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hibbyhaving some non-critical server issues02:06
hibbyand was wondering if anyone was around to discuss how I can sort them?02:07
ScottKhibby: Best ask specific questions and see if anyone can answer.02:07
hibbyright, well. I've got a system running as a server for providing my flat with files /audio/video.  More or less working as a NAS, but I like to use it as a development webserver too, and ssh in from around the world regularly02:09
hibbywe ran out of internal drive space, so bought an external drive. I want to be able to access files on it, but in the existing folders, so I've ln -s to the various folders I want on the external drive into the shared folders02:10
hibbyI can access the files perfectly through xmbc - im watching heroes that way just now02:10
SmokeyD1hey people. I am running tripwire on hardy-server in a xen virtual machine.02:10
hibbybut my desktop system won't recognise the links as folders02:10
SmokeyD1I have my tripwire policy running fine02:10
SmokeyD1tripwire only complains that /proc/12007/fd/4 and /proc/12007/tasks/fd/4 don't exist02:11
SmokeyD1what are they? Something to do with a floppydisk?02:11
hibbyI've tried sharing the external drive too, but that's not working. Any suggestions?02:11
SmokeyD1which indeed my virtual machine doesn't gave02:11
SmokeyD1how do I prevent tripwire from checking it? I can't find any references in twpol.txt02:12
CppIsWeirdmy server has ubuntu server 7.10, all of the sudden recently when i boot it up it does not get an IP from my router, i have to plug in peripherals and ifconfig up down the adapter. Any ideas why?04:42
uvirtbot`New bug: #315711 in bind9 (main) "Please merge bind9_9.5.0.dfsg.P2-5.1(main) from debian unstable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31571106:41
Jeeves_64 bytes from icmp_seq=191 ttl=62 time=1.67 ms08:47
Jeeves_64 bytes from icmp_seq=317 ttl=62 time=7.19 ms08:47
Jeeves_That's a someone live migration using kvm. :)08:48
Jeeves_it reboots the vm as well, which shouldn't happen, I think08:48
uvirtbot`New bug: #315256 in apache2 (main) "Broken package apache2-prefork-dev in Intrepid x64" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31525611:50
uvirtbot`New bug: #315410 in bind9 (main) "package dnsutils 1:9.5.0.dfsg.P2-1ubuntu3 failed to install/upgrade: failed in buffer_read(fd): files list for package `texlive-base'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31541012:01
uvirtbot`New bug: #315774 in samba (main) "libsmbclient-dev missing smbc_urlencode in .a in intrepid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31577412:50
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axisyshow would I know if I need to reboot the server after dong the aptitude full-upgrade14:29
andolaxisys: If there is a new kernel you'll need to reboot.14:32
RainCTWhat do you guys recommend as cPanel alternative? Webmin?14:52
ScottKRainCT: I recommend vim, but ebox is the one generally recommended.14:52
RainCTScottK: Thanks. Me too (well, not vim, but the command line :)), but I also want to install some more graphical thing.. (Working on a research project for school)14:54
ScottKI've never used it, but ebox is the one you want.14:55
axisysandol: when else do I need to reboot?15:01
axisysandol: i saw libssl upgrade on my laptop asked to restart it15:02
ScottKThat's one of the few.  If you subscribe to the security announcements they say in them if a reboot is needed.15:02
axisysandol: is there some similar notification thru email or in the terminal ?15:02
ScottKThere is a terminalish place to look, but I don't recall it.  I mostly just read the security announements.15:03
axisysScottK: i use apticron to receive alerts when upgrade is necessary .. but a immediate terminal level notification would really help15:04
ScottKhttp://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2008/11/ubuntu-jaunty-updates-available-and.html for Jaunty.15:06
axisysScottK: awesome!!!15:08
andolaxisys: sorry, wasn't really paying attention to the channel. Seems like you still got your answers throught :)15:31
Nafalloandol: OMG. you're /ignoring/ us!15:32
andolNafallo: Yes, shocking, isn't it? :)15:33
Nafalloandol: indeed it is15:33
RoyKhrmf. virtualbox/ubuntu 8.04 is panicing on shutdown15:37
MadChopri'm planning on installing amanda-server on ubuntu server 8.10, amanda-server wants xinetd, i'm wondering does ubuntu have a replacement for xinetd?  from what i understand xinetd is used for centos/redhat installs?15:55
MadChoprshould i use xinetd or something else, that's ubuntu specific?15:56
heath|workHow can you reliably swap sata drives if the scsi numbers change on them after reboots?16:14
RoyKheath|work: iirc ubuntu uses UUIDs in /etc/fstab, so it shouldn't matter much16:15
heath|workRoyK, the problem isn't with mounts.  The problem is actually trying to write a backup script for removable drives using scsiadd16:16
RoyKbut why should the scsi id/device name change?16:16
heath|workfor example If I need to remove a drive I have to issue scsiadd -r 2 0 0 016:16
heath|workRoyK, that's what I am trying to figure out.16:16
RoyKsorry - can't help, then16:17
RoyKno idea where that '15' came from16:17
heath|worklol... it's cool16:17
