CRXLPYmythfilldatabase segfaults in libmyth-0.22.so.000:04
CRXLPYall my mysql.txt's are identical00:26
superm1crxdvr, every time you run apt you're being asked to reconfigure?00:59
superm1that's not right...00:59
superm1even *with* the lastest updates?00:59
superm1if you put the right stuff in00:59
superm1i think there was something wrong with the last set regarding that00:59
superm1and that segfault, i'm really not sure, what are you doing when it seg faults?00:59
CRXLPYI just got done removing all mythtv stuff and reinstalling by selecting top level pkgs only and letting it select only what it wanted01:00
CRXLPYok it is at the menu01:01
CRXLPYwell that did it, I think01:05
CRXLPYmust have still had a bad pkg from the wknds mess up01:05
CRXLPYand I also have the pop-up telling me to reconfigure mythtvdatabase01:08
superm1if you hit the button in the window, it shouldnt come back01:12
superm1hitting the X won't have the same effect01:12
CRXLPYmythbuntu-control-center was un installed when I deselected the mythtv pkgs. I just reinstalled only that....and was NOT told to reconfigure mythtv-database01:12
superm1i'll have to double check the scripting in there01:12
superm1problem is it's so hard to reproduce certain user's situations :)01:12
CRXLPYI know, I am sorry for not giving better info. I want to try01:14
Zinnwhen pasting more than 5 lines of data please use http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com so you don't flood the channel.  Then please post the link in the channel.01:15
erbanyone have a good vlc lircrc file for mceusb01:15
erbalso is it normal for most of the stream features not to work01:15
erblike youtube for instance01:15
CRXLPYrhpot1991 lol01:15
superm1erb, if you run mythbuntu-lirc-generator, is that lircrc not good?01:17
erbit looks good01:18
erblike the ones i find online01:18
erbbut it doesnt seem to work01:18
erball i've done for lirc config is go into the control center and enable Microsoft Media Center Remote (philips rc6 or something)01:19
CRXLPYhmmm superm1 I could run mythtv with no addons and the minimal options, but as soon as open mcc and use it to select all plugins and themes, I am back to segfaults01:20
erb# LIRCRC Auto Generated by Mythbuntu Lirc Generator01:20
erbthats the tag line for the vlc one01:20
erbhmm maybe i gotta run it with the --enable-lirc tag01:27
erbyep that was the problem01:36
erbhad to use the --enable-lirc tag01:36
erbmy mythfrontend.real process is taking up 71.6% cpu playing this movie and it doesnt seem to matter if i use vlc or Internal01:37
CRXLPYshould I see 2 mythbackend --daemon running?01:41
CRXLPYdifferent pid01:41
CRXLPYok, then something is not killing the current mythbackend b4 starting one following reconfig01:43
superm1CRXLPY, so it's likely either a theme or a plugin causing it01:43
superm1you can add them one by one and see which does it i guess?01:43
superm1erb, yeah you have to turn it on in the option or run it with that parameter01:43
CRXLPYyup, I am uninstalling theme in turn till the issue leaves.  already removed all themes but mythbuntu01:44
CRXLPYI meant I am trimming [plugins now01:46
superm1mythbuntu theme might not be 0.22 compatible yet too01:52
superm1so it's quite possible that causes the problems01:52
CRXLPYwell I was trying to not remove any base items, but that is a good point01:53
superm1it' probably more likely to be a plugin than a theme i'd think01:55
CRXLPYmust be, I took out all themes, and still crashing01:56
superm1especially any 3rd party plugins01:56
superm1that dont come from the regular mythplugins packages01:56
CRXLPYonly if they are in synaptic01:58
superm1there are several...01:58
CRXLPYI havent gotten any elsewhere, so that narrows things01:58
superm1mythstream i bet is the cause if anything01:59
superm1do you have it installed?01:59
CRXLPYit happened with it in or out I believe. I will make note of it02:00
CRXLPYat least backend is working, according to mythweb one of my tuners is recording02:01
w33d5any problems running mediatomb ontop of mythbuntu?02:03
=== tritium_ is now known as tritium
CRXLPYjust uninstalled any mythtv file, only selected "mythtv" for install. now mythtv opens up02:36
superm1CRXLPY, so still dont know which one did it then...02:52
