marabout_n8tuser: that is the info on the Ubuntu machine00:00
l7n8tuser: hmm, why do i want to use the domain ubuntu-desktop.myhome.com?00:00
StargazerNsadmin, idk how. :(00:01
jokkahwhats best to run cpu diagnostic and see if it has any burnt transistors ... etc ?00:01
marabout_n8tuser:  here's the mac info http://paste.ubuntu.com/102447/00:01
tinkywonkneed help with ubuntu intrepid 8.10 nvidia 96 driver and mx400 resolution problem00:01
komiesHey guys. My ubuntu pc has been doing some weird things recently... firefox crashes easily, and it no longer has a record of my bookmarks. xchat suddenly deleted all my colours, and in pidgin, I can see a list of user logs but not the actual logs. any insight?00:02
unlinkowh: what do those Option "monitor-*" lines do?00:02
n8tuserl7 -> i suggested a solution, if you dont want it, then suffer the issues you are having00:02
owhunlink: They provide resolutions/bit depths00:02
owhunlink: Note that each has a virtual entry.00:02
unlinkowh: i mean inside of your "Device" section00:02
ljkjkjwhich software can i use for streaming  hd videos from my server?00:03
unlinkit says         Option    "monitor-VGA"     "External VGA"00:03
pentasideI have an ATI Radeon x1200 and I'm running 8.10.  Whenever I try to play any sort of "fullscreen" game, the graphics are all over the place.  I tried to find x1200 Linux drivers, couldn't find any.  So, I'm just using whatever came with Intrepid.  Any ideas?00:03
Jack_Sparrowkomies, Used any unsupported repos or added things manually.00:03
n8tusermarabout_ -> there should be an equivalent command to show the route on a mac00:03
Jack_Sparrowpentaside, HAve you tried with compiz effects turned off00:03
komiesJack_Sparrow: no, the only things i've installed in months are fromt he automatic updates00:03
owhunlink: They give names to the various monitors.00:04
pentasideJack_Sparrow: I think so... but let's try... hold please.00:04
marabout_n8tuser:  yeah i forgot it I think it is something .local but I cant remember00:04
owhunlink: The Intel card has an internal name for them, but they're not really human readable.00:04
Jack_Sparrowkomies, sudo apt-get install pastebinit  && cat /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit (Provide Pastebin link in channel)00:04
n8tusermarabout_ -> i am not a mac user, so you have to dig up the info from google00:04
komiesis this the link you're looking for, Jack_Sparrow?  http://us.archive.ubuntu.com hardy/universe pastebinit 0.9-0ubuntu100:06
unlinkowh: all right, i was able to author an xorg.conf that maintains the status quo of the aticonf generated one : http://paste.ubuntu.com/102451/00:06
unlinkowh: but it doesn't actually fix the dead space issue00:06
pentasideJack_Sparrow: No.  Same results when Visual Effects are set to "None".00:07
Jack_Sparrowpentaside, just a thought00:07
marabout_n8tuser:  yeah working on that right now  but I think the nature of the problem is this file that I was dealing with:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/102452/  - disregard the "this"00:08
komiesis there some kind of system rollback feature i can use?00:08
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owhunlink: What does /var/log/Xorg.0.log look like when you restart X?00:08
pentasideJack_Sparrow: Ok... Good attempt.  Thanks.00:08
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kroffehow do i mount my scsi disks in ubuntu? they have filesystem NTFS now but i wanna have Linux fileformat00:09
ljkjkjdoes anyone know how to stream hd videos from server?00:09
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unlinkowh: the only (WW)s i get are like AIGLX: 3D driver claims not to support visual 0x##00:09
Jack_Sparrowpentaside, try /join #ati00:09
unlinkowh: and no (EE)s00:09
ljkjkjwhich program can i use for?00:09
pentasideI tried to switch to Metacity from Compiz also.  That didn't work either.  I'm not even sure what the difference is.00:09
n8tusermarabout_ -> you have not told me yet the ip address of your ubuntu and your mac00:09
nsadminkroffe: want to keep the data on the ntfs?00:09
pentasideJack_Sparrow: Good idea.00:09
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owhunlink: Does it tell you what virtual resolution it's using?00:09
kroffensadmin: no i dont. i gonna lost little info but it dont matter00:10
n8tuserljkjkj -> icecast perhaps?00:10
marabout_n8tuser:  i did this first: " sudo vim /etc/avahi/services/afpd.service" then tried to copy and paste what I sent you into that file. I have a hunch that it did not work - gave you the ubuntu machine IP still working on the mac IP00:10
roccity_kroffe, mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sd* /path/to/mount/point00:10
angietrying to install gresec kernel but i get nvidia erlated errors00:10
unlinkowh: virtual size is 6400x120000:10
nsadminkroffe: then you can just repartition and/or format the drive00:10
ljkjkjthanks, i will look for it00:10
angiei geuss i didnt build it into my make xconfig00:10
angiebut i dun see the option to00:10
Dante123what is terminal command for backing up xconf file00:10
kroffeokey but point? what is that?00:11
n8tusermarabout_ -> if you had given me the ip address of your ubuntu and your mac, i missed it..repeat please00:11
workingchairHey guys, I'm thinking about migrating over to Ubuntu from XP, but I had a question.  I have my main desktop that I use, and I have an older box that just sits in my closet.  Currently on my XP machine, I have a dual monitor setup.  I am wondering if it would be easy to setup Ubuntu to work on my dual screen box, and then have a "headless" windows box with my older desktop that is currently not in use?00:11
n8tuserDante123 -> you can cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf  > newfile  :P00:11
comutamikehi guys - is this the place to ask about Launchpad Blueprints?00:11
owhunlink: Looks like it's using the maximum possible. I'd google that for a bit. Something like "ati virtual desktop size"00:12
kroffensadmin: i dont understand this :S00:12
kroffensadmin, what is sd*?00:12
n8tuserl7 did my suggestion worked?00:13
nsadminworkingchair dunno what use a headless window box could be,,, but sure, if the hardware is supported by the linux kernel ubuntu installs, it should work fine... otoh, you can also have the ubuntu box headless00:13
owhunlink: I'll be back in a bit, have to restart X :)00:13
mcarterI installed upstart on an ubuntu 7.10 machine, and it stopped booting. I started up the machine with a livecd and mounted my harddrive, but I don't know what config files to change to get rid of upstart. Any ideas?00:13
ljkjkjn8tuser--> icecast2 is music only, isn't it?00:13
Wolfey74What is the command in terminal to upgrade to 8.10 (I have the alternative install CD)00:13
n8tuserljkjkj -> read up on it..i dont know00:14
ljkjkjn8tuser-->seems to be so00:14
angiehow do i build nvidia support into my xconfig?00:14
ubottuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.00:14
BlueEagleangie: replace "nv" with "nvidia" as the driver.00:15
angiein xconfig?00:15
BlueEagleangie: in /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:15
Wolfey74Anyone have any idea how to upgrade inside Ubuntu 7.04 if I have an 8.10 Alternative Install CD?00:15
workingchairnsadmin, I like using Ubuntu mainly.  It's just that I want to still have windows to use things like iTunes to sync my iPhone, etc.00:16
angieBlueEagle: i dunno if u understand so ill just explain again00:16
angieBlueEagle: im trying to get gresec kernel00:16
kitcheWolfey74: you don't you boot the alternative cd and upgrade from that00:16
angieBlueEagle: so i got the vanilla source and the gresec patch and entered make xconfig00:16
angieBlueEagle: i built the kernel and got nvidia errors00:16
Wolfey74Kitche: I can't, it has be define my dev/cdrom/ but I don't know the path00:16
JeruvyWolfey74: you'll need to dist-upgrade to 8.04 then 8.1000:16
angieBlueEagle: how do i set up nvidia support in my make-xconfig so gresec kernel compiles?00:16
ljkjkjany other suggestions for hd video streaming (m2ts)?00:16
BlueEagleangie: Oh, then I did misunderstand.00:17
Wolfey74Jeruvy: Can't, my dist-upgrade is frigged up, I just want to do a clean install to 8.10 with this CD00:17
angiei guess so00:17
BlueEagleangie: What you need to do is to re-install the nVidia driver after booting with your custom kernel iirc.00:17
sudobashso i just did a apt-get upgrade and it set my resolution back down to 800x600... Why does this happen all the time?00:18
comutamikei got a question. I submitted a blueprint to launchpad, but I am unsure what to do next.00:18
angieBlueEagle: or alternatively when i build things like ftpd i get errors00:18
angieSetting up ftpd (0.17-27) ...00:18
angieErrors were encountered while processing:00:18
angie linux-image-
angieE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)00:18
FloodBot2angie: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:18
angiehow do i fix that so it uses my ubuntu kernel00:18
angieFloodBot1: yea thx im done now00:19
Jeruvysudobash: my understanding is that the .conf files get updated, so if you backed up your xorg.conf files you should be able to quickly restore them, but you should move the settings from the old file to the new one manually.00:19
Wolfey74How can I findout what driver my CDRom is using in /dev/?00:20
Jeruvy!pastebin | angie00:20
ubottuangie: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:20
sudobashi shouldnt have to backup before doing a sudo apt-get upgrade but I mean I understand backing it up if you are going to edit it in any way but apt should back it up automatically00:20
JeruvyWolfey74: lspci00:20
sudobashthis is obviously not from today...  xorg.conf.dist-upgrade-20081109102000:20
nsadminsudobash: you're right... whether you back up or not first is up to you00:20
angiecud u help me any othe r way Jeruvy00:21
sudobashok and i have backups but why didnt apt create one today?00:21
angiensadmin: do u work for nsa?00:21
nsadminwho's nsa?00:21
myteSUP NIGGAHZ00:21
Grellanyone here use audacious?00:21
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Jeruvyangie: sorry I didn't even glance at that mess above :)00:22
CharlieWAH\i bought00:22
CharlieWAHa 2liter bottle of tanqueray00:22
CharlieWAHthe one w/the handle on it00:22
CharlieWAH$$ usd00:22
FloodBot2CharlieWAH: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:22
CharlieWAHoh fuck sorry00:22
CharlieWAHwrong channel00:22
Grellhow can i add a directory of music to audacious, instead of just files?00:22
sudobashI just dont understand why when xorg is updated that it can backup and restore xorg.conf00:22
Grellits odd that there is no option to do this00:22
sudobashto its original resolution settings at least...00:22
comutamikeok - not to worry... I'll try somewhere else...00:22
marabout_n8tuser:  ubuntu machine is mac is
workingchairnsadmin, http://www.nsa.gov/00:23
Exposuresudobash: are you sure your resolution problems are caused by xorg.conf?00:23
Laurent1Hi everyone ! I'm runing Intrepid on my IMAC INTEL. Wifi is not starting when I log on to Gnome, but if I run "if up" in a terminal, wireless is working fine. Would anyone have an idea on how I can automate this ?00:23
Jeruvysudobash: it's a decent idea you have, however it's not so black and white.  launchpad.net has numerous bugs about various 'upgrading' issues00:23
sudobashyes the resolution entries i had in there are missing... NVIDIA00:23
sudobashso i am pretty sure i can go more than 800x60000:23
sudobashunless it is a driver issue which i doubt00:24
nsadminangie: I don't work for NSA... but in USA, you can have a PSA about RSA...00:24
sudobashbut i have seen Nvidia drivers issues before in Ubuntu00:24
sudobashso it is plausible00:24
Exposuresudobash: well why not use nvidia-settings or something then, no need for res entries in xorg.conf i think00:24
n8tusermarabout_ -> unless you have a route in your to get to the address, then your setup will not work,  try to read up on networking tutorial about route to dest and back from dest00:24
sudobashit doesnt show hardly anything00:24
Exposuresudobash: it's more plausible that driver is causing the issue than a wrong xorg.conf, imho00:24
n8tusermarabout_ -> btw, why is your mac in a different subnet?  can you put both in same subnet so you can have the two talk to each other easily?00:25
sudobashim on 17700:25
unlinkseems to be related to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/+bug/25779300:25
Exposuresudobash: please make sure driver is loading etc, before blaming apt for not backing up xorg.conf00:25
sudobashit obviously didn't00:25
pentasideI have an ATI Radeon x1200 and I'm running 8.10.  Whenever I try to play any sort of "fullscreen" game, the graphics are all over the place.  I tried to find x1200 Linux drivers, couldn't find any.  So, I'm just using whatever came with Intrepid.  Any ideas?00:25
sudobash xorg.conf.dist-upgrade-20081109102000:25
sudobashthats the only backup from apt i have00:25
sudobashwhat happened to todays.00:25
Exposuresudobash: probably it didn't, because it didn't have to00:26
Jeruvy!ati | pentaside00:26
ubottupentaside: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:26
sudobashbut it overwrote xorg.conf?00:26
n8tuserLaurent1 -> have the correct entry in your /etc/network/interfaces file,   man  interfaces00:26
sudobashbut it didnt have to?00:26
Wolfey74Jeruvy: I still don't see my CDROM in it. Any other way?00:26
Exposuresudobash: did it?00:26
Grellso no one can get audacious to add a directory?00:26
sudobashand did not backup for some reason00:26
sudobashany ideas?00:26
Exposuresudobash: ok, that sucks and you're right then00:26
Laurent1thank you so much n8tuser, I try that00:26
pentasideJeruvy: Thank you.  Let me take a look.00:27
JeruvyWolfey74: oh, that would be a mounted device.  Sorry the command is escaping me atm00:27
Exposuremake hourly backups yourself ;)00:27
homecablehow do i get a dvd to play ?00:27
Grellthats pretty ridiculous00:27
marabout_n8tuser: I'm thinking that the different subnet is due to it being set up as a DMZ e.g. xbox's etc connected to the network but I think I can undo this as it might be causing some problems00:27
Grellthat there isnt an option to do that00:27
sudobashyeah a script but not worth it screw it i will just make a backup on the internet or something00:27
JeruvyWolfey74: you could just try 'mount'00:27
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Wolfey74Jeruvy: /dev/scd0 on /media/cdrom0       That would mean it is on scd0, correct?00:28
sudobashAnyone have problems with RTL8187 wifi drivers and want to try a quick fix i came up with?00:28
angiehow do i select the kernel i want to use in ubuntu00:29
yoyit2does anyone know why my ogmrip keeps freezing half way?00:29
Exposuresudobash: btw, I just use nvidia-settings to change resolution anyway...00:29
Jeruvysudobash: I toss Realtek in the trash, sorry to say.  Get a marvel.00:29
Exposuremodelines in xorg.conf are ancient00:29
pentasideJeruvy: This page suggests I use restricted fglrx driver for "ATI Radeon 9500 or newer".  I'm not sure if I fall under that category.  Would it hurt to try?00:29
homecablehow do i get a dvd to play ?00:30
askandHi! How would I go about installing latest stable nvidia drivers, 180.22 in Intrepid?00:30
angiehow do i select the kernel i want to use in ubuntu00:31
angielike gentoo eselect00:31
Jeruvypentaside: no, go ahead and do that.00:31
yoyit2does anyone know why my OGMrip freezes half way everytime?00:31
jribangie: choose it from the grub menu when you boot00:31
DiehardyHow do you use your webcam with Ubuntu 8.10?00:31
owhangie: If you installed it using the package manager tools, then grub will show them.00:31
Jeruvy!nvidia | askand00:31
ubottuaskand: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:31
owhDiehardy: To do what?00:32
sudobashyeah it is pretty bogus..... But the ALFA Networks High Power USB is what I have and it works better than other realteks but sadly i had what I call now RTLHELL the other day when it would say it was connected but couldn't ping, except when you type iwconfig wlan0 essid linksys  which would then connect to the network for a total of 5 seconds.... Typing the same command before using the GUI Wifi Assistant will stabilize the connecti00:32
sudobashon for some reason00:32
angiejrib: that prolly wont fix my Errors were encountered while processing:00:32
angie linux-image- problem00:32
pentasideJeruvy: After reading further it states "ATI Radeon 9500 or newer (including the X series)".  That's gotta be me.00:32
\KiraDiehardy: most work when you plug them in00:32
angiei want to dump the gresec kernel, owh jrib00:32
Exposureangie: manually change symlink in /usr/src?00:32
angiebut i dunno how im not using it in my grub00:32
nsadminangie: that would be a different problem00:32
n8tusermarabout_ -> either undo it, or you have to be clever in creating a route to the destination subnets00:32
angieexodus_ms: ln -s linux-ubuntu-kernel shit?00:32
DiehardyIt's a built in webcam on this Eee Pc00:32
angieexodus_ms: ln -s linux-ubuntu-kernel shit linux ?00:32
sudobashstupid Realtek00:32
jribangie: pastebin complete commands and output/errors please00:32
Exposureangie: yes00:32
owhDiehardy: Yes, what do you want to do with the web cam?00:33
\KiraDiehardy: Im not familiar with Eee Pc, but it should work00:33
DiehardyI want to use it on Skype00:33
angieExposure: but it is only linux-headers-2.6.27-9-generic ?00:33
angieisnt that just headers00:33
savvasangie: ubuntu doesn't have a grsec kernel in the repositories00:33
owhDiehardy: So, does skype recognise it?00:33
angiesavvas: that smart00:33
Diehardyand all that good stuff, and take pics and use it for video you know00:33
Exposureangie: where does it get the grsec kernel from then?00:33
DiehardyNo I it doesnt00:33
marabout_n8tuser: clever may be an understatement here. I have a Q for you just give me a moment00:33
angieExposure: vanilla kernel + gresec patches00:33
gustavois there a program to make a dvd from dvx format00:34
angiewhat im asking is00:34
angiedo i want to ln -s linux-headers- linux ?00:34
owhangie: How did you install that kernel?00:34
angieor do i want to get the linux-sources-ubuntu?00:34
Exposureangie: nope you want to apt-get the kernel tree00:34
angieowh: it failed00:34
sudobashalright trying new xorg.conf00:34
owhangie: How did you build it?00:34
nsadminwhat exactly do you want to do? compile your own kernel?00:34
angieExposure: so i have to get the kernels from scratch?00:34
angieall i wanna do is revert back to the old kernel with my symlink so i can build packages00:34
owhangie: What I'm trying to figure out is if you used ubuntu tools or if you used make :)00:35
angiebut i can't find anything but the kernel haeders00:35
Diehardywell am I going to get help with this Netbook or what?00:35
Exposureangie: apt-get the kernel-source for the kernel-image you're wanting to compile on00:35
angieowh: i used make-kpkg00:35
nsadminok, so you have a .deb of the kernel in ..00:35
angieExposure: why do i need to get the kernel sources tho00:35
owhnsadmin: Nah, it failed.00:35
marabout_n8tuser:  when I run " sudo vim /etc/avahi/services/afpd.service" and I add to the file how do I close the file afterwards and make sure the changes stick?00:35
nsadminit failed to do what?00:35
angiensadmin: no it failed cuz of some nvidia stuf00:35
Exposureangie: apparently the stuff you're compiling needs it00:35
n8tusermarabout_ -> :wq!00:36
mrwesgustavo: DeVeDe00:36
owhDiehardy: First of all, we're all volunteers here, so *expecting* help is probably not the best course of action.00:36
yoyit2can someone help me with my OGMrip freezing problem?00:36
Laurent3n8tuser : thanks a lot. It works ! you rocks. What so nice to have a wonderfull community :):-[:-[ !00:36
DiehardyOh yeah00:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wq00:36
kantlivelonghey all00:36
DiehardyThis program eats it.00:36
n8tuserLaurent3 -> alright, am very happy for you.00:36
owhunlink: My reboot didn't fix it for me, how are you going with your virtual desktop.00:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about DeVeDe00:37
gustavomrwes: where do i get that00:37
marabout_n8tuser:  ":wq!" ?  i missed something...00:37
DiehardyOwh: I need my webcam so I can make a video of myself flipping you off.00:37
mrwesgustavo: it's in the repositories...synaptic manager00:37
n8tusermarabout_ -> :wq!              <-- to write and quit in vim00:37
gustavocool  thanks00:37
owhDiehardy: I was about to help you, but that just stopped right there. Have a nice day.00:37
pentasideJeruvy: I need to restart.  Be right back.00:38
jribDiehardy: if you wish to participate in this channel, please be respectful of others00:38
DiehardyAlright jrib00:38
qqxwhats that command hciscan usb ?00:39
Diehardyso uh, how do I manage my webcam and get Skype to recognize it?00:39
marabout_n8tuser:  dont think I am executing the commands correctly as the file is still open...00:39
nsadminDiehardy: with volunteers, the trick is to get them to want to help you...00:39
angiei dun get it00:39
qqxdoes anyone know what im talking about00:39
owhangie: I'm trying to get my head around what you have and what you want and how you got there.00:39
angiei ran a kernel prior to grsec install00:39
Exposureqqx: you mean hcitool scan?00:40
n8tusermarabout_ -> press escape at once then issue   :wq!00:40
angiebut i cant revert back to it cuz i made a symlink to my grsec kern00:40
qqxExposure, yup00:40
Diehardynsadmin: alright, then help me out, buddy.00:40
qqxk thnx00:40
nsadminangie: where is the kernel image located?00:40
Jeruvyangie: rm {symlink}00:40
Exposureqqx: for cases like that, type hci<tab> ;)00:40
marabout_n8tuser:  thnx00:41
owhangie: So far I think you downloaded kernel sources from somewhere, applied the patches, then tried to build it with make-kpkg, now you want to revert to ubuntu-kernel sources?00:41
angieJeruvy: sec00:41
DiehardyAlright guys, we got off on the wrong foot here.00:41
angieowh: yea00:41
=== Runesoul is now known as Rikkimaru
owhangie: I don't have spare disk space lying around to test this, but I suspect that dpkg-reconfigure {ubuntu-kernel-source-name} should work.00:42
RikkimaruSlightly offtopic, but how do I tell if a power supply is faulty?  (if someone knows a better channel, please let me know)00:42
angieJeruvy: i removed the symlink that was a dumb idea00:42
shadow98what is the best file system to use for ubuntu ext3?00:43
askandHi, can someone help me with my nvidiadrivers... from dmesg:  API mismatch: the client has the version 180.22, but this kernel module has the version 177.82.00:43
savvasangie: are you trying the grsecurity patch? they have prepared packages in their own repository: http://kernelsec.cr0.org/00:43
marabout_n8tuser:  that was it! ubuntu machine is now visible on the network. whew- thanks a bunch n8tuser !!00:43
Exposureangie: not really, you need to remove the existing link to be able to make a new one00:43
owhshadow98: Is there a comma in that sentence?00:43
angiewhats the new one meant to be called?00:43
sudobashWell you might have been right about the drivers being the problem... I reverted to 173 and everything is working again... but apt still overwrote my xorg also...00:43
n8tusermarabout_ -> am glad, am of assistance today00:43
owhshadow98: Well the default is ext3, but each user has different requirements.00:43
Exposureangie: it's always called 'linux' and it points the the kernel sources dir you want to use00:43
angieif i install a package in apt it says "Setting up linux-image- (ck2) ..."00:44
shadow98owh: so in your opinion what is the best...00:44
owhDiehardy: Have you settled down?00:44
DiehardyI really need help with this Eee PC 701.00:44
n8tusersudobash -> so hopefully you learned to save a copy of your working xorg.conf  in case you do another update00:45
angiegonna try sudo dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-2.6.27-9-generic00:45
angiecould that work Exposure00:45
owhshadow98: That's an unanswerable question. I have servers, virtual machines and workstations, each with different requirements.00:45
Diehardyowh: Yes I have, dammit.00:45
sudobashor if you get the stability you want... dont upgrade?00:45
Exposureangie: don't know, I prefer to do things manually and am not that much into inner workings of apt00:45
shadow98for a desktop workstation...what is the best00:45
owhangie: Uh, that's the image, but not the source.00:45
angieowh: well i dun think i have the src00:45
n8tuserignore Diehardy00:45
angiesudo apt-get insatll kernel-source?00:46
DiehardyNo... why?00:46
owhshadow98: I'm trying to tell you, the "best" is a matter of choice. I use EXT3 on my workstation.00:46
sudobashi guess i will never learn my lesson about upgrades00:46
UbuntuNewbieHey everyone - I'm really new to Ubuntu and I would like to know if its possible to have Windows on my operating system (on the c drive) and Ubuntu on the other drive (d drive that is a partition created from the c drive)00:46
owhangie: Uh, I don't think so. One mo.00:46
n8tuserUbuntuNewbie -> yes it is possible, there are several ways00:46
gustavomrwes: sorry a program from avi to regular dvd00:47
owhangie: Which version of Ubuntu are you running?00:47
UbuntuNewbieI have the Ubuntu 7.1000:47
Diehardyangie: me too00:47
UbuntuNewbieI tried it but I couldn't get to do it00:47
angieDiehardy: thats great00:47
knaprIf I use Telnet on windows can I talk to a Ubuntu-computer then? and read email? is telnet a protocol and both computers havee defined stuff that telnet can do from another computer?00:47
Exposurejust do an apt-cache search kernel-sources, the right one will pop up...00:47
FM2nman, someone kill me now00:47
owhangie: aptitude install linux-source will install the "current" linux source.00:47
owhExposure: Ot00:47
DaIRC44376o/ question, is there somthing in ubuntu that default block prots? my server wont take connections from the outside00:47
n8tuserknapr -> use  ssh instead of the insecure telnet,  putty is the client on windows to do ssh00:48
owhExposure: Sorry, keyboard fart. It's called linux-source now :)00:48
knaprn8tuser: im asking out of curiosity00:48
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owhDaIRC44376: Not really. Connected via a firewall?00:48
angieowh: but why do i need to the kernel soruces, i had this kernel installed its what is in my uname even00:48
angieLinux goaway 2.6.27-9-generic #1 SMP Thu Nov 20 21:57:00 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux00:48
angie.. so00:48
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UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> I have Ubuntu 7.10 and I tried using its partition thing to install it onto the D drive but it won't let me00:48
n8tuserknapr -> i made suggestions for safer connectivity00:48
owhangie: Huh?00:48
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Seiver`Damrossno DMZed00:49
owhangie: Say that again slowly, small words :)00:49
gustavo is there a program to burn a dvd  from avi format00:49
n8tuser!install | UbuntuNewbie00:49
ubottuUbuntuNewbie: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate00:49
Diehardydoes anyone own a Eee PC?00:49
owhgustavo: IIRC, Brasero will do that. But I may be wrong.00:49
angieowh: i had the kernel installed already before i got grsec, but i tried to install grsec and now when i install packages it gives me a grsec error. but when i reboot and uname -a im using the ubuntu kernel00:49
knaprIf I use Telnet on windows can I talk to a Ubuntu-computer then? and read email? is telnet a protocol and both computers havee defined stuff that telnet can do from another computer? im asking out of curiosity, would it be possible?00:49
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> Thanks - I'm checking out the site now.00:49
angieso i think i alerady have the ubuntu kernel, owh00:50
Seiver`Damrossthe box is DMZed on my router00:50
angieowh: isnt there a way to just _run_ my previous kernel without downloading 50 mb all over or sth00:50
owhangie: Hold on, the kernel and the source are two separate and different things.00:50
gustavoowh: i try that but didn't play in my dvd00:50
owhangie: The kernel you are running is a compiled thing. It's compiled from source.00:50
n8tuserknapr -> it would be possible, but telnet server is not recommended to be run on ubuntu00:50
owhangie: You asked about wanting to compile packages and needing the kernel source to do that.00:50
owhangie: What are you really trying to do :)00:51
angieowh: i want to install ftpd.00:51
angieits giving me errors about linux-grsec00:51
pentasideJeruvy: It says to perform two specific commands.  The first one is: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh linux-restricted-modules-`uname -r`.  Which works fine...00:51
owhangie: aptitude install ftpd00:51
nsadmintelnet server is not recommended period00:51
jribangie: did you ever do what I asked?00:51
angieowh: thats what i did already00:51
angiejrib: i didnt see what u asked00:51
owhjrib: What did you suggest?00:51
jribangie: pastebin complete commands and output/errors please00:51
pentasideJeruvy: The second command is: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh linux-restricted-modules-`uname -r`, and gives me this message sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh linux-restricted-modules-`uname -r`.00:51
owhThat's a good call jrib, angie00:52
pentasideJeruvy: I tried to follow the directories and all the folders are there, just not the file.00:52
angiehold on00:52
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC/Fixes Diehardy00:52
Exposurethe problem is his linux symlink is pointing to the wrong kernel sources, no biggie00:53
owhangie: Perhaps there is a little mis-understanding underlying this whole discussion. Ubuntu provides two ways of installing stuff. Using compiled packages, something which the vast majority of people use, but you can also get the source for each package and compile that - most won't need or want to.00:53
obvio171i installed git from source, but now apt-get wants to remove the dependencies i built through build-dep (since it doesn't see anyone else using them). is there a way i can mark the package git-core as though it were present?00:54
jribangie: apt-cache policy linux-image-
fulat2khi folks, i'm using 8.10 with a dell studio 15.  the keyboard keys get stuck when i adjust my monitor brigthness using the fn+up/down keys.  to get them unstuck, i need to go to the console via ctrl+alt+f1 and back again to x screen.  any idea if there's anyway i can fix this?00:54
angiejrib: http://rafb.net/p/iGlwvC43.html00:55
jribangie: you built this yourself?00:55
owhjrib: Any reason you can think of that angie cannot just purge vmlinuz- ?00:55
angiejrib: yea00:55
angiei just wanna use my former kern00:55
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> I checked them but it didn't make much sense to me... when I used the partition I saw options like /swamp and want to get information about it.00:55
angiewhy is that so hard?00:55
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nsadminangie: looks like update-grub found the grsec kernel00:55
owhYeah, but the package seems broken.00:56
pentasideJeruvy: Ok.  Correction.  Looking at my Hardware Drivers window, I already have fglrx activated.  Perhaps I need to use something else.00:56
jribowh: nope.  angie: see if dpkg complains if you try to purge it00:56
Seiver`Damrosso/ question, is there somthing in ubuntu that default block prots? my server wont take connections from the outside. the box is DMZed and the ports are fowared to the box.00:56
savvasjrib: you can't purge a kernel in use00:56
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> I also tried this thing where I could have run it inside windows but I get an error message trying to do that00:56
savvasat least I don't think so00:56
n8tuserUbuntuNewbie -> reading that link take a bit more time than what you just spent, re-read please,  let it absorb okay?00:57
angieE: Couldn't find package vmlinuz-
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> okay - I'll read it thorougly this time00:57
owhsavvas: It's not in use.00:57
nsadminangie: edit your /boot/grub/menu.lst like this...00:57
owhsavvas: AFAIK that is :)00:57
owhnsadmin: No, not yet!00:57
jribangie: what kernel is in use now?00:57
savvasangie: can you post the out put of: uname -a00:57
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owhThat first :)00:57
angieLinux goaway 2.6.27-9-generic #1 SMP Thu Nov 20 21:57:00 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux00:58
n8tuserSeiver`Damross -> describe your network layout, what devices is connected to which?  a picture is worth a thousand words00:58
jribangie: the package name should be  linux-image-
owhangie: That's the current ibex kernel that's live. All good.00:58
nsadminangie: what we're going to do is in two parts (with a reboot inbetween)00:58
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himbamckyHi, I'm having a problem with alsa. Audacious froze and now I have a constant loopback on one second of song. I restarted alsa and that didn't help any. I stopped alsa for a bit the sound stopped and when I restarted alsa it came back, plus it won't play any other audio once restarted.00:59
angiewell im trying to purge the ekrnel00:59
nsadminfirst part, have grub run savedefault00:59
angiecould we do this one thing at a time plz?00:59
nsadminsecond part, arrange to boot the saved00:59
angiecuz its like the purge is working00:59
owhnsadmin: Any reason you're going to edit grub, the package manager needs to remove the package.00:59
angie"a new version of /boot/grub/menu.lst is available, but the version installed currently has been locally modified"00:59
angiewhat am i to do00:59
owhangie: Show us the output of the purge.00:59
angiea few options00:59
owhangie: One will be a diff.01:00
angieowh: i cant cuz its opened a package configuration for menu.lst01:00
angieinstall the package maintainers version?01:00
angiekeep the local version currentyl installed?01:00
quintenhey. how can i tell apt to add a i386 source, when i am running amd64? i figured out how to install the proper 32 bit libraries, but i can't figure out how to download the package and i only have an deb http:// line01:00
jribangie: save a copy of the old one somewhere first01:00
angiewhat ?01:00
owhangie: Can you select the "show differences" option?01:00
jribquinten: you don't.  Why do you want to?01:00
Seiver`DamrossN8tuser> there 7 PC on my network the PC in question in connection through a dumb swich to the router. the PC in question has prot 80 open fworded and working but when i try to open and foward another prot it wont let anything into that prot01:01
quintenjrib: a package that doesn't have proper source files, only a binary deb source01:01
quintenjrib: boxee, to be precise01:01
jribquinten: be more specific...01:01
quintenjrib: all i really need to do is download the package, but i can't remember how to do so without using apt01:02
n8tuserSeiver`Damross -> what is prot? can you be more clearer please?  what is the ip address of the subject pc?01:02
angiejusta a sec01:02
jribquinten: installing debs from the wrong architecture isn't really a great idea01:02
owhquinten: It's in fact a *really* bad idea.01:03
n8tuserSeiver`Damross -> also the remaining 6 pc's how are they connected to the router?01:03
pentasideOk so I'm having issues with my Radeon x1200 playing any fullscreen games.  I'm currently using fglrx.  Would it be beneficial to try the OpenSource driver?01:03
owhangie: That's all good.01:03
jribangie: should be ok.  See if you can install the ftp server now01:03
owhangie: Choose the "Package Managers" version.01:03
owhangie: In the dialog box.01:03
quintenjrib: i'm aware of the risks, and this is not a core library, it's standalone. also, i've seen reports of other people doing it successfully with this particular package. 32 bit programs run fine on amd64 kernels...01:03
gustavocan i convert in avi format to iso image01:04
* owh chants Standardise, standardise.01:04
savvasgustavo: you mean dvd?01:04
phoe6If I have to see the list of files installed by a package, what command should I use?01:04
jribquinten: man dpkg will tell you how to force architecture01:04
Seiver`Damross3 are on the swich and 4 are on the router itself01:04
owhphoe6: dpkg -L01:04
quintenanyway, i just need to recall how to to drill down to the right directory. virtual directory listing is turned off, so i can't just stumble on it01:05
n8tuser!who | Seiver`Damross01:05
ubottuSeiver`Damross: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:05
gustavosavvas: yes01:05
phoe6owh: I know the executable name 'r2w' in this case, don't know package name.. how should I proceee?01:05
