laptop to 9.04 yet...19:46
ccookeAnyone heard of significant brokenness currently?19:47
emetif you got nothing important on it19:47
emetgo for it19:47
MTecknologyccooke: I shouldn't be on it in my situation19:47
ccookeI usually migrate this laptop about three to four months early19:47
emetit's like playing Russian roulette with every update19:47
MTecknologyemet: I've learned to have a little watchfullness in updates19:48
MTecknologylong as no removes are requested it seems to be a pretty safe operation19:48
MTecknologythat's just my experience19:48
ccookeemet:The worst thing I can lose on this lapotop is a half days work - it's backed up automatically.19:48
MTecknologyI should do that19:49
ccookecron, ssh-key, rsync... No excuse not to, if you have a server :-)19:50
MTecknologyI only have a remote server19:50
MTecknologyI just do manual backups frequently19:50
* ccooke now only runs two servers at home... down from three19:51
MTecknologyWhat should I be using for flash?20:03
MTecknologyI could use flashplugin-nonfree but that's 32bit - I know there's supposed to be a 64bit alternative now20:03
MTecknologyor is it not around yet?20:03
ccookeMTecknology: for now, nspluginwrapper is a fine 64-bit solution20:04
ccookewhen the 64-bit plugin gets packaged, use that20:04
l337ingDisorderanyone familiar with ntfsclone?20:05
MTecknologyccooke: that wants ia32-libs20:07
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=== bobbocanfly is now known as bobbo
ccookeMTecknology: yes, it will. It was stable the last two times I used it - for about three and four months, five months apart20:09
ccookeMTecknology: ia32-libs are a good thing to install anyway20:09
spitfire__MTecknology: what do you need flash for?20:10
MTecknologyspitfire__: websiters20:11
spitfire__If fot youtube, there's a good alternative.20:11
spitfire__If for youtube, there's a good alternative.20:11
c_kornI have setup jaunty daily with encrypted ext4. after entering the passphrase there is only this: http://img1.abload.de/img/unbenannta9eq.png20:11
c_kornnothing more happens20:11
spitfire__c_korn: ext4 is *very* experimental :P20:11
ccookec_korn: ... Huh. My 3g sitck blocks your upload site due to content control. I'd better get that removed :-)20:12
spitfire__MTecknology: BTW 64BIT flash is available;)20:12
MTecknologyspitfire__: that's what I was looking for20:12
ccookespitfire__: is it in Jaunty?20:12
spitfire__I don't know if it's packaged.20:12
spitfire__ccooke: what?20:12
MTecknologySo I just need to wait for it?20:12
spitfire__will search;)20:12
spitfire__MTecknology: http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html20:13
MTecknologynot in repos yet20:13
spitfire__ccooke: MTecknology: I'll check if it's available on jaunty, if not, then I'll check debian.20:14
spitfire__And package it if available anywhere.20:14
MTecknologyI'll just wait20:14
spitfire__anyone interested in jaunty package?20:14
spitfire__not jaunty20:14
spitfire__MTecknology: and you can install it manually;)20:15
MTecknologyI can install from that site - no prob20:15
spitfire__Remove flashplayer-nonfree package and follow adobe's instructions20:16
spitfire__but remove. flashplayer-nonfree20:16
c_kornspitfire__: I thought ext4 was released as final. hm20:16
MTecknologyI have libflashplayer.so20:16
spitfire__c_korn: ext4 just changed state from development version 2 months ago.20:17
MTecknologyI assumed it was a make; make install thing20:17
spitfire__So I *bet* it;s less stable thn reiser420:17
spitfire__MTecknology: no.20:17
spitfire__It goes somewhere in ~/.mozilla/plugins20:17
spitfire__I guess.20:17
spitfire__But google.20:17
spitfire__Or just *follow the f* instrucions*20:18
MTecknologyspitfire__: ya - that was retardedly easy20:20
