mcgrofI was pleased to find linux-backport-modules-intrepid on /cdrom/ on the umpc daily image07:47
mcgrofgot my wireless working, gonna try the debootstrap now, to see if it fits on an eeepc with only 2gb of disk space07:48
mcgrofoh now wonder compiz works, intel 91507:48
* mcgrof wants to use ext4 though07:49
mcgrofso is umpc stuff on jaunty?07:49
mcgrofi'd like to use that07:49
mcgroffor the debootstrap instead07:49
StevenKUMPC is in flux in Jaunty, it's being replaced by Ubuntu Netbook Remix07:52
StevenKGive it a few weeks to get sorted out.07:52
mcgrofStevenK: alright, thanks for the heads up08:10
mcgrofStevenK: can i read about this remix somewhere08:14
persiamcgrof, You could, but most of the current stuff is about an out-of-repo derivative based on hardy.  Dunno exactly how much of that will apply when it gets absorbed into Jaunty.08:48
persiaLots of use of clutter, and maximus to handle window management.08:49
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mcgrofok got debootstrap installed, then ubuntu-standard21:35
mcgrofbut I see no ubuntu-mobile package21:35
mcgrofis this is in a different sources.list entry for this21:37
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persiamcgrof, No, "ubuntu-mobile" went away for jaunty.  Try "ubuntu-mid" or "ubuntu-netbook-remix"22:54

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