tgm4883MythbuntuGuest23, yep, wheres the log00:00
MythbuntuGuest23cool one sec00:01
MythbuntuGuest23Ok here it is : http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/f51a7b6b400:02
MythbuntuGuest23So here is the deal I was going through several docs to try and get this to work with no luck00:02
tgm4883MythbuntuGuest23, also, remind me of your problem00:02
MythbuntuGuest23I want to get Serial Ir blaster to change my iptv det top box00:03
MythbuntuGuest23I bought the one from the mythtv wiki00:03
MythbuntuGuest23Here are the links I was trying to follow: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=789608&highlight=ir+blaster00:04
MythbuntuGuest23And then i tried to edit all the files manually but that didnt seem to work .  I tried to seleect the correct one in MCC, but it seemed taht the settings didnt stick00:05
MythbuntuGuest23So I just tried to undo everything that I did but commenting everything  out that I did because my remote didnt work at all after I messssed around with it00:07
MythbuntuGuest23Maybe I am selecting the wrong thing in mcc?00:08
tgm4883so which part are you stuck on?  Or did you finish the guides (which I can't see cause ubuntuforums is down) and it just wont change channels?00:08
MythbuntuGuest23Ok so I am supposed to download the script for my set top box correct? (I have an amino one which there is only 1 Amino script apparrelty for all models)00:10
MythbuntuGuest23From there I supposedly coudl go into MCC > Infared Devices > Enable an IR transmitter00:13
MythbuntuGuest23And then I select settings ( Driver, module, confuration, etc) But the settings dont seem to work, or maybe I have them inorrect.  It also seems that they dont stick as well.00:15
tgm4883well you need a channel change script that will transmit the channels to the box00:16
tgm4883so i'd download that one and see if it works00:17
MythbuntuGuest23ok I belive I have that00:17
tgm4883you should be able to get it to work from the command line00:17
MythbuntuGuest23ok so the command is like ir send <something>?00:18
tgm4883not exactly.  For instance, I have directv and the command I use is ./directv.pl 800:18
tgm4883and that changes to channel 800:19
tgm4883can you give me a link to the script for your box?00:19
MythbuntuGuest23ya i cant seem to find it.. i can post it some where...00:22
MythbuntuGuest23ok wait00:22
MythbuntuGuest23there it is00:22
MythbuntuGuest23if you move up a directory it (STB) is the only one under Amino00:23
tgm4883ah ok, so yea yours is going to look like IRSEND something00:24
MythbuntuGuest23IRSEND 8?00:25
MythbuntuGuest23irsend send_once (Amino_STB/mceusb2) 8 ?00:27
tgm4883that looks closer00:28
tgm4883irsend send_once Amino_STB 800:28
Anthariananyone have an issue where the ATI Catalyst driver 8.12 crashes as soon as X starts?  Basically keeps rebooting the machines?00:29
MythbuntuGuest23irsend send_once Amino_STB 8 irsend: command failed: send_once Amino_STB 8 irsend: unknown remote: "Amino_STB"00:29
tgm4883did you download that script?00:29
tgm4883and it's now at /etc/lirc/lircd.conf00:30
MythbuntuGuest23yes I have it as an INCLUDE00:32
MythbuntuGuest23include /usr/share/lirc/transmitters/Amino/STB.conf00:33
MythbuntuGuest23I stuck it in that dir because it seemed others were there00:33
MythbuntuGuest23and I just created the dir Amino00:33
tgm4883seems fine00:34
tgm4883permissions ok on that?00:34
MythbuntuGuest23root is group and owner00:35
MythbuntuGuest23should i change?00:35
tgm4883you have configured hardware.conf for transmitting?00:38
MythbuntuGuest23oh yes this was another question i had. It seemed that the vaules that you put in MCC are populated here however they didnt seem to stick when I did it in MCC. So I tried entering them in manually to work but I coudnt seem to get them to work. I currently have it commented out. Maybe my values are wrong?00:41
MythbuntuGuest23#Chosen IR Transmitter #TRANSMITTER="Amino_STB" #TRANSMITTER_MODULES="lirc_serial lirc_dev" #TRANSMITTER_DRIVER="" #TRANSMITTER_DEVICE="/dev/lirc1" #TRANSMITTER_LIRCD_CONF="/usr/share/lirc/transmitters/Amino/STB.conf" #TRANSMITTER_LIRCD_ARGS=""00:41
