mathiazzul: is there a reason why mysql-5.0 is not based on the debian package? mysql-5.0.75 is already available from the unstable repository00:01
RediXeIs there a way to restore postconf back to default?00:13
zulmathiaz: checkout the REPORT for the merge00:17
mathiazzul: http://merges.ubuntu.com/m/mysql-dfsg-5.0/REPORT? there is one conflict in one patch.00:22
zulmathiaz: ergh00:22
zulnot when I looked at it00:22
lukehasnonameIs it just me or is virt-manager crippled?00:38
hadsJust you00:42
owhlukehasnoname: What is wrong? Did a dog eat your cat?00:53
lukehasnonamekvm disabled in bios00:56
lukehasnonamethat is better than a more severe problem00:56
hadsPretty annoying if it's at a data centre though :)00:57
lukehasnonameis it bad that I have to jiggle my PCI NIC for Ubuntu to get past the "Configuring Network devices" process?00:59
lukehasnonameThe card doesn't line up right with the back panel so I can't screw it in.01:00
lukehasnonameand virt-manager has no option for doing any sort of managing of remote virtual hosts01:01
owhlukehasnoname: No, that's pretty standard for cheap hardware ;-)01:01
owhlukehasnoname: Remote virtual hosts are supported with virt-manager.01:02
lukehasnonameI have my server, with kvm running and installed. I have my laptop, which is connected to the server with virt-manager over ssh01:03
lukehasnonameI have no options showing in the GUI on doing anything.01:03
owhlukehasnoname: File -> Open Connection01:05
lukehasnonameI'm connected01:06
owhlukehasnoname: Your sense of humour needs a little tweaking my son.01:07
lukehasnonameI'll effing screenshot it01:07
lukehasnonameI hit file > open connection. I connect via ssh to the IP of my server01:08
lukehasnonamewith the root password01:08
lukehasnonameroot is in the libvirtd group01:08
lukehasnonamethen I see the connection as 'active' in the main window01:08
lukehasnonameFrom there, where should I see things to manage/create VMs on that host?01:08
lukehasnonameunless I'm mistaking how VMM works01:09
lukehasnoname... because I'm connecting to a physical machine expecting to be able to create, delete, shutdown, etc. all the VMs on that machine.01:10
lukehasnonamedamnit owh01:16
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_CidAnyone here good with Sieve? :)  I am trying to create a script to delete blatant spam (based on score) - so far, I fail :/01:24
_Cidand not only that ...it does weird stuff - like delete mails that are whitelisted etc etc (so yeah, I commented out that idea)01:24
uvirtbot`New bug: #315303 in samba (main) "smbclient crashes on "mget" command" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31530301:35
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jjesseumm can someone kick?01:55
blahnanabarby, is that really you on that link?01:55
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blahnanacan I email you my CC details?01:55
jjesseok time to stop spamming01:55
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Kamping_Kaiser!ops barby spamming01:56
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:56
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! infinity, soren, lamont, mathiaz or tom01:56
Kamping_Kaisersilly bot, !ops used to work.01:56
Kamping_Kaiservorian, thanks :)01:57
vorianno problemo01:57
* jjesse cheers for vorian01:57
vorianno bot in here eh?01:58
RediXeAny idea why with postfix when I run telnet localhost smtp -> connects ehlo example.com  nothing happens?02:03
joe-machellooooo, anybody here who can i answer a simple question about udeb files?02:10
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:11
joe-macthanks Kamping_Kaiser but i've been asking this particular question all day and no one seems to know02:12
joe-macso here goes, i've got a udeb that for some reason is not in the server install tree. it's partman-auto-raid. all i need to do is make d-i recognize it. that's it. seems to be the most difficult task, and it's looking like i may actually have to build a whole cd for it02:13
Kamping_Kaiserjoe-mac, not tried preseeding myself, but have you checked the debian install guide? iirc it contains a section on preseeding02:14
joe-macyes, i spent the better part of day with it02:14
joe-macmy preseed file is absolutely fine02:14
joe-macthe problem is that ubuntu for some unknown reason does not include partman-auto-raid, but has EVERY other partman-auto* udeb, oh and also references partman-auto-raid in the docs02:15
joe-macit's like some kind of cruel joke02:15
Kamping_Kaiserjoe-mac, sounds like something worth filing a bug on, it may have been omitted by mistake02:16
joe-macso, all i need to do afaict is get d-i to see the partman-auto-raid udeb whichc i have downloaded from launchpad02:16
joe-macKamping_Kaiser: I'd agree however I found a post that seemed to indicate it was also missing in feisty, and it is in the 'universe' tree so idk maybe there is a reason they leave it out02:16
Kamping_Kaiserjoe-mac, that sounds like the reason then. when you said its meantioned in the doco, did you mean the wiki, or the offical shipped doco?02:17
joe-macthe wiki on preseeding explicitly shows how to use partman-auto-raid02:18
joe-maci am on my home box now, but i have it bookmarked at work, let me see if i can google it02:18
