maxbThis is a bit of a weird question... but where does the GNOME panel network monitor get its data from?01:15
maxbI'm experimenting with madwifi-hal on my Asus Aspire One, because ath5k seems somewhat less than reliable01:16
maxbAnd it seems to work... except that the monitor shows phantom network activity for no clear reason01:16
rawhello everyone - is this the correct place to get some help on new desktop install?01:25
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crevettegood morning07:33
huatsmorning all09:22
mvohey huats09:23
huatshey mvo :)09:25
huatsand seb128 :)09:25
seb128lut huats09:26
mvoslomo: I mailed tim about the preformance issues with the bbc plugin with the new codec install stuff, should I forward the mail to you as well ? I guess that is a good idea maybe you have some good ideas as well09:32
mvoslomo: I think otherwise we can do a new upload to experimental and sync into ubuntu09:32
mvonot quite ready in all points but a good step forward09:33
slomomvo: yeah, please CC me :) tim told me about your mail and asked me some questions already ;) also, please upload it when you think it's ready :)09:56
mvoslomo: slomo(at)debian.org ?09:56
mvoslomo: bounced09:58
slomothanks :)10:00
mvoslomo: feedback welcome. I can publish the current patch (that takes too long :) if needed - but its pretty trivial10:01
slomomvo: essentially you're interating over all packages and do what gnome-codec-install does?10:01
mvoslomo: yes10:05
mvoslomo: http://people.ubuntu.com/~mvo/tmp/bbc_totem_plugin_new_codec_install_system.diff10:07
slomowhy is it that slow? in gnome-codec-install it's less than 5 seconds here10:07
mvoslomo: have you tried it with a cold cache? its fast when the its in the disk cache10:07
mvoI think its perfectly acceptable for g-c-i because it needs to do it only once for each missing codec10:08
mvobut the bbc plugin does this check on each startup :/10:08
slomoi guess you don't have an idea how to improve that in the BBC plugin? :) it needs this information to only show those files for which codecs can be installed10:08
mvo echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches10:09
mvoto simulate it10:09
mvoits tricky, we can always generate a static cached version and use that but that removes a lot of the flexibility we have with the new system10:10
mpt"The configuration file /etc/default/console-setup specifies a keyboard layout and variant that are not supported by the configuration program.  Because of that, no questions about the keyboard layout will be asked and your current configuration will be preserved."10:11
slomomvo: maybe add a button to the totem BBC plugin to "refresh codec information" and use a static version there ;)10:11
* mpt doesn't understand that10:12
slomompt: that file contains a keyboard setting that is not known by the configuration program so instead of offering you some questions to change it (and you have to change it to something else then) it simply takes the values from there instead of asking questions10:13
mvoslomo: hm, good idea, thinking about it we could a cache what packages/versions we have seen already10:13
mvoslomo: or cheat (I like cheating!)10:14
mvoslomo: and only inspect packages that have the word gstreamer in them10:14
* mvo likes htis idea10:14
slomois it much faster then?10:14
* crevette was thinking about htat10:14
mptslomo, what configuration program?10:15
mptthis came up when I was installing updates10:15
slomompt: the debconf stuff of console-setup i guess10:15
mvoslomo: yes, should be - what makes it slow is reading the package records, the information "name, dependencies etc are all cache in a (faster) mmap strcutrue"10:15
* mvo can't type10:15
slomoseb128: you want to sync gstreamer0.10 later, fixes FTBFS for binary-arch ;)10:16
mvompt: that comes striaght from debconf, cjwatson is probably someone to talk to about it10:16
slomomvo: ok, that would work too then :)10:16
mvoslomo: I try it now, thanks for you input :)10:16
* mvo hugs slomo10:16
* slomo hugs mvo 10:16
seb128slomo: yeah, I was going to do that, thanks for the following on those issues ;-)10:16
mvompt: I assume you did not edit /etc/defaul/console-setup by hand?10:17
slomomvo: this won't work for bluez-audio then but OTOH it doesn't contain any codecs, just an audio sink ;) iirc all other packages contain gstreamer in their name10:17
