Myrttiok, now that I've test driven my new toothpaste from the pink tube(!), I'm off00:10
Tm_TMyrtti: night00:10
Myrttihttp://www.dekolehti.fi/dm/file.phtml?id=1833 <-- ♥ 00:11
* Myrtti runs to bed00:12
nickspoonNight Myrtti :)00:14
Jack_Sparrow`o computer is free02:24
Seeker`Jack_Sparrow: if its free, i'll have it :)02:26
Jack_SparrowSeeker`, I have stacks of em..02:27
=== tritium_ is now known as tritium
ubottuThe operation succeeded.03:00
Flannelnickrud: What on earth was up with that?03:31
nickrudthat is a very good question03:31
nickrudmarkpee, you have no authority to tell someone they will be removed03:32
markpeeI am just trying to keep things in order...03:33
markpeedose that not help everyone ??03:33
Flannelmarkpee: What was he doing wrong exactly?03:33
nickrudhe was not being obtrusive, asking for help with a particular issue every 5 - 10 minutes, exactly as we ask03:34
markpeeI see my assistance is not welcome here. Goodbye.03:35
FlannelAlright then.03:35
Flannel@mark markpee03:36
ubottuThe operation succeeded.03:36
FlannelHi Lexvegas, how can we help you?03:37
LexvegasI oops, i accidentally opened the channel, sorry!03:38
Lexvegassee ya03:38
FlannelOh hey, bantracker is working again03:41
Flannelalbeit slowly03:42
elkbuntubluesmoke, how can we help?04:04
=== bluesmoke_ is now known as Amaranth
Amaranthbleh, people keep doing that to me :P04:05
elkbuntui pictured you more as purple smoke, but ok04:05
Amaranthbluesmoke is what comes out of your computer when you have to buy a new one04:06
elkbuntuthis laptop is going so slow under ibex i keep expecting to see some of that04:06
FlannelThat's the magic smoke04:11
Flannelbluesmoke is what comes out of cars when you have oil in your engine (broken seals usually, or head gasket)04:12
Flannelblah.  Getting sloppy old man.04:41
AmaranthFlannel: It's called magic blue smoke :)05:08
Amaranth"Magic smoke (also called factory smoke, blue smoke, or magic blue smoke) refers to smoke produced by malfunctioning electronic circuits."05:09
nickrudI always called it stinky smoke myself05:09
AmaranthFlannel: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Magic_smoke.jpg <--look, it's blue :)05:09
AmaranthThat's a cool way to fry chips, btw :)05:10
nickruddang it's a slow friday/saturday. 05:31
nickrudand I like your new alias by the way05:31
Y-Towncan someone test me please.  I am on port 800105:34
elkbuntuY-Town, what nickname do you usually use05:35
Y-Townim on it  :o)05:36
nickrudJack_Smirnoff, I'd better start picking up, you better not catch me05:36
elkbuntuY-Town, is it usually all lower case maybe?05:37
Y-Townnope... just the way i have it and im identified by server as well05:37
Jack_Smirnoffforgot this was even open05:37
elkbuntuY-Town, then it will take me some time to find you in our bans list, and you'll need to be very patient05:37
Y-Townwas I bad??? lol05:38
elkbuntuY-Town, no, you were exploited.05:38
bazhangfrom Jan 405:38
elkbuntubazhang, he should be in the bots list. it was floodbot205:39
Y-Townbazhang: how you doing?  I have nnot seen u in a while... Beem a while since ive been on05:39
Y-Townwhats the exploit exactly?05:39
elkbuntui've tagged you as a victim, try in #ubuntu-read-topic again05:39
bazhang@bansearch y-town05:39
ubottuMatch: Y-Town!*@*!#ubuntu-read-topic by FloodBot2 in #ubuntu on Jan 04 2009 00:49:50 (ID: 8642)05:39
bazhangfloodbot2 05:39
elkbuntuY-Town, D C..C exploit05:40
Y-Townsomeone sending to me or me being used to send mass dcc or something?05:40
elkbuntuY-Town, your router tried to protect you, and does so by resetting it's connection05:40
elkbuntuY-Town, no, someone sending you a dcc filename that's really long, for the sole purpose of making your router kick you off05:41
Y-TownI will check the firmware in a bit......I never seen a dcc come my way05:41
elkbuntuY-Town, please read #ubuntu-read-topic 05:42
Y-Townand I know for a fact I never excepted one... bit i was using pidgin the other days which really blows on irc05:42