joe-macthis might be it, this is a text only vt100 so bare with me, https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/installation-guide/i386/preseed-using.html02:19
Kamping_Kaiserjoe-mac, could be a bug in the doco. (I wouldnt like to say it is until its confirmed thats the link though)02:23
joe-mac so yea if you go to that link02:25
joe-macthen click next like twice, you'll be able to see the section on partitioning with raid02:25
joe-maci'd really like to be able to just add a udeb in the pool and add it in the Packages file, i mean rebuilding a whole cd tree for one package seems ridiculous02:26
Kamping_KaiserI'm sure theres other ways to get the package in, I just cant remember them02:27
joe-maci tried doing like a preseed/early_command or something like that, and have it run apt-install partman-auto-raid, but it didn't work, and i really didn't expect it to since it's a .udeb anyways, just shooting in the dark02:28
Bangersis it possible to control Vmware ESXi from Ubuntu?  ie. Uploading a virtual machine (created from vmbuilder), then start it?03:12
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_Cidanyone here good with Sieve scripts? - been trying to get it to act on spam rating ...I fail :/04:12
mlopezqchello people, anyone have successfully configured virtualbox with host interface in 8.10?04:40
mlopezqcthe only thing is stopping me is that the system insists in giving an ipv6 address to the tap0 device04:41
mlopezqcand must be addressless04:42
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jmarsdenmlopezqc: It worked for me following the info at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox#Networking on 8.10 (amd64)05:05
nandemonaiHeya guys.05:48
nandemonaiQuick question..05:48
nandemonaiLately I've noticed twice now that my ethernet has essentially dropped out on one machine. No ping, no resolv nothing. Light stays on and everything else seems to work fine though..05:49
nandemonairestarting networking of manually ifdown/ifup doesn't seem to fix it but a reboot does.05:50
nandemonaiAny ideas on where I should be looking? Nothing in /var/log/messages of interest.05:50
blahnanacould potentially be the driver for the card, or the card's hardware05:51
blahnanarebooting would reinitialise the hardware, firmware, and software05:51
nandemonaiAhh of course.05:52
nandemonaiI hadn't though about that..05:52
nandemonaiHmm, you think that would show up in the kernel log or some such?05:52
blahnanayeah it's not particularly helpful, I know05:52
nandemonaiWell it's another avenue to look into cause I was stumped.05:53
daredevilthereI need to setup LTSP for my home laptop to boot ubuntu07:58
SmokeyDhey people, for my understanding: the use of snort (or any other IDS) is purely so you can watch the logs and see when someone tries to break in?08:18
SmokeyDI mean, the doesn't prevent anything does it?08:18
jmarsdenSmokeyD: How you use it is up to you; you could easily set things up to actively reset TCP streams that snort says are bad, in real time, for example...08:19
SmokeyDjmarsden: ok, that sounds more interesting08:19
SmokeyDjmarsden: are there any recommended setups for snort? I have set it up loggin to mysql and wathcing the logs with BASE, but I would rather have snort so some preventive stuff08:20
_rubenIDS = detection; IPS = prevention; the I and S remain the same08:21
_rubensnort can do IPS as well i think, no experience with it though08:21
jmarsdenHave you fully tweaked is to make sure you get zero false positives from it?  Otherwise, reacting to alerts could be... embarrassing -- you'd be killing of real traffic from real customers.08:21
SmokeyDjmarsden that is true08:21
SmokeyDso you recommend running snort only on IDS, and when sure that no false positives are present, turn to IPS08:21
SmokeyDdo many users use snort as IDS only? Or also IPS?08:22
_rubenwe used to use logsnorter (snort clone which uses syslog as input instead of the actual traffic), but when our network increased it became too large to handle08:23
jmarsdenSmokeyD: You may want to read the Snort docs... including the Snort FAQ, which has a question about generating iptables rules based on alerts... http://www.snort.org/docs/faq/3Q06/node102.html08:24
SmokeyDjmarsden, thanks08:25
SmokeyDwow, here are some interesting articles: http://www.freeos.com/projdetails/2/13/09:13
SmokeyD1hey people. Would it be wise to chattr +a my syslog auth.log and messages log files? Or would that break logrotate?10:27
_rubenwhy would you want that ?10:27
_rubenespecially auth.log can hold sensitive info10:27
SmokeyD1_ruben: that is why. I only want to enable appending to the log, not removing files.10:29
SmokeyD1To prevent people who shouldn't be there from removing log entries10:30
SmokeyD1I am not talking about chmod but chattr.10:30
_rubenSmokeyD1: you shouldnt be writing to those files manually10:43
_rubenthose are written to by syslogd10:43
_rubenand either way, logrotate would most likely kill the attrib on next run10:47
SmokeyD1_ruben: I know I shouldn't be writing to those logs manually10:56
SmokeyD1that was not my question10:56
SmokeyD1I am concerned that  a hacker who gains access to my system will erase the log entries before leaving10:57
