terli*coughs silently*00:41
terliI just upgraded to kernel ~9 on a whim.00:41
terliMy sound is shot.00:42
terlithe latest revision.00:43
terliI erm, ran 'pulseaudio in a terminal and it says I'm not in pulse-rt, whatever that means00:43
terliyes, 2.6~~900:44
crimsunfirst, you need to be running *current* jaunty00:44
terliI am.00:44
terlieverything updated.00:44
terlitwo reboots.00:44
crimsunas of 5 minutes ago?00:44
terlias of 20.00:44
crimsunok, good. now run http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh (bash)00:44
terlium, pulsaudio...00:46
terlicare to give me a very very short technical rundown on how alsa fits into the new pulseaudio thingy?00:47
crimsunsound hardware -> kernel (alsa-kernel/driver) -> alsa-lib -> pulseaudio00:47
crimsunsee my presentation if you want more detail00:48
terlithat's detailed enough00:48
crimsunanyhow, so your volume settings look, unsurprisingly, like they're muted and/or zeroed00:48
crimsuntake a look at 'PCM', mainly00:49
terliI'm on a laptop00:49
terliI am pressing the "mute" multimedia key and it's not toggling00:50
crimsundepending on your vendor, you may need also to unmute and increase 'Headphone' and 'Master Mono'00:50
terliI mean, it is, but it's doing it twice.00:50
crimsunthat's a completely different problem. one problem at a time, please.00:50
crimsunright now, your sound is inaudible because the volumes are muted and zeroed. you should fix that.00:50
crimsuni.e., amixer -Dhw:0 set 'PCM' 80% && amixer -Dhw:0 set 'PCM' unmute00:51
terlidid there used to be a way to get at it on the menu?00:51
terliran it anyway.00:52
crimsunyes, use the speaker icon (mixer_applet) in the notification area00:52
terlinot really having any affect. output and "applications I'm afraid.00:52
terli  Front Left: Playback 25 [81%] [3.00dB] [off]00:52
terli  Front Right: Playback 25 [81%] [3.00dB] [off]00:52
terliand then...00:53
terliit puts out the exact same thing00:53
terlionly it says on.00:53
terlibut, I still can't hear anything, just so you know.00:53
crimsundid you also set 'Headphone' and 'Master Mono'?00:54
terliI don't have those.00:55
crimsuni assure you that you do. the volume applet may not expose them by default, but you definitely have them.00:55
terlithat is probably the case.00:55
terlifound it00:56
terliwell, I think I found it. I'm selecting master mono but...it's not having any effect.00:57
terliI mean, I'm selecting it, pressing close, opening volume control and it's not doing anything different.00:58
crimsunpastebin your `amixer -Dhw:0'00:58
crimsun'Master Mono' and 'Headphone' are still muted01:00
crimsunplease unmute those first, then try muting 'External Amplifier'01:00
crimsunyou can use gnome-alsamixer, alsamixer -Dhw:0, amixer -Dhw:0 set ..., ...01:01
crimsune.g., amixer -Dhw:0 set 'Master Mono' unmute && amixer -Dhw:0 set 'Headphone' unmute && amixer -Dhw:0 set 'External Amplifier' mute01:01
terliits ok01:01
terligetting alsamixer now01:02
crimsunalsamixer or gnome-alsamixer?01:02
crimsunthe former is already installed; it's part of the alsa-utils package.01:02
terlichanged mute/unmute in gnome-alsamixer.01:04
terli WARNING **: gam_toggle_get_state (). No idea what to do for mixer element "Mono Output Select"! << whatever that means, I'm sure someone knows01:05
terliamixer still thinks that everything is off01:05
crimsunamixer won't lie to you01:05
terliamixer now thinks that master and master-mono are on.01:06
terlibut not mono-mix01:06
terlier, mix mono01:06
terliwhich is probably input-related01:06
crimsunand that g-a message is displayed because it doesn't know how to properly handle elements with no range or mute control01:06
crimsunbug in g-a, of course.01:06
terlinever shows.01:07
crimsun'Mix Mono' is capture-related, yes01:07
terliuntil you use it to send a rocket to the moon.01:07
crimsunanyhow, once you have all those ('PCM', 'Headphone', 'Master Mono', and 'External Amplifier') set, try: pasuspender -- speaker-test -Dplughw:0 -c201:08
terli*presses a key experimentally*01:08
terliuhuh, I thought that might have tipped the scales.01:08
terlithis ibm has...01:08
terlihardware audio in addition to software.01:08
terliso even now that I've *corrected* alsa's heresy, it was still sorta muted.01:09
crimsunit wasn't alsa's fault at all01:09
crimsunsome other application told alsa to do something, and alsa did the right thing01:09
terliI think it could have been exaile.01:09
terliI got this brief popup...01:10
terlimuting something..01:10
terlidamm pythonites.01:10
terlinow I've got to remove it, no telling what it will do next, sure thing in the morning I'm running mac os x inside of gedit and random bits of the universe are coming out of my powerport...01:11