quinteni know how to install it once i download it, just not recalling how to download a deb package just given the line for sources.list, not a direct url to the package01:05
savvasgustavo: I think you can with Applications > Sound & Video > Brasero > Video project01:05
nsadminhow do you get update-grub to write "savedefault" after every kernel stanza?01:05
n8tuserSeiver`Damross -> what is prot? can you be more clearer please?  what is the ip address of the subject pc?01:05
Chousukephoe6: search packages.ubuntu.com01:05
Seiver`Damrossn8tuser> 3 are on the swich and 4 are on the router itself01:05
gustavook all try that01:05
phoe6Chousuke: that's a hard way. Even synaptics will do.01:06
mas2does anyone know how to get identified in xChat? Some channels on this network says I need to be it in order to join them.01:06
phoe6from CLI, I mean.01:06
ubottuYou can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.01:06
n8tuserSeiver`Damross -> what is prot? can you be more clearer please?  what is the ip address of the subject pc?01:06
owhphoe6 dpkg -S filename01:06
Seiver`Damrossn8tuser> it is and the port is 590001:07
owhphoe6: That will show you the package name :)01:07
mas2could anyone recomand a file manager app like Norton Commander (win) for ubuntu01:07
eraldoI am having troubles with audacious... it won't play a sound... the other media players still work though01:07
n8tuserSeiver`Damross -> port 5900 for what services?  you have forwarded this port in the router?01:07
Dr_willismas2,  'mc' -> midnight commander.. Just get it.. :) theres also 'gentoo' and 'worker' and some others01:08
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:08
jribmas2: gnome-commander or mc ?01:08
owhtrip_: kvm is supported. xen support is improving.01:08
phoe6yah owh, I got two files listed from dpkg -S r2w. They were same as whereis r2w.01:08
eraldoI thought it might be the output plugin... but it is set to alsa which should be okay01:08
savvasmas2: gnome commander (Applications > Add/Remove)01:08
jriberaldo: check you are using pulseaudio01:08
Seiver`Damrossn8tuser> the current app in VNC and yes the prot has been fowared on the router01:08
owhphoe6: You'll also see the package name before the colon.01:08
mas2Dr_willis, jrib, savvas: thanks for the tips! Gonna try out gnome commander and mc!01:08
* phoe6 opening synaptic package manager to see if that gives more information than CLI queries.01:09
trip_owh virtualbox any good?01:09
owhphoe6: Same backend :)01:09
savvasphoe6: what are you looking for?01:09
owhtrip_: I wasn't giving an opinion, just advise on what is supported :)01:09
n8tuserSeiver`Damross -> what is the router you are using? and what command you used to port forward?01:09
trip_owh what do u use?01:09
mas2what is the difference between synaptic and add remove application. Do they use the same sources?01:10
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eraldojrib: if I set it to pulseaudio... the song starts but no tone (as if it were mute)01:10
kroffehelp needed: i cant access my mounted disks01:10
phoe6owh: it (dpkg - S) gave the package name as r2w and if I use -L, it asks me to install the package.01:10
mas2jrib: I will try them both out and see which one is more like norton commander01:10
owhtrip_: When vmware was supported, I used that, now I'm using kvm and qemu01:10
n8tuserSeiver`Damross -> once more, it is not prot !!! okay?01:10
eraldojrib: with alsa ...the song does not even start.01:10
savvasphoe6: sudo apt-get install rest2web01:10
owhphoe6: What is it that you want to know now that you know which package it is?01:10
gustavosavvas: i only have audio project video project i don't have that01:10
nameless`i would like to add a folder and launcher into the gnome menu01:10
nameless`how can i do that ?01:11
savvasgustavo: what Ubuntu are you using? Hardy heron 8.04?01:11
Seiver`Damrossn8tuser> not sure the model but it is a old linksys 4 port wired router01:11
owhnameless`: System -> Preferences -> Menu01:11
Izinucsn8tuser: he's probably just typing fast with a little lickdexia :)01:11
eraldojrgp: I tried resetting the audacious settings by removing them in my home but still no sound01:11
marabout_is there a suggestion for a good html editor to use with Ubuntu (hardy)?01:11
craigbass1976Isn't there a way to zip a directory up and have the links there stay links? zip -r what?01:11
nameless`owh, i don't have that01:11
savvasgustavo: upgrade to Ubuntu intrepid 8.10, it has better support for avi->dvd conversion :)01:11
Seiver`DamrossIzinucs> no my spelling just sucks01:11
kroffewhy cant i get access to my mounted hdd?01:11
phoe6savvas: I have installed the rest2web. Actually I looking for the testsite and document that comes along with it and I searching where it might have been installed.01:12
savvasgustavo: or try and use k3b (Applications > Add/Remove)01:12
owhnameless`: Sorry, System -> Preferences -> Main Menu01:12
jriberaldo: you need pulseaudio.  Check your volume.  Check if other music apps work right at this moment01:12
kitchecraigbass1976: zip doesn't understand links have to use tar if you want links to be perserved01:12
nameless`owh, stop kidding01:12
IzinucsSeiver`Damross: understand.. I have the same issue coupled with fast and fat fingers.01:12
n8tuserSeiver`Damross -> are you sure you have it port forwarded?  and btw, if you dont like to take the efforts to correct you spelling, i can mis-interpret you and give you garbage answers01:12
bbbsi was going to use dban to erase my hard drive. but can i just pop in the ubuntu cd and it will format it then install01:12
owhnameless`: I'm not.01:12
nameless`owh, it doesn't appear01:12
craigbass1976kitche, bah!  thanks though01:12
gustavook if i want to upgrade how do i do that01:12
phoe6I could look into /usr/local/share/* location, but I wanted to do it in dpkg style, if you say in rpm terminology rpm -qpl <package_name>01:12
owhnameless`: Which version of Ubuntu?01:12
nameless`owh, it's archlinux01:12
nameless`owh, but it's gnome01:12
eraldojrib: volume works... other players work ... audacious does not01:13
bastid_raZor!upgrade > gustavo01:13
ubottugustavo, please see my private message01:13
owhnameless`: Uh, this is Ubuntu around here.01:13
nameless`owh, yes but it's not ubuntu or archlinux related01:13
nameless`owh, it's gnome-related01:13
savvasphoe6: do you mean the documentation? sudo apt-get install rest2web-doc01:13
Izinucsnameless`: then check out the gnome channel01:13
bastid_raZornameless`; they have a #gnome channel01:13
owhnameless`: Well, yes it is. GNOME gets heavily reconfigured within Ubuntu.01:13
nameless`ok thx01:13
savvasphoe6: here's the list of files: http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/all/rest2web/filelist http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/all/rest2web-doc/filelist01:13
* owh waves bye to all and sundry.01:13
phoe6Oh, there is a separate package, I see. !01:14
gustavosavvas: ok01:14
Seiver`Damrossn8tuser> yes i have had sevral friends help me with this the router should be set right01:14
simoo_could someone pastebin their  /usr/share/applications/screensavers/personal-slideshow.desktop for me? :)01:14
phoe6dpkg - L rest2web helped!01:14
tripchronicis there an article that will help me configure KVM and QEMU?01:14
savvasok :)01:14
ubottukvm is the preferred virtualization approach in Ubuntu. For more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM01:14
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phoe6and dpkg -S r2w. did not list the package name as rest2web. savvas: you know any reason why>01:14
n8tuserSeiver`Damross -> are you running other services on that DMZ'ed pc?   is the server running on that port?01:14
kroffecan i get some help01:14
kroffei haved asked 3 times01:15
jrib!helpme| kroffe01:15
ubottukroffe: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience01:15
tripchronickroffe what does the error msg say01:15
=== five_ is now known as Guest78220
mas2does anyone know a app for ubunu where I can add .srt/.sub files to an .avi not so it's get hard wired into but so I can choose in a media player to use that sub. I had a app for windows that could add several subs and then on my ps3 I could choose which sub I wanted (added different languages). I did a quick search but all the sub programs was that they added the sub hard wired.01:15
simoo_I would be really grateful if someone could pastebin their /usr/share/applications/screensavers/personal-slideshow.desktop for me? :)01:15
savvasphoe6: dpkg -S looks for packages that are installed. If they're not installed, you can use http://packages.ubuntu.com to do your search01:15
kelvin_can anyone help me with this problem i cant get sanaptic to work it keeps poping up with a message to run dpkg and im a newbie to linux so not to shure what its asking me to do01:15
jriberaldo: are you playing an mp3 or something else?01:16
phoe6I had it installed. savvas.01:16
jribkelvin_: pastebin the actual error01:16
kelvin_ko hang on will try01:16
kroffetripchronic, i cant get access to my harddrives i mounted01:16
IzinucsSeiver`Damross: as I remember from the past, vnc use to use port 5700.. I know it's not 5900 however have you gone to System>Preferences>Remote Desktop and set anything there?01:16
savvasno idea phoe6, try it again: dpkg -S r2w01:16
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> still not making any sense to me - isn't there an Ubuntu command line equivalent to Ms-Dos where I can just type a command like "install d:" so that Ubuntu will just install everything on the specific hard drive that I want it on. I don't want to loose windows.01:16
eraldojrib: I closed the other players... now it works again01:16
phoe6btw, I am learning to use dpkg more than always hoping to gui based synaptics. it searches through ubuntu package repository.01:16
eraldojrib: yes mp301:16
bastid_raZormas2; mkv file creator but i don't think you can add soft subs to an avi? i don't really know though.01:16
IzinucsSeiver`Damross: I know it IS now 5900 .. sorry01:16
jriberaldo: one of the other players must not be using pulse01:16
kroffetripchronic,: it dont say anything i cant past a file in it01:17
eraldojrib: okay... thanks01:17
kroffetripchronic,: not even mkdir in it01:17
n8tuserUbuntuNewbie -> one does not install ubuntu directly from windows.  use the livecd or alternatecd to boot and then install ubuntu01:17
WebcamWonderGuys, quick question. Is there anything tricky to installing nVidia drivers from their website? Do I have to go through some painful procedure as compared to Envy?01:17
kelvin_the error message its throwing at me is .........    E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.01:17
kroffetripchronic,: i think its the rights that is vrong01:17
jribWebcamWonder: use System -> Administration -> Hardware drivers01:17
IzinucsWebcamWonder: it might be easier than you think.. what card do you have.01:17
jribkelvin_: so open a terminal and run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a'01:18
mas2bastid_raZor: I know it's possible I use an app called aviaddxsub that does it, but it's an windows application. Im looking for a similiar app for ubuntu.01:18
flashkiddsomeone knows how to configure k3b?01:18
WebcamWonderjrib: The drivers ubuntu has, has a very bad bug for my video card01:18
kelvin_ok hang on01:18
jribWebcamWonder: link to bug report?01:18
WebcamWonderIzinucs: Geforce Go 615001:18
Izinucsflashkidd: shouldn't need to01:18
savvasWebcamWonder: if it works, don't touch it. If it doesn't work, try install the envyng tool01:18
phoe6savvas: Sorry, dpkg -S gives the package name. :) Sorry for that and thank you for your help.01:18
WebcamWonderjrib: I don't know, it is fixed in newer versions by Envy01:18
n8tuserUbuntuNewbie -> also select manual partitioning to select the partition to install it on01:18
michele6286how do i use ipod with ubuntu01:18
IzinucsWebcamWonder: If 2 drivers come up in the Hardware manager use the 173 driver for that card. It works better.01:18
jrib!ipod | michele628601:19
ubottumichele6286: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod01:19
zigzagshas anyone ever used VirtualBox with a floppy image containing SATA ICH8 AHCI drivers to install windows XP on a laptop that has a SATA drive??  im havng some trouble and am at a dead end01:19
WebcamWonderIzinucs: Nope. Only 1 comes up. And the bug is, that if my screen goes into energy savings, it never comes back01:19
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> I have the LiveCD and the only option that works with me is the one that removes everything from Windows and installs it on the C drive01:19
flashkiddmy k3b dont find the dvd writer01:19
IzinucsWebcamWonder: which version of the driver are you currently using?01:19
WebcamWonderIzinucs: 177 via Envy01:19
zigzagsmy problem is that the file i mount as the floppy drive has only the ICH 7 driver, and I need ICH 8, as far as i know at least01:19
karlphaha man ppmtojpeg brings up a man page for pnmtojpeg01:19
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> I tried the manual things and got an error message01:19
kelvin_ok done that01:19
n8tuserUbuntuNewbie -> what? there should be a manual or even a guided install yes?01:19
karlpanyone else get this?01:19
IzinucsWebcamWonder: envy-ng from the repos?01:20
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> Yes01:20
WebcamWonderIzinucs: Yeah01:20
UbuntuNewbieI choose manual01:20
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> I choose manual01:20
testn8tuser> im back01:20
IzinucsWebcamWonder: will it allow you to uninstall the driver?01:20
n8tuserUbuntuNewbie -> okay, then what happen next?01:20
mcarteron 7.10 I installed upstart which seems to have removed my old startup stuff (init); how do I reinstall init?01:20
WebcamWonderIzinucs: And this also has another really bad bug. I want to see whether it has been fixed in the latest versions or not01:20
WebcamWonderIzinucs: Yup01:20
UbuntuNewbieI saw a list of stuff01:20
testdamn ghost01:20
n8tusertest who are you?01:20
jrib!nvidia > WebcamWonder01:20
ubottuWebcamWonder, please see my private message01:20
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> there's one thing that has some code with 1 that is suppose to be the C drive (from some disk parition thing01:21
kelvin_ok jrib i have done that01:21
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> and then there's the other one with a 5 that's suppose to be a D01:21
jribkelvin_: did you get any output with errors?01:21
ubottuqemu is an emulator you can use to run another operating system - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsXPUnderQemuHowTo01:21
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> I'm running the setup again so that I can give you the exact error messsage01:21
=== test is now known as Seiver`Damross
iLogiccan anyone help me manage my wireless network via /etc/network/interfaces instead of network manager?01:21
kelvin_what nono01:21
IzinucsWebcamWonder: I would suggest uninstalling the driver and envy-ng then install the 173 driver from Synaptic.. that should do it.. the 6 series cards were really stable.  However, if you must try the drivers direct from nvidia.. pause for a breath01:21
jribkelvin_: so synaptic works now?01:21
n8tuserUbuntuNewbie -> okay, so select the one with an empty partition or unused01:21
kelvin_hang on01:21
=== martin__ is now known as _Cid
hikenbootdoes anyone know a way to forward a group of messages to an email address without opening each one individually in evolution the forward is greyed out except as an attachment01:21
nsadminiLogic: first, look at the file01:21
Seiver`Damrossn8tuser> there is nothing else running no that prot, it works fine from inside my network, this issue holds true for other apps aswell. they work fine from a 19.168.*.* addy but refuse to work from the outside no mater how my router seems to be set01:22
mcarterso the simple question is: what package gives me /sbin/init ?01:22
nsadminthere's a reference doc, man 5 interfaces01:22
MythbuntuGuest60hey, looking for advice on an agp video card for tv out with mythtv/mythbuntu.. basically want to purchase one - any suggestions? (nvidia fx5200? 440mx? ...)01:22
tripchronichello room, where the fuck is KVM in my package list?01:22
_Cidyou tried apt-cache search init?01:22
nsadminmcarter: sysvinit?01:22
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> I have to restart the computer to get everything set up - give me 10 minutes for the most... I'll be back shortly and let you know what's going on.01:22
tripchronici found qemu no problem01:22
david1234i have a question i just installed bind9 on my server and now i need to write the config file i am having some trouble doing that01:22
jribmcarter: upstart?01:22
WebcamWonderIzinucs: I am on Hardy, and it only lets me install 177, not 17301:22
david1234can someone help me01:22
iLogicnsadmin: already did.. despite setting it right, dhcp won't connect.. it keeps looking on and never finds a connection..01:23
mcarterjrib, upstart provides /sbin/init ?01:23
IzinucsWebcamWonder: then you can download the latest beta 180.xx.. and unpack it. then ctrl+alt+F2 and login.. now sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop.. install new driver.. then sudo reboot now..01:23
mcarternsadmin, thanks01:23
nsadminoh, ok... so are you using ifup and ifdown?01:23
_Ciddavid1234:  you got an example to go by? - makes life easier01:23
hikenbootdavid1234 why dont you use webmin the web based gui it will make it easier for you01:23
nsadminhas it ever connected?01:23
WebcamWonderIzinucs: And if I then do a kernel upgrade? The drivers would break, but would they break the entire system, or would my Hardy fallback to the opensource drivers?01:23
kelvin_its still the same and its telling me .......cach open failed please report01:23
david1234hikenboot i have webmin already installed lol01:23
n8tuseriLogic -> post in pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces file01:24
hikenbootoh ok01:24
iLogicnsadmin: it connects just fine through network manager01:24
jribmcarter: yes...01:24
david1234hikenboot: i need to point boscoslife.com to a user name on my server like user name boscoslife= boscoslife.com so i can edit the index.html file01:24
zigzags has anyone ever used VirtualBox with a floppy image containing SATA ICH8 AHCI drivers to install windows XP on a laptop that has a SATA drive??  im havng some trouble and am at a dead end01:24
IzinucsWebcamWonder: one thing I need to mention when installing.. look in synaptic for any nvidia references that are installed and uninstall first.. also you can install dkms from synaptic that might take care of kernel upgrades.01:24
nsadminoh ok, so yes, and that rules out hardware, cables, router, router's connection to internet01:24
david1234hikenboot: i dont know what i need to do to do that but i need thta done01:24
jribmcarter: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=init&mode=exactfilename&suite=intrepid&arch=any01:25
WebcamWonderIzinucs: That is weird, I already have it installed. Does it rebuild the nVidia driver everytime I get a kernel upgrade?01:25
zigzags has anyone ever used VirtualBox with a floppy image containing SATA ICH8 AHCI drivers to install windows XP on a laptop that has a SATA drive??  im havng some trouble because the windows installer is only seeing ICH7 drivers, and im SURE i need ICH8. ICH7 doesnt work anyway.01:25
IzinucsWebcamWonder: but at this point in Hardy you probably won't have any more kernel upgrades.. (as I smack my self because I know right after saying it, it'll happen)01:25
david1234hikenboot: are you ther01:25
iLogicnsadmin: but the thing is.. I always try to leave the computer up at night for downloads, and when I check it the next day, the connection has dropped.. so I figured I could use a script to ping the router and restart networking if the response is null... but I can't operate through /etc/init.d/networking if my interface isn't listed on /etc/network/interfaces01:25
WebcamWonderIzinucs: There is one waiting in my upgrade list right now, .23 :)01:25
hikenbootdavid1234 i am no expert in bind9 sorry I got it working once with dynamic dhcp after about 2 weeks of messing with it01:25
kelvin_is there a way of resetting my settings  for my instalation back to default in  dpkg01:25
IzinucsWebcamWonder: yep.. one of the nice things we got from Dell from what I understand01:26
Seiver`Damrossn8tuser>did i miss your last post for me?01:26
nsadminjust to make sure of that... when you were using networkmanager, the same cable went from that computer to (where is the other end?)01:26
n8tuserSeiver`Damross -> i missed what you posted01:26
IzinucsWebcamWonder: do the upgrade first..01:26
Seiver`Damrossn8tuser> there is nothing else running no that prot, it works fine from inside my network, this issue holds true for other apps aswell. they work fine from a 19.168.*.* addy but refuse to work from the outside no mater how my router seems to be set01:26
iLogicnsadmin: it's wireless (wlan0)01:26
WebcamWonderIzinucs: Well, if I do the upgrade, my nVidia will break anyways01:26
david1234hikenboot: didnt you say i could use webmin for what i need to do right01:26
WebcamWonderIzinucs: I'd rather get rid of all the junk01:26
hikenbootwebmin makes it easier to figure out how to use it...yes01:27
n8tuserSeiver`Damross -> when you say it works okay from the inside, what exactly is your command? which ip address are you using?01:27
IzinucsWebcamWonder: uninstall all nvidia drivers and related cruft.. then do the upgrade .. then install the new driver.01:27
nsadminI'm not familiar with wireless networkign01:27
WebcamWonderIzinucs: Yeah, awesome. I will be back :)01:27
himbamckyHi, I'm having a problem with alsa. Audacious froze and now I have a constant loopback on one second of song. I restarted alsa and that didn't help any. I stopped alsa for a bit the sound stopped and when I restarted alsa it came back, plus it won't play any other audio once restarted.01:27
savvas!webmin hikenboot david123401:27
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:27
flashkiddIzinucs: my k3b finds the writer and dont find everytime i login01:27
david1234hikenboot: ok so how do i point boscoslife.com to its correct acount so i can edit the index.html file and have boscoslife.com read off of my server using webmin01:27
hikenbootdavid1234, did you do a google search for bind9 how to?01:27
Seiver`Damrossn8tuser> i am refering to the LAN the ip to the mechine is'01:27
crimsunhimbamcky: follow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems01:27
savvas!webmin | hikenboot david123401:28
ubottuhikenboot david1234: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.01:28
n8tuserSeiver`Damross -> also how many nic cards are attached to this subject pc?  and connected to same lan?01:28
=== mn__ is now known as _mn
iLogicnsadmin: but it seems that the problem is setting dhcp properly, through the router command perhaps..01:28
crimsunhimbamcky: make sure you get me the output from the alsa-info.sh script and `dmesg'01:28
n8tuseriLogic -> post in pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces file01:28
himbamckycrimsun: Thanks and I will01:28
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox01:28
Seiver`Damrossn8tuser> only the one onbord on the motherbord01:28
n8tuserSeiver`Damross -> when you say it works okay from the inside, what exactly is your command?01:28
iLogicn8tuser: http://paste.ubuntu.com/101600/01:28
hikenbootsorry just trying to help didnt know that thanks01:28
savvasnp :)01:29
n8tuseriLogic -> remove the wireless-mode managed  and try again01:29
MHz256hello! how do I make rc.local run at startup?01:29
guillehello I just allowed an update in ubuntu 8.10 and the Nvidia drivers were also updated. The X server will not work now it went from 177.80 to 277.82 and says the kernal hearders do noot match API Mismatch could some please assist me01:29
david1234hikenboot: i like webmin so there is no way to use my server as a web based server for websites if i use webmin01:29
iLogicn8tuser: you sure? cause it's managed on ifconfig right now..01:29
david1234RNING: the eBox package released with Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) is broken and cannot be installed. See bug #255368 for information and unsupported workarounds.01:29
n8tuseriLogic -> remove the wireless-mode managed  and try again01:29
hikenbootanyone know if evolution has an add in that will aid in forwarding groups of messages to a mailbox...I am trying to sort thru my mail 20K messages and extract the important ones01:29
iLogicn8tuser: okay.. brb01:30
iLogicn8tuser: also.. should I just disable wireless on network manager?01:30
Seiver`Damrossn8tuser> im a ubuntu nub please define 'what command' how i connect to it in
iLogicor do I have to remove it or kill or something?01:30
hikenbootdavid1234 dont use webmin didnt you see the post just a minute ago use ebox01:30
josh_how do you open the hardware drivers, when it wont open for me?01:30
n8tuseriLogic -> i thought you were not using the nm ?01:30
iLogicn8tuser: I'm trying not to.. but it's the only way to connect01:31
oreofQuick question.. gnome-power-manager... mine with seg fault if I run as a regular user.. but starts fine as root01:31
david1234hikenboot: ok so there is no way to do so in webmin or in terminal01:31
n8tuserSeiver`Damross -> what is the command you used to connect to ?01:31
oreofthus, it isn't running on startpu (as me)01:31
ae5iranybody successfully use a GeForce4 MX 4000 in Hardy? I can run 1024x768 using the nv driver but when I installed the 96.43.xx driver it starts in low graphics mode01:31
josh_how do you open the hardware drivers, when it wont open for me?01:31
n8tuseriLogic -> upon removal, try   sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart01:31
iLogicn8tuser: I'm trying to manage the network via interfaces so it can be restarted through /etc/init.d/networking01:31
hikenbootdavid1234 I am sure there is a way i just dont know how...but dont use webmin use ebox instead01:31
josh_how do you open the hardware drivers, when it wont open for me?01:32
iLogicn8tuser: so I do have to uninstall network manager?01:32
Seiver`Damrossn8tuser> i connect with the Real VNC with thats what the program asks for 0 being the session i think01:32
n8tuseriLogic -> nope, follow what i suggested will you?01:32
node357"WARNING: the eBox package released with Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) is broken and cannot be installed"01:32
josh_how do I open the hardware drivers, when it wont open for me?01:32
oreofanyone know why gnome-power-manager would fail to run "as me", but starts up fine as root01:32
iLogicn8tuser: okay.. brb01:32
oreofit Seg Faults if I try to run it as me01:32
=== anthill is now known as goblin
n8tuserSeiver`Damross -> now on the subject pc,  which ip is it listening on? or nic?01:33
cs_studentwhen do you guys think that commercial games will be available more widely on linux?01:33
titefuzzI installed mysql and setup a user01:33
himbamckycrimsun: I'm getting a no command found on alsa-info.sh01:33
savvasnode357: read further, where it says about the latest build of ebox and shows a PPA repository01:33
mindslant_Howdy.  I think I have a unique request.  I'm a teacher in a non-networked lab.  I'd like to make a specifically tailored ubuntu distro for my lab so I can install it on each box with the settings in place with as little work as possible.  What's the best way to do this.  Thank you.01:33
simoo_does anyone know where the pictures used in the glslideshow screensaver are kept?01:34
node357oh thanks savvas, once again I fail to read all the way through :/01:34
=== cs_student is now known as poseidon
crimsunhimbamcky: did you save the script to your Desktop and run it from there?01:34
jrib!remaster | mindslant_01:34
ubottumindslant_: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility01:34
Seiver`Damrossn8tuser> it is listening on 5900 wich is how the server is set and there is only one nic wich is set to static IP01:34
savvasmindslant_: I think you could clone your drive with www.clonezilla.org and try restore the created image on each machine01:34
n8tuserSeiver`Damross -> look into vnc configs, there are setting for which nic it listens on? or ip ?01:35
david1234hikenboot: what is it that i am trying to do how would i google that i dont know really what it is that i am trying to do01:35
LtL!automate > mindslant_01:35
ubottumindslant_, please see my private message01:35
istvan_I have a 13 minute video, and I want to put it on youtube. how do I speed it up to exactly 10 mins?01:36
LtLmindslant_: yet another suggestion compliments of the chanbot01:36
david1234EVERYONE RNING: the eBox package released with Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) is broken and cannot be installed. See bug #255368 for information and unsupported workarounds.01:36
titefuzzHow do I create the admin user for Mysql?01:36
mindslant_Thank you.  I'm thinking about running a virtual machine setup of the distro I want and then clone it.  I think that's the way to go.  I appreciate it.01:36
david1234hikenboot: RNING: the eBox package released with Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) is broken and cannot be installed. See bug #255368 for information and unsupported workarounds.01:36
iLogicn8tuser: no deal.. it returned the following: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102490/01:36
sambagirlis adobe air supported in ubuntu?01:37
himbamckycrimsun: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=c9b7cff1718782196c73dcaa407bc3b520bf03d601:37
savvasdavid1234: read further, where it says about the latest build of ebox and shows a PPA (personal package archive) repository in launchpad.01:37
david1234join/ #webmin01:37
david1234what server is webmin on01:37
sambagirlebox is better david123401:38
n8tuseriLogic -> now try  sudo ifdown wlan0;  sudo ifup wlan001:38
sambagirlis adobe air supported in ubuntu?01:38
david1234sambagirl:  the eBox package released with Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) is broken and cannot be installed. See bug #255368 for information and unsupported workarounds.01:38
crimsunhimbamcky: do you have the output from `dmesg' also pastebinned?01:38
hikenbootread further, where it says about the latest build of ebox and shows a PPA (personal package archive) repository in launchpad01:39
himbamckyNo, but I can.01:39
sambagirldavid1234 there was an error in the syntax go to #ebox and get the correct syntax01:39
sambagirlit does work. i use it.01:39
iLogicsambagirl: http://www.sizlopedia.com/2008/04/06/how-to-install-adobe-air-on-ubuntu/01:39
nsadminand as antiquated as it is, plain text is probably better than that for many reasons including ability to maintain without a gui01:39
sambagirli dont recall the syntax is all.01:39
sambagirlthanks ilogic01:39
iLogicsambagirl: np01:39
iLogicn8tuser: will try, hold on01:39
Seiver`Damrossn8tuser> i think i found what you wanted erlyer the command is vncviewer caspre2:001:40
refeferanyone know if there is a deb for python2.6?01:40
nsadminrefefer packages.ubuntu.com01:41
hikenbootI take it in order to forward a bunch of messages as individuals i have to find some sort of spam program that the functionality isnt built into any client so that it prevents someone from doing that?01:41
n8tuserSeiver`Damross -> now do the same, vncviewer
iLogicn8tuser: same problem..01:42
=== Putra_cute_abs is now known as cWE_mOeDzT
n8tuseriLogic -> and you are pretty sure your driver supports wep or wpa?01:42
iLogicn8tuser: yeah.. it`s wep and it works just fine with networkmanager01:42
jribrefefer: not in the official repositories, but it's straightforward to compile.  Just make sure you use make altinstall instead of make install01:43
ConstantineXVIis there a way to cat to multiple files at once?01:43
iLogicn8tuser: seems to me that I should be directing dhcp.. but don't know how01:43
himbamckycrimsun: http://pastebin.com/m58a2471801:43
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jribConstantineXVI: in zsh there is :)01:44
iLogicsambagirl: are you from brazil?01:44
=== lnxr is now known as ox--
nsadminConstantineXVI man tee01:44
ScottG489My laptop seems to have problems starting up after being closed. All I have it do when its closed it have the screen turn off.01:44
n8tuseriLogic -> what do you meant directing dhcp? isnt your AP the dhcp server?01:44
qqxwhere can i find details on using a bluetooth headset with skype?01:45
=== mcarter_ is now known as mcarter
flashkidddoes someone knows how to set up k3b?01:45
mcarterDo i have to do anything special when switching from sysvinit to upstart, besides sudo apt-get install upstart?01:45
crimsunhimbamcky: i'm guessing you have/had firefox open?01:45
jribmcarter: why would you be doing that?  What version of ubuntu is this?01:45
iLogicn8tuser: yeah, I mean the client.. it keeps looking for and finds no offer, whereas networkmanager connects with no problems at all..01:45
himbamckycrimsun: Yes.01:45
n8tusermcarter -> do you have /etc/event.d/   ?01:45
mcarterjrib, ubuntu 7.1001:46
crimsunhimbamcky: ok, now add: sudo fuser -v /dev/dsp* /dev/seq* /dev/snd/*01:46
WebcamWonderHow do I check whether the nVidia drivers are actually not loaded?01:46
jribmcarter: it's probably a better idea to just upgrade to the next ubuntu version, 7.10 will be EOL in three months anyway01:47
n8tuseriLogic -> what do you have checked in nm ?01:47
iLogicn8tuser: subnetmask is instead of x.x.x.25501:47
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:48
mcartern8tuser, after I install upstart I do01:48
himbamckycrimsun: Want me to pastebin the output?01:48
socsince that update of libssl my password doesn't work anymore01:48
socto unlock the key01:48
n8tuseriLogic -> can you post your dhclient.conf ?01:48
iLogicn8tuser: does it work if I leave router as it is and set static on my box?01:48
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> Hey, back - you there?01:49
solexiousCan I stream my audio over a network to my other ubuntu box? And if so how?01:49
socmy password for the ssh key01:49
corpcan someone maybe help me with installing a theme ? something i may of missed in the installs on a fresh install after all updates completed? ty in advance01:49
n8tusermcarter -> nothing really interesting in /etc/event.d/  it just simulates sysv init01:49
n8tuserUbuntuNewbie -> yes am here01:49
Flannelmcarter: 7.10 already has upstart, by the way.  Upstart's been being phased in since 6.1001:50
soccorp: just install it via your package manager01:50
a-thi guys i have question i did upgrade when i installed ubuntu and then i had to change my menu.lst file from root (1,0) to root (0,0) now there is new upgrades again now do i have to change it back like old one so that way it doesn't usk me to choose new config or keep local? what sould i do?01:50
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> Great - wanted to chat to you from Ubuntu but I couldn't access the C drive from there to get the link back to the page (I saved the link as a text file)01:50
WebcamWonderHow do I check whether the nVidia drivers are actually not loaded?01:50
suboneHow can I setup ubuntu to output to my laptop's svideo jack?01:50
corpsoc please explain more please ty01:50
hansI wonder if someone can help me get wireless networking enabled? I am showing the driver for my wireless NIC installed, but the wireless does not show up as an available device in network settings01:50
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> Do you want me to chat to you from Ubuntu or is it okay to do it from Windows.01:50
soccorp: or do you have downloaded a package?01:50
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> I have some descriptions about what I saw01:50
crimsunhimbamcky: yes01:50
iLogicn8tuser: it's all commented, except for send host-name "<hostname>"; and request subnet-mask, etc, etc..01:50
n8tuserUbuntuNewbie -> where-ever, as long as its in this channel01:51
corpd/l ed yes01:51
himbamckycrimsun: http://pastebin.com/m78438ea701:51
sambagirlilogic i am following the instructions right now.01:51
NomexousWebcamWonder: did you try lsmod?01:51
n8tuseriLogic -> do not make me guess, paste it please01:51
Flannela-t: Near the top part of your menu.lst, you'll see a line that's commented out (with a #) that has "groot=(hdX,Y)" on it.  Change that to what you want it to be, but *don't* uncomment it01:51
corppackage manager sounds better im thinking now01:51
Flannela-t: to verify its changed properly, save it and then do sudo update-grub01:51
crimsunhimbamcky: try: pulseaudio -k && sleep 3 && pulseaudio -D -vv01:51
WebcamWonderNomexous: What am I looking for in lsmod? lsmod | grep nvidia returns nothing01:51