tgm4883yea you will need to uncomment all that.  What happens when thats uncommented?00:45
MythbuntuGuest23irsend send_once Amino_STB 8 irsend: command failed: send_once Amino_STB 8 irsend: unknown remote: "Amino_STB"  Also when i try to restart /etc/init.d/lirc restart it tells me failed00:47
MythbuntuGuest23Unable to load LIRC kernel modules. Verify your  * selected kernel modules in /etc/lirc/hardware.conf00:47
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tgm4883MythbuntuGuest23, did you follow the mythbuntu install guide at all?00:50
MythbuntuGuest23yes what makes you say that00:52
tgm4883just troubleshooting00:53
MythbuntuGuest23let me pull it up here, i may have had a question on it though00:54
MythbuntuGuest23According to docs it said, When installing lirc or reconguring (sudo dpkg-recongure lirc) , choose the option for either \Serial Receiver" or \Serial receiver (igor cesko's variant)". Depending upon which port you have your serial transmitter attached to, you may have to modify the modprobe options that are used for loading the kernel module. Create a le entitled /etc/modprobe.d/lirc with these contents:00:56
MythbuntuGuest23however when I rund sudo dpkg-reconfig lirc it tells me that it is deprecated and quits out, so i go to file to edit it manually and it says not to edit the file but use sudo dpkg-reconfigure00:57
tgm4883"sudo dpkg-reconfigure lirc" tells you what is depreciated?00:58
MythbuntuGuest23no acutaqlly its the dpkg-reconfigiure setserial01:02
MythbuntuGuest23The update-modules command is deprecated and should not be used!01:05
quintenhi, i'm trying to install boxee on amd64. i can't figure out how to manually download the package, to install using the instructions given here: http://forum.boxee.tv/showpost.php?p=22698&postcount=2001:09
quintencan anybody tell me a direct url to download the package, or alternatively how to tell APT that it's okay to download an ia32 package?01:10
hadsErm? Wrong channel?01:10
quintenhmm, well i'm running mythbuntu, and mostly use myth. i'm just trying boxee out01:11
MythbuntuGuest23tgm I lgot a little further wiht: irsend send_once Amino_STB 11 irsend: could not connect to socket irsend: Connection refused01:11
hadsquinten: Okay sure. I'd guess that people here don't know a whole lot about boxee01:11
quintenfair enough, i'll try #boxee.01:13
tgm4883MythbuntuGuest23, well thats progress.01:14
tgm4883try "irsend -d /dev/lirc1 send_once Amino_STB 11"01:15
tgm4883if that doesn't work, try01:15
tgm4883try "irsend -d /dev/lirc0 send_once Amino_STB 11"01:15
MythbuntuGuest23same thing,..01:19
MythbuntuGuest60hey anyone alive? looking for advice on an agp video card01:19
tgm4883MythbuntuGuest23, this thread seems to indicate you should try "irsend -d /dev/lircd1 send_once Amino_STB 11"01:21
MythbuntuGuest23ok ls -l /dev/lirc* says I only have /dev/lirc0 and /dev/lircd, so i tried sudo irsend -d /dev/lircd send_once Amino_STB 11 and it seemed to work.01:27
MythbuntuGuest23I tried it again and it gave me the error... so did it work?01:27
MythbuntuGuest23doenst look like it, i opened my front end and now i cant even navagte with my remote.. :(01:27
chaorainIs there a way to run a script when MythTV starts and stops? (I can't try it now I'm on windows)01:56
erbanyone know if there are any plugins which aren't listed in the plugin menu02:03
erbor themes02:03
chaorainis there any way to run a script wih MythTV?02:31
davedomwhat kind of script?02:35
davedomI know you can run a channel changing script02:35
chaorainI wanted to mount a specific folder inside the media directory ONLY if a button is held. like ctrl.02:38
chaorainand unmount the foulder when MythTV closes02:39
davedomafraid I can't think of anything to help with that mate02:43
chaorainIs there a good forum I can ask on?02:44
davedomcould try the mailing list02:46
davedomother then that, fraid I can't help much :/02:46
chaorainmailing list?02:46
rhpot1991_laptopchaorain: irexec02:47
rhpot1991_laptopchaorain: http://www.lirc.org/html/irexec.html02:48
rhpot1991_laptopno problem02:49
rhpot1991_laptopthe easiest way to use it would be to make a script for what you want and just call the script02:49
