LnsLaserJock: yeah that's a weird situation for edubuntu since there are many different network topologies possible00:02
LaserJockthe content filter that was started by Amaranth (who wrote the Gnome menu editor) is pretty nice00:03
LaserJockbut I think it needs a more complete implementation00:04
Ahmucki've got a problem with it00:16
Ahmuckwith filtering00:16
Ahmuckopendns isn't doing it, and my isp doesn't really have a solution00:16
LaserJockAhmuck: have you tried dansguardian yet?00:19
Ahmuckiirc, danguardian charges schools00:21
LaserJockAhmuck: what do you mean?00:22
Ahmuckk, nm00:24
Ahmuckdans guardian is free ... as it's in ubuntu00:24
Ahmuckbut the blacklists he suggests using is not00:24
LaserJockright, although I think there is a blacklist included, though I could be wrong00:24
Ahmuckit's only "not free" if you download from his site00:25
Ahmuckthat's the blacklist he uses00:25
LaserJockright, but you can get other free blacklists00:26
LaserJockanyway, that's an option I've commonly seen00:27
LaserJocktime to go home for me00:28
LnsLaserJock: wow didnt know you knew the guy who did alacarte ?00:28
LaserJockgave him a ride once ;-)00:28
Lnsyou should mention it to him that multi-user functionality would RULE =)00:28
stgraberAmaranth used to be around on IRC some time ago00:28
Lnswould be perfect for ltsp ppl00:29
stgraberhaven't seen him for a while though00:29
LaserJockI suspect that perhaps either work or uni has taken him a lot00:29
crimsunhe's around on #offtopic fairly frequently00:29
LaserJockhe's dropped alacarte essentially00:29
Ahmucklong time ago00:29
LaserJockdoes more compiz stuff I believe00:29
LnsOne of my clients mentioned that they loved the menu editor and it would be nice to do it globally00:29
crimsuni funded part of his UDS stay some time ago00:29
LaserJockcrimsun: yeah, that's when I gave him a ride to Google HQ00:30
LaserJockhe and ajmitch and jcastro were hoofing it00:30
Lnsi love this community =)00:30
crimsuncome to think on it, i've funded quite a few older core-dev for various things00:30
LaserJockyou remember the "save \sh" campaign?00:31
crimsunof course.00:31
LaserJockthat was an interesting point in Ubuntu community history00:31
LaserJockI've not seen things like that elsewhere, though my experience is limited00:32
crimsunthere was also brandon's hw issue00:32
Ahmuckheh, i know brandon as well00:36
highvoltageI always find things like this disturbing: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/china/4176114/Chinese-schoolboy-has-52-stitches-after-attack-from-teacher.html08:13
jelknerogra: u here?13:51
jelkneranyone here who could field an edubuntu organizational question?13:52
ograjelkner, i'm here, but i didnt touch edubuntu since a year13:56
ograLaserJock is your best bet13:56
jelknerogra: what i have isn't a technical question, but rather an organizational one13:58
jelknerI'll look for LaserJock13:58
jelkneri assume i can find his contact info on launchpad?13:59
jelknerit is interesting to note that you are listed as the top contact of the team on http://edubuntu.org/help14:01
jelkneri am listed as Education contact14:01
jelknerbut neither of us is actively involved in the project14:01
jelknerI keep getting very exciting emails from people around the world expressing interest in Edubuntu14:02
jelknerbut i don't know what to do to help them14:02
jelknerso i was thinking we need to update that page and get some real contacts listed there instead of us14:02
* jelkner found Jordan Mantha on launchpad and is going off to email him...14:06
ograedubuntu was idling since i moved teams, the community guys are just starting to pick up on it again14:06
ograafaik they are planning to reorgnize the website at some point14:06
ograbut i think they will want to sort the tech side first .... nobody touched it for quite some time14:08
jelknerok, thanks14:08
jelknerbut i'll still email him, if he is the main dude on the project14:08
ograwell, he tries to take the time for it on a voluntary base14:09
ograsome hours a week or so14:09
ograbut overall edubuntu was pretty dead for quite soe time14:10
ograjelkner, if there is commercial intrest expressed in such mails you get, just forward them to RichEd ... even though canonical doesnt do much for edubuntu anymore, there is interest to establish ubuntu in education14:15
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