crimsunfta: i use the non-Free Nvidia driver, so for me, no.00:10
ftacrimsun, me too so thanks, i keep xorg on hold00:10
asacfta: no ... cannot handle automatically. its a driver issue in the end00:12
asacyou can do you own hacky scripts though in user space ;)00:12
ftacan't it be properly done in jaunty?00:13
asacunsure. maybe a few more drivers get fixed to do it properly00:13
asaci know that there is work in progress00:14
asacto make option drivers do the same as the ones that already work00:14
fabrice_spHi. I was looking at flashblock package, because the version in Jaunty wasn't the last, one, and I saw that this package is built from CVS checkout, ignoring the normal upstream versions (jaunty => flashblock-1.3.11a~snapshot20081113, author = Won't it be better to repackage it from scratch?07:26
crimsunfabrice_sp: looking at the version (snapshot date), wasn't available.07:28
crimsunfabrice_sp: now that it is, you should be able to modify it if you feel up to it =)07:29
fabrice_spsure, but isn't there a risk of checking out a non stable version if you use directly CVS?07:29
crimsunsure, but you can modify the packaging...07:30
fabrice_spcrimsun,: as it would be a repackaging, it should go through REVU?07:30
crimsunwhy would it be a repackaging?07:31
crimsunyou're changing debian/rules07:31
fabrice_spohhh, you're right07:31
fabrice_spand I can download the xpi file, and uncompress it07:32
fabrice_spwill create the bug report and assign it to myself (Hoping to find a sponsor to ack it afterwards :-) )thanks for your answer07:33
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RzRi just missed fabrice10:00
RzRhi fabrice_sp10:01
RzRlet me explain10:01
RzRi just read your posts10:01
RzRthe author has a weird release process10:02
RzRand I still think using the CVS tree is better for us10:02
RzRcurrent one is working on jaunty right ?10:02
fabrice_spHi RzR.10:06
fabrice_spThis is partly why I asked, because if it has been done this way, I assume it's for some good reason.10:07
fabrice_spAnyway, it's hard to know which version we have in ubutnu, since we only have the cvs date, and no real release in front of that10:07
fabrice_spI have to check how it works in Jaunty, but you agree with me that there is a risk to get a buggy version using CVS10:10
RzRit the CVS belonging to the release10:13
RzRI should explain this into debian/README.source10:13
RzRI am afraid CVS is the only way to get the sources10:14
RzRam i right ?10:14
RzRso please contact me if you plan to help to flashblock, we'll work toguether10:15
RzRremaining tasks is to test jaunty version and backport it to intrepid and hardy10:16
RzRI'll work on it debian side if you can take care of this10:16
fabrice_spwhat do you mean by source? Because you can get a .xpi with the watch file10:16
RzRI want to rebuilt it from scratch then anyone can understand this10:17
fabrice_spAnyway, as I am nobody here, I won't discuss decisions that have already been taken by more senior people...10:17
fabrice_spmy mess came from the version scheme10:17
RzRok I'll doccument it10:18
RzRhave you tested jaunty ?10:18
fabrice_spI just tested the in Intrepid10:19
fabrice_spthat's all10:19
fabrice_sp(I packaged it in the meanwhile)10:19
RzRcan you  install jaunty deb into intrepid just to test10:20
fabrice_spI'll do that10:21
fabrice_sp(and it would be great if next version of package would have the real upstream based version)10:22
RzRI'll explain you how it works10:22
RzRbecause it's weird10:22
RzRit took me time to understand10:23
RzRanyway welcome to this channel10:24
RzRi didnt notice you were there10:24
fabrice_spthe same happened to me with you (I was wondering who were rzr@users.sf.net) :-)10:25
RzRbtw i have an other project pending for this team10:25
RzRit's testing a VRML plugin10:26
RzRbut everyone seems busy10:26
fabrice_splogical: between updates and new release, there is a lot to do10:27
fabrice_spI came to flashblock doing merge/sync for jaunty,10:27
fabrice_spBy the way, I create a bug report for that 'update' and I was working on it (bug #315718). What do I do with it?10:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315718 in flashblock "Please upgrade flashblock to the latest upstream version (" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31571810:29
RzRfabrice_sp: I think it's prefered to merge jaunty one into intrepid, you can close it and open an other one10:32
RzRjust branch update debian/changelog and propose it10:32
RzRi'll do this if i can test intrepid10:32
RzRbut I dont have intrepid10:33
RzRi am gone10:33