quintenhey, when i select "edit keys" in the setup menu, it doesn't do anything. i have the newest version of mythcontrols installed03:21
quintenanyone know what i'm missing?03:21
quintenor is there another way to setup jump points? i keep seeing references to them but i haven't seen instructions on actually setting one up03:23
quintenah, tail /var/log/myth/mythfrontend.log: theme is missing critical ui elements03:27
quintenperhaps that's the problem03:27
rhpot1991_laptopquinten: you can set them in mythweb03:29
quintenchanging the theme also worked, i should have thought of that03:31
rhpot1991_laptopI was referring to the keys03:37
quinteni mean it fixed the problem with the menu not working03:41
erbwhat do i put in fstab to make sure my vista samba shares mount on boot03:41
rhpot1991_laptop!windows% | erb03:45
Zinnerb: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently03:45
quintenwhere do lircd.conf buttons get turned into mythtv keystrokes?03:51
quintencan that be configured? mythtv is seeing the "vista" button as the same as the "menu" button03:52
quintenand the lircd.conf file seems to be showing a description of the key, not a single letter03:52
rhpot1991_laptopquinten: ~/.lirc/mythtv03:53
quintenoh, thanks03:55
erbthanks zinn04:04
rhpot1991_laptoperb: zinn is a bot04:07
erbbots need love too04:07
quintenokay, what jumppoint means "media library/watch recordings?" or is there none?04:22
hadsquinten: If you'd stuck around it's playbackbox06:35
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khunti get a loop redirect error when I click on a channel in mythweb10:01
waxhead_hi everyone...12:45
waxhead_just a quick question, what's the go with mp4 files and no sound with the play back?12:46
waxhead_I downloaded a bunch of mp4 files from yapc.tv and I don't get sound..12:46
styelzhave you tried installing the 3rd party codecs via mythbuntu admin12:52
waxhead_styelz: I thought so..  I'll double check12:54
waxhead_yep... got the codecs installed...12:57
waxhead_at least they are all enabled in the mythbuntu setup...12:57
styelzwhat player do yo use13:05
waxhead_not really sure.. what ever the player is that comes up... I haven't changed anything13:18
Guest25313Hello all... I have an Nvidia 7200 video card and I'm having some trouble with playback of video files.  I get errors such as NVP: Video is xxxx frames behind audio (too Slow), dropping frame to catch up.  I'd like to verify that Xv is up and working but am unsure how to do that...15:57
Guest25313Would anyone be willing to offer a suggestion or perhaps point me to a good tutorial?15:57
Guest25313Many thanks15:57
Guest25313Also I was curious if I should select Sync to Vblank for video blitter?15:59
Anthariandoes anyone have a working asound.conf or .asoundrc for HDMI sound16:10
AntharianAfter spending many hours getting mine to work, I forgot to back it up when I upgraded16:11
d0netsFNhey im running mythbuntu with gnome16:25
d0netsFNi run my 360 sound through my mic input16:25
d0netsFNbut its not working since i installed mythbuntu16:26
d0netsFNi went to sound/prefs/volume control16:27
d0netsFNi hit preferences and enaabled all of them16:27
d0netsFNand turned all of them up16:27
d0netsFNbut still nada16:27
dmanmorning folks16:55
Guest25313In an error NVP: Waiting for prebuffer... 3  What does NVP stand for?17:00
d0netsFNwhat am i not doing?17:24
d0netsFNi never had this much trouble getting my 360 sound through my pc17:24
d0netsFNbefore mythbuntu17:24
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CRXLPYsuperm1 ru around?17:50
superm1CRXLPY, i happen to  be, but just post questions in general.  contentless pings dont do much good if i wasnt17:51
superm1and if someone else knows, they can present an answer17:51
CRXLPYoops sorry, didnt think. you are right17:51
CRXLPYok I just verified that no source list has the weeklyfixes source for mythtv0.21 . I have the weeklybuilds-trunk0.22 source used. yet I still see about half of my mythtv selections to be showing fixes and 0.21 in their filenames. I have been unable to reinstall mythtv since an upgrade uninstalled it this weekend18:02