elkbuntuY-Town, i am trying to help you, but you're not listening to me05:43
FlannelAmaranth: Best to just not ask05:46
elkbuntuwhy do i bother?05:47
nickrudpain glutton05:47
nickrudplus the glow when someone is helped, and grateful05:48
bazhanggood of humankind05:48
nickrudbah. I do it for one person at a time05:49
Y-Townelkbuntu: Sorry... Moved router and disconnected it05:50
Y-Townelkbuntu: I read that you said read topic and I did that.  Im on port 8001 and the test did not work for me05:51
Y-Townelkbuntu: Got it thanx05:53
nickrudY-Town, floodbot3 just unbanned you, it must have worked. Try entering 05:53
Y-Townokie... now i have to try to remember my question from 20 mins ago...LOL05:53
elkbuntunickrud, i've lost faith of that ever happening06:03
elkbuntualthough, he did thank, the glow is not there06:03
nickrudelkbuntu, for me the glow comes from watching a new user have a light bulb go off. I bask in the reflection ;)06:04
nickrudsome days I gotta wade through a lot of muck though06:05
nickrudand the op work is just admin stuff. I've never enjoyed administrative work06:06
ubottubazhang called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (Anastasius henux)06:09
AmaranthDoes anyone know anything about a "club" channel? I'm a bit out of the loop06:13
nickrudclub-ubuntu? 06:13
AmaranthIf so, why haven't we gotten someone to shutdown this channel using our name?06:13
nickrudit's a loooong story, but bottom line #ubuntu* is owned by ubuntu, *-ubuntu is not according to freenode policy06:14
bazhangits ##06:14
AmaranthAlso, help in #ubuntu-offtopic06:14
ubottuCommie_Cary called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()06:14
AmaranthI don't have the proper tools for this06:14
FlannelI can't help06:14
nickrudnor can I06:15
Flannelnor can bazhang06:15
bazhangwish I could06:15
nickrudnor can jack06:15
Flannelclub is invading it seems06:15
FlannelWell, that's mature.06:15
hentaixpAmaranth, elkbuntu those users are comming from ##club-ubuntu doing that spamming crap06:16
bazhangonly a matter of time06:16
hentaixpI pmed Amaranth not sure if he got it06:16
Amaranthyeah, i got it06:16
FlannelI suppose that's what happens when lore about why a channel came to be trickles down a few generations so no one actually knows.06:17
elkbuntunalioth, PriceChild, can we please shut down that troll channel now?06:18
AmaranthI have no idea what ##club-ubuntu is06:20
Amaranthis it emma?06:20
FlannelThats how it started06:21
jdongoh boy. I just got the "you are violating the constitution by kicking me" line.06:21
nickrudjdong, I'm sure there's some constitution where that's true06:21
bazhanghard to be kicked in that channel :)06:21
Amaranthanyone have chanserv.py?06:21
bazhangAmaranth, ^^06:22
Amaranthdoes it actually work though?06:22
Amaranthat one point it didnt06:22
nickrudyes, I got it a few weeks ago06:22
bazhangsame here06:22
elkbuntuAmaranth, archive.org ftw06:22
nickrudAmaranth, if you can't find one, I've got 1.0.9 06:25
Amaranthi've got it06:26
elkbuntuwho is 'pepper'?06:27
elkbuntuyour names are making my head explode06:28
pepperpepper is the name of a bot I used to have06:31
pepperthis is my nick for managing stupid people in #ubuntu-offtopic06:31
elkbuntupepper, xchat had cached your un-identified hostmask, not your cloak06:34
elkbuntuso i had no clue06:35
AmaranthSo I'm not planning on removing my ban any time soon, how about you?06:35
bazhangodd-rationale also from that channel in -ot now06:43
nickrudodd-rationale, I've talked to before. Not a troll by nature in my experience. Flakey though06:45
bazhangwas surprised he joined that channel06:46
nickrudI don't believe in guilt by association ;)06:46
bazhangalexbobp also apparently06:46
nickrudotherwise I'd be in jail on a variety of charges06:46
FlannelMmmm... right.  Full moon.07:02