RzRthx again fabrice_sp10:33
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fabrice_spI'll check the Jaunty versions in Intrepid, anyway10:46
fabrice_spthanks !10:47
halkokHello! I have a question I was hoping for some help with: The setting "nglayout.initialpaint.delay" in FF about:config is nifty. BUT, is there any way to have customized per page settings for this variable? Like, 250ms for www.example.com and 1000 for www.otherexample.com?11:47
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asacfta_: could you push bzr rev 404 of 1.9.2 xul to your PPA?12:25
asacnot now ;) ... i think DX flks would be happy to havea  libnotify xul for testing12:26
asacfabrice_sp: talk to Jazzva_ please about extensions12:27
asacfabrice_sp: if you do something please do it in the bzr branches ;)12:28
asacand let us sign off your work before you get it uploaded. thanks!12:28
notrelevantHello! I have a question I was hoping for some help with: The setting "nglayout.initialpaint.delay" in FF about:config is nifty. BUT, is there any way to have customized per page settings for this variable? Like, 250ms for www.example.com and 1000 for www.otherexample.com?12:55
asacnotrelevant: why do you want that?13:03
asacanyway ... i doubt there is a per-page setting13:04
notrelevantBecause at my work.. there is one specific page.. which needs to be updated often.. and in addition it is slow response... and after working full time a week it drives me mad13:04
notrelevantI know there isn't a plugin or anything..13:05
notrelevantbut maybe there is a clever way to do it13:05
notrelevantWhat I would achieve is that I don't have to see the redrawing of the page every interval it refreshes... (as the page only modifies slightly everytime changing that setting will make it update seamlessly)13:06
notrelevantanyone got any ideas how to cook up something ?13:07
asaclet me check13:08
asacyou need to make layout/base/nsPresShell.cpp aware of per-page prefs for pagination delay13:10
notrelevantThis is only for one single page13:14
notrelevantthe rest can be set to default13:14
notrelevantSo basically this is something I need to script13:15
notrelevantthere's noe simple fix/one-liners ?13:15
asacnotrelevant: script isnt possible ... thats in c++13:22
asacyou need to add a new feature in that code13:22
ubottuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: January 10 2009, 13:26:07 - Next meeting: LoCo Council in 3 days13:26
notrelevantallright... that is above my head. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction anyway :)13:29
asacsorry ...ur welcome notrelevant13:29
rZrhi hny2k9, are you guys going to fosdem ?13:34
fta_asac, DX folks?13:36
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asacfta: those folks doing the new notification stuff13:59
asacrZr: not yet sure14:00
ftaasac, done14:05
asacok travelling14:12
ftai need to add a depend on libcanberra0 too14:12
rZri am unsure too14:12
rZrbut this will be good14:12
rZri'll may also go the gsm expo in barcelonna14:13
ftaasac, damn, libcanberra0 is not on all arches, and not on hardy.14:24
=== asac_ is now known as asac
asacat beenm added to ffox too?15:50
asacfta: oops ... i means : was libcanberra been added to ffox too? or just for tbird?15:50
* asac cannot type with gloves on15:50
asac    * jaunty sparc Successfully built (DONE)15:58
asac    * jaunty powerpc Successfully built (DONE)15:58
asac    * jaunty lpia Successfully built (DONE)15:58
asac    * jaunty ia64 Successfully built (DONE)15:58
asac    * jaunty i386 Successfully built (DONE)15:58
asac    * jaunty hppa Successfully built (DONE)15:58
asac    * jaunty armel Successfully built (DONE)15:58
asac    * jaunty amd64 Successfully built (DONE)15:58
asaclibcanberra that is15:58
asacbut right. a bit of a pity ... but we can add that lib to PPA just15:59
asacas backports15:59
asacok off for a while ... preparing for train ride ;)16:01
asaccu later16:01
ftaasac, it's loaded dynamically so it's meant for ff and tb, or xul and tb. with the latter, xulapps get it for free17:34
ftaasac, http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libcanberra&searchon=sourcenames&suite=all&section=all17:35
asacfta: how is it dynamically loaded? dlopen or by being linked against an optional component like mozgnome?18:10
ftaasac, http://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/rev/a873ac2554396b2984523c13952fe89c4758daf2#l8918:14
ftathere's nothing in configure :(18:15
asacfta: looks good. we dont need it at build time ;)18:16
asacso adding a Recommends to xulrunner should be sufficient18:17