superm1CRXLPY, so until upstream freezes on the release number to be 0.22, the package names are "0.21+trunkXXXX" meaning 0.21 release, but with all the trunk improvements past then18:03
superm1if you have anything with 0.22 in the name, it needs to be purged18:03
d0netsFNhey i installed mythbuntu and for some reason i cant get my mic input working18:05
d0netsFNi use it for my xbox 36018:05
d0netsFNi had no problems before18:05
superm1d0netsFN, on your mixers you probably need to turn on the recording tab18:07
superm1and there is probably a checkbox or press button that needs activating18:07
CRXLPYthat was the problem. I uninstalled the 0.22 files and everything was happy ...  installing mythtv now.18:10
CRXLPYlibmyth still shows as ver 0.22 but the desc says 21....18:11
superm1yeah dont worry about that until upstream announces it18:12
d0netsFNsuperm i know18:12
d0netsFNi enabled them all i think18:12
CRXLPYhey, I aint worried, I have an install in progress18:12
superm1d0netsFN, that screenshot doesnt show your recording tab?18:12
superm1can you show it18:13
d0netsFNim in it18:13
d0netsFNthey all have mute signs over the mics18:13
d0netsFNhere lemme screen it18:13
superm1take the mute signs off of all of them then18:13
d0netsFNi cant18:15
d0netsFNtheres the speaker icon and the mic icon18:15
d0netsFNall the mic icons are muted but one18:15
superm1so your hardware maybe only allows one at a time then18:15
d0netsFNif i click another one to unmute it, the previous one mutes18:15
Guest25313How do you tell if Xv is functional and in use?18:39
Guest25313Thank you! Is it possible to force mythtv to play using xv?18:53
Guest25313Playback recordings that is.18:53
superm1it should by default provided nothing else is using Xv when you start mythtv18:53
superm1or when you try to use Xv18:53
Guest25313No need for something Like in xine -V xv18:54
Guest25313If xvmc is working should xvmcinfo work like xvinfo?18:55
superm1Guest25313, xvmc operates a lot differently.  i dont believe there is an xvmcinfo tool18:58
superm1typically the way you know xvmc has been operated is by the black and white OSD in mythtv18:58
superm1or by reading the log file when you run mythfrontend in a terminal18:58
Guest25313Ok... I think it is safe to say xvmc is not configured correctly... on my system... I can't even lauch xine using -v xvmc.18:59
Guest25313Hopefully my 7200 nvidia card supports it...19:00
superm1mythbuntu configures xvmc when you install and select the nvidia driver in the installer19:00
superm1there is a file in /etc that has to be modified if you installed the nvidia driver later or via a different method19:00
hadsHmmm, I wish my diskless frontend would stop breaking and filling up the drive on my backend with logs.19:02
superm1which logs?19:03
superm1just redirect it /tmp instead?19:03
superm1i think the log location is configurable by a file in etc19:03
superm1etc/default/myth something19:04
hadsGood plan. It's more the breaking bit that bothers me though :)19:04
superm1well or just redirect to /dev/null19:04
superm1then you wont have it filling up anywhere :)19:04
hadsI think it's getting stuck at a program boundry and filling up the log because of lack of video for NVP19:05
superm1so maybe just | grep -v NVP | tee logfile instead19:06
hadsNot a bad idea.19:06
hadsCheers :)19:07
superm1no prob19:07
hadsI wish it would stop being so tempermental, I upgraded the frontend to a nicer box and it's never been the same unfortunately.19:07
tomtom099Is there any graphics driver guru around?19:08
tomtom099I have installed mythbuntu 8.10 with an onboard VIA Unichrome graphics, now the playback performance is low, and I dont know if I could use a better driver, in order to get better performance. How can I find out what driver is used in my system?19:10
hadssuperm1: Do you use diskless clients?19:12
superm1hads, i did before19:15
superm1hads, then my hard drive suddenly spun back up to life, so i used it again19:15
hadsDid you have issues with nbd when shutting them down? (if you remember)19:16
superm1no i didnt19:16
superm1i remember i had this really really really annoying bug with diskless that i couldnt eject cds as a normal user, i always had to gksudo to eject19:16
