IndigoJoOK thanks for all ur help guys, I've posted the info to the wiki & also repackaged your debs for Hardy00:23
IndigoJothey are on my ppa00:23
IndigoJoperhaps they can put them in backports cos there's no official deb for hg later than 1.0.100:23
CarlFK1https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/web2conf/+bugs  is there some way to see the last person who commented on a bug?01:32
elkbuntuwhat is the appropriate way to re-sign the ubuntu code of conduct with a new key, when the old signature is with a revoked key?01:59
ScottKCarlFK: For example, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/web2conf/+bug/283547/+activity02:06
ubottuUbuntu bug 283547 in web2conf "* internationalization needed (or at least, international-friendliness)" [High,Fix committed]02:06
vadi2Hi. How is it possible to make it so launchpad links to the users homepage on commits?02:11
vadi2The person is already logged in with "bzr launchpad-login"02:12
james_wvadi2: set "bzr whoami"02:12
james_wsuch that it includes an address for them that is registered on launchpad02:12
vadi2thanks a bunch02:13
jgastali see there is no one on help duty, but maybe someone can help me, what time is the staging database updated? I registered at around 2:00pm(GMT-3) yesterday, but my account still doesn't work on staging, any ideas?03:01
CarlFK1ScottK: i want to see the whole list of bugs - the ones where I am the last person to touch I don't want to look at again03:03
ScottKI don't think there's any way to do that.03:03
CarlFK1I was hoping for a config page somewhere.03:04
ScottKMaybe keep all the bugmail and sort in your MUA by bug number and then date.03:04
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wgrantOh, so LP packages won't stick around forever :(06:11
zirodayHi, I keep getting 104: Connection Reset by peer errors when using bzr to branch from launchpad, any ideas why?06:16
zirodayHi, I keep getting 104: Connection Reset by peer errors when doing bzr branch lp:do. Any ideas why?06:45
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Hobbseeso I found another launchpad bug.  Do I get a pony for it?  ;)11:51
oojahUbuntu bug p0ny in launchpad "Launchpad doesn't have enough ponies" [Wishlist,New]11:53
Hobbseedarn.  wasn't actually a bug.11:58
* Hobbsee will have to try harder11:58
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OsamaKHello, How can I be a member of <https://translations.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-ar> so apply translations..14:14
oojahOsamaK: You can go to https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-ar and use the "Join this team" link.14:22
OsamaKoojah, nothing like that for me, btw, is it the right team for applying Arabic translations?14:24
oojahAre you logged in to launchpad?14:24
OsamaKyeah sure.14:25
oojahI presume it's the right team, but I'm nothing to do with it so couldn't say really.14:25
oojahI see a green button with "Join this team" and a link "Join the team" in the list on the right hand side.14:26
OsamaKcan you post the link?14:26
oojah https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-ar/+join14:27
OsamaKThanks, joined.14:30
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LaibschHi there15:04
LaibschI'm trying to upload unchanged sources from debian experimental to my ppa for testing.  According to "https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA#Using%20packages%20from%20other%20distributions" this should be possible and I think I did it successfully once or twice in the past15:04
LaibschThe last couple of days it does not work.  Did anything change?  My ~/.dput.cf looks like http://rafb.net/p/Ha5Zk736.html and "dpkg-genchanges -S -sa > ../tmp.changes && debsign -k1D98DF69 ../tmp.changes && dput -f hardy ../tmp.changes" is what I do, but fail.15:05
affluxwhat's the error?15:05
LaibschThe upload succeeds, but I never get any response from Launchpad via mail15:05
Laibschno error15:05
affluxno idea then ;)15:05
hyperairhi. i've accidentally marked bug 248705 as affecting evolution-exchange (upstream) and linked the bug to bgo, but i should have marked it as affecting evolution-data-server instead. can someone tell me how i cn change this?15:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248705 in evolution-data-server "evolution-exchange" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24870515:06
beunoLaibsch, why aren't you signing the change?15:07
affluxhyperair: that's not possible. Change the -exchange remote watch to "None, the status of the bug is updated manually.", change the status to invalid, create a new task for e-d-s.15:07
beunohyperair, you want to edit the upstream link?15:07
Laibschbeuno: What do you mean?  I am signing the change15:07
Laibschdebsign -k1D98DF69 ../tmp.changes15:08
LaibschAFAIK, that should be sufficient, no?15:08
Laibschthat is how I understand it15:08
beunoLaibsch, ah, since you added: allow_unsigned_uploads = 115:08
Laibschwell, maybe that is only due to c&p15:09
hyperairbeuno: no the upsteram link is correct15:09
LaibschI guess I can remove it15:09
hyperairbeuno: the package name is wrong15:09
hyperairafflux: i'll try that thanks15:09
beunoLaibsch, I'd also remove the trailing /hardy15:09