BotLobstaanyone know why my 2.6.28 kernels will not boot after I resized my root, home, and swap partitions but my 2.6.24 kernel will?02:16
spitfireBotLobsta: nfc.02:26
spitfireis it still based on 2.6.28-rc?02:26
BotLobstathe 2.6.28 kernel in jaunty?02:27
BotLobstai would think not but i dont know02:27
spitfirein previous alpa it was still rc02:27
spitfireBotLobsta: what did chnage since last alpha?02:28
BotLobstai have seen a few new kernel packages in the past few days02:28
BotLobstawhen was the last alpha?02:28
spitfire17 dec02:28
spitfireAnd the only highlights since inrepid were new kernel and xorg.02:29
spitfireany new thingies?02:29
BotLobstait seems like almost everything has been updated since then02:30
BotLobstai get like 60 updates a day so its tough for me to remember what big things are new02:30
spitfireHere is what I know: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/jaunty/alpha202:31
spitfirenoticed ay other difference from intrepid (not mentioning just updates)02:31
BotLobstanot really02:32
BotLobstai run xubuntu so there arent as many big changes for me02:32
BotLobstathe latest kernel is 2.6.28-4 so i believe its based on the final release of 2.6.2802:33
=== tritium_ is now known as tritium
* x1250 likes firefox-3.1b2, is a lot faster :)02:59
BotLobstamuch faster than what?02:59
x1250BotLobsta, faster than 3.0 ofcourse03:00
BotLobstai dont remember that much of an improvement03:01
BotLobstabut last time i ran 3.1 was a few months ago03:02
x1250BotLobsta, beta 2 uses the new javascript engine by default :)03:03
BotLobstax1250, ah. i do remember that big improvement03:03
x1250yeah, that was really needed03:04
BotLobstait was03:04
x1250BotLobsta, what is the error you get at boot?03:47
BotLobstait just beeps at me until i turn it off03:48
BotLobstax1250, nothing shows up on the screen after the first message03:48
x1250maybe you should report a bug on launchpad03:50
BotLobstai just dont have the faintest idea as to what it could be03:50
x1250BotLobsta, did that kernel ever worked for you?03:52
BotLobstax1250, yea it worked perfectly until I resized/moved my partitions earlier today03:52
x1250I guess the best you can do is file a bug report, if you haven't03:55
BotLobstai havent yet03:55
BotLobstaill try that and see how it goes03:55
x1250BotLobsta, file a bug report in launchpad, and one in http://bugzilla.kernel.org/, and link them03:57
x1250in that way it will get fixed fast, and the patch will be applied fast, if someone fixes it03:57
BotLobstaim wondering if its more of a configuration error on my side or an actual bug03:58
x1250do you have something in mind?04:04
BotLobstaI was thinking some of my UUIDs got messed up (especially my swap one) and the new ones werent put in all the spots they need to be04:05
DanaGyo, anyone know how to make Gnome do this: pop up a notification upon pressing a certain key?04:06
BotLobstai put my new swap partition's uuid in /etc/fstab but thats the only place i changed it04:06
DanaGI have a key $KEY_LIGHT that's the ambient-light-sensor toggle thing; I want it to notify-send the status of the ambient light sensor.04:07
x1250DanaG, use gconf-editor to set a key combination in /apps/metacity/global_keybindings/run_command_1, and put your script in /apps/metacity/keybinding_commands/command_1. I guess that should work.04:18
DanaGhmm, key is 0xc5.04:21
Andre_GondimI am using Intrepid, always when I try to upgrade to jaunty with update-manage -d I receve this message "http://sft.if.usp.br/ubuntu/dists/jaunty-updates/Release  Unable to find expected entry  partner/binary-i386/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)" does not matter what mirror I am using, what am I do?04:26
DanaGjaunty-updates does not exist, I'd imagine.  =รพ04:26
DanaGOh yeah, the script worked.  Now I can tell whether my Ambient Light Sensor is on or off -- I scripted notify-send.04:27
DanaG... but compiz doesn't run it!04:27
=== spr0k3t_ is now known as spr0k3t
DanaGOnly metacity runs the thing on demand.04:27
DanaGStupid compiz.04:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 158855 in compiz "[compiz] Strg+Esc Shortkey doesn't work" [Low,Triaged]04:29
x1250DanaG, tried some other key combination?04:31
DanaGI also  have things bound to XF86Launch1 and XF86Launch2... but they don't work with compiz, either.04:32
x1250try asking on #compiz, maybe its already fixed (and you can get a patch).04:34
x1250booh, today I realized the fan for my video card is not working (dell inspiron 9400, ati x1400). I wonder if its jaunty's fault. Is there any way to get some info about the fan, somewhere?04:42