SmokeyD1one way to make that harder is to chattr +a the logfile so you can only append to the file, not delete from it10:57
SmokeyD1I am wondering though if that would cause any unforseen problems10:57
SmokeyD1for instance with logrotate indeed10:58
y000069hi. i have a Dlink network card with driver, but i don't know how to compile the driver11:02
lapoSmokeyD1: can't you just use remote logging?11:02
y000069i'm using Ubuntu 8.0411:02
SmokeyD1lapo: hmm, maybe a better idea indeed.11:03
lapoSmokeyD1: I think it will brake logrotate, you should use prerotate/postrotate scripts to set/unset a attribute11:04
SmokeyD1lapo: thanks.11:05
lapoSmokeyD1: I don't see it as a big security improvement11:05
SmokeyD1hmm, I was thinking the same. Since logrotate can do chattr -a, why couldn't a hacker11:05
_rubenif you care about your logfiles, remote logs are pretty much the only decent solution11:10
_rubenthen again, if the hacker has root, he can disable the remote logging as well .. though you'd still have the logs upto that point in time11:10
lapoSmokeyD1: a good paranoid solution would be to log on the serial port11:10
SmokeyD1lapo: :) yeah. But that is impossible for me :) I am running a virtual machine somewhere else11:11
lapoSmokeyD1: then it's easier, put up another vm which does logging only, you won't even need cables :-)11:12
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SmokeyD1hey people. Is there any reason why /var/lib/php5 should be world writable13:07
SmokeyD1it has the permissions drwx-wx-wt   2 root     root13:09
wjlroeoh yes, mine too, not sure why that is...13:11
wjlroeit looks like it's all session temporary files13:11
SmokeyD1wjlroe: yeah so world writable would mean that any user could do stuff to sessions13:12
SmokeyD1isn't that a security issue?13:12
wjlroeno, because a normal user can create files in there, but not read them13:12
SmokeyD1that is true13:12
wjlroei mean, it can't read files already in there13:12
wjlroei suppose it avoids permission problems as to what user apache/php is running under13:13
SmokeyD1yeah ok13:13
SmokeyD1so if I set up my apache correctly (add users apache is running under to www-data) I could set group owner to www-data and chmod to 66413:13
wjlroein theory, yes, there are also some cron files dealing with cleaning up session, you might want to check they will be ok still13:14
wjlroebut i think they run as root so shouldn't be a problem13:15
SmokeyD1cool. I might do that, allthough it's not really necessary13:15
SmokeyD1hey people. Is it wise to comment out rules in /etc/snort/rules files? I keep getting MS-SQL Worm propagation attempts for instance, but I don't run MS-SQL server so I don't care about them13:54
SmokeyD1would it be safe to comment it out?13:55
heath|workman... I just setup a new vm with the newest vitualbox.  They have made networking much easier than before! Finally!14:02
henkjan_virtualbox 2.1 is great indeed!14:02
* Jeeves_ is installing two kvm-servers14:56
johnwardsDoes anyone know the reasoning behind shipping with the php suhosin patch installed by default15:06
johnwardsand why i can't remove it without recompiling the debs (!)15:06
johnwardsi am a massive ubuntu fan because of its flexablity and I have been convincing the bosses to move to ubuntu server. But it makes my life more difficult when i have to recompile for every release15:07
uvirtbot`New bug: #315500 in samba (main) "samba did not upgrade successfully..." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31550015:30
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orudiehi, quick question. I have perl v. 5.10 installed, i need version 5.8 instead. When i do sudo apt-get remove perl, it wants to free up 181 mb , and one of the packages that it wants to remove is apache215:48
_Cidauch ...15:48
_CidI would think it would not delete any of your conf files though (or do backup)   so maybe remove it ...then re-apply apache2?15:49
orudiei cant remove apache 2 lol15:49
orudieit wants to remove mysql server too lol15:50
orudiein the list of packages15:50
_Cidhehe, pretty intrusive ...15:50
orudie182 mg freed? my system is like 320 meg total lol15:51
_Cidcan you do a install of perl --force?15:51
_Cidthe old version ...I wonder if apt-get would replace it then15:51
_Cidor look at 'dpkg --force-help'15:52
orudie_Cid, http://pastebin.com/m64cf5ec515:52
_Cidyou can uninstall a package, forcefully - without dependencies15:52
_Ciddpkg -r --force-all perl    ..I would think    <insert standard disclaimer here>15:53
orudiei need to know for sure i cant screw this up lol15:53
_Ciddont you have some silly little package installed you dont need you could practise on (something that got dependencies)15:54
orudie_Cid, can you please tell me how to do this ?16:17
_Cidthe perl thingy?16:18
_Ciddpkg -r --force-all perl  would be how to get rid of the package without the dependencies ....but I really do not know the consequences ( in terms of, will anything be damaged)  -  do you really need an old version of perl that bad? :-)16:19
orudie_Cid, yes cause the other thing that i'm trying to install only works with the older 116:20
_Cidwell.... hopefully all the other packages just need perl ..and not perl 5.10 ...I would   'dpkg -r --force-all perl ; <install the perl package you want>  and hope everything keeps working ;-)16:21
