jekilplease someone can sponsor ? https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/obextool/+bug/13374800:04
ubottuUbuntu bug 133748 in obextool "Obextool don't have menu entry" [Wishlist,Confirmed]00:04
crimsuni thought we were out of the habit of assigning to u-u-s00:11
nhandlercrimsun: Yeah, u-u-s should be subscribed, not assigned00:16
Laneyjekil: You don't have to ask people to sponsor, someone will get to it in time00:17
Laney(also you didn't mention the control changes in your changelog)00:17
Laney(also, there is a new upstream release of this program, consider updating to it)00:18
Laneyiulian: congrats!00:20
iulianLaney: Thanks.00:23
LaneyDone your first upload yet?00:24
nhandlerCongrats iulian00:24
nhandleriulian: You might be interested in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/New00:25
iulianLaney: Not yet.00:25
james_wcongratulations iulian00:26
iuliannhandler: Thanks, I'll have a look at it tomorrow morning. I'm pretty tired right now and I should go to bed.00:26
iulianThank you james_w.00:26
* iulian yawns00:27
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nhandlerIs there anything that can be done to get a package that needs w32codecs into the repositories?02:56
ScottKnhandler: Are there w32codecs that are distributable?03:04
nhandlerScottK: I'm not sure. I'm also not sure exactly what parts of w32codecs the package needs.03:07
StevenKAnd I thought w32codecs needed a Windows license to use legally ...03:07
ScottKYou need to be able to get a package's depends into the archive, so ....03:07
nhandlerScottK: Ok, I just wanted to make sure there wasn't any other way before I told him that it can't get in with that depends03:09
StevenKDepends: windows-license03:09
nhandlerStevenK: Why would I want that garbage getting pulled onto my machine?03:10
StevenKnhandler: Because that's what w32codecs legally requires03:10
Hobbseenhandler: you can do like we do for stuff that needs libdvdcss2, fwiw.03:23
Hobbseeit's a bit dirty, but...03:24
StevenKIt's quite dirty03:24
nhandlerHobbsee: He is the upstream author of the application. I'm going to see if he can modify it to not Depend on w32codecs03:25
Hobbseenhandler: that works too03:25
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AmaranthStevenK: Not even a Windows license is enough, most of that stuff says you can't use it outside of Windows and/or outside of installing their program on Windows04:07
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jdongimp/win 3004:34
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coolbhaviI am getting smtp send error when i use the submittodebian command06:57
coolbhaviplease help anyone06:58
Hobbseeare you using your own smtp server?07:05
coolbhaviHobbsee, no07:09
coolbhavihere is the error I get: http://pastebin.com/d709c836707:10
Hobbseecoolbhavi: they probably won't let you use their own smtp server, i suspect.07:13
coolbhaviHobbsee, why?07:14
StevenKAs long as the To address is something they accept, I don't see why not07:14
Hobbseebecause letting any joe random use your smtp server is a bad idea?07:14
Hobbseethat's true07:14
fabrice_spHi. The package flashblock  depends of CVS image, ignoring the normal release versions (jaunty => flashblock-1.3.11a~snapshot20081113, author = Won't it ibe better to repackage it?07:15
StevenKHobbsee: Sure, but joe random can use your SMTP server to send you mail07:15
Hobbseethis is true07:15
coolbhaviHobbsee, Okay so now should I open an account?07:16
StevenKWhich SMTP server is it using?07:16
StevenKThat's an e-mail address, and not an SMTP server.07:17
coolbhaviokay! sorry wait a min please07:18
coolbhaviConnecting to fiordland.ubuntu.com via SMTP...07:18
StevenKThat's why.07:19
StevenKfiordland isn't going to like you using it to send mail to a bugs.debian.org, address07:19
coolbhaviokay! now which address to change?07:19
StevenKcoolbhavi: There should be an option to set it, I'd suggest you try rietz.debian.org07:20
* Hobbsee notes that one needs to authenticate to fiordland.ubuntu.com before sending, it appears.07:21
Hobbseeor else i'm not reading requestsync right07:22
StevenKWhich line?07:22
crimsunfabrice_sp: please ask in #ubuntu-mozillateam07:23
fabrice_spcrimsun, will do. Thanks07:23