superm1and i could never root cause it19:16
dashcloudyou probably need to add yourself to the CD group then19:17
hadsI must figure out one day why I get errors like "nbd0: Attempted send on closed socket" when shutting down or rebooting.19:17
hadsI end up needing to do a hard reset.19:17
superm1dashcloud, i was part of the cd group19:18
superm1and the device was owned by the right group19:18
superm1i even went as far as chmod 777 device-node19:18
superm1and chown my-user:my-group device-node19:18
superm1made no sense19:19
hadsI might dist-upgrade my backend today.19:27
neoneddyFrom what to what?19:27
hadsHardy to Intrepid19:27
neoneddyI've been meaning to try it out.. anything new you know of?19:28
neoneddytrouble is I cna't  mess with it willy nilly like you guys can, it's mission critical in my house... wife and kids use it constantly19:28
hadsI'm not sure apart from the underlying system updates.19:28
neoneddyit's not using mythtv .22 ?19:28
superm1hads, i dist upgraded mine solely so i could do intrepid diskless without having to do some pain in mucking with mcc:)19:29
neoneddyhow is it?.. anything interesting?19:29
hadsneoneddy: Yes we use it constantly too :)19:29
hadssuperm1: I just got my hardy diskless image the way I liked it too :)19:30
neoneddyAnyone have issues where you see the interlacing in HDcontent from 1080i sources? ...19:30
neoneddyI'm using an HD Homerun right now.. it's works great19:32
CRXLPYgrumble grumble  finally get mythtv back on and now I cant remember the mysql passwd.... LOL19:34
tritiumCRXLPY: look at /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt19:37
CRXLPYthat is not the root passwd. I am looking for that. I must have changed it since blank is not correct19:41
CRXLPYmysql root psswd to be complete19:42
superm1CRXLPY, dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.0 will reset it19:43
neoneddycan you do that with any package?19:43
superm1any package that has debconf for it's configuration you can19:44
CRXLPYthanks superm1 , I am mooving through stuff again19:46
erbanyone know how to make the PC button on their mce remote suspend to ram?20:17
erbi found it in the wiki but the actual command appears to just be for gentoo20:17
erb config = sudo /usr/sbin/hibernate-ram20:17
erbi tried apt-get install hibernate-ram but no go20:17
neoneddyForgive me for giving a very vaugue answer, but  Iknow it's possible..  in the lirc config someplace you can specify scripts or commands to be run on butten presses20:18
neoneddyI was playing with it trying to turn my tv and mythbox off with 1 button press and using the MCE IR receiver as a transmitter as well20:18
superm1erb, the command is pm-suspend20:19
superm1and it likely needs to be launched as sudo20:19
superm1or a dbus event needs to be sent instead20:19
superm1the latter is probably better20:19
neoneddybut wait a minute, why would you suspend to RAM?.. it's supposed to be on all the time recording all night marathons of MXC and stuff20:20
superm1if it's a frontend only it's okay to do20:20
erbnice thanks20:20
superm1or if you set the RTC for the next recording20:20
erbthis mythbuntu box doesn't have a tv tuner20:20
erbso its not going to be on all the time20:20
* hads reboots20:22
AntharianI need an HDMI guru with asound.conf :   AudioOutput Error: Rate doesn't match (requested 44100Hz, got 48000Hz)20:22
Antharianwhen I am trying to play music through the HDMI card, I get this error... I am guessing I need some sort of a slave/plugin translator?20:23
hadsX coming back up is a good sign :)20:23
hadsSweet, that upgrade went well.20:25
* Antharian groans 20:26
Antharianbleeding edge is sooo bloody20:26
Antharianyou have to ask yourself, "if I were an HDMI port, what kind of signal would I want?"20:29
Antharianweekend, party, no music... it's kewl.  We were gonna play charades and count the dimples in the ceiling anyway... all that noisy music would just buggery the count.20:31
* Antharian ponders having a quick sip of vodka to help the thinking process20:55
AntharianDoes anyone have mythmusic playing via HDMI to their TV?20:58
AntharianYum! Vodka makes the brain run!21:14