CRXLPYworking on it02:52
CRXLPYputting things in one by one02:52
superm1ah okay good02:52
CRXLPYmythbrowser or its dep libmyth-0.21  is the culprit superm102:56
CRXLPYsuperm1 it is mythbrowser   it  still works with libmyth-0.21 installed02:59
superm1CRXLPY, oh yeah mythbrowser isn't built for 0.2203:05
superm1so yeah just dont use it03:05
CRXLPYahhh, I see that in the version now03:06
CRXLPYnever used it in 0.2103:07
CRXLPYstill testing the rest, will let you know of any additional failures03:12
CRXLPYeverything is fine so far. I am gonna say it was my poor screening of pkgs allowing a non-trunk pkg to get mixed in03:18
CRXLPYbut.....  the menu item no longer starts mythfrontend, no feedback at all.  I must start in a terminal then it runs fine03:20
CRXLPYhmmm neither the mythtv frontend icon nor the exit icon in the start do anything when clicked on. other things work03:26
superm1oh that's not good03:28
superm1the packaging is the same for both, so can you file a bug against the mythtv package?03:28
CRXLPYI can still run mythfrontend in a term03:28
CRXLPYwhat exactly is the bug ? that the mythfrontend pkg does not set up the xfce menu correctly?03:31
superm1yeah that the link doesn't work correctly03:32
superm1put in the package version you've got03:33
CRXLPYspoke too soon, I used ctl-alt-bs to get x to restart and now I am back to the frontend crashing and I have the "Your session lasted less than 10 seconds......" dialog. when I click OK X restarts and I am back at the 10sec msg03:35
CRXLPYhmm now I see mythfrontend running as well as the backend (ps aux) but I dont see mythtv anywhere03:37
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novice_geekThis is my first time on an IRC channel, so please forgive me if I make any mistakes.  The problem I am currently having is with Mythbuntu 8.10 running on a Dell Dimension 2400 desktop with 768MB of RAM and a 2.4GHz P4.  The machine has a 3-disk Linux RAID with a 100GB RAID-5 for the videos and a 10GB mirrored RAID that spans all three volumes.  The tuner card is a Hauppauge PVR-350.  I am trying to use a DirecTV D1004:54
novice_geek-200 SD Receiver with this card, and at this point, I am only concerned with getting the coaxial or S-Video inputs to display.  I have setup the inputs, added channels on "Tuner-1", and setup guide data using SD.  Whenever I select "Watch TV", I am taken to a blank screen and the frontend locks up for approximately 60 seconds.  This happens on both the frontend/backend and on the frontend on my laptop.  I have upload04:54
novice_geeked my logs using the built-in feature.  They are at:  http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/f1d2aaad8  Thanks for any help!  I greatly appreciate it.04:54
dashcloudnovice_geek: if you set up more than one input on the card, try pressing C to change the input- I've had it sometimes be on the wrong input05:15
novice_geekI've tried pressing C, but nothing happens.  I can literally bang on the keyboard and nothing will happen.  It's as if the frontend has crashed.05:16
dashcloudthis worries me somewhat: DirecTV is defined, but isn't attached to a cardinput. (From the log)05:18
rhpot1991!blank% | novice_geek05:18
Zinnnovice_geek: If you try to watch tv and are greeted with a blank screen and a return to the menu then please check the permissions on your recording directory.  It should be owned by mythtv:mythtv, have permissions of 775, and not be inside your home directory05:18
rhpot1991check that05:18
rhpot1991may not be your issue05:18
rhpot1991I think you may need an external channel changer script as well05:18
novice_geekI've redone the ownership settings a few times earlier (just to be sure), so that  shouldn't be the problem (they are what you say they should be, btw).  I was having some issues with the directv.pl script that's floating around on the web, so I'd like to just go without it for the time being if possible05:19
novice_geekI would like to see it work before I move on to getting it to change the channel05:20
dashcloudnovice_geek: that's okay- you just have to be extra careful about not changing the channel from the mythbox then05:20
dashcloudyou've run through each step (except for maybe storage group?) in mythsetup?05:22
