Rocket2DMnhey, if a bug report has a .crash attached, is there generally enough information in it to finish the triage?01:02
Rocket2DMnsee bug 31562301:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315623 in nautilus "[jaunty] weird crash is specific directory" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31562301:02
Rocket2DMnor do we need a full backtrace too?01:02
crimsunthe more pertinent info, the better01:03
Rocket2DMnlol well yeah, but is it needed?01:04
crimsunyes, absolutely01:04
Rocket2DMnok, ill ask him to get one then, thanks01:05
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hggdhRocket2DMn, actually a .crash will not help much -- it is better to have apport process the .crash and open a bug with the results02:12
Rocket2DMnok, thanks02:13
hggdhof course, if the reporter posts a nice backtrace/stacktrace, then it should be a good step, but the apport-generated data is usually more complete02:14
PrivateVoidhey guys...02:14
nhandlerHey PrivateVoid02:14
PrivateVoidFor the global bug jam I am thinking of running it at a local book store02:15
PrivateVoidwith a projector display of the bugs we are working on..02:15
PrivateVoidand thinking of making it like a telethon...02:15
PrivateVoidmake sense?02:15
nhandlerYeah, it makes sense PrivateVoid02:16
PrivateVoidI assume we can project the 5-A-Day stats in addition to the bug list...02:16
PrivateVoidWe get three TVs and a giant projector screen.02:16
nhandlerPrivateVoid: Just open http://daniel.holba.ch/5-a-day-stats/ in a browser02:16
nhandlerPrivateVoid: Do they have internet access and outlets?02:18
PrivateVoidyes and yes02:18
nhandlerThen you are good to go02:18
PrivateVoidplus the projectors and three TVs that can be used to display things02:18
nhandlerSounds awesome. What bookstore is this?02:18
PrivateVoidBarnes & Noble02:19
PrivateVoidthe TVs are not in the picture02:19
PrivateVoidbut are on the side walls and just outside the glass doors above the entrance02:19
nhandlerPrivateVoid: That B&N looks awesome. I wounder if the one by me has a room like that02:20
PrivateVoidYou should check it out...02:20
PrivateVoidit is a nice public place with exposure...02:20
PrivateVoidI need to get some posters made to display when we are there02:20
nhandlerPrivateVoid: Thanks, but I don't think I will be flying out to NY to see a B&N02:20
PrivateVoidNo, I mean the one near you02:20
PrivateVoidyou should check that one out02:21
PrivateVoidto see if it has a room like that02:21
nhandlerYeah, I will the next time I am there. I know they have a large Starbucks inside, but I don't remember seeing a conference room02:21
PrivateVoidalmost all of them have a 'meeting' room...02:22
PrivateVoidbut they might look a bit different02:22
PrivateVoidand not all of them have free wireless02:22
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crimsunLupine: please don't triage general "no sound" bugs to affect alsa-driver. use 'linux' instead.04:38
crimsunLupine: this policy is noted at the top of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems and greatly assists the audio team04:39
crimsun(otherwise i end up losing quite a few resources retriaging)04:40
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Java_Headbug #315637 i think the bug should be set to 'wishlist'11:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315637 in ubuntu "please package PowerMan" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31563711:37
Tycho451Hi everybody, I installed the libc6-i686 upgrade that came up last night (~10h ago), which failed and now I can't boot. chroot from a rescue cd brings a segmentation fault and the forums are down :(11:39
Tycho451Can anybody here help me or point me in the right direction?11:39
def13bTycho451: the ubuntu channel is the one your after I think11:41
Tycho451Thank you11:52
Lupinecrimsun, will do....thx for the info!11:58
affluxJava_Head: needs-packaging bugs are usually nothing for brainstorm.12:00
affluxJava_Head: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToTriage#Needs%20Packaging%20Bugs, I updated to bug accordingly12:12
Java_HeadBug #315740 I think the bug should be set to 'wishlist'12:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315740 in ubuntu "Breton keyboard layout C'HWERTY not supported" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31574012:14
persiaI don't think 315740 should be "wishlist".  Users of that keyboard will have a hard time.  I'd suggest Low or Medium.12:15
affluxI just received a mail from a user asking me to fix bug 205364. This doesn't seem to be known to upstream yet. Should I report it to upstream and wait until they fix it?12:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 205364 in emerald "Repositories tab missing in emerald-theme-manager" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20536412:32