a-twhat do u mean flannel01:51
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> Cools...01:51
socopen synaptic, and search for  "-themes"01:52
socmost of the packages coming up are theme packages01:52
n8tuserSeiver`Damross -> have I lost you?01:52
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> I couldn't boot into the Ubuntu 7.10 Live CD by just sticking in the CD01:52
iLogicn8tuser: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10249401:52
NomexousWebcamWonder: that leads me to believe nvidia modules are not loaded01:52
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> so i used this options that offered help and installed files both on my C and D drive01:52
IntrepidWhere is the place to insert a command to configure networking on system startup?01:52
n8tuserUbuntuNewbie -> did you modify your bios to boot from CD as first priority?01:52
WebcamWonderNomexous: Ahan. and where does lsmod pick up the modules to load?01:52
Flannela-t: what part don't you understand?01:53
afallenhopehey I was wondering to remove kernels from ubuntu it's sudo apt-get remove linux-image-2.6.24-12-generic linux-headers-2.6.24-12-generic01:53
soccorp: murrine-themes, outdoors-theme, community-themes etc....01:53
NomexousWebcamWonder: you load modules with modprobe01:53
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> the C drive had 2 files and the D drive had two files as well but also had 2 folders... I cut and paste everything from D to C.01:53
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection01:53
=== osxdude|laptop is now known as osxdude|l
a-tto go to menu.lst01:53
nsadminIntrepid /etc/network/interfaces01:53
Flannelafallenhope: something like that, yes.01:53
giacomo_ccan anyone help me setup my plantronic usb headphones?  it doesn't seem to show up under asoundconf list01:53
soccorp: some packages are themes for programs, you wouldn't want that ...01:53
WebcamWonderThis is totally weird. Apparently, the bug I had with the binary drivers also exist in the open source mesa? :s01:53
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> Yes I did modify my bios to boot from Cd as first priority and its just passed the Live CD straight on went to boot Windows01:53
afallenhopeFlannel,  kkz ty01:53
NomexousWebcamWonder: not sure if this is the exact command, but try 'sudo modprobe nvidia'01:53
Flannela-t: /boot/grub/menu.lst, open it in a text editor (alt-f2 then gksu gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst)01:53
iLogicIntrepid: good luck with that, though... it seems that ubuntu doesn't want you to manually manage it..01:53
soctry gnome-themes, gnome-themes-extras01:53
Intrepidnsadmin: i have that part configured, but i need to know how to automatically execute the command "ifup eth0"01:53
corpsoc may i pm ?01:54
WebcamWonderNomexous: Well, I uninstalled the nVidia driver, and just wanted to make sure it is no longer being loaded01:54
afallenhopeFlannel, should I --purge it too?01:54
n8tuserUbuntuNewbie -> make sure you have a good tested livecd, also sometimes livecd is not supported by your system, so you have to use the text only alternatecd01:54
Flannelafallenhope: purge will remove config files, so yes.  purge will be sure to get everything01:54
iLogicIntrepid: try System > Sessions01:54
Bman_hello, how can I create a kiosk system with only a minimal ubuntu linux install and Qt as the main interface?01:54
socsince the update of libssl/openssl a few hours ago, i can't unlock my ssh keys anymore, my password isn not accepted anymore01:54
soccan someone help me?01:55
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> remember thank link you sent me? I saw an options to test the CD but the screen shot of the menu that appears has never been seen before in my life01:55
firefly2442Can anyone help me with Firestarter? I'm trying to share my Internet connection, DHCP works and I correct IP on client machines but they can't get on the Internet01:55
FlannelBman_: You may want to ask in #kubuntu, I believe theres some easy way to configure KDE to do kiosk stuff01:55
a-tok i see where it's saying groot=(hd1,0)01:55
himbamckycrimsun: tells me 'daemon start up failed'01:55
NomexousWebcamWonder: If it's uninstalled, there's nothing to load. lsmod reports that it's not loaded. Is that all you were trying to figure out?01:55
a-tshould i change it to hd0,001:55
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> I still cut and paste 2 files and 2 folders from the D drive and then pasted it into the C drive and then when I did reboot it worked01:55
corpwhy does it echo post in your pm ?01:55
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> Is that safe or does it appear to be safe but could spell trouble?01:55
Bman_thx flannel01:55
WebcamWonderNomexous: Yeah, :). Thanks. B/c I have always had compiz disabled, and these drivers look no different than the Binary nVidia01:56
firefly2442I even set it to allow all of my IP addresses01:56
Flannelsoc: Did you reboot your system?01:56
giacomo_cdoes anyone know about getting usb headsets to work?01:56
socFlannel: no01:56
Flannelsoc: Try restarting01:56
socmh ok01:56
socthat would be pretty stupid ...01:56
n8tuseriLogic -> try to add timeout 60    so it will try a bit longer01:56
iLogicn8tuser: nevermind, dude.. it seems useless01:57
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> the 2 files and folders came after from clicking the option about getting help to boot from the Live Cd that didn't boot by just restarting the computer with the Live CD in the CD drive01:57
n8tuserUbuntuNewbie -> i dont know what those two files are01:57
paintedangelanyone got any idea how to get a scanner working in ubuntu 8.10?01:57
kajamajaanyone got any idea how to connect to wireless printer01:58
kajamajalexmark 650001:58
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> the name of the first file is "wubildr" and the second name of the file was "wubildr.mbr"01:58
paintedangeltrying to get this scanner/printer combo working at a tattoo shop an epson cx740001:58
pymikeHi, I'm having a really long delay playing sounds in PyGame and other SDL applications. I've heard maybe it's because pulseaudio has increased it's latency - is there a way to lower pa's latency?01:58
WebcamWonderHas anyone faced this bug before? For nVidia, a part of the screen doesn't refresh properly... http://img213.imageshack.us/img213/2425/screenshot2009010815298cl3.png01:58
afallenhopeFlannel, http://pastebin.com/d5118611e I got that can I just rm -rf it?01:58
paintedangelthe printer is working no luck on the scanner however01:58
n8tuserUbuntuNewbie -> those are wubi installs, i thought you want the ubuntu on a partition by itself?01:59
kajamajawireless printer?01:59
paintedangelnah usb01:59
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> yes I do but this is what I did to get the Live CD to work on my computer01:59
kajamajathat sucks :)01:59
b-dogghey any one here know linux mint?01:59
firefly2442How can I get an IP address from DHCP yet not be able to ping the DHCP machine?01:59
crimsunhimbamcky: please pastebin all the output01:59
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> and I have a correction - the 2 folders turn out to be 1 folder called Ubuntu01:59
a-tFlannel > i found groot=(hd1,0) should i change it to (hd0,0)01:59
Flannelafallenhope: Are you currently using that kernel by any chacne?01:59
sheepfirefly2442: that machine might drop pings01:59
n8tuserUbuntuNewbie -> okay,  so are you able to install?01:59
a-tand remove # sighn02:00
Flannel!mintsupport | b-dogg02:00
ubottub-dogg: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint on irc.spotchat.org02:00
Flannela-t: No, don't remove the hash, leave it commented02:00
himbamckycrimsun: http://pastebin.com/m53fe874702:00
a-tand then what?02:00
b-doggdoesnt mean u cant help me?02:00
firefly2442sheep: I'm getting "destination host unreachable",  does stock Ubuntu drop ping packets?02:00
Baz_hello, I installed an AirLink 150n WirelessN PCI Adapter in my desktop and I don't see any options for wireless networks in my net manager - any ideas?02:00
Flannela-t: then save.  And sudo update-grub (then verify the changes are in the written kernels, down at the bottom)02:00
sheepfirefly2442: I don't think so02:00
UbuntuNewbieI tried the install option I saw on the Ubuntu desktop and this is what I did02:01
Flannelb-dogg: We don't support mint here02:01
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> I selected the language and the time zone and neveryting correctly02:01
kajamajajoin #git02:01
n8tuserUbuntuNewbie -> okay good luck.. am out of here for now02:01
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> Serious?02:01
=== rachel is now known as Guest87953
UbuntuNewbien8tuser -> You're going now?02:01
a-tnow i got message02:02
fiXXXerMetI am installing ubuntu 8.10 on my laptop and I would like to encrypt the /home (or even /) partition.  How can I do this?02:02
a-twhat would you like to do about menu.lst install the package maintainer's version or keep the local version currently installed02:02
corpi installed a couple themes but when i right click screen and look they dont show in the theme box ?? what could be the cause of this guys ?02:02
Flannela-t: Oh, that sort of upgrade.  What other changes did you make to your menu.lst?02:02
soccorp: which themes did you install?02:03
a-tthat's it02:03
a-ti did change root (hd0,0)02:03
corp4 randon ones02:03
a-tbecause before i was hd1,002:03
socpackage names?02:03
a-tand i could not load ubuntu02:03
Flannela-t: Alright, then go ahead and use the package maintainers version.02:03
a-tso i changed it after updating it02:03
Flannela-t: then once you've finished the upgrade, go back and make that change again.02:03
corpsoc btw your pm causes strange things after i pm you ?02:03
corpdoubles and tripples02:03
socmhhh, i didn't get any pms ...02:04
a-tflannel can u pm me please02:04
poochieI was shrinking a windows partition on a laptop to put linux in and the power was pulled in the middle of it. how do i fix it?02:04
a-tflannel can i pm u please02:04
Flannela-t: It's best to keep it in the channel, I'll summarize though:  Use the new package version (not local version), then after the upgrade, go back and change your root (like you just did) to the one that works (to hd0,0), then sudo update-grub, and then reboot.02:05
=== Putra_cute_abs is now known as cHeLy
mcarterhow can I upgrade from ubuntu 7.10 to 8.10 on the shell?02:05
=== cHeLy is now known as cHeLY
a-tand then do updates for ubuntu again02:05
iLogicmcarter: sudo apt-get upgrade02:05
jrib!upgrade | mcarter02:05
ubottumcarter: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes02:05
a-tthere is some available02:05
Baz_my wireless network adapter is not being recognized by my desktop - it doesn't even think there is any wireless adapter - is there a way to coax ubuntu into finding it?02:05
tokyoaheadhi all... can someone tell me where Ican setup xorg.conf in case I want to switch screens (int./ext.) on my laptop and I run different resolutions on it?02:05
Seiver`Damrossany way to get someone on voice to help?02:06
iLogicjrib: say.. you know if it's humanly possible to use /etc/network/interfaces to manage a wireless connection instead of network manager?02:06
jribiLogic: can't tell you for sure.  I believe it should still work, networkmanager just won't manage it02:07
iLogicjrib: it just seems inhuman to me.. :(02:08
WebcamWonderiLogic: WPA issues?02:08
corpif i want to see the themes that i have installed with synaptic i do what ?02:08
Bman_flannel why would you suggest Kubuntu?02:08
mcarterjrib, so then do i have to go from 7.10 to 8.04, then to 8.10 ?02:08
jribmcarter: yes02:08
iLogicWebcamWonder: nope.. it's wep and the issue seems to be with dhcp leasing02:08
FlannelBman_: Because I believe KDE has some kiosk configuration thing02:08
Bman_how about an ubuntu install without a desktop enviroment02:09
WebcamWonderiLogic: Well, I just threw away NM, and got WICD. Have been living a painless life with regards to wireless ever since02:09
Bman_I just want to run a c++ program fullscreen02:09
corpif i want to see the themes that i have installed with synaptic i do what ? again if someone has the answer ty in advance02:09
UbuntuNewbieI NEED SOMEONE WHO IS A BOSS IN UBUNTU willing to help me02:09
nickrudiLogic, yes, I did it once as an exercise; /usr/share/doc/wpasupplicant/README.modes.gz explains how02:09
corpi will google until i see my name highlight thank you02:10
iLogicnickrud: i'll check it, thanks!02:10
Flannel!anyone | UbuntuNewbie02:10
ubottuUbuntuNewbie: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:10
Baz_in windows there is a device manager that shows you all your hardware and most importantly the detected hardware that does not have a proper driver - is there a similar thing in linux? I saw sysinfo briefly but that seemed a little lacking02:10
Flannelcorp: Search in installed packages for things with "theme" in their description.  I don't think there's something programmed in there for themes (a category or whatnot)02:10
iLogicWebcamWonder: the thing is.. my connection keeps dropping when I check it in the morning, so I figured I use a script that restarts networking, but it won't work unless I have wlan0 listed on interfaces, which network manager does not..02:11
corpv ty02:11
corpim looking now02:11
UbuntuNewbieubottu -> Do you know how to get Ubuntu installed on a partition of the hard drive?02:11
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:11
poochiehow can i repair/recover a partition that was being re-sized with gparted but abruptly stopped? the partition is now displayed as unknown partition02:11
WebcamWonderiLogic: Did you configure the interface yourself in /etc/network/interfaces?02:11
FlannelUbuntuNewbie: What about install do you have a question about?02:11
Bman_i want to install ubuntu minimal on a thin client. the only thing I want running is a C++ application. what packages will be required?02:12
nickrudcorp, you can look in /usr/share/themes; some are gtk themes, others metacity or kde02:12
hans_how do i get my laptop wireless nic to show up as an available device? it shows as an enabled driver, but it does not show up in my netwrok settings?02:12
UbuntuNewbieubottu -> I have one hard drive - Windows and its drive letter is C - from that same hard drive I made a partition called Ubuntu with a drive letter of D. How do I specifically get to install Ubuntu operating system on the D drive so that I can have both Windows and Ubuntu on one system on their own partitions when performing the installation?02:13
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:13
iLogicWebcamWonder: tried to, but when I try to restart the network it won't find any dhcp offerings on (under networkmanager netmask is though)02:13
Baz_i stuck a network card in my computer but ubuntu doesn't recognize that anything new/different happened? How can I check if it maybe sees it bt doesn't know what to do with it?02:14
XeKtRuManyone can help me out with the flashplayer install ?02:14
Baz_XeKtRuM: sure whats up02:14
LogomachistI've heard that Linux doesn't need anti-virus programs, but IMO it's only a matter of time before we see malware appearing on Unix. Plus I'd like to be able to catch malware while running Linux that would be invisible under Windows.02:14
AnacranomUbuntuNewbie,  you really dont need that ,,, its very easy to dual boot and most here can show you how02:14
LogomachistIs there such a thing?02:15
XeKtRuMcan't get it to work02:15
tokyoaheadhi all... Iam running a laptop with an external screen but I am having trouble switching between them and running different resolutions on them... any help here? Is there a how-to guide or something how the xorg.conf file has to be setup?02:15
iLogicnickrud: you think this wpasupplicant solution would work in a wep managed network?02:15
XeKtRuMI have tried everything02:15
Baz_XeKtRuM: 32bit or 64bit?02:15
DILhow do i print a cd label is there an application that will do that02:15
Baz_XeKtRuM: intrepid 8.10?02:15
jribLogomachist: using the repositories instead of downloading random programs from the internet is the best way to stay safe02:15
UbuntuNewbieAnacranom -> How do you dual boot?02:15
XeKtRuMfirefox 3.0.502:15
Baz_XeKtRuM: u trie restricted exras?02:15
Mac101 im having a problem with my wireless speed should be 600kbps~ but always drops to 100kbps~ after a few minutes,i have an  Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG and using the iwl3945 driver02:16
ianm_on 8.04 bluetooth was working, now it seems the interface doesn't exist.  I do see this in dmesg though:  [    31.002879] Bluetooth: Core ver 2.11, Bluetooth: HCI device and connection manager initialized.02:16
LogomachistWhy are repositories safer?02:16
nickrudiLogic, ah, not sure. Never used wep myself. googling   wep  /etc/network/interfaces may come up with some guides (I used wpa ... to remind me how I did it)02:16
jribLogomachist: because random Joe can't upload there02:17
Baz_Logomachist: they are safer because there is a lot of care and visibility on what goes into them - but mainly the point of them is that they are easier02:17
XeKtRuMi allready have it02:17
ianm_Logomachist: they are run by good people with reputations to maintain.  random websites are anonymous and they come and go02:17
himbamckycrimsun: Any solutions?02:17
XeKtRuMBaz_, i upgrade from 8.0402:17
Grim76__What is the command to reconfigure X?02:17
Baz_XeKtRuM: how does it behave? simply as though u never installed any flash or is there some error or problem?02:18
crimsunhimbamcky: i need the pastebin url of the pulseaudio -D -vv spew02:18
sleekassasin117does someone have recon02:18
ianm_Grim76__: http://www.google.com/search?q=What+is+the+command+to+reconfigure+X   :D02:18
Grim76__Heh....at the command line and no internet right now.02:18
Grim76__at least from a browser stand point.02:18
XeKtRuMBaz_, no error, it wont load the plugin02:18
sleekassasin117because i really need it02:18
a-tguys should i do sudo update-grub everything i do changes in menu.lst02:18
ianm_Grim76__: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg02:19
a-tor no02:19
XeKtRuMabout:plugins dont show any flash plugin02:19
Baz_XeKtRuM: have u tried a full remove and re-install?02:19
Grim76__ianm_, Thanks I will try that now.  I appreciate the help.02:19
AnacranomUbuntuNewbie, check your PM02:19
ianm_Grim76__: there are some text based web browsers btw, links, lynx others02:19
XeKtRuMi even copied the libflashplugin.so in many firefox directories02:19
sleekassasin117i need recon armor02:19
UbuntuNewbieAnacranom -> what's a PM?02:19
WebcamWonderiLogic: hmm. Weird02:19
sleekassasin117can someone give it to me02:20
ianm_Grim76__: or you could use wget :D02:20
himbamckycrimsun: http://pastebin.com/m29b0d03202:20
AnacranomUbuntuNewbie, what program are you you using to chat here?02:20
Baz_XeKtRuM: oh, u did try alot... i had this same problem a while back, let me think02:20
hans_how do i get my laptop wireless nic to show up as an available device? it shows as an enabled driver, but it does not show up in my netwrok settings?02:20
smacnayI am perplexed.  I did a fresh 8.10 install and tried to get a dial-up connection to work.  I finally got wvdial to dial the modem and also gpppon to work, after configuring with pppconfig.  Connection is made but no data is sent (although one email was sent out).  "route" shows nothing.  eth0 is activated by default.  I am most likely missing something simple here.02:20
a-tXeKtRuM just install flash player02:20
UbuntuNewbieAnacranom -> I'm chatting in Mozilla Firefox02:20
smacnayifconfig does who a working ppp0.02:20
sleekassasin117give me recon02:20
krazedhans_: Find out what card it is and see if there is already a fix for it on google/ubuntuforums.02:21
sleekassasin117i am begging02:21
a-they guys how safe is it to run tor in ubuntu?02:21
nsadminsleekassasin117: POOF! you have recon armon!02:21
nsadminoh NO, that's not the recon spell...02:21
LogomachistWhat you say is probably true, but it could also be said that if I never downloaded anything I'd avoid the risk completely. But then why bother being connected to the Internet at all? I'd like to mitigate risk without sacrificing all the cool stuff I can find online.02:21
AnacranomUbuntuNewbie, PM = Private Message02:21
XeKtRuMa-t, ¬¬02:21
nsadminthat's the chicken suit spell!02:21
XeKtRuMthat sounds easy to say02:22
Baz_XeKtRuM: do u get error msgs when u run: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree02:22
sleekassasin117then someone give me recon send me it02:23
nsadminno unfortunately I miscast the chicken suit spell instead of the recon spell02:23
nsadminenjoy your feathers...02:23
XeKtRuMBaz_, nopes02:23
XeKtRuMinstall goes fine02:23
sleekassasin117fuck you nsadmin02:23
DILoh my!02:23
Baz_XeKtRuM: wanna try uninstalling FF :)?02:24
sleekassasin117thats right nsadmin02:24
XeKtRuMBaz_, allready done02:24
Baz_XeKtRuM: usually there is some sort of msg somewhere!02:24
=== atlas is now known as Guest73586
Baz_XeKtRuM: seriously!02:24
nsadminhey, could you use a gekko suit?02:24
magchey, i just downloaded a .tar.gz and extracted the files, and i see security locks on them all, why is this?02:24
Baz_XeKtRuM: umm, i don't know what to tell u02:24
sleekassasin117fuck you nsadmin02:24
Baz_XeKtRuM: besides ofcourse do a clean install of 8.10 but i'm sure u want to avoid that02:25
a-tXeKtRuM check your pm02:25
ardchoille!language | sleekassasin11702:25
ubottusleekassasin117: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:25
magchmm any of you know?02:25
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com02:25
XeKtRuMBaz_, it seems its the only way to get it work02:25
pymikeno answer for my question?02:26
potwakmagc: what is your question anyway?02:26
magc"hey, i just downloaded a .tar.gz and extracted the files, and i see security locks on them all, why is this?"02:26
firefly2442what's the difference between /etc/dhcpd.conf   and   /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf   how do I know what configuration file it's using?02:26
potwakmagc: it might need a password.02:26
=== john183 is now known as Guest38117
magcno--everything is read only02:27
magcso i gotta be root to change it?02:27
potwakmagc: you may change its file attribute02:27
magcoh that works02:27
aandonosudo chown02:27
magcalso--when i try to compress files to zip, they are all empty--i have to copy the files to my windows partitions to zip them in ubuntu02:28
noodlesgcmagc right click them, click properties and see if you can change permissions02:29
boot_loophey folks, does anyone know how i can copy my mysql database files from one server to another? I need to revert to an older image of my web server, but I need to use my current database?02:29
zeroRooterHey guys, my mouse on ubuntu 8.10 is riculously laggy, it teleports all over the screen, i have tried different mouses its all the same so im guessing it's software... any help?02:29
firefly2442boot_loop: do you have phpmyadmin?02:30
Grellcan anyone help me with audacious?02:30
dkcan anyone solve my problem.. my microphone volume is low. I am using ubuntu 8.04 64bit02:31
legendsohaianybody can tell me why I cant remove my ssh key from ssh-add?02:31
boot_loopfirefly2442: no not yet02:31
boot_loopi've set everything up by command line02:31
firefly2442boot_loop: once you install it on both machines, then login and goto export02:31
=== Smokey is now known as JaredTizzle
firefly2442boot_loop: you essentially export an SQL file with all your database structures and data, then just import it on the other side02:32
Grelli want to load a directory of music (including subdirectories) into audacious, i only see an option to add files, and it doesnt work to just click on a directory and click "add"02:32
zeroRooter Hey guys, my mouse on ubuntu 8.10 is riculously laggy, it teleports all over the screen, i have tried different mouses its all the same so im guessing it's software... any help?02:32
PATXfirefox wont let me watch videos02:32
PATXwhatshould i do?02:32
firefly2442zeroRooter: are you using a KVM?02:32
boot_loopfirefly2442: great, i'll give it a shot.02:32
WebcamWonderIs "nv" the opensource driver? or is it the binary driver?02:32
firefly2442boot_loop: if it's ubuntu, you can just install it from apt-get02:32
LtLGrell: when you select a dir, click the file window, press ctrl+a  then click add/ok02:33
wile_e8I encrypted a file with passwords using a key I created from the "Passwords and Encryption Keys" program.  If I back up the file, how do I back up the key in order to recover the file on a clean install?02:33
zeroRooterfirefly2442: what is KVM02:33
LtLWebcamWonder: opensource driver02:33
Seiver`Damrossboot_loop> its also handy when your messing with your DB and dont want to destroy yout live DB to export a comy to play with02:33
firefly2442zeroRooter: keyboad video and mouse, I'm guessing no then ;)02:34
WebcamWonderLtL: Awesome thanks02:34
PATXi cannot watch videos what should i do?02:34
zeroRooteryou mean as in a keaybodar a videocard and a mouse? lol02:34
firefly2442zeroRooter: sometimes I have the same issue, but only for a few seconds if I switch displays on my KVM02:34
dkcan anyone solve my problem.. my microphone volume is low. I am using ubuntu 8.04 64bit02:34
boot_loopis phpmysqladmin easy to install?02:34
nsadminPATX go to the movies!02:34
noodlesgcPATX are they videos in a flash player window? or just embedded video?02:34
GrellLtL: I want to add a directory of directories02:34
fuxxy /join #mythtv-users02:34
nickrudboot_loop, sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin02:34
pymikeno answer for my question? :(02:35
Grellso the file window is blank02:35
firefly2442zeroRooter: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KVM_switch02:35
LtLGrell: one at a time w/audacious afaik02:35
boot_loopnickrud: and then easy to use from that point? My server has no gui02:35
firefly2442boot_loop: yeah, it's all web-based, really easy02:35
nickrudboot_loop, phpmysqladmin displays in the browser locally; no gui needed on the server02:35
dk#ubuntu = chaos02:35
roccity_pymike, whats your question02:35
LtLGrell: check out amarok02:35
poseidonWhat is the difference between universe and miltiverse?02:36
pymike(08:01:13 PM) pymike: Hi, I'm having a really long delay playing sounds in PyGame and other SDL applications. I've heard maybe it's because pulseaudio has increased it's latency - is there a way to lower pa's latency?02:36
zeroRootershit firefly i think your right lol02:36
Fish_Kungfu@boot_loop...do this to make a backup file leave off angle brackets around password) # mysqldump -uroot -p<password> --opt databaseName > backup.sql02:36
zeroRooteri am using kvm haha02:36
boot_loopnickrud: cool, so how do I view the database in a web broweser on another machine?02:36
zeroRooterwait... no nvm02:36
legendsohaiI cant delete ssh key from memory by using ssh-add -D, anybody can tell me what happen was it?02:36
roccity_pymike have you tried using a different audio server like alsa02:36
noodlesgcPATX try installing the totem-mozilla package from synaptic.02:36
nickrudboot_loop, type   (or whatever ip) in the browser location bar02:37
PATXnoodlesgc: k ty02:37
zeroRooterfirefly: i have 2 keyboard and 2 mouses on the same monitor02:37
boot_loopfish, nice thanks02:37
roccity_pymike do you get the same problem02:37
Ward1983i just isntalled ktechlb but i get this error when trying to open a .circuit : KCrash: Application 'ktechlab' crashing...     Could not find 'drkonqi' executable.02:37
Ward1983any ideas?02:37
pymikeroccity_: yes02:37
zeroRooterand i have gefore MX-440 w/e...02:37
pymikeI'm using alsa right now02:37
Ward1983i just use ubuntu 8.10 64bit, so gnome by default02:37
corpi didnt like that theme at all :(02:37
roccity_pymike there is a pulseaudio configuration in synaptic02:37
Seiver`Damrossboot_loop> http://localhost/phpmyadmin02:37
corpi changed to gnome02:37
pymikek ill check it out02:38
noodlesgcWard1983 interestingly enough, I just had that problem 5 seconds ago and am googling around02:38
roccity_pymike you can try that02:38
firefly2442zeroRooter: I have the same issue with the mouse, but it only messes up for a few seconds02:38
Fish_Kungfu@boot_loopThen on your new instance of MySQL, just create the database with no tables and do this from within MySQL:  mysql> SOURCE /path/to/backup.sql02:38
Ward1983noodlesgc, haha timing02:38
cheekeewhy is ubuntu different from debian?02:38
firefly2442zeroRooter: I'm guessing it's a driver issue? dunno...02:38
Fish_Kungfu@boot_loop that will rebuild your database02:38
corpnickrud thank you for all your help friend02:38
boot_loopcool, thanks a lot02:38
zeroRooterfirefly: maybe but which driver? video card driver?02:38
jeffreyf1HELLO. can not get "sun-java6-plugin" because "Package sun-java6-plugin is not available, but is referred to by another package"02:38
Fish_Kungfuyw :)02:38
zeroRooterdoes my mouse need a driver? lol02:38
perlluvercheekee, Ubuntu is Debian, but with newer version of software, and an up to date system02:38
firefly2442zeroRooter: no, probably for the mouse02:38
perlluveror something to that effect02:38
zeroRootermy mouse need a driver?02:39
zeroRooterlol damnit!02:39
roccity_jeffreyf1, try typing in sudo apt-get isntall ubuntu-restricted-extras02:39
firefly2442zeroRooter: I just plug in another USB mouse and switch ^^02:39
pymikeroccity_: paprefs didn't have anything02:39
firefly2442zeroRooter: I don't know of a solution, sorry :/02:39
zeroRooterk lol02:39
roccity_pymike go to synaptic and type in pulseaudio02:39
pymikeI did02:40
nickrudcorp, like what you see?02:40
pymikethere's tons of crap in there02:40
pymikebrowsing atm02:40
corpi put it back on default02:40
legendsohaiI cant delete ssh key from memory by using ssh-add -D, anybody can tell me what happen was it? any ideas? now I cant ssh another machine by using the same key.02:40
rporteranyone know anything about programming?02:40
firefly2442rporter: what do you want to know?02:40
nickrudcorp, same sequence:  log out, choose the gnome session under options->sessions, log back in02:41
LtLlegendsohai: what error do you get02:41
rporterspecifically, I have a username / password in a javascript file and I want to protect that somehow02:41
winterkHeys - is EnvyNG safe to use on 8.10?02:41
jeffreyf1roccity_: "ubuntu-restricted-extras is already the newest version."02:41
Ward1983noodlesgc, notyhing usefull yet here02:41
legendsohaiLtL: nothing error02:41
=== FriedCPU is now known as FRiEd|BnC
winterkTrying to get a dual support on an ATI card02:41
nickrudcorp, blackbox is for customizing geeks or low powered machines02:41
winterk*dual monitor02:41
cheekeeperlluver: wow! I never expected such an answer. I need to reflect for a moment before I provide an answer to your answer. :-)02:41
roccity_jeffreyf1, then you should have java installed02:41
firefly2442rporter: um, can you be a little more specific? you mean it's in cleartext?02:41
roccity_pymike what about paman02:41
LtLjeffreyf1: is non-free repo check /etc/apt/sources.list02:41
Ward1983noodlesgc, im going for the svn trunk i'll let you know if it works02:42
Fish_Kungfu@boot_loop before you do the SOURCE command, be sure to do a: mysql> USE databaseName first02:42
corpnickrud it was to plain looking02:42
legendsohaiLtL: but the key is still inside the memory even i had run ssh-add -D02:42
pymikeroccity_: trying02:42
boot_loopFish: okay, nice02:42
LtLlegendsohai: how do you execute an ssh session?02:42
rporterfirefly2442: I created a greasemonkey script to log me in to an annoying site that required multiple password fields on the same page so my SSN and PIN number are right now in that js flie02:42
jeffreyf1roccity_: removed then install again....I'll see if that works02:42
rporterI assume that's not a smart way to do it02:43
pymikeroccity_: I don't see anything in paman either02:43
roccity_jeffreyf1, have you restarted firefox?02:43
roccity_jeffreyf1, or did you have it open when you installed it02:43
legendsohaiLtL: ssh username@myip. Did you meant this?02:43
LtLlegendsohai: and no error message?02:43
saw8.10 text disappearz02:44
legendsohaiLtL: Warning: Permanently added 'aix.unix-center.net,' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.02:44
firefly2442rporter: ahh, well you could use some kind of encryption to protect the file/directory02:44
=== WolfBlood is now known as Sean
roccity_pymike I found this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=85282202:45
=== Sean is now known as Sean74
suboneSomeone please help! I am trying to setup s-video output for my laptop but somehow i messed up everything and it will only load into safe graphics mode!02:45
legendsohaiLtL: this is because that machine do not need my key.02:45
sawhow to take video of the screen like the screenshots02:45
LtLlegendsohai: the warning indicates rsa ket change, what happens next?02:45
firefly2442rporter: if you are worried about other people on the computer reading it you could change the permissions on the file02:45
legendsohaiLtL: so im trying to remove the previous key in ssh-add02:45
Ward1983noodlesgc, their svn version has no ./configure lol this is retarded02:45
rporterfirefly224: right, not what I'm looking for, I want to emulate the way firefox stores my passwords02:45
Sean74When I try to run 8.10 Live CD it boots up Busy Box, how can I fix this?02:45
pymikeroccity_: k ill try it02:45
legendsohaiLtL: nothing after, Connection closed by
noodlesgcWard1983 I have found that drkonqi is only a crash handler02:46
GrellLtL, i just saved the playlist in amarok and loaded it in audacious02:46
Ward1983noodlesgc, aha, well ill let you know if it works or not, i found how to build it now02:46
rporterfirefly2442: not worried about that, but it's my SSN, so I want it protected in the case that anything ever happened..02:46
Ward1983apperantly its a bit different then most things02:46
rporterMaybe I'm just being paranoid02:46
Ward1983to build02:46
legendsohaianybody know is this a bug of ssh agent? how can i fix it?02:47
LtLlegendsohai: try rm ~/ssh/known_hosts you may want to  backup that file then try again02:47
pymikeroccity_: k I did it, logging in/out02:47
LtLlegendsohai: wait02:47
legendsohaiLtL: ok02:47
LtLlegendsohai: try rm ~/.ssh/known_hosts02:47
roccity_pymike good luck02:47
noodlesgcWard1983 what app is it?02:47
hikenbooti created a filter and applied it to a folder (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=904712) in evolution02:47
ekke onda chiklosos02:48
hikenbootinstead of forwarding the messages it drops my internet connection02:48
LtLGrell: good idea!02:48
Ward1983noodlesgc, ktechlab... :s duh02:48
hikenbootanyone know why that would be happening02:48
legendsohaiLtL: what is the next step should i do?02:48
LtLlegendsohai: try connecting again, accept the key and login02:49
legendsohaiLtL: but this machine machine do not need a key02:49
RonPauljumping right in here:  I have a couple of .iso files and I don't have a DVD to burn them to.  I want to mount them then put it on a SD card so i can watch them on my PS3.  But when I mount them they are empty.  The .iso says it's about 1.5GB.  I'm confused.  anyhelp would be great02:50
LtLlegendsohai: youre confusing keys, try it02:50
=== dood is now known as IlluminaX
ArenlorI have /tmp mounting on /dev/sda3 and I want to change it so that it just mounts in the / partition, how do I go about doing that?02:50
legendsohaiLtL: the key that stored in my memory is used for my another machine.02:50
thehookis the new version of clamav going to be released for 8.04 ?02:50
ardchoillethehook: no02:50
thehookardchoille: why not?02:51
qalithiii all02:51
ardchoillethehook: the only thing we get are bug fixes and secruity updates once ubuntu is released02:51
noodlesgcRonPaul do you have any md5's you can verify them to? Also what command are you using to mount them?02:51
LtLlegendsohai: ive never used this add-key youre talking about, the key you accept is for authenticating the remote host to avoid man in the middle attack02:51
Arenlorardchoille: that's wrong02:52
jeeves_Mosshow do I mount a NTFS (Vista) drive that went into hibernate from Ubuntu?02:52
legendsohaiLtL: ok, i try it now02:52
=== FRiEd|BnC is now known as FriedCPU
myke1howdy folks i have a huge problem if someone could take the time to help me with02:52
Arenlorthehook: they may include the new clamav at some time, and it may already be in backports02:52
jeeves_Mosshow do I mount a NTFS (Vista) drive that went into hibernate from Ubuntu?02:52
RonPaulnoodlegc:   what is a md5?  i'm just using the archive mounter in gnome.02:52
cszikszoycan anyone help me troubleshoot wireless network connection problems?02:52