x1250maybe it died :(04:43
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
DanaGOh hey, is there any way to get PulseAudio to run a specific command when I insert a specific device?05:21
pradeepdoes today's daily have ext4 enabled?05:56
lucentI'm trying to find out why initramfs and LVM broke recently07:36
crimsunhow recently?07:36
crimsun6 hours ago? 2 days ago? 1 week ago?07:36
lucentcrimsun: between Jaunty Alpha 2 and now07:37
crimsunoh geez07:37
crimsunwell, that's a cracktonne of changes, yanno07:37
crimsunlinux, lvm2, udev/watershed07:38
lucenthuh, watershed? that is a new one for me07:38
lucentwhat is that /where is documentation07:38
lucentthat only lists the changelog and copyright07:39
lucentdo I need to install the documentation?07:39
crimsunwell, i figured that you could read the changelog.gz for udev/watershed07:40
crimsunhint: watershed itself isn't all that immediately important here in terms of your breakage07:41
lucentwell you could just say that07:41
crimsundude, i have no idea what your config is07:41
lucentwatershed documentation doesn't exist where you say it is07:41
crimsunwatershed could be important, but i don't know07:41
crimsun"my arm hurts!" "uh, ok..."07:41
lucentif you don't know what it is then why are you telling me to read the /usr/share/doc/watershed/  files? or the changelog which only says one entry "initial release"07:42
lucentdon't waste my time please07:42
lucentI don't mind if you don't know07:42
crimsundude, _i_ know what watershed is. i'm asking you what your config is.07:42
lucentbut don't waste my time on documentation that doesn't exists07:42
lucentroot on ext4 on LVM with grub2 bootloader07:43
lucentright now the Grub2 part works great and initramfs loads, but doesn't find the device nodes for /dev/mapper/volzontar-root (an LVM volume)07:43
crimsunthen i'm guessing your brekage lies in linux, lvm2, and udev07:43
lucentto get it booting I type "lvm vgscan --mknodes; lvm vgchange -ay" and exit07:44
lucentthe system boots07:44
lucenthow do I find out which package update has the regression though?07:44
lucentI need to know which version of lvm2 and initramfs-tools was in jaunty alpha 207:44
lucenthow do I find out that info?07:44
crimsuncheck the manifest for the isos.07:44
lucenthm, manifest, okay07:45
lucentthe weird part is that those commands haven't changed07:45
lucenteverything should work but initramfs does not run the scripts07:45
lucentwhat does watershed do? You said you know about it07:46
lucentthe documentation is not where you say it is07:46
lucentso what does watershed do?07:46
crimsunit handles idempotency, but as i suspected, it's not relevant for you07:46
crimsunyour breakage is linux+lvm+udev07:47
crimsunalthough now that i look at it closer, it's more than likely just lvm+udev07:47
crimsunthe first thing i would do is revert to the last udev 12407:48
lucentI think that initramfs-tools is failing to run a script or something07:48
lucentor udev doesn't make the nodes07:48
crimsunnote that udev did undergo a massive upgrade (124->136) entailing multiple significant changes07:49
crimsunthe only changes i see in initramfs-tools were to add watershed (not important) and ext4 if not available in the kernel07:49
lucentthe ext4 part works okay, I have tested this07:50
crimsunwhere in the initramfs is the lvm breakage?07:50
lucentbefore then I must pass rootfstype=ext4 to the kernel07:50
crimsuni.e., are you waiting for busybox to show up?07:50
crimsunor are you passing something explicitly, like break=mount ?07:50
lucentwell, when initramfs gives up trying to find the root device, and shows me busybox... there's no lvm nodes in /dev/mapper07:51
lucentinitramfs is timing out because it can't find the device (/dev/mapper/volzontar-root)07:51
lucentthere exists an lvm-related script in the busybox / initramfs environment then which should have activated my lvm volumes07:52
lucentbrb I'm going to reboot and test if the volumes are activated but not having nodes (which would indicate an udev issue)07:53
lucentcrimsun: something is messed up I'm guessing, because "mdadm" doesn't exist as a script in initramfs scripts08:07
lucentcrimsun: please have a look at /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-premount/lvm2 and tell me what you think, won't that fail because of a missing mdadm script?08:07
crimsunlucent: is mdadm even installed? (it isn't locally)08:10
lucentun  mdadm          <none>         (no description available)08:11
lucentthat's super wierd08:11
lucentweird*...   should that be removed from the lvm2 hook, does it matter?08:11
lucentI could try removing 'mdadm' text from the script and observe08:12