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foobarmusHi... I'm looking for a little guidance on the REVU process (new to it, but have read a few of the docs, and uploaded my package -- wondering what comes next)10:34
foobarmusAlso saw a comment on one of the other "new packages" the other day saying it was going to be uploaded to intrepid -- wondered if that was a typo or if there is some kind of shadow process for getting packages included in older universe repositories?10:37
highvoltageiulian: congrats on being a motu!10:37
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savvasHobbsee: are you living in antarctica?11:29
Hobbseesavvas: of course.11:30
savvasno, seriously, i was looking at map locations: https://launchpad.net/~hobbsee11:32
HobbseeI figured.11:32
* Hobbsee is clearly located in Antarctica.11:32
savvasit must be so.. cool hehe11:33
savvasbetter yet, cold!11:34
HobbseeWarm jackets are a must!11:35
emgentsomeone please stop coolbhavi ?11:38
Hobbseeemgent: from what?11:38
tuxmaniacemgent: what did he do now?11:38
emgentHobbsee: launchpad.. him continue to notify sync and merge, but dont take time for review and test it..11:39
Hobbseeemgent: sigh.  send a mail to him, asking him to stop if he doesn't have the time to review and test?11:39
emgentwe should ask to implement launchpad user ban... ehehe11:39
Hobbseeemgent: if that fails, mail the MC / MOTU list about it11:40
emgentHobbsee: yeah.. but not reply..11:40
Hobbseeemgent: oh, so you've tried this, and he hasn't replied?11:40
emgentnot now..11:40
savvashttps://launchpad.net/~bhavi ?11:40
emgenti mailed yesterday11:40
emgentsavvas: yea11:40
tuxmaniacsavvas: yep :-)11:40
sebneremgent: I acked some syncs from him ^11:42
emgentthe real problem is that him dont work in one bug.. him start to work in N bug..and mass notify sync/merge/fix in launchpad..11:42
emgentsebner: have you saw drupal sync request ?11:42
StevenKThis sounds like someone we knew11:42
Hobbseeoh dear.11:42
HobbseeStevenK: it's not the same guys11:42
sebner emgent seen yes, reviewed no11:42
* Hobbsee eyes https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gitmagic/+bug/31574811:42
ubottuUbuntu bug 315748 in gitmagic "Please sync gitmagic 20090101-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,New]11:43
emgentit`s wrong..11:43
StevenKI figured, but the behaviour patterns are disturbing11:43
Hobbseeemgent: he's clearly still active, but hasn't responded to your mail.  I'd try emailing the MOTU list, and CCing him, and seeing if that has any effect.11:43
emgentHobbsee: yeah will try it if him dont reply to me today.11:44
emgentdanke, i go to eat11:44
emgentbrb people11:44
tuxmaniacHobbsee: is there something wrong with that bug 315748 ?11:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315748 in gitmagic "Please sync gitmagic 20090101-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31574811:44
Hobbseetuxmaniac: well, as for why he's giving it an ubuntu version, in the build log, i'm not sure.11:45
tuxmaniacaah Ok11:45
Hobbseetuxmaniac: but that suggests he doesn't actually know what he's doing, and the difference between a sync and a merge.11:45
StevenKNo, it's because he's uploading it to his PPA11:46
StevenKThe buildlog comes the PPA11:46
Hobbseei figured that, but he should be able to upload the debian version to a ppa11:46
StevenKMaybe he doesn't know how11:46
* Hobbsee has also got no idea if he's actually changed anything else11:46
StevenK gitmagic (20090101-1ubuntu1) jaunty; urgency=low11:46
StevenK .11:46
StevenK   * Build test.11:46
Hobbseeemgent: re drupal6, launchpad says we have no ubuntu changes on it, fwiw11:47
Hobbseeeyeballing it, it's probably OK11:47
savvaswhat's the difference between sync and merge? because I recently asked for amarok 2.0 :P11:47
emgentHobbsee: pong exim4 -> postfix11:47
tuxmaniacsavvas: merge is when you have local changes in Ubuntu and you want to update a package from Debian11:48
* Hobbsee snorts at both bugs on the drupal package.11:48
savvastuxmaniac: and sync when you want to get a new release package?11:48
StevenKSince drupal is a different package again11:49
tuxmaniacsavvas: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/Merging11:49