tmg1|debianI have a hard drive which this laptop, running the ubuntu livecd cannot see--another laptop couldn't see the hard drive, and the hard driv doesn't boot by itself(the BIOS can't see it)02:53
Ward1983cszikszoy, what kind of problems?02:53
cszikszoyI can connect to some wireless networks, but not others (like the one at my house)02:53
thehookardchoille: i have a LTS and is going to be using it for a coupl of years (the reasen why i choose LTS) and i get an outdated av, how does that help on security? :P02:53
Ward1983cszikszoy, are the ones you cannot connect to WPA ?02:53
myke1i cant get on to ubuntu at all  anymore it freezes as soon as i log in02:53
tmg1|debianis there anything I can do to see this hard drive?/ get the data off?02:53
cszikszoycan't connect to wpa or wep at home02:53
ardchoillethehook: Why do you even bother with av in Linux?02:53
daltondoes anyone know how to change the screen resolution i just installed this OS all i have for resolutions is 800x600 and my screen can handle 1440x90002:53
tmg1|debianmyke1: what did you do last before this started?02:53
Sapotetmg1|debian: use dd02:53
cszikszoybut i can connect to wep and wpa at other places02:53
Ward1983cszikszoy, thats really weird lol02:54
legendsohaiLtL: Im still cant connect to that machine.02:54
RonPauli had the same problem.  so i just re-installed ubuntu02:54
pymikedidn't work02:54
Jack_Sparrowtmg1|debian, If the bios does not pick it up, few tools will be of any use..02:54
cszikszoymakes no sense, because I have another laptop that connects fine02:54
Ward1983cszikszoy, what kind of wificard?02:54
Baz_how do i clear my saved network settings? I am putting network cards into my pc but ubuntu is not recognizing because i think it is expecting the pevious one that was there...02:54
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
cszikszoyrailink -- eeepc 90002:54
atomic___dalton: System >> Screen Res02:54
Jack_Sparrowcszikszoy, Are you running eeepc or ubuntu02:54
noodlesgcRonPaul md5 is a method to verify that a file is that same as wherever you got it from. So you are using the gisomount?02:54
myke1i was trying to update the nvidia driver, now after i log in, the desktop freezes and i have to hard reset02:54
Ward1983cszikszoy, really weird my friend has a 901 (same hardware?) and he has no problems at all02:54
tmg1|debian(I was sent here by the disgruntled and possibly jealous debian irc chan). I kind of figure that...I'm just making sure I'm not missing anything02:54
Jack_Sparrowcszikszoy, Are you running eeeubuntu ?02:54
cszikszoyi'm using the array.org kernel, which has support for the railink card built into the kernel02:55
Ward1983cszikszoy, maybe in eeebuntu they know the problem02:55
legendsohaiLtL: this is my error log, http://paste.ubuntu.com/102510/02:55
Ward1983cszikszoy, thats what you run right?02:55
daltoni tried that all i get is 800x600 640x48002:55
Baz_let me phrase that differently... how do i force ubuntu to redetect my wifi/wireless adapter?02:55
cszikszoyno, it's intrepid, but I'm using array.org's custom eeepc kernel02:55
Ward1983cszikszoy, i mean #ubuntu-eeepc02:55
cszikszoyoh -- ok, thanks02:55
mcarterHow can I specify the user to run the daemon as in an upstart job?02:56
daltonatomic  i tried that all i get is 800x600 640x48002:56
Ward1983cszikszoy, (if they cant ask here again btw)02:56
tmg1|debiandalton: sometimes alt-ctl-shift-+/- to change screenresolution. Or maybe only two of those (alt-shift?)02:56
Ward1983cszikszoy, but they know your hardware better02:56
tmg1|debiandalton: you may also need better drivers02:56
cszikszoyalright, thanks Ward198302:56
RonPaulnoodlesgc:  i'm using archive mounter02:56
LtLlegendsohai: try ssh -l login-name ip-address  ...you need to use a login name the remote allows.02:56
Baz_whats a better ifi adapter - airlink or trendnet?02:56
myke1so i dont know how to  get back to the old driver02:56
Ward1983cszikszoy, no problem, gonna stick aroung there for a moment to listen, should my friend ever have the same problem02:56
myke1i cant even reinstall02:56
tmg1|debianalso; there's a screen resolutions option in one of the dropdown menus(settings?) from the top left02:57
atomic___dalton: Try System >> Administration >> hardware drivers?02:57
tmg1|debiansapote - dd doesn't see the disk, tried that :)02:57
huwenfeng i am using svn under Debian etch. the /home/svn_repo is created by root, and what i want to do is to have a working copy of the repo as another ordinary user. how can i do that?02:57
thehookardchoille: cause its a mailserver that is serving a lot of M$ users.. thats why02:57
atomic___Maybe it needs better video drivers or something...02:57
legendsohaiLtL: did you meant ssh -l user@ip?02:57
Jack_Sparrowhuwenfeng, Wrong channel we dont support debian etch here02:57
jribthehook: check bugs.ubuntu.com but my guess is you'll get updates for clam in -updates or -backports02:57
firefly2442huwenfeng: you mean an svn checkout?02:58
myke1i cant seem to get back on, the computer keeps freezing02:58
huwenfengfirefly2442: yes02:58
LtLlegendsohai: try ssh -l login-name -space-  ip-address02:58
myke1?anyone know a way to fix it02:58
huwenfengi want to checkout the repo as a normol user02:58
thehookjrib: thanks :)02:58
Jack_Sparrowhuwenfeng, Wrong channel we dont support debian etch here02:58
legendsohaiLtL: ok02:58
firefly2442huwenfeng: is it setup with apache too or just svn?02:58
tmg1|debianhuwenfeng: why not just use the url ofthe computer when using svn (like svn svn://localhost/repo checkout ) etc02:58
LtLlegendsohai: both should work. i dont know whats happening02:58
Ward1983noodlesgc, the SVN one works fine :D02:58
huwenfengJack_Sparrow: no, it is not of debian, but of svn02:58
Jack_Sparrowfirefly2442, If you want to help him please take it to pm02:58
noodlesgcRonPaul ok do this open a terminal and type this: sudo mount -t iso9660 <filename.iso> <path> -o loop             And change <filename> to the iso file and <path> to the path you want it mounted.02:59
noodlesgcWard1983 nice02:59
Ward1983noodlesgc, remove ktechlab, then:   sudo apt-get build-dep ktechlab02:59
daltonok i just tried that and all it did was make my screen look like it zoomed way in02:59
myke1i have a question, i cant seem to figure it out02:59
nbeebohow do i check the size of what a program takes up?02:59
DigitalFizanyone ever use devede?02:59
nbeebowhats that?03:00
Ward1983noodlesgc, after that just follow: http://ktechlab.org/wiki/index.php?title=Index:Download03:00
Ward1983noodlesgc, i didnt test much yet though only opened a .circuit file, which failed before03:00
myke1i cant seem to figure out why my system keeps freezing after the log on screen'03:00
legendsohaiLtL: this is because my old ssh key is added with ssh-add command before, and now I wanna to remove that old key. But I cant remove it by using 'ssh-add -D' command, thats what im wonder03:00
myke1can anyone help?03:01
tmg1|debianmcarter: lsb might have instructions. that's as far as I got(i have the same issue I think)03:01
tmg1|debian(linux standard base)03:01
LtLlegendsohai: in a terminal type 'man ssh-add'  i've never needed it.03:01
legendsohaiLtL: still same result after trying your method, I get "boobooke@aix.unix-center.net's password: Connection closed by"03:01
daltonis there better video drivers out there for a onboard nvidia card03:02
LtLlegendsohai: remove one of the files listed in ssh-add man page is my best guess.03:02
daltonmy screen resolution is mest up03:02
myke1need help with ubuntu freezing after logon screen03:02
sektor1952you can install any version of ubuntu from the live cd right and it pulls the files from the net?03:02
=== b2s- is now known as b2s
mcartertmg1|debian, thanks03:02
legendsohaiLtL: yes, tried, but still cant remove. It is a big problem now that cause me cannot connect to other machine that using different keys03:02
Jack_Sparrowsektor1952, No03:03
Jack_Sparrowsektor1952, livecd installs desktop version of ubuntu intrepid.. if you want the latest03:03
tmg1|debianmyke1: have you tried running 'failsafe' gnome/kde(whichever you use,. probably gnome?)03:03
Jack_Sparrowsektor1952, Are you thinking of minimal install?03:04
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD03:04
myke1yes, same thing happens, in fact i cant even reinstall ubuntu, the same thing happens03:04
exodus_mssektor1952: are you asking if all versions of Ubuntu can be installed via their own live cd, and afterwards updates and apllications can be installed ove rthe net?03:04
daltonok im a total noob to linux in gereral how can i change my screen resolution i know where to find it but there is nothing i want for resolution its way to low03:04
Jack_Sparrowsektor1952, If you tell us what you are wanting to do, we can point you in the right direction03:05
sektor1952Basically I was wondering if the most recent version of ubuntu can be installed from live cd and if you can do either a server or desktop install03:05
WebcamWonderGuys, how is the native 64bit flash working out for people? Is it installable?03:05
ubottuYou can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava03:06
DigitalFizis there a way to "close" a dvd-r in ubuntu?03:06
Jack_Sparrowsektor1952, livecd installs desktop03:06
myke1TMG i was wondering if there was a terminal comand that could fix it up, restoring me to my previous config?03:06
Marcel157alguem do Brasil??03:06
WebcamWonderJack_Sparrow: The native :). I am already on nspluginwrapper03:06
Jack_Sparrowsektor1952, alternate and server install disks are also available03:07
myke1tried a bunch of things, and no go03:07
Jack_Sparrow!br > Marcel15703:07
ubottuMarcel157, please see my private message03:07
sektor1952Jack_Sparrow: even though it installs desktop you can't install server packages seprately from the net?03:07
Jack_Sparrowsektor1952, SUre and the other way around03:07
daltonso no one knows how to change the resolution?03:07
sektor1952oh ok that's what I wanted to make sure03:07
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution03:07
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)03:08
LateralLinkJack_Sparrow, really putting  in your time this evening are ya03:08
br3ndenHow can I set the maximum number of FTP connections for 1 user?03:08
sektor1952is there a live cd for the latest version of ubuntu03:08
sektor1952or just download the desktop cd?03:08
LtLlegendsohai: try ssh-add -d03:08
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Intrepid, and help keeping the servers' load low!03:08
exodus_msyes, but not for jaunty03:08
nsadminprobably find out from your ftpd docs03:09
Jack_Sparrowsektor1952, livecd is desktop03:09
sektor1952that's fine03:09
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases03:09
legendsohaiLtL: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102513/03:09
LtLlegendsohai: now try connecting using whichever method you have used.03:10
Jack_SparrowMarcel157,   /join #ubuntu-br03:10
sektor1952and the server cd is text only correct?03:10
Jack_Sparrowsektor1952, alternate is text install as well03:10
exodus_mssektor1952: have you checked any of the links posted thus far?03:11
thebighamhey is it possible to make turn off the laptop screen when i plug in an external display by it self?03:11
myke1nope, that didnt work, i still freeze at the  desktop'03:11
Barridusargh, what's the irc command to list all the sub-servers so you can pick one that's more local?03:11
smkeesleI have a g3 imac that I can't get xorg config03:11
smkeesleATI r128 card03:12
LtLBarridus: it used to be /map but irc admins removed that from users.03:12
Jack_Sparrowsmkeesle, is that ppc?03:12
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ03:12
smkeeslebetter irc channel for it?03:13
Jack_Sparrowsmkeesle, That is community supported since edgy.. NOt sure what channel they use.have03:13
shogbinWell, I get a connection but just a trickle of data gets sent and received over the dialup.03:13
shogbinVery odd.03:13
LtLBarridus: try the homepage of the IRC net you want, they might list servers.03:13
BarridusLtL, thanks - i actually wanted it for another server (that i can't always log into) - so that's sound advice thanks03:13
LtLBarridus: otherwise its on the round-robin03:13
shogbinI plugged into an eth through dsl to chat but I do need this pppd connection to work.03:14
Jack_Sparrowsmkeesle, /join #Ubuntu-ppc03:14
myke1failsafe gnome does not work03:14
Jack_Sparrowmyke1, trying for fresh install?03:14
myke1i cant do a fresh install the screen freezes up03:15
myke1i tried :(03:15
LtLshogbin: shouldn't need pppd on dsl03:15
Jack_Sparrowmyke1, To get live cd to run this often helps..At start or install press F6 and remove Quiet and Splash from the command line. If it still fails.. Repeat and after removing quiet and splash add noapic acpi=off before the "--"03:15
thebighamwhen i plug in an external display, is there a way to automatically switch from the laptop display to the external display. and just use the external display.03:15
myke1ok will give that a try sparrow03:16
a-they guys03:18
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:18
LtLsamanddeanus: you have the floor, speak :)03:18
a-thow can i disable ubuntu to mount my window partition03:18
a-tnot to be there at all03:18
Jack_Sparrowa-t, edit fstab03:19
samanddeanusedit /etc/fstab03:19
samanddeanusto keep ubuntu from mounting Windows03:19
myke1no sparrow, its a no-go. frozen at the live cd desktop :(03:19
Jack_Sparrowmyke1, did you do md5 or the self test03:20
a-twell what command i got to remove03:20
DiehardyHi peeps, I need help with my Eee PC running ubuntu 8.1003:20
Jack_Sparrowmyke1, Is this a HP or a Dell03:20
Jack_SparrowDiehardy, /join #ubuntu-eee03:20
Jack_SparrowDiehardy, Or are you running our version03:20
samanddeanusumount to unmount a drive03:20
myke1custom build03:20
Diehardywhat do you mean our version?03:20
Jack_Sparrowmyke1, We support OUR release, not your custom builds03:21
myke1i've been running ubuntu 8.04 just fine for several months on this machine03:21
samanddeanusa-t: remove the line which has ntfs-3g03:21
Jack_SparrowDiehardy, eeepc has its own version tailored to their hardware03:21
samanddeanusa-t: from /etc/fstab03:21
firefly2442Diehardy: I use the array.org kernel , works well for me03:21
Diehardywhich is?03:21
myke1eh? this is the standard 8.04 ubuntu03:22
Jack_Sparrowsamanddeanus, he could also just set it to noauto right03:22
a-tthere is nothing03:22
a-tthere with ntfs-3g03:22
myke1i ment my machine is a custum build03:22
DiehardyI'm a noob when it comes to Linux03:22
samanddeanuswhat does it have in /etc/fstab03:22
LtLa-t: put a '#' sign at the beginning of the ntfs filesystem line to  comment it out.03:22
a-thow can i show you?03:22
Jack_Sparrowmyke1, Ah.. k...  what mb and video03:22
DiehardyI've ony been using Linux for a few months, on this Eee PC that I got for fifty bucks.03:22
DiehardyI like it but I just need to work out some kinks03:22
Jack_Sparrowa-t, sudo apt-get install pastebinit  && cat /etc/fstab | pastebinit (Provide Pastebin link in channel)03:23
DiehardyIt came with its own built in webcam and mic, but for some reason they stopped working.03:23
elverigHello I am a newbie I have ubuntu 8.10 I pressed some keys on the keyboard and my theme went crazy, any ideas of how to fix it?03:23
Jack_SparrowDiehardy, np, but just a hint.. eee will already know most of the tricks needed to get your hardware going the way you want03:23
firefly2442Diehardy: /join #eeepc is another good channel03:24
huwenfengfirefly2442: hi, you are backup no03:24
DiehardyOk, I'm new here too.03:24
samanddeanusto change the theme go to System -> Preferences -> appearance03:24
pedahzurI'm fighting with IPSEC and racoon.  Any battle hardened veterns here able to help me trouble shoot issues?03:24
MaT-dgtrying to install crossover but it says the following: "'/home/<username>' must exist and belong to you in order for the installation to proceed."03:24
Jack_Sparrowa-t, If you shift ctrl V     that line into a terminal it will return a url with the info we need03:24
exodus_msDoes irssi create log files by default? Or will this command work for creating log files /LOG OPEN -targets #ubuntu ~/irclogs/linx/linux-%%y-%%m-%%-d03:24
elverigsamanddeanus: Do you happen to know the keyboard shortcut03:25
=== error404notfoun1 is now known as error404notfound
a-thahaa ok i don't know how to pastebinit03:25
Jack_Sparrowa-t, Just paste that line into a terminal03:25
Jack_Sparrowa-t, It will do all the work03:26
DiehardyJack Sparrow, I can't find the channel for Eee03:26
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC03:26
bbbshmmm there is no su. i don't want to type sudo everytime. how can i login as root in my terminal03:26
samanddeanussudo -s03:26
a-tthanks jack_sparrow03:27
Jack_SparrowDiehardy, /join #ubuntu-eeepc03:27
DiehardyYeah I think I found it thanks, Jack03:28
Jack_Sparrowa-t, Ok, so it isnt in there so we need to see what drive partition it is with..   sudo apt-get install pastebinit  && sudo fdisk -l > ~/Desktop/Partition_Layout.txt && lsb_release -a >> ~/Desktop/Partition_Layout.txt && cat /home/$USER/Desktop/Partition_Layout.txt | pastebinit (Provide Pastebin link in channel)03:28
FloodBot1NOTICE - If you couldn't speak to the channel during the past minutes, please try again now.03:28
VolVEwell that was weird03:28
RonPaulwhat's with the bot???03:29
Jack_SparrowRonPaul, Just protecting the users here03:29
jp_sfRonPaul: Spammer ...03:29
nbeeboim thinking about having some motherboards and stuff in my aquarium, would the fish die? lol (asking this once because im banned at #ubuntu-offtopic.. lol)03:29
* firefly2442 shakes fist at them03:29
RonPaulah OK i was getting...confused03:30
Jack_Sparrownbeebo, You know better than to ask here.. but yes. bad idea03:30
nbeebothats lame03:30
paulandsarai have 2 question it may be because im dumb and do not know linux that well or because i couldnt find them in the faq03:30
Jack_Sparrownbeebo, You know better than to ask here.. but yes. bad idea...03:30
paulandsaracould someone help me03:31
nbeebostill lame03:31
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:31
MrObvious!ask | paulandsara03:31
ubottupaulandsara: please see above03:31
Jack_Sparrowa-t, ty03:31
alex87any ideas why my computer freezes just before my laptop fan turns on?03:31
MrObviousSheez the bots are busy tonight. :\03:31
paulandsarawell i looked thru the faq03:31
markpeewhy is ubuntu so unstable ??03:31
MHz128How do I save YouTube or other web video's to HD, using Ubuntu of course... ?03:32
a-tthank you jack_sparrow03:32
Jack_Sparrowa-t, sda1 is the drive you dont want to have seen or mounted right03:32
jribMHz128: keepvid.com03:32
nsadminmarkpee: specifics, what's your exact problem03:32
MHz128jrib, cool03:32
JoshHillAnyone know why FTP connections would max out at 40KB/sec, as though there was a cap? This is on computers on my LAN and also the internet. Disabled IPv6 because I've read that may cause throughput problems. Tried several different FTP clients as well. Upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10 and the problem was still there. My other computers with Ubuntu transfer fine. The problem is only there with FTP...SFTP or any other protocol works fine03:32
Jack_Sparrowmarkpee, Please dont troll and ask a question if you have one03:32
noodlesgcMHz128 I would try using a download helper firefox addon03:32
jp_sfalex87: if you rfan goes up means the CPU is getting hot if your cpu is getting it is because it overused, therefore this is why your system freeze (at least it could be)03:32
paulandsaraim having trouble with the use of my graphics card it will not let me play city of heroes becuaes of some sort of pixel problem03:32
markpeensadmin, firefox and other programs like Amarok are crashing a lot03:32
alex87jp_sf, it only locks up the mouse for a second, but the fan turns off after 5 seconds and does this about once a minute03:33
markpeeim not troll03:33
MaT-dgalex87: Guess your computer doesn't freez before the fan turns on but the fan turns on after your computer freezes -> program bringin your core(s) to 100% making them very hot03:33
markpeeI dont understand why everything crashes so often03:33
alex87MaT-dg, that's possible, i'll put a monitor on03:34
markpeei have a 1.7GHZ dual core with 2GB of RAM03:34
a-tJack_sparrow i'm ready when u are03:34
Jack_Sparrowmarkpee, what changes have you made to sources.. or added manually03:34
Jack_Sparrowa-t, Gimme a minute or two03:34
MHz128jrib, how do  I use it?03:34
markpeei tried to install flash / java manually03:35
markpeeand printer driver03:35
markpeethats about it03:35
franklinmat-dg what do you talking about..shit03:35
jribMHz128: should be pretty obvious.  It's a website, you put the youtube url in the box and press "go" or whatever03:35
nsadminmarkpee and were things more stable before you did that?03:35
help_plzHello, does anyone have experience with using airsnort?03:35
MaT-dgfranklin: what? :|03:36
markpeeno i dont think so nsadmin03:36
jp_sfalex87: there is a program called sensors via lm_sensors03:37
Geemycan anyone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong? I can't see anything in my 'Place/Network/Windows Network' it's just empty03:37
alex87jp_sf, yeah? just using the gnome-panel sensor i can see cpu spikes before it freezes03:37
alex87jp_sf, how can i check what program is causing the cpu spike?03:38
jp_sfalex87: finding the root cause might be a little harder the gnome-pannel use the lm_sensors I would monitor with sar to check any spike of activity03:38
alex87jp_sf, ah ok, thanks03:39
jp_sfalex87: try to do a top as well to see what is causing the 100% cpu usage03:39
Jack_Sparrowa-t, I dint forget you, it is just an unusual request and I want to get it right for you03:39
a-tok thanks03:39
jp_sfalex87: sar is coming in the sysutils package a graphical version is ksar a Java programm03:39
WebcamWonderUmm, for installing nVidia drivers from their site, I just sh the installer right?03:40
alex87jp_sf, cheers03:40
markpeensadmin, ?03:40
nickrudmarkpee, could you put a copy of /etc/apt/sources.list on http://paste.ubuntu.com ? gotta start somewhere03:40
tokyoaheadguys when I have two screens on the same card, do I enter the screen to the device or the serverlayout in xorg.conf?03:40
GeemyIf anyone can help me with a network issue, please PM me03:40
Baz_i am having a really strange problem with a wfi card - hen i run $lshw -C network, I see my RaLink 802.11n wireless card, but the nm-applet has no clue about it... how can I check that drivers are properly installed or that it is active or force an ip or something without nm-applet?03:40
a-tjust pm jack_sparrow when u get it ok thanks03:40
jp_sfGeemy: what is your network issue03:41
TheFunkbombHello new friends03:41
Jack_Sparrowa-t, Do you use  any ntfs or fat flash drives etc?03:41
GeemyI can't see anything in my 'Place/Network/Windows Network' it's just empty03:41
WebcamWonderBaz_: iwconfig in a terminal to see if it can pick your wireless card03:41
jp_sfGeemy: you have windows computer on your lan ?03:41
Geemyjp_sf: yes03:42
jp_sfGeemy: can you ping them ?03:42
Baz_WebcamWonder: thank you for your help! it says 'no wireless extensiuos'03:42
tripchronicis there a ubuntu equivilant for character map?03:42
GeemyI'll try, one sec03:42
_deanjoin #ubuntu yes03:42
jp_sfGeemy: their firewall is down ? not blocking netbios request ?03:42
WebcamWonderBaz_: ifconfig, and see if your wireless card is even picked up03:42
_deantripchronic: gucharmap03:42
markpeenickrud, it says permission denied03:42
tripchronic_dean thank you, does it support hot keying, like ALT + 013103:43
Baz_WebcamWonder: all it has is lo03:43
a-tyes i have another external hard drive03:43
a-tbut i use that when i only need it03:43
=== danopia__ is now known as danopia
nickrudmarkpee,  gedit /etc/apt/sources.list , copy the contents to http://paste.ubuntu.com03:43
WebcamWonderBaz_: That means your wireless card isn't picked up properly03:43
nickrudmarkpee, then give me the url03:43
_deantripchronic: yes ctrl-shift-u, unicode03:43
a-tand i got flash drive as well03:43
Baz_WebcamWonder: i had another card in there before, but it was causing me problems so i bought this one and put it in its place - the next time i tried to boot ubuntu it took very long03:44
tripchronic_dean thanks03:44
WebcamWonderBaz_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=101742703:44
Geemyjp_sf: pinging the windows pc returned 100%03:44
WebcamWonderBaz_: Apparently, the card is not directly supported under Ubuntu03:44
Baz_WebcamWonder: i have a feeling that if i re-install ubuntu it will detect it ok - is there a way to achieve the equivalent - kind of like uninstall then re-install in windows device manager?03:44
TheFunkbombI have a quick question03:45
markpeenickrud, here http://paste.ubuntu.com/102529/03:45
Geemyjp_sf: checking firewall03:45
TheFunkbombearlier, someone told me about a program I can run that will let me switch back and forth between windows and ubuntu03:45
TheFunkbombI can't remember what it's called03:45
WebcamWonderBaz_: The thing is, your drivers aren't even loaded. And there isn't a uninstall, b/c in Windows all it does is remove previous cached information of the driver, and brings it offline03:45
WebcamWonderBaz_: Do you see your wireless under Hardware Drivers as Restricted Drivers?03:46
=== gaintsura_ is now known as gaintsura
jp_sfGeemy: if you can ping them their firewall is mostlikely down03:46
MaT-dgTheFunkbomb: A virtual machine?03:47
Baz_WebcamWonder: no, just a suggestion to install an updated nvidia - which i would had i an internet connection03:47
nickrudmarkpee, ok, you have sorta bad ones, we'll fix that first.   cd /etc/apt , sudo mv sources.list sources.list.saved , then In System->Admin->Software Sources, enable (main) (universe) (restricted) and (multiverse) and disable the Cdrom on the Ubuntu Software tab. On the Updates tab, enable (hardy-security) and (hardy-updates).03:47
Baz_WebcamWonder: thing is i went to fry's today and bought every wireless n card they had03:47
Geemyjp_sf: the windows firewall was enabled, I just turned it off03:47
markpeenickrud, how did i get bad lines ?03:47
WebcamWonderBaz_: I think you need to download the drivers from RaLink's site and hten compile them yourself03:47
jp_sfGeemy: ah ok that could block the share thingy03:47
Baz_WebcamWonder: after this airlink (which i ws told is very linux compatible) i tried a trendnet  - the issue is the same03:48
pjotrTheFunkbomb: virtualbox, wmvare03:48
Baz_WebcamWonder: oh i am on 64bit, if that matters03:48
Jack_Sparrowa-t, Im still working.. sorry for the delay..03:48
MaT-dgTheFunkbomb: Xen, virtualbox, vmware,...03:48
* jp_sf is wondering a windows firewall on and you can ping them hum ...03:48
TheFunkbombpjotr, does that allow me to log into actual windows or is it like WINE?03:48
nickrudmarkpee, sometime or another the repo you were using failed, Line commented out by installer because it failed to verify:03:48
Geemyjp_sf: I just checked the 'Place/Network/Windows Network' it's still empty03:48
a-tit's ok take your time03:48
Baz_any idea if airlink or trendnet is better? (wifi)03:49
jp_sfGeemy: on windows it is windows XP ?03:49
WebcamWonderBaz_: Sorry, I have no clue. The only wireless I have used on Linux is the one I am currentyl running, onboard broadcom03:49
Geemy jp_sf: yes sir03:49
markpeenickrud, it says no such file or directory03:50
pjotrTheFunkbomb, you install the whole operating system and run it 'inside a program'03:50
markpeefor sources.list03:50
Baz_WebcamWonder: ah, ok... what about the fact that the trendnet wasn't detected either - seems kinda unlikely no?03:50
jp_sfGeemy: on ubuntu you are on 8.10 ?03:50
TheFunkbombso this isn't something I run it inside ubuntu03:50
nickrudmarkpee, then you've got a typo (dang, another socal earthquake)03:50
Geemyjp_sf: yes sir03:50
WebcamWonderBaz_: Depends entirely on the chipset being used on the card. Some have excellent support, some not so much03:50
gustavois there a program to burn dvds from avi format03:51
noodlesgcgustavo try devede.03:51
pjotrTheFunkbomb, yes it is, or as I do with wmvare, i ran ubuntu inside xp03:51
softdavhola a todos03:51
TheFunkbomboh cool03:51
MaT-dgTheFunkbomb: yes you do, a virtual machine is a program that creates virtual hardware so the OS (windows in your case) thinks it runs on a real computer03:51
GMWeezelhow do i change my system's domain name. i changed it in setup but cant figure out how now03:52
norcim122anyone know how to fix a kubuntu install?03:52
TheFunkbombthanks guys.  let me go check this out03:52
Geemyjp_sf: FYI this is my 3rd day using Linux03:52
Baz_WebcamWonder: it really feels like the networking needs to be restarted or forced to redetect - is there no way to do that?03:52
WebcamWonderGuys, does anyone know if the latest 180 drivers from nVidia will work on Hardy?03:52
WebcamWonderBaz_: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart03:52
markpeedo you disable the CD-rom03:52
jp_sfGeemy: ok if you click on Places then on Network then on the windows icon is still empty ?03:52
WebcamWonderBaz_: But that only restarts the networking, not redetects it03:53
solid_liqWebcamWonder: they should.  You'll just have to try and see ;)03:53
nickrudmarkpee, yes03:53
WebcamWondersolid_liq: Ouch, that sounds bad03:53
markpeenickrud how ?03:53
MaT-dgTheFunkbomb: you have to install it like you would on a real computer and you even need a legal *cough* liscence for windows03:53
codeshahhi guys, I am wondering how i can test my microphone in ubuntu... it is a built in microphone .03:53
solid_liqWebcamWonder: no, I mean, it really should03:53
Geemyjp_sf: yes it is still empty03:53
WebcamWondersolid_liq: :).. I know03:53
markpeei ticked the other 403:53
TheFunkbombMaT-dg, I see that03:53
nickrudmarkpee, by unchecking the cdrom listings on the Ubuntu Software tab03:53
norcim122anyone know how to create a user   with root text only03:53
solid_liqWebcamWonder: no reason not to try it03:53
markpeethere is no box though03:54
TheFunkbombI'll stick with how I have it set up now03:54
WebcamWonderAnd does anyone know if I install nVidia drivers myself, would dkms kick in on every kernel upgrade?03:54
markpeefor CD Rom03:54
MindVirusHow do I print 10 lines before and 10 lines after a certain line grepped in a text file?03:54
markpeeit just says "installable from CD ROm"03:54
nickrudmarkpee, then you're good to go.03:55
nickrudmarkpee, for the cdrom, that is03:55
norcim122anyone know how to install startx   in kubuntu... or what is the kubuntu desktop name03:55
markpeeok so what now ?03:55
jp_sfGeemy: I think you need the smbfs03:55
jp_sfGeemy: sudo apt-get install smbfs03:55
wolterneed help with my touchpad in ibex. its unusable.03:55
DiehardyUbuntu was made by a South African03:56
wolteralso with my video card. Two cards appear at the Hardware Drivers tool, and don03:56
norcim122wolter:  you have kubuntu?03:56
MindViruswolter, Google "synaptics"03:56
wolteri dont know if it is that i have two or what03:56
wolterno, in ibex...03:56
nickrudmarkpee, be sure to use my nick in your replies; I may miss them otherwise.  Close the software sources, then  type   sudo apt-get upgrade03:56
pjotrnorcim122, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop ?03:56
wolterubuntu i mean03:56
wolterMindVirus: to get what?03:56
norcim122pjotr: I have to use chroot to get into it... will try03:57
Geemyjp_sf: "smbfs is already the newest version."03:57
gustavonoodlesgc: any other program i try devede but is not working03:57
Jack_Sparrowa-t, Sorry, I cnat find any option to do that.. but if you ask me tomorrow I may figure out a way03:57
MindViruswolter, you should find what you need on Google. It's a driver for the touchpad; also, google your specific issue and add "synaptics"; it will enrich your results.03:57
norcim122pjotr: install failed at very last steps... seting up users03:57
noodlesgcgustavo you could try qdvdauthor, but I found it a bit complicated.03:58
markpeenickrud, i have done that03:58
Jack_SparrowDiehardy, NO it was not03:58
markpeenothing happend03:58
Diehardyyes it was03:58
DiehardyDont lie to the people Sparrow03:58
nickrudmarkpee, you should have downloaded and installed a bunch of packages.   put the sources.list back on http://paste.ubuntu.com03:58
jp_sfGeemy: the only I know to connect to a windows box is to mount the folder by creating a mount point giving the credentials I don't know how to use the graphical thingy03:58
Jack_SparrowDiehardy, Show any supporting evidence03:58
DiehardyGo to wikipedia03:58
gustavonoodlesgc: where do i get it03:58
norcim122pjotr:   sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop   .. asks me to install /cdrom/   I have no drive03:59
a-tok thanks jack_sparrow03:59
Diehardyand type in your precious Ubuntu03:59
a-they Jack_sparrow is it good to use tor in ubuntu?03:59
a-tshould i loose security in ubuntu if i use tor anybody know?03:59
MindVirusa-t, should you what security?04:00
wolterand what about my graphic cards? Two appear on the Hardware Drivers, but I think I only have one. Also, the two appear needing different drivers; when I enable one, the other one is disabled.04:00
TheFunkbombso, can anyone tell me some good apps to install for a very very very new person?04:00
norcim122anyone know?     sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop   .. asks me to install /cdrom/   I have no drive04:00
Geemyjp_sf: I'm willing to try that, can you point me to the info?04:00
noodlesgcgustavo it should be in the repository. you can get it with: sudo apt-get install qdvdauthor04:00
pjotrnorcim122, how did you install in the first place? Comment out cdrom from /etc/apt/sources.list ?04:00
DiiPhantomi lost sound while running an application, how can i restore it?04:00
norcim122from usb04:00
a-twell if i install and use tor in ubuntu u know how ubuntu is secure as op should i be this much secure if i use tor in ubuntu04:00
jp_sf!samba | Geemy04:00
ubottuGeemy: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209804:00
gustavonoodlesgc: cool thanks04:00
ubottuMany Ubuntu IRC channels prohibit access from !proxies such as TOR due to a high level of abuse. You can however obtain a hostmask cloak: see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks04:01
norcim122pjotr: actually I used a netinstall with alternate cd04:01
jp_sfGeemy: Read that but also I'm gonna tell you how I do it04:01
markpeenickrud, there is only one line left now04:01
norcim122pjotr:  can I mount an iso and use that?04:01
nickrudmarkpee, then you didn't do the instructions I gave you, I'll do it again:04:01
jp_sfGeemy, first I create an entry into my hosts file in /etc/hosts with the ip and the name of the machine04:01
nickrud!hardysources | markpee04:02
ubottumarkpee: In System->Admin->Software Sources, enable (main) (universe) (restricted) and (multiverse) and disable the Cdrom on the Ubuntu Software tab. On the Updates tab, enable (hardy-security) and (hardy-updates).04:02
ubottuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository04:02
a-twell lot of people tell me that runing ubuntu is good because i don't need virus software or firewall now if i use tor am i safe?04:02
a-tthat's my question04:02
Jack_Sparrowa-t, yes, very safe04:02
jp_sfGeemy: then I create a folder when I will mount it by doing sudo mkdir /mnt/data04:02
pjotrnorcim122, try it. I think it should work04:02
a-teven using tor and privoxy jack_sparrow04:02
norcim122ufw is available a-t04:02
a-tnorcim122 whats ufw?04:03
hobbes006hi guys, when i launch a window using "zenity", is there any way to make it focus? as in, "above other existing windows" ?04:03
norcim122pjotr: ok then how do mount it from cmd prompt?04:03
norcim122ubuntu firewall04:03
Serachtanyone here know if open office can be configured with a nicer looking UI04:03
WebcamWonder_solid_liq: Haha. That broke my X04:03
gaintsurayar it never phails04:03
jp_sfGeemy: then I have to add in my fstab how I will mount it in /etc/fstab //windowsmachinename/share /mnt/data cifs exec, credentials=/etc/cifspw 0 004:04
gaintsurajust get settled into the new kernel and out comes a new one04:04
norcim122get gufw instead04:04
solid_liqWebcamWonder_: you may need to use modprobe to remove the old nvidia driver, or just reboot04:04
pjotrnorcim122, I have no idea... maybe someone else can help04:04
a-tufw is command firewall?04:04
a-tshould i run this even with tor?04:04
jp_sfGeemy: in /etc/cifspw I put the login and password with username=Domain\foo password=bar04:04
WebcamWonder_solid_liq: I never had an old one. And I rebooted, apparently, it just broke it. The driver refused to load, and the screen flickered every 5 seconds04:05
a-tdo i have to configure it or just run it default04:05
norcim122a-t: use add/remove to install it04:05
