SealVgood evening00:52
SealVanyone on?00:53
_MMA_SealV: Best to just ask. ;) I dont chat but Ill answer a question or two.00:54
SealVcritique it then: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v298/sealx/rect5160.png?t=123154857700:55
SealVpure svg :3 based on a cc image00:55
_MMA_SealV: Ahh... I like. I'd work at a 16:10 aspect though.00:55
_MMA_I could totally see something like this shipping.00:56
SealVach.. right 1920 by 1200, right?00:56
_MMA_For Studio, I work @ 2560x1600. That covers up to 30" monitors.00:56
_MMA_Well Studio users are a special case. I do have a 24" @1920x1200. They are more common. I just feel its better to go a little bigger. ;)00:58
SealVI have no idea how to change the ratio T_T, I will clean up the image and up it to the wiki01:01
_MMA_SealV: Just change the document size, change the background to same. Lock the bunny and scale to fit.01:04
_MMA_Its rather simple.01:04
_MMA_SealV: if you cant do it send it to me. I will.01:05
SealVI am having huge slowdowns when dealing with that big of an image, I will send it to you01:05
_MMA_Shouldn't matter. nodes ant things are the same.01:06
_MMA_*Rendering( it however might get taxing but you can always render smaller.01:07
SealVso render small and then blow it up?01:08
SealVediting wiki now.01:13
_MMA_SealV: I got it. Tinkering with it now.01:17
_MMA_SealV: What kinda CPU are you running? My little 1.3Ghz does fine.01:20
SealVlaptop 1.1, when I move the rectange inkscape goes beserk01:21
SealVI hate editing wikis :<01:27
_MMA_SealV: Coming at you.01:27
SealVchrist I screwed up the real image. so now you can only get the preview01:30
_MMA_Oh, the embedded image?01:31
_MMA_Was broken here. I figured it would show again for you.01:31
SealVyeah I am uploading the real file now01:31
_MMA_You know you can save those *in* the SVG right? Makes the file bigger. Might not be a big deal.01:32
SealVeh? how do I do that?01:32
SealV*fixed btw01:32
_MMA_Effects->Images->Embed all Images01:33
_MMA_That *might* only be in the -devel version though. :-/01:33
SealV:o nope its there. genius.01:34
_MMA_SealV: If you dont mind development builds: http://launchpad.net/~inkscape-nightly/+archive It will install along with the normal version.01:34
SealVanother question: why isnt the eyeball not showing up when I open svg in image viewer?01:45
_MMA_SealV: I've seen odd things like that also. Different rendering lib?01:46
SealVquite possible.. the is dev version is pretty cool01:46
_MMA_I've been using it for a while. I like being to make all the toolbars really small to give me screenspace.01:47
SealVtext>svg fonts Hells yes01:49
SealVforums are down: can I subscribe to the ubuntu-art mailing list?03:16
_MMA_SealV: Always03:20
SealVthanks! and for your edit03:21
SealVstill looking for critiques on Mr. Bun14:45
kwwiiSealV: I was hoping to discuss that next week when I am in london (with mark)15:16
SealV:o k then will wait15:17
Cimikwwii, new mockups?15:18
SealV@Cimi murrine svn is awesome15:19
Cimikwwii, unfortunately I need to send the laptop for technical assistance... the lcd became purple yesterday15:19
Cimithank you SealV15:19
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