spitfire__MTecknology: i knew ;) You just have to know where to copy it.20:20
MTecknologythanks :)20:20
MTecknologynow I should start fixing the boot time errors...20:20
spitfire__But remember: it'll be only available for your user if under ~/.mozilla/*20:20
MTecknologyyup - ty20:21
c_kornspitfire__: http://www.abload.de/img/unbenannt-165i5.png that is shown in the console. maybe I did the encryption wrong. I used an encrypted volume per partition20:21
spitfire__c_korn: fdisk -l20:21
c_kornspitfire__: fdisk not found20:22
spitfire__try to write disk name in /ev/sd* manner in /etc/fstab20:22
spitfire__c_korn: you have busybox.20:22
spitfire__try to reboot to other kernel.20:22
spitfire__Do you have any other/20:23
c_kornehm, no20:23
c_kornI have an unencrypted /boot20:23
c_kornthen encrypted /, /home and swap20:23
c_korneach have an own logical volume with different passphrases20:24
MTecknologyI get this message when I boot up - Pulseaudio configured for per-user sessions - I know it's not an error but I can't figure out how to change this. Google doesn't want to help much20:24
spitfire__c_korn: do you know the disk names? like /dev/sda7 ?20:25
spitfire__MTecknology: it's not;)20:25
MTecknologyright - that's what I said20:25
spitfire__MTecknology: it's better than system-wide20:25
spitfire__MTecknology: really20:25
spitfire__I had some probs with PA lately.20:25
x1250MTecknology, check /etc/pulse/ directory for the config files20:26
c_kornspitfire__: ls works. it shows up /dev/sda{,1,2,5,6,7}20:26
spitfire__You know, you can play sound across network20:26
spitfire__c_korn: try to replace /dev/disk_by_uuid thing in grub by your disks /dev/sd** name20:26
spitfire__MTecknology: You know, you can play sound across network. And I can't get it working.20:27
c_kornspitfire__: I have not all commands like nano in this initramfs20:28
spitfire__I know.20:28
spitfire__But when grub menu appears.20:28
spitfire__You can edit boot entry.20:28
spitfire__with e20:28
MTecknologyx1250:would  daemonize = yes be the answer then?20:29
spitfire__try to replace  /dev/disk_by_uuid thing in grub by your disks /dev/sd** name20:29
MTecknologyspitfire__: what makes system wide bad?20:29
spitfire__MTecknology: unsafe.20:29
MTecknologyspitfire__: sound is unsafe?20:29
spitfire__MTecknology: many other reasons I don't remember20:29
x1250MTecknology, no idea, google it, I just knew where there was an /etc/pulse with config files :) (I hate pulseaudio)20:30
spitfire__MTecknology: someone *MIGHT* break into system using leak in pulse.20:30
c_kornspitfire__: ah, you mean the boot options: kernel /vmlinuz.... root=/dev/mapper/sda5_crypt20:30
spitfire__x1250: cause you can't configure it.20:30
spitfire__c_korn: yah20:30
spitfire__x1250: just uninstall it and use alsa if it's too hard.20:31
x1250spitfire__, because it does not work.20:31
spitfire__MTecknology: x1250: Pulseaudio can be great but if it;s to hard to use, you can just remove it and use alsa.20:31
c_kornspitfire__: replace with root=/dev/sda5 ?20:31
spitfire__c_korn: try.20:31
spitfire__It won't stay there.20:32
x1250hard to use? what is this? rocket science?20:32
spitfire__x1250: no offense, but just not for newbies.20:32
spitfire__I don't know why it's defau;t in ubuntu20:32
MTecknologyspitfire__: I think I'm using both20:32
spitfire__It shouldn't be deafault especially in LTS20:33
MTecknologyI use alsa to change the volume - but it doesn't work unless I launch pulseaudo20:33
spitfire__x1250: you can disable it in gnome-sound-properties.20:33
spitfire__^^same to you MTecknology20:33
x1250spitfire__, my problem with pulseaudio are sound artifacts20:33
x1250i doubt that is my fault.20:33
spitfire__x1250: resampler then.20:33
MTecknologyspitfire__: I don't have any gnome apps20:33
spitfire__What hardware do you own?20:34