asac(unless KDE folks go mad again)18:17
asac(in that case Suggests)18:17
ftasure but if it's not at build time, we look the ${shlibs:Depends} magic18:17
asacfta: yes. thats why we should add a Recommends18:17
asacit isnt mandatory anyway18:17
ftai checked, it could be in Depends, it doesn't drag gnome libs with it18:17
asacfta: it does18:18
asacfta: libpulse18:18
asacRecommends is good18:18
asacquestion is whether suggests. depends isnt needed i think18:18
* asac on a call18:18
ftano, it doesn't drag pulse in, http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/libcanberra018:18
asac$ apt-cache show libcanberra0 | grep libpulse18:20
asacDepends: libasound2 (>> 1.0.18), libc6 (>= 2.4), libltdl7 (>= 2.2.4), libogg0 (>= 1.0rc3), libpulse0 (>= 0.9.8), libtdb1, libvorbis0a (>= 1.1.2), libvorbisfile3 (>= 1.1.2)18:20
asaclook in jaunty (http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/libcanberra0 is intrepid)18:21
ftabad then18:21
asacRecommends: is ok imo  ... does what we want on gnome and probably kde will complain ... but lets wait for that first18:22
asacor add it as Depends: explicitly of -gnome-support18:22
ftai need to ask to mventnor if there's a minimum version of libcanberra required, otherwise, it need to put that in my ppa too18:24
ftaI already have 99 packages :P18:24
asacfta: you can ... but you dont need to ;)18:25
asacits optional after all ;)18:25
* fta should not type with frozen hands18:25
asachopefully the SONAME version properly reflects canberra requirements:18:26
asaclibcanberra = PR_LoadLibrary("libcanberra.so.0");18:26
asacso if we believe in the mightiness of canberra folks this means that they didnt break ABI ;)18:26
ftait's a really young library, i have serious doubts18:27
asacyeah ;) ... we should discover that then and request demotion from main if they proofed that they didnt care about ABI18:27
asacbut from what i see just a very few symbols are used by moz18:28
ftait's a dep of epiphany-*18:28
asacso hopefully those are stable18:28
asacyeah. i assume its properly tracked ABI then18:28
asacif it breaks we have to hunt them down18:28
asacso in theory intrepid version should be ok too18:29
ftawell, read the bug18:30
fta> +typedef struct _ca_context ca_context;18:30
fta> Is it worth copying this stuff from libcanberra, or should we just have a18:30
fta> configure check so that this code is only built when libcanberra dev headers18:30
fta> are installed?18:30
ftaDefinitely worth it, maybe reconsider at a later stage. libcanberra is very18:30
ftanew, only GNOME 2.24 has it as a new dependency.18:30
asacyes ... so all fine imo18:30
asaceither make a hard depends on moz-gnome-support18:31
asacor a Recommends: on xulrunner-1.918:31
asaci guess the former is what we want without causing fud among kde folks18:31
ftai already made it Recommends: of xul 1.9.1/2. i'm tempted to make it a Dep of -*gnome-* too but for that, i must push it to my ppa18:32
ftabecause i do all my stuff for hardy too18:33
asacfta: hmm ... didnt you say you pushed a new xul 1.9.2 snapshot with my last commit?18:33
asacall fine. just have find out what you referred to with "done" ;)18:33
ftatoo bad i don't have stats for my ppa, i would seriously consider dropping things that are no longer needed18:33
ftalast commit of when? i did xul yesterday eve18:34
asacfta: you should ask pitti ... i think he has some nice scripts used to identify rotten things in the main archive18:34
asace.g. stuff that is in main, but doesnt have a depends in main anymore18:34
asacand so on18:34
ftahow will it help me?18:35
asacand a bunch of other consistency scripts18:35
asacfta: it will find stuff that isnt required anymore ;)18:35
ftai just need usage stats18:35
asacthats a differen thing then ;)18:35
asaci would say that you shouldnt feel obliged to continue stuff for which you never get any feedback18:35
asacjust keep the head builds for now ... until we have ~ubuntu-mozilla-daily or something18:36
asaci just feel relucaant to add new teams for each and every use case... since soon multi-ppas-per-user/team will be available18:36
ftai thought about ubuntu-mozilla-releases with just milestones, not snapshots18:38
asacfta: yeah. we can have plenty of topics18:38
asacubuntu-mozilla-milestones, ubuntu-mozilla-per-commit18:39
asaci will check when multi PPAs will land18:40
asacif thats longer than one month ahead i am not sure i want to wait ;)18:40
asacalso stuff like:18:41
asacubuntu-mozilla-ports-1.9.2 (e.g. every embedding stuff built against 1.9.2 snapshots)18:41