crimsunit likely was deinstalled due to udev->* scheduling08:12
crimsuni.e., migration to udev 136, its corresponding deprecation of /etc/udev/rules.d, and its versioned rdepends08:13
crimsunnote that scott has been handling the migration largely himself; jaunty-changes has a bunch of his uploads migrating to the new udev world order08:14
lucentcrimsun: ah okay.  Well, all I can figure out is that the presence of "mdadm" does not seem to make a difference in the lvm2 script08:23
lucentcrimsun: also, I narrowed it down to the execution of "lvm vgchange" command;  running lvm vgchange does create the needed nodes08:23
lucentso I see "lvm vgchange" exists in a script on the initramfs when I am kicked out into busybox, but why ... is it not running? does it run and gets ignored or overwritten somehow... I don't know the order of execution for that08:24
crimsunto troubleshoot that, you'd need to step through the initramfs sequence; use break=mount08:26
crimsuni think there's an irclog of that somewhere08:26
lucentthat's further than I got yesterday anyways, thanks08:28
lucentoh about rules.d, it's depreciated... does anything replace its function?08:28
crimsunit's not deprecated; the location changed08:29
crimsun-> /lib/udev/rules.d08:29
lucentah, okay08:30
lucentone more question, how to revert the behavior of the system bell that just started again in Jaunty Alpha 2?08:31
lucentit's not pcspkr... I've rmmod'ed that08:32
lucenton my laptop computer it emits this decidedly irritating noise at maximum volume through the audio device08:32
lucentmaking me crazy here :P08:32
crimsundepends on your hardware08:34
crimsunhda-intel now handles it on some platforms; on others, it can be at the hardware level (e.g., thinkpads)08:36
lucentagh, must be hda-intel as a rough guess08:36
lucentI want to stabbity kill kill x stab stab that changeset08:36
crimsunhopefully you don't have snd_pcsp loaded08:37
lucentI just muted it with alsamixer?  is that right?08:37
* lucent smiles :)08:37
crimsunagain, it's exposed through hda-intel on certain platforms08:37
lucentI'm really glad that you mentioned hda-intel as a possible08:38
* tritium waves at crimsun08:42
crimsunlucent: yw08:42
crimsunheya tritium08:42
tritiumHow are you, crimsun?08:42
crimsunexhausted, you? (have to get to work in some hours)08:43
tritiumDoing ok, thanks.  Let's chat another time.  Go get some rest!08:44
* lucent hovers over the "submit bug report" option08:45
lucentcrimsun: the error is caused by watershed, indirectly08:49
lucentI'm surprised though08:49
ubottuUbuntu bug 315580 in initramfs-tools "jaunty: initramfs fails to activate root LV" [Undecided,New]08:49
lucentwell that's one possibility, I have not confirmed here08:50
x1250whats the matter with apport-gtk? it can't send reports. Error is: <urlopen error The read operation timed out>11:17
Alexia_DeathLast nights updates killed sound for me...11:19
Alexia_DeathAnybody else with same issue?11:19
Alexia_DeathIt seems pulseaudio is used for everything but nothing gets out...11:20
lemonadei have same issue11:23
Alexia_Deathaaaan... output module list only lists my modem...11:23
Alexia_Deathin normal setup Id get two devices11:24
x1250Alexia_Death, did you check your sound preferences? Inside "volume control" there's another volume slider. Check that.11:24
Alexia_Deathx1250: I did11:24
Alexia_DeathAll of them are on11:24
x1250Alexia_Death, try $ pulseaudio -k, and open totem or anything and check if it works.11:25
x1250you'll be using alsa, so it if don't work, pulseaudio is not guilty.11:25
Alexia_DeathI tried to tell amarok to use alsa plugin11:27
Alexia_DeathKilled amarok11:27
Alexia_Deathand no, still does not work11:28
Alexia_Deathso its alsa that is broke.11:28
Alexia_DeathI remeber seeing something about alsa in the updates list.11:28
x1250alsa-utils was updated yesterday. It works here though.11:33
x1250lemonade, what happens if you run: $ pulseaudio -k, and check if sound works?11:37
x1250you need to restart the sound program you use ofcourse11:37
Alexia_DeathI dont even know how to figure it out...11:39
Alexia_DeathIs there an alsa test routine somewhere I could run?11:40
x1250check /var/log for anything11:41
lemonadex1250: ok, just a moment i'll try11:49
Alexia_Deathx1250: neither dmesg, messages nor kernlog has anything of interest11:52
affluxx1250: for the apport thing, someone told me that this would be related to LP being too slow11:57
x1250afflux, it makes sense, LP _is_ slow, lately.11:59
affluxnot sure how to workaround it, I think I wasn't even able to submit any crash report for the jaunty cycle12:00
=== ziroday` is now known as ziroday
* Alexia_Death grumbles12:44