x1250spitfire__, any docs on that?20:34
spitfire__MTecknology: so what uses pulse?20:34
spitfire__MTecknology: aaaahh kde?20:34
spitfire__x1250: I'll help you20:34
MTecknologyspitfire__: I'm removing pulseaudio - i'll see how it goes after a reboot20:34
MTecknologyI hate KDE20:34
MTecknologyI have openbox20:34
spitfire__MTecknology: I also do.20:34
spitfire__I'm gnome ;P20:34
MTecknologyIt's installed from cli20:35
MTecknologyI do like Gnome - but I prefer the speed I'm getting20:35
x1250spitfire__, 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)20:35
spitfire__x1250: computer, processor ram.20:35
spitfire__x1250: and give me output of 'cat /etc/pulse/daemon.conf |grep resample-method'20:36
MTecknologyI am getting these errors though - http://pastebin.com/m3565782020:36
spitfire__x1250: and 'cat ~/.pulse/daemon.conf |grep resample-method'20:37
spitfire__MTecknology: 2.6.28 is quite new.20:37
spitfire__And everybody: it's experimental: don't expect *anything* to work.20:38
x1250spitfire__, a dell notebook: intel centrino 1.66Ghz dual core, 2GB RAM 800Mhz.          resample-method = speex-float-120:38
spitfire__x1250: fuck20:38
MTecknologyspitfire__: I didn't expect it to - I just figured that if there's a way to make it work, I'll do it20:38
c_kornspitfire__: http://img1.abload.de/img/unbenannt-2197s.png20:39
spitfire__MTecknology: probably there isn't.20:39
MTecknologyspitfire__: so I need time for that to work?20:39
c_korndoes not seem to fix it20:39
c_korncan I create all partitions that need to be encrypted in one encrypted volume instead of creating one for each partition?20:39
c_kornmaybe that is the source of the problem20:39
spitfire__c_korn: it says it doesn't detect this dev by uuid thing20:40
spitfire__so the disk uuid changed.20:40
MTecknologyspitfire__: oh ya - vbox is why I use pulseaudio20:40
spitfire__and your config haven't20:40
spitfire__MTecknology: vbox?20:40
spitfire__ I thought it's virtualbox kernel module.20:40
spitfire__So what does it have to do with pulse?20:41
MTecknologyeven virtualbox refers to itself as vbox :P20:41
MTecknologyIt can use it as the saound server so it wants it installed too20:41
spitfire__MTecknology: f**20:42
spitfire__c_korn: lsmod |grep ext420:42
spitfire__or cat /proc/modules grep ext420:42
spitfire__*or cat /proc/modules |grep ext420:43
spitfire__MTecknology: which part of it depends on pulse?20:44
MTecknologyspitfire__: idk exactly20:45
MTecknologyI'll brb20:45
spitfire__MTecknology: then check.20:45
c_kornspitfire__: outputs nothing :P20:46
vita_hi all20:46
c_kornwhy isn't it loaded?20:46
spitfire__c_korn: no f* idea20:46
spitfire__modprobe ext420:46
vita_how can I enable ctrl+alt+backspace to restart X?20:46
c_kornspitfire__: and after that?20:47
spitfire__vita_: it's xorg 1.6_pre baby ;P20:47
spitfire__cat /proc/modules |grep ext420:47
c_kornspitfire__: still nothing20:48
x1250vita_, Section ServerFlags: Option "DontZap" "False"20:48
vita_x1250: thanks20:48
spitfire__c_korn: then you don't have that module I think..20:49
MTecknologyspitfire__: everything seems to be working perfect now20:49
spitfire__try if you get anything with cat /proc/modules20:49
MTecknology162MB RAM used after loggin in and letting everything load :)20:49
spitfire__MTecknology: what?20:49
MTecknologyI needed to install two extra packages for vbox to work20:49
spitfire__MTecknology: pulse might be bloat. Most people on't need it. But it might be GREAT tool.20:50
c_kornspitfire__: http://www.abload.de/img/unbenannt-3dljt.png20:50
spitfire__c_korn: ext4, right?20:51
MTecknologyspitfire__: it looks like openjdk-6-jre also wants pulseaudio20:52
spitfire__reboot, in grub there are two lines. edit both. replace diskbyuuid think in both20:52
