enigmajelmer: I just added a bug for that AssertError I saw: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-svn/+bug/31566600:04
ubottuUbuntu bug 315666 in bzr-svn "AssertError: Empty parent added, but child wasn't added" [Undecided,New]00:04
kumifullermd: but I thought if a standalone tree had all of the revisions stored in .bzr? And when I copied it to the remote server and checked the log, all of the revisions were there...00:09
kumi- if00:09
fullermdWell, if it was standalone, then yes.00:16
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seb_kuzminskyhi folks, is there an up-to-date ppa for bzrtools and bzr-svn?03:29
seb_kuzminskyi'm on intrepid03:29
seb_kuzminskythe bzr ppa has really out-of-date bzrtools packages, and the bzrtools lp project doesnt have its own ppa03:30
seb_kuzminskyoh i see, the nightly ppa has bzrtools03:30
seb_kuzminskynever mind me...03:31
seb_kuzminskyhm, but the bzrtools .deb in the nightly bzr ppa reports version 1.10 (using "bzr plugins"), and then complains it's older than the bzr .deb, which is 1.11rc1:03:33
seb_kuzminsky0 seb@water /home/seb/work/bioserve/bionet2.bzr/subtopic/client/watcher>  bzr shelf ls03:33
seb_kuzminskyPlugin "Bzrtools" is not up to date with installed Bazaar version 1.11rc1.03:33
seb_kuzminskyThere should be a newer version of Bzrtools available, e.g. 1.11.03:33
seb_kuzminskyPatches on shelf 'default': None03:33
LeefmcI think i found a bug.. or workflow problem with bzr.. and would like an explanation of it. If i run a test and pastebin in it, can anyone review my actions?04:17
Leefmchttp://dpaste.com/107341/ someone please check it out. Its annoying because it wont let me create a new branch and switch to the newly created branch..04:22
El_Guille2has someone used bazaar for web sites ??05:16
verterokEl_Guille2: take a look to the bzr-upload plugin05:37
El_Guille2yeah .. i did xD05:38
El_Guille2it is gonna make my life much easier05:39
zirodayHi, how can you see bzr's progress on branching?05:55
zirodayHi, I keep getting 104 errors when trying to do bzr branch lp:do06:39
j^how does the loggerhead serve-branch --user-dirs option work?08:34
rysiek|plhi guys08:53
rysiek|plI cannot seem to find a definite answer to this:08:54
rysiek|plcan a branch hold other branches? or, can a repo hold other repos08:55
fullermdDepends on what you mean by "hold".09:00
fullermdYou can put a branch underneath another branch, and a repo underneath another repo.  But that doesn't forge a link between them.09:00
rysiek|plso that I could bzr clone /path/to/repo109:01
fullermdYou can't clone a repo in the first place.09:01
rysiek|plAND bzr clone /path/to/repo1/somedir/repo209:01
rysiek|plAND bzr clone /path/to/repo1/somedir/repo2/branch09:01
rysiek|plsimply put, I need finer-grained control over what can be cloned/checked-out09:02
fullermdCertainly you could put a branch underneath another one, and clone either one.  But grabbing the outer won't grab the inner; the outer doesn't know anything about it, other than as an unversioned directory inside it.09:03
fullermdEventually, nested tree support will redefine some of that.09:03
rysiek|plwell, that defeats the whole purpose of it09:03
rysiek|plthing is, I have a project that uses as it's core another bzr-versioned project09:04
rysiek|plthe idea was to have: project-branch/ and project-branch/core09:04
rysiek|plso that changes in project-branch/core can be bzr merged upstream09:05
rysiek|plbut bzr clone project-branch gets the whole deal, along with project-branch/core09:05
rysiek|pland... project-branch is only a mere branch inside a wider meta-project's repo09:06
fullermdThe only way that would work right now would be if you actually merged core into project-branch.  And then those revs couldn't be directly merged upstream, they'd have to be cherry picked.09:06
fullermdWhat you want there is by-reference nested trees.09:06
rysiek|plI assume something like project-repo/core-branch and project-repo/project-branch09:07
fullermdAnd that's a "someday" feature.09:07
rysiek|plwould work as expected? i.e. bzr cloninig project-repo would get me both branches09:07
fullermdYou can't clone a repo.  Only a branch.09:07
fullermdShared repositories aren't semantic units in bzr.09:08
rysiek|plso there would be no single operation on the repo I could perform to get all the branches within?09:08
fullermdNot built into bzr, no.09:09
fullermdThere's no way to ask a repo "what branches do you have"; it doesn't know.09:09
rysiek|plso, what's the point, actually, in creating a repo, instead of a "dumb" directory with branches within?09:10
fullermdIt saves space and I/O, since you only have one copy of common history.09:11
fullermdIf you've got two branches that aren't related, of course, you don't save anything.09:11
rysiek|plthanks, that got a lot things cleared-up09:12
fullermdThere's a command 'branches' in bzrtools that looks under a dir and tries to list all the branches there.09:12
fullermdBut it does it by walking the dir tree and asking each dir "Hi there, are you a branch?"09:13
fullermd(works pretty much the same whether you're scanning a repo, a bunch of standalone branches, a dir tree with 5 different repos in it, etc)09:14
rysiek|plI've found a plugin or two that more or less do what I need09:14
fullermdThere's been talk about a scmproj plugin (or some name like that) lately, which could help.09:16
rysiek|plbut come to think about it, those nested trees would be awesome09:18
fullermdYeah.  The feature would be perfect, if it were done   :)09:19
fullermdscmproj (AIUI) gives you something similar, with a little outside help.  I could be wrong though; I'm not watching it too closely.09:19
garyvdmHi - Is there a way to check if there is a working tree in a remote location?11:18