jp_sfGeemy: then you mount all the share by using mount -a04:05
RediXeHow do I remove mysql? I ran sudo apt-get purge mysql-server mysql-server-5.0   yet mysqld was still running so I did killall mysqld and yet still when I run mysql -p it tries to connect (fails with an error that I am trying to reinstall to fix)04:05
WebcamWonder_WebcamWonder_: Well, back to nv04:05
jp_sfGeemy: that's it04:05
a-tnorcim122 it's allready installed04:05
=== tyler_d] is now known as tyler_d
a-twhen i type ufw it's saying it's not on04:05
solid_liqWebcamWonder_: well, time to start diagnosing it ;)04:05
norcim122you see it in taskbar?04:05
RediXeyeah that was it ><04:06
nickrudRediXe, sudo apt-get remove --purge mysql-server-5.004:06
phoenix_anyone know where can i find free hosting but with .exe files allowed?04:06
RediXenickrud: apt-get purge was working - I just forgot to uninstall the mysql-client-5.004:06
WebcamWonder_solid_liq: That is so weird. my dmesg says that the client has version of 73 (:S What the heck?) and the nVidia version is 180?04:06
nickrudRediXe, nm, purge was added to apt when I wasn't looking04:06
norcim122go to admin.. >Firewall Config.04:06
TheFunkbombI really don't see why I installed ubuntu :(04:06
WebcamWonder_solid_loiq: Version 71, sorry04:07
a-tonly have two stars is it any good :)04:07
TonyMontanaOh no my name was changed04:07
a-twhat's the best firewall for ubuntu04:07
WebcamWonder_a-t: iptables04:07
Serachti have a quick question about theming in ubunut. What is the difference between a compwiz theme, emerald theme and GTK theme04:07
norcim122can anyone help me mount iso from cmd prompt?04:07
Geemyjp_sf: omg I'm a retard, I just realized I had firestarter ( I installed it following another tutorial on getting WoW running :p ) running, when I turned it off I could see the windows computer, do you know if theres a port I need to keep open?04:07
pjotr a-t, man iptables04:07
WebcamWonder_Seracht: Emerald themes can only be loaded to the program named "Emerald" previously known as Beryl. They are window decorations04:08
jp_sfGeemy: ah a firewall, yeah I would keep 445 and 13904:08
a-thmm is that command :) software too04:08
WebcamWonder_Seracht: GTK themes are themes from buttons, srollbars, etc. They also bring in Window Decorations some times04:08
WebcamWonder_Seracht: And Compiz Theme? Never heard of that one04:08
Serachtso GTK is more complete?04:08
SerachtGTK themes sorry04:08
scompthow can I mount an ext3 so that permissions are ignored?04:08
breathsOf10what is finch?04:09
Serachtand WebcamWonder_ I meant compiz04:09
Serachtcompiz themes04:09
crdlbany "gtk theme" which includes window decorations really just has a metacity theme04:09
WebcamWonder_Seracht: Depends. Emerald gives you much more flexibility than GTK-decorator. But yes, GTK themes would be "complete"04:09
markpeei need to restrat04:09
markpeethen i will be back to paste04:09
nickrudmarkpee, ok04:09
Serachtis compiz == emerald?04:09
WebcamWonder_Alright guys, I installed nVidia driver from their website, now how do I get about removing it04:09
WebcamWonder_Seracht: NOOOO04:09
=== martin__ is now known as _Cid
norcim122can anyone help me mount iso from cmd prompt?04:10
jp_sfGeemy: 137 to 139 are for NEtbios so I'm not sure04:10
hobbes006erm. maybe let me rephrase my question... when i launch an application from terminal, e.g. "firefox" how do i let it automatically focus on firefox?04:10
jp_sfGeemy: 445 for sure maybe just 44504:10
a-tJack_sparrow can i pm u please04:10
WebcamWonder_Seracht: Compiz = Fancy effects. Emerald = Window Border04:10
Jack_Sparrowa-t, yes and thaks for asking04:10
sum1Yo I want to remove swfdec in firefox & try gnash. How can I remove the plugin?04:11
pppoe_dudeany ideas why sound would stop working apparently randomly in ubuntu? system bell still works, but that's about it04:11
phrostbiteIf I install windows xp medica center edition on a partition can I still access my media folder thats with ubuntu?04:12
phrostbiteHow would I do that?04:12
Serachtis htere a channel where I can link themes and get some help on implementing something like that on my computer04:12
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy04:13
WebcamWonder_Seracht: What do you mean exactly?04:13
StanManCanHey... I want to get ubuntu running as a server but I'm a huge noob... Just don't want to use windows though. How hard it is to configure Ubuntu Server to be a file/web/mailserver ???04:13
TheFunkbombso what's a simple program that I can throw on my external hdd and run on ubuntu?  something simple that doesn't require the internet?04:13
WebcamWonder_StanManCan: !LAMP | StanManCan04:14
_CidStanManCan: getting it up and running is very easy, works right out of the box ...knowing what to do with it might take you some time though :-)04:14
WebcamWonder_!LAMP | StanManCan04:14
ubottuStanManCan: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)04:14
ubottuA comprehensive list of of Windows-equivalent applications in Linux can be found at http://www.linuxrsp.ru/win-lin-soft/table-eng.html and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WhatWindowsUsersWant - Try also joining #ubuntu-bots and asking BestBot04:14
TheFunkbombwell, that answers that04:14
Serachtaww he left04:14
StanManCanIs therea ny harm in installing ubuntu desktop and using it as a server ???04:14
Serachtbut ActionParsnip I found a theme on ubuntuforums that I want to implement. I suppose I can just ask the guy himself :)04:15
sum1its fine for development04:15
_CidStanManCan: nah ... go ahead, not as a secure a setup..but it works - great for getting to know things04:15
d0htemi need help setting up sshd on desktop install. 8.1004:15
ActionParsnipSeracht: depends what its a theme for04:15
StanManCan_Cid: Cool. And it will be just the same to setup to make all the services run on boot??04:16
markpeenickrud what was the command i need to type again ?04:16
Serachtthat's a screenshot of it04:16
_CidStanManCan:  desktop/server is the same OS, just how the packages are configured, you can make a desktop install act as a server...or vice versa :P04:16
pjotrStanManCan, http://howtoforge.org/perfect-server-ubuntu8.04-lts04:16
nickrudmarkpee, for which step? You completed the software sources dialog box phase?04:16
FloodBot3StanManCan: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:16
markpeei downloaded and installed programs nickrud04:17
StanManCanwhoops, horrible place to have a horrible bind04:17
markpeeand rebooted04:17
_Cid:-) wb, heh04:17
markpeenickrud, i just need to paste again04:17
nickrudmarkpee, run sudo apt-get upgrade one more time then04:17
=== Mike_92 is now known as Mike0220
phrostbiteIf I install windows xp medica center edition on a partition can I still access my media folder thats with ubuntu?04:18
markpeeok done04:18
_CidStanManCan: just get one thing working at the time - running a server can be quite fun ..at least I think so ...... humm.... did that come across sd?04:18
d0htemsomeone plz pm me , i need simple help setting up openssh-server04:18
nickrudmarkpee, now gedit /etc/apt/sources.list , and copy to http://paste.ubuntu.com04:18
ussvoyagerhello ubuntu fans04:18
Mike0220How would I be able to use what I hear from my computer as my input volume in Intrepid? For example if I were playing a song from my computer while in a Skype conversation, how would the person on the other line hear what I hear from my computer?04:19
markpeeis 304:19
jp_sfd0htem: whet is the problem with your ssh ?04:19
jp_sfd0htem, what04:19
Baz_WebcamWonder: the 4th one was the charm - a dlink dwa-542 works. The original one i wanted was a dlink dwa-552 - the Xtreme version of the former and it worked perfectly but after a few mins my entire OS, mouse, keyboard would just freeze - should i file a bug report or something?04:19
nickrudmarkpee, ok, those are good, you have updated to latest stuff. Work your system, see how it is.04:19
markpeenickrud:  thank you for your help today04:20
nickrudmarkpee, hope it all goes well04:20
d0htemnothing ive just installed it for the first time. i know if i ssh localhost it will ask me for a pw or w.e. but what do i really need to do to setup a good password or key auth on my priv class c network.04:20
WebcamWonderBaz_: I would recommend you do. But then you must be prepared to give all the output they ask. dmesg, and everything :)04:20
donavan__anyone know why my CTRL key doesnt do anything when I try and select multiple files ... the key works otherwise just not when select files04:21
WhiteLacePinkVasubuntu 7.04 millenium edition04:21
ActionParsnipdonavan__: does it create an event inxev?04:21
Baz_WebcamWonder: ok cool, thanks for the help04:21
dexidudeeee SuSE sucks so bad04:21
WebcamWonderBaz_: No problems04:21
norcim122anyone know how to mount an iso?04:21
WhiteLacePinkVasin ubuntu?04:21
donavan__actionparsnip: dont know how do I check ... just type inxev?04:21
sum1.............FreeBSD is the best of all, lets be honest04:22
WhiteLacePinkVasjust burn it to disk04:22
WebcamWonderGuys, I installed the nVidia drivers manually from their website. What is the best method to clean up and uninstall and remove everything?04:22
ActionParsnipnorcim122: sudo mount -o loop /path/to/file.iso /media/cdrom004:22
Diehardyso is there like a chatroom for wrestling fans here on XCHAT?04:22
ActionParsnipsum1: best doesnt exist04:22
dexinorcim122: i dont know if they make mount programs for linux04:22
norcim122ActionParsnip: doesn't work04:22
d0htemthis isnt xchat.04:22
d0htemso ssh help anyone04:22
Diehardywhat is this damn place then?04:22
_CidWebcamWonder:  if you define a nother driver...it wont be cleaned up ...but at least it wont be called no more? :-)04:22
ActionParsnipd0htem: ssh in what way?04:22
dexixchat is a client that accesses freenode (and millions of other networks) to provide a chat04:23
WebcamWonder_Cid: That I did. I am back in Xorg using nv. I just want to cleanup the mess. There was an API mismatch, Kernel has the 71 version, while I was loading 180 version04:23
Diehardywhere are all the cool chat rooms?04:23
d0htemi installed openssh-server, how do i setup a single root account with some leet key auth. i just want to connect over my local lan.04:23
nickrudDiehardy, it's a help channel. try search ircsearch.com for interesting channels04:23
norcim122wait is -o not -zero04:23
dexi-o != -004:23
_CidWebcamWonder:  unless they got an uninstaller .... uh ... dunno..must be lots of files all over the place, hehe04:23
norcim122ActionParsnip: works thanks04:23
WebcamWonder_Cid: Right now, I am so pissed, I might just sudo rm locate nvidia :p04:24
ActionParsnipd0htem: ive never used key auth, always just username and pass04:24
d0htemahh, well for now can u at least help me do that so i can make sure this ssh is at least closed and passworded to 1 account.04:24
_CidWebcamWonder:  err...not sure I would recommend that ....    you checked if there is an uninstaller in the package? ...it comes with its own shell script for installing right?04:24
CentHOGGHi, in mplayer shift-I brings up the filename. How would you bind that particular action/keystroke to another key in input.conf? TIA04:24
jp_sfd0htem: with your client you generate the keys on the machine then you append the public remote key to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys in the server that's it04:25
_CidWebcamWonder:  guess you can go through that script, and undo everything it did, heh04:25
WebcamWonder_Cid: Yeah it does. But the shell script just starts installing04:25
d0htemjp_sf: ahh sick.04:25
_CidWebcamWonder: vi it? ;-)04:25
d0htemand if i just want a password?04:25
WebcamWonder_Cid: Yeah, I know. 868 lines of misery04:25
_CidWebcamWonder:  well...nothing on the tele anyway ;-)  keeps you busy ...unless you prefer fixing my Sieve script :)04:26
ActionParsnipd0htem: ssh username@servername04:26
Jack_Sparrow!cloak > a-t04:26
ubottua-t, please see my private message04:26
jp_sfd0htem: on the remote computer you generate the key with the public key from the server04:26
norcim122ActionParsnip: how to i create a user in kubuntu ... i only have root (in cmd mode)04:26
WebcamWonder_Cid: I'd rather fix my PC first :p04:26
ActionParsnip!adduser | norcim12204:26
ubottunorcim122: To add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "admin" - See !sudo04:26
_CidWebcamWonder:  well...having gthe files on your system wont hurt it .... whats broken?04:27
a-tubottu i didn't get it04:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about i didn't get it04:27
ActionParsnipnorcim122: you dont have root by default, its disabled for security, you can use the account you made when you first installed04:27
WebcamWonder_Cid: Well, the thing is, apparently something from somewhere old is coming in. I need to cleanup all the junk relating to nVidia on this PC04:27
a-tcan u send pm again ubottu please04:27
CentHOGGanybody here mplayer?04:28
norcim122ActionParsnip: while you are on a roll.... my install failed at last steps  is there a repair tool to check for errors?04:28
cefI'm trying to create a chroot (well, a xen image, but anyway) using debootstrap, and compared to other ubuntu systems, there isn't an 'admin' group - does anyone know where this gets created normally?04:28
WhiteLacePinkVasubottu my botto04:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about my botto04:28
_CidWebcamWonder: something old coming in? ... whats it doing? ...any errors? ..I was thinking you were just a neat freak :)04:28
donavan__Going to try this again .... anyone know why my CTRL key doesnt do anything when I try and select multiple files ... the key works otherwise just not when select files04:28
ActionParsnipnorcim122: fsck in livecd / root console04:28
Jack_Sparrow!cloak > a-t04:28
ubottua-t, please see my private message04:28
_Ciddonavan__:  if its a mac keyboard, use command instead :P04:29
a-tthanks guys04:29
a-tgood night04:29
WebcamWonder_Cid: The new drivers can't load b/c the client version is 180, and the kernel (?) version is 71. API mismatch :)04:29
norcim122i am chrooted in right now from Ubuntu04:29
donavan___Cid:  no its a PC ... logictech actually04:29
_CidWebcamWonder:  oh ...I thought the shell script would try to compile a fresh version ...been a while since I played with Nvidia ... no --force option or anything?04:30
Geemyjp_sf: I think I have it all working now, thank you so much for your time and hard work04:31
_Ciddonavan__:  beats me, sorry dewd :/    in all apps, or just one?  (does shift select work?)04:31
mobbinUany 1 here im new an i want to try ubuntu04:31
jp_sfGeemy: your welcome04:31
CentHOGGanybody here mplayer?04:31
WebcamWonder_Cid: It should technically, apparently I have to dive into the script to see what it does04:31
mobbinUany 1 here im new an i want to try ubuntu04:32
jp_sfCentHOGG, /whois mplayer * mplayer :No such nick/channel04:32
jp_sfCentHOGG: sorry what is your problem with mplayer ?04:32
CentHOGGHi, in mplayer shift-I brings up the filename. How would you bind that particular action/keystroke to another key in input.conf? TIA04:32
WebcamWonder_Cid: They do provide an uninstall switch :)04:32
_CidWebcamWonder: aha!04:32
Jack_SparrowmobbinU, download the cd, and boot it up, it lets you try without installing04:32
donavan___Cid: everything even under my windows XP Vitrual Machine so its got to be something low on the totempole but its weird that it works in everyway execpt when select files04:32
mattgyver83Anyone familiar with busybox?04:33
nickrudWebcamWonder, reinstall your kernel and the nvidia-glx-71, that should get you back, or very close. reinstall ligl1-mesa-glx also04:33
mobbinU•Jack_Sparrow• can u pm me plz04:33
jp_sfCentHOGG: with a mplayer config file04:33
WebcamWondernickrud: umm.. all the drivers provided by Ubuntu repo for my card are broken04:33
jp_sfCentHOGG: in a .mplayer04:34
jp_sfCentHOGG: in your home directory04:34
mobbinU•Jack_Sparrow• where do i download it from an can i run it off my flash drive04:34
nickrudWebcamWonder, ah, bummer. wonder why you didn't get a matching kernel from the nvidia installer04:35
nickrud*kernel module04:35
_Ciddonavan__:  sorry .. no idea :/   guessing its some fancy smart keyboard thats trying to do something you rather not have it do ...I only buy the $5.95 keyboards .... what do I know :/   good luck04:35
WebcamWondernickrud: Apparently, it said it was building it, it never did04:35
WebcamWondernickrud: brb04:36
nuevaeraalguien que hable español04:36
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent04:36
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Intrepid, and help keeping the servers' load low!04:36
ryanCHevery since i installed the ATI drivers for my video card, when X starts the screen starts flipping out and goes all crazy... i looked in my xorg.conf file, and there is no Monitor refresh rate data in there, could that be the problem or no?....04:36
PytlaskHey all :) When I try to compile a program, I'm getting an error: "cannot find -lopengl32". Anybody know what package/where I can download that library?04:38
roger_isn't opengl32 a windows binary04:38
nickrudyes, it's in wine04:39
blindHey, for some reason ubuntu won't read my 8gb micro sd card through my card reader. 1 and 2 work fine.04:39
hentaiUbuntuIs there a crtl+alt+del equiv in ubuntu04:39
hentaiUbuntuto bring up taskmgr in windows like04:39
jp_sfhentaiUbuntu: command top04:39
nickrudhentaiUbuntu, system->admin->system monitor04:39
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:40
hentaiUbuntujp_sf, huh04:40
hentaiUbuntunick58b, key shortcut04:40
cefblind: I'd be guessing a hardware limitation. do you know if it works under windows on the same hardware?04:40
nickrudhentaiUbuntu, no.04:40
hentaiUbuntujp_sf, no not a cli thing04:40
ActionParsnipPytlask: try: sudo apt-get install libqt4-opengl-dev04:40
WebcamWonderhentaiUbuntu: You can set all the keyboard shortcuts you want from System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts04:41
blindcef: I don't, unfortunately. I may be able to share it in vbox, but if i can't i won't know if it's because the hardware won't read it or because ubuntu won't.04:41
TheFunkbombSo, maybe I should have asked this before I installed it but what are some of the benefits of Ubuntu?04:41
hentaiUbuntuWebcamWonder, appericate that but ok04:41
ubottuKeyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net - See !Keyboard for changing layouts04:41
CentHOGGcertainly not gaming04:41
blindcef: oh nevermind, I can't. my image is on my external, which is in the car.04:42
PytlaskVERY configurable compared to Windows. Not as much overhead in general. Much better coding environment.04:42
Zombie_GazTheFunkbomb: You know how Windows just seems to get slower and slower the longer you have a machine? Ubuntu won't do that.04:42
ActionParsnipTheFunkbomb: good support for apps, ubuntu uses standards04:43
_CidCentHOGG:  not 100% true ....admittingly it was nerdy to set up - but WoW flies on my linux box  ... much much better than it did when same box ran windows ;-)04:43
ActionParsnipTheFunkbomb: its actually fun to use04:43
TheFunkbombyeah, I've been having a blast not doing anything lol04:43
Zombie_GazTheFunkbomb: everything is free04:43
ActionParsnipTheFunkbomb: its a new system, you'll have teething issues04:43
=== anthill is now known as ngpracticepa
Pytlask_Cid: Do you use the OpenGL rendering?04:44
StanManCanI'm trying to install Ubuntu Desktop. I boot up and select to "Install" and the loading bar bounces back and forward a few times, and then it fills up solid and then my monitor says "Going to sleep" and shuts off... any ideas? (Yes I've checked CD for defects)04:44
cefTheFunkbomb: the other thing is: the internals are all documented, and all code that can be open IS. This means anyone can look through it, understand how it works and why.04:44
_CidPytlask:  yeah (did, dont play anymore ..but yes I did..and wine - enabled me to raid again ;-) )04:44
ActionParsnipStanManCan: did you md5 check the iso as well as verify the cd was consistant?04:44
operaWHAT IS LDAP?04:44
TheFunkbombI see04:44
ubottuLDAP is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. For more information and installation instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer04:44
ActionParsnip!caps | opera04:45
ubottuopera: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.04:45
Pytlask_Cid: Hmm. Did you find any way to get around the lack of a hardware cursor? That's the one thing that bugs me :/04:45
_CidPytlask:  yeah I did .. you got a small garbled 'smudge' as a cursor? ..and some buff icons etc seems misplaced?04:45
ActionParsnip_Cid: you using nvidia gfx card?04:46
mysteryskater73how do you set up a printer in Ubuntu Studio?04:46
martintuxhey, can someone help me with MBR?04:46
_CidActionParsnip:  I did ...this is all past tense, stopped playing WoW a while back - but yeah, I did04:46
StanManCanActionParsnip: No... I just did the check in ubuntu...04:46
ActionParsnipmysteryskater73: depends on the printer make and model04:46
bbbsubuntu didn't detect my onboard video. agere is the only distingusing factor i can find on the motherboard to give me some clues as to what driver to get04:46
_CidActionParsnip:  wasnt asking questions, just pointing out that with alittle bit of nerding, Ubuntu can be a power game box, hehe04:46
mysteryskater73its a lexmark04:46
martintuxi accendently deleted the first partition, which was the first one(XP)04:46
ActionParsnip!md5 | StanManCan04:47
ubottuStanManCan: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows04:47
ActionParsnip_Cid: oh absolutely04:47
ParvoAny ALSA help?04:47
martintuxhey, can someone help me with MBR?04:47
martintuxi accendently deleted the first partition, which was the first one(XP)v04:47
mysteryskater73so how do you set up a lexmark x5495 printer in Ubuntu Studio04:47
ActionParsnipmartintux: do you mean grub?04:48
jp_sfmartintux, what happens ?04:48
martintuxactionparsnip, first i was running XP04:48
martintuxafter i installed ubuntu on the second partition04:48
ActionParsnipmartintux: ok04:48
Parvooh another earthquake04:48
martintuxi just deleted the frist one, xp04:48
sleepy_catHow to update Ubintu04:48
martintuxthen grub just gone along as well04:48
ActionParsnipsleepy_cat: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:49
sleepy_catUbuntu if the update icon is not appearing in the notification area04:49
Parvoany ALSA help?04:49
mysteryskater73can anyone help me?04:49
ActionParsnipParvo: instead of repeating, just ask your question04:49
ActionParsnipmartintux: so you cant boot xp anymore?04:49
mysteryskater73how do you set up a Lexmark x5495 printer/scanner in Ubuntu Studio04:50
martintuxno, i totally wiped that partition out04:50
Parvoi did a minimal install form the mini cd. whats the official way to install alsa.04:50
martintuxleave only ubuntu on the second one04:50
sleepy_catActionParsnip: But how to enable the updates like so tht it reappears in the notification area04:50
_CidParvo:  apt-get install alsa-base ?04:50
ActionParsnipsleepy_cat: sudo apt-get install adept-notifier04:50
Parvodid it04:50
martintuxbut the GRUB isn't showing up cause MBR is on the first, right?04:50
Parvoi have fluxbox installed and vln04:51
silv3r_m00nhi there04:51
ActionParsnipmartintux: ten point your bios to the other drive04:51
Parvovln plays but no sound04:51
operawhat si perl04:51
Parvolspci sees the card04:51
Parvolsmod seems to show the module04:52
operawhat is perl?04:52
silv3r_m00nActionParsnip: hi04:52
martintuxActionParsnip, what do u mean by that?04:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about perl04:52
martintuxi have only one drive, two partition04:52
_Cidperl is a scripting language - quite powerful04:52
mlopezqcopera, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perl04:52
StanManCanActionParsnip: Yes MD5's match04:52
Parvoi googled installing alsa but i get docs from like 200204:53
Parvodont know if i can trust them04:53
jp_sfopera: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perl04:53
mlopezqcParvo, why do you need alsa?04:53
mlopezqcare you trying to get something specific to work?04:53
mlopezqcmaybe is already working04:54
Parvoi have vln installed i get vid but no sound04:54
l3dhey I am wondering if I were to remove bluetooth will that get rid of pan0  with out messing up ubuntu04:54
mlopezqcParvo, you mean vlc04:55
mlopezqcwell, I think that maybe you are not using the proper device with vlc04:55
ActionParsnipStanManCan: good04:55
Parvoi'm listening04:55
mlopezqcwait a moment04:55
* bobbie4 touches everyone04:56
mlopezqcParvo, check in Tools-Preferences04:56
ActionParsnipStanManCan: try running a memtest04:56
mlopezqcthere is an audio tab04:56
ActionParsnipStanManCan: or try some boot options04:57
terryxi have just installed ubuntu and its shows still no updates...why?04:57
ActionParsnip!bootoptions | StanManCan04:57
ubottuStanManCan: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions04:57
StanManCanActionParsnip: memory should be good... what boot options do you recommend04:57
ActionParsnipStanManCan: acpi off nodma04:57
StanManCanActionParsnip: I'm thinking whats happening is it's going to a mode unsupported by my monitor possibloe04:57
jp_sfterryx: no update where ?04:57
shoto1699can anyone here help me?04:58
shoto1699i have a problem04:58
terryxjp_sf..where...in ubuntu offcourse04:58
Parvosorry, in the fluxbox menus?04:58
StanManCanshoto1699: don't ask for help, just ask your question04:58
mlopezqcin the vlc menus04:58
sleepy_catthanks ActionParsnip04:58
ActionParsnipterryx: try: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get dist-u;grade04:58
wolihow do i reset my .gconf and .gconfd folders to like they where when I just installed ubuntu?04:59
terryxactionparsnip, done..nothing04:59
mlopezqcwoli: remove them04:59
DigitalFizwoli, delete them04:59
Parvook im there04:59
RoastedAnybody good with skype? I cant get my microphone to work. I'm about to lose it.04:59
sikrinsure you have the right duplex settin on skype?05:00
Roastedno, I'm not quite sure of anything to be honest.05:00
mlopezqcparvo: in the audio tab there is an Output option05:00
RoastedButI've tried everything I can think of.05:00
mlopezqcselect alsa05:00
Roastedin skype?05:00
Roastedor in ubuntu?05:00
Parvoshould i select alsa as output?05:00
Diehardywhat is happening?05:00
RoastedDieHardy - are you talking to me?05:01
sikrinBoth need to support full duplex05:01
* bobbie4 streaks through the channel.05:01
Roastedmy microphone isnt working05:01
sikrinim pretty sure that ubuntu by default does05:01
DiehardyNeither is mine!05:01
DiehardyWhat are you using?05:01
RoastedI have 2 skype accounts. I have my laptop behind me and I'm calling my other account. I can't hear anything.05:01
Diehardyan Eee PC?05:01
Roastedno, Dell Precision M430005:01
x1250haha, Diehardy, nice nick :P05:01
DiehardyDells suck05:02
Roastedits a work laptop, I paid nothign for it05:02
Diehardyget an Eee Pc05:02
Roastedbut hey! thanksf or the input05:02
Roastedso constructive05:02
Roastedanybody else?05:02
FloodBot3Roasted: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:02
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RoastedAnybody else mess with skype? I cant get my microphone to work.05:02
DiehardyI did05:03
propagandhiRoasted: does the mic work in any other apps05:03
Diehardybut I had an Eee PC05:03
IndyGunFreakRoasted: well does it work otherwise, or just not w/ Skype05:03
DiehardyGo to options05:03
RoastedWell, what other program can I test my microphone in?05:03
Diehardygo to sound devices in options05:03
RoastedAudacity has been messed up ever since Hardy. I dont hear anything out of it. I've heard it's due to pulseaudio and Audacity being old.05:03
Diehardyand change out of pulce audio05:03
operawhat is apt05:04
Roasteddiehardy - already is05:04
Diehardyhang on05:04
IndyGunFreak!apt | opera05:04
ubottuopera: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)05:04
jp_sf!apt | opera05:04
RoastedI mean, my microphone works with skype in Vista on the same computer. I just cant get it to work with skype in Ubuntu.05:04
DiehardyVista sucks05:04
propagandhiRoasted: check the volume controls05:04
RoastedI did05:04
propagandhiRoasted: when u speak05:04
Roastedall maxed05:04
mlopezqcParvo, open a terminal and try to run alsamix05:04
IndyGunFreakRoasted: the fact it works in vista, is pretty much 100% irrelevant, all that reveals is that its not a hardware issue.05:04
mlopezqcsorry, is alsamixer05:05
Diehardysound out and ringing change to pulse05:05
Roastedindygunfreak - I'm aware of this. I just said that so we know that the hardware is at least working. The only thing I cant verify is if them ic works in Ubuntu otherwise because I have no other application to test it since Audacity doesnt work.05:05
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mlopezqcRoasted, maybe skype dont support pulseaudio05:06
Parvoalsamixer: function snd_clt_open failed for default: no such file or directory05:06
mlopezqcRoasted, shut it down05:06
Roastedshut what down? my computer?05:06
Diehardydo it now05:06
mlopezqcRoasted, pulseadio05:06
Roasteddiehardy - die05:06
Roastedmlopezqc - how do I go about doing that?05:06
mlopezqcSystem - Administration - System Monitor05:07
Diehardypress the power button05:07
mlopezqcthere is a process manager, like in Win05:07
Roastedk, it's done05:07
mlopezqcsearch for pulseaudio and finish it05:07
mlopezqcParvo, what kind of audio card are u using?05:08
Roastedstill doesnt work with my laptop05:08
RoastedChrist why do things in linux have to be like this sometimes05:08
shoto1699How do I connect to the internet with a 2wire usb?05:08
mlopezqcRoasted, is not Linux fault05:08
IndyGunFreakRoasted: if hardware manufacturers would make linux drivers, things would work as well in Linux as they do in WIndows05:09
Parvoi'm using a old hp eVectra05:09
shoto1699(using ubuntu)05:09
breathsOf10Roasted: never blame linux05:09
Parvoumm lspci gives me...05:09
RoastedIm not, I love linux. But sometimes windows is just easier.05:09
RoastedWhcih brings tears to my eyes.05:09
breathsOf10Roasted: The linux blames u05:09
mlopezqcthe thing is that Linux evolves so fast that Skype cant follow it05:09
CentHOGGhi anybody wireless-g stream here?05:09
breathsOf10actually i like the ease of use in windows too05:09
ParvoIntel 82801aa ac'9705:09
jp_sfshoto1699: you ndiswrapper05:10
Parvoaudio controller05:10
breathsOf10but if u wanna go techy .. windows just rolls over05:10
mlopezqcI remember the times when it only supported OSS and you had to shut esd05:10
IndyGunFreakCentHOGG: wireless g stream?05:10
CentHOGGfor the nominal wireless-g network, what is the average kbps? Not asking megabits, just kb/sec. TIA05:10
trippssfor some reason starting now my top gnome task bar in hardy heron is wider than the screen so I can't see the quit/logoff button on the right and the clock is partially obscured. The bottom bar is fine. Maximized windows are fine. Nothing at all changed. If I move the bar to the bottom of the screen, then maximized windows also go off the edge. what is going on?05:10
Roastedwhat program can I use in ubuntu besides audacity to test my microphone?05:10
mlopezqcParvo, and what about the result of lsmod? use http://paste.ubuntu.com/05:10
cefRoasted: as weird as it might seem, linux tends to support more hardware than windows. I've had lots of hardware that windows won't work with anymore that works fine under linux.. YMMV of course05:11
Roastedcef - I agree. I have a sound card that works with linux out of box yet vista doesnt know it exists.05:11
breathsOf10tt's true Cef05:11
mlopezqcRoasted, try ekiga05:11
RoastedIt's just exhausting to have certain programs like skype that I need to use be such a pain in the ass in linux but in winodws I just hit "install" and its good to go.05:11
breathsOf10i have 64 bit problems on xp05:11
hentaiUbuntubreathsOf10, how so just windows just roll over?05:11
breathsOf10when u want subversion .. git05:12
GFreeyeah, but what about features? does your sound card in Linux have all the bass/eq functionality that the proper drivers (when installed) in Linux has? as an example05:12
IndyGunFreakRoasted: again, this is not a linux/ubuntu/skype issue... its most likely a hardware issue.05:12
_CidRoasted: I agree!! ..I love linux, runs it on all my machines .. except one ... for that kind of stuff exactly ...on that I run mac  (freebsd underneath ...pretty easy gui on top)05:12
mlopezqcRoasted, did you check in the Options what device is Skype using?05:12
whaboooi am trying to install an hp F4240 deskjet printer with no luck :( any1 out here that can help me?05:12
mlopezqcOSS or ALSA?05:12
x1250Roasted, sound-recorder05:12
RoastedI just realized I have a program called "sound recorder". I just recorded myself talking and it didnt pick it up.05:12
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* cef goes back to smacking xen upside the head05:12
RoastedIm gonna reboot to get pulse back on again05:12
ActionParsnipmlopezqc: alsa, oss can only play 1 sound05:12
trippssif I unexpand the top bar, it is definitely not centered05:13
trippssstrangest thing I've ever seen05:13
nsadminwhabooo tell what you tried already too, the more information the better05:13
Roastedwaka waka05:13
Parvodo you want snd stuff or everything05:13
trippssalmost like the top 24 pixels is wider than the rest of the screen05:13
jp_sfshoto1699: have you done sudo ndiswrapper -i thenameofyour.inf05:13
mlopezqcParvo, put it all05:14
Parvook hold on05:14
whabooonsadmin: i tried installing hplip but when i open it doesnt detect any printers. and i have no idea what is the xxx:yyy ID of the printer on usb to do it manually , is there a way i can see what USB devices and their ID that are conbnected to my pc?05:15
jp_sfshoto1699: what gives you a nidiswrapper -l05:15
jp_sf!who | shoto169905:15
ubottushoto1699: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:15
whabooonsadmin: hplip says that my device is supported05:15
Parvothats everything05:15
jp_sfshoto1699: what gives you a nidiswrapper -l ?05:16
anonwhats that05:16
anonmany troubles with ubuntu intrepid05:17
mlopezqcParvo, did you install alsa-utils?05:17
CentHOGGfor the nominal wireless-g network, what is the average kbps? Not asking megabits, just kb/sec. TIA05:17
whaboooi tried installing hplip but when i open it doesnt detect any printers. and i have no idea what is the xxx:yyy ID of the printer on usb to do it manually , is there a way i can see what USB devices and their ID that are conbnected to my pc?05:18
shoto1699jp_sf: wut do u mean?05:18
tj83whabooo, lsusb05:18
jp_sfshoto1699: could open a terminal prompt and type: nidiswrapper -l05:18
jp_sfshoto1699: could open a terminal prompt and type: ndiswrapper -l05:18
shoto1699jp_sf: not on ubuntu right now05:19
wolii need help with wireless... in the live session it worked, there was something in the panel, but now I don't even get the wireless options..05:19
jp_sfshoto1699: sorry for the typo05:19
dnyyWhat's the name of the installer on the ubuntu live CD?  Mine froze and I can't get it to close or continue05:19
Odd-rationalednyy: ubiquity ?05:19
sikrinwirelessg averages 20-25 Mbps optimally05:19
shoto1699jp_sf: well when i tried it, it did not do anything05:19
dnyyeh, I thought that but it's not showing it when I try killall :/05:19
jp_sfshoto1699: ok so when you are back to make sure that ndiswrapper loaded correctly the .inf you type : ndiswrapper -l and you should get back something like device blablabla present05:19
tj83woli, try system-admin-hardware drivers to see if there is a proprietary driver there for your wifi05:20
mlopezqcParvo, what happens if you execute aplay -l ?05:20
spasticteapotDoes anyone here know how to get Enemy Territory to work under Ubuntu?05:20
wolitj83, there is one05:20
tj83woli, did you enable it and restart?05:20
shoto1699jp_sf: i tried to load it but it did not work05:20
wolitj83, it is enabled..05:20
Parvoaplay: device_list:215: no soundcards found05:20
wolitj83, i have the green light on it05:20
GFreespasticteapot: wolf enemy territory or enemy territoy quake wars?05:20
RoastedI honestly dont get this. One second, my microphone works in sound recorder. The next, it doesnt work.05:20
woliwell, it says broadcom sta05:20
Parvoi tried vlc in xterm05:21
spasticteapotGFree: Wolfenstien enemy territory. The old one.05:21
tj83woli, does it way "in use" in addition to "enabled"05:21
esquireI am new to Ubunto and am trying to get Rythmbox to play mp3s.  It says I need to buy a codec.  Any help?05:21
Parvoand tried to play05:21
trippsssomeone please help me understand why everything is going off the right side of the screen (maximizing windows, top task bar, etc.)05:21
Parvoand got this....05:21
wolitj83, i'm in ibes05:21