Alexia_Deathno audio12:44
Alexia_DeathAny ideas what to look at about my sound issue.13:02
Alexia_DeathIts clear now that its an alsa issue13:02
Alexia_DeathFor aplications theres no issue. everyting is playing and nothing is muted13:03
Alexia_Deathbut no beep comes out since updates last night,13:03
Alexia_DeathOkay. Front speakers were muted in alsamixer O_O13:04
Alexia_DeathFor the device13:05
Alexia_DeathThat I could not get that easy if I didnt kill of pulseaudio first.13:05
Alexia_Deathget to*13:06
Alexia_DeathNature of the bug established13:13
Alexia_DeathAlsa device is always started with muted front speakers13:14
Alexia_DeathAfter reboot unmute is gone.13:14
spitfireAlexia_Death: I think it sometimes also happened on intrepid13:14
Alexia_Deathspitfire: never to me on my hardwarw13:15
spitfireaccording to pulseaudio thread i read13:15
Alexia_Deathheadset too.13:15
Alexia_DeathOh, pulseaudio13:15
spitfirebut didn't see it happening13:15
Alexia_DeathInever used pulseaudio in intrepid13:15
spitfireAlexia_Death: I'm on my way to pulse ;)13:15
Alexia_DeathIts not easy to fix either:(13:15
spitfireI'm on intrepid, just backporting alsa bluez pulse and rhythmbox/13:16
spitfireAlexia_Death: It works locally.13:16
Alexia_Deaththe bulez thing crashes pulseaudi for me.13:16
spitfireBut I want to get sound played across network;)13:16
Alexia_DeathI have bt headset13:16
spitfireAlexia_Death: I don't13:16
spitfireIt's not what I want to use it for.13:17
* Alexia_Death contemplates adding this channel to her auto join list.13:17
Alexia_Deathwho was it who had the same problem I did with sound?13:17
Alexia_Deathalsamixer -Dhw:0 to get to the device alsamixer.13:18
Alexia_DeathUnmute anything there.13:18
* Alexia_Death contemplates failing a bug about this.13:19
Alexia_DeathI consder myself an advanced user and this took me over an hour to figure out... Most will be lost..13:19
c_kornI have an entry in /etc/crypttab for sda4_crypt. can I add another entry with sda4_crypt that uses a keyfile instead of a passphrase?13:56
tim_sharittI lost my sound settings in System > Preferences after an update (thursday?), Is that the norm, or did I screw something up?13:59
x1250tim_sharitt, thats ok, change intended. Double click de volume applet to get the sounds preferences now. There is no much there though :P14:06
tim_sharittx1250, Thanks, I figured something was changed. Just wanted to make sure something wasn't broke.14:08
tux91Hello everybody. Does anyone have their sound broken after recent updates14:18
Alexia_Deathtux91: I did14:21
Alexia_Deathtux91: lsamixer -Dhw:0  and see if unmuting stuf helps14:22
Alexia_DeathMy front and headphones start up unmuted after restart14:22
c_korndoes anyone know how to setup a keyfile for the encrypted swap? this guide worked for the /home partition but when I try it with swap I am still asked for the passphrase at boot: http://www.howtoforge.com/automatically-unlock-luks-encrypted-drives-with-a-keyfile14:22
tux91Alexia_Death: it worked! thanks so much14:23
Alexia_Deathwelcome. Spent hours earlyer trying to figure it out;)14:23
Alexia_Deathstart up muted*14:23
* Alexia_Death grumbles.14:24
Alexia_DeathFiling a bug about this. Seems like a common issue by now.14:24
x1250Alexia_Death, you finally fixed it, great :)       ..... lemonade, does Alexia_Death fix helps you too?14:24
Alexia_Deathx1250: yes :)14:25
Alexia_Deathx1250: main trick was getting arount to the hw alsacontrols without killing pulseaudio first.14:25
Alexia_Deathhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/315809 <- bug filed14:32
ubottuUbuntu bug 315809 in ubuntu "[Jaunty] Sound card outputs start muted after recent updates to use pulseaudio" [Undecided,New]14:32
Alexia_DeathAnybody else but me have serious problems with stability of 1.6 X?14:34
Alexia_DeathI dont mind quircks but frequent crashes are no fun:P14:35
x1250Alexia_Death, anything on the logs?14:35
x1250or post a crashed log to pastebin, and xorg.conf14:36
x1250what video card, driver?14:36
Alexia_Deathx1250: most traces start with graphics. Those that are left that is. Input is totally broken too, but I have several patches applied that fix most of those from upstream14:36
Alexia_Deathnvidia, both unsupported wrong abi binary driver and nv are unstable.14:36
Alexia_DeathUnpatched plugging in a wacom kills X dead14:37
x1250aah, you'll have to wait, unsupported means "they" don't care about your problems, yet14:37
Alexia_Deathyeah, but nv is just as broken14:37
Alexia_DeathAnd slow as hell:P14:37
x1250post Xorg.0.log from nv then14:38
Alexia_DeathWill, once i generate one.14:38
Alexia_DeathRunning with nvidia now.14:38