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Hobbseeafflux: that'd be a good start.12:38
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Rocket2DMnbdmurray, you told me initially that ubuntu-bug existed in Intrepid, but I also saw it in Hardy.  Is it not in Hardy by default (like, did I get it with another package at some point)?22:28
Rocket2DMnI just finished adding a tidbit about ubuntu-bug to my beginners guide22:28
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Rocket2DMnbdmurray, or is it just that in intrepid you don't need the -p option?22:35
bdmurrayRocket2DMn: I was checking on a hardy server, I think it is in Hardy desktop22:54
Rocket2DMnalright, i wasnt entirely sure so i just said an up-to-date Hardy22:55
Rocket2DMni saw that there is a newer version of apport hardy-updates22:55
Rocket2DMnthought it may have come with that22:55
LimCorehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tor/+bug/314585 - is anyone working on it, or sohuld I make it public to give it more attention or what?23:17
ubottuError: This bug is private23:17
LimCoretor crashes for me23:17
* LimCore also reports it upstream23:17
Rocket2DMnnot allowed to view that23:17
Ryan52it should only be private if it contains information that the submitter doesn't want other (untrustable) people to see.23:18
Ryan52so if you're fine with all the information in the attachements being public, and you're the submitter, then make it public.23:18
LimCoreso far just the backtrace of coredump of crash23:18
Ryan52okay, but does that contain anything that you don't want other people to see?23:18
LimCorewell it crashed quickly, so if it is indeed exploit (DoS?) then its probably well known already23:18
Ryan52(passwords, bank numbers, etc etc)23:19
LimCoresince I didnt attache the core, therefore no23:19
persiaAs long as the coredump itself is done, and the backtrace doesn't contain something like your credit-card number, it ought be safe.23:19
LimCorewell, with tor, and running as a relay, full dump would contain some private keys23:19
* Ryan52 nods23:20
persiaRIght, but the backtrace might not: you'd have to examine the files to determine if they are safe.23:20
LimCorehmm ok I will just report to upstream.. but I guess they will say "zomfg 0.1.x ??? why not 0.2.x"23:20
LimCoreif I will remove some information from bug report, and then make it public,  then the older version will remain private etc?23:21
persiaNot really.  The deleted information becomes deleted.23:21
persiaI believe it may be possible for the LP admins to restore it, but that's not the same as the old report being private.23:22
LimCoreoh well it looks like its fine. private key is probably longer then 40 char string23:22
ubottuError: This bug is private23:22
Ryan52here's a stupid question: why can't I see the bug?23:22
LimCorewell it is now public23:23
Ryan52I'm bug control, I think..23:23
LimCoreRyan52: perhaps you have to be in security team?23:23
Ryan52makes sense.23:23
LimCoredunno, guessing.. :) it is now public23:23
LimCorewhy my bug above is no longer considered security issue?23:46
Ryan52check the activity log, ask the person who changed it?23:47
keesI made it not a security bug -- it's only a crash from what I can see23:48
persiaThe trick is that if one has a crash in something like tor or revelation or gnupg, it's not a security bug, although it may well be a security issue.  That a crash bug may make a system insecure is different from a securityy bug.23:50
* LimCore thinks of last epic rsa/dsa ssh bug an shutters23:51
LimCoreif it would be up to me I would tread all bugs as security in openpgp, ssh, tor, iptables and few related23:52
keesif this is more than a crash, I'm all ears.  :)23:53
LimCorewell no idea :)23:54
LimCoreI will wait what upstream says23:55
LimCorekees: is such imortant program crashes, I would lost my trust in it's quality, and think it may as well have other insecure places leading to real exploit not just some crash23:56
LimCorealso, if one is able to crash tor relay nodes (on ubuntu) then this is bad for secuiryt23:56
LimCorewould it be anyway possible to use more up to date version of tor?23:57
keesI'm not very familiar with tor myself.  are you able to crash tor with special traffic?23:57
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LimCoreI dont know that yet. but it craashed very faslty, in like first 10 hours of operation, so something seems really wrong23:58
* Hobbsee wonders if LimCore has been drinking too much tonight.23:59

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