FlannelMan... I should just start banning people who have attitude problems.  Saves me from having to ban them after the fact due to query discussions.07:05
bazhangjust that command is reason enough imo07:06
FlannelWell, I gave him the benefit of the doubt.  But then the rest of his conduct... sigh.07:06
bazhanglet him explain 'it was all a joke, and my cousin took over my computer, too'07:06
FlannelStill having sql errors jussi0107:08
=== pepper is now known as iAmaranth
AmaranthHey, I can't use chanserv to unban myself anymore?07:20
elkbuntuyeah, i suspect the new services broke that07:23
elkbuntudennis does still float past, poke him sometime07:23
* Amaranth is headed to bed07:40
AmaranthI think we won't have any more problems any time soon from that channel07:41
FlannelWhat is this?  random paste spam from someone?08:48
FlannelAnyone else getting hammered from franklin?08:49
FlannelHe's pasting build spam08:49
FlannelIf its just me, I'll just let it go (doubt he can stop mid-paste anyway), but if its distributed....08:49
elkbuntuFlannel, ##c-u decided to send forth a horde of trolls to chant 'penis' and show us their ascii penis drawing skills08:53
Flannelelkbuntu: I know.08:53
FlannelThat was... an hour ago08:53
elkbuntuoh, i thought you were responding to Amaranth08:53
* Flannel was around for that.08:53
FlannelOh, nope08:53
Myrttithe lord giveth, and the lord taketh away09:38
Myrttijust a thought that came on reading the backlog09:39
* elkbuntu cuddles Myrtti09:39
Tm_Tnoone ever cuddles me ):09:40
FlannelTm_T: I think its because of your underscore09:40
Myrttiyou know, that ops trigger doesn't contain topyli or nickspoon09:40
Tm_TFlannel: and old, and smelly09:40
topyliMyrtti: we can't do much outside -offtopic though09:42
Tm_Ttopyli: and -offtopic is one of rare channels I don't have powah (:09:42
* elkbuntu conscripts Tm_T09:42
Myrttitopyli: I know, the thing is, I did make a special ops call for -offtopic before christmas, but it was frowned upon09:43
elkbuntuTm_T, to the battle of -offtopic09:43
Myrttiso I pulled it offf09:43
Tm_Tthat reminds me09:43
MyrttiI'm having early stages of dementia09:44
Tm_Tit's never hurt to be in channels in time to time09:44
MyrttiI forgot the name of the app for gui installation of debs09:44
Flannelelkbuntu: When were the other few -ot ones we discussed going to get added? is there something we're waiting on or something?09:44
Tm_TMyrtti: nah it's just my good look disturbing you09:44
FlannelMyrtti: yes09:44
Myrttistupid stupid gdebi09:45
Flannelelkbuntu: I know Mr Rudnick was asking the other day09:45
Flanneland I had no idea09:46
Flannel!enter > Flannel 09:46
ubottuFlannel, please see my private message09:46
jussi01hi all09:47
elkbuntuFlannel, i thought he said no...09:50
Flannelelkbuntu: Hmmm, I can't recall09:51
bazhang'the operators in -ot can keep it' was the quote I believe09:55
elkbuntuis it just me or is rww a bossyboots?09:59
FlannelI believe he's mimicing me.10:00
Tm_Telkbuntu: it's just you and rest of us10:00
Flannelbecause I spoke with him the other day about not being so trigger happy with bots, typing stuff out to better suit peoples situations, etc.10:00
bazhangdownhill in #k10:37
elkbuntutonyyarusso, a ban?10:41
tonyyarussofor a short spell - otherwise they'll just jump back frothing10:42
FlannelEh? not necessarily10:42
tonyyarussoJust long enough for them to notice something shinier.10:42
elkbuntuthey can do that anyway. they're on ipv6. most likely a broker. they'll have an ipv4 connection too10:43
tonyyarussoAlso, allows the topic of discussion to shift meanwhile.10:44
tonyyarussoelkbuntu: That takes effort though.10:44
bazhangcheck out ramp from yesterday aka trall10:44
* tonyyarusso is taking a small bet on psychology10:44
bazhangalso known as kayt10:44
elkbuntutonyyarusso, it's a smaller bet than i would have been taking. if i had have done it, it would have been the only thing i'd done there in the past forever10:45