charlie-tcaAnybody having issues with Xubuntu not giving the desktop?14:39
c_kornsomeone knows how to setup a keyfile for an encrypted swap partition?14:44
c_kornso that I only need to enter the passphrase of the root partition at boot14:45
c_kornand not the passphrase for root+swap14:45
c_kornthis guide has worked for my home partition14:49
c_kornbut it cannot be used for swap because I am still asked for thr swap partition passphrase at startup14:50
Splex_anyone suddenly have sound stop working on a recent update?15:22
homySplex_: with me, sound works fine (I updated everything about an hour ago)15:25
x1250Splex, ...15:26
x1250<Alexia_Death> tux91: lsamixer -Dhw:0  and see if unmuting stuf helps15:26
x1250<Alexia_Death> alsamixer*15:26
Splex_x1250: thanks, im trying that through alsamixer now15:26
Splex_x1250:  im also wondering why there is no gui access via volume control... or am i missing something?15:27
Splex_is the gnome volume control now a frontend for pulseaudio?15:27
x1250Splex, I guess calling it a frontend is too much for the poor thing, at least for now. It only controls volumes, but can do so per application, which is good, if you feel like it.15:31
Splex_basically what pulseaudio volume control does...15:31
homyHi! I have problems with an nvidia card. In intrepid I use restricted drivers in order to get a higher resolution, here jockey doesn't show me any available drivers.15:33
legodudehomy: I was told that you can't get them working with jaunty :(15:34
legodudethe drivers are not compatibile with jaunty (X? kernel?)15:34
homyWill this problem be solved until jaunty is final/beta ?15:34
x1250homy, try "nv" drivers15:36
homyx1250: it is installed, but my xorg doesn't list any driver, so isn't it used then?15:37
homyok, so I'll do a xserver restart now. I'll come back when x is back up.15:38
legodudenv didn't seem to work for me15:39
homyHi. I tried the "nv" driver, but it is even worse than the default (vesa? ). I only get the "bulletproof X".15:43
legodudeI get a mouse cursor atop garbage15:47
Alexia_Deathlemonade: Was your sound issue the same as mine?16:16
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x1250Alexia_Death, did you report a bug? if so, then close it please :)16:43
Alexia_Deathit is a bug.16:43
Alexia_Deatha pressistent one16:44
Alexia_DeathIt resets to muted at every reboot.16:44
Alexia_Deathx1250: why do you think its not a bug?16:45
x1250aahh, yes, I thought your bug report was not about that, but what you first thought, just no sound.16:45
* Alexia_Death makes it a habbit not to file bug reports untill sure what it is that is actually wrong ;)16:49
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Alexia_DeathFeedback time.17:42
Alexia_Deaththe latest kernel, 2.6.28-4, anybody else having problems with it not turning ont the wireless radio?17:43
Alexia_Death2.6.28 does.17:43
Alexia_DeathBoth kernels break my touchpad.17:43
Alexia_Deathno more taps.17:43
Alexia_Deaththey get handled by a wrong (non-synaptic) module...17:44
Alexia_Deaththat would be 2.6.28-317:44
Alexia_Death2.6.17, the intrepid kernel has neither of the problems. but it wrote my drive full using nv driver with kernel traces...17:45
Alexia_DeathAnd I was wondering why it became slow as hel when I used nv...17:45
Alexia_Deaththats the touchpad issue: "ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad"      id=5    [XExtensionPointer]17:47
Alexia_DeathWhat of these should become bugreports and does anybody have solutions at least for the touchpad problem?17:48
spitfireAlexia_Death: you're sure it's not hal's fault?17:58
Alexia_Deathspitfire: no. but it does not happen for the older kernel and same hal17:59
spitfireAlexia_Death: Try vanilla then ;)17:59
Alexia_Deathspitfire: could, wont. done building kernels:P did it too mutch for gento:P18:00
Alexia_DeathJaunty has to get it right too:P18:00
Alexia_DeathFor everybody:P18:00
spitfireAlexia_Death: I just switched back from gentoo 2 days ago18:01
spitfireKernel building was ok18:01
Alexia_DeathI switched from gentoo about... hmm... year and half ago18:01
spitfirekenrnel-package in ubuntu sucks18:01
spitfireI started using ubuntu in dec '07 switched to gentoo in jul '0818:02
spitfireand back two days ago18:02
Alexia_Deathwell, ubuntu is supposed to be user friendly, so when this stops being alpha this shit should not happen18:02
Alexia_DeathI was gentoo user for over 2 years18:02
Alexia_DeathStarted with gentoo:P18:02
spitfireAlexia_Death: Most likely it won't ;)18:02
Alexia_Death:P yeah18:02
spitfireAlexia_Death: people shouldn't start with it18:02
spitfirebut I learnt a lot from it.18:03
Alexia_Deathyes they shoudl if they want to learn:P18:03