Antharian(not well, but it runs!)21:14
neoneddyNo, but I've thought about.. are there graphics cards that do HDMI Video / Adio for myth tv?21:15
Antharianneoneddy: well, I've got HDMI video and sound working quite well... it's just the myth music that wants to make problems.... all my video plays just fine with video and audio going... it's just my massive mp3 collection I've made over the last 10 years thats making my pull my hair out.21:17
neoneddyodd.. what card are you using?21:21
Antharianbuilt in based on the ATI 780G chipset21:23
Antharianbugger not 780... this on is 69021:23
neoneddyI've heard the nvidia ones are best for HD playback .. yes?21:24
Antharianwell. yes, today... but living here in Austin, TX where AMD is headquartered... I have to say there is MUCH buzz about making ATI bad ass.21:25
ZinnAntharian: Please watch your language.21:25
Anthariand'oh... I mean bad asprin21:26
hadsBad arse :)21:26
hadsZinn doesn't know about the English ;)21:26
AntharianMy cpu load is really pretty low even today with the HD content.  The real issue is my lagging wireless.21:26
superm1jphillip, that's odd.  i would think Zinn hated brits and would have learned arse first21:26
tomtom099omg.... is there a censor robot?21:27
superm1Antharian, around xmas the frys on mopac up by parmer had good sales on wireless n routers, but not sure prices now21:27
superm1tomtom099, Zinn does more than just warn people about language :)21:28
superm1!hi | tomtom09921:28
Zinntomtom099: Hi $nick, how are you?  Something we can help you with today?21:28
superm1!database | tomtom09921:28
ZinnSorry I don't know about database21:28
superm1er well i forget which one that is21:28
Zinn!help Use ! followed by a topic to get help on the topic (if it exists) example: !logs.  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].  For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi21:28
tomtom099well i have just watched "terminator 3" on tv, now I hate all robots :-#21:28
ZinnDeveloper Meeting logs are avaiable at: http://www.baablogic.net/irclogs/21:28
* Antharian high fives superm121:28
superm1Antharian, :)21:29
tomtom099so this robot listens when you bang him :)21:29
Antharianshhhh... that's potty talk21:30
Zinn━━▊ ━━▊ ━━▊21:30
tomtom099better kill him.21:31
Anthariancan multiple people ! Zinn at the same time?21:31
* Antharian scurries off and hides the window while the office folk monitor his screen21:31
Antharianand by office folk, I mean the Vodka.21:32
Antharianok, back to work... thanks for the distraction21:32
tomtom099Can anyone help me with my graphics card and/or driver? I dont know if i could get better (faster) drivers... where do I start?21:33
Anthariansuperm1: any chance you grok asound.conf and 44.1 -> 44.8?21:33
Anthariantomtom: ummm... sure.21:33
tomtom099how do I know what kind of driver is in use? and how do i find out if it has the capability to use the onboard MPEG2 codec?21:34
Antharianwell, which card is it?21:34
tomtom099its a newly installed box, and the performance is bad :-(21:34
Antharianintegrated motherboard card?21:34
tomtom099VIA CX700 chipset with everything onboard21:34
tomtom099unichrome pro M21:35
Antharianmy favorite card21:35
Antharianthis one has SOOOOO much potential21:35
tomtom099thats what i hoped (and heard somewhere)21:35
Antharianbut don't be fooled, it will never to hardware h264 acceleration21:35
superm1Antharian, there is an easy way to set that, but i dont have my conf handy21:35
tomtom099no SD is ok21:35
superm1i seem to remember i had to force the rate via asound.conf though too21:35
tomtom099currenty I have mythbuntu 8.10 on it21:36
tomtom099nothing else - no vendor drivers etc.21:36
Anthariantomtom: I am a little suprised that the default opencrhome drivers don't work well.21:36
Antharianis this a diskless system, or a full box?21:36
tomtom099currently a full box, but I want to split it up into 2 boxes for frontend and backend later.21:37
tomtom099I just wanted to start somewhere since I am new to this whole thing (had a vdr before)21:37
tomtom099later, the frontend should work from a SSD instead of a harddisk, so it can be a "full box" too21:38