bazhang<downhill_> I wonder if the ignore list has a limit.  <--probably lower than the ban list10:45
Tm_Tbazhang: who knows10:46
bazhangTm_T, meant to be humour10:46
Tm_TI know10:46
Tm_Tbazhang: dare to remove him, just to see reaction?10:46
Myrttiand it all went downhill_ from there10:46
bazhangMyrtti, oof10:47
Tm_TMyrtti: I already made him annoyed with that joke some days ago =)10:47
bazhangTm_T, would have muted if he had been disruptive, but he was just annoying is all10:47
* Myrtti highfives with Tm_T 10:47
bazhanghad I the 'powah' there, that is10:48
Flannelbazhang is like a hoverboard, and #kubuntu is water.10:48
Tm_Toh well, one wrong move and I might help him to see the light (;)10:51
Myrttibwahahaha http://www.flickr.com/photos/tassoman/2554188395/in/pool-cheezburger/10:59
elkbuntuthis is the way we make a bootupdisk, make a bootupdisk, make a bootupdisk11:08
elkbuntui cant find my other one :(11:08
Moniker42ping jussi01 11:11
jussi01Moniker42: yes?11:11
rwwHello operator people! b14ck is sitting in #ubuntu giving (as far as I can tell) bogus advice and off-topic replies to people. Can someone keep an eye on him, please?11:19
ubottuIn ubottu, Gnea said: wicd is a drop-in replacement for NetworkManager which fixes many of the wireless and static assignments, among other things: http://wicd.sourceforge.net/12:03
Myrtti[14:34]  * J-_ could see ASUS-tek being a bot harvesting information from the channel.12:34
* Myrtti coughs12:34
elkbuntuMyrtti, yeah, that implies way too much intelligence12:50
Myrttihe is scary.13:03
MyrttiI don't want to talk with him at all13:03
Myrttifor ducks sake13:06
MyrttiI'll kill him some day13:13
Myrttihe just rubs my back the wrong  way13:14
Myrttifor gods sake13:15
* Myrtti tries to resist the urge to get her baseball bat13:16
MyrttiI HATE HIM13:24
Myrttimake him go away13:24
* Myrtti decides to go away herself13:24
nickspoonAw :(13:24
MyrttiI don't know how I can make ASUS-tek go away without getting myself into trouble13:25
Myrttiso better to go away myself13:25
MyrttiI hate the discussion at -ot atm13:25
nickspoonI'd like to ban ASUS-tek too but he technically hasn't done anything wrong.13:26
Myrttiexactly my problem of past six months13:26
Myrttiwelcome to my world13:26
nickspoonThey're the worst kind.13:26
* nickspoon sends Myrtti a box of pity13:27
naliothgo talk to your little furry friends, Myrtti.  they're good to talk to13:32
Seeker`young yetis?14:31
naliothMyrtti has guinea pigs14:37
Seeker`pfft, thats nowhere near as fun14:38
* nalioth had a chinchilla, once.14:41
Garyme too, one ate the other though14:43
Garycannibal chincillas ftl14:43
ubottuapachelogger called the ops in #kubuntu-devel ()14:50
elkbuntunalioth, would it be terribly wrong, do you think, to classify asus-tek as a catpiss-man and treat him accordingly?15:32
elkbuntuanyway, bedtime for me15:33
Nafallognight elkbuntu 15:33
naliothelkbuntu: we do what we must, in accordance with the guidelines and CoC15:40
jussi01nalioth: I need to restart the server again - doubling the memory. youll need to restart the bot. everyone else ubottu will be down for a min. 16:28
Myrttinalioth: the pigses are at my mums16:33
=== jussi01 is now known as jussi01_
=== jussio1 is now known as jussi01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about yes17:01
ubottuyes-#ubuntu-offtopic has no aliases - added by LjL on 2008-10-11 23:10:19 - last edited by LjL on 2008-11-09 16:05:0017:01
ubottuIn ubottu, Gnea said: songbird is a gstreamer application designed to properly sync with your iPod, it is now available for Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10: http://unter-hund.com/2008/12/03/songbird-1-final-linux-installer/17:46
c-0-r-ei dont know why i am banned on #ubuntu-offtopic17:49
ikoniaone moment17:59
ikoniasorry for the slow response17:59
ikonia@bansearch  c-0-r-e18:00
ubottuNo matches found for c-0-r-e!n=c0re@unaffiliated/c-0-r-e in any channel18:00