orudie_Cid, after doing dpkg -r --force-all perl , i guess it uninstalled but then i tried perl -version it sill shows its isntalled and version 5.1016:28
Faust-Corudie: how are you uninstalling16:29
Faust-Cunless you do apt-get autoremove apache216:29
Faust-Cmysql should be left alone16:29
Faust-Cbut then again ive been wrong16:29
orudiewhat does this command do dpkg -r --force-all perl  ?16:29
orudieremoves perl without dependencies ?16:30
_Cidyou should double check your self in the man files or so - but that is how I read it16:30
orudie_Cid, ok i ran the dpkg -r --force-all perl command16:30
_Cidcool, try to install your new (or old) version of perl now16:31
orudie_Cid, sudp apt-get install perl 5.8 ?16:31
_Cidthe deb repositories keep the latest version..we will need to look in archives or so16:32
_CidI thought you already had it installed16:33
_CidI mean, downlaoded16:33
_Cidlets have a look16:33
orudieok :)16:33
_Cidwhats this package that requires 5.8 btw?16:34
orudieits called hlstatsx16:34
orudiestats system for a game server16:35
_Cidweird that it cannot run on perl 5.1016:35
_Cidso, it looks like fiesty came with 5.8 - what ubuntu are you running on?16:36
orudiethis is what their developer replied http://www.hlxcommunity.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=22316:36
_CidYou can remove the -CSDA from the first line in hlstats.pl to get it mostly working, but there will be situations that will cause the daemon to crash.    not an option? :-)16:37
LaserJockgeeze, this place is packed :-)16:37
orudiewhy do i want it to crash ?16:37
* ScottK waves at LaserJock from the crowd.16:38
orudieor it should be fine ?16:38
LaserJockScottK: I'm wondering if the there are any webapp packaging types in the server team16:38
ScottKWhat kind of webapp?16:39
LaserJockScottK: an educational one that's PHP and uses either MySQL or PostgreSQL16:39
orudie_Cid, should i try to reinstall it by sudo apt-get install perl ?16:39
_Cidorudie:  no idea what he means with some crashing, heh - and no idea how soon his 1.5 will come out ....   I think your best bet is to add the backport deb file to your apt, and install via that - know how to do that?16:39
orudie_Cid, nope lol16:40
LaserJockScottK: we have packages for it, but there's some bugs and I'd like more of a server person's view16:40
orudie_Cid, maybe i should try it with perl 5.10  and remove the -CSDA ?16:41
_Cidorudie:  I think it might be easier16:41
_Cidorudie:  then you dont have to deal with all the backport stuff16:41
orudieso should i do , sudo apt-get install perl ?16:41
ScottKLaserJock: I suspect that zul would probably be your man for at least MySQL stuff.16:41
_Cidorudie:  yup16:42
ScottKLaserJock: He or mathiaz probably know best who else.16:42
=== _Cid is now known as _Cid|Away
=== _Cid|Away is now known as _Cid
orudie_Cid, ok installed without errors wheew16:42
LaserJockScottK: do you think an email to the mailing list would be a good place to start?16:43
ScottKLaserJock: Yes.16:43
orudie_Cid, the -CSDA option is already commented out :(16:45
jmarsdenLaserJock: I'm not a MOTU, and not on the server team, but I *am* trying to help get a wep app packaged in time for Jaunty (WebGUI)... no time tight now, but if you catch me when I am back from work ~8 hours from now maybe I can take a look at your packaging and comment -- perhaps we can learn from each other?  Or I'll look for your email on the list, if I remember :)16:56
LaserJockjmarsden: k16:57
ScottKjmarsden is also going to test an SELinux SRU sometime before Intrepid goes out of support, IIRC?16:57
=== martin__ is now known as _Cid
jmarsden|workScottK: I'd be very interested in testing an SeLinux SRU,having tried to get selinux working on Intrepid and failed... ... is there an SRU I can test?17:19
ScottKjmarsden: Didn't we talk about this before.17:20
ScottKMaybe I'm confused.17:20
jmarsden|workI think so... I asked about the issue, and you pointed me to a bug number, I think that's about all though?17:20
jmarsden|workI'll look back through my IRC logs and see what I can find, but probably not right away...17:22
ScottKjmarsden: It was Bug #30835017:23
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 308350 in setools "FTBFS on amd64 and lpia due to dpkg-buildpackage failure." [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30835017:23
jmarsden|workScottK: Thanks.17:23
ScottKSince it's a build failure, testing would be to see that it's at least no worst than what was there before.17:23
jmarsden|work:) OK.17:23
ScottKThe bug points to instructions on how to install from -proposed.17:23
ScottKJust comment in the bug after you test.17:23
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)17:29
orudie_Cid, how can i execute a cron job ?17:51
_CidCron job are basically a scheduler - runs a command on a given interval17:51
_Cidlike every 10 minutes..once a day   etc etc17:51
_CidI wonder ...17:52
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm17:52
_Cidhah :)17:52
_CidI win!17:52
* genii feeds _Cid a cookie17:52
* _Cid wont eat it ..noooo - it goes in a frame on the wall!17:52
geniiorudie: When I forget the crontab file layout, I refer back to http://www.adminschoice.com/docs/crontab.htm17:54