asacauto triggered respins when xulrunner receives a new commit ;)18:42
asacprobably a waste of power though ;)18:42
ftano way it could work with our work-flow. It would need partial rebuilds18:47
ftaat least for trunk18:47
fabrice_spasac: about your previous comment. Does that mean that all the extension changes has to be done in bazar? Even things like the one in Bug #286225?18:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 286225 in vimperator "[intrepid] iceweasel-vimperator: Depends: iceweasel (>= 3.0~) but it is not instalable" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28622518:50
fabrice_sp(and is there a kind of tutorial/wiki on bazar usage. If for extension, better!)18:51
fabrice_spI'm refering to this one: <asac> fabrice_sp: if you do something please do it in the bzr branches ;)18:51
asacfabrice_sp: no. would be beneficial to move that to bzr, but if its synched from debian we can keep it out18:54
asacfabrice_sp: if you start to package something new, take a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Extensions ... there are packaging links too18:56
asacfta: what do you mean by "partial rebuilds"?18:56
asacyou mean PPAs wont be able to catch up?18:56
asacto produce a package for each and every commit in -central?18:57
asacjcastro: gwibber crashed on me :/ no crash file though18:57
asaci sent something ... it disappeared ... i thought it was not send and i rewrote it and posted ... suddenly both popped up18:58
ftamaybe we should restart update-notifier, it keeps a file descriptor open19:04
ftaWarning: The following processes are using deleted files:19:05
fta         Process: /usr/bin/update-notifier    PID: 8061    File: /var/lib/update-notifier/user.d/firefox-3.1-restart-required19:05
ftaUpload Warnings:19:07
ftaPPA exceeded its size limit (6319.00 of 5120.00 MiB). Ask a question in https://answers.launchpad.net/soyuz/ if you need more space.19:07
asaci had sudden death of system19:09
* asac rebooted19:09
asacthis upgrade wasnt good19:09
asaceverything is slow as hell19:09
asacdamn damn19:09
asacall worked well19:09
asacnow i am doomed19:09
asacmaybe Xorg breakage for sure19:10
asacwft XOrg 97% :(19:12
asac* Disable terminal function entirely * Add x11fnc.sh to provide several general purpose X bash functions19:13
asaccould it be that?19:14
ftadonno, i have X on hold until they solve the nvidia mess19:15
* asac tries something19:18
asacfta: 20:22 < asac> bryce: tjaalton: seems like enabling exa caused this. going for Xaa makes things go back to normal  (https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/1:
asac20:22 < asac> bryce: tjaalton: what info do you need? i would love to have this fixed ... but in worst case we have to  exclude this card from exa i think. let me knew19:24
asacso i am lucky and back to normal :)19:24
* asac rides the bleeding edge19:24
ftai have a bunch of /tmp/plugtmp/plugin--xxxx left behind19:27
ftaWarning: File '/tmp/plugtmp/plugin--1171' (score: 210) contains some suspicious content and should be checked.19:27
ftaWarning: File '/tmp/plugtmp/plugin--2758' (score: 200) contains some suspicious content and should be checked.19:27
ftaWarning: File '/tmp/plugtmp/plugin-' (score: 210) contains some suspicious content and should be checked.19:27
ftaWarning: File '/tmp/plugtmp/plugin--1012' (score: 210) contains some suspicious content and should be checked.19:27
ftafirefox ?19:27
asacshort live bug 31588919:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315889 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "EXA has severe performance impact on ATI R580 (X1900)" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31588919:33
ddeathI would like to swap button set on awesomebar activation/deactivation event19:59
ddeathI have found openAutocompletePopup method, but I need rather something like popuphidde20:00
saivannasac : ping20:06
asacsaivann: yes?20:09
wikzfta: what's the diff between install/$(DEB_MOZ_APPLICATION):: and the .install files ?20:09
saivannasac : I wanted to know if you still have someone who's working to setup rosetta for thunderbird/sunbird/lightning translation in ubuntu?20:10
ftawikz, in the *.install files, you cannot rename anything, and you can't do anything conditionally20:10
wikzfta: apart from permissions can be set in the rules file?20:10
asacsaivann: hard to say ;) ... i hoped for full xpi support before the roll out20:10
wikzfta: and which one superseedes the other? I mean if I have the same set of files, will it have any adverse effect20:11
ddeathWhere can I find help about developing firefox20:11