HobbseeStevenK: no, it's the same thing11:49
StevenKAnd made me go, "Um? This was removed in ... Gutsy?"11:49
HobbseeStevenK: they go by api now11:49
HobbseeStevenK: as in, drupal5, drupal6, etc.11:49
savvasoh, thanks!!11:49
emgentStevenK: why bleh ?11:49
tuxmaniacsavvas: no. sync is when you have an outdated package with no local Ubuntu changes and there is a better version in Debian. Youmight just want a sync.11:49
StevenKemgent: Seperate packages for every API11:50
* Hobbsee looks at hte eyesore from multiple people that is https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/drupal6/+bug/22979511:50
StevenKAnd that it's written in PHP11:50
ubottuUbuntu bug 229795 in drupal5 "Sync Drupal 6.2 to Ubuntu" [Unknown,Fix released]11:50
tuxmaniacsavvas: ofcourse one must build and check if the new package has extra dependency or any changes that prohibits from building in Ubuntu11:50
emgentHobbsee: anyway it`snt a SYNC ubuntu use postfix and debian exim4 in default mode, also there are some scripts and dir to fix if i remember well.11:50
Hobbseeemgent: mmmkay.  https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/drupal6 says it was autosynced currently, fwiw.  You may want to make ubuntu changes to it though, after the new one goes in11:52
emgentat this point ya, will do11:53
Hobbseeor just pull in the new version while you're at it11:54
StevenKIt needs Ubuntu changes?11:54
emgentStevenK: correct11:54
emgentit`s impossible think to sync Drupal form debian.. if debian use exim4 in default mode and ubuntu use postifx.11:55
emgentafter that there are more little fix to apply about dirs, debian use /srv/ and ubuntu not.11:56
emgenti will take a look later.11:56
Hobbseeemgent: ah, looks like you're thinking of drupal5.  Those bugs are for drupal6.11:57
james_wis anyone here involved with the edos page for Ubuntu?12:05
james_wah, gaspa, it looks like you may be involved with the edos page, is that correct?12:22
james_wgaspa: if so, has there been some restructuring recently?12:23
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gaspajames_w: what?13:00
james_wgaspa: is http://hattory.no-ip.info/issues/edos/ anything to do with you?13:01
gaspayep, it's mine13:02
james_wdid you make some changes in the last couple of days13:02
gaspacouple of days? no. Before the new year.13:03
james_wthe links from harvest no longer go to the right place, and the csv file has gone?13:03
james_wthanks for running it though btw13:03
gaspaI see13:03
gaspain fact there's no csv files.13:03
gaspajames_w: thanks for the signal, I'm taking a look13:05
gaspajames_w: JFY, do you use it, usually?13:08
james_wyeah, it's a useful tool13:08
gaspacool :) I'm refactoring the cache code, and trying to move all into python modules.13:09
gaspaso they can be re-used in other stuff.13:09
* gaspa feel a little more useful to the world, now. :)13:10
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gaspajames_w: run by hand seems to work. honestly I'm not understanding...13:44
gaspafeel free to ping me if it brokes again.13:44
nhandlerShould the short description in debian/control begin with a capital letter?13:59
* RainCT doesn't think so, but that depends on who writes it14:00
LaneySince the synopsis is a clause, rather than a full sentence, we recommend that it neither start with a capital nor end with a full stop (period). It should also not begin with an article, either definite (the) or indefinite (a or an).14:00
nhandlerLaney: Is that from the Debian policy?14:01
Laneydevelopers' reference14:01
* RainCT should re-read all this stuff to know from where to quote when he answers something :P14:04
* nhandler thinks we need to create a Packaging FAQ14:05
RainCTthere is already one14:05
LaneyI just googled for debian/control short description :(14:06
RainCTsomewhere on wiki.ubuntu.com...14:06
RainCTLaney: hehe14:06
nhandlerRainCT: I know, but iirc, it was very incomplete14:08
RainCTnhandler: complete it then :)14:09
* RainCT runs14:09
* iulian looks around.14:09
nhandlerRainCT: I'll add it to my enormous todo list14:09
iulianRainCT: Would you please modify my revu permissions so I can advocate?14:10
RainCTbtw, as soon as someone upload a new ubuntu-dev-tools revision, pbuilder-dist.new will replace pbuilder-dist14:10