novice_geekActually, I have run through all of them.  I changed the storage directories to /stor/default and /stor/live and /stor/db_backup (/stor is a RAID-5, and I didn't think to mount it in the default storage directory when I set it up)05:24
dashcloudyou made sure to set connections on your card, picked a valid channel to start at, connected at least one connection to a video source, and picked a pvr-x50 card right?05:28
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rhpot1991I'd just record channel 3 and run coax into the tuner05:29
rhpot1991!help | dgarr05:30
Zinndgarr: Use ! followed by a topic to get help on the topic (if it exists) example: !logs.  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].  For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi05:30
rhpot1991use | to direct, also you don' t need to direct to yourself :)05:30
ZinnI am alive.05:30
ZinnMythTV logs are stored in /var/log/mythtv/   You can use mythbuntu-log-grabber from the Applications menu or via command line to automatically post the most relevant logs to our pastebin.05:31
novice_geekok, I do have coax AND an S-Video cable setup currently (I'm trying everything to get SOMETHING to show on the screen.)  According to mythtv-setup, the card is probed as a "Hauppauge WinTV PVR-350 [ivtv]".  The device is /dev/video0, which is also right.  Default input is "Tuner 1", which is fine for now.  I have two video sources setup, one is test_video1, which appears to be setup for Schedules Direct.  The DirecTV05:35
novice_geek video source is also configured for Schedules Direct, and has the local DirecTV lineup setup.  I'm not using this last one currently.  On the inputs page, Tuner 1 is setup for "video_test1", and the rest are setup to None.  Tuner 1 doesn't have a present channel or a channel change command setup.  It is set to "Starting channel 2", which should be three, which is what I set it to, but it appears to have reverted to05:35
dashcloudwell, the only other thing I can think of is testing the card itself to make sure it works05:40
rhpot1991sounds like you need to check your mythtv-setup05:40
novice_geekI did try that earlier using cat, and I did get the bouncing DirecTV logo, so it seems to be working05:41
rhpot1991remove all channels that aren't 305:41
rhpot1991mythtv will try to tune the last channel when you go to watch tvc05:41
novice_geekok, I deleted all channels, and added channel 3.  I also reset the starting channel for tuner 1 to channel 3.  It is still doing the weird lock-up when I try to watch live tv05:46
tritiumgrr, fresh install of mythbuntu 8.10, and setting password for mythweb in MCC results in "Database Access Denied"08:15
tritiumI also see that despite having set password in MCC, /var/www/mythweb/.htaccess is a broken symlink to /etc/mythtv/mythweb-htaccess08:16
tritiumI've set the passwd multiple times in MCC, and each time it fails.  If I close and reopen MCC, the password entry box is empty.08:22
* tritium reinstalls08:23
tritiumI recall this same thing happened when I installed mythbuntu 8.0408:41
d0netsFNhey is there a nice app for nix to burn wmv's to dvd?08:46
bsusacould someone please help me, how do i install flash on the mythbuntu frontend to play online videos?10:23
tritiumbsusa: install the flashplugin-nonfree package10:25
bsusathing is i already have it installed and when i play youtube videos from the back end i can see the videos playing, but when i browse using the frontend it says i need to install the flash plugin.10:29
bsusaim not sure what to do?10:30
lagatritium: it's intentional that the password vanishes. it's not intentional that it breaks DB access :)10:30
lagabsusa: are you talking about mythbrowser?10:30
lagayou probably need to install the nspluginwrapper for konqueror10:32
bsusadoes mythbrower use konqueror by defailt10:34
lagait uses khtml i think10:35
bsusacan u switch it to use firefox10:35
bsusaby default10:36
lagayou can tell mythtv to use firefox instead of mythbrowser, but i'm not sure if that's gonna work well. no remote interface etc10:40
bsusaill try a couple of things brb10:44
tritiumlaga: yes, I would assume that's not intentional ;)10:48
bsusahello again11:15
bsusano luck, thats weird that they dont allow watching flash on MythBrowser11:15
