mschemeriigot a question that I cannot seem to find an answer to...00:17
mschemeriiwhy is the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file so minimally configured00:17
mschemeriithere is no listing of video card options or what driver is being used, default screen size, etc...00:18
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JintoHey, I've got a bit of a problem.01:19
JintoDoes anyone know what kind of problem it is when a dell inspiron 600m can't boot past bios?01:20
simoo_Hi does anyonehave the pictures screensaver working?01:22
nikolami just updated xubunut 8.04.1 64-bit installation03:13
nikolamAnd after that system failed to boot03:13
nikolamupdate for /boot/grub/menu.lst is broken03:14
nikolamI boot by copying old menu.lst from backup03:15
nikolamI I need to manually tune it _Every time_ new kernel update arrives.03:15
nikolamalso update sets false kernel as default.03:16
nikolamso updated kernel is not used by default03:16
nikolamalso it wrongly points ALL listed ubuntu installs to first ubuntu install it founds. Not regarding what kernel uses what install03:19
nikolamSo install procedure upon kernel update, regarding menu.lst configuration is full of bugs03:20
nikolamand catastrophic to ordinary user, duing just an upgrade03:20
nikolamAlso this HORRIBLE mousepad BUG with replace persists!!!03:22
nikolamI even went to 0.2.14 and it is still there!!!03:22
nikolamAlso, Why (Oh why) update procedure leaves Old kernels in /boot. After a while my /boot is full of old kernels and could stop update for not enough space on /boot03:25
nikolamAfter surgically repaired menu.lst with gedit (mousepad replace don`t work) I need to reboot now..03:27
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papa__hello everyone.... I've tried Ubuntu livecd. Finally I quit Windows... and I'm going to install xubuntu.03:59
papa__I'm downloading xubuntu 8.10. I'm going to delete Windows. I want to use only Linux.04:00
papa__It's Xubuntu 8.10 stable?04:01
litlebudayes papa__04:01
papa__Today, I tried to install Debian... so   many  problems.04:02
papa__A friend of mine told me Debian is more stable, but I think it's more difficult.04:03
atom_foxhi guys05:06
atom_foxplanning to install xubuntu on my new laptop, I have vista preinstalled on my laptop... I'ts my first time to use Xubuntu, I'm using slackware before. I would just like to know what development tools or apps I can use/need for C++ and other commong programming languages... because KDE has KDevelop. How about xfce?05:08
Kiptioni think there's anjuta05:14
Kiptionbut i've not used it05:15
Odd-rationaleatom_fox: xfce uses gtk. gtk apps integrate quite well with xfce. xfce itself is most C++ iirc. there is also pyxfce, and xfce4-perl05:15
Odd-rationaleall you really need is a text editor! :P05:15
atom_foxso it means xubuntu automatically install essential libs for g++ or c++ i think? because I use g++ on slack...05:16
Odd-rationaleyou might need the build-essential package... i'm not sure05:17
Kiptionyou def need that05:17
Kiptiongives you all the compilers etc.05:17
atom_foxis build-essential included on the xubuntu installer?05:18
atom_foxcould I download it trough the app-get? or package manager of xubuntu?05:21
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david__hello guys07:10
david__My name is David Kirba, am a copywriter in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia07:11
david__I've been using ubuntu for a while and I decided to give Xubuntu a try so I'm here for help07:11
david__I need to connect to windows shares07:24
david__and I also need to access the windows drives on my computer07:24
david__mounting the lcoal drives, I'll use fstab. I've used it before, just need to brush up07:24
david__but I'm having trouble with the network07:24
david__thunar doesn't have a network browser07:25
david__any one around?07:34
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micahhello everyone i have a simple question13:00
micahi need to know how to change the hostname of my computer13:01
TheSheepand the hostname command13:02
micahthanks i got it13:04
craigbass1976I have regular ubuntu here at work, but with xfce installed.  Computer specs (other than being a desktop) are about the same as my laptop at home.  If I run xfce here, it's much slower than a fresh xubuntu install on my laptop.  Is GNOME (is it gdm?) still involved if I'm running xfce on this box?  Where do I shut it off?13:30