ikoniac-0-r-e: I can see you messing around with the bot in #ubuntu-offtopic18:01
ikoniac-0-r-e: please try to join #ubuntu-offtopic18:04
Garyit's a ban LjL set a while ago18:07
Garyip ban will see through the cloak18:07
ikoniaof course18:07
ikoniaas I can't see his IP I don't know18:07
ikoniahowever he was in -offtopic earlier today18:07
Garydifferent ip then18:07
ikonia18:32 < c-0-r-e> __mikem, how did i abuse it?18:08
ikoniaGary: can you check the ident  on the ip that was banned please, 18:09
ikoniabe interesting in knowing if it is the same guy or just unlucky with the ip ?18:09
Garyikonia: the reason for the ban as per log was 2008-12-18T21:01:20 <[c0re]> by the way bazhang_ YOU ARE A FUCKING ASSHOLE.....18:10
ikoniaoh, so it is the same guy18:10
ikoniajust ban doding18:10
ikoniawell - lets sort that out18:10
ikoniaI remember c0re very well18:10
ikoniayes, I banned him in #ubuntu18:10
ikoniacan we stick a ban on that cloak in -ot please18:10
ikoniac-0-r-e: I think you have your answer as to why you are banned and now ban doding, so it would be great if you could leave this channel please18:12
ikoniac-0-r-e: you've had 15 minutes to respond and your still not active, please leave the channel 18:19
ubottu(mark [<channel>] <nick|hostmask> [<comment>]) -- Creates an entry in the Bantracker as if <nick|hostmask> was kicked from <channel> with the comment <comment>, if <comment> is given it will be uses as the comment on the Bantracker, <channel> is only needed when send in /msg18:20
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-ops c-0-r-e is [c0re] in bt18:20
ubottuThe operation succeeded.18:20
ikonia!idle | c-0-r-e 18:26
ubottuc-0-r-e: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.18:26
c-0-r-ei dont know why i am banned on #ubuntu-offtopic18:28
ikoniac-0-r-e: because your ban doding18:28
ikoniac-0-r-e: your [c0re]18:28
c-0-r-e<ikonia> 18:32 < c-0-r-e> __mikem, how did i abuse it?18:28
ikoniayou are [c0re] which is a banned user I should say18:28
c-0-r-edude i thought i am in another channel :|18:28
ikoniac-0-r-e: 1.) you where messing with the bot, do you really think !gay is an appropriate factoid, 2.) your banned because you're the user [c0re]18:28
c-0-r-ei thought i was in #anope18:29
ikoniac-0-r-e: doesn't matter18:29
ikoniac-0-r-e: plus your behaviour using the [c0re] nick 18:29
ikoniaso thats why your banned18:29
c-0-r-eikonia, oh i got it18:29
ikoniac-0-r-e: if there is nothing else you need help with, your welcome to leave18:29
c-0-r-ebtw ikonia  you are son of a bitch18:30
ikoniayour welcome to leave18:30
c-0-r-efuck #ubuntu*18:30
ikoniaok, your welcome to leave again18:30
ikoniaGary: are you still there please18:30
ikoniano but jussi01 is18:30
c-0-r-efucktard pplz18:31
ikoniajussi01: can you update his ban in -ot please 18:31
Garyc-0-r-e: this will get you no end of grief18:31
jussi01ikonia: how would you like it updated?18:32
ikoniajussi01: with his new cloak18:32
ikoniajussi01: his ban is ip based, but he can change it18:32
ikoniajussi01: he was in -ot today18:32
ikoniajust saw, slick18:34
ikoniajussi01: off to that steak house we went in a minute or two18:34
jussi01Gary: if he is using his new cloak to evade, should he not have it removed?18:34
ikoniajussi01: may have your surf and turf18:34
jussi01ikonia: ahh yeah. that place was nice18:34
jussi01ikonia: you should have it. that steak was amazing18:35
Garyikonia: leave it with me, I'm in pm18:36
ikoniajussi01: I'll investigate and raise a glass to you18:36
jussi01Gary: thanks18:36
ikoniaGary: no sweat, thank you18:37
jussi01ikonia: :)18:37
* stdin did not know ubottu was on a amd64 system18:41
ubottuThe operation succeeded.18:43
Jack_Sparrow@bansearch  Tonno18:43
ubottuNo matches found for tonno!n=kattolli@66-50-197-20.prtc.net in any channel18:43
ikoniaright gents, I'm out for the evening, good have fun18:47
Garyyou too18:47
jussi01ikonia: enjoy the restaurant18:47