saivannasac : Does that need some changes in rosetta itself? If no, I can start working on this20:11
asacddeath: http://developer.mozilla.org/20:11
ftawikz, both are applied, i think the files are first but you should not depend on that20:12
asacsaivann: i think there are multiple steps: 1. get the template whitelisted, so that builds/uploads get digested and the template taken from there20:13
ftaasac, http://www.sofaraway.org/ubuntu/tmp/mozcentral-commits.png20:13
wikzfta: reason is that I need to get rid of the executable-not-elf-or-script warnings and I was thinking if I take the install -m route, it is the best. what do you say ?20:13
asac2. get me to enabling more applications for po2xpi on an internal host that does the translation for rosetta now20:13
asacfta: mark said that he would like to be able to have per-commit builds in his opening speech at UDS ... didnt he say that ;)?20:14
ftawikz, i have a fix perm rule already in the xul & ff packages20:14
asacafair he explictily mentioned firefox in his example ;)20:14
ftaasac, yes, i wanted to have details on that but noone i asked knew20:14
asacfta: the details are: do it ;)20:15
ftaasac, I have the bot but not the h/w20:15
asacfta: i think if we have it and there are not enough resources, we can probably raise this and disable the "per-commit" thing to be a "three-builds a day" or something20:15
saivannasac : Mmh :-/ I guess there's nothing in these steps that I can work on?20:16
asacfta: can you plumber a script together that does that so i can run that on some internal host from where we can upload tarballs in a second?20:16
asacsaivann: you can20:16
asacsaivann: you can get the first step done ... talk to arnegoetje20:16
asacsaivann: ask him "why arent the thunderbird templates there"20:16
asacbut first:20:17
asaccheck that after a tbird build there is a directory debian/lp-xpi-export/ or something20:17
asacbut now that i think about it ;)20:17
asacsaivann: can you please try to build depend on mozilla-devscripts for tbird20:17
asacand look in debian/rules of firefox 320:18
asac# translation flags20:18
asacMOZ_TRANSLATION_AUTO_XPI_OUTDIR := debian/lp-export-xpis/20:18
asacinclude /usr/share/mozilla-devscripts/lp-locale-export.mk20:18
asacalso look at the binary-post-install/$(DEBIAN_NAME):: in firefox 3 debian/rules20:19
ftaasac, I can upload in a few secs from work too ;)20:19
asacthere we add the install.rdf to the en-US.xpi (which is produced from lp-locale-export.mk automagically)20:19
saivannasac : I see, this is how Firefox is actually translated, right? That means that I can use it as a good example for Thunderbird?20:19
asacsaivann: yes20:20
asacsaivann: you need to provide the template to launchpad20:20
asacputting a en-US.xpi in debian/lp-export-xpis/ serves for that purpose20:20
asacthe lp-export-export.mk is what produces a langpack .xpi from a build-tree20:20
saivannasac : This is the first time that I do this, I'll begin and see if I get some relevant work20:21
asacsaivann: yeah. should be not too hard. first stell. add the lines from above to debian/rules20:21
asacsecond step: verify that a build really has something in MOZ_TRANSLATION_AUTO_XPI_OUTDIR after the build has finished20:21
ddeathThere's not seperate IRC channel??20:22
asacif thats the case you just need to add the install.rdf somehow ... because that file cannot be magically produced by lp-locale-export.mk20:22
asacddeath: for what?20:22
ddeathFor developing question20:22
asacwhat kind of question?20:22
ddeathFor example for extension maker20:22
asacextension stuff is definitly different channel than firefox core stuff ;)20:22
ddeathI will changing icons on awesomebar in some events(on focus)20:22
ddeathAnd I can do it.20:22
saivannasac : Thank you very much for these informations, I'll start working and get back to you once I'll have some work done20:23
ddeathBut I cannot receive situation if user exit from popup20:23
asacddeath: you mean "mouse leave" event?20:23
asacsaivann: thanks. start with tbird from bzr branch is probably the best ;)20:24
asac(or apt-get source jaunty) ;)20:24
ddeathSomethink like focus stollen20:24
ddeathEvents which occurs when popup hiddes20:24
asacddeath: maybe you could use .css to achieve what you want?20:28
ddeath:focus pseudoclass??20:29
asacsomething like that yes.20:29
ddeathI don't see20:29
asaci think would be more practical as doing all the addEvent/removeEventListener20:29
asacat some point forgetting something and then messing memory up ;)20:29
saivannasac : Oh, thanks for the hint :)20:29