geniiYou may find it useful17:54
DoonzHey guys i installed Firestarter on my Ubuntu box. The home netwrok is being routed through the ubuntu box. Everything is working except for my internet has severely slowed down. Any ideas or suggestions to start dealing with this?18:31
DoonzHey guys i installed Firestarter on my Ubuntu box. The home netwrok is being routed through the ubuntu box. Everything is working except for my internet has severely slowed down. Any ideas or suggestions to start dealing with this?18:31
Doonzsorry for the double18:31
zoopster1Doonz: and it speeds up after disabling the firewall?18:39
Doonzkills the internet connection18:40
=== zoopster1 is now known as zoopster
zoopsterDoonz: so you are using NAT then. I just use UFW and notice no diff, but I'm also not logging much...so I might not be much help since I don't know what changes Firestarter makes18:42
zoopsterDoonz: firestarter is only a front end...so you need to see what changed since adding it if that is when you noticed the slow down18:46
zoopsterDoonz: it could be something unrelated18:47
Doonzthe thing is i went from a hardware router18:47
Doonzbut it only had a 10mbit wan link so i figure great can use my ubuntu box as a firewall a router for my windows netork18:47
Doonzbut since then its beeen extremely slow browsing web pages and thing18:48
zoopsterDoonz: ah...you went from a hw router to a sw router...so you need to optimize it...that has nothing to do with firestarter.18:48
jmarsden|workDoonz: Check the logs that firestarter makes of denied traffic, it may be denying something you need?18:48
Doonzjmarsden|work:  what would it be denying that i need?18:50
Doonzzoopster: what would i need to optimize and how would i go about doing that?18:50
jmarsden|workDNS??  Who knows, read the logs :)18:50
DoonzDns is fine or else i wouldnt be browing the net18:50
DoonzHostname: sserver1 - OS: Linux 2.6.27-9-generic/i686 - CPU: 2 x Intel(R) Xeon(TM) (3400.072 MHz) - Processes: 149 - Uptime: 7d 10h 47m - Load Average: 0.25 - Memory Usage: 458.81MB/2023.76MB (22.67%) - Disk Usage: 1870.05GB/6088.28GB (30.72%)18:51
Doonzthats the system its one18:51
_Cidnot true ...  if it waits for 2 timeouts before finding a good one fx, that would work - but slow everything down18:51
jmarsden|workNo, it could be blocking traffic to one server and you then wait for a while and then retry to a different one, or it could be allowing UDP DNS but not TCP DNS, or ...18:51
Doonzok so what ports would that be?18:51
Doonzport 53 is allowed for all clients18:52
zoopsterDoonz: look at the logs to see what is happening18:52
jmarsden|workDoonz: Do not guess, read the logs... really.18:52
_Cidhow is browsing from the actual box, snappy or sluggish?18:52
Doonzas snappy as it was prior to this18:52
xineli want to create an ssh tunnel from eth2 to the outside world and allow anyone from eth0 to connect through it, any ideas?18:52
Doonzwhere would the logs be kept?18:53
zoopsterDoonz: even more reason to dig into your logs further to see what may be getting blocked or otherwise slowing you down18:53
_CidDoonz:  DNS could be ok then - I am going to echo what everyone else already said ..search your log files for suspicious behaviour .... if you think its the firewall, you could perhaps try to act as a router without the firewall to isolate the issue?18:53
_Ciddarn :P    check /var/log18:54
Doonzi thouthg of that but when i turn off the firewall no internet works18:54
zoopsterDoonz: so you need to enable NAT only...but don't bother...dig into the logs see what is happening and that will probably guide you where you need to go18:54
Doonzhmm nothing in the log directory from firestarter18:54
jmarsden|workDoonz: There is an Events page in its GUI that should show everything it blocks, and you can load/import the stuff from its logs, probably from /var/log/messages18:55
DoonzHehe i secured my box and disabled remote admin from the outside world18:56
jmarsden|workYou can't ssh to it?18:56
Doonzim ssh into atm18:57
Doonzbut i cant see the gui18:57
jmarsden|workThen you can run X apps over the SSH link... right?18:57
Doonzoh really18:57
_Cidif you dont know which log to look into ... checking date stamps to see recent entrides is a good start ....and then  use  tail on the files to see what is happening18:57
* Doonz is a linux newbie18:57
_Cidtail -f if youw ant it to keep updating18:57
_Cidyou can ignore all log files ending on .gz btw ...they are older - part of the log rotation18:58
Doonzim curious about this xapp over ssh18:58
geniiDoonz: x apps over internet are so laggy you will wich for cli back19:00
LamoI'm going crazy trying to setup Bugzilla3 on my Intrepid Server. I've installed via apt and set all the passwords per this guide http://www.hacksawlabs.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=55:install-bugzilla-on-ubuntu-810&catid=36:system-administration&Itemid=53 yet i get 404 when going to
Doonzoh ok19:01
jmarsden|workDoonz: You can learn where the logs are, or you can use X over SSH... your call :)19:01
jmarsden|workI'd strongly suspect they are in /var/log/messages19:02
jmarsden|workgenii: Doonz has a 10mbps link, so X at 10Mbps should be sane enough...19:03
Doonzits actually 2519:07