garyvdmUnfortunately BzrDir.has_workingtree allway raises NotLocalUrl weather there is a working tree or not.11:20
garyvdmNote: I do not intend to open the working tree remotely. I'm actual want to check that it is not there.11:21
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wektIs there a more up to date package source for Debian Lenny?12:30
maxbGet packages from experimental and rebuild?12:41
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vadi2Hello. Is it possible to see the history of a specific file only, not the whole branch?16:51
luksbzr log <file>16:52
vadi2I see, thanks16:53
gutworthwhy does cmd_missing have to lock the branches twice?17:13
gutworthit does so in the cmd_missing class and in bzrlib.missing.find_unmerged17:13
LarstiQdid it drop the first lock by then?17:15
kumirelated to vadi2's question: is it possible to see the history of a specific file that existed previously, but is deleted in the tip revision?17:37
Ambrohello i am a web developer and i am new at version control systems17:54
Ambroi am uploading a website, i use bzr-upload plugin and it is working but i have two different files locally and remotely17:55
Ambrothere is a mysql conection php file lets say conection.php17:55
Ambrobut they are different ....  how should i use bazaar in this case ???17:56
luksI'd suggest to not version them17:57
luksversion the default configuration in a different file instead17:57
lukse.g. config.php.default is versioned, config.php is always local and not versioned17:57
Ambrothat would be just deleting the files from bazaar right17:58
Ambrodeleting and keeping them of course ...17:58
luksmaybe somebody has a different idea, but this is what works for me17:59
Ambrook thanks i'll try that18:02
ronnyLarstiQ: any quick idea for running anyvc tests with different bzr versions?18:22
LarstiQronny: you need to have different versions of bzrlib in the python path18:32
ronnyi wonder if i can make up a test-rerunner that runs the testsuite once per vcs + version and collects the results18:33
ronnycombined with a setuptool to set those up18:33
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Ambrobzr-upload remembers only one old location and not the last i used19:05
Ambrohow can i get it to remember a specific location ???19:05
Ambroor maybe i'll just use an alias ..19:06
james_wAmbro: bzr upload --remember <location>?19:06
Ambrocan i get it to remember the password ?? .. i tried putting it in the remembered location but it asks me for it again19:08
ronnyLarstiQ: btw, i finally found a way to correctly abstract bzr19:20
LarstiQronny: oh?19:21
ronnyLarstiQ: i have 3 basic entities - repo, branch, workdir19:22
ronnythey will be in arbitar relations from 1:1 up to n:m19:22
ronnyand they can be located together19:22
LarstiQronny: heh, that is exactly what the bazaar concepts are too19:22
LarstiQso you're modelling bazaar 1:1 then19:23
ronnybranch/workdir relations are different19:23
LarstiQhow do they differ?19:23
ronnyworkdirs may not have a single asociated branch19:23
ronnyin monotone it can be arbitrary19:24
LarstiQah yes19:24
LarstiQdo they need to be tied to 1 repo though?19:24
LarstiQor does that not matter19:24
ronnyand in git/hg the model of workdir=repo + n branches fits19:24
lucypherHi, is there any way I can keep (777) permissions of a folder?19:24
* LarstiQ nods at ronny19:24
ronnyas for darcs, repo=workdir=branch19:25
ronnyso its like a standalone bzr branch19:25
ronnyworkdirs/branches will have "tags" they may be movable/fixed and local/distributed19:26
treeformhi am having problems doing bzr co on a 512mb server because it taken 100% of memory and swap (about 1.5GB - kernel)19:30
treeformis there a way to get around this kind of memory usage?19:30
treeformi will try to copy the .bzr part and bzr co from that, i think i did that once and it worked19:34
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Peng_treeform: What version of bzr? Memory usage tends to get better over time.20:14
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JaearessDoes anyone have experience with setting up a Bazaar shared repository with Redmine? When I point Redmine to my Bazaar repository, it tells me "The entry or revision was not found in the repository" and the error "bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: /path/to/my/repository/.bzr/branch/" shows up in my Apache logs. I know Bazaar is working fine because I've had Redmine working with a single branch before.23:16
luksmaybe it can only work with branches?23:17
RAOFIs that error verbatim?  If so, it looks like there's a little configuration you need to da :)23:17
JaearessNo, it's not verbatim. The path in Redmine is correct, I just took it out of the error message.23:19
JaearessIf it's only capable of working with branches, is there a way of doing multiple branches per project (sub-branches or something)?23:30
JaearessSince Redmine will only take one repository per project I mean. If it can only work with a branch, is there a way to work with multiple branches inside that one branch? (So there could be a development branch, stable branch, releases, etc.)23:32
Peng_This sounds like more of a Redmine question.23:32
JaearessOkay, I've tried finding out there and got to response at all, so I was hoping someone here could help. Thanks anyway.23:33
JaearessNo repsonse, rather.23:33
Pete_Hello.  Can anyone help me get loggerhead to work on apache?  I have it running on the localhost:80, but cant get it to work when someone types in : http://bzr.website.com23:55
Pete_To be clear i have gotten it to show up using mod rewrite to force everything to localhost:8080... however, loggerhead seems to screw up and displays links for files as localhost:8080, disregarding the mod rewrite23:58

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