beunothe changelog will tell LP what series to build against15:09
Laibschbeuno: No, that is the whole point15:10
beunohyperair, you can't remove the bugtask currently, so as afflux said, you just set it to invalid15:10
Laibschbeuno: Built against series X no matter the changelog15:10
hyperairbeuno: yeah i just did thanks15:10
beunoLaibsch, I don't think you can do that15:11
Laibschbeuno: Again, that is the whole point, read "https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA#Using%20packages%20from%20other%20distributions"15:12
LaibschIt is possible and I have done it15:12
beunoLaibsch, ah. So it is.15:12
beunoand have you uploaded your gpg key to launchpad?15:13
beunoLaibsch, I don't know what could be wrong then, sorry15:14
wgrantLaibsch: tmp.changes is probably the problem.15:17
wgrantThere is a bug where misnamed .changes files will cause a silent rejection.15:17
wgrantWhy are you mangling the .changes anyway?15:17
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Laibschwgrant: What filename could I use instead?  I don't want anything package specific.  Currently, I can (was able to) reuse that oneliner from bash history for all packages15:21
Laibschwgrant: https://answers.launchpad.net/soyuz/+question/5158315:21
wgrantIt has to be package-specific.15:21
wgrantIsn't it harder to rename the changes file than alter your dput line?15:22
Laibschwgrant: ?15:22
wgrantI see.15:22
wgrantManually generating the changes file. Ew.15:22
wgrantI'd either debuild -S or grab the original .changes and resign it.15:23
Laibschcd /usrc/src/$package1 ; $myoneline; cd /usrc/src/$package2; $myoneliner15:23
wgrantOr name your generated changes file properly.15:23
Laibschwithout changing $myoneliner15:23
Laibschwgrant: Do you have a bugnumber for those silent rejections?15:23
wgrantThere is one somewhere.15:24
wgrantLet me find it.15:24
wgrantBug #315643; it happens to be the latest one filed.15:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315643 in soyuz "PPA upload fails silently if .changes filename is misformed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31564315:25
Laibschwgrant: Thanks15:25
LaibschAt least I know now why it suddenly started to fail15:26
fredHi; does launchpad have data exporting of all tickets/whatever associated with a project? if not, is this planned when it's opensourced?17:22
LarstiQfred: I don't know how easy that is with the launchapd api, but if you are in need of it it can be done17:22
fredwell, I'm considering using launchpad once it's open source; I know this sounds like the wrong way around, but if it lets me export my data, I'll use launchpad.net instead of setting up my own instance17:25
fredreason being that setting up my own instance is fine, but I want to be able to get a full backup of my data17:25
fredand if canonical die/have a change of heart re launchpad/whatever I don't lose it.17:26
freds/is fine/is effort/17:26
LarstiQfred: right, getting your data out shouldn't be a problem I think.17:29
* LarstiQ sees if they make a public statement about that somewhere17:29
beunofred, allowing people to export their data is something we're working on17:41
beunoalternatively, if you request your data to be exported today, we will do it for you17:42
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fta"Upload Warnings: PPA exceeded its size limit (6356.00 of 5120.00 MiB)."19:10
ftaseems like an unexpected growth to me19:11
MrKanisterfta: lol..what do you have in your ppa ^^19:19
ftaMrKanister, https://edge.launchpad.net/~fta/+archive19:20
MrKanisterfta: wow. I am speechless19:21
ftaabout 100 packages, but it's not worth 6.5G19:21
ftawell, maybe19:21
ftathe -dbg are huge19:21
ryanakcaWouldn't a translation of FooBarBaz made in Launchpad be a derivative of FooBarBaz regardless?19:54
balorWhere in the launchpad UI is the link to create a new project?20:41
balor(I can find the links to create a new branch etc...)20:41
oojahbalor: https://launchpad.net/projects/+new-guided20:50
baloroojah: I found it eventually by googling it.  But where in the UI does the link exist?20:51
baloroojah: Because I never really remember URLs that long.20:51
oojahGo to launchpad.net, click on "Open Source Projects", then click "Register a project"20:52
oojahI'd say that the first link is probably the problem.20:53
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f4is this what a deleted user looks like? https://launchpad.net/~maurizioantillon23:10
wgrantf4: Or a user that has never logged into Launchpad.23:25
f4he has23:25
f4he created 2 weird bug reports on my project some time ago https://bugs.launchpad.net/ispees/+bug/31028423:25
ubottuError: This bug is private23:25
wgrantAh, yes, he likes doing that.23:26
wgrantHe has had many accounts, all of which we believe to be suspended.23:26
wgrantAlthough it is rather like whack-a-mole.23:26
fredbeuno: thanks (re exporting)23:26
f4the bug report was "celeron@ 430 udp 5353 725"23:27
wgrantYes, just invalidate them for now. They were meant to be sort of deleted, but apparently some must have been missed.23:28
f4i did23:28
f4it's not a problem :)23:29
wgrantMost of them appear to have been filed against Ubuntu; there were *heaps*.23:30
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