GFreeshould just be a matter of downloading and installing it05:21
Parvo[00000483] oss audio output error: cannot open audio device (/dev/dsp)05:21
Parvo[00000483] esd audio output error: cannot open esound socket (format 0x00001011 at 44100 Hz)05:21
shoto1699jp_sf: i shall go on ubuntu to try once more05:21
shoto1699jp_sf: brb05:21
Parvono alsa05:21
tj83woli, hardy here, but i believe it should read both "enabled" and "in use" if not restart to see if it takes effect05:21
trippssrunning compiz - when I do super+E it definitely shows the desktops being wider than the screen05:21
jp_sfshoto1699: what do you mean it didn't work ? if you could paste the output of the ndiswrapper that would be great the loading of the .inf is just the first step after you have to configure it, but you have to make sure that the correct .inf is loaded05:22
wolitj83, k05:22
mlopezqcParvo, what ubuntu version are u using?05:22
shoto1699jp_sf i tried to load the .inf's but it did not work05:22
mlopezqcParvo, all I can think now is that your sound card is not supported05:23
Parvodoes in matter that i installed vlc before alsa?05:23
trippssI am using a laptop. 15" screen, resolution is correct, but everything is wider than the screen05:23
jp_sfshoto1699: you are in dual boot I guess so what you need to ensure is you have the correct .inf that you can find on the CDRom then you issue a command sudo ndiswrapper - i .inf (is that not working ?)05:23
mlopezqcno, cause aplay -l list your devices and it says that you have none05:23
wolitj83, i am restarting right now, ill let you know05:24
shoto1699jp_sf: that does not work05:24
jp_sfshoto1699: you have an error message or something ?05:24
mlopezqcdid you try with the livecd and sound worked?05:24
Parvoi'm pretty sure i used the card using a livecd05:24
trippssswitching to metacity doesn't help05:24
wolitj83, strange thing is that when I was in the live session, it worked perfectly.05:24
wolitj83, is there someway i could configure the net card as it was with the live session?05:24
trippssbeen using ubuntu on this laptop for > year without problems. Have had hardy running for weeks no problems. This just started tonight without reason.05:25
tj83woli, if this is the first run after your install, i think your chances are good it will be "in-use" upon reboot05:25
wolitj83, yes, but for some reason the card is not working as it used to do while in live sessions05:26
ActionParsnipwoli: if you run lshw -C network in the live session it should tell you the driver it uses05:26
mlopezqcParvo, maybe something is missing that you had in the livecd05:26
woliwait... i think it is now05:26
tj83woli, and if not, then possibly so yes, you could boot the live cd and check for the module that is loaded for your wifi05:26
mlopezqcParvo, how did you install the system?05:26
spasticteapotGFree: any ideas?05:26
tj83woli, proprietary drivers are often not loaded first boot. certainly worth a try05:26
Parvomini cd with cli only05:26
Parvoinstalled xorg fluxbox...05:26
Parvothen vlc, then alsa05:27
woliit works now...05:27
wolijust needed restart05:27
trippsswould appreciate some ideas or if anyone has seen this before05:27
tj83heh, figured05:27
esquireAny help with playing mp3s on Rythmbox in Ubuntu 8.10??????05:27
tj83woli, :P05:27
wolitj83, just that my touchpad is screwed again lol05:28
Parvoits an mp3 file05:28
tj83woli, you will have to define "screwed" a little better :)05:28
jp_sfesquire: haven't used Rhytmbox in a while but what is your problem ?05:28
shoto1699jp_sf: yes i get an error message05:28
wolirestaring again after getting synaptic touchpad packages reinstalled..05:28
jp_sfshoto1699: that might be helpful to get the error message05:29
woliby default, xps touchpad does not work05:29
silv3r_m00nhi there05:29
mlopezqcParvo, what happens if you do sudo alsa reload?05:29
Zombie_GazAnyone use rhythmbox with last.fm pluggin? I'm having trouble getting it to scrobble my tracks.05:29
silv3r_m00ni need a video editing tool05:29
silv3r_m00nplease suggest a few05:29
wolitj83, one just has to get the synaptics packages for it to work05:29
tj83woli, well sounds like you have your solution already05:29
Parvohavent tried that in a bit. hold on05:29
esquireI just started using Ubuntu 8.10 with the standard Rythmbox.  I try to play an MP3 I have and made on windows and it tells me I need to buy a codec to play it.05:29
tripchronici can't seem to mount an ntfs hard drive, it says something about an unclean removal, i don't have a windows partition...can i use a virtualmachine or force it to mount somehow???05:29
jp_sfsilv3r_m00n: kino ?05:29
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:30
shoto1699jp_sf: i shall go on ubuntu to get the error msg brb05:30
ActionParsnipsilv3r_m00n: avidemux05:30
tj83tripchronic, try the -f option, not sure... but maybe05:30
TwoEqualsTencheck that out Parvo05:30
tripchronictj83 sudo -f ?05:30
jp_sfsilv3r_m00n: Cinelerra05:30
ActionParsniptripchronic: try using the force option05:30
TwoEqualsTenI mean esquire05:30
GFreeI think he means to use the mount command with -f05:30
l3ddam this pan0 interface05:31
GFreeit's a shame Ubuntu can't force mount it in the GUI, why should people have to resort to the command line?05:31
whabooo 001 Device 020: ID 03f0:2504 Hewlett-Packard05:31
whaboooBus 001 Device 007: ID 0b38:000305:31
whaboooBus 001 Device 003: ID 0557:7000 ATEN International Co., Ltd Hub05:31
whaboooBus 001 Device 001: ID 0000:000005:31
FloodBot3whabooo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:31
ActionParsniptripchronic: if its a usb drive and has been in an xp system, reattach it and then use the saftely remove hardware feature like youo are supposed to05:31
woliwell... it is not working this time..05:31
tj83tripchronic, no the -f option in your mount command like "sudo mount -t -f ntfs-3g /dev/sdb? /mount/point/05:31
ActionParsnipGFree: cli gives you power05:31
phobiacDoes anyone know how to edit the menu hotkeys in ubuntu? I change one in xchat and now I have to copy and paste the letter n or the connect to window pops up05:32
tj83tripchronic, no the -f option in your mount command like "sudo mount -f -t  ntfs-3g /dev/sdb? /mount/point/" sorry05:32
tripchronictj83 thanks05:32
phobiacThis is so annoying05:32
tripchronicGFree i actually prefer to learn how to use the command line05:32
Parvobut nothing05:32
GFreeActionParsnip: you shouldn't need such "power" to mount an uncleanly mounted drive. Are we gonna force new users to resort to the CLI for such a case? Don't think like a geek05:32
tj83woli, you have done all available updates and restarted, always start there05:32
ActionParsnipGFree: just cleanly unmount / remove the drive and you have no issues05:33
mlopezqcParvo, wait a moment, do you have udev installed?05:33
GFreeActionParsnip: doesn't always happen. What if I want to mount an external HDD from a friend who just pulled it out of his XP machine without safely removing?05:33
wolitj83, but it used to work before... without downloading all the updates...05:33
esquiretwoequalsten, check what out?05:34
millertime_018hey... when i boot ubuntu, the startup sound is all jacked up05:34
tj83woli, your missing the point, the updates are there for a "reason"05:34
ActionParsnipGFree: then teach him to saftely remove stuff then05:34
ActionParsnipGFree: its not ubuntus fault that users mistreat drives05:34
Parvodont know how do i check05:34
GFreeActionParsnip: true, but Windows can deal with it gracefully, that's the point05:34
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GFreeActionParsnip: maybe a warning that the drive should have been unmounted properly, then allow the user to force mount would be better05:35
ActionParsnipGFree: true thatd be better05:35
wolitough luck, 219mb05:35
workingchairHey, should I switch to 64-bit Ubuntu?  I have an AMD64 processor05:35
GFreeActionParsnip: that way, they learn something as well as get what they want05:35
mlopezqcdpkg --get-selections | grep udev05:35
ActionParsnipGFree: thatd be better for newbs05:35
tj83ActionParsnip, GFree we can argue all day what is right or wrong, the point is that windows intentionally leaves the user out of important information, and i would rather know about a failure or other issue05:36
ActionParsnipGFree: i always mount from command line manually05:36
KungfuJoeHi, could somebody answer a quick question for me?05:36
workingchairWhat's that?05:36
ryanCH_what is the main opengl package under aptitude, to actually install opengl?05:36
ActionParsnip!ask | KungfuJoe05:36
ubottuKungfuJoe: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:36
GFreeActionParsnip: even USB drives? shouldn't we aim to streamline actions instead of doing EVERYTHING manually?05:36
jp_sfworkingchair,: got a amd64 running ubuntu 64 8.10 for me it is perfectly fine05:36
Parvoi get udev     install05:36
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mlopezqcso, is installed05:37
ActionParsnipGFree: i like control, i dont always want stuffmounted05:37
tj83ryanCH_, i dont know, but familiarize yourself with the "sudo apt-cache search " command life is easier05:37
woligod bless usb mouse...05:37
mlopezqcI think is an autodetection thing05:37
KungfuJoe(sorry). I'm downloading some updates for my brand new ubuntu install, and my download speeds are spiking up to about 30 kB/s, and then, after a minute, will drop down to 0, and then, after a minute, go back up. Is this normal?05:37
GFreeActionParsnip: I agree to a point. I disable nautilus popping up when I put in a USB stick and disable apps from running depending on the drive's contents05:37
GFreeActionParsnip: but if you plug in a USB drive, naturally the first thing you'd normally do is mount it anyway05:38
breathsOf10tj83: i just learnt apt-cache search ..05:38
breathsOf10bless it :)05:38
ActionParsnipGFree: not necessarily, i might just be puttng it in to access later05:38
nsadminalso see packages.ubuntu.com05:38
KungfuJoecurrently, my updates are waffling between a couple days, and a couple weeks05:39
ActionParsnipGFree: or to fsck, in which case i dont want it mounted05:39
workingchairjp_sf, are there any hangups, like adobe flash not working or something still?05:39
* eseven73 smacks nsadmin for not making that link clickable 05:39
Roastedwhats the point of pulseaudio?05:39
Roastedcan anybody tell me?05:39
tj83KungfuJoe, depending you location you may want to select a different server i belive its system-admin-software sources05:39
GFreeActionParsnip: but in MOST cases, I'd gather you'd want it mounted05:39
jp_sfworkingchair: no I'm running an adobe flash version and it is running fine05:39
Parvoddi i mis something?05:39
ActionParsnipRoasted: its a sound system, it lets you set different volume levels for differrent apps05:39
l0flsflash works fine05:40
Roastedactionparsnip - In your opinion, is pulseaudio a good thing? or the ultimate flop?05:40
workingchairOkay cool. thanks05:40
ActionParsnipGFree: no its rare i use it directly, i use dd which can use raw devices and would be marked busy if it was mounted05:40
Roastedbecuase I just cant fathom why it was looked at to be a good idea with the amount of problems weve had with it.05:40
eseven73Pulseaudio works good in other distros05:40
mlopezqcParvo, the thing is that your installation didn't recognize your hardware ok05:40
ActionParsnipRoasted: alsa is fine for me, ive not used pulse as im happy with alsa05:40
Guest78220help i need to remove vmci vmblock vmmon and vmnet yet i cannot05:40
mlopezqcso is kind of hard to know where it failed05:40
KungfuJoetj83: Well, I'm in Washington, and I'm hitting a server in Vancouver, which isn't TOO far away, but do you think using the main server would be better or something?05:40
GFreeActionParsnip: fair enough, you seems like a power user who has more complicated needs.  I'm just approaching from the POV of an average user who wants to access their drive.05:41
wolitj83, also, my webcam is not working out-of-the-box05:41
* tj83 uses alsa 05:41
mlopezqcwe have beeing tracking it down05:41
MarupaHey everyone, I've got a Logitech USB headset that doesn't seem to want to work under linux.  My main soundcard works, but the logitech one doesn't work.  I want both to work and 'share' an output. IE if there's sound coming into my onboard, play it on the logitech headset.05:41
ActionParsnipGFree: oh i agree, average users like automount05:41
Roastedactionparsnip - how do you uninstall pulseaudio? I'm trying for the life of me to get my micrphone to work for skype, but I'm wondering if pulseaudio is my problem cause my mic wont even work outside of skype on ubuntu.05:41
mlopezqcbut I'm not a guru05:41
ryanCH_why is graphic drawing still abit slow in KDE, even though i have 3d acceration on?05:41
ActionParsnip!sound | Roasted05:41
ubottuRoasted: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP305:41
MarupaRoasted, apt-get remove pulseaudio05:41
GFreeActionParsnip: not that I'm an average user myself, but I grow tired to having to do everything manually. I thought computers were supposed to make things easier for us. :)05:41
tj83KingOfDos, I am in georgia  I use the "GA-tech" location, its really good, but dont know how well you would fair with that with the distance so great05:41
ActionParsnipGFree: i like control05:41
Parvoeven if it seems like its in lsmod?05:41
tj83woli, bud, not everything is supported outta box and #ubuntu is for helping those who have exhausted all options on their own first... start with gathering info via "lsusb" and then google. its your best friend05:42
mlopezqcyes, it seems like the devices aren't created properly05:42
eseven73ActionParsnip: i would think someone like you would be running a more advanced distro than Ubuntu05:43
woltertj83, well, is that i saw a webpage that said that webcam was supported out of the box05:43
GFreeActionParsnip: that's cool, but I sometimes prefer the computer to make decisions for me. It's a headache to have to account for every single thing on my system, so I like automation05:43
Roastedubottu - I'm using CMedia 7868 (Alsa Mixer), which the CMedia chipset is my PCI sound card.05:43
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:43
mlopezqcdid you restart after installing alsa?05:43
jmd9qsi'm loading avi's into avidemux-gui and then merging them via the append option. when i go to play the video to check the syncing, i get an error that says "trouble initiating audio device" and then there is no sound... what can i do to fix that?05:43
ActionParsnipeseven73: i run several distros05:43
ActionParsnipeseven73: my file server / torrents / amarok uses gentoo05:43
breathsOf10hi ubottu05:43
breathsOf10ubottu: hi05:43
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!05:43
ActionParsnipeseven73: my main box runs kubuntu + fluxbox05:43
nickrudeseven73, and some of us got lazy. Still have the command line and all the debian goodies though ;)05:43
breathsOf10ubottu: kill05:44
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal05:44
tj83wolter, well, you cant trust everything you read, wish that were true and sometimes a given model device can change chipsets with the same model name.05:44
GFreeActionParsnip: in case you're curious - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ntfs-3g/+bug/17550305:44
breathsOf10ubottu: die05:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about die05:44
breathsOf10ubottu: roll over05:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about roll over05:44
nickrud!botabuse | breathsOf1005:44
ubottubreathsOf10: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".05:44
mlopezqcbreathsOf10, is fun to bug a bot uh?05:44
_Cidmore advanced dist than ubuntu ....interesting ...  I find Ubuntu quite advanced (came from Debian)05:44
ActionParsnipGFree: i only use ntfs on my xp lappy05:44
breathsOf10mlopezqc: lonely here man .. lonely05:44
linxuz3rhey guys05:44
breathsOf10hi man05:45
micro01hey can one of u guys help me out, im new to ubuntu and i was wondering a good tutorial or video to watch in order to learn how to use it05:45
linxuz3rhi breathsOf1005:45
sleepy_catwhat is a .gob file05:45
linxuz3rhi mlopezqc05:45
GFreeActionParsnip: just making the point that this is something that others want too05:45
ActionParsnipmicro01: i'd just use the system to learn and websearch when you get stuck05:45
linxuz3rwhats a good game to play05:45
ActionParsnipGFree: i see05:45
tj83micro01, its a process of exploration, meeting your needs one function of a time..05:45
mlopezqcsleepy_cat, maybe a "gobernment" file, classified05:45
FlannelGuys, please take the non-support topics to #ubuntu-offtopic, thanks05:45
GFreeActionParsnip: though it seems so obvious that it probably won't ever get included into Ubuntu. :)05:45
jmd9qsmicro01: go to ubuntuforums.org... they have loads of tutorials that you can use. i don't think there is video, though05:45
unopsleepy_cat, a game archive by the sounds of it05:45
jp_sf_Cid: I agree05:45
micro01action: i want a reall cool theme kind of like this one http://images18.fotki.com/v341/photos/9/920319/3896619/blueflux-vi.png?115676049305:46
ActionParsniplinxuz3r: depends what games you like05:46
breathsOf10can u play starcraft in ubuntu?05:46
breathsOf10with wine or something?05:46
ActionParsnip!appdb | breathsOf1005:46
ubottubreathsOf10: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help05:46
linxuz3ris starcraft 2 out?05:46
sleepy_catnope its not a game file05:46
breathsOf10i hate having to switch to xp05:46
mlopezqcbreathsOf10, pretty well05:46
tj83micro01, for themes i suggest installing emerald, easy to download and install themes05:46
linxuz3ri think windows 7 is gonna replace xp05:46
breathsOf10oh rly? how?? do tell .. is there a tut?05:46
mlopezqcbreathsOf10, I usually do it05:46
breathsOf10i will stick with xp ..05:46
micro01where do i get emerals?05:46
Flannel!wine | breathsOf1005:47
ubottubreathsOf10: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help05:47
linxuz3ri dont like it when switching to xp to play games05:47
ActionParsnipmicro01: bad link dude05:47
tj83micro01, sudo apt-get install emerald05:47
mlopezqcbreathsOf10, no, just install and play with wine05:47
sleepy_catwhats better in windows 705:47
sleepy_catcompared to xp05:47
breathsOf10mlopezqc: wow!05:47
ActionParsnipbreathsOf10: or try see if theres a loki installer05:47
sleepy_caton a general level05:47
Flannelsleepy_cat: This is #ubuntu, you may be looking for ##windows05:47
breathsOf10ActionParsnip: wads loki? sry05:47
ActionParsnipsleepy_cat: depends on individual needs and tastes, and its offtopic for here too05:48
micro01action: what do u mean when u say "sudo apt-get install emerald"05:48
ActionParsnipbreathsOf10: no, its an installer for linux games05:48
Marupamicro01, put that in your terminal05:48
mlopezqcbreathsOf10, the best results I had with a cracked version, no installs05:48
sleepy_catwell tht was not an intentional question guys05:48
linxuz3rits hard to determine whats the difference between xp and windows 705:48
ActionParsnipbreathsOf10: websearch it05:48
micro01marupa: dont i need to download it first?05:48
tj83micro01, its a command line command, open applications- accessories - terminal and enter that command05:48
sleepy_catits just tht i read here somewhere someone was talking about it so asked05:48
linxuz3ri use xp for games most of the time05:48
Parvoso am i restarting05:48
sleepy_catjust curious05:48
breathsOf10ya games is the only reason i still go to xp05:49
sleepy_catwhen will xp games start working efficiently on linux05:49
Flannelsleepy_cat: many already do05:49
breathsOf10if i can use ubuntu .. then :D :D05:49
Marupasleepy_cat, when XP games are made on linux.05:49
mlopezqcsleepy_cat, I read somewhere that Windows 7 looks like Vista and have more problems that Vista, if it is possible05:49
ActionParsnipsleepy_cat: when they are coded in true opengl using proper api's instead of directx05:49
tj83sleepy_cat, historically linux has been intended to do "work" and to "work" well, play is a new addition to linux, and is swiftly evolving05:49
sleepy_catmlopezqc: ohh thats bad05:49
GFreemlopezqc: it looks like vista but can run on XP-level hardware, for the most part05:49
jmd9qsi'm loading avi's into avidemux-gui and then merging them via the append option. when i go to play the video to check the syncing, i get an error that says "trouble initiating audio device" and then there is no sound... what can i do to fix that?05:49
* jp_sf Microsoft is irrelevant05:50
GFreemlopezqc: it's actually quite good05:50
linxuz3ri dont know but it feels like my parents vista on the laptop is slower than my windows 7 on a quad core 4gb 512mb vid card05:50
Marupasleepy_cat, Yes, some do work, but the majority have issues due to wine or the like.05:50
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft Windows, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents05:50
ActionParsnipsleepy_cat: like doom3 runs amazingly in linux, as does WoW05:50
Zombie_GazAnyone know how to make program NOT appear in the system tray (specifically Rhythmbox)?05:50
Marupawine incompatibilities*05:50
TonnoI have a Printer hp deskjet d4360 but Ubuntu 8.04 say that is a  hp deskjet d4300, how can I find the driver for a hp deskjet d4360?05:50
Zombie_Gazerp programs05:50
FlannelGuys, please take the windows 7 vs XP vs Vista discussion elsewhere.  ##windows, or #ubuntu-offtopic even.05:50
linxuz3ri like the windows 7 ui05:50
sleepy_catvia wine05:50
linxuz3ri thought i was on windows05:50
=== Tonno is now known as tonno
MarupaAnyone have any suggestions for my logitech USB headset question?05:50
linxuz3rMarupa what kind of usb headset?05:51
linxuz3rbig ones?05:51
mlopezqctonno, does it works with the d4300 driver?05:51
Marupalinxuz3r, Logitech Clearchat05:51
micro01i typed in that command and it asked me for my password, so i put it in, and then it said "couldnt find package emerald"05:51
mlopezqctonno, give it a try05:51
linxuz3rMarupa u got a nice headset05:51
Marupalinxuz3r, Yup!05:51
tyler_danyone know anything about dns in 6.0605:52
tj83micro01, let me look, package name may have changed05:52
Flannel!anyone | tyler_d05:52
ubottutyler_d: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?05:52
micro01tj83: ok05:52
tj83micro01, cant speak for 8.10 ibex but for hardy 8.04 it is in fact sudo apt-get install emerald05:52
mlopezqctyler_d, server or client?05:52
tj83micro01, check for typo05:53
tonnomlopezqc, yes It work with d4300, but I don't know If it the right thing If I put that driver... just because it not the driver of d4360, It dousen't matter?05:53
tyler_dmlopezqc server05:53
mlopezqcParvo, did you solve your problem?05:53
jp_sftyler_d: and your question is ?05:53
Guest78220i need to remove a module but it is in use how can i stop it and remove?05:53
mlopezqctonno, if it works, doesn't matter05:53
ActionParsniptj83: same command dude05:53
micro01it still says cant find emerald05:53
Zombie_GazHow do I make a program NOT appear in the system tray (specifically Rhythmbox)?05:54
tj83ActionParsnip, i kinda expected so but uncertain05:54
mlopezqctyler_d, just look documentation about bind05:54
tonnomlopezqc, ohh well thanks... :P05:54
mlopezqcbind is by default the dns server in Linux05:54
Rudd-Ohello guys.  I have a pen drive in which the first partition is FAT32 and has GRUB installed (/boot/grub, that boots and works correctly) and the second partition is an Ubuntu Live CD .iso image copied with dd straight into the partitoin.  How can I make GRUB load the kernel inside the second partition?  As in /casper/vmlinuz and stuff.05:54
breathsOf10Flannel: r u paid to be mod or volunteer?05:54
GFreeZombie_Gaz: have you looked around in Rhythmbox's options? There mighjt be a checkbox or something05:54
breathsOf10Flannel: dun need to answer if u dun wanna ;)05:55
Rudd-Owhen I try to tell grub to load the kernel from that partition, it says "Cannot mount selected partition".  It's as if GRUB cannot read CD images.05:55
micro01do i have to download emerald before i install it?05:55
Rudd-Oany ideas?05:55
FlannelbreathsOf10: We're volunteers, for support and operator stuffs.05:55
tj83micro01, click on system, admin- software sources and make sure the "cd-rom" is unchecked05:55
GFree<micro01>: emerald is automatically downloaded when you ask to install it05:55
kurrataZombie_Gaz:  edit=>plugins=> uncheck "Minimize to tray"05:55
Zombie_GazGFree: believe it or not... there isn't (at least in the lasest version... apparently there is in a older one).05:55
MarupaRudd-O, You are wanting to boot from an Ubuntu LiveCD that's on a USB drive?05:55
mlopezqcRudd-O, Grub doesn't work well with FAT32, syslinux is better for that05:55
Flannelmicro01: What version of Ubuntu are you using? (lsb_release -a will tell you)05:55
tj83micro01, once the command is functioning, it will download and install at that time05:55
ActionParsnipRudd-O: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies-archive.cfm/925285.html05:56
sleepy_catwell wine is good05:56
mlopezqcRudd-O, I recommend to use the 8.10 USB wizard05:56
Rudd-Omlopezqc: FAT32 is not the problem, GRUB works *correctly05:56
sleepy_catbut it could be a lot better05:56
GFreeZombie_Gaz: doesn't matter for me, I use exaile. :)05:56
Zombie_Gazkurrata: Thanks. Doesn't make sense that it is in pluggins but whatever. ;)05:56
micro01yes it is unchecked05:56
Rudd-Omlopezqc: the wizard doesn't do what I want to do, and I cannot run it either because I'm doing this on a Fedora05:56
sleepy_catcause it does not support many software05:56
ActionParsnipRudd-O: http://www.linqi.org/linux/lomd.html05:56
Rudd-OMarupa: yes, the LiveCD is on a partition (not as a file, but raw)05:56
sleepy_catlike flvconvertet for an example05:56
tj83micro01, Flannel asked you a question, he has more experience than I05:56
ActionParsnipRudd-O: grub can boot pretty much anything05:56
sleepy_catthere is a lot more to it.05:57
Rudd-Ono syslinux based solutions, thank you very much05:57
mlopezqcRudd-O, I think you are complicating things a bit05:57
Rudd-OActionParsnip: correct, this is why I want to use grub.  But unfortunately grub cannot mount ISO images or so it seems05:57
Parvoim going to try and reinstall everything in diff order05:57
MarupaRudd-O, Booting onto a LiveCD like that isn't recommended.  Using the USB wizard or UNetbootin is recommended.05:57
Rudd-Omlopezqc: no, this is simpler than trying to install Ubuntu on my workstation05:57
micro01flannel did u ask me question?05:57
Rudd-OMarupa: that's a nonstarter, I use FEDORA on my workstation, and none of those programs work on fedora.05:57
Flannelmicro01: What version of Ubuntu are you using? (lsb_release -a will tell you)05:57
micro018.10 i am using05:57
MarupaRudd-O, UNetbootin works under wine for me.05:58
ActionParsnipRudd-O: id read those guides i gave, im fairly certain it can do it05:58
tj83good night all, time for some much needed sleep05:58
Rudd-OMarupa: I'm trying to do something that unetbootin cannot do, so discard it05:58
Parvoi'll fiddle around see what happends....05:58
Rudd-Othe solution on the whilrpool forums page is a nonstarter because it requires me to RESPIN the iso image05:58
Zombie_Gazkurrata: That didn't work. That just doesn't minimize to tray... it is still in the tray.05:58
Flannelmicro01: Alright, please pastebin the output of th following: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install emerald05:58
mlopezqcRudd-O, Ok, you have the image, burn it and boot it05:58
GFreeI try to avoid WINE unless absolutely necessary. Otherwise I wonder why I'm using Linux05:58
Rudd-Owhich is exactly what I want to avoid05:58
sleepy_catis there a way to make win98 games run in xp or better in Linux05:58
breathsOf10Flannel: wow, respect =)05:58
Rudd-Omlopezqc: I HAVE NO CD, why do you think I'm trying to use an USB drive in the first place?05:58
sleepy_catcause due to not able to play in xp u have to go in 98 again05:58
Flannelsleepy_cat: You'd use wine to run them in linux.05:58
mlopezqcRudd-O, wait05:59
sleepy_catwine works well for win98 games too05:59
TulgaI have 3 servers. I want use them like 1 big server. is it possible?05:59
Rudd-Ook, let me be more specific.  No liveusb.  No unetbootin.  No CD.  No respinning of ISO images.  All I want is GRUB to access /casper/vmlinuz, that is it.05:59
MarupaTulga, Yes: Beowulf clusters.05:59
tj83Tulga, google clustering05:59
sleepy_catFlannel: do u know any win98 game05:59
Flannelsleepy_cat: Nope05:59
sleepy_cata basic game which can be downloaded for trial purpose05:59
ActionParsnipsleepy_cat: syndicate :)05:59
ActionParsnipsleepy_cat: runs awesome in dosbox05:59
FlannelRudd-O: try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromLinux05:59
TulgaMarupa: tj83: I configured heartbeat. but it is not correct. right?06:00
_CidSyndicate...the old ...walk around city landscape with mini guns and blast everything that comes your way?06:00
micro01it is installing emerald now06:00
=== ryanCH_ is now known as ryanCH
Flannelmicro01: Good, good06:00
kurrataZombie_Gaz:  by tray you mean those things wich u can choose by pressing alt+tab or small icons near clock(for windows)?06:00
MarupaTulga, I've never done it personally, I just know there are many people who use that type of server clustering type.  I'd suggest doing what tj83 suggested, and looking up how to do it.06:00
micro01Flannel: what do i do now?06:01
MarupaAny suggestions on how to get my USB headset working under linux?06:01
Eberguys, I have ubuntu server 8.04 on my local network and wanna check out if my server configs are working... how can I access it?!? i'm behind a router...06:01
Rudd-OFlannel: no unetbootin, no copyying of the files inside the ISO.  I want to boot the *ISO* as a partition.06:01
mlopezqcRudd-O, dont be strong head, I think I can help you to do it with sysinstall06:01
Rudd-Omlopezqc: I am not being a strong head, what I am trying to do requires me to boot the ISO image as a partition on the USB drive06:01
Zombie_Gazkurrate: No... I mean the system tray (top right of desktop). On mine I have volume control and network connection by default.06:01
mlopezqcthe thing is that you CAN'T boot an iso06:01
micro01Flannel: what is my next step?06:01
Rudd-Omlopezqc: why?06:01
Rudd-Omlopezqc: GRUB is said to support ISO9660 just fine06:01
Rudd-Oso why not?06:01
ActionParsnipRudd-O: your config is bad then06:02
Marupamlopezqc, You can boot ISOs, it just requires specific precompiled binaries.06:02
Rudd-OActionParsnip: no, it's correct06:02
mlopezqcRudd-O, yes but when de device is ISO9660 but you have a filesystem into another filesystem06:02
Rudd-OMarupa: oh great, great news, what grub stage binary do I need ?06:02
magchey is it possible to see my linux partition from windows?'06:02
Rudd-Omlopezqc: NO.  It's only ONE filesystem.  The iso one.06:03
scientesmagc, yes there is a ext2 driver06:03
Rudd-Othe iso was copied like this: dd if=/isoimage of=/dev/sdc206:03
magcwhat is it called?06:03
MarupaRudd-O, I'm not sure, I know only that it's possible, as multiple bootloaders can.06:03
Rudd-OI want to boot /casper/vmlinuz passing special parameters to casper06:03
Rudd-OMarupa: what about the famous stage2 eltorito thing?06:03
magcbm i see06:03
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.06:03
MarupaRudd-O, No idea, I have no need to boot ISOs, as I have an external USB enclosure for that purpose.06:04
giacomo_chello, i, as the idiot i am, checked the Proposed Updates under synaptic and it installed a new fglxr i guess and has messed up my whole desktop... the screen is 1280x800 but the wallpaper is set at a smaller resolution and has a back drop, and anything off the screen leaves a mark behind06:04
giacomo_chow can i switch it back?06:04
Rudd-OMarupa: I am also using an external USB here06:04
Rudd-OI KNOW grub can read iso9660 filesystems, but grub is refusing to do so06:04
Rudd-Owhat do I need to do?06:04
Marupagiacomo_c, take off proposed updates and then apt-get update and then apt-get upgrade06:04
giacomo_chmmm, i'll try it!06:04
Marupagiacomo_c, Oh, wait, hold on, read that wrong.06:05
giacomo_c0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded06:05
mlopezqcRudd-O, maybe you can still use the USB wizard in Fedora, I'm thinking the following06:06
giacomo_cyeah... its weird, i can use the whole screen, but it only setup part of it... like conky is setup on the edge of the screen within my screen06:06
micro01how do i use emerald now that iv installed it?06:06
mlopezqcthe wizard is in python06:06
Rudd-Omlopezqc: I do NOT want to use the wizard, this is the third time you offered it06:06
Marupagiacomo_c, So whenever you move a window offscreen there's 'bits' left behind?06:06
Rudd-Oplus I already ran the wizard, it failed, I hacked on it to try to make it work, there are dependencies missing06:06
Rudd-Osome python modules that only come with ubuntu, not with fedora06:06
Rudd-Oso guys, all I want is that grub reads from an iso image that is raw copied onto a partition, that's it06:07
giacomo_coh noes, he left!06:07
giacomo_ccan anyone else tell me how to undo updates cause by "Proposed Updates"06:07
Parvok night all06:08
sandeepany one help me with my display problem06:09
giacomo_cwhat happened with you sandeep?06:09
sandeepmy graphics card is not working properly06:09
sandeepim not etting better resolution06:09
giacomo_cwhat kinda card is it?06:09
sandeepintel x310006:09
Roastedmy microphone does not work. It is not muted, but the hardware works fine cause it works in vista. Anybody have any ideas??06:09
ActionParsnipsandeep: run pspci | grep -i vga06:09
sleepy_catsandeep: is it supported by your motherboard06:10
Zombie_GazHow does one remove programs from the system tray (beside using check boxes provided by the programs themselves)? Is there a system tray manager that anyone knows of?06:10
sandeepyes it is06:10
giacomo_cwhat is the name of the file that keeps fglrxinfo?06:10
=== nick198119 is now known as wulun
sleepy_catcan u tell me some basic game of win98 easy downloadable which runs from wine06:11
_anuwhat's wrong with " mv calcincome.* calcincomemacro.* " ?06:11
coreyso I copied the live cd to a partition which I booted grub from.. it gave me a busybox prompt at initramfs. what is the command to start the install?06:11
sandeep00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)06:11
sandeepi want to install the latest intel driver06:12
sandeepi think it is the driver problem06:12
tokyoaheadguys I installed a package through a .deb file should it be not in the synaptics package manager??06:12
micro01action now that i have installed emerald how do i use it?06:13
mlopezqcRumpa, are you still there?06:13
_anu mv calcincome.* calcincomemacro.* ????06:13
jp_sfgiacomo_c: like fglrxrc ?06:13
mlopezqcRudd-O, are you still there?06:13
cakeytrivia check06:14
ubottuThe #ubuntu-trivia channel is a place for testing your brain power and having fun! We schedule themed quizzes, every Friday, to test your knowledge of your favourite operating system (Ubuntu, of course!) and keep you exercising those cranial muscles.06:14
giacomo_cyeah jp_sf06:14
* bobbie4 runs away06:14
Bzhow can i check what madwifi version my card is using?06:14
Roastedmy microphone does not work. It is not muted, but the hardware works fine cause it works in vista. Anybody have any ideas??06:14
_anuhow to rename couples of files ?06:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bind06:14
_anusuch as namea*.* to nameb*.* ?06:15
micro01? anyone06:15
sandeepanyone please help06:15
sandeepi need to know how to install a driver06:16
_anumv -f ?06:16
giacomo_coh no, i tried to take a screenshot, but it only took a screenshot of my screen inside of my bigger screen...06:16
giacomo_chow can i undo proposed updates?06:16
Flannelgiacomo_c: What do you mean?06:16
micro01ne one know how to use emerald after its been installed?06:16
Rudd-Omlopezqc: yes, I am still here06:16
Flannelgiacomo_c: you've updated with -proposed enabled?06:17
giacomo_ci checked the proposed updates, then did an update and now it's messed up my display06:17
Rudd-OI have basically given up and now I am copying the kernel and initrd to the GRUB directory, which is precisely what I wanted to avoid06:17
_anuhow to rename A*.* files to b*.* files ?06:17
U-b-u-n-t-uis there a netscape for ubuntu?06:17
giacomo_cit doesn't seem to have the right resolution for the screen, though it's showing me the full screen, but the wallpaper is only in a smaller portion with the outside just living marks from the windows06:17
unop_anu,  make a backup of your data first.   rename 's/^A/b/' A*.*06:18
l3dI was wondering what does the first line in someones firestarter say at the external network interface after the If="what is here"06:19
_anuany easier command ?06:19
_anui just can't understand06:19
mlopezqcRudd-O, I read something interesting06:19