Antharianbeen down this road ... done that.21:38
AntharianVIA has great potential.21:38
Antharianbut not there today21:38
Antharianif SD is all you are looking for... it will be great21:39
Antharianthere is a dist that caters to this exactly.21:39
tomtom099what do you mean "not there today"?21:39
tomtom099please tell me the details...21:40
AntharianVIA hired an open source evangelist to help them get their drivers working under linux with the same speed and stability as under windows.  as of today, very little practical stuff has come around... lot's of intellectual property has been released, but not much traction for the average "dpkg -i xyz.deb" type stuff21:41
Antharianlet me look up some links for you21:41
tomtom099I am not afraid of configure, make, install etc. :-)21:41
Antharianthis should give you a good start21:41
Antharianit's a little more than that21:42
tomtom099Harald Welte is with VIA?21:42
tomtom099heard a lot of him....21:42
Antharianyea... big name, big gun, but via has little yet to deliver.21:42
Antharianbut hold out hope... things don't change over night.  This happened only last summer.21:42
tomtom099ok... so what can I do this winter? ;-)21:43
Antharianthe hardware acceleration is still not available for mpeg2 or other codecs.21:43
Anthariannot with the CX70021:43
Zinntomtom099: Please watch your language.21:43
jphillipsuperm1 Zinn used to know a lot more till he yelled at people for saying "passes"21:43
Antharianhe obviously meant, Dam, as in, there is a large block with VIA21:44
superm1jphillip,  but he should learn brit talk like wanker and arse21:44
jphillipI can teach him those21:44
AntharianI rather fancy, Roger21:44
Antharianas in... VIA is really going to Roger us with their drivers21:45
=== Antharian is now known as Roger1
* Roger1 shout's his nick21:45
=== Roger1 is now known as Antharian
Zinnjphillip: Please watch your language.21:46
Anthariannice... arse there jphillip21:46
ZinnAntharian: Please watch your language.21:46
jphillipnow Daviey will be sad21:47
Antharianwell back to you tomtom... or are you still reading Harald stuff21:47
tomtom099no i am here21:47
tomtom099I have this board: http://www.jetwaycomputer.com/spec/J7F5M-VHE.pdf21:47
tomtom099with a 1.2 ghz eden processor21:48
tomtom099and a KNC one DVB-S card21:48
Antharianarg... wish you wold have opted for the 2.0ghz21:48
tomtom099there was no fanless higher than 1.221:48
Antharianthe fan built into the 2.0 is sooo quiet, that unless your TV is off, and you live in a cave, you would never hear it.21:49
tomtom099no way21:49
tomtom099frontend has to be fanless21:49
Antharianthe 1.2 is meant for closed quarters no ventalation type operation... ie: under a car seat next to the motor21:49
AntharianI have both... I really wish I had done the 2.0 on both21:50
tomtom099As for the speed: when I swith live tv on, it gives me a still picture for about 10 seconds, while the OSD is on, and in this time the cpu goes to 100%, the sound is already there. Then the OSD goes away, and the picture starts moving, but kind of interrupted... it loses about 30% of all frames21:52
Antharianwell, you can change the OSD style to help that21:52
tomtom099what exactly?21:52
Antharianbut you will never get have the smooth interface21:52
Antharianhang on21:52
AntharianUtils/Setup -> Setup -> Playback OSD21:53
* tomtom099 will be back in 5 min21:56
* tomtom099 is back22:04
tomtom099sorry I can't get to the machine right now (wife needs it) so I can only try commandline stuff remotely, no myth setup22:05
tomtom099what would you set fot the OSD?22:05
Antharianit's cool... basically you need to turn off the alpha blending being done by the CPU... make it be done by ChromaKey22:05
AntharianI think I told you the wrong spot.22:06
tomtom099no problem, i can search it later22:06
tomtom099Chroma instead of Alpha, right?22:06
tomtom099but after the OSD is gone, the performance is still not sufficient...22:07
AntharianUtil/Setup -> Setup -> TV Settings -> Playback -> (under your playback profile that matches your resolution, select) Edit22:07
AntharianNot for HD22:07
Antharianand barely for SD22:07
AntharianMy daughters room has the 2.0ghz22:07
