persialool, If you can run without lpiacompat on a C3 Nehemiah, that doesn't match current documentation :/02:35
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loolpersia: It's hard to prove lpia isn't broken on Nehemiah; as I said I only tried up to a busybox in an initramfs07:37
loolpersia: But I checked the relevant config items suggested here and it is correctly set07:38
persiaRight.  Someone (maybe me) needs to compare lpia and lpiacompat, and determine what systems really need lpiacompat.07:38
loolpersia: Or perhaps we should make lpia support less and lpiacompat support mor07:44
persiaI guess.  Until the lpia divergence becomes significant, I'm unsure.07:45
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sskroederHi all --- I use Ubuntu at home - and I'm now considering buying an Iphone 3G ... Does anyone here have some tips or advice.... I'm mostly concerned about how to put Mp3s on and such15:46
persiasskroeder, You might do better in #ubuntu or a local channel.  This channel is mostly about building a flavour of Ubuntu to run on small devices (handhelds, subnotebooks, etc.), rather than on integrating other small devices with Ubuntu.15:47
persiaThat said, perhaps someone here has the answer, as many of the people in the channel have odd devices.15:47
sskroederhe he ... I was just redirected from #ubuntu to this channel  ;-D15:48
sskroederbut thanks anyway persia, I'll try googleing some pages instead ;-D15:49
persiasskroeder, I know there are several iPhone Ubuntu users, many of whom are happy, but I don't have one, so I can't tell you how well it works.15:50
sskroederhe he ... mabye in a week or two, I can let you know ;-D15:50
chihauhi everybody17:03
chihauI have installed ubuntu-mid with apt-get, Hildo has started but I canĀ“t see the aplicactions icons17:04
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