unop_anu, isn't that easy enough?06:19
Bookmark-NGwhats the different between McCaslin & Menlow platform?06:19
giacomo_cdoes anyone know how to remove proposed updates?06:19
ikoniaBookmark-NG: not for this channel06:20
mlopezqcis about GRUB 206:20
l3d I  mean in the etc/firestarter/config06:20
Roastedmy microphone does not work. It is not muted, but the hardware works fine cause it works in vista. Anybody have any ideas??06:20
ikoniagiacomo_c: you have to disable the proposed repo06:20
Bookmark-NGIkonia where should i go?06:20
unop_anu,  for i in A*.*; do mv "$i" "${i/A/b}"; done06:20
ikoniaBookmark-NG: look for a hardware channel06:20
giacomo_cyeah, i disabled it06:20
redlegioni'm using "rc" as my shell, and .rcrc isn't loaded when I open xterm. anyone know how i can fix that?06:20
_anuupop , 's/^A/b/' ?06:20
_anuwhat's that ?06:20
ikoniaredlegion: rc ?06:20
unop_anu, replace  A found at the beginning of a line with b06:21
redlegionit's the default shell for plan9, ported to linux06:21
giacomo_ci disabled proposed updates, now i just want to know how to undo the updates it made06:21
redlegionit's pretty freakin sweet06:21
ikoniaredlegion: I've never used that outside plan 9, so wouldn't know06:21
_anuupop , let me try :)06:21
ikoniagiacomo_c: thats going to be quite tough due to the fact that they will be newer than the stable06:21
redlegionwell, it might be applicable knowledge if someone uses tcsh, perhaps?06:21
redlegionor some similar shell?06:21
=== drnk-e is now known as DRNK-E
ikoniaredlegion: tcsh uses .tcsh_profile or .profile on any login shell and works fine06:22
Rudd-Omlopezqc: I also read that06:22
l3dI was wondering what does the first line in someones firestarter (etc/firestarter/configuration ) say at the external network interface after the If="what is here"06:22
Rudd-Oit is interesting but grub 2 is not inf edora06:22
giacomo_cikonia: yeah06:22
giacomo_cis there a way to see what updates happened when?06:22
ikoniaredlegion: it is possible that your rc shell is not being launched as a "login" shell06:22
ikoniagiacomo_c: read your dpkg logs06:22
giacomo_cwhere are those?06:22
mlopezqcRudd-O, or maybe you can use syslinux in the following way06:22
_anuupop : how to get help for "rename" ?06:22
redlegionikonia, really... that's odd. what other than /etc/passwd would denote such a thing?06:22
ikoniaRudd-O: not interesting at all as no-one is using grub 206:22
leeIf anyone is familiar with compiz fusion (specifically compiz-fusion-icon) and has a few minutes, please pm me.06:22
micro01duz ne one know how to use emerald after its been installed?06:22
ikoniaredlegion: how the shell is invoked06:22
Rudd-Omlopezqc: and it is also not what I want, bceause casper CAN READ ISO images burnt to partitions06:23
redlegionikonia, ah. makes sense.06:23
ikoniaredlegion: eg: bash is invoked with --login (from memory) to be a login shell06:23
Rudd-Omlopezqc: forget about syslinux, it is a piece of garbage and I WANT the GRUB menu06:23
ikoniamicro01: saying anyone is pointless06:23
redlegionikonia, it might help explain why the damn thing works on the console, but not in an xterm instance :-D06:23
redlegionikonia, thanks06:23
ikoniamicro01: you get better responses if you don't speak in text speak and speak in clear english06:23
giacomo_cand i think it update the kernel too06:23
unop_anu, man rename  # and http://perldoc.perl.org/perlretut.html, http://perldoc.perl.org/perlre.html06:23
ikoniaredlegion: thats a very common situation with all shells06:23
mlopezqcok, I thought that you wanted to find a solution, any solution06:24
ikoniaredlegion: so yes, I'd put money on that being the proble,m06:24
therealnanotubegiacomo_c: dpkg logs are in /var/log/dpkg.log06:24
redlegionikonia, thanks for the help06:24
ikoniaredlegion: no problem06:24
mlopezqcnow I see that you want to know how to do it with GRUP06:24
l3dI was wondering what does the first line in someones firestarter (etc/firestarter/configuration ) say at the external network interface after the If="what is here"06:24
leeI am using Ubuntu 8.10 and compiz-fusion-icon causes me to be logged out and prompted to log back in, but it never actually starts. I tried running it in terminal and I am getting a segmentation fault. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?06:24
mlopezqcbut I think it is only available in GRUB 2, cause it have loopback support06:24
qqxcould any of the volunteers here please tell me how to use the bluetooth headset as my default audio device?06:25
unop_anu,  a bash shell solution:  for i in A*.*; do mv "$i" "${i/A/b}"; done06:25
_anu" rename 's/^ab/abmcro/' ab*.* " ?06:25
Rudd-OI don't want loopback06:25
mlopezqcRudd-O, have you tried to use the autocomplete feature of grub command line?06:26
_anui want to add mcro after06:26
Rudd-Omlopezqc: precisely that feature gives me the "cannot mount selected partition"06:26
unop_anu, that works,  it would rename  ab.jpg  to abmcro.jpg06:26
l3ddoes anyone in here have firestarter installed06:26
_anuthank you upop06:26
giacomo_cah, i could also pull up a history of what was installed via synaptic06:27
mlopezqcso GRUB CANNOT mount it06:27
Rudd-Ogrub> kernel (hd0,1)/[TAB] -> Cannot mount selected partition06:27
unop_anu, and  abxyz.jpg  to abmcroxyz.jpg06:27
therealnanotubel3d: not me...06:27
giacomo_cnow i guess i just have to go back through and force each version to the one before it v0v06:27
Roastedmy microphone does not work. It is not muted, but the hardware works fine cause it works in vista. Anybody have any ideas??06:27
ikoniagiacomo_c: sounds sane06:27
giacomo_cback to the (intrepid-updates) version06:28
giacomo_ci hope that fixes this glitch06:28
giacomo_caw, it won't let me :(06:28
mlopezqcRudd-O, you are really obstinated, but I don't criticize you, I'm the same way06:28
l0flshey is their any one whos good with shell & terminal who can help meh06:28
therealnanotubel0fls: whats your question06:29
ikonial0fls: you have to ask a question first06:29
qqxcould any of the volunteers here please tell me how to use a bluetooth headset as my default audio device?06:29
l0flsoh sorry can i put a terminal output in here?!06:29
Rudd-Omlopezqc: yeah, I like my stuff precise and I am persistent06:29
Flannel!paste | l0fls06:29
ubottul0fls: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)06:29
U-b-u-n-t-uis there a netscape for ubuntu?06:29
crdlblee: please join #compiz-fusion06:29
Bzis there anyway to know what driver/version my wireless card is using right now? It is crashing my system...06:29
ikoniaU-b-u-n-t-u: netscape is dead06:29
leeAll right.06:30
therealnanotubeU-b-u-n-t-u: firefox06:30
ikoniaU-b-u-n-t-u: firefox is the current implmentation06:30
redlegionikonia, thanks again! a simple XTerm*loginShell: true, did the trick! you guys are awesome.06:30
l0flscheck it out im trying to install a iso mounting program and thats the output i get when i do it06:30
Flannel!iso | l0fls06:30
ubottul0fls: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.06:30
l0flsand if i take it to the directory of the install.sh it gives me same thing06:30
Out_Coldi have a external HD that used to auto-mount. I use it to go between windows and ubuntu on separate machines. Now when I plug it into my ubuntu it won't auto-mount with an error that I no longer have permission. I then have to mount using "sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /path/ -o force". Question is: is there a way to make it go back to auto-mounting??06:30
ikonial0fls: what are you trying to actually do06:30
therealnanotubel0fls: looks like an error in install.sh06:30
l0flsi know how to do it threw terminal06:30
giacomo_clul, apparently logging out fixed the problem, its back to normal now... geesh06:30
l0flsbut its annoying06:30
ikonial0fls: what are you trying to actually do06:30
unopredlegion,  you could have .profile source .rcrc if the current shell is rc instead06:31
l0flsinstall a iso mounting program06:31
ikonial0fls: mount is an iso mounting program06:31
l0flsbut its in termina06:31
ikonial0fls: thats all you need06:31
cakeysudo mount06:31
cakeymake a script06:31
Guest78220i need to copy some files into my /usr/lib....... but i get permission denied how do i gain permission?06:31
FloodBot3cakey: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:31
l0fls.... i know u guys are probly gurus06:31
therealnanotubeGuest78220: use sudo06:31
ikonial0fls: look at the permissions in the ISO directory06:32
therealnanotube!sudo | Guest7822006:32
ubottuGuest78220: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)06:32
Out_ColdGuest78220, try 'sudo cp /files/to/copy /move/to/here/06:32
Flannell0fls: I believe if you right click the iso, there's an option to mount it06:32
Guest78220ok Out_Cold thats what i needed06:32
mlopezqcOut_Cold, your problem is that you didn't unplug the HDD properly in WIndows06:32
Guest78220is there not a way to do it without terminal?06:33
Out_Coldbut why do i lose my permissions?06:33
qqxcould any of the volunteers here please tell me how to use a bluetooth headset as my default audio device?06:33
RoastedSo, my microphone doenst work. And I dont know why. Can anybody help?06:33
l0flsflannel thtas a no go06:33
mlopezqcyou didn't06:33
Rudd-Oqqx: if you are using pulseaudio, it should just be a matter of selecting it as the default audio device in PulseAudio Volume Control06:33
Rudd-Oright click on the device, check the Default checkmark06:33
Rudd-Othats it06:34
therealnanotubeGuest78220: you could start a file browser as root, with "sudo nautilus", and then use the gui...06:34
Out_ColdRoasted, try alsamixer in the terminal... make sure you turn on all mic devices...06:34
Rudd-Oroasted: what problem are you experiencing?06:34
l0flsbtw how are u guys sending messages to me like it makes ur name yellow06:34
mlopezqcjust plug it in Windows, unplug it properly and you will be back in business06:34
Guest78220therealnanotube: ah i didnt think of that nice06:34
unopOut_Cold, your problem is that you didn't use the uid and gid options with your mount command06:34
ikonial0fls: just type the name of the person you want to talk to first06:34
ikonial0fls: see06:34
Flannell0fls: By prefixing it with your name (hint, type a few letters of the nick, then hit tab)06:34
ikonial0fls: or don't06:34
Roastedrudd - my problem is my microphone flat out doesn't work. I tried it in skype and raelized it didnt work. Then I tried it with sound recorder and I get no recording when I talk into it.06:34
therealnanotubeGuest78220: :)06:34
Out_Coldunop, i used what buntu told me to use lol.... damned thankful it told me what to do lol06:34
l0flsikonia: ia like this06:34
ikonial0fls: bang on06:35
l0flsFlannel: or this06:35
unopOut_Cold,  sudo mount -t ntfs-3g -o uid=$UID,gid=$UID /dev/sdb1 /path/ -o force06:35
Roastedout_cold - when I hit alsamixer in terminal I only get 1 thing listed, and its maxed.06:35
l0flsany one here use cedega?!?06:35
Out_Coldoh yea.... 8.10 seems to have taken out a lot of alsamixer options... not sure why though06:35
pdroyRoasted: are you sure you connected mic to the correct port06:36
ikonial0fls: just ask the question you want the answer for06:36
ikonial0fls: doesnt matter if anyone is using it - people know how to fix it06:36
Roastedpdroy - oh yeah. It works in Vista just fine. Then when I reboot (changing nothing) ubuntu just doesnt have any output when I try to record with it.06:36
mlopezqchello monica06:36
l0flswell diablo 2 insall works fine06:36
l0flswhen i run it i get put in play cd06:36
l0flswhen its in06:36
pdroyRoasted: did you try playing around with the Mixer controls06:37
Roastedpdroy - yep. I have microphone listed there, maxed, and not muted. I dont know what else to do.06:37
pdroyRoasted: well if it is not muted then you should be getting a feed back when you speak into the mic06:37
giacomo_chow can i add a trashcan to my desktop?06:38
Roastedpdroy - I get "feedback" but when I record something in sound recorder, I get nothing.06:38
Out_Coldanyone know how come alsamixer lost all of it's device options in 8.10?? i had problems trying to get certain things going and had to revert back to 8.04 to get the devices back in alsamixer.06:38
therealnanotubegiacomo_c: make a shortcut to the trash folder...06:38
Rudd-OOut_Cold: it's because alsamixer is now using the pulseaudio device.  You can revert to the old behavior by running alsamixer -c 006:39
Rudd-Othat will make alsamixer control the zeroth card on your system instead of the pulseaudio device06:39
Roastedpdroy - yeah, when I mute it, the feed back stops. When I unmute it, the feed back can be heard again. But even still, I cant actually record anything...06:39
pdroyRoasted: ahh I have had the same problem with a machine of mine, I had to pass some extra parameters to the driver when it loads to get it working but the fedd back stopped working after wards06:39
l0flsAny one know how to fix an error in cedega when you run diablo 2 and get Insert play disk when its in?!?!06:39
Rudd-ORoasted: the volume control you want is not the PLAYBACK one, but the RECORDING one06:39
Out_Colddo i lose out on any by reverting Rudd-O?06:39
giacomo_ctherealnanotube: how do i do that?  could i make a launcher that was like nautilus trash:///06:39
giacomo_cor something like that?06:39
pdroyRoasted: whats your sound card model ?06:40
Rudd-OOut_Cold: no, you do not lose anything, alsamixer -c 0 shows you the mixer ciontrol board for the card, but it does not change anything permanently06:40
tripchronicif i cant mount an ntfs drive in ubuntu because of an unclean removal, will it still work if i have an xp virtual machine? or does ubuntu need to read it first06:40
RoastedTurtle Beach Montedo DDL 7.1 PCI06:40
gbear14275whats the most stable x-java-vm?  I've got three to pick from but have never heard of icedtea06:40
RoastedCmedia 8768 chipset06:40
Rudd-Ogbear14275: probably sun's06:40
RoastedRudd-o - Oh, okay. Is "Microphone Capture" what I want?06:40
Out_Coldand it's session dependant Rudd-O?06:40
gbear14275and two of them appear the same...06:40
therealnanotubegiacomo_c: hm, don't know, try it. :) the actual trash folder is in ~/.local/share/Trash/06:40
Rudd-ORoasted: correct, you need to select microphone capture, and then alter the capture level.06:40
gbear14275Rudd-O: that the gcj one?06:40
l0flsdoes anyone know how to hide a terminal so it doesent show on the bottom screen06:40
Rudd-Ogbear14275: not at all06:40
therealnanotubegiacomo_c: but i suppose if you make a launcher to "nautilus trash:///", it should work too06:41
gbear14275Rudd-O: which one is suns?  I can't tell06:41
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience06:41
Rudd-OOut_Cold: no, it's not session dependent.  -c 0 is just temporary for that execution of alsamixer.  if you want volumes to be saved and restored upon login, may I suggest using kmix (the KDE mixer) for that purpose?06:41
therealnanotubegiacomo_c: but it's probably easiest to just stick a trash icon on the panel... (right click panel, add to panel, trash)06:41
Rudd-Ogbear14275: sun-java06:41
giacomo_ctherealnanotube: no, that did it06:41
giacomo_cthe command just as nautilus trash:///06:41
giacomo_chahaha, sweet06:41
ricardo_i need help mounting my hard drives06:41
giacomo_csomething actually was just that easy06:41
Out_Coldthanks Rudd-O will check it out.06:41
Rudd-OOut_Cold: no prob06:42
RoastedRudd-0 - Maybe this is part of my problem. "Microphone Capture" has 2 icons under it. One is for mute, the other... I dont know... but the otehr has a red X over it. If I select it to get the red X off, exit, and go back in to my sound control, the red X reappears. I'm wondering if that's my problem... but how do I fix that?06:42
Rudd-Oricardo_: ok lay it out man06:42
GFreericardo_: can you be more specific06:42
giacomo_cdoes Rudd-O not get the /// part?06:42
therealnanotubegiacomo_c: nice :)06:42
l0flsso how do i mount an iso again?!?!?!06:42
unop!iso > l0fls,06:42
Prez00hello, got latest ubuntu, i use gmail imap with evolution, sometimes the damn evolution seems to download all my headers from my inbox, and takes forever, i thought i had set everything for downloading the messages locally, any web pages with tips for evolution settings?06:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about osp06:42
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.06:42
tripchronicif i cant mount an ntfs drive in ubuntu because of an unclean removal, will it still work if i have an xp virtual machine? or does ubuntu need to read it first06:42
Rudd-ORoasted: that's a glitch on your sound card.  look, I use kmix.  on kmix I select capture on the source I want to capture, but I DO NOT alter the volume on it to change the capture volume, there is a SEPARATE slider named CAPTURE for that.06:42
GFreel0fls: I can tell you a way but it involves using the command line06:42
ricardo_when i try to access my 2 external hard drives i get this error "cannot mount volume"06:43
Out_Coldl0fls,  sudo mount /path/to/iso /folder/to/mount/to06:43
Rudd-OPrez00: you mean disconected imap is not working correctly?06:43
GFreeOut_Cold: is it really that simple?06:43
Rudd-Otripchronic: we don't know06:43
Roastedrudd-o - so what do you suggest I do, exactly?06:43
giacomo_cnow back to figuring out this stupid usb headset problem...06:43
Out_Coldam i missing something GFree?06:43
Rudd-ORoasted: use kmix, fiddle around with the controls *there*.  or alsamixer -V all06:43
therealnanotubegiacomo_c: good luck... :)06:43
tripchronicRudd-O DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.06:43
GFreeOut_Cold: I was thinking: mount -o loop -t iso9660 nameoffile.iso /path06:43
fakeraolbascht: hallo! hast du meine msg bekommen eben?06:43
Rudd-Oalsamixer -V all is pretty cool for that stuff06:43
Prez00Rudd-O: example, i just opened evolution right now, connected and it is downloading seemlingly the whole inbox again...06:44
Rudd-Otripchronic: that has nothing to do with your problem.06:44
tripchronicRudd-O thanks06:44
Rudd-OPrez00: probably the local database was just corrupted and evo is redownloading to be on the safe side06:44
eseven73The multiple "??!?!!?!?!" at the end of a question is very rude not to mention poor grammar. A single '?' will do.06:44
Out_Coldi occasionally use 2 ??'s06:44
GFreeI don't understand, I was always shown the loop/iso9660 crap, how has it changed?06:44
Prez00Rudd-O: does this all the time, could it be i have exceeded 2GB or something, is that a limitation?06:44
therealnanotubeeseven73: but it's ok as long as you put in some "1"s or "one"s :)06:45
Roastedrudd-o - where is kmix when you install it?06:45
Rudd-Oroasted: kde multimedia package it's called06:45
unopGFree, you need those options - otherwise mount will fail06:45
Rudd-OPrez00: not sure.  I abandoned evolution THREE YEARS ago.  I now use kmail exclusively.  much less elegant, but much more integrated with KDE.06:45
Roastedrudd-o - but is it a program that I use to adjust things? Or is it just something I install and BAM that's it?06:45
Out_Coldthen i was wrong.... D- for moi06:45
GFreeunop, that's what I thought, but tripchronic said thanks so I figured I was going too far06:45
Rudd-OI wish I hadnt though, turns out the only way to sync up with my iphone is using evo.06:45
eseven73therealnanotube: haha this is true :)06:45
GFreeno matter06:45
Rudd-ORoasted: it is a program to adjust mixer levels.06:45
Rudd-Oyou run kmix, it shows up in your notification area like a little speaker.06:46
Roastedrudd - o - I cannot findit. I just installed it *shrug*06:46
Rudd-Oroasted: alt+f2, type kmix06:46
l0flsGuys where would i mount the iso if i want cedega to detect it?!?!06:46
Prez00Rudd-O: ok, thanks06:46
Rudd-Okmix is saved in your session so if you close your session it will reopen again when it startsup, and if you have set up the options in the menu, you can have it restore your volume levels06:46
Rudd-OI think it does that by default, but I don't remember06:46
Rudd-Oah the mousewheel on the top of the speaker lets you quickly raise/lower volume06:47
Rudd-Othe speaker icon I mean06:47
nsadminI wouldn't say it's rude... if the originator didn't intend rudeness, then the listener's sense of rudeness (1) is only in his own mind and (2) is not based on any sense of reality... but while it is not rude, it does have the tendency to redirect attention06:47
l0flsAnd how do i Verify the iso md506:47
Roastedrudd - o - BAM. Worked. I have mic feedback now. Why in the world cant I get that to work in the regular volume control though man??06:47
Rudd-ORoasted: no idea, man.06:47
therealnanotubel0fls: "md5sum -c"06:47
Rudd-ORoasted: remember that having mike feedback is not the same as having mike selected for recording, nor is it the recording level of your mike06:47
ricardo_i'am new here i need help mounting my 2 external hard drives06:48
therealnanotubel0fls: or to just calculate the sum, just md5sum06:48
ricardo_i need some support06:48
ricardo_can someone help me?06:48
Roastedrudd - o - I understand that. I'm just failing to see what kmix does that allows my microphone to work that the regular volume control doesn't.06:48
Rudd-Oricardo_: dude, explain your problem06:48
Rudd-ORoasted: probably because kmix has more comprehensive controls06:49
Roastedrudd - o - Does kmix start automatically upon a fresh system restart?06:49
nsadminricardo_: do they show up?06:49
ricardo_they show up06:49
=== conor is now known as Al1_
ricardo_but when i try to open them06:49
ricardo_i get an error06:49
Rudd-ORoasted: only if you leave it open and close your session,  then gnome would arguably save it in its session.06:49
therealnanotubericardo_: make sure they have actual filesystem on them...?06:49
ricardo_it says cannot mount volume06:49
nsadmindoes it say why?06:49
Rudd-OI don't remember if that is an option you need to select or not, but here I have automatic session save in kde, and it saves all programs when I log out06:49
therealnanotubericardo_: and see what messages you get if you try to mount them manually with 'mount' ?06:49
Rudd-Oricardo_: ok, what program gives you that error message?06:50
Roastedrudd - o - "close" my session? Meaning if I lose power and boot back up, I'll have to reopen kmix to get microphone capabilities?06:50
ricardo_when i go to my computer06:50
therealnanotubeRudd-O: gnome by default doesn't save all running programs in session. but that can be set in system -> prefs -> sessions06:50
Rudd-ORoasted: what i mean is that when you log out, your programs are saved in the "session", and when you log back in, your programs are restored.  But if you never log out, then the programs may fail to be saved in the sessionl.06:50
l0flstherealnanotube:  what should the md5 sum be?!?06:50
therealnanotubeRudd-O: i find it better to manually add stuff to session startup.06:50
Rudd-Otherealnanotube: thanks for the tip.  heads up roasted.06:50
therealnanotubel0fls: whatever the website where you got the iso says the md5sum should be06:51
Out_Coldl0fls, depends on what the .iso is06:51
Rudd-Otherealnanotube: I don't.  Session autosave saves me a lot of time06:51
ricardo_this is the error i get when i try to acess my hard drive in my computer "CANNOT MOUNT VOLUME"06:51
Rudd-Oricardo_: please respond the question: how are you trying to access the hard drive?06:51
RoastedI'm still not hearing any output in skype.06:51
RoastedThis is unreal.06:51
Roasted3 hours trying to get skype working.06:51
RoastedI just might kill myslef. AHH06:51
FloodBot3Roasted: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:51
ricardo_through my computer06:51
ricardo_i click them06:51
therealnanotubeRudd-O: well, i guess that depends on your usage pattern... :)06:52
l0flswhat if its a torrented iso06:52
ricardo_and i get that error automatically06:52
Rudd-Otherealnanotube: correct.06:52
Rudd-ORoasted: wait.  you cannot hear any oputput?06:52
Rudd-Ook roasted lets start from the top06:52
Out_ColdRoasted, i tried skype too... i got it working in 8.04 by adjusting the mic input in the skype program..06:52
l0flstherealnanotube:  what if its a downloaded torrent06:52
nsadminricardo_ ok, what format are the drives in? what os formatted them?06:52
Rudd-ORoasted: what happens when you call the callt esting service?06:52
Roastedrudd - o - In sound recorder, I have microphone output. In skype, I dont.06:52
Rudd-ORoasted: did you call the call testing service?  what happened?06:53
therealnanotubel0fls: every file has a different md5sum. so... find out what it should be. if there's no md5sum provided for it, then... you have nothing to check. but anyway, torrent protocol does error checking anyway, so you don't have to worry about md5sums, generally.06:53
Roastedrudd - o - I have two skype accounts, and I was calling one from the other from my desktop to laptop. But my laptop battery just died.06:53
RoastedI did call the testing service. I hear the lady talk. But I dont hear my voice playback after I record my message.06:53
Rudd-ORoasted: I am going to have to ask you again.  What happens when you call the call testing service?06:53
Rudd-Ooh, you hear the LADY TALK?  Then you ARE GETTING OUTPUT.06:53
Rudd-Owhat you are not getting, is INPUT06:53
Roastedmy bad?06:53
Bugatti`what's happen06:53
Rudd-ORoasted: well, that was kind of an important distinction06:53
Bugatti`anyone from long island?06:54
Rudd-ORoasted: ok, so open your kmix mixer06:54
Roastedmy apologies06:54
Rudd-Oright click the icon06:54
l0flsBugatti`:  im from long island city06:54
Out_Coldricardo_, you might need to install the ntfs-3g from the package manager..06:54
Rudd-Othen click show mixer06:54
fakhirhey i am hosting a site for another person on my server and what to give him ftp access without giving him an account on the system itself. what are my options? is there a guide? i looked around for a while but did not find any solid information.06:54
Rudd-ORoasted: describe that mixer to me06:54
Rudd-Ofakhir: that is quite complicated to setup.  you might be interested in DTC06:54
RoastedFront, PCM, CD, Mic, Mic Boost.06:54
Rudd-O(google DTC gplhost)06:55
ricardo_i installed it already but it doesnt mount my hard drives06:55
Bugatti`im gonna invite you06:55
RoastedNothing muted, all levels up, "capture" checked in Mic (capture)06:55
Rudd-Oyou are good06:55
Rudd-Onow in kmix, go to prefs -> configure channels06:55
gbear14275anyone know what java plugin to use with firefox for 64 bit?  I have a prompt here with 3 options, 2 IcedTea and 1 GCJ...  Where is Sun's?06:55
Rudd-Oin the window that appears, CHECK ALL THE CHECKBOXES and then hit okay06:55
Jaffarkelshaci am having a persistent problem, gnome-mplayer freezes and i have to kill it to open again and all sound is not available any more. I have to restart to fix this. any other fix for this annoying problem06:55
LazerathHELP  HELP06:55
LazerathSYMLINK include/asm -> include /asm-x8606:55
Lazerathmake[2]: *** No rule to make target 'kernel/bounds.c' , needed by 'kernel/bounds.s'. Stop.06:55
Lazerathmake[1]: *** [prepare0] error 206:55
FloodBot3Lazerath: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:55
Rudd-Odo you now have more mixers?06:55
Roasteda lot more06:56
l0flsBugatti`:  what are you inviting me to?06:56
Rudd-OJaffarkelshac: that depends, is it a kernel problem (are there any errors in the dmesg command output?)06:56
Rudd-OJaffarkelshac: if not, it is likely a pulseaudio problem06:56
fakhirRudd-O, yeah that is what i found but it looked rather complicated so that is what brought me here. i would have thought there would be some simple solution.06:56
Rudd-ORoasted: awesome06:56
Rudd-Onow is there a SPECIFIC slider for capture?06:56
Rudd-OI have two sound cards.  one of them doesn't and the other does.06:56
Jaffarkelshaci have a feeling it is pulseaudio, and if it how do i fix that Rudd-O06:56
_anuwhere can i upload the view the functions() forever?06:56
RoastedI believe so. I mean, its really close to AUX but I assume AUX is to another slider.06:57
_anuand view06:57
Rudd-OJaffarkelshac: if the problem is fixed by merely logging off and then on (as opposed to restarting), then you know it's pulseaudio06:57
Rudd-Ooh, well,06:57
Rudd-OJaffarkelshac: let me restate what I just said06:57
LazerathHelp Help Help06:57
LazerathSYMLINK include/asm -> include /asm-x8606:57
Lazerathmake[2]: *** No rule to make target 'kernel/bounds.c' , needed by 'kernel/bounds.s'. Stop.06:57
Lazerathmake[1]: *** [prepare0] error 206:57
FloodBot3Lazerath: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:57
Roastedrudd - o - I'm still not hearing my voice back with skype.06:58
Rudd-OJaffarkelshac: if the problem is fixed by issuing "killall -KILL pulseaudio" in a terminal, thenr logging of and logging on again, then it is pulseaudio06:58
Rudd-ORoasted: ok, up the Capture slider, check the Mic Boost checkbox, and select Mic as the recording source.06:58
Rudd-ORoasted: if not, you might want to check the skype preferences panel itself06:58
Rudd-Obrb, gotta boot another machine in another room.06:58
Out_ColdRoasted, are you on the right mic input in skype?? i had like 3 or 4 when i only have 2 inputs..06:59
JaffarkelshacRudd-O: then its not pulseadio then coz logging does not fix it, and the kill command on pulseaudio is the same results06:59
Rudd-Oyeah, usually there are several mic ouptuts06:59
Rudd-OJaffarkelshac: kernel problem, either your card is faulty, or you have a really exotic card06:59
fulat2khi folks, is there a gui based client for svn in ubuntu/linux/06:59
Roastedout_cold - I've got like 10 of them. I have 2 sound cards on this system. Onboard + PCI (Vista doesnt suport my PCI card)06:59
whabooohelp i am trying to compile hplip and i get this after i do all the steps and get to the make command: [raj@localhost hplip-2.8.12]$ make06:59
whabooomake: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.06:59
Roastedout_cold - I've tried all different combinations. Nothing works with my microphone.07:00
Rudd-OJaffarkelshac: try getting an USB audio card as a loaner, disabling the builtin sound card in the BIOS, and using the usb sound card for a while.  your problems should disappear altogether.07:00
Out_ColdRoasted, try sifting through each... oh.. n/m lol07:00
nickrud!language | ricardo_ (think disney G rated ;)07:00
ubotturicardo_ (think disney G rated ;): Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.07:00
RoastedI'm on hour 3 trying to get this working.07:00
RoastedReally just makes booting to vista look so much better at this point07:00
Rudd-OJaffarkelshac: and report it as a bug, giving the devs ALL the info they rquesti, so they can fix it07:00
Out_Coldlol...NNOOOOOOOOOOOO Roasted07:00
Roastedbut I hate resorting to that restart buton to "fix" problems07:00
chris_i cant seem to delete files in my samba share from windows. can i have some help please?07:01
Rudd-ORoasted: do you have pulseaudio?  perhaps pulseaudio is fucking your skype experience up.  I know that personally I have to stop ulseaaudio before using skype07:01
l0flsSmoking marijuna and using ubunut can be tricky07:01
Rudd-Okillall -9 pulseaudio07:01
tritiumRudd-O: watch the language07:01
Rudd-Oand then I rerun skype07:01
Jaffarkelshaci will stick with restarting for the mean time, and quit doing taxing things when playing video. Rudd-O07:01
RoastedYeah, we gotta keep it G rated around here cause, ya know, kids will be in these rooms at 2 AM.07:01
Rudd-Otritium: okay, dude, but chill out, it's just a word07:01
Roasted*rolls eyes*07:01
tritiumRudd-O: channel policy07:01
Rudd-OJaffarkelshac: ok07:01
nickrudRudd-O, it's 4pm somewhere07:01
Out_ColdRoasted, it's not 2 here.....07:02
chris_2am here07:02
Roastednickrud - point?07:02
Lazerathit is 1 am here07:02
Rudd-Otritium: policy must match reality, not the other way around . nickrud: do you really think foreign language dudes will mind me saying a few cuss words?07:02
chris_is someone able to help me?07:02
nickrudRoasted, bad nick complete mixed with poor typing ;007:02
nsadminsmoking marijuna and speling ubuntu or marijuana can be trikie07:02
Lazerathor me07:02
tritiumRudd-O: and reality is that ubuntu is popular, and used by children.  Keep it family friendly.07:02
grayhaneI will be adding a high end video card to my system, will I need to do any re-configuring ?07:02
l0flstritium: theres no better word than marijana would you rather me say cheeeba ganga07:02
Roastedrudd - o - Yes, I have pulseaudio. I thought about removing it but a lot of people said they experienced a lot more problems with pulse removed. Also, a lot of them confirmed they didnt need to remove pulse to get it work.07:03
l0flsnsadmin: yes it can07:03
Lazerathwhere can i learn how to build a kernel with out all the errors07:03
nickrudRudd-O, not gonna get into an argument, this was decided long before you started visiting here07:03
micro01how do i download AIM for linux, i found a site07:03
Lazerathwhere can i learn how to build a kernel with out all the errors07:03
Roastedmicro01 - just use pidgin07:03
ikoniaLazerath: read the kernel docs07:03
micro01i dont like pidgin07:03
Lazerathi have07:03
Roastedyou prefer AIM over pidgin? Really?07:03
Paddy_EIREmicro01: Try empathy07:03
Rudd-Otritium, nickrud: you have a right to set up the policy.  I also have a right to CRITICIZE the policy.07:04
micro01AIM.com has a linux version i would like to try07:04
chris_how can i delete files made by windows users in samba by using windows?07:04
Rudd-OI just wanted to comemnt that I got the live cd to work on an USB stick07:04
ikoniamicro01: I'm sure there are docs that come with it07:04
ikoniaRudd-O: many people have07:04
tritiumRudd-O: doesn't matter.  You still have to *abide* by channel policy inside the channel.  Now, move on.07:04
w3rd_anyone use ubuntu with vmware server and have issues with usb?07:04
Paddy_EIREmicro01: and to be honest.. aim does not hold a candle to pidgin07:04
Rudd-Otritium: I am now, so I don't see why you have to repeat it.07:04
ikoniachris_: make sure the windows users have write access to the share and directory07:04
Roastedthis channel is anal, like whoa07:04
qqxcan anyone tell me how to set my Bluetooth headset as my default audio device?07:04
Rudd-Onow all I want to do now to make it better is not having to copy the kernel and initrd to /boot07:04
grayhanechris_ try using MC it works well for that07:05
chris_is the mask07:05
ikoniachris_: mask it's the key - permissons on the file system AND share are07:05
_anuAre they OpenSource SourceCode Searching Tool? I want to upload07:05
Paddy_EIRERoasted: continue to insult people and you will be evicted.. so it will be one less problem for you07:05
RoastedI wasn't insulting anybody.07:06
RoastedBut thanks.07:06
chris_ikonia what do i need to do to fix it?07:06
Paddy_EIREyes you where07:06
Rudd-OPaddy_EIRE: roasted has not insulted ANYBODY07:06
RoastedActually, I wasn't. But again, thanks.07:06
ikoniaRudd-O: Paddy_EIRE lets move along please07:06
tritiumStay on topic, please.07:06
Paddy_EIREcalling everyone anal aint insulting07:06
mlopezqcRudd-O, did you succeded?07:06
ikoniaPaddy_EIRE: please.07:06
Rudd-OOT: E.R. and Private practice are up in eztv now07:06
Rudd-Omlopezqc: yeah, absolute success07:06
RoastedPaddy_EIRE - I agree with you. It's not insulting.07:06
Rudd-OI wish I could have loaded the kernel directly from the iso, because that saves one step on my howto.07:07
Rudd-Obut meh, it's not like I can code in assembler to fix that, right?07:07
Roasteddid I just see that?07:07
ikoniaRoasted: yes you did - please stop commenting on things, this is a support channel07:07
qqxcan anyone tell me how to set my Bluetooth headset as my default audio device?07:08
Rudd-Owait, did I just get kicked for making the FIRST offtopic comment?07:08
RoastedRudd - Any other ideas?07:08
error404notfoundI tried to setup gfxboot-grub, and now I get : http://pastebin.com/m3ba2b6c607:08
RoastedOn my skype thing07:08
Rudd-Osorry, man, I'm out of ideas07:08
bazhangRudd-O, Roasted take chat to #ubuntu-offtopic please07:08
ikoniaRudd-O: no - you got removed because you where warned/asked to not be offtopic and follow the channels topic - you then posted OT#07:08
Roastedno thanks07:08
chris_ikonia how do i check to see if windows users have delete access in samba?07:08
Out_ColdRudd-O, a question before i go.. kmix will overtake alsamixer options and can be set to start on new session?07:08
ikoniachris_: if the users have write access to the share, and write access to the file system, you should be fine07:09
gbear14275is there a 64 bit java browser plugin yet?07:09
ikoniagbear14275: no07:09
Rudd-OOut_Cold: yeah, kmix willr estore volumes when you log back on, if you open  it07:09
Rudd-Oikonia: the warning appeared on my screen AFTER I had already spoken off-topic07:09
mlopezqcRudd-O, if you can make a howto and share it07:09