craigbass1976/etc/X11/default-display-manager ?13:31
craigbass1976If anyone answers, go ahead and hit my name so xchat blinks.  I've got to go on another desktop.  Much appreciated if anyone can help.13:32
TheSheepcraigbass1976: there is a number of services and background programs that may be running13:45
TheSheepcraigbass1976: ubuntu has more of them than ubuntu, check the system->services and settings->setting manager->autostarted applications13:46
craigbass1976I don't think I'm running too many more, but checking.  Thanks.13:47
craigbass1976Oops... though I uninstalled postgres...  But that's about it13:48
Grabis it the same if i install xubuntu directly or do sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop  from ubuntu ???15:08
ablomenGrab, yep15:10
Grabare you sure?15:10
Grabbecause ubuntu installed a lot of shit15:11
ablomenwell you can remove that afterwards15:11
Grabablomen what should i remove exactly?15:11
Grabthat's the problem :P15:11
ablomenubuntu-desktop :)15:11
sinboxisn't ubuntu-desktop just a metapackage ablomen ?15:41
vinnlYep, it is15:41
sinboxso it wouldn't pull out all of the stuff it pulls in (at least that is what it looked like to me)15:47
vinnlNo it wouldn't15:47
sinboxK thanks Mr short to the point replies ;-)15:47
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »15:48
vinnlSorry I'm editing a movie at the same time :P15:48
sinboxno probs, short to the point is what is needed as far as I'm concerned15:48
jarnosOdd-rationale: I made a script by which you can keep a DE and remove another. (No reinstalling packages needed.) I guess it could be improved, though.15:52
Odd-rationalejarnos: cool. can you pastebin it?15:52
jarnosOdd-rationale: http://rafb.net/p/1J8BV574.html15:56
jarnosOdd-rationale: It checkes first level recommended packages, but only dependencies of deeper levels for the metapackages.15:58
jarnosOdd-rationale: I recommend storing its output in a file and checking if too much will be removed.15:59
jarnosOdd-rationale: You may edit metatokeep, additionallykeep,and metatoremove variables.16:00
jarnosOdd-rationale: e.g pkgs-to-remove.sh > list16:01
jarnosOdd-rationale: less list16:01
jarnosOdd-rationale: sudo apt-get remove `cat list`16:02
Odd-rationalejarnos: what's the main difference between that, and the command on that website (!purexfce) ?16:06
jarnosOdd-rationale: in (!purexfce) you have to reinstall xubuntu-desktop.16:08
Odd-rationaleit brings you to how it would be if you just installed xubuntu from the xubuntu disc...16:09
jarnosOdd-rationale: and my script is more versatile.16:10
Odd-rationaleok. i see...16:10
jarnosOdd-rationale: the script looks a bit complicated, since I could not make apt-rdepends follow Recommends recursively although its man page says it can.16:13
jarnosOdd-rationale: I don't know, if you can run the (!purexfce) thing from xfce, since it removes temporarily part of xubuntu-desktop.16:15
Odd-rationalejarnos: yes you can16:15
jarnosOdd-rationale: did you try the script? You may have to install some apps to make it work.16:32
Odd-rationalejarnos: no i haven't tried the script... i'm not on a debian-based system... i just was curious on how you did it... :)16:34
jarnosShould command "apt-rdepends --follow=Depends,PreDepends,Recommends --show=Depends,PreDepends,Recommends xubuntu-desktop" show recursive dependencies of xubuntu-desktop?16:44
medoctrondoes anyone how to configure edge switching in openbox16:55
Odd-rationalemedoctron: something like <screenEdgeWarpTime>0</screenEdgeWarpTime> in the <mouse> section... lower value for faster switching17:13
medoctroni'll give it a try, thx Odd-rationale17:14
Odd-rationalemedoctron: whoops... 0 disables warpping. set it to like 400 or something...17:14
medoctronah okay thanks17:14
Odd-rationale1000 = 1 sec17:14
medoctronoh i see... its already set, but it doesnt work for me...17:15
Odd-rationalehmm... idk...17:15
medoctronits set to 40017:16
Odd-rationalei guess you should try asking about it in #openbox17:16
medoctronOdd-rationale hmm it always connects to ##openbox when i type /j #openbox xD17:18
medoctronvery strange...17:18
Odd-rationalemedoctron: i was sure they had their own channel on freenode...17:20
medoctroni'll try on another server17:20
Odd-rationalemedoctron: ah, they are on irc.oftc.net17:20
medoctronyeah, that what i just found17:20
misty_hi I'm having a bit of an issue using xubuntu with compiz18:06