AntharianI am still looking for the book mark I made for the dist that "claims" to be thin and powerful... but I don't hold out much hope22:08
tomtom099Do you think the mythbuntu standard is already equipped with the best drivers for this hardware?22:08
Antharianno really22:08
Antharianthe kernel is ALL wrong for the hardware22:08
tomtom099so I go for kernel source?22:09
Antharianits i386 generic22:09
Antharianlet me keep looking for the link22:09
tomtom099or for a precompiled one?22:09
Antharianit's a good dist22:09
tomtom099no hurry :)22:09
Antharian(at least from the tech notes)22:09
tomtom099This one tells about VIA EPIA boards (which mine is not): http://www.mythtv.org/modules.php?name=Web_Links&l_op=viewlink&cid=322:10
tomtom099MiniMyth  Popular22:10
tomtom099Description: A tiny netboot MythFrontend distribution meant for the VIA EPIA motherboard.22:10
AntharianI think this is it22:12
Antharianwell, it's not your video chipset22:12
Antharianbut the openchrome driver works with "our" chipset.22:12
Antharianthe problem is the 700m does not support ANY hardware decoding yet.22:13
tomtom099too bad22:14
tomtom099where can I see what exact graphics driver I actually have in the system?22:16
CRXLPYI just got done with fixing a mythtv-trunk entanglment .. I thought. mythfrontend is segfaulting. the last thing in mythfrontend.log is "Registering Internal as a media playback plugin." then segfault. /var/log/messages has "mythfrontend.re[7567]: segfault at 80 ip xxxxx sp xxxxx error 4 in libqt-mt.so.3.3.8[af2c1000+6f2000]". This occurs when the system boots and after X starts. or if I run mythfrontend cli in an xterm22:19
tomtom099Antharian, are you using this minimyth distro for yourself?22:22
tomtom099I'm not sure if I am going to like the netboot thing in it...22:23
superm1CRXLPY, you're on intrepid right?22:23
tomtom099Can I just use the kernel/module stuff from it?22:23
superm1CRXLPY, it seems a little odd that it would be using what looks like a QT3 library....22:24
CRXLPYsuperm1 intrapid yes22:24
superm1CRXLPY, want to double check the ldd of mythfrontend.real?22:24
superm1make sure it's linking only to QT4 stuffs?22:24
CRXLPYok one sec22:24
superm1could be an error on our part with packaging linking to QT322:25
crxdvrok superm1 finally have an answer. no mention of qt3 anywhere I saw here is output of ldd mythfrontend.real http://rafb.net/p/IDgWbr34.html22:39
superm1crxdvr, then that is really bzr to see such a message referring to libqt-mt.so.3....22:40
superm1that ldd looks right22:40
crxdvrwhen I ran "sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database" it would fail no matter what user/pass I tried for the mysql admin user (including root/-blank-)22:45
crxdvr"sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.0" seemed to run without error22:45
crxdvrI just used dpkg-reconfigure to set the admin psswd for mysql-server-5.0 to "x" I immediately use dpkg-reconf on mythtv-database but am still told I am using the wrong admin user/pass22:53
crxdvrno matter what I set the pass to22:54
CRXLPYjust tried emptying the theme and osd cache in ~/.mythtv/ but have the same segfault23:19
superm1it's possible it was just an unstable version23:28
superm1there is a new build happening today that should be on the mirror soon23:29
superm1try apt-get update actually, it should be there nowish23:32
CRXLPYok, mythweb seems to be up again..... though flash stream no longer is selectable. but that is small beans23:33
CRXLPYwow, quite alot of new stuff superm1 ;) I will return after updates.  thanks again!!23:35
CRXLPYsame segfault after update.   what should be the version I am looking to have after the repo in updated superm1 ?23:48
CRXLPYI am getting this as the first error from mythfrontend  "QT: Session Management error: Could not open network socket"23:50
CRXLPYbut it reports connecting to the db at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx23:50
CRXLPYand I am being told to reconfigure mythtv-database everytime I run apt23:53
CRXLPYbut that command wont log into the database so it does not get reconfigured23:55

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