lagaworks for me :)11:20
bsusahow did u get it workings11:23
bsusaplease show me how?11:23
lagai installed nspluginwrapper for konqueror, then installed the flash plugin and that's about it11:25
lagamaybe i had to enable it in konqueror11:25
bsusait doesnt use knoquerer by default though11:26
bsusait uses its own browser or umthing11:27
bsusacan i just use firefox for it or is konqueror better compatablility wiew11:31
bsusaany ideas please11:37
lagayes, but it will use konqueror's settings11:42
lagaso if it works in konqueror, it should work in mythbrowser11:51
bsusaok i installed konqueror then it asks me to install the flash plugin, i goto youtube and its still saying i need to install flash. Any ideas?12:25
bsusai can now see the flash window in Konqueror when im in youtube, its just a square gray block with sound coming out when it plays, then i close off the page and it plays the video. It seems to play videos when it feels like it13:01
bsusai dont know whats going on now very weird?13:01
bsusau still their laga?13:01
_akuma624_system info:14:48
_akuma624_- P4 @ 2.0 GHz14:48
_akuma624_- 1.5 GB RAM14:48
_akuma624_- 700 GB HD14:49
_akuma624_- PVR-150 Capture Card14:49
_akuma624_- NVIDIA Vid Card14:49
_akuma624_- OS - Mythbuntu 8.0414:49
_akuma624_reception via Coax - to PVR-150 card is "less than desierable"14:50
_akuma624_having difficulties establishing S-Video In - from DirecTV STP (D11) to PVR-15014:51
_akuma624_so i get reception (just very poor) from the directv stb - when connecting via coax15:03
_akuma624_but nothing when connecting from s-video15:03
_akuma624_when making the switch - i do change the backend tuner setup and input connections - but i may be missing something15:03
RobertLaptopI have the same card and it was working fine under 8.0415:16
RobertLaptopHow long of a run is the cable?15:16
mikecharestif the picture looks bad on the coax then it maybe bad signal.  how does that cable look plugged in to a tv?15:28
_akuma624_cable looks good when connected via coax from directv - to - tv15:35
_akuma624_the reception when connected via coax to myth - is seems to be mainly the following15:35
_akuma624_bad color15:35
_akuma624_artifacts - "noise"15:36
_akuma624_general "soft" look to the picture15:36
_akuma624_maybe I'm just too obsessive about the picture quality15:36
mikecharestremember it it is only SIF res15:37
_akuma624_oh yeah - i forgot to mention - dvd playback from myth to tv - when connected via coax - is spot on15:37
_akuma624_quality is good15:37
gregL_Anyone using the weekly trunk builds? If so any gotchas ?17:52
RobertLaptopOther then the fact they seem to be updated more then weekly none so far.17:56
RobertLaptopI am using the fixbranch not the one following development.17:57
gregL_RobertLaptop, : Thanks for the feed back..I am interested the trunk version...i am running trunk now,but i am looking for a bit more control over my system...18:04
RobertLaptopsorry never had the spare hardware around to run a trunk version and myth has enough issues with the stable version I waf would disappear if I tried to run truck.18:05
superm1gregL_, well there is no going back to fixes after you try trunk..18:15
superm1gregL_, but they're vdpau enabled, and fun18:16
ernstpFor MythVideo, does the Internal player support mkv subtitles?18:49
gregL_superm1: Yeah,I know. This is on a test machine so it really don't matter... I like to tinker... Thanks for your efforts..19:10
Kurtismanybody have any experience setting mythbuntu up with a TechnoTrend S2-3600?19:38
Kurtismusb dvb device19:38
bmsleightHi - I trying to look at my photos using upnp. I am using djmount and can play recordings using upnp. I can view my photos in mythGallery using mythfrontend.19:56
bmsleightUsing djmount with upnp I can see:-19:56
bmsleightMusic  Recordings  _search19:56
bmsleightAny ideas on what I doing wrong ?19:56
tqftam having problems with nuvexport - Waited too long for mythtranscode to create its fifos.  Please try again.20:12
tritiumWhat's the manual method of configuring mythweb security/access, since it doesn't get correctly setup by the installer or by MCC?20:22
tritiumManually create /etc/mythtv/mythweb-htaccess, and then symlink it to /var/www/mythweb/.htaccess?  And if so, how to create a proper .htaccess file?20:23