RainCTiulian: sure14:10
RainCTiulian: oh, I didn't see you yesterday when I wanted to say this, so: congrats! :)14:11
sebneriulian: congratulations, btw :)14:11
LaneyReplace pbuilder-dist with pbuilder-dist.new. \o/14:11
nhandlerRainCT: I think we should be do for a new upload soon. The changelog is getting pretty long14:11
RainCTnhandler: yeah.. and then backport to intrepid14:12
iulianRainCT, sebner: Thanks.14:12
RainCTiulian: done (LP was slow and didn't want me to login.. :P)14:15
tuxmaniaciulian: would you like to start of some review advocacy on REVU now? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=gresistor may be a nice start ;)14:18
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iulianRainCT: Thanks :)14:32
iuliantuxmaniac: Sure, I will have a look at it today.14:33
LaibschHi there15:02
LaibschI'm trying to upload unchanged sources from debian experimental to my ppa for testing.  According to "https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA#Using%20packages%20from%20other%20distributions" this should be possible and I think I did it successfully once or twice in the past15:03
ScottKLaibsch: PPA questions in #launchpad.15:04
LaibschOK, thanks15:04
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anakronHI all15:59
anakronhi persia15:59
anakroni wanna know what i can do if when i compile with cmake (my first time) appears 'Unknown CMake command "qt4_wrap_ui"'16:00
anakronhi again16:30
anakronhi Emmet16:30
anakronHi RainCT16:30
anakroni wanna know what i can do if when i compile with cmake (my first time) appears 'Unknown CMake command "qt4_wrap_ui"16:30
anakronwhich package i need to install?16:31
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anakronsomeone can help?16:38
azeemanakron: packages.ubuntu.com has a search function to see in which package a particular file is in16:39
abedraare there any plans to update git on 8.10 to current16:49
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Brandon_abedra: you may be able to package it up and submit it to the package maintainers for that project.16:57
abedraBrandon_: yeah16:58
abedraBrandon_: I will get it all packaged up16:58
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abedraBrandon_: I develop in rails day to day and the capistrano deployment tool doesn't work with git 1.5.x16:58
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abedraBrandon_: So it would be nice to have 1.6.x out in package form16:59
Brandon_abedra: thanks for your contribution!16:59
anakronbut i build dependencies17:05
anakronand i cant compile it17:05
oojahI don't suppose anybody would consider reviewing http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=4467 if they've got time? I've already fixed a number of comments from irc.17:15
anakronsomeone can help?17:16
anakroni wanna know what i can do if when i compile with cmake (my first time) appears 'Unknown CMake command "qt4_wrap_ui"17:16
anakron i build dependencies and they are ok17:16
anakronand i cant compile it17:16
oojahanakron: I think you need to include the cmake module with that command in in your CMakeLists.txt.17:20
oojahFrom http://cmake.org/cmake/help/cmake2.6docs.html I can see that qt4_wrap_ui looks to be in FindQt, so add "include (FindQt)" somewhere near the beginning of CMakeLists.txt.17:22
anakronok thanks17:26
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FlimmHello, my program, epidermis, is now displayed as a Ubuntu package at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/epidermis/ what does this mean?18:07
FlimmNothing has been published yet on that page18:08
FlimmDoes this mean someone's considering adding Epidermis to the repos?18:09
RainCTFlimm: I guess it's just Launchpad being weird18:17
rexbronHey motu18:19
rexbronAnyone want better support for firewire audio recording devices? Please review libffado: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=libffado18:19
* khashayar thinks ffado's the best thing since sliced bread. Please?18:27
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slytherinNCommander: is there any plan on updating linux-image-* for powerpc?19:41
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