Doonzso how would i get x to work over ssh19:07
xinelhrmms say i got an .ovpn, .crt .key file and installed openvpn where would i put the files to get it all to work?19:09
geniiDoonz: At any rate, down and dirty: in /etc/ssh/sshd_config:  X11Forwarding yes              then restart sshd server: sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart        then when login remote, use switch:  -X  (I like also -v and -C)     to start an X app:   xterm & appname19:10
nijabakirkland: as soon as finished pushing, lp:~nijaba/screen-profiles/windows has the goodies you wanted...19:55
kirklandnijaba: wicked!19:56
kirklandnijaba: i just added load average, and memory info to the status bar :-)19:56
kirklandnijaba: loadavg from mdeslaur19:56
nijabakirkland: whenever the push ends you'll have:20:06
nijaba1/ a way to dismiss the help window20:06
nijaba2/ a way to enable disable default screen20:07
nijaba3/ create new screen allows to add to defaults20:07
* nijaba hopes that will please jdstrand20:07
jdstrandnijaba: sounds fantastic :)20:08
kirklandnijaba: outstanding!20:08
* nijaba wonders how long the push will take at 300B/s20:09
* nijaba only has 30 min of batery left :(20:09
kirklandnijaba: cool, i'm merging now20:43
nijabakirkland: what?  but it looks like my push is not complete... is it?20:44
kirklandnijaba: oh ...20:44
kirklandnijaba: you're right20:44
kirklandnijaba: i was "attempting" to do the merge20:44
kirklandnijaba: i just did a push, very fast for me20:44
nijabakirkland: I may have to wait til I am on a normal network20:44
kirklandnijaba: can you pastebin the bzr diff?20:45
kirklandnijaba: i can try and apply it manually20:45
kirklandnijaba: i'd like to push a new version to universe20:45
kirklandnijaba: i was waiting to blog about it until the welcome screen was enabled again20:45
kirklandnijaba: like jdstrand, i think many users would be lost with hints as to the wicked-cool shortcuts we've created20:46
kirklandnijaba: and we need welcome/help.txt for that ;-)20:46
nijabakirkland: ahhh...  my battery is dying, you'll have to wait a couple hours :(20:48
kirklandnijaba: i can't wait!20:48
kirklandnijaba: j/k20:48
kirklandnijaba: bzr diff | pastebinit20:48
kirklandnijaba: okay, i'm going to upload 1.5 now20:54
kirklandnijaba: ping me here when you can upload your merge (somewhere)20:55
kirklandnijaba: i'm quite interested in it20:55
kirklandnijaba: s/merge/branch/g20:55
nijabakirkland: eheh, found a power plug20:59
kirklandnijaba: where are you?20:59
kirklandnick58b: somewhere interesting?20:59
nijabakirkland: traveling to netherland this we21:00
zulnijaba: lay off the the wacky cafes there21:01
kirklandor bring us some!21:01
nijabakirkland: what's the syntax for the bzr diff21:02
kirklandnijaba: bzr diff21:02
kirklandnijaba: or give it two revisions21:02
kirklandbzr -r21 -r 2521:02
nijabazul: not going to amsterdam, but to the islands in the north21:02
kirklandnijaba: or something21:02
zulor bring us some seeds so we can make umm...rope21:02
kirklandnijaba: pick the last revision before you started making your changes21:02
kirklandnijaba: and then the current one21:02
kirklandnijaba: bzr diff -r21 -r2321:02
kirklandnijaba: something like that21:03
kirklandnijaba: see my comment to https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/screen-profiles/+bug/31144321:04
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 311443 in screen-profiles "running applications at startup doesn't work" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:04
kirklandnijaba: you say "is quite easy to fix" ...  can you enlighten me?21:05
nijabakirkland: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/102917/21:05
kirklandnijaba: cool, thanks, looking now....21:05
kirklandnijaba: hmm, i just realized ...21:07
kirklandnijaba: ctrl-g in vi is "tell me what line i'm on" ...  :-/21:07
nijabakirkland: I believed somehow when I read this bug report that we were not passing the $@, but I guess I had been skiing to much at the time21:08
nijabakirkland: why would you need this when it is written on the bottom right21:08
kirklandnijaba: hmm, not always21:08
mathiaznijaba: are you doing bug triagging while skiing down the slopes?21:17
nijabakirkland: was finally able to push my branch21:21
nijabamathiaz: well, evenings are long in december21:21
kirklandnijaba: cool, i'm merging from your diff, it's good21:21
kirklandnijaba: one thing, i'm changing though...21:22
nijabakirkland: tell me21:22
kirklandnijaba: i'm making a select-screen-windows21:22
kirklandnijaba: i don't think the window selection belongs in select-screen-profile21:22
kirklandnijaba: it's kinda messy there21:22
nijabakirkland: well, you'd better be sure the cp has occured at least once21:23
kirklandnijaba: oh.... that's seeding that file21:23
nijabakirkland: else you'll get an ugly error when screen starts21:23
nijabakirkland: yep, the ~/.screenrc-windows21:24
kirklandnijaba: hmm, in that case, this code needs a conditional around it21:24
kirkland                        if [ ! -e "$HOME/.screenrc-window" ]; then21:24
kirkland                                cp "$PROFILE_DIR/$x" "$HOME/.screenrc-window"21:24
kirkland                        fi21:24
kirklandnijaba: sorry dude21:24
kirklandnijaba: i'm on crack21:24
