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persiaDoes this channel provide support as well as development?07:20
* persia decides it's a bad time-of-day, and tries #ubuntu07:27
[reed]persia: what do you need?07:29
persia[reed], I'm using Thunderbird, and the folder selection pane just disappeared.  I haven't been able to figure out how to get it back.07:30
[reed]oh, I don't know much about thunderbird... try irc.mozilla.org #thunderbird or #maildev07:30
persiaExcellent pointer.  Thanks.07:30
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asacfta: bumb10:45
asacfta: http://identi.ca/notice/175273610:46
asac[reed]: whats the process of getting a build dep added to the builders?11:20
asac[reed]: is there  a machine readable form of tinderbox pages somewhere?12:22
asace.g. notifications et al ;)12:22
asaci see that there is firebot having access to it ... does it use a internal api/mechanism=12:23
BUGabundofta: asac: Jan  9 10:05:26 blubug kernel: [ 7733.717170] firefox-3.1[8353]: segfault at 7f85b8806793 ip 00007f85ba084f58 sp 00007fffc3447440 error 4 in libc-2.9.so[7f85ba00c000+168000]13:29
BUGabundoJan  9 10:09:41 blubug kernel: [ 7988.651068] firefox-3.1[10482]: segfault at 7fa061806793 ip 00007fa0630abf58 sp 00007fff6c46c470 error 4 in libc-2.9.so[7fa063033000+168000]13:29
BUGabundoJan  9 10:10:59 blubug kernel: [ 8067.326601] firefox-3.1[11510]: segfault at 7f252ad06793 ip 00007f252c589f58 sp 00007fff3594c8e0 error 4 in libc-2.9.so[7f252c511000+168000]13:29
asac_quite shaky today here13:38
asac_BUGabundo: amd64?13:39
BUGabundoasac did you read my last comment?13:39
asac_only three segfault lines13:39
asac_probably flash?13:39
BUGabundomany more!13:39
BUGabundo8 lines13:40
BUGabundodidn't have any flash base page opened!13:40
BUGabundousing adobe 64bits pluging13:40
BUGabundodo you know if there is a new version?13:40
asac_no ... i dont care so much about 64bit plugin13:42
asac_your crashes are meaningless for us without a backtrace13:42
BUGabundopidgin is crashing.... due to PA13:43
asac_damn ... tinderbox burning everywhere ;)13:43
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asac_again a reconnect14:18
ftaBUGabundo, i guess it's the crash on exit that you get when you clink on a link in another app. it's not the main browser dying. just the new one.14:26
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asacfta: since when do we get such cfrashes?14:37
asac(on exit)?14:37
BUGabundofta:  it could be14:40
ftaasac, in 3.1 ? almost forever.14:43
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/102763/14:45
fta3.2 too14:45
BUGabundothat is no good! LOL14:48
[reed]<asac> [reed]: whats the process of getting a build dep added to the builders? <-- file a bug under mozilla.org :: Release Engineering14:48
ftaBUGabundo, well, it has no visible impact14:49
[reed]<asac> [reed]: is there  a machine readable form of tinderbox pages somewhere? <-- http://tinderbox.mozilla.org/<treename>/quickparse.txt14:49
ftaprobably another jemalloc issue14:50
BUGabundofta it just looks bad!14:53
BUGabundoppl may blame the OS too14:53
asac[reed]: thanks (2times)15:18
asacfta: is that with dbg symbols?15:20
ftaasac, sure, i have a lot those installed, http://paste.ubuntu.com/102781/15:23
asacfta: so its jemalloc prob?15:26
ftanot sure, but that's my best bet15:27
ftadebian bug 49036015:29
ubottuDebian bug 490360 in iceweasel "iceweasel: freezes after few hours of usage" [Grave,Closed] http://bugs.debian.org/49036015:29
fta+  * build/unix/run-mozilla.sh, debian/postinstrm.in, debian/rules,15:29
fta+    xulrunner/stub/nsXULStub.cpp: Disable jemalloc by default, because of all15:29
fta+    the kinds of random problems it causes, but let advanced users load it by15:29
fta+    setting the MOZILLA_JEMALLOC environment variable. Closes: #490360.15:29
ftaso debian disabled jemalloc by default15:29
asacfta: hmm16:06
asacfta: what do you have in env?16:06
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ftaasac, ? for MOZILLA_JEMALLOC ?16:06
asacis that an upstream thing at all?16:06
ftaasac, no, it's a debian patch16:06
asacfta: so its the remote client crashing right?16:07
asacnot the firefox main process16:07
ftano, the initial window also crashes on exit16:08
asacok so everything crashes on exit ;)16:08
asacdoes xpcshell also crashon exit?16:08
asac(i guess)16:08
ftai don't think so16:09
asacfta: try:16:09
asac/usr/lib/xulrunner- /usr/bin/xpcshell-1.916:09
asacor well16:09
asacthe 1.9.1 equivalent16:09
asacthen hit ctrl+D16:09
ftafta@ix:/usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9.2a1pre $ ./run-mozilla.sh ./xpcshell16:09
ftafta@ix:/usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9.2a1pre $16:09
ftafta@ix:/usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9.1b3pre $ ./run-mozilla.sh ./xpcshell16:10
ftafta@ix:/usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9.1b3pre $16:10
asacdoes upstream build crash too?16:10
ftai don't think it crashes with an empty session (i.e., no tab) but i always have plenty so it always crashes for me16:11
asacso upstream too?16:12
ftanot tested16:15
ftaasac, do you know if this 3G key is supported on ubuntu ? http://maboutique-internet.orange.fr/residentiel/equipements/Cle3G.aspx (details say it's an ICON 225)21:01
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ftaasac, the crash on exit is visible after all. if you click on a link inside evolution, after a while, you get the popup "sorry ff closed unexpectedly, report problem / cancel"21:58
asacfta: option card. should work. might be a bit tricky if it defaults to USB storage22:25
asacso at best get one without USB storage capability22:25
ftait's a 3G/edge/grps/.../wifi key, no mention of storage in the doc22:28
asacin worst case you have blacklist a module or run a command after device insertion22:30
asacmy guess is that it works22:30
asacjust order online so you can send back22:30
ftai can jump from adsl 8M + voip, to adsl 18M + voip + tv + 3G for the same price22:32
ftaasac, when you rename a patch, plz update the series22:36
ftaasac, fixed22:39
ftaasac, can't n-m handle it automatically??? http://www.equinoxefr.org/post/2008/04/21/la-clef-orange-icon-225-sur-ubuntu-804/ says you need their driver and scripts22:54
ftaok, http://www.pharscape.org/icon225.html23:00
ftacrimsun, is xorg usable now? Can I unpin it?23:49

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