MythbuntuGuest68what is the path to the cover art for videos on myth?20:28
tritiumBizarre!  Now mythweb is asking for username/password, yet /var/www/mythweb/.htaccess is still a broken symlink.  How is that working without it?20:30
tritiumHmm, and I see that the mysql password isn't what I set it to during installation either.20:37
mgeringHow do I recover my lirc? I added ir transmit support from MCC and that broke my remote support. With MCC I unset my ir support and when I applied the change, the progress is stuck.21:06
tritiummgering: MCC is very buggy.21:10
mikedep333hi, I'm attempting to install mythtv on my PS3, which does not have a tv tuner and has less than 256MB of ram. I intend to use it to play media files locally, play them over the network, and run emulators.21:10
mikedep333when I startup the frontend, it complains it can't connect to a server. Do I need to install mythtv backend? I thought that was only if you had a PVR.21:10
mgeringtritium: Ok. I'll blow that away. I tried to start lirc and it hangs at "Loading LIRC modules"21:12
tritiummgering: good luck, I'm struggling with mythweb access right now21:17
tritiumGotta love Database Access Denied...21:18
tritiummgering: I'd advice avoiding MCC whenever possible.  Stick to cli, if you can.21:20
mgeringtritium: Good advice, thanks. What is your mythweb problem?21:20
tritiummgering: setting up username/password to secure it.  Doesnt' work through installer as it should, and doesn't work through MCC as it should, so now I'm stuck with "Database Access Denied21:21
w33d5does anyone run OSSEC on their MythTv box?  are there any issues?21:21
mgeringtritium: sorry, I have no experience with that. GOod luck.21:22
tritiummgering: thanks21:22
tritiumgood luck to you too, mgering21:22
mikedep333you know what, I'm just going to setup all the backend stuff on my home server when I get home21:23
tritiummikedep333: yes, you need a backend21:25
w33d5also i just installed mythbuntu on a mac mini and i was wondering -- are all IR recievers the same or since its an apple do i need to use the apple IR receiver listed on install? i have a logitech harmony 520 remote so i'm thinking i can essentially set it up to mimic any type of remote /// does the IR receive just pick up any IR transmitted or are they remote specific?21:27
PatrickMoranHello all. I'm having some trouble with a mythtv installation. Specifically the remote. It is the CoolCommand remote that comes with a Winfast TV2000XP RM (bttv). Anyone mind helping out?21:44
PatrickMoranSpecifically, my problem is that the remote seems to be being supported by newer V4L drivers, not lirc. This is causing X to see the remote as another keyboard. Therefore, the number keys work and the power button causes the computer to shut down, but the rest of the buttons cause no input (they don't even register in xev).21:46
htpchello, I have a question with regards to antec cases and the LCD in mythtv21:50
rhpot1991htpc: which one?21:50
htpcok I have soundgraph 0038 device and have managed to get the remote (partially( working with codeka forum, also the LCD responds to sudo LCDd -f -r 421:51
htpcIi can adjust brightness in the LCDd.conf file and the goodbye message so principally it works, I have a suspision that I might need to have an .lircrc setting for lcd driver but I am not sure21:52
htpcI have activated LCD in mythtv appearance but I cannot get any ouput from  there onto the LCD21:52
htpcthats the one in the Antec fusion black remote case22:01
rhpot1991htpc: all I can tell you is to look at this:22:02
ZinnSorry I don't know about antecblack22:03
ZinnIf you are having trouble setting up the LCD on the Antec Fusion v2 Black or its other integrated devices, check out this Wiki Article: http://wiki.foxmediasystems.com/index.php/Antec_Fusion_v2_Black_LCD22:03
htpccheckin that22:04
PatrickMoranIf this info helps anybody, my winfast remote triggers all the right events when I test it with a `sudo evtest /dev/input/event6` if I run it from a real console, but registers no events if I run it from a terminal emulator in X.22:44
superm1tritium, what about mcc is buggy?23:51
superm1and what didnt work in the installer?23:52

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