c_kornspitfire__: right, inside an encrypted logical volume. did not test it without encryption, yet20:52
spitfire__MTecknology: then use sun-jre-bin20:52
spitfire__MTecknology: I know it's not open:/20:53
spitfire__But won't require it :P20:53
spitfire__MTecknology: what lol?20:53
MTecknologyspitfire__: you wanna help walk be through getting rid of pulse?20:53
spitfire__MTecknology: I don't get what you're thinking.20:54
MTecknologyI'm not entirely sure either20:54
MTecknologyI think for the moment I'll keep using pulseaudio since it's been working for me - when I have a chance I'll drop it20:54
MTecknologyactually - I did drop it all20:55
MTecknologynope - i lied20:55
MTecknologynow to figure out how to test sound20:56
MTecknologydns lookup time is taking a long time :S20:56
spitfire__MTecknology: pulseadio is great, when you (for example) want to play sound on another computer (which is veeery useful for me)20:58
spitfire__(laptop speakers suck)20:59
MTecknologyYou're pretty much saying that it's really good - but too much for most people?20:59
mphillwell GNOME is moving full steam ahead on adopting pulseaudio.21:00
mphillits just taking a long time to get all the bugs fixed21:00
mphilli think the flash issue was a huge deal, but that seems pretty much resolved21:00
mphillheck, i even have the native 64-bit version running (great btw)21:01
c_kornspitfire__: http://img2.abload.de/img/unbenannt-4tvwn.png there is no line with an UUID there21:01
MTecknologyspitfire__: It doesn't seem to like my Capture device21:02
spitfire__c_korn: then no f* idea man.21:02
spitfire__It must be in initrd, and I have no idea how to change it.21:02
spitfire__MTecknology: #pulseaudio.21:02
MTecknologyspitfire__: It's being displayed in alsamixer as read21:02
spitfire__Let's get it moving:P21:02
c_kornspitfire__: ok, thank you very much. I will ask then in a forum or open a bug report. best regards21:03
MTecknologywell - I consider my system working21:03
MTecknologyspitfire__: thanks21:03
spitfire__MTecknology: I'm also ther ;)21:03
spitfire__People are you all from Germany?21:03
spitfire__I'm about 30 km from Stuttgart :P21:04
c_kornme, 220km from Stuttgart :P21:05
spitfire__I'm from poland21:07
spitfire__Aber ich bin bei meine Mutter.;P21:07
c_kornspitfire__: the problem is encryption related. I reinstalled the current jaunty daily without encryption and it boots fine21:52
spitfire__c_korn: that was rather obvious.21:52
c_kornok, not to me :P21:52
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Melikhey guys is everyone else having trouble with nvidia and xorg on jaunty?23:20
TheInfinityyea. known prob. nvidia has no 3d drivers for latest kernel release.23:20
TheInfinitylatest *xorg release.23:20
MelikTheInfinity, any idea when it might be released?23:21
TheInfinityMelik: when nvidia thinks its done :)23:21
Melikheh, i hope its sometime soon or i'm guna go blind on 800 x 600 :$23:22
spitfire__Melik: try beta drivers.23:24
Melikspitfire__, where would i find them?23:24
TheInfinitynvidia site?23:24
spitfire__TheInfinity: yes.23:26
TheInfinityspitfire__: that was not really a question ;)23:26
spitfire__TheInfinity: I know.23:27
spitfire__Melik: are u sure testing release suits you? You can't even find drivers....23:27
spitfire__TheInfinity:  what's new in jaunty since last beta?23:31
spitfire__Cause xorg 1.6 and new kernel is not enough for me ;)23:31
TheInfinityspitfire__: atm i dont have a working jaunty ;)23:31
spitfire__(to switch)23:31
spitfire__Melik:   what's new in jaunty since last beta?23:32
TheInfinityspitfire__: install it in a vm then you know :p23:32
Melikhonestly no idea, i just installed it yesterday23:32
spitfire__Ok, but what since 8.10 except new or and kernel?23:33

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