spitfireLike I said "but I learnt a lot from it."18:03
Alexia_Deathok, gentoo was my first desktop install18:03
spitfireBut they can get frustrated before seeing anything18:03
Alexia_DeathHad slackware for router before that18:03
Alexia_DeathWell, I would know nothing about configuring kernels if I hadnt done gentoo...18:04
Alexia_DeathAnd Id know nothing about init if I hadnt done slackware:P18:04
Alexia_DeathAnd debugging of all sorts if I dint have a bad habbit to perpetually run Ubuntu alpha:P18:05
spitfireAlexia_Death: I still haven't used gdb :P18:06
Alexia_Deathspitfire: I have, but I havent mastered it fully:P Strace is often enough:P18:08
spitfireI have really done no real debugging.18:08
Alexia_Death(II) Synaptics touchpad driver version 0.15.218:11
Alexia_DeathSynaptics Touchpad no synaptics event device found18:11
Alexia_DeathX is convinced theres no synaptics device18:11
Alexia_Deathspitfire: you were right.18:44
Alexia_DeathIt is hal.18:44
Alexia_DeathOr rather18:44
Alexia_DeathKernel now names my touchpad differently18:45
Alexia_Deathand the fdi file does not therefore grab it.18:45
Alexia_DeathSynaptic fdi is part of synaptic package so thats what the bug should be filed with.18:45
spitfireAlexia_Death: why wait?18:46
spitfireYou have done you investigation ;)18:46
spitfireWhy wait to fill a bug?18:46
Alexia_DeathStarting browswer now to do just that;)18:46
Alexia_DeathNever had the habbit of sitting on a perfectly good bug:P18:47
spitfireAlexia_Death: I'm trying to get pulse working, so I'm backporting half-a-jaunty:P18:47
spitfireSo I broke my alsa.18:47
spitfireBut I think it's my fault.18:47
spitfireNot really half18:48
spitfireJust bluez pulse pulse gui tools and alsa18:49
spitfirepulse needed also libspeex18:49
spitfireand that's all18:49
spitfireant a bunch of packages needed to be rebuild18:49
spitfirebut I rebuild stable ones;)18:49
pwnguinAlexia_Death: you might check out #ubuntu-x18:55
pwnguinyour level of participation in wacomtools upstream might justify idling in #ubuntu-x, if you care about ubuntu ;)18:56
* Alexia_Death joins another channel...18:59
Alexia_Deathpwnguin: I rather care about getting stuff working and remaining working ;)19:01
pwnguineven better19:01
* Alexia_Death thinks about going to #ubuntu to fish for hotplug testers for wacom but decides against it. the daemon needs more licking over.19:02
pwnguinunfortunately, i cant unplug my wacom19:03
pwnguinits built into the laptop19:04
Alexia_Deathcan I edit the name of the bug :(19:04
pwnguinin lp?19:04
Alexia_Deathpwnguin: serial19:04
Alexia_Deathpwnguin: yes.19:04
Alexia_DeathIve made a wee bit but significant error in the title19:04
pwnguinwhat's the url?19:04
Alexia_Deathit has to be 2.6.28 not 2.6.1819:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315882 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics "[Jaunty] synaptics fdi file does not contain entry for touchpads know as "ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad" starting with 2.6.18 series kernels" [Undecided,New]19:05
* Alexia_Death slaps herself for not checking before OK :S19:05
pwnguindo you see a yellow circle with a pencil near the title at that url?19:05
Alexia_DeathErr... Well... Ive always thought that was some sort of an ! mark19:06
Alexia_DeathBut indeed! it is a pencil and indeed, it is fixed...19:07
pwnguinwell, if you click it, i think you can correct the title19:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315882 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics "[Jaunty] synaptics fdi file does not contain entry for touchpads know as "ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad" starting with 2.6.28 series kernels" [Undecided,New]19:07
* Alexia_Death is going to pretend dot being stupid and blame the designer:P19:07
bluevapouranyone able to help me with firehol19:10
m0RrEany qualified guesses when intel i7 t will be in the kernel?19:11
x1250bluevapour, how should anyone know that if you don't ask?19:12
bluevapourbecause basically my server is working fine, on lan19:14
bluevapourfirehol has server all accept so it shouldnt block anything19:14
bluevapouryet global cant access http but they can access ssh19:14
FireFox||m0RrE: What are your problems with the i7 core i720 ?19:16
FireFox||m0RrE: you bought a dell studio XPS desktop I assume?19:20
legodudeI'm having problems with nv... I get a mouse cursor on top of a garbage background19:33
legodudeand that's it19:33
legodudeeven if I try to kill the X server or switch to a console login tty I get garbage19:33
Alexia_Deathlegodude: whats your kernel?19:36