heath|workI thought you 15 years old telling me about UUID's16:17
heath|workI was about to say you need to watch more tv or something16:18
RoyKI guess there are 15-year-olds out there that know about UUIDs these days16:18
RoyKI guess I was 16 or so when I wrote my first boot loader in assembly16:19
heath|workI didn't really catch an interest in computers till about 1816:22
heath|workthen I was stupid and used winblows for a while till I saw the light16:23
heath|workWhen you setup RAID with mdadm, do you need to manually enter info into the mdadm.conf file, or is everything fine after creating an md dev?16:53
uvirtbot`New bug: #314916 in openldap (main) "package update-manager 1:0.93.34 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: SystemError in cache.commit(): E:Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1) (dup-of: 314917)" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31491616:56
RoyKheath|work: it's written to the md sectors and automatically detected upon boot16:56
heath|worknice... thanks16:58
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RoyKheath|work: still, the md code is somehow outdated unless you need RAID > 117:02
RoyKif you just want mirroring, the LVM code is far more flexible17:03
heath|workwhat would you suggest?  I need raid one here, but raid 10 at home17:03
RoyKI'd suggest using lvm for mirroring17:04
RoyKlvm can do striping as well, so I guess 1+0 should work well17:04
* RoyK checks17:04
RoyKseems if you need raid-1+0, the best would be to setup mdadm mirrors and then span them with lvm17:06
heath|workreally, I need to use both?17:11
heath|workI have raid10 up and running with just mdadm at home right now17:11
stephankHi! I'm trying to set up slapd with tls. So far so good it seems, it finds the certificate and key, a remote host can connect using ldapwhoami. My problem is that phpldapadmin doesn't connect, saying "Could not start TLS."17:47
stephankIt looks like I've ended up in a fight with gnutls. It's not picking up my ca cert in /etc/ssl/certs! Does gnutls have a different default location somewhere?17:48
stephank(I got ldapwhoami working by setting TLS_CACERT in /etc/ldap/ldap.conf, but phpldapadmin is not picking this up :(17:49
stephankbah, gnutls is winning... at losing from openssl o_O18:04
pionican anyone help me with setting up a lvm mirrored disk?18:06
toehiocan somebody please explain to me how you should set-up users on a server that has multiple services (games, ftp, web, irc, etc)19:59
sommertoehio: most applications will use system user's by default, so adduser and useradd are good utilities for that20:06
toehiobut how about the files for all the servers such as the web server and game server?20:07
sommertoehio: not sure what you mean?20:10
toehioI am running a game server (wolfenstein enemy territory)20:10
toehioand it has lots of files20:11
toehiowhere should it be installed?20:11
sommertoehio: I usually install third party stuff like that into /opt20:11
sommertoehio: so /opt/wolf or something similar is what I'd do20:11
toehiook, thank you for you help20:12
sommertoehio: then you can symlink any binaries into /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin20:12
sommertoehio: np20:12
toehiothe default installation dir for this game is "/usr/local/games/enemy-territory"20:12
toehiowould that be a good place?20:12
sommertoehio: sure, really the best thing with third party apps is to place them somewhere you'll remember20:13
toehiohow about starting it?20:14
sommertoehio: I like /opt/ because the path is shorter than /usr/local, but it's really just a preference20:14
toehiowhat user should i use?20:14
toehiobecause its not a daemon with its own user20:14
sommertoehio: should work with any user with rights to /usr/local/games/enemy-territory20:14
toehiothank you20:15
kapipi_Hi, where can I find a good ressource that will help me pick a server motherboard? Most sites seems to be focused on gaming boards, but thats not what I need.20:26
kapipi_I'm looking for something to run a intel core 2 quad, to host a few virtual machines using kvm.20:27
xinelhello everyone, i got openvpn on my server, it connects to the outside world, but i cannot get any of the computers on my inside network to connect through it, any ideas?20:46
RainCTThe OpenSSH version from Intrepid seems to work fine on Hardy lowering two dependencies. Should I request a bacport or does anyone know of a problem with this?21:16
Faust-CRainCT: what21:19
CppIsWeirdi was formating a drive over ssh and i wanted to printscreen the info from the mkfs.ext3 but pressed pause/break instead. Issuing the mkfs command again i get "/dev/sda1 is apparently in use by the system; will not make filesystem here!" how do i resolve this?21:19
uvirtbot`New bug: #315896 in freeradius (universe) "freeradius upgrade broken in hardy backports" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31589621:20
Faust-CCppIsWeird: umount the drive then format over it21:20
* Faust-C tires to figure out how to install linksys wireless card on ubuntu server21:20
CppIsWeirdit is notmounted21:21
Faust-CCppIsWeird: are there any processes using it21:21
Faust-Canything accessing it21:21
CppIsWeirdhow do i deduce that?21:21
CppIsWeirdso far as i know the process accessing it (mkfs.ext3) was killed when i pressed pause break21:22