nijabakirkland: what condition?  if it does not exist, we should always create it21:24
kirklandnijaba: i see it now21:24
kirklandnijaba: :-)21:25
nijabakirkland: ahh, np ;)21:25
kirklandnijaba: hang on though ...21:25
kirklandnijaba: it copies $x to that every time21:25
kirklandnijaba: that doesn't seem right21:25
kirklandnijaba: for x in $profiles; do .... done21:26
nijabakirkland: $x?  where?21:26
kirkland<kirkland>                         if [ ! -e "$HOME/.screenrc-window" ]; then21:26
kirkland<kirkland>                                 cp "$PROFILE_DIR/$x" "$HOME/.screenrc-window"21:26
kirkland<kirkland>                         fi21:26
kirklandnijaba: that can't be right, huh?21:26
nijabakirkland: huh, no, let me check21:26
nijabakirkland: uh.....  not right at all,  been a been quick here21:27
nijabakirkland: it should just copy /usr/share/screen-profiles/windows/common ONCE21:28
kirklandnijaba: k21:29
kirklandnijaba: i'll fix21:29
nijabakirkland: thanks...  that was bad, sorry21:29
kirklandnijaba: no worries21:29
kirklandnijaba: do you mind if change it to .screenrc-windows ?21:30
kirklandnijaba: i'll update all instances21:30
kirklandnijaba: note "windows" vs "window"21:30
kirklandnijaba: just to be clear that you can open more than 121:31
nijabakirkland: sure, it's what I thought I named it :P21:32
kirklandnijaba: :-P  cool21:32
nijabakirkland: that's even how it is named elsewhere21:32
kirklandnijaba: ah, you did... in some places21:32
kirklandnijaba: but not in others21:33
kirklandnijaba: shame!21:33
nijabakirkland: that must be the only piece of code I DID NOT test!21:33
kirklandnijaba: surrrrrrrree21:33
kirklandnijaba: that was the only case21:33
kirklandnijaba: the bit that copies the skeleton21:33
kirklandnijaba: how do i make the initial help window not quite as wide?21:44
kirklandnijaba: by like 2 characters?21:44
nijabakirkland: in screen-profile-helper:9121:46
kirklandnijaba: thanks21:46
nijabakirkland: change 76 to 7421:46
kirklandnijaba: okay, it doesn't look like the select-screen-profile functionality in the helper is quite working21:46
kirklandnijaba: i tried changing to debian, and restarting screen21:46
kirklandnijaba: (also, i need to update the message about pressing F5 since I changed that)21:47
kirklandnijaba: nice, 74 looks better than 76, perfect21:47
nijabakirkland: that was working...  wonder what changed21:48
kirklandnijaba: hmm, i might have broken something in the merge21:48
nijabakirkland: Iook at line 143, I just call select-screen-profile --set %s21:49
nijabakirkland: did you check that you --set is still working after the merge?21:49
kirklandnijaba: it's not, i'm fixing it21:49
nijabakirkland: cool21:50
kirklandnijaba: yup, i broke it :-)21:50
nijabakirkland: eheh, 1-121:50
nijabakirkland: so, what do you think of the new functions?21:51
kirklandnijaba: fixed!21:51
kirklandnijaba: i'm liking!21:51
kirklandnijaba: i'm still testing it21:51
nijabagood idea :D21:51
kirklandnijaba: i think i'm going to drop the ".screenrc" from "ubuntu.screenrc" ...21:52
kirklandnijaba: it might break the few people that are using this right now, but it's far better to break those few people now than later :-)21:52
kirklandnijaba: it would make those more descriptive21:52
nijabakirkland: would be nice21:52
kirklandnijaba: they'd simply have to re-run select-screen-profile21:52
kirklandnijaba: actually, we *could* fix it in a maintainer script, postinst21:54
kirklandnijaba: i don't think it's really worth it though21:54
nijabakirkland: not in a development version.  We just need to have the info in the readme21:55
kirklandnijaba: i'm also going to drop "common" from the listing21:56
kirklandnijaba: no need21:56
kirklandnijaba: hmm, okay, un-checking "display help on startup" works22:01
kirklandnijaba: and i can get to it by going to "Help"22:02
kirklandnijaba: but i can't re-check it to "display help on startup"22:02
nijabakirkland: yes that's as designed22:02
kirklandnijaba: how would i turn "display help on startup" back on?22:03
nijabakirkland: modify .screen-profiles-helper to put it back on22:03
kirklandnijaba: ah22:03
kirklandnijaba: it would be nice if the checkbox were on the helper page either way22:04
nijabakirkland: if you want I can always show the check box22:04
kirklandnijaba: i think i see how to enable that22:04
kirklandnijaba: let me try22:04
nijabakirkland: always pass intro=1 and config to the help function22:04
kirklandnijaba: cool22:04
kirklandnijaba: oh, hmm, i see now22:05
kirklandnijaba: okay, i think that's due to a miscommunication22:05
nijabakirkland: hmm, there is some code missing for turning it back on22:05
nijabakirkland: see line 11122:06
nijabakirkland: can do it if you want22:06
nijabakirkland: I just thought it should have behaved as a hint dialog, where you can decide to not see it anymore...22:07
kirklandnijaba: gotcha22:08
kirklandnijaba: that can be in a future upload22:08
nijabakirkland: so you think the checkbox should always be there?22:08
kirklandnijaba: i'm more interested in being able to disable the helper altogether, if you want to permanently dismiss it22:08
kirklandnijaba: yeah, i think so22:08
nijabakirkland: ok I'll try to work on that22:09
kirklandnijaba: minor22:09