* ikonia teases jussi01 with a fat steak18:47
Gary@bansearch [c0re]18:47
jussi01ikonia: shush18:47
jussi01Gary: login18:48
ubottuThe operation succeeded.18:59
Gary@bansearch [c0re]18:59
stdinGary: try again, I was messing with it ;)19:01
Gary@bansearch [c0re]19:01
ubottuMatch: [c0re]!*@* by ikonia in #ubuntu on Dec 18 2008 16:45:52 (ID: 8083)19:01
GaryI love LjL's comment :p19:03
stdinheh, yep, it's a good one19:05
Garygreat pm too :-)19:05
jussi01stdin: that guy is so trolling19:09
stdinjussi01: if he want's to talk in legal terms, I'll melt his mind :p19:11
jussi01stdin: please do...19:11
Jack_Sparrow@bansearch  ubuntu19:45
ubottuMatch: *!*@90-154-132-64.btc-net.bg by Jack_Sparrow in #ubuntu on Jan 10 2009 19:32:36 (ID: 8907)19:45
Jack_Sparrow@mark #ubuntu Aka[S]Una  I will send you the link for coc.. please read it... <Aka[S]Una> Nope.  Repeat offender..19:54
ubottuThe operation succeeded.19:54
bazhangalnayyir in -ot21:22
* Myrtti watches21:23
Myrttitopyli: are you using irssi?21:23
Myrttior are you connecting to it with something else?21:24
topyliMyrtti: sort of. irssi-proxy, xchat-gnome21:24
Myrttioh, ok.21:24
* Myrtti backs off21:24
topyliheh, even21:24
bazhangc-o-r-e is [c0re] ? I totally missed that21:25
Seeker`bazhang: welcome to 2009 :)21:25
bazhangsaw him getting his cloak in #freenode even21:25
bazhangSeeker`, same to you :)21:25
bazhangwot an idjit I am21:25
Myrttibazhang: wisdom begins at that confession21:26
bazhangMyrtti, :) I am just at the very very beginning then21:27
Myrtti@bansearch f054106237.adsl.alicedsl.de21:28
ubottuNo matches found for f054106237.adsl.alicedsl.de!*@* in any channel21:28
Myrtti@bansearch *!*@f054106237.adsl.alicedsl.de21:28
ubottuNo matches found for *!*@f054106237.adsl.alicedsl.de in any channel21:28
Myrttifortunately I myself have been painfully aware of the fact that I'm an idiot for about six years.21:32
Myrttiit took a while to realize it, but after that every day has been a learning experience21:32
bazhangjust too kindly to certain individuals21:32
Myrttiyou flatter me, my dear21:33
bazhangnot really21:33
bazhangI have seen it these last months or so21:33
bazhanghas to be zero tolerance for stalking, and 'certain individuals' fit that bill to a 'T'21:34
Myrttioh, but that is only one part of my idiocy21:35
bazhangcannot be a double standard for users from -ru, for example, and the main channel offshoot (ie -ot)21:35
bazhangtoo hard on yerself21:35
Myrttiyou should see other parts where I've made a fool of myself, IRC is just a fraction of it all21:35
bazhangeveryone does that.21:36
MyrttiI should have knitted more. Knitting is a great way to let off steam and to relax21:36
bazhangwow nice21:37
bazhangdid not know that.21:37
Myrttianything that one can do with hands, that produces something visible21:37
Myrttibaking, knitting, carving, painting, pottery...21:37
jussi01Seeker`: my apologies for the restart. we added memory21:44
ubottuThe operation succeeded.21:45
Seeker`jussi01: tis ok :)21:46
Seeker`jussi01: more memory is good21:46
jussi01Seeker`: :)21:47
jussi01Seeker`:  we are up to 1 gig now :D21:47
Seeker`jussi01: woo!!21:48
jussi01Seeker`: dont party too hard.. old server had 2gb21:49
Seeker`jussi01: I'm still only using irssi :P21:51
jussi01Seeker`: yeah21:51
Myrttiirssi ♥ 21:55
Seeker`although i could start off some raytracers21:56
nickrud!flood > tritium 22:08
ubottutritium, please see my private message22:08
Mezyay ! DAM approval.22:12
MezI should be a DD soon :D22:12
tritiumnickrud: ;) Sorry, some connection problems.22:12
nickrudtritium, I'm always working at getting you to critical mass ;022:13
jpdsMez: Congrats.22:13
Mezjpds: ty22:14
Seeker`DAM? DD?22:15
MezDAM = Debian Account Manager22:17
MezDD = Debian Developer22:17
nickrudgreat Mez I've got a humongously long list of things you much change !NOW! :)22:24
Meznickrud: my account hasn't been created yet :D23:05

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