_anuAre they OpenSource SourceCode Searching Tool? I want to upload07:09
Rudd-Omlopezqc: I already wrote the howto07:09
Out_Coldcool.. thanks for your help mate...07:09
ikoniaRudd-O: no it didn't - tritium warned you you then posted07:09
Out_Coldand all the rest..07:09
Rudd-OI am polishing it and I will share it, indeed.07:09
chris_ikonia thats the problem, they can read and write, but they can't delete07:09
_anuAre they OpenSource SourceCode Searching Tool? I want to upload07:09
qqxmethinks the ops spend more time booting and arguing of late then helping. please, assist me!07:09
ikonia_anu: no07:09
Roastedqqx - I concur07:09
ikonia_anu: any text editor can do it07:10
fuzzybear3965hey does anyone know if i can configure xrandr to work with compiz07:10
tritiumqqx: we're dealing with trolls at the moment07:10
ikoniachris_: thats most odd, what does the samba server logs say when you try to delete it07:10
Rudd-Oikonia: you know what, perhaps you can go recruit some other people to help ubuntuers, because I really don't have time to be treated like your busboy.  So stick your rules up your ass, ungrateful SOB.  I'm outta here.07:10
Out_Coldgoodnight or morning all.... take care.07:10
nickrudRudd-O, Roasted you know, if you have issues or questions about how the channel is op'd, #ubuntu-ops is the place.07:10
_anuikonia : i mean i can search it according to the category07:10
ikonia_anu: you can only search code you have07:10
ikonia_anu: so if you don't have the code - how can you search ?07:11
qqxtritium, oh ok, i see, you have some cleanup work to do07:11
RoastedIt's just ironic. When I was going to other channels, I kept hearing bits and pieces about how nazi driven this channel is. Being an Ubuntu fan, I defended this place. But shit, this is laughable, guys. Calm down a little bit on your ban stick. Christ.07:11
tritiumqqx: please, state your support question for the channel07:11
qqxcan anyone tell me how to set my Bluetooth headset as my default audio device?07:11
_anuikonia : i have some07:11
ikonia_anu: then any text editor can search the source code07:11
xeerI have ubuntu-8.10-desktop-amd64.iso deflated to my partition, how can I install it through linux without restarting? (there are bugs preventing me from viewing the bios post)07:11
chris_ikonia it says access denied from windows. where is the log for samba located? i cant find it.07:11
_anuikonia : are there better ways ?07:12
nickrudxeer, right click the downloaded iso , and select burn to disk07:12
ikonia_anu: thats all you need ????? you search for what you want, source code is just text07:12
ikoniachris_: /var/log/samba07:12
nickrudxeer, arh, didn't read fully, sorry07:12
qqxRoasted this channel is highly populated because it is well regulated07:12
thyaguthis is the test07:13
LazerathHelp Help Help07:13
LazerathSYMLINK include/asm -> include /asm-x8607:13
Lazerathmake[2]: *** No rule to make target 'kernel/bounds.c' , needed by 'kernel/bounds.s'. Stop.07:13
Lazerathmake[1]: *** [prepare0] error 207:13
_anui think text editor is a bit too primitive for sourchcode search and i can't share with others07:13
Flannel!paste | Lazerath07:14
ubottuLazerath: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)07:14
FlannelLazerath: You've been warned in the past about pasting.  Please don't do it again.07:14
ikoniaLazerath: you've also been told where to find information on building a kernel07:14
Lazerathok i did not get how to use the paste web site07:14
ikoniaLazerath: this is not the correct support channel for kernel buidling07:14
Lazerathi looked at the files07:14
qqxive scoured the net for tips on how to connect my bluetooth headset to my pc, and all i can get are ways to connect individual programs. i want to connect my entire system. Please could anyone help!?07:14
Lazerathwell thanks for nothing on this worthless fucking channel07:15
FlannelLazerath: You paste your stuff there, hit submit, and then give us the URL07:15
eelriverqqx, If your headset is recognized as an audio device you can set it as default with a ~/.asoundrc file07:15
qqxeelriver, i did07:15
xeeris there a way to init casper from terminal?07:16
gbear14275ikonia: WOO HOO, this legit? http://blogs.sun.com/joshis/entry/finally_it_s_here_java07:16
eelriverqqx, and what happened?07:16
chris_ikonia getpeername failed. Error was Transport endpoint is not connected07:16
ikoniagbear14275: looks it, although it looks like a development version07:16
TwoEqualsTenqqx, this works for some: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-230023.html07:17
gbear14275I'll give it a shot07:17
ikoniachris_: let me read up see what that error message means07:17
doglongsomeone can help me to uninstall djbdns in drapper server ?07:17
TwoEqualsTenqqx, with mixed results, they've achieved what you want. Some have lag issues, others, none.07:17
daredeviltheredoglong: use apt-get remove07:17
qqxok im taking a look at it.07:18
doglongi have tried07:18
gbear14275hmm... how do  I install a .bin?07:18
ikoniagbear14275: make it executable and run it07:18
ikoniagbear14275: what do you want to install ?07:18
daredeviltheredo can i create a script  to .bin exce07:19
ikoniadaredevilthere: pardon ?07:19
micro01how do i make my desktop cool looking07:19
TwoEqualsTenI'm considering purchasing a netbook for school -- how big is a typical ubuntu install. I'm getting a SSD, so I need to know what I need for a base install and a few extra apps here and there.07:19
gbear14275this java plugin... says download and install... never used anything besides package managers before07:19
daredevilthereikonia: i mean can i create a script to . bin binary07:20
tritiumTwoEqualsTen: approximately 2-3 GB07:20
ikoniagbear14275: I'd advise you not to use that version unless you know what your doing07:20
doglongapt-get remove djbdns07:20
doglongReading package lists... Done07:20
doglongBuilding dependency tree... Done07:20
doglongPackage djbdns is not installed, so not removed07:20
doglong0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.07:20
FloodBot3doglong: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:20
Daisuke_IdoTwoEqualsTen: there's an ubuntu netbook remix that is a better fit for netbooks07:20
daredevilthereikonia: like  sh scripts07:20
ikoniadaredevilthere: . a binary ???? what do you mean07:20
TwoEqualsTentritium, thanks. Daisuke_Ido, I'll look into that. Much appreciated.07:20
micro01hey guys how do i make a real cool desktop07:20
gbear14275ikonia: :( ok... any idea what the turn around time is before that might be available through a package manager?07:20
daredevilthereikonia: i mean so that code is not viewable07:20
Daisuke_IdoTwoEqualsTen: no problem - it actually looks quite nice07:21
ikoniamicro01: use themes and effecs like compiz-fushion07:21
tritiumdoglong: use the actual package name07:21
micro01how do i use that? ikonia07:21
doglongany otherway to stop djbdns servide ?07:21
ikoniagbear14275: it's development, so I wouldn't exepct it in a stable release any time soon07:21
ikoniadaredevilthere: you need to compile it using a programming language, shell scripts are readable07:21
sidneyi have typed the commands to allow windows and linux to communicate the instructions say i should save it. do i just close the terminal to achieve this save?07:21
JohnAndersoni need help with getting ubuntu to dual boot alongside with winxp07:21
micro01ikonia how do i use comoiz fuzion07:21
ikonia!compiz > micro0107:22
ubottumicro01, please see my private message07:22
ikoniamicro01: that link ubottu has sent you should give you an overview07:22
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot07:24
gbear14275whats an RPM?07:24
bazhangJohnAnderson, which is installed first07:24
ikoniagbear14275: redhat package manager07:24
chris_ikonia any luck?07:24
bazhanggbear14275, package for redhat fedora suse and the like; debian ubuntu use .deb packages07:25
ikoniachris_: that initially looks like your not actually connected, although that doesn't make sense07:25
sfuenteshow do you terminate X without kill signals?07:25
shesek`how do I add a user to a group ?07:25
ikoniashesek`: use the useradmin gui07:25
JohnAndersonbazhang i mean, i have two harddrives07:25
JohnAndersonone with linux on it the other has windows07:25
tritiumshesek`: adduser <username> <group>07:25
ikoniashesek`: it's in system -> administration -> users and groups07:25
tripchroniccould someone link me to a how to on formatting under intrepid?07:26
ubottuTo add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "admin" - See !sudo07:26
tritiumshesek`: use sudo, of course07:26
ubottugparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php07:26
chris_ikonia yea its connecting, the files xfer to the samba from windows and then can be moved back, but the files on the samba share cannot be deleted and it says denied access from windows07:26
persiaHello.  I'm using Thunderbird in intrepid, and the folder selection pane no longer appears in the UI.  How might I restore it?07:27
ikoniachris_: out of interest what user name are you connecting to the samba share as (windows username)07:27
RemsSsHi everybody07:27
chris_ikonia i am using a user name set up in ubuntu from useradd07:27
ikoniachris_: so your connecting to the share using a username that is setup in ubuntu, can you show me your smb.conf file in a pastebin please ?07:28
chris_i would, but i think im going to have to let it rest and get some sleep07:29
ikoniachris_: no problem07:29
chris_nitey ikonia, all07:29
daredevilthereikonia: which languge can i use do compile .sh scripts07:30
ikoniadaredevilthere: you don't07:30
ikoniadaredevilthere: shell scripts are text based07:30
hentaixptheir like bat files I believe07:31
bazhanghttps://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addons/versions/1392 persia to do with this? did not see that bug on launchpad07:31
persiabazhang, I've not seen that before.  I'm not sure it's related.07:34
bazhanghttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/thunderbird/+bug/234134 or was it this persia07:34
persiabazhang, No, not that at all.07:34
JohnAndersonso anyone know if i can correct this easily07:35
persiabazhang, It's that the folder selection panel is missing, rather than changes to the mail display panel.07:35
JohnAndersonor do i need to reinstall ubuntu on the harddrive set as master with the other as slave07:35
ikoniaJohnAnderson: should be quite straight forward07:35
JohnAndersonim a newbie tho!07:36
bazhangpersia, dont see that bug, but will look a bit more07:36
ikoniaJohnAnderson: thats fine - explain the current situation, what's currently installed07:36
JohnAndersoni dont even know the difference between c and c++ except the two plus'07:36
daredevilthereI need sometype of tutorial for awk for text manipluation07:36
JohnAndersonwow alot of ppl from san antonio07:36
JohnAndersonim trying to get a boot manager to load up on startup so i can either boot windows from one harddrive or linux from the other07:37
JohnAndersonfrom my understanding this would have been done automatically had i installed ubuntu on the master with the other hd as slave.. but i didnt do this.07:37
persiadaredevilthere, There's a fairly comprehensive manual at http://people.cs.uu.nl/piet/docs/nawk/nawk_toc.html07:37
ikoniaJohnAnderson: master/slave don't mean anything - so don't worry about that07:37
ikoniaJohnAnderson: you installed windows first ? yes/no ?07:37
JohnAndersonwindows was already installed on the first harddrive07:38
codpawnI have booting problems with my ubuntu can any one help me?07:38
daredeviltherethanks persia07:38
ikoniaJohnAnderson: ok, so you installed ubuntu to the second disk with the windows drive still plugged in? yes/no ?07:38
JohnAndersonno i removed the windows drive entirely and installd it on the second by itself07:39
ikoniaJohnAnderson: ok, thats the problem07:39
JohnAndersoni know ;(07:39
ikoniaJohnAnderson: you may find it easier/quick to put both disks in as you want them, then re-install ubuntu, it will do everything for you (should do)07:39
JohnAndersonthats what i figured i'd need to do..07:39
JohnAndersonwhich is okay!07:39
ikoniaJohnAnderson: that would be the quickest direct route07:39
macvrhi all... how do i prevent my wireless from connecting to a particular network?07:40
qqxcan anyone Please Please Please tell me how to use my bluetooth headset as my default audio device? no dead end links please.07:40
ikoniaJohnAnderson: there are others, but if your new, you may find the re-install route quicker and easier07:40
FlannelJohnAnderson: Its actually not too difficult to add windows to your grub config07:40
JohnAndersonFlannel how would i do that ??07:40
x_dimitrimy wireless card isn't working under intrepid. has anyone experienced similar problems? I'm on a dell D830 laptop.07:40
ikoniaFlannel: he's not got grub booting yet,07:40
JohnAndersoni know that hd's are reffered to as hda and hdb07:40
gbear14275anyone using brub2?07:40
Flannelikonia: oh?07:40
persiabazhang, Apparently I just can't use a mouse: all fixed.  Thanks anyway.07:40
daredeviltherehow can i start my own script on startup.that Script logins automatically on service provider login page?07:40
ikoniaFlannel: not even installed, grub is installed on the secondary disk,07:40
=== fdd is now known as corge
ikoniaFlannel: hence why a re-install (put grub on the right mbr) would be quicker07:40
Flannelikonia: He can just set the secondary disk as the primary boot device07:40
macvrFlannel: ikonia :  how do i prevent my wireless from connecting to a particular network?07:41
Flannelin the BIOS07:41
JohnAndersonbut that wouldnt give me the option to chose between the two would it?07:41
ikoniaFlannel: yes, he could, that would be valid, but as this guy is new, to get grub on the mbr, then add the right os etc etc, may be quicker, but your welcome to help him add windws to grub and change the disks over07:41
JohnAndersonim a girl07:41
JohnAndersonno im jk07:41
FlannelJohnAnderson: Yeah, it'd likely be easiest for you to just reinstall, certainly less hassle.07:41
JohnAndersonthas what imma do07:42
JohnAndersonatleast i know it loaded up and all... so i know it'll install.. just gotta do it all ova again07:42
qqxcan anyone Please Please Please tell me how to use my bluetooth headset as my default audio device? no dead end links please.07:42
eseven73qqx nothing wrong with a wild goose chase every now and then ;)07:42
JohnAndersonokay thank you everyone07:43
daredevilthereHey guys can i make calls and recieve calls from ubuntu by connecting cell using bluetooth?07:43
JohnAnderson1 more question07:43
JohnAndersoni will need to set it as master right?07:44
JohnAndersonthe linux harddrive?07:44
chris_hello. after having used intrepid for a while, i have switched back to hardy on my dell xps m1530. i wanna go back to intrepid (nvidia has released new drivers, finally), but i used to sometimes get a blank display after start-up, sometimes it would beep (through the soundcard, not speakers!) terribly, then start or not (remain blank). sometimes it would also go blank, but the x server would work, while the consoles do not (i'm pretty sure07:44
chris_ they work, they are just not visible). has anybody ever experienced such a thing?07:44
insmodanyone know if they solved the issue with ID 0ac8:307b Z-Star Microelectronics Corp. USB 1.1 WebCam -- it uses the zc3xx07:44
fuctflyanybody here good with video conferencing software?  i m having issues with getting h264 codec to work with h323 protocol..  =)07:44
FlannelJohnAnderson: Nope07:45
JohnAndersonit doesnt make much difference anyways either does it07:45
qqxok ok ok ok ok ok ok... pls someone tell me how to use my blue tooth headset as my default audio device07:46
daredevilthereCan i make n recieve calls using ubuntu by connecting to cell via btuetooth07:48
chris_qqx: you could try blueman bluetooth manager. as far as i know it is not that simple. you'd have to edit a file in your home dir. but there is a good how-to at google07:49
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
qqxthanks chris_ ill try07:51
RaizeHi, quick question. I have a directory azureus created, /home/user/.azureus. It doesn't appear in a regular file browser obviously. Is there a command I could use to rename that?07:52
daredevilthereRaize:  use mv07:52
epochi have a beautifully upgraded ubuntu and /how do i start compiz/07:52
U-b-u-n-t-uI want to rip a dvd and convert the file to avi for compressed storage anyone know a good program for that?07:52
nsadminis compiz in ubuntu?07:52
epochi believe so07:53
daredeviltherensadmin: yap07:53
RaizeIt should enable itself after installing the proper drivers07:53
gasullU-b-u-n-t-u: I think a program called devede can do that07:53
epochi knew i saw it fly by during the 219 updates process :)07:53
epochno clue as to how to fire it up though07:53
U-b-u-n-t-uI have that one gasull I didnt know it could rip and save in avi?07:53
gasullnsadmin: I think it is not in the official repositories, but you can find repositories for it.  I was using it07:53
Flannelnsadmin, gasull: it is installed by default07:54
ikoniaU-b-u-n-t-u: avidrip, or dvd::rip07:54
puremichaelhi; where can i set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH permamently ?07:54
RaizeI know in my system I just install the nvidia drivers for my card and you should be able to enable the pretty stuff by going like, System > Preferences > Appearance > Visual Effects07:54
daredevilthereU-b-u-n-t-u: use sudo apt-cache search dvd to search for pacakages07:54
RaizeThen install ccsm to configure it.07:54
chris_qqx: well, if you want it to be your default device anyway, then blueman might actually be the right thing for you07:54
insmod<U-b-u-n-t-u>: acidrip07:54
U-b-u-n-t-uthats ikonia and insmod going to try it now07:54
gasullI want to make a bootable CD with some .exe files (for upgrading my BIOS).  How can I do it?07:55
ikoniagasull: not an ubuntu think07:55
ikoniagasull: you need a windows/dos boot cd07:55
ubottuYou might find something useful at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto07:56
epochRaize, that always tells me that desktop enhancement cannot be enabled even though my nvidia driver is installed07:56
insmod<ikonia>: no07:56
RaizeIve had that issue before, sec07:56
epochthank you07:56
insmod<ikonia>: just use mkiso (i think it's called that07:57
RaizeTry going to System > Administration > Hardware Drivers07:57
qqxwhere can i pastebin a screen shot07:57
RaizeSee if theres an option there to enable restricted drivers07:57
arquebus http://paste.ubuntu.com07:57
qqxwhere can i pastebin a SCREENSHOT07:58
daredeviltherecisa: hYE07:58
arquebussry http://imageshack.us/07:58
epochRaize, 2 options are in there, one is 'in use' -- my correct driver07:58
epochversion 173 (recommended) and version 96 are in the listbox07:59
epoch173 is in use07:59
insmodanyone know if they solved the issue with ID 0ac8:307b Z-Star Microelectronics Corp. USB 1.1 WebCam -- it uses the zc3xx07:59
RaizeI would say try reinstalling the latest drivers manually unless thats how you installed them in the first place07:59
RaizeIf that doesn't work I'm not sure =/07:59
epochmanually blehh im using it right now it says :907:59
daredevilthereHey my mic was recording but i checked some more boxes from volume and it not not recording now07:59
cisaafter hibernation my pc swaps (300MB to 600MB). this slows down the workflow. i have 4GB of ram and 5.7GB swap. workaround: swapoff $DEV && swapon $DEV. any idea how to get rid of this?08:00
maksumhey i need to install the longman cd dictioanary, does anyo ne could help me?08:00
RaizeYeah, I know sometimes when I install ubuntu and it "automatically" installs the drivers for me I still have to reinstall them manually for compiz08:00
whitedoxWhen installing the nvidia drivers, it says I must exit X before installing. How do I do this without shutting my PC off?08:00
cisa5.7GB swap was suggested by ubuntu (D-I)08:00
epochi just hate a dirty system is all :(08:00
epochhell i dont need compiz08:01
maksumcould not install the longman cd dictioanary, although in the cd stated that linux could install it08:01
qqxwhat the haeck is this??? 8-0 <a href="http://tinypic.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i42.tinypic.com/2z82nb9.png" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>08:01
whitedoxinsmod: I am sort of a noob. What does that mean?08:02
qqxsorry http://i42.tinypic.com/2z82nb9.png08:02
Flannelqqx: What do you mean?08:02
daredevilthereany good dictionary in ubuntu?08:02
UbubeginTo access remote server/PC from the nautilus brower, i remember doing something stcp:(this is wrong) something like that that... I cant remember... but by doing that, i can access the remote PC's folders like a local PC's one.. Anyone can help me out with .. :)08:02
Flannelqqx: Ah.  Pastebin the output of this: apt-cache policy python2.5 python2.5-dev && apt-cache showpkg python2.5-dev08:03
Dexihey guys i reinstalled ubuntu and upgraded to intrepid, you know that newer user manager thing that is supposed to also manage pidgin... it loaded on the left side of the divider instead of to the right of the time... how can i fix this?08:03
insmodhit ctrl alt F(#) gives user workspaces F7 is default  X u can run another X on F808:03
insmod<whitedox>hit ctrl alt F(#) gives user workspaces F7 is default  X u can run another X on F808:04
PytlaskQuick question. If my computer is not on at a time an event is scheduled with cron(tab), will my computer run the event the next time it turns on?08:04
Flannelqqx: Actually, you don't need to.08:04
whitedoxinsmod: So how do I close them?08:04
Pytlaskinsmod: Much thanks :)08:05
qqxdont need to pastebin the output of that?08:05
insmod<whitedox>why would you want to do that -- kill x then in a tty login and install the nvidia08:05
Flannelqqx: The issue is that you have the wrong version of python2.5-dev...  You'll notice that http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/python2.5-dev  that (v2.5.2-11.1ubuntu1) depends on the same version of python2.5 (which is what you have installed), the version of -dev you downloaded manually is 2.5.1-0ubuntu1.2, which likely depends on (exactly) 2.5.1-0ubuntu1.2 of python2.508:06
daredeviltherehow can i download the pakage using apt-get and save them without installing08:06
Flanneldaredevilthere: apt-get -d install package1 package2 etc08:06
whitedoxinsmod: Ohhhh. Okay. Thanks!08:06
insmod<daredevilthere>man apt-get08:06
Flanneldaredevilthere: -d means download only08:06
Flannelinsmod: Please be helpful08:06
Flannelqqx: What didn't you understand?08:06
lwizardlanyone here able to get Ubuntu to install on a Mac G4 (PPC) computer? I keep getting a error on the alternate install disc. about needing cd-rom drivers disk08:06
Ububeginbtw, does anyone understand my question.. or shld i reword it...08:06
insmod<Flannel>I was man is great if you can red08:07
Flannel!rtfm | insmod08:07
ubottuinsmod: Acronyms or statements like noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.08:07
qqxall of it08:07
insmod<Flannel>what one did I use08:07
whitedoxinsmod: One last little bitty thing..How do I get into a TTY? -_-08:07
UbubeginTo access remote server/PC from the nautilus brower, i remember doing something stcp:(this is wrong) something like that that... I cant remember... but by doing that, i can access the remote PC's folders like a local PC's one.. Anyone can help me out with .. :)08:08
insmod<whitedox>ctrl alt F1 or F@ etc08:08
zer0how to set mocp remember my theme that i was choose??i cant find ~/.moc/config08:08
Flannelqqx: Ok, you downloaded version 2.5.1-0ubuntu1.2 of python2.5-dev (your firefox download window, top left) and are trying to install it.  That version of -dev depends on 2.5.1-0ubuntu1.2 of python2.5; you have version 2.5.1-11.1ubuntu1 of python2.5 installed08:08
raevoli seem to be missing whatever dictionary xchat and pidgin use for spellchecking, anyone know what package that is?08:08
Flannelinsmod: "read the manual" is not an acceptable answer in this channel.  When helping, be helpful.08:09
Flannelraevol: like aspell, but I don't know for sure.08:09
terryxi can't install the updates, its says E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.08:09
Flannelterryx: Have you tried running `sudo dpkg --configure -a` to fix the problem?08:10
zer0how to set keyboard shortcut to open terminal on ubuntu 8.10??08:10
raevolthanks Flannel08:10
insmodFlannel : then answer this -- is the issue with ID 0ac8:307b Z-Star Microelectronics Corp. USB 1.1 WebCam -- it uses the zc3xx08:10
qqxok so what do i need to do08:10
terryxflannel, yes i am doing it but its says warning: Failed to parse default value `??????????? ?????? ;gtk-theme-selector.desktop,???????????? ??????????? ???;default-applications.desktop,??????????? ????;gnome-cups-manager.desktop]' for schema (/schemas/apps/control-center/cc_actions_list)08:11
rwwterryx: that's a known bug and shouldn't stop dpkg from running, if i remember correctly08:12
terryxrww, u mean no problem...its continue installing updates...08:13
rwwterryx: It should do, yes.08:13
rwwterryx: is it? or is it stopping after that error?08:13
rwwThe specific bug is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/276272 , btw.08:13
Flannelqqx: You need to get the proper version of python2.5-dev.  Is this a fresh install?08:13
mthedI'm trying to update my ubuntu 8.04 but the update manager can't find some of the packages. Why is this?08:13
=== c0_RagiL is now known as el_va
qqxflannel yes how did you know08:13
terryxrww, how can i install languages, indian languages in ubuntu?08:13
insmod<Flannel> and you can't baby people for ever this isn't windows -- learn the backend08:13
=== el_va is now known as ce_mood
Flannelqqx: Because you don't have all the packages listed.  python2.5-dev should be listed in synaptic.  Hit 'reload' (top left in synaptic) and then install python2.5-dev from synaptic.  Also, be sure to upgrade to current package versions (hit mark all upgrades), or let update-manager do it.08:14
Flannelinsmod: That sort of attitude won't get you very far in this channel, I suggest you rethink your attitude.08:14
insmod<Flannel: that's why I hate this channel08:14
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit08:14
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Seiver`DamrossNetsplit Detected irc.freenode.net from: lindbohm.freenode.net08:14
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qqxpython2.5-dev isnt on the list08:14
Flannelinsmod: No one's forcing you to be here.  If you feel your time is better spent elsewhere: please, don't allow us to waste anymore of your time.08:14
zer0how to install adobe reader and with firefox support???08:14
Flannelqqx: Even after you hit reload?08:14
Flannelqqx: Alright, please pastebin the output of this command: sudo apt-get update && apt-cache policy python2.5 python2.5-dev08:15
insmod<Flannel>why are you bugging me are you op?08:15
terryxi have searched internet many times, but can't find what is segmentation fault..anybody knows?08:15
epochdemz foightin woidz!08:15
maverick340is there a way i can implement a p2p network of some sort over a LAN.08:16
Ububegininsmod: To access remote server/PC from the nautilus brower, i remember doing something stcp:(this is wrong) something like that that... I cant remember... but by doing that, i can access the remote PC's folders like a local PC's one.. Anyone can help me out with .. :)08:16
insmod<terryx>segmentation fault is where the program crashes unexpected08:16
zer0how to install adobe reader and with firefox support???08:16
TeknoUbubegin: scp ?08:16
maverick340there is a lot of stuff that gets downloaded , resulting in  lot of dupes. was wondering if there is a way by which you can have a way of searching of files over the lan08:16
maverick340sort of like a p2p client08:16
qqxhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/102602/ @ Flannel08:17
karoogahi, anyone used do-release-upgrade before?08:17
terryxinsmod, i have understand this..but why my firefox is crashes with this error?08:17
Flannelkarooga: Yep08:17
rww!anyone | karooga08:17
ubottukarooga: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:17
insmod<Ububegin>use fish08:17
chris_Ububegin: i think the correct line should be: smb://08:17
insmod<terryx>probably a library error08:18
TrenterQuestion:  How do I add more desktops to ubuntu08:18
karoogaFlannel: is the update purely text based?08:18
zer0how to install adobe reader and with firefox support???08:18
insmod<chris_>isn't that samba08:18
arquebusterryx- http://letmegooglethatforyou.com/?q=segmentation+fault08:18
Flannelkarooga: It is... well, there's curses based menus for some of the reconfiguring, but yes, it takes places entirely in a console08:18
zer0how to install adobe reader and with firefox support???08:19
Trenterzer0: dont need to spam the question08:19
Ububeginchris_ : the remote pc is also Linux... not windows08:19
Flannelqqx: You've got python2.5-dev right there.  It should show up in synaptic.  But you can install it with sudo apt-get install python2.5-dev08:19
insmod<Trenter>more then one X or kde gnome etc08:19
bazhangzer0, dont repeat so often08:19
bazhangzer0, let us do a bit of research between asking08:19
zer0i cant sudo=acroread.08:20
insmod<Ububegin>files or printing08:20
karoogaFlannel: so running an ssh session and screen would be a good strategy for the upgrade?08:20
Ububegininsmod: accessing files08:20
Melikanyone else having trouble with nvidia drivers and xorg on Jaunty Jackalope?08:20
bazhangzer0, you want to read pdf in ff?08:20
Trenterinsmod:  Using gnome, want to be able to have desktop cube, I have compizconfig-settings-manager installed and when I activate the desktop cube it does not work, trying to figure out how to add more desktops08:20
insmod<Ububegin>fish is the best but it is a kde protocal08:20
Flannelkarooga: You really shouldn't upgrade over ssh... (it'll actually warn you about that, and open up another sshd too).  Really ought to do it at a terminal if you can.08:20
zer0also in my ubuntu 8.1008:21
Viking667hey there. Anyone seen a "moonlight" deb around? I can't see one except for mono-smcs.08:21
Melikanyone else having trouble with nvidia drivers and xorg on 9.04 jaunty?08:21
U-b-u-n-t-uinsmod acidrip seems to be working well thanks for the tip08:21
bindaashellos ,ubuntu hardy gnome  power manager is not showing any info about battery discharge/charge ,is it broken?08:21
Ububegininsmod:i am gnome... but i cant recall the exact name.. shit.. it isnt scp://ipaddress...08:21
Viking667I'm wanting to play Silverlight media from within firefox08:21
insmod<Trenter>that's not desk top thats work spaces08:22
Viking667fish://   ...?08:22
karoogaFlannel:  Ok.  And does the upgrade just use normal sources.list to get the packages?  So I could use a local apt-cacher repo to speed up the install?08:22
Trenterinsmod:  Thanks for the correction, I mean workspace I guess, how do I add additional workspaces?08:22
zer0how can i view file.exe on ubuntu 8.10??08:22
Trenterinsmod:  Acctually save ur typing, lemme check google... lol08:22
insmod<Viking667>form linuxhelp?08:22
karoogaFlannel: is it possible to determine what packages will be need prior to doing the upgrade?08:22
rww!wine | zer008:23
ubottuzer0: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help08:23
Viking667insmod: yeah.08:23
Ububeginzer0: install wine... to run exe files08:23
insmod<Viking667>lol been yrs08:23
sleepy_catcan u give me a site which on opening there is a video played in the small box somewhere on it08:23
TrenterViking667:  Try ie tab with silverlight installed in wine mb08:23
sleepy_catbesides youtube ofcourse08:23
insmod<Viking667>yes fish works great08:23
aftertafwhat type of video format? flmash?08:23
Ububeginsleepy_cat: a lot of blogs have it..08:23
zer0wine not support many .exe..08:23
Viking667Trenter: I'm trying to avoid use of IE on that machine as much as I can.08:23
Flannelkarooga: It'll tell you a whole long list and ask you to confirm/etc08:23
zer0it not support angels online.exe08:23
insmod<zer0>use cxoffice08:23
aftertafany bash gurus about?08:24
Viking667aftertaf: I've no idea; the only thing I know is that it's videos available at ITV for the Coro Street stuff.08:24
U-b-u-n-t-uanyone know how to make the system monitor on 8.04 show the cpu usage like on 8.10?08:24
TrenterViking667:  IE Tab is a firefox plugin08:24
sleepy_catinsmod: whts cxoffice08:24
Ububeginaftertaf: proceed to #bash channel...08:24
Lou__This bug is affecting me big time, but it seems that there is no one working on it now after several weeks: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/281622.  It must not be affecting many people, but it makes many of my applications unusable---even the bug reporting module doesn't work!  It seems to be the update to the GNU C libraries several weeks ago that is causing it.08:24
Flannelkarooga: It uses regular repos, but I'm not sure if it has a mirror hardcoded or not into its new sources.list for the ugprade.08:24
sleepy_catubuntulog: give me a site08:24
maverick340how do you setup a private p2p network ? (over  LAN )08:24
insmod<zer0>where wine gets its code08:24
kbrosnanTrenter: ietab is windows only08:24
zer0lol.cxoffice=need to buy08:24
maverick340want a way by which people over lan can search of files08:24
sleepy_catwhich have a video enabled on it.08:24
insmod<zer0>but it's not free08:24
Trenterdidn't know that :S08:24
insmod<zer0>but they do have some on gnutella08:25
aftertafwant to recover the size of RAM on a machine - using cap /proc/meminfo | grep...| awk for now . . .08:25
zer0i can find full download??08:25
bazhangzer0, http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-adobe-pdf-reader-with-plug-in-for-mozilla-firefox-in-feisty-fawn.html also for intrepid (ubuntu 8.10) from medibuntu.org repos08:25
bindaasis there a good power manager which i should install?08:26
boscoslifehttp://pastebin.com/m26fc84fd                      can someone tell me what i am doing wrong with setting up apache08:26
bindaasor uninstall/install gnome-power manager08:26
insmod<zer0>i did on gnutella but just goto there site08:26
zer0that mean, i can get full package??08:27
GrayvonAnyone have an easy way to convert my IE favs into FF favs without access to a windows computer?08:28
ikoniaGrayvon: the favourites are just normally a text file with html links in08:28
insmod<zer0>what are you trying to install -- and yes they let you install full but it nages you at startup08:29
maverick340or is there some kind of direct connect server/client for ubuntu ?08:29
ikoniamaverick340: dc++08:29
insmod<zer0>that's why i got the free one on gnutella08:29
Grayvonso copy paste and add bookmark in FF is what you are saying? :P08:29
chris_boscoslife: isn't this a public ip?08:29
ikoniaGrayvon: or just import the text file08:29
boscoslifechris why do you ask08:30
maverick340ikonia, dc++ runs natively on ubuntu ?08:30
zer0let me think..i think all free with linux..08:30
GrayvonI can't get it to import from either File or Bookmarks08:30
ikoniamaverick340: yes08:30
Viking667Trenter: also, IE Tab only works under Windows.08:30
GrayvonI found a python script that is supposed to do it, but I am a total noob08:30
boscoslifechris why do you ask08:30
maverick340and is there a howto on setting it up for LAN ?08:30
ikoniamaverick340: install it, launch it08:31
maverick340ikonia, heh , doing that08:31
boscoslifechris no it is not08:31
sleepy_catok like yahoo there must be a site which when logged on some promotion video appear in the bottom part of the screen08:31
boscoslifechris some random numbers i gave so i would not give out my own server ip08:32
vltHello. I just upgraded the packages "libssl0.9.8" and "openssl". Why does usn say "After a standard system upgrade you need to reboot your computer to effect the necessary changes"?08:33
ikoniaboscoslife: your own server ip is listed in your irc client
zer0can any1 direct my to full version of CrossOver Linux??08:33
insmod<Viking667>any good with we cams?08:33
ikoniazer0: it's on the cross over website08:33
Viking667insmod: sorry dude. Having trouble with one myself.08:33
insmod<zer0>I just did08:33
Viking667I've got it uhm, working, but the image is reversed.08:33
boscoslifeikonia no i mean for my server off of a pastebin i posted08:33
karoogaFlannel: any ideas who I might ask?08:33
zer0then, i download trial???08:34
insmodI<Viking667>D 0ac8:307b Z-Star Microelectronics Corp. USB 1.1 WebCam -- it uses the zc3xx --- works in all BUT the new kernels08:34
Viking667anyhow, I'm outta here. Thanks for the help. I found moonlight xpi at http://www.go-mono.com/moonlight/08:34
insmod<zer0>what are you trying to install08:34
mayailanyone say how to change my system environment in tamil to english08:35