angiehow do i build nvidia support into my xconfig for a ubuntu gresec kernel setup00:14
angiehow do i select the kernel i want to use in ubuntu00:30
angielik eeselect00:31
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jonpackardHello. I'm testing the jaunty-armel 2.6.28-4-versatile kernel in qemu and seem to be running into problems. I've been comparing it against the debian-armel 2.6.26-1-versatile kernel. I can boot the debian kernel fine but I can't even get a kernel panic out of the ubuntu kernel. Could anybody please offer any suggestions?07:15
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sorenkeybuk: What is your suggested course of action wrt. bug 314879? You don't want udev's initramfs hook to create /etc/udev/rules.d, and I feel it would be wrong for lvm2, dmsetup, mdadm, etc. to move to /lib/udev/rules.d without a versioned dependency on udev, but you just /removed/ lvm2's dependency on udev, so I'm a bit confused where we're going here?10:49
ubot3Malone bug 314879 in udev "root on LVM broken since latest udev 136-2" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31487910:49
sorenNew debhelper will make sure the rules files are installed in the right place, but the initramfs hooks all hardcode the location.10:49
Keybuksoren: the removing the dep was a mistake, the dep can go back10:50
KeybukI'd assumed the dep was simply there for watershed10:50
Keybukso changed it to one on watershed10:50
Keybukbtw, devmapper doesn't depend on udev - so there's no way to introduce a versioned dependency on it ;)10:51
sorenOk. So a versioned dependency on udev (>> 134) ?10:51
Keybukudev (>= 136-1)10:51
sorenHmm... Ok. So for devmapper we just change the path and pretend everything is fine?10:52
soren(which it is, but still)10:52
Keybukthere's no configure-order dependency with udev10:52
sorenOk. I can do lvm2, mdadm and devmapper.10:53
soren(devmapper needs a no-change upload to move to /lib/udev/rules.d)10:53
Keybukno change?10:53
Keybukat least bump the b-d on debhelper?10:53
sorenErm.. No, I didn't mean to do that, actually.10:55
sorenIt doesn't need the newer debhelper to work. If people want to use the source package on older versions of Ubuntu, debhelper will DTRT.10:56
sorenThe dependency is for the binary package, really, but there's really no useful way to express that.10:57
sorenUnless, of course..10:57
sorenWe could make the new dh_installudev add the versioned udev dependency to a misc:Depends?10:58
sorenOh, right, you said devmapper couldn't depend on udev.10:58
Keybukwell, I think it can11:01
Keybukbut Debianistas do that silly "but you can use devmapper without udev, I want to uninstall udev, it should only be a Recommends" thing11:01
Keybukand of course, you can't have versioned Recommends11:02
Keybukhonestly, I don't worry about it much11:03
Keybukthey'll have the new udev anyway11:03
sorenBlargh, dmsetup's hook of course needs the new path.11:05
* soren needs to reboot11:08
smb_tpKeybuk, BTW, forget my mail then. It was just about the same issue with rules.d11:54
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Keybukanyone feel brave enough to set CONFIG_USB_DEVICEFS=n ?12:28
Keybuksoren: have uploaded a version of watershed that installs into the initramfs, you'll want to depend on that too (>= 2)12:35
sorenKeybuk: Ah, yes. Will do.12:40
sorenKeybuk: Pushed devmapper, lvm2, and mdadm.12:49
redondoshi. what is the reasoning behind disabling CONFIG_SND_DYNAMIC_MINORS in -generic and -server but not in -virtual?13:11
sorenWhich Ubuntu version?13:16
redondossoren: 8.0413:25
sorenNo particular reason. Sounds like a mistake.13:26
redondosthe mistake being not having it enabled in all kernels?13:27
redondos(or the other way around)13:27
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sorenredondos: Mistake being that the virtual kernel differs.13:55
jonpackardHello. I'm testing the jaunty-armel 2.6.28-4-versatile kernel in qemu and seem to be running into problems. I've been comparing it against the debian-armel 2.6.26-1-versatile kernel. I can boot the debian kernel fine but I can't even get a kernel panic out of the ubuntu kernel. Could anybody please offer any suggestions?14:15
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marijushello is there a testing ppa for 2.6.29?14:35
rtgjonpackard: wait until Monday when Amit is back. 14:38
rtgmarijus: no test kernel yet14:38
redondosthanks, soren14:40
jonpackardThanks rtg!14:41
Kanohi rtg , do you want to include a backport of rt2860/70 from 2.6.29/staging? those wifi chips are very common15:23
rtgKano: do those drivers actually work? I'm not interested in a bunch of bug reports on what greg refers to as "utter garbage"15:26
Kanortg: well i know one with one of those chips, could be simply tested when you add it15:26
rtgKano: I'll tell you what, you add it to your kernel and report back. I'm not really interested in a development driver.15:28
Kanoeven if lots of netbooks already use em and those cheap draft-n sticks?15:28
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maxbIs it documented anywhere why linux-restricted-modules works the way it does? I am curious why linking the modules at boot-time is useful18:26
rtgmaxb: I've argued that it is a legal fiction. I'm trying to get that runtime link step removed based on boot time performance.18:32
maxbI'm quite curious as to the rationale of the fiction even if it is fiction! :-)18:32
mjg59maxb: Issues with the legalities of distributing binary-only modules that are linked against GPLed components18:33
maxbwhere the gpl components are other .o files that make up the same module?18:34
rtgmaxb: metaphorically, its the difference of shipping with a loaded gun v.s. shipping a gun with the ammo packed in the same box.18:35
maxbnice analogy :-)18:35
mjg59maxb: Yeah18:37
maxbok, thanks. I'm happy now that I know why this crazy dance is happening :-)18:38
mjg59(Note: Not legal advice, not in a position to speak on behalf of Canonical, blah blah blah)18:39
pwnguinif linking at runtime is a legal fiction, then how is removing that step acceptable?19:34
maxbI assume rtg was implying "fictionally legal"19:38
pwnguinusually, "legal fiction" denotes a legal theory believed to not stand up in court19:40
maxbWell, it probably doesn't matter too much. Intrepid's l-r-m only contains two wireless drivers, and one of those (madwifi) is becoming properly free19:42
pwnguini believe nvidia has a similar problem?19:42
maxbThat seems to have been migrated to dkms19:42
pwnguinright. hrm19:43
pwnguinwhich is sort of a link on package install or kernel upgrade, no?19:44
* maxb chuckles at cking's quit message19:45
pwnguini have join/parts on ignore on this channel, since a lot of activity is basically just that =/19:47
maxb* cking has quit ("Me transmitte sursum, caledoni")19:47
pwnguinand i can't figure out how to get irssi's activity monitor to ditch the boring activity status19:47
* maxb hunts for that setting in his own irssi config19:48
maxb/set activity_hide_level JOINS PARTS QUITS19:48
pwnguinthere's two levels; one is people saynig things, which is white for me. the other is joins etc and is blueish19:49
pwnguinmaxb: if that works, thanks!19:50
maxbwfm :-)19:50
pwnguinmaxb: I think adding NICKS helps, too20:41
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