kirklandnijaba: hmm, pruning the welcome window out of the list isn't working right22:11
nijabakirkland: what?22:12
ScottKlamont: Do you known anything about unbound for DNS?  I'm looking at a package that wants to use it for DNSSEC and I'm uncertain if I should build against it.22:12
kirklandnijaba: i'm looking at the python now22:13
nijabakirkland: if you have an issue, it is not with the python code22:13
kirklandnijaba: it's not updating .screenrc-windows22:13
nijabakirkland: but just that your .screenrc-windows is not the file used22:13
nijabakirkland: ???22:13
nijabakirkland: it does here22:14
nijabakirkland: what are your permissions on this file?22:14
nephishhey all, just installed ubuntu-server 8.10, it's doing great, but i don't know how to get cron mail. i have dovecot and postfix, and the system users get mail from a maildirmake solution, but can't seem to get it right on root user22:14
kirklandnijaba: -rw-r--r-- 1 kirkland kirkland 79 2009-01-09 15:39 .screenrc-windows22:14
nephishoh, and i never enabled a root account, really22:14
nijabakirkland: that should be fine22:15
kirklandnijaba: so i "uncheck" the -helper window22:15
kirklandnijaba: then i click "save"22:15
kirklandnijaba: and it kills that window in my current session22:15
kirklandnijaba: i exit screen22:15
kirklandnijaba: cat ~/.screenrc-windows22:15
kirklandnijaba: and it's still there22:15
nijabakirkland: what do you mean "it kills that window"?22:16
kirklandnijaba: yeah, when i "save", it kills the helper altogether ... that must be the problem22:16
kirklandnijaba: http://pastebin.com/f7bcd2a7f22:19
kirklandnijaba: diff against that and see if i've changed something obvious causing this breakage22:19
nijabakirkland: I can't reproduce22:20
nijabakirkland: yes, that IS the problem22:22
kirklandnijaba: you found my problem?22:23
nijabakirkland: my train is arriving. I need to split, sorry22:23
kirklandnijaba: okay, thanks22:23
Zombie_GazI need help with ircd-ircu... Can somone give me a sample O line for the .conf file?22:29
Zombie_GazOr do I specify this in a different file?22:30
nephishis it possible to run a virtual host off of a different port than the rest of the webserver?  I mean, can I have one virt host on port 80 and a different one on port 8000?22:35
_Cidnephish:  yes ...that should be quite doable22:39
nephishcool, thanks22:40
_Cidnephish: check out the listen parameter in the examples: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/vhosts/examples.html22:40
kirklandnijaba: got it!!!!!23:18
kirklandnijaba: friggin python identation bs23:18
* kirkland hates on python for a while23:18
RainCTI'm trying to setup SFTP with chroot (as described here: http://tinyurl.com/ubuntu-sftp) but I get "Directive `ChrootDirectory' is not allowed within a Match block" and sshd fails to start.23:18
RainCTWhat's the problem there? (I'm using Hardy for the server)23:19
kirklandRainCT: looks like a prob in your config file23:19
kirklandRainCT: i don't know what a "Match block" is though23:19
RainCTkirkland: see the URL23:20
RainCT(there are several other pages which suggest doing the same, so I don't think it's wrong..)23:21
ScottKRainCT: The how-to I think you are using said for Intrepid and later.  Perhaps Hardy's openssh doesn't support it.23:23
kirklandRainCT: I think scottk is correct ... http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/59023:24
nephishhey all, i think i set something up wrong, my main user is not getting mail from cron, and when i check the mail queue there are lots of messages in there for root, but i cannot seem to get them.23:24
RainCTScottK: That's what I'm starting to think (I think I saw something about OpenSSH 5.0), but i hoped I'm wrong P23:24
kirklandRainCT: also, see the difference in the man pages of sshd_config between hardy and intrepid: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/cgi-bin/search.py?cx=003883529982892832976%3A5zl6o8w6f0s&cof=FORID%3A9&ie=UTF-8&q=sshd_config&titles=Title&lr=lang_en23:24
RainCTany chance to get a backport?23:25
kirklandRainCT: ie, no 'chroot' at http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/en/man5/sshd_config.5.html23:25
* kirkland runs23:25
ScottKkirkland: Here's an idea for you for manpages.ubuntu.com ....  Wouldn't it be nice to diff the man page text between two Ubuntu releases ...23:25
kirklandScottK: word ;-)23:25
ScottKYeah.  I started typing that before you put that up there.23:26
kirklandScottK: file a wishlist bug at https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manpage-repository23:26
ScottKSure thing.23:26
kirklandScottK: i'm also going to put a dynamic bug link on each manpage23:26
ScottKI suspect you'll have to set the importance.23:26
kirklandScottK: i get lots of bugs against ubuntu-manpage-repository for bad info in a manpage :-)23:27
ScottKkirkland:  Bug #315662 - I can't set importance.23:28
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 315662 in ubuntu-manpage-repository "Diff between releases" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31566223:28
kirklandScottK: got it, thanks!23:29
* RainCT waits for his PPA to build a backport of OpenSSH23:29
RainCTbah, won't build until in 1 hour.. I'm off then, good night23:31
RainCTand thanks23:31

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