Faust-Cps faux21:22
Faust-Csee if anything is using it or trying to21:22
Faust-Cworst comes to worse reboot21:23
CppIsWeirdheh, so it is still running21:23
CppIsWeirdit told me it stopped21:23
CppIsWeirdshould i kill it and start over?21:24
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* RainCT will request the backport then22:28
RainCTNCommander: ping22:32
jpdsRainCT: Why do you need to backport openssh?22:34
RainCTjpds: for chroot22:34
RainCTbug #286337 - there you have the reasons explained22:35
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 286337 in hardy-backports "Please backport OpenSSH 5.1 to Hardy" [Wishlist,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28633722:35
RainCTelse I'll just maintain a backport in my PPA, but -backports would be better22:35
jpdsRainCT: Looks like N.Commander's already commented..22:38
RainCTthat's why I just pinged him22:38
RainCTI've found this just right now22:38
NCommanderRainCT, pong22:39
RainCTNCommander: no chance to get openssh backported?22:39
NCommanderI'm *extremely hestant* to do it22:39
RainCTReason being? That it'll still need to be maintained after Intrepid reaches EOL?22:40
RainCTNCommander: ^22:43
jam59Hello folks. Just installed Ubuntu server including the LAMP option but can't get Apache2 to parse PHP files. They run from the command line, however. Any ideas?22:54
RainCTjam59: any error message?22:56
RainCTand, just to be sure, you have libapache2-mod-php5 installed?22:56
agentkjam59: Worked out of the box for me w/ 8.04 and 8.1022:57
jam59RainCT: The browser tries to download the file with the message: "You have chosen to open [blank] which is a application/x-trash"22:57
jam59I've run the suggested tests to see if PHP module is installed and it is.22:58
Faust-Cjam59: you restarted apache22:59
jam59Faust-C: I did.22:59
jam59Any ideas?23:02
NCommanderRainCT, I'm VERY VERY VERY scared of doing a openssh backport; if it breaks, we're in the ****23:08
RainCTjam59: how are you trying to access the file?23:09
ScottKNCommander: + about a billion.23:09
ScottKNCommander: BTW, did you see what happened with the unbound backport?23:09
RainCTohh, it contains ssh-keygen, nice package :P23:09
jam59RainCT: I'm trying to access it via http and the command line.23:10
NCommanderScottK, no, obviously something broke if your telling me23:10
RainCTjam59: yeah, but which URL?23:10
jam59RainCT: The default: jamarks.com23:10
RainCTNCommander: it's OK, I'll go the PPA way then23:10
ScottKNCommander: Yeah.  Fix committed already.23:10
NCommanderSchneeSchwarz, sorry about that23:10
NCommanderdamn autocomplete23:10
jam59RainCT: Right now, index.php is in the default directory for jamarks.com23:11
RainCTjam59: oh, dedicated server? :).   did you modify some config file, and if so can you paste it somewhere?23:11
RainCTjam59: http://jamarks.com/index.php - works23:12
jam59RainCT: No, I didn't modify any config files. I just installed Ubuntu - including the LAMP option - and started using the server. index.html works fine when it's enabled. index.php doesn't.23:12
RainCTjam59: I see a index.php which is working, and the "save.." dialog being showed by index.html23:13
jam59RainCT: Ok, damn. It's working now. :)23:16
jam59RainCT: Why do configurations fail UNTIL you ask someone?  :)23:16
RainCTjam59: oh, that's the magic of computing..23:17
jam59RainCT: Thanks for, you know, whatever you did or didn't do, or for allowing me to look foolish. :)23:17
RainCTLOL. Always a pleasure ;P23:17
jam59RainCT: This is weird, though (and maybe why I thought it wasn't working): jamarks.com/index.php works but jamarks.com (without expressly requesting index.php) doesn't.23:19
jam59RainCT: index.php should be served if no specific page is requested, shouldn't it? Maybe I need to look at the config file. Isn't that always the default?23:19
RainCTjam59: no, index.html and some other files come before it (perhaps also some default.<something>, not sure if those come before or after index.php)23:20
RainCTjam59: is index.php the only file you have in there?23:21
jam59RainCT: I just changed index.php to test.php and reinstated index.html23:22
jam59RainCT: So now, there are those two files: test.php and index.html23:22
jam59RainCT: And it's not seeing the index.html by default file when you go to jamarks.com23:23
jam59RainCT: Except it is in another browser (Safari)... Maybe my Firefox browser is hosed...23:24
RainCTjam59: try removing/renaming index.html23:25
RainCTwait, if you renamed index.php nvm23:25
jam59RainCT: Yeah, it's gotta be the browser. Several other browsers are pulling up the index.html file by default without any problem...23:25
jam59RainCT: So, again, I look foolish! :)23:25
RainCTw3m works too23:26
RainCTjam59: not you, Firefox looks foolish ^^23:26
jam59RainCT: Thank you. You are too kind.23:26
Pete_Hello.  Can anyone help me get loggerhead to work on apache?  I have it running on the localhost:80, but cant get it to work when someone types in : http://bzr.website.com23:27
RainCTjam59: the files are on /var/www?23:29
jam59RainCT: Yes, they are at the moment. I'll be setting virtual-name hosts next.23:32
Pete_no one can help?23:50
ScottKPete_: Maybe on #bzr?23:54
Pete_Scottk: Thanks23:55

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