PrivateVoidhello all -- any posters or fliers for the Global Bug Jam suitable for handing out to the general public?02:47
boredandbloggingemet: http://spreadubuntu.neomenlo.org/02:51
boredandbloggingemet: or check this out http://huayra.wordpress.com/2008/11/10/announcement-spreadubuntu-01-codename-evan/02:54
* PrivateVoid looks now02:54
PrivateVoidI would love to find some bug jam specific stuff too...02:54
FlannelOh yeah.... 02:57
FlannelGetting that icon from whomever has it would be nice.02:57
FlannelI'll ask dholbach or jono when I see them next02:58
FlannelThats one issue we ran into last time02:58
PrivateVoidthe bug jam logo?02:58
jonoFlannel, which icon?02:58
Flanneljono: The bug jam logo02:58
Flannelglobe, bug over top, etc02:58
PrivateVoidyeah that is nice... would look good a little bigger too02:59
FlannelBe nice to get the svg of it02:59
jonoFlannel, drop Daniel Holbach a mail: he can point you to the source02:59
FlannelAye, I'll just ping him when he gets on tonight02:59
emetboredandblogging: is there editable source for those marketing materials? I found at least one grammar error in like 5 seconds of reading one03:22
Flannelemet: spreadubuntu should be entirely editable.03:23
FlannelIts just trying to aggregate all of the material everyone makes so its visible,03:23
FlannelI haven't looked, but most of it comes from w.u.c/DIYMarketing, or the initial stuff anyway03:24
emetit needs a lot of work03:24
emetbut this should be out there soon03:24
emetI can help03:25
Flannelemet: You're welcome to.03:25
boredandbloggingemet: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/Projects/SpreadUbuntu#Want%20to%20help?03:25
Flannelemet: also: https://launchpad.net/~spreadubuntu03:26
emetI'm working on one of the fliers right now03:27
meoblast001Flannel: how is spreadubuntu comming?04:29
meoblast001Flannel: i have an idea04:34
meoblast001an elgg based ubuntu social networking site04:34
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RafikHello, I just received an invitation to a conference, someone will introduce FOSS and then I'll talk about Ubuntu. The proposed date is Jan 30th (I requested to delay to the first week of February). Is it too late to order a conference Pack ?22:43
hubuntuRafik, I believe you are out of luck this time23:53
hubuntuit takes longer than the 19 days you have23:53
hubuntusuch things need to be planned a lot in advance23:54
Rafikhubuntu: thanks23:55
Rafikwe'll do without, no matter :)23:55
Rafikhubuntu: you are Rubén right ?23:56
hubuntuyes Rafik 23:57
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huayrathis computer logs me automatically with my old nick23:58
RafikGood job with spreadubuntu :)23:58
huayraI hope we really get this off a lot more than we have the last month23:58
huayrathe thanks should really go to Evan and the rest of the team23:59
RafikI'll try to be more active beginning from Wednesday23:59
huayrawe are revamping the whole concept23:59

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