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=== flaw is now known as Flaw
* _MMA_ likes the caution stripes in the new Inkscape (Devel) icon. :P20:01
kwwii_MMA_: hey man, thanks!20:29
kwwiidid you see the final moon pic?20:29
kwwiiI have tested the inkscape packages on intrepid and hardy, if anyone finds any problems with them let myself or _MMA_ or ted know20:29
kwwii_MMA_: wanna add that to the wiki?20:32
_MMA_kwwii: Sorry. 1 sec20:35
_MMA_kwwii: Which wiki? Inkscapes? I don't really work on it.20:36
_MMA_And I have the PPA package running on 3 machines just fine.20:36
_MMA_kwwii:  And this is better than the last. https://launchpadlibrarian.net/21037460/moon-inkscape1.png20:37
_MMA_kwwii: On the Art teams pages, do we have a "common tools" page or something?20:39
kwwii_MMA_: on the tools page of the ubuntu artwork wiki pages20:39

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