mvoslomo: I could check dependencies too, slightly more expansive but still cheaper than the record10:18
slomono, the name is good enough IMHO :)10:18
mvompt: actually it might be a caused by the global keyboard config button ...10:18
mvoslomo: ok10:18
mptmvo, I think I haven't ever edited it by hand10:23
mvoslomo: it looks like this brought it from 30s to less than 1 sec10:23
* mvo likes that10:23
sorenasac: I forget... Did you want me to remind you this week or next week about the plugin finder database update?10:24
slomomvo: sounds good :)10:26
* mvo goes and patches totem 10:27
asacsoren: lets make that next week ;). is that good enough for you?10:29
sorenasac: Sure.10:37
didrockshey all10:59
slomoseb128: please sync gstreamer0.10, not -2 ;)10:59
seb128slomo: too late10:59
seb128slomo: what is broken in -2?11:00
slomothe binary-indep detection is broken and it will fail the same way as -1 :)11:00
slomoi mean, it will fail unless binary-indep is built too11:00
seb128ok, will sync -3 when it's available11:01
slomothanks :)11:01
huatsmvo: a tricky question for you (seb128 told me to ask you)11:49
seb128it's not really tricky ;-)11:49
huatsdo you know a way to compare 2 OR MORE debian package version number11:49
huatsdpkg --compare-version only take 2 arguments11:49
huatsI will be interested in more11:49
sorenWhat would the expected output be?11:57
huatssoren: I don't mind11:58
huatsI would adapt myself :)11:58
maxbhuats: So, you want to sort a list of debian version numbers?12:54
huatsmaxb: yep12:55
maxbin Python:   import apt_pkg; apt_pkg.init(); lots_of_versions.sort(apt_pkg.VersionCompare)12:56
huatsmaxb: ok12:59
huatsthanks I  try that13:00
mvoseb128: can you please sync gnome-codec-install from debian incoming ?13:17
seb128mvo: done13:30
seb128mvo: and NEWed too13:31
mvothanks seb12813:38
seb128mvo: you're welcome13:38
seb128mvo: you are switching jaunty to it now?13:38
mvoseb128: yes, not quite yet but soon, its in good shape13:39
seb128mvo: cool, let me know if you need some help testing it13:39
mvoseb128: just install it and play with it, should work already (the totem bbc plugin got ported too with the latest upload)13:40
mvothe bbc plugin is pretty cool too IMO :)13:40
seb128a bit slow13:40
seb128but cool13:40
mvothe bbc plugin? or the codec search stuff?13:40
seb128the bbc thing, or a least it needs to download the index which can take some time over a slow internet connection13:41
mvoaha, yes13:41
mvoits pretty fast for me, but I have a good line13:41
seb128we got quite some bugs about it in the first version13:41
mvoseb128: is it better now?13:42
seb128because it was downloading at the totem startup and people where wondering why totem was freezen for a minutes before starting to play anything13:42
mvooh - yeah :)13:42
seb128now it only download when you select the bbc option13:42
seb128so that's ok ;-)13:42
pedro_hello folks ;-)13:43
mvohey pedro_13:43
seb128hey pedro_13:43
seb128pedro_: how are you? not too hard to catch up on all those bugs?13:44
seb128pedro_: I was busy on GNOME 2.25.4 this week but I'll bug triage next week13:44
seb128cassidy: there?13:47
cassidyseb128: I am13:47
seb128cassidy: do you have any clue about the telepathy-glib version that is likely to go into jaunty?13:48
seb128cassidy: or do you know who would know?13:48
cassidyseb128: I'd say the more recent, the better is13:48
cassidywhy? is there a problem with it ?13:48
seb128cassidy: is there any schedule about coming tarballs?13:48
seb128cassidy: no, I just got asked by somebody else13:48
cassidydon't know. I'm not really working on tp-glib13:49
cassidybut we recently fixed some nasty crashes so it would be good to have a recent version13:49
cassidynot sure if we already release with them though13:49
cassidyseb128: bigon is the Telepathy Ubuntu guy :)13:50
bigontelepathy-glib |   0.7.20-1 | jaunty/universe | sourc13:50
cassidywhen is the freeze deadline ?13:50
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seb128cassidy: 2009-03-nn I guess ;-)13:51
cassidyok so that shouldn't be a problem13:52
seb128bigon: hey, I got asked if you plan to update empathy in jaunty btw ;-)13:54
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bigonseb128: I'm waiting that the new version goes throught the debian new queue13:55
seb128bigon: ah, you already started on GNOME 2.25 in debian?13:55