misty_I'm trying to disable all of the xfce panels and have compiz come up as my only windows manager18:08
misty_however xfce seems to always turn on or at least have one panel open18:08
jAguAr`how do i change the default window manager from kdm to gdm?18:31
Odd-rationalejAguAr`: you mean display manager? try installing gdm. then try "sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm"18:32
jAguAr`Odd-rationale, then i'll have to reboot, right?18:35
jAguAr`Odd-rationale, thanx, that worked :)18:40
jAguAr`Odd-rationale, but when i rebooted, it still showed that it was loading "kubuntu" does that make any difference?18:40
sinboxwell, you need to change the session if kubuntu is set as your default desktop environement18:47
jAguAr`sinbox, okay, when i just rebooted my puter, i set gdm as the default session, so is that gonna show up again if i reboot?18:50
sinboxyes gdm should now be your display manager, but you still need to tell it to change the session you actually want, you can just log off no need to actually reboot18:51
jAguAr`ok, brb, lemme see if that works18:51
jAguAr`sinbox, it looks like it worked18:53
sinboxonly looks like?18:53
jAguAr`well, when i logged in this time after rebooting, it went straight to the gdm, but as it was loading it showed kubuntu18:54
jAguAr`oh! and while i'm thinkin about it, is there any way to have the desktop pics change every so often in gnome the way that kde does?18:55
sinboxah yes, you'll need to change the splash on boot, not sure how to do that, but a quick search of the forum  or ubuntu wiki should yield some results if no one turns up to answer tthat query. as for the autochange of background I don't know how to do that, I'm not so big on eye candy stuff :)18:56
jAguAr`okay, thanks anyway :)18:57
xd0I need to boot xubuntu from usb pen but I can't rember how I did this last, anyone?19:05
Odd-rationalejAguAr`: i think you need to have xubuntu-artwork-usplash installed...19:06
jAguAr`Odd-rationale, it's not that big of a deal, as long as everything works right in gnome, i don't care what the splash screen for boot up says19:08
* xd0 ,f19:20
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federaco78hi, someone can help me with a terminal problem in xubuntu ?19:54
federaco78I can't get the function keys to work F1 to F1219:55
federaco78hello ?'19:56
federaco78please !19:56
federaco78hello ????20:04
federaco78hi, I have a problem with my terminal in Xubuntu20:05
Odd-rationalewhat's wrong with it?20:05
federaco78I can't get the F1 to F12 keys to work20:05
Odd-rationalewhat do you mean?20:06
Odd-rationale(they usually don't do anthing, anyways...)20:06
federaco78I'm trying a system that runs in a terminal and it uses the Function keys F1, F2, etc20:06
federaco78and I need them to work, I looked at the configuration but nothing20:07
Odd-rationalewhat system?20:07
federaco78a custom made system20:08
federaco78the system is already installed but the only problem is that those keys don't work20:08
federaco78i installed the same system in a Yoper distro and there the terminal program have the configuration option to change the keyboard to vt10020:10
federaco78and it worked !, but i cant find that option in the xubuntu terminal20:10
federaco78hellooooooooooo ???20:20
Odd-rationaleI haven't used xfce terminal in a while... so i have no idea...sorry...20:24
federaco78ok thanks20:26
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jxanderi am trying to use a synCE gvfs volume that works fine under gnome, but under xfce won't appear. please help! :-s22:03
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rodsIm trying to find someone help me with VirtualBox23:40
c4nn1b4l_rods: whats the problem?23:43
R1cochetrods try #vbox23:45
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batcoder-7back when i had xubuntu 8.04 it seemed much faster and snappier23:46
batcoder-7is it all in my head but when i installed this it seems more resourceful and not as quic ?23:46
rods#vbox did not have anyone available.23:47
R1cochetim trying to set my etho device to manual settings and every time i restart my pc i have to reconfig the settings again. how can i get the settings to save?23:48
Odd-rationalehmm.. try the /etc/network/interface file... i think there is a manpage for it too..23:50
R1cochetumm theres only 2 lines in it23:51
grapanybody around?23:58

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