asacddeath: you can basically listen for everything for everything: like: http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/search?string=addEventListener shows a bunch of things20:31
asacddeath: anyway, I think #extdev on irc.mozilla.org is the resource you want ;)20:31
wikzfta: the file spicebird in the root directory is the main app launcher and is marked executable but doesn't start with a #!/bin/sh which and so lintian complains. what should I do? use a lintian override?20:47
wikzfta: the fix-perm worked wonderfully otherwise, thanks :)20:48
ftawikz, the idea of my fix perm is also to log, so it could be reported and fixed upstream20:48
ftawikz, by app launcher, you mean *.desktop file or a script in /usr/bin?20:49
wikzfta: yes20:49
wikzfta: in fact it has a #!/bin/sh line but it's commented out. I will report upstream who sits next to me :)20:49
wikzfta: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103268/20:50
ftayep bad, line 37 must be 1st20:51
wikzfta: also about the xpm warning. since 0.7 has already been tagged how should I rectify the warning, we had a png for a menu icon20:52
ftayou have both?20:53
wikzwe have an xpm but it's 48X4820:54
wikzso another problem20:54
wikzso even if I link to it, it complains20:54
wikzmenu-icon-too-big /usr/share/pixmaps/spicebird.xpm: 48x48 > 32x3220:54
ftadon't you have a png somewhere in the tree?20:55
wikzyup I do20:55
ftacan't you use that?20:57
wikzfta: but lintian says not to use pngs for menu :E: spicebird: menu-icon-not-in-xpm-format /usr/share/pixmaps/spicebird.png . If that is acceptable, then I will go for a lintian override.20:59
ftawikz, i would use a png or a svg and use "Icon=foo" without extension in the desktop file, that's perfectly fine. imho, xpm should be deprecated21:01
wikzfta: :)21:02
ftaperfectly fine.. in ubuntu. for debian, i don't know how picky they are for that21:03
wikzfta: well, I will tell them upstream doesn't provide any ;)21:07
ftamozilla dropped support for xpm last year21:10
ftahttps://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/+source/openoffice.org/1:3.0.1~rc1-2ubuntu1  !!21:15
ftaat last21:15
asacurgh ... scary21:18
asacupdate-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-2.6.27-7-generic21:18
asacSegmentation fault21:18
asachelp ... now its:21:19
asacupdate-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-2.6.27-9-generic21:19
asacIllegal instruction21:19
asacSegmentation fault21:19
asacthe beginning of the end?21:19
ftayou're doomed21:21
* asac doesnt want a broken initramfs :(21:21
asacand this happens after i invested about an hour to get this system working without monitor (e.g. had to remove graphics card)21:21
ftaopenoffice.org_3.0.1~rc1-2ubuntu1.diff.gz  (95.8 MiB)21:23
ftalol, 100M compressed21:23
ftaopenoffice.org_3.0.1~rc1.orig.tar.gz  (319.7 MiB)  d'oh!21:23
asacok creawting a new ramfs21:24
asacplease please please21:24
asacit worked \o/21:24
asacbut dpkg --configure -a tries it again :(21:25
* asac prays21:25
asacand reboots21:25
asacok no ping anymore :( ... lets hope it comes back ;)21:26
asacwhat makes this even more shaky is the fact that its the first server running with NM-only in the universe i guess ;)21:27
asacits back!!!!21:27
asaci always new that NM is superior :-)21:27
wikzfta: why doesn't sb not show up in system>preferences>preferred applications ? isn't a .menu file enough?21:33
ftapreferred application is not using .menu21:35
ftait's directly in gnome-control-center21:38
asacsomeone should step up and make that configurable21:38
asacthough i even heard that gnome folks said that making it too easy to change wasnt good (though idont see much sense in it)21:38
ftalast year, i patched it to add ff3.0 => http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11676540/gnome-control-center_2.21.90-0ubuntu2~fta1.diff.gz21:39
ftaapps should be able to register themselves in there21:39
asacyeah i agree22:01
=== asac_ is now known as asac
whiteasac: so, i am somewhat online now :)23:12
whiteasac: pretty cold here actually :/23:12
whiteasac: can you prepare and upload fixed xulrunner packages to stable-security? Looks like I'll take that DSA as well :)23:12
whiteasac: and are you doing iceweasel or should I talk to Eric?23:12
whiteasac: i can also help you tomorrow, I'll have more time then :)23:13
asacwhite: eric is responsible for iceweasel23:14
asaci can look into xul tomorrow too then23:14
whitecool, thanks :)23:14
ftaasac, seamonkey needs love in ubuntu too :(23:45

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