seb128bigon: there is no ubuntu change remaining?13:56
seb128ie, you are waiting to sync?13:56
Zdraseb128: jaunty already has 2.25.3, no? 2.25.4 was released recently13:57
bigonthere is only one patch remaining, I must discuss about it with zdra (again)13:57
bigon.2 in jaunty13:57
seb128Zdra: 2.25.213:58
Zdrabigon: there is 1 patch in debian package for latest release, a hot fix already committed in trunk13:59
Zdraand 1 ubuntu patch... but we already discussed it13:59
seb128it can be a good idea to upload the debian version as 0ubuntu1 to bypass new and ask a sync when it'll be newed in debian13:59
bigonZdra: but we should discuss it again :p14:00
bigonseb128: ok I will do that when I have some time14:00
Zdrabigon: my opinion is it has absolutely nothing to do in a ubuntu package, if you want to discuss attach the patch on an upstream bug14:01
bigonZdra: you already close the bug as notfix14:01
Zdrawith a good reason IIRC14:02
seb128what is the change about there?14:03
Zdraseb128: tabs on chat window does not take the full width in ubuntu14:03
seb128that seems to make sense14:04
seb128that's what other GNOME software do14:04
seb128why don't you want to use that change?14:04
Zdraseb128: that's not what gnome-terminal does14:04
Zdrawhat I don't like is: 1) contact that have long alias (all msn contacts) the tab takes the full width and other conversations are hidden, you have to scroll it. 2) tabs have variant width which makes harder to close them14:05
Zdrain fact there is absolutely no rule for tab width, each app have different behaviour14:06
seb128that's a discussion to take upstream14:06
seb128but most GNOME software do it the other way14:06
seb128ie gedit14:06
Zdraseb128: wrong14:07
Zdraseb128: gedit has variable tab width, nautilus has fixed width14:08
seb128which means 3 applications and 3 different ways14:08
Zdragnome-terminal uses the full width and gives the same size for each tab14:08
Zdraand empathy has a 4th way: tab are shown even if there is only one14:09
seb128that should really be discussed upstream then14:09
seb128on desktop-devel-list14:09
seb128would be nice to have HIG recommendations on that14:09
seb128and a standard behaviour14:09
Zdraseb128: I agree that it must be discussed upstream, even if the answer could really be "it depends on the usage of the application"14:10
seb128why would it depend?14:10
Zdraseb128: it makes sense for empathy to always show the tab (even if only one) because there is more info in it (type notification, presence icon, etc)14:11
seb128maybe the tab is not the only or the best way to display those though14:12
dobeypidgin solves that problem by putting the information in like 5 different places in the same window :-/14:12
Zdradobey: exactly why I take pidgin as an example of what is wrong14:12
* bigon is quite happy to have launch this discussion :p14:12
dobeyZdra: yes, but because pidgin is wrong/crap, doesn't mean empathy is right, either :)14:12
Zdradobey: sure14:13
ZdraI'm open to discussion, but I don't like ubuntu adding patches like that where upstream explicitely said it is not that easy14:13
dobeyalso the HIG does have recommendations on this14:13
dobeybut nobody seems to follow them any more14:13
dobeythe HIG's position is "don't do MDI"14:14
seb128Zdra: right, the patch has been quickly added, I think the intend was to try to standardize the desktop applications which is probably something we will do at some point even if upstream doesn't but that was not really discussed there and a bit quickly14:16
Zdraseb128: if it is a decision of ubuntu's desktop team that was discussed, I can accept it, there is no problem. But I think it is just a maintainer pushing for its own personal feeling and ignoring upstream (was not bigon).14:20
seb128Zdra: right, Keybuk did the change I think14:20
Zdraanyway, it's not that important :)14:20
seb128Zdra: no that was not discussed, but there was some specs already about standardizing the tabs behaviour between applications though14:21
bigonI will drop a mail to gnome usuability ml maybe14:22
crevetteI think this is already a bug about that, I remember hub telling me that back in 200514:23
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seb128vuntz: there to talk about gnome-session?16:07
vuntzseb128: euh, j'ai piscine ?16:08
seb128vuntz: t'es pas crédible ;-)16:09
vuntzhad to try16:09