legodudeAlexia_Death: I had it working perfectly in 8.10 with nvidia drivers19:43
legodudebut have never gotten it working in jaunty19:43
Alexia_Deathlegodude: interesting. works for me.19:44
legodudewhat card?19:44
Alexia_Deathlegodude: Hmm, dont even know exactly. laptop...19:44
Alexia_Death01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GeForce 8600M GT (rev a1)19:45
legodudeI have a 7200gs which is fairly standard19:45
Alexia_Deathlegodude: with a hack you can get nvidia19:46
legodudeeven if I kill the x server I get garbage so it seems to be somewhere in kernel land for me19:46
Alexia_Deathbut it will be prone to crashing19:46
legodudewhat's the hack?19:46
legodudeI've not heard about that19:46
Alexia_Deathlegodude: IgnoreABI "true"19:47
Alexia_Deathlegodude: but you should really tell your grub to not bother with splash19:47
Alexia_Deaththen you see whats going on.19:47
legodudehow do I do that?19:47
legodudenosplash option?19:47
legodudelemme see here19:48
legodudeAlexia_Death: I just want to add it as a command line option?19:52
Alexia_Deathlegodude: ?19:52
Alexia_Deathin /boot/grub/menu.lst and just change your kernel parameters19:53
legodude(EE) open /dev/fb0: No such file or directory20:02
legodudecould this be it?20:02
Alexia_DeathGoogle it?20:03
legodudeI am20:03
legodudeI saw it before and ignored it, because everything else in Xorg.log looks normal20:04
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LLStarksmy jaunty pals20:44
c_kornhello I have set up an encrypted swap partition.20:52
c_kornI also set up a keyfile in the also encrypted root partition20:52
c_kornbut I am still asked for the swap passphrase at boot20:52
c_kornis there a log of the root partition decryption at boot time?21:08
spitfirec_korn: man you're still encrypting it :P21:10
c_kornspitfire: it seemed to be a problem with the daily iso yesterday today the bug from yesterday is gone21:11
c_kornnow I have a different one21:11
LLStarkswill jaunty be released with firefox upstream builds still broken?21:12
c_kornI only want to type in the passphrase of the root partition at boot. so I added a keyfile in root for my swap and my home directory. the keyfile for the home partition works but I am still asked for the passphrase of the swap partition21:12
c_kornLLStarks: firefox works for me21:13
c_kornI already opened a bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/31585421:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315854 in ubuntu "Mount root partition before swap when encryption is used" [Undecided,New]21:13
LLStarksis ext4 safe yet?21:14
c_kornbut I think it is wrong because I have to enter the root passphrase before the swap passphrase21:14
c_kornso the root partition is already mounted before the swap partition I presume21:14
c_kornLLStarks: I did not encounter any issues since yesterday :P21:15
LLStarkspure ext4 or mounted as ext4?21:15
c_kornLLStarks: pure21:16
LLStarkshow do i mount and/or convert an ext3?21:17
c_korncan't anyone help me?21:26
LLStarkswith what?21:29
c_kornLLStarks: scroll up21:31
c_kornyeah, now I cannot decrypt swap because I deleted the passphrase22:00
archivatorI was wondering, is anyone working actively on reducing boot time?22:09
archivatorI was recently examining my boot process and everything seemed quite tight. Just wondered where we could squeeze some extra juice from..22:10
c_kornarchivator: I only noticed there is a brainstorm idea about it: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/42/22:23
c_kornbut I wonder that jaunty still does not use upstart 0.522:23
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shadowkanjihey anyone tested kubuntu 9.04 alpha 2?22:54
shadowkanji......want to know how stable it is22:57
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not be currently installable at the moment22:57
RAOFshadowkanji: Works (mostly) for me.23:03
RAOFDon't expect any proprietary drivers to be installable.23:04
shadowkanjiI can live without proprietary drivers. mostly?23:05
RAOFAnd it might require some assistance to boot if you've got a slightly interesting lvm/crypt/whatever setup23:05
RAOFYeah, you can live without proprietary (graphics) drivers.23:05
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shadowkanjiyea. all that matters is that its stable and works with my wireless :P although I may just stick with 8.10 and install kde 4.2 on tuesday when RC1 is out. I find the current kde4 horribly unstable23:07
Melikive always hated KDE23:10
shadowkanjiI'm always going between gnome and kde. I find gnome lacks new features, it's always been the same whereas kde4 was nice but unstable :/23:12

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