seb128vuntz: do you run current 2.25? is the new mixer applet correctly autostarted for you?16:09
vuntzseb128: no, I only have a jhbuilt 2.2516:09
seb128vuntz: I get timeout error for the /usr/share/gnome/autostart desktop, could be due to gnome-wm which is installed there on ubuntu though16:10
huatsseb128: Guess who has a nice hack of check-symbols :)16:10
vuntzseb128: let me update gnome-media and see on jhbuild16:10
seb128huats: cool ;-) try to get #ubuntu-motu to review and upload it then16:10
seb128vuntz: thanks16:10
huatsseb128: that is too much of a hack....16:10
huatsbut I'l try :)16:10
seb128vuntz: do you use gnome-wm in opensuse? or did you do the compiz fallback thing an another way?16:10
vuntzseb128: we use gnome-wm too16:11
seb128vuntz: do you get timeout errors in your .xsession-errors? I had the same error on 2.2416:14
vuntzI get a timeout for the new volume control stuff, indeed16:18
vuntzI can't see a timeout for gnome-wm on my .xsession-errors, but that doesn't mean anything ;-)16:18
seb128vuntz: if you get the timeout too that means that's not ubuntu specific which is already something ;-)16:20
seb128vuntz: thanks for testing16:21
crevetteseb128: hello16:43
seb128lut crevette16:43
crevette I was not able to package latest gnome-nettol due to a patch I wasn't able to  update (03_autoconf)16:43
crevetteI should just run autoconf to update the patch ?16:44
seb128what issue did you get when trying to update it?16:46
crevettelet me try again16:48
seb128crevette: usually want to want to do is16:53
seb128go to the source, move the patch away, run cdbs-edit-patch, autoconf, clean the cache dir, and close the patch edit16:54
crevetteit is what I did but if I look at the patch, the files modified are not the same, the original touched configure and aclocal.m416:55
crevettetwith the new one, I do what you said and it touches only configure16:55
seb128crevette: that's not an issue, the aclocal change was probably because upstream didn't use the same autotools version16:58
seb128crevette: if they do now only the configure change16:58
crevetteseb128: okay, now gnome-nettool FTBFS17:06
seb128crevette: what error?17:06
crevettehmmm, missing variable, probable lpi patch I modified17:07
crevetteseb128: okay I fixed all the remaining problem with gnome-nettool17:36
seb128crevette: cool17:37
pedro_seb128: the retracers are working again?18:08
seb128pedro_: yes, why?18:08
seb128pedro_: you didn't notice the bug mails about retracing? ;-)18:08
pedro_seb128: i did but with a lot of failed ones, now i'm getting a few with good ones ;-)18:09
* pedro_ happy18:09
pedro_seb128: thanks you18:09
seb128you're welcome18:09
seb128the not good ones were the one we got during the time they were not running18:09
seb128versions changed meanwhile and the retracing didn't work correctly18:09
seb128new bugs should be working now18:09
seb128brb, trying other changes18:10
pedro_nice nice nice18:10
pittipedro_: working on it as fast as I can...18:10
* pedro_ hugs pitti18:10
pedro_you rock ;-)18:10
* pitti hugs pedro_18:10
pittiSystemError: E:I wasn't able to locate file for the mesa-utils package. This might mean you need to manually fix this package.18:10
pittimvo: ^ what does that mean?18:10
pittimvo: (from "if not pm.GetArchives(fetcher, self._list, self._records):")18:11
ftaseb128: could you do something for fennec? it's stuck in the NEW queue since last year.20:00
seb128fta: what is fennec?20:00
ftaa browser, kind of firefox for mobile but also usable on the desktop for web/addons developpers20:01
ftait's in my ppa too, if you want to see it running20:02
seb128fta: ok, that's not for today, I've to run a few minutes and it's probably going to take longer than that to review but I'll try to have a look next week20:05
ftaseb128, it's a really small package but it's ok20:06
ftaje ne suis plus à un jour près :P20:06
Tm_Tfta: kiitos samoin20:07
ftaTm_T, :)20:08
johanbrOn a fresh install of the Jaunty daily build from today, Nautilus segfaults when I plug in a usb drive. Is this known?21:58
Tm_Tjohanbr: ooh, that's great!21:58
johanbrit is?21:59
crevettethis is know by me at least22:02
crevetteI had that few time and when I tried to chase it disappeared22:03
crevetteif you can have a stacktrace it would be cool I guesse22:03
johanbrcrevette: alright, I'll see what I can find. thanks22:14

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